Do Your Part To Stop The Thirsty Guy Revolution

The world has changed. I know it, you know it, but we don’t do anything about it.

The balance of power which has been ruled by men since throughout history, is now in the hands of our far inferior counterparts.

Where men had his choice of women, it is now reversed. Women are picking men like they pick their clothes; they shop. And if they find one little thing they don’t like, they move onto the next one. They have an unlimited supply of guys that are showering them with attention which they don’t deserve in the slightest.

We already know how it happened. It started with Facebook, which was manageable. But then; the iPhone. Oh the iPhone. This sleek rectangular device became the ring on golem’s finger. With the iPhone girls started receiving daily bombardment of thirst. From Twitter, to Instagram, to Vine, to Snapchat, to Tinder, to Plenty of Fish. And don’t forget standard texting.

It only got worse

With each year that passed, the daily bombardment turned into hourly bombardment, which then turned into minutes, and now finally into seconds. The attention span and stupidity of a woman is at an all time low. But even worse is the self-entitlement they now possess.

They think they deserve the perfect man crafted out of God’s gift to earth. While that would be fair if they were attractive and had a decent personality, now even busted girls who only know how to have a conversation if its on a screen think they deserve perfection.

Average guys can’t even get laid anymore. And if they do, it requires way more effort than it ever should. We have all seen the abundance of high quality guys dating whales. It’s beyond disturbing. The supply and demand of sex has gone to shit. It is so out of whack that girls are getting away with being ugly, rude, stupid, slutty, fat, non-feminine, the list goes on and on.

Gentlemen, It’s time for a change. It is time to reverse this awful time in history.

Even though the iPhone caused this dilemma, we as males gave it power. We have been the ones blowing up girls’ phones. We have been the ones swiping right on every single profile. We have been the ones giving these gelatinous pieces of garbage the false self-entitlement they now possess.

It is up to us as a gender to come together and stop this madness.

DELETE your social media, DELETE your online dating accounts, STOP putting up with bullshit behavior that girls are giving you.

If a girl flakes on you, delete her number. If a girl is rude to you, don’t be afraid to bring her self-esteem back down to where it should be.

This will only work if we do this as a whole. We need every guy we can to stop this insanity. Who cares if we go without sex for a while—this is for the good of our gender. And it may even make girls like you more. Imagine if one day every girl wakes up with no messages, with no notifications. Imagine that happen for a week, a month, a year, FOREVER.

They wouldn’t know what to do with themselves. They would be throwing themselves at us and the balance of power would be restored. Remember the times when girls would be insecure, when girls would be needy, when girls would text you first? If we all work together, we can have that again.

Gentleman, this is war. We are the 300 Spartans up against King Xerxes and an army of pathetic females that don’t deserve their power. But, If we keep recruiting 300 more men, and those men recruit 300 more men, and so on and so forth, we can eventually come out victorious.

My name is Brian and I have a dream.

Let’s sacrifice sex in the short term to win back our power in the long term.

Let’s go back in time to how things used to be.

Let’s save the world.

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607 thoughts on “Do Your Part To Stop The Thirsty Guy Revolution”

  1. Thirsty guys, betas, and white knights are completely unaware of their “thirst”. They haven’t swallowed the red pill yet and are just oblivious to their own actions. I think a majority of the readers here already know not to bombard girls online with compliments.

    1. “I think a majority of the readers here already know not to bombard girls online with compliments.”
      I piss on their parade every time I get the chance… Fucked up shit is, then they are the ones giving me attention.

    2. As a man, always remember that when you’re feeling special that some girl is messaging and sweet-talking you that you’re not the only one.
      She’s flirty and sweet-talking about 3 – 5 other guys as well; when she refers to some other guy as a “creep” who’s constantly messaging her, he’s probably just another normal guy, besides she’s probably calling YOU a creep to the other guys.
      She’s enjoying herself thoroughly with smug satisfaction as she’s showered with attention. She can’t get enough of it. Shethinks all the world bows at her feet.
      And then when she applies for that job, affirmative action means she gets it over more qualified men.
      She doesnt think much of you in the first place. She may throw you a chance to get with her while she rides other dicks but you don’t mean much to her.

      1. I remember one time in my teenage years when I approached this girl and it was going alright for me when, all of a sudden, she starts complaining about this arsehole who was being a creep. What did 16yo me do? Well, i thought it was my chance to move in and sweep her off her feet and instantly asked her out showering her with compliments as we walked to the nearest park to get an ice cream. Long story short, she thanked me for the gift and went on to meet the “creep” who was ignoring her texts while I was too busy being a puppy and listening to her problems. You are one of the many….

        1. That’s the sad thing. You can’t even provide a bit of general human level sympathy anymore. Ive stopped caring precisely because of this. I got tired of seeing even the slightest favour or kind word making me be perceived as a chump to extract attention and emotional support from.

        2. It started with Facebook…

          No it didn’t, it’s been like this for at least 30 years perhaps longer. I would say its been like this since the Sexual Revolution of the Sixties. I remember getting the run around trying to call girls on landlines.
          It is partly because of the nature of women and partly because you are too young. When you get older, you’ll be doing the choosing.
          The advice is sound though. Never call/message a girl more than twice without reply (I usually try twice just in case the first message failed). And talk to as many girls as possible.
          One last point. Average guys have never gotten laid. That’s why they’re average.

        3. englishbobboganus That’s just human nature I suppose. Women lack confidence so much that they need to mooch of yours and if you don’t have it you don’t satisfy her need. Basically,they need a shoulder to cry on and that becomes a dick to ride. They equate showers of compliments from men to the support they get from their girlfriends and that is not manly.
          That’s right boganus, avoid being a chump; don’t be a little tissue to wipe her tears away, as she craves the drama so give it to her, don’t get used.
          “When you get older, you’ll be doing the choosing” good point. A man with no choice is a man without freedom and that my friend, is called a submissive slave.

        4. (I realize this is an old article but just wanted to throw my two cents in)
          Thirst and abundant free attention started with social media during the mid-late 2000s IMHO. In the 80s-90s you could still take a girl out on a (reasonable) date and expect to get laid on a decent basis. Nowadays you’re playing a losing game if you’re not meeting a girl at a bar and/or your place for Netflix and chilling.

      2. Certainly. Any beautiful modern woman carries a quiver of dicks….understand you weren’t the first to be placed in the bow and if she’s young enough…you won’t be the last.

        1. ‘Any beautiful modern woman carries a quiver of dicks.’
          One day, I will have this framed and put on the mantelpiece.

    3. “Thirsty guys, betas, and white knights are completely unaware of their “thirst”. ”
      That is really the saddest part; these guys think it is perfectly normal to feel and act that way. What’s more, they must think there is something wrong with us since we don’t kiss the feet of every girl that happens to look our way.

      1. I had this one retard call me a woman hater because I told him that no pussy is good enough to be the boss of me. I was like : “Bro, are you on crack? o.O “

      2. I know what you mean. I am happily single right now and all the guys around me try to shame me for it
        I really don’t care. I can not imagine what it is like to believe that you are worthless without a girlfriend.

        1. It is the new ‘Kool-Aid’ minus a physical Jim Jones. We focus so much on women in America that it is hard for a young male to ever recognize his true worth until he is well into his 20s. Sometimes not even then.

    4. Even if every male stopped the practice it would go back to how it was. There will always be that one guy who will go full beta and give attention to women and the rest of thirsty cunts will do the same when they see the results. Result: nobody gets laid…well apart from that bad boy in the corner sippin’ expensive champagne and not giving a fuck about women.

      1. Neither do I…never about their looks; I would compliment good character on the rare occasion that any is shown.

    5. Good point, but I think that some have swallowed the red pill but they still have a thirst deep down, like a monster lurking and creeping. Becoming red pill does not necessarily quench the thirst. It may attenuate it a bit or a little more, but still there.

      1. I agree with you. Its not just desperate betas who are bombarding women with complements and likes. There are plenty of guys in between alpha and beta who do alright with women, who join in the pissing contest/suckup chorus in the pursuit of pussy. Many of these guys do okay and are not desperate to get a gf, but are somewhat desperate to find their next ons/fb/fwb so are out there putting bids in (not necessarily overly complementing her but giving her attention) with a number of women, hoping one results in some fresh action.
        The suck up comments probably do work on the less attractive women, but the bar has dropped I reckon. Some of the most very ordinary women (now thanks to social media/online dating) can get the affectionate pet names, compliments and propositions of rapturous lovemaking from guys (pussy hounds) that would never have them for a relationship.

      2. The red pill does do nothing for thirst. I’m thirsty as fuck. I haven’t gotten any in a while. But going red pill has turned alot of that thirst into a legitimate disdain. And maybe that’s important because you see them as they truly are. They aren’t some fuckin Disney princess or some special thing. Most of them act exactly the same.

        1. I think that you may be confusing thirst with being horny.
          Thirst is a sort of desperation whereby the man supplicates before the pussy and waits for scraps to be thrown his way. He begs for the leash that makes him “hers” and he will compromise himself in order to earn the leash, which is placed around his neck with scorn.
          Thirstiness manifestly debases a man and makes him even worse than the harpies who laugh at him behind his back. He’s a puppet.
          Being horny is an indication of nothing more than having a pair of balls. Horniness does not imply any compromise–it’s what you do with that impulse that determines the rest.

        2. Thanks for the better explanation of thirsty. Yeah, I’m not thirsty . Horny, but not thirsty.

        3. Cervantes
          When I first got into Return of Kings I went into a dry spell for several months. Because the red pill tasted so bitter it gave me symptoms of hindsight that I ended up hating chicks.
          Through time I learn to hone this new reality down to where I put females secondary to me, shit on or ignore the rude, prissy ones while continuing to crave sex every so often. Now I’m back to banging women just not with any regrets or bewildered by them.
          Thank you ROK ! You made one satisfied customer….
          Because all it took was one pill.

    6. You are right. I remember this (creepy) girl I’ve met on tinder. One with high princess issues. Well, when I saw her facebook I felt a shame for a nerdy guy who complimented her in EVERY post / picture she uploaded. That’s a total humiliation.
      And guess what? She thought that I should do the same with her: “call me between 4-6 pm…”. Haha.

      1. I like where this is going, that women who exhibit High Princess Drama Needs are being labelled “creepy” …
        After all, this sort of shaming language started with them, so why not finish it with them as well?

        1. Take into account she was only 6-7 in her photos = maybe a 5-6 in real life = 5 without make-up. Now, even if she was a ten, I would never feminize (like that freak dude) myself for her. I would never humiliate myself for a girl.

    7. Why do white knights, betas, demanding guys exist? It truly baffles me that these guys don’t realize what they are doing setting a whore on a pedestal. They will shame other men on a woman’s social media profile than to shame the girl who is the whore in the first place. My question is, why do these men resort to such beta fuckin tactics? They know they have no chance with the girl, but why do they continue to be such nice dudes to them whores?

      1. Many of them were raised by single moms, guys raised this way have a strong desire to save whores.

      2. Women teach men bad game. Women often want to be able to control men. They then think that betas are better than men with a strong will. They teach their sons to be beta.
        Some males have extremely low social IQ and believe the terrible advice their mothers give them about women, and their role as a man. Males shame males that do not approach women when they are interested, and encourage blind confidence rather than self improvent
        This means betas never learn.

    8. I think a majority of the readers here already know not to bombard girls online with compliments.

      I bombard them with insults and what I’m going to do them later. Give them a reason to call me a creep.

    9. It’s more than that. There are plenty of “red pill” pua’s who nonetheless give importance to women wherever they see them. “Hey man, I’m just running game”. NO, you’re creating a much larger problem — raising the status of women everywhere by giving importance to them, putting them on stage so they can monopolize the conversation. Yeah, PUAs don’t pedestalize women- but they still focus on them, often at the expense of others or developing friendships with other men. Make no mistake to the extent that women are the focal point of men, whether it’s a blue or red pill men, their status goes up and ours goes down.

    1. Screw that, I always want snakes to go with my chutes and ladders. 🙂
      How else are you going to keep the rest of the snakes from climbing high?

  2. We should do our best to avoid taxes & gov’t, and to subvert it any way we can.
    Hell i’d even sooner vote for a leftist party if it finally brought us to our knees enough to wake people up. Expose these liars and racketeers and stop feeding the msm by giving them so called “conservatives” to critique if no real right wing patriotic option exists.
    We at the same time can thank bloggers in this sphere for being the tip of the sword and enabling us as men to confront our issues

    1. I always read comments like this about avoiding paying taxes… but please explain exactly how you’re supposed to do that?

      1. 1. Work less and make less.
        2. Work for yourself, get paid in cash.
        3. Rent, don’t own.
        4. Buy less shit.
        5. Don’t marry a useless consumption machine.
        Just a start.

        1. Even if you rent, you’re still paying real estate taxes, the landlord is just an intermediary that handles your tax payment.

        2. True, but you can take the difference between rent and homeowner expenses and invest in securities, where any realized gain is taxed at the much lower capital gain rate than the rent to the homeowner, which is taxed as ordinary income at the marginal rates.

        1. I tried but my corporation was too fat to fit in the door, so I had to use the “fat cats” entryway … 🙂

      2. I am actually considering writing about topics like this because its something I know a good bit about.

      3. How? Geo-arbitrage is one way to do it.
        If you are an American, you are entitled to take at least 97 600 USD of income as non-taxable to the United States if you reside in another country and derive your income from non-US sources.
        Prior to bailing out, it would behove you to move to a state where there’s also no state income tax, or where state income tax doesn’t apply if you live out of the country.

        1. You have to live outside to qualify for the 97K. As to your question.. Start a business outside. I think that’s the only answer, unless you’re in high tech and so you can get a job for that money anytime and anywhere.

    2. You already are voting for a leftist party if you vote at all in a national election in a western country. The question is which leftist candidate is more of a leftist and thus, which one will bring things to a more rapid conclusion? In that case, vote for the one who’s bringing it to the much needed crack up sooner.
      As much as it sucks to watch it all collapse I’d rather see it happen sooner and faster rather than dragged out over a few more decades of fake conservatism and libertarian masquerading.

      1. It will collapse very soon man. Just pay attention to what happens in the financial markets.
        Edit: Besides, there are a lot of pissed off people besides us out there. They’re pissed for different reasons, but that doesn’t matter.

        1. I am betting on June, 2021.
          We need to start a pool… except, of course, the money will be worthless to the winner.

        2. No man. It’s this year or next.
          Japan will be first to implode. And it starts from there.

        3. 14 August 2018, and the demise will start when the Russians invade Canada and the United States tries to push them off the continent …
          Yes, your North American banknotes will be pretty much worthless around then. 🙂

        4. I was timing it by the cycle of American achievements, as 2021 shares a cycle with the declaration of independence, the declaration of war with the south, the establishment of income taxes, the first man on the moon, and a bunch of other stuff… the country gets 3 years under an incredibly useless president before it finally admits it’s done.

        5. I have to disagree.
          I mean, certain areas will rebel… mostly in middle america, but, while a few troops may be sent as token resistance, it will only be the first step in Balkanization and will barely be a wimper.
          As for the rest? The progs succeeded in destroying our national identity.. but state identity, especially in places like Texas, is still strong.
          As for the rest, Balkanization will simply happen, without major will. I suspect states will clump based on ideology, and only then, after decades of various hostility between group states, will they start to war with each other.

        6. You mean the timeframe? Yes, it’s possible to take that long until it’s all set and done. Everything will start from the financial markets. One morning we will wake up with the markets open 5K points down.. And there will be no markets. All gone. puff…

        7. Naww, I expect the president’s ‘freedom to conceal information act’ will basically squash any hints that we are insolvent, on pain of being ‘tortured until organ failure’ by the brave men and women of our homeland secret security korps.
          Thus the delay until people start to realize that bread costs 23 dollars a loaf (but gas is still under five bucks!) a year or three later.

  3. I am so in, I hate thirsty men. They make women mush worse. I resently got a number from a cool chick. Then she text me “when are u taking to go eat together” I was like WTF.

    1. The problem being that you think she expects you to pay? I mean, you got her number because you want to fuck her, right? I fail to see the problem here, she’s just being direct.

      1. I didnt ask for her number, She gave it to me. She gave dumb ass texts. Wanting to go to expensive paces. I was like fuck that, she wasnt worth the time.

  4. I have thought of an idea for Boycott Women Week, but it could never work nationally. I suggest we pick a single city and concentrate on persuading the men there to completely disregard women there for an entire week. If you have to deal with a cashier or something, then just be cold and uninterested. One show of force and the game is over.

  5. It would be possible to do this politically if men stopped supporting equality and started to say that we need to shift power back to men. Openly advocate repealing the right to vote for women. Of course, few men are willing to say this for fear of pussy denial. Nevermind they are already being denied that.

    1. It’s ironic that the ones that have a fear of pussy denial are the ones not even getting pussy to begin with.

      1. Thus the thirst. There are guys who are seeming terrified that the woman they are talking to is the last woman they will ever talk to. So they wind up being supplicating “try-hards”. It’s a pity. If only they knew the Truth….

        1. These guys just never got the memo.
          It was the first advice about women I got from my father: “There are 1000s of women outthere waiting. If one rejects you just go to the next one.”

        2. Took me a long time to learn that, but boy is life good now that I see things that way. Feels kind of cold and heartless tho. Oh well.

        3. You see the line of the feminist in arguments: “what’s the matter, can’t get laid?”
          They act like some borg collective. Piss off one, and all of them will know it and won’t spread the legs for you.
          Guys actually act like this is true. Funny thing is, if you say what needs to be said and not give a fuck, more women will find you less pathetic.

    2. Now you’re getting it… open anti-equality is the real battlecry, everything else is just part of the rationalization game.

    1. Deleted my social media during the first year of college when I found out about ROK. Was the best decision I ever made, it really is a huge time sink.

  6. If you’re an average looking guy, intelligent, partially introverted, with a couple of nerdy hobbies… well then I feel very sorry for you.
    Because without the will or ability to play the role of the player, or marry a girl at 30 who’s just jumping on a safe thing after a decade of booze, drugs and alpha cock. .. well, I’d prepare for a life alone

    1. or you could just head to some other part of the world like latin america and find a nice girl.

      1. Latin women are still women dude. They are friendlier and prettier on average, but very capable of flaking on you when they dont need you anymore, and leaving you in the dust.

        1. definitely. i totally agree that you can’t over-idealize foreign women. still i’d say that if you find a nice, traditional, latina girl who goes to church and thinks adultery is a mortal sin that will get her sent to hell, you have a much better chance than with your average western woman. at least that’s what i’m banking on. my wife is honduran and we just got married a little over a month ago.
          if you give off a beta provider vibe as i do and you don’t want to be an alpha player for whatever reason, i would maintain that your only realistic shot at getting a good woman who isn’t “jumping on a safe thing after a decade of booze, drugs and alpha cock” is looking outside of the west. i will be forever grateful to ROK for helping me realize this.

  7. Read up on the tragedy of the commons. The way to solve this problem is:
    1 monitoring guys to insure they stick to their word and punish and shame accordingly.
    2 property rights, e.g. ownership of women, (the patriarchy)
    3 the incentives to noncooperation is lower than cooperation under every scenario.
    What you are proposing is closer to 3 but it depends on enough guys trying, failing, and realizing it’s better to just say no to american girls. ROK is at least helping push more and more guys down the path of realizing it’s better to say no to the hoe.

  8. The most disgusting men are the ones who are with the rest of us talking that talk but as soon as a women enters the room that same man has a personality change and throws the rest of the men under the bus to win favor with the woman. These “men” are below contempt and need to be called out on it.

    1. I recently stopped speaking to a acquaintance with a reputation for doing this. No explanation at all. I just ghost him whenever we cross paths. Fuck ’em. Let the sycophants die of thirst.

      1. They’ usually crawl back to us with a sheepish grin after they burned all their bridges . Fuck them, they already proved they are unscrupulous and they didn’t get that way overnight.

    2. The ‘men’ that would most likely do this…the PUAs and the white knights. They aren’t so different those two.

      1. Two sides of the same coin perhaps? PUA is essentially chasing women. White Knighting the same, but passive aggressive.

    3. They are a problem, but it’s not their fault. They have been brought up to believe that is how they attract girls. We should have compassion for our brothers who are 100% ignorant to red pill truths, and where possibly, gently guide them towards better practices for the benefit of everyone.

      1. I respect your compassion for them but I think you give them too much credit for not knowing what they are doing. This type of “man” will just as likely throw you under the bus by putting you down to (in his mind)impress another man he wants to be buddies with. Surely you know the type.

        1. I do know the type. Fortunately I’ve not been forced to interact with people like that since high school though.

        2. What about when your group of lads meet another group of women and one of you “mates” agrees with every decision that the women make?? Lets go to this club and lets all get drinks and dance now or later, heheh! Yeah, Yeah course well do that, won’t we lads? This type of man has to be way more annoying!

      2. I agree. From childhood young boys are showered with blue pill movies, music, and television. White Knighting, pedestal-izing, and ass kissing are portrayed as the ‘right way for a male to find true love”.
        Nothing could be further from the truth but sadly a lot of males are stuck in this mindset.
        I consider myself lucky that a flighty fickle bitch led me on and then fucked me over. I’m over that and I’m actually grateful that she force-fed me that red pill.
        It hurt going down I promise.
        But it was worth it. I used my new-found knowledge at the time while dating numerous females.
        It started with “my way or the highway” more or less and went from there. I led and they either followed or GTFO.
        I learned to detect chameleons and pumped and dumped the sluts.
        That led me to a feminine woman from a good family who respects and values real masculinity (her dad is alpha as fuck and still married) and confessed that she was tired of all the ass kissing from my ‘rivals’ at that time.
        Still happily married with 2 kids 17 years later.
        I’m not a NAWALT but maintaining frame at home (MMSL for example) and a good mix of alpha and beta equals a happy sexful marriage.

  9. I propose that we just be assholes to everyone who isn’t redpill. Reality is harsh. Nature is harsh. Why should we be any different? Fuck their feelings.

    1. This isn’t necessarily a bad idea, within limits. For example, when I’m talking to a girl I’m not already fucking, I tell them the truth–that I’m fucking other girls, that girls are not “special snowflakes”, that I know they want to submit b/c they’re talking to me in the first place, not some Rob Lowe Half-a-Fag Pretty Boy, etc. I can actually HEAR the Pussy Tingle Generator Firing Up….

    2. I’m already implementing these tactics.I shame anyone and everyone that is not redpill period no exception’s. Harsh but necessary.

    3. I may go with indifference instead of being an outright asshole. In my position it would be much harder to spread the truth if I made everyone around me unreceptive. Not to say you can’t be harsh when necessary, but maybe it shouldn’t be plan A?
      To quote a previous poster, “we’re with the resistance”

    4. Best advice. Feelfags are a disease of the overly comfortable society
      And, harshness creates more red pillers.

      1. But its funny how most people like yourself talk about harshness but really have no idea what it entails. Most “men” are soft ass mommas boys who would be straight up failures in life had their parents not covered their asses…

  10. “They would be throwing themselves at us and the balance of power would be restored.”
    Big Amen to that!
    I live in Germany and a week a ago I went through lonely hearts ads in a local newspaper, old school style, just out of curiosity.
    You can’t believe how low-maintenance and affectionate women here become, when they get desperate for a relationship.
    “I’m not attached to a certain place. I’m able to move.”
    “I’m busty.”
    “Please be kind and call me!”
    It`s ridiculous!
    On the other hand I’m always amazed how easily women get out of my mind when I stop watching porn and concentrate on my work and my hobbies. It seems like god – or whoever the fuck is responsible – created women as a distraction.
    Women can’t live without us, but we can without them – if we have to.
    We as men have the real power, never forget that!

    1. I suspect that busty, like curvy means “fat”. What ages were the women writing these ads? I ask b/c they smack of Post-Wall Desperation….

      1. In german we have a word for “having large breasts” and my dictionary pooped “busty” out. Maybe “bosomy” would be more appropriate?
        Most women which show up in these ads are 40+, about 60% I guess. But the quotes I picked were from women in their late 20s and 30s.

      2. I’ve noticed that foreign profiles are far more honest. I have seen “curvy” Latinas who are like 110 pounds but have a great ass and boobs. I have seen “more to love” girls who are thinner than anorexic girls in the states. These girls all understand that they ALL *have* to be thin. No one is interested in fat women. But you are right, anything other than “average” or “athletic/thin” body type in the USA means fat, and often many of those do as well.

        1. It was Germany, so I speculated that it would be closer to the USA “LOUD & PROUD” porker set than it would be outside of the Anglosphere/Old Europe area. I could, of course, have been way wrong.

      1. That’s the thing. The ads are text only. But a lot of them are saying they are pretty. So it must be true.

    2. Woman, age 20: “Don’t talk to me.”
      Woman, age 30: “He’s talking to me!”
      Woman, age 40: “Please talk to me!”
      Woman, age 45: “Hey, I’m talking to you!”

      1. Middle age white women over 40 are sad. You can see it in their faces. Husbands don’t want to fuck them any more. Only chance is to get used for practice on an online dating site.

        1. Yeah, because Mother Nature is gang fucking their lives. Most white women start to look like Iggy Pop after forty.

        2. That’s the shit society tells us. That the girls can ride the carousel and go full tilt Jenny and the guy will be a Gump and take her back when she’s all haggard,used up and fucked out. Fuck that shit. I ain’t plugging up no dried beef

        3. congrats on finding the missing link. kindly put it back where ya found it.

        4. Lol, SLOPPY SECONDS anyone? When I take my family to a restaurant, I demand a FRESH PLATE ONLY for my party. After we’re done with dinner, the server cleans our table and the dishwasher scrapes the plates into a bucket. He separates napkins from silverware and tosses ‘chew blobs’ into the bucket so they don’t jam the dishwashing machine. Then the bucket of food scraps goes out the back door to the local neighborhood DOGS who await their snack. THE DOGS ! ! Sloppy seconds are FOR THE DOGS ! !

        5. Yeah, no one wants to stick their junk in and hit one of someone else’s ‘chew blobs’.
          That term is so nasty that that I think
          I may start using it. If I don’t throw up first.

    3. “Women can’t live without us, but we can without them – if we have to.” Eh. Anecdotally, I’d say the contrary, and I’d go a step further to say that’s part of the problem. Many widows do not remarry; whereas, almost all widowers (anecdotal) remarry. Sexual urges can be kept in check with women more readily than men (horniness fluctuates with their hormone levels and they seem to ignore it easily when they are relatively peaked) and as women get jobs, bla bla, they don’t need us. Hell, they don’t even need us for procreation. My cousin, a financially stable, lovely woman–who albeit, probably didn’t put herself out there enough–had a sperm donor and now has a lovely little kid. She seems happy. Her kid is healthy, spends a lot of time with other cousins, does well in school.

        1. I think choosing a single parent option is the height of selfishness. Fine for you mumsy, but your child would love to and deserves to have their real dad around. Disgusting.

    4. Honestly, I don’t know if I agree with your statement about women can’t live without us. I’ve come across women in business and socially and heard many who have not had a man’s touch in years. They got their kids, friends, family and work (sometimes two jobs). Or they are bitter, many times overly so, from failed past relationships and just withdraw.
      Example, studies always show men with more sex partners than women. I’ve see those studies since I was a teen in the late 70s. It NEVER deviates. What does that tell you?

      1. My statement is a generalization, for sure. Of course you can find women who get along just fine without a man. Although the question stays: Are they happy with the situation, can they deal better with it than men? When I say they can’t live without men I don’t mean they’ll literally kill themselves.
        But nonetheless, I think it’s safe to say that women – in general – look for their well being in relationships and social circles while men are more prone to go their own way – if they have to.
        Especially in recent years there is this phenomenon emerging that more and more especially young men are literally checking out of society and many of them don’t have a problem exchanging real sex and affection with internet porn and masturbation. They are literally giving up on women.

    5. ‘You can’t believe how low maintenance and affectionate women here become’—when they are all used up.
      That’s like saying you can’t believe how cheap you can buy a car after it’s over a 100,000 miles.

    6. On a related note, is there any German woman over 50 with long hair? I was on trip in South American recently and there were a group of German couples (probably 30 or so). Not ONE woman there with long hair. They may as well have all been gay couples.
      Really, I have never seen a nation with so little interest in male sexual interest.

      1. It’s true. The older they get the shorter the hair. The old hags here are basically all having the same unit haircut.
        The rumour is true that german women are just the worst. The majority dresses unfeminine. And the flirt culture here is a giant wasteland, that includes men too. Interestingly no one doesn’t really seem to bother. Thats what happens when everyone gets used to the surroundings.
        Thank God eastern europe is just around the corner!

  11. You don’t have to sacrifice sex. What you do is go about doing what you do in life, anyway. Focus on improving yourself. Gain the Knowledge and apply it. Better yourself as a man.
    If a woman doesn’t show you proper respect and deference, kick her ass to the curb. One of the reason I keep my 2x22s around, aside from the youth and beauty, is that they understand who the boss is, and treat me accordingly. I was sitting at breakfast with one of them and she looked across the table at me and said, “You sit like a king!” Why? Because I was occupying space–legs apart (for the comfort of my enormous balls) arms on the table, yada-yada. That’s the difference b/w a feminine woman and a feminist cunt (who would be whining about “man-spreading”).
    There *are* feminine women out there, who understand the role that nature intended for them. They’re just as discouraged as we are by the negative messages about traditional masculine and feminine roles as we are. Probably more so, b/c we’re men and we know to soldier on. Our job, as Red Pill Men, is to find those girls and DENY the bluepill feminist twats.
    DENY them our attention
    DENY them our affection
    DENY them our resources and
    DENY them our cocks.
    Leave them to their 37 cats, Hagen Daz, and Rachel Maddow.
    Never forget, women are just our guests here. The buildings they live in were built by MEN, the cars they drive were built by MEN, the roads they drive on to get to their useless fucking HR job was put there by men. They work in offices built by men, at companies founded by men, in countries guarded by men.
    Our lives make their lives possible.
    End Transmission.

    1. I sit like a Buddha because I am a Buddha, is this not obvious … 🙂
      Also, Buddha’s balls need even more room to breathe.

    2. “Focus on improving yourself. Gain the Knowledge and apply it. Better yourself as a man.”
      All good points and the “How To” on restoring balance (if not everywhere at least in your part of the universe). Each man follows this path and pretty soon it’s restored.
      Another point would be to try and educate other men. You can feed them the red pill (the knowledge) but you can’t force them to eat it (use it). They have to come to terms with it on their own. But, you can be an example of how it all works. They see you as the example and want to follow it…the cycle continues with more men on board.
      Never let any woman disrespect you, flake on you, etc….always walk away (and never call or contact them).

      1. I would never give the red pill to any woman. They will only use it to game and sucker men. Women do not care about men. That is a fundamental of the red pill.

    3. Never forget, women are just our guests here. The buildings they live in were built by MEN, the cars they drive were built by MEN, the roads they drive on to get to their useless fucking HR job was put there by men. They work in offices built by men, at companies founded by men, in countries guarded by men.
      Our lives make their lives possible.

    4. I once shut a feminist from NYC up with that. My dad worked construction in that city for 30 years. Was on countless buildings.
      Told the feminist that, and that my father was probably in the crew that built the very building she was comfortably sitting in.
      Having already been given the “check your privilege” line, I spoke of my dad’s privilege, his being born in a poor family and whose father died young after a short life of hard labor in the worst jobs. His losing siblings to disease and war in the 1940s, never being able to go to high school and not learning to read until he was 60, his working 2 jobs most of his life because the cost of living just kept going up because of taxes.
      I told the feminist that I was sure my father had lots of privilege because I never heard him complain.
      Never heard from that woman again. I didn’t even get a “We’re done here”.

    5. Mistrial you are awesome. Funny as duck! He said leave them to their 37 cats…..and Rachel Maddow”
      2x22s huh? I like that. I need 21x21s. That will complete my harem 🙂

    6. Also the cellphones, Mistral, the cellphones and cellphone towers were built by…….
      *drum roll*

    7. I know this article is old, but I have to reply to this comment. The last cum-dumpster I banged actually complained about how I *walk* and carry myself! Like I’m supposed to walk slumped over with knuckle-dragging arms, like an ape. She says to me:
      “Why do you walk with straight posture!? And why do you walk so fast!?”
      I’ve heard some lame complaints, but this one took the cake. I was actually surprised. Stopped dead in my tracks. I shook my head, got in the car, and drove off. Needless to say, that was the end of that bang.

  12. I read articles like this and think people are not using tools outside of online dating. Most online dating tools should be for ONS/P&D material. They have a place for filling a pipeline with occasional lays. Keep the effort low and don’t spend significant money on these marks, considering the average quality.
    For quality women skip online, clubs and bars.
    Find a venue that does something you actually care about. With the expectation that it’s something with a moderate social aspect. For me, say I want to go for slim athletic women, I would game running groups, or crossfit groups (think post work out, some shared suffering stories, and everyone is easy to talk to).
    You can game solid 7s to the occasional 10 in this setting. Face to face puts the power dynamics back in your favor. Outside of the classic night game environment, getting hard rejections is rare. It gives you something to be judged on other than the glamour shot in your tinder profile, you have instant credibility, and the approach is natural.

    1. One interesting effect: in the land of Thirsty Men, the Man of Exceedingly Straightforward Confidence is king.

  13. Won’t work. Men with Game have weaponized social media for seduction.
    Even if 80% of men stop using social media and all men without Game stop interacting with women, then the 20% remaining men can easily fuck all the girls and keep actual harems – women would be fine with this.
    Feminism targeted women, because they are the ones who could have started the crap and unfortunately they are the ones who can stop it and there are no signs of that happening.

        1. No, seriously. It’s not feasible in the real world, not in this century any way. Try to construct a scenario in which women’s rights are “repealed” in any Western nation. Go ahead and try.

      1. amazing how someone so young could be so crass.
        I dont agree with this alphafux/betabux thing when it comes to athletes- they are both. These women just want his seed in order to get child support, and they are so arrogant they cannot see it.
        Why dont these teams give players seminars on how to not become a victim of these predatory women?? Antonio Cromartie anyone?

        1. Most college athletic programs are giving training sessions to their guys about gold digging whores. They also teach about avoiding the paternity trap. The problem is that most jocks have more balls than brains.

        2. A lot of pro teams are getting people to coach their guys about proper bedroom and condom etiquette for bitches trying to be on a quick come up.

    1. lol what a coincidence. Odell Beckham Jr. fucked me on fantasy league, That guy is a good football player.
      Her face looks pretty busted up though. You’d think a pro sports player could do better…

      1. He is Black. Even top tier Black men pull way lower quality than average Joe Whitey. This Black man wouldn’t even be able to get an ounce of püh in Taiwan.

        1. Well yeah, Asian countries are usually difficult if you aren’t White that’s common knowledge.
          I do however know black guys (Non Ghetto type) who get laid quite often with pretty hot girls , maybe not @ the frequency of white guys with the same level of game but they get hot girls none the less.
          Be positive man! At least you’re not an Indian or Asian guy who has the hugest handicap to overcome in regards to stereotypical/expected behaviour from men of their races.

        2. Seriously? I’ve never heard of someone being attracted to only a specific race of women.
          So if you were at a bar and had the option between 6/10 Asian girl or a 9/10 Black Girl with no attitude issues who would you pull?

        3. Top tier black men can pull top tier babes. But it is like one strike and your out when you’re black, there’s no second chance. Kind of like being a shorter white male.

        4. i live in TW. only taiwanese girls i see interested in white guys are the nerdy loser-type, 1s – 4s. maybe thats bc the majority of white guys that expat to TW are, and i say this as objectively as i can, absolute losers.

        5. Shit bro, It must be a hard to be a black dude who is only attracted to Asians. You could always get escorts when you travel to Asian countries, They’re really cheap.
          Also I heard there is a niche for black dudes in Japan. Like in every club there will be a few girls who are attracted to black men.

        6. Asians are some of the most racist people out there. Even at home. I am black too but my attraction to them is off and on. They don’t have sexy voices like Latinas or Eastern Europeans. Asians just aren’t as sexy as they are. They’re like babies.

        7. I don’t pay for people that hate me when others get it free or get paid. I’m just going to drink my life away and promote separation. I will make sure by any means necessary that no other Black man ever goes for Asian women.

        8. ” 9/10 Black Girl with no attitude issues who would you pull”
          Let’s break it down:
          Most non-black dudes (90%) do not find black women attractive at all. The only black women these dudes would fuck in a non-emergency would be the very rare Stacey Dash/Vivica A. Fox/ looks-types: those who look either East African or Indian and are at the top. But as we all know, these are very rare. To these 90% of dudes, no normal black woman is realistically getting above a 5, looks wise, at best, and that’s before you factor in the sluttiness and rudeness.
          So what you might consider a 9/10 black woman is really not more than a 5/10 to most dudes out there. So the 6/10 Asian chick is actually a win for them.
          And then “no attitude issues;” well, as we all know, that, too, is extremely rare with black chicks. The “sista” attitude of entitlement and rudeness and masculine behavior knocks them down a few more pegs. An ROK columnist has already written about this.
          So, yeah, if Stacey Dash sits next to us at a bar (she is a rare confirmed case of definitely no blattitude), then, heck yes we’re going home with her if possible over some common Oriental. But that scenario is simply not going to happen,
          That’s like saying “well, if Gawker offered you 6-figure money and life tenure to work for them, you would take it over a 50-grand a year job working at the Daily Caller.” Sure. But the idea of getting a 6-figure job with Gawker that
          also gives me lifetime tenure is pipe dream enough; factor in that Gawker is never going to make that ridiculous offer to someone who isn’t a card-carrying SJW, and especially not to a red piller, and you’ve got yourself a hypothetical that is detached from reality.

        9. If you’re black and you’re into Asians then I second McBuckets. You should focus on Japan.

        10. I’m not interested in getting married. I just want to get some balls-deep action like everyone else, but not pay prossies. I cannot get what I desire, so I’ll just quit.

        11. Don’t drink, Grand. Save that alcohol money and have fun in China, Thailand, Phills, with that money. If you’re emotionally finished with the Black/Asian social dynamics then use it to your advantage and dive into the world of escorts. It doesn’t take many until you will prefer the escorts and look back with disdain on all the Disney-shit going on with traditional dating.

        12. Yup, from experience its the only asian place a darker skinned (Indian, black, latino, etc.) person has a chance of getting with an Asian girl, especially for ONS.
          Stop bitching GrandAdmiral and start taking action!

        13. Ouch! Respectable. I think the number one loss for a majority of black women is an over estimation of SMV. Far too many black women who are half an inch away from turning into hoodrats that will get volatile if you look at them.

        14. I’m white and I would take a no attitude woman any time regardless of race. I would even go down the HB scale a bit for that….

        15. THAT is BS! Like Taiwan is the damn holy grail of nookie! LMAO. I got a co-worker from Thailand who said a decent black man who do damn well there so don’t tell me how Taiwan is any better. Hell, the beaches and nightlife in Thailand are far better than Taiwan!

        16. Are you serious, I see it all the time. People won’t deviate also because of ethnic pressure. But TheGrandAdmiral likes ONLY NORTHEAST Asian!? Why? I prefer southeast because they tend not to be slim/boyish in build. They can be busty and curvy.

        17. I like how you didn’t add a qualifier for the Asian but you made it clear the black woman didn’t have attitude issues

        18. Thai chicks are unattractive. Taiwanese girls look way better, Taiwan is cleaner, Taiwan is interesting. I like my chicks without dicks, and NE Asian features are far more attractive.

        19. Black guys cannot get any in Taiwan. A 4 on an Asian man’s scale can be like a 6 on the laowai scale. I’d be satisfied banging a new Notheast Asian 6 every weekend and having threesomes on the occasion (although I’d prefer to bang 7+ chicks).

        20. Asian chicks aren’t even all that cute, no curves, no chests and boring conversation. But to each his own

        21. I used to hook up with an Asian stripper that was Cambo Thai mix and she was gorgeous. Tan and all that good shit.

        22. Black females ruin it for themselves. Well, most importantly black AMERICAN females.
          Entitlement. Bitchiness. Masculine behavior.
          Lowered SMV, lowered SMV, lowered SMV.

        23. I find the majority of them, aside from those of truer Caribbean descent or African (or solid parent pairings of mother and father) typically are the way to go. Avoid any single parent women (single mothers especially) no matter the locale. I almost suspect they get so caught up in the perception of a black woman they don’t even realize the world sees them as a four ring circus; all entertainment no long term value.

        24. Too true. Exactly why I am more of the mindset that strong family values wins the day, all day every day.

        25. I agree issue is that since the Claudine movement black women think that they don’t need men in their lives. Much to their determent.

        26. That is easily the most laughable statement a woman can say to you. Why? She won’t earn her own money as a man pays her salary. She needs to dress up as her main power SMV is determined by men being thirsty. Her social media basis is proof of that. It’s a sad deflection of being a shitty person that is unworthy and a personal statement of being a time sink. A guaranteed blackhole for emotions to be dropped in with no return save for an ever fleeting smile. I say don’t settle for seeing her give half a circle with her mouth. Put some flesh in there so she receives that big O she craves. Puts her squarely where she is settling for, Pump and Dump.

        27. Asian. Plus black girls usually have a smelly pussy and their hair gets everywhere and is hard to clean.

        28. even with this clear war against all men you bastard faggots still find room to be racist? i’ve had better bitches in 1 yr than you’ve had in your entire fucking life chump. i’ve been to south korea and had one of the baddest bitches available. taiwanese hoes would be no challenge. i’d even make sure i gained a working knowledge of the language before i went there. hell i might even go and take pics just to prove you shitheads wrong

      2. Because that is where she is wrong. Fucking Odell is not a sign of her “level” – getting into a LTR with Odell is where her level is shown. It’s the reverse for men.
        Also men will fuck girls of lower quality if they come handy and are hot enough for now. That does not mean that those men like them very much or think they are special.

    2. I love how she thinks getting a male celebrity to stick his penis in her, a non-fat female under the age of 35, is somehow an accomplishment. Especially a black dude, lol.
      Note how she says “I fucked” instead of “got fucked by.” Did she put a dildo up his ass or something? Seriously, honey, unless you”re doing the insertion, you “got fucked” by a dude; you didn’t “fuck” anyone.

      1. Agreed. Speaks to female interpretation of social dynamics including status. Women are highly attuned to social status, her comment smacks of one-upmanship over her ‘bitches’ (‘friends’). She definitely thinks it puts her above her friends. The funny thing about how women perceive status – they judge relative to what they can get not what they are. You could be a solid male 8, she could be a 7.5 – then odell beckham deigns to put his penis in her for the night and she looks down on you.
        My sister in Australia used to bang a very famous football player for a while when she was young and it effectively ruined her for all other guys to come. No-one ‘normal’ was then good enough for her – despite my sister being a 7.5 max and bringing nothing else to the table.

        1. Please tell us that you didn’t put any decent men in harm’s way by introducing them to Princess of Cocks …

        2. No. My sister would never listen to any advice anyway. was always 70 guys blowing up her phone. She played the part to the hilt. thing is now she is stuck with one kid from a beta father (although decent guy) and she hops from relationship to relationship unable to connect and the guys realising she is nothing more than a temporary cum bucket.

        3. Females are status whores at heart. It takes a lot of deprogramming to change that. Pro athlete gets injured, becomes high school coach, all the bitches disappear like a mirage.

        4. Interesting. I know of an Australian who recently has been listed on an American pro-teams list. Career wise, he is at an interesting point – he has suffered injuries, and while still on the roster, is yet to make an impact. He has gotten engaged to an Australian chick, who was a personal trainer at the gym I used to go to.
          Her facebook page was full of pictures of the two, with her gushing comments such as ‘don’t know what you’re missing in life until you find your other half’. If he gets off the injury list and makes it – multi-million dollar pay day. However, if he can’t get back off the injured list and his career stalls, better than even money so does the marriage. as Rollo says, women love opportunistically.

        5. This is what is destroying society. It is harder than ever for a woman to secure alpha commitment, but it has never been easier for a woman to get pumped and dumped by an alpha. Women can’t work out the difference, they think because they can get pumped and dumped by an alpha, they can get commitment from an alpha. But it doesn’t work that way, they end up chasing shadows, and they end up old, bitter and twisted. Meanwhile, the poor betas are stuck in their basements jacking off to porn and playing computer games. Feminism has basically given a tiny percentage of men the ability to pump and dump at will. Nobody benefits apart from these alphas

      2. There’s a good reason for this. Women as the gatekeepers of sex are the ones that choose. When they choose, they “fuck” them, even though they are technically the ones getting fucked. They play an active role at the beginning, even if it’s an active role only in her own mind.

        1. Women choose to fuck a guy in theory only.
          The practical part (the realization) is always on the man.
          If he is not acting, the sex will never happen because a woman don´t has the ability to transform things into reality. They only think and dream about stuff but never actually do something to make it true.

      3. That image, and her claim, make her immediately unattractive to me. WNB, ever. (also have no clue who odell beckham is and don’t care.. I’m guessing a professional game player)

    3. “I fucked odell beckham jr” I don’t even know what that is (yes, I often refer to homo sapiens as “things”, I’m that far Dark Triad) but this twat can’t even capitalize names on top of that disgraceful act. Wow, how proud can a father be?

    4. Back in my days at LSU, we called them ‘cleat chasers’ and ‘mudsharks’.
      I don’t care what she looks like. A cleat chaser is a whore that’s not worth a fuck.

    5. You’re wrong. Social media is KILLING every man’s game regardless of social status or looks.
      Our grandfathers were never exposed to so much harmful radiation, estogren mimicking chemicals, high resolution screens and overall stupidity and gossip that social media revolves around.
      The author is 100% correct. Men give away their power all the time. Women just keep sucking energy from us because they need it to survive. If you stop giving all your attention via internet and phones, then she will seek it in person.
      We are letting a stupid mobile device destroy our chances at true human interaction. It’s a poision and we must cut back on it.
      As for the photo, NFL players always banged groupies. This has nothing to do with social media, BUT social media has A LOT to do with females having all the leverage in the dating market.

      1. You are right – social media & the new smartphone technologies are putting female natural hypergamy on crack 24/7.
        BUT – the fight won’t be won by even 50% of men suddenly becoming Red Pill. Even then plenty of men would remain to leech off and encourage them in their delusions.
        I don’t disagree with the author’s opinions that men need to stop putting them on a pedestal and actually need to learn Game – regardless whether they plan to chase sluts or not. But it won’t change things sufficiently.

  14. Unfortunately there is always the “sexual marketplace of last resort”, much in the same way that selling cheap crap to the United States works because it’s the “market of last resort” …
    You can’t simply declare force majeure and expect all men to take your side.
    There’s always some thirsty male who will settle for the cheap wine on someone else’s left-behind dinner table, and there’s always some meathead who will defend the system in force without respect to the facts of decline that are easily observed around him.
    As for deleting all of the venues for high-drama social exhibitionism, you’re best leaving that madness behind, although I suggest leaving it behind in a sanitarium for the criminally insane where it can be contained as the contagion it is …

  15. I deleted my Facebook but for other reasons than this. For the sake of relevance, I’ll keep my comments on topic.
    I work with two females (a first since my first job was Infantry in the Army) and they are glued to their phones. I feel that sometimes this blog may go a little extreme and “out there”, but this is on point. They love their devices because now they can get attention by countless high quality guys in mere seconds.
    I have noticed that many of these females are not even high quality. They may have nice features (breats, butt , face or personality) but never all in one. They mostly appear to have a case of ADD and are rarely capable of entertaining a meaningful conversation. This saddens me.
    And the thirsty guys. Oh the thirsty BETA males! Now I can’t help but see them for what they are. Always I see two to three guys around a girl that is at best a 6. It’s funny though cause I have seen the truth. Those BETA’s will give her all this attention and inflate her ego, then an ALPHA that she knows just wants to smash will get laid and leave her to whine to the BETA’s about finding a good man.
    I hate to make this long but I have a story. I’ll add it in a comment to this for those who are interested.

    1. A female I know. She is cute, but young and your typical air head female. She broke up with her BF and was now on the prowl. Where? Online of course.
      She was getting waves of attention from thirsty guys everywhere. So of course she was VERY choosey. That is fine actually. Supply and demand. I aint mad.
      So she wanted an Asian and found one. A sweet guy that she actually liked. He made her feel special and was very understanding. She said she actually liked him. Unfortunately, she continued to browse all the hot guys she saw.
      She found one guy and he made it clear he just wanted sex. He even upset her and she complained about him being a dog. Complain complain complain…then she let him hit it….
      She then keeps talking with her loveable Asian. Lucky for him, he sniffed her out for what she really was and basically put her in her place.
      I loved it to be honest. Up until that point I though he was super BETA. Turned out he was just a genuine and nice guy. He had been friend zoned by a girl already and he wasn’t playing that role anymore. So he let her know how messed up she is for stringing him along and ended it. He made her really depressed for a couple days.
      I want to meet that guy and buy him a drink. Everyone should be like that guy. Be yourself. Be nice (if she is worth it) but don’t be afraid to put hoes in their place.

      1. Good story.
        Men should never let a woman disrespect him. Once it happens, it will always happen. Yes, you always put a woman in her place and you always call her out.
        This is the very reason why so many women get away with flaking, lying, etc….because some men will let them disrespect them.
        That shit does not happen on my bus. I’ll stop it, pronto, and tell her to GTFO. Always put a women in her place – never be afraid of what happens “after”.
        You are the prize.

      2. I’d like to know the “quotable” for this guy, the thing he said that she’s going to carry around like baggage …
        Every guy in that position should say something that she has to carry around for the rest of her life.
        Think long-term, act short-term: in the short-term this only produces personal satisfaction, but if every guy with options does it, the long-term results should improve …
        My personal favourite: “You’d better marry that next guy, because once you’ve fucked two or three more guys, no decent guy will have you.”
        If it takes one would-be whore off the market, I’ll allow it. 🙂

  16. Good article. I recently deleted all of my social media accounts. It’s really not worth it, and online dating is the fucking worst.

    1. Amen. I set up a fake dating profile to experiment the theory that any girl can be turned into a slut and send nude pics. While it is actuakly working I am sick to my stomach in the process. Women these days are so boring it got old real fast. And I’ve only been at it for two days!

        1. I set it up on ok cupid and used a couple pics of a gay guy I found on the net lol. Then I found some red pill online dating advice on the web and took it from there.

        2. What did the gay guy look like? Give me a link I’ll try that shit up here in Canada lol

        3. Lol I’m in Toronto and I managed to pull some of these cold bitches. Just Google search gay dudes. It’s best if you get pics off a social media site because you’ll need more than one shot of the same dude but good online dating etiquette for guys is to use only 2 or 3 photos. See if you can find pics of a guy with a good build. And yes you’ll need a shirtless pic for maximum vagina tingles! It’s also good if the dude is not smiling and is looking away from the camera. Then follow normal online game and you’re good to go!

        4. Man, idk if getting a girls nudes are worth seeing a bunch of dudes sucking each other off hahaha

        5. Lol they don’t have to be gay. Just find multiple images of the same guy. Make sure he’s got a good build and he’s white. And of course, well dressed. I made the mistake of using a smiling pic but I still pulled some bitches in.

        6. Thanks for the links.
          That girlschase site is really good. I’ve read like 15 articles already lol. I can’t believe all that information on game is free, some sites would charge hundreds for that stuff.

        7. Yeah not to mention those seminars.
          I literally used the same line on every bitch and they all react the same. AWALT! Any guy looking for a “unique” chick with a “personality” is a bloody fool. There is no such thing.

        8. Which ones were the best you’ve gone to? I’ve seen a few RSD Tyler videos on youtube, he seems like a cool guy I think he does seminars. Any other names?

        9. Oh shit nvm then haha, You seem like a knowledgable dude on pickup. Do you just game naturally or just go mgtow

        10. I’ve been a MGTOW all my life. Any game I learned I learned in the last year when I discovered red pill sites.

        11. I wish I could go MGTOW but its hard to control your natural urges for pussy, I’ve always wondered how some guys manage to pull that shit off haha.
          Anyways props to you for deciding to cut out women, you must get a lot more productive shit done with all that time freed up.

        12. Lol there’s no law that MGTOW can’t date. I don’t know where that idea came from. We’re just against serious relationships. It’s easy for me not to date I guess. Especially after checking out red pill sites. I find their nature too disgusting to pursue them.

        13. PUA with options …
          Why does this always come down to some absolutist crap that rarely holds true in reality?

        14. The thing is this …
          If you look at the physiology of women, you realise that most of them are built for a different purpose, even the cute ones who twirl around after winning tennis matches.
          They’re not built for long periods of solitude, so that should give you an indicator of whether any expression of high intellect is anything other than a birth defect …
          Basically, if you think about this long enough, people around you will deem you more sexist than Schopenhauer, even if it turns out that you are right.

        15. You are knowledgeable and well researched – now get them to do some sick shit I’ve never heard of.

        16. Lol so true so true.
          But every single one?
          I wonder how some PUAs withstand it. The monotony of it all!

        17. You see, I don’t even see the code anymore, all I see is “bunny boiler”, “divorce miner”, “risk-seeking self-destroyer”, “damsel in a dress” …

      1. Persist young man, persist. make sure you keep all of us updated as to what level of depravity you can get them to.

        1. And don’t forget to wipe your dick on her window curtains before you leave. Just a common courtesy.

  17. I have noticed something interesting.. I don’t know, maybe I’m dreaming.. I do not care about women one bit, so I am not doing anything out of ordinary on a daily basis… I don’t look them up, is what I’m trying to say.. I have my work, my hobbies keeping myself occupied etc..
    So what I’ve noticed lately, they are the ones initiating small talk/interaction with me. Actually I was picked up 3 times on the street in the last several months. One of them turned into a 3 weeks fling. Believe me when I say. I did nothing, and I am not that good looking, just average(I don’t work out etc).. What I think actually was, with all the daily shit, I am in a great place mentally.. Bitches feel you.. They see how you walk the earth.. I don’t know, there is something we are still not aware of..

      1. That’s probably IT. But on the street man? There’s one at work giving away high IOI. I will torture that one…

    1. This happened to me too. It’s weird (and stupid if you get right down to it).
      I’ll be enjoying life and having a ball just being awesome, then ladies will begin to gravitate to me. I will do a little small talk but then excuse myself to hang with my friends who are actually interesting and fun. Then she will follow me! Why? Leave me alone. I am having a good time, lol.
      Anyway, one bold lady actually pulled up next to me and asked if we are f’in or what? And get this. That night earlier, I was looking for my love struck friend cause I was worried about him, and FIVE women tried to initiate contact with me.
      1: Rubbing on my chest as her BETA boyfriend walked by with her hand in his.
      2: Dancing on a staircase and blocking my way. Her words” I know you want me cause you came all the way up here”.
      3:Actually I was annoyed at this point and I was about to start stiff arming bitches. Stopped paying attention here.
      It’s really stupid bro. I even had a GF that didn’t give me the time of day and broke up with me. I then went straight asshole cause I wised up and stopped caring and she was in tears as I was heading back home. She didn’t let me go until I gave her a deep kiss, groped her and promised I’d call.
      Best thing I ever did was stop trying to understand women beyond their basic need to get pregnant by guys who don’t really care for em.

      1. That makes me feel a little better. Means I haven’t lost my mind. So I guess the moral is not what we do, but what we don’t do that somehow sets them off.

    2. Libido and interest varies but the “need” to get laid is more social or societal than anything else.
      No man ever rolled over and died from lack of sex. But most men act like that can and will happen on the surface. But the real weapon was the instilling of the notion that if a man is not chasing (or pining after) women every two seconds, then it’s a sign that he’s gay.
      Now, if you are told “you do that therefore you are gay” and you don’t like the idea of being gay because, well, you are not gay, then you are still not allowed to think it’s because you are not gay, you are then told “well it’s really family pressure, societal pressure, religion, and homophobia that makes you uncomfortable with the idea”.
      Which is bullshit.
      In a way, “the system” kind of fucked itself by spreading about all this “ambiguously gay” stuff, making it cool or something, or making it trendy for people to keep that in question. For now there is a growing generation of people who will say “yeah whatever call be whatever you feel like fuck all”.
      In the 1980s they instilled the notion that he who cannot get a woman is going to be packing the fudge but didn’t know it yet (and will even do so against his own will too). So for the young buck back then, the notion of “forget it these women are too much fucking trouble” would be met with the fear of being thought of as a homo.
      I have know a few people who were so afraid of being gay or “going gay” that they became convinced that they were. I’m not kidding. Funny thing was, in that progression, the term “gay” in the happy definition could never be applied to them.

    3. It’s called confidence. One word you see everywhere when women are asked what they look for.

  18. Done. All my dating apps are deleted. I kept facebook only which I don’t use for trying to pick up chicks.

  19. How to stop thirst?
    Abundance mentality(real or perceived) the only way to hinder or stop being thirsty is by having a harem that you’re working on. Real or perceived, if you have one girl act like you have two girls. If you have two girls act like you have three girls ad infinitum.

  20. I attended a conference in Montreal about six years ago where an executive from Blackberry discussed smartphone penetration. At the time it was somewhere around 35% in North America, but he said in the next five years, smartphone penetration would be around 95%. I had no reason to doubt him; I’d already owned one and could see the convenience for both business and personal applications.
    He was correct about the numbers (never mind what happened to Blackberry) but I don’t think anyone could have predicted the net effect such penetration had on society at large, in particular young women already raised on a diet of Sex and the City lies about “having it all.” They now faced an abundance of choice on the cock carousel, turning virtually all of them into attention whores with a 24-7 selection of dudes.
    Attention is like pornography to them – their little minds cannot get enough of it. Alas, the effects are much more pernicious and prevalent. At least if we guys want to look at porno and beat off we aren’t allowed to do it in public. But women are mentally masturbating every waking moment of their day and making life changing decisions in the process (slutty behavior eroding their ability to pair bond, capriciously deciding on an affair, hitting the road for a divorce, keeping (or flushing) the baby in their womb, etc.)
    I predict the smartphone may yet prove to be the most effective technical catalyst for the demise of western civilization.

    1. Correct. I would also say smartphones and all social media were always totally targeted at women.

    2. Smartphone penetration became a force multiplier in the market for the other kind of penetration.

    3. It’s complicated. Smartphones by themselves are harmless. It’s that they bring media, particularly social media, into women’s lives, increasing the impact of social media by tenfold.
      Social media increases female anxiety. Instead of a social group of tens of people, she has to cope with a far larger group. She is brought into contact with unfamiliar people, which causes females a good deal more anxiety than it does males.
      Additionally, in that anxious state, she is exposed to social influences that she turns to for relief. Her anxiety makes her feel like she has to do something, hence the adoption of hysterias: Rape culture!
      She also is presented with social influences such as sexually suggestive attractiveness. Social media confronts her with a normalization of behavior once considered stigmatizing. Male attention will alleviate her anxiety, and if sexual behavior is socially legitimized, the solution for her anxiety is to dress sexy and go parade in front of thirsty guys.

  21. I wish it were that simple. But thirsty guys gonna thirst. There are too many pussy beggars out there. Thankfully, women arent Really attracted to them anyway. Even these bushpigs with quality men hate their men.

  22. Don’t’ delete social media to get back at women. Delete social media because it is boring as shit you don’t need.

  23. Taking away women’s right to vote would do us better in that regard. If women can’t vote then politicians won’t waste time pandering to them. Leaving men to take full control of society the women will bend over backwards for men like they use to.
    Unrealistic? Maybe but Democracy is already cannibalizing itself and it is only a matter of time before it self-destructs

    1. Yes, it’d solve the mess, but it’s about as realistic as me jumping off a cliff and flying, rather than falling to my death. ”Equality” for women is far too entrenched in the collective consciousness and is constantly reaffirmed everyday by the government, by the media, in school, etc. Without taking control of the existing institutions, it would take a collapse, but I wouldn’t bet on it happening. Western collapse has been declared as imminent since the 1800s. Heck, people have been predicting the end of the world for over 2000 years.

      1. “Without taking control of the existing institutions, it would take a collapse …”

  24. Way ahead of you(I’m 23, and haven’t had a Facebook account for a matter of years now). That and my location, Washington D.C., makes it particularly easy to uphold the sentiment. The chicks are either land-whales or fit with the charm and demeanor of a barracuda(but get a few drinks in ’em, look half-way decent, and not be socially retarded, and you’re unlikely to find a bigger group of cum guzzling sluts).
    I was working at a place on 18th and Columbia, and the entire evening this philipino chick who showed up with her sister(and was actually the one I was checking out) was funneling me long island iced teas that OTHER dudes kept buying her, while I hadn’t paid any attention to her before. I swear we hadn’t been talking for 10 minutes before she was pulling her pants down and saying how much she “wanted me inside of her”.
    If the gender roles were reversed it would’ve been considered a rape attempt, hahaha.

    1. yup. bigger girl tried to pin me down and put my limp cock in her vag while i repeatedly said i didnt want to do her. she persisted for so long that eventually i said, “fuck it,” flipped her over and did her.
      had roles been reversed, i’d be in jail right now.

  25. I have a pre-paid “Dumb Phone”. I just bought a new one on Amazon for >$30 and I only pay about $25 per month for unlimited calling and text. If asked why I don’t have an Iphone I tell them “The NSA” or “Little Afro Chid’lins murdered for resources” based on my audience.
    I have no idea why people feel the need to have a $750 phone with a $100 phone bill per month.

    1. I hear you. I received a ‘dumb phone’ through my work. Unlimited talk, text, and long distance, and it costs me exactly nothing. Since I don’t about social media, I got rid of my smart phone and never looked back.
      I actually got a call from (insert major network company here) and they wanted to know if I wanted a new phone on a new plan. Only $85 a month. She was so confused when I asked her why I would need one…

      1. I use flip phone, voice / text only. Its more secure. Smart phones are easily hacked. Its also forces you to actually talk to the person next you at the bar : )

  26. Son, we aren’t up against an army of pathetic females that don’t deserve their power. We’re up against an army of pathetic dudes that were never taught to keep their cards closer to their chests with women due to social conditioning. They are the real problem.

  27. i notice within the last 5 years when u organise to catch up with a girl say within a week where most time u dont hear from her until the day u catch up!
    im sure u guys see her look at her phone and she has 5 sms pending 24/7. on the plus side, us alpha only sms to catch up while all the betas and white knights acting needy make our bitches desire us more!
    its one reason why i wouldn’t go out with my girls cause they have a line of cock right outside my door thx to fucking smart phone!

    1. I once went to crash at a girl’s place while another guy happened to be in her bedroom with her. The door was unlocked so I just sauntered in. When she walked into the kitchen and saw me she freaked the fuck out.
      She locked me in the bathroom for ten minutes while her and some other guy got into a heated fight. When I texted her earlier she didn’t mention that she would be hanging with some guy. I listened to this debauchery through the door and chuckled at the absurdity of the situation.
      Anyways, she kicked this guy out and invited me to her bedroom. She started crying and whining about how all the guys she dates seem to be psychopaths (this guy did not seem like a psychopath… he was just drunk and rightly frustrated that he got AMOGd when he was already in bed with a girl). She was telling me how she could never see herself with me because I’m an asshole and heavy drug user (neither are true) but she did not argue as I began to feel her up.
      Anyways… this girl literally had a line of cock extending right out of her bedroom… She basically just chose to fuck me instead of this other random guy on a whim in that moment… Totally fucking nuts if you ask me. Sex and love is so abundant for chicks right now it is insane. Alpha-fux/beta-bux, and there is no end to the supply…
      What is weird about this situation is that this girl is not some cheap fucked up whore. This girl is well-educated, hard-working, very attractive, and could easily come across to a blue-piller as some angelic blonde that needs to be saved from all the bad men in the world. I wouldn’t wife her up, but I know another dude will.

  28. The thirst is primarily caused by youth and inexperience. Once you reach age 24 or so, you stop participating in such juvenile behavior. Once you get your own apartment, a steady job, and you pay for everything on your own with no help from mom and dad is when you really start to grow up.

  29. “Let’s sacrifice sex in the short term to win back our power in the long term.”
    I didn’t see it addressed in the article, but how about not shaming p4p instead?

  30. One of my favourite types of pillow talk with a gal is hearing their stories (of which there are always plenty) of the men that pursue them on social networking and dating sites, and the frankly bizarre “tactics” these men use to get laid. Well, when I say “tactics” what I mean is being creepy, weird, needy, hyper-sensitive, pandering, and just generally the behaviour of someone who has studied game….. in bizarro world. The stories are always horrifying yet strangely fascinating, like the Red Room scenes in Twin Peaks.

    1. Some guys will even send dick pics in hope of getting laid. It’s laughable, but dont be fooled, these people exist.

      1. These guys do send a LOT of dick pics. It’s insane. Women never react well to getting them, only if (and its a big if) they are actually dating the guy. What gets me is why these guys think that works. They must have done this a shit-ton of times. Why haven’t they learnt from experience?

        1. “What gets me is why these guys think that works.”
          Well, they think if a guy is turned on by boobies and stuff then it works the other way around. These guys just don’t know shit about attraction.

      2. If you didn’t get the memo, dick pics work. Women act like they hate it, but that’s the guy they do the booty call with at 1:30am.

        1. Yes, dick pics work from time to time. This assumes the guy sending them is the girls physical type, sends them at the right time (late at night when they’re coming home drunk from bars), and actually has something worth showing (8″+ dick). The non dick pic guys problem is they are basing what they think women want off of what they say. A fatal mistake.

        2. Its more likely to work on females under 25. Many teenage females are already sending out their own nude pics on snapchat starting early around age 15. I get the feeling some people over 30 don’t fully understand how whorish millennial females can be. It doesn’t take much to access their inner whore. They’re the first generation to grow up with unlimited free porn in their hands 24/7.

        3. I don’t think it’s all millennials, I think trolling for women on the internet is the problem. It seems internet dating and hooking up has brought out nothing but the worst in both genders. I work with a large number of millennial women, and none (or very few it seems) act in the manner commonly described on this site. Most are in LTRs, or married, or engaged. They are buying or saving for houses with their partners, and planning when to start a family. In fact I see very little difference in their behaviour than that of Gen X, at the same age. I don’t think its a generational issue, apparently a lot of Gen X women were pretty nasty in their twenties, but again that’s not been my personal experience. In fact, Gen X is looking to be far less likely to divorce than our parents. Don’t have a specific stat for that but Googling the subject will bring up plenty of results. The biggest difference I see is that millennials all seem obsessed with FB and their bloody smartphones. It’s annoying, but hard to blame them when they are the first generation to grow up with the internet. I’m always amused when some twenty something (male or female) rants about shit they got in for posting some comment on their “private” FB page. It’s like they’re unaware that WWW stands for WORLD WIDE WEB.

      3. Fine, send her a picture of Richard Nixon and a message that says she won’t have your dick to kick around. 🙂

  31. Imagine if all the guys on dating sites all took themselves off. All at once. Imagine the panic.

  32. Only women with self esteem issues derive their self worth from the insignificant compliments that they receive on social media. It is completely irrelevant to a woman’s desire to meet and spend her time with a decent man with good values. Respectable guys get respectable girls so if you are the sexist and judgmental individual who wrote this article or an individual that shares these views that there is an obvious reason for your lack of ability to attract quality women staring you straight in the face.If you want to attract women you can be proud of then be a man that you can be proud of. Walking around with the belief that you are entitled to world domination because of your masculinity and that women are stupid and inferior is going to land you sub-par women every single time.

    1. “Respectable guys get respectable girls.”
      Coming from a guy who was once a “respectable gentleman” I can tell you it is pretty much the opposite.
      Funniest case was when I met a feminist who said she would like to settle down with a nice feminist guy when she was ‘ready for marriage’ but would have casual sex with bad boys who were usually sexist and didn’t share her philosophy. LOL Can you believe it?!?!
      It was not long after that day that I awoke from my Beta “nice guy” mindset, I suggest you do the same.

      1. I’m not sure that I know what a “feminist guy” is. It sounds almost like the feminized version of the modern male that has grown all to common. That girl sounds self centered with a lack of respect for herself. I can’t change my nice guy mind set because I am not a guy (i know what you’re thinking, i know, i know) but to be honest I’m not a feminist or even close to being one. I dislike radical feminists because I feel that they misrepresent women in a negative way. I know that this generation of women leaves a a lot to be desired and It leaves the decent women with the task of making up for their ditsy counterparts. But from a woman’s perspective, the men I tried the hardest for were the ones who treated me with dignity. It made me want to go out of my way for them, cook for them, and do special things for them, and show them appreciation. I know that unfortunately there are a lot of women who will take without giving back and I don’t know how that could be changed but i think that knowing that you are worth more than a selfish woman with no class and moving on to a respectable one is a start. It might make the self centered bimbos of the world realize that they need to step it up lol. Just my opinion.

      2. ht Rollo:
        “When looking for a life partner, my advice to women is
        date all of them: the bad boys, the cool boys, the commitment-phobic
        boys, the crazy boys. But do not marry them. The things that make the
        bad boys sexy do not make them good husbands. When it comes time to
        settle down, find someone who wants an equal partner. Someone who thinks
        women should be smart, opinionated and ambitious. Someone who values
        fairness and expects or, even better, wants to do his share in the home.
        These men exist and, trust me, over time, nothing is sexier.”
        ― Sheryl Sandberg, Lean In: Women, Work, and the Will to Lead

    2. Why are you even reading on a site like this and responding? You’re not exactly saying anything new or fresh either. What do you get out of commenting?

      1. Sharing my views regarding the subject matter just as you are. I don’t mold my opinions in an attempt to trump those that have been previously been expressed either so there are zero fucks given in the “new or fresh” department.

        1. Ha.Ha.Ha. Just as I suspected – You are not getting the attention you want from the guys you really like.

    3. “… then be a man that you can be proud of.”
      That is the very essence of the message here at Return of Kings.

    4. “Walking around with the belief that you are entitled to world domination because of your masculinity and that women are stupid and inferior is going to land you sub-par women every single time.”
      Funny. Well, at least I get me some sub-par women.
      Because walking around with the belief that I’m not entitled to anything because of my masculinity, and that women are smart and superior, is gonna land me ZERO women every single time.

    5. Women say they want beta, they fuck alpha. No one here is listening. Shouldn’t you be trolling some site like xojane and blogging about lip injections and bulimia?

      1. lol no one wants beta dear, all the women dig alpha and we all know that BUT the question is do you want a skank that will fuck you and move on to the next dick that comes her way or do you want a woman who will be loyal and stand by you. Skanks don’t care how you treat them so if they are your target than I guess it is all just a means to an end. And easy on the blogging lip injection, bulimia bullshit. This is conversation not high school.

        1. Thats the thing. Im not sure if youre trolling or not here, but Ill assume youre not.
          You are suggesting men should embody “gentlemanly” behavior. Which IS beta behavior. You can’t be a gentleman and be “alpha”. An alpha doesn’t open doors for women. An alpha doesn’t get walked over. An alpha doesn’t buy presents and make compliments all the time. An alpha doesn’t supplicate. An alpha both knows his place as a man and treats his women accordingly, (IE “sexism”).
          And quality women want alphas, not betas. So your advice is poisonous, even if you have good intentions for those whom you want to follow it.
          My “sexist ideas” (experience) lead me to believe you probably only want attention at any expense for the readers here. Do you seriously believe telling men to be a “gentleman” is going to help and not harm them? I think the more men that follow this advice, the more women will cry “where have all the good men gone?”…

        2. Yeah but the amount of quality women under 25 in America cannot be more that 5-10% (and that amount is being EXTREMELY generous).
          Why treat all women like they are special snowflake princesses when they’ve probably banged 3-5 dudes at least and probably believes in feminist bullshit rhetoric.
          Like honestly, I can bet that you as a ‘quality woman’ have had sex with a minimum of 5 guys.

      2. This the 3rd female in the last few posts that has started commenting at length. Kinda feels like some sort of baiting exercise.

    6. Noble sentiments but unfortunately there is enough data out there pointing to the fact that the dumb beta nice guy type is ripe for being played out by the archetype modern female. A lot of times if not everytime.
      I’m not saying women are evil. In the same way a rattlesnake doesn’t bite a victim because it’s evil or hurtful. But it still hurts.
      A man who’s consistently getting bitten is the type of idiot we skullthump some sense into before all hope is lost.

      1. Yeah, If men wanted a hard body on their partner they’d go gay.
        Idk what these bitches are thinking, Its not healthy for a woman to have a visible 6 pack. Even men who have 6 packs are pushing physical boundaries in regards to healthy body weight.
        My friend even met this girl who 24 and had stopped getting her period because her fat % was way to low, That shit is gross.

        1. “Its not healthy for a woman to have a visible 6 pack.”
          I’m going to lift the curtain here a little bit on this topic: a lot of these “women” with six packs are on gear. Running a few anavar cycles every now and then is hugely popular among women who are into the fitness and “health” scene. We all know how many, many women have no qualms whatsoever about all sorts of bodily modification: think fake tits, fake ass, liposuctions, botox. Add tampering with hormones through birth control. The step of taking gear then isn’t too big.

        2. “I’m going to lift the curtain here a little bit on this topic: a lot of these “women” with six packs are on gear. Running a few anavar cycles every now and then is hugely popular among women who are into the fitness and “health” scene”
          And more than plenty don’t. Real anavar is very hard to come by and often faked. Getting abs on a female isn’t that difficult since most fat accumulation on chicks is targeted predominately on the thighs and hips. Anavar isn’t a “magic fat burner” neither.

    1. There’s probably going to be two types of comments and two types of thinking to this…..I would say.

      1. Then I shall offer the pleasant third option …
        Once this nutter drags his nutsack through all that glass and pit juice, at least he won’t be fathering any children.

    2. Yeah that doesn’t work. You have to go cocky witty funny. Or you have to neg. Basic theory.

    3. OK. This dudette’s response is ridiculous. But consider this:
      You haven’t had sex in six to twelve months.
      You have drunk four Coronas and two litres of wine.
      You’ve had 2 lines of coke.
      You have been watching porn before you ventured from your hotel room.
      YOU…. WILL……….TAP/HIT……THIS.

  33. Abundance mentality is the best way to prevent thirst, but as a Black man that likes Chinese, Taiwanese, and Japanese women, there is no way that I can have an abundance mentality, especially not in the States. Discipline has worked for me. discipline and hate for unattractive women. Just as a Chinese girl would never date Black men even if we were the last men on earth, so shall I avoid all women that do not turn me on, especially the fatties, fuglies, and frumpty-dumpties (which Black men are quite often relegated to).

    1. hahahaha, not dating fatties, fuglies, and frumpty-dumpties, that’s like saying I’m not going to date half of all North America women. I respect that though.

    2. Just playing devils advocate,but what makes you so special??? U cant expect perfection when your not perfect yourself. Its like some of you guys want a supermodel but are yourselves fat, lazy, live with moms, no plans for future, drink too much. Nobody said life was fair… sometimes u gotta take what you can get.

      1. I don’t need supermodels. I just want to bang Northeast Asian women that are 6’s and up on a regular basis. Since I am Black, I cannot. That’s why I just gave up and I’m going to drink sake and whiskey every day.

  34. – So in Canada it is now illegal to purchase sex.
    – We are importing immigrants constantly because we can’t maintain the economy/population without them.
    – Is it possible the gubmint is trying to force thirsty men to get married to 30 year old career bitches?

    1. The feminists won on that prostitution law bullshit. Its now illegal to purchase sex but not sell sex, It blows my mind how this shit can be passed…

    2. Thanks for the update. I was aware that the laws surrounding prostitution in Canada were being hotly disputed in the last year or two, but I hadn’t heard about the new laws that have just been passed.
      As you noted, it is now indeed flat out illegal to purchase sex in Canada. And what an unfortunate development that is. This country just got that much shittier.

      1. As if the obscenely high taxes and cold as fuck weather didn’t make this place bad enough…

        1. I don’t know what exactly happened to me over this winter but something changed.
          I care more about getting out of Toronto Canada than I do about game and women. People ask me if I found a girlfriend, and my response is basically “Why would I want to get a girlfriend and waste any more time in this place? Its time for me to gtfo.”

        2. Toronto? Fuck. I’m sorry. By what horrible turn of events did you end up there in the first place?

        3. Don’t hold your hopes high for Vancouver …
          I was looking forward to England again after a while in Vancouver.
          Want to visit a place with more than ample numbers of thirsty men? By all means, condemn yourself to an extended stay in Vancouver.

        4. So you’re originally from England and you moved to Vancouver?
          I’m curious to hear your comparison of the culture and lifestyle.
          I’ve heard that living in Vancouver is not much better than TO. I know the real-estate market is impossible and the girls are just not that great.
          If you could share your thoughts I’d appreciate it.

        5. Great story behind this. the screenwriter, Schrader, was, lets say, on the edge when he wrote that, deliberately going out at night in 70s nyc to see the worst of it…good thing he turned it into a positive 🙂

        6. Not surprised. The movie felt very honest. Not too sensationalized.
          It showed the unmentionable not the unbelievable.

        7. I’m from lots of places — I went International Jack Reacher a long while back.
          Vancouver is dystopian in the same way that Kowloon Walled City wasn’t — the old City may have been a horrible stacking of barely working services on more barely working services, but it did at least have a feel of connectedness to it.
          Instead, you have paranoid condo culture in Vancouver, and everything seems very disconnected.
          I didn’t move to Vancouver in a strict sense — I took a work assignment in Vancouver and was elated when the people I work with insisted I get back on a plane to England. 🙂
          The greatest single impediment to having quality younger women in Vancouver is the fact that most of them dress in some kind of “urban outdoor combat gear”, which turns out to be not very good to look at and not very good at doing much else either aside from keeping rain away.
          As for property ladders, you’d do better in a place where you won’t get stuck with a condo in a leak-prone multi-storey building where most of the owners seem to be out of the country, and are thereby untouchable for mundane things such as repairing the building …
          Notable architectural functional typology: buildings with blue tarpaulins all over them. 🙂

    3. Wait a minute: You’re telling me that until very recently prostitution was legal in Canada and I had no idea?! Son of a. . . .

      1. nah man, it was Illegal to SELL and BUY prostitution, now the feminists in charge of our government have made it illegal to buy pussy but not sell pussy.

      2. Up until last November it was not illegal to purchase sex, it was illegal to publicly solicit sex.

    4. Is it?
      And I’m an immigrant to Canada and I support your right to keep people like me out of Canada if you wished… as long as Asian nations get to exercise the same xenophobia without western faggots crowing about “racism”.

      1. My coworker is korean, he and his buds hang at korean lounges, clubs. I asked him if I could tag along, he laughed and said “Dude the bouncer wouldnt let you thru the door.” This is in supposedly “liberal” nyc, so get off your high horse man…

    5. Ah you see it all depends on “thirst” now.
      As I have once said, whereby Generation X beat themselves to death trying to keep up with the carrot on the stick (thus were not the sort of men who would go to a prostitute for example), the millenials have no carrot and are being beaten with the stick, but unlike Gen X, the millenials are saying “fuck this” because it’s a raw deal.
      So not only does prostitution remain illegal, but even more laws about campus rape, ease of reporting, and other such means (basically amounting to a day when women will be able to clap their hands and say “guards! Take him away!” about any man even if he just walked into the room).
      You see the guys who refused to take the cues from the system being jacked were not enough. The guys who saw that and said no way will have even more laws and a jacked system. Don’t want to get married and then divorce-raped and enslaved by the system? OK then, here’s more legal gotcha games.
      A bachelor tax would be next. But a lot of young guys are content to work a part time job, manage to come up with say a few hundred a month for the room they rent, and spend the rest of their time doing what they want, which is NOT being an economic mule, NOT being a linoleum floor (getting laid once then walked on for 40 years), NOT being a money tree for the childcare/entertainment industry. My generation was convinced there was virtue in being those things, virtue in working two jobs to make the wife and kids happy, right up to the wife watching one too many episodes of Oprah and deciding to leave and take the kids but take all of his property and keep taking his money with the threat of jail hanging over his head if he loses his job.

      1. “The guys who saw that and said no way will have even more laws and a jacked system. Don’t want to get married and then divorce-raped and enslaved by the system? OK then, here’s more legal gotcha games.”
        Well put. This is what worries me. Of course they would never say “Hey guys! Here is a bachelor tax for those of you that don’t wanna take the plunge!” It is going to be the gradual addition of more and more little taxes and laws that benefit women.
        I could imagine that eventually everyone’s tax-revenue will just be a money transfer to women. The women will have to pay them too, but they are the beneficiaries so whatever… Its a redistribution of male wealth to female wealth. Which in turn gives more power to the government because women will accept a little more socialism for free shit.
        IMO we are already getting there if you consider female only scholarships, that women make up the bulk of public sector jobs, the divorce industry, dating culture…
        I gotta get out and see more of the world or I’m gonna start to believe that the Matrix really is reality.

    6. That’s probably what the bans of pornography are really about, and why the government thinks it needs to send that message to every cleanly dressed white male traveller …
      Inside every male Canadian who wishes to escape is an American trying to come out. 🙂

      1. Funny you say that.
        The rhetoric I heard when I was younger is that “America bad and corrupt. Canada good and fair.”
        Now that I’m a little older I’m beginning to identify more with American culture (i.e., the history, traditional values, etc.) than Canadian culture.
        There is more respect for entrepreneurial types and independent thinkers. Canada has a herd mentality culture that has completely exhausted me. I can’t speak for Vancouver but in Toronto the public sector is one of the few ways into the middle class. But the people that live here have to pay obscene amounts of taxes to pay for all these public services (i.e., health care, education system, libraries etc… and the majority of the employees are women, who just buy shit and don’t create shit)… I’m young, white, talented, male, and good-looking… I just don’t feel like I have a place here anymore.

        1. I get what you are saying but at the same time you dont live in a dog eat dog society. An entrepanuer should still be able to succeed where there is less competition from others around him, as long as the govt does not drown him in red tape. I realize the taxes will be higher and wages, but I don;t know how great it is to live in society where its a race to the bottom to compete with China either. You are still on the door step of a 350m people market.

        2. Canada is the epitome of blue pill social Marxism. Enterprising men like you are (for the time being) still welcomed with open arms in the US.

      1. Really $250? Damn, must be THE thirtiest cities for males in America! Might as well save that money and in a few years, import you an mail order Asian or South American wife. Venezuela will have thousands in another year BEGGING to get the out of that hole.

        1. Mail orders are more expensive than that, regardless what people say. Just doing their papers can run you into the thousands right there.

        1. There’s a city-by-city list of what escorts cost in several cities in North America, and I remember that while Toronto was near the top of the list, Vancouver was pretty much at the top of the list.
          I can’t remember where it was or I’d link it here — perhaps someone else has better Google-fu than I do right now.
          My recovery from Vancouver involved several whacked-out ideas, one of which involved making a side trip to Cardiff just so I could enjoy some of the quickly obtained “benefits” of Queen Street …

        2. They were near the top eh?
          Seems to suggest high-demand and limited supply.
          The great irony of the new prostitution laws that were put in place is that… Intelligent high-status men who have a lot to lose will be less willing to go to escorts in Canada now. Because there is a risk of legal backlash associated with it, the only people that will frequent hookers without a second thought will be people with nothing to lose… People that are often more dangerous and lead to less socio-economic advantages. These laws hurt hookers and hard-working single men. Good job Camaba.

        3. As I see it, you may as well say, “Intelligent high-status men who have a lot to lose will be less willing to go to Canada ever …”
          I used to go to Canada for work assignments, but there’s a limit to how much outright crap I’ll take before I’ll charge up the employer’s plastic and load all of my gear back onto the first flight out.

  35. Good theory. Ain’t never gonna happen.
    Look I online date, tinder mainly, so yeah I’m part of the problem. I reckon I do ok, comparatively, to other guys.
    But to women? fuck me. no comparison.
    Had a fling with this one chick. She’s older than me, has kids, but she’s attractive. Cute face, good body. You think the age and the kids would turn guys off? Well I hate to think how many messages she’d get without them.
    She showed me her account. When she signed up, she got about 200 messages first day. She gets 20+ new messages every day. After being on 2 weeks which was about when we hooked up, she had over 500 guys want to meet her. Goes without saying that most of these guys are total losers. But there’s still a decent amount of ‘normal’ guys in there, because of the sheer numbers.
    She never, not once, messages a guy first. She’s super fussy about who she even interacts with, let alone gives her number to, let alone ‘allows’ to take her out, let alone do anything else. And if some guy she was texting ignored her, cut her off, didn’t reply or whatever, she would barely even notice. In fact, she’d tell me ‘funny’ stories about the guys who ‘cracked it’ or were rude to her. It’s like a game. She always has more options.
    I just can’t see this dynamic changing, unfortunately.
    Attractive women will never not have abundant male attention online.

    1. Sounds like she was obviously quite proud to show off how much attention she was getting. You are correct though.

        1. Shit, and you had to compete with 500 guys. How did you manage to get the bang with so many thirsty dudes at her disposal?

        2. Dunno man. Blew my mind a little when she showed me. If I’d known I had so much competition I probably wouldn’t have bothered hahaha

        3. Maybe you differentiated yourself somehow from the hordes of Beta’s begging for her pussy,
          Anyways good luck and may more tinder sluts be in your future! lol

        4. Its happens. I pulled a hot russian milf early 30s from online. Probably 6.5 in russia, but being in america she’s 7.5. She was getting hundreds of men asking her out for lunch. Honestly don’t know what differentiated me. But I do better with foreign women in general, and I like it that way. I honestly try to avoid any female that went through high school in america. I assume that cultural experience has left her brain fucked and she can’t self correct. There would need to be something unique about her.

        5. It must be hard to come accross a lot of foreign girls living in the U.S though. How do you meet them? Just mass approach until you find a girl with an accent or what?

        6. I’m in an international gateway city. Just listen for the accent. If you’ve ever lived overseas yourself, and struggled to learn a foreign language, it makes it easier to relate.

    2. Yep… It’s a manosphere fantasy that the attention dries up as these women age. When I put my mind to racking up numbers, I do better than average myself, yet I honestly don’t believe I could compete with an even mildly attractive woman in her 50s (and I’m a pretty good looking guy in my late 20s). I don’t think some people quite understand how much THIRST is out there. It’s off the charts insane.
      Nothing will change until a technological solution like realistic VR sex or sexbots become viable. Only then might some semblance of balance be restored.

      1. haha I laughed pretty hard at the “mildly attractive woman in her 50’s” but sad thing is it will soon come to that.
        If prostitution became legal that would destroy the SMV of any woman who wasn’t at least a 7/10.
        Fucking hell these feminists know what they’re doing making sure an average beta dude’s only way to get pussy is to wife them up at 35 and deal with their shitty attitudes for life.

        1. Perhaps non-repulsive would have been more accurate. Any female that more or less still has the size and shape of a normal female can clean up, regardless of age.
          To paraphrase the inimitable delicioustacos, any time I fuck a new chick (especially one I meet online) feels like a miracle beamed straight from the scrotum of Jesus Christ himself. I can fuck about one new chick a week if I really put my mind to it and practically treat it like a full time job, and it feels like I’m tying up 80% of the city’s pussy supply. I can’t stress this enough: the sheer number of dudes hitting these girls up is simply insane. I seriously have no idea how any guy who’s less than an 8/10 in the looks department ever gets laid. And I feel for those guys.
          I’m afraid prostitution alone won’t cut it. The stigma against it is too deeply entrenched. There needs to be a complete paradigm change. The technological solution’s the only one I think could make a dent.

        2. Prostitution isn’t really a fit in the US. A hot 22 year old could probably charge a 1000$ for two hours. Single mothers (who should be desperate for cash) are treated like royalty by our government. So you don’t have any of them selling. Young, hot girls can simply use 30-something betas for cash, dinner, gifts, rent without having to stand on a street corner. Bottom line is that prostitution is traditionally reserved for lower class women (obv) and our lower class women average 242 lbs. A young women with a great body is damn near a celebrity in our culture these days and would never have to go into escorting unless she wanted to make 300k a year by 1000-2000$ an evening payouts or if she was totally insane. If you want an appealing ‘pay for play’ country you have to go where there isn’t 80% obesity.

        3. You’re right I never thought of the fact that guys here would pay obscene amounts for an attractive girl.
          My friend is from a third world country and he showed me pictures of the girls he would bang with 15-20 USD. They were occasional 7’s and mostly 8’s, so yeah no way would that would fly over here in America, they’d be charging at least 500 bucks per half hour.

        4. Surely you are exaggerating. The situation isn’t nearly as bad here in canada. Hot young escorts who only charge 200 an hour (depending on what you want) are a dime a dozen. Sometimes they actually have to compete with each other for customers, which means improving service.

        5. Well that sounds cool. The last time I visited Canada I was getting whiplash from turning my head at all the healthy young women. It was Victoria. I’m from Seattle. I think North America gets discussed as if it’s all the same. Not so. Canadian women have some physicality left. I may be exaggerrating or may not. I’m not an expert but I just don’t see a true international 9 in the USA selling herself for anything less than a full grand for a few hours. You have guys here dropping 300 in a strip club just to have tatted up, coked out 8’s rub their over-shitted American asses against the guys jeans while he files it away as well as he can for his subsequent wank. Keep in mind that 8’s in the USA are 6’s internationally, if not 5’s. Those girls pull in hundreds a night just for coked out lap dances. A beautiful young escort in the USA would not be anywhere near the international rates.

        6. That is patently false. I got on the website “seeking arrangement” and can get p4p with women for far less than that.
          Younger, college age women are often willing to bang for 300 dollars per NIGHT (not hour) off that website.
          I had one offer 500 per night at a casino as well that was basically a 10/10 in looks.

      2. The thing I don’t get is, why are men so thirsty nowadays? What has changed to make them like that? Is it the hypersexuality of todays culture, and media telling them that they aren’t real men unless they have a female accessory?

  36. I don’t think closing social media accounts is really a strategy I would use.
    It all comes down to Scarcity and Abundance. Thats the core crux of the whole problem in that attractive women have abundance and a selection of men to choose from.
    Even if you got everyone to close their accounts, it still doesn’t stop the fact that girls get approached left, right and centre if they’re moderately attractive.
    The key solution is to ‘Spin more plates’ and develop an equal amount of abundance that levels the playing field.
    I only just this recently saw at first hand how effective this strategy is when a girl I was trying to get out on a another date started playing games by cancelling dates and sitting on the fence to meet up.
    Instead of chasing after her, I decided to spend a few days gaming new girls in the same area, only to then have her catch me talking to the new girls and getting insanely jealous.
    Long story short, the tables have turned and she’s now chasing me for the attention, because she’s now seen with her own eyes how capable I am at meeting and attracting new women into my life.
    There’s nothing she can do now to stop or control me from falling into her frame, like she can easily do with most of the other chodes in her life. Because she now knows that any flack from her will mean having me walk away and get with a hotter girl.
    This is a point all of us guys need to drill into all of these girls if we’re to put them back in their place. Otherwise, there really is no other way around it.
    So the solution is simple: Approach more girls.

    1. Good plan but if she hadn’t seen you approach a girl would you still have her chasing you? It isn’t really realistic in a big city for you to cross paths with her unless you are in the same college campus or workplace.

      1. Maybe not, but the point is I don’t care. She’s just one girl out of many. Her seeing me and recapturing her attention is simply a bonus. Wouldn’t have cared otherwise.

    2. I’ve got to the point that if a woman flakes, cancels a date a few hours before, I don’t ask for explanation, I just text her back ‘number blocked’. My time is too valuable. I moved my schedule around to make time for her, she didn’t respect that. She’s just another wet hole that’s a declining asset over time.

        1. She can eat dinner out of the garbage can behind the restaurant. She’s someone elses problem. I don’t want that door left open.

        2. I’m not judging, More power to you. Lots of cunts deserve it. Most appropriate response for many. They made themselves into pump and dump.

  37. The only way to reduce the thirst of the beta males is through education. Manosphere sites are a start. Betas need to better understand the risks of their self defeating behaviour, how they are being used by cunts as replaceable pawns.

  38. Haha. Ok. In general I agree with the many articles posted here, but not this one. Battle technology? I don’t think that’s feasible. We are on this ride. Adapt gentleman. Swim with the current, not against. There is no going back in time, or to how things were

    1. I want to swim on this current with a well-armed hovercraft bristling with guns …
      Also, my hovercraft is full of eels. 🙂

    2. Much of what has changed relates to tech. Lots of females that would have turned out with a group of their girlfriends at the club on friday and saturday, are sitting at home with TV and popcorn watching random men spam them on social sites. That’s why the male / female ratio at clubs has turned into a sausage fest the last 10 years. That’s why women’s egos are so unrealistic, they think that attention they’re getting on the net is a kind of social currency, gives them an inflated sense of self.

  39. When I’m out looking for girls, i’m not thinking about the other guys in the room not getting any. When i’m with a Hunting Party of guys at the bar every guy is expected to pull their own, if there are guys to shy to talk to girls you try to do your best to help but if they’re not going to help themselves what more can be done?

  40. Don’t really get this one. So i’m supposed to stop talking to girls because some dudes are awkward around or don’t know how to handle girls? Reeks of Beta..

  41. The only way to win this rigged game is not to play. There is no ”until” or ”going back”.

  42. I agree with this. The landscape between men and women has reached an evil level in my opinion. This idea of women choosing as it were on a whim who they will have sex with.
    Every even remotely decent looking girl nowadays is hit up by guys from social media, tinder, at her work, walking down the street, in class, etc. Girls know they can just go up to any guy they want, whenever they want, and get them to have sex with her.
    It is ridiculous how a girl/woman can just bail on a guy right away as soon as she finds one little thing that makes her “bored” or “not interested”.
    You know what I’m starting to think now: Bail out completely in chasing these women. I am done with gaming chicks you guys. I have come to a new belief: that there truly will be a judgement some day by God. And the truth of all things, every last piece of BS will be shown for what it really is.
    I also believe that it is POSSIBLE, that there could be beautiful companions given to those who are allowed to go to Heaven/Paradise, etc. So you know what you guys, I am not saying to go hurt anyone or go to war or anything, all I am saying is that we should just follow God’s way, and say no completely to sex before marriage. Forget about women altogether. Worst case scenario, you won’t ever have sex again in this life, but you will truly get a beautiful woman for ETERNITY.
    I’m just saying as an idea…. We deserve better than a woman who is basically one of Satan’s dogs on a leash.
    So basically, just completely ignore women who are like this. Don’t even speak to them or give them one second of your time.
    Peace out you guys. I know some of you are probably atheists, or don’t believe in the Judgement, God, etc. But just for an idea… we don’t need these women. We don’t have to breed with these women. If there truly is no truly feminine women out there anymore, then maybe in the Afterlife… God is the Supreme Ruler of the Universe…. it’s possible… that’s all I’m saying

    1. Great message and very positive. I like your way of thinking because it is beyond the physical, beyond lust, desire and transcends animal instinct. Animals have no choice but we do.

  43. It’s a big problem here in the Gulf, all the imported labour means there’s something like 10 men to each woman. Especially as most of the men come from ‘none game’ cultures if you catch my drift. I’ve found that being white and not taking the girls too seriously seems to be the only thing you can do…

  44. You are instigating conflict and must be terminated. Your presence on this earth is no longer welcome, get off of my planet.

  45. Valiant and noble but none of this works without alternatives. How long can you hold out and not buy gasoline? Or stop work? when a man in an American bar is told “buy me a drink,” his response should be “no thanks, out of the country next week.” Tourism. Asian massage parlors. Backpage, All are better and cheaper than mainstream American BS and they will rock your world and thank you for it!. Use it to your advantage. They’ll call you every name in the book but in the end, any psycho American chick you’d want to bang in the first place will want to fuck you more, not less —

      1. I doubt she would marry this weak nerd unless he had money she could take.
        She would just bang the “douche” guy on the side until she optimized the alimony/asset position before divorce.
        That is very clear. She might even cuckhold this pussy.
        Being a total beta/omega bitch like this deserves to be cuckholded though.

        1. “She would just bang the “douche” guy on the side until she optimized the alimony/asset position before divorce”
          Lol!! Great comment!

        2. “Being a total beta/omega bitch like this deserves to be cuckholded though.”
          He certainly will if he hasn’t already.

      2. Why do you assume he will be married. He reeked so much omega that he’s practically a walking advertisement for voluntary celibacy.

        1. LOL. Exactly my point. He’ll be perfect for marriage!
          “Honey not tonight, but can you lend me 3000 bucks”
          “Yes dear!”

    1. Wow that is the biggest omega bitch I have ever seen.
      These nerds think their “mating” technique works. However, this just proves this fool is unworthy of dating/marrying for a female. He is clearly a weak male who would be pushed around.
      The “douche” type dude will always do far better than this beta/omega friend zoned nerd.
      I feel like stomping this guys head for being so weak and pathetic.

  46. Unfortunately, I don’t think there will ever be a shortage of thirsty guys with stupidly low standards. These are the people that empower women in ways they shouldn’t be.
    The very fact that women seem to react with hysterical howling at even the slightest of male judgment should tell you that having discerning tastes is precisely what keeps female entitlement from growing out of control.

  47. Number one rule of social media – do not give compliments or ‘likes’.
    Only time I will is when they have demonstrated some sort of accomplishment that requires work, skill or effort, i.e. not for having a vagina.

  48. Great article. Some red pill mgtow types, with free time, should set up fake dating accounts as hot chics, and send this article as a link to any guys they encounter

  49. I have been taking the steps recommended here for several months now. I don’t do any favors for any woman whatsoever (unless she is a friend or family member), I don’t offer them complements or validation, I criticise them when they show poor behaviour, and I make sexist jokes whenever the opportunity arises. We’re in a culture war, gentlemen, so start acting like soldiers. Retract all favors from women everywhere, and see how long they can shoulder the weight of the world.

  50. Agent Smith was really trying to help Neo – “I’d like to share a revelation that I’ve had during my time here. It came to me when I tried to classify your species and I realized that you’re not actually mammals. Every mammal on this planet instinctively develops a natural equilibrium with the surrounding environment but you feminists do not. You move to an area and you multiply and multiply until every natural resource is consumed and the only way you can survive is to spread to another area. There is another organism on this planet that follows the same pattern. Do you know what it is? A virus. Feminist beings are a disease, a cancer of this planet. You’re a plague and we are the cure”

  51. I tried. Some guys you need to let be thirsty. Either they will learn from their mistakes from getting fucked over or continue to try to drink from an empty well.

  52. Sounds pretty MGTOW. The reality is that the culture and society has changed, making the dating market something new to deal with. While you shouldn’t sacrifice your frame and values, putting up with more flaky and rude behavior comes with the territory of getting laid these days. Going “back in time to how things used to be” is delusional. Things will never be the same. They can definitely be better than they are now, but social media, smartphones, etc. aren’t going away. Either adapt, move to a remote part of the world with strong, traditional values or expect sexual frustration.

    1. All movements start with individuals. There is no “never” in history, history is not a straight line, it’s cyclical. Divest yourself of the leftist Temporal Politics way of thinking (“no going back”, “wrong side of history”, etc).
      As Gandhi said, be the change you want to see. Convince others to take the same route as individuals. Before you know it, you have a huge social movement on your hands that has impact.
      Why you wish to shrug and allow bad women to act poorly because “things have changed, there’s no going back!” is puzzling. One does not get bitten by a snake, shrug, and say “Well, there’s no going back to a state where I had no poison in me, might as well accept it”. No, you get an antidote and you apply it.

      1. History never repeats itself, it may appear similar since human nature remains constant, but most comparisons to past events are gross generalizations. You’re reading things into my comment that simply aren’t there. I don’t enjoy bad behavior from women, but women aren’t men either, they’re more like children and shouldn’t be expected to adhere to male standards of behavior. I’d like to see dramatic social changes that return more traditional values to society and sympathize with the author’s frustration, but using your snake analogy, you don’t bitch about the snake biting you and try to change the snakes behavior, you recognize its nature and live your life accordingly. I wouldn’t compare women to snakes though, that’d be mean.

  53. Looks like I was one step ahead.
    I just deleted my Google+, be2 (garbage) and FB account.
    And before this, I blocked some girls that I asked for a contact outside FB and they didn’t me answer in 1, 2 days.
    3D World – that’s where the real action is.

  54. The reason why girls/women respond so well to aloofness, apathy and even ‘coldness’ is firstly, it’s interesting, but mainly because they don’t believe in their own apparently inflated egos.
    If you shower a human being with undue praise for simply being rather than doing every day for years, then yes, you’ll see the spoilt arrogance that everyone here knows. But they’re self-aware enough to be a little relieved when someone isn’t stupidly naive to believe in it.

  55. Women shop for men, that’s true. But they’ve always done that. I used to be 95% honest all the time, but nowadays I ain’t. I’ve been rejected to many times admitting I like model building, heavy metal, Star Trek and going on vacation to Germany due to historical interests. Almost all attractive women don’t want to hear those things. You are disqualified before you even had a first date.
    I’ve tried what responses I would get by changing the truth a bit. And all I can say is that the results are great. Now I tell women I’m fresh out of medschool. It’s like Alibaba is saying “open sesame”. All I hear now is “nice, tell me more”. Did you know I like surfing now, vote Liberal and helped a dozen of poor African orphans in the jungle of Madagascar? For me it’s just a game. When we have had sex I dump them. Next! haha. You don’t hear me say all women fall for this scam, but a lot do. Because women noways want an easy life. With a partner that makes a lot of money so they don’t have to work as much, do the things socialist parties say is good (to be a idealist and gentile man a.k.a go to Africa and build a school or something) and have a scent of coolness and mystery the surfer and hipster both have.
    To forswear women is crazy. I believe that in your 20, 30’s and 40’s you should enjoy life like nature has meant it. Dating women is fun, marrying them and cohabitation isn’t. As long as you remember that being a young man is fun.

      1. And most important: don’t use your mouth to much. Because a lot of guys talk to much, saying stupid things. Almost everything can be a reason for her to lose interest. After you portrayed your person you have to shut up and let her do the talking. “What a good listener” she thinks. He’s so independent, he doesn’t matter of I like him. Then she’s chasing YOU.
        Ps: You know how much shit women tolerate when she thinks she found a “diamond on the dumpsite”? It’s funny as hell. I really recommend you to lie to women. Only to see how much difference it makes. Fake it until you make it.

        1. This is true If your going for a fling. I would not recommend this if you want an ltr or are playing a group.

        2. If you want a LTR lies won’t help you, agreed. But playing a group can be done perfectly doing this. Consistency is key. If you are an accountant today you’re not an astronaut tomorrow.

        3. Groups can be done this way, just keep your friends/acquaintances away from anyone in the group or you will be called out. Guaranteed.
          Just takes one simp try to score points at your expenses to undermine a lot of work.

        4. you should have mentioned the acquaintances. Of course those will make it impossible for you to pull of a scam. Unknowingly they will tell the truth. That’s why you better should date out of town where other people don’t know you. And make sure you’re information is not on the internet. So indeed, delete your facebook. And everything will be fine. You can even print a businesscard to make your story more believable. Make sure you always put in some vulnerabilities in your character, that makes it believable. What I always say is that I love my mother and worry a lot for the sake of the world etc.

        5. You should probably stick to talking, and avoid writing TOO much. Good grammar costs nothing 😉

        6. Since English is not my native language I don’t care one bit about this. But thank you for noticing.

        7. Let’s see you write his paragraph in Dutch, without using the internet to help you. Then get back to us on his grammar.
          He’s Dutch.

  56. “With each year that passed, the daily bombardment turned into hourly
    bombardment, which then turned into minutes, and now finally into
    seconds. The attention span and stupidity of a woman is at an all time
    In all fairness, the attention span of both men and women is at an all-time low. Our electronic devices have lowered everyone’s attention spans. Technology has given us all ADD. We can’t focus on one task for long without thinking about text messages, emails, Disqus notifications, etc.

    1. Very right indeed. There is a lot of stuff out there about how everything has been dumbed down since at least the 30’s. One article I read was about how the length and depth of even magazine articles had dropped significantly since the 50’s.

      1. I’m not surprised. And maybe I’m exposing myself as a bit of a nerd here… but if you’ve ever played the board game Trivial Pursuit, a game dedicated to trivia, you’d have noticed that old versions from the 1970s are significantly more challenging than modern versions.

        1. You’re not exposing yourself – I knew you were a nerd. But you are totally correct. And this goes further than just trivial pursuit, obviously – it really is a dumbing down.

        2. It is on all levels of society. Back in the day you needed the western men to build things. Like computers or space shuttles or high speed trains.
          Guess what happened? The chinese do it cheaper and the guys in the west only purpose today is beeing a consumer.
          The dumber a consumer is, the better.

        3. Yeah, and the blokes on QI look like bloody Merlin and his band of wizards these days, not like some moderately better-than-average educated people …

        1. True. If it isn’t on video, and is longer than 144 characters, it’s a “wall of text! tl;dr grandpa!”

    2. I agree. The internet has reduced humanity to the lowest common denominator. It never ceases to amaze me that the same species who navigated the globe, and put (many) men on the moon seems equally enthralled with pictures of kittens that resemble Hitler. Stupid people have always existed, it’s just now we’re collectively bombarded with them. Thanks Youtube.

      1. Careful — they’ll put cats that look like Hitler on the moon!
        Iron Sky 3: The Revenge of the Hitlerkatzen!

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