How To Be The Asshole That Beautiful Women Love

The following is a sponsored article by Troy Francis.

Having been into pickup since around 2004, and having read a great deal of game material by many diverse authors, one things that fascinates me about today’s output is how little it is geared towards meeting women of high quality. By this I mean the very hottest girls: the singers, actresses and models; the 8s, 9s and 10s. Because surely this is the aim we all have, right? Isn’t this why we got into pickup in the first place—to meet the sexist girls possible?

Remember the book The Game? In that, Neil Strauss talked about hitting on the likes of Paris Hilton and Britney Spears. There was a real sense, when it came out, that here was a volume that would teach us how to meet these upper-echelon girls.

Today most pickup advice is a lot more measured. These days—thankfully—it’s not about canned lines and routines. These days it’s about self-improvement and maximizing the number of approaches you can do. Which is great—I strongly advocate these practices myself. But where is the aspiration? Who is teaching us the mindsets and strategies necessary to have a chance of meeting the most beautiful women on the planet?

It struck me that there must be something, some special sauce, that can be identified that sets apart the world’s greatest players from those who do well but don’t often pick up the cream of the crop.

Asshole Game

How often do we hear that ‘nice guys finish last’? How often do we read that it’s the assholes, the jerks who get all the hot girls? All the time. And there’s this sense, isn’t there, that you are either a ‘nice guy’ or an ‘asshole’. And if you weren’t born with the ‘asshole gene’ then sorry, you’re just going to have to make do with the scraps along with all the other beta, nice guy losers.

I refuse to accept that is the case. I believe 100% in human beings’ ability to transform themselves into whatever they want to be. That being so, I wondered if there are specific characteristics of ‘assholeness’ that can be learned, so that the guy to whom they don’t come naturally is able to take advantage of their obvious benefits.

And by the way, this goes far beyond just picking up girls. I have recently been locked in (yet another) battle with an unscrupulous corporate employer. I’ve had a couple of these situations in recent years—where a company has tried to harm me and I’ve fought back. What they’ve taught me is that in an arena where your opponents will fight dirty to destroy you, you have to be prepared to do the same. And I’ve risen to the challenge. So while if you met me you might think me to be a ‘nice guy’—and indeed I am—I haven’t been afraid to use the tactics of the asshole when it’s been in my best interests to do so.

The political shenanigans I’ve been through at work renewed my interest in texts such as Oliver James’ excellent Office Politics: How To Thrive In A World Of Backstabbing, Lying And Dirty Tricks , as well as Robert Greene’s The 48 Laws of Power and Niccolo Machiavelli’s The Prince, all of which are invaluable for negotiating such situations.

The Dark Tetrad

how to be an asshole

Oliver James’s Office Politics focuses heavily on the so-called ‘dark triad’ characteristics of Machiavellianism, narcissism and psychopathy. James’ central thesis is that people who have all three are those most likely to thrive in a corporate environment, since they have no compunction in doing whatever it takes to get to the top.

Fascinatingly, there had also been a lot of coverage both on men’s sites and in the mainstream media about the fact that women are most attracted to ‘dark triad’ men. The ‘bad boys’ who were getting access to quick and easy sex with hotties, as opposed to the ‘good guys’ who were made to wait seven dates and were expected to marry and take on responsibilities in return, were dark triad.

If anyone was looking for the DNA of the asshole then here it was.

But as I researched the dark triad further I became aware that there was a fourth element that researchers had identified to make up a ‘dark tetrad’—sadism. And it seems pretty obvious in a post-50 Shades of Grey world that women are hot for a bit of (consensual) sadism.

Special Sauce

It was clear, though, that there was something else, some special sauce that was required to make even the dark tetrad man irresistible to the hottest women. After all there are plenty of guys with warped personalities out there and they’re not all banging Taylor Swift.

It was at this point that I became really interested in the idea of radical differentiation (a term first coined by Ross Jeffries) and how it had helped me in my own development as a player. ‘Radical differentiation’ is the act of differentiating yourself as sharply as possible from your competition—other men. The more that you can do to stand out and be different, the more attractive you will be to women.

The Formula

And then it hit me: if you are able to harness dark tetrad characteristics to radical differentiation perfectly then you would be irresistible to the hottest women:


Now for the disclaimer: of course, it is impossible for a regular guy to perfectly take on all of the dark tetrad characteristics fully, and nor should you want to. However, I realised that I had hit on something new. If you could get anywhere close to the formula above then your success with women would go through the roof. If guys took and applied this idea then it would be like nothing else since Mystery Method.

Ethics And Boundaries

Of course, there is an ethical dimension to this. You probably don’t want to become a complete asshole and nor should you, since doing so won’t make you happy. But if you can take on little elements of each of the four dark tetrad characteristics and radically differentiate yourself from your peers then not only will your success with girls go up exponentially, but you’ll also find that you have stronger boundaries and you are less likely to get pushed around in work and social situations

In the end, when you bring it down to a more ‘normal’ level, the dark tetrad characteristics are about taking less shit from other people, while radical differentiation is about being yourself unapologetically. The great news is that if you can do both of these things then you will be truer to yourself as well as more attractive to beautiful women.

How To Be An Asshole (That Beautiful Woman Love)

how to be an asshole

These are the ideas I explore in my latest book of brand new material, HOW TO BE AN ASSH*LE (THAT BEAUTIFUL WOMEN LOVE) which was released as an Amazon Kindle ebook on Monday 10th July. This book presents a brand new formula for attracting beautiful girls which has the potential to revolutionise the game more radically than anything since The Mystery Method.

The book will also be released in paperback format soon.

Yes, it’s hot on the heels of my last release HOW TO GET HOT GIRLS INTO BED , but I’ve had a lot more time to devote to writing recently, plus the idea for this book came to me almost in a flash and demanded to be written.

HOW TO BE AN ASSH*LE does what it says on the tin. It explores each element of the dark tetrad in turn, and considers how the regular guy might benefit from taking on elements of it in his own personality. It then goes on to examine radical differentiation, and how you can benefit by being more yourself and caring less what others think.

Then you will learn how you can put all of the pieces together to become a stronger, more dominant, alpha man who women are drawn to and men respect.

To get your copy of HOW TO BE AN ASSH*LE (THAT BEAUTIFUL WOMEN LOVE) as soon as it’s released, visit this link. If you want to sleep with hotter girls and you want to stay up to date with the most cutting-edge thinking on how to do so then you need a copy of this book. I’m getting feedback from the first readers already and to say they’re loving it is an understatement.

To order your copy of Troy’s brand new game book HOW TO BE AN ASSH*LE (THAT BEAUTIFUL WOMEN LOVE) click here(UK readers should click here.)

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    1. you were refreshing like a mutherfucka and saw it wasn’t sponsored and actually, outloud, said “arrrggggg” didn’t you

        1. troy doesn’t count as sponsored. i call shenanigans.

    2. Kratom baths? Dude. Heracles took one of those and completed all 12 tasks in ONE MINUTE.

  1. I’m a natural asshole but when on kratom I finish last. What am I doing wrong?

  2. Nah. One, you can’t really fake it. Women can tell. Two, why would you sleep with a probable STD carrier that’s banged the whole dance floor? Three, the old meme is true: ignore females, acquire currency. There are good women out there that aren’t cock-juggling idiots, and you’ll be in a better position to get those good ones if you build your own so-called sexual market value for later in life.

    1. while i can’t agree with your not fucking women for sport position I do 100% support you in the fact that it can’t be faked.

  3. Gotta say… about the last thing I need is a book on how to be an asshole. I could write you a few. But best of luck to Troy.

      1. I still think he should add his name at the end of every comment

        1. oh yeah, guy on right takes enough kratom he becomes guy on left fo’sho

        2. Guy in the right is still Gandhi on the inside. Kratom just made him Gandhi on the outside, too.

        3. There is something here about “inner peace” but its 5 and i am leaving

    1. He actually was obsessed with young chicks getting daily enemas.
      So, that’s a kind of asshole game.

      1. Gandhi was a hopped-up, jitterbugging, grade-A-certifiable monster in the art of attracting female meat wallets and banging them into the Fourth Dimension. I gained so much invaluable knowledge by studying with him for 12 years in Bangladesh, beneath the banyon trees, on the plains of Abu-Babu. “Oh by gosh, oh by gosh,” I would hear him cry in the darkness on the wild plains, as some Hindu hottie rode his prong like it was the last thing she ever did on this earth. After she had orgasmed seven or eight times in about two minutes, she would collapse in a heap of sweat, right on top of him, and he would take his own pleasure at that point, shrieking, “Ai! Ai! Ai!” as he humped her like a wild dog from hell and blew his Herculean load all the way into her lungs. Gandhi was the man. Gandhi is the man. Gandhi lives on…in each and every one of us.

        1. Lmao Bob. I know very little about Gandhi except; he loved fast food (especially McDonalds), he was a big drinker (loved Jack Daniels), he was a big fan of American cinema (Dumb and Dumber was his favorite movie) and he was the one who came up with the idea to dip the hot dog in water at hot dog eating contests.

      1. Not that anyone around here would give a rats ass if you were offended.

  4. It is generally acknowledged that the most successful men are the biggest assholes. Was this always true, or is it a recent phenomenon?
    My guess is that, since the dawn of agriculture, it’s been almost always true. Why? Because the most successful men have always been able to play well in front of women. They produce what women really want, not what they say they want. They share money, not emotional secrets. They chatter about surface level feelings without ever diving below to controversial depths. Elected to public office they will lament the loss of the rain forests in Brazil and pass laws to monitor vitamins but ignore the fact that half of the kids in this country are growing up without dads due to the oppression of the legal system – and positively run from the fact that corporate money controls the agenda of government.
    Manholes. Feminized men. They are handsome and personable, not craggy and deep and challenging. Would you go to a handsome and personable shaman to crack open your soul pain? An unwounded smiley-face? Your ex-wife goes to a handsome and personable priest or rabbi or psychotherapist to get her biases manicured.

    1. Lets look at the girls one by one. I will break it down for the younger readers here.
      1) Girl on the left
      professional make-up and hair. ~150$
      professional photografer ~150$ or a fuck.
      If you are her dad you paid for this. Most likely every week or more often. A princess daughter aint cheap. The man to get her will have to pay for all of it.
      My guess is an average maintainance of her looks in the area of 2000 – 2500$ per month.
      Her looks ONLY. Food, car, bag, education, hobbies are all extra. The 2500 is just what it cost to look like that most of the time. Will rise as she gets past the wrong side of 25. Past 30 considerable.
      2) Middle girl
      Fake G boobs. About $15 000
      New cloths to better present her new assets maybe another 15 grand.
      She didnt pay for it thats for sure. Her boyfriend(s) did.
      3) Girl to the right
      This ass didnt become like that by accident. She did work very hard for it and her string choice shows that she knows. She wont be 1c cheaper than the girl on the left.
      4) Money bag. If thats 100 bills with 20$ each it will last less than 1 weekend with girls like these.
      Disclaimer: It is possible to fuck them for FREE if you are good in game and have an awesome body. You wont get past the ONS or FB level of course as she NEEDS someone to pay her bills or else her good looks will be gone. An upgraded version of the friend zone basicly. For the only thing that counts in the long run – her having your babies – you need to deliver a high value.

      1. “Disclaimer: It is possible to fuck them for FREE if you are good in game and have an awesome body”
        And if not good looking but you are in a position to help her out in a big-time way. Other possibility would be if one was famous. Many famous musicians wouldn’t be getting the t&a if it wasn’t for their fame.

        1. Having a FB is very much like paying a hooker without paying. It is ok as long as you are young. If you get to 35-40 years you may want more. Like children. You are not going to have children with your fuck buddy, are you?
          In essence the young guy can use game to fake a high value. He gets ONS and FBs here and there but will be horrible in LTR because his true value is way too low. If he uses these 10 something years it takes most men to aquire a good life experience, bank account and social status it will also be about the same time when marriage and children will become more important for most men.

        2. 100%. When I was young, I drowned in 9 pussy. What I couldn’t get was an LTR. No matter how presentable you may be, you have to show your true value (bank account) eventually.

      2. Spot on Maldek. As a 54yr old I have had 28, 35 and 37 year old gf’s in recent years. Live to tell the tale. With straight faces they all claimed they were not into money. The last one 28 (size F’s natural) hardly works and complains she cant get a job (but rarely tries). Says she’s not into money but suddenly 1 month after I had enough has met a $M+ man with the 200K Merc. “But its not about the money”. The 35 yr old after I sponsored her education needed more kids (despite saying no more at the start). Found a new man, had a kid, dumped him 3 mo later and kept his Merc. Time for Dark Triad for me.

    2. 100% right ! e.g. Look at the walking rotting corpses as Rocksheisen & Soros & look at the broads with them ??

      1. Nah, it’s not 100% right. Plenty of non-rich douche type surfer boys who can’t rub two nickles together getting laid by hot chicks.

        1. What make you think that ?? Looking at the bird, she does look like being strongly in love ??

    3. Yes sir! As I’ve posted before, I walked up on two women at my workplace having the “It was this big” conversation. When I interjected “I thought size didn’t matter?”, the cute one responed: “No! Size is most important thing. The first thing I look at is the size of man’s wallet…”

    4. What nonsense, I know more than a few millionaires, that have problems with women.

    5. Have you ever in your life ever gotten laid I am really trying to get to the bottom of this

  5. How to be an asshole? Very simple. Just read anti-feminist literature over and over again until you’ve cleansed your brain from all the beta bullshit you have been learned throughout the years. The more you detest political correctness, the more you enjoy triggering the shit out of women and not giving a fuck about their ‘feels’. And this is the one way ticket to hot pussy.

    1. Exactly. Don’t buy into political correctness and stand on your ground. And for fuck sake, Don’t be kind to women for no reasons!

    2. Any recommendations on what you believe to be good fiction that’s anti-feminist or politically incorrect? It’s frankly hard to find these days.

  6. I think a lot of the guys who are talking about how they don’t need help being an asshole should consider how often they got their dick wet in the last 4 weeks and be honest about how hot the girls were that wet it and then seriously ask themselves if maybe Troy might have something valuable and worth knowing to share. If you are pleased with the rate and quality of women hoping on your dick that is great…but if you are an asshole who isn’t getting the tail you want to get maybe, just maybe, some slight readjustments might help and Troy knows what he is talking about…..

    1. If your main goal in life is to get your dick wet, then yes, but eventually you’ll get burn out and it will leave an irreversible scar on your character.
      There’s more to life than to be donkey’s arse.

      1. That’s every man’s choice.
        That said this is an article on game selling a book on game by the game author for a site which got a large part of its start on game so I was thinking that maybe it might be somewhat possible that some of the people reading and commenting on it have some interest in getting their dick wet.
        I’ve been following your comments today with great interest. From the outset it’s clear that you aren’t particularly smart or worth knowing but really what is shocking is how fucking boring you are at being dumb. Most idiots are at least fun. You are like a fatty who isn’t jolly. Totally anathema to my way of seeing things.
        Hey, at least your an original.

        1. so you are saying that an article on a site that got its start as a site about game, written by the in house staff author on game, in an article dealing specifically with game, selling a book about game is totally not the place to talk about game. You are fat and stupid. I am 100% sure. Can’t see where you would surmise that I am a coward. Maybe I am, maybe I am not. You have no way to know. But I have 100% sure that you are both a low IQ dummy AND are fat.

      2. It’s clown game that is behaving like a “donkey’s arse.” The only scar asshole game will leave on your character is a sense of reduced value for women because of how spectacularly it works, and how shamelessly they love it.
        The scars it will prevent you from accumulating are the ones associated with a lady reducing you to a disrespected and wounded mess. Game is more than a “pickup” strategy. It is essential self defense.

        1. Women’s value has dramatically decreased since I discovered the red pill. While at the beach last night I met a drunken slut easily a 9 looking to get laid and I passed her up because I wanted sleep more than i wanted sex. When I was younger I Would’ve stayed up all night grovelling to have sex with a woman that attractive. Now my attitude was, “fuck it. My sleep is more important and another bitch will come along when I’m better rested.” The reality of a modern woman’s value and realisation of the abundance of sluts has wiped all desperation from my frame. Later on another slut did come along. She wasn’t as hot as the first but I picked her up on my own time.

        2. I second that. It’s self defense for the ego. Prevents scars from poor low value bitches who think they are some princesses.

        3. “Women’s value has dramatically decreased since I discovered the red pill. While at the beach last night I met a drunken slut easily a 9 looking to get laid and I passed her up because I wanted sleep more than i wanted sex. When I was younger I Would’ve stayed up all night grovelling to have sex with a woman that attractive.”
          Same here – now I have become red pilled, shit like getting enough sleep takes precedence in my life. That, plus everytime a man says “no” to a skank, he avoids another risk of contracting an STD.

        4. I hear what you’re saying about how the only scar it leaves on a man is his realization of women’s true nature.
          Fuckin’ Gospel, man. Quoted for truth.
          Seriously – the scar a man gets from game is in fact, the red pill scar that comes from realizing human females are sociopaths. The women who are not like this fall into 2 categories: women who are old / past their prime or too ugly / deformed. Yet if any female from these 2 categories were to wake up with the face and body of any of the skanks shown in the photos from this article, they would throw themselves at assholes.

    2. Hot women need to feel your pre-selection, and you need to be a dick about it. That’s the way of the world. I caution that this is something that cannot be easily faked, rather, you have to actually be pre-selected. Women can sniff out very easily if you’re a try-hard. Once you are actually pre-selected, asshole game is something that can be improved along the way and practiced until it becomes a mindset.

    3. I got my dick wet 3 times in last month. The girl gets 400-500 likes on pics she uploads to FB. But I must admit I did pay her $60 so she could get her fix.

      1. I will never tell a man what is right or wrong. If you are happy I say go for it. For myself what you describe Here would be unacceptable on several levels.

    1. Am I the only one who thinks these bitches are too skinny? Instagram hoes and their butt shots have ruined me

  7. Good luck, Troy.
    It appears as this particular synthesis is pragmatic and fruitful. Although the dark tetrad term has been around for a while many might have ignored to talk about sadism because it seems just too much, too immoral and so forth. Nevertheless some degree of sadism should be thrown in the mix, at least in the bedroom. Girls love to be fucked hard, when you drag their hair, spank their asses and so on. It doesn’t have to be extreme. Just a little bit of extra touch, literally (Hitler).
    Can you change yourself? Partly. About 50% of your personality is “determined” by genes. This also means that a person is also largely malleable and by means of willpower and environmental influences can change his way of being but obviously not completely. It is like building muscles without steroids.

      1. The Red Pill is actual a capsule of Kratom.

  8. Women are primarily stimulated by aural sex stimuli; that’s why they scream and cream over rock performers; that’s why singers, actors, TV personalities and jive talkers get laid a lot.
    Men are attracted by visual sex stimuli; that’s why women dress pretty; that’s why the biggest consumers of pornographic books and videotapes are men.
    Women MIGHT get temporarily attracted to an asshole as he mimics their own psychology and they feel they’ve met their match but soon they realize they’ve been conned – he’s only a man and he’s faking it. Women know as they are ALL natural at it.
    If rarely a man happens to be a natural asshole, he is just a feminized man he will attract low quality women – the best women quickly see through him and turn him down. Sadism in bed might be exciting if the woman is sick and lack energy as it works as stimulant for her exhausted adrenal gland. So again we’re talking low quality women here.

    1. The level of this comment is far above what this aricle can handle. You are *of course* spot on right.
      I may add that the “aural sex stimuli” comes from the pure energy these people have. But where does this energy come from? Most often not from within, they borrow it on stage from the million fans down there, makes them high. This is why these guys often need drugs, NOT to make it through the act on stage, but to make it through the days WITHOUT stage and power infusion.
      These man are just as sick as the women with low energy who lust after S/M in bed. In our day and age this is the norm and therefore has little impact on game. True, in a more sane world, asshole game would work less. But we have to deal with reality, havent we?

  9. well, seems that Troy strikes back with another advertisement in disguise.. gentlemen, the true lies in front of your eyes.. Every men without money can’t have a woman, and God bless the child who got his own, and no, these aren’t my words, but comes from a woman,Billie Holiday (1941)that’s the harsh reality, so you won’t need to buy a book, maybe just to listen to this song to open your mind once for all; and yes, you must be an asshole to earn a lot of money nowadays:

    1. “Holiday on the radio
      Billie knows that is the way to go”
      1000 pts to whomever attributes the quote.

    2. You are right Dangun.
      “No money, no honey”. If we are talking LTR and children with one of the top women like a 10 you need to have it all.
      You may be able to get a quick ONS if you impress her somehow. To keep her you need to be able to pay the bill. For her. For the future children. The hotter a woman is, the more effort she puts into her looks. She does not do this for poor John Doe. She does it to catch Christian Grey. And it cost. In the long run you will be the one to pay it if you want her.
      After the basics are set you need differentiation just like Troy said. AFTER the basics are met. So let me clarify your money and social standing are good enough to play in her league first then you differentiatie from the crowd of other rich and good looking guys. You need to give her a reason why she should choose you over them.
      One such reason is charisma or “game”. You need to be well used to handling hot women. But thats just the start. You also need to outshine the competition in bed; you need to bring her to orgasm frequently and reiable. It may be you can skip this is you are a real prince but i am not even 100% sure about this.
      The dark triad is another card you can play in this area. But why does it work?
      Lust for power. IN WOMEN. The dark triad man is a promise. He will do what it takes to conquer the kingdom; and she will be queen. He will do what it takes to climb to CEO and she will be at his side. It is the prospect of glories and fame for her and her children that make her want the bad boy. It is not because he is an asshole – it is because he can AFFORD to be an asshole with such a high internal and social value.
      Imagine this. Back 500 years and you have the stable hand beeing rude to the princess. He has no respect for her high status and makes some cocky remarks. He will be thrown in dungeon. Case close.
      Now the same princess has 50 nobles come to her castle and try to win her hand. They are all powerful and rich and sweet talk to her. Day in and day out. Then comes a noble from a far land who gives shit about royal dos and dont does. He pisses off the guards and the other nobles. When one of the nobles gives him resistance he smashes his face. He is reckless and knows no respect. The princess is in love.
      Such is the power of the dark triad. It tells the world that you are better, have higher ambition and are not affraid. It seems a promise to become the greatest of your peers.
      The dark triad makes a difference BUT YOU HAVE TO DELIVER THE PROMISE!

      1. Fuck! Sounds like a shit-ton of work. And if you do all this, you’re little more than a slave to *her* desires. Isn’t that backwards?
        Is there any wonder so many guys opt for the rental option instead? Someone else can do the heavy-lifting to ‘keep her’…all Atlas like..

        1. If you are higher value than her, *she* will be the slave to your desires. Women are most happy when they can submit to a higher value (=alpha) man. See Christian Grey – it would not have worked for an accountant no matter his level of game. Your passive value could also be called your “true value”. Game helps you and gives you glimpse of what is possible when they high value you mimic today will be your real value in a couple of years.

        2. Yeah, I agree. Being high-value is good all around.
          Still, I’ve just seen a couple high-value, alpha guys be divorced because she found a richer, but less attractive beta guy.
          When they’re in it just for the money, she will dump your alpha ass for a beta if she can turn a profit.
          That’s the bitterness – and once accepted, the freedom – of the red pill.

        3. If you are talking about C.Grey, I guess you did not read this book.
          He fell in love with the woman who refused to be his slave. She refused to be his sub. If you set C. Grey as an example please note that a lot of men do not do for their women even 1/3 part of what he did for Anastasia.
          If you like to play with women be ready they will play with you.
          Mentaly healthy people do not play games.

        4. Aha there is a misconception in your thinking when it comes to alpha and beta. Just because one ACTS like and alpha does not mean he is one and the other way around.
          This is a TRUE example.
          Several years ago a man comes to vegas to gamble. He is millionaire from i think texas who ownes lots of land and cows. He is a big guy with a bit hat and snake leather boots. He is loud, drinks lots of whiskey and plays only the high stakes tables. After a while he gets invited to the back=VIP=room where the VERY high stakes tables are.
          He continues to be loud. Makes jokes about the girls serving the drinks and boasts like a bull. With him in the room are other men who dont like this guys attitude at all. Some talk to him and ask him to be more polite. He refuses. They call the manager and he asks the guy again to lower his voice and show some respect. So he shouts at the manager and says “I am worth 80m dollars. I am here to gamble and you are just an employee and have nothing to say to me”. The manager backs down.
          Up to this point one could say: Ok this guy has a lot of money. His full of selfconfidence. He is a real alpha. right? And he is. In his corner of the world.
          But then there is this other guy who has been sitting on his black jack table. All the time not saying a word. Dressed in a modest suit. When the alpha guy is done with is speech he stands up and walks over to the guy and says.
          “So. You are here to gamble, right? And you said you are worth 80m. You know what; I will flip you for it.”
          What? How do you mean? he replies.
          “Well we do a coin toss. Heads or tails. If you win I will double your net worth. If you loose you will leave this room with nothing.”
          “What nonsense is this. You are joking.”
          But the manager corrects him: “No, he is not. He is worth over 3B and for him your 80m is no big deal”
          Without saying a word the loud guy leaves.
          What do we learn from this? The billionaire was the much greater alpha. He didnt have to boast and be loud. He is only showing is real strength when he has to or feels like it. His power and wealth are so great he can afford to act like a beta.
          It is rare that a hot woman leaves an alpha for a beta (as in 0%) unless he kicks her out. But she might leave an alpha for a greater alpha if given the chance.

        5. Haha. good story.
          Not claiming to be an expert here, but you seem to be associating having wealth with being alpha. And you seem to be saying that betas can’t be rich.
          That kind of flies in the face of the accepted alpha-fux/beta-bux wisdom, which states that women will want to fuck the alpha bad-boy because he gives them tingles – not because he’s rich.
          But they will want to marry the beta-bux, because they can use him to get shit – even if they aren’t attracted to him sexually.
          I have indeed seen a (formerly) very attractive woman divorce a 6’4″ ripped alpha for a nerdy blob of a beta…only because the beta was VP of Technology at a local tech firm.
          The alpha was a successful real-estate broker…and was crushed by the divorce. But he just didn’t have as much money as the beta.
          This particular woman was a stone-cold monkey-brancher. She may cheat on the wealthy beta. She may eventually divorce him to cash out. Nevertheless, the alpha is the one who lost the girl to the beta.
          And to my friend, I just told him ‘good riddance. Imagine spending the rest of your life with such a loveless optimizer’.

        6. This will be my last comment on this topic and will be the hardest to swallow. Be warned you may have to re-read to fully grasp it.
          The whole model of alpha vs. beta is not set in stone. It changes with your age versus the age of women you are dating.
          So that said and fully absorbed into your brain there are few basics that apply FOR MEN of all ages. Their weight just shifts as they age. You will soon understand why.
          A) Your family. If you come from an upper class family and your dad is the governor of NY it will have an impact on your dating life. If your family is lower working class you may deny there is an impact but there is. Like it or not.
          B) How you did grow up. If your parents are old money and you did grow up like a prince you will act like one. Women notice this too. If you want to pull from the top like Troys article suggest it will have an impact. Some of these top girls are from top families themselves and their dad would never accept a lower man.
          These two traits are outside of your control. Many modern men deny they even exist of have any importance in today. Nevertheless they do.
          The next traits are under your control. It is what makes YOU good in the eyes of women. They are universal truths that apply for ONS and marriage (game) alike, adjusting their weight over time.
          1) How good of a sportsman you are. Are you good in any sport?
          Won an olympic medal in your life? 10 points
          Have a top level WoW caracter? 0 points
          2) Are you a natural leader of men?
          In a group of friends will you be the leader? If you join any club will you become president/team captain quickly or just be “part of the team”?
          “Cpt Kirk kills the evil Overlord with the help of his brave crew. Scotty was also there.”
          Cpt Kirk: 10 points
          Scotty: 0 points
          3) Your physical body. How tall you are and how much muscle you have. How pretty your face is.
          But ALSO: Your teeth, your bodyodor (or the lack of it), how often you shower, are you balding?
          AND ALSO: Your cloths! How much did they cost (women notice!), wearing jeans and t-shirt may be a minor sin for a ripped 20yo but on a 50yo man it would be attraction-suicide.
          AND A L S O: your race. White of course beeing most valuable.
          Arnold in his prime: 10 points
          Steven Urkel (google a picture): 0 points
          4) Your social status and money
          How much do you make per year? Are you part of the top 10% of your country? How much do you already have?
          Are you just a modest worker or are you director of a factory?
          Are you a famous actor?
          Money and fame like Prad Pitt: 10 points
          His alter-ego in “fight club” (recommended watch): 0 points
          5) Your friends
          ..and what you do with them.
          Do you have loser friends who live low lifes of booze, weed and video games? When you meet them will you waste your time just as they do?
          0 points
          ..or do you have friends who are focused and know what they want. They work hard and are improving their lifes each and every year. Since you are like them you will be helping each other getting ahead and your mutual activities are always high value things you can be proud of. 10 points.
          6) Charisma, pre-selection and game
          Game may affect the other areas of your worth by activities like lifting. The main benefit however is this. How good are you with women? Are you familiar with things like push-pull? Can you escalate and close if a woman is interested? Do you have the guts to cold approach 10+ girls a day?
          How are you skills in bed? Have you enough skill and practise to give women at least one orgasm from PiV intercourse?
          This has only little to do with the seize of your package and a lot to do with you. It is a skill and can be learned and trained.
          What about your current FB or exs? Do they look like the book of a modeling agency? ..or more like the before pages of weigth watchers?
          Pre-selection is very powerful.
          Some may have natural charisma, others can learn game and improve in these areas.
          Final advice: As you can see there are no less than 6 areas you have to deal with as a man. Game is just one of them. If you master game but lack in the others you will only have limited success. I hope now it is clear why.

        7. You’re right about all that. No argument here.
          The question for men is do we want to arrange our whole fucking lives to impress increasingly poor quality women? Or do we just do what we want to do?
          I just turned 48 and while I’m all about self improvement and being fit, I have pretty much zero appetite for dancing for women in my age bracket (38-48).
          Would I dance for a 25 year old hottie? Yes. It’s worth it. They impact you on a gut level. But there are precious few 38+ year old women that have that same impact – especially if they’ve had kids, which is most of them.
          I’ve already got kids, so for me to even bother with a woman she has to 1) scrotally energize me and 2) make my life easier and better. Otherwise they’re just a big pile of gtfo.

        8. “The question for men is do we want to arrange our whole fucking lives to impress increasingly poor quality women?”
          >We do NOT. We do what we want to do, have our mission.
          “I’ve already got kids, so for me to even bother with a woman she has to
          1) scrotally energize me and 2) make my life easier and better.
          Otherwise they’re just a big pile of gtfo.”
          >This. Best way to look at it. Thumbs up!
          “dancing for women in my age bracket (38-48).”
          > We are in the same age bracket. If we exclude my wife and mother of my 3 children, who is your age and top 1% of her age group the only (!!!!) women i approach and consider worth my time are 18-24. I kid you not my standards are now HIGHER than it was 20 years ago. Why? Because I can. My score in the scale i gave you yesterday is higher now than it was back then. You can too.

    3. Interesting choice ‘Dangun’.
      Have you considered the question of ‘R’ & ‘K’ selected genetic strategies in light of the song’s lyrics?

  10. Being an asshole is better than being a pussy. But being a dick beats them both.

    1. Goes along with someone calling me a smart ass (guilty as charged). I just respond with “Beats being a dumb ass…like you.”

  11. “And it seems pretty obvious in a post-50 Shades of Grey world that women are hot for a bit of (consensual) sadism.”
    I have a theory about this.
    Most White American females grow up these days without being hit by their parents. Gen X really fouled up here. A good smack in the mouth goes a long way for boys and girls alike. I believe this lack of physical punishment as a child is the reason so many younger American girls like being spanked, choked, thrown around, have their feet pinned to the pillow during mish, etc…
    East Asian girls (born there, not here), are hit by their parents. And for the most part, they do not like the things I have described above.

    1. I think Sean Connery had it right, a little pop here and there does a woman good. Even Barbara Walters was soaking wet after he said that. Now of course, some men go too far, and beat the shit out of their women for virtually no good reason…

      1. And he was married to the same woman for 50 years. If he was truly violent, she would’ve taken him for millions decades ago.

      2. It’s because women respect authority. And he doesn’t give a fuck about what people think about him.

    2. Interesting theory. I believe it’s mostly that alphas are dominant and what better way to show your dominant than giving it to them rough. It’s also likely they’ve been riding cocks so long they’ve become numb to sex and need something a little more extreme to get their juices flowing.

      1. Umm…I’m an Omega and I give it to ’em rough as well. Sure, I pay them first, but I give it to them rough just the same.

    3. Or maybe women liking being slapped around has more to do with them liking knuckle dragging behavior.

  12. Women want a man who controls resources. A man with money is the simplest manifestation of this. An asshole might not control resources yet, but he has the personality of a man who might eventually control resources to some extent.

  13. “But as I researched the dark triad further…”
    Number of times Dark triad/tetrad mentioned in the article – 13 times
    I admire the persistence. And 13 is the right number too. But tetrad? ….Another face added to the wall, another line connecting them all.

  14. I gotta question that maybe some of y’all can answer. Why most Christian guys are so bad with game? What the cause of them doing so abysmal with dating, especially with hot girls? And why most bad boys tend to be non religious and rebiellous types, the whole church looks down at him, but he gets all the hotties. But the christian guy does horrible….why?

    1. It’s probably because Christians are generally discouraged from being assholes.

    2. Big topic.
      1) Being largely amoral social climbers, women don’t like a man that constrains his ambition and financial maneuverability with a self-imposed belief system. They are worried it will limit his success in life versus the unrestricted man.
      It’s hard for men to relate, but women know 100% that their success in life is hitched to the success of the best man they can lock down – hypergamy.
      2) Most churches sell ‘manhood’ as 1) men serving women and 2) women consuming men.
      If you buy into this as a man, you’re fucked. That’s not manhood – biblical or otherwise.
      For myself, I’m kind of in the process of developing a Christian-with-a-bad-attitude persona. ie. having a belief system that guides my life but being cynical as hell about the fallen world and the women in it.
      Women do like a man that sees through their bullshit – as long as you don’t rub it in their face gratuitously. And their are a plentitude of alpha men in the bible to draw inspiration from. David, perhaps, being the ultimate example.

      1. they lie.
        the Christ is a warrior.
        we are the vi-kings of our day.
        4/5 A.:.O.:.

    3. For the Cuckstain strain of “Christian”, it’s self-explanatory.
      For the non-cucked Christians, having premarital sex is a serious sin. This scares them into being too platonic, since they don’t know how to straddle the divide between full-on fornication and “just friends”. The obvious problem there is that secular girls (or even many Christian girls) then misread their reluctance to fuck them as pussying out.

      1. This is 100% accurate. If this was a vBulletin forum you would get reps.
        That said every man I have known with a hot wife is Christian…but they are very much betas.

        1. Usually, a beta Christian with a hot wife got her by going to the same church as her father. It’s the closest thing to Muslim-style arranged marriage in the West. Usually, the church in question is very conservative, such as Mormon, hard-core Calvinist, etc.

    4. Churches also teach men to be cucks. The actual sexist Bible passages are left out.

  15. Clown game indeed. Swedish Migration Agency hires clowns to improve the integration process for migrants.
    Like I’ve said before, Sweden still has a strong economy and very low crime rates outside of the worst suburban areas and many – both ethnic Swedes and people with foreign background – are voting for the only anti-immigration party (20-25%), but what the hell is wrong with it anyway.
    “Cirkus för hopp och styrka – Clowner utan Gränser Sverige ska skapa möten genom leken och stärka relationen och närheten mellan asylsökande barn och deras föräldrar på asylboenden. Projektet ska bidra till en förbättrad miljö och verklighet för målgruppen och andra runt omkring.”
    Translation: Circus for hope and strength – Clowns without Borders Sweden shall create meeting through play and strengthen the relations and closeness beteen child asylum seekers and their parents at asylum residents. The project shall contribute to a better environment and reality for the target group and others around them.”

    1. ‘Clown game indeed. Swedish Migration Agency hires clowns to improve the integration process for migrants. https://www.migrationsverke…’
      An old friend was doing the exact same thing when he was working with UNESCO.
      He would show me these pictures of professional clowns playing trumpets for bemused black African children with no shoes.
      Like I said, he’s a very old friend.
      I didn’t punch him.

  16. The movie
    Last tango in paris
    Asshole ZFG from brando
    Perfection of conflicted emotion from actress

    1. She’s home with a glass dildo, while her (ahem) “husband” is out at the Trou de Gloire.

  17. Well, with such bull-shits running around it’s hard to complain about soulless whores running around.
    And so we are as wise as gangsta thug 2pac – biatches.

  18. Most of articles are full of sexism. Do not wonder men why women in the West are feminists.
    If men are proud of being assholes. No comments!

      1. At least women do not write articles how to be an asshole. LOL.
        A person who is proud of being bad person, should visit a therapist.

  19. I don’t know if I’ll buy this guy’s books but the boy sure puts some work into finding some hot bitches to put in his posts. Jayzus!

  20. Why even bother with these high-maintenance thots who require excessive “asshole game” to bed? All you’ll get for all that expended effort is a 5 second organism and temporary ego boost. And of course, these are not the kind of women you want to settle down and have children with.

    1. Thots! I love the term. And honestly many times a 10 without makeup can be a 7 or worse. Many times these girls you think are perfect hotties are basic af

  21. I first heard of dark triad from Heartiste – and I think that Troy is correct in that there are assholes out there who are not getting any tail, so there is probably more to this, hence the dark tetrad.
    Whats disconcerting about it all is that this proves that women, by default, are attracted to evil. Seriously. Hints of this go back to the Bible. Proper christian societies would have us think that it’s goodness that women want, and men buy into this and strive to be good and then wife up Stupid, only later to find her in bed with an ex-con.
    It really does make any man wonder what the fuck is going on – and why the human animal evolved to where guys have to become violent, sociopathic shit-heads in order to command both a female’s respect and her vagina.

    1. I don’t know if I would say they are attracted to evil.
      They are certainly attracted to and respect masculine power though, directed in a self-determined way, willing to fight opposition to exist and go forward.
      If the deepest if unstated desire of women in their femininity is to receive, then they will naturally look to a man to receive from. But he has to have something to receive! He can’t be a big nothing.
      All men of any religious stripe – or none at all – can own a masculine direction. The hard part is deciding what it is for you.
      So rather than getting discouraged and giving up the game, you could chose to accept that understanding true female desire – and desiring female desire yourself – is an impetus to help us become effective men.
      Knowing true female nature enables us to know true masculine virtue and to strive towards it.

      1. “I don’t know if I would say they are attracted to evil”
        Well I would; ’nuff said.

  22. Postscript: bought the book on Kindle, because I wanted to support Troy. Read it in a single night, with a little focus help from some white vein Kratom.
    It’s great. Troy is not an unethical svengali, luring men into becoming creeps. He’s a thoughtful man who has seen something genuine about the universe, and has the writerly skill to articulate it meaningfully.

  23. You have to be real nice to a hot woman if you want to get your dick wet. After many years of gaming experience, here are some hot tips for you guys:
    – If she’s tired in public, sit down in the street so she can sit on your shoulder. Believe me, she will thank you for that later in bed. 😉
    – If she’s at dinner with you and her cellphone runs out of battery, make sure you have your batterpack with you so that she can continue doing her important work.
    – Before you have sex with a hot girl, ask her everything about what her preferences are. Don’t think about your needs, just listen to what she likes and fucking do it.
    – If she asks you if you are a player and with how many girls you have slept, tell her the truth that she’s the first girl and that you never play with girls. No gentlemen does.
    The list goes on guys, it’s up to you. Buy my book “How Mr. Nice Guy Slayzes Poon Every Night”. It really works.

  24. “Born with the asshole gene.” That’s now in the running for my next album title. That or an epitaph.

  25. Assholes are perfect Fuckbuddies: casual sex with no strings attached. After a few years full of fun and good sex, you can easily dump him and marry the nice guy 😉

    1. There are nice guys who also are good in sex 🙂 Assholes usually stay alone because they are very proud of being assholes. But who cares. Love will be given to a good guy.

      1. That’s true and after 35 assholes will loose their attractiveness and therefore their usage as fuckbuddy, but will still remain assholes and therefore stay alone 😉

        1. I would say that 35 y.o men are attractive , 45-50 y.o are attractive but assholes are not. Doesn’t matter how handsome he is. An Asshole will smell bad always.

      2. Right, according to you love will be given to a good guy by an old broken-in woman when she has no other fun options. Do you realize how out of touch this actually is? Look around you, this is essentially the opposite of an effective approach to womanhood.
        Find a guy when your’re young, abstain from casual sex, take care of yourself, attempt to look classy. That’s the name of your game. I work with a ton of pro athletes. Not one of them married a woman over 25, and most of them were married in college.

        1. I am married. I don’t care.
          The only fact is that assholes do not deserve good women.
          I would say that bad women do not deserve good men.
          If a man writes an article about how to be an asshole, means he likes to be an asshole, he is proud of it. This this the lowest level or I would say this is the absence of the brain, cultures, intelligence.
          If in my country somebody wrote such an article first of all men readers would tell the author is an idiot.
          Only losers can write such a crap and other losers will like it.
          Gentlemen treat women with respect.

    2. So, in other words, a woman will have casual sex in her 20’s with dozens of assholes, then when she is approaching the wall, she will leave that lifestyle, and marry some “nice guy” and expect him to support her (and probably some bastard children) when she has nothing of value left. Sounds like a great deal for the nice guy, no really. Meanwhile, the bad boy is off with younger, hotter women.

      1. ever heard of birth control?! meanwhile the bad boy has approached the wall too and won’t be interesting for younger, hotter women

        1. Go ahead, slut it up, ride the carousel. See how valuable you are when that ride comes to a stop. You are letting guys use you. Pretty soon, you will be used up.

        2. I’m not saying women should be sluts and sleep with 20 guys before getting married 🙂 it was more like: attractive and intelligent women won’t get involved with the asshole-guy for serious reasons, only for fun. Only the fucked up women over 30 will be desperate enough, to get into a relationship with those kind of men.

        3. I can buy that. Still, I question the “intelligent” part, even if it is only for fun. For the reasons cited in the video, doing so destroys a woman’s SMV and consequently, her chances of finding a worthwhile partner.

        4. Of course it does when she had slept with many men. But “having fun” doesn’t mean being a slut. A young man should also have fun and get some experience before settle down, but if he fucks everything that comes along and behaves like an asshole, he will be treated like an asshole and finally end up with an asshole.

        5. If a man behaves like an asshole and he keeps himself in shape he will have eternal pussy. Settling down with a (Western) cunt these days is suicidal anyways.

        6. That’s true, but being an asshole will only attract those western cunts and being an old asshole is just a grumpy grandpa 😉

        7. Incorrect, the assholes don’t fuck women over 30. If they did, they’d be losers and not assholes.
          The young women should not casually “have fun” by fucking a bunch of men, You ruin your value that way. No man of worth wants a girl that has been touched by more than 1 maybe 2 guys, and you better find that man by age 25 or you’re never finding him.
          My wife is a 10, I found her right out of high school when she was fresh. A bunch of her friends are old and worn out now, bitching about men. It’s not a good look.
          The whole cougar-lifestyle fantasty that single girls in their 20’s keep pretending to believe in is totally bogus. Doesn’t happen. Women marry men for power, men choose women for fertility, and women are never more fertile than age 20. The men you claim will be “uninteresting” are the most in-demand male age group. Men at 30, have tons of money, and they don’t lose their looks like women do because their sex hormone levels sustain.
          And birth control? Just abstain from casual sex, leave your hormones alone and choose a guy you actually want to marry to have sex with. You’ll do yourself a huge favor in the long run.

  26. If you say NO to women, they are going to think you are an asshole but you are going to be a respected asshole.

  27. You all need to listen to Marc Rudov
    Under the Clitoral Hood : How to Crank Her Engine Without Cash, Booze, or Jumper Cables

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