The Different Paths Of Western Manhood

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In my previous article I discussed several concepts central to the the Red Pill awakening shared by men in the West. Continuing the Game introductory theme, I’d like to discuss common reactions men have upon their realization that women are the villains in this game…

You are not Link. You will not complete the game in under two hours without saving. You will die and you will need to restore to your last save point, over and over. You will not get your own channel on and make fat stacks of cash. Statistically speaking, you are a schmoe when it comes to this game. This game is unlike anything you’ve ever played. But it can be played, and it can be enjoyed, and it can be won on your terms.

Nihilism and Solipsism; Enjoy The Decline


Now that you understand the nature of the female, what is your own nature? Just as Princess Zelda is actually the villain (or the dupe at least), might you be one as well? Many say yes and check out; Men Going Their Own Way (MGTOW) are solipsistic in a sense, despite their common feeling of camaraderie. You will be called a loser and a villain by anyone not GTOW. After taking the Red Pill, you may come to define your villainy or defeat as your retirement, rebirth, and delivery from hell. MGTOWs may even give up on women altogether, and stop working for anyone but themselves as far as they can reasonably accomplish. He might get a vasectomy at a young age in order to make his philosophy permanent. The MGTOW might reject the whole biological charade and resign himself to a quiet and peaceful enjoyment of this passing dream we call life.

Many men who take the Red Pill and come to understand the game become nihilists. Nihilism is similar to solipsism, but it is much more erratic. Nihilists might become MGTOW. They might go crazy. They might commit suicide or kill others. Nihilists may even become players, and some of the most infamous players in the entire Manosphere are nihilists of various degrees. I’ve even seen nihilists come to promote Christianized Westernism, as Anders Behring Breivik seemed to do in his manifesto. There is no telling what they will do, it is like rolling dice; it’s all dice anyways, to a real nihilist. I was once a nihilist.

Alpha Males & Self Improvement


The alpha male is a construct of our imagination; the alpha male is a very real force which must be reconciled with. Maybe you can become an alpha male, too. You will never be an alpha male. Confused?

MMA is an example of what this path means: you only get to ride high for a little while. Eventually your shin is going to snap on some schmuck’s femur and you’re going down in flames. No matter how good you are, you’re going to be bested. But so many men realize this and decide that MMA is not for them. They get fat and stupid and lazy, but winning MMA matches is a reality, and wearing that belt, and having victory is all very real and possibly attainable. Although you may not be a brawler, I am not talking about MMA. I am talking about the game.

What does it take to be a contender in this game? It takes brutal honesty. It takes rational thought. It takes courage. Training. Discipline. Risk. It takes abstract thinking too. These are the male virtues. That is why men have traditionally ruled the world, their women, and themselves. These are the virtues that women inherently lack and don’t require anyways. Men can rise above by simply being honest with themselves about the game. They must first correctly realize that there is a game, and then they must accept the rules and live by them if they want to enjoy and succeed. This is what it means to become an alpha male. You may even gain your own henchmen along the way.


Men need male space. They need a place to go where their mothers, their sisters, those bootylicious distractions are not present. They need to hear about life from other men who excel in the male virtues. There are almost no spaces left like this. Under the modern order (feminism) all male space has been demonized or eradicated, and women have been introduced as goaltenders of a sort. Hell, two men hanging out or walking somewhere together, or spending time mentoring children, are largely suspected of homosexuality these days.

Male thought that is not filtered through feminine sensibilities will result in loss of work, education, money, etc. The entire enterprise of political correctness is one gigantic feminine effort to adulterate male thought. The military, the Boy Scouts, the Elks Lodge, the Cigar Bar, the sports team, even fatherhood itself has been mocked or abolished—all have been laid low before the feminine imperative. Boys adrift have nowhere left to go to become men.

Choose Your Path

Those who choose to “man up” may find that they are at war with White Knights, nihilists, and Men Going Their Own Way. Many men consider manning up a fool’s errand, and you will be mocked for manning up. But some men want to be “saved,” redeemed, healed, empowered, and want to pursue peaceful relations with women and other men. They want to find the “higher things in life” and reject the low and ugly lies they’ve been fed. They want to tear it down and build something beautiful in its place. They may even have read about others who tore it down and built something beautiful once upon a time, ages ago. Is that man you? Hail the Return of Kings.

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59 thoughts on “The Different Paths Of Western Manhood”

  1. The old MGTOWforums shut down because the owner had a meltdown but the new forums are already up and running here
    Whether you decide to completely avoid women or not, the one main point we ALL share in common is- NONE of us wants to marry an American/western woman.

  2. There is a hybrid that you fail to mention and that is to become a successful alpha male and then drop out. Learn game. Get yourself a nice, feminine wife, settle down in a secluded spot and raise a passel of youngin’s like our grandfathers did. I don’t need Boy Scouts or organized sports to raise children for me. They will learn skills and gain virtue by helping me build, repair, hunt, fish, forage and garden. They will read books instead of playing video games. Hell, you find five other families doing the same and you establish a home school to keep them out of the toxicity that is modern public schools. When those kids turn 18, they will be ready to conquer whatever is left of this shithole and hopefully bring it back to the glory it once was.

    1. I think that would come under the “alpha male self-improvement” category since you’re trying to invest in the next generation.

    2. I believe that you are what vox day would call the sigma male, or some greek letter I can’t recall right now, that is like an alpha that does not lead or join, other than his own family. He is the master of his own environment, and powerfully attractive to those who recognize his quiet strengths, but not your typical leader of men, or builder of institutions

    3. Someone’s beat you to it. They’re called Amish or Survivalists and they aint conquering shit. The guys that grow up in those communities have rock solid realities to be sure; but they’re king’s of a tribe called Nobody Cares. You have to be able to integrate and move seamlessly through this world and teach your progeny to do the same. No one wins by hiding your greatness under a rock.

      1. You sir are an absolute legend, every comment I’ve read in rok by you has been spot on and consistent. Just wanted to say a big thank you.

      2. survivalists conquer their dependency on money and government. they conquer their care for humanity

        1. Only covering the bare necessities. They still use government services and tax payer funded amenities where needed.
          Care for humanity? Really?? They’re the most selfish and anti social of all the fringe nut-job groups. Try asking them for a cup of sugar after the nuclear apocalypse and see how humanely they respond.

        2. “Care for humanity? Really?? They’re the most selfish and anti social of all the fringe nut-job groups.”
          Well Kashtin said they “conquer” their care for humanity. Meaning they no longing give a damn about it.

        3. Gotcha. However, running away and living on the fringes is probably the best way to signal that you very much care a damn about humanity. Great way to narrow your perspective, increase your paranoia and ultimately diminish any positive contribution you could possibly have to rectifying the problems you’re fleeing from.

        4. It depends, Vince. I know a lot of back to nature alternative lifestyle folks and I also spent some time in intentional communities in this country and others. They do “give back” and make positive contributions by teaching others how to do stuff like grow their own food, build their own houses, etc.

        5. Perhaps it’s because they know only the WEAK wouldn’t have thought ahead anyhow which is why they need sugar. You want sugar? Go ask Uncle Sugar for an EBT card. Let us know how that goes once the lights go out.

        6. The only contribution one can make to a pile of garbage is to add more garbage. The only other option is to set the pile on fire and walk away.

      3. Not just the Amish and Survivalists, there are several people living that way, many don’t label themselves at all. But like I wrote above, they are not “changing the world”, even though they are living healthier, more peaceful and more beautiful lives than those in the mainstream. The mistake is not in dropping out of the mainstream and living that way, that’s all well and good and I support it, the mistake is in the utopian vision of grandeur that people like Dr.Zoidberg harbors for their children. Their children grow up healthy and nice, but no more accomplished or influential than mainstream kids. Which is fine too. I just don’t understand why all the “back to nature” and home schooling types think they are raising geniuses when it is clear they are not.

      4. When the SHTF, they absolutely will be the victors. The current system is a lost cause and is on its last legs. We will have to wait for the right moment, like the hippies did, and then seize the day.
        Practically the only way to play the game, now, is to play their game. You have to set up an alternative system; then, when their system collapses, ours is already in place. The “meek” will inherit the earth. People don’t know what “meek” means anymore, though; it is from Latin “mitis,” which means “pleasant and ripe, sweet in due season.” When the time is ripe and we are ripe, the “ripe” will inherit the earth.

    4. MGTOW is, as I see it, about one thing and one thing only: learning to survive efficiently in an ever-changing environment. As a man, you have to do what you can to survive. Change the rules of the game if need be. Toss the board in your opponent’s face, if need be.
      If you want to learn game and be ‘Alpha’, then do it, but don’t do it because people tell you you have to do it. You don’t have to play their games. You only have to play your own game. You only win by making people play by your terms.

      1. This especially rings true for men. State support is available for women the moment they’re knocked up. Government programs cater only for women by encouraging and guiding them into the more prestigious areas of work (where there is money and status: law, STEM, medicine; of course, equality doesn’t pressure women into areas of work like construction where they lack the inclination to get dirty and work hard). We live in a society now where the government is only interested in advancing the interests of women while making men’s responsibilities ever more onerous.
        There is a paragraph in ‘the way of men’ which astutely points out that it is in the interests of the ruling classes for men to have their masculinity suppressed while being precluded from forming groups or ding anything which may rock the societal boat.
        Coping with this is exactly what I think ‘A Guy’ means about learning to adapt in an ever changing environment; dealing with the constant ebb and flow of feminist influenced policy designed to empower and immunise women and the expense of disenfranchising men.
        God help us all.

        1. In ‘The Prince’, Niccolo Machiavelli basically makes the point that once you conquer some state, the best way to secure it for yourself is to make the men effeminate. I was reading that book and had a huge lightbulb/wtf moment when I read that.

      1. Not true. Plenty of people are living off the grid. There are several alternative groups and intentional communities right here in the States.

    5. Especially with regards to boys, there’s no reason for them to “conquer” anything at the age of 18. Most boys aren’t developed and need extra time to learn. A great place for boys to become men is a really good martial arts (BJJ, Muay Thai, etc) gym where they can learn some of these masculine values. They need their asses kicked in school so they can learn fields ranging from mathematics and the sciences to the liberal arts. They do need to read books, but that’s gotta come because of their personal interest. The problem with schooling today is that they destroy the curiousity and imagination of our children. If our children don’t have any curiousity or imagination, why would they want to read and learn? These feminist bitches teaching our children (there are a shitload of feminists in public education) are destroying the creativity and imagination in our boys. They’re dangerous people.
      Girls mature a little earlier and should be rushed through everything. Boys shouldn’t be rushed through anything since there is no biological clock.

      1. Unisex schools are detrimental to a boy’s development. Boys need discipline, structure and masculine, hard (but fair) role models. Not womyn teachers and effeminate Mangina teachers. They need to develop assertiveness, i.e. when some boy gets bullied by other boys, a teacher should not just break the fight up, he should take the bullied boy to the side and tell him that he will join him at day XY, Z o’clock to face his bullies. A boy must learn to stand up for himself, not suppress his aggression like the feminized school system would have us believe. That will only create more guys running amok.

    6. I agree with you Dr. Zoidberg and I know several families who are living like this in several different countries and while it is a healthy, beautiful lifestyle, they are not conquering anything or anyone. Some of their kids have gone on to form similar families and lifestyles of their own, while some of them have gone back into the mainstream. But in either case, they are all still average, mediocre people. No great accomplishments. Nothing wrong in that. Its very normal, but I can assure you that MOST of the parents who dropped and decided to live this way, had, as you do, visions of grandeur of how “revolutionary” their kids were going to grow up to be.

  3. never really liked the term man up since women and manginas use it to manipulate and shame you into doing something you dont want to do….pretty much like bullying.

    1. Some derogatory terms can be owned. Men who want to do the “right thing” typically have no problem with the term manning up, even despite its context of being a stooge for the feminine agenda.

      1. I don’t use it, it sounds extremely faggy that term “manning up” because I primarily hear it from hippsters, feminists, and manginas.
        They’ve certainly stamped it with their seal, so I’m not going anywhere near it.

        1. Do the right thing for who? If you mean for yourself, yeah, I agree 100%. But don’t fall for that altruistic self-sacrificial crap. Virtues serve you only as long as they further your own development. Don’t misunderstand me: Morals in general are neither weakness, nor strength. They simply are. However, society has become quite good at exploiting virtuous/altruistic males for “the greater good”, be it due to their naivete or inherent self-sacrificial character. As a rule of thumb imho: Be altruistic when you can afford it, be selfish (or a cold-blooded manipulative bastard) when you must/need be.

    2. Bear in mind that they stole and twisted the term. It comes from fathers, football coaches and drill sergeants.
      An alternative to avoiding it is to take it back. When told to “Man up, ” in the words of Jerry Rubin: Do It!
      Not in the sense that they mean; in the sense that it actually means. If necessary keep doing it until you make Sgt. Rock look like a pussy.

      1. Well, nobody can be a “good man” without being good at being a man. In fact, “good man” is the term that denotes somebody who demonstrates his goodness at being a man. So I think there’s a breakdown in your logical process, here.
        Perhaps you’re simply trying to say that “what society calls a ‘good man,’ is not actually a good man.”

  4. There’s a new school of game, called ‘BIATCHES’ game:
    B = Buying temperature
    I = Initiate contact
    A = Attract
    T = Transition
    C = Comfort
    H = Hometime
    E = Escalate
    S = Sex
    Coming next.. More niche game, including Gay Guy Game(TM) to lay straight women.

  5. There are two paths of manhood. And both are symbolized by colored pills.
    Red Pill: The men who belong to the manosphere.
    Players, Alphas, PUAs, Traditional men, Patriarchal men, Masculinists, Nihilists, MGTOWs, Celibate Monks (yes even they can be redpill, as they’ve risen beyond the temptation of women) all are those who belong to the redpill path.
    Blue Pill: The feminized men who subscribe to the “modern” and feminist prescribed path of manhood.
    Aptly called Blue Pill, because Blue Pill is a symbol of Viagra, and the men who subscribe to Blue Pill often need Viagra-like motivation to achieve something in life (either from their women, friends, or society).
    Supplicating to women, pedestalling women (irrespective of race), putting women before themselves, having unrealistic views of women, overestimating women. being masochistic/submissive with women, betraying other men and own masculinity in order to get closer to women, defending women’s hypocrisies – all with the hope of getting or not getting sex – are all Blue Pill traits.
    White Knights, Omegas, Betas, Manginas, Feminist men, feminine men ,and often the average common man (living in modern feminist society) are all those who belong to the Blue Pill path.

    1. Either you are a coppertop, i.e. plugged into the matrix and keeping it alive, or you’re not. Any guy, no matter how muscular, tall, rich, good-looking, etc. that pedestalizes women and makes women the center of their universe is a beta at best, an effete mangina at worst.

      1. Enough with this alpha male bullshit. The alpha male is an obsolete myth in the modern world. Any guy who scores an above-average number of women is not an alpha male by any definition. True alphas are men in the league of Genghis Khan, Alexander the Great and medieval conquerors who carved out kingdoms and spread their genes across swathes of the global population. They didn’t give two damns about raping thousands of women.
        If you have to actively seek women instead of the other way around, you’re not alpha. If you’re worried about impregnating a woman, you’re not alpha. If your personal property is limited to a two-bedroom house in the suburbs, you’re not alpha. If you frequent game blogs and read books on how to become an alpha male, you sure as hell ain’t alpha no matter how much you ‘acquire’ those ‘skills’. The irony is that 90% of the so-called manosphere/PUA scene is full of middle-class white boys who’d be the first ones up on the chopping block if were living in a true survival-of-the-fittest society where the ‘alpha male’ description might actually apply.
        The bottom line is to live life on your own terms and strive for self-improvement – don’t let sex or women control your life, and if your primary concern is how to get either of those (instead of, say, learning a profitable skill or establishing yourself financially), you’ve already lost half the battle.

    2. Yes, the life of a bluepill revolves around women. Even the way they value themselves and others is based on women (“Looks like I’m not getting laid tonight!”) instead of actual real masculine virtues like accomplishment, honor, respect, and courage.

      1. The life of PUAs revolves around women too. They’re all about learning strategies to pick up as many women as possible, even going as far as travelling around the world just to get to fuck women. So according to your logic, they are betas.

        1. Still, they’re exploiting them for free sex with the inner knowledge that they in turn want to use THEM for their money. It’s just turning the tables.

        2. Free sex? Are flight tickets and hotel rooms now available for free? Is travelling to fuckin’ Ukraine for half a year just to fuck women now for free? In contrary to that, if you have a girlfriend which you love and respect and not only exploit her for fucking, you get real free sex.

  6. “MMA is an example of what this path means: you only get to ride high for a little while. Eventually your shin is going to snap on some schmuck’s femur and you’re going down in flames. No matter how good you are, you’re going to be bested.”
    I get the Anderson Silva reference but the big difference is that MMA is a sport, you can only ride high for a while because you’re growing old. Age doesn’t kill game as it kills an athlete career.
    You’re going to be bested but coming across someone better than you doesn’t matter if you do better than 99,9% of men.

  7. Don’t choose a path; blaze your own. Be formless. Adapt a little bit of this and a little bit of that to suit your own personal needs and context. Only then a Jedi will you be- the Jeet Kun Do of Manhood.

  8. This “article” is pure crap.
    Sorry but there are Universal Moral Laws we should all follow…it’s called Natural Laws.
    School doesn’t teach Natural Laws nor the Trivium because they want to get the masses dumb down with an Nihilist mindset. It’s called mind control.
    Please watch this video below and learn how to live according to Natural Laws and Free Will.

    1. Yep, it’s basically how I program for my classes every morning. (scans daily teaching planner…..”hmmmm, we have “dumbing down the masses” to start off with, followed by 45 mins of “developing a Nihlist Mindset”….fits nicely into our cross-curricular theme of Mind Control.
      I think you give the education department and the forces which govern them too much credit.

  9. “Men need male space. They need a place to go where their mothers, their sisters, those bootylicious distractions are not present.”
    Somehow we need to get to critical mass to make this happen. I suggested a separate forum category for non-PUA meetup events, but I don’t know if there’s enough interest yet in any one location.

  10. “They need to hear about life from other men who excel in the male virtues. There are almost no spaces left like this.”
    If you really want to, you can find a place like this. I find blogs and other places where I can get ideas and thoughts from other men. I’m lucky enough to know people in my life who I can discuss risk, philosophy, literature, ideas, etc.. If you really want to, you can find those places and people all around you.

  11. I don’t think we become nihilists, I think we become existentialists, and instead believe that we give life meaning, not that life has no meaning.

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