Women React To Not Being Your Priority

Late one evening I was scheming with a friend at a rather trendy microbrew bar. We sat at a table in a far corner to avoid prying eyes and argued over some disagreement we had over business plans. I noticed a pair of women a few tables away eyeballing us for quite a while until one of them finally worked up the courage to walk over. I predicted she would say something snarky due to the way she was holding a wine glass, as well as her cackling laugh. Even before she got to the table, I was preparing to say something dismissive.

She asked us “Why you do guys look like you’re angry at the world?” I guess I must be getting old, because my friend beat me to the punch. He replied, “Because we are.” Oddly enough, admitting to being antisocial had the opposite effect of what was intended. She left for her table, immediately came back with her friend, and told us all about the school they were teachers at. However, before they returned, my friend and I agreed to see how far we could take the antisocial attitude with these two women. Little did we know we would stumble onto new ground for ourselves in gaming women.

Both ladies were in good shape and had steady employment as elementary school teachers. In addition, their politics were typical of any public school teacher, so trolling them on most social issues was relatively easy. My friend and I had a good time insulting their belief system, from criticizing their plebeian tastes in wine to laughing at the 2012 presidential election vote.

My friend actually got both of the numbers and promised to call them on Monday. While we’d had good time with over-the-top confrontations of irrational suburban women, we had priorities. We left to find somewhere more private to discuss more important matters. I noticed quite a few of the other woman at this bar watched us as we walked out.

Looking back at this and discussing this encounter with my friend, we realized the unintentional application of game in that situation was more effective than anything we had done consciously in the week prior. While it is hard to replicate the evening’s specific circumstances, certain methods from that night can certainly be incorporated into our regular routines.

The Pinot Grigio-sipping educator who inquired about our physical appearance most likely was attempting to see if we were betas in disguise. Many men would fail the little test of asking why they looked angry. My friend’s response was quick and unwavering. I guess she confused his arrogance and dismissiveness with confidence—I am sure she had never gotten a response like that before, and it must have intrigued her.


Her trip back to her table was a test to see if we would follow like little lapdogs. In that bar full of crunchy granola people, that is the default response. It was enough to get her friend interested in us more than her iPhone. At this point, they decided to pack up their caravan of smart phones, drinks, and expensive purses and move to our table. Their expensive accessories are actually what got me to question the depth of their beliefs in collectivist policies.

After 45 minutes of condescending banter, my friend and I wanted to return to our original business discussion. Surprisingly, the second woman was drinking something blue picked up on our lack of interest and put her hand on my friend’s leg before passing him her number. Her friend saw this and decided to take her chances as well, writing her digits on a piece of receipt paper.

I think it might have been the first time in history that a man chose not to pursue a willing woman at that trendy bar. All the stylish black plastic-framed glasses of the women and some of the men in the bar seemed to have followed us out the door. I guess they never experienced much testosterone in that location.

This experience was entertaining for me because it highlighted many tenets of game by accident. First, we went to the bar to do something besides pick up women. They must have interpreted this is as indifference, which is exactly what it was. Second, the first woman’s inability to get us to jump through social validation hoops identified us as not the typical “m’ladies” that frequented that establishment. Third, the condescending conversation must have been interpreted as some form of dominance. Lastly, our premature exit most likely led them to believe we had something better of the female variety waiting in the wings.

I suggest you try going to a social establishment with some other purpose than to pick up women and see if they are drawn to you. You might be surprised at what happens.

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97 thoughts on “Women React To Not Being Your Priority”

  1. Back in 2000 there was a movie, fiction, but the main character was based on a guy in real life who was fat but always scored with chicks. The movie is called “Tao of Steve” although I would wager his methodology is a bit antiquated by now except for one of this guy’s philosophy, which simply put: “we pursue that which retreats from us”. In his seduction terms this means you do not focus your attention on females nor make them a priority. It is what might apply to the scenario outline in this article.

    1. “Be desireless. Be excellent. Be gone.”
      The ‘thirst’ (desire) is what fucks most guys up… until they find out the truth.

    2. This is absolutely right.
      Throughout my life, whenever I say fuck it and stop giving a shit about women and start focusing on other shit they always magically show up…

  2. Heh. Reminds me of how I accidentally discovered game at 18 years of age. I was chatting with a few other young people I didn’t really know, and a girl made a statement I rebutted. I was being blunt and somewhat rude. I had a lot of rough edges back then, and I didn’t give the matter another thought. She was good-looking and socially adept, and my reply was obviously not how she was used to being talked to or treated. I showed zero interest in getting to know her.
    I was stunned when she approached me a few days later and said I was one of the only people to ever shut her up and that intrigued her. First sex was about a week later.

    1. I was stunned when she approached me after a few days and said I was one of the only people to ever shut her up and that intrigued her.
      Gotta treat’em rough to get the muff.
      À bientôt,

      1. Try walking up to a woman and knocking her over and then calmly apologize like it’s no big deal.
        I’m not saying it would work, but I would like to see it tried.

        1. Played correctly, that would be a “Meet Cute” in Hollywood speak; played incorrectly, it would result in free room and board for the night, on the county.
          À bientôt,

        2. depends on the girl. you can tell which ones are the bitchy ones. done up in their designer couture brands.
          actually, a buddy of mine walked into a chick, spilt his beer on her. she remained calm and collective until he said ‘it’s no big deal’ then she destroyed him. so maybe not the whole ‘it’s no big deal’ but don’t apologize profusely. also don’t buy her a drink. make HER buy you one, as she is now wearing it. that would be the ultimate gamer.

        3. I kicked a woman’s wheelie bag out of her hands when she ran over my foot. She looked at me in rage. I just shrugged and told her to be more careful.

    2. i always thought the trick with women is to get them coming after you…. the problem is women hate to approach or take any kind of emotional risk on strangers…..
      the best game is some tiny catalyst that peaks her attention, but also leaves her feeling like you’re not interested…. better yet if you appear out of reach… look at what happens to rock stars…. chicks are lining up around the block….

      1. You can get women to come to you if look different and standout, at the same time have friends that indicate you are safe, as in socially acceptable.
        The draw of being outside the matrix, but still welcomed by it.

  3. Excellent….I believe truly not giving a fuck is one of the hardest things in the world to fake. I have noticed in most interactions and negotiations, sexual or business, the victor is often he who gives the least fucks, not pretends to give the least fucks, ACTUALLY gives the least fucks.

    1. it’s amazing what happens when you just don’t care…. i’ve gone to close down a small business i had and two staff demanded to work for free….. within six months, the business was thriving (they created jobs for themselves and others) and customers thought it was their business not mine…..
      same happened with a get rich quick scheme that i just didn’t give two fucks about…. the phone rang off the hook, night and day with customers…..
      get passionate… go broke….
      chase the horse it runs away…..

  4. I’m in sales. Selling is EXACTLY like Game. We call these takeaways, what you would call negs. Baby negatives are also heavy artillery, which is what you guys administered here. Commission breath is what we call what you know as thirsty beta.
    You must not give a fuck if they buy your shit or not, and demonstrate this. Baby negatives are showing them this is not the best deal in the world, that would be too good to be true. Game is basically selling your dick to a girl.

  5. All the stylish black plastic-framed glasses of the women and some of the men in the bar seemed to have followed us out the door.
    Pre-selection, in action.
    À bientôt,

  6. All too true, Douglas.
    Not awhile ago, I sat in my uni classroom with three girls (ages ~20-24) at my desk. One of them was Indian, one Caucasian and one was with short hair (i.e. damaged goods). I sat next to the Indian, thinking that she was most attractive.
    I flirted frequently with the Indian girl, making her laugh and have a good time. Every now and again, I caught the white girl AND the short-haired girl giving me glances. This went on for 20 mins or so, and by then I realised that the Indian girl wasn’t into me (zero shit tests; zero questions asking about who I was — I really should have picked up on this earlier), but the other girls were (all those glances weren’t made with smiles). In recognising this, I continued to flirt and game the Indian girl.
    By the end of the lesson, I planned to talk to the white girl outside. That didn’t quite happen: “can I give you my phone number?” – the white girl asked me as I packed my bag. To me, having never seen this before, it was fascinating to see her glassy eyes and slightly stressed looked, and realise the fact that this was a girl whom felt compelled to start things with me — she had become this emotional via me not making her my priority. “I haven’t got a working pen on me,” was my (lying) reply. She then proceeded to storm into her purse, rummaging around.
    Gentlemen, ‘not giving a fuck’/ ‘game’/ ‘being an asshole’/ ‘not making women your priority’ absolutely works in attracting women.

    1. This works. Personally I can attest that aloof asshole game works. But you can’t fake it. It has to be the mindset.

      1. Yes, women so easily see through the façade of those faking it. Unless someone faking it is a fantastic actor, you’re right: the mindset must be in order.

        1. I have the opposite problem where the chicks always assume I’m just a player. I’m not, all I do is just crush a lot.

        2. Seeing that I don’t know your life intimately, my following comment involves guess-work. However, I have seen this line progress into predictable results.
          I would guess that any woman accusing you of being “just a player” is likely shit-testing you.
          Alternatively, if this is merely a feeling you have with women, and they don’t literally say this to you, it could be that you’re projecting your self-confidence onto them and seeing that within them, which will become a self-fulfilling prophecy because women will see the confidence you have, and then see you as a desirable guy (which will sometimes manifest cognitively as a “player”). This may lead them to asking whether you’re a player, so this is essentially a possible preamble to having women ask if you’re a player.
          tl;dr: You are probably being shit-tested, and it would be a good idea to consider your ‘you’re just a player’ response.

  7. This is interesting, but nothing new. Happily married men have figured this out long ago. When I go out, I am extremely indifferent. I have no reason to try to impress any woman, because my wife is pretty fucking awesome. Women pick up on this and flirt with me all the time. I am not even wearing the wedding ring (not a fan of jewelry and I think it is a stupid symbol), so these women aren’t coming to me because they know I am unavailable and am just “harmless fun”.

  8. “They must have interpreted this is as . . .”
    . . . feelings.
    Any other interpretation was done as a post hoc rationalization of their feelings and resultant behaviour, as they worked out a consensus between themselves later on.
    Such social interactions may well be a form of gaming, but it ain’t chess.

  9. Reminds me of the girl I worked with on an overnight shift. I was the only guy who didnt take any interest in her or try to get with her. At one point, she randomly furnished me with her number “in case we need to contact each other”. A short while after I was getting over an unexpected and crushing rejection, she started getting aggressively physical. Probably picked up that I was attracted to women, but not her, and was thinking WTF, Im right here for you.
    Didnt pan out, I had mixed feelings and didnt even really know how to capitalize on it.

    Disinterest is a huge gamble. You may miss out on opportunities that being more aggressive and assertive would provide.

    1. It’s only a huge gamble if you place that kind of importance on it. In order to be truly disinterested you cannot care about the outcome.
      I only do it to gain the upper hand in the beginning, if a chick is being sweet and seemingly sincere from the very start I’d probably go straight for the kill.
      My sincerity comes from being able to walk away, most men cannot do this. They look at hooking up with women as being “lucky” and they latch on to them as if their lives depended on it.

    2. The disinterest was solid I think… and the fact that you were thinking of someone else was icing on the cake (women are fuckin-backwards)…. I think you could have created a situation where you could have made a move and if she rejected you it wouldn’t have been a big deal kuz u got the excuse of being vulnerable.
      Got nothing to lose right?

  10. Aloof game is how I get women to show me their hands.
    I was getting maintenance done on a car and was in the waiting area of a dealership. I noticed a cute chick working one of the desks when I first came in but pretended I didn’t see her. As I waited, I noticed out of the corner of my eye she was trying all manner of distractions to get my attention, I didn’t budge and continued to ignore.
    I ended up having to deal with her when they issued me a loaner car. She appeared a little nervous and engaged in a little aloof game of her own. I knew I’d see her again so this was a fun little game.
    Upon my next visit, she was completely different. Absolutely nice and inviting, she made it a point to stare at me until I met her gaze from afar. All signs to ask her out, but I didn’t (another story).
    I already had an idea that I was in her range, which is why I went straight to aloof game, but the concept is the same. Don’t give them your attention so quickly, make them feel like they had to earn it, at least a little.

    1. Aloof game came natural to me. I don’t think most guys can do this though because they aren’t aloof in all other aspects of there life.
      For instance, one of my friends was acting aloof towards a 9.5 with the body of a goddess … he played her perfectly by listening to her problems and getting to know her, while at the same time cancelling dates, being seen with other women, and feigning career success he didn’t really have.
      He had a rough week at work and he became very nervous about finances and his life purpose.
      He made a big mistake when he called her and left a voice message about bringing her to his parents house …. he panicked after he realized how stupid the message was, and left another message. She didn’t respond for a whole day, so even more freaked out he frantically texted her and left a third voice mail.
      Just like that his insecurities destroyed her attraction and it was over before it began.

      1. Which leads us to next week’s lesson: holding frame. When 400 tons of shit are barreling down on you and youre tied to the tracks…YOU> MUST> HOLD> FRAME! If you come out the other side looking like an idiot, or an asshole, or a dork, well you have another data point. But 9 times out of 10, youll get what you were looking for: the pussy, the promotion, the 10k off that sweet car.
        Hold frame, Dont flinch.

        1. Not sure about that in the corporate world, I find the more beta you are, the better.
          CONTRARY to a few articles on this site, corporate game is OPPOSITE girl game. Upper management in the company I work for is beta posing alpha.
          White collar used to be more about performance, now it’s been feminized to the point where appearance and deference to the status quo are premium.
          I just nod my head. And suck corporate cock. Your boss doesn’t respond to alpha ques.

        2. I don’t know if I agree with this… But I do think that being alpha in Encorpera can make your superiors hate you, which can fuck you over in the long run both in terms of girls and professionally.

        3. But betas can lead in corporate life … corporate life isn’t the jungle, it’s more like a playground … everyone follows protocols and walks on egg shells. Corporate leadership today is akin to PR.
          Climbing the corporate ladder is a life style I don’t advocate. Get a high paying specialty and sit tight. Why would any sane man want to be piloting that bullshit?

        4. Agree…Corporate game is a whole different animal, Alpha behavior is considered a threat or a risk, and often results in just being let go….fuck Corporate America.

        5. I have to agree as well. A single alpha will get ganged up on by a group of betas and taken out if he poses a threat. I’ve witnessed this at my current job. The only reason the guy still works here is because he’s in good with the owner, who is very old and on her way out soon. When that happens he’s no longer safe.

        6. Legit trying to find a picture I can stick this quote onto as a meme. It’s so simple yet so revelating, even just the first part, “Hold Frame”. Good shit broheim.

        7. Yup let go last year by my insecure “alpha” boss. Couldn’t stand anyone that was not intimidated by him. Had a business on the side – so it didn’t matter to me in the long run.

      2. Yupp.. This has happened to me as well.. things are going totally great and then I accidentally show a bit of thirst and then her interest wanes… Frame really is game… In all areas of life…

      3. I’m confused by the sequence of events, did he get her number after his aloof game then drop the ball upon trying to ask her out on a date?

        1. Basically they were dating and he was trying to make an official LTR way too soon out of no where.

    2. I find the aloof game interesting, but it does conflict with Roosh’s take that men now have to be a constant entertaining clown in order to be successful. Lets face it: women today are constantly getting bombarded with PMs from guys on facebook, as well factor in the general thirst of men she sees in the street, as well as a plethora of smartphone buttons going off from instagram, etc – which is to say she always has a steady flow of men approaching her – I wonder if aloof game can work these days, aside from rare circumstances.

  11. Go in most bars without the look of someone who is desperate for pussy. Play hard to get. Don’t be an asshole the whole time but push back often. Chances are you walk out with numbers.

  12. I attribute all of my success to being aloof and looking like a bad ass from afar (I’m actually not a bad boy … actually afraid to climb high ladders). I can’t and haven’t tried gaming women directly, I have made myself known and more or less let them come to me. Oh, and when a girl asks you what you are doing on this or that day, don’t answer directly, act like you work for the CIA and be evasive.
    It all comes down to style whether you are the extroverted comedian or introverted silent and strong type, you can make it work. A fireman, accountant, or criminal … I’ve seen them all find quality women.
    There is no formula, especially if you want to keep women (faking it only attracts, doesnt retain women) there is only one rule ….

    1. Agreed… How you dress says a lot to women… I wore a leather jacket to meet up with an old friend who introduced me to her sister… played it cool and quiet and aloof but having a good time of my own…
      When I told them I had a good time and was leaving her sister immediately piped up “Is she blond?”.

      1. I always say I don’t respect a man who doesn’t look capable of physically killing me.
        Women think the same. If you’re not dangerous you aren’t sexy (unless you are extraordinarily handsome or funny).

    1. I’ve tried aloof game myself. It is my main type of game as it is very easy to ignore women and do your own thing. The results are in: zero lays.

  13. This article was waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay over the top. How the fuck can you over analyze something as simple as a woman being attracted to you? (well, to your friend anyway) She started a convo because she thought your friend was attractive, all he had to do to continue things was not stutter and he succeeded. Simple as that.
    Love how this over analysis didn’t even result in actual sex. This shit sounds ridiculous; Game isn’t that complicated – basically find sexually available women who are physically attracted to you and then don’t fuck it up by acting like a pussy or being overly awkward. From there just escalate accordingly until you get laid.
    Its cool to notice little things that work and take note but the reality is every situation is different – try over-the-top asshole game again and you may very well crash and burn. From the sound of your story these two women were simply highly attracted to your friend right from the start. Game is really just learning to read and adjust to the nuances of individuals and situations – this situation was clearly a layup.

    1. “…and then don’t fuck it up by acting like a pussy.”
      That’s what the article was about. The woman accused him of being angry, and instead of apologetically arguing to the contrary (like most guys would do), he accepted the negative label.
      With that said though, I do agree with your basic premise that guys tend to overcomplicate game. It boils down to:
      1. Look your best.
      2. Approach a lot of women.
      3. Be aggressive.

  14. My black plastic rimmed reading glasses were fogging and I actually misread the title as ‘women react to not being your PROPERTY’. Anyways I prepared my comment after reading the article thinking it was funny how no reference to ‘property’ was made. So I thought of how I would have responded to the kinder brainwashers with a little of my own. Heh. I would have responded to them with ”man it’s just that everything is so ass backwards in this world, you know. I mean, ME for example, I get up this morning, go to the bathroom, take a leak, turn the light on, THEN I lift the lid on the toilet seat ! I mean . . everything is backwards. So I get to work . . . THEN I go to sleep . . See I forgot your number already . . It’s not like I OWN you or anything . . ”. hmm, reverse clingon game perhaps?

  15. Douglas is your hair naturally curly? And didn’t you play D’artagnan is a fities remake of Musketeers?

  16. I have to say, that sounds fucking annoying. Woman, this is man talk. Now please remove yourself the fuck back to your own table.

  17. In some strange social twist… aware black men have called these females right from the start. They are the only men in history to publicly preach and line-item females for who they really are.
    While white men were searching to find nice cookie cutter ways to describe their “unicorn princesses” as not to offend her frail emotions. A arm of Hip Hop music had balls to say what other – homogenized, sophisticated, psychiatric, social reports and plain truth dared not — “All females are bitches and Ho’s to be mistreated like the Bitches and Ho’s they are!!!…”
    This mindset is basically what this site is all is about, just on a street level. Maybe call it the “Irrational Male”, but who gives a fuck, the message is still the same. Women have developed agendas to raise themselves and berate you. Rap in all its good or badness was and still remains the only platform that makes (blatant) awareness the hornets nest of control moves females use to procure and leach from all men (money, sex and children)
    So understanding any Manosphere is created to educate saps, beta’s and wannabe alpha’s to unseen manipulation’s and game, rap was actually the commercialized frontrunner of this needed awareness to American Men. From ghetto trash, trailer trash, suburban sluts, club whores, controlling wives, divorce queens, gold-diggers and Facebook attention whores… all have been exposed and versed via Hip Hop. It seems black men are the only men not afraid to voice feminine imperatives boldly and loudly.
    (Basic Alpha Rap lyrics)
    1. We see you bitch… and we are not fooled! You are not a innocent angel, you have seen way too many cocks.
    2. I don’t care how good you look, we only want you for sex so get on these nuts.
    3. Blow me first, then maybe we can talk about a meal.
    4. You told me you only want sex, if you are stupid enough to have a child, I am out, you and the government deal your pregnancy trap.

    1. Your analysis of rap is spot on. The low repetitive beat and alpha war-cry lyrics tend to drive the audience at a rap concert into a mass REPRODUCTIVE FRENZY. It is THE EXACT OPPOSITE of modern pop country music which is bleeding broken heart desperado shit like ”there’s my dog in my front yard” or ”where’s my child support” (Mandrells). It is designed to kill off the whites !
      The unisex spectacle of country line dancing with white men and women in dungarees stepping side to side is far too equalitarian to forment alpha sex dominance and is obviously meant TO NEUTER WHITES and pedestalize the golden haired bumpkin in return for crumbs of her love. ”Where’s my child support” is theme music for the friggin womens channel for pete’s sake. Fluoridated music specifically tailored to further dwindle the white masses in fly over land is what the commercial C&W industry now morphed into. You want grandchildren? Then keep your bitch in a dress (no panties) and barefoot (no panties). You got that OPIE?
      If OJ Simpson had been raised on rap :
      1). he wouldn’t have driven his Blazer so slow
      2). he would have busted out the sunroof wit a mac 10 and
      3). some weasely little jew like Goldman wouldn’t have out gamed his white bitch (who was offered up to him by the jew sports establishment in the first place).
      Those of us with an abundance of recessive traits must retain the dominant schools of acquired knowledge. Take the red pill portions of Sharia and rap and CONTROL YOUR BITCHES.

    2. This mindset is much less the attitude of an alpha male and more the projection of insecurities the male has on to the female. Because black males often abandon their women after getting them pregnant, the children are left to grow up without fathers. They in some sense elevate the man’s absence as an exemplary behavior, while still resenting such a selfish choice that left them without a man to look up to. Black boys project this resentment on to their mother, who works tirelessly to provide what little resources they have as a family, because she is around (barely, due to long work hours) and the father is not. This projection leads these hurt black boys to grow up into damaged black men who treat women with disrespect. The cycle continues. Rap is a manifestation of this broken cycle. Listen to “Keep ya Head up” by Tupac. It will resonate with what I’ve just said.

      1. It is widely accepted on this site all women have agendas, therefore a small percentage of these agenda armed females, are black women. Most men, including Black men don’t abandon the child for no good reason – they abandon the mother, and many for good reason. That is to say, if they were married or had a cohesive, agreeable relationship in the first place – which is the mothers responsibility in nature!! Many young black females never factor in her part in the “Fuck Up”, by preferring to sexually “freestyle” their men or baby daddy’s. Though there are many hard working good black women out there, most often black women choose wrong and strong. They open their legs to men they barely know, have children then try to make plans on how to feed and fix the ensuing problems… knowing full-well they and the kid will be doomed. Why? because as you said, most or their relationships are fledgling with no clear commitments, the boy/man was never really securely rooted in her life any damn way. (fuck the jobless boyfriend blind), just don’t have a baby by him – it will stop a shitload of headaches down the road! Also, Tupac’s mother was a career crackhead all his growing life, she made many bad choices, he had to make a song like that to dull his pain. Again, fathers have some blame but, females are the real culprits we all men know this.

        1. That’s why you shouldn’t “open legs” until you’re married or have the clear perspective of marriage and commitment. From what I’ve been reading here it seems like both men and women were turned into emotionless robots shamelessly pursuing selfish interests only. I’ve seen quite a lot of comments about women marrying men only to divorce them and take half of their belongings, lol. Is that what it is like in the USA? I live in a more or less different world and I am a bit surprised by the cold, almost robotic attitude that westerners now have about the opposite sex or relationships. And the truth is that both genders are fucked up.

  18. A quote from a Murakami novel comes to mind:
    “Listen, Kafka. What you’re experiencing now is the motif of many Greek tragedies. Man doesn’t choose fate. Fate chooses man. That’s the basic worldview of Greek drama. And the sense of tragedy—according to Aristotle—comes, ironically enough, not from the protagonist’s weak points but from his good qualities. Do you know what I’m getting at? People are drawn deeper into tragedy not by their defects but by their virtues. Sophocles’ Oedipus Rex being a great example. Oedipus is drawn into tragedy not because of laziness or stupidity, but because of his courage and honesty. So an inevitable irony results.”

  19. As an asexual who never really liked the p*ssy-pedestalizing that so many of his gender seem to engage in on a regular basis, I know for a fact that cold-shouldering does indeed work just about anywhere. Unfortunately, that includes the workplace. A young woman at my last job made some not-so-subtle comments about how muscular my physique was, and I just shrugged them off. Guess what she said about me to some of our other co-workers? Right.

  20. Weak article. It seems clear that the “game” that Douglas and his friend must have is “be good looking” game. I and many guys I’ve known over the years have been to bars with no intention of picking up women, and very rarely are these guys approached or have women drawn to them.
    This article sounds like the “it will happen when you least expect it” advice we get from women or betas.

    1. Reading thru a lot of the comments it seems several people have claimed success with this sort of “aloof game” which I see as another name for “be good looking” game. aka not really game at all. Notice that Roosh has never recommended this type of game. He says he has to be an “entertaining clown”. I don’t know where he’d rate on the looks scale. I’ve seen his youtubes and figure he’s probably somewhere in the average range. Average guys, the guys that make up 60% of the bell curve, can’t win with aloof game. Women will usually not approach them.
      Unless you have some combo of looks, status, or charisma that make a woman put you in the top 20% of men, you are not getting approached with aloof game.

  21. “I guess she confused his arrogance and dismissiveness with confidence”
    Being that arrogant and dismissive actually requires a fair amount of confidence, so she didn’t confuse anything, i’d say she was spot on.

  22. You have discovered the hidden law: Speak and act from your dick and the pussy will respond. A powerful dick doesn’t give a fuck, it has no emotion, and is annoyed by small talk and minor bullshit. The dick never feels emotion and never tries to be nice, that is for the pussy to deal with. Most guys try to game vagina with vagina. Doesn’t happen. You have to game pussy with dick, plain and simple.

  23. There are women with a great deal of insecurities who crave so much attention this will work on them. My question is though, is it really sport when you are talking about inebriated women in a bar, presumably to pick up men with stamina for a hopefully decent night of fucking? A real challenge would be to attempt this game with a woman in a position of power, a superior. That would be worth writing about. But this society engineers feeble women who need acceptance to survive, and women in bar often are molded to fall under male pressure. As a fringe member of society, I don’t have that problem. Your penis issues do not sway me or impress me. Your intellect either. This one is a big one. People tend to feel automatically inferior if they find someone who’ve read more books than they have. So what?! As long as you don’t fall in their adorable little traps -like being rude to a girl, i.e pulling her tresses on the schoolyard- Who cares if he’s read authors you can’t pronounce or can do autistic math in a flash?! You guys are clearly cave men, and in the wild what matters? It matters whether you get the pussy FIRST. As long as I maintain control of the pussy, rude or not, you always lose. Because your little business plans are a long con to get better blondes with bigger tits. Once you grow tired of that you face a serious decision: to pursue choice pussy and of course, letting them know you’ve bested them (because the goal is to remind them of their place as human female) or finding other passions and hope they’ll subdue your vicious little boners.
    I love this site because I love good men, but I have a passionate hatred for your kind of men. Your greatest fear when you meet a woman you really want to carry your seed is that another other sperm will fertilize her egg before yours. If you don’t want that, well you don’t matter on an evolutionary stand point and your machismo and pride dies with you. So you’re “game” in the long run is not to win, destroy or whatever you think you want to do to these women, but it’s to win over your competitors. In spite of all your “game”, you still run the risk of raising another man’s bastard. I understand that precarious position and why it engenders such anxiety.

  24. “Women React To Not Being Your Priority”
    …to the point they’d be driving by in your own neighborhood/city.

  25. Ive always been very blunt, rough around the edges and never really gave a shit if I offended or not. Always had attractive women chasing me too .

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