Is Your Penis Responsible For Global Warming?

Recently, a couple of pranksters published a paper in Cogent social Sciences, an academic journal. Their monograph is called “The conceptual penis as a social construct“.

What the hell is this?

Priapus, who invented both the coal furnace and the internal combustion engine

The eye-catching title sort of makes sense; if there did indeed exist a conceptual form of the penis (one residing in the realm of thought, as opposed to the real thing residing in underwear), then it would be fair to describe the imaginary shlong as a social construct.

After that, the article is nonsense. In fact, that was by design. They created much of the text using a postmodernism generator, which spits out a new academic-sounding paper every time you refresh the page. (All college students running into deadlines, take note.) Then they carefully read it over—I’ve got to admire the patience of these jokers—and obfuscated anything that accidentally made sense.

It begins with typical cringe-worthy gender studies drivel:

The androcentric scientific and meta-scientific evidence that the penis is the male reproductive organ is considered overwhelming and largely uncontroversial. It is true that nearly all male-gendered persons who were also male at birth have a genital organ that, among other purposes, carries the duct for the transfer of sperm during copulation. This organ is usually identified as the penis, and for many “males” it serves the role of their reproductive organ. There are, however, many examples of persons with penises who will not reproduce, including those who have sustained injury, are unable to coerce a mate, are uninterested in producing offspring, are medically infertile, or identify as asexual. While these examples may still constitute “males,” it is distinctly fallacious to identify their penises as reproductive organs. Furthermore, there are many women who have penises.

Just imagine—when you were a baby, the first time you peeked under your diaper, you though you saw something real. When you got the “birds and the bees” talk, you learned what else you could do with it besides take a leak. Or so you thought!

As these academics just showed, the wiener isn’t necessarily a reproductive organ after all, and it’s kinda sorta not real to begin with. Indeed, these wiseacres did a pretty good send-up of how lefty academics use obscurantist language to make something rigidly definable and pointing to the highest form of truth seem like a limp and squishy abstraction that does nothing.

After erecting a description of the fallacy that the phallus is anything real, the thrust is to prove the point with the “conceptual penis” concept. Following that, it slides into a discussion of “machismo braggadocio”, coupling it with the feminist concept of (you guessed it) “toxic hypermasculinity”. As for the global warming angle, I’ll let the opening paragraph of section 2.2 drive into the meat of the argument:

Nowhere are the consequences of hypermasculine machismo braggadocio isomorphic identification with the conceptual penis more problematic than concerning the issue of climate change. Climate change is driven by nothing more than it is by certain damaging themes in hypermasculinity that can be best understood via the dominant rapacious approach to climate ecology identifiable with the conceptual penis. Our planet is rapidly approaching the much-warned-about 2°C climate change threshold, and due to patriarchal power dynamics that maintain present capitalist structures, especially with regard to the fossil fuel industry, the connection between hypermasculine dominance of scientific, political, and economic discourses and the irreparable damage to our ecosystem is made clear.

A few more paragraphs of penetrating prose follow, indicating that—yes indeed—your dick causes global warming. You already knew you’re personally responsible for all the world’s problems; now we can conclude your conceptual cock is confirmed as the cause.

So what the hell does this really mean?

They didn’t really prove that tallywhackers (conceptual or otherwise) cause global warming, of course. What they did prove was that postmodernism is mental masturbation by the types who George Wallace described as “pointy-headed intellectuals who can’t park their bicycles straight”. As their website’s blurb says:

Cogent Social Sciences is a multidisciplinary open access journal offering high quality peer review across the social sciences: from law to sociology, politics to geography, and sport to communication studies. Connect your research with a global audience for maximum readership and impact.

In that case, one or more academic types gave the “conceptual penis” article the high quality peer review, and then they thought it was an important enough contribution to human knowledge to publish it.

The fact that the references were fake didn’t bother them (which they would’ve discovered if they’d done a little checking), though they did ask for a few more scholarly citations before it went to press. The provocative language didn’t dissuade them. The premise being entirely ridiculous didn’t cause them to reject the paper either, of course.

And what the hell is postmodernism?

This isn’t the first time that someone hoaxed the academic establishment like this. As Breitbart’s writeup indicates:

They were hoping to emulate probably the most famous academic hoax in recent years: the Sokal Hoax—named after NYU and UCL physics professor Alan Sokal—who in 1996 persuaded an academic journal called Social Text to accept a paper titled “Transgressing the Boundaries: Towards a Transformative Hermeneutics of Quantum Gravity”.

Sokal’s paper—comprising pages of impressive-sounding but meaningless pseudo-academic jargon—was written in part to demonstrate that humanities journals will publish pretty much anything so long as it sounds like “proper leftist thought;” and partly in order to send up the absurdity of so much post-modernist social science.

Alan Sokal is an honest liberal who felt that postmodernism was a distraction from real issues. As he put it, you can’t talk about pollution if you can’t agree that air exists. So, he wrote a paper basically stating that (if I follow the argument correctly) the constants of physics could adjust themselves as needed in pursuit of social justice. That, of course, is baloney, but they published it anyway. Rather than learning a lesson about the virtues of relevance (and clarity of writing), the academic community squealed like a piglet when they got punked. Seriously, I’d buy the guy a beer.

I first encountered this kind of crap in an English class. Much of the required reading included glowing references to people like Comrade Lukacs, the leading lights of the Frankfurt School (then, I had no idea who they were), and postmodern drips like Derrida, Lacan, and Foucault. Worse was trying to wade through a pile of leftist jargon, mostly Greek-based, in which I had no experience. I tried very hard, but the texts brushed off my every effort to penetrate them. Actually, my required readings made the “conceptual penis” article seem like Hemingway. It was one of the last two classes I had to finish in order to graduate, so it was particularly frustrating. Since deciphering their floating abstractions was the final hurdle between me and a diploma, I think I’d buy Professor Sokal two beers. I’ll buy a couple rounds for the “conceptual penis” jokers too.

Somehow I passed and graduated, though for the life of me, I couldn’t figure out what the hell the stuff I was required to read actually meant. Now I know a little better. The whole point of postmodernism (and its bastard child, deconstructionism) is basically that nothing is real and nothing makes sense. They write this way in the attempt to prove these points. It’s all about saying nothing using a large pile of words.

This is what happens when mediocre minds are educated far beyond their capability of understanding. The “conceptual penis” article was a joke on them, but really the joke is on the public for paying the big salaries of these professors for playing pretentious word games.

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  1. Commitment to the Bit. Pure and simple. Well done.
    However I would caution against the analogy between post-modernism and masturbation. For you see, masturbation, if done correctly, has a CONCLUSION.

  2. Yes, my penis is responsible for global warming, and I’m damn proud of it.

    1. Mine’s somewhat of a paradox. I suppose the warming mechanism is the heat it gives off (probably a friction mechanism as it rubs against my balls). But, if I whipped it out, it could likely also plunge the earth into an ice age by blocking the sun.

        1. Well, I only went to a Haitian law school. This is how we were trained to argue:

    2. Had a talk with mine today, turns out it was sneaking out after I went to sleep and was melting the ice at the poles randomly as a practical joke….
      Psst– avoid the blue ice, I drink an awful lot of blue Gatorade, and, well….

        1. That explains it! The hair, the long shaft protruding limply from the ice cold water…

        2. Which is why the bullet dissipated so quickly, with no shards found?
          Gotta admit, I was surprised at mine’s commitment to the hoax. He really hates cold, dry environments and has always explored warm and wet places when he’s gone adventuring with me.

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          They make fun of anything, especially serious subjects.
          A ferm attitude must be taken for these …gentlemen to be either brought to respect of the commentary community sections or to be brought to fucking silence.
          Pollution is pollution, be it airwaves, music, movies or commentary section.

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        29. Women, Fags, Lefties not welcome here. There used to be a rule about this.

        30. Rules are upheld by men. The men from the commentary were replaced by some … gentlemen mascarading as new-age-funny dudes, that ridicule everything and everyone.
          You can call them neo-marxists or russian agents.
          Both are the same thing.

        31. I don’t think that’s going to stick, now that punditthots are everywhere. Roissey is drooling over them on his blog. The infiltration is already complete, I’m just riding the wave.
          Best you can do is limit the amount of “can we just have a civilized conversation” lambda males that are making things gay.

        32. I will say that I do my very best to keep conversation at a certain level. The inherent problem was facebookifying ROK by using discus as a comment medium. It encourages females and omegas who say stupid, obvious shit like “feminism is bad” just to get likes. This promotes a culture of cowardice and shallowness. Should change its name to “RUOK”.

        33. Lol! Looks like I’m right about something and you’re wrong about something.

        34. I guess one could say to you, “go back to your Haagen Daas”. Seems like a good time to fill out your online dating profile and list an interest in both sexes.

        35. OK, both your points are valid. When Roissey and the others sell out, the true believers will disown them and just move to a new location or medium. Selling out your base never ends well. Breitbart and FOX are about to learn the same lesson.

        36. check out what the bitch said, her words, not mine :
          ,,…The infiltration is already complete, I’m just riding the wave.”

        37. You’re just hoping I’m a guy, because I’m giving you more attention than any guy you’ve actually met.

        38. You know, I had a thought about this today. When I here “there are no virgins left” as a excuse to never marry, what goes through my head is, “there are, but you don’t have to make in excuse for your actions”. Roissey is very prouldy an atheist/ agnostic, not a Christian. It just so happens to be that in the secular system, there really aren’t any virgins. He and others like him are tasked with trying to turn a ho into a housewife.
          In the secular system, maybe Brittany Pettibone is the best they have. Sure, she slept with another woman’s husband, but at least she wears deoderant. Therefore, she’s somewhat of an ideal or icon. There’s no reason to defend onesself for one’s choice of worldview- it’s not a reason to feel guilty, you believe what you believe. However, don’t construct a false narrative of their being no virgins to portray yourself as a saint out of options.
          I’m probably going to mostly stick to Christian blogs, because those are just my people. For all Christianity’s problems, its still the only system that isn’t an outright failure. Roissey may have some good ideas to take, but I’m not a part of his problem or his solution. His issue with “today’s women” is a problem in atheism. The church has separate issues.
          I’ve visited a couple of Christian red pill blogs lately, and what I didn’t notice before is that the women seem really sane, for the most part. When I see a woman overacting a role, like some of these women pretending to be pioneer wives, a red flag always goes up. Almost always, those types are hiding a steamy past (or present). However, there are a lot of women I feel like I can relate to on these sites.

        1. Hey Jim isn’t lusting after women other than your wife in your mind a sin or smth if I’m not mistaken ?

        2. Well, I suppose it has been awhile. Still, a guy can crack a joke, can’t he?

        3. It’s fine by me , but God seems to have some very unrealistic expectations.

        4. A Mormon guy at work put it this way: First look you are a man, second look you are not a missionary.

    3. My tallywhacker is responsible for a lot of things, including some vaginal warming. But not global warming.

        1. Actually, I never even saw that movie. I learned the expression from a fellow GI years ago.

        2. Nope. Peeps are always amazed at all the movies I *haven’t* seen.
          From my point of view, I doubt I’ve missed much. The (((entertainment media))) has been sucking for a long time… with few exceptions.

        3. Funny you should say (((entertainment media))).
          There is a scene in Porky’s where the (((new kid in school))) beats up a local southern kid, and the local kid eventually respects the (((new kid))).
          I never thought about that until you mentioned (((it))) just now…

    4. My penis was going to contribute to global warming today, but I accidentally stepped on it when I got out of bed and had to ice up.

  3. If the Feminism (fake news) media hears about this, it will be front page news!

  4. Told my daughter that when she went to college, many of the readings for some social sciences classes would be absolute gibberish, devoid of reason and make no sense. The nice thing being– any papers she submitted could follow the same rules, random nonsense with key phrases and words thrown in, not much effort needed.
    She didn’t believe me. Then she went to college and found out that’s the truth. She got good at writing gibberish.
    Also passed onto her PJ O’Rourke’s summary of the soft sciences-
    “People do lots of things, nobody knows why, test on Friday”
    A lot of psych classes are just reading competing and contradictory theories on human behavior with none being actually validated as correct. Just read and be tested on people’s opinions.

    1. It ticked me off that so many of my college friends didn’t seem like they were putting much effort into their education, and were still getting decent grades. I was one of those guys burning the midnight oil in the library while everyone else were living it up in parties. My freshman year, you ask a kid what their major is, you get “Dentistry, Engineering, Law….etc.” By the time you talk to seniors, it was “Liberal Studies, History, Anthropology”…etc. 10 years later, I am happy I took education as a job.

      1. My daughter is driven, and will spend hours studying and has to get the 100% plus any extra credit/points available. Almost crazy how much time she put in both in HS and college. It’s put her on edge and stressed her out considerably. She’s actually a bit uncomfortable in the classes where there isn’t a right answer that’s validated and just a lot of opinion.
        My son is a bit different, he doesn’t want to be the stress monkey his sister is. If an A is 93%, he thinks getting a 95% means he wasted some effort.

        1. I wasn’t a stress monkey, but I managed to pull the 2.5 GPA necessary to stay in the engineering program. My wife, on the other hand, was. She got like a 3.8 in her forestry major, hasn’t used a bit of it, but in doing so she got the scholarships necessary to not have debt.

        2. I hope you were dramatically putting on your sunglasses when you said that.

        3. I was similarly driven until I stopped to understand myself. I lived in fear of failure, and so I struggled to never come close to it.
          Now I am driven to do what I desire, to complete tasks in which I take pride and/or earn money. It has made me a much happier man.

        4. The danger to a perfectionist is, that by definition, perfection can never be achieved. Therefore, they are always a failure in their lives. It is a path to depression.

        5. This is very true. There’s no such thing as perfect; you can find fault in almost anything… Always do your very best, but recognize when to move on.

        6. Fear of failure has stricken me like a plague for most of my life. How did you overcome it?

        7. Exposure and acceptance. As a part of learning game, I failed many times with women, and this crossed-over well with my other fears of failure. I also failed for three years to get an internship (though highly qualified with my grades and skills, and I cast a wide net).
          I internalized that there was no failure – only feedback. I also let go of what I could not control and learned to embrace all that I could.

        8. You are correct in that is a risk. You can tear yourself apart failing to achieve something, and you can simply never attempt a goal out of a fear of failure. You try and get your kid to be willing to pursue a goal without being devastated if they fail in the attempt. I’ve tried to teach my kids that the worst thing would be looking in the mirror wondering …. what if….
          It’s been a tough road– but she now understands the pros/cons of her personality. She’s learning to not have to be perfect. As Patton said-
          “The test of success is not what you do when you are on top. Success is how high you bounce when you hit the bottom.”

        9. Picture yourself at 80, having to look in the mirror and wonder– what if?
          That, to me, will be far harder to live with then having made the attempt and failed.

        1. I managed to have fun (in a goody, goody Mormon way), Maybe 10 hours a week of leisure time, compared to most kid’s 40 hours

      2. Good for you Jim! This reminds me of a great quote from the Godfather… “I spent my life trying not to be careless. Women and children can be careless, but not men.”

      3. Yeah I noticed a lot of people who say “college is the best time in your life” tend to not have great starting careers.

    2. My experience with college is that they reward children of money and power.

    3. Outside of STEM (and even in STEM to an extent), all grades are arbitrary. Even in the professional world, it’s more hoop-jumping than proving ability.
      If you’ve ever taken, say, any CompTIA exam, you know they’re more tests of guessing what the question is really asking as to opposed to any actual attempt to determine your knowledge level or competence.

    4. If you want to learn anything real about psychology, there are only a few things to do:
      1) Spend time around kids. Adults are just larger kids with money and less physical energy.
      2) Study hypnosis/NLP/sales. If you want to know how people think, go to the people who make money by manipulating those thoughts.
      3) Experiment. Change something about your behavior, then see how people act. Some of the greatest discoveries in psychology came from assholes fucking with people (see: the collected works of Milton Erickson).

      1. I study NLP myself and it actually works. Unsurprisingly, the scientific community has nothing good to say about it.

        1. NLP and hypnosis (esp. Eriksonian) are *tools* that can be verified, thereby escaping from the “People do lots of things, nobody knows why, test on Friday” (love that summary!) swamp of soft (limp?) sciences…

  5. Foucault, whom I reffered to in a previous article, has written some relevant things with regard to episteme, discourse, human control and so on, but it is not very impressive compared to real science (STEM). Social sciences and humanities can be relevant if one provides real data, use sound methods and write in a brief, coherent yet nuanced way, but many leftists of course want to write a lot of self-masturbating junk.
    One of the most pretentious pomo books I’ve read is Homi Bhabha’s “The location of culture” (1994). Instead of using 10-15 pages and providing evidence that when two cultures – like India and the British – meet they can be hybridized (a third space) he uses hundreds of pages of written sperm.

  6. In regards to the whole Global Warming Scam well Liberals will blame everything they hate on it and demand power to restrict it just as they will blame everything bad on it to justify restricting everything they hate.

  7. My penis caused a great deal of global warming back in its heyday.
    Now, in the midst of global temperature rise, and my increasing years, it’s the coolest spot in Florida.

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  9. Is Your Penis Responsible For Global Warming?
    My penis is completely irresponsible. That’s why it’s only allowed out on special occasions.

  10. “Is Your Penis Responsible For Global Warming?”
    God I hope so!

    1. primo avatar and user name, im off to listen to the soundtrack now!

  11. More proof (as if we needed any) that post-modernist journals are gay.

  12. Is there a penis cult in the current white house? Perhaps this is why the Donald “pulled out” of the Paris accord. Maybe his penis is propionate to the size of his hands…that’s how he spends his nights?

  13. So, my penis is responsible for global warming?
    I guess Al Gore and Leonardo DiCaprio got it all wrong.
    Is it any wonder this nation is in the mess it is in when THAT sort of shit makes it into academic circles?
    My guess is the gentlemen who wrote this hoax will be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize next year.

  14. The truth is that even if global warmer were occurring(human caused or naturally occurring), the earth’s mean temperature could be lowered with climate engineering technology such as solar energy reflecting particles in the upper atmosphere or a large sunshade in orbit at the Lagrange point. The sun is the biggest contributor to global warming. This technology would be built by penis owners.
    The media and scientist refuse to even discuss this because Climate Change narrative is such a scam for fake scientists, fake news media and virtue signalers. Taxes raised for global warming will be use to fund SJW and global elitist causes with nothing going to climate engineering because engineering and construction are such penis dominated fields.

    1. I’ve seen proposals for the proverbial space parasol. The proposed cost is below what we spend yearly on “green energy,” and infinitesimal compared to the requirements of the various climate summits.
      If they really believed that global warming was a menace, they’d fund parasols. Instead, they take money from my pocket to fund their friends and shell corporations.

  15. Not so sure about my schwanz…but my wallet sure has been keeping a lot of girls warm over the years…

  16. Didn’t all the 6 billion people with a carbon footprint pop out from a vagina?

  17. Good god, all the euphemisms and puns. 😂🤣😆 Your post thoroughly aroused my mental faculties. I could do little else but stand erect at the weightiness of your piece. It has real hair to it.
    Dick, penis, schlong, weiner, dong….
    No, I am not 7.

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  19. My average dick temperature is 98.6 degrees year-round. That’ll melt the ice in your tonic water.

    1. The scientific model endorsed by the globalists and put forth for the throat lotion drinking prolies is physical depictions of flat Earth enhanced with gynocentrism. The female mind lacks the ability to visualize a universal model on its own and when the male mind is restricted from learning a critical vocabulary structure and a mathematical system to construct mental models, his mind becomes like the female mind, managable and locked onto the globalist farm.
      Females are erratic and cannot find their spatial location anywhere (they were meant to stay home, breed and tit feed so it all fits). I notice their navigational vertigo when asking directions from most women. They can rarely internalize a map and live out their lives navigating their own towns based on the color and feelz of the imagery at junction points. Female directions suck in other words. Heh . . sometimes I can call out a struggling identity manbitch when their directions sound like a female’s directions.
      The prolie farm mathematical system is the Roman numeral system too. It is a slave systsm that is not base 10. It’s a jumble of base 5 and then jumps to zero and becomes a different base lacking the symbol for zero. It’s a clever trick system that makes simple math impossible. By design of course to keep stupid animals on a farm from figuring how to escape or overthrow the bug eyed alien bastards.

  20. It could be, I mean, chicks get really hot and bothered around my penis, so I figure that if I’m in a crowded room with a lot of girls and they are responding as per normal, then they must be contributing some warmth to the globe above and beyond the statistical norm.

  21. Its all bs.
    Some dicks make it hot.
    Others make it rain
    Earth is in balance:

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        2. nope, I rent, but I encourage women to live with their family until they’re married or as long as possible

        3. are you aware that Roosh, this site’s founder, was also falsely accused of living in his mom’s basement? probably not. But yeah, that’s a common feminist go-to accusation.

        4. Oh yes, I’m well aware of what Roosh was accused of. “You’re fat”, typical low functioning basement dweller go-to accusation.

        5. As GoJ guessed, you are a male pretending to be a woman with your avatar and commenter name. Way to go!!!

        6. You previously admitted to being fat, so we’re beyond the point where it’s an accusation.

  23. Ironically, it’s shit like this that actually decreases the persuasiveness of the climate activists. They’ve actually regressed in their messaging in 30 years. If they still had people like Carl Sagan around to sell it, they might win more, but instead with this virtue signaling and garbled pseudobabble, they alienate the people they’re trying to persuade to take this all seriously.

  24. Is Your Penis Responsible For Global Warming?
    is the question, but it should be easy to answer, pussy is the real responsible of global warning!
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    p.s.: Lately men get abroad so lots of air traffic as well to get better pussy.

  25. Well Done, You Magnificent Bastards! I love it when the Left’s tools are used against them.

  26. I am feeling really guilty now about my conceptual penis. It”s floating all over the over the place and up in the clouds and heating up the planet. But being conceptual, it is not possible for me to cut it off ? Or stick it in an anus and cool it off and redeem it.

  27. Indirectly.But it did cause massive extinction, panty explosions that end up emitting CO2, 3 wars including the Cola Wars, a genocide and the 1970s-what a dirty, disgusting decade that was.

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