Take The No-Shampoo Challenge

One of my smartest friends advised me to stop using shampoo. He said that shampoo dries out the hair and makes it necessary to use “hair product” in order to bring your hair to life again. I hated spending money on shampoo and hair spray, plus I didn’t like the look that contemporary hair care gave me, and so, being a perfectionist, I decided to embark on the No-Shampoo challenge. Here is the story of my hair’s journey.

Process: Daily shower. Once per week, a light sprinkling of baking soda to help clean out any major impurities and grease chunks. The amount I used was less than a dime-size of baking soda.

Note: You’ll have to forgive me in advance for the crappy resolution of my cell phone camera. I’m not into photography.

Week 0

No Shampoo 1

This is my hair after a wash with shampoo and some product. If you notice, the hair is flat and lacks any sort of volume or texture. The bangs needed to be pushed to the side on the front because it fell down in chunks.  I was not happy with my hair at this stage. This would be the last time I used shampoo – after this, I did one more final wash to get the product of my hair and threw out my shampoo bottle.

Week 4

No Shampoo 2

The first four weeks were the most painful part of the process. Grease chunks had taken hold of my hair in various places and made it thick to the point of of jungle, wild-like hair. It was a bit of a pain to manage as well because the natural oils that your scalp produces are only secreted from the base of the hair follicle – so while the tips of my hair became dried and frayed, from the lack of any moisture, the new hair growing out of the scalp was thick with oil.

Thankfully, baking soda once per week helped to keep my hair salvagable. I never had any odor but the baka soda did really do a number on the tips of my hair, since that part of my hair lacked any oils to begin with, and the split ends were quite noticeable and messy.

Week 7

No Shampoo 3

By this point, I began to see results. A natural gloss and shine started to come through, and I noticed that I could finally see texture between all the pieces of my hair. The split ends had finally received some of the natural oils from the scalp, while grease chunks became less and less frequent. It seemed my head was adjusting to not receiving a nuclear bomb treatment of chemicals every day, and was producing less oils to compensate.

Even still, my hair was LONG by this point. I had a mullet and the bangs were so long I had to keep brushing them out of my eyes. Pretty much everyone I talked to assumed I was a pot head. Although I thought about getting innovative and doing some pothead game, I decided it was time for a cut.

Week 8

No Shampoo 4

This was my hair on the day of the cut. My hair was a little raw and tender from the cut, and doesn’t look as good as it did before the cut. I partly blame myself because I did not give proper instructions to my hair stylist – even though I told him not to use any shampoo or product in my hair, I told him to cut my sides shorter than the front, so it looks a bit uneven. Also, this picture is a bit darker than the others – not sure what happened here, I’m guessing the lighting mechanism on my cell phone didn’t adjust properly for this shot.

However, the split ends, remaining grease chunks, and mullet was gone so things were in proper formation to grow out anew. You can still see a natural sheen and gloss coming out of my hair at this point. I was excited to see results after months of effort.

Week 12

No Shampoo 5


The end result. A smooth, sleek, shiny head of hair with layered texture between all the pieces. My bangs flow like gentle waves across a clear lake. Styling is effortless. Because there’s no product, the hair is constantly re-adjustable  regardless of what happens to it. For example, this shot was taken after I had woken up from a nap – I merely brushed my hair around a bit with my hands and took the shot.

It’s great to have movie star hair. I had been avoiding going out at night, due to cold weather and a general dissatisfaction with the girls in my city, but I figured it would be a waste if I didn’t show the world my amazing hair. So when the first warm night came, I went out and every single girl I approached or danced with responded. Zero blow outs. One girl bought me a drink and invited me to another bar with her and her fat friend. I wanted more attention so I went. At the next bar I saw two guys in suits and complemented their attire. I told them I liked to suit up, but didn’t because I was planning on dancing. They responded that I didn’t need to wear a suit.

The girl I was with dragged me out of that bar and took me to another one. She told me she had a boyfriend and kissed me. We went inside and there was a birthday party going on. I approached the birthday group and the birthday girl came up to me and asked me to come home with her. She wasn’t good looking enough for that so I told her she looked young for her age and went off to talk to other girls, some of whom turned out to be terrible bitches.

The girls I came with gave me another drink and by this point I really needed to go to the bathroom, so I went to find the bathroom and the birthday girl was there and pulled me into the ladies room and gave me a blowjob. Then I went to the men’s room and took a leak. When the girls I came with asked me where I had been, I told them “there was a line” and she asked me if I had any weed, which I did, but the fat friend did a reverse cockblock* out on the street and prevented her from going anywhere else with me.

There’s really no substitute for a great  haircut – it easily increases your looks value by a point or more on the ten scale. The no-shampoo challenge has been an amazing success for me, and, so far, everyone I know who has taken the red pill on hair-care has loved the results – both men and women. However, it does take a bit of patience as it took me nearly two months before I saw any results. If you have longer hair, it will take longer before the hair transformation is complete.

That said – what do you have to lose?

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* Reverse Cockblock: “Oh, you know what? Just go home with him. You should go. Have a good time. Just go. I don’t care.” <—- Most effective cockblock line in the world. Even if she goes home with you, she’ll still feel like a slut as soon as you make a move on her and the LMR will be insurmountable.

81 thoughts on “Take The No-Shampoo Challenge”

  1. Any ideas if this would work with a hair that was just buzzed short? I usually get a no.3 all over for the summer.
    The idea of being in public for 2 months with regular length greasy hair doesn’t jive with me.

    1. If you’re shaved then going without shampoo will be especially easy, since those first few painful weeks where your scalp adjusts to not being shampoo’d will be unnoticeable to any observer.
      Then, once your let your hair grow back in after a few months of no shampoo, your hair will come out with the near-perfect look and shine I show in the pictures above.

    2. You could try something like liquid castile soap, which is excellent for an all-over body wash. I keep my hair buzzed due to thinning hair on top and castile soap works well for me. Doesn’t dry it out at all.

  2. Do you just throw some baking soda in your hair and use that similar to shampoo?
    *Cue suspicious post little black kid*

    1. Baking soda is not even close to the same as shampoo. Look at the ingredients on your shampoo bottle if you don’t believe me.

      1. I think he was asking about the method of using baking soda instead of shampoo, not saying it’s like shampoo.

        1. Is there anything confusing about the article?
          “Process: Daily shower. Once per week, a light sprinkling of baking soda to help clean out any major impurities and grease chunks. The amount I used was less than a dime-size of baking soda.”
          Tell me if you guys don’t understand, but I thought I made it pretty clear.

        2. I’ve heard of people using baking soda for their armpits but not for shampoo – I’ll have to give that a try, especially now that sand volleyball season is coming up. That shit gets nasty.

  3. I think this is extremely YMMV. I tried this a few months ago for about two weeks and my hair looked extremely greasy the entire time. Fact is if I don’t wash my hair every day it looks very greasy and oily. Adding to that the water is quite hard where I live, which I read doesn’t really help in keeping your hair looking non-oily. Once I started using shampoo again, my hair went back to being normal.

    1. Yeah dude, two weeks isn’t enough time. If you actually read the article you’ll see how the process went for me, and why.

      1. Sam: How do you store it in the shower rack? Airtight plastic tub or something?

        1. Hahaha, naw I just keep it by the sink and I sprinkle it into my hair right before I step into the shower. I don’t rub it in much, just a gentle massage.

      2. You caught me. I looked at all the pictures and skimmed through the article and of course missed where you said it took two months. Serves me right. Thanks for calling me out.
        I still think that extremely hard water may make this process take longer. But now you’ve got me wanting to give it a try again. I also hadn’t heard of the baking soda tip.

  4. Damn you men who lack the baldness gene!
    Figured I’d toss in another tip here: did you know that plain old baking soda actually works better than 90% of deoderants? Seriously. You just dab some on your fingers after your shower, and rub it into your armpits.
    It literally works better than the stuff you get off the shelf. SpeedStick leaves me smelling like a gym rat after a day of sitting on my ass, with baking soda I’m still fresh the next morning – and as an added benefit it doesn’t ruin your clothes, nor does it stick to your armpits; if you do wind up smelling, it rinses right off in your next shower with minimal scrubbing.

    1. I know man, I link to this in the article… (click on the baking soda link)

    2. I’ve tried hydrogen peroxide with similar results. Basically, anything natural that kills bacteria and neutralizes odor instead of masking it.

  5. You know, I suspected this and already stopped using shampoo. I used to hate how my hair flt after using it.
    I haven’t really noticed the results but I wouldn’t be surprised if I was told my hair is fuller. Every now and again I use Conditioner though.

    1. Don’t use conditioner either. It just ruins any natural effects the oils in your hair produces.

  6. I can vouch for this as I stopped using shampoo 2 years ago. My hair has never looked better. Nice shine and feels smooth.

  7. The pictures leave a lot to be desired, however, I tend to believe that any soap/detergent in your hair is a bad idea. I stopped using shampoo a long time ago, but turned to and hand-soap instead purely for economical reasons. My hair never improved. However, I always operated under the presumption that oil=bad because my hair would literally turn into a mat of crisco in 3 days. I didn’t consider there might be another way. I’ll give this a shot, with some careful consideration (professionals can’t look like potheads).

  8. Good post, solid info. I haven’t used shampoo more than a few times in years, I guess I’ve forgotten how odd that is.
    My hair is pretty naturally greasy, even though I keep it short. My solution: comb it out in the shower and wash with apple cider vinegar (ACV: “Is there anything it can’t do?”) once a week.
    Samseau I thought you were Korean for some reason? That doesn’t look like Chinaman hair.

  9. I use Castile soap, vegetable soap, and/or coconut oil.
    Chemical free since ’83
    Only use natural soaps, moisturisers, and conditioners.
    Take the same strategy with food, drink, lip balm, dishwashing soap, laundry soap, etc.
    Keep the chemicals out!

    1. The only product in my shower is Dr. Bronner’s tea tree. Stuff is amazing. The tea tree is a natural fungicide so it is great if you do MMA or are always in the gym where exposure is likely.
      Mrs. Meyer’s and Seventh Generation both make very good products that are available in every grocery store in the country.
      Also, a very good date idea is soap making. Relatively cheap and fun. Really any DIY hippy activity makes for a good date.

      1. Try pine tar soap for washing and shaving. Great moisturizer and it has a clean and piney scent. Quite masculine, so some of my women friends have said.

    2. coconut oil man, i swear by it. eat it, use it for hair, skin too. that shit is damn near fantastic

  10. Several stylists have told me that shampooing frequently, especially with cheap product, is not healthy. So I can see where you are coming from.
    Personally I am balding rapidly but I look good with a shaved head, so I just shave my head.

  11. Thumbs up Samseau. I stopped using shampoo years ago, and never looked back. I look good with my head shaved so I actually had an easier time going through the cold turkey process, but every man should try this.

  12. How deep does the rabbit hole go? The longer I live the more I begin to see we’ve been lied to about everything.
    This article makes sense, because human hair somehow existed for over a million years without shampoo.

  13. i never used shampoo for years….. but lately i found a good herbal one that is chemical free… http://www.hairregain.com/ ……. the fact that i like best is that all the women who get breast cancer show much higher levels of aluminum and other deodorant chemicals in their tissue…. smearing toxic crap into your under arm lymph nodes works wonders huh….. ?

  14. Girl tip: Try dry shampoo. Yes, it is bad to wash your hair frequently
    as you’re washing out all the natural oils that are good for your hair.
    I use Suave’s dry shampoo which you can find in any drugstore for
    around 3 dollars. You basically spray your hair and it matifies all the
    grease to give you a clean look in just a few seconds. So you can keep all your
    natural oils to condition your hair and give yourself more time before
    your next wash. This is a very common problem among girls, if you want
    more info just youtube “dry shampoo”. Hope this helps

  15. I’ve tried this for a few months , and my hair was greasy and smelled like corn chips. Fuck that. No amount of showering worked either. I want to not use shampoo but for me this didn’t work. Also I sweat like a pig, if i’m working out, so that compounded the problem.

  16. Add shaving cream to the list of unnecessaries. Your skin may be tender for the first few days without it. But I only use water to clean the blade, and my face after shaving.

    1. I use Proraso, especially the new formula without any parabens. Best shaving cream I’ve every used.

  17. I’ve been looking into this for months, but I haven’t had the courage to go No-Poo yet. My hair is very long, it would look terrible. I’m also sure my boyfriend would hate seeing me with disgusting hair for two months.
    Also, most girls need to style their hair using heat for it to look its best. Product is necessary to protect against the damaging effect of heat on the hair. Shampoo, or at least soap, is necessary to clean away the product. I wonder if when you have long hair (or are a girl that likes styling her hair), the cons of going No-Poo outweigh the benefits.

    1. No, your boyfriend really wouldn’t care – or even notice, trust me on this: WE DON’T CARE. So, definitely give it a try, I haven’t used shampoo in years.

  18. A small spoon of baking soda in water straight up at night will bathe your prostate in a comforting high-pH urine.

  19. I can attest to this. After having not washed my hair in three years, my hair looks fantastic.
    In all reality, your hair’s oiliness and what not will actually balance out over time. Also it seems that my hair has actually grown in thicker since I stopped washing it.

  20. I haven’t used shampoo in 3 years and girls compliment the texture of my hair frequently.
    I agree that there is probably some YMMV to this, since I’ve never had particularly greasy hair. That said, everyone should try this. It’s more likely than not that you don’t need to be putting powerful chemicals on your head every day.
    Great post.

  21. Wow, to relatively decent articles on this site in one day (this and the sports one)! Surprising!

  22. I have thick, shaggy hair that’s starting to get long. Would you recommend letting it grow out for a couple of months and then cut, or cut first and cut again when the oils start correcting themselves?

  23. I lived in Rural Latin America for two years of my young life. Shampoo? Ha no one fucking used it. And I tell you what, they had some sweet fucking hair down there. Even the 70 year old dudes. No shampoo + working manly jobs outdoors = full hair at 70. Shampoo + office job + driving 1 hour 30 minutes each day (sedentary life style) = bald.
    On another note, I love the fresh woman hair shampoo smell.

  24. My hair visibly improved after I stopped using shampoo, I used only water. That was years ago. At some point, I started using Dr. Bronner’s, an organic castile soap which seemed like an improvement over using just water.
    More recently, I started using Kirkland conditioner, which gives my hair volume and softness. I’ve heard good things about coconut oil as a conditioner.
    I’m going to try going completely shampoo and conditioner free again though…

  25. i have not used shampoo since i was 12. i have not used anything in my hair in about 5 years. dude my hair rocks.
    a few more ideas that might be worth you trying: baking soda for toothpaste. no soap on your body at all (except for hand washing when cooking and whatnot). no deodorant, only cologne. pretty much thats all the chemicals we usually put on us.i been like this for 1 year and my teeth look better than ever and feel better, my skin is in great shape and my balls dont stink (soap does that btw) and my natural smell mixed with a carefully selected alcohol based cologne leaves the ladies in heaven. i had some say that i smell great and manly and they want to know why, which i never tell them.

  26. Samseau solid article, but these pictures are just awfull you shouldn’t have cut your face from them…

  27. I think the problem most men have is not with shampoo in general but how it is used. Hair does not need to be shampooed every single day. Every other day works just fine for most people. Also, you don’t need a hand full of shampoo. A drop the size of a quarter should be more then enough for most heads of hair. Lastly, make sure to massage in shampoo for at least a minute getting it down into your roots then wait a another minute before rinsing. That allows the shampoo to bind with the grease and dirt. Most guys just rub shampoo once through their hair and then immediately rinse. In between shampoos just rinse your hair thoroughly with warm to hot water. Been doing this for the last ten years using J&J Baby Shampoo and my hair always looks good.
    As for shaving cream just get yourself a basic shaving soap and use a brush. Best lather. Fewest chemicals. Best shave. Also will save you a lot of money. A shaving soap puck costs me about a buck at the drug store and will last anywhere from 8-12 months.

    1. The first rule of project mayhem is you do not talk about project mayhem.

        1. Though, to be clear, my beef is not against “gays,” the people, but against the philosophy most of them embrace, and against the behaviour itself. Look, we’re all born with destructive and unhealthy urges that militate against the full expression of our authentic humanity and selves. But if people went around saying, “look, I was born an a**hole, and I’ve always known it; don’t impose your Christian morals on me, but rather accept and celebrate my complete jack-assery,” we would tell that guy to go jump in a lake. I know gays don’t choose the feelings they have, but they choose the actions they take – and there is ample evidence that people who think they are “homosexual,” as long as they aren’t encouraged to identify as such (let alone act on it), can often develop an healthy attraction to women through some tough soul-searching and self-discipline. It has been proven that nobody is “born” gay, and so the affliction truly is one of the mind and of the psyche.
          And even then, society has been more or less willing to turn a blind eye to them, when they keep things private. But if you want to start demanding that we recognize “marriages” between them, and that we allow business owners to be sued because their Buddhist (or Jewish, Christian, Pagan, Moslem, Zorastrian, etc.) beliefs don’t allow them to accommodate their choices, then, no. That’s no longer a “private” matter, and society has the right to say, “do what you want in private; but don’t pretend that you have the right to compel people to celebrate acts which are intrinsically unnatural and universally opposed by all human moral systems through history.”

        2. You’re an idiot, of course you’re born gay or straight, I didn’t choose to be straight, but I am.

        3. No, you are thinking in shallow and irrational ways. Just because somebody does not choose to experience a feeling or impulse, does not mean that they were “born” that way. The gays continually put this dilemma out to people: Either sexuality is a choice you make, or it’s a fundamental, inborn element of who you are. One or the other. But there is no such dilemma. Many elements of our psychology are shaped in early childhood, and sexuality is one of them. It is disappointing to see that so few people ever stop to think rationally about this issue, to realize that they are being offered a logically false dilemma. And this is part of the manosphere, so that half-baked, effeminate, auto-pilot approach to thought should be beneath you.
          And look, this really isn’t a matter of opinion; it truly is a naked, proven, scientific fact. The fact that only about 20% of identical twins are both gay – identical twins share the exact same genes and pre-natal environment – has been understood in the scientific community to demonstrate that sexuality is not genetically determined at birth. And the people who mapped the human genome have also categorically stated that there is no genetic determiner of sexuality. That was a theory in the 80s and early 90s, being proposed by the gay lobby because they thought it would compel people to accept their behaviour. Even if it were true, it wouldn’t mean that – I mean, if gays are born that way, so are pedophiles and alcoholics, etc., and it doesn’t mean we accept their behaviour. Again, think rationally and quit passively accepting the choices that the cultural Marxists hand you. This is another falsehood they proffer: “homosexuality is inborn, so it must be natural and good.” Bullshit. People are born with all kinds of medical problems and freakish deformities, including those of the mind and psyche. Even if people were born as pedophiles or serial rapists or mass murderers, this would not mean that their behaviour, being inborn, is therefore natural and acceptable. People are responsible for their actions. Feminism and the gay lobby are two sides of the same destructive coin that is eroding the masculine virtues of this society: I mean, here you are, a man, clearly thinking in the shallow, bullshit categories they have chosen to make available to you. When they offer you their multiple choice test, the answer should almost always be “none of the above.” They seek to rig the conclusions by rigging the premises. Reject the premises.
          Sexuality is shaped by a complex series of factors, including one’s psychological predisposition to handle certain life experiences in certain ways, combined with the environment and actual life experiences that people have. Responsible psychologists have indicated that the main factors that seem to produce (male) homosexuality are: sexual abuse in childhood; a father who is absent or aloof, especially if combined with an overbearing mother; a lack of masculine socialization with peers; a sensitive temperament that is predisposed to experience things passively, rather than to engage them actively, especially combined with the aforementioned factors. Masculinity is a character trait that, to some extent, must be engaged and cultivated through bravery, aggression, etc., whereas a feminine, passive psyche is something that is more or less the “default.” Male homosexuality most often is linked to a man falling back on the “default” psychology, especially if this is combined with a lack of male socialization or a lack of sympathy for one’s masculine identity, usually tied up in contempt for the father’s passivity (through either his absence, disengagement or subjugation to the mother). This doesn’t mean that all male homosexuals are “effeminate;” it means that there is a sliding scale of identity with the masculine psyche: on the extreme end of the spectrum, there are those men who identify as women and think they are transgendered, etc.; but on the other end of the spectrum, there are plenty of males who find effeminacy disgusting, but who have not fully owned the implications of their maleness and taken charge of their masculine psyche. They don’t identify with the dominance and thumotic extroversion (different from social extroversion) that defines manhood. They thus do not find their sexual compliment in women, and their sexuality becomes narcissistic, attempting to self-medicate its sense of masculine defect by seeking masculinity outside itself, rather than inside.
          Since the feminine psyche is more or less the “default,” there are not many passive factors that can compel a woman to disassociate with a naturally feminine identity. This is why sexual abuse features much more prominently as a determining factor in female homosexuality, though it is still a major contributing factor to male homosexuality, as well. As I say: think things through. The choices that the feminist/gay lobby offer you, are always rigged to support their side of things. Reject their premises and think things through for yourself. Go to NARTH.com, to find bunches of credentialed, scientific, scholarly work done on homosexuality, from the point of view that it is actually a type of psychological disorder. It is not a hate site; it is very clinical and responsible and even compassionate. Most importantly, it indicates that the popular view of sexuality – which is completely crafted and peddled by the feminist/gay lobby – is irrational and not at all scientific.

        4. I’m not going into this anymore. If you can’t see that people are born this way then you’re clearly very ignorant.

        5. I get it. You’re not big into knowing facts about stuff. It’s much easier to just float along the river of bullshit that’s completely flooded this society for almost a century.
          It’s a proven fact. It is not controversial. Even gay geneticists will admit that people aren’t born this way. That is a point of view that is taken seriously by Lady Gaga and the entertainment industry. And, because you are a brainless goon looking for pre-fabricated thoughts, it is also an opinion taken seriously by you.

        6. It’s not an opinion you fucking idiot. Just look out there, ask any gay person if they would want to be born that way, they’ll say no. Because it’s still widely frowned upon. You are clearly born that way, I bet you didn’t choose to be straight or gay.

        7. Right, that’s what I’m saying: it’s not an opinion. The scientists who mapped the genome have clearly stated that there is no gay gene. Studies of twins have revealed that, despite having the exact same genes, only 1 in five sets of twins are both gay. It is not genetic; you aren’t born that way. It’s proven. What is your response to that, other than “Ask a fag, really.” What the hell do they know about it? Lots of people have mental health problems that they don’t know jack about.
          I thought I was gay from the time I was in 5th grade. I did not choose to feel that way. But I did a lot of studying on the topic beginning my freshman year of high school, and I then chose not to identify as gay, and to start taking steps to unpack and resolve the issue in my own mind. By the time I was 20, I was bisexual. By the time I was 26, I was straight. What people initially feel, is not a choice, but neither are they born that way. What they do afterwards is a choice.
          You think the only options are: 1) born that way; 2) consciously choose to be one or the other and instantly begin being that way. There is a third option: 3) Conditioned in early childhood to develop one way or another, but capable of recalibrating one’s orientation in various ways.

  28. Come on dude, think about it – do you really think all the increased attention was because of the hair, or perhaps it was the extra confidence you were displaying because you felt good about your appearance…
    Newsflash: almost no-one notices or cares about small differences in your hair except you.
    Plus, if you use the correct products that mimic your hair’s natural oils, you can have hair that looks good AND is clean. Shocking I know.

  29. Props for trying this but I’m not convinced. I like to see some scientific evidence supporting this theory otherwise it’s just bro-science to me.
    I had occasions that I couldn’t wash my hair properly for a few days (on the Trans-Siberian train, 40 hour bus rides in Brazil) and it looked and smelled terrible. I couldn’t wait to wash all the crap, smell and grease out.
    Even back home in cold Holland I grease up the pillow if I even skip one day of washing and conditioning and my hair isn’t ultra greasy to start with.
    Like one other poster said: Not everything is a trick ( or life hack) On the other hand, I wouldn’t know because I did try it but the fact that even in the poorest dirtiest countries people pay money for shampoo convinces me somehow that it’s just necessary.

  30. Been doing this for a year now. Hair looks much better, I wash my head every 5/6 days without anything, not even baking soda. It looked gross at first but now it’s great. Only downside I started getting dandruff sometimes. I probably should start using baking soda tbh

  31. Where I’m from, people – both men and women – have only ever used herbal powders for washing hair. These are packaged and come in different names and brands, but they all contain a standard set of all-natural ingredients: stuff like Shikakai, Green gram, Holy basil, Vettiver, Reetha, Hibiscus and Fenugreek. They come in shampoo form nowadays too, but I don’t trust that stuff. I use only the powder – just mix a bit in a soapdish, massage it into your hair and rinse.
    Not to brag, but I’ve always had shampoo-commercial hair because of it.

  32. is this for the all natural shaggy look or for all types? what if I use product to style my hair a certain way? thanks

  33. I tried this and my hair looked good but I had a shitload of dandruff. How do I prevent the dandruff?

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  35. ha. the before and after pics are no different.
    Also I can’t believe this article appears on a website with the bi-line “for masculine men”. I didn’t realise obsessing about the luster of ones hair was a manly trait. that must be how our ancestor built the civilized world eh?
    I hate to break it to you metrosexuals but discussing how to make your hair look lustrous is the domain of ladieeeeeeeees.
    Cut it short and forget about it.

  36. Your hair looks like a lady’s hair….. I wouldn’t go calling people fat with that girly cut. The way you wrote about your hair made me think you were a lady too. I thought this was written by a woman until near the end.

  37. I have a lot of natural, do it yourself at home, shampoo recipes. Will never go back to store bought chemicals ever again!

  38. Ahh, those are gross images-if you are trying promote your article, thy are negative.

  39. Woman here 😉
    Because of severe allergies (I look like shot in the face wth a flamethrower when in contact with products preserved with paraben ) I’m using natural soap for hair and body. No conditioner. No split ends, no broken hair. My skin needs almost no lotion to “re-moistureize”, and even this lotion is self-made with water+natural oils+emulsifier. Costs pennies compared to what the industry throws at us. Doing it for 20 years now.

  40. Oh, one other thing.
    You might want to look up “Ghassoul/Rhassoul clay”. It makes a great soap/conditioner/desodorant in one.
    1-2 teaspoons on a glass of water is enough. No! Don’t fu cking drink it LOL! Just pour it over your head in the shower 😉

  41. Never use Shampoo.
    Never use Deodorant or Cologne.
    In fact Dont use any products at all.
    If you must shave use A Soap without alcool and any perfume not adding to it.
    Take Cold shower only, one time per day in the evening if possible. Do not take 2 shower. Only 1 cold shower in the evening.
    Dont use soaps, Only cold water and a good brush will do.
    Grooming products,soaps,deodorant,shampoo,cologne all contains substance which have negative impact on hormonal system.
    Trust me your health will be better.

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