How The Washington D.C. Swamp Is Still A Threat To Donald Trump’s Administration

Happy New Year, Return Of Kings! Now having said that, the festivities are over and it’s incumbent on us to look forward, not back. We won great victories last year, no question about it, but we need to think ahead if we want to keep winning. As Robert Greene advised in his 48 Laws of Power, the past must constantly be slain. Never try to coast on your laurels.

It would now behoove us to remember that we won an operational victory in 2016. It was no doubt decisive, but its full extent was that it merely gave us the opportunity to win big on the strategic level. If we don’t strike boldly into the enemy interior, what use was overrunning the forts that guarded our opponents’ frontiers? Unfortunately, Republicans have a habit of letting golden opportunities go to waste, preferring minor tactical victories rather than massive offensives into enemy territory when it’s open and ripe for attack.


The beaches have been stormed. Now what?

This is the danger above all others that Donald Trump must avoid. He will no doubt be tempted, as we’re already seeing, to move elsewhere, to squander his political capital on matters of secondary importance. This can be discerned when you hear that “Trump’s foremost campaign promise was to repeal and replace Obamacare.”

No, Donald Trump’s foremost campaign promises were immigration (ending illegal and reforming legal immigration to put American citizens and workers first), ending a bad trade regime to bring back jobs, and stopping a warmongering foreign policy.

If Trump doesn’t make significant inroads on those issues, I and most of you also will consider his presidency to have been a total failure.

So while I’ve been largely encouraged by some of the things Trump’s done (kicking David Koch off his golf course was good optics), you can never be too cautious when it comes to the swamp that is Washington. Donald Trump should not allow himself to make the mistake of getting bogged down into a fight not of his own making. In this regard the members of his own party (nominally) are often more dangerous than the opposing Democrats. The house GOP trying to gut the independent ethics committee as soon as the new Congress took office was an early warning sign, but Trump’s prompt response that forced them to back down was an encouraging one, suggesting that he’ll be able to rein in his own party.

To put it bluntly, there is a big danger that his own party will try to get him mired in stupid fights for the benefit of “Conservatism, Inc.,” rather than his own agenda to make America great again. Obamacare needs to be repealed and replaced, but the speed at which they’re attempting to do this without a clear replacement could prove troublesome (Trump’s recent tweets about the monstrosity of Obamacare being the Democrats’ pet are right on the mark). They must do it the right way, and at any cost, Trump should avoid a protracted and bitter healthcare fight, the very thing that crippled Obama domestically for the remainder of his presidency.


Walking into those traps that result in at best a Pyrrhic victory must be avoided at all cost. The big fight should be saved for immigration, trade, jobs, etc. If the country (minus California) wanted to repeal Obamacare and lower taxes, it could have voted for any other Republican candidate. That agenda wasn’t what gave Trump his unique appeal. It wasn’t why Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin voted Republican for the first time in 30 years. Trump knows this, but it’s an open question whether the GOP establishment does. Will they simply attempt to return to their old ways? Will they even side with the left against him if he goes off the traditional reservation on things like immigration?

Bigger danger lies in the realm of foreign policy, where we’re already starting to see the globalist bipartisan consensus establish itself against Trump. It seemed likely when the anonymous allegations of “Russian hackers” spread their way through the fake news media some weeks ago, but now President Obama and members of Trump’s “own party” have begun to try to box him in with foreign policy, at least in regards to Russia. This effort has been spearheaded by the Senate’s two most intransigent warmongers, John McCain and Lindsey Graham, who may use the specter of “muh Russian hackers” to attempt to extract concessions from Donald Trump.

When 2016 began, I wrote that it would be a year of profound political realignment. What’s most amusing to me is that part of that realignment looks to consist of a burgeoning alliance between leftists and one of their supposed traditional enemies, neoconservatives. We saw the beginnings of this when Hillary Clinton got virtually unanimous neocon support during the campaign and she made overtures to them throughout, but in the wake of the election and the Russian hacking hysteria, the alliance seems to have crystallized. Cognitive dissonance over Trump (less formally known as Trump Derangement Syndrome) will also assure that many of the Democrats’ “progressive” base will be fine with a neocon alliance because “Trump = bad.”

How powerful this blooming alliance becomes remains to be seen. The first test will be Rex Tillerson’s nomination for Secretary of State. He has come under fire because he was once seen drinking champagne with Putin. Only four Republicans need defect to halt the nomination. I suspect this won’t happen, as the neocons would need to save face with their own party to get support on other initiatives, but this trend is well worth watching on other, less public issues. The foreign policy establishment is dead-set against Trump pursuing a realist, America first stance on the world stage. I’m 99% certain they’re secretly enraged that Trump correctly doesn’t believe that Ukraine and Syria (always in Russia’s sphere of influence) are worth enmity with the Russians over.

This leftist/neocon alliance probably also includes some prominent people in the so-called “deep state,” personified by the intelligence agencies, which the new Senate Minority Leader, Chuck Schumer, is saber-rattling with.

Safe to say, any information percolating through leftist/neocon outlets, especially citing “intelligence agencies,” must be taken with extreme skepticism, and we must also be on guard against Trump being influenced by such hysteria in any way (he’s holding up well so far).

The time ahead is one of great promise, but there are also a great many dangers. To prevent the swamp from draining Trump instead of the other way around, Trump’s base will have to be continuously engaged, focused on strategic priorities, watching the new subversive alliances like hawks, and yes, begin to kick the useless appendages like McCain and Graham out of power.

Let’s prepare for another revolution in 2018.

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69 thoughts on “How The Washington D.C. Swamp Is Still A Threat To Donald Trump’s Administration”

  1. “We need to think ahead if we want to keep winning.” Sound wisdom, right there. Speaking of which, financial opportunity is knocking at the door even as we speak, gents. This coming Monday night, January 9th, college football’s National Championship game – take Alabama -6.5 points. Some books are offering -6 right now. Run, don’t walk. And bet everything you’ve got except the rent money. Opportunities like this one happen three or four times per year. Double your money in one fell swoop – but only if you’ve got the guts. (“Thanks, Uncle Bob!”…”You’re welcome, young squires.”) See you at the cashier’s window.

    1. Can you place a bet on whether he’s going to build that wall and make the Mexicans pay for it?

    2. ***Update: 1/10/5:14 a.m.: Well, I sure hope you guys didn’t take my advice and
      bet on Alabama, because they, like your old Uncle Bob, lost their ass on
      this game last night. Which goes to show you, there’s no such thing as a sure
      thing – no matter who tells you there is. That’s the downside of the gambling trade. On the upside, I still had enough money left after losing to get some cheap wine and a couple of $1 tacos at Taco Bell. Yeah!

  2. 48 Laws of Power – “the past must constantly be slain. Never try to coast on your laurels.”
    SJW’s constantly live in the past, which is why they fail to win in the present. Their entire white guilt / white privilege / white supremacy schtick is always about unearthing things that happened in the distant past in order to instill white guilt and fan the flames of gullible black people’s disdain for white people in the present. Often it is always from well before 1970.
    Think of losers like Tim Wise, Shaun King, DeRay McKesson, etc. who do this all the time in their Twitter feeds etc.
    Examples of genuine white-on-black discrimination and racism is so rare in modern times they wouldn’t have a platform without it, and whatever rare modern mishaps arise (Dylan Roof etc.) they will just be milking those isolated incidences for years to come. Just watch, they are not going to shut up about Dylan Roof for decades.

  3. Trump doesn’t need congress to deport or build a wall. He needs to finish the job and more than 3 million need to go- more like 20. If he backtracks on this issue in any shape or form; he is a worthless spineless 2 bit bum and should be booted the next go around.

    1. The wall is his big litmus test in his first months. If it’s not built, then we can rest assured he’s not really gonna stand by any of his promises.

      1. We can’t expect the wall to be built in a few months, but the indications seem to be that construction is going to begin.
        Now if you notice the left and the fake news media are arguing whether Mexico is going to pay for the wall and are laughing that “he’s going back on his campaign promise.” Notice that presupposes the wall will be built though.

        1. and for the first time, ever, the left if asking about the cost of something.

    2. Get rid of these sanctuary city policies, and a lot will just go home. No need to finance a wall

      1. All he has to do is enforce the immigration laws already in the books. Sanctuary cities are illegal.

        1. Yes. Also cut all federal funding to states that have them. Deny public access and assistance to any one here illegally and they will go voluntarily or be eventually deported. Also for every illegal sitting in prison for crimes committed, send invoices to their country of origins for all costs detaining them (eg. room and board) to alleviate the costs on US tax payers. Last, prosecute and imprison public agents encouraging law breaking or ignoring their duties to include elected officials.

          It’s as simple as that. You can make it on your own, we’re glad to have you. You can’t, you go back.

      2. Homeless and vagrant drifters also gravitate to neighborhoods and even travel to isolated smaller towns where a Catholic or mission based christian church opens up a soup kitchen. Similarly, sanctuary cities declare ‘sanctuary’, attracting illegals despite residents’ objections.
        NOTE Indiana, West Virginia and Ohio have no sanctuary cities whatsoever.
        So who decides and approves sanctuary cities? In the wiki maps sometimes it’s the city council’s vote and in other rural towns, the sheriff rubber stamps the designation. Goddamn traitors. Many cities list ‘unknown’ or ‘N/A’ as the deciding party who approves sanctuary designation. The designations are covertly processed. The MSM media rags in the sanctuary areas strangely all claim now that they’ll not comply with any action by Trump’s administration to eliminate sanctuary cities. What will they do? Again covertly rally BLM style resistance in an unpeacable fashion? Will we see a new ‘machete’ offshoot of BLM legend? This time we’re on to them like never before. The cabal is interconnected and we can see them trying to associate and spin another web. It takes BIG BROOMS to sweep away cobwebs and the November fans of Trump mania are still itching to get a sweeping. Even if his daughter married a jew, her tits are still awesome and ultimately WE made ‘President Trump’ so we have some loud voices too in what is to be done.

  4. There was absolutely nothing more satisfying this year than to see Rachel Maddow finally be horse kicked in the fucking teeth. Man watching her say the “this is our country now” was just sooooo good.

      1. Yeah. Preferably one where a lot of hard labor will be done. If there’s one thing the Soviets did right, it was that.

    1. Sanctuary city mayors will be tried for treason and subjected to enhanced interrogation at gitmo. They will be TORTURED.???
      Nahh not tortured, but put in chain gang to work in a FEMA camp which will have a sign written above the gate?? “Rehabilitation through hard work ”
      Rule number one in the camp ?? You work ! You eat !..
      Rule number two ? You don’t work ? You don’t eat ??

    2. That says it. Our communications are transparent down to the individual Joe and louder and more numerous than them now. The old business as usual cabal had their last private exclusive party of goblins in ’09 during the closing of the long MSM blackout. Universal internet was like a sunrise illuminating their deeds, like flipping the lights on during an orgy and watching them all skip on one leg to put on their pants.

  5. I don’t know how smart it is to question Trump’s maneuvers, almost every time it looks like he’s melting down it turns out to be an incredible strategy that drives him closer to what he wants (the beauty Queen spat was really to take attention off his defeat in the first debate and all his antics in the primaries simply drowned out his competiton), I wouldn’t even be surprised if he had the Pussy Tape leaked himself just to get out ahead of it and rip open that old Clinton wound.
    The longer Trump keeps the Democrats obsessed with the Russians the longer they delay enacting a plan to defeat him while they look ever more desperate. Also in many ways this is a classic shit test, Trump is seeing who exactly is willing to pitch in his camp amongst the Republicans (and maybe even a few Democrats like Joe Manchin), true colors are bleeding through and showing just how shaken the cucks are now with all of Lindsey Graham’s, McCain’s, and John Kasich’s tantrums.

    1. Also from Ohio, I’m rather ashamed that Kasich is somehow still allowed to represent us…

      1. I still say Gov Kasich ought to change careers and take up competitive eating

  6. “What’s most amusing to me is that part of that realignment looks to consist of a burgeoning alliance between leftists and one of their supposed traditional enemies, neoconservatives”
    amazing how those erstwhile trotskyists are prepared to pander to the left –
    “Safe to say, any information percolating through leftist/neocon outlets, especially citing “intelligence agencies,” must be taken with extreme skepticism”
    I imagine they can just be assumed to be outright lies

    1. Again with the truth, Mobius! What’s wrong with ya don’t you know truth hurts and triggers?

    2. Neocons are controlled opposition that have been conning naive conservatives to do their bidding by pretending to be on the same side and sharing the same values. We see similar things going on in Europe where traditional conservative parties across the board suddenly ally themselves with the Left to counteract or block nationalist and populist opposition. It’s like the politics of WW2 again where Capitalist America cooperated with the Communist Soviet Union to defeat a third-party. Americans need to realise that the game is rigged. Parts of the Right is actually the Left in disguise.

      1. Agree completely. Conservatism these days just means more pro-business than the socialists for the most part. In the UK the ‘conservative’ Maria Miller is proposing a 45% female MP quota / target. Theresa May uses the same language of ‘social justice’ that marxist progressives do, but looks comparatively middle ground compared to the card-carrying socialist Corbyn.
        There are no social conservatives in any real sense. Most of that is a question of the left marching through the institutions. With the neo-cons though it was probably a more cynical self-conscious of changing of tactics (and identity) in order to achieve the same aims.

  7. That awkward moment when you realize Trump probably won’t do most of what he said he was going to do and that he was a democrat who basically switched sizes to get back at Obama for clowning him at a presidential dinner

  8. “This is the danger above all others that Donald Trump must avoid. He will no doubt be tempted, as we’re already seeing, to move elsewhere, to squander his political capital on matters of secondary importance. This can be discerned when you hear that “Trump’s foremost campaign promise was to repeal and replace Obamacare.” No, Donald Trump’s foremost campaign promises were immigration (ending illegal and reforming legal immigration to put American citizens and workers first), ending a bad trade regime to bring back jobs, and stopping a warmongering foreign policy.”

    Be prepared to be let down. Reasonable expectation for Trump is that it will be much better than if Clinton won, but even that optimism should be taken cautiously. Can anyone think of any time in history where any world leader has surrounded themselves strongly with the Khazar Jews like Trump is doing and things for that leader’s nation have then improved? He’s surrounded by more Jews than any other president in history (that’s saying something) and given all of his children away in marriage to Jews. Someone who wants to make America great again would invest in this nation with their most precious investment: their progeny. They would also surround themselves with their own people from their own nation instead of a foreign people from another nation.
    “It is better to take refuge in Yahweh than to trust in man. It is better to take refuge in Yahweh than to trust in princes.” -Psalm 118

    “48 Laws of Power – “the past must constantly be slain. Never try to coast on your laurels.”

    I’ve seen a lot of writers quote this amoral, manipulative jargon lately. While I could do a scathing, well deserved rebuke towards anyone who quotes this with any seriousness, and also point out how it makes a person automatically lose cred to anyone else with basic understanding of truth, I’ll quote some facts about the “illustrious author” of this book and his amazing life built on his “48 Laws of Power”:
    “Before becoming an author, Greene estimates that he worked 80 jobs, including as a construction worker, translator, magazine editor, and Hollywood movie writer.
    Look at the “laws of power” in action! What a resume! All this “power” can be yours if you implement this amazing man’s guile and wisdom. . .
    “The 48 Laws of Power has been referenced in songs by Jay Z, Kanye West, and Drake. Busta Rhymes used The 48 Laws of Power to deal with problematic movie producers. Cuban dictator Fidel Castro is also reported to have read the book. The 48 Laws of Power is one of the most requested books in American prison libraries.”
    Talk about ENDORSEMENTS! How can you NOT read and implement this book?! Just carry it around in your coat and randomly bust it out on a park bench somewhere grimy for some instant street cred, bro.

    1. I’m choosing to imagine The Tribe is starting to realize they need us to prop up Israel and/or are getting cold feet about unleashing the third world hordes. Or at the very least that they need to play nice with Trump and the rising Nationalist current across the world and shelve their plans for awhile.
      The idea that Trump might have been just a controlled opposition all along is too monstrous to fathom.

      1. Israelis polled before the US election were 70% in favour of Hillary being the better candidate for the US and for Israeli relations. After the Trump win the Israeli government suddenly scrambled to court him and continues to stroke his ego like the disgusting sycophants they are.
        The fact is Israel is dependent on US support and Trump being a business man should capitalise on their dependency. His whole campaign rests on making America great again, not making Israel great on the behest of the US. Currently the US is just giving away monetary aid, resources and contracts to them and except for Obama’s latest jab the US have been vetoing every action against them in the United Nations for the last fifty years.
        Trump and his administration should ask themselves what the US is actually gaining from this relationship and cut it off if the benefits are not worth it.

    2. The Laws Of Power is a rather large book. Doubt I’ll be comfortable lugging the thing around in my tiny pocket for park bench reflection.
      On another note, your call to caution on recent developments is a valid one.

  9. My advice for the incoming administration: Fire the whole State Department. They are still Clinton’s administration, and they were primarily a sales force for IMF and World Bank debt instruments, rather than a diplomatic corps.

    1. Could not agree more! That place is infested with globalist open borders big gov’t big tax communists. Just changing the person at the top won’t do much. The career civil service staff must be at least 90% far lefties that want to run the country and live large on the tax dollars of the taxpayers that they hate and want to rule over and change (b/c they think anyone from outside of the Acela corridor is a racist redneck).

  10. The author says that Republicans have a habit of wasting golden opportunities, but this is inaccurate imo. They want the status quo just like the leftists.
    Term limits are what Trump should focus on after the immigration problem. The option to make politics a career must be removed. If people want to get into politics, it should be for a limited period of time before they are forced to go back to their real jobs and make way for the next public servant.
    This is the only thing that will cure the constant societal destruction oozing its way out of Washington DC and infecting real America.

    1. Another thing they need to limit is how long one can be in the Civil Service. Ideally, one would have a system like the military where you can only serve x amount of years.

    2. Congressional term limits will need to be done without Congress. There’s no way modern Congress would vote such a restriction on itself.

      1. The diffusion of communications may just make it possible to organize an Article V convention. You’d need to fire on all cylinders and have your social proof on point though.

      2. I think too that a constitutional amendement has to happen before term limits are legal. Term limits are wonderful just not legal according to the constitution. I think it was Colorado that passed term limits for its’ federal legislators and it was struck down as being “unconstitutional” …

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    3. As a means of dis-empowering the congress, I agree that term limits will work. People will still go into politics, but they will go into the bureaucracy.
      The problem remains that the US is over-sized, so the president will not be able to control the country. These people will still control the country, and they will still sell their power at an unhealthy discount. The only way to get rid of this is to divide the country into properly sized political entities, allow whoever is in charge to both control and profit from their territories, and establish incentives to take care of their territory, and not do stupid shit.

      1. Yeah but the newbs will be unable to do anything in 2 or even 4 years, given the glacial pace of congress. And then they’ll be sent home in favor of a fresh batch of newbs.

    4. I’m just hoping that Trump will be able to return us to a time when America was actually a great place to be.
      Term limits should’ve been introduced before Obama got into office to prevent 8 years of tyranny from him. If Trump is as good as advertised, I’m fine with him remaining in office for the next decade.

  11. Maybe I’m becoming paranoid, but I wonder if Obama/the Neocons/the Elites are planning some kind of false flag attack that would force Trump to invade Syria. Or maybe an “accidental” skirmish with Russian troops somewhere in the Baltic region. Either would keep the 2nd Cold War going.
    You have to wonder about the expelled Russian ambassadors too… was expelling them just a childish temper tantrum? (I mean, what’s the point if they can just come back after Trump’s inauguration?) Or is there something deeper afoot? IE, will one of them be fished out of a river with a briefcase full of purported-stolen government documents?

    1. They are trying to goad Putin into responding in the hopes of igniting a military intervention. Russia has consistently answerd every NATO buildup with an equal reaction and they were thinking he would continue this predictable behaviour. I think he has understood where this was going and made a conscious effort not to get trapped. Think about it, if a military conflict with Russia could be instigated before Trumps inauguration, Obama could impose a state of war and block him from taking office.

  12. Left still controls culture. The political power is meaningless without control of culture.
    Fortunately, some headway has been made. But it will not be overnight. Drudge, Breitbart, Infowars, a few conservative churches. And lots of niche sites like ROK.
    But the mass media is liberal and will stay that way for a while

      1. Best line of article
        ” Be great or be destroyed by forces more powerful than you can imagine.”

  13. “Trump should avoid a protracted and bitter healthcare fight, the very thing that crippled Obama domestically for the remainder of his presidency.”
    No, Obama was crippled on the very first day of his presidency by a Republican majority in Congress who explicitly and overtly announced their goal to see his failure. For this reason, he has continued to expand the powers of the executive branch, as every president before him for the past seventy years has done.

  14. Hillary has always been a neo-con. This is not a new alliance she is part of the movement.
    What we are seeing currently is a repeat of the CIA attack on Kennedy which ultimately led to his death. Trump is well aware of who his enemies are. De Gaul predicted what would happen with the Kennedy assasination even though the real culprits were obvious. Knowing this, the CIA will first try to neuter Trump. When this fails they will kill him and then whitewash the investigation. The “killer” will be a disgruntled lone gunman who is angry at Trump for being racist, sexist, etc.

  15. The single most important thing this election is to wake people up to the frauds perpetrated on the American people. Like the central bank(FED) faked shootings like sandy hook or manchurian candidate terrorist acts like the recent fake isis guy in florida(amazingly they had pending legislation restricting weapons).

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