Black Or African-American?

Though I stopped watching the news quite some time ago I’m still able to stay up to date on the day’s current events through friends, acquaintances, updates on my phone, et al. This principle held true when fellow columnist Blair Naso recently made me aware of some criticism CNN has taken of late for referring to French hostage taker, Amedi Coulibaly, as “African American.”


Some say he should have been referred to as black, some say he should have been referred to as African-French, and some say it doesn’t matter. I didn’t dig too deep into this story but it definitely got me thinking about the age old-debate over what Blacks or African-Americans in this country wish to be called: Black or African-American.

Two Schools Of Thought: Nationality vs. Race

The debate over what black people in this country prefer to be called sometimes boils down to nationality versus race. Nationality being African-American, race being black.

People who argue on the nationality side cite the importance of not rejecting one’s heritage using the adages such as “never forget where you come from,” “don’t forget the motherland” and the like. Proponents of this vernacular also state that it has a more positive connotation inside and outside the black community (more on that later).

However, this side of the debate raises a fair amount of questions including but not limited to:

Should we call white people German-American, Polish-Americans, or whatever bloodlines they come from?

How are we supposed to know a person’s nationality?

Why do people assume all blacks originate from Africa? What about those who don’t?

Do we ask everybody?

And this is what brings us the the other side of the coin, which is race. Advocates of the designation “Black” often state that it’s an easier, less invasive way of allusion. Rather than trying to be PC by guessing a person’s nationality and perhaps being incorrect, they would rather just mention a person’s race.

For example, persons of Hispanic or Latino descent sometimes take offense to being referred to by the wrong nationality. I dated a few Puerto Rican girls when I lived in New York City who detest being mistaken for a Dominican and I dated one Mexican girl who got visibly aggravated when the waitress asked her if she was from Guatemala.

Puerto Ricans are a proud people

This doesn’t happen all the time, but I’ve seen it enough to get my attention. The one exception is game application. Latinas love when men playfully guess their nationality because it allows them to be mysterious, coy, and chased which makes them feel feminine and will make them receptive to game and escalation. Plus it’s a great conversation starter when hitting on hot mamis.

There are also generational implications. Those on this side of the argument state that they prefer to be referred to as black because they were born and raised in America. Hyphenated nationalities, in their minds, pertain only to those who immigrated to this country like Irish-Americans or Italian-Americans.

On the other hand, how weird would it be to hear someone say “Yeah, go talk to the yellow guy at XYZ store if you want the best deal,” when talking about an Asian? How odd would it be to describe someone of Native-American descent as  “a red guy?”

Truth is the only color label that doesn’t sound weird when used is black because the moniker “person of color” in America most likely refers to someone who is black even though Indians, Mexicans, Samoans, other Pacific Islanders, and Hispanics have a darker hue to their skin.

Whatever side of the argument one finds themselves on, one element that cannot be argued are the…

Social Implications

In Part 2 of my Villains Series, I mentioned the fact that I was friends with a guy who was a cop for quite a while. He was a cool guy and was always brutally honest when we peppered him with questions about being a cop. He never pulled punches, never ducked questions, and always kept it 100. He answered ’em all no matter what they were.

I remember him telling us that when any given suspect was referred to as a “black male” his partner and now life-long friend was always bothered by this description. It wasn’t that the description was inaccurate, it was that the phrase “black male” carried a negative connotation with it and had the potential to alter the mindset of the responding officers.

“Don’t mistake me,” he said, “I’m not sayin’ when we get the call with that description we see red and get ready for a gun fight but it did make a small difference in our mindset. Even with Harrison (his partner).”

Descriptions make a difference…even with black cops

This article is one of many that backs this notion:

In one study, we randomly assigned white participants to associate words with either blacks or African-Americans. Specifically, they selected 10 terms out of a list of 75 (e.g. aggressive, ambitious) that they felt best described each group. The participants that evaluated blacks chose significantly more negative words than those who evaluated African-Americans. Notably, whites did not associate more negative words with “Whites” than with “Caucasians.

I’m not one that puts too much stock in “studies” or “research” but it would be disingenuous not to admit that there is some truth to this. As uncomfortable as it is for some people to hear, the word “black” when used to describe a black person often conjures up negative emotions both consciously and subconsciously—even with black people.

But the term African-American can sometimes sound pretentious or try hard. For example:

“She only dates black guys.” This statement can elicit or imply negativity for many reasons (which is a whole ‘nother article).

“She exclusively commingles with African-American Males.” Okay, so that was a little over the top but you get the idea.

I suppose there’s a happy medium out there somewhere and non-blacks in this country struggle to find this balance on a daily basis. Being labeled a racist is the new scarlet letter and most people avoid it like the plague. Naso, who hails from the South, confirmed as much during our conversation:

I’ve found that people here are terrified of being labeled racist.

Having lived all over the U.S. myself, including the South, I know Blair is right on the money. But that same fear permeates the entire nation regardless of region so the fear is real. So much so that a good segment of the population feels that even using the word “black” to describe a black person will be construed as racist so they skew more toward African-American or a softer description such as “brother” or “sister” as their preferred rendition for describing a person of color if they don’t shy away from any descriptions altogether.

The bottom line is that for people who overly concern themselves of the opinions of those around them this can be catch-22 on many different levels. In their minds, you’re damned if you do, and damned if you don’t.

What Do Black People Think?

50 years ago this would have been a very easy question to answer, but the melting pot that the U.S. has become over the last half century makes this a much more complicated one.

Mixed race people often feel they’re being forced to choose between two labels that don’t accurately describe them. Choosing to be called either one effectively eliminates the contribution of the other to their ethnicity.

Jason Kidd’s father was black, his mother was white

The same goes with black people whose bloodlines trace back to places other than Africa such as the Caribbean, Brazil, or Central American countries like Panama and Nicaragua. Choosing one or the other, completely omits their own nationalities which they are very proud of.

Dark-skinned Brazilian

As far as American blacks (like myself) are concerned, it’s probably about a 50/50 split. As stated above I’ve heard good and bad arguments on both sides of the fence. Walking into any barber shop in a black neighborhood and posing this question always makes for a lively and spirited debate.

And then there are white people who were born and raised in Africa. A former co-worker of mine lived in Johannesburg, South Africa from the day he was born until he moved stateside at 25. He regularly called himself an African-American and felt no shame in doing so and according to him a good number of white African immigrants refer to themselves as such.

Charlize Theron is a white African-American

So what do black people think? It depends on who you ask.

Does it matter?

Personally, I don’t give a shit how people label me or refer to my race, nationality, ethnicity or whatever else when describing me. As far as I’m concerned black people, more specifically men, that spend time and energy trying to beat their personal preference into the minds of society at large are betas who are displaying solipsism at a feminist level.

Men of all races who are confident and have a strong sense of who they truly are (read: alpha) have no problem with saying or being called “That white guy” or “That black guy” because they know it doesn’t matter in the grand scheme of things. The more shits you give about something as inconsequential as a superficial label, the less you have going on in your life. To put it bluntly they’ve got better shit to do than to sit around and bitch about name classifications and I count myself in that group.

Having a preference is perfectly fine. But putting in too much time, effort, or emotion into something like this is a waste of time.

The short answer to this question is that it only matters as much as a person allows it to. That sounds cliche but it’s true. Case in point: I’ve been called black, African-American, a brother, a brotha, a nigga, and a nigger and none of those affected my life in the least because I don’t allow it to.

Maybe being called the dreaded n-word would have ruffled my feathers a bit more if I had a different upbringing, but the fact that I wasn’t exposed to racial issues on account of being raised on military bases may have a lot to do with my lack of sensitivity to this silly attempt to enrage me.

Now I can certainly understand how titles or labels can affect people. Especially when one has grown up around it and have had negative experiences related to those descriptions. But at some point in life we all have to decide not to let certain things like this control our behavior or emotion. Some of these will be easier than others but doing this helps create mental strength and frame.

So now I pose these questions to men of all races. Do you prefer to be labeled according to race, your ethnicity, your nationality or something else? How much does it matter to you if at all? What do your immediate and distance family members think and why? What have you heard from friends and acquaintances of different races?

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543 thoughts on “Black Or African-American?”

  1. I prefer the term “American Blacks” in all honesty, but nobody ever uses it in colloquial language. It first signifies that they are indeed American (as in U.S. citizens) and secondly signifies their distinct description (a black person of sub-saharan African origin).
    “Black” is merely a color. And a person from Bangladesh, India, or Sri Lanka could technically be “Black” because they can also have very dark skin.
    “African-American” is just shit stupid. REAL African-Americans are Elon Musk, Dave Matthews, and Charlize Theron. They were all born in South Africa (part of Africa) and emigrated to the United States, so they are by definition African-Americans.
    But the thing is….. they are WHITE South Africans. And a white person cannot be “African-American” under the politically correct usage of the word in the U.S.
    American Blacks have hardly any association with Africa. Your average WHITE American will have a greater likelihood of visiting Africa in their lifetimes, due to their higher average discretionary income/wealth, and the fact that White Americans have a much greater desire to travel abroad and see the world even when finances are of no concern. What percentage of “African-Americans” will ever visit their ancestral continent? One percent??

    1. I prefer the term worthless n!gger. there is nothing wrong with the color black, just blacks. you left out the word “context” monkeyboy. how long did it take the Libdykes from Wellesley to beat this nonsense into you. it must have taken a lot of whippings.

      1. At this point even the color black hates you
        You are banned from the universe when you die rather you know it or not

    2. White South Africans don’t refer to themselves as Africans. That is why they are not called Africans. You would know that if you knew the least bit about South African history. They refer to themselves as Afrikaaners and the term African is reserved for Black people or the much more derogatory term “Natives”. Yes they are TECHNICALLY from Africa, but the term African does not really apply to them, just because they live on the continent. If they ever refer to themselves as African, it is always South African.

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      1. If you don’t share geolocation of this chart, what’s the point? is this county, region, state, country? you’re making terrible arguments

      1. Let’s be truthful some African Americans are stupid but that’s because of culture, not race.. White people could be just as stupid, feminist for example are mostly white.. Case and point..

  2. Really good article. I’m half-black an half-white, and although I identify more with black, I don’t really care what I’m called. Hell, most of my Italian friends identify me as Sicilian more than black. Labels are just a mechanism people use to fill in those unknowns about something or someone. Whichever one you want to use to make yourself more comfortable is fine by me…and I get the added bonus of knowing more about you – especially if the label is pajorative

  3. Man, most people don’t care. I’m white, have kids with a black woman, and an South Asian.
    My first son’s mom is all hugs and smiles when she was getting banged hard, but then after I got the pleasantly unpleasant experience of hearing how I’m not black, and therefore need to do whatever she says.
    The pussy was not that good, so I left. Still had a little too much beta in me.
    Now, she hates the fact that I got someone significantly more attractive than her, and more successful than she can be.
    A semester or two ago, I knew this black guy who was all over how great he thought the Cuban healthcare system was, and also, he told me to check my privilege when I questioned him on some things.
    I gave him an ear full. His arguments were nothing but propaganda. He even tried to get me to go to one of these events. I almost went. Merely out of morbid curiosity. I wanted to see some disingenuous white liberal male hand out the verbal equivalent of self-depreciating blow jobs of anti-white shame towards himself. Then wait for them all to look at me. And watch me laugh hysterically.
    So, my point. They are black when talking to each other. African-American if you are white, and have an opinion.
    Their baby’s momma will do her absolute best to get you fired if you are successful. And I really enjoyed the “School Choice” commercial I just saw with Neon Dion, Lou-Gossett Junior, Layla Ali, and a whole host of others telling me that every child deserves an equal outcome. Yet refuse to acknowledge that many of these kids are raised by single moms who don’t care, and will most likely spend the money on SVictoria Secrets, extra, extra large, to service the revolving door the government bennies allow them to keep while a train of men cum in, and beat their future convicts.
    I say this with pain actually. I fear for my first born. It is not his fault that his mother is psychotic. But honestly, compared to many of the rest I see, she is like the Ritz-Carlton compared to a Motel 8 going bankrupt in the ghetto.
    I’m not bragging.

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  4. Black or Sub-Saharan African?
    White or European?
    East Asian or Oriental?
    “Bitch Ass Nigga” or “Ho Ass Nigga”?
    Aren’t they all one and the same?

  5. The african american thing is one of the most prominent examples of how ridiculous can political correctness get.
    If the point is you can trace back your ancestres to subsaharan African, then Charlize Theron is African-American.
    Other samples would be labels such as asian-american, latin, etc. A very latin guy, Georges St. Pierre. Or a woman like Celine Dion, Avril Lavigne…
    To be asian american you have to have slant eyes, so a persian or armenian is not asian but white. But not entirely white.
    Black, yelloy and white. We don’t, if needed, anything else

    1. Agreed on all those points, but just note that Charlize Theron is descended from British settlers

      1. Unlikely. She didn’t speak english because she is 100% boer. Theron is a french surname, so she descends of french huguenots that arrived to Africa centuries ago.

        1. The current Bantu’s in South Africa don’t belong there either, they were migrants who moved there and displaced the hottentots. SA should completely belong to the Beors there b/c only Europeans are capable of building advanced industrial societies and not fucking bantu scum.

        2. They actually do belong there
          The San people Zulu all of them are Bantus however the Bantus were not the only south Africans and youAfricans know this.

      2. You guys haven’t learned this game?..its called you don’t have anything….you want to play it?
        Hopefully, you see how women especially not white women are viewed in the eyes of fascists rascist.

  6. OK, here we go:
    I am black and I prefer Black American (“black” for short). I always thought “African” American was stupid because whites are not referred to as “European” Americans. Why refer to blacks as “African” American. Like-wise, I have gotten into the habit of not referring to a person from say Senegal as an “African”. I call him “Senegalese” the same as I would refer to a person from France as “French” and not “European”.
    The Obama phenomenon is what really woke me up to this. His father was a KENYAN and was NOT the descendent of slaves as Black Americans are. Black Americans are descended mostly from West African ethnicities and have formed an identity and culture of our own. I realized this when I was in college and spent a lot of time with people of various African nations and saw how different their cultures were from my own.
    If we are now also going to start calling Kenyan, Nigerian, Senegalese and other immigrants from various parts of Africa, “African-American”, then the label becomes meaningless.
    By my definition, a Black-American is significantly descended (I would say >40% or so) from African slaves that were brought to the United States 400 years ago.
    Finally, as mentioned by others, Africa consists of many ethnic groups and many of them are NOT black. Is a Libyan an “African-American”? What about an Egyptian? I have met Egyptians that are dark as night, and others with blue eyes. Same in Morocco and Tunisia.
    Just as a note, I do not get offended if a person calls me an “African-American”. I just roll with it. If asked, I tell them my preference

    1. In the Spanish-speaking world yes. But not in the United States, that would be waysiss.

      1. What the fuck do non Americans not get about black Americans aren’t even considered human, I guess you people believe its a joke.

  7. Nationality has nothing to do with ethnicity. So African-American or Black American is NOT a nationality. It’s just American.

  8. As a white guy I’m going to say Black or African-American. I don’t give a fuck. I will say this. True native-born Africans despise American Blacks and don’t want in any way to be associated with them. I’ve witnessed this first hand myself.

    1. I am black and I have witnessed it first hand, too. They keep their children away from too many Black Americans

      1. Can you blame them? AA culture is toxic to the core. The children are fucked from birth. It’s a terrible self-perpetuating cycle.

        1. I can’t say that I do. I spoke to a pair of high achieving Nigerian (Ibo) parents who did not want their son hanging around Black-Americans too much because they wanted him to develop good study habits and work ethic – which unfortunately many black (American) children lack

        2. LOL…I wonder why? Self-perpetuating or continuously oppressed? I’ll lean toward the latter. Historical opposition on black people on every continent on Earth by Europeans…from Australia to the Americas. You passed US History, but failed World History.

        3. Ethiopia and Liberia were never colonized. Last time I checked, they were both in the bottom 20% of the Human Development Index and haven’t been known for any Nobel Prizes in Chemistry lately.

        4. And so 2 countries never having a Nobel Prize in chemistry is the standard? Wealth stolen from all over the continent of Africa; labeling black people as flora & fauna; violently asserting that blacks in many countries cannot & should not be a part of the political process…continuous oppression. You will sound nuts trying to refute this, but please continue.

        5. That’s not the standard. I’m just making a point that “oppression” is not the reason black societies can’t get ahead.
          For instance, The DRC (Democratic Republic of the Congo) has $24 trillion in mineral wealth but they are obviously not making much good use of it. That country is going through civil war and it’s entirely black-on-black violence.
          So no, the white man’s blame for Africa’s problems ended around 1975 when Portugal finally gave independence to Angola and Mozambique.

        6. Oh, and South Korea was still a relatively poor country in 1975, and now it’s one of the wealthiest in 2015. “Oppression?” They were completely fucked by the Japanese for decades but they’ve come back with a fury.

        7. You came to the wrong site if you think you’ll garner any semblance of race sympathy. 100% Self-perpetuating. Plenty of other demographic groups have been disadvantaged in America and still succeed. AA community has effectively quit trying and depends entirely on government handouts.

        8. I didn’t realize it was whites that tore black people down when they started acting white. And I am sure middle/upper class blacks that avoid other blacks do so because they are trying to appease the whites they choose to live by.
          And Detroit has been a majority black city for 50 years. Can’t really claim oppression there. Now half of the city is unliveable and feral dogs roam the wreckage. Hell there are even Japanese tourist that come to view first world ruins. But hey, yeah blame whites.

        9. Wait…wait…you think “Independence” has been gained in Congo because in 1975 it was decreed so? There are so many hands in that pot…just…just here:
          Secondly, didn’t the US kinda jump in South Korea for a good time? I imagine that’s a big help.
          But I’m not going to sit here & speak like I know all of Africa’s issues. What I do know is that there is continuous political & economic intervention in regard to the mineral wealth available, which is the reason for the initial African Scramble.

        10. Who needs sympathy? Just get some facts. Let me know when the continued “intervention” stops. Have you heard about the program that had identical résumés but one set had “black” sounding names while the other had “white” sounding names? guess what the results were? You too, sound foolish.

        11. LOL…see, it doesn’t take long before the epithets come out. Any narrative about black folks will turn negative to some. Blue-pill…blacks have always been privy to the true nature of people. We know who the real savages are.
          On this site, we’ll talk about Unions belonging to blacks–as if they weren’t started by other folks trying to make sure blacks didn’t get jobs.
          Keep the supremacy alive, fellas.

        12. Naw, they just help tear it down by making sure they can’t get loans or drop bombs on their affluent areas because success occurred. Tulsa, OK.
          Nope, they just help infiltrate their movements & assassinate their leaders. Keep the supremacy alive, willbest.

        13. “supremacy” has been thrown around the black grievance and cultural marxist circles when referring to white people a lot lately.
          Can white people just not talk positively about themselves AT ALL without being labeled a supremacist? I’d like your input on that winningbets.

        14. hey spearchucker, if you blacks were such great kings and (queens-winninginbutts) how were you oppressed? where is all the great architecture and written history if you were conquered? and, why were you conquered if you were so great? now go chimpout and cry me a river you failed ape species.

        15. this book was completely terrible. I understand its origins, but in the preface, black folks were tossing shade on those stories as they were being told.

        16. Whoa..was that the situation though. We can’t just be an ethnicity of haters–can we? You immediately started talking about 2 countries.
          Just show me your post where you were celebrating white people & I started hating…i’ll wait…
          But to elaborate on your question, I think it’s always necessary to understand what happened. You can’t actively intervene in a situation & then act as if that doesn’t play a part. for instance, FHA redlining was real & achieved by “our” government. then you got people really asking the question, “oh, why do the property values drop when blacks move in?” like, really?! it’s so funny…oh, they can’t build wealth or get jobs or master the political system.
          There were active processes created & implemented across multiple areas that prohibited blacks from working or riots would occur; active processes that denied loans; active processes that would depreciate the value of homes–based solely on skin color.
          we know what’s toxic.

        17. oh c’mon winningbets. You damn well know that names like “Boomshiqua” are pretty ridiculous. 🙂

        18. they are, but those weren’t the names. it’d be jamal or something. then, the black folks would get a call roughly when they had twice the education of their white-named counterpart.
          but, that’s on us, i guess. our bad. lol, goh!

        19. Yeah… “Jamal” and stuff is pretty straightforward. I do feel sorry for those guys if this has been proven to be a problem.

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        21. How does identifying that a culture steeped in lack of personal responsibility and consumerism is an “epithet”?

        22. They did come up with Jazz, Blues, and the half of Rock and Roll that didn’t start out as English folk music….just sayin’….

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        25. And Black Americans generally excel in athletic endeavors as well. However, I hardly consider entertainment much of an achievement in modern society.

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        31. the comments got out of alignment. the flamethrower started stepping in with all this nigger this & that.

        32. the “homies” have always respected me because i respect them. respect never goes out of style.
          but increase your argument, not your invective.

        33. the convo isn’t really for me. i realize we all know some assholes, but it’s cool to bring them forward. these are the fellas that secretly hate but are at work & in social situations like, Feguson is, eh? Nothing’s wrong…it’s all self-hate…pull-up by the bootstraps…when they openly have issues & create strife everywhere they go.

        34. corruption happens…no doubt. kwame kilpatrick helped tear that city apart. but it wasn’t him alone.
          see that admission? see how simple it is.
          Why was Coleman Young’s stance necessary? Again, if it were left up to others, some would just like to leave the 8mile wall up permanently.

        35. i don’t know, though, you see that mess from those sony emails? folks making millions of bucks just sitting around talking mad sh*t.

        36. you have liked every one of your posts? that just goes to show how much of a fool you must be.

        37. You talk about how the blacks are oppressed because of the white mans opinion. Well answer this you ignorant soul, why does he view them as nonworking, blame-placing, asinine people? Because countless blacks today and of previous generations act like a bunch of freaking Looney Toons characters. If you want to fix this “issue”, then the black community, AS A WHOLE, must get their shit together and stop acting like a bunch of immature “gangsters”.

        38. Blacks born and raised outside the US who become americans later in life are higher achievers than american born blacks.

        39. i mean, does what i type sound that ignorant? if you want to lump it as white & black–own the racist actions of your forefathers as well. all races have their problem children, but, for example, if we’re talking about drug use–why do blacks get locked up more; and receive stiffer penalties? let’s go to ferguson where the population of blacks was 1/3 of the city yet they made up 70% or more of the traffic stops, which lead to fines that can’t get paid, which leads to jail times, which leads to broken families–which leads to crime.
          gangsters though. quit going for the simple argument. there’s more if you’re willing to see it. but it makes sense, if you don’t live it, it’s out of sight out of mind.

        40. Not sure how this chart is positive towards blacks…as they make up around 12% of the total population.

        41. I’d be all for decriminalizing drugs. That still wouldn’t offset the massive absence of black fathers taking responsibility for their actions. Lack of personal responsibility is the culprit.

        42. I don’t find it “lame” to introduce data that supports logical conclusions. Gaming girls has risen to a necessity because of a toxic society that has uneven values.

        43. First off I didn’t say all blacks are ignorant, I’ve worked with plenty of black folk who act like normal civilized human beings. Also I’m not talking about how the black ancestors from the 19th century, I’m talking about how black youth acts today and in the few recent decades: so to compare that with white ancestors from back in the day is a bit far fetched. If you are going to bring up Ferguson, then I’m just going to stop there. I will not subject myself to a bunch of verbal diarrhea spewed from a completely biased person.

        44. Blacks in other countries do not have the corrupt culture of the AA in the USA. It is not due to their racial makeup, but due to the weak, immoral American society itself. Therefore, there is nothing racist about criticizing AA culture. It is a fact.
          Blacks in the UK don’t have this problem (although in the muslim community– different story).

        45. statistics or “maff” are kryptonite for the buck. what’s hard and long on a buck? the 3 years it spent in 3rd grade. (that’s when they introduce very basic math – did you see it when obongo visited a D.C. grade school class and asked the pickaninny what 6 – 2 was? the future felon breeder eeked I dons know. obongo said that’s ok subtraction is harder than addition. like adding to the budget for ridiculous sh!t.

        46. and that’s what i’m saying…disparity right in your face & you won’t even look it up. i’m not talking about mike brown…i’m talking about the arrest records, which showed their ugly ass heads all over the entire united states. a massive disparity in policing all over the US. and this disparity in policing has existed no matter what the laws have been. if there’s a law on gambling, it will be enforced on blacks more. if there’s a law on drugs, it will be enforced on blacks more. this is usa today, front page effects of racism in your face.

          and why? and what’s the result? all this negative stuff that happens to one community but not another. own that shit.

        47. it’s lame cuz we’re supposed to be sharpening skills…but i guess any convo is game. but it’s lame to bring up the tired schemes. everything you spit has a counterpart…it’s just contempt for blacks, but it’s OK for the others.

        48. if they weren’t locked up–are you sure? but they don’t just get locked up for drugs. mass incarceration is real…the reasons are real & the effects are numerous & felt for generations. go read, bro. i’m not saying you have to get down for my cause, but you might be able to help spot some BS if you come across it.
          “wait a minute, chad, that was racist as fu*k. maybe we should re-think that new-hire”

        49. drug use is often an escape of reality…so when reality isn’t too cool folks start using. one could propose that blacks should use even more drugs. more to come later…i have to pick up the chillun.

        50. This is the problem with so many movements such as anti-feminism, the Tea Party, PETA or even the NRA. The fanatics arrive and they HATE anything different, they demonize the other side, they talk the loudest, they control the conversation and their conversation is depicted as the message. Mostly because the media loves crackpots. Normal people who agree to disagree just don’t get eyeballs on their stories and are ignored.

        51. Let’s see, no voting rights in the south until 1965 and therefore little if any representation in government. So in historical terms the Whites got started let’s just say in 1776 and Blacks got started in 1965. So with a nearly 200 year head start the Whites seem to believe the Blacks have achieved equality. I guess because we passed some laws that said so.

        52. No, the blame doesn’t end just because the white man left. Sure, burn down the house, leave, then blame the other residents for not rebuilding it fast enough. You make it sound as if this were a level playing field and everyone started at the same point and at the same time.

        53. I disagree. I have hooked plenty of carp, including you! it seems most agree with me. of course they would. I am always right.

        54. Black societies can’t get ahead because they are inferior, right? And they are inferior because of their race, right? In context that means “inferior to whites” and so that makes you a racist. My Race is better than your Race — just look at the statistics. But please omit the whites that don’t do so well like The Balkans. Shoot, just look at the difference between whites in East Germany and West Germany in 1989.
          It’s lack of access, lack of political power, lack of financial institutions, lack of education.

        55. incorrect, there is no such thing as black culture. all negros are inherently corrupt. wherever you have a majority of blacks, it is a sh!thole.

        56. …………………………….. named JarmeQueerus Downlovious Jackscoon. he’s in jail right now, butt he stays at Michael2255’s place sometimes

        57. HAHAHA, are you serious?! You are pulling your sources from mainstream media, it is going to be heavily swayed to the left or to the right. And any “statistics” you’re posting here seem to be from leftist sites. If you want to make a reasonable argument, you have to at least pull your info from something serious. You are on the wrong site to be spewing your blind leftist bullshit. Trust me when I say that the only people you are fooling here are those who have yet to swallow the crimsons capsule, don’t waste your time.

        58. I didn’t say it isn’t real. I said that it isn’t the sole, or even largest, contributing factor in the single parent household of black children.

        59. Identifying and fixing societal issues are important. At least to me. We can’t do that if we don’t accurately diagnose the problem because we refuse to acknowledge uncomfortable facts.

        60. American slavery ended hundreds of years ago, and in that time you’ve accomplished nothing. 1/3 of all Jews were murdered in the early 40s, and by the late 40s they built a strong beacon of civilization in the middle of a violent swamp. Stop whining and blaming the world for your shortcomings.

        61. You get arrested more because you commit more crimes. How can cause and effect thinking be so foreign to such a large group of people?

        62. What is it about sharing space with whites that captures the hope of sll blacks?
          I’m Kiowa and if I want to live according to Kioean ways I will go back to Oklahoma. IF I live in white areas I’m going to assimilate.
          Hell, I tried my best to assimilate in blsck areas but it was just too dangerous and people were too racist against nonblacks.

        63. People not wanting to hire ” DeShaun” is not ”
          Oppression.” When you live in a world in which those stupid names are Damon near always attached to stupid people what do you expect?
          Thst surely can’t be Whats holding black peoole back. If it is then they can start naming ” Robert.” Problem solved.

        64. As a Black Man, AA culture is toxic and dysfunctional to the core. Its core is composed anti-intellectualism, victimhood, and matriarchy. I don’t blame other Black cultures for not wanting to associate with AA. AA culture is like the Bizarro world from Superman where everything that is good is bad, and everything bad is good.

        65. You all like that slavery ended stuff. Civil Rights Act – 1964, Voting Rights Act – 1965. How’s that for a starting point?

        66. Bar exams and Bar Associations were created to keep black men and white women out. Previously you didn’t even have to go to law school but then uppity blacks and disobedient women started getting educated and messing with the white man’s monopoly. Hmm, we better devise a test . . .

        67. Ethiopia, having been Christian since the 4th century AD, was always the strongest sub-Saharan country (the others being pagan or Muslim). That is, until Soviet-backed Marxist military junta overthrew the monarchy in 1974. Under Communism: genocide, drought, starvation, uprisings, civil and external war; you now the normal results.
          Liberia on the other hand was a colony of former US slaves sent back to Africa.

        68. You probably hate “inferior” whites, too. Or you are 12, got banned from the Xbox Live and so you troll around.

        69. Law of the jungle faggot. the strong dominate, the weak like you, whither on the vine until uprooted and disposed of, when their usefulness if any, is through.

        70. “But please omit the whites that don’t do so well like The Balkans. Shoot, just look at the difference between whites in East Germany and West Germany in 1989.”
          Balkans: Islam and Communism.
          East Germany: Communism.
          “It’s lack of access, lack of political power, lack of financial institutions, lack of education.”
          Lack of the Lord Jesus Christ. Those societies had education, unfortunately they were educated in the wrong things just as in modern America. Secularists spend ungodly amounts of money to produce students that aren’t even literate, because they refuse to base their system on Christianity (which of course includes things like “the woman was made for the man, not the man for the woman.”)

        71. hey! I wiped my butt and saved the tissue for winninginbutts. I believe that is more than generous for a filthy diseased buck.

        72. black people do that, then go to the interview & Robert is then…guess what..there’s still a problem. “Robert, oh….hey…we were expecting…something else.”
          I’ve actually heard it happen. “Hey, Shaun…your resume & cover letter had me thinking something different. Anyway, let’s get started.”

        73. you are getting funnier. you are old enough to know that many professions have qualification testing now, before certification to work in that particular field, that never did before. it is called advancement of a civilization. dumbass. you are being purposefully deceptive. why is that?

        74. lastly, the oppressive part is the coast to coast, autopilot system where bullshit happens on the regular. it’s not just the job situation…but it is the job sitch, the police sitch, the economic sitch, the political sitch… there’s too much going on…& there’s too much data to disprove at this point.
          nowadays, you get white folks piecing the data together & other folks get to talking “oh, it’s the negro lovers; oh, it’s the white-self hate…”
          maybe it’s just plain recognition that sh*t was fucked up. some people own it.
          hey, back in a time where buses were the main transportation…tell me why did the city planners purposely build viaducts & overpasses below the height of the busses so busses in black areas couldn’t freely move about the city? what is that? just good planning, huh?

        75. jews & israel have had the complete & utter backing of the usa. would that be possible otherwise?
          hell no.

        76. You’re pretty stupid. You have no grasp of recent history and don’t care to learn. You shame the white race.

        77. and i know supremacy is uncomfortable to you. i know it’s unnerving to have mounds of data presented that basically says, “hey blacks, at almost every turn, we’ve introduced shit in the game.” but it’s all out here for people to see now. fha redlining in the 60s. isn’t that a societal issue? doesn’t it effect the wealth of 10s of thousands of families. *gasp* it was after slavery too, so we can’t just go talking that 400 years ago shit either. own it.

        78. scott, where’s the good data? i thought the fbi’s stats were solid. but you can show me just about any data. my story will remain solid on that side.

        79. percentages & totals being different–who does more drugs? but why do blacks get locked up more?

        80. God damn shut the fuck up with your supremacy bullshit, you sound just like some whiny little SJW “check your privilege! check your privilege!”

        81. You failed it lol. Oppression, not “opposition” came from Jews, not gentile Europeans.
          I bet you give shit to random white people in public, don’t you?

        82. Keep sucking Jew cock without knowing it, retard. Jews are supremacist, not whites. And no, Jews are not white.

        83. And do you think the US would build an alliance with a group/nation that was providing no value in partnership? Of course not. Jews and Asians have the highest IQs, blacks have the lowest by an enormous margin. We build nations, facilitate trade, take care of money, and make constant breakthroughs in math, science and engineering to name a few.
          What have you done? Oh that’s right, you made Lil Wayne famous. Good job.

        84. I don’t understand your argument. If you are faulting our societal effort to create government mechanisms that non-blacks supported then I agree with you.

        85. I wish I could with confidence explain away the attitudes those emails seem to indicate. To be fair I haven’t read them… but we should separate words and deeds. Some will always say the right things but act as hypocrites; others may utter in an improper manner our most taboo magic word that starts with a certain “N” sound but still manage to conduct their social and business affairs with humanity and fairness. I really wish we’d get off the witch hunt about that word; we’ve given it too much power.
          Having heard many Black authorities on race relations and civil rights in the US claim that all whites are racist no matter what we feel, my first reaction was outrage and denial. But as I have gained experience, I’ve observed how important many American Blacks find it to have Black faces on display wherever in media, culture, advertising and so on. Consider the “national crisis” that prompted some Black civil rights leaders – perhaps more accurately “grievance mongers” – to call a “national emergency” meeting when no Black faces were nominated for Academy Awards this year. But if Blacks prefer to look at Black faces, perhaps it’s understandable then if Whites prefer to look at White faces.
          No harm in what’s natural, no?
          So maybe we’re all racist then…
          That said, it doesn’t mean that one can’t still be open to collegial, friendly relations with people on the other side of the color line. No matter how outrageous or ridiculous some of the self-appointed leaders of our respective ethnic and political communities, I think we all might be better off ignoring the mass media. They aim to stir our fears and hatreds more than is warranted or constructive. I’m always pleased to meet and get to know Black individuals who make fine colleagues, neighbors and friends.
          Nevertheless having been indoctrinated in the US American culture I feel so cowed that it’s hard to admit publicly that there are certain Black individuals with whom I’ll have nothing in common just as there are all too many unpleasant White personalities with whom I’d prefer not to associate. There are plenty of folks who would rather not anything to do with me either. It’s hard, perhaps not fair. Does it do any good to begrudge them? Can I really force them to like me?

        86. i respect civility & this is about as civil as it gets. regarding the awards, i don’t think it’s worth crying about the lack of black faces. the problem is that there are folks preaching that equality & merit & ethic & its resulting work being celebrated–then they fall back on ignorant judgments, which then make it seem like the black actor’s work isn’t as good.
          plus those awards mean big money.

        87. actually, i think whites keep lil wayne famous because they buy most rap.
          science has tried to claim blacks inferior since…whenever. the problem is the only thing that’s inferior is the living situation, which shows its head in testing. equal living situations, outcomes are just about as equal too.
          do you really think the entire continent of africa doesn’t have contributions to those subject areas? you are a fool.

        88. i don’t recall anyone saying check anything, except you. it’s discourse, but then it turns nigger really quick–why? i mean, what else can it be?

        89. too much documentation available nowadays. but i understand your position. you’d appreciate conserving the situation as it is today. makes sense.

        90. but jim crow ended in the 60s. so how does that square with your worldview? but i know where you’re coming from.

        91. Same reason why men never will unite and these feminist are winning. Some racist prick has to come in and change the conversation to fit their narrative.

        92. i don’t know what you mean? are you saying it hasn’t taken me far or it won’t take me further?
          and the snippets i’ve wrote–do you think you’re an accurate judge of my attitude?

        93. I have to respond. I am white. Why the fuck are you responding to alwaysright21? You’re dealing with an out and out fuckwit that you can’t win against, Don’t bother!

        94. Post evidence that it’s all the living situations fault, then examined why blacks around the world live in shitty war torn ghettos and even entire nations.

        95. go read guns, germs & steel by jared diamond. nobody has time to feed your knowledge deficit. geography plays such a large part & when we’re talking access to education, it plays an even larger one.
          whites all around the world live in poverty too…not really understanding your angle on that one.

        96. Mannn STFU and stop believing everything the media is telling you. And at the end of the day we can still beat your ass and take you bitch.

        97. Bitch you don’t know shit about black culture except for what you see on tv… You ain’t lived this shit

        98. How bout you learn about the Moors and how they ruled and conquered Europe for 700 years bitch! Whites talking all this shit because y’all on top for now but let’s not bring up how Ancient Kemet educated the Greeks and taught them everything they know.

        99. n!ggers are never satisfied. they have no prefrontal lobs and no empathy or future time orientation.

        100. discourse beez afrosheen centric 101 and it beez ’bout magical flyin n!ggers an sheeit

        101. But punk bitches like u ain’t saying that face to face. Hide behind ya screen name fuck boi

        102. Bitch u don’t pay for shit. AA generate a GDP of 1.1 trillion, we cover all our expenses so STFU.

        103. . . . . . . . you will have the black slapped off you n!ggerb!tch. then you will be caged to prevent chimpouts. so, you’re from apelanta. we know where you stay at boy

        104. Do this… ask your mom how black cum taste and I’m sure you’ll see a big smile spread across her face 🙂

        105. there are plenty of jews in Nashville Birmingham and Memphis. Where there is industry there are jews. Driving miss Daisy was set in the ultra rich forest hills section of Nashville. Where there is no suckshun ape and no niggers

        106. do you ever run out of excuses nigger? now go run away to your mumfly visit to the niglets. don’t forget to smack your sheboon babay momma around for that welfare check!

        107. Israel has all their backing by the U.S. Government to the tune of BILLIONS of dollars YEARLY!! The Jews there are mostly ASHKENAZI Jews Central European and European Imports into a land of true SEMETIC peoples namely the PALESTINIANs and ORIGINAL Brown Jews. Also for all their talk on IQ a black kid in England has a higher IQ than Einstein. (not that I advocate IQ as the end of all overall intelligence anyway.) Also Africans and Middle Easterners pretty much originated science and mathematics anyway… don’t waste your time with these buffoons.

        108. You know, Martin Luther and the 95 theses nailed to door, then catholicism fractured into catholics and protestant. If you are Christian and not Catholic that means you are Protestant. Protest against Catholic. So yes, Serbia is protestant. Not atheist. Tito did not suppress religion, he basically said, if any of you fight over religion or nationality I’ll kill all of you. Now get to work.

        109. Except whites don’t know how to reproduce so the artificial wealth u think y’all have will be in our hands soon enough.

        110. Blacks are not increasing in demographic either. Hispanics and Asians are. Black Americans have been relatively stagnant for decades. Probably all the AIDS, drive bys, and infant mortality rate. And Latinos and Asians aren’t any more receptive to AA culture than whites. Probably less so even.

        111. The lies you telling… AA have the lowest fertility rates of black the world over but it’s still above the reacment rate. White Americans on the other hand have some of the highest in the Western world and even still it’s not above the replacement rate. So keep up your racism and hatred because everything you’re fighting for will be in the hands of other groups within a 100 years.

        112. The lies I am telling from accredited sources. They might be in other hands, but they will be hands far less sympathetic and guilt-ridden than the white ones.

        113. This is taken form the “Protestantism” article on Wikipedia:
          “is a form of Christian faith and practice which originated with the Protestant Reformation,[a] a movement against what its followers considered to be errors in the Roman Catholic Church.[1] It is one of the major divisions of Christendom, together with Roman Catholicism and Eastern Orthodoxy.[2][3] Anglicanism is sometimes considered to be independent from Protestantism.[b] The term refers to the letter of protestation from Lutheran princes in 1529 against an edict condemning the teachings of Martin Luther as heretical”
          Take note that it is distinguished form catholicism and Eastern orthodoxy.
          Either you are using the word in an unconventional sense, or you are trolling around.

      2. For good reason.
        My children’s mother is Somali, and the kids constantly harrassed my kids about it; “You mama is an african bootyscratcha.” And all kinda of disgusting crap. My daughters get it the worst though. “she think she pretty,” is apparently some kind of grievous insult in their culture, because they said it about my daughters constantly. My daughters come home saying shit like ” she hit me because I have good hair,” which I didnt even know existed. And the bullying of my wife- imagine a small, thin, light brown East African woman with Soft features trying to fight off two or three giant ape- like ” women. – basically all dark dkinned Rosie odonell’s. ” You should hear her go off about these violent women. She said women fighting in Somalia would get people executed. Granted it’s not funny, but she still can’t get over how much these american black females physically fight, as it just doesn’t happen in her country. She calls them “Jareers.”

        1. Light skinned black girls are picked on the same way by darker skinned girls. There was a documentary on the subject the other day called #LightGirls

        2. yo, that’s messed up man. my girls are starting to run into issues too. ugly folks hate beauty. self-hate is terrible.

      3. This is true, and the feeling can go both ways. I saw a lot of it when was in the Navy. and was in Europe.

    2. yeah, coming from a true black African(Namibian), African-American have destroyed the image of the black man

        1. > they certainly would. to destroy ISIS, send in the n!gs. the entire region would be decimated in 6 mumffs.

        2. LOL!
          I liked al more when he rocked that fat gold rope medallion thingy around his neck.

        3. You could do just as much damage by airdropping white meth-heads.
          Useless assholes come in all colors.

        4. Yet it was whites who’ve killed more people in more countries than any other race of people. Black people never drop nuclear bombs or spread diseases to wipe out entire populations. Keep daydreaming all you wan’t black people are the worst.

        5. 13% of US population but over 50% of US murderers. When Eric Holder was fighting the Florida Felon No Vote Law he admitted that 1 out of 3 voting age black males are felons.

        6. O rly?
          Chinese commie Mao, estimates of the death toll range from 18 million to 45 million.

          Black people never drop nuclear bombs

          Because blacks are not capable of inventing anything useful except Jenkem.

          Keep daydreaming all you wan’t black people are the worst.

          Female genital mutilatin, breasts ironing, South Africa has the highest rape rate, killing of albino blacks for juju, slavery still present in some countries etc.

        7. Good, you black fuck. You like being on sexist, woman degrading websites, now you’re getting that shit back with racism.Your kind always wants to squeeze your crusty, ashy, nappy black asses in with white men, and when they don’t respect you and your manhood as equal, just like how you people on here don’t respect women as equal, you catch feelings. As much as they bash women, their race trumps your gender, so if you expect brotherhood, you’re shit out of luck.
          You are the reason the black community is so fucked up: running around trying to lick the balls of white men for their approval. Trying to fuck their wives and daughters so you can feel special about yourself. You think they’re really okay with that? They feel like that’s a loss for them. They could give two fucks about equality. Black women (not me) have to act like bull dykesbecause our men are irresponsible culture hopping pussies.
          Black Men:
          Your dicks aren’t all big either. You don’t have any jobs, any common sense, any goals in life besides breaking Becky’s back. You suck at college, none of you are in my engineering classes. You beard stubble feels like shaved iron, your farts smell like an atomic bomb, you don’t talk about anything intellectual, you don’t know what the fuck art is. You dance like chimps, you’re lazy, dead beats.
          Fuck you. And not like that.
          In sum, I hope someone drop kicks those glasses right off your big, hamburger patty looking face. *Spits on you*

        8. You sound angry and foolish.
          Its like you think that i think the racism that has stewed for hundreds of years is gonna stop?
          Anyway, since you cant and wouldnt drop kick anything, whats the point? Go work on some crafts or something.

        9. It’s not going to stop over night. It takes tough men and women to fight against racism, instead of seeking solstice under some one else. This website seems to be promoting “alpha males”, and what is more alpha than facing difficulties with perseverance and dignity?

        10. Not all, but many Latino men have been good as fuck. The real ones don’t subscribe to white race warriors or the little black faggots who twaddle behind them.
          This website caters to Rodger Elliot types. If a woman likes you, she will be there for you. She will go out of her way for you, AND brag about how great your dick is to all her friends, feminism be damned.
          These Rodger Elliot ROK are outraged because they are medoicre at best in apperance and finances yet go after classically beautiful women or otherwise vain women who take care of themselves and will not settle for shit when they have put so much effort into themselves
          So they write articles about abusing women because they feel angry and inferior.
          I don’t really expect anything from white men, but black men are starting to really irk me. They are hell bent on being side kicks for white men. As much as black women straighten their hair, most of us NEVER go out of our way for white approval.
          @winningbetts or beta actually:
          I dont care who you care to date, i like men who werent prison bitches.
          But don’t drag black women because you put your gender before your race while everyone else puts race before gender.
          Think about that when you are lolligagging with neo nazis. They hate seeing you white women more than Black women do. Black women have beeing doing our thing for years, and now some of us are coming out of that ghetto shit and becoming real professionals instead of big ass kid niggas who throw balls around for fat white men to watch.
          Remember that.

      1. African Americans destroyed the image of the Black man? You Africans are still living in Mud Huts and practicing Witchcraft, meanwhile an African-American is the leader of the United States and the Free World. An African American (MLK) made it possible for equality in the USA. Black men dominate the NBA. STFU, what has a nigga from Nambia ever done? Not shyt. Keep sucking up to the White man for upvotes, you dumbass Uncle Tom nigga.

        1. Africans would have NEVER been allowed to immigrate to America if it wasn’t for blacks in America. When most people think of blacks is AMERICAN blacks, good or bad. Nobody thinks of an African as being cool!

        2. PSquare is a little harsh with his words but kinda has a point. I am an american born male with Nigerian born parents from the home of NBA great Hakeem Olajuwon. There are no mud huts and people don’t practice witchcraft in Nigeria. American born blacks treated me and my family worse than white americans treated us because my parents spoke with an accent and we have african last names (our original names from africa and not white slave master given last names) Black people in the U.S. suffer from past oppression but we still somehow try to create division and have someone below us to shit on. Meanwhile racist whites only see black skin and don’t have time to split hairs between blacks from Africa and African Americans. Racist cops don’t care to tell the difference when they are pulling you over and violating our civil rights so lets stop the nonsense.

        3. “You africans are still living in Mud Huts”
          The ignorance in this sentence isn’t worth a response.
          -“practicing Witchcraft”
          Witchcraft is practised around the world
          “African-American is the leader of the United States and the free world”
          Out of all the great african americans you could have used as an example, I’m shocked to see you use a biracial limp wristed, no back bone of bitch you call a president. Barack Obama, another puppet that the corporal elite put in place to ransack your economy and all because ‘he’s the 1st black president’ even people who know he’s one of the worst presidents in recent years wouldn’t criticise him in public all in the name of political correctness.
          Tell me a handful of profound things that Obama has done to help alleviate the infinite problems that dwell within the african american community(e.g. collective dependency on the government, appalling behaviours from your women, thug culture, just to name a few and I’ll shut up. Just like a typical ignorant african american,
          You failed to mention Otis Boyken(invented the pacemaker,) Lewis Latimor(invented a crucial component of the lightbulb) who actually created something of value that is still being used around the world and considering the fact that they operated during the jim crow era, thats one hell of a feat.. Martin Luther King deserves the credit that he gets but I would argue that Malcom X, a true realist was a more important figure as he stressed that blacks should be self-sufficient to be truly free which in turn has failed miserably through the creation of the welfare state. You see in Namibia, we are masters of our own fate(no handouts, welfare checks, no sucking on the tit of big governments) forcing you to be self-reliant and responsible for yourself, I don’t expect you goons who believe that being a criminal is ‘the only out of the hood’ to understand.
          “Black men dominate the NBA’
          This is why I find it hard to relate to ‘African’ americans. Instead of being proud of prominent black intellectuals, philosophers and inventors/investors instead the only blacks you are proud of are the buffoons you call modern rappers, and black betas that have been blessed with athleticism who end up getting milked of their wealth time after time by predatory women. See Mike Tyson, the whole NFL roster, Kobe Bryant etc.
          “what has a nigga from Namibia ever done?”
          Hendrik Witbooi( a revolutionary political leader that led from the front in the guerilla warfare that Namibia waged against German colonialism . He had balls of steel and would probably make the average African american wannabe ‘gangster’ tremble in fear
          Frankie Fredericks( the only man to run a 100m under 10s three times in a row. Oldest winner of a 200m race(34yrs) in the games in Rome
          Andimba Toivo ya Toivo- A freedom fighter who was influential in the dismantling of the apartheid regime in Namibia. Spent 20 years in the notorious Robben Island prison.
          You dumbass, ignorant Negro

        4. uh, a lot of pre-Axial Age religion in West Africa is similar to Hinduism or Shinto. particularly the Yoruba religion which is most known, which is a lot like Hinduism.
          witchcraft is everywhere actually the words witch and warlock come from Anglo Saxon

        5. Alright what has the MAJORITY of african americans done??? Oh thats right dealt drugs, commited crimes, populated our prisons(black men dominate the prison population too you dipshit), turned any nice livable neighborhood into a fucking ghetto where you can’t walk down the street without getting shot, and then taken our governments money because the MAJORITY of them are lazy niggers who don’t want to fucking work. The only reason coons like you have any fucking freedom at all is because YT gave it to you so stfu or you can go back to that armpit of a continent you call africa. Oh and that “leader of the united states and free world” thing is a crock of shit. That useless monkey hasn’t done jack while in office except for fuck up the US even more.

        6. 1. Wait. So you want props for a freedom fighter that dismantled apartheid regime in Namibia. Maybe if you weak Namibians didn’t get your asses handed to you by a White Minority you wouldn’t have needed a Freedom Fighter. You sad ass Namibians were getting oppressed by a White MINORITY. Think about that for second.
          2. Obama has lowered the unemployment in America. Obama has the Gas prices at 2 bucks a gallon in America. Obama is leading the fight against ISIS terrorists. Obama is withdrawing most of America’s troops from Afghanistan. Obama has appointed African Americans to his cabinet. Obama banned torture of foreign prisoners. etc.
          3. African Americans have influenced the culture not only in America, but internationally as well. The number of African American accomplishments still far outnumbers and outweighs any Namibian accomplishments
          4. You show a picture of 1 Namibian city. That doesn’t mean there aren’t people living in Mud Huts in Namibia.
          5. You Namibians are known for having AIDS, and we all know Namibians ain’t coming up with treatments for AIDs, so don’t give me that you ain’t taking no handouts BS, when the Continent of Africa gets the most money in International aid of any place.

        7. If you’re still supporting Obama you’re either receiving hand outs or you’re just breaking balls at this point.
          About ISIS. You know what groups are killing more people, moving more drugs, and have people actually IN our country? Our neighbors to the south, the mexican cartels. Why aren’t we going after them? They are much more violent and closer than ISIS…

        8. Don’t argue with him, the racists on this site will just grab their popcorn and enjoy the show. Everyone comes from Africa anyway. Blacks should unite as well as Latin Americans and be prideful of their heritage. It’s idiotic to argue Black American with African or Caribbeans, we are all the same racial stock with unique cultures but common backgrounds. African Americans are generalized by their negative elements and people have whitewashed our history. It also rubbed me the wrong way what the brother did, especially laughing at a racist cartoon when those same idiots on this site also love to criticize Africa and African people anyway.

        9. Africa has a lot of history and I love learning about the history of Africa as I have roots and we all have roots to Africa. But Africa is also victim of puppet leaders put into place by European powers and external coup formation. I don’t agree with everything Obama has done but he is nowhere near the worst the man is actually very smart. And he has had to deal with a congress that hates him and their entire purpose is to see the man fail…yet many ignorant people here make the most ridiculous assumptions of him while supporting a man like Bush who is not half as smart as Obama is (which isn’t saying much). You stating that he is half white is irrelevant because in Anglo America there was the “One Drop rule which made you black even if you had “one drop of black blood, as opposed to Latin america which had a more complex racial hierarchy.
          You insulting Black Americans especially in a site like this knowing that there is a white racist element present is foolish. They cheer you on but they also degrade Africa and think of your society as backward! Its a foolish endeavor you just serve as entertainment for them. On top of that you laugh at a racist cartoon of black people…basically that includes you….in fact some here would actually list you lower than the American Black depending on which ignorant angle they are using.

        10. I agree with you but PSquare intiated the situation also laughing at a racist cartoon which basically encompasses all black people. And what you went through is caused by ignorance as well. Also his criticism is enjoyed by racist whites on this site anyway, who look at all blacks negatively.

        11. get a sense of humour man, if a racial criticism doesn’t apply to you, why take it personally?

        12. I’m from the Deep South and what you have said about black people is true. But have you ever seen a trailer park that’s all white I have, and I’ll tell you it’s not much better, blacks are the monority here in America and we do messed up stuff yes we do. But did we wreck the country, we didn’t have the power to wreck it we don’t even have the power to elect a president you white people elected Obama, black people are black peoples problem, if your white like I think you are and you grew up around white people of your honest, you’ll realize white people don’t treat white people that much better either. But what is your problem why do you have all that hate inside.

        13. I have an extensive network in Africa, in many different countries. While they do have many rural and tribal areas, there are also many urban areas that wouldn’t look out of place in an American suburb. My African friends are keenly intelligent.
          As far as mudhuts, I can take you to places all over the US where Americans, whites even, live primitively in cabins or trailers with no electricity or indoor plumbing.
          African women…the ones that are worth your time, those girls are as good as any where in the world. I have no long term plans to marry, but my best woman these days is Ethiopian.

        14. A criticism of a segment of my own “racial” people on display for the enjoyment of a segment of whites who are racist towards ALL of us, I don’t find humorous. But other than that I have a healthy sense of humor.

        15. I was having a conversation with human beings, I don’t respond to sub human scum like you..go talk with other evolutionary failures such as yourself

        16. You failed as soon as you mentioned the word “Majority.” And it was under Bush that this country dived into the great recession in the first place. You are probably a right winged ignorant.

        17. Bwah ha! “monority” nigger report: the following is a list of all the great black coonmunites in the JewSA 1)poopville 2)aidstown 3)EBTburg 4)jenkemcity 5)ghetto lobster park 6)crackhead hills … God, you are one dumb nigger

        18. What’s wrong with you, why are you so upset. Is this your entertainment if so you need to evaluate your humor. Calling people nigers is disrespectful and rude but you already knew that you obviously just want attention so I’ll give you some. Are you ok

        19. Here is the issue. America controls the global media. As a result, people think that Black people in America are the example of Black culture world wide. Believe it or not, many people in America, White and Black are very naive about the fact that there are different African cultures, different Afro-Aboriginal cultures, different Afro-Arab cultures, different Afro-Latino/Portuguese cultures. Blacks in America are a small part of global Black population. America has chosen to simplify things by discussing everything from the perspective of Black people who came to America via slavery. Such discussions are relevant but not complete. This is why the titles tend to cause controversy. Had the American educational system and media acknowledged the diversity of Black people world wide, we would not have some of the issues we have with titles.

        20. How exactly did i fail? There are blacks out there who are actually hard working, respectful people. The MAJORITY of them however are incompetent lazy nigs whose only goal in life is to get something for nothing. Oh and please tell me how great a president we have when our country has serious issues that need attending to yet all that fuck seems to be able to do is play another round of golf in between making statements about how “divided” the country is after some nigger thug got killed. Oh thats in between letting his wife take vacations whenever the bitch wants on taxpayer dollars. You probably voted for that dipshit too didn’t you?

        21. You do understand that majority means “more than 50%” this statement means you failed and I already know that your statement will be peppered with an outstanding level of ignorance not worth a reply.
          Bush had triple the vacation time and got us into a war through deception. I don’t agree with everything Obama did but better him than Romney. You also make ignorant simplistic generalizations on layered issues. And last time I checked the Presidential Family always traveled on Tax payer money. I have worked and lived with all types of people blacks, Latinos, whites, Asians, Indians etc…and actually some of the hardest working people I have seen are the people you speak negatively about.
          With all the negativity directed at “left wingers” on sites like these the most hypocritical and misinformed ignorant people I have witnessed have actually been a subset of Republicans and Fox News viewers, in this country.

        22. Posting cartoons that dehumanize people due to their race is reprehensible. As I’m sure you know, nobody chooses what race they are born into. So why dehumanize people for reasons outside of their control. And don’t be naive enough to think that racist cartoons are ONLY supposed to apply to “bad” black people. These white people you are laughing alongside with would not want your black ass immigrating to a Western country, no matter how good you and your family members act.

        23. Witchcraft is practised around the world

          Name one white country where albino people are killed for withcraft.

          Otis Boyken(invented the pacemaker,)

          No, Albert Hyman.

          Lewis Latimor(invented a crucial component of the lightbulb)

          English chemist/physicist Joseph Swan experimented with a carbon-filament incandescent light all the way back in 1860, and by 1878 had developed a better design which he patented in Britain. On the other side of the Atlantic, Thomas Edison developed a successful carbon-filament bulb, receiving a patent for it (#223898) in January 1880, before Lewis Latimer did any work in electric lighting. From 1880 onward, countless patents were issued for innovations in filament design and manufacture (Edison had over 50 of them). Neither of Latimer’s two filament-related patents in 1881 and 1882 were among them, nor did they make the light bulb last longer, nor is there reason to believe they were adopted outside Hiram Maxim’s company where Latimer worked at the time. (He was not hired by Edison’s company until 1884, primarily as a draftsman and an expert witness in patent litigations).
          Latimer also did not come up with the first screw socket for the light bulb or the first book on electric lighting.

        24. And the longest reply of all came from the worst liarbutthurt dirty ashy lazy ass effimate male bitch African
          Now what?
          How dies it feel to be on the opposite end of the ‘ White Alpha male syndrome? ‘
          I’ll wait….

      2. What you are doing psqaure is this. You are saying you are better somehow because you didn’t get to America by the diaspora. This is false you are the same as a white plantation owner calling his slaves a niger, or the same plantation owner calling the poor Irish man he uses to oversee those slave a redneck. Or whatever rich Chinese call poor Chinese , or what Hawaiins call white people. You are No different you have in you the racism for your fellow dark brown skinned man. Well I’m pure or whatever explanation you tell your self to distinguish you from another man with the same skin tone same wide nose but different accent . So you are no better than a redneck with a rebel flag throwing darts at oboma

        1. right. i gave an upvote to psquare due to the knowledge dropped on Malcolm x & the fact that africa isn’t as backwards as fox news & stormfront would like them to be.
          politically, respect pres. obama for being a political master. but i agree, not much has been overtly done for black folks–in that same thread, he’s the leader of all ethnicities…can he really do much specifically?
          funny thing is, were pres obama start talking reparations, he might get assassinated the next day.
          international aid to africa is like a bad mortgage or car loan. it’s not really meant to be paid back more than it’s used to subjugate.

        2. Africa isn’t as backwards as they make it out to be. Obama is not a political master, he is the worst president America has ever had. Malcolm X was a great agitator. Martin Luther king was the soul.

        3. you really telling me obama isn’t a master politician–who’s better in your opinion? to me, obama had the tightest of tightropes to walk.

        4. Oboma will never talk about reparations he doesn’t even care about black people at all or the American people for that matter. He is a ushering in the era of the American tyrant bush started baking the cake but he could have thrown it away but he put another layer on top and started on the icing. Yes all of Africa is not all ghetto but it is by far the most unstable continent, you just don’t have the same type unrest in Europe, Asia or the Americas. It’s specifically African crazy, it’s becuase A they are so corrupt and b is I really don’t know why, I had a buddy go to Liberia in 2012 he said it was the worst place he had ever been to, worst than Asia now that is hard to beat south east Asia is pretty bad, but yet Africans are so proud

        5. “Worst” President LMAO…what about Bush, Reagan, and countless other dumb idiots that if it wasn’t for their privilege would never have made it nowhere near the Presidency.

        6. doesn’t a question like that fascinate you though? i really don’t have the time to just sit back & get all scholarly, but do you think the scrambling of africa had anything to do with today’s issues?
          it seems like there’s constant militarization & mineral wealth exploit for personal gain. it’s almost like an infection. but then there are leaders that try to unify & they get villainized.

        7. Yes I think it does have a lot to do with the problems Africa has see. They as in I’ll call them the servants of the devil need weak corrupt people to do thier bidding. It’s not just happening in Africa to them it happens here to a young girl if she is watching tv is bombarded at every turn with bieng a slut she gives in thinking it’s all fun and game bam she gets a kid now she is stuck for 18 years no one really wants her. This force will play any one against anyone if you allow it, it happened to the american Indians by the time they stopped infighting it was to late. This site while they can see that there definitely is a force working against us doesn’t see it all the way . Like these people have even corrupted marriage to where a women can rob you for a long time and you’ll be poor because they know with a wife one is stronger. At every turn they want us to pick wrong they make it easy to be a slut a deadbeat dad a dictator. But spank your child you’ll go to jail, don’t get married you’ll get more money if your single with kids. See there is only one real solution to this problem, only one way to combat the servants of saten, you can’t vote them out or raise an army and kill them all. It’s simply Jesus confess with your mouth he died for our sins and believe he was raised from the dead and is the son of God, it is your only defense. You are smart winningbets you can see at every turn they refuse us a win as a black man if you let them you’ll be constantly angry everything we built is taken, even our own first president doesn’t really like us. But they do it to all races, you see a problem you can see the handy work of the devil, in the black race but look a little harder and you’ll see it in white People to and Asian and all races. There is a force out there that hates us wants to destroy us and people love it they think is good and there’s a force out there that loves us And we reject it. For God so loved the world he sent his son to die for our sins and was raised on the third day believe that believe it’ll all be ok that there is a friend abouve all friends and he has your back and the weight comes off you see black people aren’t special in the attention of the devil he uses every races talents against them.

        8. Personally, i think most of the devil’s work exists in the church. Secondly, one that doesn’t record & understand their relative history is lost.
          Maybe the devil is just the loss of history in a region? I don’t know…what i do know is that this notion of civilization not existing among a certain race of people is bullshit.

        9. When you say the church I have to disagree now if you say certain ones I would T totally have to agree with you 1000%. The real churches are hidden hard to find but we endure. You are smart man but a loss of history is a tool of the devil, a clever one in his bag of tricks. See empires go thru cycles and only last for give or take 250 years. And the last cycle is the decadence one a period where the majority of the people become caught up in sex and material items that they don’t need. You are right any one who studies could and would instantly see this but why isn’t it bieng shouted from a roof watching the Super Bowl will lead to destruction. If any person with a following says that they will be ridiculed but it’s so true in the last days of the Roman Empire they had bread and circuses to pacify the people, the Mayans would cut out peoples Hearts and head and throw them down stairs. But it’s so obvious why isn’t any one saying if we want to survive we must cease this foolishness pick up the bible . They literally cannot do it, they can’t do it . What you see is how the devil affected the black community, we where kings and had civilization built the pyramids invented farming metal work and countless other things to slavery. To a people that want to be mixed with white people or bleach there skin and act contemptable in every way shape and form. But I see white people act the same they are naturally pasty and they’ll sit In a uv chamber and catch cancer to be darker. But it’s all self hate there’s a seducing spirit known as the devil who is doing this to all races. I’ve been to Japan and they just want to be black why do they hate their sophisticated civilization to be black. The only way to defeat it is jesus repent and believe the gospel

        10. But there are empires that last longer than 250 years. Honestly, i’m not buying the God/Devil angle. I’m not sure I’m that spiritual..

        11. Ronald Reagan brought America back to greatness, dumbass! n!ggers never brought anything to America butt aids and ebola

        12. go away scum, you’re delusional he was just a Hollywood actor who got in because of his privilege and would’ve been impeached if he was someone else.

      3. You make that statement on a site that contains elements of racist whites, and later laugh at a racist cartoon? wtf?!

        1. …………….. n!gger ^ and yes I agree, you are subhuman scum. do not forget, I am always right! you pointed the arrows at your own tag, you retarded dumbass n!ggerboi

      4. You mean black women.
        Also I don’t see girls trying to get African men fresh of the boat lol. But seriously there is no imaged ruined as there really isn’t one and anyone can tell an African make apart from an African-American male.
        Also please leave those sell outs at the door. The last thing we need is a pimp posting in txt talk on our forums.

      5. What! That ain’t nothing but self-hate you got going on. And the Western media propaganda tool that you’ve fallen for you fool.

      6. Your women don’t share your views… As a black man who has been to Africa several times, I speak from first hand experience..

      7. White washed its cute how whites own the best land in your country maybe you are inferior

    3. Coming from a madre who is from Sudan I have witnessed it too. Basically anyone NOT American despises Americans, what I’ve learned traveling overseas.

      1. ….. no, they don’t. and, you’re a liar. you have never been overseas, we know who you are, and where you “stay at” ever notice how n!ggerbucks never live anywhere? they always “beez stain sumwares” all humans, Hispanicas, Indian, Caucasian, and especially Asian, despise the n!gger. Orientals are tired of being bullied by the groid and Hispanics have no white guilt. Indians are just too busy working and building their businesses to deal with monkeyshines.

    4. One of my roommates was from the Congo. It wasn’t ideal, but he was very polite and Christian. I wouldn’t ever entertain living with an African American.

    5. you don’t think that America destroyed the image of the white person. Whether you are from Italy,Russia, Germany or France or from Britain you are now lumped in with this blanche colour white. You are told that you have no diversity. Could you think of a more culturally diverse continent than traditional Europe? Yes, Africa had multiple languages were they as diverse. NO. Was dress as flagrantly different. NO. Architecture. NO Yet in America you are defined totally by being white and told you have no heritage or culture.If you are white in america i would take being called white with offence and say that i want to be called native european.

      1. Do you know how large Africa is? You can fit China, the entire Europe, India, America and still have space left over…of course their is more diversity in Africa. It is the most diverse place on Earth….there can be more of a genetic difference between two Africans than an Asian and European!! Africa basically mothered everyone in this forum and this earth including you the less colored peoples of Europe! lol
        On the issue of culture White people have their own and are free to celebrate it…this idea floating around that you are “racist” if you celebrate your heritage is false. Octoberfest and German culture is real enjoyable as is Irish culture etc. I go to events like those and have fun, as long as some idiot doesn’t say anything stupid to me I have no issue.

    6. “African-American” is a ridiculous term as they are about as African as chicken fried steak. At least “black” is a descriptive term. Any negative connotations about ‘black’ say more about the people using the word than the word itself.

  9. Time to lose all the hyphenated American labels. Back when this country was a melting pot it was a great country, and everyone was just an American. It worked well.

    1. For the past 235 years someone has said this country used to be great, its values are gone and it’s because of those (insert boogeyman of the moment).

  10. Solid post Sharp!! I’ve also stopped caring ages ago. My descent is Caribbean and often people will either treat that notion as a unilateral expression of some vacation resort, or a slave stop from Africa. My father’s father lived to 91. His father also lived to 91. Nowhere have I heard my father discuss slavery history. In fact he’d often referred to it as American situation.
    The most disgusting part of being a black male in America is the utterly disgusting culture wide links to victimhood. I’m sure my family immigrated here for better resources as where we existed prior, natural resources were raped repeatedly. If I lived there my age of death is guaranteed to happen by 60. Health conditions are atrocious. But what they lack in health, they make up for in there attempts at a stable government and an emphasis on growing minds and embracing intellectuals. America just seems infatuated with the ignorant over sexualized black American.

  11. Why can’t most African-American women look like Charlize Theron? We wouldn’t have to fly to Colombia, Brazil, Ukraine, Poland, or Russia to find Poosy Paradise.
    Just catch a bus to the Mississippi River Delta.

    1. Jeez, look up her ancestry. She sounds like a character from the Domination of Draka, where all of the West’s dispossessed white people settled and ran things their way.

      1. those features are almost flawless. In her prime she was definitely a 9.85. very hard to beat.

        1. just looked at age. She turns 40 on August 7. That will officially be the day of her post wall (which I put at 28) exemption. Don’t care how good she looks….

        2. Until you hear her talk, and the stoopid, Hollyweird liberal bullshit that comes out of her mouth…

    2. that disgusting apefawner Libtard, see her obongo intro, has been infected with n!ggeritus. real human women stay clear of niggers. checkout some more recent untouched photos of her caught without makeup. she has suffered the ravages of burning coal.

  12. Now that I’m thinking about this, ‘African-American’ is the only hyphen nationality I ever hear used commonly. Black people in Africa, Europe, and Canada are just referred to as ‘black’, in much the same way as white people are referred to as ‘white’. Black people up from the States are called African-Americans, but nobody seriously calls someone of Korean ancestry ‘Korean-Canadian’. All the Asian people I am familiar with self-identify as Chinese, Korean, etc (unless they are travelling out of the country, then they all magically become Canadian). Why are we talking about this again?

    1. Elvis met Frank and swiped his 12 yr old Kentucky Bourbon. thank yuh, uh thank yuh very much

  13. When people ask me what is my nationality I say, American.
    My ethnicity, I say, Dominican and Sudanese.
    Race, African American or Black.
    Species, Homosapien.
    Planetarian, Earthling.
    Glaxacian – Milky Way, Solar Systemian, Orion Armian? (Lol)
    I figured the last two are very important. What if foreigners from another planet or Galaxy gave me a visa and invited me to their planet or Galaxy, they may give me preferential treatment, which might be good or bad. lol.
    Anyhoo, I like to identify with the culture I was brought up with, which was Arab and latino, primarily latino because the household was headed by my father.
    Even though I am a “black” looking guy, I feel I bond more with latinos, because of the culture I am accostumed to over the black culture. Anyway, I do think labels are stupid, but sometimes aliens from other planets need to know, okay? lol

  14. My ancestors are from Africa and I was born in America, so I am African-American. I am also white.

    1. My ancestors are from the Milky Way and I was born on the 3rd planet of a main-sequence star somewhere in the Orion Arm. My skin is as Milky as our Way.

  15. I love my women just like my coffee; hot, black, and with a little sugar on top. (funk music playing in the background)

  16. I just say hated by all, only race that cannot score in East Asia, will never be able to coexist with others. Stop taking out the fatass, fugly chicks of other races, brothers.

    1. I don’t agree to be honest. I’m sure there are a niche of east asians girls that would hook up with a black guy.

  17. I think when talking about these labels, it’s very important to distinguish between how things work/are labeled here in the US and the rest of the world. In the US its all about white/black/Hispanic. As someone originally from EE, I have noticed that when people in the US talk about white, they pretty much mean white Americans with Northern European features. In regards, to black, anybody that seems to have any traces of having ancestors from sub-Saharan Africa. With Hispanics its even more weird, simply someone with a Hispanic sounding name, with no distinction between race, nationality or anything else. Best show of this is when people say that whites are becoming a minority while Hispanics are becoming the new majority, ignoring the fact that about 45% of Hispanics in the US are technically white.
    As far as terms like African American, Asian American etc., they to not mean anything in most of the rest of the world. If you say American, French or British, outside of those respective countries, 99% of the time people are going to think of a white American, white French or white British man/women, due to the simple fact that that is what these countries are associated with. It’s simple generalizing, which might change one day as these countries become more diverse, but not anytime soon.
    As an example, I am from Eastern Europe, and over here when people say American, they really mean white American. In regards to black people from the US, or France, England etc, they are referred to simply as black. I have noticed the same thing when I lived in Germany and traveled to parts of Asia.

    1. As long as White Americans are still hanging onto what I call a “minor majority” of the U.S. population (only around 62% or so now), they will be considered the prototypical American unless somebody specifies another race or ethnicity (black, hispanic, asian, etc.) but that will change in a few decades.

    2. My experience in Thailand is somewhat different. First the Thais are racist to the bone; if you aren’t Thai, you are shit. But they do have a hierarchy of dislike. They have had a lot of experience with tourist from many countries. The worst experiences they have had have been from African tourists and expats. They are more than willing to actively discriminate against this group. They have also had bad experiences with Arab tourists and have taken action against them without a shred of embarrassment. However they do make a distinction that is pertinent here. All people of European decent are referred to as Farangs; which is a corruption of French. The French were the first Europeans to have significant contact with the Kingdom. The curious item is that blacks from America are included in as Farangs; Africans most definitely are not. So, to Thais, black Americans are American first and foremost and African only very distantly. They take culture as much more important than race in their estimation. I will say again that they think their culture is superior to any other.

      1. Thai’s don’t really have a culture of their own, their culture and religion was pretty much invented by Indians, and most of their economy and infrastructure was mostly invented and thought of by Europeans, their martial arts and other cultural trinkets were also invented by Indians/Chinese/Europeans. Their only accomplishment is that they weren’t colonized by imperial powers b/c they were useless, and trafficking/prostituting/selling their own women to Western men to boost up their economy when their neighbors were getting bombed. They are nobodies with fake ego’s and a unoriginal stolen culture who just happened to have gotten lucky due to location and circumstances.
        Thai’s aren’t movers, shakers, and changers of the world sorry….

    3. So what nationality do Foreigners think of when somebody mentions Kobe Bryant, Michael Jordan, or Lebron James or Barack Obama? Or heck even Michael Jackson? To say that foreigners think Americans are White is stupid.

      1. It’s not what they think a specific(famous at that) person is, but what they associate with a nationality or country. I know that Charlize Theron is from Africa, and thus technically an African, but when somebody says something to me about African’s, as a European I immediately think that they are referring to a black person, unless somebody specifies that they are talking about a white person or Afrikaner. Its called generalizing.

  18. American or American black ?
    Depending on who i’m talking to, as a west african born in France, if i’m talking to white people, i say american; if i’m talking to black people i sometimes say american black.
    If a non senegalese ask me what i am: i’m a Senegalese
    If a senegalese ask me: i’m serer
    If a serer ask me: i’m safene.

  19. I describe my identity as a white Southerner of British and Irish ancestry as the Wrong Sort of White American.

  20. Coulibaly was French, so calling him any kind of an American was a blunder of the highest order.

  21. A lot of urban trendy/liberal/snarker/douchebag latte slurper types, their system breaking down and their gentrification met with a fist to the mouth, will not be having this debate and I know exactly what word they will end up using.
    (They will then feel guilty for it later when it’s safe to do so and safe to be themselves, that’s why it’s our imperative to NOT try to save them or make it safe for them so we can enjoy the benefits of natural correction)

    1. they’re self hating faggots, and the apes will rob, rape, kill, and eat them. not necessarily in that order.

      1.’s like a velcro armband or tattoo….in case anyone wants to get rid of us.

    1. But I bet you’ll haggle to get more from us. I’ve Noticed that about you people.
      How does that go? 3 Germans = 1 Jew, and 3 Jews = 1 Armenian.

      1. Sir, I’ve never asked for a raise at work (I prefer peace over money or advancement) or haggle prices, except for @ car dealers. However, even that gets tiring and I shop at CARMAX. I’ve never haggled a fair price. However, what you say is funny, and not offending at all.
        My counterparts from x-USSR Armenia are definitely as you describe, hence, there are almost no Jews living in Armenia; also there is not much money there to begin with, except the funds wired from the Diaspora into the hands of the elite. If I owned a business I would set fair prices according to market value, and not argue over pennies. I TRY to stay consistent within the morality taught by my parents and the Christianity that got passed down from my ancestors around 301 A.D.
        BTW who is “us” ?

  22. As far as I know, America is the only country who feels the need to hyphenate people. Idris Elba is black and from England. I highly doubt he is referred to as “Afro-British” or “African-British.” He’s British, period. The artist Seal is also from England, and I don’t think of him as one of those labels either. He’s a British guy who happens to be black. Too many people confuse race/ethnicity, which is genetic, with nationality, which is simply what country you were born in. They are two completely separate things.
    IMO, if you were born in America, then you are an American. Sure we all refer to people by their color or ethnicity because it’s just easier. Black guys are black, white guys are white, red guys are Indians, yellow guys are Asians, etc. People get too hung up on something dictated by a strand of DNA that determines how much melanin is going to be present in your skin as a result of thousands of years of genetic adaptation to UV radiation.
    Black people are black because their ancestors come from Africa, where it’s hot as fuck with little shade and evolution determined that they required more natural sunscreen in their skin to protect them. Gradually over time this became an inherent part of their DNA. White people come from Scandinavian countries and northern Europe, where it’s colder and the sun didn’t bombard them constantly, hence no genetic adaptation to UV radiation was required and they remained fair-skinned. Frankly, I couldn’t give two shits about your race. All I care about is the content of your character. If our mindsets, culture, values, and ideologies align for the most part, we can be friends even if your skin is neon green. If they don’t, then I don’t care what color you are, you can get the fuck away from me.
    The problem I have is with people born in this country or who come here and take advantage of all its opportunities and freedoms yet still show loyalty to some other country and act as if they’re so proud to be “XYZ.” If Mexico is so great, then why don’t you live there? Oh that’s right, because it’s basically a third-world country with undrinkable water where someone gets kidnapped every thirty seconds and you have to worry about the Mexican mafia slaughtering your entire village just because one guy decided to get lippy and now you’re one of 49 headless bodies found in a ditch.
    The same goes for all these other immigrants who come here for a better life (which I have no problem with, as long as they’re willing to assimilate and work) and then spit in the face of the country who was hospitable enough to host them by showing love for some other country. If you love Puerto Rico/Nigeria/Mexico/etc so much, then go live there. This is America, (or the UK, France, Russia or any other country where immigrants flock to in droves) and we have our own way of doing things. If you’re not down with our way, then you can go ahead and fuck right back off to wherever you came from and take your uncivilized, backwards-ass, third-world culture with you.
    P.S. I usually don’t dine on dark meat, but that black Brazilian broad in the article can get the D no question.

    1. ^^Putin^^ that guy is the devil in many ways but I can’t help but like him.
      We don’t have assimilation in America anymore. We have foreigners who are here on permanent vacation….

      1. First generations don’t assimilate. Second generations hold on to what their parents had, wave flags and follow soccer teams. Third generations no longer speak the family’s original language and become assimilated. USA is the land of foreigners here on permanent vacation. Some have just been here longer than others.

        1. hmmm, ok. then how come English as a second language learners outscore niglets on reading and writing? all humans know n!ggers ook, eek, sniff butt, fling poo, and chimpout!

  23. I use “black”. “African-American” is long and clunky, using seven syllables. Not nearly as efficient, and comes off as ridiculously PC, like something only a SWPL would say.
    As for “yellow” and “red”, they have additional connotations. Referring to someone as “yellow” often means a coward, or even a pale black person in some parts of the country (as in “high-yeller”). And “red” can refer to a white person with red hair, or in some circles, a Communist.

  24. I’ve been called black, African-American, a brother, a brotha, a nigga, and a nigger and none of those affected my life in the least because I don’t allow it to.

  25. America should be a place where everyone (regardless of race) is given a fair chance to succeed properly as long as they follow the Constitution, Bill of Rights, and Common Human Courtesy (probably will never happen). With that said, all social programs, foreign aid, free handouts, welfare, subsidizes, social security, should be terminated immediately and replaced with job training (blue collar and white collar). Immigrants with money and/or skills, and job history, business holdings should only be allowed. If a homeless man wants to earn money, due to whatever circumstances got him to his current state, then there should be training centers to give him the proper tools to find work. Basically any social programs should be geared toward giving people knowledge to survive not $$ or things.

    1. The problem is, there aren’t actually enough jobs. Not jobs doing anything meaningful, because a few people and some really cool machines are doing most of everything for everyone else. Fields that took a hundred peasants to tend to are now taken care of by one farmer and his tractors, and that evolution just keeps on continuing. We’re down to scratching each others backs to make the money go around and around (called the “service-sector”) and trickling up to the elites who own those super-cool machines.
      Some clever dudes out there calculated that it would be cheaper to just give 90% or so of everyone an x-box and free food for life, instead of trying to provide education and jobs for them. It’s sorta like the utopia our grandparents imagined, where robots would do everything for them, except we’re all slaves to the people who control the robots.

  26. I’m Filipino American and I grew up being lumped into: White, Asian, Mexican, Latin, Chinese, Asian/Pacific Islander, etc. As a child, I often chose Other on standardized tests. Also, I have a surprisingly high percentange of Cherokee heritage as well. Perhaps I’m a Red guy.
    Either way, many people need digestible labels to contruct both their identites and others, which helps guide their intentional values with other humans.
    The main issue, to me, is a loss of authentic language, which is the vehicle and embodiment of both culture and and humanity.
    And the problem stems from authenticity. People address others by collective perspective and experience. If terms frequently emerge that are derogatory, it’s not due to oppression or self-perpetuation, but more by individuals accepting fated classification.
    “What labels me, negates me.” – Kierkegaard.
    It’s hard to hurt a human, but it’s easy to attack a label/word/term/idea. You dehumanize the Other when you restrict their humanity to a term.

    1. Filipinos seem to get mistaken for Latinos a lot. The fact that both have Spanish names doesn’t help either. Or the fact that the Malay/Austronesian race as a whole looks rather similar to mestizo Latin Americans. It’s rather funny.

  27. Just call people what they are… If they are black, call them black. End of story. Don’t let politically correct losers attempt to bully you. Basically everything offends them. It used to be negroes, then colored, then black, then african-american, then? Who cares? They always make up a new politically correct words to replace the old word, because people are stupid and sensitive.

    1. One of my ex-wives was Costa Rican to the bone but half black by race. Her father was a very black Jamaican immigrant to Costa Rica (an English speaking minority around Limon). Her first husband was from Ecuador, and was also very dark. Their oldest daughter was born in the US and was very dark. She self-identified as black within the US culture. So, my very dark wife thought of herself as 100% Costa Rican Hispanic. Her daughter, the product of two Hispanics, thought of herself as black. Which one was correct; either, both, neither?

    1. Most people won’t give a shit as long as you show respect (this applies to anyone). They have better things to do in their lives (except SJWs).
      and then I set the SJW straight by telling them to mind their own fucking business. That’s how we handle things where I come from (old school).

  28. Comedian Richard Pryor always referred to himself as ‘BLACK’ that is UNTIL HE WENT TO AFRICA. After returning from Africa he never again referred to himself as black. Here’s why: It was a pilgrimage to visit what he perceived as his ‘homeland’. Pryor is likely a medium light skinned mix of no more than 50% central African. I doubt he ever experienced black on black racism in his life until he ran into some real Bantu Zulus. They are PUREBLOOD black, so black that their skin actually has a BLUE TINT to it in the sun. They were the mightiest and most ferocious warriors to rule tropical Africa.
    Pryor got into hot water with the Zulus when he tried to pick up on some of their women. These native Zulus were very protective of their pure genestock and they turned viciously against Pryor and branded him a Zulu term something like ‘a spotted gazullo’ or MONGREL in Zulu.
    He soon thereafter returned to the US to continue his comedy and acting and was inspired then around 1980 to produce his comedy album called ‘WAS IT SOMETHING I SAID?’ where the cover picture shows Pryor naked with an apple stuffed in his mouth and sitting in a large boiling cookpot. Ubangi warriors in loincloths with spears surround him in the picture.
    ”WAS IT SOMETHING I SAID” by Pryor. It is hilarious.

  29. Do you prefer to be labeled according to race, your ethnicity, your nationality or something else?
    I self-identify as white. I will also sometimes say that “I like to say that I’m an ‘Anglo Saxon of Ancient Lineage’, because that sounds better than, ‘Pure White Trash, All The Way Back’, which is probably a lot closer to the truth,” but when I do, I’m joking. Mostly.
    In places where there are a lot of Americans of Irish descent, people assume that I am too (which is technically correct, just not as much as they think), but I don’t hyphenate anything, b/c I’m really Anglo, and we’re pretty much the default. I’ve been called a “European American” before, which always makes me laugh, b/c my family has been here since the 1600s, and we’re about as European as an Aloha shirt.
    How much does it matter to you if at all?
    Approximately zero.
    What do your immediate and distance family members think and why?
    I doubt anyone thinks about it at all, but if they did, they’d self-describe as white also.
    What have you heard from friends and acquaintances of different races?
    They think I’m white, too. 😉
    I used to live in a black neighborhood, where I was the only white guy–I saved several thousand dollars a year by living there instead of a mile to two away in a corporate-managed complex with a bunch of uptight white and Asian people–which led to some funny situations.
    First, everyone thought I was a cop.
    Second, I could play my music as loud as I wanted, and nobody was going to call the cops. *grins*
    Third, I ran into a group of blacks one day that included a woman I knew and her young (~8 y.o.) son. He asked if I lived there. I said yes and he said, “But you’re white” so I replied, “Don’t tell nobody.”
    Fourth, all the white folks that I work with thought I was really brave, and the black folks thought I was really cool. When both groups asked why I lived there, I would say the same thing: “I save a lot of money, it’s close to work and I was an athlete at university; I’ve *showered* with more black guys than most people here can say they have as friends.”
    Fifth, a black guy I worked with asked if my Benz was “ok parked over there at night.” That let me say, “Of course it is…why wouldn’t it be? What are you, a RACIST?!?!” We still laugh about that.

    1. I’ve noticed that SWPLs are terrified of blacks, and when they do talk to them, are fakely nice.

  30. ‘African American’ is just a marketing tactic by leftists.
    Most ‘African American’s have no idea in Africa where they would even be from
    I always say ‘black’

  31. Elon Musk is my favorite African-American entrepreneur.
    We need more African-Americans in technology just like Mr. Musk.
    Regrettably not even Lee “Q” O ’​Denat, founder of the leading Black niche multimedia website – WorldStarHipHop, can claim to be African-American. He’s a dropout from High School, who describes himself as a “Haitian ghetto nerd”
    As a Haitian-American, I guess he’s no African-American…

  32. Blacks were just test guinea pigs for liberal policies.
    A) Destroy the family unit (under the guise of ’empowering’ the women)
    B) Get them hooked on gov dependency
    C) Eternal victimhood with various ‘oppressors’
    = total destruction of their community.
    Obviously, this was well explained in

    How Black America Has Predicted Our Future

  33. I knew a white South African (American citizen) guy in high school who applied for an African-American engineering scholarship. Everything went well and the paperwork was being rubber stamped until he showed up for the interview. He was denied the scholarship; I thought the whole thing was funny.

    1. “You can’t go to South Africa apply for an African-American engineering scholarship”
      “Why not?”
      “Because you’re black white”

      1. Good, its hard work being a bigger even a white man can’t escape nigger oppression.
        Now he knows how fascists his people are.

  34. Decent people, Black or White, don’t get worked up about the Black or African-American thing.
    Only worthless SJWs, Black and especially the White ones, use it to beat us productive people over the heads and call attention to their own empty “compassion” and false “righteousness.”

    1. Pretty much. I’ve even heard some blacks call each other the N-word, which is the word SJWs don’t like. And the term ‘African American’ has also been used by White South Africans that technically are ‘African American’ yet when they refer to themselves as that, some blacks get angry about it.

  35. “African American” entered the lingo as a demand by Jessie Jackson during one of his presidential runs. The media promptly complied and black became African American. Kissing Jackson’s ring is more important to the media than accurately describing French shooters.
    But, Jackson, last seen shaking down Intel, Corp for $330 million along with Anita Sarkeesian, doesn’t deserve this kind of respect.
    So, I’ll stick with black until a better word comes along. Black succinctly describes what exists and doesnt empower SJWs.

  36. When speaking to black people in the US (I’m white), and referring to other black people as a descriptor by saying i.e.:”He’s a black dude about 5’10” tall….” I’ve never gotten bad vibes, a mean look or anything.
    I won’t be changing that to accommodate the PC SJW mentality on race any time soon.

  37. I want the language that is most simple and accurate. African-American is wordy and often inaccurate. What is a dark person’s tie to Africa exactly? If they didn’t immigrate from there, are they African? If we traced people back to their great-great-great-great ancestors, the labels we give their offspring today would be meaningless. I would use the term negro if it wasn’t so out of use and people wouldn’t treat it as a slur, but I only feel comfortable saying that in Latin America.
    A dark skinned person is black, or brown, or Hispanic / latino, or what have you. A person can be fat, thin, short, tall, ugly, black, white, masculine, feminine. I avoid mealymouth weak politically correct language and use the most descriptive, accurate term. If your skin color = the color we all know as black, I will call you black. Although sometimes in the south you are expected to “whisper” it. If I ever see a green alien, I will describe it as being green.
    Incidentally, in my travels I have found most foreigners speak this way. It is only America that is so hung up on being politically correct and redefining the physically handicapped into the disabled or some other vague weak term (calling me disabled would actually offend me if I had a handicap!)

  38. I will never say African-American, it’s just a silly word combination beyond belief. A black person is “black”, a white person is “white”. If you want to get more detailed, ask about their origin. That the black guy can turn into that black American or black Nigerian (redundant), the white guy can be a Russian, a German, or 1/64th Cherokee if you ask some liberal college student. Asians are Asians, Indians are Indians and not Asians. No I don’t give a fuck if they’re “technically Asians”, they like to hide behind that name and we ALL know what kind of person you’re picturing in your head when someone simply says “Asian”. Calling Asians yellow would also not really fit since they can also be olive skinned if they’re from SouthEast Asia. White people are also sometimes called “Caucasians” but it’s a weird term because there’s a Caucasus region and those people CERTAINLY don’t look white, more arab and turkish. If you tell a Russian that someone is “Caucasian” he’ll immidiately picture some swarthy dark Georgian with a unibrow trying to give you a taxi ride.
    For example: When the whole Boston bombing by the Tchernaev brothers (Chechens) took place, the media jizzed in their pants because they could report that “Caucasian brothers bombed Boston!” and the whole social media sphere jumped in joy because now they could snark that “So much for whites being civilized when there are some LITERAL Caucasians bombing a city!”. Was the reporting technically correct? Sure, they came from Chechnya in the Caucasus region. Where they what you would consider “whites”? Lol fuck no, they were swarthy muslims

    1. LMFAO … they also initially accused us Armenians of being behind it..there’s a lot of us in Boston and we look like Chechens.

    2. There is a Caucasian race that stretches from India to Europe, Georgians do belong to it if we are to use genomic science. Caucasians in the North are depigmented Caucasians while the Southern ones are not. As for Asians, it depends on what you are referring to, there are Russians in Asia, Indians, they are all part of the Asian continent but it’s only American-centrics that picture Asians as “only yellow”.

    3. Native Americans aren’t indians they are asians who were given the name indian because the explorers thought they were in india. These labels are more or less origin thing now and the identifier is facial features and ancestry not skin or hair colour. Anyone of moslty european ancenstry and features is white regardless of if they are pale or olive colored, straight blonde hair or wavy black/brown hair. A person with any african features is black whether they are light yellow skin or dark brown. An asian is asian regardless of color including native americans. And middle easterners/north africans and south asians (such as india, pakistan, sri lanka) are caucasian like europeans but becuase they aren’t from europe they arent white.

  39. Black came about during the Black Power/Pride movement in the late ’60s and ’70’s. “Black” was the reaction to “colored”, as you may recall from civil rights’ videos, bathrooms and fountains were labeled Colored, not Black. Then along came ‘Roots,” the miniseries depicting slavery and general purpose race hatred. This started a small Back to Africa moment, however, it was taken up by Black people who had access to microphones and media and they changed Black to African-American. Finally, Mayor Marion Barry got arrested in D.C. in the early 80s and for the first time started wearing the kente cloth. The arrest was so sordid and from a city so powerful that it made international news. Barry used the cloth to rally support around the idea that Black leaders had to be stopped, he was a victim, and the White man was responsible. So the cloth went international and “African-American” went mainstream.
    The African-American male is the most hated and maligned person in the world. As an example, what do you call the Leader of the free world? Yeah, you know you want to say it.
    Source: Growing up black in the 70’s and 80’s.

  40. “Should we call white people German-American, Polish-Americans, or whatever bloodlines they come from?”
    When it is relevant they often are, and are often called European-American when specific national heritage is not relevant.
    And then there is the ever popular Anglo, which is often used to mean European-American, which it doesn’t.
    And then there is White, which means Caucasian, but doesn’t when it’s an an Anglo/Germanic speaking.
    In short, context matters and whoever called Amedi Coulibaly an African-American should just go back to asking people if they would like fries with that. In the right context, of course.

  41. This is the trap-worrying too much about what the other person thinks. Fuck feminists and their sensitivity training. Everyone needs to grow thicker skin.

  42. Gentlemen…we have a good article here with some solid questions. I’m reading through the comments (as always) because I like to get different perspectives on different issues. Let’s all agree to one thing, though.
    Let’s stop feeding the fucking stupid, alright?
    Please….continue on..

    1. Damn, you sound so defeated. You own the name they choose to call you. Just as Sharp says, you have to control your response. Think of this, of all those going on with the racist jargon, the internet is a haven for racist thugs. Don’t let these try hards get to you. It’s a lite outlet at best for them as they can’t say half of what they want in real life, because either someone like me, some feminist, or some other person may come after them and lob their head. Just keeping living how you feel. Nothing to fear from a shitty wordsmith.

      1. I actually laugh at some of the Armenian or Caucasus jokes/Stereotypes thrown around.. … the Advanced Atheist Ted Kaczynski wannabe, is basically anti everything. He might as shoot himself, hopefully he doesn’t take anyone else with him.

        1. I don’t know. If he takes himself out, he will also take out his right hand too. That poor little guy has been servicing so dicks over the last decade, might as well give him the rite to charge a fee.
          I’m sure the closet gays, ummm, racists, will miss him too.

  43. American Black people aren’t really Black they are brown, and American White people aren’t really White they are more of a peach color. Most labels are inaccurate so why does it matter if they are called African American, Black or Black American?

    1. Just because you aren’t interested in race doesn’t mean that race isn’t interested in you.

    1. good one…so funny (Anthony Edwards in this one).
      From a nerd in one movie to – “Talk to me, Goose” a few years later.

      1. Slider: Goose, whose butt did you kiss to get in here anyway?
        Goose: The list is long, but distinguished.
        Slider: Yeah, well so is my Johnson.

  44. Apparently, anything you call them will eventually become”offensive” . Whatever happened to colored, negro, afro American, now it’s African American. Of course, the one thing that they call each other all the time is the one that is forbidden somehow.
    Down here they call me gringo all the time. Does it “offend” me? Of course not. I am a gringo.

  45. SJWs and feminists are the ones who spend all their time nit-picking over labels and their 100,000,000 different gender/sexual identities, pronouns, and various other identifiers to which they believe they are special and oppressed.
    Normal people keep it fairly simple… white, black, Asian, etc. Anyone losing their shit over this is quite the whiny faggot.

  46. I am an African American and I could give 2 shits what anyone labels me or calls me. My identity doesn’t come from without, it comes from within. I think many people in the African American community care too much how others see them and trying to find racism in everything. Many play the blame game as an excuse not to do better. I’m not saying racism doesn’t exist and it shouldn’t be confronted, but most people use it simply as a lame excuse. I don’t focus on labels, racism, perceived racism blah, blah, blah There was a time in this country African Americans were prevented from learning and striving for the best but that time is gone. I stay focused on what I can control, and that is making myself a better person through self improvement everyday. Everyone in the world isn’t gonna like you anyway. I thank people who hate me with the same sincerity as those who love me, they both push me to better myself in my perspective. Fellow African Americans should denounce rap/thug culture which many people associate with Black culture which is a complete lie. Rap/thug culture which many Blacks have adopted as a culture doesn’t promote learning, doing good by your fellow man, or improving as a person. I have zero respect for that culture and really any kind of culture from the media. Read history, make people who have contributed great good in the world your heroes. I get tired of people associating me with thug culture because I am a young African American Male and I have to constantly fight the stereotype.

    1. It is strange how different American blacks are from Africans.
      At universities, there were many Africans working on advanced degrees who work their asses off and are probably more intelligent than much of the student population….but black and white Americans have fallen into the traps of laziness and liberalism.

      1. Very true, I attended IIT University and my Freshman year, I met an African senior who helped me a lot my first year and he was actually the valedictorian of his class when he graduated. Like you said, it is the American culture which is trash. American trash culture comes in different flavors for different people but it’s all trash and I try to be exposed to it as little as possible. I also think it’s a lot to do with media programming with their “pc” crowd, which I also avoid as much as possible haha

      2. “It is strange how different American blacks are from Africans.”
        Richard Pryor stopped using the word nigger when he went “home” to Africa, had been there for a few days, hadn’t seen a white face, and suddenly realized he was the only damn nigger in the whole country.

        1. Yep and guess what?
          He was a fucking american, america should be bombed from the face of the earth for what you people did here.

  47. You’ll never hear me self identify as “African-American”. “African-American” is term that comes from the “civil rights” faction of the Black community. This faction has a history of trying to be something other than what they are. “African-American” was reaction to be like the Italians, Germans, Irish, and anyone else who was able to point to specific part of the world as well as a specific culture to identify with. “African Americans” are people who created this ornament in order to be like others whom they envied.
    Consider the desperate extents to which this faction has gone. They thought “integration” was a rational practice. In other words, they thought being around white folks was a path to empowerment. Black people had a professional baseball league with world class athletes BUT they wanted to “break the color barrier”. There were GREAT Black athletes at Black colleges but they complained about the lack of Black athletes at Big time college (white) sports programs. You know how that turned out. As of this writing, many Black colleges are struggling to stay afloat while schools like the University of Alabama and Florida State are flush with revenue from their Basketball and Football programs.
    And if it isn’t an active quest to be something other than self then it was to attach oneself to someone else’s shit as a means of validation. Kwanzaa is a good example. It’s peddled as an “African American” holiday but consider when it is celebrated, the week after Christmas. And during that holiday, you light candles for each day of Kwanzaa. The name of the candle holder is a “kinarah”. Sound familiar? I remember members of this faction trying to promote something called “Black Love Day”. Yes, I know the word “Black” was used for this day but this celebration of “Black Love” was to be celebrated days after “Valentine’s Day”.
    “African American” is just another example of this civil rights faction trying to distance themselves from their “self”. There is Black art, Black music, Black cuisine, and a Black culture but these motherfuckers wanted to be African. What’s worse is the general nature of the term “African”. These “ninjas” are trying self identify with the entire continent when we are all from West Africa. This is not to say Black folks should say “West African American”. My overall point is that a “Black” identity does exists and it’s not African. “African American” is yet another example of the civil rights faction forsaking yet another aspect of their identity.

    1. Deep. I’m not a holiday person myself, but i remember kwanzaa trying to be unloaded. I couldn’t buy into it.
      But some people need those cultural trinkets to latch onto to to feel good, so i understand the sentiment.
      i just think with the unraveling of history, more identity will be gained & not the fake stuff that was introduced.

  48. I don’t know why this is an issue. I’m from the Caribbean and yes I refer to myself as black. Honestly, many blacks in America are becoming just as whiny as feminists. They look for racism where it isn’t, such as the Oscar nominees this year. Conveniently forgetting what won Best Picture last year and who won Best Supporting Actress in the last 3-5 years.
    I’m proud of my race and I can’t pretend to fully understand American society as I spend most of my time in the Caribbean. However, being a whiny bitch and creating race issues out of thin air is counter-productive and only worsens race relations.
    That being said, one cannot discount the profound impact of slavery carried out by Americans and Europeans that lasted for over 400 years. Whites usually say “It ended so long ago, get over it!” Does anyone truly it is that easy to completely get over the adverse effects of slavery such as institutionalised victim complexes and inferiority complexes. Then there is the issue of segregation and prejudice after slavery ended.
    Picture it as a race. Europeans had a 400 year head start because Africans were held down. I think one day blacks will achieve parity, but it’s gonna take a lot of work, especially the removal of the hand out culture that seems to be so rampant in the U.S., partially due to political pontifications coming from the left hand side of the divide. Slavery was horrible, it happened. We as blacks in the US and in the Caribbean must get over it but one must not underestimate the circumstances that would make getting over it rather difficult.

    1. One thing I wish is that black from all over whether its Caribbean or Africa not be so divided and think one is better than the other..

  49. I still don’t understand how “The N Word” became taboo for whites. It does middle/upper class blacks great disservice to be lumped together with low class blacks you’d find on the streets in places like Baltimore, St. Louis or Memphis. There was a very good reason why The N Word came about to describe a certain kind of black person. That black person still exists (and probably now as a greater % of black population because single mommy ghettos, high blck unemployment, and widespread ghetto culture), however, we no longer have an acceptable, truthful word to describe them.

  50. I’d like to see a return to terminology for mixed race people in the US. The white/black dichotomy is way too simplistic in our age of widespread intermarriage.

  51. I was walking down the boulevard in dirty jeans, old shoes and a faded t shirt. A black woman dressed in clean white jeans, nice shoes and a nice shirt has the gall to ask me for 75 cents for the bus.
    How about a third category – “nigger”? When I was a young pup it was common knowledge that there were “niggers”, separate from ordinary black folk.

    1. You didn’t have 75 cents ?
      So she is poor and your are too? Sou d like a chance to say nigger.

  52. There’s quite a bit of flaming going on here. Listen fellas. If you’re white be proud of it. If you’re black be proud of it. If you’re mixed race, I have no sympathy for you. If you’re straight be proud of it. If you’re gay, get the fuck out. Whites and blacks will mix here and there, but the problem of racial America is that it leverage’s one race against the other. This is all puppetry, can’t you see? Regardless of looks, on an evolutionary level, the weaker white women will tend to go with black men, just as the weaker black women will tend to go with white men, and vice versa for both cases. Polar opposite skin-color fetishism is a disgusting habit that the overseers of America are trying to breed in your minds like its natural. I’ve seen people getting banned on here by Tuthmosis and Quintus Curtius for mentioning the globalist NWO agenda and zionism (which promotes mongrelization), so I’ll keep my mouth shut about that. If you’re pure black or pure white, like I said, be proud of what you are, because it means you haven’t been soiled by the perversity of diversity.

    1. “If you’re white be proud of it.”
      Over the past thousand years my family has ranged across the northern European plain, from the Urals to the Pyrenees and into Britain.
      Before that my father’s family was in the Ile-de-France and my mother’s in the Rhine valley.
      But before that, I not only can’t tell you whether I’m pure white, I can’t even tell you if I’m pure Homo sapiens.

  53. Black man right here. Who gives a shit? just stay away from 90% of americanized black people and you are A ok. in the clear. bingo bango.

  54. Am I a Scotch-Irish-German American? No, I’m simply American or ‘white’
    If you believe that you’re anything other than ‘black’ than you’re not; you’re just a nigger. If you’re an “African…” please return to that shithole to starve to death or die of AIDS.

    “There is no room in this country for hyphenated Americanism. When I refer to hyphenated Americans, I do not refer to naturalized Americans. Some of the very best Americans I have ever known were naturalized Americans, Americans born abroad. But a hyphenated American is not an American at all.”– Teddy Roosevelt

  55. Black, African American, Who Gives A Fuck.. If a p.c liberal wants to give me shit I’ll tell them to suck it..

  56. First off there’s no differnce between a black person or a African American or what ever label you choose. It’s true Africans despise Americans that are from here and it’s funny to me. So do Hatains they talk about how we were slaves and they liberated themselves, but answer this why are you on a banana boat trying to get here to America. Me personally as a what you would call black man I think all people not white should just call themselves brown. I mean really look at history every non white group of people at one point in time was either colonized or enslaved at one point it time by white people and I hold no malice over this at all im just saying. No body likes bieng labeled black except your run of the mill average guy from pick a state. I’ve seen puerto ricans get all bent out of shape over this and Brazilians but what is the differnce you are obviously of African descent you got here by diaspora so what now, why the attitude. People just need to realize we are all just people. Like a WASP will look down on a red neck and call him such, is that any differnt from him calling me a nigger no it’s not. Or me calling a person any kind of slur all it says is I am better that’s all.

  57. it is neither! because politically correct it is called “dark skinned” human and “light skinned” human. black and white are contrasts and are creating a gap between us and thus an opponent. as long as we keep using these terms there will be needless tensions. ps: obamas mother is white. no the male gene is not dominant. the fact is that we earn 51% of our genetical make up from our mothers, thus obama is practically a “white” person. but I know the sad world we live in is not ready to accept these science facts. lol you americans are soo uneducated it hurts. same with gun laws or health care. here in germany we have no guns, which equals no gun crime. all of the lives lost in your country were and are so futile. on top of that we europeans love the health care system. everyone gets aid, no matter in what situation he is. how could any sane person oppose this? but this ignorance is what kicked you from your throne. in a game of tit for tat you have spend billions of dollars a day for air conditioning in the desert, lmfao.

  58. When it comes to women, who fucking cares. A good looking woman is a good looking woman – doesn’t matter even if they’re purple.

  59. I say black because I associate the type of person who insists on African American with SJWs. If you actually believe in racial equality and use white, you may as well use black too. If someone’s nationality is important to him beyond a superficial, “I am more progressive and thus holier than you” manner, he will make it known.
    A black man who has no problem with being called black is more my type of person because it shows he does not give a fuck about the negative stereotypes. He’s his own man.

    1. I say black because I associate the type of person who insists on African American with SJWs.
      This. “African-American” is almost as obnoxious as “heteronormative” or “cisgender”.

  60. I am fucking astounded that on a site that is meant to help men, collectively, deal with women, there is absolutely no unity and a shit load of racism. No better than a feminist website.

    1. comment section is usually a flame war of the worst kind. i really think a lot of the comment owners had their lady friends banged by black dudes & they were somehow humiliated.

      1. This could be true. Might also be a few black ladies who like a bit of white – I’ve known some. Asians also. But who cares? It’s irrelevant. I’m pretty sure not all black guys have massive dicks or are great fucks. Not all of them can dance. Who cares. As men are fighting a war against them, there should be unification and not division, especially amongst racial lines. I am white and my son is white, but I would like to see him stand next to a black mans son and fight this ridiculous anti male stuff that is going on. Race is irrelevant here. Don’t get me started on religion though – that’s a different kettle of fish.

        1. Right! I’ve been reading this site for years…i only deal/comment with the most egregious ignorance that doesn’t immediately come off as champion troll material.
          but the geo-political sh*t that’s popping up lately reaching back to antiquity…some of it is just so foul.

        2. I know what you’re saying, but some cultures do feel aggrieved right back to antiquity. Middle eastern peoples aggrieved by the crusades, is but one example. The thing is, of course, at what point do you stop this. As I am assuming that you are a black American, it would be the same case as asking – at what stage does slavery stop becoming an excuse and personal responsibility for your situation becomes the main point? I am obviously broadly generalising, and you may not be a black American. I must say though, I really hate “feel sorry for myself” attitude – and I’m not saying that’s you, but now I’m being PC, and I don’t like that.

        3. You make a few assumptions that i don’t agree with–like it’s an excuse. I don’t speak for all, but there are plenty of black folks rising out of their rather poor starts in life. the media won’t share that story though.
          Do you really believe that slavery was the end of the opposition to black people in america? and to your middle eastern example, do you believe that the inquisition was the end of their issues too?
          i honestly believe black folks try plenty of ways to create power. one of the lessons was to create power through a non-violent process. was/is that the right way? red pill around here says no, & I think many are waking up to the fact that malcolm was more accurate than martin. but blacks warring in the US would be suicide, so…

        4. Before I answer, can I say this: You are black, I am white and we are having a nice and civilised discussion, where we might not agree, but it might not be a problem. Isn’t that nice? I think it is.

        5. I appreciate what you’re saying. Talk to more black people, though. You’ll see it’s really not uncommon.

        6. I actually don’t think it is uncommon. But I am Australian, and my exposure to black people is somewhat different. Had a great working relationship with an English black guy – great fun.
          I reckon you could get a bar full of black and white guys, and not talk about race and women, and they’ll all have a good time.

        7. Not what the international media paints it to be. That we are all racist and hate aboriginals. Not true (well, there are some). I think the biggest problem is self determination – like native americans, and, maybe, American blacks. At what stage do you say that you cannot reverse history, and get to the point that you have to move forwards? And also get to the point that not all whites hate you, and haven’t got the time anyway because they have their own problems which may just be strangely similar to your problems.

        8. It’s a complicated process. I think most blacks & natives are skeptics first because history has shown they should be. How many times must one get bit, ya know?
          Regarding problems, you must increase your time frame. in your opinion, Generations of discrimination should be reversed in exactly how many years?
          To me, it just seems like the causes of the issue aren’t really addressed.

        9. OK. Well, then tell me how long should it take? How long will it be until the issues are addressed? Have you got any white friends, or are they all black? Who do you identify with really? A poorer or middle class white guy, or a rich ‘nigga’? Maybe you have more in common with the people you didn’t think you’d have anything in common with.

        10. I see you did a good job of not really answering anything.
          Ireally did want your opinion on that because ithink it’s crucial to the mind of expectation. Let’s just say 10 generations of discrimination in the US…what’s the time frame of blacks collectively changing the outcome/results of that reality?

        11. Fucking argumentative nigger. I should’ve known better. Seriously, you should be over all this slavery shit etc. already. But I need to ask you a question, and I expect a long answer – what do you think is the main problem for black men in America, and what do you want to see as the outcome? And answer my question – do you have any white friends, and if not – why not?

        12. C’mon where’s my response? The nigga thing should not have been repulsive – I declared I was joking.

        13. But why the name calling? troll in hiding? Seriously, I didn’t say slavery, I said 10 generations of discrimination…should it be corrected in 2 generations? And then Jim crow…should blacks be ok after Jim crow laws & everything be cool there too? Wait fha red lining…should their neighborhood value be on equal footing too? Your silly if you think it ended with slavery.
          I don’t use friend too often, but I went to an all white college, except for the sports clubs. Today I’m in contact with3 white teammates & we get together about once a year. Try to anyway.

        14. I said the name calling was a joke.
          I understand all the discrimination etc after slavery, Jim Crow, etc, What I am saying is do you carry it forever and hate for it forever. Where do you stop? How long do you carry it on for? For me, you aren’t an African American, you’re not a black American – You are an American. When I see a kanye West I don’t see anything black or African – I see an American (albeit a rather rich one).
          White people often aren’t as racist as they’re painted out to be. Then again, I don’t live in the US. Where do you live, to give me a better perspective, I live way north of Melbourne, Australia.

        15. You should be over it by now – move on. You didn’t tell me where in America – you might be in a shitty part that you should move out of. Maybe leave America altogether if it doesn’t suit you. You got wife and kids?
          And BTW my opinion probably sucks and does not reflect the situation you’re in.

        16. So, since you don’t want to do the math, in 2 generations (40-50 years), blacks should reverse 10 generations of societal ill.
          But economically, should they be over it? And don’t the economics drive things like education & community?

        17. Fuck the math – looking backwards holds you back. No good looking back on the past – move forward.
          Economically? Look at how much white trash is living in dirt poor conditions. Ever consider that blacks aren’t a minority anymore? A lot of the black community has a problem with its women, and that shit has to be reined in.
          It’s a pity we can’t sit down and have a beer and discuss.

        18. my point is i think if the opposition ended with slavery, we wouldn’t be having this conversation. but it didn’t. i mean, the voting rights act had to be passed in the 60s. and the police issues that have been surfaced recently…basically 48 states with ‘x’ number of precincts revealing all types of bias…there’s no ‘act’ on that issue yet. let me pull a line from a book: “List of suspicious driving behaviors while policing black neighborhoods: driving too fast, driving too slow, driving slightly above or below the speed limit; driving with or without window tint. be careful if they’re driving a car that isn’t in good repair or has body damage, if the car looks like it doesn’t belong in the neighborhood considering its value; if car was of a recent model year. if the car was too new.” this list was compiled from several police departments as items police should look for while policing. Now…who’s safe? And under those rules, everyone can get pulled over. The shit’s stupid.
          have you ever heard the quote: “Those that don’t know history are doomed to repeat it?” i decline the assertion to not look back.

        19. Believe me man, if I know one thing it is my history. Ever thought your government might actually like a racial divide and segregation? Ever thought that if they keep the population segregated it might just be the best way to keep them under control? What would happen if black and white guys all of a sudden started to really get along and communicate en masse? Really start talking about the shit that is going on? Government wouldn’t be too happy.

        20. History class has several individuals that have believed this. Quite a few have been shot & killed.

        21. Well. What do you think? Really think white people hate you that much? The black elite might actually hate you more.

        22. From state to state, these issues exist. Does that present any type of evidence? And recognize that everyone doesn’t have to be a part.
          A county might only need 10 whack ass cops and 2 biased judges to fuck with thousands of families.
          Honestly, I don’t think it’s active hate by all. Lots of indifference and inactivity play a part in keeping things as they are. Plus a lot of white folks are scared of the unknown…like black folks have magic powers & superhuman strength.
          And the black elite…considering their training, wouldn’t they really be supremacists with dark skin?

        23. What the fuck? I thought black folks did have magic powers and superhuman strength.
          Seriously, you have got the main key right there – ‘indifference and inactivity’.
          I really do wonder at times if some form of segregation and racism is being actively encouraged somehow. Bit like actively keeping people on welfare.

        24. How do you control a population? Make sure they do not unify, and ensure they are dependent on the state. Who do you target first? Poor people and minorities (and the middle class is getting hit more and more). Keep black and white people from unifying and make sure you encourage single motherhood and destroy the family unit. They make the arguments about the second amendmend all about guns, but the real concern is mobilised community militia.

        25. but how does that explain a legendary non-violent figure getting assassinated for just that reason? fbi infiltrating & threatening the guy for just that reason? or gov george wallace getting shot?
          kids going to school & getting firebombed? these were poor whites & blacks & looked what happened?
          militias & vigilantes are a concern. but, to be sure, there will be absolutely no hostile takeover in the usa. no question that will be met with militarized force.
          matter of fact, i just read that an anti-terror unit was being deployed on protestors in new york & they don’t even have weapons. nuts.

        26. You’re talking MLK? George Wallace was shot by a nutjob, and Wallace was not the original target. You could look at it as a conspiracy, of course.
          Read what I was saying again. Poor whites and Poor blacks are in the same boat.

        27. right…the same boat. my mom was in that generation of needing the national guard to make sure blacks could safely go to the same schools that their taxes paid for. can you give me an instance where it was illegal for white people to go to school in america?

          is it wrong because cnn reported it? there was another fella here in denial because the stats are wrong. i asked that he show me where the real stats were & he never replied.

        28. I wasn’t talking about the past I’m talking about now. I don’t disagree with what happened in the past.

        29. It seems some folks don’t recognize that the past effects the present. Amazing denial…the effects of needing the military to enforce law that states would not…do you think there are present day ripples from such ahistory? I think so.
          This other guy in here was saying that it, the past, has no effect. Matter of fact, I’ve read so much bullshit in here…the contributing articles are usually worth a good read. The comment section though…ignorance runs amok

    2. Because this is where all the fucktard beta males with alpha male money come to complain because there not banging some chocolate pussy regularly while having a white wife.

  61. Brilliant article that brings sanity to the medias favorite divide and conquer method: race.
    I too, grew up on a military base and was shielded from racial consciousness and political correctness growing up.
    Moving to Los Angeles after my folks left the Marine Corps, I noticed race was brought up not out of pride, but an excuse to mitigate failure for ones actions; a sympathy card to dodge responsibility.
    Victimhood mentality (either way) will never play on my conscience.
    Green is the only color that matters in this world. You will be judged by your merits alone.

      1. Let’s hear your sob story. Tell me how bad America has treated you. I consistently see local homeless rocking I-Phones and $300 Air Jordan shoes complaining how bad they got it. Whereas when I was in Africa (where an actual caste system exists) I saw people happily eating spoiled food out of a dumpster in 140 degree heat.

        1. Atwater: You start out in 1954 by saying, “Nigger, nigger, nigger.” By 1968 you can’t say “nigger” — that hurts you. Backfires. So you say stuff like forced busing, states’ rights and all that stuff. You’re getting so abstract now [that] you’re talking about cutting taxes, and all these things you’re talking about are totally economic things and a byproduct of them is [that] blacks get hurt worse than whites. And subconsciously maybe that is part of it. I’m not saying that. But I’m saying that if it is getting that abstract, and that coded, that we are doing away with the racial problem one way or the other. You follow me — because obviously sitting around saying, “We want to cut this,” is much more abstract than even the busing thing, and a hell of a lot more abstract than “Nigger, nigger.”[

        2. I got into Med School because I can’t read. You’re as retarded as your political views.

        3. 3rd World immigrants with darker skin than yours come to America and thrive.
          Look at the medical, engineering, and finance jobs-all dominated by immigrants that got busy instead of used excuses.

        4. Here’s my view about the Black Community: in the 1950s Blacks had the lowest unemployment and divorce rate of ALL races in America.
          When Blacks became vocal in the 1960s the government offered welfare as an opiate. This combined with drugs crushed your community, whether by design or fate.
          Rediscovering your roots will bring the community back, not victimization through government dependence.

        5. I’m not sure why you’re presenting that as an option regarding fate or design as you can clearly see it is design. for the record I’m not saying it’s anywhere near as bad as it was I’m just saying that there’s plenty opposition that remains today. this designated position keeps certain groups in certain places and until education overcomes that the societal deficit or the perception of that deficit exists.

        6. Tony I find it really interesting that someone that studies the cumulative effects of chemicals or processes on a person’s body that person that studies cany understand that there are cumulative effects when society does something to a people.
          so I propose to you the same question: if it was 10 generations of discrimination how many generations or years would it take to reverse the effects?

        7. what percentage of their populations are these people? 3%…6%…that’s not prosperity. that’s the handful with access to life changing education. not only the education, but sometimes the home stability to make it so. even a rose can grow in the cracks of concrete.
          but i’m talking collective prosperity. collectively, “3rd world immigrants” don’t fare that well.
          so if we plant a crop of people, you don’t call it success when 80% wash out due to poor conditions. why call it success when a handful “make it”?

        8. The only ones that washed out of my engineering courses were Americans.
          The rest of my class was foreigners from 3rd World countries on F1 student visas.
          While Americans spend 4 years in college debating white privilege, foreigners are busy getting STEM degrees that’ll pay 80k starting.
          This is why the Asian and Indian communities don’t don’t have the problems other demographs in the US have. They get high paying jobs that insulate them from poverty.
          Again friend, green is the only color that matters in this world.

        9. Every group has been enslaved at one point or another. My Italian ancestors were slaves to the black skinned Saracens for 700 years.
          That being said, I can either use distant history to excuse mediocrity OR I can pursue a highly paid skill that’ll empower me and the loved ones around me.
          Success is the best revenge in this life. Stop making excuses and pursue greatness.

        10. The richest man on earth is a mestizo Mexican by the name of Carlos Slim.
          The richest female on earth is Oprah, an African american.
          Both of them made their fortunes doing business with American businessmen.
          No other country on earth could they have achieved this magnitude of wealth.
          Don’t tell me this country doesn’t provide opportunities for minorities.

        11. I’m surely not saying that, again, even a rose grows in the cracks of concrete.
          Check me out, I don’t disagree with you. Harder work, education, & regained consciousness will create winners. Your premise that in America one will be judged on merit alone is bullshit. I sent three other links that speak much differently to that argument.
          Speaking from the economic side, I see the bread crumbs created by government policy that dictate adifferent reality. That gets passed down through generations and the effects are real.
          Tony, the evidence is available.

        12. No doubt, there are some very ill educating systems in the US. That “explore your passiond” Shit only goes so far in life. I went for a science degree too & I see the benefits daily.

        13. There’s a difference between institutionalized oppression and self victimization.
          3 things in this world deserve my sympathy: rape, famine, and genocide victims. Any problems short of that are self inflicted and can be overcome with a proper mindset.
          This is the easiest country to make it in the entire history of the world.

        14. ROK isn’t for you. Blaming outside factors for people not reaching their fullest potential is the opposite of red pill mentality.

        15. You can say no if you didn’t read or don’t care. But to me, rok seems to say know your obstacles, train, then overcome. I’ve done that.
          So now I’m reaching back to give a hand up & see bullshit in the game.
          Don’t let willful ignorance blind you

        16. You specialize in trolling this website. Race baiting and calling someone elses views “Bullshit!” to incite reaction are your favorite tactics. Were done talking.

        17. We’ve been done. You didn’t read the link. You spouted mostly reality, but you got called on the merit alone portion. I presented empirical evidence…you then disagree. And that’s fine. But none of that is race bait…wouldn’t finding history & surmounting opposition be red pill? I guess not when you disagree.
          Anyway, you seen like aagood dude. But merit alone is nonsense.

        18. No, you have to take oppression like a man suck it up big boy suffer silently.

  62. Personally, i prefer cracker. But then again i am a redneck.
    Now damnit, when are we going to get that white boy NFL team? I want those Washington Redskins changed to Washington Rednecks.

  63. As a black guy. I like to be labeled as MY NAME. I was born in NY. I served our nation and I have no relatives I know of in Africa.
    Also, I am lighter than a lot of white people with Hazel eyes. So what am I? I’m me. All these labels are stupid. The only African-American I know is my African friend who gained his U.S. citizenship while we were deployed together.

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