14 Ways To Add Edge To Your Style

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Suppose we asked 100 men if they would rather:

1. Own a brand new Lamborghini.


2. Own a used Volkswagen.

What would they chose?

Obviously we all know the answer – they would prefer to own the Lamborghini.


Because looks matter – at least initially.

In my experience (dating & bedding 60+ beautiful women before turning 25) this is something that is often overlooked – yet should never be underestimated.

There are many ways to improve your looks. Getting ripped or getting a tan are two of them. I firmly believe that in addition to fixing these fundamentals, adding edge to your image can work wonders.

Just to clarify, I define an edgy style as a style that sexualizes your image and increases your likelihood to make a strong first impression.

A man with an edgy style has more sex appeal than one who doesn’t. Guys with edge stand out from the crowd like that sexy ass Lamborghini. They are the ‘bad boys’ girls want to hook up with – over and over again.

In this article I’m going to share 14 ways you can start adding edge to your style. There is no need to implement all the suggestions – but I want to give you some ideas to get the ball rolling. In the end it’s up to you to decide what fits your personality best.

1. Get inked.

It should come as no surprise that women love guys with tattoos. The media has done a fine job of creating an image in their mind of what a bad boy should look like – and rarely are tattoos not included.

2. Get a sharp haircut.

A good hairstyle can make a massive difference on your overall image. In my experience, the most edgy looks are those with an undercut or those with long hair (shoulder length). If you got curly hair – definitely go for the long-hair option. My wingman kills it simply because of this.

3. Get a necklace.

Whether it’s a dog tag, a sabre-tooth or a Maori pendant, a lot of women love guys with a necklace. There is a reason you often see guys wearing one while he is fucking a beautiful girl in the movies – it sends out a badboy vibe.

4. Get a leather jacket.

Oh how I love the classics. Leather jackets perfectly fit the badboy stereotype and instantly add edge to any man. Make sure you get one made from real leather though.

5. Get leather boots.

When I say leather boots I don’t mean biker boots that look like they were made in the 70s. Rather, I mean smooth boots that are both fashionable and edgy.


6. Get (leather) bracelets.

Any type of bracelet is a good way to add edge to your style. If you want to rock a beachy look go for stuff made from wood, otherwise, I would recommend you to stick with semi-shiny (leather) bracelets. Don’t go overboard though – remember that less is more.

7. Get a ring.

No I don’t mean get married. A simple, small black or silver ring often does the trick. For some reason it intrigues women why you are wearing one – don’t ask me why.

8. Get pierced.

If done tactfully a piercing will instantly launch you in the upper echelons of sex appeal. I know a guy for example with a nipple piercing (clearly visible through his shirts) who absolutely cleans out house parties. Places to consider: nipples, eyebrows, tongue, and ears.

9. Get a beanie, cap, or hat.

Once upon a time I started a little experiment by writing down what I was wearing on days I received the highest number of looks and eye-smiles. Lo and behold, my best days were those when I would be wearing a beanie or cap.

10. Get a beard.

Personally I can’t grow a beard even if my life depended on it. That being said, men with good scruff or a beard are perceived as higher value by women and suggest he is not too pre-occupied with his style and lives like a badass. Do I hear wet panties drop?

11. Get denim wear.

Whether it’s a nice pair of jeans, a shirt or a button-down, anything made from denim has a high ‘James Dean’ factor which creates that boyish yet edgy look. Grab a cigarette to complete the look (semi kidding).

12. Get colored contact lenses.

Okay so this one is a bit controversial but let’s keep an open mind here. Getting colored contact lenses can completely change your look in an instant. If you are fairly tanned and have dark hair you will destroy with light colored eyes. If you are blonde and fair skinned prepare to clean out with brownish tones.

13. Get a good pair of sunglasses.

Again the media is responsbile for this one. Show me a badass blowing shit up and I’ll show you a badass wearing a good pair of sunglasses.

And last but not least..

14. Get a leather wristwatch.

One of my pet projects right now is www.chronodos.com,where we sell artisan leather wristwatches. I own several myself, and so far all our customers are ecstatic about their watches. They serve as solid conversation starters and the bold designs and leather cuffs make them easily stand out from all the others.


I understand they might not be for everyone – and that’s okay.

That being said, I invite you to go ahead and take a look to see if there is something you like. The added value lies in the handmade leather cuffs.

If you want a badboy leather accessory – this is your best bet. It will certainly add solid edge to your style—and you will get noticed.

Many times women were able to come and talk to me because I made it easier for them to actually compliment me on my watch. You should expect similar effects, at the very least.

Pour conclure

As a man it is your duty to present yourself the best way possible. I highly encourage you to add edge to your style to increase your sex appeal and badboy image.

Once I started adding edge to my style my results began to skyrocket. I’ve seen similar results in many close friends of mine who I helped out.

Let’s consider this ‘sponsored’ post a medium for us to discuss edge and help each other maximize our sex appeal and looks.

If you have any questions about the watches or articles don’t hesitate to leave a comment in the section below.


This is me in case you are wondering. The watch I’m wearing is one of the watches we sell at Chronodos and is called “Explorer.” As you can see, I actually support what I sell.

Hopefully this was helpful. Remember, if you are looking for some good leather badboy accessories our artisan wristwatches might be right up your alley.

I’ll see you at www.chronodos.com

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345 thoughts on “14 Ways To Add Edge To Your Style”

  1. Screw this I wear what I want. The only thing I needed to improve was my game and self-confidence.
    Tattoos are for sheep.

    1. Agreed.
      Personally I think it’s TERRIBLE advice to just “wear x”. Whatever you wear has to be congruent with your style and personality. For example trying to dress like you’re a biker when you’re not will just get you laughed at because the bikers know what they look like, and the people who hang out with bikers know what real bikers look like. Same for trying to dress like you work on Wall Street: there’s both a lot of unwritten dress codes and a certain body language they have. People who are in or know the business will sniff you out in an instant if you’re a poser.
      Also ever heard of stolen valor? It usually takes vets about five minutes of a poser going outside his door for him to get figured out.
      That said some of those watches would be badass on a steampunk or Western themed outfit. They’d also make a great watch for a biker.

        1. It’s still hands down the most efficient way of telling the time and timing various activities. Very handy when you have a lot of activities on the go and don’t want to get distracted by the eye burning, time warping and dissociating glow of a smartphone.

        2. I am not easily distracted. I stopped wearing a watch years ago and haven’t missed it. Funny I seem to have a better grasp of time now than when I had one.

        3. still waiting for the smartwatch market to have holograms on the wrist, than i buy one

        4. I mainly wear them as an accessory piece. Also, they are helpful when out on a date that may not be going so well, you can just glance over.

        5. Watches are cool. I work the kind of job where I set my own hours and I never use alarms, wake up and do my work and eat when and where I want to. I don’t need to know the time, and generally I can guess it within 30 minutes or so by the sun.
          But I recently discovered mechanical watches (yeah, wind up watches with gears and shit) and have really gotten into them. They’re classy, fun, and basically the only kind of ‘jewelry’ a man can wear. I own a Swiss, a Japanese Seiko and Orient, nothing extravagant, from $50 to $400. If you’re in a suit, a nice dress watch will bring you a lot of satisfaction, and it’s fun to watch the mechanical second hand move smoothly (not jump like on quartz watches).

        6. Game is mostly confidence, and wearing a nice watch makes me feel sharp and comfortable. Almost like wearing lucky underwear or something, I don’t really care if girls notice it.
          I actually feel better when a guy compliments me on a nice watch, I couldn’t give a shit about some broad’s sense of fashion.

        7. Not me… no watches, rings (even though I’m married), no gay bracelets… nothing.

        8. That’s fine although I will say, true confidence comes from within. Keep working on your mind my brother.
          And you have the right attitude. That Geto Boys attitude. You wanna wear a watch? Fuck a bitch and wear your damn watch.

        9. I think it’s something people wore in olden times, back when they read books made of paper.

        10. yeah i completely agree! especially at a work environment, well in my case a law firm. It keeps your game on and adds a valuable status to your personality. I myself have an omega speedmaster and absolutely love wearing it. But then again it depends more on what type of watch you plan on wearing. High end watched work with girls, cuz they see good taste, financial security and status in you. Whereas a normal watch well i dunno!

        11. My problem is not *wanting* the Americunt millennial enough to have the confidence when I approach them. When I’m around a bunch of hot Latinas or on vacation or something, I have great confidence, but typically when I’m home, there’s lots of fat girls, and when I go out the hottest girls I see are the anorexic face-in-the-iphone, caked in makeup, brand name clothing sluts, and I just can’t make myself happy and motivated to want to bang them. I’m probably too picky I suppose.. I should repeat the mantra, just bang them and move on.

        12. Yes.
          Hell man, I wear a *wind up watch*. In fact, I even own a pocket watch or two from pre-1920’s that I’ll carry in my biker jacket in the autumn and spring.

        13. Didn’t read your comment before I posted mine. Wind up watches are fantastic.

    2. If game was like sales – you are your product.
      In my experience there are far too many guys out there who market their ‘product’ like crazy (i.e. talking to tons of women) but in reality aren’t offering much more than a very shitty product.
      Most of the times the guys are out of shape, pale, and lack style and edge. I therefore wrote this article not to promote ‘peacocking’ or suggesting that people implement every tip.
      Rather, it was written to help you think about some (simple) ways you can add some edge to your style. Since style is something very personal – there is no way we can’t all like the same things.

      1. Learn to shave with a straight razor. You will have an edge by definition.
        Jokes aside woman love that shit. Just don’t cut yourself or you’ll have another scar to go with your tattoo collection.

        1. “edge” comes from the word “ledge”
          Meaning, someone on a ledge can see further which causes an advantage or edge hence outposts, where monks used to study nature were called “know-ledges”
          to have knowledge = to have the edge

        2. That is the only rap tune you ever need to listen to…cant get better than that…

        3. Classic but I wouldn’t say only. Every so often, when I’m feeling nostalgic, I crank the CB4…

        4. I love straight razors. They are ten times better than the 40 blade combos that Gillette puts out. Much cheaper too.

        5. Of course, your etymology of the word knowledge is total tripe. But amusing still. I would tell others this version just to amuse them.

        6. They are awesome. What’s more manly than sharpening your own blade and then shaving with it? Knowing all the tools of the trade. Brush, strop, hone, shaving bowl, etc.
          Much better than these Fisher Price razors that women use…

        7. I actually like the chromed single blade type from the 40s that is being re-released now. A single blade shaves infinitely better than a mass produced multi blade unit. Especially if you have curly facial hair.
          But I understand the rapport you get with the blades you maintain. I learned how to maintain my blades from a chef that was a Vietnam vet. From sushi knives to butterfly knives, they’re all business.

        8. As a youngster I was fascinated by the barber when he’d pull out the big strap and sharpen the straight razor. I would go home and get a kitchen knife and practice the technique on one of my father’s belts.

        9. Did your father wonder why his belts were cut to shit and all the knives were dull? j/k! 😛
          Its a credit to you know that you wondered and put into practice what you saw. That is how a boy learns to become a man.

        10. For sure. My razor is Solingen carbon steel. I don’t like the shave you get from a disposable. With this you feel like a man, prepping the blade and then shaving with it. Its beautiful.

      2. No need to explain yourself… ever, to anyone. Other people will always have a laugh regardless of what you do, how you do it or who you are.
        Now let us have our fun.

    3. Want an edge? Learn to fight. Have a fight. Get beaten occasionally. Go back for more.
      Scars are just tattoos with better stories.

      1. I’d wait for technology to advance to the point where tattoos are always easily removable with some kind of high-tech-skin-solvent
        at the gym, most men with tattoos, tend to be on steroids with huge biceps, but in order to draw more attention to their arms, they put a pretty design on it, otherwise they are just another jacked guy in a gym, and makes them feel lame

      2. Rule #1: You do not talk about FIGHT CLUB.

      3. You’re actually on to something there. My grandmaster used to talk about “building men” and I was young and didn’t get it. But he told the brown belts to get jobs as bouncers and security guards. And he wouldn’t put up with the fake “macho” attitude that crops up in martial arts. His black belts were mostly well adjusted, decent, but very masculine guys. That’s the edge right there.

      1. Come tell that to me and some of my former military comrades.
        The only thing I would say is: Tattoos are for men. Always was and always will be.
        This new trend of millions of young “women” getting them is sickening.

        1. “This new trend of millions of young “women” getting them is sickening.”
          The trend of whimpy non military hipster faggots getting them in hopes they get laid.

        2. Facial hair is for men. Tattoos are for sailors and inmates.
          Ask generation WWII, they will tell you I’m right.
          Let me hear one really good reason why a tattoo is for men and what’s its purpose besides posing.

        3. Not just sailors. Marines and Army as well. I’m not sure if I consider the Air Force an actual branch of the military, or more like a fraternity and sorority rush party with uniforms.

        4. Why bother with a symbol of masculinity women can get simply by paying a tattooist a few bucks? “Look, I am interesting now!” – club slut 2015

        5. Tattoos mean nothing. Tattoos are a branding system just like how they brand cattle in a Texas ranch.

    4. I read somewhere that tattoos were used to mark slaves of the past. Is It implying that you are not a free man if you have tattoos even in this modern era? I think so.

    5. “Tattoos are for sheep”
      Was thinking the same thing. Every tough-guy wannabee is getting tattooed. Fuvk that.

      1. Exactly. Like every other dude has some sort of tribal tat these days. It’s so common that unless you have a real reason for getting those tats, it can come off as beta.

    1. Yeah ROK should stick with the phenibut and kratom sponsored posts, they provide much needed comic relief.

      1. The comments section of sponsored posts is further evidence of the difference between women and men.
        I’m not saying everything pushed here is bunk, but women’s default response is to open their pocketbook and buy charge whatever is being sold to them.
        Men’s default reaction is to ridicule and say I don’t need that shit. The economy is mostly women transacting for trinkets.

        1. “I’m not saying everything pushed here is bunk, but women’s default response is to open their pocketbook and buy charge whatever is being sold to them.
          Men’s default reaction is to ridicule and say I don’t need that shit. The economy is mostly women transacting for trinkets.”
          Good insight sir. I would suspect this is why the system is set up to transfer wealth from men to women via divorce litigation, false rape accusation, false anything that allows a situation where a judge can mandate money from a man to a female. Women are excellent spendthrifts which keep the economy going.

    2. 13. Get a corporate job ( get a master )
      14. Get a loan ( enslave yourself )
      15. Get a wife ( get an enemy in your house )
      It all makes sense now.
      This article is gold.

        1. Momentarily I*m a young and eager corporate slave angling ways to escape by starting my own shop. Hope to reach it in the next 5 years. How about you, friend ?
          Friend or foe ?

        2. I think a lot of bad advice is given here about careers and money… for most people they need to work within the system to earn the most cash. A few can work for themselves and make money that way. But most self employed people actually earn below the average.

        3. I know people who are self employed make enough. Enough meaning at least double & triple what I make. So….
          Working for yourself is not advice, it just isn*t for anybody. Before you dare make that move you better be prepared.

        4. Friend.
          I work in banking. Still hoping to start my own business too but that will take a few years.

        5. Sorround yourself with like minded people. You have no idea what a big positive influence people have on your person. Find some mentors you can look up to. Study them ! Or even better try to speak with them ! I’m working on the above strategy as we speak.

  2. …Really?
    ….You’re joking.
    Who wrote this? This doesn’t even take into account style for other races, countries, regions…like….
    what about dressing as a professional? Or someone over 35? It just can’t be universal to everyone. If it was that easy we all would do it.
    What about people being confident in what they wear overall? What if people prefer classy over edgy?
    Like the fuck guys?

  3. I am going to get a tattoo right away. Always knew that was the last piece of the puzzle.
    15. Smoke a pack of cigarettes daily.
    16. Use the pullout method for more kinky sex.
    17. Have sex with a fatty annually to give something back to the female collective.
    18. Inflict a wound on your head that hopefully will end up as a cool looking scar.

  4. Forget all this…
    Get the Right ATTITUDE.
    The right attitude is the equivalent of eight figure bank balance, seven inches extra height, six circles of social connections, five academic credentials, and four plates on bench press. The Attitude is irreplaceable
    – Heartiste

  5. 1: No. Getting a tatoo just for a girl is like getting a vasectomy to impress your wife.
    2: No. I don’t need to look like a fabio looking fairy to attract females.
    3: Men call them “chains” not necklaces. Who writes this shit…ellen?
    4: Already have one because i wanted it. I couldn’t care less what an unknown bim wants.
    5: See #4
    6: No. Bracelets are for girls.
    7: Meh. I’m not the flashy jewelry type. A tasteful gold chain is all i need
    8: HELL NO. Are you going to tell me i should watch lifetime too?
    9: Maybe a good fedora. I’ll give you a pass on this one.
    10: Goatee is good enough for me
    11: Jeans are fine, so long as they’re not crotch huggers.
    12: NO! Am i on ROK or jezebel?
    13: Meh. I’m not big into sunglasses but i do own a couple.
    14: I might consider this. At least you didn’t recommend those damn iwatches. I feel like smacking every hipster doofus wearing one.
    And the shitting of the sponsored ROK article continues lol

        1. I know right? He should’ve just made the whole article about the watches and how they’re handmade artisan watches or some shit and how they’re a perfect accessory to damn near anything for almost any occasion rather than write about shit that doesn’t matter and how many girls he’s fucked (before the age of 25!).
          Advertising rule #1: If you’re selling me a product, fucking focus on the goddamn product.

    1. Next sponsored post: How to bake like martha stewart and still be alpha

      1. And the one after that: “how to braid your pubic hair so your girl gets a tickle every time she goes down”

        1. Tried to look up the old Ren& Stimpy shrieking gif, but could not find

      2. Actually ROK opened my eyes to how men are better in pretty much every arena, and it IS masculine to create your own food for yourself, just as it is to create woodwork in your shop or build a computer or fix your own plumbing. Not to mention that being a pro in the kitchen is a huge turn on for women.
        Almost every famous chef is male; Martha Stewart, Paula Deen, Rachael Ray are among the minority. Almost every famous restaurant is run by a male chef. Women were delegated to the kitchen in centuries past before we had labor saving devices because men’s time was needed elsewhere; it wasn’t that women were better at cooking than men, it was just that the man was probably doing something that the woman literally couldn’t do at that moment like nailing shingles on the roof.
        With the advent of dishwashers, clotheswashers, automobiles, computers, etc. we should see a return to the kitchen by men. Of my married friends, the guys typically do the cooking and are very good. When their wives cook the food is mediocre and bland. I have a garden and am starting to do more cooking and eating healthy and avoiding processed shitty foods and it feels great.

        1. haha this guy grew up in nyc- parents owned a bakery…maybe tough guys do bake?

        2. A stunning 28 year old asked me who ironed my shirts with the perfect creases. I admitted I did. I am 64. She kept caressing them.

      1. I heard glow in the dark dick tats are all the rage now.
        Great excuse for when you tell a girl you have ink and she insists on seeing it.

  6. The guy in this video has a maintained hairstyle, a necklace, a leather wristband and boots, and looks to be wearing denim. But he’s also the biggest mangina in the world. Seriously, if you’ve never seen this video before do yourself a favor and watch it. Have a barf bag ready.

    1. I saw this shit stain on Tosh.0. As nauseating as this is to watch, it’s a good reminder for all the guys out there on how not to act around women. These guys set up permanent residence in the friend zone with any girls they want to fuck.

      1. I only heard “well hey there kate!” before i stopped the video and resisted the urge to punch the screen violently.
        My pc monitor doesn’t deserve the abuse this panty waist does just for being alive.

        1. Unfortunately, I got to the sissy’s “YAY!” before I stopped it. The faggotry is strong with this one.

      2. In the darkest recesses of the friend zone.like the ninth ring of Hell, just with less hope and lesser pussy.

      3. The craziest part, though, is it worked. I found this guy’s Facebook and she was listed as his girlfriend, and they started they were dating on Tosh.

        1. they may be mormon. lots of mormons in california. this stuff works on mormon girls, at least if you’re also mormon. no sex, though.

        2. It wasn’t in cali it was in florida. Disney world, not disney land.
          Don’t ever associate us with this faggot.

    2. What a fuckin’ chode! While this dude is making these videos and looking like a pussywhipped simp, Katie is getting speared by some jerk that brought over a six pack and a porno.

    3. How’s this tool gonna feel a year from now when he watches this and Katie is a long distant memory after breaking his heart, and this video is preserved on the internet forever?
      We’ve probably all gone too far to try to impress a woman, but don’t let anyone you know ever do anything permanent like this.
      Even before she decides to dump him, this was a colossal waste of time. I’ve written songs, etc. for girls and they don’t appreciate it after the moment passes. I doubt she watches the video more than once, twice at best.

      1. She’s gonna ask where the next video is for her birthday or Christmas. He already blew his load going to Disneyworld, next he’ll have to go to fucking space to please her.

      2. Kate was probably sucking dick in the men’s room somewhere while this guy was shooting this video.

    4. If he did this for his mothers birthday, ok cool.
      But this is not masculine. Should it be? Well, when he looks back after the breakup with his gf he might wished he was more of that. “He likes you” Yuk.

    5. I’m thinking Katie is going to have to divorce this dude in two three years when after having a kid or two she finds out he has been banging dudes this whole time on the side.

    6. Oh man, this shit brings flash backs. OK, I’m anonymous so what the fuck. Yea, that was me.. not this retarded though.. I’ve lit fucking candles, set up bubble baths, breakfast in bed (made by me).. What else? Fucking flowers, ripped fucking rose petals (motherfucking roses if I’ll ever buy one in my life again), surprises.. I really don’t wanna remember this shit. Do you guys think any of these mattered? FUCK NO. It didn’t matter for shit. And this was with someone I was fucking already. To the contrary. NEVER EVER FUCKING DO THIS STUPID SHIT FOR A WOMAN. EVER!!!! It’s nothing but degrading to us, and it dries the vagina like the sahara wind. Unfucking real how stupid we are, and how the society tells us this is how we should treat a woman…. I feel like wanting to take a fucking shower and scrub this shit off me until blood starts flowing.. I am trying hard to compartmentalize this and hopefully never remember it but it really feels like I fucking raped myself.. mentally at least.

      1. In my last relationship I was pretty much emotionally abusive to my girlfriend. I’d call her names, smack her ass in public, and most importantly I forgot every birthday and anniversary. How did she react to it? She stayed with me for 3 years, paid for dinner and drinks every time we went out, and wanted me to try and kill her with my penis during sex (Yes, that’s what she told me she wanted me to do). Only one time did I pay for dinner after she guilted me into it. That night we slept on separate sides of the bed after she refused to have sex with me.

      2. On a side note, after we broke up last winter I decided there was no point in relationships anymore. I have sex less frequently, sure, but when I do get it it’s essentially for free – The last two girls I was with I spent maybe $6 combined on drinks for them because I had already made out with them and knew they were coming home with me. That’s right, the value of pussy for me that night was the cost of the cheapest shit beer the bars had. Why should I pay $80 for dinner and a movie for something that I discovered can only cost $3?
        tl;dr: Millennial pussy is valueless.

        1. In my experience the quantity of sex is lower but the quality is much higher. And, as you say, much cheaper in time and resources spent.

      3. Agreed 1000%. But don’t beat yourself up too hard. I don’t know if women were always this bad, or if at some point in time actually appreciated this, but fundamentally treating someone with kindness and love and respect just shows how men are fundamentally good people deep down.
        Then we learn that shit doesn’t work (anymore?) and it’s a hard lesson, some of us learn game and see how ignoring women, treating them poorly, using them for sex, being selfish, and acting like a sociopath gets results. Listening to them, treating them with kindness and compassion and love gets you dumped and ignored.
        Which person would I rather be? The second. But in this environment I choose to be the first.

        1. Yeah, this all goes against our fundamental nature.. To protect and provide for others. It’s why RP is so hard to process..

    7. Once the tumblrinas get wind of this, he’s gonna be branded as a creepy rapist/misogynist. This guy is in for a rude awakening…

  7. So basically get everything you can to make you look like a superficial badass so you can compensate for the inner qualities that you lack that actually attract women and keep them.
    The only thing on this list I support is 10. because it doesn’t require you to buy anything.

    1. The image of Justin Bieber comes up when you mentioned superficial badass. He tatted and pierced himself and he still looks like a dweeb with ink and metal shrapnel.

  8. So fucked up that this superficial shit baits certain women easier than
    having a steady job, sound morals and ethics, a positive outlook on life
    and being goal-oriented. These are the kind of women that are the gym
    groupies that orbit around all the personal trainers and black belts
    doing everything short of getting on their knees with their mouths open
    while shopping for alpha cock, only to get knocked up then thrown to the
    wolves for some beta who’s “So lucky to have her!” come and save the
    day. Ye olde alpha fucks/beta bucks to the letter.
    Speaking of, where was Sharpe’s regular Tuesday article today?

    1. Yeah, I want to criticize it, but at the same time I know this shit works. I would never try any of these, other than perhaps watch/boots/hat/beard.

      1. A nice pair of sunglasses can make you look sharp as well.
        Overall though this post is hilarious… I’m not getting tattoos and piercings to get some hoe to notice me… Just typing that sentence felt wrong.

    1. Get an ankle bracelet, chicks love bad boys who have to be home by 7:30.Easier to keep an eye on.

    2. Kratom has got electrolytes!! It’s what we need!! Brought to by Carl’s junior.

  9. What kind of faggot bullshit is this? Get a leather bracelet to be “edgy?” Why not actually just be edgy and do whatever the fuck you want? Get a tan?
    I remember being young and thinking that shit matter. When I quit giving a fuck I started going to bars in my work out clothes, or just whatever the fuck I happened to have on that day. It’s not clothes that make a woman wet, it’s a man in charge of his surroundings as evident by the way he walks, talks, and acts.

    1. Come on, following this guy’s recipe will totally get you laid all the time. Just not by females.

      1. I was thinking that. Follow all that advice and you’ll fit right in with the leather gay crowd.
        Which is not to say it’s bad advice! I only get my hair cut by gay guys, because they’re the only ones with the guts to cut hair in an edgy way.
        But your style has to reflect what you are confident about in yourself. If you feel stupid wearing a furry top hat, you’ll look stupid wearing a furry top hat.

    2. Agreed ^^^if you wore all the stuff numbered in the listicle you would look like a clown. Women can sense when a dude is trying too hard or putting on airs. “Colored Contact Lenses” wtf ?? Maybe if you’re an alien. Jesus that is horrible advice.
      “Get inked” that is a toss up. Maybe if you’re a SEAL or Hells Angel but not if you’re “Chad from the Suburbs”. “Get a Leather Wrist Watch” also wtf?? Horrible fashion advice. Would be ok if your going to an S &M leather bar in a gimp suit. Jesus.
      “Get a ring” also stupid unless you’re an Albanian human trafficker or pimp…

    3. If you came into a bar I was at (very unlikely) I would tell you to go home and take a shower and put on some clean non stinky clothes.

      1. Wow, you sound like such a bad ass. Are we talking “Road House” type shit?
        I also will go into a bar with muddy boots, jeans, a t shirt, without shaving and with messy hair and still out game some dude with a spray tan, hair gel, and an abercrombie shirt. * I used to be that guy when I was a youngster and my only goal was figuring out how to get laid.
        Point being is that game is not a fashion statement, it’s an inner confidence that comes with experience, which can occur at any age. Moreover, having a goal other than getting laid usually develops certain leadership traits that make women wet.
        I’m not at a bar to pick up a chick, I’ve got 10 I could call for sex any night of the week. I’m there because I just decided to go, because I want a drink, and I’m not going to go home shower, shave, and put on homo erotic clothing just to impress some single mom or gold digger. I’m the guy the chick getting hit on notices not noticing her.
        The mating game in many ways is a catch 22. When you want pussy the most is usually at an age where you’re least adept to getting it, and when you can get it you want it the least. Same thing goes for women being attracted to the guy who shows he wants them the most, favoring instead the guy she can’t figure out.
        I lift weights, I treat myself right, but it’s for me just like every thing else I do. If wearing leather braclets is something you like then you should do it, but you shouldn’t change yourself for a woman, you should do it because it’s something you want and you’re a man who does what he wants.

        1. I would also like to add that Kratom grew my dick by 15 inches, and allowed me to full fill my dream of damaging a cervix.

        2. My approach as a 50 year-old who figure out this game shit a few years ago. In fact, I intentionally skip the shower and shave as a statement to myself that I’m going out for ME, because it’s about ME, to enjoy MYSELF above all others, and not to put forth ANY effort for ANYONE — period! It’s all about ME. And I’m the best company I know.
          And as long as I don’t stink, I’m always getting hit on by women at the bar as long as I don’t look like I’m there to “pick up” women or interested in them more than my beautiful blonde — my perfect single-malt scotch, neat, with a kiss of water to open up her legs. It’s the blonde that never lets me down.

        3. The omega boy protests too strongly, methinks.
          My comment was simply about not looking like some stinky worker and coming to a bar this way, that’s all.
          This Bozo goes into a long BS rationalisation about how he gets 10’s and compares himself to some guy who looks like a clown.
          And btw, Abercromie & Fitch went out of business in the early 70’s. Those kiddie mall stores just bought the name but are in entirely different classes.

        4. I think you initially had a problem with my use of the word “faggot,” and judging by your knowledge of Abercrombie and Fitch I would say that while not gay, you’ve at least had a dick in your mouth a time or two.

    4. I say pick a man you admire and emulate his style until it becomes part of your own. For me, this is Jason Statham. I think he has a great ironic and not give a shit style. I identify with that.
      For you it might be someone else. Jax Teller from SOA for example. And so on.

      1. Good choice. Statham is also an advocate of functional fitness, which I follow (as do you as I recall from a previous article). Mostly bodyweight or free weight based routines. Managed to extricate himself out of a near miss incident during filming for Expendables 3 when a truck he was in plunged off a bridge & into the sea. Real life panty dropping bad assery without the need for possessing little boy trinkets which the article suggests.

        1. Yes I do and that is one of the things I admire about Statham. His bearing and body type is the product of his type of work-outs.
          I think I saw him doing the Human Flag once.

      2. True story: after watching SOA, I started calling some women “Doll” or “Darling,” much like the characters did on the show. To my surprise the reaction from these women was positive.

        1. Watch the 1950 noir caper classic, Asphalt Jungle. Sterling Hayden as Dix Handley, small time hooligan in love with “Doll” Conovan played by beauty Jean Hagen.
          See a young Marilyn Monroe in one of her first roles as Angela.
          Dix’s famous line to Doll, “Quit blabbing and get me some bourbon”.

        1. Absolutely. Draw inspiration from whichever well you want and create a defined inimatable style. You have the right idea my brother.

  10. Rings, necklaces, contact lenses and piercings?…Should I also go to the Red Wood Forest, chop a tree and build a pedestal for these broads?

    1. Can you please take back the Kardashians??? Please! I beg of you my friend take them back???

  11. So, no less than four pieces of clothing and accessories you wear should be made out of leather at all times? Check.

  12. I should’ve been the one to write this article. I’m a pretty slick looking dapper gentleman if I do say so myself.

  13. Such a bunch of whiners. Jesus. I don’t do *any* of this other than the boots, because it would be incongruent with my style and personality, and because I do damned well as it is. That said, any or all of this stuff will add to the stated effect of “edgy style”, which *will* get you noticed by hypergamous females. I’ve seen it happen plenty. Granted, it’s only going to get your foot in the door…after that, you can’t be a paper tiger.
    Try getting out of the house occasionally, keyboard monkeys.

  14. Except for the beard, which I’ve had all my adult life, I don’t think much of his advice. By my experience, most people who get tattoos regret tattoos later in life. And more tattoos = more regrets. The rest is just stuff, and can be easily discarded later, as whims change. Winds change, and pendulums swing both ways, but tattoos are for life. This writer is still very young, but not dumb. I therefore hope he seeks and heeds the counsel of his elders, before turning himself into a hideous tattoo-monster.

    1. HAHAH, I know. Tattoos universally are a signal for either a really dumb thing you did drunk one night when you were younger (one or two) or straight up idiocy(lots of tattoos). just because those dumb heifers think they’re cool doesn’t mean you should be putting your pecker in them. Man you don’t want dumb kids anyway.

      1. Indeed. A tattoo for most people is a permanent marker of their daily recurring mental alienation. I always have to laugh about the reasons for getting stupid tattoo’s. You see it all the time on that Miami Ink show.
        “My dog fluffy died so I had to get a dogs paws on my chest”
        I really hate tattoo’s. They don’t make you a more interesting person, they will get ugly in a couple of years and people will regret them most of the time. All you can do then is laser them, which never has good results. You end up with some vague dark spot that looks like you have a skin disease.
        You know what. It’s time for me that I go and start commenting on peoples tattoo’s and tell them in the open how ugly it looks. They aren’t the people I want to be friends with anyway. In all western societies getting a tattoo is a hype. “We are bored, let’s get a tattoo”. It used to be piercings first. I know people who spend hundreds of euro’s on getting their whole arms tattooed, “sleeves” the call it. Now, if they would have spend that money on books – and read them – maybe, maybe it would’ve upped their IQ’s a bit.
        Women are the worst when getting tattoo’s. They never get better looking by putting drawings on their skin. Never. Imagine that you have sex with her and see those stupid tattoo’s all the time. I’ve done it. Some chick with Chinese marks on her back. It looked so stupid.

        1. Yes, the trend of women turning their flesh into carnival sideshows is disgusting.

        2. It’s a good way to know what is easy to get in bed. A tattoo is just as good of a slut giveaway, like her smoking cigarettes or having a tongue piercing is.
          It’s a good way to know what not to commit to. Doesn’t matter if the mistake is 5 years old, or 10. It’s a humiliating display that keeps on talking foul language. I would call it disgusting as well. That’s the right word for it.

    2. If you want a good investment buy lots of shares in companies that make tattoo removal equipment. All these stupid kids getting inked up like they are in prison are really going to regret it when they get older. Especially the women when they get fat and pregnant. Nothing says “sexy” like a stretched out tattoo. Also, how many true Alpha guys who want to get married are going to tolerate a woman who is inked up like a common hooker. My best guess is that in 10 years tattoo removal is going to be the hottest thing on the market.

  15. Couldn’t stop laughing at get a necklace/bracelet. Jewelry and men don’t mix.

  16. I really doubt that guy in that picture went to Harvard! He doesn’t look Jewish or Asian for one and have seen the nerds that come out of Harvard?? NOPE, I don’t buy that for one bit.

  17. Tattoos, piercings, it reminds me of the mysticism the Persians had in 300, a Man doesn’t need to adorn himself with trinkets because he knows strength doesn’t come from the things he wears, But from God, and who he is as a Man.

  18. I swear I have heard most writers here at ROK say the opposite on half of these bullet points.
    Being a Badass and Game. This article doesnt mention that. Strange…..

    1. Forget the bullshit ‘badass’ and game nonsense. Any female who would buy that crap is not one I’d want and is probably retarded.

      1. You’re in for a world of despair then, because you won’t find many to any girls who cannot ultimately be gamed, and most women love the “badass”, even if she won’t admit it…hell…especially if she won’t admit it.

  19. Tattoos, Piercings ,Jewelry , Eye contacts? Sounds like the Feminization process has infiltrated ROK…..Choose the Man you want to be.

      1. Thats probably the fang from the wolf he killed in the movie, so he’s wearing his victory over the wolf, he’s clean otherwise,not like Xerxes who wore jewelry for vanities sake.

    1. Haha Mike, I can’t beleive Roosh isn’t charging you for these advertisements. But it’s on topic each and every time, well done.

  20. What is this the 1950s Fonz?
    This guy who wrote this article is a clown. Yapping about having “sex with 60 beautiful women before 25” means nothing considering we can’t verify such assertions.
    Ergo, all this guy says is garbage. Leather Jackets? LOL

  21. All this is short-term BS — look at peacock clowns from the 70’s, 80’s, 90’s, etc… You’re dating yourself.
    Style is having your own aesthetic.
    Fashion is following someone else’s.
    Invent your own style based on what’s worked in the past.
    This post is for try-hards looking for gimmicks.
    Whatever you think’ll get you laid in the short run.
    Good luck.

  22. Sponsored ads that claim Kratom will add inches to your dick? Fine. I get it. This, though, was a mistake.

    1. Get a shirt with a picture of a shirt on it. It can have on the back the word shirt.

  23. Reads like a chick magazine, “sport this trendy watch to drive those boys WILD.” NEXT.

  24. A tailored suit, a bit of an attitude, and a car that doesn’t look like your Dad’s sedan will get you further then these style tips.
    I don’t dispute poor chic, quasi-modern bad ass style won’t work on some women, but the time tested suit and confidence will always run supreme.
    Heck buy an old convertible that still runs and park that right next to the entrance of the bar or club. Bridge two or three women into coming back to yours, flash the convertible, and boom house party at 2AM. Yup we have descended that far. Chicks will give it up for a one way ride in a topless crappy old car.

    1. Seems like you might be a man of substance, but since this is an article about leather, I’ll throw it out there for ya.
      If you could get your hands on a nicely tailored leather sportjacket- wear it with your best casual kit, wouldn’t that look sharp?
      Your clean, classic duds offset by some leather. Think that possibly even some worthwhile women might respond?
      Food for thought. And I’m not disagreeing with you here.

      1. I’m not saying the right look, no matter how you pull it off, won’t work. I live in a big city and the suited guy always makes the heads turn. If I worked the hipster bars in such a get-up it would also work. A man has to know his venues. In the Mid-West leather is going to work better then a suit. (Ever wear a suit around the mid-West? Everyone assumes you are either a Fed or a politician or have just been to a wedding).

        1. Oh I know what you mean. I sold suits for a minute- so I know they can be a golden ticket or a strait-jacket. I’ve seen the girls that jump on a suited-up man and those that run from him.
          I just saw an opportunity here to thought-experiment on the leather sportcoat angle.

      2. Leather jackets work if you’re the kind of man who would be wearing one anyway. The sharp leather jackets you’re talking about look nice, no doubt, but you have to convey an air of “uppity, arrogant city man” to pull it off. This is not a bad air to have, mind you, it works great for some men, but generally your average dude can’t pull off that air, or pass himself off a a biker (motorcycle) reasonably well enough to make it work.

  25. Yeeahhhh man.Leather jacket, leather boots, piercings, tatoos, beard, neck bracelet, arm bands.Oh and a hat.And Voila, you look like a pimp.
    And all the whores are going your way.Right.Dude I do not want to be a beacon for whores and Johns,

  26. get confidence, get muscular/ripped, get a good haircut and why not a well trimmed beard. Plus a red pill a day (to never forget to see females as amorale, full of bullshit über-narcisstic people who despise males whatever their values) and you’re done. No need of useless shit.

  27. There is truth in this. I’ve had gorgeous girls I ended up dating tell me that my necklace caught their eye. Huh? Lol. I’m too old for earrings but any jewelry works. I had chops, wore 10 gauge earrings and tons of jewelry when I was 23 and ended up with a girl who was on the cover of Seventeen magazine at one point, among others.
    Guys think this stuff is superficial and it is, but look what your dealing with…the mind of young girls. What seems ridiculous to you doesn’t to them, trust me.

  28. I.O.W.
    1. Get supplicating
    I’m too old for PUA stuff so maybe I shouldn’t even be here but that list has way more stuff on it than a Halloween costume. That’s what all this “10,000 tatted up badboys for every 1 girl under 140 pounds” mess seems to me. Halloween dress up. I gladly observe that from overseas and pity today’s young men.

  29. I think this is good advice. You need to sexualize your image in some way. Wearing completely ordinary clothes and being a clean cut guy will not do it even if you’re good looking. This will just put you in the good beta category. Add a little here and there that shows that you are out of the ordinary, and it will make a difference.
    And btw, will this work with Kratom and Mike Changs 6 ways to get ripped fast program ? (just kidding).

    1. You’re not supposed to do them all.
      Just the ones that work and/or might be significant for you.
      You telling me you wouldn’t grab a good leather jacket if you had the bucks?

  30. I was much more cut when I was younger, but i get more looks now. There is something about style that gets into womens heads.

  31. Be like everyone else to attract women, and if the man your’e working hard to become isn’t like everyone else whose following the fads, you have no edge. Bwaha. Funny. Payin the bills, I get it.
    I subscribe to my wickedly dangerous mind, and my propensity to laugh off the cyborg assembly line,.. to be “edgy.”

  32. I understand the comedy resposenses, but lets not react like hysterical feminists when they are told to grow their hair long or wear heels.
    Women like these things, even if you hate them. If you dont care about what they like and want to be yourself instead and wear a wolverine t-shirt, be my guest. Obviously you do have to do something else besides “wear x” to be cool, but if you are cool already, advertising it properly for the opposite sex surely does not hurt.

  33. Nah, fuck tattoos & piercings. I donate blood. Any tattoo or piercing invalidates that. And not a fuck to spare about whether the chicks find that edgy or not.

        1. Oh you wanted him to be sure he could survive without the musical income he’d make from playing blues organ.
          As a musician, I understand completely.

        2. Duel meanings! Because we don’t like each other and it’s wordplay! Like we’re dueling with meanings…
          Please tell me you understand the distinction between duel and dual…

        3. Mate don’t make me come over there and beat you to death with a dictionary! I’m typing this one handed on a cell phone so give me a break.
          Or is that brake?

        4. I’m down for a dictionary brawl any day just for the entertainment value. Don’t test a bored guy. Wanna hit me with a book brother?

    1. Talk shit about plumbers once you have the skills to replace your own toilet.
      Rubbish yourself.

    1. Wanna talk about weak faggots-
      You have a knockout punch in your arm for every weak inked faggot?
      Honestly, some of the actual faggots could probably beat your ass.
      C’mon man

  34. You’re not gonna fool anyone with tattoos, piercings and leather clothes, if your personality doesn’t matches your look, in fact it can make things worse, girls will immediately sense that you are fake.

    1. True dhat homie. You can coat and cover your body in as much shit as you want but if your mind is right. Nothing will help.

  35. Fuck this, just get kratom.
    Seriously though: get a necklace and bracelet because it will help you pick up chicks. I actually miss super mandro and that Asian fellow

  36. Man what a bad piece. Basically be a dress up doll for some chicks. Love to see what your boyz are pulling in. Do things for you not for some chick. I have 2 sleeves. You know what they got me?? The disappointment of my grandmother and damaged chicks. Cool.

  37. Meanwhile, beach bum dude wearing shorts and flip flops and collecting welfare bangs loads of broads.
    I’m not going to say appearance is utterly unimportant, but more important than appearance is self mastery, extreme confidence and frame control. Look at how Trump dresses. Dude dresses, sometimes, in a way that is mock worthy, but he makes it work to the point that he always comes off as king of the alpha males, and judging on the women we know that he bedded in their prime, the dude provides ample evidence that it’s less about appearance than frame control. I mean his hairpiece, for chrissake, would get any other man laughed out of the room, with him though women cannot line up fast enough to coo over him. A lesson there, whether you like his politics or not.

    1. The Dude wears jellies! Jellies! nothing more badass than that…

  38. Most guys with tattoos (outside of service members and vets) are fags. No need to get a tattoo to get women.

    1. Or bikers. But then, most of them are vets. But still, thought the caveat was required.

  39. Gentlemen… This here’s a sponsored post. They sell leather goods- a third of these options are leather. Leather is old school, it’s functional, or at least it’s stylish. Nobody ever hurt from having some good leather in his wardrobe.
    If you think any of this stuff works for you, do it. Getting a tattoo just to get one is bullshit, but getting one that’s deeply significant for you might be worthwhile. Like anything else you do, you should only do these things without compromise.
    This isn’t about peacocking your way to being Mystery. It’s a list of style options that are stereotypically masculine.
    A beard, for instance, is very naturally masculine- probably the best choice on the list. I myself am super patchy, but I’ve got a sweet goatee going that really kills.
    Just don’t hold yourself back. Good boots, a nice jacket, a little gold or silver, these things can all go a long way. Be bold.
    If you say “fuck this” to all these options- make sure your bare-bones style conveys your “fuck this” attitude, and you’ll win just the same.
    Good hunting, friends.

    1. yeah, no shit. bros be tripping. I was expecting the watches to be Axe for my Arm, but I may buy one.

  40. 1.Fuck no
    6.I’m not 13
    8.Hell fucking no
    9.Fuck off hipster
    10. Maybe
    14.Got – and not a ridiculous one like the pictures
    I’m old and grouchy and have no time for a woman who would find all that attractive.

  41. 1. Get inked: I disagree. Don’t just go and get a tattoo for an “edge.” Just like anything else, posers get sniffed out.
    2. Haircut: match to style and natural demeanor. Most guys don’t have the personality to hack an “edgy” haircut. Again, see poser.
    3. MAKE a necklace. Wear a family ring on a chain. Don’t just buy some trinket. That’s woman shit.
    4. Leather. Please. No. You trendfags in your brand new leather jackets stick out like sore thumbs. It’s like you’re trying to appropriate punk, steampunk, etc style without the appropriate wear and tear. Makes you look metro.
    5. Boots: only if they serve a purpose. Nothing worse than a man buying footwear with no reason.
    6. Leather bracelet: no. That’s for high school mall goths.
    7. Ring: see necklace. I wear a ring with my family crest. You bought a trinket at hot gothic. Enough said.
    8. Piercings: piercing is penetration and showing everyone your penetration holes. Being penetrated is for women and homo subs.
    9. Hats/beanies: no. Especially not the latter unless you’re still trying to smash 15 year old stoner girls (who’ve already outstripped your meager 60 bodycount)
    10. Depends on overall. 5 o clock shadow never hurts. But for Odin sake, don’t be a trendy hipster faggots. Read: poser.
    11. Denim. Nah. Just some solid jeans that fit with your Jean friendly style. If you’re not Jean friendly, fuck it. Denim is for those autists like Larkin Rose.
    12. No. Play out your natural appeal. Albeit, most of you guys are most likely boring brown eyes, but still, read:poser.
    13. Sunglasses, one should have a decent pair if one does any amount of driving. Crashing because the sun was at an odd angle is never a fun story to tell.
    14. Leather watches. Nah. I’ll keep my omega knock offs.

    1. Leather is fine, if you would wear leather anyway. Your comments about it are on mark, but only if you’re the kind who does it on advice of others to get laid. My leather jacket is genuinely worn, marked up and probably has half of the dust of South Dakota embedded in it from my riding my motorcycle out there on occasion.
      Leather bracelets I’m so so on, see a couple of biker buddies wear them, but they aren’t high fashion even in that community, mostly.
      Hats, no? Not for me man, I wear a Stetson or a straw knockoff of a Stetson all the time except when sleeping (same with boots, Western boots). Then again, I raised horses for a while and spent most of my life wearing such, so it’s natural. Guys trying to put on a nice new clean felt hat with shining things on it are a quick tell of poser.
      I wear a ring, a wedding ring, and only very occasionally a silver
      pinky ring that I bought on the Isle of Skye at a silversmith’s shop
      that I could only access via a well worn, centuries old dirt path. Even then, I reserve that for when I’m wearing my kilt, which is seldom except for weddings and funerals (is there a difference?). Everything else, not so much.
      I’m with you on everything else.

      1. Ahh you’ve been to the Isle of skye? I plan to go island hop at some point and go visit some of my favorite distilleries.
        I’m only 25, so I have time. This kid though, looks hardcore baby face status. And has a narrow face. Implies low T through puberty. Specky little git who probably thinks he has “swag.”

        1. Yes, it’s a beautiful island and if you can find the rare day when the sun breaks through the clouds it is absolutely brilliant. I was married in my family’s original village of origin in Scotland, so naturally we had to rent a small car and tour for a couple of weeks.
          Skye is a great place to visit, they still have a lot of native Gaelic speakers there, and we were the first Americans the locals had met on the actual island, when we arrived (the locals at the pub I mean). Great people, still had the old world hard working, independent Scot attitudes, not the nouveau meek, socialist-lite Scot as in the lowlands. If you get a chance to go I highly recommend it, but again, try to pick a day with nice weather otherwise it just comes off as dreary and dank.

        2. I’m actually quite the fan of dreary and grey weather. But I’m so white I almost look blue in the winter.

        3. Yeah, same, whiter than bleach can ever get a thing. Most people don’t like the rain and gloom. It can be romantic (in an artistic sense I mean) after a fashion, if you like mists over mountains and a general Skyrim feel to the world (which I rather do). But when the sun broke through the clouds that day it just lit things up in such a dramatic way that I was left speechless.
          Ireland is good for the gloom and rain too, but they have ample bars and many fun people (well, I think they’re fun) who love to drink, so you tend to welcome the opportunity to stay inside at a pub all day.

        4. My family is split scottish and irish. I really would like to live there, I’m not really attached to the states, though I do enjoy living off the north west coast. I’m pale enough to reflect sunlight.

  42. Those same Chinese leather watches are also available from Aliexpress for $10-30 if you’d rather not pay ten times the going rate.

  43. But will a beanie, tattoos, and a piercing work better than Kratom?
    I do like the pendant tip though – but a silver/gold chain would probably be better in most cases.

  44. All the three guys in the above pictures look like fucking poser clowns. I couldn´t take them serious.

  45. You said: “In my experience (dating & bedding 60+ beautiful women before turning 25)”. The word beautiful is very subjective. Show us some pics of these women, dude. How do we know you’re not some chubby chaser or something? You’re trying to sell stuff. Why should I believe your claims? And I’ll be damned if I’m going to get piercings, wear gay beanies/caps/hats, a faggy ring, etc., etc.
    I only have the tats, and those are military-oriented and gotten while I was doing some hard stuff in the military, while these days all the hipsters and kids who haven’t done shit are getting them. I earned the right to wear mine.

  46. Piercings? Colored contacts? That’s not the kind of edge I would recommend to anybody. Might as well throw in a black trench coat, a knife collection, and a couple slits on the wrist if we’re going that direction.

  47. Oh by the way….if you’re following any of the advice in this article.
    “Be younger than 30”
    Any older guy doing this would look try hard and just not right.
    Also – “Get pierced”? That’s just shitty advice no matter what your age. Who wrote this article…some hippy or what?

    1. The most stupid shit I’ve seen is where guys stretch their earlobes out to fit a disc inside like some primitive tribe in Africa. That self mutilation is not reversible. You just basically made yourself not marketable for a high paying job.

  48. Tatoos ? gimme a break man. It’s fugly as hell. A man needs class in this time of depravity.

  49. Leather Jacket, leather boots, leather bracelet, tatoos , piercings, sunglasses, sharp haircut, leather wristwatch, beard, Denim O.k I got it! O.K men lets go out and slay some VAGINA!!!!

  50. Just wear what YOU like. You’re not seeking approval nor validation. If someone doesn’t like it, fuck it!
    There’s a cute girl you like, go talk to her. Don’t give a shit if she likes you or not. She’ll probably like you because you had the balls to go talk to her. Not from what this article tells you to wear to get women. If she’s not into you, say have a nice day. Most women would be receptive to you unless you’re an ogre and have poor hygiene. If you are, get yourself in shape and clean the fuck up.

  51. I always wear a dress shirt TUCKED IN with a retro 70s freaky multi patterned wide tie. Classy older ladies love and appreciate them and me.
    Got the idea from the 80s Robt Palmer video, “addicted to Love”

  52. Bwahahaha – seriously? Get in shape, learn how to DO something, and be clean without being overly groomed. If you go to this much and this kind of effort I’m simply going to think you’re a worthless incompetent pussy and one of the sheeple.

  53. i have one piece of fashion advice for you all:
    Do not..i repeat DO NOT wear clothing that has brand names plastered all over it to the point that you look like a damn billboard. The lesser the better, preferably no “XYZ” name at all.
    Don’t whore yourself out to big business…actually you’d be worse than a whore, since they at least get paid for it.
    You’d be like the crack skank that gets so high she doesn’t even notice when the male junkies bang her 6 ways from sunday.
    Go for the subtle approach…clothing that isn’t gaudy, is sophisticated and doesn’t scream “market bitch.”

    1. Shakespeare’s advice spoken by Polonius in “Hamlet” is still the last word in clothing wisdom:
      “Costly thy habit as the purse can buy,
      But not expressed in fancy – rich not gaudy,
      For apparel oft proclaim the man.”
      Words to live by for young men from all ages.

  54. Forget all that. Go to the gym instead. Do squats, deadlifts, bench press, overhead press and bent over rows. Repeat every 2-3 days.
    The best accessory is a strong, muscular body.

  55. “dating & bedding 60+ beautiful women before turning 25” dude gross, that’s someone’s grandmother!

  56. Not a fan of this article, tattoos and all this other “bad boy” gear is only going to attract hood rats and trailer trash.

    1. You would be surprised…I guess it depends where you live. I’ve worked at a number of companies over the last decade along side many young professional career women, and this stuff gets them intrigued just as much as the admin girls and the blue collar women & your hood rats. Women getting tingles between their legs for the badboy (evenif its style over substance…which it is in most cases) crosses socio-ecnomic levels where I live.
      The reality is tats these days are hardly a sign of rebellion. Its trendy. Many of the young professioinal women I worked with had tatts (generally hidden dinky little ones) that they thought made them edgey.

  57. C’mon, this is like Vogue or Teen Magazine but aimed at men. The whole thing about the MRM is not buying into crap like this and just being men.

  58. I like it when guys have a wallet that closes with velcro. That always does it for me.

  59. I don’t wear any of this shit and have pulled hot ass for years. No thanks on this article. I don’t need that peacock shit.

  60. It’s true, if you add a certain roughness to your appearance, it can give your attractiveness a boost. I have a friend who wears very neat, hipster like clothes. He’s fairly successful because he loves them, but I think he often looks too soft, and going too trendy makes you look conformist. Girls take guys more seriously who are rougher. Leather always works. Boots over sneakers. Subtle leather or wooden jewelry works. You must like these things though. If you can’t rock it, stay clear of it.
    Someone said something about scars. I have quite a few scars, none of them from fights or anything remotely cool. Almost every girl who has seen me without shirt has ended up asking about them. “Why do you have so many scars?” “What happened here?” “Do you get in fights a lot?” I usually say “You’re quite nosy aren’t you?” and let their fantasy do the rest.
    As always though, if you’re fat or weak, start lifting. Muscle beats style.

  61. The beard thing is funny since being a “neckbeard” is supposedly a bad thing.

  62. Lol all you guys like “FUCK YOUUU I WEAR WHAT I WAWNT” are retarded.
    Your looks have a massive effect on a woman, and adopting a bad boy image will get you laid a hell of a lot more, because it creates more passive attraction.
    Obviously if you’re a massive beta male pussy and can’t act bad for shit, then don’t do it. But if you’re a normal guy, it will get you laid more.

  63. So…when I took the red pill and woke from the machine, it was all a Chronodos advert? Screw that.

  64. Hahahaha. I’m pretty sure this is a list for getting laid in a gay bar. Ever been to the Chicago Eagle? It’s filled with guys that sport all the above looks. I thought this was a conservative woman hating site. How wrong I was. This is clearly the most gay thing I’ve ever seen. Way gay. Way so very gay. Homosexual. Super gay. The gayest.

  65. Hey protip giant leather watch bands make you look like a fucking tool, story at 11

  66. If you’re doing these things to get laid, you’re fucking pathetic. How about socializing like a normal person. Get attention based on your merit. Not because you accessorize.

  67. Wow . . . are you guys behind the times. Get inked? Get a beard! Be a hipster doofus, get your guide to being a predictable and tacky walking cliche’ here!

  68. This is truly the gayest shit I have ever read. I suspect you’re all closet homos. The only thing missing is blond tips.

  69. Poor you guys this is a hidden advertisement for the watch they are selling, that’s why the font on the end are slightly larger than the others. That is the main reason why it wants you to buy this and that so that they can hopefully lead you to buy their watch product.LOL

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