How To Massage A Woman’s Body Before Great Sex

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If you’re a regular Return of Kings reader then Ukrainian born sexologist Elena Pellicano will be no stranger to you. You may remember previous contributions in which she offered her opinions on why European women make excellent wives and how men can use their natural scents to attract women – a true cannot-miss!

Today however Elena is turning her expert eye over the importance of two key skills that every man should be well aware of if he wants to truly satisfy a woman in bed; Foreplay Massage and Oral Sex.

For today we are just going to focus on foreplay massage. She will explore the topic of oral sex, also known as cunnilingus, in the short video clip below and will go into more details in a future article.

Let’s get something clear first, however—just because you’re good at foreplay, or oral for that matter, does not a happy relationship make! This isn’t about how to have a happy relationship as that’s a topic with unique and complex considerations of its own.

This article is related to our baser animal instincts that unite pretty much all of us and the feeding of which we mostly cannot ignore. There is something to say about being ‘good’ at both foreplay and wider bedroom business increasing your confidence and the amount of worth you are viewed with by others, but that is not to be the goal.

So what actually is foreplay? You can’t be good at it unless you know what it is!

Broadly speaking, foreplay is defined as any pre-sex ritual designed to further ignite the intimacy between the two partners and prepares both male and female properly for sex—thus increasing the pleasure and satisfaction felt by both parties.

If there is one thing that you need to consider in your quest for better foreplay it’s this; it is her pleasure that should be your focus, not yours!

While there is much evidence to suggest that in the bedroom, the more you give then the more you get, that cannot be your goal. If you are doing this for selfish ends, then ultimately the whole experience is going to just become very awkward and it’s a deeply un-gentlemanly way to behave.

Foreplay massage and regular massage are ultimately different—regular massage is generally aimed at muscle relaxation and stress relief, where foreplay is to encourage the body to become ready for pleasurable sex. However one may lead into the other as if your lady has had a long and tough day at work, you will almost certainly need to relax her properly so she can abandon all the stress of the day and settle into a happy evening.

Avoiding eye contact is, in this case, beneficial (which I will elaborate more on in the video) so encourage her to lie on her stomach. Start your massage on her legs – only start on her back if you need to first alleviate the stresses of the day, then move to the legs.

Move your hands slowly and confidently along her legs and buttocks, encouraging blood flow to her most intimate of areas – the more blood that flows to her vaginal area the more intense her sensations, sensitivity, lubrication and ultimate satisfaction will be.

If you want to really set the mood, burning candles and natural massage oils packed with ingredients designed to stimulate her blood flow and warm her body are perfect.

Don’t use something cheap that resembles synthetic jelly and smells more like the plastic container its packaged in. It will do nothing physiologically beneficial for either of you. Essential oils are used because of their ability to promote positive reactions in the body in terms of stress relief, calming nerves, relaxing muscles, igniting sexual awareness and alleviating a busy mind so she is more accepting of bedroom activities.

Elena, constantly impressed with the positive effects of essential oils, has used her considerable expertise to create her very own range of handmade and entirely natural products designed to attract women and amplify love making, which you can find here.

If you’re not yet convinced of using oil to massage, think of your hands. Many men have rough, coarse hands—especially if you work with them or lead a very active lifestyle.

While many women may love the feel of holding a rough hand while you’re walking down the street, it’s going to do little to alleviate her stress after a long day and prepare her for a sensational night.

So, please consider the art of foreplay massage, there really is no secret to it – since any man can learn it.   Learn the rules and methods once, and you’ll be set for life. Remember; her pleasure is always the focus!

To view Elena’s full video series on Foreplay Massage, click here. Use promo code: ROK to get 50% off the list price thru May 31, 2016.

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      1. I don’t mind since he used my line. I take this as an homage

        1. Kinda disappointed that I didn’t anger you enough to go hit some bumper plates reps!

        2. Maybe you should give him a pet name like “Lolly”! That’ll crack his ego!

        3. don’t mix them up. the tin can will cut your pecker something fierce and it will be hard to do those body weight squats after.

        4. are you out of your fucking mind. Nothing would ever crack my ego.

        5. Only if you remove the can from your tool! By the time you realise the severity of your mistake, that can will be the only thing keeping it together like the car crash in Scary Movie!

        6. Can’t take camp man camping! And it’s weird how much you insist on taking Lolly camping with you!

        7. Finally someone understands. Fucking slingblade is trying to get me into a tent something awful

        8. I missed this entire thread of conversation. I’m not *sad* about it, just noting it in passing.
          Party on Wayne.
          Party on Garth.
          Woo woo woo woo woo!

        9. Maybe he needs a real man in his life! Big spoon or little spoon,Lolly?

        10. careful now, don’t overplay your hand. You are doing so well. I would hate to see you drop the ball now.

    1. if ur still making kratom jokes on here you are lame af. thats like sayin ‘wazzzuupppp’ unironically a whole 20 yrs after the budweiser commercial first aired. or like being an ironic gangster nowadays. played out and the more i see ROK commenters keep going w kratom jokes like theyre fuckin hilarious, the more i think this community is not as alpha as it makes itself out to be

      1. It’s a shared meme and it works as a method of bonding. Why is that a problem with you?

  1. I can’t wait for the follow up article: How to be a total pussywhipped faggot who has his girl take her newly tension free muscles over to lolknee’s house for an evening of sodomy before limping home

    1. I personally offer a wheelchair service, but my bedrooms on the 3rd floor so good luck ho.

    2. Occasional massage, when she is tense and doesn’t expect it: good.
      “Here, honey, let me massage your shoulders. OMG,I love you so much”: awful.
      It’s a skill worth knowing (great for kino for certain personality types), but you don’t need a registered sexologist to teach you how.

    1. I understand boys will be boys, especially in their own forums. So I certainly don’t mind, its all good 😉 As for my family name, no I don’t think its related. But do like the term. My next massage video will be filmed at the beach and then I will name one of the massage techniques after the term.

        1. Humor and Good Sex go hand in hand, making for a long life of health and happiness. The best lovers are fun to be around. I hope you are good at both!

      1. Nice video. You sure look like you know how to rub a woman down. Do you do house calls?

        1. iBoob, if you live in my neighborhood then yeah! If not, then I do Skype sessions.

    1. I did many, many months ago. “Full blown porn site” are the exact words I used. Where the fuk were you ??

  2. Someone mentioned that this article was defeatist. I would say that Elena’s article is defeatist if you’re a guy swallowing this. My wife has always worked for me in bed Doing what I want and dressing up exactly like I want. Also strange that the other day there was an article in a local (Norwegian) newspaper by a female sexologist who said to women be selfish. Women are so passive f****rs (no pun intended) that they need to be MORE active to learn what foreplay is. This sponsored article is female privilege bull. If you like licking feet and be dominated sexually by a woman maybe this is for you.

    1. I don’t know about massaging the feet, but massaging your woman’s ass and legs can work wonders if you know what you’re doing

      1. The look on that man’s face is absolutely priceless. “You heard me bitch! Yeah!”

    1. Touche! But don’t miss the important point of the article whether it’s a sponsored post or not. Massaging your girl’s body can indeed solidify bonding and add spice to love life. And massaging goes both ways without saying

        1. Yes. The guy should massage the girl. And then make her orgasm so hard she blacks out.
          Trust me. She will be back for more and bring a girlfriend or two to share the experience.
          The neuropsychology of the female brain is that sex can’t be about anything *but* her pleasure. She has to be able to “let go” and enter the peculiar altered state of consciousness that women do during to arousal-to-orgasm-by-partner. The “voluntary” centers of her brain have to be allowed to deactivate and when she climaxes, they shut off completely. She *can’t* be thinking about you or what you want, or whether you will last long enough to get her there.
          And you wonder why women cheat on you. Well, they are welcome to cheat on *me* and have all the Bad Sex they want. They always come back. (And, again, bring a girlfriend or two to marvel at the experience.)

    2. A resident alpha and his conquest for the evening are lying naked in his bed after an hour of vigorous boning, a song playing in the background. The alpha reaches for his stereo remote and switches it off. “Do you know what you and that song have in common?” The HB9 conquest looks back coyly expecting some form of compliment. “No, but I’m sure you’ll tell me.” The alpha jerkboy half smiles in self-satisfaction and says, “You just got played, now get out of my bed.”

      1. Wow, I sure wish I knew some guys who could bone a woman for a solid hour. They could take my overflow. At my age and health condition the young-enough-to-be-my-daughters single mothers are not “having sex” with me, they are “committing elder abuse”!
        I can tell all you commenters on this blog who assert that sexually satisfying women is not important that your worst fears about what women say about you behind your back are true! Most especially about how you guys don’t “measure up” to their expectations.
        And yes, I am trained in massage therapy and have a professional massage table in all of my residences. If a woman wants to take her clothes off anyway, it gives her an excuse.

        1. With me its the damn rubbers. Borderline impossible for me to finish with one on, but STDs and shit, got to stay safe when picking up strange.

    3. Seconded.
      Not only that, you do not need to satisfy your woman any more than fucking her occasionally. She doesn’t care whether she cums or not (don’t listen to her if she says she does – she doesn’t know what she wants). This idea that you need to “satisfy” your woman by means of special techniques etc. is a feminist one. It is more important to a woman that you cum than she cums. Why? Because making you cum is easy and if she can’t do that she believes that it is because you find her undesirable (probably not far from the truth). This in turn feeds into her fear of abandonment.
      If you enjoy massaging your woman or licking her out, by all means do it. But if you don’t want to, don’t. It really doesn’t matter to her.
      What matters to her is that she has access to your resources and protection and she will do whatever she needs to, to obtain them.
      Trust me, you can do all these things. I have made a girl cum six times in a row, licked her out and massaged her into heaven. She still left me like an unwanted child.
      Know what a woman really wants gentleman and do not be sidetracked by this feminist nonsense.

      1. Sorry you do need to at least be able to please women in general if you want to have top level game.
        It’s not about pleasing her. It’s about control. Women will do things you all wouldn’t believe for a guy who gives them good dick and knows how to use that to fuck with their heads.
        Look up “mindfucking”

        1. You need to be able to please women but its not about pleasing her? What do you mean?
          Anyway, I never said anything about not “pleasing” I just said you don’t need these special techniques. I was very clear in what you do need.

        2. The irony is that when you don’t go into all this “pleasing them” bullshit, and just roughly fuck them, most times they have their best orgasisms. To them being controlled and used is part of the sex-mind they have. Secret rape fantasies, prostitute role-play. . .All that shit. It’s in women’s psyche, and this feminist shit just confuses them.

        3. Yes. Every woman is different. The way you know that porn is fake is that every woman expresses very similarly. In the real world, no two do sex remotely alike.

        4. If one could buy with money that which money cannot buy, *believe me* I would be a customer. I sure do have the money. But, alas, one cannot exchange it for sex with an elite woman (e.g., star of a Broadway musical or a principal dancer of one of the “Big Six” ballet companies). I know for *sure* because I have shared some of my residences with such. And I bed. I even put one through medical school.
          I would be dead today if I had not done this last. Doctors to whom you are just another patient make dangerous mistakes.

        5. Yes, if you can truly satisfy a high-libido woman in bed, then you *own* her!
          I encountered a jaw-dropping damsel who was in financial distress because her paychecks had been bouncing. It was a result of a dishonest insider who was embezzling and cut things too closely on the payroll account of the store where she was a shopgirl. Even though her store eventually made good on her pay, the cascade of overdraft fees and other charges sank her financially.
          Even though I was (and still am) 30 years her senior, she rewarded me for “reasoning” with her employer (I made them an offer that they couldn’t refuse) to make her whole by taking me to bed.
          I was the fifth guy in her entire life. She had been married and divorced. (No kids.) Orgasms were something that happened rarely in partner sex, and never more than once every 24 hours. Or so she *thought*.
          When she was finished with Round One, she remarked out-loud, “I’ve just cum eight times in the last three hours and whose body *is* this?”
          I was far too old to be such a young hottie’s life partner, but she sure did want that with me. I did serve to raise her expectations…

        6. I noticed that. . .Every girl in a porn movies acts like every other girl in a porn movie.

      2. Yeah, I think when you set up the “romantic evening,” give them massages, blah, blah, blah. . . They’ll act happy, but secretly despise you. They judge your kind, thoughtful actions as subvervience, and instead of paying you back with good behavior, you’re going to get a lot of shit-tests afterwards.
        What you say is right, and goes right back to the Red Pill. Other people’s money is their aphrodisiac.

      3. The notion that men should orgasm at all is W.E.I.R.D. (“Western”, “Industrialized”, “Educated”, “Rich”, “Democratic”). I recommend referring to:
        Sex must not feel very good to you if you *want* it to take less time than your dentist recommends you spend on dental hygiene every evening! But also, I am just getting tired of first dates with women who have only had sex with men like the ones on this blog who leave them not even *knowing* how many times they can orgasm in a session and how many sessions they can do in a night.
        And yes, once they have had good sex, they can’t settle for the likes of *you*!
        Try Tantra. You will attain more of a sense of why women moan and writhe like they do when they are in sexual ecstasy, because you will be able to experience something closer to it. (Of course, very unlike a female, a male can’t orgasm and still be fun, but it’s the closest we mere males can get to what females can experience in bed.)

        1. That’s a good idea actually. Thanks for bringing it up.
          Btw, I have experienced something close to this with an Asian chick…

    1. Exactly what I was thinking.
      These “Ask a woman” type of columns need to disappear.

    1. Step 1: Apply generous amount of product below to your woodpecker (but seriously someone needs to take your comment and do an instructional because every time I attempt it I wind up starting forest fires and Smokey gets so depressed) –

  3. Step 1: Kratom
    Step 2: Try not to snap her in half with your god-like strength
    Step 3: Replenish your electrolytes

  4. “If there is one thing that you need to consider in your quest for better foreplay it’s this; it is her pleasure that should be your focus, not yours!
    If you are doing this for selfish ends, then ultimately the whole experience is going to just become very awkward and it’s a deeply un-gentlemanly way to behave.”
    Yep…pretty much what I would expect a woman to say…

    1. When I saw her face, I immediately recognized the value of this article. Then, I scrolled down to the comments.

        1. That isn’t the point. I am pointing out that if a woman achieves climax, the man can then finish up, but you can’t do the visa versa.

    2. Yep, sounds like a feminist or sjw is lecturing us on how to do a massage.
      And if we add the fact that we should never ask advice to some woman about seducing or pleasuring another woman…

      1. One thing I can’t stand is women “lecturing” me and giving me unsolicited advice. Very rare, fortunately.
        A little newsflash for the author, all behavior involves “selfish ends”. Even supposedly “selfless” acts like volunteering or giving to charity.
        Funny thing, how “gentlemanly” behavior invariably benefits women at the man’s expense.
        Didn’t buy that lady at the bar a drink? What kind of gentleman are you!?
        Didn’t offer to change the oil for that post-wall single mother living next door? Obviously you weren’t raised properly!!!

  5. Forget this. You can learn everything you need to know on the Tokyo Underground.

      1. Believe me I do… 😉
        Licking ass is the next step.. You also like that?

    1. Not if done in a 69. If done in submissiveness, then yes.

    2. I’m intrigued. How would it be a “beta” action?
      Not to mention it gets the lady riled up and ready to go, which makes the sex much more enjoyable for both parties.

    1. This is another one of those “sponsored posts” so Roosh just must be taking her money to keep the lights on. (I don’t necessarily mind them for that reason, but they are starting become more an more bizarre…like krakum or whatever that was.)
      I’ve also noticed a lot more “from the archives” articles recently. I wonder if readership is down or the cost of running this website has increased drastically and Roosh can no longer pay as many writers.

    2. NO SHIT, like I want to watch some lesbo teach me what I already do exceptionally well.

  6. Here on the ranch, we don’t need no stinking oils. My hock tooey is good enough. I’m willing to try a sample though.

  7. Do not be an “normal” and use massage oil. Any man giving real massage, muscle or sensual, to a woman you’re going to try and be intimate with shouldn’t need other stuff. First off it screams sex, ruining the whole surprise angle and giving the gal advance notice it could easily turn sexual. Don’t assume the sale quite here yet, Stop and think. This is my standard massage to sensual massage to sex method:
    1) start with an upper back, neck, shoulder massage
    2) mention the bra strap is in the way (she removes it) start on lower back
    3) have her laying face down and start working her shirt up, ask her to remove it
    3a) if she objects laugh and tell her you won’t see anything, she’s face down (lol)
    4) switch from muscle massage to sensual massage now that the shirt is off – SLOWLY
    5) a muscle massage is much firmer than a sensual massage which is usually very light
    6) switching too fast will signal an abrupt shift of intent, and she might reject it
    7) a proper switch is to gradually get lighter and slowly go from the back to the extremities
    8) stay firmer on the back, then progressively lighter in the extremities the further from the back
    At this point she should be putty in your hands if you’ve done well. Practice on women you have zero interest in sexually at first, so you won’t be nervous and can concentrate on technique rather than the sale. Don’t be in a hurry. This might only take a few minutes if she’s primed to fuck you already. It might take a good 20-30 minutes if you’re converting her from an “I don’t think so” to “fuck me baby”. Taking a bit of time won’t hurt, but do convert the massage type, and no matter what do not stop until you really put the effort into getting her pants off too.
    Women expect men to try and turn a massage into sex. Fail to do that and she’ll see you as a guy with no balls.

  8. RoK is the wrong place to post this, lady. Why would you ever have to massage a woman? Seriously. I gave massages too to women once or twice when they asked me nicely but these times are over. We are here to become better men and not learn how to make women feel better. Don’t learn how to give her a massage. Just make her give you a massage, nothing easier than that pal.
    So Climax University wants to teach you how to make women climax… and that’s great. If you’re a chump you should definitely learn the proper technique.
    But if you’re a man you make her climax by being a man and fucking her the way you want.
    There’s no need for foreplay sweetheart, except the one where you are on your knees.
    Jes, what’s up next RoK?

  9. Yeah “massage” them by just giving them The Shocker (two in the pink, one in the stink).

  10. If anybody needs oral sex basics, it’s like 95% of the female population. And the 5% that do it good, only 1% keep doing it after the wedding ring is on. Guys need instruction? Please, sistuh, clean your own house first.

    1. hahahahahah fucking LOVE it !!!!
      I appreciate the article but you have a point !!

  11. I don’t mind making the effort to pleasure a woman if she is worth it. Always good to know some of these things.

  12. The sexiest woman to be allowed to speak on ROK so far. And an extremely arousing article and video. I’m straight off out on the pull for a red headed masseur.

  13. For both foreplay massage and muscle-relaxing massage, avoid using force as much as possible. Relax into the person you’re massaging. Let your weight do the work. With foreplay, start relaxed then slowly sexually invigorate yourself over the course of the massage; and slowly get closer to her over the course of the massage.
    Also, don’t use your thumbs. the joints in the thumbs are too weak to
    withstand continuous sheer pressure. Use a soft fist or a palm hand
    instead. And for broad strokes, use the fleshy part of your forearm.
    To give someone a shoulder massage, relax your elbows and fleshy forearms on her shoulders. Use the weight of your upper body to move your arms over her shoulders.

  14. The only reason why I massage a woman’s ass and legs is because I like touching and looking at female ass and thighs, along with soft, hairless skin. It gives me pleasure and gets me just a little bit harder. If the woman likes it, then great, it not, then that’s okay too — I’m not thinking too much about her desires while I’m doing it.
    Having a woman on her stomach with her ass cheeks spread also gives you a good opportunity to check out her hygiene without her watching you. I like to massage the inside of her cheeks so I can take a good look at her two holes. Are they clean? Any cheesy discharge? Do they smell? Are they trimmed / waxed / maintained? Any piercings? It gives me an opportunity to decide if I really want to fuck her, and if I do, where and with what on.

  15. A little massage is fine, but there comes a point where you become a tool.

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