5 More Underappreciated Masculine Activities Every Man Should Engage In

In a previous article, I discussed five activities that are often overlooked by men claiming to be “masculine”. There are many more. In this article I will be providing five more activities that every aspiring or self-proclaimed masculine man should should engage in.

1. Public speaking

For some of  you, this one is a given. Too many guys are afraid to talk in public or in front of large groups of people, myself included. However this is such an important skill to have, and if you are no longer in school and required to do regular orals, it can be difficult to practice this skill.

Public speaking is one of the requirements of all great leaders in history—politicians, commanders, visionaries… the list goes on. Neglecting this fundamental skill would be suicide for all aspiring alphas, as it is the only way to effectively demonstrate your power by a show of confidence, body language, calmness under pressure, and of course, intelligence and wit.

People like to see that even famous “non-vocal” celebrities like writers, athletes, etc. are able to actually talk to a crowd in an engaging manner, as it can enhance their respect for them. I chose “non-vocal” celebrities specifically because unlike actors, singers, or TV show hosts, they are not required to constantly be speaking or using their voice in front of crowds.

2. Outdoor Survival

In today’s increasingly urbanized society, what need does the modern man have for survival skills? Many ROK writers have already covered this topic, so I’ll just rehash the most important reasons to have this skill. If the shit hits the fan, you want to know you are capable of reacting efficiently. You want to have a plan of action, but be able to improvise where necessary.

Therefore you need to know at least the basics of survival, such as starting a fire with minimal materials, how to filter and disinfect water, where and how to obtain food, how to build a shelter, etc. Most of these skills are taught in the Boy Scouts, however if you are too old to join (18+) then there are alternatives.

The military is an option, but not the only one. There are many survival “schools” that actually offer various survival training courses to both the military and public, in bushcraft, self-defense, firearms training, hunting, CPR, and much more.

3. Tutoring/Coaching

Another important skill for masculine men is to be able to impart their knowledge on to others who they feel deserve to know. Tutoring is also a great way to earn some part time cash on the side if you are well-versed in academic subjects such as mathematics,  but also artistic subjects such as music.

If you are especially good at a sport, you could become a coach or personal trainer if you get the qualifications for it, which would be well worth the money considering you’re essentially killing two (or three?) birds with one stone: remaining fit and healthy, earning money, and gaining respect and followers by imparting knowledge to help others.

4. Music

Sure, many people mess have messed around with instruments when they were younger and you probably know people who can play some piano, guitar or any other popular instrument. But how many guys do you know that are REALLY GOOD at playing those musical instruments? I’m guessing not many.

Not just listening to music, but actually being able to play a musical instrument(s) is an important skill for a masculine man to have. If you already have game, this can benefit you immensely. You essentially have the ability to influence people’s emotions, at your fingertips, as that is what music does. Now think of how you can use that to: attract women into your circle, impress or intimidate fellow males; and even just have fun by yourself, exercising your creativity muscles. It’s a no-brainer.

If you don’t know how to play an instrument yet, start taking lessons as soon as possible and stick with it. Learn basic music theory and how to read music, and try to develop your listening skills as well.

5. Singing

I know what you’re thinking. Singing? A masculine activity? You can’t be serious, Johan. Well, actually I am. And before you think I’m just another leftist spy, hear me out. Think of all the famous male singers you can think of. Okay, now ask yourself, who are their biggest fans the majority of the time? That’s right, in most cases, it’s women.

Women love men who can sing, sometimes even if they are homosexual or feminine (think Queen or Prince or, more recently, Justin Bieber). More masculine singers include Frank Sinatra, Kris Kristofferson, Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash and Bruce Springsteen, to name a few. Singing could be seen as a combination of public speaking and musical talent. Although not the exact same as public speaking, it still involves similar usage of the voice and vocal cords, and the voice is a very powerful medium of communication. Combine this with a musical instrument as stated in point #4, or even dancing skill as I mentioned in the previous article.


Regardless of whether you choose to pursue all of the above activities or just a select few, they will surely help to improve your life in one way or another, and make you a more attractive and capable man. So I urge you: go forth and conquer, my fellow lads and gentlemen. The more skill-sets under your belt, the more the world opens up to you. Fear is an obstacle in your progress and if you fear improving yourself then you will never reach your desired destination.

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119 thoughts on “5 More Underappreciated Masculine Activities Every Man Should Engage In”

    1. Fight the feminist under the orders of the Russian army!

      1. Russia is feminist country in the core, why would they fight their own?

    2. Apart from exploring the wilderness, all your male activities appear to be gay. Music, singing, tutoring, public speaking is just so freaking gay.
      Conclusion, you are a homosexual.

      1. Conclusion: if your comment was not intended as a joke, you must be around 13 years old. Mentally at least.

        1. JJ,
          All male activities involve moving, sweating, exercising (you gotta lift), all female activities involve staying in one spot. 4 out of 5 of the OPs activities are clearly feminine (require no strength or physical fitness).
          I’m sorry you can’t see that, but these days there are many men than don’t understand manliness, which is part of the reason for the way the white world has become.

        2. Dear sir, I am nothing if not completely physically fit, and have been life long. I understand about the physical aspects, but if that is all there is, then every achievement of science and letters is effeminate then? Is reading, writing, learning, etc., ‘faggy?’ Do you not ever enjoy music, which is very often sung by men? Did you vote for Trump? If you did, understand that his money came not from ANY physical exertion whatsoever. The dude has never been muscular or physically strong in any way. 95% of men’s high paying jobs today are non-physical. We can’t take this too far.

      2. JOHN
        It is hard for young men these days NOT to be homo.
        If they were white, they grew up as only children spoiled by Yuppie parents in the 1990’s in a golden era of economic splendor.
        When they’re parents divorced, they lived with their mother, so no masculine role model.
        They wank to porn like adolescents when they are 25 years old in their mother’s house.
        They have never had the opportunity to travel or work overseas or even get laid.
        All the slags these days either Lesbians like your daughter or they are running around with blacks, Pakistanis, Latinos whose babies they will expect the taxpayer to pay for. The few white women that do not have tattoos all over their body or serve as a receptacle for black and Muslim penises or prefer one another are upper, upper class whites in fact. And most middle class white males have no access to them.
        So they are trapped in their room on the street they were born wanking under the covers so Mum does not walk in.
        Of course they are gay.

        1. @Mathais, was just going to say the same thing. I feel for the guy, he’s in his mid 40’s and has only started accepting that he has those feelings stirring deep inside him, and they’re getting stronger, hence why they’re now spilling out onto the page more and more with each reply he makes.
          @Gen X-ile, come on, honey, this is a safe space, be true to yourself.

        2. ASDASDA
          Stupid UK Indian effeminate. I cannot tell if you are gay or not because all UK Indians are such Mumma’s Boys that it is impossible to tell..
          You live with your parents and you are in your 30’s.
          Your texts about CIA are inane and defy comprehension.
          You’re the homosexual. An effeminate one at that.
          Stupid UK Indian.

        3. Unless they’re subjected to an in utero hormone imbalance before birth, they’re not likely to be afflicted with Same Sex Attraction Disorder. It’s a birth defect, don’t you know.

      3. My job requires me to speak in front of hundreds of people a week.
        You call it gay, but it is an essential trait of leadership. You only call it gay because you can’t stand up and motivate a crowd or even teach a simple skill.

        1. Calling everything “gay” is absolutely ridiculous. Is using “game” to achieve as much sex as possible, with the ‘winner’ being her who attains the highest notch count without ever reproducing while simultaneously pretending he’s not even into women something that cannot be considered “gay”? (It often is, at least by those “going their own way” types). I say, from here on out, considering everything to be “gay” is in itself gay. If what you’re calling ‘gay’ is not explicitly connected with homosexual activity- then you are not to be take seriously.
          P.S. Lifting weights is participated in by many homos; so are they NOT gay?

        2. JJ,
          I’ve never used ‘game’, I can pay and women approach me, I’ve stopped needing to approach them. I’ve had sex with many women, and never with a condom, I like having children. Managed to reproduce at least 5x so far, and still hoping for more. While I share many of the opinions and goals of this sites contributors, I’ve never felt the urge to ‘conform’ and have always been very much of a ‘Man Going my Own Way’.
          I’ve never believed ‘notch count’ to be important, and if pressed into stating what is important would probably say ‘children count’ as being the most important part of being a man.

      4. Public speaking, learning to persuade others, and tutoring, mentoring young men to educate them, are critical leadership skills.

    3. Ugh, there are far better ways to spend your time and energy. Of the literally thousands of masculine hobbies available to us, it would not be hard to find 5 that are much better than these. Sure it is good to be able to speak in public is a valuable skill, not a hobby. As for the rest, it is all a matter of personal preference.

    4. “Think of all the famous male singers you can think of.”
      Elton John …… homo.
      George Michael ……. homo.
      Bono ……. SJW.
      Ricky Martin …….. homo.
      Pavarotti ……. lard bucket.
      Not really many role models there for me to emulate.

      1. Thomas G Fischer
        Tom Waits
        Johnny Cash
        Shane MacGowan
        Why limit yourself to the homo crowd ?

      2. Those singers are picked out of a narrow category, and deliberate to prove a point. So can I assume you never, ever, ever listen to any music at all? Or only to instrumental music? Have you yourself never sung anything ever, not even to yourself? If you have, are you then gay? And who said you need to “emulate” anyone?

        1. JJ,
          I generally listen to Asian, Japanese and Latino music. Singers like Gratae, Baby Metal and Romeo Santos. I particularly like ‘Rak Kwai Kwai’ at the moment (by a one hit wonder).

          I just listed the male white singers I remembered from my youth as something to which the English speaking posters on this site could relate.

      3. Sinatra- badass
        Johny Cash- Badass
        Lemmy of Motorhead- Badass
        Brian Johnson ACDC – Badass
        Ozzy Osbourne-Epic in Younger Days
        Paul Rodgers Bad Co.- Badass
        Chris Stapleton-Badass
        Hank William 1, Jr & 3rd- Badass
        David Allen Coe- Badass
        Lynard Skynard-Badass
        Johny Rebel- F*cking badass!!

    5. How about Studying and understanding the JQ or Jewish question?
      The Plot Against the Church-Maurice Pinay, The 13th Tribe-Koestler, The Invention of the Jewish People-Sands, The Greatest Hoax of the 20th Century-Butz, The Holocaust Industry-Finklestein, By Way of Deception-Ostrovsky, Gulag Archipelago-Solzhenitzyn, The Judas Goats- Piper, The Life Of An American Jew Living in Racist Marxist Israel-Bernstein just to name a few are in my collection.

    6. Agreed…a real man doesn’t take advice from a website, this is lame as f_ck!

  1. 6. Adjusting/scratching your balls in public. Women don’t have balls, keep reminding them of that fact.

    1. asdasda
      You probably jerk off in public. Just pull out your dick to any man who does not look like he will kill you on the spot and start stroking it in front of him.

      1. That’s an interesting fantasy you have about me. Disturbing, in fact.

  2. Honestly, I’m not impressed with the list except no. 2 !
    the others seems generic. alot of people do it regardless of its masculine or not.

  3. It’s interesting seeing all these activities that we men need to do according to RoK in order to be real men.
    Not not only are we supposed to lift weights, learn MMA, gymnastics and jiu-jitsu, approach women regularly, learn a new language, take kratom 13 per day, drive a motorcycle, do cardio, hunt deers, sing, become a wine connoisseur, play instruments, learn outdoor survival, change tires, coach others, learn scuba diving, hike, urban exploration, jump out of airplanes, do houspainting, meditate, clean windows, wash the car, play a competitive sport, cook, learn salsa dancing, improve our writing skills, do yoga, read a book a day, cultivate friendships with other men and visit museums, practice debating AND know how to do public speaking.
    Not to mention the 5 most important reasons why we need to do Classical Opera as well: http://www.returnofkings.com/65782/5-reasons-why-classical-opera-should-be-your-new-masculine-hobby

    1. “Learn salsa dancing”
      LOL… I can remember when that was the main piece of advice PUAs would give each other years ago. Fuck that.

      1. Salsa dancing Fuck that Gay shit if you want to be a man you should take up Morris Dancing. LOL.

        1. asda,
          Latin dancing …… gay, but slightly less gay than public speaking, tutoring, singing and playing an instrument. At least you’re rubbing against a woman while Latin dancing. Actually, Latin dancing isn’t gay, it’s a variation on clown game, and I’ve never been so desperate to lower myself into playing games for fucks. My time is too valuable to waste doing stuff to lure pussy. But I guess if you don’t have the ability to make money, it’s a route you may take.

    2. @Carl
      I guess you’ll need to clone yourself Carl, lol, then you can assemble your skilled team of Carls that can do everything while real Carl works.

  4. I balked at “5. Singing” but after reading I concur since a friend once advised “Horseback Riding.” I balked at that too until I went to a barn to check it out. I found most women were trim with strong legs, wealthy, outdoor types and because a barn is full of horses regularly expel sea biscuits you can pass gas openly and audibly without anyone ever suspecting it was you.

    1. Thw sweetest girls- and the most cock hungry hang out at the horse stable. For a masculine man it’s like shooting fish in a barrel. However, beware- collapsed vagina is a very real thing with these girls.

  5. Fight the militant feminist when you hear of war with Russia. Putin will reward you with thin, feminine also beautiful Russian women.

    1. How do I make Putin accept me because I’m a Canadian?

  6. How do I join the Russian mafia? I need to get out of this feminist hell!

  7. Master the SSS. A good strategy. A good speculation. And a good seduction. All else will slowly fall into place.

  8. #1 and #2. Especially #2. Biting off the head of a bull frog and eating the whole damn thing with the guts and all in some Vietnam cave before a flash flood is very manly. Bear Grylls said so. Can’t get more manlier than that. The last two just makes you more metrosexual.

  9. It’s a good list i agree with and put in practice personally, every point mentioned.
    The only thing i would add is mechanics.
    A man must be able to handle the basics in this aspect. Know your car

    1. That is one thing I admit I need to get a handle on. Thanks for the comment Chris, I’ve neglected that aspect of life really, beside basic stuff (tire changing, fluids, etc).

  10. I can’t and don’t sing, however, I do listen to music, not all of which is instrumental. Therefore, I and the rest of you listen to music sung by a man. If you like any classic rock, hard rock, heavy metal, etc., from the Rolling Stones to GN’R- you’re listening to men sing. So I guess you must all be “gay.” Sitting around doing nothing while your civilization is destroyed, and refusing to mention it because that would not be “alpha” is definitely to “gay.”

      What can you do to make Detroit or Sweden better places. Muslims and blacks and barrio Mestizos are not going to behave differently if a bomb is dropped on them.
      So Western women act like sluts. How can you stop it? You can move away, as I did 20 years ago and simply marry a woman who is not Western. But otherwise, what?
      The “Tribe” can be rude or perhaps make some stupid television shows and films but Asians and other races are not buying into them. Only whites care what Kayne West says or does.
      Asians just dismiss him as a Negro.
      If the military is controlled in part by the interests of “the tribe”…it is all volunteer anyhow. I’m not going to be drafted. You are not going to be drafted.

      1. You can Fight back and not be a pussy and move to leave others to do the fighting…

      2. MM,
        I’m with you, white civilization is already gone, the only thing left for us to do is get out while we still can and disseminate our superior white genes amongst the brown natives in the hopes our DNA will survive even if our race can’t.

        1. JOHN
          SJW laws are on their side. What is the point of belonging to the English Defense League and fighting Pakistanis and Negros all day who are merely guests of state policy?
          What do you? Swoop down like Ed Woodward in the EQUALIZER every time they try and groom some silly white slag?
          What is the definition of fighting? Shouting at short guys in Yarmulkes that they are controlling your life?
          What does that accomplish?
          Blair and Clinton instituted the policies that eventually rode hard on white working class males like me.
          There has been a backlash but the damage is done.
          If you are from a post-industrial wasteland like me what are you going to do? Point a gun at people and say “Tell me nice things about Detroit.”

    Giving a shit about the media. In the old days, women watched soap operas. Today grown men are all wrapped up in television shows. This is feminine behavior. In the old days men went to work and returned home to watch the news.
    Also, real men do not give a shit about bad habits. If they want to smoke a cigar, they do so. If they want to drink three beers after work, they do so.
    I should add that grown men who smoke pot everyday are 30 year old adolescents. In the old days, smoking marijuana was for teenagers and hippies. Not grown men.

    1. I find it strange that drinking beer is seen as being a manly thing, yet hops, which is used in the brewing process, is one of the most estrogenic plants there is – close to soy. That’s why heavy drinkers get a “beer belly”.
      It’s also seen as manly to drink beer while you sit on your couch doing nothing but getting fatter and weaker, wearing a football shirt – sometimes with another man’s name on the back like you’re his bitch – watching other men do the stuff you can’t do/wish you could do.
      Then maybe afterwards, if you want to be even manlier, you go and fap to a video of another bigger, stronger man banging the girl you wish you could bang.
      I agree that obsessing over TV shows is feminine behaviour, but I also think that men SHOULD give a shit about bad habits.

      1. I usually drink beer while sitting with hookers in a bar.
        At home (where nobody can see) it’s red wine coolers.

      2. So much bs on this website…
        The estrogenic principle in hops extract is 8-prenylnaringenin (8-PN)56 with 10% of the binding activity of 17-beta-estradiol, while structurally related hops flavonoids had more than 100 times lesser potency.57 However, the effects of whole extracts are much smaller, and the direction of activity is unclear. While whole hops extract (50% ethanol) in one in vitro study stimulated cell proliferation in estrogen-dependent T47D breast cancer cells,58 hops extract in another in vitro study inhibited serum-stimulated growth of T47D cells.59 In an in vivo study with ovariectomized adult rats, the primary outcome measure, uterus weight gain, indicated that hops did not have an estrogenic effect on the uterus, and none of the secondary outcome measures were positive, confirming the safety of hops.60
        It bears emphasis that the estrogenic principle in hops (8-PN) is formed spontaneously from the chalcone desmethylxanthohumol. Hence, it is not typically present in relevant concentrations in most hops extracts, e.g., either in beer or in medications. The concentrations of 8-PN are generally too low in such preparations to produce a measureable effect in humans.61 While 8-PN may be formed in the intestine,62 absorption should be reduced significantly by intestinal and hepatic metabolism.63 From the long-established use of hops extracts, one can safely assume that drinking a beer or taking hops as a sleep aid is without any known toxicological problems. The components of potential toxicological concern are present in only minor quantities in the typical extracts consumed in beer or as sleep medication.

    2. @Marz – The Russian-British political commentator Anatoly Karlin advocates you pirate stuff if you’re really interested in a particular film, game or music.

      1. I don’t follow you at all.
        To be honest, independent film was once an interesting POV but now nobody makes indie films because they get pirated and there is no money post-video store.
        So we get more of the Hollywood crap rammed down our throats.
        Even the days of delightful cheese in the cinemas are gone. It is all sequels with the same tired shit heel A or B-List Actors.

  12. Aviation
    Mountain Biking
    Rock Climbing
    Restoring Old Cars
    Learning languages

      1. Traveling at least gives a young man a perspective on life.
        After you have gone to other countries and gotten sex from exotic women you are not as inclined to hang around spending your money at clubs watching the local slags hump on the dance floor with blacks.
        I cannot imagine trying to hang around the same dank club week after week in the hopes that one of the local slags might get drunk enough to lie on her back and let me poke her.
        What kind of sex is that?

    1. I agree with your entire list, Vader, especially aviation and shooting, as these are interests of mine personally, and especially the history and innovations in aircraft and firearms development. Unfortunately, the rare past articles featured on this site about topics you’ve listed have not gone over well (past article on hunting brought out all kinds of anti-hunting rants and vitriol). Such topics would be a welcome change, IMO, from the endless non meaningful articles on hedonism, misanthropy, nihilism, and solipsism. Maybe you can start a site dedicated to the topics you’ve listed?

    2. With you with everything except skydiving. I’ve an addictive personality and I know if I tried skydiving I’d be attempting a 40m BASE jump from my balcony next.
      I’ll just add:
      Horse riding

    3. All gay, who needs to know any of that shit? Tech owns old-timey faggot bullshit ‘skills’ – Aviaton = gay, ever met a pilot who was actually legit alpha like in the movies? No, they all old fags who thought flying planes was ‘cool’, old fags – Mountain biking = gay as fuck, thrill seeker waste of time and money – Skydiving only good if invading another country, otherwise your reqiring your brain to be a a bag of mud – Rock climbing = as gay as it gets, only fags think climbing up a rock makes them a ‘man’, bahaha, gay – Fishing? Really? That’s the most faggot of them all, why fish when I can throw a net down and catch a hundred while you dick around with one thinking youre a ‘man’ cuse you put a worm on a hook, bahaha, even a 5 yr old can fish, OH SO MANLY…Racing, yawn, gay…who cares if your vehicle goes faster than some other chump, do you lose your balls when the race is over? No, you lost them before it even started…Hunting, yawn…more gayness…why hunt when I can domesticate the beast and walk out my door and slay as many as I fuckin want all day long – Restoring old car…bahaha, faggot….Woodworking? Really? Got machines that will make 10,000x more furniture than you can make in a year. Archery? BaAHAHAHA, faggot elf fag…Shooting? BAHAHAHA about time he got to actual toys men use…boxing..? Yawn…cliché…Why box when I can just shot you in the face, what bitch what? Hiking…BAHAHAHA, more enter the wildnerness fag speak…civilizations already been carved out, why the fuck do I need to go int the woods, scared of tech? Learning languages…ok, now I know you really are a homo…Traveling…yawh, sigh, who the fuck needs to travel? Everything you need is at your local Wal-mart…fag list only a faggot would think matters…tryin to act caveman when they obsolete…go dick around with your outdoorsy gay shit, I’ll be swimming dollars and hookers while your jerking off in the woods thinking making a campfire makes you a ‘man’….fag.

  13. The above list is a good place to start. But one key thing is to pick a couple of things and GET GOOD AT THEM. Don’t float from one thing to another forever. It takes years to develop mastery .

    1. VADER
      One of my co-workers once mentioned that most marathon runners are shitty at their job. All they do is run.
      Of course they are not good enough to actually make money at it anyhow, so what difference does it make?
      You should devote your energy to the activities that could possibly make you money.

  14. JOHN
    Moving Overseas…A Young Man’s Perspective
    When I moved to Dubai I suddenly realized that none of the garbage I cared about mattered.
    Girls I ran around after in college who fucked me once and dropped me…you could see a different Russian hooker every single night in Dubai. For variety I fucked other races of hookers as well.
    Media? You are no longer able (Or were not in 1999) to get access to the same cable without a satellite back then. So you lost touch with which Main Negro was getting shot by his rap star friends or the garbage Hollywood tried to ram down your throat. You lived in the real world.
    Jews? There were no Jews in Dubai so you cannot blame them for “influencing you”.
    I cannot believe how infantile some of the sad bastards are on this site-
    “Jews control my life.” Turn off the television.
    “Blacks get all the chicks”. Try fucking some prostitutes, they will at least agree to whatever sex you want.
    “Cannot stop jerking off to porn”. See above. Visit prostitutes.
    See the world. Work overseas. Get away from Mum.

    1. Dont watch TV, Still sick of J EWs.
      Would NEVER in a million years pay for sex, let alone a hooker.
      The world is over rated. Except for White nations. Theres a reason they all die trying to get TO here. And Europe you FN J oo

        1. Because I feel dirty after reading every single one of your posts.
          Also your bloated sense of self importance

        2. @RW, I feel dirty too, when I read his posts, but that’s not from the constant Jew defending ad nausium (they’re cunts, deal with it), but more from the constant homosexual vibes he keeps sending me. It’s getting seriously weird now, he just wrote to me that he imagines me masturbating in public, waiting for gay men to fuck. Talk about fantasy projection.

        3. R W
          Why do you feel dirty after reading my posts and in terms of self-importance if a person does not take themselves seriously who is else will?
          I do place a great deal of importance on my own interests, well-being, situational happiness.

        4. ASDASDA
          Sure, and I work for the CIA too. You ooze the naivete and childishness of a sheltered man-boy who lives with his Mum in his 30’s and has never traveled anywhere.
          Which Jew has been a cunt to you? Do their policies keep you at home living with your Mum?

        5. ASDASDA
          “I feel so dirty”
          What a fucking effeminate obsessive you are.

        6. I probably enjoy MM, Allaster and Weimers posts more than any others on here. It’s a shame the trolls keep having a go at them ‘cos they’re top RoK ers.

      1. ZEN
        No Australian wants to move to the US. Or many Canadians either.
        I bet not a single white Canadian was caught trying to sneak into Vermont this week.

        1. Not true. American girls like Australian accents. Don’t ask me why, I think they just sound dumb.

        2. ASDASDA
          Australians want to move to the United States because American girls love their accents.
          Perhaps YOU want to move to the United States but you are so inane you defy all comprehension.

      2. Why not pay for sex?
        In the past all the manly men paid prostitutes, the old west only had prostitutes, the famous explorers (Sir Richard Burton) all visited brothels, armies always had camp followers. Not paying for sex has been an attitude forced on modern man by the current gynocracy. It isn’t a natural state of affairs.

        1. JOHN
          What British and European girls DO YOU THINK immigrated to the United States.
          Do you think rich, well-bred upper-class British and European girls wanted to spend months on a dirty boat?
          At best most white Americans are the grandchildren of servant girls but the reality is that a good number of these girls of ill-repute were hookers.
          Pure hookers.

  15. 5. Singing
    “Okay, now ask yourself, who are their biggest fans the majority of the time? That’s right, in most cases, it’s women” Yeah, let’s just base off what’s masculine and what is not according to the whimsical taste of the most materialistic, simpleminded and wicked species this Earth has known. I believe the problem with this article (And perhaps in the authors mind) lies just there, evaluating what is and what is not; Masculine, according to the external world and the reaction certain behaviour/act receives from it; It’s validated? Masculine. Makes you feel good? Masculine. Gives you an endorphin rush? Masculine. Grows your ego? Masculine. Gets you poosay? Masculine.

  16. 1. John Wayne
    2. John Wayne
    3. John Wayne
    4. John Wayne
    5. John Wayne

    1. BILLY
      John Wayne today.
      He would be a large Irish-American with a bit of beer gut roaming around the trailer parks and dusty towns of the Southwest without a concealment license.
      One day his cowboy hat and general swagger would attract the attention of a feral black groid because he would have to live in lower-income residences.
      “Fuck you looking at, dawg” the Groid would ask him.
      “A dead Negro…Pilgrim” John Wayne would say and shoot him in the head with his Derringer two-shot.
      The police would arrive. They would arrest him.
      In jail lockup more groids would beat him up. John would call a Mexican mafioso “pilgrim” and be beaten up once again.
      Finally he would be placed, due to constant fighting and being beaten up, in segregation. Here, thirsty huge black homosexuals would pray upon him, like the swooshy way he walked.
      On the outside his wife would divorce him. His oldest son would begin imitating Eminem. John Wayne’s daughter, poor and living with a single mother, would be a local slut who was fucked by Cholos.
      So this is the fate of the John Wayne cowboy today, unless his business is oil. He lives in a US interior whose service sector is now all Mexican, so he cannot get a decent job. He has to live among the blacks, who may not be tougher than him but more feral and ruthless. He has no political power because this is concentrated on the East Coast and the Jews there would laugh at his lack of street smarts or cunning.
      All John Wayne has is a puffed out barrel chest and a beer gut and an unlicensed firearm.

      1. Bullchit
        John Wayne would be inducted into the Aryan Brotherhood or AB, the guys who really RUN Prison, and be a baddass, taking out negros that get out of line, or mestizos for the same.

        1. Wiseguys and Mexican Mafia run the prisons.
          AB don’t make that kind of money from the tattoo parlors and bike shops they own on the outside.
          Their organization does not have the kind of economy to bribe prison wardens.

  17. The Art of Being Manly
    Move away from your home country and sneer at the fucked fuckers who lack the initiative to go anywhere.
    Fuck plenty of prostitutes instead of beating off to porn.
    Stop watching US media. I only watch the BBC news. The last US television show I viewed a few episodes of before leaving the US was the Sopranos in the first season-Gosh, wasn’t the 90’s a seemingly simple and prosperous time compared to now when the East Coast was viewed as a decaying shithole instead of the source of total power and the West Coast was a booming economy.
    Move overseas to get away from Blacks and Cholos and trailer trash who are too stupid to actually obtain a passport to leave their ghetto or barrio.
    Live overseas constantly adapting to new situations for 20 years non-stop. This at least keeps your antennae up.
    Scoff at the stupidity of politicians. A white trailer trash whore who does double-penetration for $1000 a throw in ratty porn DVD’s brought down the presidency….what sort of shitty stupid country is this?
    For 20 years I have watched with cynical contempt as men were transformed into putty by the 1%, by the media (Possibly tribal, possibly not), by Groids and Mestizos with more balls.
    …And now the Asians and Indians take over the US because they do not give a shit about any of this.
    And the Yeoman Anglo-Celt in Missouri or out West knows nothing. His cousin is an Oxy addict who tried to steal his gizmos and his sister is a Mud Shark and his town is in post-industrial decline and he is the chief victim of Ruling Classes in the East.

    1. There is no mafia. There are J EWs that use and scapegoat Italians, who are at best, small time drug dealers that run nothing. Even John Gotti learned the hard way in Federal Prison and had to pay the Aryan Brotherhood for protection after he got cold cocked by a Nggr.
      Spics dont really run anything either tho there is a loose alliance with them and the AB in Prison against the Nggrs as both are outnumbered. More than all others, the white AB is the most feared group in prison for their smarts, cunning and utter violence. It pains you, as a J EW, I can only imagine, but its true. You tube and listen to interviews…..
      Tattoo parlors, Extortion, Protection, Drugs, Guns, Prostitution-AB runs it all.
      J EWs prtty much run everything else on the outside.

      1. Redneck World
        Jews RUN Italian crime families? That is a laugh. More Jews are killed by Italians for being degenerate gamblers who cannot or will not pay their “juice” loans or simply lawyers that do something the Italians dislike than are killed by KKK in Alabama.
        The Italians have legitimate interests like unions, construction companies and all the other scams you saw on Sopranos and are not “corner dealing” meth or cocaine. This is why so few of them go to jail and junkies like the Christopher character are killed.
        As for strip clubs, lots of organized crime groups own those. Tattoo parlors? There’s no money in that.
        Ex-cons in Arizona told me that the Mexican mafia is powerful in the prison system there because they have links to the cartels-makes sense, the most important commodity in jail is drugs.
        JEWS pretty much run everything else on the outside.
        Yeah, right. That would explain why Irv Rubin of the JDL got busted trying to blow up a mosque and committed suicide in prison.

    Today John Wayne would be complaining that Mexicans took his shitty job in his shitty city in the Southwest US which is run by Hispanics.
    He’d be getting his ass kicked by blacks in the ghetto at a gas station for looking at them the wrong way.

    1. No
      John Wayne would be espousing White Nationalist ideals, supporting Trump and ingAnn Coulter, while commencing regular beat downs on negros and wetbacks.
      Your projecting again, you degenerate J oo

      1. ZEN
        …I am sure blacks and Mexicans would be very intimidated by a big hick wandering into their barrio or ghetto and calling them pilgrims.

        1. Damn right they would…they fear hicks like those in the Aryan Brotherhood because they dont F around.

        2. Redneck World
          Yep, Omar and his friends run inside as soon as a big hick walks down into the projects wearing a Confederate shirt.

      2. ZEN
        Sure Pilgrim. He would wander into Los Angeles barrios or Negro ghettos with his derringer and intimidate all of them.
        “Hey Pilgrim”

  19. A man is not a man until he has lived overseas and left his birthplace to earn money in other countries.
    A townie is essentially an unformed adult who is remained in the embryonic environment of development. To truly be an adult one must go overseas and experience life full-on.
    Faggots and losers remain in the city of their birthplace going to the same clubs and watching the same sluts they drooled over in high school.
    Men travel overseas and fuck prostitutes. They experience porno-style sex with a variety of women from various nationalities.
    Homos beat off to porn.

  20. You may say many of those activities are “gay” (except #2, my personal favorite among those shown up here) but before discarding #4 and #5, remember those guys capable to play acoustic guitar and sing while you were in high school.
    They were not all effeminates and the most masculine among them could always bed some girls more easily than many of the surrounding guys even if they weren’t that different from them (#4 and #5 apart).

    1. PAB
      Football players banged 10x more.
      The guitar players usually only got the fat Goth chicks.

      1. JOHN
        This is more true in the UK than in the United States. There was never an equivalent to George Best in the U.S.
        The US groupies always surrounded bands and actors. However, NBA stars got their share of sex.
        Let us look at your most famous actors. Can you imagine groupies lined up to fuck Bob Hoskins?

      2. JOHN
        This would be true of George Best. Football players and NBA stars had some groupies but in the US it was always bands and actors who had the largest groupies surrounding them.
        Bands like BLACK SABBATH for example did not have groupies until they toured the United States. I think Lemmy mentioned that.
        In the UK actors do not have the media hype around them. There is no huge groupie and cocaine scene encircling BBC 2 or Pinehurst Studios. It was always a West Coast thing.
        The UK has no other sport besides Footie these days. Boxing perhaps, but the last big British boxer I think I remember was the black guy who fought Mike Tyson in the late 80’s. There is Connor McGregor but again, he hardly has the groupie following George Best did.

      3. “Fat Goths”
        Unless the guy is the singer from the CURE it is unlikely he is fucking Goths-wait, Robert Smith is gay isn’t he?
        Fat Goths generally sit at home slitting self-harming in a way that is not pleasurable to the male species.

      4. We can’t all be football players, and it doesn’t mean you’re a fag if you play guitar and sing too. At least, it gives you access to at least a few acceptable women.

  21. With the kinds of allegations being tossed at men these days, tutoring kids is risky. Remember that story of a father who was practically considered a sex offender for checking into a hotel with his daughter while they were on vacation?

    1. The proper licenses and CCTV at all times.
      In Taiwan, a friend, we’ll call him Abel, taught etiquette lessons to spoilt children of rich families.
      His students loved the lessons- but he had one student who hated him, anyway one day the kid tells his mother that Abel had hit him. Mother caused a big scene in the reception so Abel shows her the crystal clear CCTV which showed him disciplining the little brat, but not hitting him. Abel expected an apology from the mother and her to discipline her son, instead she didn’t even make him apologise and cheerily took her son to Pizza Hut.

  22. As a faithful married white woman with no tattoos married to a white husband and isn’t a whale:
    Men who sing/play guitar is over done. Its not a signal of homosexual preference its just been beat to death. What was once novel is now common.
    Outdoor survival is a must. A man who hunts traps fishes and can live outdoors is equivalent to a woman who is good with kids and can cook. A mythical creature women seek among soy boys and cannot find
    Missing from this list are Building Homes, Fiscal Responsibly, A Martial Art, Target Shoots/Hunting, Cooking, and RELIGION. A Christian man…not a Christian pussy…one who truly believes in his ordained role as a lover a strong leader and a father/husband is what women need

  23. RW
    “Redneck World”
    …Everyone has a baby when their 22 and they are broke they buy the baby Wal-Mart Shoes
    …They talk about white pride and white history but they claim their Grannie is Cherokee
    …The girls are all sluts who claim they were molested when they were still flat chested
    …They talk about individualism and being pioneers but when they plead for Fed Aid they are all in tears
    …They always get hooked on the worst kind of drugs because they are such stupid mugs
    …Before it was Oxy it was meth and crack before that and they always call it an epidemic
    …They talk about their constitutional rights and their government when the landlord demands their monthly rent
    …It is hot and humid or flat and dry in the trailers and old house where most of them lie
    …The Jews on the East Coast and the Asians on the West
    …The most ugly remote post-industrial places are for the Anglo-Celtic rest

    1. Your seething hatred of whites is your giveaway.
      I spotted you for a J EW at moments glance, even though I cant see your nose, ear lobes or small penis

        If Jews have a small penis why are Goy the ones who pay for them to fuck in front of the camera? The porn industry is fueled by white incels.
        Seething hatred of white people?
        If you define “white” as rednecks living in rural cities and towns of post-industrial decline as whites, I want no part of that.

  24. Music and singing? Why don’t you add dancing in a pink F ing tutu.
    What a freaking joke

  25. There are ‘soft’ male skills like those laid out (music, singing, public speaking) and that’s for suit and tie office mopes. Then there are the ‘hard’ skills that attract the sort of women you might have fun with are motorcycles, certain firearms (I’ve gotten Sarah Brady Handgun Control chicks to the NRA range to shoot in the past). Buy and get good riding a motorcycle, bring em along with you. Learn some tactics, get your CCH ticket and go find chicks. Along for the ride, they’re bound to notice your legally-concealed weapon in your jacket. They just give it up. Don’t say you can’t do this stuff. It builds testosterone to ride motorcycles, to expend lots of 9MM and .38s. Faggy types will just tell you in tearing you down, “Just makes you feel like a big man”. Damn right, asshole, whatcha gonna DO about it? Chicks still dig testosterone. Trouble junkies get girls.

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