5 Tips For Non-White Men Who Want To Date White Women

A while back I wrote a column about the pros and cons of practicing the Venusian Arts as a black man in the U.S. I touched on a few things that make a significant difference such as the expectation for us to push for sex, and the fact that we shouldn’t expect women to pressure us to put rings on their fingers (though they often push for some sort of exclusivity if you’re game is tight).

People on and off the web assume that because I don’t game or date black women anymore, then I must only approach white girls. Though I couldn’t care less about who people think I’m dating or running game on (though I do have a sweet tooth for Latinas), I have had success with Caucasian women for quite some time.

My achilles heel

Cougars, mudsharks, college chicks, and everything in between have all taken a ride on the Donovan Sharpe Express at some point or another. But my ability to slay these girls was anything but dumb luck or good fortune. And you can bet your ass that learning to game them as a man of a different race didn’t happen over night. I had to recognize the necessary changes in my game and work at it to become successful:

…as soon as I became cognizant of the racial components of game and tweaked my approach accordingly, my conquests with the second sex improved considerably.

About 30% of our US readers are not white. And because most women in this country are white, it would help to know a few tricks of the trade on how to meet them romantically. So here are five things that men of a darker hue can adjust in order to improve their odds with white girls.

5. Don’t be a stereotype

Do NOT be this guy

Back in ’14, Steven Kendall wrote a column about Asian men in the West. He talked about the difficulties they have shaking the stereotypical view of them and how it quite literally puts a choke hold on their sexual prospects—even with women of their own race:

The dismal reality you find yourself in is that women don’t want you for anything except the occasional help on a computer or numbers-related problem. Without knowing it, you are at all times competing with your one billion brothers and cousins to be the World’s Least Fuckable Man.

-Excerpt from An Open Letter To Asian Men Of The West by Steven Kendall

A guy I worked with a few years back came to the states from India in his early twenties. He’s a decent looking dude, a cool guy, and recently ditched his office job to become a charter pilot. This dude is living the dream so you would think he’d be swimming in women but because he looks, acts, and talks like a stereotypical Indian he repels women like a citronella candle repels mosquitoes.

We all have personality traits that have been infused in us through our experiences, upbringing, and environment. Sometimes they work for us, other times they work against us. Within the context of gaming white females it is paramount not to be the stereotypical version of your given race. You’ve got to stand out from the crowd to get noticed by women.

The exception, of course, is black men (and a few Hispanic nationalities). I talked about the so-called “assumed alpha advantage” that black men seem to have when gaming any race of female in the article I referenced at this start of this one:

While most white men in the Anglo world have to prove their sexual fitness to women (on the “alpha fucks” side of hypergamy) there’s an unspoken sentiment that black men who are at or near the extreme poles of the financial hierarchy (wealthy and poor) are natural alphas. The hip hop culture, ghettos, and black professional athletes make compelling arguments for that assumption but the truth is no one really knows for sure.

White girls would sleep with this dude before a stereotypical Asian

The fact of the matter is that black men are portrayed by the media as natural, static alphas. For better or worse this places black men higher on the SMV totem pole than any other man of color in the West. When it comes down to it, a woman will bang who she perceives as an alpha regardless of how “hood” he is.

No, this doesn’t mean ditch your culture, become another person, or try to lose your foreign accent just to get white chicks, but we all know that “being ourselves” isn’t going to cut it when running game on females of any race. You have to connect with her while maintaining your uniqueness. This sounds difficult but it’s actually quite easy and requires little practice.

Which leads me to my next tip which is…

4. Accentuate your “SWPL” tendencies

Shit White People Like……such as “problem glasses”

If you reside anywhere for an extended period of time, it’s inevitable that you’ll be influenced by your surroundings and eventually take a liking to many of the cultural norms around you. Using your affinities for certain aspects of Western culture will help you to find common ground with American women. In other words, embracing a few of your “stuff white people like” habits rather than tamping them down works in your favor when gaming Caucasian females.

Again, this doesn’t mean you have to start drinking Starbucks and following the Kardashians just to have something to talk to white girls about. But showing her that you can connect with her on some level will increase her comfort level with you and make her more receptive to game and escalation.

If you already drink Starbucks coffee, cool. But there’s no need to pick up the habit for the sole purpose of banging white chicks.

When girls see my bike rack on my Jeep Wrangler, it gives them a glimpse of the “All-American” guy they drool over in rom-coms. Of course my skin tone and tattoos takes me out of the running for husband material (thankfully) but the fact that they see I’m not completely clueless about their world works to my advantage.

If you like drinking wine (I’m a huge fan of red wine), take her to a wine tasting event. If you dig classic rock and roll (my personal favorite) throw on some Boston when you’re in the car with her. The bottom line here is not to be ashamed to admit or show that you like a few SWPL-endorsed indulgences for fear you might betray your culture or come off as a “sell out.”

Staying true to yourself doesn’t mean rejecting things you genuinely enjoy to keep up appearances. So embrace your SWPL side a little and watch your interactions with white chicks escalate from casual conversations to planned meet ups.

3. Make white friends

Social proof is one of the most powerful parts of a man’s overall game. If a woman sees a man has a lot of friends, acquaintances, connections, and the approval of good looking females, she will be more attracted to him because he is socially approved.

However, if a white woman you’re interested in sees that you only have Black, Hispanic, or Asian friends, not only will she be in a perpetual state of apprehension in terms of comfort (which hinders attraction), she’ll start wonder “what’s wrong with you” if people of her own kind aren’t signing off on you.

Of course there’s nothing “wrong” with you if you don’t have a rainbow coalition of friends but it’s important to, once again, remember that women have to be comfortable with you in order to be relaxed around you. If they’re not relaxed, you’re not getting laid and that’s all there is to it. Making friends with white dudes (it helps if they’re like-minded) will most certainly boost your social value as well as give you access to more white chicks as a natural consequence.

2. Avoid giving off beta vibes

Lower value Caucasian women know their options are limited with regards to high value white males. To compensate, some latch onto lower value white men, and some date outside their race to expand their prospects. Great for men of color right?


If you’re a man with red pill knowledge who stays in shape and in the black financially, you’re going to have a more “expensive” taste in women—namely women who are fit and beautiful. As we all know in the manosphere, the quickest way to making low quality females such as fatties, single moms, and parachute seeking post-wall sluts your main source of poon, is to give off provider vibes.

Banging the desperate white females mentioned above on the regular is easy. But as a man in demand, you’re looking to dine on steak and lobster—not hot dogs and under cooked tater tots. Giving high value white women (or any woman for that matter) the impression that you’d take care of them or wife them up will do two things: 1) Make the good-looking ones put you on the back burner until she’s done riding the cock carousel because she thinks you’ll rescue her from her bad decisions when she hits The Wall and 2) It will draw the low value females to you at an alarming rate. A lose-lose situation to be sure.

Easy to sleep with, sure. But do you really want to bang nothing but post wall sluts?

The key here is to refrain from talking about the money you make, the stability of your job, etc. Presenting yourself as a Beta Bucks option as opposed to an Alpha Fuck will give you desert dick-itis. Sure, this is standard game. But good looking white females have the most suitors of any other race of female in the West. They have the ultimate abundance mentality so if she catches so much as a trace amount of Captain Save-A-Ho tendencies, you’ll be put into the backup plan category with the other half dozen dudes she has there already.

1. Get ripped, get rich, get status

No shit, right?

Tell you something you don’t already know, right? Maybe. But as far as the sexual market goes, men of color are at a disadvantage because of our skin tone and this applies to both sides of the female imperative. We can deny it all we want to and take the SJW route and proclaim that women should be aroused by a “good heart.” But we know that outward appearance matters to women almost as much as it matters to men…..

…..unless your body fat percentage is sub 5%, you’re net worth is at least seven figures, and a celebrity. Okay, so those examples are extreme and few men in the world embody all three simultaneously but you get the picture.

If you have a darker tint to your skin, you’re going to have to increase your SMV in the areas you have control over. All things being equal, white women prefer white men. So the solution is to tip the most important traits that attract them in your favor.

muscular asian

He has more opportunities with white girls than the average white guy does.

This means you have to be in better shape, have more social currency, and be better off financially than the average white guy in order elevate your status with fair skinned girls. So hit the gym, stop spending money on useless crap you don’t need, and start making friends with movers and shakers.


…this isn’t about developing relationships, cultivating long term companionship, or finding a wife. This is about increasing your chances at dating Caucasian women and nothing more. If one of your trysts with white girls turns into something more, cool. Adjust your game accordingly and let the good times roll.

It’s important to remember, however, that because of the overabundance of options they have combined with their lack of impulse control which is fortified by the YOLO lifestyle crammed down their throats by anything and everything around them, white chicks are at or near the top of the notch count tally. It goes without saying that this makes them some of the worst significant others out there.

My next installment will be for my Caucasian brothers and will cover how to game non-white chicks. Because I’m not white I can’t contribute to this column in terms of content. My friends “Paul” and “Doug,” however, most certainly can and are more than willing to share their knowledge and experience. Stay tuned.

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722 thoughts on “5 Tips For Non-White Men Who Want To Date White Women”

  1. Never had trouble dating white chicks. In fact they’re easier to date than women of my own race. Always avoid white chicks that act like hoodrats.

  2. “Lower value Caucasian women know their options are limited with regards to high value white males.” < 100% true. Don’t settle or simp for any woman another man views as trash. Too man guys, especially brothas cuff bottom of the barrel white chicks.

  3. Why is ROK lately endorsing black culture as a red pill stereotype? Not only is black culture regressive but also a terrible example of what being alpha really is.

    1. Lately? Two articles out of how many? The article is geared towards men in general. Don’t read it if bothers that much.

      1. It’s not about whether it bothers me or not, it’s about realizing the consequences that it can have on ROK readers, especially to those new on the red pill realm.

    2. Just because a black man wrote this doesn’t mean we endorse black culture. I did not find anything he said about it. If anything, the article promotes being a better man.

    3. I didn’t get that from the article. Pretty much what I understood was to be the best you can be and not to regress to the stereotype. Sure the gangstas and thugs can gangbang all the white chicks they want and in the end how do they end up? They got lots of white woman goo on their schlongs but most of them end up bankrupt…Fidy??? Slay the ladies while you have the motivation to be ripped and making bank. It’s a marathon not a 100 metre………

    4. True given the fact that The Worlds Strongest Man is dominated by Whites since inception 50 years ago

  4. I’ve always disliked the culture of extreme thirst by African American males that legitimizes obese, lazy, slutty poor value women.
    If black men were more like Donovan with their own African American women then perhaps they wouldn’t be in such a sorry state we see today.

    1. I agree. In our community simps are the majority that worship women as gods. Viewing women as anything else goes against the norm. Over 70% of bm raised by women, any surprise?

        1. I don’t get something, I keep hearing Be-once defended as “talented.” How?
          She sings well enough with autotune, but then who doesn’t? She can mimic a few dance moves most novice strippers can do. She doesn’t write her own material. And she’s post-wall self-destructing her career in real-time. That’s talent? Thought it was just under par.

        2. She is fat, ugly and without talent and somehow has more money than the dream version of me wishes for…that’s gotta be some kind of skill and I wouldn’t mind having it

        3. She’s a woman, she’s a black woman, she’s a feminist. That’s where her praise primarily comes from.

        4. I find it amusing how none of her fans call her out for so-called ‘white girl hair.’

        5. Think about Will I Am. The guy can’t sing, dance, play an instrument or anything. He has literally zero skill aside from wearing bizarre clothes and talking into a mod, and he’s turned that into millions. Must be doing something right.

        6. Think about Will I Am. The guy can’t sing, dance, play an instrument or anything. He has literally zero skill aside from wearing bizarre clothes and talking into a mod, and he’s turned that into millions. Must be doing something right.

        7. There’s this new thing called the internet where you can find that kind of information.

        8. He’s more of a rapper/lyricist then singer. I saw him and the Black Eyed Peas live when I was in my early 20s.
          He’s an amazing artist and can dance his ass off. I have never heard someone critic him the way you have.
          You don’t have to like him but man, lets not pretend like he’s some version of Britney Spears.
          You don’t get to his level, especially during the era he did, if you aren’t gifted.

        9. Considering that most of her fans dream about having a long, silky weave, it’s not shocking that they wouldn’t criticize Beyonce. Just remember, black women spend over 500 million dollars per year on their hair, most of which is spent in the attempt to make it NOT LOOK LIKE THE HAIR THEY WERE BORN WITH.

        10. Her hair is naturally less curly than most black women given her creole (mixed) heritage.

        11. They blast little kim for changing her skin color but not themselves for weave that makes them look like another race. Smfh the cognative disconnect is unreal.

      1. Thank God I came from a household where both parents are still married to date. If it weren’t for the fact of my dad drilling in me what it means to be a man, let alone a black man, I could have easily been like the hoodlums on the streets.
        Being an Alpha requires having standards not only for yourself, but also of people around you. That goes beyond the tone of your skin.

    2. Indeed. I’m seeing fit black guys hitting on hamplanets. Wtf is on their minds?

        1. Only in the long run this spawns more of them. Why should Cindy work out for flat abs at the gym when fatass Grizhelda is still picking up dudes? Soon they both join Klub Krispy Kreme.

      1. Not just ham planets, but the angriest, most hostile, out right belligerent white women you can find, either cussing their man out, or yelling at one of their several illegitimate children. I’ve only “dated” one black chick but she was a Trini girl, so I don’t have much to reference, but are black women that awful that black guys seek out the bottom of bottom of the barrel white chicks AND tolerate their bullshit? My sincere sympathies if so.

        1. I’m Afro-Latino and YES, most black women are awful. However, that still doesn’t justify going after white trash. White women that hang out with black women are just as bad as black women.

        2. I lived in a big West indies community in my youth, and yeah, a lot of these chicks were ball breakers but they weren’t outright hogs with nasty attitudes and overt hostility, not to the level I have seen with fat White girls paired off with black guys. Huh things must have gone downhill real fast in the last twenty years

        3. Black females – I refuse to call them “women” – are disgusting, revolting, sub-human apes.

        4. Maybe you can correct me or whatever, but my take on black guys/white girls is that’s it’s status related, and also that black women totally, horribly, disgustingly, monumentally abuse black men. Now, I feel for the guys because the white women they get, if they be substitutes for what’s available in the black community, turn out just as bad. And might also explain the white trash unwed moms. . . The guy’s around long enough to reproduce, and then’s had enough and books.

        5. There’s some truth to the status element. In my personal opinion, the black community has the LEAST amount of attractive women in comparison to other ethnicities. It’s hard to find a black woman that I’d be proud to be in public with. They exist, but they’re hard to find. I’ve given up.
          I’m from NYC and to be perfectly honest with you, when I see a black dude with a Latina or White girl, they’re more often than not better looking than he is.
          I used to have a buddy in college who was black and looked like a gargoyle in the face, but he was extremely friendly, extroverted, and socially intelligent. One day I saw him coming into class holding hands with a hot brunette. I couldn’t believe it at the time(this was years before I learned game and still believed that looks are everything).
          At the end of the day, shit men get with shit women and quality men get with quality women. A quality man would rather be single that be with a fugly girl…regardless of race.

        6. Maybe 40 years ago but I think now its just a physical presence or something different. Like some guys love blondes and other don’t.

      2. Some Africans, especially Nigerians, value fat women as this may signal social status: a fat woman means you’re wealthy enough to afford lots of food, at least I’m pretty sure that’s what I read once upon a time. I’m not sure why that should still be a factor for African Americans, who should have bred out that logic long ago

        1. I thought that worked the other way round… A fat man implies wealth. I don’t think many men are marrying a fat chick, or any chick for that matter, for her wealth.

        2. There is one culture, I think its in Nigeria, where it’s a high status thing to have a fat wife. I don’t think the guy has to be fat, nor perhaps does the girl have to be fat before you marry / date her, but it’s not until you’ve fattened her up on cassava and yam or whatever that you can say you’ve arrived. You can then take her out on the town (before you were too ashamed presumably) show her off to passers by and everybody will think, “wow that guy must be a millionaire: his missus is enormous.

        3. Many women in Africa developed a genetic trait for carrying extra fat in the ass, much like a camel’s hump. This trait was passed on to many AA women. That is why they do not adjust well to rich, processed diets in Western countries. Why do you think many blacks like the bubble butt? It is genetic memory. Hamplanets do not bother them. My question is, if White women are so valued, why should we be listening to some mud encouraging them being bred out?

        4. the point is they’re just women, they shouldn’t be ‘so valued’, and if you read through other articles on this site you’ll soon find yourself corrected on that count. I’m mud coloured like the author, and I didn’t read it as trying to encourage “them to be bred out’. Race-mixing is still comparatively rare. For the record as far as I’m aware nobody here supports what’s happening with regard to the refugee crisis or is positive about mass immigration

        5. Yup definitely near on the top of the list.
          I’ll give you a hint, it’s sort of if you mixed Santa Claus’ and if you saw that Hollywood movie Schindler’s List, that kind of list together.

        6. They’re women, they’ll do anything to get the best male option they can!

        7. Images changed. In the Middle ages and Renaissance “corpulant” women were painted to show their men had the wealth to overfeed them. But the women they always lusted after were the chambermaids kept clean for the sake of the household, and kept thin by starvation and constant labor. Ah, the good old days. . .

        8. Oh totally. It’s a manufactured crisis that the Jews and power elite who support both political sides are profiteering from. Get this; we have laws to deal with it, but everybody acts like we don’t, and all the political coverage from both sides is about. . “We need laws. . .” In the meantime society is crumbling.

        9. Myth, other way around especially sinice it’s hard to fatten up on african food

        10. Thin and fit girls are the best in bed and I find them to be the most feminine too. Fat is uggggly!

        11. It seems to be well documented though. Maybe they have MacDonalds out there now

        12. Women are VALUED, how do you think your dick got here? We bring life into this world, has some respect for your Mother! I bet she would slap you if she saw this.

        13. And men do the same thing….2 sides to every street and you can’t stay one ONE WAY too long

        14. I didn’t say they shouldn’t valued. I was suggesting they were overvalued i.e. by this generally female centric and not infrequently female worshipping culture.

        15. why should you be worshiped as a God? we create life, we bring life into this world…ever heard of Mother Nature? How do you think you got your self into this world… A WOMAN…your MOTHER!

        16. err. I don’t think I should be. As for mothers a dutiful mother deserves the respect, due to her, nothing more. Goddess worship is silly feminist, witchy nonsense

        17. It is praise for a woman, not witchcraft, it is how we are treated as woman and celebrated, not worshiped as a figure head, or burning sacrifices, having fun picking on me I see you have responded to a lot of my posts…lol

        18. I own a RED 350Z and when my date walks me to my car the first thing out of his mouth is ” Can I drive your car” I say “NO” never another date with them either. So I ride my bike from now on and meet for coffee instead, then there are no judgments

        19. praise is important, as a means of providing people with appropriate positive & negative criticism, but this should be along the lines of, “well done, have a biscuit” rather than any kind of celebration or anything. Got to keep it proportionate

        20. Nice car. You should definitely let your date drive your car. Why would you be so mean like that?

        21. providing she drives no faster than you communicate on disqus it would be more or less tolerable

        22. you work at home, and are too lazy to even check your disqus, so I guess you probably eat pies then

        23. you must either be bored or lonely hanging out on here im in Hawaii and surf early mornings like now

      3. The majority of attractive women are on extra-strength hypergamy, which means they’re looking for a specific combination of looks, money, and influence. Unfortunately, most black men don’t have all of these things. Those with the looks but little to no money tend to gravitate towards the black hoodrats and white trailer-park queens. Those with the money but either sub-par looks or no game tend to end up with overweight black women (whom they usually meet at the church fish fry); attractive, educated white women aren’t into them because they know they can just find a smart, well-paid white guy to cast their lot in with. So for most black guys, the pickings are just slim.

        1. Good observations. Also, women constantly think about trading up. And they might get horny about a black guy, but won’t go out with him because of the reputation. Notably, most white guys won’t go out with a white girls who went black, not from racial prejudice, but because they fucking KNOW the girls have social and personal problems. Gee, it’s so hard for the poor snowflakes to have to decide based on what they want to get out of people.

        2. A Black with looks?When does a retarded gorilla ever look attractive to a human.These girls get involved with them as an act of self hate just as surely as others cut or mutilate themselves.

        3. Well, look at it this way. On the rare occasions that a black man and white woman get together, it’s usually the worst and dimmest of both races getting together, leaving the best and brightest white women in the white race. To put it another way, your Flava Flavs end up getting with the Rebel Wilsons, leaving the Victoria Beckhams and Rhonda Rouseys out there for the Trumps of the world to grab up. Most educated or well-paid black guys opt to stay on their side of the fence, and usually end up settling down with women who go to their local church and who oftentimes happen to look like Gabby Sidibe.

        4. Keeping telling yourself that James Adams. More and more whiter women are dating men of all colors.

        5. Jose – You do know Ronda Rousey’s great-grandfather was black? So, does means she’s off your list now? And, Victoria Beckham has hit the proverbial wall. Surely, you can come up with a lists of better looking white women.

        6. Okay **dramatically cracks knuckles** let’s do this. I was just dropping appetizers last time, but here’s the buffet: Irina Shayk, Ashley Benson, Minka Kelly, Jennifer Lawrence (who’d be a “9” if she ever learned how to shut up), Mina Kunis, Kaley Cuoco, Brooklyn Decker, Eliza Dushku, Sara Michelle Gellar (who’d be a 9 if she fixed that nose) **stops to catch breath** Hayden Panettiere, Emilia Clarke, Melissa Benoist, and Olivia Wilde. Now, you ask a Mexican who the top Latin hotties are and all he can fall back on is Salma Hayek, (post wall), Jennifer Lopez (waaay past the wall), Michelle Rodriguez (who’s a lesbian) and Jessica Alba (who only claims her Latin heritage in movies like ‘Machete’). Ask a black guy to give examples of all these “hot sistas” that are allegedly running around all over the place, and all he can give you are the old stand-bys: Halle Berry, Beyoncé, Beyoncé with corn rows, Kerry Washington, and Zoe Saldana (who by the way is married to a white man). **Drops mic**

        7. Jennifer Lawrence got no boobs and that face is at best a “6”. Must be thinking of her money. You were good with Latinas except for Rodriguez.

        8. If you actually look at well off black men they have women of all types and manybare hardly black so… Where are you getting this from?
          The thing i really don’t get about people who cry about BM fucking white girls is the seething jealousy and entitlement that oozes from them when they go into it. I am willing to bet that they kill the vibe with any girl they meet and never have the introspective to realize that trying to stop someone from putting their dick where they want is fruitless.
          What happened to those of us who focus on the shit that matters? I never understood this stormfront dick policing nonsense.

      4. Their higher T levels means they feel sexually pleasure more readily and thus are less choosy.

        1. Groids don’t have higher T-levels, that is a myth. They’re IQ is just lower and since they resemble apes naturally they aren’t so choosy.

        2. You seem pretty enraged but are dually spitting statements with no proof. Care to provide examples of how the black side of the race has a low IQ or lack of higher T-Levels?

        3. LOL. You don know that the average “African American’s” IQ is retarded by white standards right. The average American dindu’s IQ is around 90. The actual African is below 80.

        4. You just reiterated your point without adding a provable statement. Looking into the work of Jelte Weicherts, you are potentially right if you go by the stats. However, Sierra Leone is listed highly at an average IQ of 91 while America is only 98. This is circa 2010 so these levels may have fluctuated a point or two. Seven points higher. Then you get another picture with the GDP per nation with America leading the world and Sierra Leone at number 153. Number 1 versus number 153 and the IQ difference is 7 points?! The place barely has a functioning ecosystem and this is what you choose to snub your nose at?

        5. Negros destroy everything everywhere they are. Look at every area in the U.S. where they are in majority. Look at the Baltimore, Ferguson, Mizzou, Chicago chimp outs. Look at their homeland, Apefrica. They never even managed to build a two-story building before Europeans came. They never invented a wheel. As white men our first duty on Earth is to protect our race. Which means our women and children. Negros rape and kill white women and children more than any other demographic. THAT IS OUR PROBLEM. You having a fantasy about Kobe Bryant or Lebron James dick doesn’t change this fact. You have no reason to defend dinuds. They do nothing for you.

        6. That is a provable statement. Look up IQ statistics. Better yet go to the ghetto and see for yourself. The question is why are you so engrossed with trying to prove dindu capability? Who are you? Hillary Clinton?

        7. Hillary Clinton? That was a slightly funny joke. The vast majority of ghettoes in America. Why would Africans need to build a two story building in arguably the hottest sphere on the planet? Would you want to get closer to the sun. You had no argument for my fact of the IQ of Sierrians being within 7 points of Americans. The issue of black ghettoes, well here is a funny point, ever think it has more to do with American culture and what it promotes?
          Small example, in the USA black people have a 52% ratio compared to their demographic size of committing a crime. Here is a direct quote: According to the US Department of Justice, blacks accounted for 52.5% of homicide offenders from 1980 to 2008, with whites 45.3% and “Other” 2.2%. The offending rate for blacks was almost 8 times higher than whites, and the victim rate 6 times higher. Most homicides were intraracial, with 84% of white victims killed by whites, and 93% of black victims killed by blacks. Gives more credence to whites kill whites and blacks kill blacks a lot more leverage. You want to go by just the numbers, they are just disproportionate so 13% of the population committing such a high level of murders gave your your limited world view.
          Let’s look across the pond at our UK compatriots. Almost 80 percent of all arrest are white. They are also about 88 percent of the population. Black people are arrested 8% of the time with only 2% of the population as their basis. Still disproportionate with the size but more in leaning with the overall expectations. What is UK doing so differently where their problem comes from whites and America’s comes from blacks?
          Simple, in America, centuries were spent vilifying one group of people to specifically make another look better where if left without the additional propaganda, the numbers of crime or in proportion to the population size. The UK is also ranked higher in IQ than Americans whereas America has the higher GDP. I’ll leave it at that for now since I expect you not see how we caused our own crime problem in the USA.

        8. You and donovan should coauthor an article on how dindu men can date white cucko-sexual men.

        9. In London: 54 percent accused of street crimes were black; for robbery, 59 percent; and for gun crimes, 67 percent.
          Vilification of a group causes behavioral activities, not nature? That is a popular radical extremist left-wing argument I hear from the Bernie Sanders crowd all the time. Since Whites are the most vilified group now by the mainstream media, we should be the most violent by your logic.

        10. By who? Random declaration of victory from nowhere lol, LSD and the internet don’t mix my friend

        11. Let the dindu and his cuck lover fellate each other. Their fantasy world where dindus have high IQ doesn’t matter IRL.

        12. Are you seriously trying to use a bunch of goofy cooked up stats to claim negros are not more violent than other races by nature? Are you retarded? Everywhere on earth that they are is a violent hell. Detroit, Fergusson, South Chicago, South KC, Baltimore, etc. etc. APEFRICA. LOL. You must be a liberal university professor at Mizzou.

        13. Atlanta disproves your stats. It is not on the murder index, while it may have it’s own issues, and it is predominantly black. You mentioned the same states in your prior argument. The information Smasher stated is the most represented portion that still fails to look at the incarcerated numbers. Anyone can be accused of a crime. I care about who is getting incarcerated. Do you get the difference between accusation and result? Incarceration is result, accusation is improvable idea until it is proven.
          No one is discounting the gross crime ratio. But you are cherry picking information. In America the majority in prison are black. In the UK the majority in prison are white. In clear results, in America I would do wise to fear black people. In the UK I would do wise to fear white people. Two countries, different apes to worry about. Stick to what you know, accusations and fear mongering.
          EDIT: You actually stated I was using cooked up facts when Smasher was pulling information from the same source I was??
          “Are you seriously trying to use a bunch of goofy cooked up stats to claim negros are not more violent than other races by nature?”

        14. Do you really think whites are just as likely to commit violent crimes as dindus?

        15. If you are white you should be ashamed of yourself. You won’t even stand up to protect your race and your women because of your own little fear of dindus. Trying to cover it up with your goofy SJW stats is shameful. If a man won’t protect his women, children, and his culture he is less than dirt.

        16. I don’t think about it. I read papers and the prison index. I know men who have committed crimes on both index as well. If they are black they tend to go to prison or get deported in America and I never see them again. If they are white in America, it becomes a funny story about being ‘young and dumb’ but rarely as violent a crime. What Wonder Bread world do you envision where white people do not commit violent crimes? Is it the same world where white women suddenly became mudsharks and weren’t sleeping with black men since before slavery was a concept in America? Clearly you have an issue with black men as the article stated non white men. Indian, Asian, and Hispanic all count as non white men but you just went and threw in the non white men you fear the most.
          On your additional comment, we, Smasher and I, are reporting information from the same source. A quick Google search will bring up the exact article we both drew from. I don’t argue with facts unless there is a better source of facts to disprove them. Instead of merely bringing statements, disprove me with facts.

        17. Stupid ass
          Whites have to teach blacks how to catch rainwater in a rainforest in Haiti.
          The group of well intentioned but foolish whites is called Raincatchers.
          Negroes are idiots incapable of sustaining a 1st world civilization let alone building one.

        18. Don’t be obtuse. You only stated a portion of the source which I pulled my information from. Why didn’t you address my point of the incarceration figures?
          Using leftism and Sanders arguments doesn’t disprove any of the facts I pointed out. Why denigrate to name calling and don’t you aim for my facts instead of pointing to numbers that are skewed from the full on criminal percentage? Do I need to do your work as well as to why the percentage pr individual crimes from the UK is in fact grossly smaller in comparison to the USA numbers in regards to crime?
          Whites are vilified as a group far more than they were in the past. Especially actively pursuing males in college, as well as in resource articles stating they should do more in regards to repenting for past crimes committed by prior generations. Whites in the UK commit a majority of the violent crimes where in the USA they do not. Accusations do not solely make a group criminal.
          Obviously it is a mix of nature and nurture as crime is an issue in UK, yet in other white nations, several are marked as the safest to visit and inhabit in the world.

        19. The Bell Curve documents it all. EVERY major IQ test over decades, even those adjusted for cultural bias reveal the same truth, that there is a hierarchy of intelligence on average among the races. Whites are not at the top, so take any accusations of supremacy elsewhere. Sub-Saharans are at the bottom. They are one of the few groups whp never encountered Denisovan or Neanderthal peoples and mixed with them.
          With this is a direct correlation with scientific development, GDP, and quality of life index. There is also a correlation with school test scores and how areas which become predominantly black deviate to the mean IQ of their people. Guns, Germs and Steel makes some valid claims but ignores much.
          I do not understand why people think evolution of different groups stopped at the shoulders, never touching the head. It is anti-scientific and shows a total lack of understanding for sub species or even breeds.

        20. Atlanta is a Craphole:
          Atlanta named No. 9 ‘Most Dangerous’ city | 11alive.com
          Atlanta named No. 9 ‘Most Dangerous’ city 6:28 PM, … But in Atlanta, the violent crime rate is down … * Track crime where you live with 11Alive’s interactive Spot …

        21. Depends on your standards. It is still not on the murder capital list like many other cities in America.
          On your opinion, because you found one source that was different from mine it does more to discredit both outside of the consistent numbers. And even then this does not suggest accuracy.
          Actually read something a while back on the innate levels of intelligence versus nutrition levels and how this factors into potential. Would you know that, poor, hungry people tend to have lower IQs on average than well fed nations.

        22. Nice try j ew
          It’s a top 20 most violent city i.e. a craphole and that’s because of its blacks like every other inner city

        23. That’s the welfare state, why aren’t mentioning that this happened after the great society programs by LBJ

        24. Evolution is a theory, remember that.
          Also it’s the fact that UN essentially sanctions the entire continent

        25. Looks like your IQ is below the national average. How did you ever graduate University? Oh wait, you never did! Let me guess, you are a high school drop out?

        26. “Evolution is a theory.” OK. Neanderthals and Denisovans never existed. People never changed to adapt to their environment. Some African woman never developed fat storage in their rears to preserve nutrients for when needed. Pygmies, Aborigines, and Nords are all the same. Doctors do not have to tailor treatments by race. Scientists can’t really discern the race of bodies by skull shape, bone density and genetic testing. It is all a lie. Because you think so.

        27. Ah I see twisting terminology?
          It’s a theory meaning that it’s not 100%.
          “Some African woman never developed fat storage in their rears to preserve nutrients for when needed.”
          Same couled be said of any ETHNICITY, if you’re going to use abnormal traits as arguments.
          “Doctors do not have to tailor treatments by race”
          Actually they don’t considering it’s just a freaking check up.
          Actual cures, surgeries, and anomalies don’t require “skin color”.
          Bone density varies among all humans, and genetic testing only proves ancestry.
          Nice appeal to authority argument.
          Really a 5 second Google search of evolution would tell you that it’s a THEORY.

        28. Funny, how you LEAVE out Atlanta, and D.C. where blacks are the majority. Blacks are not the majority in Chicago. As far as Ferguson, it was PROVED that the cops were biased toward black residents.

        29. You can go to the inner city and I’ll be in Appalachia talking to white people of similar low intellect. Highest meth and opiate use rate is predominately non-white enclaves.

        30. The fat storage is common. in AA. Treatments are not checkups. Density varies by ethnicity on average. You are dumb as fuck.

        31. Didn’t say that it wasn’t most people outside of Europe are lactose intolerant is that an argument?
          Ad hominem won’t help you

        32. denisovan and neanderthal admixture exists in africa,just at low levels that very advanced tests can locate,butnot normal anaylsis.
          also africans are mostly Herders and farmers,not hunter-gatherers,africa ismostly plains and not tropical wetlands.only central africa and some small coastal areas in africa have tropical rainforest.

      5. The groids shouldn’t be allowed to hit on any white women. Justice for dindus like donovan is coming.

        1. Exactly. And don’t forget justice for the race-traitor white women. That day is coming. 14/88

        2. Man, you guys are gonna have get over white women dating men of color. It’s the 21st century. Walk in any major city downtown area and you see white women with men of all colors holding hands and looking happy as hell. You cannot stop it, as the world turns more darker with each passing yearz, more and more white women will have no problem publicly dating men of color.

        3. LMAO, many of YOUR brothers are SHAMELESSLY banging oriental poon! Asian chicks slaying white sausage left and right! Somewhere, Chinese males are seething just as much as YOU!

        4. Pull yourself up by your bootstraps. Quit blaming black men for your problems. If you can’t attract a white woman, then make yoursef more attractive. Your victim-mentallity is cringeworthy.
          (See how this argument works both ways?)

    3. Take this upvote. The thirst is too real and for no reason. I won’t sit on a high horse and say I’ve never lowered my standard to a disgusting level, but that level was reached btwn 3-6am and forgotten. It was when I realized that it was better to call it a night alone then the fear of one of my top tier companions seeing me stoop so low. It pains me that I have two good looking, fit, social, male cousins that for whatever reason wifed two of the lowest value women in aesthetics and character I have ever seen, literally. To make matters worse they grew up well into their 20s only having the cream of the crop on their arm.

    4. While it may have started as black men only really being able to get the worst white women and im talking about good black men it has moved past it. It has become normal and as higher status white women have realized that black culture is one of the last racial alpha centric cultures in the US they have gone to sleeping with black guys more and more. Now that doesn’t mean they are settling down with them, most will settle for a white hubby who is happy to be cucked while they get plowed between PTA meetings by Mr. Hood but the dynamic has changed from even 10 years ago.
      10 years ago every black guy I knew dating a white chick had a major disparity in SMV, the women were either heavy, ugly or total absolute trash.
      Now we are seeing pretty much every college chick taking a ride on the liquerish stick. The only difference is that black men do seem to be less caring about women who only carry an extra 20-30 lbs.

      1. Women, pathetic herd creatures that they are will do anything that the tv or iPhone displays to them as new and cool.
        Right now that is miscegenation.
        While I don’t have a problem with any man of any race learning game to improve himself, once I find out a white whore has fucked a black dude I wouldn’t touch the bitch with a ten foot pole.
        You can call me whatever I don’t give a FUCK. Just one more reason to burn this motherfucker down.
        White women you are fucking disgraceful and deserve to be the evolutionary dead ends you now are.

        1. I remember thinking as a kid, maybe 10 or 12 years old : “The Media has turned black women into absolute trash and whores. Mexican women are not far behind and neither are white women”. Lowe and behold 20 some odd years later I was right. The only culture that across the board still seems to have women with values are Asians. I see why a lot of the very well off guys I know have Asian wives or at the very least Eastern European wives.

        2. Ive seen some feminine asians but some crazy whores too. I haven’t been outside the USA yet so can only comment about the ones here.
          TBS, even if I found a solid asian girl im not sure I would care to start a family with her. I just don’t want my kids to look asian. I want them to look like ME.

        3. There are hot, white college women selling their eggs for a premium. Not sure how an Asian wife would take it being an incubator.

        4. Yeh no what you mean , I’m a light skin Hispanic could pass for Italian sometimes my brother and I have dated dark skinned Dominicans or dark skinned woman from other Hispanic races , I have no problems with it or who my brother dates , but I got to admit It it’s the truth when I see a white chick with a black man it turns me off don’t know why . By the way your site rules savagelifestyle

        5. Thanks for the support brother. I’m a half Italian half Anglo but I look very Mediterranean. I have been thought by random strangers that I was Arab on several occasions or Hispanic when I was younger and had a shaved head.
          Growing up in the Bible Belt of USA gave me an interesting perspective because of this.

        6. Why would you be turn off by as you mentioned a white chick with a black man? When essentially someone can say the same thing about you dating darker complexion Latin women.

      2. Not really Savage Lifestyle
        Interracial dating is in the single digits, and done by the sheep follower degenerates who want to emulate Kim Kartrashian

      3. We shouldn’t conflate the fake world of Hollywood and the porn industry with real life. Just because a few weed-head white chicks in L.A. will bang the occasional rapper, football player, and porn star doesn’t mean it’s an epidemic. You’re still gonna see an overwhelming majority of white women dating and marrying white men. Remember that stat that said a black man had to make over $100,000.00 more than a white man to get a shot at dating them? That’s no lie. And even when black guys do get wealthy, the few white girls who do gravitate toward them still tend to be from the low end of the totem pole. That’s b/c these guys could only catch pudgy trailer park queens when they were broke, and they’re still in that mindset even after they get money b/c those were the kind of women they were used to dating. Look at Charles Barkley. If anything, white guys should be giving black guys medals for taking all of the pudgy white 2’s and 3’s, weed-heads and baby mamas off of their hands.

        1. LMAO that is BS. What report says that!? Second, a lot white guys are hypocrites, plowing petite Asian women with reckless abandon!

        2. Jose – You’re delusional if you think it would take that much money over a white man to date white women. I’m located in Washington,DC and I can tell you with certainty white women from law and corporate firms, to include white women on Capitol Hill are dating all men of color. I see it every day. And, I am talking sorority type white women. You know the type, perfect teeth, educated and connected. Keep believing that false narrative you’ve typed. The world is charging everyday.

        3. http://home.uchicago.edu/~hortacsu/onlinedating.pdf
          Info’s on page 28. And that’s being kind. You heard what Terry “Hollywood Hogan” Bollea had to say about it, and his daughter isn’t exactly anything to write home about.
          That being said, the perception I referenced above didn’t come out of the ether. To give you a brief history lesson, we all know about Black Wall Street, Rosewood, Jim Crow, and the like. Then the Civil Rights Movement came about. For the first time in decades, Black Americans had the world’s attention, and just when they were right on the cusp of effecting real change in terms of how they were treated by others and how they were perceived by the world…nothing happened. Like Ra’s Al Ghul explained to Bruce about Gotham in ‘Batman Begins,’ the black community went into a kind of stasis, and has been limping along ever since. Where are all the black corporations? Where are all the black hedge fund managers, engineers, and architects? Where in the black community is the imprimatur of status, power, wealth, and influence that would lead people to say, “you know, I’ve got no problem with this guy dating my daughter, he comes from a strong community that’s got its shit together.” Instead, you’ve got a lot of welfare recipients, a lot of blacks who work for businesses owned by whites, and a shitload of entertainers. You can’t hardly name one black CEO but you can certainly name a bunch of guys who can dribble a ball or do the dougie. Look back at the 70’s and 80s. In the aftermath of the civil rights movement, where there should have been black businesses stacked on top of one another, you had Motown, the Moon Walk, Rick James, and Magic Johnson.
          While it’s true that Game is about keeping your looks together and having a confident attitude, nothing’s more alpha than owning your own shit and using said shit to effect change in the world around you. A lot of black guys I know talk about how much they love mob movies, but they never get the main message those movies tried to convey. It’s not about the clothes or the guns. Like Tony Montana in ‘Scarface’ and Jack Nicholson’s character in ‘The Departed’ tried to tell them (and it just went right over their heads) it’s about money and power. Though it pains me to say it, drug dealers of all races (the real ones, not the crash test dummies getting pinched on the street corners) get this. They’re their own boss, they don’t punch a clock, they usually have some crooked cops in their pocket, and they can throw around thousands of dollars at a time. That’s why a drug dealer that looks like Lil’ Wayne can date black, white, Hispanic, and Asian women who look like supermodels, while you’ve got black guys who work at Best Buy and UPS who end up with Mo’Nique because no other woman will even look in their direction.

        4. And by the way, you describe these DC women as having “perfect teeth” and being “educated and connected.” That literally tells me NOTHING about whether they’re hot or not. In fact, as we all know, usually the more educated a woman is, the homelier and dumpier she is, because she had no choice but to hit the books b/c guys weren’t knocking down her door trying to date her. Besides, from what I’ve heard, you’re not gonna find a lot of 8’s 9’s, and 10’s in DC, anyway. Remember Roosh’s article, “15 Reasons Why Washington DC Sucks for Men”? Besides, these women may be dating guys “of all colors,” but I’m betting at least 90% of these guys have Hispanic or Southern European backgrounds. Show me a picture with a bunch of black guys hanging out with hot white chicks in DC, and I’ll believe you. Pics or it didn’t happen.

      4. Spot on post! And, in another 10 years white women really will not have a problem dating and marrying all men of color. This is what white men fear the most. Just look at the comments and name calling on this article. White men are losing their grip on their women with each passing year.

        1. This is why i suggest people stop being game deniers and dick police and get to work.

    5. A pretty ignorant comment you have made here @disqus_avStPwlgXZ:disqus . You clearly have no idea what AA or black men are like. Take it from me, as the man you are talking about, you’re wrong.

      1. You could be absolutely anyone with a black man avatar. This is the internet, il take you with a grain of salt.

    6. Good stuff here, Donovan but I say expand on this a bit in your next article.
      Men should be looking for quality (feminine) women. Older men need to pass that knowledge down to younger men (set them straight). I’m sure everyone here has a preference but when you get down to it, it’s about having a standard when picking out women.
      I would rather go home, alone, after a night out then waste any of my valuable time on trash (white, black, or other). That is where all men need to come together.
      Have a god damn standard when it comes women in the first place and you can’t go wrong.
      The number one Iron Rule for me is: If she has kids, she’s out. Why? Because I’m not supporting some trash and I’m not supporting some other man’s damn kids.
      Another Iron Rule for me: If she doesn’t appear feminine, act feminine, dress or take pride in her appearance then she is out.
      The type of woman you pick is direct reflection upon you. If she’s trash and you pick her, then you’re trash – that’s your standard. Have a higher standard.

      1. this guy is explaining how he is using white guilt and being friendly with white males only to fuck white females and you are congratulating him. Where are your standards? How does it feel to indirectly take care of biracial children to black deadbeat fathers and retarded white women who were only trying to be fashionable by paying into a welfare system that blacks and latinos use as a way of life

        1. You completely missed his point and on another note the majority of people on welfare are whites so don’t be so stupid and blinded by racism. Take a psych course or two, it will help you function better around people

    7. Yeah man, there’s a hell of a lot of issues between black men and women. They hate each other.

  5. And now, we’re gonna see the comment sections filled with alt-righters and WN’s for the next few days. Donovan, why do you keep writing these clickbait articles?

    1. They are all having their group circle jerk. They will come out later to bitch about how it is everyone’s fault but their own that they are total dogshit.
      I swear that they are methodologically, intellectually and emotionally indistinguishable from feminists, black lives matter and fat bitches.

      1. there’s an interesting faultline with those guys: manosphere friendly in theory but they pedestalise their womenfolk.

        1. I actually think they aren’t manosphere friendly in reality. It’s more of a show. At least for me the manosphere is interesting partly because there seems to be a shared belief in absolute responsibility for ones actions. You are fat? Fuck you eat right and work out. You are poor? Fuck you, work harder make more money?
          Even with women…you having problem getting laid? Yes women suck, but it isn’t their fault….fuck you and get out there and learn to bang them.
          This is in stark contrast to SJW’s, Feminists, Fatties, etc.
          Not enough money? FUck them they should give you more. Fat and ugly? Fuck them they should consider you beautiful. Can’t get laid? Fuck them social identity? etc.
          That to me is the deepest divide between us and them. The things we fail at we blame ourselves, push ourselves harder and keep trying. The things they fail at they look to blame.
          It would seem to me that the stormfront faggots are firmly in league with feminists, SJW’s etc. They are just dressed up like manosphere. The are to the manosphere what bruce jenner is to being a woman.

        2. “The are to the manosphere what bruce jenner is to being a woman.”
          Ha, not sure they’ll like that. You’re right about the responsibility issue, and that’s the reason why manosphere ‘analysis’ of affairs doesn’t get out of hand: i.e. situation X might have arisen for this or that reason, but ultimately taking responsibility for the situation requires analysis Y. There is sometimes a degree of shared analysis, but the points of contact are generally slender. I do sometimes understand where they are coming from, but they always come across as despairing.

        3. You articulated what I’ve been thinking from the recent comments on articles. Everything is everyone else’s fault now. They aren’t even in the same league as the ones you named bc at least, though their tactics are shit and emotion based, those groups actually get off the keyboard and do something about it. You have a problem with something, take action, period.

        4. If they don’t like it they have the option to stop being such faggy castrated cunts and grow themselves a heart, cock and brain. Seeing as this is probably not going to happen they also have the option of jerking each other off while complaining that I am a race traitor. Either way…whatevs.
          I am sure there is some shared analysis. On a Venn Diagram I probably have a couple of points of intersection with their beliefs somewhere. They are just such wusses though that I can’t be bothered taking them seriously.

        5. I haven’t visited Stormfront in a while, but it does seem to get rather vicious very quickly. I think their main resemblance to feminists is that they are emotionally incontinent, hence all the death-threats etc

        6. That is bad…but there is also a deep aversion to self improvement. It is always about how they are being held down by this group or that. They all sound like impotent sissies to me.

        7. the strength of the manosphere proper, that’s to say the red pill community, is that it aims to be realist in its analysis and pragmatic. It doesn’t pull punches. Or rather it doesn’t to the extent that its self-interest requires it. Pragmatism and emotional continence are closely related IMO. They lack that

        8. Very glad Roosh called them out on their cuck mentality. There is no reason a man should be so focused on a person from another side of their race sleeping with their women. One, it isn’t the majority of sexual encounters. Two, the mere fact that is your focus shows how much of a bitch you are in your own life. And three, there is a tinge of homosexuality to it as their is so many women in the world, you could never hope to even see all the beautiful women let alone sleep with them, so, why, in God’s name, would you care about another man’s penis? Especially one you profess to be inferior to your’s?

        9. pretty much spot on. I think there is truth in all three of those points. The truth is, they probably will never be man enough to keep a woman because they are all latent homosexuals and as such are angry at the interracial couples because, in reality, they are the ones who want to be riding the Mississippi black snake.

        10. I’m one of the Daily Stormer types and I don’t pedestalize women at all. I also don’t deny the Holocaust. I just believe in nationalism and extreme social conservatism.

        11. You seem reasonable so I’ll pose this question, is it possible to build the same vigor, values, and moral fiber from instead of looking at it from a nationalist standpoint to an advancement of the species perception? You can have a mixed group of people who can agree on many conservative values. Thoughts..

        12. Well that doesn’t sound too bad. It’s just on the occasions I’ve perused, there have tended to people who are rather less in control of their emotions (that’s a euphemism actually). Each group has its own interests but its a question of how they advance / defend them perhaps

        13. I’m not a nationalist OR a race segregationist, but I find it odd how the race separatists here get tons of hate, when there is a strong pro-nationalist vibe on ROK. So I’m supposed to have a magical allegiance to people I have nothing in common with other than geographic proximity, but banding together on the basis of cultural and physical similarity (race) is idiotic?
          I feel far more in common with someone who looks and talks like me than someone who was just born under my same government. And in either case, I prefer outside traditional cultures over ones based on my race or nation, meaning I respect the conservative latino and Asian cultures and feel an alliance with them more so than an American slutwalk or white pride march.
          Perhaps if there WAS a white traditional culture that was standing up to democracy, liberalism, feminism, and equalism, I could support and respect it. But Germany, Sweden, etc. they are all cucked. I suppose Russia is mostly white but it has its own set of problems.

        14. There are two primary factors at play here. The first is freedom of association and the second is a matter of general probability. The short answer to your question is, yeah, sure, but why shouldn’t a sovereign primarily racially pure people with an established dominant culture be allowed to remain as such. I mean look at Japan. It is simply far easier to maintain societal cohesiveness when there are as many common factors between individuals as possible.

        15. I think its a problem of presentation as well as the deluded altright white pussy pedestalizing types ruining it for general race realists. I’ve never been insulted on ROK for rationally explaining my views on race.

        16. If you want a good laugh, head over to the White Singles section of Stormfront.
          “Nordic Warrior seeks his Aryan princess…”

        17. ” you could never hope to even see all the beautiful women let alone
          sleep with them, so, why, in God’s name, would you care about another
          man’s penis? Especially one you profess to be inferior to your’s?”

        18. They’re that uncle by marriage that you try to avoid talking to during the family get-together at Christmas.

        19. I guess. But whats really to blame is the denigration of the moral fiber of the blanket American nationalistic culture that used to tie folk together.
          For instance, I was in the Army. Dudes from PR, the deep south, the inner city all got along damn fine under a common superculture.

        20. Why bc it’s a slippery slope. Once you achieve this in one nation, you will not want to magically stop, you will want to achieve that master race (any color) internationally. That’s an issue. And I’ve seen many people say it’s “far easier” to similar issues, that doesn’t mean you do it. Stop being lazy and figure out a way for it to work otherwise, that’s the world we live in in the states. When I hear that I can’t honestly believe the person has been around a gambit of people who offer value of diff backgrounds and instead only the stereotypical crowds that encourages them to become jaded.

        21. Here, we teach men to take responsibility for everything in their life, despite their backgrounds. The victims mentality is the easy route for those who think the world owes them. The world owes you nothing. You get out what you put in. There’s a reason for the saying, “You reap what you have sown.”

        22. https://yourlogicalfallacyis.com/slippery-slope.
          Lazy? What an absurd conjecture. I’m merely pointing out the optimal method for societal cohesion. My ancestry is a crucible of mixed European and non-arab Middle Eastern, and I live in Australia, I’ve been around a lot of different cultures, which is why I think they should be preserved, rather than diluted and destroyed by homogeny. Your argument while a logical fallacy in its own right also makes no damn sense, who is this absolute powerful ‘you’ whose going around forcing people to race segregate? And on a microscale this happens all the time, anyway. People tend to naturally associate with individuals who possess similar characteristics as them. The article has to tell black guys, hey make sure you have some white guy friends, because for most of them this is not the default. Figure out a way for it to work otherwise? The fuck for? Is it going to make a difference? The left has tried to eradicate ‘racism’ for years and all its done is create more conflict. Racism is a part of the human condition, and its not going anywhere.

        23. To start off with lazy clearly shows how much you digested from what I wrote. I’m not calling you that, but the ideal of “figuring out a way for it to work otherwise” does take work, hence not doing it would be considered lazy. And your link doesn’t hold water bc as you already acknowledged the holocaust, it was a created and condition by a man who had very strong beliefs in nationalism and a superior race; which is who I was referring to when I typed the comment. I agree that cultures should be preserved, but culture and race are two different things. You’re original answer said something along the lines of a racially pure (which you are not as you stated above) people with a established dominant culture. I am saying that you can have a established dominant culture with a heterogeneous population physically if all other factors are common. Hell it already exist with purports of feminism and SJWs indoctrinating countries, it is just not the established dominant culture you (or I) want. Your entire response is a formal fallacy; you ask why would you want to figure out a way for it to work, but also pointed out what the article tells black guys to do, clearly that’s an answer on a micro-scale–to help get women of different races.

        24. Race and culture are inextricably interlinked. The optimal method of preserving culture is preserving race. Realising the most optimal method to accomplish your goals isn’t lazy – it’s efficient. I largely don’t disagree with your statements, that was my opening line, sure, you can “make it work.” And in the current state of most western countries, well, you don’t really have much of a choice do you? Despite the micro-race segregation that naturally occurs within these nations. The common ground for my ancestry was broadly religion, Christianity, which in nations that are primarily Islamic, is quite a powerful binding force. One can be aware of both the ideal and the reality of a situation, while arguing the ideal is theoretically better even if it is not always realistic. In the United States, fine, short of genocide things aren’t shifting towards the ideal any time soon, but traditionally ethnically pure nations shouldn’t bow to external globalist forces to alter their racial makeup.

        25. I’d like to see an example of that. Because even the British/ Dutch White people in Northern US differ significantly from the Scots/ Irish Whites in the South and Appalachia. And think about how geographically close and culturally similar those two people groups have been historically. When I’m saying that I’m a nationalist it doesn’t mean that I LIKE nationalism, it just means that I recognize that the concept of nationhood is a force that exists whether we like it or not and we should adjust our policies accordingly. People naturally feel a sense of kinship with their people groups and are naturally suspicious and hostile towards people outside their group. Nationalism is like capitalism. Capitalism isn’t good or bad- it just IS.

        26. I agree to what you wrote, and you’re right ethnically pure nations shouldn’t have to make that bow to change especially when utilizing the most efficient method. You also hit the nail on the head from my viewpoint and that is in the west, short of genocide, there will not be a pure nation. Knowing this it serves in my, and others, best interest to figure out a way to optimize western culture that is conducive human progress, not race. Make no mistake, I know a bit about history, and the heterogeneous society that exists in the west is a new one that hasn’t been seen or at least vigorously recorded in the books, but I enjoy making the rules of the road–not being dictated to what there are and always have been.

        27. This is a fair criticism of some, but not all. I tend to think nationalism is another symptom of the problem I see in race segregationists.
          The people screaming the loudest for race segregation are almost always the people who benefit the most by being lumped into a group with better men.
          I would like to take a NARSALT approach, but literally every single one I have encountered is a total fucking moron. Somewhere above there is some guy yammering about white people and their average IQ of 90. My IQ dropped like 12 points just reading it. It would seem that he stands to gain for being identified in a group of people because as an individual it would be beastiality for most women to sleep with him based on his sub human intelligence.
          I can’t stand dead weight.

        28. To quote DMX: I’m tired of weak ass niggas whining over pussy that don’t belong to them. fucks wrong with them?

        29. They want mythical high quality white pussy to bear their white children with and when they find it in extremely short supply they rage impotently instead of becoming a high quality enough male to attain what they desire. Regrettably having your main focus in life being a specific idealised female naturally precludes becoming the sort of man that can attain it. I understand the natural inclinations that such men have, but they lose sight of the forest for the trees.

        30. That sounds about right.
          The same way that fat women are incapable of too too lazy to become pretty so instead they put out the notion that being fat is beautiful (BBW, real men want meat on bones etc) these guys are either too pathetic and weak to become better men or too lazy to do it and so they want to manufacture an idea where they are desirable by genetics (sometjinh they have without having to put in any work surprise surprise).
          You are also right: if they weren’t mongaloid troglodytes with homosexual tendencies they might be able to make themselves and actually achieving their own greatness their own first priority which might lead to them being higher quality. But they are too lazy for that.

        31. While I largely agree, statistically in terms of the sexual marketplace, white men as a group are more highly desired than other races. This is due to innate racist tendencies we all harbour, its simply the way we’ve evolved. Asian and Indian men are considered ‘intelligent, but weak’, black men are considered ‘masculine, but thuggish’ and white men are the happy medium. Nevertheless this is an all things equal scenario and only applies as a general slight edge. An overweight broke, boring white guy is still highly undersirable.

        32. While all of this may be true, the idea that a white guy would rely on a statistical average rather than his own merits would automatically put him in low value box afaic

        33. I agree that sort of mindset is mistaken. I just find social dynamics intriguing. In fact I tend to use it from the opposite spectrum. To be aware of any potential weaknesses I may have statistically so I can overcome them personally.

        34. That is an interesting pov. I am going to think through that one.

        35. You consider discussing masculine principles/issues with other like-minded men a “magical allegience?”
          I personally don’t come here to make close friends with anyone. Anonymous people on the internet are more of an abstraction to me.
          I have no issue with anyone who’s a nationalist, to each his own, but the respectful ones are far outnumbered by the incel, angry ones who comment here.

        36. Ever wonder about a rainbow nation like Brazil or the Dominican and why there are third world craphols, whilst being Mineral and resource rich?

        37. Nationalism = allegiance to others based on common national government
          Racism = allegiance to others based on color of their skin (race)
          (Both would be a quite poor way of making friends or allies.)

        38. Call me guilty, but I like toying with those idiots the most because they have a little something call cognitive bias. Not only is most of their information based on the thoughts of another, there is so much qualitative information available to suggest such linear thinking is at best a theory, it becomes an exercise in watching trained monkeys dance. Some monkeys are more entertaining than others to be sure, but they amuse me all the same. Sad to say, your original summary of their mentality before they arrived on the site was only proven tenfold by their presence.
          Funny but I imagine, if anyone who is a regular poster here were to get a IQ rating of under 100, they would wonder what is wrong with them. Only refuse praises being average.

        39. Yup. And while it is a guilty pleasure to have a little fun with them they get boring quick. Making fun of this one felt like trying to help a 20 year old girl learn English right after she drains your balls.
          I think you are spot on with average. Amazingly, despite most people being average (which is why it is called average) every single person thinks they are above average.
          i wish the stormfronters and other of their ilk would just come in, post quad erat demonstrandum and then go away

        40. Agreed. One mental midget is probably still waiting on a reply to his claim on Atlanta. Completely average in thinking that one is, not recognizing problems with people operate on a cyclical pattern; macro, then micro, then macro again. I could care less as he already proved he can neither offer succinct solutions or valid rebuttals. Thankfully they only have an ROK GPS for Donovan’s articles. Go figure. Exactly like white feminists hunting for false rape accusations on college campuses.

        41. 4 Million killed AT Auschwitz in the one room seen above IS the claim….. The largest of the so called death camps ( Holohoax)
          Man up or go kvetch away

        42. Ok, so the claim is that 4 million were killed in one room. In other words, the claim is not that 6 million were killed in one room. Which is all I said. Take your lithium. I never said that the Holocaust happened exactly as the conventional narrative says it did. But there is a difference between saying that not as many Jews died as people think or that they were not killed by gas as people think and saying that the Holocaust didn’t happen. The idea that the Jews made it up for sympathy points is what i was referring to as Holocaust denial. The idea that many Jews died, maybe even millions, but that it was through starvation and being worked to death and not gassing is called Holocaust revisionism. Different from denial.

        43. The icrc international Red Cross, had 72,000 j ews dead, in total.
          And they died from crapping on their floors rather than latrines, as General Patton wrote about in his diaries from typhus/ flies on the crap.
          There was no j ew Holohoax. But they killed 66 million white Christians in ussr from 1917-1949
          There was no starvation. Ann Frank’s dad Otto lived in the Auschwitz Hospital for 6 mo before the Soviet army liberated it!!
          Worked to death? They had a brothel, soccer, theatre, synagogue, library, pool and movies for enjoyment. The Red Cross made daily visits, you fool.

        44. John Holmes, Peter Nirth, Jonah Falcon all have one thing in common. They are white and the largest hung men in history

        45. I’m sure all your boyfriends were massive. The point isn’t a few inches here or there though, it’s about variety and rebellion — two things a woman will seek out when unsatisfied or bored or has just read a 50 shades book or after her cousin tells her about some Spaniards who took turns on her ass or pretty much anything

      2. Hah! Nice one. I personally like how they all upvote comments stating how minorities make them into victims and no one realizes how this will destroy society. “We must seed our beautiful white women and bring them back to the light to save the white race. Stop being mudsharks.” That’s the ticket, insult your women to save your women.

        1. No lie! Just saw 3 muslim white women, two of whom were pushing their baby strollers, on a breezy Sunday afternoon in the heart of the city. White women have gone off the reservation and only they will be deciding when they come back.

        2. I would have said naughty “petabytes” or at least “gigabytes” myself, but your way is probably better for a 3 1/2″ Floppy…

        3. I like that, just Sane (always to be spoken in an irreverent whisper), it’s like saying Zane and everyone knows who it means, like I’m a superhero or something.
          “We need a terrible joke that indiscriminately pokes fun at random bystanders. Quick! Somebody call Sane!”
          BAM! (“Sane’s so cool, he’s got his own tiger, lookit”).

        4. I have always wanted to slay a girl in muslim ninja outfit

        5. don’t know pressure project, but it is awesome. I have 2 Pakistani ninjas working for me. Good girls. One day I needed to send someone to staples to pick something up and it was raining and I said “sent her, she already has her ninja hood on”

        6. I don’t know that white men will be all that eager for their return. My 16 year old son’s observations about white girls his age are hilarious. He is fine if that circus leaves town.
          My 19 year old daughter is pretty hard on her peers as well. She often makes comments based on some variation of them growing old, not having a good man, and confused as to why not.

        7. I wouldn’t touch it with Małgorzata Dydek (7 foot 2 inch pole)

        8. As problem solvers, men become redundant in a relatively problem-free society.
          Masculinity is forged in the fires of physical and mental hardship. When white men ceded the hard work to the slaves and the so-called downtrodden in society, they also gave away the assured path to their masculinity. No wonder their women run to these pillars of masculinity to get seeded by them.

      3. I partly agree with you, but stating the truth has nothing to do with being a nazis or anyother sterotypical epithet. These kind of name calling responses are commonly used by those with left winged ideologies, labeling anything that goes against their fairy tail agenda a nazi, a racist, a homophobic, stormfront etc. Although it is true there are some white supremacists, the majority are being mislabeled as such just for the mere fact they are politically incorrect.

        1. I don’t care if they are politically correct. In fact, political correctness is a far worse crime than racism in my opinion. My problem is that they are acting like little bitches and calling it masculinity.
          I mention them being what they are because that is literally what they are and how they came here. They have chosen not to have individual identities and identify as a group, the way faggots and feminists do, and I am only calling them out in the way they presented themselves.
          It is a worthless thing though. They will never learn. They aren’t smart enough or self reflective enough to ever grow or learn or become men. So yes, I am guilty of having a little fun with it and for that I will take some blame.

        2. I know which kind of people you are talking about, but it seems to me as if you are generalizing based on political incorrectness. I’m with you in terms of them being idiots by implying ”white women only belongs to white men”. But that doesn’t seem the case with the vast majority of these nationalistic- red pill community folks.

        3. Maybe you are right. My anecdotal evidence is to the contrary…it is that way with all of the ones I have come across. That said, I will keep my mind open when they come around and give them the benefit of the doubt, but my fuse is set pretty sure due to what I have already observed.

      4. The alt-right/White nationalists are probably the biggest white knights you will ever meet. Constantly blaming problems on Jews, Blacks and and Muslims.

        1. Correct. You know, I have never really put much thought into why they are such bitches. Maybe because I just never came across them before. They don’t have a presence near me so until I got to this site they were mostly just a bunch of faggots I knew were out there but didn’t give much thought to. Maybe I should do a little thinking about what is at the core of their weakness.

        2. They are close to being faggots but the right label would be Voyeur. People who get sexual satisfaction from observing the sexual acts of others. In this case they like observing the sexual acts of white girls instead of actually doing the acts themselves.

        3. I was using faggot in a more broad term to describe all weak willed, feeble minded and effeminate behavior stemming from sexual issues, but Voyeur is a good description probably.
          I wonder if their problem is that they are impotent or at least can’t get sexually aroused in a normal way.
          They are actually interesting to me. They manage to claim absolute victimhood while claiming absolute supremacy at the same time yet have an inability to see how cognitively dissonant it is.
          I get the reaction formation where they are unable or unwilling to sexually satisfy a woman and as such need to lash out in anger, but to be so childish and so feeble minded while feeling so superior AND being so weak while feeling so strong all at the same time is amazing.
          Maybe one day I will kick the shit out of one of them. When you lay a beating into someone you do get a chance to learn who they really are.

        4. Agreed, although I would think twice about beating the shit out of them, you might fulfill their sadomasochistic desires.

        5. “The alt-right/White nationalists are probably the biggest white knights you will ever meet. Constantly blaming problems on Jews, Blacks and and Muslims.”
          The only one I see “white knighting” is you, for Jews, Blacks, and Muslims.
          “..the accused [white knight] leaps in to defend them, usually without thinking things through as to why the [groups are] being attacked.”
          You don’t even understand the definitions of the words you utilize. Therefore, there’s about zero chance of you comprehending politics and sociology, much less commenting intelligently upon them.

        6. Christ’s Resurrection is here. Nice to see there are people who still think healthy.

        7. Because J EWs, Blacks and Muslims offer so much to any 1st world civilization…..where would we be without Rap, Crime, (And from J EWs): Communism, Abortion, Usury, Gay Marriage, Transgenders, Porn or from Muslims: Child Brides, Sharia Law, Rape Gangs, and 3rd world crapholes..

      5. Ridiculous rationalization. I have fucked dozens of black girls and every single one of them without exception said that black guys absolutely hate it when black women fuck white guys. This idea that it is a “white guy thing” and not an evolutionary thing is a total and complete idiotic fantasy.

        1. Yea, I am reading your “dog shit” as you so eloquently put it. You sound like one of those leftist Marxist or fat feminists that thinks everything can be explained away by groupthink while throwing human nature out the window. If society would juuuust excepts fat women as beautiful it will be so! Pathetic pseudointecualism to promote their own genetic interests.

      6. Funny how you and your Jewish defence force crew always debase the conversation to this. The irony of accusing others of circle jerking.

      1. So gaming is OK provided there is no issue? I had no plans to do so, but I’m mixed race, and I cannot but racemix should I choose to reproduce.

        1. Honestly, if the women accepts it, sure. Just do something to mark her as a slut for the rest of us.

      1. never quite understood the 14/88 significance. Just read that it may relate to preservation of the white race and / or Mr Hitler

        1. It’s something like 14 words for the white reake and 88=Heil Hitler. H is the 8th letter of the alphabet!
          BTW what I meant by that comment is 14 out of 88 would read that comment but hat flew over your head.

        2. ha – it did fly over my head. I thought the 1 referred to Adolf, and the 8 to Hitler, but couldn’t work out the rest.

        3. The 14 Words is either “We must secure the existence of our people and a future for White Children,” or “Because the beauty of the White Aryan woman must not perish from the earth.”
          Though the former is the more common usage, I think.

        4. Well, that second phrase is pretty beta. Any white nationalist males talking like that are guaranteed to get cucked by their women

        5. The French 75 was the largest canon of its time, now it’s a tasty summer time gin cocktail. Progress baby.

        6. We are all a bunch of faggy retards, but we can count to fourteen!

    2. I’m a race realist and I come to the manosphere from that background, although I’m not a member of Stormfront. And racial differences are far more important in terms of maintaining civilization than gender differences. All the data indicates that the types of white women willing to date outside of their race (especially with blacks) have serious issues. Therefore I have no problem with these types mixing , in fact they are doing the white race a favor by removing their inferior genes from the white races gene pool.

      1. that’s quite a constructive response actually. I’m not sure I’d agree with the idea that racial differences are more important than gender differences though. If men and women are reduced to sameness, what kind of civilization would you be preserving?

        1. I’m not saying that the men and women should be the same.Just that it requires both men and women to procreate the offspring with the quality genes that produced civilization, which were mostly the white race and to a lessor extent Asians. Whereas, Blacks and Australian aboriginee population groups haven’t advanced much in technology sense the homo erectus stage.

        2. much of modern civilization is the responsibility of white hetero males. I don’t think it should be taboo to say that, or wrong to be proud of that. But equally if you’re forever going to be looking back at that, with a view to reproducing that success based on a racialist or eugenic philosophy then I think you’re guaranteed to fail. A great virtue of the manosphere is there’s a bond of brotherhood. Ok, that’s an ideal, and may not reflect the real-world very well at all, but that’s the nature of ideals. You sound like a reasonable guy, but the logic of your thought takes us beyond racialism potentially to the identification of almost different species of human. That’s not race realism, but the reverse I’d say, just a different kind of – and less obviously “pro”-social – “idealism”. I’m against social engineering, particularly on the sly, which is why I have some sympathy with some alt right arguments, but at the same time a lot of what I see from the white nationalist side (if not necessarily the alt right to the extent that it is distinct) is the will to socially engineer in the opposite direction. I reject racialism for the same reason I reject multiculturalism

    3. The only problem I have when it comes to the Stormfront guys is that they are quick to bash white girls who get with non-whites but they themsleves have no problem with hooking up with non-white girls, pure hypocrisy. Attraction is attraction, girls are the gatekeepers of sex period so who she chooses to fuck is completely her choice and crying about it on fringe forums is pretty pathetic if you ask me. Upon closer observation, interracial marriages are still pretty damn rare. In fact during American slavery, the prettier slave girls were raped with extreme prejudice, there’s a reason why during Jim Crow the sign of ‘ No coloreds’ was used instead of ‘no blacks’, whites created a significant race of mulattoes through rapine, this is undeniable historical fact.
      So when these clowns pedastalize white girls, the same girls that have consistently betrayed them, the same girls that are the progenitors of feminism, genocidal infanticide and marxism, well I find that laughable.

      1. Exactly. How many lust over non-white one minute yet bash the men of their race.

      2. “The only problem I have when it comes to the Stormfront guys is that
        they are quick to bash white girls who get with non-whites but they
        themsleves have no problem with hooking up with non-white girls, pure
        That’s true. Something similar is true of those muslim men in Bradford etc who “used” young white girls for sex but seem to have regarded them as good for nothing better. I have some sympathy with the alt right position etc because we’ve seen a lot of aggressive socially engineered multi-culturalism, particularly in Europe, and it hasn’t necessarily been for the better. But as a mixed race male I’m a product of that, so it would be absurd for me to be against miscegnation, but equally I believe it should be as you say down to the choices that people make, rather than dependent on factors that are effectively forced on them in one direction or the other.
        As you say pedestalising women seems to me a fatal flaw, and it leads to a skewed analysis of the problem.

        1. “Something similar is true of those muslim men in Bradford etc who “used” young white girls for sex but seem to have regarded them as good for nothing better”
          All women’s’ appeal to a man is sex and pleasure. They know it. And so do men. Why don’t you?

        2. Maybe but you still have to define pleasure. Moreover treating people like crap rarely increases the supply except in the short term.

        3. Sexual pleasure. What else do you need? And who says anything about treating people poorly? You can be very respectful while expressing your needs and wants honestly and openly. Do it and see what happens.

        4. women have minds you know.
          That’s how they plan their cooking and cleaning.

        5. Just think what you’d say, do, if someone said that to you. As above so below. Swallow your own tail and be gone

        6. Grow a cock and balls and stop being so sensitive. Or you’re off the list for good.

        7. says someone who over-reacted emotionally to a comment. You don’t seem to appreciate my discretion. Not to mention your disloyalty to Her Majesty the Queen

        8. you should relax, it’s just speech, opinion. It has its own safety mechanisms

      3. And black men hate it when white men fuck “their women” and Asian men hate it when other men fuck “their women.” There is nothing unique about white men feeling this way other than the fact that LA and NYC media make it seem unique.

      4. It’s been said before, but this is why:
        A man fucking a woman is like conquering, so fucking other races’ women is conquering them; having your women fucked by others is being conquered. It may seem petty, but it’s the truth.
        What gets me, although I’m not surprised anymore and it could still be seen as a form of conquest of “neutral territory”, is when White guys (as well as Latinos, Indians, etc.) get heated seeing a Black man with Asian women.

      5. “Attraction is attraction, girls are the gatekeepers of sex period so
        who she chooses to fuck is completely her choice”
        Bravo. With that piece of regurgitated dogma, you’ve firmly established your credentials as a feminist. Well, I can assure you that your post-modern values are going to out last patriarchal religion and triumph over human nature. You’re on the winning side of history. /sarc

        1. Sounds like something he picked up from one of those Jewish pick up artists or some shit.

    4. Im against misceganation, but if white men cant keeep their women in line that’s our own fault.

      1. Until they can claim responsibility nothing will change. And if they don’t claim responsibility and continue blaming blacks, jews, muslims, sjw’s, or whoever the fuck, then the only logical conclusion will be their real reason for existence is just to cause more war, confusion, strife among one another. Agent Provocateurs. Unless they really and truly lack that much understanding. But as an organization of that much depth and intelligence, I doubt it.
        When they STORMED into ROK last time trying to stir shit up, the commenter going by “Adam Levinson” hinted that these guys were just a FRONT – saying something along the lines of “a bunch of black lipstick clad emo’s” (The Stormfronters) that caused ROK to fall into a tizzy. Unbeknownst to them it was a blessing in disguise for ROK so thanks guyz.
        What they fail to realize either out of sheer idiocy and ignorance or as an Agent Provocateur Agency doing it intentionally is that all these people are not the enemy. Nobody is the enemy. You can kill every single black, jew, sjw what have you and nothing will change….I can continue but it will delve into Deepak Chopra waters and they ain’t ready for that shit. Carousel is waiting boys!

        1. Bullshit
          ” Corral 50 of the worlds wealthiest j ews and there will be no wars”
          -Henry Ford

    5. Yea, because having a nation like 3rd world racially mongrelized Brazil or the Dominican Republic is so awesome…

  6. the black community is in complete disarray and a model for dysfunction of historic proportions.
    ultimately the goal should be restoring the role of father to these communities, and black fathers and mothers living under the same roof.

    1. I am not sure if you can break that up by race. Seems to me that the whole human community is in disarray and a model for dysfunction of historic proportions. The blacks are blaming the whites. The women are blaming the men. And the whites are scrambling to blame everyone that isn’t them. The truth is probably something closer to the greatest generation and the baby boomers are to blame for a world where you can be a total fucking waste of space, bag of food with no brains, claim you are spectacular and then blame everyone that isn’t you for the fact that you have amounted to less than turd.
      Even that isn’t totally accurate, but it sure is a lot closer.

      1. While you have a point about generational dynamics, there is most certainly a racial component at play, to what extent this is merely cultural rather than genetic… Who can say?

        1. I don’t want to out right deny, but I don’t know. However, I suspect that the plot from trading places is a lot more true than the light hearted humor in that movie would allow us to believe.

        2. Former trader Aaron Russo wrote and produced that movie, there was a not-so-subtle message there

        3. I didn’t know Russo wrote that. Makes sense though. Great movie. Message is probably fairly close to true.

        4. The best thing about that movie: the two old guys who lost it all appeared as the same characters in Coming to America…I think Murphy gave them a stack of money(they were homeles) and one guy says “We’re back!” Brilliant

      2. you make good points. i was highlighting the biggest current losers in America, and that is BY FAR blacks, not even close. by every metric they are unable – as a group – to curb their own hedonism or look at any failure as anything but an excuse to blame another race.
        whites are following everyone else into the same cultural garbage bin, but no one else is going to resurrect our future but whites.
        a smart black would see the biggest priority as pulling blacks out of their tail spin, and not figuring out a way to grab hedonistic white tail.

        1. “a smart black would see the biggest priority as pulling blacks out of their tail spin” unfortunately that won’t happen. Blacks that try or have tried are met with hostility.

      3. It’s easy to see that you’re a shill. There are patterns – and if you observe them, it becomes plan to see who is responsible for most, if not all of the subversion across the globe for the last century. This is not a cop out or a conspiracy theory, the evidence is there if you are intellectually honest. Who is responsible for usury, porn, race mixing, media monopolies, etc? You know the answer you smug shill. And then, when those people are brought up, shills like yourself throw pejoratives around to stifle any REAL discourse.
        When it comes down to it, white people just want to have freedom of association. We don’t want to control others, we don’t want to fight, we just want to be left alone and have sovereignty. Every other race on earth enjoys this standard.
        People love to laugh at “storm fags” and yet every white country on earth is inundated with people from foreign countries who want a piece of our pie?
        Why is that?
        >Because white people enslaved us and took our resources blah blah blah
        Ok, so isn’t that absolving yourself of personal responsibility? Isn’t this type of excuse making the reason why relentlessly make fun of “storm fags” blaming Joos for all their problems?

        1. Also, you speaking for white people is like Chris Burke speaking for Mensa. Just as antecdotal evidence, I’m white people and my being associate you you lowers my stats on every single conceivable metric while it raises yours to be associated with me.
          If you want to group think find a group of retards and weaklings.

        2. I’m not really sure what metrics you base your standards on. I have a degree, a job, money in the bank, a wife and am loved by my family. The bitterness and condescension in your posts is palpable. Don’t project your misery on to me.
          I’m in my twenties and I’ve already accomplished more than you ever will. Not only have I eclipsed you in tangible gains but I’m happy. I know it pains you to know other people are content. I have an identity. I take pride in my ancestors, myself and my family. I push my bloodline into the future.
          You will fade into obscurity.
          Save me your self-righteous rambling, you’re on a website started by a self proclaimed “pickup-artist”.

        3. If I am condescending it is because I’m speaking to a moron and I don’t know how else to communicate.
          Glad you have me all figured out though.
          I think I’m gonna call you Beyoncé now. Keep making people believe you are great. Sooner or later it will work.
          Ps: it won’t work
          Pss: it is because you are an idiot

        4. “We don’t want to control others, we don’t want to fight, we just want to be left alone and have sovereignty”
          The irony in this statement BURNS.

      My Friend, your stock just soared in my book.

        1. damn straight. I must have seen that movie 100 times. ALso, if your a virgo expect an untimely death.

        2. nor has a midget with a whip.
          God, Fist Full of Yen might be one of the absolute best parodies ever.

    2. Easily one of the funniest scenes ever put on film. Such a great flick. Big Jim Slade. Catholic High School Girls In Trouble. The list goes on…

  7. I wonder how much incoming and vitriol this article will get from “white” knights.

      1. See, I actually understand their point, but the white pussy pedestalisers take it too far. Yes good white pussy is high value pussy, but their mistake is they take the race real talk too far, mix it with betas railing against the immutable nature of the sexual marketplace and ‘voila’ “white” knights

  8. Donovan I am honestly disgusted that you would dare teach your fellow enlightened negro to mosey in on white women. How dare they aspire to sample the pussy rainbow. In retaliation I’ma hit up that fine Kenyan woman whose number I just got today. Oil drilling for the white race!

        1. Lol I’m not even all that fucking white, but I couldn’t resist the joke. That Kenyan chick is real though, damn I’m not normally into black chicks but this girl is fine

        2. You’ll have to catch her first! They’re fast these Kenyans so gear up for a 30 mile chase!
          Still easier than trying to get a millennial woman’s attention away from the her Iphone! haha

        3. Funnily enough she was on her iphone, this was on a train, was with her two friends, a decent looking italian chick and their fat white male friend. Dude did not appreciate me invading his friendzone space. Poor fat cunt.

        4. Should have made a joke about male boobs at his expense and shame him in front of the women! Women will see that as a successful intrusion. The joke should be too strong or direct, will fire up her motherly instincts when the poor fuck is getting roasted.

        5. He might be the gay friend and another woman in the women’s eye! They look after their own you know.

        6. Some of you may call it weak, but I tend to have somewhat of a code when invading other mens attempt to get some. If theres a 5 dude whose not a fatty and he’s just doing his darndest to have a go at an upper 6 I’d normally only have a crack at if she seemed interesting I’ll cheer the little bastard on, good for you buddy, good for you, but when you’re fucking 350+ at under 6 foot and got a 7 to your right and an 8.5 to your left thats not me cockblocking you, thats your own flesh.

        7. See this is 100% the attitude I like to see. Yeah he is pathetic, yeah you can score free points, but fuck it….do your thing and don’t worry about the peasants.
          Too much focus on other people lately, not enough focus on the self. Good work man.

        8. I am so tempted to call that number and find out what it is.

        9. And why waste my loveable jerkboy teasing on a fat dude? Would leave a bad taste in my mouth, thats for the sloots not the fats.

  9. “hallo, do you wando have six? Do you and your friend wand dreesome? I am nod a derrorisd!”

    1. that line works just fine so long as the person saying it has oil money.

        1. I read this one as the police constable from young Frankenstein
          A riot is a terrible thing

  10. To keep this on topic before the comments get crazy and the finger pointing starts..I’d venture to say this is how you attract women of any race including your own.
    Roosh (I believe) wrote an article about why the top tier foreign woman will rarely see any outsider as a serious prospect, that being bc she has plenty of local top tier men already courting her who knows her culture. I have traveled immensely and this is a sentiment I can cosign to, though there are always exceptions. You have to utilize what Donovan pointed out in this article when dating outside your race, culture, or going after any woman in her peak who has an abundance of suitors who look like–guess who–her father. I wouldn’t even call them SWPL tendencies to help our international brethren. I’d label it as the countries mainstream tendencies, that is what will help build a connection.
    As an aside, bc I have seen a lot of this lately, two things you need to realize. 1) top tier men don’t think about why the girls from “their” (seems narcissistic[feminine]) race date outside of it. They are well traveled and have dated all types of women themselves. 2) believe it or not, as disgusted as many white males are about “their” women dating outside of their race, I can tell you from personal conversations with red pill men (who at times feel unworthy even speaking this, but they are candid convos) Mexicans, blacks, and Asian men/women feel the same way and wouldn’t take someone serious who dated outside of their race or a more serious offense, culture. They are just as disgusted and usually at the same level, or lower, socially, financially, physically, or intellectually. Being red pill, however, many take a step back for some introspection and ask why. I keep saying I’ll start writing articles for this site, I’ll cover this one day, after I leave my current professional position.
    Cheers, ciao, ovwar, holla.

    1. I noticed that as well when I was overseas. There were even a few Turkish women who had a thing for me at first, but when they discovered I was an American of mixed Mexican/German ancestry, they backed off. This also got me to start questioning women’s motivations regardless of race or nationality as many women will never explain it, but have exotic tastes yet get pissed when your tastes don’t fit theirs.
      A lot of this boils down to pure jealousy though.

      1. It’s like this, if they see you are dead serious about wifing them up, they WILL drop everything they know; those love movies do give em hope (guys as well honestly). However, if they get a whiff of he is just here for a good time, not only will they not risk getting their heart broke, but they will damn sure not risk getting ostracized from their community and that local guy who will put the ring on it.

        1. A lot of it depended on how Westernized they were as well. One Turkish girl I knew considered herself more German than Turkish even without the full citizenship. She was second generation born in Frankfurt and attended college in Mannheim but could barely speak Turkish while in a serious relationship with my roommate. Another was first generation born there, but rejected wearing the cloth on her head unless she was in a Mosque. Yet the second one would drink booze and party with the rest of them before going back to the old neighborhood.

  11. Tip number 6 for non-white men who want to date white women:
    Beware of white women who only socialize with and date non-white men.

    1. I have to up this.
      Brief backstory:
      Im white and recently moved far away from home for a better job but back home, all of my closest friend (brothers to me) are black.
      I once pulled a pretty blonde high upkeep type that looked like a close doppelganger of the girl in the article graphic from a nearby rural (hillbilly really)town whom I had an accounting class with. We did our thing and when she pushed for exclusivity I declined. We maintained contact on and off for a long while thereafter. As odd as this sounds she told me that after her exposure to me and my hiphop-oriented crew, she was swearing off ‘regular’ white guys (read beta, only she didn’t get what the real difference was).
      She’s now fucking nuts. Knocked up by a Spanish cat from Queens that was in and out of lockup, had an affair with a brotha that beat the hell out of her face. Spanish cat came back and messed her up pretty good too.
      She would tell me about long-distance feudswith their babymoms (lived near Albany upstate) going to the city to hunt them down, calling police out of spite, proud of attacking them physically, on a cocktail of meds for anxiety and depression.
      Like damn.
      Anyway, Don. Sound advice but Starbucks is the root of all evil j/s.

  12. That’s right there the words of someone that knows his shit, studies and applies. The number 5 is the main foundation. A big step it starts with: Language, lingo and accent. Get rid of that, work on your style and you won’t be a walking caricature. Solid piece, Donovan.

    1. Is it really any shock that when the most marketable athletes go the podium, they don black square glasses to come off as less threatening/more marketable/more intelligent?

  13. Lets address the elephant in the room before the black dudes try to gang bang it: Why are so many black dudes worshipping gross white chicks? Why?
    Mommy issues perhaps?

      1. It’s only because I have other things to do and creativity is being squeezed outta me!
        Back to the elephantoe, it removes a lot of the training chicks for the average dudes! As we speak, there are PROBABLY 5 black dudes carresing the fat folds on a mammoth finding Cheerios and takeaway menus in her fat folds.

        1. Heh. Not sure if this will make much sense to you but less disappointment?! The ‘hot’ white women holds no candle to a truly hot black woman. The reason isn’t just for cultural reasons but in shapely appeal. Most beautiful white women have no amount of curves. Added to that, the hoops needed to jump through to please a lot of people for a woman you’re afraid might break you or worse, trap you in her, because there isn’t enough body fat, becomes an issue. I was trapped in a woman before. That shit is no fun.
          For the land whale love, I don’t know what to tell you, but as a man who loves curves and beautiful women, I will show some examples of the ideal. Just know it is mainly cultural parity that keeps most black guys away from the women I believe they are after, and on land whales.
          When I speak of curvy, this is what I mean:

        2. No thanks. Its the Stank and I don’t want kids that look like Easy E or wear dreadlocks

        1. One of the best no doubt! Archer has been my favourite for some time!

        2. I love when Princess Clara refers to her vagina as her “whites only drinking fountain”

        3. One more day to enjoy that because it was both well done and funny, but if I am still hearing it tomorrow expect retaliation.

        1. I admire this one’s tenacious go-and-get-it full of spunk attitude.
          Perhaps she’ll do a follow up with a hose and a golf ball some day.

    1. (1) Black men (not all black men, but the hood type that I’m sure you’re referring to) cast a much wider net for girls. They barely care what a girl looks like – they just want someone who will sleep with them. I think it may be because black men are hornier in general, but I don’t know.
      (2) Overweight white women don’t get attention from white men, and black men know this. Overweight white women are the easiest targets, so black men hit on them, and they are very flattered by this. Unlike thin women, they give the black men a chance.
      (3) Black men legitimately do have a preference for bigger girls as compared to white men.
      (4) White women are a trophy for black men. Black men will take any white girl they can get.
      Again, I’m not referring to all black men. I’m sure you all know the type I mean.

      1. I’m not into small asses like the Asians but the specimens the black dudes go for are just ridiculous!
        “it removes a lot of the training chicks for the average dudes!” Looks like I’ve answered my own question below!lol your opinion stinks becasue you’re a womyn! lel

        1. You even awknoledge that your comment stinks sooooooo….?!?!?
          Cmon sis I was joking and don’t let that prevent your recovery from butt hurt.

        2. I don’t really understand your comments, which are apparently insults, but “cmon sis” did make me giggle.

        1. Unlike white guys who are flaming out there or changed their names to Caitlyn and damn proud of it

      2. 1. You’re lobbying fucking outside of your own race.
        That can only be interpreted in one direction.
        2. You up-voted your own comment.
        I’m pretty sure there’s a category in which you fit extremely well.

        1. Pay some close attention here:
          1. You can deny it all the way to your self destruction, because that’s where it eventually leads.
          2. Stop paying attention to others and start paying attention at your-self. You’re a walking disgrace. The shock you will have when reality will hit you to the ground, will be the advocate of what I’m telling you now – and I’m certain I’m not the only one. You’ve managed to dodge reality’s consequences for now but remember, the way you act is a blue-print for other people i.e. women. You are a walking reason for which many of our topics here exist.
          Advice : go to church and find out what you’re doing wrong.
          The Ressurrection of Christ is an internal experience as well, may He be with you to open the gates of your mind.
          3. Stop acting like some sort of entitled princess and learn some piety.

      3. Alot of black men will settle for male ass too
        Ie down low bruthas
        Long as they are dominant with male partner they don’t think they’re gay

    2. Im a black man who used to only bang white chicks that were really hot. Its a multitude of reasons for it. I think im going to write an ROK article it as a sort of rebuttal to donovan.

  14. Donovon, I love this article! It illustrated more about the general sexual market place and even more about some of my own sticking points. I haven’t had much trouble getting white women, but my results were dependent on whether I had to show much of my culture and how high tier they were. Simple message that is always worth the time, to get more you have to be more. I’ll be implementing some points and see if that increases my high end ratio.

    1. Any takers? Going once, going twice….I’ll trade the one with the S for the newest Samsung Galaxy.

  15. As someone who is transracial, I found this helpful. It’s not easy being born German while being Danish on the inside.

      1. Germanic, technically. Obviously genetically related, like all Germanics are (Angles, Saxons, Germans, Danes, Scandis, Goth descendants, etc)

    1. Almost as bad as being a Derryman but in your heart knowing you identify as a Corkonian Langer

  16. As a Latino man(I look like a young Antonio banderas) I have to say it depends where the white chicks are from. American women are suckers for status and social validation — your job defines you and your chances, whereas western European white women often feel the appeal of the exotic. I have very limited experience with eastern European women, a topic which deserves careful sociological research.

    1. When someone says that they look like Antonio Banderas it always a lie! Here’s you HS pic

      1. I heard of this guy. They call him Rambo. He is a fan of Turkish football club Fenerbahce and a member of the firm Kill For You. This particular incident took part in a derby against their hated rival Galatasaray. The story goes that he planted Fenerbahce’s flag in Galatasaray’s turf to get back at them because Galatasaray’s coach did the same to their field. One crazy son of a bitch.
        And here’s he is, on a clip from Football Factories International, at about 04:37.

      2. And I must add, unfortunately all of us Mexicans have at least one uncle who looks like this, especially when drunk and belligerent.

    2. As a Latino, I don’t look like Antonio Banderas…..Antonio Banderas looks like me……

      1. Latino’s be lookin like young Antonio Banderas the way every single person in New Jersey lives “10 minutes from the bridge”

    3. Just once I would like to see “As a Latino man (I look like an old danny trejo) lol

        1. Danny Trejo and Iggy Pop are two solid bad asses. If I was in Miami and those two geezers were walking the boardwalk with the rest of the retirees, I’d get the fuck out of the way.

        2. With all the drugs Iggy has taken,he sure is a bad ass to still be alive. I saw him live last year, and he has more energy and rocks harder than a lot of youngsters.

        3. Iggy badassary def comes from survival while Danny Trejo is just straight up bad ass.
          I am guessing Iggy is getting the same Swedish blood transfusions that Keith Richards is rumored to get.

      1. I think it would require a genetic test to really be certain.

        1. I cannot begin to tell you how much I want to wrap duct tape around that fat bitch’s mouth and head.
          Honestly, it’s probably for the best I wasn’t there.

      2. The terms used over at Reddit r/FatPeopleStories are:
        – Hambeast
        – Ham
        – Butter huffer, butter troll
        – Tumblrina
        A few times some qualify for “Guess the Gender.” LOL
        I’d say she’s clearly a Tumblrina Butter Huffer.

    1. Unfortunately yeah, America is kind of a breeding ground now for mega-fat priviledged Tumblrinas like this.
      Amazing how much these mentally damaged troublemakers are allowed to get away with.

  17. Im not white but I am GL,and Ive been with some pretty non-american gorgeous white women.Id say unless they approach you and make themselves very easy to game,dont go for it.most White women who are willing to go for minoritie and arent racist dont need to be gamed in any special manner,there is no overcompensation,just act normal and be sweet and nice and dont follow this game negging bullshit and all the magic bullshit puas sell you.dont act like an try-hard faggot either.dont pedestalize white women.theres notihng special about them per se,and honestely they dont have nice skin and hair like most mestizas,asian or Polynesian females ,I think all ethnic men have a white women phase ,but pedestalizing them and thinking theyre godesses is just retarded.

    1. Latinas trump white women all day every day. But, don’t share that truth.

    2. “theres notihng special about them per se”
      There’s nothing special about them period!

    3. Never been into White girls but I am a Black man into NE Asian women (they tend to fuck anything but Black men). Just know the primary Truth of the Game: women do the choosing, and take what is reasonable within the set that chooses you. In the meantime, work on improving yourself to give them something to choose.

  18. I hope AV8R is online today and reads this comment.
    I think I actually found a chick online who fucks her dogs!

  19. I’m late to the party, but I was going to predict that this was going to be a civil and peaceful discussion where all parties came away learning something and making friends. Was I right?

  20. Honestly, I’m looking forward to the next article for white men trying to date non-white women, but I actually find all you have to do is show up in my experience.

  21. It’s quite understandable that most of the whites on ROK who bash racial nationalism and claim black culture is “alpha” are childless and have no intention of reproducing. Because they have no future their only motivation is the next orgasm, no matter who it is with. Certainly an ape-like and pathetic way to live, but that’s what they want.
    In regards to white women dating black men, it’s worth noting these chicks have typically jumped on several white or Latino dicks before going for the brothers, so the perception of black men “stealing” them is just a result of beta insecurity and negro self-promotion.
    Black men are always getting the bottom of the barrel, and most white women who date them know it’s their last stop.

  22. “but because he looks, acts, and talks like a stereotypical Indian he repels women like a citronella candle repels mosquitoes.”
    Donovan, you’re referring to white women only right?

    1. When he says stereotypical indian I take it he means hoohoo Indians and not woowoo Indians….ya know dots not feathers.

      1. Oh I get that. I just wanted to make clear that the women who spurn him are Caucasian and not another ethnic group (aka Asian/Indian).

  23. Why would you want to date a white woman? I’m white and I purposely married an asian girl because all the white women I dated over the course of my 20s and 30s ultimately disgusted me.
    Sure there are exceptions, but fewer and fewer every day as the west circles the drain.
    I can understand wanting to date a white man if you’re a minority woman, because white men literally built the civilized world. What the fuck have white women ever done? They’re the most privileged class in the history of the world, and simultaneously the one most likely to play the victim card.

  24. My best advice to non-white men is to make as much white friends as they can. But limit those hipster types or those who still live on their parents basement.

  25. As a latino who has been miscegenated somewhere in his ancestry; Miscegenation is disgusting. Good for the parasite of the non-white to pass its genes on with a more valuable white partner, but it destroys most of what makes the white genes so valuable in the first place.
    Bye bye good hair, bye bye light smooth skin, bye bye european features like bright eyes, and bye bye any genes that make white folk civil.
    BTW, no amount of “Game” will let a non-white score any type of quality white person (unless you’re a super celeb and/or king/president etc… even then it’s not guaranteed you’ll score the 1% of white hotties). A quality white person understands their value to civilization IN ADDITION to the understanding of the value of their precious genetics that has taken thousands and thousands of evolutionary crafting.
    In short, quality white women stick to quality white men. Globalist jews have tried their hardest to skyrocket the value of non-whites via sports & rap, while decreasing the value of the average white man via feminism, demonizing their sexuality and overall nerding them out with video games & other shit media, but that still hasn’t undone evolution. And evolution/Natural Selection dictates whites stick to their race to ensure survival of their valuable genetics.
    My fellow mudskins will be pissed off at this, but Natural Selection doesn’t give a shit about your feelings.

    1. Where I think you’re wrong is in the diagnostic of the root of the problem. The Jew globalist conspiracy exists only in the feverish minds of lunatics. What has been happening in the West is the decaying of the bourgeois values after the democratic revolutions destroyed everything the higher classes built for millennia, creating a vacuum of values that has been filled with some of the worst of the lower classes. That’s democracy for you. The worshipping of vulgarity and plain dumbness, the celebration of boorish behavior and rejection of intelligence, culture and refinement. Contrary to what the white race apologists want to believe, none of this has happened because of racial issues; there hasn’t been any invasion of other races that has destroyed the Western world — it was an inside job.

      1. “The Jew globalist conspiracy exists only in the feverish minds of lunatics.”
        Negro please. Jews run 90% of the world’s media. Jews have been using that same media to push anti-white, anti-male agendas for DECADES now.
        Jews have infiltrated feminism, social media, television, fucking hollywood, EVERYTHING. Banks! Especially music & sports. And of course, politics (as donors & sugar daddies).
        If you don’t think billionaire globalist jews have been pushing anti-white, anti-male agendas through all this shit, you’re a sheep (or jewish).
        Jews support tightly-CLOSED borders for Israel. Jews support strong anti-miscegenation when it comes to their people’s genetics.
        Fuck atta here with this lunatic shit.
        You say it was an inside job, no duh… Jews have been living here since at least WW2 because white people felt bad about the Holohoax.
        Which was fucking brilliant on the jews’ part btw. No one ever said they were dumb!

        1. precisely why my blog barely has 1700 views, Facts just aren’t as interesting

        2. hey brah im honored you took precious time off from deepthroating your mulatto boyfriend in order to reply to me
          but you should get back to it before he slaps you up fam

        3. At least you’re entertaining and high energy with your projections & insecurities, what a breath of fresh air.
          So what is it you hate about yourself, is it your nappy hair, your lamp-shaped nose, your rhino-textured ashy skin? Or all of the above? LOL

        4. The thing I most hate about myself is my 12″ dick. But your mom seems to love massaging her esophagus and intestines with it, so to each their own.

        5. The only 12″ dick that’s ever been near you is your AIDS mulatto boyfriend’s, up your ass.
          Also, great frame control brah, being able to think about a woman while being banged up the ass by your BF while you reply to me – it seems I’ve brought out your potential today fam!

        6. Seriously, Josh BROlin, you should get some help for your self image issues. It’s not your fault your mom likes to get gangbanged by black dudes. You’re still worth something(for someone, maybe, I don’t know). In the end, you could get your hair colored blonde and blue contacts, if it makes you feel better. As for your mom stopping the dark cock love, that ain’t happening.

        7. You went from typing short replies to a full-blown paragraph! Ahahahahaah you’re totally triggered, where’s your frame at fam smh I see you need to keep reading Roosh and work on your inner game ahahahahha and no I don’t mean inner game as in feeling your esophagus & intestines being tickled by your dad’s cock ahahahahahahah woo you’re gettin plowed harder here than you did last night kahahahahaha
          btw i would say i fucked your mom but that bitch is a one-legged lesbian kickboxer aahahahah she’s undefeated 50-0 ahahahah and when she’s not fighting to provide for you she twerks at funerals for food stamps AHAHAHAHAHAH

    2. Boy, if I ever needed to look at the definition of self-hatred, you sure make a promising candidate.

      1. You wish that were simply the case. That’s a perfectly fine way to rationalize the truth and natural selection.
        But just know that rationalizing away reality isn’t gonna get you too far in life.

      2. Boy, I avoided the subject, but maybe he should end his own pain and remove himself from the gene pool.

  26. I’ve seen plenty of beta black dudes hookup with some very attractive white women simply because they appeared “dangerous.” They had a few tats, wore a flat-billed cap, and BOOM, sexy white girls with daddy issues were crawling all over their peckers. Bang these girls with caution, because 100 thirsty white dudes who didn’t satiate her carnal desires and at least 20 other thirsty black dudes have run through her before she came crawling to you.

  27. My advice, date exclusively within your race. For me, it’s worked out extremely well and been immensely satisfying. I have friends who did otherwise; however, and well… after the romantic phase came subsequent problems no one would want.
    Now, I’m not a racist nor telling you what to do. I’m simply making a suggestion based on what has worked well for me. I support a free society in which people can date whomever they want to and believe that different races carry different strengths and opportunities as well as threats and liabilities.
    For example, I’m not a better basketball player than most of my black friends. And I can’t do mathematics at the level as most of my college educated Japanese friends. But I have my own constituent strengths which open doors of opportunity for me (apart from a so-called “white privilege”) in a way that offers me a competitive advantage.
    Well, you see my point. I don’t think everyone is exactly the same. That’s not what I observe. But I do think that we all have strengths and weaknesses that open up opportunities but also carry threats and learning what these are and how to maximize the strengths while mitigating the weaknesses is desirable. I also have found that homogeneously dating within one’s race flattens out the threats, drama, etc… that often (not always) results from interracial dating.
    No offense is intended to any reader whatsoever. Be proud of who and what you are and work to make yourself better. Peace.

  28. White guys teaching black guys to sleep with white women. Good to have real examples of cucks when someone ask me what a cuckservative is.

    1. I am pretty sure this writer is black, he has said certain things in the past that I just couldn’t imagine a white person saying.

        1. It’s embarrassing when passers-by and guests of ROK start speaking more sense and truth than the regs. Thanks for the check.

  29. I know I will get alot of heat for what I’m about to say. I think Arabic/muslim men pull off very pretty white girls .. unlike Asians and Blacks. Another thing is Arabs also seem to get the good girls from the pool of white women, and the rest are just pump and dump. I have dated an 8 italian, a 9 russian and a 7 american .. one thing I noticed is that we (I’m Egyptian) are raised to be the dominant ones in the relationships, and women in general love that even if they scream feminism and independance .. we take no shit from women :D. I guess I mentioned this to add to the points given above, that black and asians feel like their appearance might be inferior to white men, but we Arabs always feel like we are more masculine than white men (no disrespect but time has changed for white men) and that always works to our advantage. Not denying that alot of Arabs are trash and treat women like shit but lets say the normal ones get good pussy.

    1. Yeah if you are an oilsheik you might pull it off, but without oil arabs would still be fighting with rocks and only fucking with goats. But peak oil is coming 🙂

      1. For your information whites are not only found in USA, Europe and FSU. Some arabs are white like many Syrians, Lebanese, Palestinians, Tunisians, some Egyptians …

        1. No there are whites who remain in areas that used to be white that is now dominated by arabs. We have negroes in Sweden but they are as little swedish as i am chinese.

        2. Okay I get you hate Arabs :D, but im taking about the ones back in their countries not in Europe or anywhere else, they have a large percent of whites in the countries I mentioned. Anyways it doesnt matter..

    2. Arabs tend to have money, which is primarily why pretty white women like them.
      Asian men don’t really like white women. They only pursue Asian women.
      Black men aren’t seen as desirable by most white women. Of course, some women have a thing for the athletes and rappers.

  30. White women should remember that if they choose to go black there really is no going back. Most white men will want nothing to do with them, even if they will never actually say it. Just a hard, cold fact. Of course, most white women know this instinctlvely so they will attempt to conceal their actions. It will always sufrace, though.

    1. Exactly. I know a girl who used to date a black man and has a mongrel child with him. No white guy wants to have anything with her whatsoever.

      1. Of course not. And white women who “date” blacks are terrified that white men will find out and drop them like a hot potato. Do you REALLY want to go there knowing what else has? Ugh!

  31. This article is really stupid. What kind of shit is this? Are your women too ugly to date or something? Judging from what I see in the news, the main way for non-whites to sleep with white women is by raping them.
    Just because white people look better than the rest of the world doesn’t mean that our women are “prizes”. This is not how things work.

    1. Beauty is largely subjective and you’re conditioned by society to think what is beautiful and what not. A few centuries ago white people wanted to be as pale as possible. Nowadays they do everything to prevent having a pale skin. It’s the same with darker skinned people. They preferred dark skin above light skin, but when they got conquered by the Europeans, they all wanted to have a light skin.
      Or look at the 70s, where it was normal for guys to have long hair, beards and hairy bodies. Compared to now, where guys are supposed to shave all their body hair and have feminine looks.
      Or guys that clean shave their head, because they suffer from hair loss. This was not done in the 80s. They would think you have some kind of disease with that bald head. Or white women who want big boobs and a big ass. This was seen as savage and primitive during the 50s, but got popular because of the rap music videos where black women shake their big ass. We simply live in a period where Germanic facial features and a light skin are seen as most attractive.

      1. The more I think about it, the more I’m starting to believe that beauty has no eternal Truth therefore it can be engineered because beauty is a measure that can only be determined when it’s compared to other corporeal things. And those things will always have roots or essences of practicality first and foremost.

  32. I never understood why non-whites felt so entitled to “white women”, like they should have a right to fuck them or something. Recently in Montreal, a black man murdered a white girl in a supermarket in front of everyone just because she turned him down.
    Look at his face.
    This dumb fuck was really expecting a white woman to fuck him? He literally looks like an ape. Tell me one reason why a white woman would want to fuck someone who literally looks like an animal.
    This extreme entitlement from ugly-ass non-white men toward white women needs to stop. White women don’t like you, end of story.
    This delusional entitlement causes situations like this event where violent non-whites murder and rape white women who turn them down. Then after that the non-white men whine about “racism” and cry that they are hated. This is pathetic.

    1. Something similar happened on NYE in Texas: Two cars of black guys pulled up alongside a car of two white girls and their guy friends. The black guys were shouting that they wanted to “fuck” the girls. The girls ignored the comments, and their male friend told the black guys they were being inappropriate. The girls then drove off, and the black guys fired shots, killing the girl who was driving. The shooter and the girl he killed were both 20.
      When I pass sketchy black guys on the street who talk to me, I force a smile because you never know what they might do if you anger them. I’ve had bad experiences before.

      1. Texas death penalty. Why are there so many blacks on death row? Because they deserve to be there.

      1. Unsurprinsingly, the comments on that article are closed. It is now illegal to say something against immigrant rapists, as it is considered “hate speech”.

    2. “Tell me one reason why a white woman would want to fuck someone who literally looks like an animal.”
      Because they want to get fucked like an animal. Period.

  33. Knew a lot of Iranians or so “Persians” as they prefer cause it sounds douchey anyways in OC. Lot of mixes out there with white folks but always end up divorcing them or some problem in the relationship. Then again white women are just crazy .

  34. If black guys wanna bone good quality white women, I say more power to them. Good article.

        1. Go for it, but keep in mind that the game is a bit different. Don’t neg them, and show provider ability and your in. The only shit tests they usually throw is going ballistic and you have to ignore that shit.

        2. Thanks, I spent the last 5 years being taken for a ride by a flakey Korean girl off and on. She was American born though, not native from Korea. I know it’s embarrassing before that I’d only had experience with white women.
          I think Japanese women are the most aesthetically pleasing and probably the most feminine women. I’ve spoken to a few on online dating though their English wasn’t too good and my Japanese is non existent. I’ll probably have to learn some. Do you have any advice where to meet or socialize with them outside of bars?

        3. You need to learn the basics of the language, even the ones with good English tend to throw phrases in Japanese in between. The girls you find in gaijin bars are easy lays but not wife material really.
          One thing you should know is that only about 20% of them would be open to dating a non Japanese, so in my opinion you are best off online first. You will find out quickly if a chick is worth your time or not. I’ve had luck on worldfriends for example.
          Another thing is the pace, take it slow and steady, they scare easily if you escalate too fast, trust me on this one, I’ve lost count of the ones I’ve scared off this way.
          The way it is is that if they are responding and friendly, eventually you will get a home run.
          Don’t concentrate only on one, it takes maybe 20-30 tries before you find one that bites.
          But yes I’d say they are the most feminine of the bunch. Aesthetically I like Chinese girls a little more but I can’t stand the entitled mentality they have.
          Good luck and happy hunting!

        4. I appreciate the advice you’ve given me.
          I live in New Zealand. The local women are promiscuous, badly educated and unfeminine and the ones that aren’t are so out of reach I might as well not bother. So I’m basically forced to date foreigners if I ever want to find something that is wife material.
          I don’t really like Chinese culture nor Koreans for obvious reasons and I don’t find SE Asians that attractive. I think Japan would be suitable since I’m quite introverted and Japanese women tend to find me decent looking. I think if Japan doesn’t work I’d probably look at Russia or something.

        5. I came to think of one more thing I should add. If you get a Japanese wife, you will be eating Japanese cuisine and doing stuff a lot in a Japanese way. You can take her out of Japan but you can’t take Japan out of her.
          I’m good with it, but realistically a lot of guys I know would go nuts with it. I’m talking about the manners, and way of speaking and being super risk averse etc.
          Also expect to have to go back there relatively often for Obon when it’s hellishly hot. I can tell you Kyoto in August will make you wish you were single again hahaha.
          The one particular thing I’d say I have not seen often brought up is how attached and non flexible they tend to be about traditions and habits etc. Don’t expect much to change…
          But I’m happy with my wife and my in laws, and the rest of the family.
          One more thing grew to a semi rant but anyway.

        6. One thing that surprises me is the amount of females that look like they’ve undergone epicanthoplasty on their eyes. Someone needs to tell these women to stop mutilating their faces as it makes them look terrible.

        7. Hmm in my experience it’s a thing in Korea and China but not in Japan. In Japan taking a tattoo or piercing or worse, surgery is a huge disrespect to your parents who gave you the body you have.
          In China in middle class 25-30 girls it’s very common in the pretty ones, look at any dating site. Koreans are not so into foreigners openly online, but it’s very common in a certain age group of unmarried women

        8. I find that Japanese girls have more elongated faces which I personally find attractive. My American-Korean ex most guys found attractive but I didn’t really think she was that hot. She had nice hair, nice eyes and a decent body but her face was too flat and her skin too tanned for my tastes. I was with her because she guilt tripped and shamed me into being with her despite her cheating and lying to me all the time. We would have huge fights and she would use them as ammunition against me. I guess I have low confidence now and haven’t met any new women in a long time.

        9. Hmm, if I was you I would look for a way to boost your confidence, work out or do random approaches with the right mindset or whatever your flavor is.
          A lot of Japanese girls have quite round flat faces tbh, and yes they are darker. When they have white faces they have makeup on. I’m exposed to Japanese people all the time and all them have darker skin, and generally wide and flat faces.
          I personally find that attractive.
          But if you don’t like a Korean physically I’m not sure a Japanese girl will be the right thing. To me in terms of the general perception I have of Korean vs Japanese just purely looking at how pretty the girls are, I’d say Korea wins. But a lot of the Koreans probably had surgery, so it’s hard to call.
          But personality? JAPAN! A wife knows it is a job and comes with duties and in my experience personally they are gold standard.
          But like someone who doesn’t like Asian girls said, you get a girl with an oversized head, and short legs and one of the most complicated cultures known to man.
          Keep your mind clear:-).

        10. Thanks for the advice. I genuinely appreciate the help you’ve given me.
          I think you’re right in that I’ll have to approach this as dating a girl from another race/culture and not just a substitute for a white girl which is insulting.
          I think if you removed the drug use, random promiscuity, lies and manipulation from the Korean girl, I’d say she probably had the best personality and was more compatible with me than any white girl I’ve met. I’m not sure how much of that was due to growing up on the East Coast of the States, lack of parenting and wanting to assimilate. I think that’s why such a dysfunctional situation lasted 5 years though if I’d been smarter I should have knocked it on the head a long time ago.
          In terms of self improvement, making myself more social even if I have to force it would help. Also I’ll start learning the Japanese alphabet, character set and language online. At least that should help with the initial stages. Did you buy a subscription to world friends and email the girls, you said you had to approach quite a few before you found one you liked?

        11. Yup I paid for sub at worldfriends. And yes, holy shit I had to approach many but most kind of respond a bit but not enough… So I did mass attack sort of to see who was actually just a dummy profile for ones that fit my requirements.
          Once you find one that does respond you have to be careful that she is who she says she is…
          Don’t learn the alphabet first man, learn how to order a beer, explain to a taxi driver he has to look at your phone for where to go, and other useful phrases.
          I can’t explain where to go, but I can make the taxi driver look at my phone and see where.
          You don’t want her to have to treat you like a baby there. No one in Japan speaks English. No joke. So you have to be able to deal with a very peculiar culture in a way where you are not asking the girl all the time.
          That’s how I roll anyway. I speak very basic Japanese but I understand a lot more, and many Japanese understand English spoken slowly.
          But it’s an awesome experience, I went over and actually waited for my girl on a wall in front of a convenience store, already having done my basic shopping and offering her a drink lol. Don’t be the awkward foreigner if you know what I mean.
          I get by anywhere in Japan, if my language knowledge is not enough, I’ll try English and then sign language, pointing at what I want or whatever.
          The one thing I would say is you can’t be weak with a Japanese girl… She may stay but she won’t treat you right unless you married her before being weak.
          And you will have to prepare to spend on it… All added up its like $50k or more so they are comparatively more expensive than any others…

      1. It helps to think of races in terms of archaic hominids and genetics rather than a blanket “white”, “yellow”, “black” from 19th century anthropology.
        What I mean by that is that people are various admixtures of Denisovan, Cro-Magnon, Neanderthal etc and the expression of those genes doesn’t necessarily strictly correlate by race. So by applying a small amount of phrenology and observing behavior you can quickly determine who is part of your genetic “tribe”.
        Another clue is the wiring of people’s brains and psychological “disorders” such as bipolar and aspergers syndrome that are not necessarily real cognitive and neurological disabilities.
        That’s why I don’t really ascribe to a theory of race anymore nor care about the plight of the vast majority of white people who were never really like me in the first place.

  35. Fifty years ago my Asian grandfather married my white grandmother, an act completely unknown among respectable Australian culture at the time. He achieved this through constant playful teasing and negging of my grandmother(a habit he continued until his final days) and by running strong provider game on her parents, techniques that he would later teach to his five sons and six grandsons.
    John Temujin Garbaatar Blacklock 1938-2016

  36. Being Asian, women feel safe around me. I am seen as a nonthreatening novelty especially with women who have interests in Asian culture. But when they see I’m not a nerdy socially awkward dweeb, I’m in.

  37. Yes….lets teach people who aren’t or will never be part of the alt right to fuck the alt rights women. Bravo RoK. Fuckwads.

    1. Most Western women are beyond redemption. If the altright or whoever else wants them, they can have them.

  38. “The Donovan Sharpe Express”. Poor choice of words unless it was an accurate description.

  39. If you are white and support this site you a cuck beta bitch. F&ck this dindu trash.

  40. Why is Roosh allowing this article on RoK? A high percentage of non-white males belong in prison.

  41. The problem isn’t Asian, Middle Eastern or Indian guys as you try to point out in a racist manner.
    The problem is white and now black Americans are some of the most racist people on Earth. The media and society in general puts down the men of these races incessantly. That effects their ‘social value’.
    Just look at this website, there isn’t one writer from one of those races. Maybe you would get a different perspective.
    Most Asian, Indian or Middle Eastern men are far more successful and well put together than their white or black counterparts.

    1. Successful? Apes with lots of PhDs,and zero class, eager to exploit Western institutions, education and values, while despising them because their own cultures couldn’t come up with them.

  42. This site gets more lame by the day. White men, if you have any balls leave Doosh and dindu donavan and come to the Dailystormer. That is where the real party is at.

      1. I don’t think its a coincidence the environments change as drastically as the girls do in each photo.

  43. This article is for all the dark fellows that have a hankering for overstretched vagina and constant shit tests. Enjoy.

  44. Luckily, many Return of Kings readers have moved on and taken the real “red pill” (dailystormer, TRS, etc.). Interestingly, many of the remaining men on this website believe they have a “red pill” understanding of women, but then will call you a “White Knight” when you as a man want to retake your country AND your women back from the degenerate mainstream culture and non-White invading hordes and the resident Blacks trying to swoop in and get a White woman.
    The remaining Return of Kings readers hate feminism, but even after an article published on here about how it was and still is a JEWISH led movement, they remain in denial as to the correct course of action to correct the problem. They think that going MGTOW and “checking out” from society is the answer; but this is essentially a feminine response (allowing a degenerate society to mold them instead of molding a virtuous and stable society as a man). Instead of addressing the Jewish problem that is misleading women and shaping them to be degenerates, many men in the “manosphere” instead completely blame the women themselves and think that the Jewish question is “anti-Semitic conspiracy theories”.

    1. Any tribe that wants to survive needs to get their women out of wearing pants completely. Dresses it is. Enforce it.
      Other venues and clique lifestyle cults taylored for certain tribes glamourize women in pants. Look at the country western style that’s pushed on whites. Women in wranglers with boots and decals that go on the back of a pickup with one childless honey snuggled up to a blue collar wage slave. Can anyone go on stormer and preach polygamy? White men need to have two wives, line them up butt cheek to butt cheek and pull the rip cord on that two stroke baby machine. ”RENN-neh-neh-neh-pop (backfire)”. You can’t do that with cat fighting jealous women that won’t surrender their mind and body to their master. And women in tight jeans are harder to penetrate than some bling that comes bubble wrapped so securely that many men lose their teeth over it. And a woman in tight jeans, when she farts, her ass cheeks are scrunched together so tight the fart sounds like a jews harp making a shrill ”beeep”. Shit’s disgusting. Shit’s crazy man.

        1. Hello Helmuth. Thanks for the up votes. I have been rereading your excellent posts. I hope you are doing great and will be writing more soon. Rest assured, you are making a difference in persuading the undecided and encouraging and educating people like me. Thank you for your contribution.
          These discussions create a strange camaraderie. Some of the people I like and admire the most I wouldn’t recognize if we bumped into each other on the street.
          All the best to you and yours.

    2. Thank you so very much for this.
      One major caveat though – even though you were lead to the drinking trough doesn’t mean you had to drink the water. That is the thinking of the social engineers that have shaped the society that 98% of the world now knows and experiences. Now I admire your passion and your courage but for the sake of your spirit I do wish to impart this wisdom whether you take it or not. That is your choice. Life is a choice. Who are we to blame? The smoker, the cigarette, or the cigarette manufacturer? Without choice there would be no growth for humanity. Life may as well cease to exist then. But underneath it all, without those options, without the people who brought them to us, we wouldn’t have come this far as a species. We are truly blessed.

  45. Way to promote racial degeneration. If you ask me though the best way is to find a bottom of the barrel white woman and/or emotionally disturbed girl looking to piss her parents off or hooked on drugs.
    I really feell sorry for some highly intelligent and successful black men. They’re in between a rock and a hard place so far as mating is concerned. It’s got to be even more hellacious for black women who are routinely insulted by these actions as well as others; not that they aren’t to blame.
    99% of white women who date outside of their race are not wanted by white men. Remember that when you’re on your hunt, that they are the scraps off our table. The fact that you want to waller in our sewer speaks volumes about your people, who you obviously don’t want to exist.

    1. “Bottom of the barrel white woman.” That’s pretty much all white women unless you’re lucky enough to be born in a religious commune or upper middle class.

  46. This actually helps white guys, because any white girl that goes outside her race is not worth any more than a pump and dump. Fast track her on the way out if shes been with brown dudes.
    Smart white girls will NEVER tell white guys they have been with brown guys, dumb ones, well.
    I wonder when white girls will realize they are the most sexually abused group of women on the planet?
    Evidence = the current state of Eurapia.

  47. The white race is having enough problems right now, If I wanted to see crap like this I’d turn on my television. This site was already on my soon to be deleted list when they started cucking for the Jews and Israel. Adios.

      1. Really, only J EWs can end racism, they alone have that power.
        When Jewish women can copulate freely with Black men and produce nappy headed rapping snoop dogs and lenny kravitz types, the world will be a better place. Apartheid will cease to exist. Gaza will no longer be a Concentration Camp. I hope Rabbis and Jewish men change their opinion of such unions and that Israel rescind their laws of J EW Only marriage. Shalom

  48. I have to disagree with the assertion that good-looking white women have the most suitors. Actually I think good-looking black women do. There are way more good-looking white women in the West than black women, in absolute terms. Black women get hit on a lot by both black men and white men because of their relative scarcity. This gives them a real privilege mentality that you don’t see with white women.
    Throughout my entire life, white women have been easier to date than black women by a country mile. This is also because there are relatively fewer black men than white men. In my opinion, this actually gives black men an advantage with white women that they lack with black women.
    Black women, in my opinion, do not value black men as much as white women do, unless they see you walking down the street with a white woman. In the meantime though, some of these black chicks act like they are sooooo special, which is why I now follow the path of least resistance and deal with the easier to talk to, white women.

    1. I would have to agree, in the west really good looking non white women are the top of the pyramid. The exotic thing does it I think.

    2. Scarcity of black women. Nah. From torononto to Niagara Falls, there are plenty of black single women, the thing is they are muslims (Somalian). There is an abundance of black people in the west. It is more difficult to date a white person in the west because there aren’t as many as there use to be. I disagree with you.

      1. You’re a little confused. Scarcity is a relative term. Plus you have cherry picked one area. I am talking about the West. That’s Europe and North America sans Mexico. Nobody can seriously argue that black women are not scarce relative to white women in the West.

        1. Hey, I’ve been to many places in the west, and there aren’t that many white young available women left. When I was younger, yes there were plenty.

        2. There’s a few around but they mostly belong in either a nunnery, reformatory or mental asylum.

        3. Well, maybe you have better luck visiting the college campuses in North America instead of those places for a date.

        4. I’m not American, but I’ve dated a few. You couldn’t pay me to date an American woman, of any ethnicity.

        5. I’m just being realistic about the situation. I wouldn’t date eastern women. They stink.

        6. That’s just like, your opinion man.
          Anyway, this conversation is running in circles. I wish you luck with American women my friend.

  49. It takes little effort to go fully red pilled and naturally evolve from ROK to TRS.
    The last thing we need right now in our degenerate times is more miscegenation advocacy. It used to be illegal for a reason – honor your forefathers.

    1. You call going from ROK to TRS evolving? TRS is the biggest circle-jerk I’ve ever seen, barring perhaps Heartiste. TRS is where any intelligent discourse goes to die, and where stormfags like to group around and mutually masturbate one another over how huWhyte they are.

      1. I recommend a podcast or two – specifically The Daily Shoah and Fash the Nation – soft spot for Rebel Yell also. They have an entire radio section that is very good.
        Funny and informative.

    1. If you are the Mr. Bond who used to upload the rap tunes to YouTube, I’d just like to say it was excellent work and I’m glad I downloaded all of those tunes before you were forced to take them down.

      1. Thanks man. Actually I made all the songs available as a mixtape, there is one video still up on my channel with a dl link in the description.

  50. For anyone lurking or regular commenters that haven’t jumped ship at this point, I recommend transitioning from the masculine red pill (ROK) to the race realism/JQ/masculine red pill (TRS) – it’s your natural trajectory. Mine: NRO -> Breitbart -> ROK -> AmRen -> TakiMag -> TRS.

    1. It’s easy to see that you’re a shill. There are patterns – and if you observe them, it becomes plan to see who is responsible for most, if not all of the subversion across the globe for the last century. This is not a cop out or a conspiracy theory, the evidence is there if you are intellectually honest. Who is responsible for usury, porn, race mixing, media monopolies, etc? You know the answer you smug shill. And then, when god’s chosen are brought up, shills like yourself throw pejoratives around to stifle any REAL discourse.
      When it comes down to it, white people just want to have freedom of association. We don’t want to control others, we don’t want to fight, we just want to be left alone and have sovereignty. Every other race on earth enjoys this standard.
      People love to laugh at “storm fags” and yet every white country on earth is inundated with people from foreign countries who want a piece of our pie.
      Why is that?
      >Because white people enslaved us and took our resources blah blah blah
      >We’re taking back what’s ours blah blah blah
      Ok, so isn’t that absolving yourself of personal responsibility? Isn’t this type of excuse making the reason why you relentlessly make fun of “storm fags” blaming Joos for all their problems?

      1. “Because white people enslaved us and took our resources blah blah blah
        We’re taking back what’s ours blah blah blah”
        Imperialism and slavery are relatively recent events that still effect the minds of people and shaped the current world. People who are proud/conscious of their race, culture and heritage are more inclined to take ‘revenge’ on the harm that is done to their ancestors and homeland.
        Whether or not revenge is good (it unlocks an endless cycle of action-reaction, until one of the parties decides to stop) or if you should feel proud/ashamed of the deeds of your ancestors or even held responsible for things they did is something personal.
        Almost all the ancient people took revenge to settle issues that were started by their ancestors. “I didn’t live during that time, so I’m not responsible for it” is a relatively new concept, mainly to escape the bullshit started by your own people.
        But like I said, it’s something personal and depends on your own values. Some people don’t give a fuck and some people want to take revenge, because ‘your’ group did harm to ‘his’ group.

        1. are you white? if so you are a H U G E cuck.
          do you even know who is ACTUALLY responsible for slavery? do some research on who owned all the slave ships.
          And white people ended slavery! And brought the third world out of the stone age. the world should be praising whites not biting the hand that literally feeds.
          Whites are the most benevolent race on earth. It’s weird that everyone hates them.

      2. Would you rather a White Australian slut like Josephine Georgiou or a virginal Colombiana or Braziliana?

  51. I would suggest dating Chinese women since there isn’t that many white women now a days. Besides chinese women are not black, and are closer to white shade. I see plenty of young chinese women walking in groups without any males, I don’t see white women in groups anymore. But if you seriously want to try and date white women, I think the Amish might have some, of course, there is a price to pay. I’m afraid if the chinese women don’t mate with the african, we will have a surplus of lonely people here in North America. The media needs to do better job of showing inter-racial relationships when it comes to Asian and blacks. It has to be done. Too many single chinese women here, too many.

  52. You might as well be posting a Martian, that’s how related a Traditional Slavic woman is to the modern western whore.

  53. White men leave Return of Cucks. Join the real fight. Dailystormer . com
    ROK is still just another layer of SJW blue pill.

  54. You’re getting the mentally deficient ones.
    Only degenerates date outside of their respective race.
    I don’t blame you. Black womenz don’t do it for me either, nome sayin?

    1. What did the bible teach about race mixing? Something like 8 generations of your bloodlines will be cursed?

        1. Ask and ye shall receive.
          “A bastard shall not enter into the congregation of the Lord; even to his tenth generation shall he not enter into the congregation of the Lord.” Deuteronomy 23:2
          Bastard back then meant mixing races and not as it means today.

        2. LOL redefining words?
          Bastard where usually mixed due to the fact that the conditions the child conceived in was extreme. Due to the fact that it was illegal 1700 up until a couple of decades ago
          Or you basically calling 60% of humans bastards

        3. Say again? Dont shoot the messenger buddy but it is what it is. Just like today how a slut means promiscious chick it used to mean strictly prostitute. There is a huge gulf of a difference between the two.
          Continue reading from where that passage left off and different races and tribes of men are spoken about and how they will or will not enter the kingdom and why.
          The thing I’m not sure about is who exactly this “Lord” fellow is.

        4. Race isn’t used in the bible, it’s a darwinistic term. Tribes where city states or people from certain lineages. In the Bible’s vernacular.
          So it’s obvious someone either lying or doesn’t know what there talking about =)

    2. I guess you assume Scandanavians, Greeks, Egyptians, Indians and Persians are of the same race? All that is, is some historian trying to create common bonds the last 400 years were as prior to that, such groups varied in culture and looks a lot more than now/

    1. 7) I bet you’re making your tranny tradwife with tons of STDs happy by writing this, aren’t you?

  55. “But we know that outward appearance matters to women almost as much as it matters to men…..
    …..unless your body fat percentage is sub 5%”
    Yep, if I can count your ribs that’s pretty much gonna be an automatic next.

  56. Africans are some of the most tribal/racist people on this planet. A woman, for them, is just a way to have an orgasm, not a culture-building element.

  57. British women who like black guys in the UK have a certain “look”. They’re not hard to spot.

    1. Lol, in mainland Europe as well. Ponytail on top, golden purse, yoga pants in white or pink, and Uggs, and a down jacket with fake fur lined hood.

  58. A white mans pro tip to friends of colour.
    Most white women like white men. Focus on your own game and bedding down women of your own race. Your odds are much better. Snag a white girl, well done lads, just make sure you tell all your white male friends so they can lawfully put her on the “black list”. 🙂

  59. Reutrun of kangs, what is this wall of monkey scribble, it reads , muh dik, muddafugin whit wimmens

  60. Mongrels and racially mixed people can be either ‘raceless’ denying that race exists or is an issue, or they can be torn between two extremes when their tributary tribes differ greatly, when they have more differences than likenesses, eg a complete dominant on recessive mix. Add to this the contributing parties(parents) likely lack racial or tribal identity and are ill equipped to mentor any sense of racial identity to their offspring. Both well defined race AND racelessness are much more than skin deep. The mongrel/raceless person lacks a level of identity held by every racially aware pureblood. The raceless/mongrel’s identity is easily reassigned and defined for them by the system. In a multicult racial mosh pit society, the system appoints the dumbed down raceless and tribeless cultural refugees as wage slaves or deputizes them as enforcers of the state or as disseminators of state multicult propaganda. Being a little house boy or bitch for the system ocurrs by default for many mongrels and people with no tribal identity.
    Take blacks for example. How many race mixing scrap eating contemporary blacks know their true tribal history? How many mudshark licking black simps know who this racist patriot is?
    It’s none other than Cetshwayo kaMpande, the last king of the Zulu nation. Not a mongrel bone in his body. PUREBLOOD and proud. Now I’ll admit I’m an old white racist sumbitch, but I’m a fair and just one. The Bantu Zulu were the biggest, baddest warriors that ever walked the face of the continent of Africa.
    This guy below on the other hand is ONE STUPID NIGGER:
    and I use the term niggERR sparingly. The term nigga or plural niggaz is fine and polite for racially and tribally aware blacks. Cross breeding with radically differing sets produces the lowest common denominator trait package. These two would likely produce fat mulatto offspring that fap to prince with crooked teeth, bow legged and plagued with early onset of auto immune disease and the whole Elliot Rodger spectrum of BPD.
    PLUS his dumbshit black ass would never get invited to a PUREBLOOD festival such as this:
    Those girls would stomp and trample that hambeast and the simp would limp away with a black eye and a freshly chopped off dick. A man of any tribe, white, black or yellow would do best to roll that sack of trans fat into the nearest gutter. That nigger needs to wake up.
    NOW let’s look at real racial pride. Pull up a chair niggaz and tell me these folks have any doubts about their racial loyalty?
    There’s something about these people that glows. Look into their eyes. These are the happiest blacks you’ll see anywhere. Even western blacks singing abrahamic gospel music barely equal the spirit that resonates when there’s NO COMPROMISE of blood tribe and race, when you’re among your own bloodlines that go back millennia. Is it any wonder that an apartment complex with a polygot mix of wage slaves never talk to one another? And hood niggers/niggaz alike talk like they’re at a family reunion. It’s because they are. White or black, the soul shines among your own purebloods. The eyes:
    Get real niggaz

  61. The nig who wrote this post might pull some pussy out of a nightclub… after a case of beer. But is that an achievement?
    This is why nigs will always be on the bottom. Poor nig.

  62. Any male of substance that isn’t white doesn’t give a fuck about and does not chase white bitches. The only black dudes that think they’re really doing something when they pull a white bitch are bottom feeder hood dudes. All real males of substance go for and are into females of equal level from their own demographic. This bs about everybody wants all the white girls is a myth. Any white dude mad about someone who isn’t white fucking white bitches is a weak ass white knighting simp. White bitches really ain’t shit and even top tier level white dudes know that.

    1. Well Said! And you got the point instantly, a male of substance will naturally get women of substance regardless of race, not praising any woman over the other because he gets women often.

      1. The subset of black dudes that worship and chase white women are a minority. Most real niggas don’t even fuck with white women or Asians. Not cause they can’t, they really don’t want to. White dudes that are mad can’t pull in their own circle and are salty. Top tier niggas that fuck beyonce, Rihanna, Meaghan Goode looking type bitches on the regular do not give a fuck about white girls. Like the author said, when dating outside of their race most black dudes go for bad Latinas. White bitches are super overrated, and even when they really are that hot they aren’t worth the headache if you’re not a white guy trying to build a family and real niggas know that. Contrary to popular belief, not everybody believes that the European beauty standard is the most desirable ideal, myself included.

        1. Exactly! I can’t even begin to describe the confusion I have from white men being scared of black men, or even being enraged by black men taking their women. White women are notoriously easy to attain to everyone but stereotypical Indians. The top tier white women by black standards, will always be women of curves, who are easily trumped by mixed race women, and even further trumped by Latino, Persian women. Essentially any woman with fuller lips, black hair, small waist, olive to yellow skin tone, and an ass and breasts bigger than your hands win out over typical white girls. The social adherence to please a woman who isn’t as sexually pleasing makes no sense to high status black men. Those men will run through women the same as a high tier white male and joke about it afterwards.
          Of the European belt, which most white American women are nowhere close, Swedish women, German women, Russian women, Czech Republican women, and even white South African women, are all more attractive to a black man than your typical American white woman.
          What is the real elephant in the room that many are ignoring is, the women who are most chaste, the women of strong traditions that will sire a strong Aryan race or whatever nonsense is desired, aren’t seeing any black men as often if at all. A total market of the ideal up for grabs and the active choice is to complain about what black men do go for. Shameful.

    2. I’m white and simply done with white girls. Honestly, they make me embarrassed to be European.

        1. I meant I am European by descent. I am from New Zealand and the white women here are atrocious. After viewing your dating “options” on a site like OkCupid you just want to run a warm bath and some razor blades. . .

        2. New Zealand and Australian women are manly as fuck. You’re in a little island nation with a weird ass isolated culture. Have you tried a Maori chick?

        3. Shit. Europe was my one trusted hub for quality white women. Especially Spain, Russia, Czech, Sweden, and Switzerland. Don’t care for France and Britain much although I like the British accent.

        4. No, my best friend is married to one though. He has no complaints. I don’t think they’d suite me though, they tend to like quite buff guys and I’m quiet. I am going to try find a Japanese girl who I seem to quite well with.

        5. Russia is the last great white hope. People of color need to leave white people alone. Stop hating yourself and chasing white bitches.

        6. Russian women seem fine. At least they make an effort and try, unlike Western women.

        7. Agreed. there are so many beautiful black women in the world, and many men from other races are enjoying them with glee. Caribbean, Eritrean, Ethiopian, Kenyan, Brazilian, Hispanic, just to name a few. And they are feminine, with flawless skin, and curves, not fat, in quite a few instances.
          I have no problem with sleeping with women who aren’t of your side of the race if you aren’t around them in your environment. The goal should be always to get the most joy from the situation as you can, not live up to someone’s ideal.
          Like others, ideally, I want my kids to look like me, but if they don’t, they will know their heritage.

        8. Russians are how white people really should be. You wouldnt survive in Russia. I respect Russians, and Switzerland. They don’t fuck around. They’re super hard core and protect their borders. If you wanna fuck white girls leave them alone. There are plenty of dumb American bitches that will fuck you just to prove a point. Bonus, you piss off all these stormfronters that can’t get pussy from their own women.

        9. You see a lot of black dudes with white lands whales and quite a few with pretty decent white girls actually. But whenever you see a white guy with a black girl she is almost always an 8 or better

        10. I used to feel guilty about “betraying” white women by being attracted to women of other races. As a white guy, white women are actually extremely nasty towards white guys unless you’re at the top of the social pyramid. At the end of the day, it’s all about resource acquisition, they want as much as possible while giving the least in return.

        11. I think a non American black girl would be fantastic. I’ve never really seen fat ones outside the States.

        12. Exactly! The shit is irksome, but I’ve learned the world is abundant so best to focus on improving yourself instead of worrying about ‘your women being taken’. You don’t own them, if they knew how you thought you will either be outright rejected or eventually cuckholded by them, or make yourself into a bitch outright.
          All women just want the best so just be the best for what you want. If it isn’t worth the effort, ditch it.
          The fat thing gets me too as it reeks of low self esteem.

        13. They rarely are. Many of the men teaching game who speak of black women they love to date, are mainly speaking of African and Caribbean women. The societies genuinely respect men so they will treat you with love too.

        14. I don’t really think most of us realise how bizarre the West actually is. Most women outside the Anglosphere love to appear feminine and respect men like you said. Wanting these things doesn’t make you a “beta who can’t handle a real woman” it just makes you heterosexual.

        15. I met some super bad African chick’s before. That accent is too hard. If you can get over that good luck. I hate that super hard African accent.

        16. Dated a few African women but would love to sample more of the buffet. The thick accent doesn’t bother me all that much and usually seems to be softer depending on how young the girl is. Just my experience though. Their curves are what implants dream they could be.

        17. Example, a woman I know who married as a virgin, vehemently claims I shouldn’t be without a woman. She says I should have woman washing my clothes, cooking my food, giving me so much sex I can’t stand. The cultural background she is from is patriarchal and values hard work. The west has made women into a commodity, pussy, that is either taking in my sperm or spitting out my kids, or betraying me to do the same for another man. You apply effort for dates, the women here gauge your masculinity to decide if they wish to do the same and invest. It is trying, but I like to imagine, if I were to choose outside of the west for a woman, I would find a quality 8 or better with ease to marry.

        18. My mother cheated on my father to go be with a guy who was a violent thug, ruining most of my childhood. My sister married then divorced a guy because he didn’t want an “open relationship” and she has the gall to try to shame me if I so much as open my mouth against her.
          You’re lucky if you get a date in the West with a woman who is a 6 or above, at least I am and they can change their mind on a whim if you do something that isn’t “perfect”. Though I am starting to care less and less about society in general.

        19. It’s been good talking. Really cathartic. I feel cheated in ways I can’t even describe by this society. Till next time, take care.

        20. Not necessarily. I guess I come close to the argument we make our own luck. By no means was my childhood easy. Nor my adulthood for that matter. Yet I was able to find two quality women to date who cemented a lot of my internal aspects of dating and women. If I can impart anything I learned it would be this; it all starts from within. That decision to say fuck it, things will be different, and not because I say it should be different and better, but because you say it should be different and better.
          Most people who try to give out blame and shame are losers. In a few instances from trusted sources and strangers who stand to gain nothing from seeing you ill served, some shame can be beneficial. While your mother fucking your childhood is her fault, you letting your childhood fuck up your adult life will be your fault. Take the reigns and know, things will be better.
          While I was younger I practiced pick-up. Not for the notches but to get out of my own way. I had anger, blame, and fear of not being worthy. A messed up childhood will do that to you. It will not be pretty but if you try some new things it will be stuff you will remember fondly for the rest of your life. A program that helped me in this phase of my life, The Collection of Confidence by Hypnotica, really cemented a lot of my own internal beliefs and helped create a confidence that helped me weather other disasters that life threw at me. Everything does start from within after all. And there is a stupid quality to life; your level of strength, love, and courage, reflects the lady or ladies you get into your life.
          From all that you said, you have a lot of heart. The women are awful, but more often you can get exactly what your level is. Hopefully you get what I mean here.

        21. You’re right. Life is existential in that ultimately we make our own destiny. I think the main thing is to develop goals, push yourself and don’t develop oneitis for the first piece of trash that crosses your path. Being open to new experiences as well, not falling into a rut.

        22. We have disagreed but I think this is a good post, but I think there may be one thing that is out of place is that you think it stupid that your value reflects the value of the ladies you can get.
          This makes perfect sense, it’s called selection…
          That’s why we want to increase the value of men, so they can get access to the better women. Or at least get some decent dates out of it if nothing else.

      1. You shouldn’t be ashamed of who you are at all. But you get what I’m saying, you’re white and realize they really ain’t all that. I’m mixed and get thrown a ton of white pussy and pass cause they’re so stupid i can’t even handle it. Where I’m from its like street cred or a rite of passage for white girls to date outside of their race and i can’t even be a part of it.

        1. American Asian girls are pretty disgusting as well. But not quite as bad as Western white females. The best experience I’ve had with a girl was a Portuguese.

        2. Apparently, there is some Portuguese in my blood line somewhere. Either way, if you can find one woman to enjoy your time with, you can find another.
          My friend is in an interracial relationship with a Japanese woman and loves it. She is attentive, friendly, and provides with as much sex as he can want. Plus they maintain an active lifestyle.
          The more you can expand on what your interests are, the closer you will be to finding a woman to enjoy your time with.

        3. Hehe I’m happy with my Japanese wife as well. And she is exactly as you described. Except for the active part.
          They are raised in a culture where the place of the man is set. And you have to be a really big klutz to mess that up.
          I lead my wife in about everything that doesn’t involve cleaning or cooking etc.
          And the more you do it, the more happy she will be.

    3. Most of my friends date NE Asians. I spent years in misery because of white girls and only one of my friends is married to a white woman. And he’s miserable because of it.

      1. I’d take a bad asian bitch over a bad white bitch anyday. Put a bad white bitch next to a bad anything, I’m picking the other every time. I can’t deal with white girl psychology. You can keep em.

        1. At least with the Asian girl you can have a decent conversation. The white girl is pretty much good for nothing. Can’t/won’t cook, messy, “attitude”, they think negging is foreplay.

        2. To be honest, I probably have Aspergers or something. I get attractive women but not often and I’m not social. But my needs are pretty simple, all I wanted to find was a halfway normal woman in the west but they don’t exist.

        3. Feel like if this were a pub setting we would be laughing about this right now. That has been my biggest issue with white women in America and why I run hot and cold. When their fathers don’t have much of an influence, the seem to run off of material interests and are vapid as shit. If it isn’t flimsy and entertaining and mocking everything, then they aren’t with it. Sometimes, when I want to just have sex this is cool, but when I want to have a person to talk with instead of a walking vagina, I lose out.

        4. You’re right in that they’re viscous and nasty. I was in a bar a while ago and said quite loudly to my friend that I was tired and wanted to leave, I’d been up most of the night before and my nose was running so it looked like I was crying. This blonde harpy overheard and started shrieking about how I was heartbroken and she found it hilarious. I was just tired but they take any opportunity if they smell weakness to rip you to pieces.

        5. Exactly! It is like entertaining the most narcissistic child at times. I’ve had a few come up and buy me drinks, and later angle to share how they love sucking dick, have had to turn down threesomes, or mentioning how other men approach them. It is like they upsell how much cock ran through them.

        6. Also they seem to have an encyclopedic knowledge of pharmaceuticals that would put a chemist to shame.

        7. I followed down the trail of this thread. I reverse what I said before, you need and East Asian girl if at all possible Japanese.
          They understand people like us a lot better than any other group of females I have ever found. I’m not socially outgoing but I’m the real freak. I’m ok with kicking someone’s butt so hard his mother takes time to recognize him.
          I have no awkward stuff almost at all but underneath I’m not different really lol. I did a bunch of cool shit that I should not have been able to by some metrics.