The Most Important Way You Can Fight The “Social Justice” Collective

As the fallout from Rolling Stone’s irresponsible and socially destructive “journalism” continues, it unfortunately appears that nothing good will come out of it.

No procedural reforms in Rolling Stone’s “journalistic” practices will result from Columbia’s slap on the wrist, nor will anyone be fired. This was not a surprise to any on this corner of the internet, because this hack job was meant to further the cause of “social justice.” Had a breach of journalistic integrity of this magnitude been related to another topic outside of the prevailing orthodoxy, we know what the outcome would have been.

This, in a few words, is “social justice” privilege. This is because the “social justice” proselytizers are the new priestly class. All civilizations have had a priestly class that was elevated in power – the First Estate. Often, these priestly classes rivaled monarchs in power (such as the priesthood in Ancient Egypt). They maintained the narrative over the paupers, enriching themselves in the process. So it remains.


There’d probably be skrillex hair if this took place today.

Why did this new priestly class emerge in such a seemingly short amount of time? Ten years ago, this would not have occurred. The story would not have been written, and certainly, those involved would have been punished. I could go on, but the most important reason is that the “social justice” borg dominates a lot of space at the present time.

They dominate a lot of space because sensible, normal people keep caving. The demands, insane ramblings, Twitter mobs, and hack pieces by typists (male and female) usually cause their targets to apologize, retract, and kowtow to the Cultural Inquisition, pleading for forgiveness for their sins.

And so the borg becomes more powerful. But what if they didn’t retract? What if they didn’t kowtow? What if they stood?

A few months ago, I wrote a post on my blog about Richard Sharpe, a pauper that rose through the ranks of the British army fighting the hegemon of the day, Napoleonic France. This was an unusual happenstance at the time – most officers were born aristocrats that had their commissions purchased for them, where Sharpe earns his through merit. He earns his rank through speeches and actions such as these:

This place is called Talavera. There’s gonna be a battle here tomorrow. You’ll fight in it, maybe even die in it. But you won’t see it. There’s a lot of smoke in a battle. Our cannon, their cannon. Our shot, their shell. Our volleys, their volleys. You don’t see a battle, you hear it! Black powder blasting by the ton on all sides. Black smoke blinding you and choking you and making you vomit! And the French come out of the smoke – not in a line, but in a column. And they march towards our thin line. Kettle drums hammering like hell and a golden eagle blazing overhead. They march slowly, it takes them a long time to reach you, and you can’t see them in smoke, but you can hear the drums, and they march out of the smoke and you fire a volley, and the front rank of the column falls, and the next rank steps over them with drums hammering, and the column smashes your line like a hammer breaking glass, and Napoleon has won another battle. But if you don’t run, if you stand until you can smell the garlic, and fire volley after volley, three rounds a minute, then they slow down. They stop. And then they run away. All you’ve got to do is stand and fire three rounds a minute! Now you and I know you can fire three rounds a minute, but can you stand?


By apologizing or backtracking to the SJW’s, you are surrendering space and making them more powerful. Those people that kowtow tend to think of the magnifying effect – that one voice represents many others that did not speak. Yet, as Chris Bechtloff’s interview with Erik Larsen on Reaxxion reveals, this isn’t necessarily true.

Most people are actually pretty sick of the endless “social justice” cries. Most women are not feminists. This is because in fact, most people are…normal. It is only the freaks, their white knight orbiters, and enablers in the media that push this nonsense (and even then only because it makes the latter money at the end of the day due to the clickbait).

This is why there is no need to apologize, backtrack, or kowtow. As some of us here at Return of Kings have proven on a number of occasions: “all you need to do is stand and fire three rounds a minute. Then they stop and run away.”

The SJW’s are invariably losers that have no business dictating anything to anybody. By simply pointing this out, by discrediting or mocking them (and it isn’t hard), you will not only shift momentum and expose their own shortcomings; you will be standing and not backing down. You will take space rather than surrender it. It also helps that time is on our side; because it won’t be long until the column full of losers stops its charge because some new outrage on their iPhone feeds told them to march elsewhere.


Normal society is strong. They are weak. Behind their façade of hegemony there is nothing. Unlike Napoleon and his Grande Armee (who I am sad to compare to the manifest loser that is the modern Social Justice Warrior), the SJW’s are weak and are only perceived to be dominant.

By “standing” and seeing them off, this perception – and reality, will be shattered quickly – and I mean very quickly. It is very conceivable that the social justice industrial complex could collapse in less than a year if no one would cooperate with them and rightfully told them to fuck off.

I’ll end this post with perhaps my favorite masculine anthem, Frank Sinatra’s “My Way:”

For what is a man, what has he got?
If not himself, then he has naught
To say the things he truly feels and not the words of one who kneels
The record shows I took the blows and did it my way!

The song’s lyrics, and especially its curtain call, are very pertinent for today’s social environment. Too many men out there are “ones that kneel.” It’s time instead to fire three rounds a minute – and stand.

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77 thoughts on “The Most Important Way You Can Fight The “Social Justice” Collective”

  1. Just like any other kind of bully, they will run when attacked, only because they are not accustomed to anyone challenging them.

  2. Sharpe – wow I haven’t even thought about that programme in years.
    Thanks for the reminder

  3. The SJWs are losing in the ‘court’ of public opinion, and you see evidence of this online on sites like Reddit, where the most up-voted comments are anti-SJW. Rolling Stone hoax is just one of many setbacks. All we need to do is sit back and watch them twist and squirm, self-destruct.

  4. I noticed this on a music forum. Someone called a rather bland song “sexist” and I dismantled not just his idea, but the constant, church-like policing of men’s sexuality under the guise of “fighting sexism.” To my surprise, it got more “likes” than any of my other posts. People are definitely sick of this stuff.

    1. Women inherently understand their conflict of fearing male sexuality while simultaneously loving it and being tremendously grateful for its existence. Ultimately the SJWs have nothing to stand on in that department except a trumped up fear. Once you expose how empty female lives would feel without male sexuality, they either dig themselves into a deeper pit of insanity or they have no choice but to shut up.
      Yes, ladies, your favorite toy (male sexuality) can be scary. But you will destroy the rollercoaster if you try to control it and increase it’s safety for you. Either leave it alone, or we will leave you alone.

      1. SJWs are doing nothing but attention whoring (no more, no less). They are doing it in another way because they can’t get the attention that they want but it’s attention whoring, none the less.
        Call them on it (like you would a child who looks for attention) and see how stupid they’ll look to all.
        Good article and timely. Yes, it’s time for them (and us) to end their nonsense so they can get on with something productive in their lives.

    2. Depends where you go. There are still a hell of a lot of sheep.
      Worse still I find is the ‘well meaning’ conservative who ends up pandering to sjw sympathies because they think gallantry works today in a world where women are no longer behaving like ladies.

      1. Even worse are conservatives who try to flip the narrative by claiming for themselves some kind of victim status, whether over race, religion, sex, or simply by virtue of being conservative. Thinking themselves clever, they invalidate their core principles while garnering no sympathy whatever. Fools.

    3. Even on CBC news, lefty cesspool that it tends to be, comments sections are always full of people who are fed up with PC/feminism/etc

    4. Logic works well against SJWs. You can also take a play from their book and just mock them relentlessly. Even more mainstream acts are beginning to mock their hypocrisy.

  5. How hard is it for the average person to simply stand their ground? Nigh to impossible it would seem.
    This is something I don’t understand because when I reached my twenties I realized I was missing some important part of my life as a man. I was in one fight in my entire high school years and it landed me in a juvenile learning center. All because I stood up to a bully for some smaller kid.
    So I decided that I must be tested and whatever doesn’t kill me will make me stronger. I get into training martial arts. First I did kung fu and excelled quite fast and then I found a solid mma gym and ended up becoming a pro fighter eventually. That was over 12 yrs ago now and to this day I still train and keep my skill set up though I do not fight anymore. I simply need that trial by combat to keep me on my toes and for self mastery.
    This is the kind of thing the average man needs. Some kind of trials to whip their ass and carve them outta stone. This is why they don’t stand up for themselves. They have languished in apathy and affluence which has nearly wiped away their masculine souls and turned them into some androgynous twink.
    As far as I’m concerned the weak deserve to perish and if you have a cock and are too fucking piss weak to challenge yourself then you deserve every sjw freak in the world to line up and fuck your little boy butt. Because that’s what you are……someone’s fuck butt.

    1. For Gen X’s old enough to remember the days before feminism destroyed masculinity, this kind of dude was known as an “Asshole”. Back in the day everyone would have avoided this tool, but now he more or less gets a pass due to feminism backlash.

      1. As I’m sure you know. The Asshole has always been takin you’re girl from you and that is never gonna change.
        That you are so offended by my short internet post shows how much of a fucking pussy you are.

      2. Ah ffs, I dont know what counts as feminism that you think it destroyed masculinity, but the problem was idiots who thought all there was to being a man was doing a ‘mans’ job and not ‘acting like a girl’.
        This was a lazy and very flawed concept. As women have proved they are capable at many things, young men felt more marginalised,, but only because they were lazy and expected to get certain things by default.
        Anyone who feels humiliated at being beaten by a woman is expressing their own insecurities and lack of understanding about what it is to be a man, which is why they go round hating and blaming women and trying to force new boundaries and restrictions.
        all you need to do is remember that ‘man up’ means grow up or level up. rise above it and be glad of who you are. If someone calls you an asshole and youre ok with who you are, go out there and be the best goddamn asshole you can be. Own it or continue to whine like bitches, (obviously not something restricted to women, just the emotionally immature.)

    1. Let me translate Ramsey’s rant: MAN FAULT!
      Dave. stick to financial issues and don’t give useless marriage advice.
      The Christian Bible says in three places that men cannot control rebellious women. Yet, most Christian churches in the USA today preach that if a man is a man his wife must submit. Hogwash.

  6. Last year saw the tide turn against the SJWs. This year it’s becoming clear most people are fed up with their shit and are retaliating. The Rabid/Sad Puppies thing has got them flailing mad. The Rolling Stone debacle and Gamergate has opened people’s eyes to the fact there is something horrifically wrong with the mainstream media and in the latter’s case has led to some significant financial pain for the offending parties. The political establishment in the UK and Europe is getting its ass beat like a pinata as people are fed up with Political Correctness. And the same is beginning to happen here in the States as people people and businesses are starting to tell the Nanny Welfare State to crawl back up Washington’s ass and go fuck itself.
    The Social Justice party is over. Here comes their hangover….and it ain’t gonna be pretty.

    1. Yeah but it will incredibly entertaining to sit back and enjoy! Getting my popcorn and a beer to revel in this shitshow!

    2. The financial hangover from the current party will make that seem like an after-shower meditation session.

    3. Yeah I noticed a change too, judging by the comment section on other websites, i’d say the Mano-sphere is Exploding.

      1. Yes sir. Spread the word! Many men have ideas that relate to the red pill, but are either afraid or don’t know how to express it. Perhaps they are surrounded by SJWs.
        I know several men who fit this description.
        I use every opportunity to spread the word. So should we all IMHO.

      2. red pill has gone beyond anti-feminism or gaming, it has progressed into society as a whole
        march on until the enemy is dead

        1. Thought red pill was about seeing through bullshit and levelling up, not being a game playing feminist hater.
          paranoid enemy talk makes you sound like a gameplayingantifeminist definition of ‘the thing you hate the most’.
          Just doing my bit, ridiculing the stupidity.

      3. Right. It’s pretty bad because a lot of this stuff is common sense (to me, anyways). But you find out (after years) that not everyone has it.
        I do know that many are tired of the nonsense in our society. The biggest push (I think):
        The fact that you can’t have an opinion on a topic without one of these harpies jumping out of the woodwork exclaiming how your opinion is wrong.
        That shit gets old.

        1. Yup, I guess thats why after 10 years of shit like this from lads, not counting the fucked up teenage shit one assumes will go away in the grown up world of work, some woman with think that shit gets old will come along and do the same to you.
          Thats after getting real bored of explaining like a grown up how they disagree with you and look for points to agree on, appealing for a better way beyond hate, asking open questions which require an intelligent response and getting nothing back but screaming hormobal rants, then they just start to notice, all this shit sounds the same, where do they get it from? and here we are… more hate. Its pretty cool acting like a man, love that fucking testosterone hit from winning on you weak biatches.

        2. Youre right, nothing to add that hasnt been said before and gets ignored by a man who wants to complain about women and not see a solution and remains blind to his hypocricy.

    4. It’s also good to remember that standing up for yourself can look a lot harder than it actually is. Chick-Fil-A stood against the SJW’s, and they’re doing just fine. Phil Robertson did too, and he’s doing just fine. Push through the fear and good things can happen.

      1. Never had the urge to think about same sex marriage in a Chick-Fil-A. I just wanted a Chicken sandwhich.
        Don’t really give a shit about gay marriage. Don’t care for it. I don’t like the percentage of SJW who go on a tirade about rights, tolerance and acceptance will not give the same consideration to others. I guess they don’t understand people don’t like what they do and they need to get over the fact you can’t legislate “acceptance.” I think that is called “life” which is something they don’t quite get.
        There are homosexual that have long term, monogamous relationships. I have no idea why the “politically active SJW” politically align themselves with the fringe who parade around gay pride events and give blow jobs in the street. If they support that shit, I can’t support them. People that have their dicks or breasts cut off are normal. “I feel more like a woman.” Hey you being born a male or not isn’t my problem.
        Working with gay men particularly I don’t get the whole “My name is Roger and I’m gay.” What is it about telling people, like I care about it or should? Unless they float around the office with the stereotypical behavior and sexualize every comment that comes out of their pie hole.
        SJWs, STFU and move on. I’m going to continue eating chicken sandwiches bitches! I don’t have to support your crap or like it. Get over it.

    5. The next two years are going to be very interesting.
      Now with Hillary officially running (on a pussy pass and “diversity”) and how they’re trying to hit back at Rand Paul for mundance interviews with women reporters, it is telling me that they’re preparing to strike back hard for what happened last year.
      So this is going to be a test of our mettle. Time for us to do as much damage as we can over the next two years. We will see how the “war on women” narrative works this time.

      1. If anything that “war on women” will just prove the opposite.
        Hillary only gained an edge in her higher positions in politics due to being the first lady (and wife) of Bill Clinton (the most powerful man at that time). She didn’t get her Senate seat or her station in the State Department by anything of her own doing…it was by association (first). Sure, she went out on the trail for her Senate seat but by then the heavy lifting had been done (by her husband).
        Too funny….married to the President so now that “qualifies” her to be one?

        1. When Bill was running in ’92, Hillary said something along the lines of, “If Bill’s elected you won’t get one President, but two.” She’s been stapling herself to power for a long time.

      2. Really, a war on women if a woman gets the presidency, you dont think that will make her an even harder bitch and prove yourself something that needs a serious fixing? You cant risk just letting her fail since you think she doesnt deserve the job on merit already?

  7. Do not give these people an inch. You might feel like you have plenty of space to retreat into and ignore them but these people are so zealous as to go after something as mundane as video games. It IS a cultural inquisition. They want to remake social mores and culture in their image. And the inquisition has no incentive to stop when you feed it easy victories.

    1. “Video games, Oh no they didnt, trying to take away my drug, I will destroy them, I will destroy all women in the industry, eeeviiilll bbiiittcccheeees I haaate yooou aaalllllll. Die cunt cunt whore, AGGGGGGGHHHHHHH”

  8. Totally agree with this article. Not only should you not take it, you should come out so strong against it when you hear someone being a social justice warrior that it literally makes those who would try to be a SJW to be scared to talk. Silence them. Make them ashamed to express their lies and propaganda.

    1. Yeah, should we like get a whole group of people together and rain down on our enemies with coordinated shame and terror about their bully tactics.

        1. Not a fan of sarcasm are you? I was ridiculing you like the article says so.
          What with noone being up for a discussion or considering a reasonable solution I think you are as bad as you say they are. You are harming yourselves with the childish behaviour, ruining society just as much with aggressive behaviour giving people justification for shutting you down.
          I take no sides on this, I just think its a big waste of effort, if you are able to coordinate your behaviour you could do something so much more practical with it other than bullying and silencing with intimidating behaviour.

        2. I think the intimidating behavior is very effective. If you look at what it has done with race relations and other PC topics, effectively silencing the majority consensus until the majority believes they are a minority, the same can apply to the feminist movement. In order to reverse it, I think one thing is certain, you have to fight fire with fire. Today, the loud mouth feminists simply aren’t used to anyone arguing with them. Once you argue back with some facts and make them look stupid, they tend to slow their roll.

        3. Yes, loud mouthed aholes of all classifications should be challenged.
          I dont doubt there are people who play victim and make big ‘how dare you noises’ for disagreeing. Narcissism is not a gender biased failing in people, or other kinds of righteous bullies, race , gender, religion. All aholes should be challenged.
          Id just like to do my job in peace and not have lads accuse me of feminism just for existing in the workplace, abd then attempt intimidation tactics to silence me from doing my job.
          I dont even think they are being sexist, they will be dicks to anyone who they think they can get away with it to.
          My main point is to stop the hate tactics, arguing back with facts is great, trying to make someone look stupid isnt, youll find common ground if you assume some intelligence you can work with, or be a shining example of not the ahole they were expecting to fight, you have calm straightfoward unarguable points.
          You are a good example, you didnt respond with insults, and we pretty much agree on enough, to be able to define the real problem. Those that try to maintain unearned power or overturn people by underhand tactics or just get a smug satusfaction from trying to make others appear stupid, dont actually have any genuine skills.
          You can live on my island and have any job you like, I assume youd be a kick ass lawyer, as long as you’re nice to women in general as people and fight assholes of all genders equally.

  9. The silent majority is ruining this country by being silent on a great many topics. These leftist/feminist/radicals need to be put into their place every time they open their mouths and this crap would stop… and it would be much easier to get your girl to make you a sandwich after you bought all the supplies.

  10. One thing the SJW movement has shown me is to never underestimate the power of bullying on a large scale.

  11. The most important thing to do is mock them, mock them, MOCK THEM AND M O C K T H E M. After that, CONTINUE TO MOCK THEM.

  12. Hi Donovan,
    Just as drugs are for people who cannot handle reality, sjw crusades are for people who cannot handle the sexual reality. I often akin sjw’s to junkies and sjw crusades to dope. Both suffer withdrawal from being without. it’s a great way to mock and expose the frailties of dependencies on substandard coping mechanisms. The ad hominems and straw men thrown at commenters who debunk sjw’s mirror the backlash from addicts who have their dope taken away. Next time a sjw is on a rant, remind them that their crusades are the opiate they are addicted to in order to cope with uncomfortable truths and, like junkies, that they need professional help to break their destructive, irrational habits.
    Thanks for another good article, Mr. Sharp.

    1. as a former dope addict, this rings true. The common denominator = whining.

    2. Mirror, Pot, Kettle. SJW are not the only ones addicted to dopamine. Your whole concept of sexual reality is based on the same self-promiting lie. Unless you are OK with me strapping one on and raping you, you have the same flaw in your own theory.

      1. Sounds fine. I have to subdue my victims, so if u can get me into position, more power to yeh. Do u want my phone #?

        1. Nope, you look pretty ugly and fake in your picture, I like a man with real meat not some skinny bitch with moobs.

        2. Your words hurt me so much I spent the last 12hours crying into my underage GFs beestings and blowing my nose with fistfulls of $100bills.

        3. I thought you said you like to overpower women, but youre having to actually pay a girl to be with you, and you can only find underage ones who will. Maybe shes with you because she has moob envy.
          Lol. The only truth in what you just said was the first 6 words.

        4. And there is zero truth in anything you write. Your stupidity is on clear display when you so easily confuse “saying” for “writing” .

        5. Pmsl.
          Your need to insult is so clearly on display if you are reaching for such a small detail.Go back to your imaginary girlfirend who makes you feel smart.

        6. now not only is your stupidity on display but your lack of education as well. go back to the kids table these conversations are clearly beyond your depth. you now have my expressed permission to send another comment that way you can have the last word.
          P.S. if you had anything logical to add, instead of ad hominems and strawmen, maybe I would use more finger energy to continue to educate you. Instead I will go back to using my fingers as they were intended…exploring underage beestings and hairless mons veneris. Ta-ta.

        7. Jeez, another young man trying to look smart by knowing the name of his two most common flaws in arguments.
          And *continue* to educate me? You havent said anything useful to start with. All Im learning is how immature you are.
          Thanks for your *express* permission to have the last word.

        8. Haha. Did your Daddy put his tongue in your no-no place when you were a little girl an ol’ CapitalXD here triggered you? Read this man’s previous comments and bow down you sad little bitch. He’s been breaking little girls like you for sport since they invented pre-pubecesnce. It’s a Man’s world cupcake and you have no right to open your mouth unless we’re ramming your throat and have commanded you to do so. Shut the fuck up and beat it bitch and go thank your father for teaching you how to fuck like a slut >:^)

        9. Aw now you see I just had a chat with a grown up about sticking around and talking to the adults about real solutions and here you are being the kind of angry little shit we are talking about ruining it for everyobe.
          THIS IS NOT A WAR. And following in your fake heros wake just so you can get a win on a woman doesnt make you a winner. Bottomfeeder.
          Read on twit. He did not win. But he bowed out with dignity, after a foolish mistake, unless of course you are employed as his flying monkey to get revenge, in which case you just made him look like the saddest duche ever.
          You are an idiot. You are the reason feminists exists. You are the reason women learn to hate men. You should be culled. I seriously mean that, I have no compassion left. I know in reality you are what, 22? you think you are cool and smart but youre so young you look up to capitalXD and you have no girlfriend and no true confidence. If you did, you wouldn’t need to say that it is a mans world, youd just be happy with being successful in a world of idiots. You are the idiot, not the winner.
          Go thank your father for furthering the cause of feminism by teaching you to be something he must be so very unproud of.
          Oh yeah, and your crusade is like an addiction…, you really do sound like youre on crack.

        10. Uh oh disobedient little girls get the cattle prod and anal without lube… But you already knew/wanted that you tricky little dummy. Nope, just shackled corner time with a gag until you piss in your frilly panties slut. Look how long and sad your reply was. You really can’t control yourself around Men. It’s rather amusing.

        11. Is it? Is your weekend spent Amusing Yourself on the internet through your fantasy views on women?.
          You don’t even come up with your own insults, you hijack a week old argument, and sound like the mentally deficient lacky of some lame ass bully.
          ‘ yeah, uh, thats right bitch, uh, what he said’
          I cant control myself round men.?Where the fuck are the men?. You are lound angry noisy children full of hate and have to troll every woman nearby until she hayes you all, children who are burying the worthwhile content in this site under a pile of crap and proving to all women that if feminism really caused the downfall of america and resulted in men like you. It Must Keep On Until You Grow Up. Think of it as a giant smack on your ass. It ends as soon as you act like a human adult.

  13. This is true. Our opponents are cowards and often quite stupid. Even government stooges can be walked over if you just speak your mind from a rational and rightful position and refuse to back down as long as they keep being wrong.
    The only thing they know how to do is complain and yell until they get their way. Their power is entirely in the mind.

  14. A remarkably lucid red pill man, Scott Adams talks about this in his recent book how to fail at almost everything and win big.
    He said that one of the key arts of persuasion is insanity. That is to say insane people have leverage over the sane because they force compromise by being so uncompromisble.
    People acquiesce just to get them to shut the fuck up.
    So he recommends in things like business negotiation and such, having the odd element of insanity to your repertoire. The odd seemingly without reason emotion led time constraint or demand in order to bolster yourself against your enemies tricks and selective facts.
    The thing with insanity is that it’s self Immolating. They (sjws) speed up their own destruction because their ideology lacks any strength, antifragility or robustness against real world problems.

    1. Yeah, That works, Ive seen some real stubborn nut-jobs ruin some companies getting their own way like this with cowardly employers.
      Sadly it happens here too, a couple of good ideas ruined by raging emotional fucktards trying to gain unearned influence from shit they read online and antiquated books on power.

  15. Absolutely true. They have utterly no substance, relying entirely on the submission to their emotional, physical and verbal abuse to advance and gain ground. If you stand up for yourself, they call you names. If you still stand, they run away with their tails between their legs because that is all they had. They had no facts. They had no reasoning. There was nothing but weakness emanating from their broken cores, and they can be disarmed as simply laughing at them and not allowing them to form bullying groups, since drowning you out with volume is how a loser “wins” an argument.

    1. What you mean arguments such as “‘STFU you stupud cunt, you are obviously drunk / on medication / mongoloid. You have no idea what you’re talking about you screaming harpy, you have been brainwashed and are clearly desperate for attention’”
      Is that how a loser wins an argument, irrational bullying with no valid informational content at all?
      This ‘I describe my enemy as all the worst bits of me, because thats all I know’ is so funny. Youre so stuck inside your own hall of mirrors.

  16. Cool reference to the Richard Sharpe series by Bernard Cornwell. Would put that on the ROK reading list.

    1. For masculinity, yes, but definitely not for good advice on how to deal with women.
      Seriously Sharpe was as masculine as it got except for his relations with women. His relations with Jane were cringe-inducing. Although I suppose he’s good for teaching you how NOT to deal with women.

  17. Endless mockery is the way to deal with these cunts. I always see people calling for debate. This is pointles. Only debate if you have an audience of normals and you can score a propaganda victory by making them look stupid, not a hard task. However, experience shows they usually refuse to debate unless they bring an army of their own who will simply scream and pull fire alarms.
    These people are incapable of rational coherence and have no concept of irony, humorous or otherwise.
    Mock them. Mock them openly and often.

  18. For me, the idea that a common person can be “racist” or “sexist” is just outlandish. The way I see it, actual racism and sexism can only be done by politicians on a national level. I cannot be racist because I am not a president of anything nor hold any political power other than that of an ordinary citizen.

    1. Agreed, sexism racism and sectarianism are all particular topics of hate expressed by foolish pod people who are being manipulated to fight each other and not notice the universal crap being done by the leaders.
      I dont care why people express random hatred at me, their reasons are different wherever I go based on the local culture of hate. They are mindless idiots regurgitating strings of words they pay no real attention to. Pod people are transparently obvious any time they express hatred against a particular out group, just to avoid anyone noticing their own weaknesses.

    Be like Picard.

    1. Star Trek – the ULTIMATE liberal socialist egalitarian SJW tripe/fiction of choice. Essentially there is no difference between the Federation and the Borg. Both DEMAND compliance and assimilation. Just look at what the Federation did to the Klingon’s and the Romulan’s.

  20. I raised my kids to see SJW commie propaganda for the nonsense it is. My teenagers mock and ridicule them.
    I win.

  21. Constantly attack and offend social justice ideologues – make them feel unsafe and under siege. Don’t be afraid to harass, to be -ist, a “hater”, etc – this is counterbalancing the equalist narrative
    The problem with americans is you keep trying to convince people who are emotionally dedicated to ignorance
    And I don’t mean attack one of their victim groups, I mean attack them. Don’t run around insulting a black guy or a gay guy – those groups are pawns being used by the leaders
    Single out the “college girl” academic leftist types, most of whom are whites and very easily hurt due to sheltered upbringing.
    Destroy this group and social justice crumbles into pieces of conflicting self-interest, as the world should be

    1. “Single out the “college girl” academic leftist types, most of whom are whites and very easily hurt due to sheltered upbringing.”
      You are very correct on that one. These are the ones who are making the most “noise” and they are the easiest ones to call out, ridicule, laugh at, etc….because they have been sheltered.
      If you ever get into a “debate” with one of these harpies, then you’ll notice (after a while) how they’ll walk away or go quiet. It’s because they have no other “ammo”. It’s all smoke; no fire.
      There sheltered life has not taught them how to properly deal with diversity so they lash out (with their opinion on the matter being supreme). When you deal with children the correct way, then you put them in their place (as needed). Many of these college girls need that (from a man). No one seems to have done them this favor (in the past). No dad or dad too busy; so she runs loose. It’s pretty sad but very much needed with these girls.

      1. “If you ever get into a “debate” with one of these harpies, then you’ll notice (after a while) how they’ll walk away or go quiet. It’s because they have no other “ammo”. It’s all smoke; no fire.”
        Didnt you walk away or go quiet when you failed to respond to my comments in a grown up way. Ive noticed you lads do this too, you just dont have any convincing arguments for anything, its all ineffective attempts at ridicule and then you scutter away in failure.

        1. Most women period having nothing worth saying or listening to at all. It is like trying to debate a 5 yr old…no logic..all feelings.

        2. Where is *your* logic? It really is like trying to debate with a 5 year old… no logic.. all angry projection and badly disguised ego defense mechanisms.
          You want a real conversation? Please, youre very welcome to start one, but can you do it without the hypocricy and the desperate need to blame the state of the world on women and their bad fathers.
          You think the sheltered life has taught people to not deal with diversity? That it causes people to lash out in anger with their supreme opinions. All true, for immature people. What you say does not apply to women any more than it applies to men, or people of any category other than ‘childish’.
          You think more parental responsibility is needed, thats great with me. Id add its not just parents, if you dont like something, set a grown up example.
          But your idea that the sheltered people are easiest to ridicule, that you seem to prefer that option than attempting to talk properly to them, to give them a chance to grow up before they learn they are in fact talking to a man who thinks most women have nothing to say.
          Singling out the young women for abuse is supporting the divide and conquer plan of those in power, so long as you are busy distracted with sex and sexism, you have no coordinated power to fix the real problem. I cant believe you really want a solution that benefits you beyond an easy short term personal advatage.
          Once you came here to man up (not something you ought need to do at your age), read a few things and picked up a few new labels for the same old recycled crud, and decided that all SJWs are stupid sheltered women ( some are, some are manipulative politicians with their own ends, some are assholes, some are just speaking up and are willing to hear more than on one side to a story), then you are adding to the problem and giving them good cause to fight you.
          Did it ever occur to you that there wouldnt be any feminists if there werent so many men who grew up sheltered by a sense of arrogant entitlement to jobs and respect purely because of their gender, or colour or the hard earned social status of their parents. Young white guys had the advantage and the opportunity to do something good with it, and they chose to treat people like dirt because they were weaker.
          If you were really as ubermench as you thought you were you would have the ability to interpret the pre syphilitic writings of Nietzsche correctly and do your duty. Instead you have to get schooled by an old woman who does not have the slightest bit of hope that you will learn anything in time for her to see the benefit of it.
          But maybe your kids will turn out better, eh?

  22. “It is not the critic who counts; not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles, or where the doer of deeds could have done them better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood; who strives valiantly; who errs, who comes short again and again, because there is no effort without error and shortcoming; but who does actually strive to do the deeds; who knows great enthusiasms, the great devotions; who spends himself in a worthy cause; who at the best knows in the end the triumph of high achievement, and who at the worst, if he fails, at least fails while daring greatly, so that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who neither know victory nor defeat.”
    –Theodore Roosevelt
    He nailed the SJWs a century ago. They are nothing but critics and second-guessers trying to destroy achievers. They will fail.

  23. It is true that women in general are not feminists. In fact, women in general often loathe feminism for having deprived them of quality masculine leadership.
    That said, while women may not be feminists, they are also not men, and so – conformist, obedient and timid – they will never speak out brazenly, boldly and recklessly against the impositions of cultural marxism. This task must inevitably fall to men.

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    2. Thats drama talk, it sounds like a white knight excuse to rescue women from the bad guys, careful now, you cannot have it both ways.
      Else its sjw talk for defending the weak in order to implement your own self serving plans.
      Do what you want and use your own reasons. That is the only way to gain respect.
      Also, if they never speak out boldly, then who are the feminists you ridicule at every opportunity? Why divide your army in two instead of joining to fight the real assholes in power.

  24. You do remember, of course, that Sean Bean always ends up dying a miserable death, right? When Michael Douglas can beat you, something is awfully wrong.

  25. Unfortunately its not as simple as that. Even though SJWs are a minority, they are in key positions of power – the media, the education system and government. They control the microphones, they indoctrinate the next generation and they either dictate or influence policy. To defeat them you have to fight for a stronger position in these institutions, create parallel institutions with just as much influence or abandon the system all together.

  26. I’ve noticed life has significantly improved for me and those around me once I stopped eating these people’s crap. It’s weird that the strong bow to weak out of kindness and then the weak go on to be tyrants. I wonder if this is how society has always collapsed.

  27. Quote 1:
    “As some of us here at Return of Kings have proven on a number of occasions: “all you need to do is stand and fire three rounds a minute. Then they stop and run away.” ”
    Seems to be accurate summary of the ‘rational and intellectual’ conversations Ive had on here. Literally no capacity for problem solving or seeing opportunities.
    Please stop assuming anyone who disagrees is some evil feminist or SJW. All I want is a practical reduction of everyday hatred but it is almost impossible to take your opinions into account when you cant state them without sounding like the things you hate. Angry, irrational, hormonal, emotional whiney victims looking for out-groups to blame or attack.
    [‘You’ should be interpreted as 85% of the commenters, not necessarily the ones trying to write blogs on self improvement or removing bullshit, or even game, which is a persons choice to follow or not. Most readers are idiot haters though]
    Quote 2:
    “Most people are actually pretty sick of the endless “social justice” cries. Most women are not feminists. This is because in fact, most people are…normal. It is only the freaks, their white knight orbiters, and enablers in the media that push this nonsense (and even then only because it makes the latter money at the end of the day due to the clickbait).”
    Exactly, so younger lads, relax. You dont want to give people a reason to ignore and dismiss your points. Say them calmly without swearing, stick to the main point, drop the personal attacks and let the freaks show themselves up, and dont fight for the sake of it. Dont turn into the thing you claim you are fighting against, dont make enemies for your cause by attacking and labelling people, cause right now yes I don’t need SJW standing in my way of the current urge to cull all of the pointless shits that frequent here, but Im fully in support of the levelling up approach to life, show me that, I will respect it.
    Naturally, do what you like, of course, but to be heard you gotta stop screaming ‘cunt bitch whore’ at everyone.

  28. Standing your ground gets you a malicious lawsuit like I’ve been suffering through for years via social justice minions, WCEL minion lawyers, and minion phd sponsors for example. Or another example is how greg renouf has had to deal with threats and actual physical violence, someone had even threatened him with a knife. Or a frivolous and vexing criminal litigation such as that endured by gregory allen elliot (not sure if I spelled his name right). Our system created and peddles social justice and empowers them with unjust tools to harm their opposition. We are infiltrated, and every time someone like myself stands up to these communist scumbags we are sacked and others around us turn into cowards to avoid being sacked themselves.

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