Demographic Ruin Is Upon Us

The documentary above highlights the demographic doom that awaits the human race. The main problem is that replacement fertility is decreasing. The population is becoming elderly with less working people to support them, meaning that those who do work must be burdened to support the elderly via oppressive taxes.

Countries in Western Europe have taken a short-sighted and selfish approach to solving this problem in the form of pro-immigration policies. They conveniently ignore the fact that immigration decimates the countries where immigrants come from, increasing brain drain, reducing human capital, and ultimately guaranteeing that poor countries will remain poor. Those who favor immigration actually favor abject poverty and suffering. In addition, since most immigrants are men, you have an increasing amount of broken families in poor countries, tearing apart the fabric of those societies, all because well-off European women refuse to procreate.

Here are some additional quotes from the video:

“60% of population growth in USA came from immigrants and their children.”

“Once we traveled the road of gender equality and birth control, everything changed.”

“As a society, we don’t want to talk about fertility decline to not offend people.”

“If there is no economic incentive to have children, then people won’t have children.”

In terms of how the demographic winter affects you most urgently, you’ll experience a decreasing selection of young women but increasing numbers of older men who want them, intensifying competition in a game where there will be a greater percentage of male losers than in the past. In a world where egalitarianism is often promoted as an important human right, a small percentage of men will monopolize vaginal access to a great proportion of women, not unlike ancient times when kings and nobles possessed large harems.

Sociologists think the sexual revolution of the 1970s was the biggest factor of decreasing fertility rates. I must remind you that it was the feminists and their Marxist allies who successfully pushed the sexual revolution onto Western society. They are now suspiciously absent in how to solve the fiscal problems in countries where demographics is an urgent concern, and if their current shrieking about obesity acceptance and rape culture is any sign, they will be lacking in helping societies cope with this upcoming calamity.

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68 thoughts on “Demographic Ruin Is Upon Us”

  1. Immigration of course does more to decimate the countries where the immigrants arrive than where the immigrants come from.

    1. Immigration schimmigration. It depends on the immigrants, of course! Trash will be trash no matter where they stay, and good people will be good almost no matter what.

    2. Mass immigration from economically challenged counties where the new immigrants sponge off the existing entitlement system and have no interest to learn the language or culture of the adoptive country. Add to this the fact that the immigrants tend to be the poorest and least educated in their native countries. How could this be a good thing for the host countries that take them in?

  2. Predictions:
    There will be even more desperate attempts by men to become alpha, including WIDESPREAD steroid use. Women will continue to get pickier and pickier. The smartest men will expat. Whites will continue to become minorities in their own lands. White women will put up the biggest bitch shields the world has ever seen. Day game will be outlawed after a few sexual harassment cases. Women will all be armed with pepper spray and tasers. Online game will continue to thrive as it gives women control over the sexual market and weeding out men the don’t like. The economy will continue to collapse. Polygamy will eventually be legalized. The government will ramp up the police state to thwart off public discontent and collapse. Supreme Alphas in the end will still profit. Betas will get NOTHING.

    1. A further prediction: the growing percentage of chronically undersexed and involuntary celibate men will become a significant public policy issue, leading to the legalization and regulation of the pay-for-sex industry.
      A further prognostication: the sexual plight of beta men will hasten the demise of Western civilization.
      Beta men are the catalysts of societal progress. Think Einstein, Hawkings, Gates and all the other bespectacled and dateless scientists, mathematicians, technologists, and deep thinkers that get passed up by alpha-seeking bitches. Though they would rank low in the sexual marketplace, these men are fertilizer for the advancement of human knowledge and understanding.
      What the fuck do alphas contribute? Nothing. They’re reproductive parasites who don’t need to develop intelligence or a personality because they rely solely on their looks and will develop knowledge and skills only insofar as it helps them indulge their carnal lusts, everything and everyone else be damned.
      Who made more lasting and important contributions to European civilization? Betas like Descartes or alphas like Casanova?
      The sexual disenfranchisement of beta men is a bullet through the head of the Western world.

      1. What’s supposed to be beta about being succesful and doing something worthwhile?
        Einstein was a ladies man even before he got famous. After Microsoft hit it big, Gates could be swimming in pussy if he wanted. Hawkings, ok, his latest wife apparently treated her like shit yet they stayed together for ages, that’s sad.
        Dunno about Descartes’ private life one way or another, but I wouldn’t just assume him to be a loser.
        Tons and tons of succesful scientists and philosophers, both today and in the past, lead very promiscuous lifestyles. And even where that isn’t the case – oftentimes it’s a deliberate choice to be monogamous or even abstinent, and there’s nothing “beta” in that.
        Also Casanova is far from some ultimate alpha male – try Alexander, Genghis Khan, or Lemmy for more succesful examples.

    2. Interesting predictions. You’re probably right about the increased criminalization of beta male sexuality. Once we see that come to pass, once a man can no longer hit on a woman without risking a trip to jail, then we’ll see more American men taking the ‘herbivore’ route and just avoid women, like many Japanese betas do today. And when that happens, the same women who demanded the ‘anti-harassment’ legislation will complain that men are sackless pussies who need to find their balls and start pursuing them sexually again.. i.e. the same way that Japanese women complain about Japanese men today.
      As for the polygamy thing, I don’t think that’s likely. I think what’s more likely to happen is that the powers that be on both sides of the aisle will unite to pass some form of bachelor tax that is so onerous that “manning up and marrying those sluts” becomes a more fiscally sound option for men. Given how risky and expensive marriage is for men these days, one can only imagine how high that tax would have to be to make marriage a less risky option for men than remaining single.

      1. This “bachelor tax” is a scary thought. It’s just so crazy and oppressive, that I could see modern politicians pushing it. Then you will will truly see an exodus of men from this society.

        1. An actual “bachelor tax” will likely never survive the courts—but this will prompt lawmakers to get even more creative in transferring wealth from men to women in punitive ways. For instance, they will tax the population heavily and then provide refunds to solo custodial parents (ie, single moms) and other demographics that are overwhelmingly female—thus achieving the same goal of a “bachelor tax” without ever having to actually pass one.
          Or perhaps I’m underestimating how authoritarian and misandric the courts will become…who can really say?

        2. “bachelor taxes” were common in the 19th century in America. It’s really not at all crazy to think it could happen again.

        3. Isn’t there already a bachelor tax in the sense that married couples get certain benefits from filing jointly and can claim dependents if they have kids?

    3. A good description of a possible scenario. What you describe literaly is a variation of an existance one may see in the movie Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome. Maybe not as anarchial as seen, but the attitudes of the people will be like what is portrayed in that film. Supreme Alpha is simply another way of saying violent, piece-of-shit asshole with no regard for human life.

    4. There will be even more desperate attempts by men to become alpha, including WIDESPREAD steroid use. Women will continue to get pickier and pickier.
      This is already happening. Have you ever been to New Jersey? It’s difficult to go to a gym, without feeling like a shrimp, even if you lift heavy. I remember asking a dude “Don’t take this the wrong way or anything, but your body is awesome, do you do competitions or anything?”. He said no. Being a guido gorilla juicehead is already a New Jersey requirement (even though women say they want a gentleman nice guy blah blah blah).
      All to get with girls that look like Jwow at best

    5. More realistically, white women will increase their bitchiness as if asking to be put in their place. Eventually, a good number of men will realize that women are asking to be put in their place and put women in their place (Chris Brown style, probably). The men who don’t put women in their place will be mostly sexless, and their herb seed will generally be unsown except among fatties and uglos. Balance will be restored as the offspring of alphas continue in their forebears’ ways and continue to put women in their place. Eventually women, as is their custom, will tire of what they have and demand something different. They will exchange the excitement of fucking alphas for the comfort of being treated well by betas. The cycle will then repeat itself, ad infinitum, as has been the case many times before.

  3. This is very interesting in light of the fact that we have been told for years that we are overpopulating the planet.

    1. Yes, as with the claims of global warming, and in so many other areas, our self-styled elites have been focusing on exactly the wrong problems. The Malthusian hystericists have been shrieking for years about how we are supposedly sucking the planet dry of resources and are doomed to starvation in miserable cold caves. Do they imagine that life was better when only 1 million people roamed the earth? There were not nearly enough hands on deck to run a power grid, configure routers, write blogs, fix roofs, sing in choirs, quarry stones, grow food, transport goods, or any of the other things that support our comfy lifestyles. Even today, there are vast swaths of land in this country that go unused for lack of workers to cultivate them.
      Fun fact: The entire world population would fit in the state of Texas, with the resulting density being comparable to that of NYC’s outer boroughs. Who still thinks we are overpopulated?

      1. Interesting…So the Drudge Dread vision of a Mega City is grossly exaggerated? What’s your source that says this?

      2. Malthusian population growth IS happening. Just because it isn’t happening in the West doesn’t mean it isn’t happening in India of Africa. And because you could squeeze 7 billion people into Texas doesn’t mean much as a statement. Because you need a certain amount of fresh water(1% of the earth’s land surface), and you need a certain footprint of arable land that will support enough crops and livestock for each person. That figure of course varies widely by nation, but for a Western standard of living each person may be using an acres of land to feed himself for a year. That’s not including large areas for livestock to roam.

      1. Yes, as with the claims of global warming, and in so many other areas, our self-styled elites have been focusing on exactly the wrong problems. The Malthusian hystericists have been shrieking for years about how we are supposedly sucking the planet dry of resources and are doomed to starvation in miserable cold caves. Do they imagine that life was better when only 1 million people roamed the earth? There were not nearly enough hands on deck to run a power grid, configure routers, write blogs, fix roofs, sing in choirs, quarry stones, grow food, transport goods, or any of the other things that support our comfy lifestyles. Even today, there are vast swaths of land in this country that go unused for lack of workers to cultivate them.
        Fun fact: The entire world population would fit in the state of Texas, with the resulting population density being comparable to that of NYC’s outer boroughs. Who still thinks we are overpopulated?

  4. Was just watching a video chat yesterday featuring a big-time toy collector who was a kid in the 80’s, and had worked for awhile as a toysrus store manager. He said it was sad, he rarely sees a kid in a toy store these days, at least the ones he goes to.

  5. Women at 19:00 why men don’t get married “Men have a harder time growing up, I call them child men, gamers, reading maxim and watching cartoons.” No bitch, men don’t get married because the majority of western women are unattractive, marriage laws are riskier than russian roulette and feminist ideas have turned the majority of women into sluts (which benefits me) so not complaining about that one.

  6. Its not really economic incentive that drives men. Its acceptable women. Look at minute 20, where the average guy is sitting with an entitled overweight woman (she says looks at the guy and blames him when the kid disappears). I wouldn’t want to know her, definitely not fuck or cohabitate with her. Marriage and children with that fat chick is out of this universe.
    It’s not really men’s fault. Men built the world wonders because society rewarded men that achieved something with power, admiration and the women followed.
    Now we fuck sluts left and right with only approaches and persistence. Chicks love “bad boys” and losers that live with their parents at the age of 30. Each time a hot girl fucks a loser she is less worthy of respect and men that know of her past will treat her like the pump and dump she is.
    Having said that, the economic boom that happened after the WW2 is not maintainable. The men that lost their lives in WW2 also made for better demographics for the men that were left, must have been cool to be a guy at the time.
    Sad thing is that immigration is the only way to prevent the first world of today to keep existing. It will change these countries to something totally different and maybe it will be worse than now. Humanity was evolving at a fast pace until the dark ages halted the development of Europe for 500 years.

    1. All the bleeting about how we need immigration is negated by Japan. Japan drives the pro-immigration people crazy. They love writing articles about how Japan desperately needs to get with the program and start importing millions of foreigners. But Japan remains very comfortably Japanese, and overall a very nice place.
      Of course they do also have a rock bottom birthrate in Japan. Note that there’s no Western style feminism to speak of. The crashing birthrate thing seems to happen everywhere in the world living standards rise above $10 a day poverty and there is urbanization. I don’t think it’s an ideological thing. I think it’s a biological thing. Our natural instincts just don’t function properly in big and complex cities.
      This isn’t a new phenomenon. 200 years ago it was observed that major european cities were population sinks where people didn’t replace themselves. The same was noted of ancient Rome.

      1. Japan is a very nice place? Maybe for their version of the 1%-ers. The rest get to live in rabbit-hutch houses that take two generations to pay off, cope with nuclear fallout and four-hour round trip commutes to dead-end jobs in tiny cubicles– assuming they can even find jobs amid the 20-year economic slump. And let’s not forget the 200% debt-to-GDP ratio.
        In that climate, good luck attracting immigrants even if they wanted to.

        1. Japan is still a better country economically and in terms of standard of living than 90% of the world.
          And yes, plenty of immigrants want to go to Japan. They also don’t get massacre shootings like the US.

        2. It is understood that Japan still boasts very high living standards. This is not surprising, since nobody expects a first-world nations to turn into Afghanistan overnight. Japan will remain advanced for some time, even as it slides, because it had already climbed so high up.
          The point is to note that things aren’t really looking up from where Japan is now. The nation has dealt with a prolonged economic slump, and the population ageing/decline chickens are slowly coming home to roost.
          The gains from a stronger past still remain (again, no first world nations is going to turn into Mali overnight), but they may not be there for long and cracks are already appearing in the structure. Many are already predicting that, if current trends continue, Japan will no longer be among the worlds leading nations by 2050.
          That doesn’t strike me as propaganda, but economic reality. You can’t maintain their demographics without paying some sort of serious price.
          In short, I do not think it wise for the nativists to use Japan as some form of refutation of the validity of legal immigration.

        3. >nuclear fallout
          >two generatons to pay of a house
          jesus fuck what are you smoking? As to the housing, the LAND is more valuable than the house…to the point that some demolish an old house and build it anew when they get the land.

  7. Actually watching the video and god damn do I hate documentaries and presentations that add dramatic music. This shit did not need a score.

    1. Yeah I know what you mean; the music overly dramatises everything, as if it some spooky phenema that is being presented. In the final analysis no one is required to have children and procreate to save the human race. Fuck it: if we become extinct, we become extinct.

  8. Curious how many children the site readers sired to fend off the coming demographic ruin… Me: 0.

  9. Patriarchy is considered evil by feminists and other members of the social elite who have now infected the colleges and universities and thd majority of all levels of government. Notice the ‘mousey’ guy in this documentary towards the end he states his conclusion: that the problem can only be fixed by returning back to the patriarchy. He does so nerviously realising that merely asserting such an idea will probably cost him his career. I hope at least they do not try to kill him.

    1. It’s funny how they present a weak little bitch to make this claim too… not an actual masculine man who speaks proudly and loudly.

  10. There are still plenty of places where people procreate. Even in the west. And the good thing is, the best people are the ones who are most successful at procreating. Who cares if a bunch of progressive rabble goes extinct. It’s not like they’re useful for much beyond pump-and-dump and target practice anyway.
    While simultaneously, those that take God’s hint about going forth and multiplying the most seriously, as always, look set to inherit the earth. What could be better?
    For those stuck in declining progressive dystopias bent on leeching off of them during their decline phase, the best advice is to shift as much activity and wealth as possible outside the realm of confiscation. Use Bitcoin for money transfers and savings. Work under the table, preferably from changeing locations. And, for Pete’s sake, quit harboring some silly indoctrinated notion that there is such a thing as “us”, that simultaneously encompasses you and a bunch of progressives.

  11. poor countries will remain to be poor because of the interference of globalisation and corrupt governments/ international organisations. The factors you identified about human capital flight from these areas to wealthier regions (read:the west) is also prevalent in just how rapidly resource flight occurs in self same third world countries (to other regions). Free trade is self cannibalising
    African country A, pretty shitty had corruptish rulers, asks for aid from intenational community, world bank. IMF etc.
    World bank, IMF says yes only if regulations are completely relaxed and Free trade laws are introduced into African country A.
    A agrees because of their dependency on short term loans to prop up shitty government/ buy military hardware. they have no intention of infrastructure projects.
    A’s domestic economy decimates, they go from next exporter of domestic produce/grains to importer. because of heavily subsidised agro industry in the US of A undercutting them.
    Private international organisations see an opening and buy nationalised industries at cut rates, then hike up prices.
    Riots occur, civil war or thereabouts happen. Crazy marxist government installs itself as will of the people.
    Circle continues, companies renationalised, systemic problems stay in the system and this time no loans to back it up.
    Country A ends never ending cycle of being fucked.
    See: the shock doctrine by Naomi klein (who admittedly is a bitch, but she got a few things right)
    If anything it’s an argument against large scale interference by national and international organisations in foreign coutnries.
    Compare and contrast this approach to China’s current unashamed yet genius resource grab in Africa.
    They agree to provide infrastructure (roads, schools and hospitals, physical tangible assets that people can use) in exchange directly for the countries resource pot (X amount of coal, oil and gas).
    Ofcourse its exploitative but atleast it builds up the countries native infrastructure, its not begging, and both sides profit long term from this kind of deal. China’s in it for the long haul, with their fucked up commie government yet effective resource grab based free market approach.
    It is quite well established the correlation between wealth and procreation (the more you make the less babies you want to make), most of the immigrant nations still have an agricultural based mindset about children (more fucking, more kids born, more kids born that survive to adulthood, more hands to till the fields help out etc) which would be great if we lived in a agricultural or basic mercantile economy but we don’t. so they shoot themselves in the foot.
    My view is that above governing a small area (of land, resources and people) all governments tend towards corruption.
    Britain and the west made the kind of massive gains (economically etc) at the turn of the last two centuries, using a less friendly (though incredibly effective) empire approach to establish themselves at the top of the global ladder. China’s just using a similar strategy in Africa, but with less bloodshed (save bullets, and use economic threats, which are more effective) to begin their dominance.
    The very system the west designed to be top dog, did not allow for an outlier without ethics (government can force/override independent decision making) to take over. (E.g. the chinese, absue free trade system to great effect, planning in part for the resource wars of next century as peak oil, and peak other fossil fuels come into effect).
    In a sick way, It’s brilliant actually. And all the while people worry about social and cultural shifts, while those red and yellow G men begin to establish dominance economically.
    Human capital is replaceable, resource capital is not.

      1. You’re either a wicked troll or incredibly ignorant. China is a horribly oppressive regime who murders and imprisons political dissidents, suppresses free speech, censors much of the internet, and so much more.

  12. Immigration also destroys the country that takes them in, if you aren’t screening for net tax contributors and don’t insist on them speaking the native tongue.
    There inter-generational timebomb has been written about alot at the margins of economics. The basic answer is “the young will refuse to pay for the old” either by soft avoidance (e.g. moving to demographically younger states, ex-patting, or reducing their total work performed) or direct defiance (protest, tax evasion, ballot box). Many will simply be too debt-laden to be able to pay.
    What can’t continue, won’t. The older generation are about to reap what they sowed when they squandered the inheritance of the Greatest Generation. That’s why I advised my mum to take a large lump sum on her public sector pension rather than an equivalent guaranteed monthly payment.

  13. Good post. I agree this will lead to alphas monopolizing pussy, but I remain unsure about the brain drain argument. The decreasing supply of labour in poor countries might lead to higher salaries there, and many immigrants send money back home to their relatives.

    1. Poor countries don’t have a labor market where exodous of a lucky few causes an increase in job prospects. I’d be curious to see examples you can find.
      Sending money home is a short-term fix, that while provides some GDP relief, doesn’t make the economy productive. It becomes a beggar state.

      1. Those are two good arguments which I hadn’t encountered before. I admit I don’t have any evidence, my argument was purely theoretical so I could be wrong. I would think the lack of a labour market in poor countries could just as well be construed as an argument *for* migration, though (?).

      2. “One of the most surprising findings in modern economics is that the brain drain reduces global poverty. On balance, the outflow of talent from poor countries to rich ones is actually good for poor countries — and even more so for poor people, since many escape poverty by emigrating.”
        “Statistical analysis of state-level data shows that immigrants expand the economy’s productive capacity by stimulating investment and promoting specialization. This produces efficiency gains and boosts income per worker. At the same time, evidence is scant that immigrants diminish the employment opportunities of U.S.-born workers”

  14. This video was extremely thought provoking. You are one of my favorite intellectuals, Roosh. I don’t have time to look for this stuff on my own. Keep up the good work.

  15. Roosh I just watched that video you linked to about political correctness and the frankfurt school. I am against political correctness especially the ‘gender studies’ variety, but Lind, Horowitz and the other conservatives who try to blame the frankfurt school for political correctness are full of shit. The Frankfurt School’s influence is peripheral at best and Lind gets away by acting like an expert on them because very few people have actually studied them. I would recommend you do some research on your own if you want to have an informed opinion, I would suggest Martin Jay’s Dialectical Imagination which is a history of the frankfurt school and Marcuse’s Eros and Civilization as a primary source that had some influence on 60s student counterculture.
    Here is an interesting essay by Martin Jay including how his interview in that documetary was taken out of context

  16. white only enclaves will continue to grow, and they will be hard core conservative, like the amish, this is the future of whites and will provide all of the white population growth, while the whites who stay in mixed communities will be food for turd world consumption.
    the following groups/people are dying out because they do not procreate….
    feminists, white anti-racists, environmentalists, advanced degree university students

    1. Not unrealistic. But people discard the possiblity of rapid change. It’s just a matter of changing people’s thoughts, and everything would change.

    2. The Elites do no mess with those who work/hunt for their food (think Amish African bushmen etc) but will enslave/kill those who borrow and beg.

    3. I’ve considered Mormonism many times before. It’s a very attractive lifestyle. There’s a strong emphasis on America, duty, virtue, and being white. The restrictions on drugs and other fun perversions is unfortunate, but our country depends on it. Thinking of the men who gave the lives at the alamo then looking at immigration policies is more than upsetting. There was a time when America was mostly white. I hate to sound racist, as I’m much more of a nationalist. They fail to integrate, breed distrust and destroy communities and social cohesion while breeding like cockroaches. The liberals get more than they bargained for, one worker soon becomes 5 rapists, murderers, and thugs thanks to the regression toward the mean. I’ve lived over half my life in the deep South and the only time it wasn’t mostly black was when I lived deep innawoods and my nearest neighbor was 2 miles away, and walmart was an hour drive, and I tend to speed. Needless to say the blacker areas were total nightmares to live in. I know it’s lame but I do have a couple black guys I enjoyed the company of. That might not make me any less racist, just to demonstrate I don’t hate all non whites, just what their average members do to white communities.

  17. As more and more men lose interest in women, I think we will see a resurgence of the feminine female. More women will cultivate a slender, feminine appearance, with makeup, long hair, and high heels. Once it sinks in that this is what men want. The seemingly aggressive push for fat acceptance is just a sign that it is being rejected by the majority of men. Men do not want fatties, and as more women become fat, there will be fewer and fewer men willing to bang them, despite being shamed for it. This will bring about change. Women always adapt eventually when men withhold their attention.

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  19. “Those who favor immigration actually favor abject poverty and suffering.”
    Hey, ya self-hating coconut motherfucker! Aren’t you of Iranian and Armenian descent, fuckin’ “Daryush”?!? That family of yours needed to get here somehow, in order for your ugly monkey ass to get spawned, ain’t it? I’d leave immigration alone if I were you, hits a little close to home don’t it? Oh and news flash: You ain’t white, dipshit. No matter how many white broads you bang. Your self-hatred is fucking embarrassing.

  20. Relevant: “As Births Slow, P&G Turns to Adult Diapers”
    Choice quotes:
    “Births peaked in the U.S. at 4.32 million in 2007 and declined for five years before leveling off recently.”
    “… the country’s fertility rate dropped to a record low of 62.9 births per
    1,000 women of childbearing age. Meanwhile, over 3 million Americans are
    now turning 65 each year, according to the Pew Research Center.”
    “Energizer Holdings Inc., the maker of the Diaper Genie, in 2012 began
    selling a similar disposal product for cat owners called the Litter
    Genie, a plastic bin that seals soiled cat litter in airtight bags.”
    “The steps American companies are starting to take are reminiscent of
    what Japanese companies did when a decades-long drop in the country’s
    birthrate and a rapidly aging and shrinking population forced them to
    expand into new areas to offset declines in sales of products geared
    toward younger consumers.”

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