9 Things Every Guy Should Know About Norwegian Girls

1. Norwegian girls are the hottest and thinnest in Scandinavia

Some are even feminine. The only downside is that they can be a bit thick from pulling sleighs or whatever they do in the countryside during the winter. In the summer they wear booty shorts, showing off their toned, tanned legs, and their best quality by far is their thick dick-sucking lips, something you don’t see in other Scandinavian countries. My only regret from the week I spent in Oslo is not getting a blowjob (though I did get my flag).

2. They are not as crazy about Americans like the Swedes

Many did not care that I was born on American soil.

3. Some girls give you strong approach cues with eye contact and a smile

But they didn’t approach me outright as much as girls in Iceland and Finland. Prepare yourself for quick rejections.

4. There was a rape wave a couple years ago

This was real rape where immigrants dragged girls into alleys. Girls were advised to take extreme care with guys they meet. Since rape is still a problem, it wouldn’t hurt to establish more comfort than you usually do, especially if your skin complexion is on the brown side.

5. You won’t get anywhere in the top-end clubs

Don’t bother.

6. Norwegians are the most economically successful of the Scandinavian economies, and it shows

There is decreased Jante Law influence which means you get a cocky vibe from the girls (though not as cocky as Americans).

7. The guys are really good looking

I was taken aback by some of the male specimens on display. Thankfully they don’t approach so I still had a competitive advantage over them.

8. In Oslo, nightlife shuts down at 3am but doesn’t get going until midnight

Approaches from 2-3am will probably be most fruitful, especially if a girl is trying to get laid but has yet to meet a guy. It did feel more like Iceland in that if I waited for the guys to get drunk and the social circles to dissipate, I could drop in with a last call approach. Most of my successful approaches happened after 2am.

9. It’s expensive as balls. My short-term apartment cost $200 a night

A vodka drink is $13-15. I ended up dropping about $1,400 in five days without even trying. I could easily go a month on that money in Poland or Ukraine.

Now here is a representative sample of how Norwegian girls look like:















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322 thoughts on “9 Things Every Guy Should Know About Norwegian Girls”

  1. Good lookin’ out, Roosh. Headed there this spring/summer, definitely keeping all of this in mind.

  2. Number 15 is Romanian believe it or not … although I agree she looks Norwegian. Solid tips again Roosh.

    1. Are you sure #15 is Romanian? Google Reverse Image Search (and commenter Daft bollock below) says that that she is Emilie Marie Nereng.
      Wikipedia and a search on her name + Romanian brings up no hits for Romanian ancestry

  3. Norwegian girls definitely havent been hit with the ugly stick thats for sure!
    Norway is insanely expensive so be cashed up if you have any thoughts for an extended period of time.

  4. As a Norwegian, I think you nailed it down pretty good (the info, not the pussy, it seems.. heh). Just a few more pointers. Norwegians are the most muscular and one of the tallest peoples in the world, so if you’re under 6 ft, you better have something else to make up for it. But the thing is, a lot of Norwegian guys aren’t great talkers or PUAs (although we do have a few now). Do practice game, but don’t go crazy on the BS or brag about yourself. They don’t like that, they’re down to earth, like confidence and lies they can believe in (or cockiness so over the top noone is expeced to believe it).
    Also, the top pic, no 13 and 15 are of the same girl, pink blogger Voe (Emilie Marie Nereng). She’s 14-16 on those pics, now at 17 she looks quite different and less cute unfortunately :-/ Problem with many Norwegian girls is they mature quite fast, so they don’t look teeny cute for long. Try to meet them in Ayia Napa, Spain or some place where they fly to get totally smashed and sleep with the nearest handsome guy most nights. Plenty of young girls there, and their families won’t kill you for fucking and dumping them either.
    Honestly I think half the girls in these pics are pretty ugly compared to the girls I went to school with. And they will fuck you on the first night if you tingle them without feeling you owe them anything afterwards.

    1. “Honestly I think half the girls in these pics are pretty ugly compared to the girls I went to school with.”
      I agree. Many of the girls showed in the pics are not very good looking by Norwegian standards. However, take a trip to Oslo and you see girls like Emilie “Voe” everywhere you turn. But never think that these girls are easy. Norwegian girls don’t take shit. They can be demanding, spoiled and difficult to live with. You actually need to be a Norwegian guy to deal with these girls. And as for one night stands – you don’t fuck them, they fuck you. 😉

    1. really?
      this is going onto my must learn list
      what are the typical age demographics for swing dance anyway?
      compared to tango, salsa ballroom

  5. Well, they don’t call them “squareheads” for nothing. As a man of some Scandinavian blood, I’ll stick with SE Asians and other exotics thankyou.

  6. I am sorry for polluting your gene pool. I cannot abide roguring some woman who looks like my sisters or my great-aunt Brunhilda.

    1. More like, they’re totally amoral and fuck whoever makes their button tickle, ie. young, handsome, violent, tall, verbal, socially intelligent etc. And you ain’t it. :p
      Scandi girls have very large variety in looks, so looking like your sister shouldn’t be a problem. And yes, they are big on average, and they like big guys, but a significant percentage are 160-165 cm and slim, ie. not too large for most men.
      Good choice on the SEA girls, though. They’re one of my personal faves too, and you get a lot back from being a scandi/white guy. They love that stuff. You will get nothing from being scandinavian from most scandi girls, unlike many other countries, where screwing foreigners is baaaad.

      1. I am 6’3″ in my socks (many of which are decades older than the gals pictured here) and have a forehead that would make you weep.
        And it’s true about Asians. One look at my blue-green eyes and they are throwing their genes at me. Over there, I am exotic.

    2. Kidding!! Women from your gene pool who cavort with my gene pool are known in some circles as mudsharks, if you get my gist.

    1. By local standards (ie. no bonus for being blondes, and compared to the rest):
      1 Very nice
      3 Average +
      7 Under 18 film actor, very nice
      9 You’re kidding me, right? I bet they’re nice persons, but they’re not lookers. Average –
      11 Good –
      12 Average + These girls would qualify as unathlethic where I grew up.
      13 2 bombs, incl. 1 celeb blogger
      14 I really like this one. She’s 18 or 19.
      15 True beauty. And a celeb.

  7. One of the nice things about norski girls is they’re often natural, open, genuine persons. They don’t fuck around with you and aren’t plain mean and nasty or just cold like many american women. Cold country, warm people (once you get to know them).
    Also, they usually like sports, if they’re not working class. Prime genetics + training = drop dead gorgeous bodies and pussies that want and can take a hard pounding without too much damage. And lots of sex drive.
    They’re simple in some ways. If they like you, you have the best chance on earth they’ll fuck you and not care afterwards. But if they don’t like you, money and fancy titles won’t mean shit to them, they won’t care.

    1. ah, i take it you’ve been to norway a number of times then? where would you recommend to go?
      saying “if they like you” doesn’t really help game wise 🙂

      1. I’m a Norwegian. The best place to chat up Norwegian chicks is really when they’re on sun (sin..) holidays in the tourist spots in Greece, Spain, the Canaries etc. Young, smashing looking girls who screw around all the time in alcohol stupors. Look for the Norwegian flags and try to mingle. Chicks are too drunk to notice anyway.
        Norwegian guys are very bad at approaches, and the girls are can be quite open and friendly. If you get good contact, get their number, meet up and chat with some of their friends etc. Cafes, and festivals, parks and beaches in the summer. Buy some cheap sixpacks with your mate(s), sit down, enjoy the scene and sight of half nude Nordic women prancing around, and if you’re having a good time you might get noticed and get an even better time later. 🙂
        Right: Confidence, openness, playfullness (and yes you can say these are nice traits anywhere, but especially in Norway), 6ft+, don’t kiss up to them, just be natural, no BS, have an interesting life and stories to tell without bragging, social intelligence. Good looks and athleticism of course, but that’s the same as anywhere. Stiff competition in that department, but the girls aren’t all about looks.
        Wrong: 5’7”-, cynicism, hardness to the point of cruelty (Norway is an easy place to live, you’ll stand out very negatively with those traits, while in other places being hardened means you’re a dependable survivor and likely to provide the asskickings needed to protect her), being vain and superficial, proud, self centered, not charitable (as a person, not with the drinks, buying drinks won’t get you anywhere), secure masculinity.
        As for which city, I don’t think it matters much all in all within the larger cities. Oslo is probably as good as any.

        1. Hello Prof Forehead,
          I enjoyed reading your post very much, it was extremely articulate. After some time living in Oslo and learning very few cues as to the modus operandi of Norwegian women, I had to move because of work to Pittsburgh in America. Needless, to say, here is like another universe. However, I have to go BACK again to Oslo because of work in January, and I would like to ask you a few questions if you do not mind, and perhaps keep a conversation open.
          All the best,

        2. Fuck them ! Norwegian byaaaaches . So stuck up . So snotty ..they are famous . I’m in Ukraine and love it . Tons of girls here ,tons . Women here love my dark hair .

        3. Vlad is just a pig. He hates on everyone. Those of you who agree with him are small minded idiots.

        4. vlad is racist. in order to be racist one either has to be extremely stupid (up to an unimaginable level) or be illiterate or both. vlad is probably both.

        5. He simply doesn’t want the beautiful blonde Norwegian girls with their Nordic faces to one day be completely replaced by biracials with brown skin and afros. A very rational fear if you consider perpetual immigration and increasing interracial relationships.

    2. You are a stupid dude……you either have never visited Norway or have
      stayed here just a short time. They are more colder than American girls, more slutty…..actually many Norwegian women are lesbians and bisexual, and they all are Gold diggers moron, they go after money. I work in a firm organizing shows and I see so many nice women and girls with ugly, small, older man, or skinny asians or black guys if they have money.
      Dude your so off……..so to get Norwegian girls you need to go to Cannaris, Greece etc. Man how old are you 10 years old to talk like this. You are a complete stupid. Grow up and then come talk with adults.
      It seems that you live in dream land……

      1. Norwegian girls aren’t gold diggers in the normal sense.
        In Norway everyone is rich(purchasing power, i.e. corrected for price level) compared to the US, and higher education is basically free.
        So, it’s not the money they’re digging for, but you could easily make that conclusion if you come from somewhere.
        It’s rather the fact that to a much larger extent than in e.g. US, if you’re poor you’re more often than not a loser. It’s more about what they are not digging for.
        The typical right wing mantra of American conservatives, which is simply not valid in the US, is actually, to some extent valid in Norway.
        That is, everyone can easily become moderately sucessful with a bit effort in Norway. In Norway this isn’t so much about the money, from a womans’ perspective, but rather your education and your work. E.g. Basically anyone(excluding the special cases of disabilities making it impossible, extreme life events etc) can get a 5 year university grade, such as petroleum engineer.
        There is no university fee and you get a student loan by the state with no interest as long as you study, also 40% of it is converted to stipend/subsidy if you pass your exams.
        It’s kind of ironic that a society tending towards socialism becomes more of what Americans seem to think is destroyed by socialistic reforms. (Norway is social democratic)
        Now, Norway has very high gender equality.
        This means that women are very sucessful in Norway compared to men. Actually there are more women than men with higher education in Norway, 24% vs 23%.
        Women tend to be attracted to a man who’s a little bit more intelligent than themselves, studies show.
        So really it’s not a big shocker that they may come out as gold diggers, but it’s really more about the fact that if you’re a loser in Norway you’re a big time loser, so any signs of being a loser would be a turn off for at least the non-trashy chicks.

        1. so now nordic men are stupid????lol we taught women everything they know and they are only successful using machines and conveniences developed by men,so fuck if they are smarter,why?cause they can memorize facts better,thats all they are are memorizers.you sound like an even bigger idiot than the blog author.your ramblings have my head spinning.

        2. Where did I claim that Nordic men are stupid?
          I’m a Norwegian man myself.
          Regarding “your rambling” – reread your own comment

        3. I’m relatively intelligent, live in Norway, and honestly I feel like *most,* of course not all, but *most (or at the very least a lot of),* girls, hate men who are intelligent. Don’t know why – maybe it is because they want someone they can manipulate and wrap around their finger?
          But that doesn’t seem to agree with what you wrote in your post – this: “Women tend to be attracted to a man who’s a little bit more intelligent than themselves, studies show.”

        4. It seems that way when you are young. When you get older you realise girls value intelligence + experience, which you can only get as an older man.

        5. The problem is that if a Norwegian woman has children with a black man the children won’t inherit her pale, blonde and blue-eyed Scandinavian features; instead they will be black with Afros. So the issue is that a black man will prevent a Norwegian blonde from making more copies of her beautiful self and if this happens too often, the pale blondes wil go extinct and Norway will lose its character and appeal. It has nothing to do with the individual qualities of the black man.

        6. It doesn’t fucking care to lose our ”Norwegian appeal”. Black men in Norway obviously come from poor countries in Africa and most of them have the habits from there, which are not quite correct (not meaning to be racist, it’s a fact). If a kid grows in Norway (or in any well developed country), without caring about the race he is, he will of course have the habits of that developed country. The ethnic Norwegian appearance might disappear, but the mind of its inhabitants will reamin the same as long as it is still a very well developed, rich and peaceful country. Actually the appearance doesn’t care at all.

        7. “making more copies of her beautiful self ”
          So the black man isn’t beautiful himself? When did blonde hair and blue eyes become the standard of beauty?

        8. Those others are a very small minority and they are looked down on by the majority of whites, most whites have high standards, and those high standards are straight blonde/brown/red hair and Caucasian features like blue/green eyes.

        9. Don’t fucking bullshit yourselves the hotties up there no damn well that is a bad move on all kinds of levels and most won’t touch a black with a ten foot pole fuck off

        10. And fuck yeah it will be studs like us keeping a badass race going despite you losers breeding like rabbits and heading north its call the forest and balls

        11. Appearance does not count? For who? The gays? For me, it makes all the difference, and Norwegian women are often just what I want. It would be sad if they disappeared, they are unique — while the “modern western mind” is quite common, that part is not so special in Norway or anywhere else. Norwegians need to get back to breeding — all the PC stuff is OLD!

        12. Sure, people of all races can be beautiful. But in fact, some are more common. Norwegian types are not, and we need to preserve them as there simply are not enough to go around.

        13. Even if they are beautiful, there are so many of them. Not so many Norwegian beauties. I would have done anything for one. Now won’t happen. We are talking numbers here — not subjective opinion. Because there are not enough blonde goddesses for so many who want them — they are in great demand; low
          supply and great demand = more value. Simple math here. If you don’t like such high value placed on them, you would support their preservation and propagation. If you want black people to become more rare and valued, a greater equality, you should support their smaller population. I’m mixed race myself, but would like to encourage greater population of relatively pure Scandinavians due to their scarcity. If they were like Chinese or Africans with billions running around everywhere, I would be opposed to their increase. Those who favor less whites in general, work to make them even more valuable, and thus work for worldwide inequality.

      2. I’m a Norwegian girl myself, and actually you’re totally wrong. The other guy was right, but you are just making it all up or living on some weird part of Norway.

        1. oh btw, yes there are many who are with “skinny asians” and “black guys”, and what’s wrong with that? There is a thing called love, and it’s not like you’re any better than those guys?

        2. BULLSHIT…save the love and the interracial bullshit propaganda.they are called sexual fetishists and deviants not love.black guys?whats wrong with that?are you fucking kidding me you fucking piece of shit libtard,do you support the genocide of white people?huh bitch,because thats what you are promoting,guess what,they kids come out as NIGGERS,NEVER WHITE,THATS WHATS WRONG WITH IT,YOU FUCKIN MORON.if you are colored no wonder you feel this way,thats how youve infiltrated every white society,through sympathy and pity,but if you are white i wish i could choke your ass and shake you,shake some muthr fuking sense into that brainwashed self hating head of yours,blacks destroy things ,thats what they do,so FUCK YOU AND YOUR INTERRACIAL PROPOGANDA AND YOUR RACISIM ALLEGATIONS,we don’t want niggers around our daughters your parents must have been a pathetic pair.of apologists.SO IN CLOSING,SHUT YOUR FUCKIN HOLE.


        4. As a Nigerian guy I found Norwegian chicks are romantic and melodramatic they sometimes cry when you won’t fuck them. First it happened to a half Asian guy on my course who wouldnt go with this amazing Norwegian blonde we met in Dublin. Then it happened to me in Lanzerote. This babe was totally distraught!
          Just my personal experience. On home soil they behave different. Great nation and good people! Skol!

        5. In a few generations all people on this planet will be mixed-raced like Barack Obama….. Your post is un-necessarily violent and I’m quite surprised 18 people voted it up….LOL…. Anyway, as a French Black, I have to say that the white female friends I’ve had since primary school and up to now all over Europe (and including Denmark and Norway where I’ve lived many years) have been very fond of me and my little brother (who is also black by the way). Not because we’re black or because we have big dicks but mostly because we’re very fun to be with and can hold a conversation about any subject (from genetics, to petroleum transformation processes, computer science, space exploration, gender equality, space law, all forms of art, charity schemes that make sense and can be self-sustainable etc). We’re highly educated , good-looking and we fuck like Rocco or Julio Iglesias depending on the circumstances.
          Listen dude (Vlad), go check with your mom if she hasn’t met my dad when she was young(er). He told me about his Scandinavian women a while back when he was backpacking all over the planet. He seemed to have grabbed the social code of Scandinavia… just like I did . I probably got it from my old man 🙂
          And please guys, stop the drama. Any woman from ANY culture (trust me, I’ve been around) will follow you if she feels she can trust you and if you make her laugh. Just be cool and relax. Most importantly don’t try too hard or try to impress. Just be yourself and smile 🙂 This works everywhere.

        6. In
          a few generations all people on this planet will be mixed-raced like
          Barack Obama….. Your post is un-necessarily violent and I’m quite
          surprised 18 people voted it up….LOL…. Anyway, as a French Black,
          I have to say that the white female friends I’ve had since primary
          school and up to now all over Europe (and including Denmark and
          Norway where I’ve lived many years) have been very fond of me and my
          little brother (who is also black by the way). Not because we’re black or because we have big dicks but mostly because we’re very fun to be with and can hold a conversation about any subject (from genetics, to petroleum transformation processes, computer science, space exploration, gender equality, space law, all forms of
          art, charity schemes that make sense and can be self-sustainable etc). We’re highly educated , good-looking and we fuck like Rocco or Julio Iglesias depending on the circumstances.
          Listen dude (Vlad), go check with your mom if she hasn’t slept with black men when she was young(er). According to genetics, you might even have a black father. It is possible.
          Anyway, my dad told me about his Scandinavian women a while back when he was backpacking all over the planet. He seemed to have grabbed the social code of Scandinavia… just like I did . I probably got it from my old man 🙂
          And please guys, stop the drama. Any woman from ANY culture (trust me, I’ve been around) will appreciate your company if she feels she can trust you and if you make her laugh. Just be yourself and smile 🙂
          This works everywhere.

        7. In a few generations all people on this planet will be mixed-raced like Barack Obama….. Your post is un-necessarily violent and I’m quite surprised 18 people voted it up….LOL…. Anyway, as a French Black, I have to say that the white female friends I’ve had since primary school and up to now all over Europe (and including Denmark and Norway where I’ve lived many years) have been very fond of me and my little brother (who is also black by the way). Not because we’re black or because we have big dicks but mostly because we’re very fun to be with and can hold a conversation about any subject (from genetics, to petroleum transformation processes, computer science, space exploration, gender equality, space law, all forms of art, charity schemes that make sense and can be self-sustainable etc). We’re highly educated , good-looking and we fuck like Rocco or Julio Iglesias depending on the circumstances.
          Listen dude (Vlad), go check with your mom if she hasn’t slept with black men when she was young(er). According to genetics, you might even have a black father. It is possible.
          Anyway, my dad told me about his Scandinavian women a while back when he was backpacking all over the planet. He seemed to have grabbed the social code of Scandinavia… just like I did . I probably got it from my old man 🙂
          And please guys, stop the drama. Any woman from ANY culture (trust me, I’ve been around) will appreciate your company if she feels she can trust you and if you make her laugh. Just be yourself (this brings the trust as it’s obvious you’re being natural) and smile 🙂 This works everywhere.

        8. and you, knobhead, are racist scum that should not reproduce. let other, smarter and less evil people do that as this practice would favor humanity.

        9. i come from greece and over here there has recently been a boom of fascists and generally racist scum (golden dawn party entering the parliament). i really find it remarkable that all racist pigs write with “Caps Lock” turned “on” when they get aroused. please, go die

        10. I just returned from Lodingen where i was visiting my relatives and I have started to notice what you speak of. Im an American but I want to return to Norway because the people and the culture there are like no other cultural heritage in Europe! It is also where my grandparents are from originally. I saw many Muslim Migrants in town who looked COMPLETELY TOKEN AND OUT OF PLACE! You are absolutely correct the white nordic race will die out because of multicultural social engineering and race baiting propoganda! It is not LOVE IT IS JUST SICK!

        11. My Dear Friend Vlad I am Italian-American born in Mississippi (USA); I am a proud of the Confederate Battle Flag and proud of my Italian heritage and I AGREE 100% with you! Is time to Rise and Shine our White Supremacy and please don’t let’s forget all of those Retard Nigger Lovers that are destroying and Embarrassing our White culture and spreading disease too
          Where ever you have blacks, Latinos you have poverty, destruction, misery and war!
          Fuck NIGGERS bastard they should all Drop Dead!!!!

        12. I am black or brown or whatever you label me… but why has this conversation quickly degenerated to hate, and now the shooting of blacks in Europe and America? What has color to do with Norwegian girls?

        13. Fabio Leonardo. Generalising is something that should never be done. According to what you wrote “..blacks, Latinos you have poverty” Behind poverty, there is a reason for that, not that I have time to teach you history and the fact that Africa is the richest continent in the world. I would sincerely like you to comment on Italy itself. Do you know how much corrupted Italy is? how bad their economy is? How poverty have covered Italy that even Italians themselves would rather take higher education in other Europeans’ countries than theirs (e.g: Lots of Italians in Denmark). I would like you to look in your own socks before looking in others. Intelligence is important and educative, once you have it, you can use it to improve the society that we live in, in a positive manner.
          Between I am a Burundian lady living under political surveillance in Denmark, and I will be more than glad to help people like you who are mislead by Mass-media.
          Norwegian women, you are amazing&beautiful and most Danes agree on that point too (except that we don’t characterise you like most of these males did).

        14. Please tell me you are joking. There is something wrong with a blonde, pale Norwegian girl who dates a black guy, and that is that their children will not look like her. Instead they will be black. Why do you approve of future Norwegians being brown/biracial with Afros? Surely you don’t want the white, blonde population to be replaced by African looking ones? I hope that you were not being honest that there are ‘many’ Norwegian girls dating black guys. I guess you Scandinavian people wont appreciate your own beauty until you have lost it.

        15. I agree. That is the biggest issue I have with interracial marriage, the fact that the children will be black and won’t have the rare and angelic Nordic looks. The problem is that Scandinavians don’t understand the risk yet. They have been too sheltered and overexposed to their own beauty and so they don’t appreciate it. They think black skin and afros are cooler than pale skin, blue eyes and flowing blonde locks. When white Norwegians become a minority, they will regret their decisions but then it will be too late

        16. It is not racist to try and prevent the extinction of Nordic white people in their ancestral homeland. If you support this extinction then you are the evil, racist scum that should not reproduce.

        17. No one hates black men simply because you are black. White men resent the fact that when you black men mate with white women that the children are black and not white. It Is impossible for a pale blonde blue eyednorwegian girl with thin lips to have a child who looks like her if she mates with a black man. White men don’t want all future Europeans to look African.

        18. Since you are black your opinion on this is irrelevant and unwanted. There is a huge conflict of interest here as obviously you desire to live among whites so you can sleep with our white women. It’s not your race that is going to die out so why would you care? It is a horrifying thought that all white people will be replaced by ugly biracials with afros and it must be prevented at all costs. The whole world won’t be biracial, only the white countries carry that risk and it cannot be allowed to happen. Blacks like you are predators who need to be put in their place. You get away with genocide and are currently well protected by anti racism laws. That will change. Besides, there will always be white slags who will sleep with blacks even if they know they’ll have ugly children. Congratulations to you for bedding those slags.

        19. No, if you want all white Norwegians to one day be replaced by brown biracials with afros it makes you the racist, white-hating prick.

        20. So you approve of your Greek women sleeping with blacks and all future Greeks being black with afros? If you desire the Greek people to completely change then you are the racist scum.

        21. As a black man I veto your opinion. So what do you do know, castrate every black man dick that is entering Europe huh? I wonder why white men’s thought run wacko with foolish fantasies… cant you see that he is cracking joke on you. Ok what next… ethnic cleansing huh? When many gay white men are getting married to each other (an abomination in Africa) who will father your girls? White girls are more humane and accurate thinkers than all you misfit dudes… please verify whether it is more beneficial to enforce violence or perform your duty to your white girls by being active on the bed?

        22. Another clever person, I thought the whole comment section on this post was corrupted xD of course there is absolutely nothing wrong with marrying a black or asian race person, or being LGBT. You have no idea of the happiness I feel when I read your comment :v

        23. I hope you, and the bunch of 20 idiots liking your comment, are expulsed from your country, and sent to North Korea. ”Oh no there is a bad child protection policy in Norway where they take kids from problematic couples to other families, what a shitty country”, any kids that any of you 21 assholes had, should be taken by the Norwegian government and given to better families. Lucky there is a very small few people like you in Norway, and a racist criminal like you could only exist in USA.

        24. we should just cancel all borders and let everybody travel for free. in a few decades all humans will have the same skin tone so there will be no argument. we can then restart from there and see what happens.

        25. Wrong, race mixing is evil, and Whites who engage in that filth should be killed.

        26. Very soon now, all over the western world you cowardly, ugly, retarded, genetically, innately, inherently evil non-white subhumans will be hunted down and butchered for what you have done. 14/88!!!!

        27. Um. Since you are male you have as little place making what Nordic women do in their own lives your business as he does?
          It isn’t any of your business what other people do with whoever they do it if it bothers you unwind your panties from your American uptight hateful ignorant asshole and worry about your own country which is failing, rather than us in Norway and what we do that doesn’t have any ownership from you to say a thing.

        28. Mind your business. Worry about your own dick and the children you yourself have!

        29. You are the cruelest person I have ever seen on the internet. You are the reason being white is shameful to many in your own country, and you are associate this shame with me and my country… that isn’t ok. Just keep your own worries to your own family and not try and promote violence about something that you have no control and deserve no opinion on, like white women not wanting you because you are a jerk… I hope you are not behave this meanly for real life or else what a hatred of girls do you got… no wonder you are mad…
          I wish you would just find someone to love who make you feel better so you don’t have to worry about what others do outside of your life so much!

        30. You are shameful disgrace and should not be allowed to spread your hate on a Norwegian girls expense…

        31. White women who willing engage in race treason need to be killed! 14/88!!!!

        32. Shut up you fucking moron of course americans are pioneering racial preservation like we pioneer everything.
          My wife is norwegian she is a 10 I am a 9 we will have beautiful kids and move to Canada, Northern California and or Norway.
          You fucking idiots don’t respect diversity at all thats like breeding lions with leopards and hoping for the best they are called must. and it is irresponsible breeding of the most superior species – humans
          Fuckin monkey looking nosey creeps
          Besides I will handedly beat any of you’re asses with one hand and have a “bigger dick” touch’e faggots

        33. You sound like a good and intelligent person. However, like it or not, there are many who look like you. There are simply not that many blonde Scandinavians! This makes them even more rare and special. If you don’t like them to be so valuable, you would want to help them to make more. I’m mixed race myself, think some amount of mixing is OK — but what makes life more interesting, is variety. Would you really want everyone mixed race? As a mixed race person myself, I would not want that. I don’t want to be so common, and I love variety — including black people. But it is the natural blondes who are rare — and I want them to continue. We should have a captive breeding program to save them, it’s OK to like diversity — is it not? And diversity will require more Europeans, there are way more from other continents — so we need to cut back — and help the Europeans get back to breeding……

        34. Most in here need you to school them, apparently, they know not the true definition of racism. Many in the comments sections are just bigots.

        35. @Ingrid – Cruel? Promoting violence? I have not promoted any violence in my comments here. You are imagining things. I simply don’t want beautiful white people and the white aesthetic to go extinct in Europe. White beauty must remain preserved in the territory where it evolved. Mass African immigration will result in white beauty going extinct, because it is impossible for a black man and a white woman to produce a white child. Look at Heidi Klum’s children with Seal – they are black and look NOTHING like Heidi. I do not want every single European person in the future to look mixed brown, like Tiger Woods. That is not evil. I simply appreciate the beauty in human physical diversity and I don’t want it to be thrown away. It will be terrible if one day there will be no more blonde, blue-eyed, wavy-haired beautiful women in Norway and instead every Norwegian looks like Jordan Peele. Ingrid, all I ask is that you appreciate your distinct Norwegian aesthetic and don’t throw it away by mass mating with dark immigrants. Please do not let Norway become an extension of Africa. Preserve your physical characteristics, it is the right thing to do.

      3. Ok cool but I’m a norwegian girl and you can cool off that tone of yours because 90% of what you just said is inaccurate. I’m not sure what this has to do with anything, but I’d say the straight to gay/bi/pan ratio for norwegian girls is like 8.5/10. Not even sure why you had all that negative connotation behind bi (and pan, even though you forgot to mention it), seen as bisexual and pansexual people like both boys and girls, so boys aren’t excluded, and your chances for a threeway with another woman are even bigger but aaanyway… And never in my life have I come across a “gold digger”, most women here are ambitious and women here are encouraged to make their fortunes by their own hand, I can tell that the majority of young women in this country have drive by their grades, they range mostly around 4-6 (so they’re not only independent, they’re smart too! Wow, imagine a woman being capable of all that). And in case you’re in doubt, a lot of women are as fond of casual sex as men are, but many feel the need to make sure they can trust you (which will take time) because there’s this little thing happening right now like the never-ending “men won’t stop raping us” problem. And judging by the way you talk about us, I wouldn’t trust you at all, you give off the “i-think-women-are-evil-and-only-valuable-for-sex” vibe. You coincidentaly also come off as sexually frustrated, go figure…

        1. Oh finally an intelligent person. And look! What a surprise, it’s a Norwegian girl!!!! She is EXACTLY as those retards said!!

      4. i never saw i norwegian beauty with an asian or a nigger never,only on the jew tube of course.i’m sure they exist but never have experienced the slut gold digger type you must live on the nigger side of town,don’t sound right to me.

        1. I agree with that kinda aggressive post you wrote above, that shit shouldn’t go on (so much), it’s bad and it destroys us longterm. Unfortunately, it’s kinda true in *some* parts of the country, and in multicultural parts of Oslo, many of us has fallen hook, line and sinker for that stupid “ooooh it’s so wonderful and exotic, more diverse and vibrant with multiculture” line…. Stupid and naive! Unfortunately, kinda similar to our neighbors the swedes, many of us are quite naive, non-worldly, and that mixes very BADLY with believing in the multiculture-is-so-wonderful claptrap… It makes for naive people, and not least naive women, with their holes widely open for any stranger, the darker the better they think, sorry to be so blunt, but…. They’re just naive and they believe this stuff that is unfortunately widespread in society around them! Pity the fools…….. 🙁

        2. Perhaps Tiger Woods ex-wife’s response not so long ago is a prime example of what i mean’t.
          Hey, Tiger qualifies as both an A & N right? Naughty

        3. so you watch niggers impaling norwegian beauties on the (as you wrote it) ” jew tube” (i.e. on your computer) and wank to it ?? LOL !!!

        4. i suggest you go for prime minister and when you win the elections you ban all international transport (in and out). this way you can prevent the race mixing from happening and thus overcome your greatest fear, that is your whife hanging in bed with a bunch of black hunks.

        5. Sounds like a good idea to only allow immigration of white people into Norway. Also, blacks cant really be hunks in white areas- they aren’t attractive. Their faces, noses and kinky hair are too primitive looking. It is really only the big penis expectation that makes them desirable to white slags. The other fanatical egalitarian white girls will sleep with them for political reasons.

        6. What you are saying is entirely irrelevant. The issue here is that interracial relationships will make beautiful white women go extinct and replace them with ugly biracials. Look at tiger woods’ s children with the swede elin nordegren- they have none of her blonde Nordic features. They are black. Surely you don’t want angelic northern european blondes to go extinct, do you?

        7. I don’t think we getting replace either. Maybe the poor ones who are too fall in love with refugees.. only time I see foreigners is tourists in Oslo or oil workers who barely come around.
          However to say people should be killed off for being with these people is much to different and I won’t ever support that! It’s very mean!

        8. No. Most other Europeans are worse than majority of black inside Norway. Arab is the only group worse than say polish or Italian or Spanish staying here.

        9. And these features are not your property to lament losing… keep your own family that way and you can not worry.

        10. Scary to see how many here think that nordic feature is the best looking over other races. Stop with racism and grow up.

        11. Now now, attraction isnt racism. If you are not attracted by someone’s features it doesnt make you a racist who hates them or think they should be done bad things… i am not attracted to asians but i dont hate them. I just dont feel attraction to them. I am not attracted to black people for most part, and again i dont hate them. I am attracted to some arabs, yet if i was racist against anyone it would probably be arabs, admittingly.
          But i am most attracted to tall white men with light hair and eyes. That does not make me racist. The racist is people who think that disagreeing with this should get you killed…

        12. @Ingrid – of course people shouldn’t be killed or hurt for being in interracial relationships. That isn’t necessary. All that needs to be done is immigration of non-whites into Norway must be heavily reduced or stopped. If there are extremely few sub-Saharan men in Norway, it will be impossible for Norwegian women to kill their Nordic aesthetic by having black children with black men. You are only 5 million white people in your country – even if you let in a few hundred thousand immigrants, that could result in white Norwegians disappearing and being replaced by dark, Jordan Peele – looking Norwegians. I simply believe that we have a responsibility to preserve the physical characteristics of people in their native territories. Africa will stay black forever, so therefore Europe must stay white forever too – that is only fair.

        13. I doubt that is what happened between Tiger Woods and his Swedish wife. I believe she simply wasn’t attracted to him physically, because, face it, Tiger Woods is an ugly guy. She married him for his money and because she wasn’t physically attracted to him and his face, she was probably frigid and didn’t want to sleep with him often. That caused him to stray. His money allowed him to find many other pathetic white women to sleep with.

        14. Of course I can lament losing those features even if I don’t own them (well, technically I do own them, as I have a northern European aesthetic, being northern European myself). I love the way white Nordic women look and the thought of them disappearing because of their progressive attitudes towards interracial relationships is heartbreaking to me. Tell me Ingrid, why don’t you value your beauty? Why are you OK with whites in Norway going extinct and everyone there looking black in the future? Don’t you think it is unfair that beautiful whites will vanish in Europe while Africa will be full of billions of blacks for all time? How is that fair? Why should Europe become a second Africa and white beauty go extinct?

        15. Ingrid – At least the European immigrants can give a white Norwegian woman beautiful white children. Black men, even if they integrate, will give you unsightly children who do not look Norwegian. Look at Heidi Klum’s children with Seal. Do you really want people who look like you, Ingrid, to be completely replaced by people who look like Heidi Klum’s mixed children?

        16. @Ingrid – I am glad to hear that you have some common sense. There are evil, “progressive” people in the world who like to use the word “racist” to scare and intimidate white people into destroying our own race. They tell us it is racist to only be attracted to whites so that white women will get scared and mix out with blacks and other non-whites to prove that they are not racist. We must celebrate the physical diversity of the people on this planet. You Norwegian women must celebrate your pale, fair, slender-featured aesthetic. Don’t throw it away.

      5. Bledi, ah… It’s ridiculous to know you are from my same country. You just proved you are racist, male chauvinist, xenophobe… I guess you made a party after Trump’s victory. I have never found a person like you in Norway, or in any country in real life.

        1. So what if he is racist and xenophobic? Racism is important, as it helps to preserve the distinct and unique physical features and aesthetics of the different people of the world. Without racism, we will all merge and look exactly the same, like Tiger Woods. Imagine travelling to Norway and only seeing the same people you see everywhere else? Imagine every single country on the planet every single person looks like Tiger Woods? That is very bad, Viktor. You are a very bad man if you approve of killing diversity and making everyone look the same by means of interracial mixing.

      6. Hi, i am Sebastian Delorme from Zmgtow and i think that what you say is very true about Norwegian women. I have seen the same aspects of Norwegian women. I went to Oslo, and i was shocked to see young women in their early twenties who were the most confident gold diggers i have ever seen. It was like it was their education, their culture. It was to me above what i have seen in the US because in the US gold digging is often related to a psychology unbalanced woman. In Norway, this was like a feminist claim in a very nordic way. Man has to be money provider. That’s the way to go. He has to take out this 30 mortgage to buy this one room apartment on the port of Oslo because i deserve it. When you talk to them they sound very polite and consensual like Swedes. Then, when you listen to their expectations, I think thzy have among the highest expectations in EUrope. For instance, they want to travel every year to another country. They want everything now..

    3. Norwegian girls are sexy, BUT many are slutty. they KNOW they’re hot as FUCK and doesn’t give a crap about you if ur not a movie-star, extremely good musician or a “handsome-boy”…
      i score some times if i’ve got a guitar, if there is a piano at the place, or if they have heard about my music. if not either of that, i’ve got nothing there to do, they don’t care about your personality. i’m not saying ALL the pretty girls are like that! but sadly a big bunch of them…

      1. Maybe all the slutty girls you are talking about, where do you find them? In discotecs?, if so, have you ever concidered that all the slutty girls go to the bars to get laid, and maybe the nice girls are at home, having a movie nights with their gfs? In my opinion, the girls you find in bars are not a representative of the population of Norwegian girls. I have alot of girlfriends who never hang out in discotecs. Maybe in a bar or a restaurant. The older you get, the more you are likely to stay away from discotecs and going more over to enjoying yourselves in a bar/restaurant with friends and a glass of wine.

        1. Now I’m wondering from what age do they start staying away from nightclubs? From what you saying, it seems to me that before that age, they hang out in discos and/or are somehow slutty.

        2. I’m an American lady n reading these crazy forum searching for clues b4 engaging to a Norwegian guy. This sounds confusing here, so homosexuality is higher among women?

        3. This is a question to all nice girls throughout the world: If all of you are always at home, hanging out with your gfs, how are nice guys supposed to find you? 🙁

        4. That’s largely true here in the US, as well. I’m of (part) Norwegian descent, and the discos in the US tend to be filled with VERY superficial types, full of head games, etc. One learns very quickly that the quality of people in a disco, generally-speaking, is low. But then again, part of youth is THINKING one has to go along with their friends to be “cool” by hooking up at a disco to get laid (let’s face it, discos are little more than “meat markets”).
          If someone wants to meet a quality person, THE last place I’d recommend would be a disco. Better chances of meeting someone randomly in a supermarket or outdoors for a person “real” and down-to-earth.

        5. I agree. People write these blogs based on their experiences with the dregs of society and the slags they pick up in bars at closing Time and pass it off as being valid for ll the women there. I know that 95% of Norwegian women will not partner up with a black man unless he has tiger Woods’s money.

        6. It depend on the city as well as the parents, but our country doesn’t view “slutty” the same from the start. Sex is a party thing and not the same as making love or getting pregnant unless you are stupid or make mistaken accidents. Being able to have fun safely is a way to work up bonds with people, and not tied to silly notion of ownership upon penetration that exist in the south.

        7. Doubt it. It is more a popular fad that isn’t really true unless you only survey girls already drunk at the party club lol

        8. At events that aren’t focus on getting drunk and gyrate our hips on your thighs before knowing your names. Try joining recreational clubs or community clubs.

      2. You score sometimes if you got a guitar? What if you scored every day, would that make you a slut?

        1. There’s no such thing as a slut!!! Even if I had sex every day for the rest of my life with complete strangers, I would not be a slut, because “slut” is a term made up to shame women into being “more innocent, dainty” and encourages women to be less sexually independent than men. I really recommend looking up “slut shaming” on google, it’s a really important thing to know, espescially as a girl!

        2. if to people have sex, then they are on the same and equal slutty platform. everyone is happy. if a individual is sexually frustrated and sees a individual happy and wants to be on the same platform as them, and cant, then they try and chop them down by calling them a slut.to jump on the leveled platform. it is still a childish trick to either level out the individual or to justify their inadequacy. no such thing as a slut. sexual active is more the better term or a good sport. If your getting it. your not looking for sluts.

        3. Honesty and openness of Norwegian girls super attractive, even on a spiritual level. I would say personally it’s just another reason to look for a Norwegian chick!

        4. If there wasn’t, there wouldn’t be a word for it in the dictionary.
          There is and it’s recognized world wide.

        5. No, a slut is a slut. Someone who has casual sex is a slut by definition. Men can also be sluts. You are a slut, accept it. The reason why sluttiness is considered bad is because it will quite obviously be the downfall of western society. No more families, no more children, more sex with dark immigrants which will wipe out western whites, etc.

        6. Nah it’s from where there wasn’t contraception but it is quite silly and out dated now. However you should be with people who you trust or you are make unwise choices as there is things like std that won’t go away with time!

        7. I think that is a narrow view. Here it is common to be a shop around with guys you like to learn the tricks for pleasing boys and, but settling down as you exit school.

        8. @nacho – Rubbish. There is such a thing as having too many partners and that makes you a slut. Women that have slept around too much will struggle to be faithful in a marriage and they will also have had too many previous partners to compare their current partner to. If the current partner is in some way a bit inferior, they will resent him for not being as good as some of the other 20 guys she had slept with, and that will lead to relationship problems. Stop making excuses for degenerate behavior. That is how whites will go extinct.

      3. Girls who hang out in bars unaccompanied by men are always slags who would even sleep with blacks. These type of girls exist in every country and should not be considered as representative of all the women of a country

    4. you guys realize this is a war that has being going on for 4 years, right? hahahha

  8. Norway has a problem similar to the US, as I’ve heard from other sources:
    The men are more attractive than the women.
    I wasn’t very impressed by the pictures, I think I’ll stick to eastern europe or France (where the girls love my look)

    1. That’s the opinion of one guy, isn’t it? That article also contains BS such as tips on how to get pot on the streets of Oslo, which you won’t, because it’s only sold as a favor to friends.
      Norwegian chicks have the highest acceptance rate of any country at beautifulpeople.com, and the margin is huge if you consider the top 3:
      76% Norway
      68% Sweden
      66% Iceland
      45% Brazil
      44% Russia
      37% USA
      35% France
      26% Italy
      24% Canada
      23% Turkey
      Icelandics are Norwegian emigrants from around 1000 AD, BTW. They left when we outlawed berzerking and other popular viking past times to keep things hard core …

      1. well this article is one man’s opinion as well(but love to see both nations to see for my self…and yes i ve heard that scandinavians are good looking and that data confirms is)
        apperantly naughty nomad aka mark zolo got banned in china for scroing weed.
        he does seem to inflate the rating of women with darker features as it seems(roosh interveiwed him and yes he did confirm it)
        dam…such big strong tough guys back in the day,such a shame that they become metro sexual like(no offence to them).maybe the migrants from africa an MENA can help reclaim that masculinty.

      2. “well this article is one man’s opinion as well”
        No, it’s the statistically significant opinion of thousands of thousands of members of beautifulpeople.com.
        “apperantly naughty nomad aka mark zolo got banned in china for scroing weed.”
        Not recommended.
        “dam…such big strong tough guys back in the day,such a shame that they become metro sexual like”
        Still the most muscular people on earth on average, and the 5th tallest. There are plenty of tough guys in Norway, believe me. But yeah, in the big cities, media etc., lots of metros. But this shit is happening all over the world, it’s hardly a scandinavian thing, even if it seems to hit quite hard here.
        “maybe the migrants from africa an MENA can help reclaim that masculinty.”
        Good thought.

      3. That acceptance rate doesn’t really tell about the average looks of the country, but about which parts of the demographic will go and post their photos on such a site.

      4. A guy I know has gotten good pot (domestically grown even) on the street from the regular immigrant dealers for over two years now, on the way home in central Oslo. Once it was so easy, he just drunkenly walked out of a house party and got back half an hour later with a bag of it, didn’t have to call anyone. While it’s a bit more expensive, it’s become even easier to get than the weak imported hashish that once was the only thing out there.

        1. Bro tha hash in Oslo even back to the good old hippie days wasn’t too weak or bad… So obviously you don’t know what you’re talking about. They even had what’s called ‘Red Lebanese’ back in the 70s and that’s not a bad type of it at all.
          Not that I care about it, I just happen to know this. I have smoked back in the days, but have quit forever now. Makes you too slow and lazy.

      5. stop this crap. beautifulpeople wabside is owned by scandinavians. they use it promote this untrue myth of scandinavian beauties. swedish/norwegian girls don’t even come close in terms of beauty to girls from ukraine/russia/poland

  9. Norway experts, do the girls spend winters in.Southeast asia like swedish girls. If swedes are in thailand in february where do norwegians go?

    1. Some do, yeah. But the majority who are into random sex probably go to Kos, Ibiza etc. Then again, the girls in Thailand are easy lays too, because even if they’re not there to get laid so much the locals aren’t attractive, and the male tourists are mostly into the Thai girls. Some go to Laos too I guess, but that’s more off the beaten track.

  10. I’m glad those pictures are posted, I would not consider a single one of the actual norwegian chicks posted hot, they are seriously ugly, and I lived there for a long time, and anyone who thinks they are hotter or better looking than swedes needs an eye ball check

    1. Look at number 1 and 14. Tell me you’re not gay and think they are not beauties. Norwegian women dominate female athletics for a reason, many of them are seriously athletic and symmerical face/body like these two. Very enjoyable girls in all respects 🙂 They are genuine salt of the earth sporty Norwegian girls, and there are a lot of them, or at least more like all the ugly girls there. That’s my experience from growing up there anyway, girls from all around the world can be good looking, but the amount that are actually scorching 8-9s is very large in Norway compared to almost anywhere.

      1. 1 and 14 are nothing all that special. And Eastern European “women” used to dominate female athletics. In between shaving facial hair. Hardly an endorsement.
        That blogger chick is smoking. As were an unusual amount and Norwegian model wannabes 20 years ago. But, like blogger chick, they were pretty darned young too.
        Someone else mentioned many girls from there don’t age well. That, along with a small, insular population, would explain their almost complete absence from international “beauty professions”, past teen modeling. As for swedes being meaningfully different, I seriously doubt it. Any differences are likely cultural, as Sweden is a much more culturally tuned in country (as in actually having the occasional personality knows outside its border, for something other than shooting up and island full of girls like the above blogger chick) with likely higher payoff for girls who act and make up according to international beauty norms, trashy or not. Dominating women’s soccer and shotput just isn’t all that important to most people in most countries. Although I do remember Norway having one heck of a smoking javelin thrower, of all things, awhile back.

      2. I agree 1 and 14 are nothing special in that most classes in school around the world will have a girl or two looking like her, or better. But in some of the classes I went the rule was sexy, curvy, athletic, feminine grade a+++ meat like that. So yes, you get good looking girls all over the world, more in Asia some places with cheap and effective dentistry and surgery also for example, but Norway is just stacked with them compared to any other place. It’s the best thing about the whole country.
        Eastern European steroid women have nothing to do with natural athleticism of Nordic and Norwegian women. They just gave the most athletic women steroids, which was a bad idea. Being symmetrical in the face and body, having good hormone levels, good health and a good sex drive are all linked. But you can get too much of it, like women working out too heavy, sure. You can’t always have it your way.
        Stuki, did you just assume there were no Norwegian models to fit into your perception of it or what? Lolz. “Beauty professions” sounds largely like work where the girls will at least need to “take care” of the boss and VIPs, and Norway doesn’t deliver much to the grey market or skin trade like porn or hookers because it’s loaded with cash.
        But as for top models, from memory and 5 million people: Mona Grudt, miss universe, Hanne Mustapha, current top haute couture model, Vendela Kirsebom, former super model.. And there are many more. From less than 0,1% of the world’s population, not with much need to model either, really.
        Dominating women’s soccer and shotput just isn’t all that important to most people in most countries. Although I do remember Norway having one heck of a smoking javelin thrower, of all things, awhile back.
        I agree, too much women’s soccer and shot put, but that’s something you can work on. The hard amount of sexy, symmetrical women looking for an NSA lay.. that’s harder to fix.
        Norway had laws against marrying someone closer than your 7th cousin or something during the whole middle age. So even if it’s a small population, it’s still one of the most heterozygous (less inbred) populations in the world, according to DNA research. Vikings also used to take the most beautiful women from the continent and even Asia all the time, it was their favorite loot.

    2. You are so full of BS. I can’t believe that you have ever lived in Norway or Sweden at all.

  11. I’m pretty sure #6 is a screen-shot from the movie “Turn Me On, Goddammit”…a movie I watched with my Norwegian ex-girlfriend. 😉

    1. but asian girls are more caring, sweet and would take care of you rather than them…really so true…and would love u for who u are…the important is the attitude

        1. Thank you so much for that, What a shame for our race to be wiped out. Not many of us in Canada you know. Not pure blood.

        2. Where is your man ? Are still single at 40 yrs old ? That speaks a lot about you…….you like to rule in a relatioship, but being so nice your ego will not let you put your head down before a real man (the one that fits to you) so you are still alone, looking for a great guy, getting old when the problem is your attitude. I think a black guy, who you will think is respecting you (by listening to you all the time) will be great for you. This is all what Norwegian girls like. Not Norwegian princess but bonga bonga princess.

        3. I don’t like to waste time on such a comment, but just for the other people that read this, I will let you know, I am married, have three children, own a large company, and I am very happy, Why do you assume I am single and that I am such a bad person? Just because someone looks like this does not mean the person has an ego, I just wanted people to know what our race looks like, thats all. Please give your dating advice to someone else, I am sure you can make up all kinds of things about other people, you really should find something to do with your time, rather than insult people, but ugly lonely people blame people like us, attack and insult us, because you are very unhappy and lonely, I am sorry for you, and I hope you can one day be happy with your self so you don’t waste time on petty insults with people you don’t even know.
          Life is far too short to play such school ground games. so… I hope at this point, I have bought you up to speed, and have answered your small minded questions about me, and my personal life. OMG!!!!!

        4. Where are you from Bleddi? I never heard of a name like that before. Lets see a pic of what you look like, I can only wonder, since you seem so messed up on your comment.


        6. fucking hell man chill a minute here. what the racist hate for? i thought its 2015 and not the dark ages. fucking retarded piece of shit

        7. what means is that.somethings has changed and somethings has never NEVER changed….

        8. That is irrelevant. Pure blood or not, Nordic blondes look distinctly and totally different from African black women and it wil be terrible if nordic white girls all get replaced by black and biracial brown women with afros. Surely you can understand the reasn some people are mad. Since youare black you probably dont care if nordic features die out but as a white i do care and want massimmigration of non whites into scandinavia and interracial copulation to stop. There must always be blonde pale pointy nosed women with flowing hair like katheryn winnick and nicole kidman.

      1. Not true, asian women are just after the money – do you really think those ladies want men 20 years their age?

        1. I love being with a strong sexy person, I am not into the weak, I find them very boring.

        2. No. Marry in your own race. Dont be part of the problem that will make scandinavian nordic beauties go extinct.

  12. These representative pics are a good idea, hope you’ll do it for all nation’s mini-guides.

  13. Perv alert! Some depraved internet sites like match.com and militaryCupid have been using Emilie “Voe” Nerengs pics to attract the enivitable interest from men. http://www.kjendis.no/2013/01/07/kjendis/voe/emilie_nereng/blogg/facebook/25120077/
    Not that she would normally care, BUT… here’s the catch. They all use her 14 year old pics and not her now already considerably fatter and less feminine 17 year old pics, and that pisses her off to no end. Check out the difference between her now and then. One is a young beauty, another is a young beauty half way turned into a feminist. That’s how a lot of women age in Norway nowadays.

    1. Wow in three years she looks like a different person. In 5 more years she’ll have exploded onto the wall.

      1. Voe went from being a regular teen to a media person holding guest university lectures and being in the media spotlight a lot in those 3 years too. Probably nothing worse than 3 years of serious pussy hunting will do to your face, lol. She’ll most likely be a good looking woman by most people’s standards in her early 20s. Women from the higher ecehelons of Norwegian society like her rarely go fat, although some go chubby or too big some times. They love looks, sex and workouts too much… And they have some pride in themselves. But they get the “grown woman” early from eating, being very active and exposed to masculinising forces in the media, labour force, government etc.

  14. It was good to see the various pictures. I usually think #10/13 for the hotter Scandinavian look, but like with any culture there is a range, #8 has an average face but a great body. Given the high prices for staying in Oslo I will pass for now, but I have a friend who moved to Finland so I will visit Helsinki in the spring. I wonder how the women will be, attitude-wise. From what you’ve written there is a Western/feminist influence, but I doubt it’s as strong as in the coastal/urban U.S. I get the sense that even though they’ve been exposed to multiculturalism/leftism, they still have enough of their own cultural identity to separate themselves from the Berkeley-feminist types in California.

    1. You must be a Pixy boy, where are your wings little boy? Please, go back to where you come from.

  15. holy f-ing sh-t all i can say is their personality better be an 11 because they do not have the looks

  16. I used to have a norwaigan girlfriend, lasted three years. But she had to move back because of family

  17. Haha, where did you find these pictures? Number 8 is Kaja. She looks better in reality than on our pictures. The attached derp-shot is of me, our mutual friend and #8. I found this site doing a Google image-search of a user profile on Facebook. As suspected, somebody was using Voe as their profile pic again (the last pic in the article). It happens all the time. If she started sending invoices to people infringing the copyright on her pictures, she’d be filthy rich in no time.

  18. :'( I thought the Norwegian girls are so beautiful like the Swedes.Besides I love more the swedish girls,but they don’t like russianhungarian boys like me,just the americans,or the muslims :'(

  19. He..he…maybe I
    should leave it up to my son (18) to answer this…and his mates…and his
    girlfriends 😉 … I would advise him to meet a grown up Norwegian girl 😉 He
    will probably lose his balls….maybe 😉
    “1. Norwegian girls are the hottest and thinnest in Scandinavia.
    Some are even feminine. The only downside is that they can be a bit thick from
    pulling sleighs or whatever they do in the countryside during the winter. In
    the summer they wear booty shorts, showing off their toned, tanned legs, and
    their best quality by far is their thick dick-sucking lips, something you don’t
    see in other Scandinavian countries. My only regret from the week I spent in
    Oslo is not getting a blowjob (though I did get my flag).”
    Think of:
    WHY you
    didn’t manage to get a blowjob while you were here? Did you have a shower? Are
    you disgusting? Not very good looking? Intelligent? Polite? Friendly? Normal of behavior? Not well informed about
    Norwegians girls? Maybe you met the wrong Norwegian girls? What was your
    intension of going at all? Well, the things you’ve written says it all about
    …YOU…and why you had to go back and write these things 😉 And make up your
    mind…are they the thinnest or a bit thick? You must have been really horny
    and frustrated walking among all this “toned, tanned legs and
    “dick-sucking lips”….WITH OUT GETTING NO WHERE!!! … Anyone can
    “get their flag here”… but not with the true, intelligent, good
    looking Norwegian girl. Sorry! .. A better attitude next time will help…maybe

  20. I am 40 year old Norwegian Women, tell me what do you think? I don’t work out, I just drink beer!

  21. I am in my prime at 40, those are just little girls you have pics of, gaze at a real Nortic woman.

  22. Norwegian girls mostly are all sluts and lack good morals. And more they like black guys……they despise white men. Forgot to say, the majority who doesn’t like black guys are lesbians and bisexual……..woooohhhhhhaaaaa. And they are not raped at night. They willingly go out at 2 am in the night looking for a d…..but when they find 4 or 5 don’t like. And most importantly these girls are the most spoiled, xenophobic and hypocrite girls I have seen in my life. They dominate this country and treat Norwegian men as garbage, leave them at night in their bed and go out in clubs to f…..strangers, black usually. This is the respect that these women have for their men. So I define them as sluts and bitches, who have lost every good way what a women is. I phone addicted all the time looking at their bullshit text messages which convey a sense of mediocrity and idiot-ism rather than intelligence and superiority that these ignorant girls want to convey.

    1. You are a very angry man! Did your wife cheat on you? With a black man? I have never read such bad things about a race of people in my life! You may want to get out of the city, and met some real girls, sounds like your having a hard time with women, and I don’t think it matters where she is from, after reading your comments, you need to stay away from all us women, we are people too, you know.

      1. There is a word for people like you,” HATER” To have such a bad option of women, is a reflection of your own experiences, I do feel bad for anyone who gets treated in such a bad way, but there are two sides to every coin, and until you know the real story, than you are only seeing one side, you can’t judge until you know the facts.
        But is sounds like you really hate our race, thats sad.

    2. Depends where you are m8. If you live inn Oslo all girls are sluts but in the middel and in the north of Norway there are olmost no sluts…
      I am from Norway and yes i know this. Girls are cute and open. They aren’t sluts so go back to fake boobs and fake ass America fat ass.

      1. Depends where you are? You mean, it depends what you seek. To know that all girls in Oslo are sluts you gotta be one yourself. With this subject we shouldn’t fuck logic, just sayin…

      2. Eirik, Oslo kommune alone has more than 630 000 people, and Oslo urban area has somewhere around 900 000 thousand people. Do you seriously believe all girls among 900 000 thousand people are sluts?
        Are you retarded? Get a brain “bro” ….

  23. You are wrong about the rape-wave – it was mostly all ethnic Norwegians, not immigrants..

    1. That is complete bullshit! There are always “rapes” that happen, but this was an unusual high number of rapes done on the street by non ethnic norwegians. typically african men from somalia, nigeria uganda etc.

  24. Did you get lucky? Would love to see what you look like, that would be my scale if I can get lucky when I go next year.

  25. Just stumbled across this site and it seems to have some great info. But the angle here seems totally unique.. pick up advice combined with white supremacist / anti-black dogma.. all written by an IRANIAN?? 😕

    1. right??! I don’t understand. You’ll be reading and then suddenly there’ll be some random almost shockingly racist premise thrown in there

        1. soooo racist scum is also illiterate? apart from deactivating “caps lock” you should also learn some spelling. too common with racists all over the world. typing in capitals just so that the exaggerate their spelling mistakes. sorry if i have done some spelling mistakes but im from aPHREEKA


  26. Im from Spain and its bullshit with or without money i do extreamly well in Scandinavia 🙂 ive been with more Scandinavian women than with any other race well maybe american and germans :p i learn Danish cuz i lived in Denamrk with a girl some time ago and the fact i can comunicate with them being Spanish just sort of turns them on anyways just be a go getter talk to them be cocky and funny the rest will come by itself vi ses 🙂

    1. Norway has the full range of girls, from very beautiful, to very sexy (in a more ‘babe-y’ way), to very ugly + very fat. All types. Like so many other countries.
      But speaking in a more general, overall way, Norwegian girls for *the most part* aren’t as into trying to look babe-sexy and trashy sexy as, f.ex., UK and US women often are. The style in Norway, especially looking largely at it, and especially considering the last 30-35 years, not just the last 4-5 years, has always been more “natural-like,” with less makeup and less fake tits, etc.
      Even if we’ve become more americanized over the years, here too.

      1. Thanks Damman. I respect your defense on the Norwegian women. Of course, I do not generalize people. Asia has their own share of both the ugly and the beautiful. But of course, I bet you know the old cliche – “beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” Wish you a good day my dear.

  27. The girls in pink is a norwegian choir of hot chicks, Google is your friend – more and hotter pics out there.

  28. The girls in pink is a norwegian choir of hot chicks, Google is your friend – more and hotter pics out there.

  29. The girls in pink is a norwegian choir of hot chicks, Google is your friend – more and hotter pics out there.

  30. As a Norwegian, with a Swedish girlfriend… Swedes and Norwegians are not “crazy about Americans” specifically… From my experience Norwegian and Swedish girls are mostly attracted to British and Spanish… Swedes in particular will often humor American tourists or make fun of them using convincing sarcasm…

  31. Lol. This is really bad. Before going to Norway, you might want to take some time to learn about their culture and how they came to be. Also, it is possible Norwegian girls are more attracted to men who possess strong Nordic features than ones that don’t. Having a lot of Norwegian blood running through my veins, I can safely say I am more attracted to girls with Nordic features than ones without them. That’s just a matter of genetics. Next time try to be a gentleman instead of worrying about screwing every girl you see. You sound desperate.

  32. …. Seriously what the fuck? I can tell you that much of this is not true. We have different opinions about things, as I am the one who doesnt like to jugde others, because it’s awful. Trust me, I am a Norwgian girl -_-

        1. Hei Katarina.
          Jenter og sopere er ikke velkomne til å kommentere på Return of Kings, så drit og dra til helvete.
          Take care.

      1. We think it’s cool, because we don’t see Latin American guys that often o.o Where I live I don’t see much

    1. anyway you could help me on some advice with a Norwegian girl I’ve had something with?

  33. It´s funny how ya´ll think all norwegian girls are the same, just like in other countries some are fat, some are skinny, some are slutty, some are pretty, some are mean and so on

  34. You guys meet only the sluts cuz.,..u go only after the” good looking” girls..which is 90% wannabe sluts…:) How about useing ur brain instead of ur dick?

  35. Seriously, never get involved with a Norwegian girl, they are stuck up, ugly and only think about money or what kind of car you have. I have experienced some Norwegian girls and they might be all right for a one night stand or a quicky in the pub/disco toilet, They are also very stupid and don’t know much about politics, or might walk into the bad part of town wearing close to nothing and get surprised if they are raped. Norwegian woman often vote a left wing party, even tough theese parties welcom even more radical muslims who often rape woman. I short terms Norwegian woman are like a semi-luxourious prostitute with no brain.

    1. Also, as Ola Norseman clearly has experienced first hand, norwegian girls will not sleep with you if you’re a self-pitying looser 😉

  36. I love how they tan themselves but they got to learn.
    Tan= Hot
    Doritos= Not Hot

  37. I believe there are SOME unfaithful Norwegian girls have an affair with other men that men that had girlfriends and wives to…

  38. Im a Norwegian guy, number one tip; choose direct game with Norwegian girls, they dont get many approaches from guys unless they guy is drunk as hell. Most Norwegian guys are also scared of approaching and leading the girl, beeing their Master. Because of the strong feminism foothold, almost all the guys are White knights of sorts. Thats why direct, supreme Alpha game is HIGHLY succesfull here, unless youre faking it they will call you out. Norwegian girls in its majority are mostly very good,decent high morale girls, even feminine, but you have to pass Alpha test before getting the REAL benefits of these girls.

  39. I’d rather go for a Norwegian girl than a Swedish girl. The first one is not very exigent and very opened to European people, the second one is very obssessed with American people, thing that I hate, they have preference on a race… Regards from Spain

    1. Racial preference is natural. People of different races have different preferences. Generally white women simply do not find black men attractive because of their features (dark skin, thick lips, flat noses, nappy Afro hair, black eyes, etc.)

  40. First off all, most girls in Norway are not blond, and if they are it’s a 90% chance they’re fake blond. Those pictures don’t match true Norwegians.
    Second of all, what kind of girls do you think you would get 2 am? Did you think you would get a nice, smart girl? Because all the nice smart girls stay home at night, you only get the slutts. If you want to know what Norwegian girls are like, then get a job in Norway, or stay there for at least more than a few days. And only look for girls at daytime, because that’s when you find the nice ones.
    And last off all, in People can be Norwegians even if their skin is dark and their hair black, so don’t show pictures of skinny blond pale girls, because that’s not how the majority of Norwegians look like

    1. De fleste norske jenter faller vel i kategorien “komune-blond”.
      Men uansett, jenter og sopere er ikke velkomne til å kommentere her på Return of Kings, så fuck off og ta med deg døra på veien ut.

    1. does ALLL Norwegian girls got rape in Norway AND I MEAN ALL NORWEGIAN GIRLS GOT RAPED????

  41. Most Norwegian Women are in fact a bit masculine after my taste and bisexual. They are extremely difficult, only gets 1.4 children, and a 50% chance that they divorce you. Most pretty girls move to Oslo to marry an older rich guy. Compared to Thai women they never smile, and If you dear talk to them they think you are desperately trying to pick them up. I know several guys who have given up Norwegian women and married Asian women.

  42. As far as I’ve experienced, Norwegian girls are the most fun and sexually open of any I’ve met. I know these two hot Norwegian girls who are absolutely crazy fun. One has some lung issue, so the other joked that she got it from too much deepthroating. They’d talk about how they have to have sex with their boyfriends 24/7 when they visit to make up for lost time (the girls were on exchange). Listening to the things they’ve done sexually or want to do was so painful knowing that they both had boyfriends. Sadly they were quite loyal to them.

  43. Norwegian women are not sluts. Women in Norway are very liberated, especially sexually. That’s why in Norway women can wear something or do something that might be deemed “slutty” and not be judged. So to some people standards, Norwegian women might be “sluts”(even though sluts and whores don’t exist) but they are just very equal and free in Norway.
    -A Danish Womab

    1. Words have meanings.
      Regardless of what a slut think and feels, her actions dictate that she is a slut.

    2. Er du helt komplett idiot?
      Hvis ei kjerring sprer beina før hun er gift, så er hun et ludder og så enkelt er det.
      Så ta det “frigjorte” Sv-pisset ditt og stapp det opp i rasshølet.
      Fy og faen for en dust.

  44. so you condone brown skin males datring white women and actually promote it?are you colored?i would guess yes ,you are full of shit about norwegians don’t approach so (quote)i have an advantage) except for that monkey looking face.if you challenged those norwegian guys you’d get your teeth kicked in,don’t try to portray nordes as feminine ,or you will get the taste slapped out of that arrogant mouth of yours,i dare you,but you won’t becauyse you have never been there and are full of bullshite,i went to norway and didn’t spend hardly any money where did you stay?the ritz?iceland and finland my asshole,your blog is crap and if you want to fight a norde just ask, you either colored fuck, or jew muthr fukr,you are one or the other .stay out of scandinavia we plan on ridding that place of rats like you ……..N.N.P. ……

  45. I have traveled all over the world, and when people ask me my favorite places I say Norway. The people there are they friendliest and most hospitable people I have encountered. The girls are beutifull and sweet.

  46. Y’all people in the comments are fucking morons, women in Norway don’t all share the same personality, just like other countries they all individually have their own fucking pros and cons.

    1. “women in Norway don`t all share the same personality”
      That`s a truth with heavy modifications.
      Virtually all Norwegian girls have been fucked before marriage, so most of them are basically variations over the theme “Whore” in d-minor.
      Synd men sant.

  47. Had a live in American GF who was a stripper, an industrial engineer (i.e. too smart for her own good), and an aerial silks acrobat. She was Norwegian. First off, never date a circus acrobat: they are all weird and ALL ultra feminists and no amount of sex will make up for this. Next: you can basically draw a line on the map from western Norway south and divide western and Eastern Europe. The further you go towards Russia the flatter the affect of women becomes. Banged some Finnish phillies and they’re indistinguishable from Russia. Essentially, you’re sport fucking cardboard: there’s just ZERO emotion. You might think you want NSA sex with zero emotion… until you actually experience it! There are some exceptions to this rule (Prague, West Berlin) but very few. ALL Russian women only know males who are criminals. This is also true in the former Yugoslavia where PUA game can flat out get you killed. If you lust after Scandinavians, keep it short and sweet. There’s a reason “black metal” comes out of the place and by American standards, most are not good with “feelings”–

  48. As a Norwegian who has fucked much more than one hundred of these girls, I would say they are not as cool as this article makes them out be.
    Sure, some of them look nice, but most of them are Godless whores who have been fucked before.
    Infact, I don`t think I`ve fucked more than 10 – 15 or so girls that were virgins.
    The rest were second-hand trash that I neither like nor respect.
    So, due to the virgin shortage here in Norway, I`ve basically given up fucking.
    The older I became, the less I saw the point in putting my dick in something other dudes had fucked before, and now I`m just grossed out by whores who has been fucked by other dudes.
    So Norway is great if your looking for cheap whores to drag home from the club, fuck all night and come in their mouths.
    But not so great when you start to ponder how many times these girls have been fucked before by someone other than you.
    So if you want pure virgins, like I do, Norway is not the place.
    Here most of these sluts are second-hand goods, who`s been laid, re-laid and para-laid in every opening known to man.
    So don`t let the blond hair and the good dental hygiene fool you.
    Beneath those blue eyes are usually 100% industrial-grade whore, whose been fucked by other dudes before you.

  49. Okay, all seriousness looking for advice from another Norwegian girl. I’ve had a difficult journey with this one girl for awhile now. She’s a hundred percent Norwegian, very feminist (as am I). I agree with about everything she stands for which is equality for all. She can be extremely honest with me, more than anyone since the past few months have gone by. I really like her, and we started out with having sex, but she wanted to remain friends. She is more comfortable with me and I feel she enjoys my company. We have fun together a lot as if we’re best friends but I know her and I are still attracted to each other. Right now, I’m so confused on where she stands and if she could be wanting more or if she is kind of done with me.
    This may not be the best way to get advice or get a good response…but I am kind of out of resources.
    Any Norwegian girls willing to help me out?

  50. I can’t believe how disgustingly sexist and objectifying you are! Talking about women in terms of conquests and their ‘blow job’ lip size appeal. Ugh you probably didn’t get much luck because they can see you coming a mile off! Men like you are the reason girls are cold and bitchy towards men.

  51. Only good for one bang. Norwegian men now all want Thai wives, and for good reasons

  52. I love you wrote the guys are good looking, but they don’t approach so you still have a competitve advantage, haha, top truth of the day

  53. I find this website really sexist and offensive. Comments are disgusting. The whole site should be shut down. You guys need to grow up and learn to respect all women. I’m sure most Norwegian women wouldn’t even go near most of you.

  54. This is largely a myth. Norwegian people is not the blondest one in Europe, and that also hold for girls. Unfortunately most Norwegian are over-weight, which also holds for girls. The Norwegian economical prosperity is gradually fading away and the Norwegian society is gradually becoming among the poor ones in Europe. The economy of Norway is totally dependent upon the petroleum field, and the prices of oil and gas has dwindled to a point where Norway scarcely gain any net profit to live off.

  55. Enjoy our women, rape them and we will cut your eyes out, stomp you to the ground, poor gasoline on you and burn you alive. Thanks, Much love from Norway <3 <3<3

  56. There Is NOTHING Special About These Norwegian Girls….Even If You Know The Truth From Thee Norwegian Girls What There REally Like….I know A couple of those Norwegian girls but there ok I Guess..I mean there are not that BAD…now thee raping part there in Norway…some of Norwegian girls in those pictures right now…its not theee LOOK on upon a Norwegian girl that drives mens crazy ok….its the urge that cutting that edge thing that driving men SEX crazy in Norway…its like having a 2 Different Animals Something Like A WereWolf Has The Edge For Blood Thirsty SEXUAL LUST Hard Kore Hunting Down A Hopeless Fear Full Female Pink Bunny Rabbit or something…..

  57. ffs, women are women. if they like you, then it’s great. i don’t give a shit if they are black, white, Asian, blonde or dark, Swedish or Irish, or a shepperd girl from Alps. As long as she has warm body and smile that’ll do it.

  58. The Norwegian girls give great blow jobs and rim jobs. They complain their men are too vanilla, cold, rude, and just want to get off. American men pleasure them and like to experiment, and so do they. The married women are especially horney and easy pickups living with a dumb ass norski.

  59. You are a fucking male chauvinist, did you know that? And most of the assholes commenting in this post are just like you. Talking about the thick lips and saying that Norwegian girls basically serve to give you blowjobs. Trust me, you will never get a blowjob from a Norwegian girl, or from a Swedish girl, or a girl from any country, if she doesn’t have an IQ below 90 and just wants to fuck fuck and fuck. Only an american would behave like that, even knowing that I got suprised. A girl is not a sexual pleasure machine, and never expect a girl to give a bj to a person like you. PS in Norway all girls are not perfect, of course there are beautiful ugly and average, like in any country.

  60. “They didn’t even care I was born on American soil”. Unless your chasing girls from the third world, nobody gives a hoot.

  61. Jesus. The amount of racism and sexism in this feed is disgusting. I’m sure you’ll also claim Norway is more advanced in so many ways it is disgusting how you all talk about women like we are only sex objects and other races like they are trash.

  62. You can say “how they look” or “what they look like” but not “how they look like.”

  63. Personally, I think there was a better way to describe Norwegian women in a less sexed up and more mature way. Sure they are very attractive but their attraction of physical appearance is not the only thing that counts.
    Fine, being physical is a part of every relationship and all that but at least the description can be a little more than just sexualisation.
    Not cool, dude.

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