The Shocking Decline Of American Music

Every civilization is judge on what it produces for the world. One way of doing this is by listening to the kind of music a nation creates. The Western world used to produce some fine music over the past couple decades whether it being from America, England, or other modern nations. However, today it has declined to a shameful level.

50’s Music

Dave Brubeck – Take Five

A man’s skill in wielding an instrument was the true measure of his musical genius back the. Listen to the drum solo in this song…

Bill Haley & His Comets – Rock Around The Clock (1955)

A well-loved classic. The standard was very simple in those times: if you were not truly exceptional at playing an instrument and had great a voice, you were out.

Frankie Avalon – Venus (1959)

Might not want to try this on girls, don’t think you’ll get the same response today. Get some tattoos and gold plated teeth and try rapping while “making it rain.”

The 60’s

Glen Campbell – Wichita Lineman (1968)

I know this may come as a shock for you millennial viewers, but yes there actually were classy descent looking well-groomed men who sang in proper English. This is the kind of music that helped soldiers get through hard times while touching people’s hearts.

Andy Williams and Marcos Valle – The Andy Williams Show (1967)

Brazil was becoming famous back then in the States mainly because of its young musicians creating music like this.

Feminists you need to watch this. Your hatred for men is very misguided. Such passionate music is created from the fire that burns in a man for the love of women, not because they want to suppress you.

Sergio Mendes & Brasil ’66 – YE ME LE (1969)

Bossa Nova really took off and it’s not surprising when you listen to it. One of my favorite genres.

70’s Music, Let The Party Begin

Oh come on Mr. Luthra, we need something we can dance to. Sure thing – enter the 70’s. Disco took off with songs like this…

Machine – There But for the Grace of God (1977)

A common expression used to describe music was “it has soul”. This was not just in old school Cuban and Salsa music, but all genres seemed to have that heart, that extra kick that today’s music is severely lacking.

Bee Gees – Night Fever (1977)

This song was popularized in the film Saturday Night Fever with John Travolta. Yes, I know it’s hard to believe, but there was time when Americans were slim. They also didn’t need to drench themselves in alcohol either to have a good time.

Music From The 80’s

Living in a Box – Living in a Box (1987)

Manly guys dressed in suits with manly voices. There’s passion, energy, and that extra spunk that gives it that magic like quality to it even though the song is about something not very pleasant. You don’t see handsome musicians with such talent nowadays who know how to work the stage.

Pep Boys -West End Girls (1987)

This is what was considered classic pop back then, about as close to Justin Bieber as you could ever get. Good English music, shame that they produce stuff like this anymore.

Paul Hardcastle – Rain Forest (1985)

Smooth jazz was also popular then. They didn’t need to smoke pot or do drugs, at least not at the epidemic level that it is today. Instead that had this kind of music.

Was (Not Was) – Walk The Dinosaur (1988)

Yea you had dancing with girls, but it good clean fun, no one is twerking or doing any other degrading behavior. You had blacks having a good time with whites, with better relations than what we have today. Black music wasn’t all just bling, rappers, and twerking bikinis.

What Love Songs Were Like

For starters, they were actually about love and had emotion, the kind that every real man is seeking in a woman. Say what you want about it, but it’s still better that the free love promiscuous message that is promoted in today’s music.

Or you could dance to it like they did in the 90’s.

Music Today (if that’s what you call it)

Feminized garbage sung by emasculated men that are so talent-less they need big butt babes, million dollar mansions, and other various props desperately trying to hold your attention.

Just go on the YouTube homepage and scroll through the first couple of promoted videos for trash that has no meaning or rhythm. This is why the Muslim Brotherhood is so hell bent on destroying Western civilization. They don’t want their daughters ended up like this, and with the continued feminization of Western society, they might succeed if people don’t man up.

Fortunately some of the greats are still alive and are still during music tours like Marcos Valle who performed in Moscow. Russians are known for being calm reserved people who don’t easily show emotion, but even they went wild after hearing such great music as art is universal.

You can also check out my playlists on YouTube, it’s work in progress. Thank God for the internet, anyone can instantly access great music from the past. There are some good musicians out there today, but they are not promoted nor given the attention they deserve due to the music/industrial complex.

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337 thoughts on “The Shocking Decline Of American Music”

  1. Glenn Campbell is one of the most underrated singers and guitarists there is.
    “They also didn’t need to drench themselves in alcohol either to have a good time.”
    No, dude, they just did cocaine, lol…

    1. And qualuudes. Believe it or not, I had no idea what they were until I saw The Wolf of Wall Street. Must be some good shit to be that expensive.

  2. Music has been automated and consumerized. Focus testing determines which words and themes will sell the most copies, and those are employed in the songs produced that month. Most songs either use formulaic music (the “four chords” and similar progressions, one of about 10 standard beats, etc.) or “sample” more creative songs (that is, copy the music and use that instead of a new creation).
    This is exemplified by the “mashup” genre. People take songs that sound similar and layer them over each other to produce something “new” without much creative effort. There are no new ideas, no new themes, no unique riffs – just “good” things put together.
    Music is the cry of the human soul expressed. Listen to Holst’s Planet symphony, or exemplary rock and blues music, and tell me that this is not so. That being the case, the popularity of unoriginal and disposable music is merely the cry of a dead soul without value or purpose, nihilistic hedonism writ large.

    1. I got no answers
      Just got many reasons
      Can’t hide
      From this inner treason
      This life will quickly make you so cold
      When I put that bottle to my lips
      It sucks out my soul, yeah yeah
      Brother Darkness did I do you so wrong
      Can’t wait to take
      What helps me live on
      I share your empty pain
      And I’m sorry you see
      I got not time for no helpless apathy
      My love is like a lone jackal’s cry
      Teardrops on my grave
      The way that she fly
      Standing there with your head in the sky
      We see the world
      Through two different sets of eyes
      Deceiving others is easy you’ll find
      Lies to yourself will be your very first crime
      My love is like a lone jackal’s cry
      Teardrops on my grave
      The way that she fly

  3. The good thing is that there’s never been a better time to bypass the commercial music industry and directly support the artists who are doing something worthwhile.

    1. I used to run an a cappella group. We would arrange our favorite pieces (from films, games, classic rock, and other such sources) and perform them because it felt right to do so.
      Now, when I see other musicians who perform not for fame and glory but because the music was trapped in their instruments and needed release, I try to reward them. They’re continuing a powerful tradition.

      1. you dont happen to work in a hospital do you? Is the janitor named “janitor”?

    2. Exactly, which is why I don’t really complain about modern music that much. It is what it is. I have the option to choose what I listen to, and since I’m young and still have many, many more songs to discover, I’m not really complaining. Let the simps listen to their garbage music.

      1. Yeah, shit I’m 41 and when I was growing up I bought the tapes and then the CDs that the local Turtles carried because that’s literally all there was. Now I don’t even have time to listen to all the great independent music available online as well as the very few major label acts that I respect.

  4. I think modern music finally died for me for good after I saw Arianna Grande pay tribute to the 20 or so teenagers who died in the Manchester bombing with her song “Side to Side”, which climaxes lyrically with “wrist icicle, ride dick bicycle”..

    1. Don’t hate playa. You wish you could drop dope rhymes like that nigga! X-D

    2. don maclean thought the music died in the late 50s
      A long, long time ago, I can still remember
      How that music used to make me smile
      And I knew if I had my chance
      That I could make those people dance
      And maybe they’d be happy for a while
      But February made me shiver, with every paper I’d deliver
      Bad news on the doorstep, I couldn’t take one more step
      I can’t remember if I cried, when I read about his widowed bride
      But something touched me deep inside the day the music died
      So bye, bye Miss American Pie
      Drove my Chevy to the levee but the levee was dry
      And them good old boys were drinking whiskey and rye
      Singing this’ll be the day that I die
      This’ll be the day that I die
      Did you write the book of love
      And do you have faith in God above
      If the Bible tells you so?
      Now do you believe in rock and roll?
      Can music save your mortal soul?
      And can you teach me how to dance real slow?
      Well, I know that you’re in love with him
      ‘Cause I saw you dancing in the gym
      You both kicked off your shoes
      Man, I dig those rhythm and blues
      I was a lonely teenage broncin’ buck
      With a pink carnation and a pickup truck
      But I knew I was out of luck
      The day the music died
      I started singing bye, bye Miss American Pie
      Drove my Chevy to the levee but the levee was dry
      Them good old boys were drinking whiskey and rye
      And singing this’ll be the day that I die
      This’ll be the day that I die
      Now, for ten years we’ve been on our own
      And moss grows fat on a rolling stone
      But that’s not how it used to be
      When the jester sang for the king and queen
      In a coat he borrowed from James Dean
      And a voice that came from you and me
      Oh, and while the king was looking down
      The jester stole his thorny crown
      The courtroom was adjourned
      No verdict was returned
      And while Lenin read a book on Marx
      The quartet practiced in the park
      And we sang ‘Dirges In The Dark’
      The day the music died
      We were singing bye, bye Miss American Pie
      Drove my Chevy to the levee but the levee was dry
      Them good old boys were drinking whiskey and rye
      And singing this’ll be the day that I die
      This’ll be the day that I die
      Helter skelter in a summer swelter
      The birds flew off with a fallout shelter
      Eight miles high and falling fast
      Landed foul on the grass
      The players tried for a forward pass
      With the jester on the sidelines in a cast
      Now the half time air was sweet perfume
      While sergeants played a marching tune
      We all got up to dance
      Oh, but we never got the chance
      ‘Cause the players tried to take the field
      The marching band refused to yield
      Do you recall what was revealed
      The day the music died?
      We started singing bye, bye Miss American Pie
      Drove my Chevy to the levee but the levee was dry
      Them good old boys were drinking whiskey and rye
      And singing this’ll be the day that I die
      This’ll be the day that I die
      Oh, and there we were all in one place
      A generation lost in space
      With no time left to start again
      So come on Jack be nimble, Jack be quick
      Jack Flash sat on a candlestick
      ‘Cause fire is the devil’s only friend
      Oh, and as I watched him on the stage
      My hands were clenched in fists of rage
      No angel born in hell
      Could break that Satan’s spell
      And as the flames climbed high into the night
      To light the sacrificial rite
      I saw Satan laughing with delight
      The day the music died
      He was singing bye, bye Miss American Pie
      Drove my Chevy to the levee but the levee was dry
      Them good old boys were drinking whiskey and rye
      And singing this’ll be the day that I die
      This’ll be the day that I die
      I met a girl who sang the blues
      And I asked her for some happy news
      But she just smiled and turned away
      I went down to the sacred store
      Where I’d heard the music years before
      But the man there said the music wouldn’t play
      And in the streets the children screamed
      The lovers cried and the poets dreamed
      But not a word was spoken
      The church bells all were broken
      And the three men I admire most
      The Father, Son and the Holy Ghost
      They caught the last train for the coast
      The day the music died
      And they were singing bye, bye Miss American Pie
      Drove my Chevy to the levee but the levee was dry
      Them good old boys were drinking whiskey and rye
      Singing this’ll be the day that I die
      This’ll be the day that I die
      They were singing, bye, bye Miss American Pie
      Drove my Chevy to the levee but the levee was dry
      Them good old boys were drinking whiskey and rye
      Singing this’ll be the day that I die

        1. Never saw this. Typical self-indulgent twaddle. I swear baby-boomers can make anything into a drug to be abused, even nostalgia.

      1. This song is interesting. Don McLean’s other songs are mostly gospel oriented. I think he was mostly lamenting the loss of culture and innocence, symbolized well in the Rock-n-Roll scene. Written in 1971? He had just experienced an unprecedented decline in morality throughout the country in the span of only a few years/

        1. Pretty sure this song was a lament on the death of Buddy Holly, the Big Bopper and Ritchie Valens.

        2. interesting how evasive hes been about the meaning…some think the jester is bob dylan

        1. I hate to admit it, but I miss Backstreet Boys too. I mean, at least their material sounds fresh still. A lot of the new music sounds stale and tired. Or maybe I miss trying to seduce chicks over the phone (and yes, I did use payphones to do it) by singing I Want It That Way. Don’t judge me.

        2. i will risk a ban by admitting “tell me why-yee?” is a great ballad, great harmonizing too

        3. The boy bands of our legends were actually pretty skilled, and their music was fairly interesting.
          For tone, harmonic quality, and theme, I’ll always go with Boyz II Men’s “It’s so Hard to Say Goodbye to Yesterday”…

        4. And as the elders of our time choose to remain blind
          Let us rejoice
          And let us sing
          And dance and ring in the new Hail Atlantis!

        5. their best tune was one which was about groaning during sex, but it was really really smooth sex

        6. Another thing was the image. Mind you, past boy bands would have not been exactly considered masculine, but still, at least they dressed like grown men. Compare that with how One Direction dresses

        7. Go out karaokeing with a group of Chinese people and they’ll sing Backstreet Boys all night long. Can’t deny it was fun music.

        8. overly serious women singing “wind beneath my wings” is the ultimate karaoke boner killer

        9. overly serious men singing “wind beneath my wings” is the ultimate karaoke boner killer

        10. My first night at a KTV and I couldn’t believe that they all wanted to sing Westlife.

        11. I heard them on the radio last month, but it wasn’t for their quality music. They read the Declaration of Independence, which was also quality.

        12. I only just recently learned of this song (they play it quite a bit on Sirius radio) and immediately fell in love with it. Songs that tell tales are some of the best.

        13. In a small town in korea right now. Yesterday I walked into a restaurant and heard Show Me the Meaning of Being Lonely… people over here are still obsessed with that sound. And I will admit, I kinda missed it too compared to the tripe out there now.

        14. Whenever I hear that song (which had happened a few times lately accidentally, in store PA systems and whatnot) I have to laugh as I remember Howard Stern’s hilarious send -up “If I Went the Gay Way.” Worth a view – they did a cartoon video.

    3. I look at these people, and the words of Simon and Garfunkel echo in my mind:
      “People talking without speaking
      People hearing without listening
      People writing songs that voices never share
      And no one dare disturb the sound of silence”

      1. That song has so much wisdom in it. Kind of annoying to see it being reduced to a meme.

      2. I still posit that the “people bowed and prayed to the neon God they made,” lyric is a prophecy that foretold cell phones.

      3. the sound of silence and piano man are pure art. They describe the human factor as it best.

    4. People died for going to a sexual concert that glorified a sexual innuendo!!!
      I know that I throw this out of the blue but due to the above we can’t have heroes anymore:
      found the channel just recently!
      For why should or whatever reason should we have heroes or live good lives? The momment that we have made degeneracy a norm and have demonized all those good old values?
      Only I feel sorry for guys like us that have their hearts and minds on the right place and also receive the after-effects.

      1. I had my eye on Britain after the Manchester bombing, hoping to hear that the English would finally wake up and put a stop to the Islamification of their country and slow destruction of their race.
        Instead this is what I found.

    5. “I think modern music finally died for me for good after I saw Arianna Grande pay tribute to the 20 or so teenagers”
      My sentiments exactly. It’s been on a steady fall, but that tribute concert really declared nusic dead. One would think they could change the selection of songs for the tribute.
      Black Pigeon made a very profound point about how the cameras were pointed during the concert:

      1. Yupp…
        And I’d say TV officially died for me when I saw the Bill Nye “Sex Junk” video…
        That’s it… we’ve reached a new plateau of degeneracy…

  5. If you’re looking for modern music that is of good quality and not degenerate I would recommend the 3 following artists off the top of my head:
    1. Skillet: a Christian rock group that has already acquired mainstream recognition but hasn’t really sold out.
    2. NF: A Detroit-born Millenial with easily the meanest rapping skills since Eminem. I usually hate rap but I make an exception when the artist is actually articulate and raw. NF is genuinely talented and has become both an unintentional ambassador for Christianity as well as the underdog looking to upset the current mainstream rap industry. The guy gets so passionate about his music that you can’t help but listen.
    3. Imagine Dragons: you probably already know them, you may or may not like them. Half the members are Mormon and, while they do adhere to some musical conventions of the current era, they don’t allow that to creep into their lyrics.

    1. There are good Christian musicians, but few you’ll find in stores. Honestly, I quite like the rapper “Shai Linne”.

      I’ll confess to not much caring for Imagine Dragons – not exactly my cup of tea – but they’ve got some good work, to be sure. My guilty pleasure is BabyMetal…

      1. Zack Hemsey is another good rapper and indie composer. A lot of his work (especially the album Ronin) has philosophy pumped in it.

  6. funny how much things have changed in the years 1-9 A.O. (Anno Obamini)

  7. As this is bad enough, what has happened to Country? Gay boy bands are the wave of the future.

      1. I’m with you. Still it is on all the radio stations, except this one low power AM that does classic country.

    1. My folks let my sister listen to her while she still had her “Disney starlet” thing going on. For a couple of years, there was almost no living with her – the lyrics were not beneficial for a young lady.
      Lots of people mistakenly believe that “children’s entertainment” is inherently innocent and good. They do not pay attention, and so they fail their young.

      1. Yeah, it is all about “not paying attention” to the crap out kids imbibe. Or even more dangerously, “trusting it0. I don’t have kids, but I, unlike the media, understand the main reason for chord cutting.

  8. This calls to mind a Bible verse I memorized in my youth. I find it an excellent measure for all arts:

    Finally, brethren,
    whatsoever things are true,
    whatsoever things are honest,
    whatsoever things are just,
    whatsoever things are pure,
    whatsoever things are lovely,
    whatsoever things are of good report;
    if there be any virtue,
    and if there be any praise,
    think on these things.
    Philippians 4:8

  9. And that’s why I am even more fervent a listener to black metal and the like.

    1. Remember when the SJWs tried to make out Metal to be every “-ist” in their lexicon, and the fans just laughed at them?
      That’s when I started listening to metal.

      1. It was hilarious. You don’t fuck with metal; you’ll get annihilated.

  10. Never wondered why Alien Covenant ended with Richard Wagner’s Rheingold?

  11. Where liberals are in charge what they are in charge of takes a quality nose dive whether it be with music, movies, Canada, Europe or the cities of the United States.

    1. They have this nasty problem where their philosophy takes precedence over their business. You see it everywhere – Wikipedia, Google (who just blocked Professor Jordan Peterson from his gmail and youtube accounts), social media, music…

      1. That, their fondness for ‘diversity’ over quality people trying to create a society in their own deranged image and the fact where they are in charge they are looking for people dumber than they are to toady up to them rather than speak their minds at how awful they run things.

  12. I’m big into Jason Isbell at the moment. Great guitar work, awesome lyrics, fantastic melodies. Not quite country, not quite rock. Nice Southern flavor without being “hickish”.

  13. I’m pretty much listening to Epic/trailer/musical scores nowadays.
    Two Steps from Hell
    Audiomachine (check out Blood and Stone, both original and the Ivan Torrent mix)
    Immediate Music
    Brand X Music
    Twisted Jukebox
    Steve Jablonsky
    Hans Zimmer
    Position Music
    C21 Fx
    Jeffrey Hyatt

  14. When I wanna hear REAL MUSIC I just listen to Jimi Hendrix, Merle Haggard, Danzig, Zep, Skynyrd, SRV, and The Allmans. They usually put me in a good mood along with a shot of Kentucky Bourbon.

    1. Sonny Boy Williamson, Johnny Lee Hooker and other blues singers who were the inspiration for a lot of those people.

  15. Some modern music passes the mark. I always check the lyrics.

    And some modern musicians are still skilled enough to master their instruments.

    Generally, the mainstream is a no-man’s land.

  16. Heavy (Collective Soul)
    Low (Cracker)
    Hey Man Nice Shot (Filter)
    Bad Company (Bad Company)
    Bang a Gong (Power Station)
    Back in the USSR (Beatles)
    Love Is Strong (Rolling Stones)
    You Got Me Rockin’ Now (Rolling Stones)
    The Hand of Fate (Rolling Stones)
    Can’t You Hear Me Knockin’ (Rolling Stones)
    Monkey Man (Rolling Stones)
    Don’t Fear the Reaper (Blue Oyster Cult)
    If Dirt Were Dollars (Don Henley)
    Drivin’ with Your Eyes Closed (Don Henley)
    Hotel California (Eagles)
    How Long (Ace)
    Girl’s Got Rhythm (AC/DC)
    Lunatic Fringe (Red Ryder)
    Carry On (Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young)
    Don’t You Want Me (Human League)
    Relax (Frankie Goes to Hollywood)
    Beat It (Michael Jackson)
    Join Together in the Band (Who)
    Day of the Eagle (Robin Trower)
    Too Rolling Stoned (Robin Trower)
    Two Princes (Spin Doctors)
    Without Love (Doobie Brothers)
    Little Miss Can’t Be Wrong (Spin Doctors)
    Lie to Me (Jonny Lang)
    Crossfire (Stevie Ray Vaughn)
    Working Man (Rush)
    Wait (White Lion)
    Spoon Man (Soundgarden)
    You Know My Name (Chris Cornell)
    No Matter What (Badfinger)
    Baby Hold on to Me (Eddie Money)
    One (Three Dog Night)
    Shambala (Three Dog Night)
    Just What the Doctor Ordered (Ted Nugent)
    Whole Lotta Love (Led Zeppelin)
    All Right Now (Free)
    Lola (The Kinks)
    Do It Again (Steely Dan)
    Reelin’ in the Years (Steely Dan)
    Cities on Flame with Rock ‘n Roll (Blue Oyster Cult)
    Join Together in the Band (The Who)
    Won’t Get Fooled Again (The Who)
    Love Reign O’er Me (The Who)
    I’m No Angel (Gregg Allman)
    Powerful Stuff (Fabulous Thunderbirds)
    Shock the Monkey (Peter Gabriel)
    Train Kept a Rollin’ (Aerosmith)
    Walk This Way (Aerosmith)
    Sweet Emotion (Aerosmith)
    30 Days in the Hole (Humble Pie)
    Midnight Rendezvous (The Babys)
    More Than a Feeling (Boston)
    Something About You (Boston)
    Head First (The Babys)
    Down the Road (Kansas)
    Rock ‘n Roll Hoochie Koo (Rick Derringer)
    Wait (White Lion)
    The Way It Is (Bruce Hormsby)
    Somebody (Bryan Adams)
    It’s Only Love (Bryan Adams & Tina Turner)

    1. Uncle Bob, you doubled up with The Who Join Together, may i suggest Mississippi Queen by Mountain for the vacant spot.

      1. Excellent choice. It’s weird, isn’t it – you can always think of another one to add to any list. Like women you fucked and forgot about.

        1. Name one musician (other than Frank Sinatra) that doesn’t seem half-gay to some extent.

        2. Duran Duran is totally heterosexual. Some goddamn heterosexual Tyrannosaurus-es, as a matter of fact.

        3. Maybe I am not familiar with them enough, but they seemed like an 80’s boy band to me.

        4. Duran Duran is the greatest band ever. All the mysteries of life can be understood merely by listening to their glorious music and reveling in the depths of their enigmatic, profound lyrical stylings.

        5. What about ACDC’s profound lyrical styles?
          “She said she’d never been, hummm
          Never been touched before
          She said she’d never been
          This far before
          She said she’d never liked, hummm
          To be excited
          She said she always had
          Had to fight it
          And she never won
          She said she’d never been
          Never been balled before
          And I don’t think
          She’ll ever ball no more
          Fixed her good
          (Squealer) when I held her hand
          (Squealer) I made her understand
          (Squealer) when I kissed her lips
          (Squealer) sucked her finger tips, hey
          (Squealer) oohh started getting hot
          (Squealer) oohh made it hard to stop
          (Squealer) got too much
          (Squealer) I think I’ve got the magic touch, aaah

        6. ACDC had some of the best song intros of all time. But, to be brutally honest, their songs got a little boring after the intros.

        7. Clearly ACDC. Those guys are a bunch of fucking homos. Duran Duran is all Alpha Males, dude.

        8. Look, Jim, I know you are jealous of their rugged masculinity, their alpha dominance, their rock solid frame, but don’t go hating on Duran Duran just because you aren’t as alpha and masculine as they are.

        9. Really, I like Duran Duran, its been awhile that I’ve heard much from them. Hungry like wolf, Rio, View to a Kill and others are good, but I stopped following decades ago.

        10. I have an older cousin who is disabled and just absolutely loves Duran Duran. They were the first concert she ever went to and she’s always loved them. 5 or 10 years ago, they were touring little bars and clubs, and they did a show a couple hours away from us. I took her to see them because I knew she couldn’t go alone and no one else would take her, and it would be a huge treat for her. It ended up being a really, really good show and a lot of fun. I was really surprised. Since then, I’ve just adopted them as my “favorite band” even though I really don’t listen to them much.

        11. Funny to see some bands that used to be in the limelight struggling like that. We saw ABBA a couple years ago. They must have went through all their money, because with over 100 million album sales, they were in these cheap travel trailers, playing at this small town 4th of July event, looked broken.

        12. I took my daughter and her friends to a concert with ‘Fall Out Boy’, ‘Panic at the Disco’, and ’21 Pilots’ was the opening act (prior to them getting a lot of airplay)
          Didn’t know much about the bands prior to the concert, but was pleasantly surprised as it was a really good show.

        13. When someone is hungover, it has become a habit for me to play ‘Family Tradition’ quite loud in acknowledgment of their achievement.
          – So tell me Hank why do you drink?
          – Hank, why do you roll smoke

  17. You have to remember back in the day they had somewhat feminine men musicians, there was Elton John, Liberace and Boy George, no one thought they were gay back then though. I don’t know how they slipped that under the radar?…..

      1. Yes it was. Back in high school Judas Priest was big, I never cared for it much myself but a lot guys went crazy over it. They had Judas Priest written all over their notebooks etc. Well, it turns out that Living After Midnight, instead of talking about one night stands with hot babes was talking about cornholeing and pole smoking with dudes.
        DAMMIT MAN!

        1. You seriously didn’t know that guy was gay? I knew that guy was gay before I knew what gay was.

        2. Yeah, see, that game is clearly gay. I mean everything about that guy just screams GAY all day long.

    1. Trump is a fan of Elton John and Liberace. Go figure his two favorite artists are homos.
      Reagan was a fan of Sinatra, got to see how music tastes get worse as time passes.

        1. Trump wasn’t always a conservative. He had a stage in his life where he accepted homosexuality. His family attorney was a homosexual who got AIDS.
          Reagan broke up all contact with Rock Hudson when he discovered he was a homosexual. He also nearly considered gay therapy for his son when he was suspected of being gay. Ron Reagan Jr turned out to be straight although moved away from his dad’s politics. That being said the Reagans were the last classy White House family.

        2. Well, his daughter ended becoming a feminist, even if other feminists have forsaken her. Not to mention she still gives out Daddy’s Little Princess vibes. Looks like the damage is permanent.

        3. I tell you, I have been pleasantly surprised with him. But then, compared to Obama, Castro would make a fine choice.

        4. That is why I loved the Reagans, his kids were well grounded and never took advantage of their dad.

        5. “Trump wasn’t always a conservative.”
          He’s still not a conservative.

        6. The sad thing is that he won’t change much on a policy level. It’s clear we aren’t getting a Ronald Reagan.

        7. Yep. He used the republican party, but he’s not conservative on a lot of social issues. He does have businessman’s conservative bent in lessening government control, and he did seize on several issues (immigration, ACA, PC culture, job stagnation) that a lot of folks were unhappy with.

        8. He failed repealing the ACA THREE times in his Honeymoon period. He is not going to get anything done on a policy level.

        9. Politically, he’s left of Bill Clinton. It’s just that the Dem and Repub Uniparty elite have gone so far left, he kind of seems kind of right.

        10. GOPe failed in repealing. Trump can’t repeal it, all he can do is push congress and highlight the GOPe was never serious about it, just using it to get the Tea Party/conservative votes.
          He’s already been rolling back a lot of regulations. The stuff implemented with ‘a pen and a phone’ by Obama.

        11. There was no attempt to repeal. Nothing in those 3 bills would have “repealed” Obamacare. They merely just amendments.

        12. It was more like– save Obamacare. Just like right now they’re talking about extending the payouts to Insurers to offset losses.
          All I ever expected from Trump was better SCOTUS, judicial appointments. Anything beyond that is gravy.

        13. The Democrats are down but not out. The reality is that Trump got lucky because of the Electoral College. Any generic Democrat is going to win against him in 2020.
          It won’t help him being that millennials will be the most powerful voting bloc in 2020.

        14. A big plus as well. When I get down a bit about the current situation, I lean back, close my eyes and think — Hillary will never be president. Somehow when I open my eyes, the world seems a brighter place after that.

        15. I’d be much more concerned about that if there was there was a single hair’s difference between a Democrat and a Republican.

        16. A long time between now and then. Trump has everyone against him – both parties and the media. It will be interesting.
          As to luck, he ran based on the system we have in place, not on the one we don’t. That’s kind of what election strategies are supposed to be about. One more indication of Hillary’s incompetence.

        17. Hillary would’ve remembered to confiscate Huma’s cellphones and laptops so Anthony Weiner would not have used them. Jim Comey reopened his investigation and that turned the tide to Trump. She beat him in the debates and her lead evaporated after Comey.
          Kind of wondering what Trump was thinking when he fired him. Once he did that his Attorney General panicked and hired Robert Mueller.

        18. A friend of Comey’s who’s hired a bunch of Hillary donors. Yeah, that’s gonna work out well.
          GOP is going to take some fairly heavy losses in 2018. The way they’re voting and attacking Trump they may as well be Dems. As Ainigmaris Thales says the two parties are one Uniparty, so why bother going to the polls to vote for a Uniparty dude claiming to be a Republican.

        19. Reagan wasn’t much of a conservative either. Undercut 2A rights, illegal alien amnesty, continued to grow the government and taxes.

        20. And your point? America was a much better place to live in the 1980s.

        21. His point is that even the President most people cite as the most “conservative” wasn’t very conservative. Even luke-warm, watered-down conservative has produced better results for the country than anything else.

        22. Most conservative = Calvin Coolidge
          Brought the post WW1 slump into the roaring 20’s
          2nd Most = Eisenhower, got us the 50’s boom
          Reagan was fairly conservative, but he had this knack to trust the liberals in congress (thought they would build a fence after he signed amnesty, thought they would cut spending in return for cutting taxes)

        23. The Clinton term with the republican congress led by Gingrich achieved things like Welfare reform.

        24. And Clinton signed NAFTA and let China into the WTO. The West has been steadily falling ever since.

        25. I think the Republican congress was the operative thing there. Clinton was just a crook, in it for himself, he wasn’t a leftist ideologue.

        26. They are the same. There is only one political elite, and they brand themselves with Rs and Ds, and they go on TV and to their rallies, and they shake their fists at each other, and tell their constituents how “the other side” is screwing them, stealing from them, killing them… then they all go back to Washington DC together, have a few drinks, smoke a few cigars and have a nice laugh at how stupid us little people really are.

        27. I think of them as Pepsi and Coke– branding of pretty much the same product.
          In reality it seems there’s an inside the beltway cadre that just fights over which group gets to pick the committee chairmen to determine which individual careers along.

        28. Pretty much a perfect analogy. Also like comparing McDonalds to Burger King.

        29. We’re going to see a coup by the bureaucrats/inside the beltway politicians from both parties. NSA, FBI and every other three letter organization will be used to take down the outsider.

        30. One of the more interesting outcomes of a Trump presidency could be enough of the peasants coming to the same conclusion about the McDonalds/Burger King political reality and a viable third party forming. A rejection of the entire governing group.

    2. no one thought they were gay back then
      Eh, not so sure about this.
      Who is being referred to in the Dire Straits song lyric “that little faggot with the earring and the makeup”?

      1. I’m legitimately surprised they still allow that song to be played unedited on the radio. Some do-gooder group of SJWs hasn’t gotten that pulled for hwurting their feewings yet?

        1. On most of the stations I hear it on they either blank out “faggot” or skip that whole verse.

        2. Charlie Daniels – Uneasy Rider ’88
          Ray Stephens – The Haircut Song (unedited)
          Guns N Roses – One in a Million

      2. It was kind of a joke,so…..
        I mean we were pretty suspicious of them.

        1. Perhaps spelling it Boy George instead of Boi George left in some plausible deniability. Not much, but maybe just enough for some folks.

        2. I just remember arguing with a girl at school about it, she said he wasn’t really gay it was just marketing. I said if he wasn’t a faggot it wasn’t because he didn’t want to be.

        3. Come to think of it, when word started going around that the Village People were queers they kind of disappeared until being a fag went mainstream.

        4. […] if he wasn’t a faggot it wasn’t because he didn’t want to be.
          I didn’t sleep well last night. I’m going to need a few extra hits of Kratom before I can parse this properly.

    3. Pretty sure most people knew that Liberace, Elton John and Boy George were gay.

        1. It was a joke….we knew even though at the time they tried to keep it in the closet(pun intended)

        2. Oh, so its only for trannies who live in a interdimensional police boxes?

    4. As a kid I had no clue, but this episode of the A team was an early life Wtf moment.

  18. Black gang members made hardcore violent rap music but Jewish executives made that filth mainstream. In the process they promoted criminal behavior in black youth and wigger culture among white youth. I have no idea how Generation Z will fare because they grew up around this trash.

    1. kids with decent parents will be able to spot and recognize it for what it is. Frankly, I think it is getting easier than when we were kids. The trash is getting easier to distinguish.

      1. Yeah but you forgot it created wholesale wigger culture. It’s going to be decades before that is erased from America.

  19. I have to thank GhostofJefferson for giving me the very eloquent name for black music: “jungle rut.” Been using that a lot. Made me retire “niggabeatz.”
    1. While I bash rap/hip hop, it’s a shame that there is probably 1% that are actually good. We all know the music industry is Jewish, so ones that put their heart into it to tantilize my eardrums (non connected goyim) are almost universally in the underground or never make it, while degeneracy and filth is pushed by these schweine on our youth.
    2. I’m a little more than beginning to believe the people who argue against violent video games, trash music, and corrosive entertainment are right. “It’s just a movie,” “if you don’t like it don’t watch it.” Bullshit. You can’t argue that “violent media doesn’t cause violence” and in the same sentence say that “culture is downstream from politics.” At the same time, you can’t try and play the condescending centrist who presents wishy washy rebuttals that are just glorified horseshoe theories. These uber popular “artists” who all just say “fuk dat bitch git dat money smoke mo weed” are *highly* influential to both kids and women. These kids become adults, and the women have children. And it spreads in perpetuity. The twerking, pushing for rampant substance abuse, promiscuity, white genocide, (((satanism))), depravity….I’ll say it again to the chagrin of people who know: We’re attacked on all fronts with the civilizational killing agenda of a certain people notorious for it.
    3. Now that I’ve gotten the bad out of the way, how about some good? Good rap and hip hop should be celebrated, because I genuinely like it. The good kinds use real instruments and crisp and clean lyrics with complex bass lines and don’t rely on hooks the entire song. Not trying to sound like an endorsement, but The Alchemystics and (early) Viva La Hop uses a multitude of instruments and sound pure. Lyrics aren’t ghetto garbage by a longshot, and they blend different types of funk, soul, rap, hip hop, and rock to make unique sounds. I’m friends with the emcee of The Alchemystics and he has showed me a hidden side of the genre that is almost completely unknown. It’s tough to find good stuff like this when wading through an ocean of shit.

    1. I haven’t listened to black folks music since the Funk went away. Real singing, real instruments real musical arrangements that have been replaced with, if you can speak in rhymes and can beat on a tree trunk in time with it, then you’re in.
      When MTV started playing “Yo,MTV Raps” music took a nosedive and has never recovered.
      I still find it hard to believe that white people actually enjoy listening to that. Is it that it’s that good or is it simply marketing and perception? They listen because they want to be hip and up to speed in the newest stuff. Since that’s what record companies have pushed for the last 30 years without really getting behind anything else, that’s what we’re stuck with and even the music that’s not rap still has strong rap influence. Disgusting.
      I’m old and ornery now so I shall stick to the old stuff.

      1. Signs of higher intelligence correlate to musical tastes that are more in line with the mathematics and structure of music theory, hence more inclination to cringe at the newer stuff. I enjoy the legends like Bach, Beethoven, Vivaldi, Mozart, Messelcohm, along with “newer” stuff from the 30s-60s like Benny Goodman and Bing Crosby. I’m not what you call an old coot who complains about the “music the kids listen to these days.” I’m young, and constantly have to hear people around my age and younger whine when I’m not playing some remix-dubstep-sampled-4/4 beat shitshow that just tells you to “cap a nigga” and drink yourself into a coma. What we call “music” nowadays for the majority of stuff is just endless hooks and sounds and gimmicks to elicit “feelgood” chemicals in the brain. Ecer wonder why it all sounds the same? They have created this bastardized science in music where the computerized sound effects assault your ears, but it works for the young and weak minded because they operate strictly on feelings.It’s exactly like a drug, and they want more of it—along with these “songs” encouraging you to listen to them hopped up on everything. The classical stuff really can’t be beat.

        1. I’m usually not allowed to comment on music because I like cheesy commercial hard rock and classic country. Lol

        2. Never could get into Bach, but I’m with you on the rest.
          In terms of generations and music– my Dad stole my Supertramp ‘Crime of the Century Album’ I in turn commandeered one of his Artie Shaw albums.
          My daughter has taken to listening to vinyl records, which then introduced her to a bunch of older groups since I’d kept the albums. CCR, Zeppelin, Jethro Tull, Yes, Moody Blues etc. She in turn, has introduced me to groups I otherwise wouldn’t be aware of like My Chemical Romance and Death Cab for Cutie.

        3. Bach can be tricky with some people because he sounds so simple at times. It’s easy to confuse the flowing complexity of other composers and the harmony that they achieve with all those instruments put together as the only reason they are great. Bach is unique in that you can play any of his pieces with limited instruments. You can play him on just guitar, violin, cello, and any string instrument alone. And it’s good that your daughter was exposed to older stuff earlier in life. At least then she won’t be one of those kids that thinks anything made before this year is terrible haha

        4. I think it’s because it seems to lack the dynamic changes that I like. Here’s something modern I like….

          A tune to ride to late at night….

  20. I’ll stick with Iron Maiden and Rush. Music performed by people who play very, very well.

    1. You’ll take my life but,
      I’ll take yours too,
      You fire your musket but,
      I’ll run you through-
      Great stuff

      1. Tell me why I had to be a power slave
        I don’t want to die, I’m a god, why can’t I live on?
        When the Life Giver dies, all around is laid to waste.
        And in my last hour,
        I’m a slave to the power of death.

    2. Slightly OT, but youtube has a vid series called “Kids React”. One of these has their reaction to Iron Maiden songs, 1982-1984. The kids are 8-14 y.o. Surprisingly, most reactions were positive.

  21. Not sure the photo of Robin Thicke is deserved, he’s been around for a while and put out some good, and a few RP tunes out.

    When a lovely lady comes back to my outback shack, I pour a Glenlivet for myself, a Johnny Walker Black for her and put ‘The Evoloution of Robin Thicke’ on.

    1. i would have thought Glenlivet would be a more female friendly dram?
      i would have thought they would complain about JW BL being smoky?

      1. Eh, It’s more of a courtesy than anything really. They’ll have a sip or two and leave it until I take the the glass out of their hands. No point in using up a more expensive single malt on someone who couldn’t tell the difference.
        They also usually tell me they’ve never had a whiskey on the rocks before, and combined with the music I like to imagine they think that they’re in the big boy leagues now.

  22. Every generation of music since ww2 has gotten musically stupider and simpler.
    Now we at the point where dominant popular music, rap, is just a beat and a chant.

    1. I always kind of thought music would have to start becoming more and more complex because of the intellectual property laws and such. I figured the simple beats and refrains would become protected and copyrighted fairly quickly over time, so music would have to become more complex and intricate to still be new.

      1. I recall hearing the rap/hip-hop culture took off because there was a power outage in New York city in the late 70s, allowing for folks to loot audio/electronic stores and get equipment they wouldn’t be able to afford and splice together bits of other songs to make their “beats”.

  23. Why is this even up for discussion? Of course modern pop music is an atrocity musically, lyrically, and visually. It should be ignored and left to wither on the vine at all costs. You are doing yourself a great service by not acknowledge any of it.

    1. Indeed. I am profoundly grateful to have been exposed to great metal from a very young age and have avoided such horseshit like the plague.

      1. Yes, metal takes precedence over all, but still, you can technically find plenty of worthwhile underground and indie “pop” music if you do a little legwork! Avoid all mainstream manure like the plague with its rampant SJW taint!

        1. Perhaps. But I have no interest to do so. I’m pretty much metal, prog rock/space rock, blues and some heavy funk.

    1. Hollywood Undead has some cynical/criticism of rap culture in some of their songs. Reason rap is so popular is that it appeals to basic instinct with the bass beats and catharsis.
      Most of the time I hear rap I want to punch something: preferably the speaker blasting it.

      1. It’s funny, sometimes the music is so smart, the only qualities dumb people gravitate towards are the rudimentary things such as hooks and bass. I equate that to the show the “Boondocks”. While drawn in anime style art, it features a black cast and talks about popular culture with a black American point of view. However the created Aaron mCgruder is highly cynical about the current climate of “black America” in terms of its cultural aspect. Including, Obama worship, dindu nuffins, trap and the newest rap trends, etc etc. But idiots and low iq people watch the show because they only can detect the shock value, the gratuitous scene of buffoonery that they are poking fun at, or Samuel l jacksons voice over.

    2. The current phase of rap is the mumble trap rap. Even the “old heads” of hip hop are shaking their head in disgust. I get it every generation before always looks upon disdain at the new generation. But mumble rap has no qualities that previous eras had. Even pop rap and gangsta rap had musical qualities people can make an arguments for, ex: harder, complex lyrics, high production in terms of melodic and harmony sonically, etc…

  24. Compare The Who and Led Zeppelin to the homo girly drek that’s on now. Compare AC/DC to fucking Mumford and Sons or Cold Play.

  25. Dire Straights in the late 70s to mid 80s. Forget the stupid Money for Nothing song, they had some great ballads. IMO, if you want to hear a nice modern female voice, can’t beat Norah Jones.

    1. Too many links already, but I heard a cover of ‘Wicked Game’ featuring someone called Annaca, and think her voice is pretty good. Don’t know anything else she’s done.

    2. To be fair, the ‘Money for Nothing’ song did have liberal usage of the word “faggot”, and they weren’t talking pork meatballs!

      1. Ha! Well, it’s just that they had some great songs that didn’t sound much like anyone else at the time, but all folks know is that one. But you know, if it didn’t play on hit radio, it didn’t exist.

        1. Industrial Disease is their most overlooked hit. It got airplay back in the early 80s but I never hear it on classic rock radio. Never. Brilliant lyrically – it’s almost like a danceable intelligent synopsis on the perils of modern life in the age of factories.

    1. Layne Staley had one of the rawest, most powerful rock voices I’ve ever heard. Like so many others in his generation, it was silenced by heroin.

        1. Was 12 years old when Layne died, so I never had a chance to see Alice In chains with him. I’ve seen them four times since they got DuVall to sing and I really like what they’ve done with the band. Cantrell will always be the backbone of the band, but I think they nailed it by bringing DuVall into the fold.

  26. My Take …
    ZOG controls the music industry.
    They push degeneracy and low quality garbage as a means to debase humans (translation:Whites)
    Rock music is not degenerate enough for them and is implicitly White/Masculine/Virile.
    You’re not gonna see guys swinging guitars anytime soon
    Btw…your music taste is atrocious.

  27. I can’t help but feel you’re trolling when you talk about “manly men” in suits above a video of the Pet Shop Boys.

    1. Lol. To be fair, I think the caption was for Living in a Box in the pic above it.

  28. Can’t for the life of me see why you’d criticize modern ‘music’ so harshly……………..

      1. Miley is a serious, mature artist who likely has a rich plethora of influences.

  29. well there is the answer to why music sucks today; people let slip a tiny bit of degeneracy each time until it reached catastrophic levels

  30. Just to show how bad things have brcome in music: I always thought that disco was just plain shit music, but it actually has some redeeming qualities when one compares it to the soul-less dreck that is wriitrn by algorythms and a producer at the moxing board.

  31. Rap music ruined music. It ruined the inner city, and it’s ruining all of our cities. A bunch of virtue signaling disc jockeys in the late 80s wanted to give the inner city a chance. All they did was give massive exposure to a lifestyle of crime, drugs, treating women like shit, and glorifying promiscuity. Now there’s 1000 kids who want to be Little Wayne, for every 1 that wants to finish college.

    1. ‘Rap music ruined music.’
      ‘Gangsta’ rap ruined stuff, not rap.
      According to Alex Jones, people like KRS1 and others have told him that they were told dorectly in meetings ‘Now it’s all going to be gangsta rap. Nothing else will get air play, produce gangsta rap or your career is over.’
      So he says.

    2. I wouldn’t even call it music. It’s retards attempting poetry at best.

    3. Lil Gayne is a fake. He ain’t really about that life.
      Same with Chris Brown and Soulja Boy.

  32. Paul Hardcastle makes music that puts me at peace. Life can be entirely shit but all is well when I play his tracks. He actually was talented at playing instruments as well which is what made his electronic music better than today’s shit from Zedd or The Chainsmokers. Paul’s shit smashes their electronic stuff imo

  33. G.S. Luthra, you didn’t really go to a Miley Cirus show in search of good music…?

  34. Red, Breaking Benjamin, Starset, Adelitas Way, Thousand Foot Krutch, Shinedown, Landsdowne, Leader….
    Amazing music still exist. You just have to look for them.

    1. Big fan of Starset’s new album and always been a pretty big fan of Adelitas Way. Thousand Foot Krutch surprisingly has had some pretty big hits over the years. Just saw Seether last night in my hometown and they’ve been my all time favorite since 2002.

      1. See. Great music is definitely alive and kicking. If you heard Breaking Benjamin’s latest album which came out in 2015 you would definitely heard one of my favorite songs, Never Again. In that same year Red came out with of Beauty and Rage. Red always release very powerful albums. Well that is mine. I am sure many have theirs. Just ignore the empty crap ones.

  35. The problem here is looking to pop music for actual substance. Perhaps its because I’ve always had extreme bias toward rock and metal music, but I feel like those genres are the most honest and represent what men like us experience in the world.
    Some bands I recommend:
    Seether, AIC, Sevendust, Alter Bridge, Stone Sour , Lamb of God, Gojira, Mastodon, Eye Empire (have a really cool tune called the war isn’t over yet about vets dealing with PTSD), Killswitch Engage, Devil You Know, Red Sun Rising, Like a Storm, Starset, Machine Head, Rush, Red Line Chemistry.

  36. The problem I see is that hardly any kids learn piano anymore. So many great rock composers, many of whom were mostly known for playing guitar or being front men, also knew how to play piano. Stars like Paul McCartney, Bruce Springsteen, Bob Dylan, Eddie Van Halen, Robert Smith, Pete Townshend, Axl Rose, Donald Fagen, Neil Young, Freddie Mercury, David Bowie, etc.

  37. The sad thing is, when it comes to good artists that come into the scene today, they will eventually sell out and become part of the indoctrination machine. One prime example is Kendrick Lamar. Say what you will about rap/hip hop, but he was a great artist – now a controlled (((shill))).

  38. I get it that the article had to pick a more narrowed refined topic, but its not just music….its EVERYTHING. Its all aspects of America that is heavily infected by self destructive cultural surrender and suicide to the fatal willingly swallowed highly malignant Progressive Cultural Marxism.

  39. American popular music had its golden period from the early 40s to the early 80s. After that, recording methods swung to digital recording and the music became more low-grade. You can’t really dance to any of the music today. There’s no jitterbug, waltzing, swing dance, Charleston to any of the garbage coming out.
    I suggest to you to open your ears and give an honest try at listening to big band/swing music produced from the 40s to 60s. The arrangers were musical geniuses (Nelson Riddle, Gordon Jenkins, Billy May) and the songs were sung by adults. Frank Sinatra, Perry Como, Rosemary Clooney, Nat King Cole, Bing Crosby, Dean Martin, Andy Williams, Tony Bennett, June Christy, Julie London.

  40. For the 80s, you left out many of the rock ballads sung by Def Leppard, Cinderella etc. Also anything by Chicago which was sure fire background music back at your pad when you were looking to round third and head home.

  41. Most of entertainment is leftist to some degree. But over time degenerates infected it with ther mantras of garbage.

  42. The last decent band I heard was 5 Finger Death Punch around I think 2005 Have not enjoyed any new music since then.

  43. Ha! reading this I’m reminded of the chapter in ‘American Psycho’ that is entirely devoted to protagonist describing the music of Phil Collins and why it’s superior to all the ‘crap’ that’s currently popular.

  44. It’s not just music. It’s across the whole culture. Everything is -literally- (Hitler) going to hell.
    I stopped TV back in the early 2000s. The last time I saw American TV I was -shocked- at was considered permissible. I imagine I’d be shocked again today. We’re seeing a total cultural collapse into degeneracy across pretty much all levels.
    Don’t know where it will end, but it’s bound to get worse first.

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