It’s Impossible For Women And Men To Be Friends

Are you familiar with The Ladder Theory? For those of you who have never heard of it, or forget what it is, it is a critical ideology that attempts to describe how heterosexual men and women relate to one another socially. It was developed in the 90’s by Dallas Lynn, as cited on the web page.

This is hard manosphere science of yesteryear—pure critical thinking and logic-based analysis of opposite sex relationships based on empirical evidence. While the explanation of the theory comes off very satirical, and a few of the details can be quite arguable, the foundation that makes up the principles of this ideology is rock solid.

Men Want To Bang Women

No matter how you slice it, every non-family member female in your life that your friends aren’t dating is on your sexual radar in some scope (hell, for a number of you sick and shameless individuals, the former conditions may not even factor). If you are “friends” with a female, then one of these conditions is undoubtedly true:

  • You want to fuck her.
  • You already have fucked her.
  • She is below a 5

There is not a single woman in my social circle that isn’t ugly that I would not bang if given the opportunity. Men do not casually make friends with attractive women—they are either forced upon them (family, friend’s girlfriend, etc.), or there is a physical intent. When you see a female your brain immediately and involuntarily gauges her fuckability, and as the theory suggests, puts her on the “ladder.”

A Woman’s Guy Friends Are Not Really Her Friends

Unless you are a wildebeest, all of your “guy friends” will definitely bang you if given the chance. The only reason they talk to you is because they either already have, or because they want to. Aside from that, they are your boyfriend’s friends and not really your friends. If they still talk to you after you and your boyfriend/husband are broken up, it’s because they want to bang you. Simple.

Men and women simply do not connect to one another chemically the way same-sex comrades do. Men and women are genetically designed to fuck each other. This is made evident by studies on pheromone response and studies on cross-sex friendships in different age groups. These scholarly journals paint a pretty plain picture: men and women want to fornicate with each other, and any non-sexual relationship is basically just a facade. It is merely a forced social construct that men and women constantly share exclusively platonic relationships.

 “The Friend Zone” Is Stigmatized For A Reason

No man is voluntarily in the dreaded “friend zone.” In fact, if you pay attention to the Red Pill community, alpha men generally won’t allow themselves to be in a sexless relationship with a decent looking girl at all. It serves zero benefit besides possibly having access to sex with a female’s associates. White knights, feminists, and ignorant women will deny and nay-say, but it doesn’t change the fact that for a man to hold a sexless relationship with an attractive female, there is a great deal of active suppression of coital desires that must take place. There is a froth of sexual tension that is bubbling just below the thinly veiled surface of every unconditional opposite-sex friendship.

Don’t be an enabler and don’t be a girl’s “friend.” The moment you take a back seat to her and you become her emotional punching bag who is “like a brother” to her is the moment where you are fulfilling her male sensitivity needs. When a woman knows she doesn’t need to actively work on a relationship with a man to get what she wants out of him, then she is no longer a worthy mate for anyone. She knows if that alpha she fucked the same night she met him at Club XYZ doesn’t feel like going out of his way for her, then her orbiter(s) will.


This makes her far less likely to try to impress him or put in an effort to make herself more appealing to him.To put it into perspective, a girl who has “all guy friends” is essentially the same as a guy who has an unconditionally loyal harem of cute bangs who will come over to his place after one text, do whatever position he wants, make him food, do dishes, then leave when he wants her to all on her own dime. There is no incentive to work on your skills with the opposite sex in either of those cases.


The lesson of the day is: you can’t be friends with people who you want to bang. Understand the roles the people in your life serve. Have some dignity and self-respect. If you have women in your life you want to get it in with but they won’t give it up to you, then stop kidding yourself. Learn to walk away from people who aren’t of value to you.

History, as well as a great number of scientific and empirical studies, have shown the relationship dynamic between men and women renders completely platonic friendship impossible due to our physical and emotional predisposition. The only thing perpetuating this contrived modern social norm is the “progressive” ideals instilled in our culture where men and women share professional work environments and strive for complete social “equality.” Men, understand that your male comrades are the only real friends you actually have.

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208 thoughts on “It’s Impossible For Women And Men To Be Friends”

  1. Agreed for the most part. But what do you think of being friends with a woman you aren’t able to bang in order to meet her (possibly hotter) friends and have access to them?

    1. He covered that. Female friends who give you access to hot women work well. Still, I’d game them as well and make sure they know I have no reservations about thinking of them sexually. Also, steer clear of being the “straight gay best friend.”
      In other words, don’t give her any avenue to begin to think of you as an asexual creature. I think it’s sometimes possible to be acquainted with a chick you may never bang without being neutered in her mind. Just don’t do it unless she provides a steady supply of chicks who will.

    2. Read the first 3 sentences of the “Friend Zone” section and the linked article therein

    3. DO NOT kid yourself.
      Women are complete shit at being friends with men. They may APPEAR to have male “friends”… but these are just backseat losers she likes to keep at arms length **waiting in the wings** for her own ends. Do not kid yourself – she is not your “friend”. She wants guy friends to increase the pool of available men at her disposal and NO OTHER REASON.
      You know why?
      So she can call you “Justin”.
      “Justin Case”.
      If you are friends with chicks, that’s your new name: Justin Case.
      • Just in case she gets fat
      • Just in case she needs a shoulder to cry on
      • Just in case she needs someone to “be seen in public with”.
      • Just in case it doesn’t work out with the asshole she is banging now
      • Just in case she needs a date on national holidays.
      • Just in case she hits the wall and needs a sperm donor or ATM
      • Just in case her relationship/marriage explodes
      • Just in case he cheats on her and she needs immediate revenge
      ….. you get the idea.
      NEVER be that guy.

      1. one reason girls keep male friends is to match make them with their girlfriends… this flatters their ego and hopefully makes them more useful to their girlfriends… but it’s never about doing something friendly for the guy…..even if she gets you 10 new dates, in her egocentric world, you are just an asset being pushed in one direction or another.

        1. Thank you for adding that. It’s true female “friends” will never hook you up to get you laid during a dry spell, or do what’s in your best interest. It’s only to hook their own friends up for their own selfish ends.

  2. So true. I love it when women have a male friend and their all like “he’s the nicest guy ever”. Then two weeks later he has his cock in her ass.

      1. This is not true. Ive seen many guys get out of the friendzone. The best way is to never get “officially” friendzoned and to just trick her into having a moment in the basement or whatever. I didnt believe it for the longest time, but then I saw it happen multiple times. Another benefit of having female friends.

  3. I’m fairly new to red pill philosophy, so I’m now constantly looking back on my past behaviors, many of which make me cringe. However, I never had platonic girl friends. Even at a young age, I realized friendship with a girl was pointless. And I’m happy to know everything written in this article is exactly how I’ve always thought.

    1. I concur one hundred percent. I too lacked female “friends,” It seems romantic “relationships” in today’s world spawns from these “friendships.” They seem more like cuckolding to me.

      1. the old fashioned single sex schools had a lot of benefits for guys….. i never had any female friends purely because of this, but it also made me automatically think of women in purely sexual terms…

        1. What’s worse is that people automatically insinuate you’re gay if you lack female friends. Females and males are designed for procreation, not platonic attraction.

        2. Which is really odd, because if anything having lots of female friends is exactly what gay guys do anyway.

  4. Once I had a friend that was stuck in the friend zone . I told him if she was really your friend she would fuck you. He agreed, but he would not stop orbiting her, it made me sad for him.

    1. This article overlooks the fact that you can use female friends as reference girls for the hotter females you *are* interested in. It helps in an environment where very few people know each other.
      I’ve benefitted on more than one occasion from this. Also, when the lay is long past, you’re still friends with the reference girl, and as long as you don’t abuse the privilege too much, she can help out again.

    2. Either that or attempt to hook him up with one of her (attractive and not crazy!) friends at the very least.

  5. The “friend” zone is a bunch of bullshit. A guy is never a chick’s friend in the true since of the word. You are and have always been her errand (sackless) boy.
    “Friend” Zone means girlfriend-with-a-dick.

  6. Great article and great advice. Do not tolerate a woman not putting out. Either she puts out, or the next girl on the list puts out. Let her understand this in not-so-subtle terms, and one of two things will happen: either she stops wasting your fucking time, or you get sex; -both choices have a fantastic outcome. I like to tell them gay guys are for being friends with.

    1. So you’re the guy a woman’s always screaming about when I apply my trademark finishing move.

  7. Also, if a female is not facilitating your cash flow or pussy flow in a direct or indirect way; she is useless to you. Drop that bitch like a bad habit. You are both wasting each other’s time.

  8. In that video, dude with the sandwich is a winner. He gets it immediately and continues to eat his food. Probably he then goes on to later have sex with a woman while the orbiter in the library will carry that woman’s bag to her dorm and, IF he is lucky, he gets a non-sexual hug.

    1. Im friends with this fat chick from school. She does all my homework. am I her girlfriend?(i have a dick)

      1. That’s the one situation this article overlooks.
        Men can be actual friends with a woman if, and only if, the guy is not physically attracted to her at all.

        1. Nah, he got it in there. “If you are “friends” with a female, then one of these conditions is undoubtedly true:…She is below a 5”.

        2. And only if he knew her as a child or if she is related to him in some way (blood or non blood ties) or they were bonded in some way in the past (ie step-siblings or both fostered to the same family). Otherwise, men don’t want to waste time with a woman he does not find attractive, when that time could be spent chasing someone whom he finds attractive. Cost benefit analysis – always !

        3. ….AND you can use her for something.
          Why would you want to be “friends” with some ugly Florida manatee?…Unless of course you can use her for something.
          If it is NOT sex then it will be because she may have good looking friends or she is rich or she can do your homework.

        4. “That’s what Nietzsche said.”
          Gotta put one in ya head, Bang,
          We coming to serve ya,
          Mo murda, mo murda, mo murda…
          Oh wait, I guess that wasn’t Nietzsche after all. My bad…

        5. Non-blood ties? Like your sister in law who has cut your brother off? And is at least warm if not hot?

      2. no, unless she is a lezbo, then you are bros. she wants to fuck you by compensating feminine traits (looks, submissiveness) with male traits (intelligence/productivity, loyalty).
        that being said, start doing your own fucking work or prepare to spend your life flipping my burgers and changing my oil

        1. I’ve got those friends. They make good wingmen and they are ‘bros’ like my other male friends and some female friends 5 and below.

        2. These functions are soon to be automated. Non-ICE power will later obsolete most oil-changing stations.
          Burger flipping is already automated for the most part. Go ahead and demand $15/hr. from McD’s and BK. You just tipped it over for them to install kitchen-bots.

      3. Ok, your friend with a brain that you don’t call a penis, or throttle orally with yours. is not your friend. This one is your tutor. Your intellectual dishonesty is very flakey-chic of you. On par with the college women in the video.
        Stop with the feminist inspired rhetoric, purge it from your mind, body, and soul; and let the male-centered logic connect your brain, masculine heart, spine, and dick as it should be. Like the days of old when we were hunting for survival. Those men did not rape their women I bet, I bet they took great care of them, and she was most likely grateful for his sex; but more importantly his provision. Anything else is straight from the devil, I don’t care if he looks like Elizabeth Hurley.
        Now thank these feminists for unintentionally assassinating their privilege for the sake of PUAs everywhere. For that is what feminism is, the last hurrah’s of female excusable murder arguments for all time.

        1. The one key factor taken for granted in each and every argument advancing ladder theory and all of the
          Social implications the theory espouses is this: All human beings are at the mercy of their sexual hardwiring. Men want to bang attractive women and women want
          To fuck alpha males. To a person who’s base instincts dominate — this would appear to be a universal truth governing all male/female interaction
          To a person who has put forth the effort to recognize and honor their
          Animal nature , but not to be controlled and dominated by the baser instincts and ego— .seeing things from this perspective is a sure
          Sign of an unevolved persona,proudly flaunting their animal
          instincts but totally ignorant of the
          higher and finer virtues that a disciplined human being can

    2. I’m going to disagree at the margins and say that it is possible to be friends with a girl…if you’re not attracted to her. One of my best friends is a girl I’ve known for over 10 years now. A big part of why it works is that I am not attracted to her in the least.
      Oh and she’s a lot more rational than most women.

      1. If you’re not attracted to her she’s to you. Just beware she doesn’t sabotage your shit.

        1. Female reason is wired totally differently from that of men. Smart ones can mimic male reason for their advantage.

    3. This would explain why any time a female friend of mine gets into a relationship, they immediately stop hanging out to the point where I don’t even know them after two months.

    4. As a corollary to the ladder theory, all girls friend-zone, however, there is one type that does it more egregiously than the rest. She’s known as the tomboy/ Amazon Alpha. These bitches literally run male harems. So many men fall in her trap because of her predisposition to male oriented activities. Her one saving grace is that she has a high sex drive. You’ll get sex from her more readily that the average girl. Unfortunately, most betas are too intimidated or fail to pull the trigger soon enough. As a result, if you don’t act soon, you will end up in a permanent friendzone.

  9. We either fucked in the past, we are fucking now, or I am going to fuck you at a later date. There is no inbetween. I dont believe in the friendzone.

  10. Sex and the city is the great inspiration for most young self entitled western women. In the show the main character is good friends with a homosexual.
    A lot of women try to emulate this with attempts at friendships with nice guys (betas). Never going to work though, if you are hot your “friend” wants to fuck you.

  11. I wish this site existed when I was in high school. I thought this way until a broad walked all over me. She gave zero fucks, just brutal, constant teasing but I couldn’t make it out of the friend zone. Got outta high school, then in college had a girl just shit on me. My red pill moment. Years later at my buddy George’s wedding I show up with a girl who was a fitness model for Reebok on my arm. That same broad from high school was all over me, saying shit like “How come we never gave it a shot, we would have been good together.”
    My favorite thing about this site is the constant holy shit moments when you realize that this ridiculous behavior by women is more common than not. Great article.

      1. Remember: women and port-o-potties have something in common. They are both FULL OF SHIT.

    1. It just goes to show these women in the video are liars. They know these men want them, but they tease, and emotionally whip them anyways. Emotionally torture a women who does this to your hearts content, she merely asked for it. With one caveat, never sleep with her unless it is after banging a sexier women, or better, her best friend.
      They only want sex with a perceived/actual alpha. Otherwise, you are her emotional bridge from single friend zone, to the tip of some alpha dudes cock.
      If you let that cum dumpster kiss you on the cheek, picture this: His one eyed monster rolling on your cheek.
      For if you do the former, you have essentially allowed the latter.
      I think there was a reason why societies in the past put the tramp-brakes on female sexuality……women unrestrained equals societal decay, and spinsters in monasteries decrying their sexually more “fulfilled but wayward” sistren. Also =no offspring after a while.
      Essentially, men do not like the concept of another man’s thing any where near them unless they are gay. If you are not gay, you would prefer a virgin in your life whose willing to be your personal freak show with frequent OJT.
      Since the tramp-brakes of society are literally worn away, and we are on the roller coaster barreling it’s way on fire to spinster and bastard hell… many of those are around?

      1. Just when another one of my high school friends got married to our classmate in high school who never gave him any attention back then; was famous for getting drilled in every hole by a number of our seniors, and continued the trend into university.
        Now, after he has made money, now she wants him.
        I wish them happiness, but the knowledge that he is a sloppy thousandth after she hit the wall, will always remain.

        1. Tip: look good at the 20th reunion, pretend not to remember the names of the ones who were hot. Keep pretending all night. Enjoy!

        2. I barely remember people anyway, am terrible with faces, and people I have no recollection of remember me all the time. I think I have this covered haha.

        3. Same for me. It’s especially horrible for Africans and Asians. Dunno, they just have some facial features that are apparently extremely common and make them hard to identify. Funny enough, Asians sometimes have the same problem with Whites.

    2. HAHAHAHA Between this site, other sites, and experiences in the past two years, I say that almost every day. I WISH I KNEW THIS IN HIGH SCHOOL. I feel bad for the girls I realize probably really liked me all those years and I had no idea how to convert them.

  12. You forgot to mention that we sometimes use attractive female friends as “pivots” when we’re sarging out in town.

  13. Most guys are friends wth females because they are trying to be more than friends and get in their pants. Any guy who tells you otherwise is either lying out his ass or is dumb as fuck. For any man being honest with himself would realize that if women didn’t have a prety face nice tits and slender body that includes a vagina, no guy would yive a flyin’ fuck about her.

    1. “Any guy who tells you otherwise is either lying out his ass or is dumb as fuck.” Or he purposely friended an attractive women to get access to her crowd and get social proof. I did this in high school, college, and the workplace. It worked every time. I really should write a post on this. See my other comment for details. The manosphere is getting like church with these rules, by the way. I had TONS of female friends from ages 18-26 and they had me swimming in poon. See my other comment on here.

      1. I have heard that being on the pep squad gives you an inside edge as well. Not to mention giving the girls “lifts” and all that.

        1. We can only fuck so many times in a day. I enjoy reading blogs as much as I enjoy slamming my dick in sluts.

    1. I don’t believe that. You going to grab a beer with her, and talk about real issues affecting your life? She gonna watch your dog when you go on vacation? She going to show up at the hospital if you end up there?

    2. Agreed! If something goes south you are the bad guy and she will start talking behind your back.
      Coming from experience.

    3. You still want to fuck her, you just *don’t* for professional and legal reasons. Men and women are forced to share professional space together as a social construct. This does not deter biological instinct – men must actively suppress the urge to make advances on attractive female colleagues.

      1. Yep .. been sharing space with one of my secretaries for a dozen years since she was 17. She’s damn cute and has huge tits. God damn. But from day one I had to consider her off limits and erase from my mind any impulses towards her. Not wise nor smart to bang a valuable employee. The risk does not make it worth it.

  14. So are we all going to respond to the fucking female trolls when they start posting their inevitable inane drivel on THIS topic too?
    I say we all agree to one thing right here and now.
    And post obviously made by a female gets no response from ANY RoK reader EVER.
    is ANYONE with me on this?

  15. I’m gay and I’d like a girl to be affectionate with me, to be like a sister (which I don’t have), to be someone I can confide things in that I can’t tell male friends or family. There are things you can tell girls and you can ask them that you can’t tell a man. That said, this is what I THOUGHT. When I tried to do this, and really to use her as my emotional tampon, she tried to fuck me. I tried to oblige but when I couldn’t get it up to fuck her she got REALLY upset. She was also upset I wouldn’t do beta-type errands for her. Eventually she became hysterical. So, it didn’t work. It sometimes doesn’t work from the other side.
    For the record, athough I’m a homo I’m very good looking, muscular, and pass for completely straight, so I can’t have “fag hags” because they want to fuck me. This girl didn’t even believe I was gay even though I told her what a perv I was many times.
    Girls either want to fuck you or want you to be their slave. They can’t be your friend. I wish it were different because I’d like a girl who I can rest my head on her being lazy, who would give me comfort and affection, but I can’t have that.

    1. I don’t believe you’re really gay. Most gay guys don’t call themselves “pervs,” especially on a site like this one. They also don’t claim (or want to claim) they’re “completely straight.” I think you’re getting a charge out of pretending to be gay.

  16. You aren’t defining friend so its hard to discuss the merits of your article.
    All 3 of your points should just be replaced with “You have no desire to sleep with her”. Because you aren’t her friend if you want to sleep with her, you are just pretending to be because you mistakenly believe that will get you close enough to her that she will one day notice you. You can be friends with attractive women if you don’t want to sleep with them. Though usually they don’t want to be your friend at that point unless they want to sleep with you.

  17. WRONG! This article, and Rollo Tomassi’s comment are dead wrong because they neglect a crucial thing, which I’ve written about before. The way you can meet women is THROUGH women. Therefore it pays to have as many female friends as possible. It’s social proof. This article neglects that guys often meet women BECAUSE of their hot friends! This worked for me so many times it’s not funny. I can actually make lists of women that led to other women for me (i.e. Debbie>Tammy; Amanda>Bernadette, etc.). Also, not all men want to screw all their female friends, for reasons to complex to list here. My advice to guys: make as many female friends as you can with women you’re not especially attracted to because that will be your network especially in college. I can’t tell you how many annoying women I had to become friends with to get to the hotties — haha!

    1. I gotta say I agree with you that through friends you meet other women… however, those have a value.
      My advice: be friends with really hot hot 10s or below 4 women. Other women around you will wonder how on earth you get to hang out with hot girls and how nice of you to give -4s company. Aside from that below 4s do anything for you… if a girl does nothing for you then fuck her. Do not play sidekick.

    2. For fuck’s sake did no one actually read this article? First 3 sentences of the “Friend Zone” section. Also, read the associated linked article therein.

      1. I read it and didn’t agree with the intro. The idea men want to screw all their female friends isn’t true or at least it isn’t in my case. So right there the piece lost me. IMO this concept comes from the movie “When Harry Met Sally.” I didn’t find it rang true in real life. I’m tempted to do an article outlining all the ways I got laid because of female friends, not in spite of them. A nicely-written piece with some good ideas, I just disagreed.

        1. It isnt true. Read my comment here:
          The hypothesis presented is easily falsifiable. Any female can be a relative and you never want to fuck them no matter how hot they are. There is a shut off switch. The reverse of that is the many cases of couples about to get married or already married who find out they are siblings, and suddenly it becomes repulsive. A woman that becomes familiar to you loses her sexual attraction no matter how blazing hot she is. These idiots can shriek about biology all day, while tapping away on the most anti-biological inventions ever.

    3. Aha, so Im not alone in this sentiment. I just discovered this idea a few months ago when I realized I had a lot of female friends and they had other female friends. The problem is these losers suck at women completely, so the best they can do is maybe have a one night bang and cant sustain anything. Meanwhile, we can walk into any club with 2-3 women and watch as 50 more come up, wondering what is so special about Mr Pimp.

  18. I developed this theory in the 60’s when I was 10. You dopey Gen Y and Millennial geeks need to get out of the cellar. You boys are slow. Now, go over to OKStupid and see if you can find a fat slob to be friends with lol

    1. This has been a presentation by Prof. Dr. Pancho-Gringo on the topic of “Cooties”.

  19. upon realization that I wanted to bang every woman I have associations with, I learned not to allow myself to get too emotionally involved. I don’t have female “friends” I have female associations. Girls whom I can IM, text, FB but kept at arms length. Being mildly involved makes me bit of an orbiter but I keep my orbit out at Pluto.

  20. I think the friendzone works when you as a man explicitly put yourself into the friend zone. That is, with women below 5, blood relatives or a dude’s girlfriend.
    Even then, women these days have so many beta orbiters and gayfriends that a pure friendship with an alpha is not that compeling, as it will not validate them and they know you will not invest resources into them.

  21. Nonsense. We’re not uncontrolled wildebeests that are on the constant verge of pouncing on anything with a gash. Sounds like the writer hasn’t interacted with women a lot in his life outside of gaming them in da’ club.
    Case in point, my old roommate is female. Objective HB9. Dated my buddy in school. Great friend but like most of my male friends, crazy as fuck. No way I would ever stick my dick in that knowing what I know.

    1. “Great friend.” You saying you have something in COMMON? Think about who that bodes most ill for…you or her.

  22. A corollary of this is if you break up with a girlfriend, it’s over. Let her know that in no uncertain terms or she will use you as a prop for carousel riding.

    1. Yup. I know so many dudes that remain “friends” with exes, even for YEARS.
      I have never spoken to any chicks after dumping them. Well, one, but that was just to fuck her again.

  23. There are situations where a man does not go for a hot girl for practical reasons. She could be a lab partner in a class and banging her could end badly if things go wrong since you are stuck with each other for a semester. I knew a very attractive girl in my kung fu class who I knew was into me, but I never went for it because if the relationship went downhill we would still have to see each other three times a week or one of us would have to quit. If sex is pragmatically a bad idea for any reason then a man and a woman can become friends as long as the pragmatic barrier stays in place and the man doesn’t allow himself to be taken advantage of.

    1. Downvoted because that sounds suspiciously like male hamsterization, in the form of a kind of sour grapes, born of a fear of failure/rejection/negative consequences.
      If you went for the bang, got it, and managed the situation properly (and, importantly, went in with the expectation that you could manage things skilfully) there’s little reason to anticipate scorched earth.
      I’m just some random on the internet but trust me on this – go for the bang, because if you don’t, you will regret it. I’ve talked myself out of surefire lays like this in the past, and, no matter how much back-rationalization went on, it was never for noble reasons, it was… cowardice.
      If anything, the negative consequences of not attempting the lay far outweigh the (manageable) risks resulting from a seduction attempt. For example, what poses the greater threat to your self respect, confidence, and self esteem – as well as your odds of securing future sex: possible drama after fucking a cute girl, or simply never having fucked that girl?
      Grown-up workplaces are a different story, and it may be sensible to keep a cordial distance – remain acquaintances and friendly colleagues, but never friends in any meaningful sense – but if you’re still in school, don’t be a pussy, you owe yourself the notch.

  24. I put women in the friend zone all the time when I want to use her to get to her friends. Works great honestly.

    1. Billy Crystal talks too fucking much. So does Woody Allen, but it’s kind of cool that he banged his adopted daughter once she became an adult and left the old hag he was with.

  25. Became “friends” with a very sexy alpha red pill guy. He acted completely uninterested from the get go, and I believed him. In fact, he went out of his way to be a huge jerk to me.
    Pretty soon he started acting like a jealous boyfriend, wanting to know about and criticizing this guy or that. I immediately saw through the “facade” and I asked him if he had a thing for me. Then sadly, everything just fell apart and we’re no longer friends.
    Just don’t understand why he wanted to be “friends” while playing up the jerk veneer. Why couldn’t he just be nice and flirt?

  26. You guys are such idiots! Yeah ok so most of my friends are guys and ok so I fuck 2/3 on a rotating basis depending on if I want cuddles or a pussy lick or a delectable black cock but Justin means a lot to me! He is there for all my problems in life and all I have to do in return is share my popcorn while we snuggle and watch Sex and the City reruns. Those are only his keys poking me! He loves to hear me cry about all the assholes that use me as a cumbucket and never asks for anything!
    You dicks dont know the first thing about friendship LOL

      1. Oh, p’shaw. I can’t take all the credit. Modern woman is a comedy act unto herself.

    1. ‘but Justin means a lot to me! He is there for all my problems in life and all I have to do in return is share my popcorn while we snuggle and watch Sex and the City reruns. Those are only his keys poking me! He loves to hear me cry about all the assholes that use me as a cumbucket and never asks for anything!’
      Ah, you women. Never bother to read the articles before ranting away about NAWALT or ‘I am the exception’.
      ‘Friend zone’ didn’t make sense to your overfed hamster.

  27. I’m not sure how this dude in my community did it. But he told this chick that “I’m here for you” after she told him some sob story. At first I thought, oh no, friend zone. Then 2 wks later, he fucked her raw…lol…then he went about describing in graphic detail about the blow job he got in the shower from her.
    Maybe he used the friend zone deception to get sex with her. The art of war in fucking. Ha!

  28. I was talking to my friend yesterday about how neither my boyfriend nor I are allowed to have friends of the opposite sex. She thought I was stupid. Thank you for proving me correct.

  29. Nope. A female friend tuned me into the red pill, game, and her stories about falling for bad boys (and why she divorced her beta husband) taught me about true female nature. I owe much of my current happiness to her care and guidance (and no, I’m not fucking her).

  30. You have just suggested that exes can be friends, so how can the theory be true?
    And I agree that they can be provided the breakup was amicable. Usually it’s more likely to happen with short-term relationships.

      1. Trying to censor what you don’t want to hear huh?
        Are you a pussy, a Marxist, or both?

        1. Did you rim him yet? Lie him back on the bed, get him to lift his legs right up so his ankles are around his ears. Then get in there, go deep, really get that tongue of yours up his brown eye. He’ll love it.

        2. So lisa has MSNBC, CNN, sites like Jezebel, mainstream opinion, magazines, newspapers and everything else and everybody else spouting out exactly what she is saying.
          This is not enough for Lisa and the feminist trolls she works for. So she comes here to comment. Lisa, you know one of the more interesting aspects of his site, is how free the discourse is. It really opened my eyes to how poisoned our public discourse is now a days.

    1. Its not quite friendship. You’ve already conquered her and you have no desire for her. She’s conquered territory, so you tolerate her and have some fun.

      1. Well then it can be a mutually beneficial arrangement.
        Also, gay men make some of the best friends for women.

        1. Gave her a +1 because even a stopped clock is right twice a day:
          “gay men make some of the best friends for women”
          Let that sink in, boys and girls.

    2. Hey Lisa, aside from bj’s have you rimmed your boyfriend yet? If not you should….

  31. Men don’t have female friends. They just have women they know that they haven’t managed to sleep with.

  32. Finally TRUTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I could never have summed it up better. If you are a hot girls friend and you haven’t banged her already. You are a fool and wasting your time

  33. The reason is not that ‘you have already fucked her’, its that you want to fuck her again

  34. I read this article to my wife last night and she pointed something out. When a man forcibly friendzones a woman who wants HIM, she will not be able to resist expressing her frustration to her circle of friends, who will ALL then try and fuck him to outdo their frustrated friend because women are catty bitches with hearts and souls like garage freeze lockers.
    So…try and give one a taste of her own medicine and see if it pays dividends. But make sure her investment is high enough.

    1. There is no harder rock than a woman’s breast, and no colder ice than her heart.
      If she is suddenly friendlier, agreeable, and is ready for sex when YOU are, expect divorce papers to be served soon. She is loading your credit cards to their limits.
      If it wasn’t for one thing, there’d be a bounty on women.

  35. My thoughts exactly, I’ve allways said men and women can’t truly be friends, and gotten strange looks for it. I’m glad General Stalin summed it up so nicely.
    Good article and please keep writing for ROK

  36. Women are much more inclined than men to milk the benefits of opposite sex (ostensibly) platonic relationships, and I’ve never heard one woman speak out against this. The more men who read this article the better, since young men need to be taught this; I wasn’t and I wish i was, I didn’t swallow the red pill until I was 29.
    The more women are prevented from exploiting naive men under the guise of being their platonic friends the more women will have to raise their game if they are to receive attention and the other shit they’d normally have to put out for. As we say in London, the problem is that there is always another mug…

  37. Some of the early Greek philosophers also made the case that it is impossible for men and women to be friends. In addition, women constantly misuse and abuse the term “friend.” This is why words like acquaintance and associate exist, because friend is a term of special endearment that takes years of loyalty to establish. Women are simply incapable in the macro sense of possessing the capacity to be true friends in the platonic sense. They would stab each other in the back and would surely stab us in the back. In addition to the Greek meaning of friend, no woman can ever be a true soldier either (in the glory of all her push-ups on knees and 1 pull-up), another false concept that needs to die with the rest of Modern Western Civilization.

    1. If you substituted “feminized Western culture” for “Anglo culture” I’d agree with you 100%, because it’s silly to suggest that German culture was, or is, antithetical to ‘Anglo’ culture when Anglo-Saxon (as in, WASP) culture is Germanic.
      Those ideals of friendship are under assault in the West, to be sure, but to suggest they didn’t exist, or no longer survive, in the ‘Anglosphere’ is absurd.

  38. I spent long painful years in as a friend-zoned beta orbiter. Women will flagrantly try and keep a beta orbiter in the friendzone, sucking on his energy like vampires. It recently happened (an unfortunate regression, I consider myself on the right non-chode path now) with a girl I tried to date, who tried to play this ‘I’ve just come out of a relationship but can we just be friends’, except she played it even more dirtily, trying to leave a crevice of hope that the ‘friends’ could turn into more. Women like that deserve every bad thing that befalls them

  39. I keep on hearing over and over again the ideology that ‘men and women are MEANT to fuck, it’s biology!’ as the sole reason men and women can’t be friends, and it’s not point in fighting biology.
    You know what happens AFTER the fucking? Babies. And yet more and more these days people are avoiding having children. By your argument this is unnatural, and we should start rallying ourselves and others to start popping out babies now! After all, it’s biology. It’s what we were made for.
    You know what separates us from fucking animals? Our ability to override our basic caveman senses and act like developed human beings. If you lack the sophistication to get over your ape-like need to fuck every single woman you encounter instead of being able to have evolved platonic relationships, then you deserve whatever happens to you.

    1. So which of your base instincts are you suppressing? And why would you ever do that? The idea that human progress, and indeed civilization, required the suppression of human instinct is ridiculous.
      Also, just an fyi, you will not father a child every time you have sex. And the last time I checked there were literally billions of people on earth so plenty of people are fucking. I think what this site speaks to is the lack of procreation amongst western societies.

  40. Isn’t it funny that virtually all women say yes, when asked if men and women can be friends. Is it arrogance? Females are not that naive.

  41. In the words of Oscar Wilde (1854-1900):
    “Between men and women there’s no friendship possible. There’s passion, enmity, worship, love, but no friendship.”

  42. I have a couple female friends that are pretty attractive but I have never made a move because there are plenty of non-sexual benefits to having a girl around and I wouldn’t wanna to give these up. For example, combined they sow my clothes, feed me, cut my hair, get me mad discounts on clothes, and are great to take to buy clothes. When they complain about guys or become too whiny I either laugh at them or tune them out and just try to relish the benefits of a pretty sweet set up. I should probably mention that one of them has a kid and the other might be lesbian, hahaha.

  43. I’m pushing 50 and I’ve found that, as I get older, I can make genuine friendships with women, even attractive ones. I’ve no desire to cheat on my wife and, to be personally honest, my sex drive isn’t as strong as it used to be. I can appreciate an attractive women without trying to think up ways to bed her. However, this article certainly would apply to the me of 30 to 20 years ago.

  44. I tend to agree with this perspective, but what about long-lasting relationships where the individuals felt like they were “best friends” and then ended up sealing the deal?

    1. You mean like when she was chasing tingles and fucking badboys on the side for all those years, whilst safe, reliable, faithful herb stuck around (crybating himself to sleep every night) until he eventually got the used up leftovers when she decided to hop off the carousel and snag herself a convenient (and expendable) beta-provider – yeah, what about it?

        1. NAWALT? That’s original.
          Anyway, assuming that there are cases where it doesn’t happen like that, we call those the exceptions that prove the rule.
          Whatever. I don’t want to rain on your unicorn parade, you cling to your illusions, man, if it makes you feel better.

  45. I kinda get this, but what confuses me is that he did said men made friends with girls They didn’t find attractive. Can’t that friendship last? I mean, they will never fuck this kind of girl and maybe she is not there to treat him like a punching bag, so…Maybe could it work in some cases? I’m asking as I have several male friends in college and that’s how our relationship seems to work. They all have thinner, prettier girlfriends and I don’t think either of them is cute.

    1. I only ever had one female friend. This was in high school. She was very cool, just not hot. She desperately wanted to fuck me.
      I even gave her a pity fuck once.
      Haven’t seen her in decades. I still talk to the dudes from back then. Wonder why that is.

  46. I agree with a lot of what the manosphere says and I disagree with a little bit of it. For me, this “it’s impossible for women and men to be friends” stuff has always fallen into the category I don’t agree with because I know firsthand that it’s not true for me. I can be friends with a smoking hot girl, not actively want to bang her, and be a straight guy at the same time. If she wanted to fuck, maybe I would maybe I wouldn’t. It really all depends on my mood at the time. This is something that I’ll accept is a general rule, but isn’t universal. Saying it’s impossible is hyperbole.

  47. This article is obviously wrong. Men who can’t be friends with women are like that because THEY are not good at connecting with women, thus they assume that that’s true for all men. NOT! I am a guy who is good at connecting with quality women. Guys that say this also do not enjoy female company. I am a guy who enjoys female company, even when there is no sex involved. So this is not true of me. Only of guys like the author.
    A friendship depends on the connection, common interests, chemistry, vibe, etc. Gender doesn’t change that. You can’t make a generalized statement like “it’s impossible for men and women to be friends”. That’s stupid and untrue.
    If a guy can be my friend (if we have enough in common) then why can’t a girl? Even if she doesn’t want to sleep with me or date me, still, it depends on how well I connect with her and what benefit there is to derive from a friendship with her. A friend isn’t just anyone. You have to feel some connection to them, or enjoy hanging out with them, or find them useful or beneficial in some way. This is true whether the friend is a guy or a girl.
    Thus, this article makes no sense and is obviously written by a guy who can’t connect with women and doesn’t enjoy their company. Well that’s his problem. Thank God not all guys are like him.

    1. You are letting the feminine imperative influence you, and obviously you are trapped in the blue pill delusion, how many of your female friends were you sexually attracted to? How many of them wanted favors from you, or told you about some alpha that pumped and dumped her, how many times have you heard the shame shit story about the hot guy that shot his load on her chest and left, how many times did you do special favors for her with no return or reciprocation, it sounds like to me you like being used, most men don’t.

  48. Also, there is a benefit to hanging out with a girl, even as a friend, because if you are seen out in public with a girl, people will be more friendly and talkative to you, and women will feel safer around you if they see that another girl trusts you. Otherwise, if you go out alone or just with guys, women may think you’re a creep and not be as open to you. In other words, it’s easier to meet other girls if you’re already with one.

    1. Dont let the musings of internet beta faggots get in the way of your success. lmao. Theyre just jealous we can walk around with 5 women, and then pick one to sleep with.

      1. “Theyre just jealous we can walk around with 5 women, and then pick one to sleep with”, I’m sure you do after they turn 40, hit the wall, and their pussies look beat up, crusty, and loaded with warts.

      2. They can also have hotter friends who may want you. One other reason for female friends.

  49. This is oh so false.
    The fact that siblings and cousins can coexist and not want to have relationships, and the fact that they may not be biologically related blows this HYPOTHESIS out of the water. And lets not forget the story of the couple who had to get annulled when they found out they were twins. So that means they were probably kissing and fucking despite being closely related. All of this proves that men and women CAN be friends and CAN be in a relationship with anyone.
    I hate to use this phrase, but this is a bit of a social construct, but perhaps not that much of a construct. There seems to be a sort of familiarity shutoff switch that makes you lose sexual interest in someone of the opposite sex that is in your close social unit (family, maybe sometimes friends). Which would explain why there are billions of these friendships across the world.
    I have a lot of female friends and seem to always have. They usually made the best friends I had and my closest friends are women. Most to all have been on the attractive half, but I havent wanted to bang them all or there were times when I did and times when I didnt. My best friend is fairly attractive, and my original reason to befriend her was sexual (before I knew what I was doing). We have since become quite close and she is almost a part of my family. Ive applied some game to her and it seems to work, but I have completely shut her off. I think she has more to worry about between us than I do. The idea of sleeping with her feels like sleeping with my sisters. But she is attractive and I would probably do it, but the idea just weirds me out. Its the familiarity and familialization of her that does this.
    Having female friends has helped me rapidly advance my understanding of women. For a while, I thought that women were never really attracted to men (girls would show interest in me, Id make moves, then they would deny having interest) and that men just somehow tricked women into bed and kind of raped them. The story of my parents marriage reinforced this idea. But then, my female friends would gush about guys and I really became attuned to it the past year or two. I saw the other side and realized that I probably have made girls feel like that and can certainly do so again. With only male friends, you can never really figure it out.
    Maybe Im just biased by having a lot of female friends. My sex and relationship experience has been limited, but I chalk that up to a lot of bad circumstances and having no idea how to secure a girl. I didnt even try until near the end of high school. Sometimes I would shutoff for as long as a year and I used to be very introverted. Now my only problem is I dont see many women, so I havent been able to test much of what I think Ive learned the past year or two.

    1. So how many times did they bleed unto you, because after are you still are an emotional tampon to them. Any man who has an armada of hot female friends is a glutton for psychological torture.

      1. Reread the first two paragraphs I wrote until you get it. It completely demolishes the argument when you can switch a man or woman into a different social role: lover/friend/sibling/cousin.
        Do you have a hot sister? That would be the real way to test it. If you didnt know she was your sister, would you bang her?

        I mean I could be wrong. Maybe if I were to have a lot more lovers, I would see my female friends more sexually than I do now, or would ditch them. I have never found male friends to be that good as friends. And there are other good dating help sites that recommend having a few female friends. They can be good wingmen and other things. Im sure theres one here on ROK or Roosh, but Ive never looked because my experience has already seemed to prove right.
        For the record, everyone bleeds and shits on everyone like that. I do it to them. They do it to me. Men do it to men. Women do it to women. Men do it to women. Women do it to men.

        1. The only female friends that make good wingmen are lesbians, no not bi-sexual sluts, actual lesbians. For straight women, you’re either an emotional tampon, or a human ATM machine, and if you’re fine with castrating yourself then go right ahead a continue to be in the friends zone.

        2. You are full of shit.
          My cousins are all super hot. I would fuck all of them if they weren’t my cousins, we have even talked about it.
          My parents best friends from college have three super hot daughters. I grew up with them being like cousins to me, but knew they were not really my cousins.
          The middle one was the one I popped my cherry with. I fucked the younger one years later. Even today I would still fuck the oldest one if I could, she was a professional model, she is still that hot at 54 years old that she causes fucking car crashes by walking down the street.
          Once again, you are totally full of shit.

        3. I have lesbian friends too. One of them I treat as a guy because she looks like one. She’s a one of my bros. And the other is her girlfriend. She looks more feminine but she is a bit of a tomboy. I treat them as my wingmen, especially at gay bars. There’s actually a lot of girls there that fuck men.

  50. This is the truth! It is impossible for heterosexual men and women to be friends with one another, especially of the woman is attractive, and the man isn’t. I can’t be friends with women that are higher than fives, I’ve tried, and I ended up as an orbiter for her to use at any time, I was an emotional tampon on deck for a good majority of women I was friends with, the last one was the one that led me to take the red pill. Besides that, most attractive women find me repulsive so I don’t have to worry about this anymore. The women that I have non-sexual relationships with are either family members, or 5’s and bellow.

    1. Maybe youre just a loser, which judging by those hipster glasses is the case. She uses you as an emotional tampon? What are you using this site as? lmao All I know is I have a lot of female friends and they do things for me whether theyre single or taken, happy or sad, and I dont think Im that desired as a cock. So if Im an orbiter, I sure get a lot of sunlight, so idgaf.
      They find you repulsive because you are repulsive.

      1. You are either a fat chick, or a beta orbiter yourself, only a loser complies with being used like a tampon, so how many times have you got laid being in the friendzone? Oh, and I find you equally repulsive.

  51. It can be done, but it takes a couple of things:
    1. You have already banged her
    2. You have a lot in common and she is really a good friend
    3. You BOTH would never ever be together as a couple
    3. You have strong morals and would never bang her again as long as she is in a relationships (off the relationship – who knows :))
    I have some friends like these and it works and found actually that I treat them as sisters, which was funny to observe within my own reactions to her.

    1. My female friends have other friends too and they also hang out with me. I’ve fooled around with some of their friends. That’s also a situation that works. Also, women like it if a guy is surrounded with a lot of girls. Or they make good wing(wo)men at gay bars (if you go to one, you’d be surprised to find other girls there with their gay guy friends).

      1. That might work, but that’s more of a shallow friendship one may have with some. I rather talked about a deep friendship that can be similar to one with a man.

  52. Alright, having gored my brain with some of the comments here, I still reiterate what I said that men and women can be friends and this nonsense is so easily falsifiable. Not everything on ROK is going to be correct and not everything is everyone going to agree with.
    If you cant get women to be your friends, maybe thats your problem and weakness. All I know is I have female friends. They do stuff for me all the time, even when I dont give much back. Are they just madly in love with me? You cant call me an orbiter when a girl buys me presents she can barely afford while fucking another guy. One thing ive read in these comments is that while the guy friends are orbiting, shes fucking another guy. So how do you explain that? How do you explain a girl that does stuff for her guy friend and gives stuff to him? You cant because it doesnt fit the narrow mindset. This is becoming just as bad as the narrowminded feminists who think everything is a given, tight social theory.
    Fundamental: If its all biology and shit, why the fuck are you at a computer and not out hunting with spears?
    Or maybe Im just a pimp and dont know it. lmao

  53. I will have to disagree with this article
    I meet a hot girl, i try to fuck her…
    …once i fuck her 3 things can happen
    1-) i only like her for sex we mantain casual sex and nothing more
    2-) i consider her dating material, she considers me dating material, we become a couple
    3-) either i dont consider her dating material, or she doesnt consider me dating material but still we like each other as friends so we stay friends.
    ….if i dont fuck her, no biggy:
    1-) i only wanted sex so we part ways
    2-) she is a cool person and a good friend, we become friends, maybe even great friends or lifelong friends.
    Also in this case i will find sex in another place
    So you see, having or not sex doesnt determine wether you can be friends or not, there is bo need to feel frustrated, you can be her friend and find sex elsewhere, there are many other women. Friendzone is a mental state of seeing the sex you are not getting instead of enjoying a great friendship while also enjoying the sex other women can provide you.
    Just 2 warning: never befriend a women if she is toxic, and be friend only if you are like equals, in other words: you can do her favor/support her, sure, but she has to be willing to do you favors/ give you support, it should never be onesided

    1. Why the FUCK would you want to be friends with a female? Other than to get access to other hot chicks. Cunts are stupid, you might as well talk to your dog as talk to them for all the intelligent conversation out of them.

      1. Hell, even my current girlfriend. I often TELL her I might as well be talking to the bird as talking to her. She still doesn’t understand. So she blows me, and then makes me a sammich.

  54. Just wishy-washy crap from mindless people who would rather be jungle animals. Go die if you want to confine yourself to “roles.” No matter how natural or instinctive those roles may be, they don’t have to be right. Natural does not equal good. As retarded as feminists tend to be, this is one point they seem to comprehend. We’re humans with values and the cognitive capacity to act upon them. This fuzzy red pill ideology is useless. It’s not really a framework. It’s a loose bunch of vaguely supported rules. The psychology backing the ladder theory isn’t hard science.
    Humans are progressing (not Democratic “progressive”). We’re held back by quite a bit, but it’s clear. We have a lot of potential. Keep up or die out.

  55. *sigh*
    Look, you guys, I know we all have hormones and sexual frustrations and whatnot but do we really have to them control us? That’s exactly what society and commercialisation wants! Think about it.. Why is there so much sexual exploitation in social media? There’s profit to be made off of contraception, porn, lingerie, sex toys, etc. They’re using our animalistic desires against us. I know it’s difficult to resist relieving the sexual tensions we feel but as a species, we’re better then that! We know better! I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with having sex. What I’m trying to say here is, if we just put aside the labels of sexuality more often we could accomplish sooooo much more! Without that distraction. We’re capable of many things, including self control! Men are strong and so are women. Together, we have twice the strength! So think with the head on your shoulders instead of the one below the belt! Put this petty sexism to the side. I’m saying this as a human being, not just a young lady. I believe in you guys, I believe in us.
    I won’t give up hope of men and women standing side by side as comrades. I believe anything is possible

    1. Actually, women are a net drain. Together we have half the strength. take your blue pill ‘let’s all be friends and socialists together’ shit and stuff it up your ass.

  56. I have a couple of girl gamer buddies. Of course, they are gamers (not really friends) and they are pretty repulsive physically, but as far as I am concerned a girl cannot be a friend unless she’s a gamer… meaning I get as much from her (in the form of RPG gaming) as she gets from me.
    Although to be truthful, most girl RPG gamers suck ass. They have very little creativity, only want ‘relationships’ in the game, cannot figure out or create puzzles, and usually don’t have a clue about combat.

  57. A man is always a means to an end for a woman – Nietzcshe
    For example as coworkers the woman will seek an employment advantage from the other but as soon as one leaves the workplace – the friendship dissolves rapidly.

  58. I’ve had male friends all my life and am universally (I’m well traveled) considered a solid 9. However, that being said I am not the type of woman that asks men or even people in general to do things for me, and my interests (nerdy stuff) and personality (ENTJ) do not fit those of the average woman. There have only been a couple of times in my life when a male friend wanted something more enough to act of it, in which case we simply stopped being “friends”. That being said, I do find it impossible to be friends with black and Latino men as they let you know within the first 5 minutes of meeting that they want sex and or a relationship with you. I find that white and Asian men make the best friends, because they are rarely interested or confident enough to try and cross the friendship line with a woman of color.

    1. “I’ve had male friends all my life and am universally considered a solid 9.”
      Those weren’t your friends, didn’t you pay attention to the article at all…?
      You friendzoned some losers, that is not special, if anything that proves his point.

    2. I’m not attracted to women of color but I could be friends with them if we have similar interests plus more female friends equals more females to meet plus hook up with. Many guys here whine that they can’t be friends with women because they suck at them.

  59. This is a great article. Eye opening.. as to be honest I am not aware I am as clueless as this girls/women. (or maybe they are not, I Am! and I’ll bet my life and all my family members life on that) And before you said anything negative. Fact is we speak different language! I’ve just realized it more now upon reading this. ‘Cause for me if a guy said he wants to be friends with me- I’ll take it as it is- him interested only as being friends. Men needs to man up! – if you don’t really want to be friend as you guys stated clearly here then tell it as it is. You get two definite answer, YES we like you back and NO you have no chance on me/us. Then we all moved on. ONE more thing.. we like you guys being CLEAR ( well, I do.- since I can only speak for my self eh) SPEAK up guys and tell it as it is. You’ll do both of us a huge favor.

    1. Oh what so he “loses” because you’re the 1/100,000 exception. Yeah, that’s really how it works..isn’t it?

  60. This article was my swallow in consuming the red-pill. I had read another piece (by an anonymous user on 4chan) that told me how to handle women, and I had heard some sexist comments here and there, yet I never really accepted any of it in its entirety. I always thought that this was a bit extreme, that women were still worth keeping as friends, and that only some of them play games. I was still searching for a worthwhile woman to have as a girlfriend, the ones not corrupted by dirty nightlife and slutdom.
    How wrong was I; how ignorant was I.
    3 or 4 months ago, I had just asked a girl out. We had been talking for months and I was beginning to have feelings for her. I would listen to all her problems about past relationships, and I would drive fifty minutes to see her when she invited me over (I was too much of a beta-pussy to push for sex, so we never had it).
    So, I had just asked her out, and you could guess what she responded with. I felt physically ill. I couldn’t eat for a couple of days. However, in spite of this, I stumbled across this article, seeing as she asked if we could remain just friends (I did a Google search, because I remembered vaguely hearing that being just friends is a bad idea). I read this article many times, and still thought it was sexist and silly. Yet still, I could tell that there was something wrong, that after she told me that she didn’t like who I was, yet still wanted to hang around with me as “just friends”. In my leap of faith, I took the advice from this article.
    Fast forward to nowadays, I’ve read at least 100 articles on this site, I now talk the language of Game and I am happier than ever (regardless of being rejected nearly daily when I make approaches — I now don’t care, to a huge extent, what women think of me). I still occasionally considered if I had made the wrong move, but as the red-pill dissolves, I am so pleased that I fortunately chose correctly. I have zero women in my life, apart from the ones that I enjoy in the bedroom, and I can so clearly see how having women as just friends is such a burden. The theory espoused here is practical, now that I have seen its affects. I honestly can’t believe how much I have changed as a person, and a lot of the thanks must be accredited to this article; I exist on another, higher plane.

  61. I can wholeheartedly agree with the statement “A Woman’s Guy Friends Are Not Really Her Friends” and appreciate this blog post.
    As a female, I’m finding this to be a problem that has worsened over time as I’ve matured, especially with married men, but still with single men just the same. It’s always the same a guy I know will be nice to me, then as I let my guard down and talk to them more, they begin hitting me even though I keep my conversations void of sexual content.
    I’ve recently began shutting these guys down by asking them to do a simple favor for me, such as review a song I wrote and recorded for me or tell me what they think of some of my art. A favor any normal friend would insist on doing. They typically disappear immediately then or make big excuse why they can’t help me with a simple favor that a true friend would want to do, but will often resurface later to send me some moronic text when they see some new picture of me on the internet for example.
    This proves me to that indeed the vast majority of men I meet only are motivated by sex and nothing more. It’s pretty pathetic really and all of this proves how women are definitely the stronger sex emotionally because we are less likely to be motivated to take actions based on sexual desire (ask any psychiatrist, it’s true).
    Now I’m using it against them. It used to hurt me that men helped me only due to sex, I used to take it personal. But now I know this is just how men are programmed by nature.
    I appreciate your blog as you certainly summed up that most men simply just cannot act out of altruistic intent and must be controlled by their penis at all times.

    1. Trust me dear, if it wasn’t for sexual attraction, you’d have gotten zero attention from men,as you gals simply aren’t that compelling to be around to begin with..

    2. This proves me to that indeed the vast majority of men I meet only are motivated by sex and nothing more. It’s pretty pathetic really and all of this proves how women are definitely the stronger sex emotionally because we are less likely to be motivated to take actions based on sexual desire (ask any psychiatrist, it’s true).

      The right term is not strong but hypocrite since most women use this to their advantage (as you just admitted a few lines later).
      By the way men and women cannot really be friends, in almost all cases, because we have NO interests in common. Women are interested in selfies and being noticed for the sake of itself, the men (relatively few yet) that are interested in being noticed do it just for the pussy, women help others out of many reasons like narcissism, self interest but seldom genuine kindness, men either refuse to help or do it out of genuine kindness even at the cost of their lives (Have you ever seen a girlfriend take a bullet for her boyfriend?)
      There is a reason rescue parties and other positions that require risk to one’s life helping someone else are mostly staffed by men and shunned by women. Whether you like it or not men are most logical ones and women are the most guided by their own desires. The problem is that today’s men are indoctrinated.

  62. I’m not reading anything written by someone named “general Stalin”, if you gonna do journalism, you need to take some responsibility for the info your putting out there to be taken seriously. Also never read love advice or tips from women. Which is also why its important to look at the author of the article to make sure its a man writing it.

  63. A man can be “just friends” with a woman who is a sow or so old that her vag would require an entire tube of K-Y to keep it from tearing.
    In South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana there is such a majority of women who look like the twin sister of Jabba the Hutt that the men, who might be Jabba, take what they can get. Plentiful cheap beer and whisky enable these people, whose corpses could be rendered for a couple of five-gallon tubs of lard each, to reproduce. Weed doesn’t sufficiently dull the perceptions in spite of their parents looking the same.
    The region leads the nation in heart disease and diabetes. Alabama and Mississippi vie for 1st Place, swapping the title year to year.
    A fellow at work, himself strongly resembling a boar, was shakkin up with a matching sow whose eyes just barely opened in slits, when she had a PMS* or maybe PMS** attack, kicked him out of her trailer (yep, T.T.) and called his parole officer on him. He languishes still in the hoosegow, enjoying griyuts an’ gravy and s**t on a shingle.
    * PMS = PreMenstrual Syndrome
    ** PMS = PostMenstrual Syndrome
    The point of all this is that women are dangerous, so why take chances on a repulsive sow that will without warning turn and rend you for no reason better than that her period started two hours before she awakened this morning.
    Don’t in desperation go fag, for from what I have seen since they started “coming out” they are far more dangerous than women, if you can imagine.

  64. Wrong. You guys are mad because of the science of sexual selection. You know the female of every sex is the most important decider of the evolution of the species.
    That most males primal instinct wants to put their sperm everywhere, but with our not so cheep reproductive system, women must have high sexual selection standards… we can actually have platonic feelings for you and be friends with you without the desire to ever want to fuck you.
    To bad you hate it, but it’s reality. It is a fact if life. You are selfish if I am only worthy of being your friend if you only end goal is to fuck me. I’m not worthy of your friendship? Get over yourself. Get some ethics.

    1. Dear, we don’t give a flying fuck about being the “friend” of you or any other woman to begin with. Only men who are too chickenshit to approach and escalate or don’t have the sense to pursue someone else partake in the charade of being “friends” with a woman.

        1. I like how you imply that men and women are no different from each other.
          Dear, if not for sexual attraction, most women of reproductive age would get as much attention from men as an 80 yo elderly woman. You didn’t really think men found your lot all that compelling to be around otherwise, did you?

  65. Damn that’s exactly how I feel. I decided to dump all the females who claimed to be my friend for the reason I am not to be sensitive as her samesex comrades. Not to mention I think it is unnatural because if a man stays friends with a woman and he wants to fuck her then they will be in constant sexual tension get blue balls. My point is I agree with this article.

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