5 Simple Steps For Not Getting Raped

Periodically, I feel drawn to take time from my personal life to serve others. This week in place of an article for men about neomasculinity, I will be presenting a public service for American women facing the threat of rape.



Recently, Germany has allowed thousands of refugees from the Syrian war, where Western powers are assisting rebels allied with the Islamic State to overthrow the sovereign leader of Syria, Bashar al Assad, in a bloody and violent conflict that has raged on for years. Interestingly, refugees only began appearing in significant numbers over the last few months, while the war in Syria began almost 5 years ago in 2011.

These refugees have fled in large numbers to western Europe, with Germany, as of November, accepting over 57,000, with an expected total of over 100,000 once existing applications are processed. Meanwhile they housed over 700,000 asylum seekers temporarily in 2015, paying them a stipend of 143 euros for basic needs. These immigrants, arriving in large numbers and over a short time period, have overwhelmed the ability of the relatively small nation of Germany to accept them. There have been problems housing, placing, and integrating them into German life.

After New Year’s celebrations ending early January 1, 2016, “about 1,000” men, mostly immigrants from Syria, were accused of sexually assaulting, mugging, and raping a group of around 80 women in and around the Cologne railway station. Germany’s published annual crime statistics reveal that approximately 7,500 to 8,000 rapes and sexual assaults take place there every year.

Based on crime figures released by the German government, the average annual sexual crimes committed from 2011-2013 were 7,659, or approximately 21 per day. The following chart compares the average statistical number of rapes and sexual crimes per day as compared to the New Year’s attack by immigrants in only one city.


Typical # of sexual crimes per day in Germany versus Jan 1, 2016 in Cologne

In one city alone (Cologne), Germany saw a sexual crime rate over 47 times the average for the entire country. Germany has a population of over 81 million, and therefore its incidence of rape or sexual assault stands at 0.009% (and I believe this is based on accusations and not convictions). However, with a 47-fold increase in one city alone in one day, rape has suddenly moved from a Twitter problem to a real one.

The Solution

In light of this, Cologne mayor Henriette Reker has quickly responded with some guidelines for women in order to prevent crime.


This is a common and effective police tactic–when a swarm of car break-ins occurred recently in my neighborhood, the police issued bulletins reminding neighbors to always lock their doors, keep valuables out of plain sight, remove all objects from your vehicle when it is not in use, etc.


Is this victim blaming?

It is important to realize that while the wealth and prosperity of a first world society creates a lifestyle where the biggest issues a woman might face include misinterpreting friendly conversation as microaggressions, being offended at a statue that accurately depicts the origins of a product she is purchasing, or just plain complaining about her own ignorance, the immigrant crisis has suddenly placed women in the situation of actually facing a real and potentially dangerous problem. This problem cannot be defeated using the tools modern feminism has equipped them with, namely tweeting, using sarcasm or snark, making threats and false accusations, and appealing to white knights.

Therefore, as a public service to these women, I am providing guidance on how to avoid being the victim of a sexual crime. There is no need to wait until after an incident like Cologne, Germany, to adopt these reasonable and logical crime prevention steps that the women of Germany are now implementing.

1. Maintain An Arm’s Length Distance From Strangers


As recently as 50 years ago, even a couple on a first date maintained a safe distance

Anyone in their 30s or later remembers a time where a guy would have to get to know a woman over a period of time before she would be comfortable with him being close to her, touching her, or being alone with her.  Perhaps over a series of weeks one could interact with a girl he liked, show interest and signs of time commitment, and gain her trust and acceptance.

In 2016, the same applies, although game can now be used on most millennial women to achieve this same acceptance in minutes. Women who are so readily accepting of men’s first physical advances will encourage and accelerate the subsequent steps that lead to sex.


Typical greeting between a millennial and a stranger, 2016

Men judge women by their behaviors. A stripper, who will happily and quickly hop into a guy’s lap completely naked, is putting forth entirely different signals than a girl who is uncomfortable with physical contact with a stranger, and projects a shy or conservative demeanor.

Game is a logical set of steps that a man follows in order to achieve success with a woman, with the end goal typically being sexual congress. Each step that the woman skips brings the man that much closer to his goal.  Men will always choose the woman with the shortest number of steps, when looking for quick sexual release.

A woman who is perfectly fine with immediately making close physical contact with a complete stranger is putting herself at risk and sending a signal to others that she has a higher tolerance for aggressive sexuality.

2. Don’t Go To Certain Areas At Night


There are certain areas of town that should be avoided, especially at night. If you are unsure where these are, ask an older person. They will know, because they never go to these areas. Also, while drinking alcohol can be fun, be aware that alcohol incites violence, increases sexual urges, and reduces inhibitions. Combined with the fact that most men are going out to bars with the explicit intent to meet women, the later you stay out near pubs, taverns, and bars, the more you will be seen as a woman looking to meet up for sexual purposes.

As the night drags on, singles will couple up, exchange numbers, or leave together, and every minute that you remain will advertise you as a single and available woman more loudly. After midnight, most people are heavily intoxicated and become targets for crime, as they are unable to respond adequately and have slowed reaction times.

In Cologne, authorities have stated that the area around the train station is unsafe at night. Avoid unsafe areas, especially when the authorities advise you to. The bottom line is, avoid dangerous areas, don’t stay out late, and don’t put yourself in risky positions around groups of intoxicated men at night.

3. Stay With Your Own Group


I can’t tell…are the authorities being snarky and victim blaming, or are they serious?

College sororities are not known to be bastions of wisdom and learning. But one of the basic lessons they teach every girl is to always stay in groups when going out and never leave your sisters alone at the bar. This is a basic crime prevention tactic that everyone would benefit from. If thieves, criminals, or rapists are looking for a victim, they will always choose the single victim over the group. The single victim is always the easier target.  Don’t make yourself an easy target.

4. Wear Modest Clothing


Despite the dangerous false teachings that women can dress like porn stars without eliciting a sexual response from drunken, horny men congregated in groups in places like bars and parties where they are actively searching for women to meet, any woman from outside the first world knows that the amount of skin shown directly corresponds to the amount of sexuality.

This is why one would not wear a miniskirt when going to church with their grandmother. And, conversely, this is why sexy lingerie intended to be used in the privacy of one’s bedroom with a significant other is so small and often even see-through, precisely because it is designed as a method of foreplay by showing large amounts of skin not typically seen publicly.


Feminism would have you believe these are equally sexy images

And of course more conservative societies know this. Saudi Arabia takes the theory to such an extreme that it discourages women from showing ankle skin in public. And girls naturally know this. Every girl has felt more shame when wearing a more skimpy outfit, and even the thinnest supermodels have body image problems.

Indeed, one woman in Cologne reported that her choice of clothing protected her from more serious assault: “Fortunately I wore a jacket and trousers. A skirt would probably have been torn away from me.” Body language is at least as important as verbal language in human communication, and if you dress like a sexual object, don’t be surprised when you are treated like one.

5. Don’t Get Drunk


Most people have been intoxicated at some point in their life, and the dizzy feeling can be fun. But alcohol is one of history’s oldest aphrodisiacs. It lowers inhibitions, increases sexual urges, and often leads to behaviors the drinker regrets. Not to mention the fact that alcohol is a highly addictive depressant, and we know that Western women are already seriously depressed. Getting drunk is probably the #1 thing a woman can do to increase her chances of sexual assault or rape. Don’t do it.


Police Warning Notice

Fucking nanny state patriarchy!

Here we have five simple steps American women can adopt today to drastically lower their odds of being a victim of sexual assault. An added benefit of not dressing like a slut, not drinking to the point of intoxication, not being physically intimate with complete strangers, and not going to shady neighborhoods is that you drastically increase your chances of meeting a decent guy who is interested in more than one night stands and drug abuse.

The choice is simple: take the five common sense steps above, stay safe and sane, and perhaps even meet a good man—or continue using snark and sarcasm while putting your body, health, and mental state at risk. It’s a simple choice, but something tells me that, sadly, American women are going to have to learn this lesson the hard way.

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407 thoughts on “5 Simple Steps For Not Getting Raped”

  1. Read the title, expected a sarcastic joke article. It wasnt even once.
    So many questions.
    How can one way (lock your car etc) be common sense advice, the other be “victim blaming”? Its just nonsense.
    Why wont these people (western women) listen, and understand actions have consequences? Nonsense.
    How long will it go on before things change?
    We talk about the collapse of western society, what will that world look like? Will it fall to foreign nations, with red-pill men living in caves in hills al-queda style? When it comes to fighting, will there be enough men who open their eyes and fight?

    1. “How can one way (lock your car etc) be common sense advice, the other be “victim blaming”? Its just nonsense.”
      It’s very simple. First and second has different purposes. The “lock your car” advice is to prevent thefts and this is needed because your stuff might actually get stolen if you would leave them in the car. So this advice serves its purpose.
      In case of prevention of women getting raped, it would also be needed if there actually would widespread events of rape. However, there are no such thing. So the advice for women serves no purpose. However, if you turn it around so it’s not about preventing women from getting raped, but about preventing men from raping, then you can use against men. And it starts to serve it’s purpose.
      In case someone argues that this rape prevention thing is other way around, he then gets accused of ‘victim blaming’ That’s because such argument changes the intended purpose of the narrative. ‘Victim blaming’ is just an easy way to prevent that.
      It’s easy to see where there exists actual rape and where it doesn’t. In the west there are none, because men are taught not to rape with purpose to control men (hence there are no need for prevention of rape). However, after the NYE events in Cologne, women there were taught how not to get raped, with the purpose of preventing women getting raped (so there is a need for rape prevention).

    2. They remind me of children.
      “Don’t tell me what to do! I’m old enough to know! I can make all choices myself!”

      1. Yeah, wal mart just announced they are closing around 150 stores in the US… When people can’t even afford Wal Mart. And when Wal Mart can’t afford to pay people minimum wage to sell cheap Chinese stuff.. you know things are bad.

        1. That is profound. Wal-Mart has been a staple of American Capitalism for over a decade and have longed been criticized for their payment procedures. If Wal-Mart goes, that is a clear sign the recession has not wavered.
          The problem though is two fold. Clearly cheap labor has eroded our economy and forced many into ill suited jobs, but it has bottom out whole industries in some states such as construction. The common liberal believes that Republicans will vie for more lobbies, more tax concessions, and more tactics to add immigrants to their bottom line and wealth into their pockets.
          I don’t see the issue of multi-culturalism and importing foreign labor as juxtaposed but rather two sides of the same coin. If America is to move forward and improve the general value of the dollar, we will need to re-establish our economic base, manufacture things again, and also reduce corporate influence such as the stronghold banks have on colleges. I’m glad to see another mind keeping up with some of the news happening around us beside feminism.

        2. I see it as a more fundamental issue than how much wages are or how diverse the immigrant population is.
          It’s the petrodollar chicken finally coming home to roost. I’ve traveled the world a good bit over the past decade or two, and am always amazed at the huge purchasing power my US dollar has. I can take a week’s wages to another country and do whatever I want, eat and drink great meals, see whatever sights I want, stay in nice places, and they accept my little pieces of green paper that I didn’t labor all that long or hard to attain, as compared to them (locals making $400 / month where I spend that in less than a week just for fun).
          It’s the debt based economy crashing. It’s the blowback from a multi trillion dollar war waged for 15+ years without accompanying taxes to pay for it. It’s the accumulation of 50 years of a military industrial complex that dominates the American economy. It’s the borrow today and ignore the future mentality finally having to face facts. It’s something that a higher or lower minimum wage or a higher or lower immigrant population cannot affect.
          (Actually, without any comment on whether immigration is “good” or “bad” for America, I do think higher immigration is going to be the only solution for fixing this–they can’t raise taxes, so increasing the number of taxpayers through immigration is going to be the only way they balance the debt)

        3. I see what you are saying and that is a thorough explanation of the tax blowback we are experiencing. We do disagree on immigration but as long as tax aren’t being raised, then that might be a good solution. However, what then of the falling replacement population numbers? It will be clear that base will be about 25-39% immigrants in the next decade, which greatly reduces the white populace of America. I don’t care much either way, except for the fact that this can greatly affect general livelihood as new policies will be enacted to keep this country afloat. This stems away from the general tactics used to keep this country as number one, which is to protect our interests primarily which means to ensure the prosperity of our citizens.

        1. You are *so* set for a huge, Magnifico Mexican Fiesta, bro!

    3. I find it rather easy.
      “Ok, so if you have that right because otherwise it’s victim blaming, then I have the right to stroll through Harlem screaming ‘Nigger!’ loudly without consequences! If you say I shouldn’t do that if I don’t want beaten up, you’re blaming the victim!”

    4. “Why wont these people (western women) listen, and understand actions have consequences?”
      Because these women have been protected (by Big Daddy Government, White Knights, Tradcons, manginas, and simps) from the consequences of their actions for MUCH, MUCH too long.
      But it looks like those days are finally coming to a long-overdue end.

  2. Good Article. However what goes inside a female Millenial’s ear usually goes out the other. One can try, but women know best because they are ’empowered’.

    1. “…women know best because they’re ’empowered’.”
      Until things go ‘wrong’, of course.

  3. A well-written article outlining what used to be common sense for Western women back in the day and still is in third-world countries.
    Unfortunately, “modern woman” would rather double-down on her “beliefs”, even if it’ll lead to her own self-destruction before she’ll ever consider taking any advice from a wise man.
    So here’s what’s actually going to happen:
    1. Take random strangers by the arm even sooner, to prove they’re “strong” women.
    2. Go to those exact places the elders tell them not to, because they’re just old fools and the mystery is just too hard to resist.
    3. Mingle outside their ethnic group, because to not do so would be racist.
    4. Dress even sluttier, because it’s my body, my rules. Society be damned.
    5. Drink even more because what could possibly go wrong? YOLO!
    Sad, but true.

    1. True, it reminds me of the recent news of a Florida woman in Florence. She was an “artist” and wanted to enjoy some enrichment one night so she ended up having sex with an Senegalese Illegal Immigrant in her apartment, she ended up dead. Apparently they had a discussion after she wanted to kick him out because her bf was coming.

        1. Take the racial component out of it and yes, even then, she got what she had coming to her. Cheating on her boyfriend, picking up some random dude she didn’t know and having sex with him. You roll the dice you take the chances.

        2. Cheating on her boyfriend is punishable by death? She deserved to have her skull fractured in two places and then be strangled to death?
          Are you sure?

        3. Fucking some dude she didn’t know, on a lark, yeah, that’s how the dice roll. We used to have safeguards against this in society, like not accepting casual sex with strangers. But hey, that’s gone so you play at the table you take the chances. Killed? Oh well, guess somebody can learn from this.
          Of course the scumbag is guilty of murder.

        4. What you’re doing here is blaming the victim. Nobody deserves to be killed for having a one night stand. Was she unwise? Clearly. Deserving death? Of course not.

        5. What you’re doing here is blaming the victim.
          Ah, I see. heh
          Actually I said that the murderer was to blame for murder.
          The victim did some truly stupid shit. When you get intimate with strangers you don’t know, well, you don’t know them and didn’t take time to get to know them, so who is to blame if you decided to put your private parts on a murderer you’ve never met before?
          The victim did a horrendously stupid thing. She paid the price. Maybe discerning women can take a lesson from it.

        6. What you are doing here is dissembling. You say she deserved death and then the murderer is to blame. It can’t be both.
          People take chances with their lives all the time. You do this every time you climb on the bike. Some people will think you are mad. Do you deserve to die because you are taking your chances on a motorbike? No of course not. You have assessed the risks versus rewards of riding a bike and decided its worth the risk.

        7. I see both sides here. I think the argument is different mainly because death is final. This woman may have had dreams, plans, family, etc. but now it’s all gone because of a stupid mistake. Not only is death final, as in she cannot learn from this mistake, but it is a disproportionate effect from a mistake she probably made dozens of times in the past (I’m betting that taking home a random immigrant on the street in at 2 AM who is handing out club flyers is not something one does on a whim for the first time).
          Imagine if the girl got banged in the ass really hard and bled for a month every time she pooed. Or got pregnant and had to surprise her bf with a different colored baby. These would not only be learning experiences for her, I would say she *deserved* them. But I don’t think she deserved death. So the main difference in this case is that the outcome was so violent and final in proportion to her mistake.

        8. I said she rolled the dice and took her chances. This is true and there’s no getting around it. Let some stranger you don’t even know put his dick in you, well, roll them bones baby.
          People take chances with their lives all the time. You do this every time you climb on the bike.
          Indeed. And should I get into a wreck where I’m disabled or paralyzed even if I’m not at fault (a car sideswipes me, whatever) I accept that it was an outcome that finally came to pass when I took that chance. The car is to blame for sideswiping me, but I knew the chances I was taking when I went out and I too share a spot of blame for choosing such a dangerous method of travel. I was not some innocent naif who walked into it without knowing the risks.
          When you take the risk, you accept some of the responsibility when the outcome is undesirable. This isn’t a case of some woman walking down the street who is shot, this is a woman who decided to *let some stranger she didn’t know put his penis in her vagina*, the most intimate form of contact known to human beings, without knowing a thing about him. Had she known him better she may well have understood that he was not the kind to flee out the back door when her boyfriend arrived and then planned accordingly.

        9. Well women do this all the time whatever we think of their actions. The actual probability of death is pretty low otherwise they would never do it. I cannot accept that such a woman deserves to be brutally murdered though. An act more deserving of death might be if she drew a pistol and tried to kill the guy, unprovoked.
          In any case, I agree her actions were quite bizarrely stupid (bring a guy back to the pad where you’re staying with your boyfriend?!).

        10. *let some stranger she didn’t know put his penis in her vagina*
          not to mention a stranger directly coming from AIDS-Land…

        11. Had she contracted AIDS from the fucker, the outcome would have been the same.
          I’m a stickler for accountability. There are less risky daily actions, and then highly risky actions you don’t take on a daily basis. I begrudge nobody their actions if they wish to accept the outcome, good or bad, but I don’t excuse them the outcome if it’s awful.
          Shit, I don’t even trust the general public when I go to the store, which is why I carry a firearm. Accountability. You can’t trust strangers to always do good and be right. Prepare according. There are enough psycho douchebags in the general public that I really can’t see any wisdom in fucking some person who might well turn out to be a butcher (or a gal for that matter).
          Agreed on bringing him back to her place. A double dose of stupidity in that one.

        12. Exactly. Which, if it’s real, can be a death sentence in and of itself.
          I’m a heartless, full accountability bastard. We’ve had too much giving people the benefit of the doubt when they fuck up. No more.

        13. Yeah she definitely seemed a certain “sort” of woman. When you undertake these kinds of actions you know you are taking a risk (STD, pregnancy, etc.) and you reasonably accept the possibility of an unfortunate outcome. But you don’t generally expect to meet a brutal end. Most men are not going bludgeon their ONS partner to death no matter the provocation.

        14. These days you can live for decades with AIDS but I understand your point.
          That said, when are we going to get around to bludgeoning Charlie Sheen to death? If anyone deserves it… 🙂

        15. He is a huge disappointment. To think I used to think he was semi-decent and almost “on our side”. Meh.

        16. 100% agreed. The chick was basically playing sexual russian roulette, as many of the modern females do.

        17. “Shit, I don’t even trust the general public when I go to the store, which is why I carry a firearm.”
          Damn you’re lucky, here I could be jailed for the swiss knife in my pocket…

        18. Btw I feel you on the firearm. I wish I could carry one in London, especially after the recent and continuing Paris attacks. Just applied for my US concealed carry permit though…

        19. Say what you will about the U.S., but this is definitely one of the few things we have going for us that absolutely does not suck.

        20. What state?
          Was also under the impression that you have to be a U.S. citizen in some capacity to get a CHL.

        21. “Cheating on her boyfriend is punishable by death? Are you sure?”
          Of course she did NOT deserve death, but I sure as fuck am not crying for her.

        22. There is a difference. If you ride your bike on the street and a car hits you and kills you, you don’t deserve to die for sure. But what if you go mountain biking, fall of a cliff and die? Well, “deserve” is still a strong word in this case.
          But the difference between your example and the real situation is that the bitch was fully aware that what she was doing was bad and harmful to others (different from what the mountain biker is doing). The savage fucking killed her. I bet that she went drooling after the bad boy. Did she deserve to die? When you consciously take stupid suicidial decisions, being fully aware what they can lead to, do you still deserve to die? Also, what she was doing was harmful to her boyfriend. She prefered to risk her life, cheating on her boyfriend just to fuck a stranger. She consciously chose the savage that killed her over her loving boyfriend.
          Saying that one deserves to die usually implies that one must be killed as a punishment. However, in this case it means that she deserved all the consequences, no matter how bad, because she was fully aware of them. There is a difference.

        23. yeah, it’s harsh to say she deserved death, but it’s accurate to say it was likely that something very bad would happen in this situation. i’ve been thinking about that lately, the difference between doing what’s morally correct and what is wise. you have to do both in any situation, which is something i didn’t understand until shockingly late in life.

        24. This is why real men can get along and work together even when they are entirely different in lifestyle and viewpoint.
          When every fellow involved takes full responsibility for his life and outcomes, they all share, in the end, the same goals. The MGTOW, the family man, and the PUA all end up with the same interest in keeping civilization going.
          The first Mad Max movie was an allegory of degeneracy taking down the patriarchy and destroying the family. The two protagonists were Max and Jim Goose. Max was married and had a kid and was a good example of a man (didn’t let his wife shit-test him in one scene, detailed high respect for his father in another, etc.) Goose was a single man out banging hotties and living dangerously. Yet both were friends and good men working towards the same goals.
          So when men take responsibility for their lives, they don’t sit around being resentful of each other, getting catty, vindictive, and backstabbing each other.
          In other words: they don’t act like women.

        25. “Meritocracy” is to SJWs and egalitarian lefoids what sunlight is to a vampire (and not one of those faggot sparkle vampires either).

        26. And I chuckle about what will happen if the leftists ever get their total disarmament.
          Most of the reason why “we” are not burning cities is because we are generally law-abiding types who do not want criminal records that forfeit our right to bear arms.
          Take the guns away from the law-abiding, there is no reason left to be law-abiding. And there is no further unwritten trust between citizen and government. The people being armed is like having a guest room with a deadbolt lock-able door and a shotgun in it: it’s a way of indicating to your guest that you are not going to bust into the room at night and Cosby them (or ether bunny).
          If they left gets their way, disarmament, they will learn the hard way what “Plan B” is.
          When I think of that I start wondering how much it will cost to learn how to pilot a helicopter (vague Pinochet reference).

        27. If I go into bear county with salmon taped to my arms and legs and covered in honey, I don’t deserve to be eaten by a bear. Doesn’t mean it won’t happen.
          Actions have consequences. You are white knighting here.

        28. I hate to be negative but you keep harping on the phrase “She deserves” or “she deserved “. The only one using this phrase is you. The rest of us are saying due to her stupid actions she bears some of the responsibility for the outcome. Alternatively GoJ is saying not that she deserved it but rather that she risked it and the odds in this case were against her. If I gamble in the casino and lose my money I did not “deserve’ to lose my money, but I definitely bear the responsibility for putting my money at risk. It was a foreseeable outcome. Hence when I gamble I only put as much money as i can afford to lose at risk. In this case the woman put much more than she could afford to lose at risk and she lost. There is no one saying she deserved to be brutally murdered so quit trying to accuse everyone else of doing so.

        29. They’ll never get their wet dream. That’s all it is, a fantasy sold to their base.

        30. You mean you don’t, “Trust ins the goodwill of your fellow men and the forbearance of reptiles.”

        31. When you consider hook-up culture that’s the new norm for millennial females, sexual russian roulette. I’d even extend that to their single moms. Maybe 14 text messages to a bang? Don’t forget the emoticons.

        32. You mean you don’t, “Trust ins the goodwill of your fellow men and the forbearance of reptiles.”

        33. Your argument is nonsensical. Person A says “she did not deserve to die” and Person B says “Yeah she did” by extension Person B is claiming “she did deserve to die”. GOJ changed his argument by talking about “responsibility”. That’s why I claimed he was dissembling. I asked the question three times seeking clarification and at no point did anyone explicitly say otherwise.
          Can you tell me where I accused anyone of anything?
          For the record I believe that individuals are solely responsible for their own actions. If you think she was partially responsible then should the killer’s sentence be reduced to reflect her partial responsibility for his actions? No. Why? Because that’s absurd.
          I will say one more thing. Don’t get into the habit of speaking for someone else. GOJ made his arguments and I made mine and we reached an understanding. No need to reignite the issue.

        34. You don’t know what white knighting means. You seem to be white knighting for the murderer though.

        35. Your argument is heavy with assumption. How do you know she knew the guy was a psychopathic killer? That’s what you’re implying here.
          We don’t know what kind of relationship she had with her boyfriend. Not a great one it seems.
          Have you never met a girl and fucked her a few hours later? If you had killed her would she have deserved all the consequences up to and including death? Or would you be solely responsible for her murder?

        36. I agree with that.
          But we should avoid making stupid thoughtless comments. Do we want this movement to get larger? We won’t achieve it by displaying callous ignorance.

        37. as The Bechtloff would say, responsibility is not a zero-sum game. while the murderer is 100% responsible for his crime, that doesn’t mean the victim is NOT responsible.

        38. I once knew an African guy who told me, with a completely straight face, “I’ve raped women before. in Africa, you have to rape women. otherwise, you won’t get any [pussy].”

        39. “Well women do this all the time whatever we think of their actions. The actual probability of death is pretty low otherwise they would never do it.”
          You’re forgetting that Western Women can do this with Western Men because they’ve been doing it for the last thirty to forty years — all because they’ve changed the legal system, the government, the media, and society into supporting them and their actions. While doing so, they’ve also been using the legal system and the media to beat down all opposition to their actions, no matter how unjust or outright illegal (making false accusations, lying under oath, etc.) while simultaneously suffering no recriminations for their actions.
          But non-Western Men entering the picture is a game-changer; as well as coming from a completely different culture which espouses different roles for men and women, these men have not had misandric feminism beating them down for the last four decades.
          And it must be remembered that contemporary Muslim cultures teach Muslim men that non-Muslim women are not to be respected and can be abused or raped at will; also that all Western women are little more than whores.

        40. Firstly, based on the fact that she cheated on her boyfriend, I’m making the assumption that she was a trashy person. Being a trashy person increases the likelihood of attracting other trashy people in your social circle and mingling with them. Being good hearted doesn’t mean you are safe, of course, but good hearted people often detect and try to avoid trashy people.
          Secondly, what I tried to convey in my previous comments was that taking unnecessary risks burdens you with part of the responsibility. The bigger and the more unnecessary the risk, the more the consequences are to be blamed on you. Getting robbed at day is not your fault. Getting robbed at night while you are walking with a transparent plastic bag with 1 million dollars in it is mostly your fault. No one would ever consider blaming the robber, because it’s common sense that he is the one who did the robbery, but you could have easily avoided it.
          If a poker player bet a $100 on one hand and lost it, people would say that he had bad luck. But if he bet 1 million and lost it, many people would say that he was a fucking idiot and he deserved it. Even if he won the hand, people would still say that what he did was not something to be done so lightheartedly.
          So going out to have a ONS with a third world savage while having a serious boyfriend who might come home at any moment was highly risky and unnecesarry. The consequence of that was death. She could have easily avoided it.
          There are too many variables to give a specific answers to your questions. Did the girl have a boyfriend? Did I and the girl keep meeting each other after that? Following the logic of what I said above, it would have been her fault in most cases.

        41. I’ve read media articles that portray this as a ‘brutal murder’ and don’t even mention the fact that she had consentual sex with her killer. The sad truth is, is that the accused’s account of him strangling her during sex and then accidentally killing her is entirely plausible. If someone has begun a murder with bludgeoning in a state of rage why would they then look for a USB cord and switch to strangling… instead of say stomping on her head?
          Maybe she didn’t deserve to die, and maybe she was brutally murdered, but like GoJ says: some actions have consequences. Her boyfriend likely didn’t deserve to be cheated on or gifted with the STIs she was carrying.
          Life’s unfair.

        42. I think we need to bring back after school specials with a modern twist. Name the next one, “Being a Whore has Consequences.”

        43. “Cheating on her boyfriend is punishable by death?”
          Look at it this way, bro, at some not-too-distant future that dumb bitch would most likely railroad her current BF or some other beta chump into wifing her up and then keep cuckcolding the poor bastard until the day she could not even lure some 15 YO horny lad into bed.
          Were I her current BF I’ll shakehand and thank Cheik Tidiane Diaw for saving me from future ordeals.
          If you’re looking to sympathize with someone, this young dude here infinitely be more deserving of your sympathy.

        44. Nobody said otherwise vis a vis the boyfriend. My point is a) being brutally murdered is not a reasonablely foreseeable consequence of a one night stand and b) you cannot be responsible for the actions of another.

        45. Her disgusting nature is not in question. But being unpleasant doesn’t mean you are responsible for the actions of another.
          Your example of being robbed is the thieves excuse and would not hold up in a court of law. The only person at blame for a crime is the person who committed it.

        46. Mate, Western woman get murdered by Western men as well. I heard about a case like this not too long ago.

        47. On the basis of that logic we should prosecute her posthumously for being complicit in her own murder.

        48. What is your opinion of whether ‘street safety patrols’ will start to gather momentum? In places like Canada, they’ve tried a couple times (IIRC), and failed.

        49. Where would you place her actions in the scale of responsibility? And at what point would this position mean the victim must take responsibility?

        50. Wrong. The event goes before a grand jury, who normally acquits nearly immediately if it was clearly in self defense. Happens all the time.

        51. that’s the most retarded thing i ever heard.
          if you cross the street without being careful, and you get hit by a bus and lose your right leg, that is your own fault. but you would never be prosecuted for it. we don’t prosecute people for committing crimes against themselves (unless it’s drugs).
          are you accusing me of victim blaming? should we have “taught this man not to rape (or in this case, kill)” instead of expecting the woman to be responsible for herself?

        52. while death is certainly final and you cannot learn from your mistskes if you’re dead, getting fucked is also final, as in if a girl gets fucked, there is no going back. even if she realizes her mistake, she cannot un-fuck herself. when a girl loses her virginity to a random guy, there’s no going back. she will be forever changed, and not for the better. some cultures consider this a fate worse than death, as evidented by the fact that in some cultures they perform honor killings.

        53. The muzzies would disagree with you. THey would say the slut deserves stoning. To DEATH.

        54. I don’t understand why can’t you see where the problem lies.
          Yes, the murderer is guilty and he must be sued. The woman probably had this tought pattern: “I want a bad boy. There is a high risk of getting killed by him. But he will be sued afterwards.” And so what? Even if the murderer got suet, the woman is dead. Nothing will bring him back. She could have avoided that, but she didn’t. Would you go in a neighbourhood full of criminals, knowing that you could easily get killed, just because law would persecute them?
          Let me use another example then. Knowing that a crime will be or had been commited and not acting according to law makes you an accessory of the crime. Following that logic, is the woman not an accessory? Of course, she didn’t know with 100% certainty that she was going to get killed, but she knew that she was dealing with a “bad boy”. We can assume that based on how female nature works and on the fact that she chose the murderer over her trustworthy boyfriend. “That stranger might kill me, but I don’t care, because law.” That blind self-assurance is the reason she is dead. If you jumped in a lon’s den, you might not get killed, but if you did, no one (except for your realtives and closest friends) would say that “you didn’t deserve it”. I’m absolutely certain that that wouldn’t cross their minds even for a second. Instead, they would comment about how foolish it was to jump in the lion’s den, being fully aware of the danger. Well, if you were a circus artist, then the case would be different, because you would be having benefits from dealing with lions. But in the case with that woman, her boyfriend could give here much more than what the murderer could, so she would have got no benefits.
          You are defending her like she was a helpless child that didn’t know what she was doing. The world doesn’t work by how things should or shouldn’t be. The world works by causes and effects. If you are fully aware that an action of yours could harm you and you go for it, you are partially responsible for the outcome too. I don’t know how else to explain this. Trying to paraphrase it again will turn into repeating the same thing.

        55. No i d’ont see any love in such action.
          but, cheating her boyfriend with a perfect stranger refugee from a shithole country, is that you call love ?

        56. Suicide by ONS? That’s your claim? OK.
          I’m also impressed by your ability to read the mind of a dead person.

        57. Fair question. She is certainly responsible for her actions but she cannot be responsible for the actions of another. In other words, no matter how foolish a person might be, they cannot be responsible for the crimes committed by someone else. I think her actions were foolish and disgusting but she is not responsible for her death at all. Only the murderer is responsible for her murder. He alone made the decision to kill her when he could have just left her alone.

        58. It was a terrible decision on her part.
          I hope they caught him and I hope his rectum is being resized by some brothers who are in lock up with him.

        59. i wouldn’t trust some judge to spare me a prison sentence even if it´s clearly for self defense neutralizing a spree killer. they will sentence you and falsely accuse you however they like.

        60. That’s what some people are like. If she had a mate she should’ve stayed with him or broken up openly instead of skulking around.
          Feminists will blame all men in their own culture for that and turn more to random strangers just as they have “slut walks” to protest men looking at them.

        61. No, that’s not my claim. That’s one of the multiple examples I gave you to show you that the knowledge that an event might/will happen prior to the happening shifts some of the responsibility. It automatically puts you in a position of choice. What would you prove if you went straight to your dead just because it wouldn’t happen by itself, but it would be done by someone else instead? That woman got exactly what she deserved.
          “I’m also impressed by your ability to read the mind of a dead person.”
          It’s called deductive reasoning. We know how female nature works and we also have enough data to make a conclusion with high accuracy.
          What you are trying to do is to put aside two rules of reasoning that are being used in our society just so you can defend a woman who cheated on her boyfriend. You are white-knighting so hard, it’s unbeliavable.

        62. Like I said before.
          I’m surprised there aren’t more Ted Bundy incidents in the west because these girls are stupid!

        63. Great example.
          Classic examples of this throughout history are male only: sport teams, the military, religious leadership, and business. Men seek results and take ownership.

        64. It probably didn’t bother her since she was a drug addict and most likely shared needles with others in the past.

        65. Most people don’t want to admit that!
          Most people who get HIV are people who engage in unprotected anal sex and drug users that share needles or the people that have unprotected sex with them.

        66. You’re being a fool and you are wasting your breath using petty and irrelevant insults to bolster your weak argument.
          Deductive reasoning? Fantasizing more like. If you knew anything about women and human nature in general you know that it is extremely unlikely that anyone thinks they will die as a result of a ONS. Not only that, humans are notorious for underestimating risk and over-estimating benefit when it applies to herself.
          Nobody thinks they are going to die as a result of a ONS, mainly because it is so unlikely.
          What I am defending is the principle that individuals are responsible for their actions and not the actions of another. She is responsible for cheating on her boyfriend (her act). The killer is solely responsible for her murder (his act). That is all.

        67. Discussion on Breitbart News Network 3189 comments
          GOP Consultant Rick Wilson to MSNBC: Trump Supporters ‘Chil…
          “This person has been consistently foul and obscene over the last year or so. What’s interesting it that he can only conjecture about us as individuals, but we can see him precisely for the foul, disgusting little troll that he is, every time he manages to get any time in the media.”
          This is you. This is exactly what you’ve been doing on here for ever by the looks of it. Classic transference from a silly little teenage boy with a weak ego. Just had a skim through your profile, you’re an angry little shit aren’t you. Real admirable the way you degrade women, what a tough guy you are. You’re on here like everyday, for hours. This pathetic little forum is your whole life. I suspect you don’t have much of one in reality. Is that why you call guys who use Twitter gay? Because you actually have no friends and so therefore would look like the insignificant little runt you are if you made an account.
          Shut the fuck up with all the insults to women you courageously put on here and grow some balls. Confront your step dad, school bully, molester or whoever it is that makes you so bitchy and bitter and full of repressed rage which you can only vent on a tiny forum.
          Never mind a return of kings, the world would be a better place without you in it. Pathetic little runt.

        68. So, a few hours ago I sent a reply to one of your comments. In it I expressed the intense rage that you made me feel when I read some of the horrible things you said to and about others. I immediately felt better for venting this rage, however, something else then happened. I began to feel sick. I then began to feel guilty about what I said to you. I said some really mean things. Sorry. You see, my conscious has gotten the better of me, and I’ve come to remember that no-one, even people who spout hatred onto innocent women and minorities, even those people do not deserve to have their weaknesses picked on or to be made to feel bad about themselves. Whilst you berate and degrade others over something they have no control over , their gender or race, me berating and degrading you does not make the wrong you did right. In fact it would probably just serve to perpetuate your cycle of anxiety, anger and shame
          So what I’m trying to do here is to lead by example. I am being accountable for my own actions ( I know you have stated that others should be accountable, but I wonder if you understand that you too also need to be accountable for the way you may make others feel with the things you say) and am now attempting to right the wrong that I did. I am going to be the bigger man and say sorry for what I said to you. I hope you find the courage to confront those in your life who are the actual source of your rage and you’re feelings of low self worth.
          The world would not be a better place without you in it, but it will be a better place for you if you allow yourself to drop the protective shield of bigotry and rage that you rely upon.

        69. First, thanks for tracking and stalking, that’s always an extra special touch.
          I like how you hit all of the boilerplate insults that have been documented here time and time again from countless white knights and male/female feminists.
          I’m on here and other sites a lot because I work from home and have lots of spare cycles where I’m waiting on other people for feedback or it’s simply a slow day, but hey, you continue with your fantasies, chiefy.
          Your snark I give a 2/10, too cliche.
          Insults a 1/10, lack of originality and general insults that most trolls throw out
          Anger: 7/10: Looks like somebody triggered you to the point that you needed to follow me to other websites. You should find some soothing ointment for your butthurt.
          Stalking 5/10: Nothing hard about it, just funny that you took the time because you didn’t like my posts at BB, heh
          Internet Tough Guy 2/10: All hat and no cattle. You and I both know that you’re safe to spout off with impunity behind the anonymity of your keyboard. *yawn*
          You have yourself a zippidy do dah day, chiefy.

        70. There are very few things that “deserve” death as a penalty. Certainly being flagrantly imprudent in her behavior is NOT one of them.
          That being said, other women would do well to take heed of a cautionary tale and amend their behavior accordingly.
          Rights come with responsibilities. Women are no more free of that axiom than men are.

        71. Your reasoning is the same reasoning a feminist would use. No girl goes to a party, knowing that she will sleep with a guy who she considers to be below her level. Eventually she gets drunk and sleeps with that guy. The next day she regrets it and claims rape.
          In both this case and the case with the killed woman it was someone else who did the act. In both cases the “victim” was not able to make a rational decision. In the party case, the woman was drunk, so she couldn’t be rational. In the murder case she couldn’t know what was going to happen, so her decision couldn’t be rational too. In both cases the woman would change her mind if she could. I don’t see the difference, except that in one of the cases the woman got killed, and in the other one she didn’t. You are trying to make double standards.
          People should learn that the world is dynamic. Exchanges between different people happen all the time, so every act should be calculated. Being a jackass rarely gets rewarded. The murderer is guilty for comitting a murder. The woman is responsible for being a jackass because of putting too much trust in a stranger. Same like betting too much money on one poker hand. If the poker player won the hand, people would say that he was reckless and had luck. If he lost it, people would say that he was stupid.

        72. Your logic is bizarre. In your example a crime did not occur, it was simply claimed. In the case of this woman a crime did occur and we know it for a fact.
          Try again.

        73. Y’all are assholes! Racist bigots! I hope y’all have your pennis castrated. Then lets see what y’all can do

        74. Yeah. Skydiving… Bullfighting… Owning a gun… Taking recreational drugs, as many blokes do… Playing rough sports… Travelling the world… Deep sea diving… WALKING BESIDE THE ROAD ffs. These are all inherently risky activities, and yet some woman deserves death because she supposedly (if the story is correct) cheated on her bf.

        75. When men do it, it’s banging hotties, but if women do it, it’s ‘the most intimate act known to human beings’. So if goose gets shot in the face banging hotties, he shares a modicum of blame?

        76. Im a full accountability bastard too. More men get killed and injured riding motorbikes than women get killed or injured riding cock with strangers. So let’s hike the insurance rates for both, and the medical costs associated with caring for both groups and see who gets the most fucked over.

        77. Oh yeah. I bet he said this. Because people from the continent of Africa usually talk about where they are from in this fashion. Just like those from Europe say ‘in Europe, everyone drinks vodka’.
          Africa is a continent. If this story was true, the dude would name his country. 54 countries in good old Afrique, with different customs and ideologies. Just as Europeans say I am from Germany, or Czech, and peeps from the old UK say I am from England or Scotland etc… Africans say they are from Uganda, or Biafra, or Morocco or Sudan. So. Nice story, bro.

        78. Yeah, ghost dude. That’s why I am all for outlawing showers. You are more likely to get a serious injury from a shower fall than from sexing someone.
          Also, mate, there are preeetttyy strong laws against having unprotected sex with someone if you are HIV positive (fucker wouldn’t have AIDS, or he would have been sore-covered and near death.) That is because if you do this, you are a cnt who is shortening the lifespan of another human being willfully.

        79. What you fail to realize is that it’s up to each individual to decide whether the desirable outcome of a possible scenario is worth the risk or not (or if the need to get involved is big enough in the first place). Dealing with other humans doesn’t change that fact. In the case with that woman there was no real need and the desirable outcome was not worth the risk. You can’t tell for sure if someone is a dangerous person on the first day of meeting him.
          My logic, bizarre or not, is efficient. If that woman had been using that way of reasoning, she would be alive. That alone makes all your arguments invalid. The only purpose they serve is to make you feel better about your own mistakes. And by the way, it seems that you have never seen any signs that say “Something something at your own risk”.
          I rest my case.

        80. I think you seem to forget he had sex with her too, even though he didn’t know her either. She wasn’t the only one. And really? Killing someone because they cheated on their boyfriend with you? Lots of men cheat nowadays, don’t lie and use your big fancy words and refuse the facts.

      1. Darwin always wins. It may take time but sooner or later, Darwin ALWAYS wins.
        “Stupidity in Nature is a capital crime; the sentence is death, execution is immediately carried out, and there is no appeal.” — Robert Heinlein

      2. Where is the discussion of how she ended up in Italy, going to sex bars? Where did she come from?
        This is the porn industry. This is the drug industry. This is the feminism industry. Young women driven by economic pressure, unsupported by family and friends, falling into the ‘discarded’ lifestyle.
        I’m not saying all young women are delicate flowers with fabulous potential. I am only asking about the structure that brought here from here hometown to Italy.

      3. I read about it. Funny how these American bitches think they can treat Third-World men like the Westerners (I mean treat them like shit) and get away with it!

        1. Yeah…Well, he somehow missed that PC seminar on “how to treat western women”. Of course I doubt he would have cared after attending such thing.

    2. American Indians did not lecture their children on what to do and not do: they let them have at it. If a child wanted to play with fire, they learned quickly that the fire was hot and not to be touched.
      Soon these “modern women” will find out how hot the fire is.

      1. “Soon these “modern women” will find out how hot the fire is.”
        We can only hope; there are still too many White Knights, thirsty manginas, Tradcons, and foolish simps lined up and waiting to be used.

      2. In other words, they let them learn their limits. Once they learned those limits, they stopped their self-destructive behavior.

    3. Women are like children. Make something “forbidden fruit” and they go straight to it.
      Reverse psychology would work better: tell women to walk around alone, get drunk in public, etc. But then the sperglord feminists and their (convenient) lack of understanding satire will have a field day and their websites fill up with clickbait and 2-minute hatefest.

    4. What’s wrong with specifically mingling outside your ethnic group?
      Or better asked: What’s wrong with not specifically mingling inside exclusively your own ethnic group?

    5. Keep seeking out this “wisdom” you seem so fond of. You’ll get there eventually. Hypocrites all across the board!! Seems to me the feminists aren’t the only whiny bitches in existence. You’re definitely a strong candidate for the gig after we check out the racks and/or credentials of the broads interviewing later today 😉 Excellent work champ!

  4. Actually, according to the statistics, it is even simpler than this. Don’t hook up with strangers (or loose acquaintances) or, if you still do, be reasonably sober when you do it. Don’t get too intoxicated in bar, clubs or other public spaces at night or, if you do, at least have a friend who can see to that you get home safely.
    Frequenting unsafe areas, dressing like slut etc. may well result in you getting groped or even mugged, but very rarely raped.

    1. Very true, even adding the Cologne attacks, of which I read only ONE was an actual rape, the actual threat of rape is incredibly low.

  5. What do you tell SJWs who say “it isn’t the burden of women to prevent their own rape. It’s the responsibility of men not to rape?” I’ve argued that on a website swarming with SJWs but they said I was victim-blaming. I tried to argue that giving someone advice to protect themselves and stay out of dangerous situations isn’t blaming the victim, it’s preventing someone from becoming a victim in the first place. I said “don’t go down that dark alleyway” isn’t victim blaming, but “it’s her fault she got raped for going down that dark alleyway” is.

    1. Don’t bother arguing with a SJW. (This is my new motto concerning them)
      I choose not to argue with them because arguing with them is like
      playing chess with a pigeon. No matter how good you are she is going to
      crap on the board and strut around like she won.

      1. I’m glad you said this. I have been telling guys not to engage with them for a while now.

    2. Nothing will get through to them. Many are so far-gone that even in the midst of this rape crisis in Germany they are still blaming German men who didn’t rape anyone.

    3. I’m reminded of discussions I had with feminists/white knights over men being forced to pay for bastard children they didn’t want from women they weren’t married to. The argument was the “child” deserved the money (made payable to the mother, of course) and he had to “pay” for unprotected sex.
      It’s similar thinking: A man who sleeps with a woman without a condom, and doesn’t want kids, deserves to be forced to pay for them. It doesn’t matter that she told him she was on the pill and didn’t want kids herself. Or that she said she was sterile. Or it was a one night stand and implicitly understood that this wasn’t a committed relationship. The message is: Men, if you trust women, you deserve to be “raped”, in a manner of speaking.
      Feminists came up with the slogan that all men are potential rapists but this can be countered with the argument that all women are potential golddiggers. Many, even here, will argue that men being cognizant of this fact makes them appear paranoid and “bitter” and this turns women off. So not only is the victim blamed for being careless, but he’s told that he deserves to be shunned for being cautious as well. “How dare you lock your door? Are you paranoid and think all your neighbors are murderers?”
      Most here are too young to remember the times, but back when the pill first came out in the late 60’s and was adopted by women in the early 70’s, men assumed (as in ASS U and ME) that liberated women were actually liberated. There was a huge glut of men getting paternity tricked right up to Y2K and not the baby daddy ghetto blasters but normal white guys I knew. Have things changed? Are young men smarter now and using a condom or at least contraceptive foam of EVERY sexual encounter they have out of wedlock?

      1. The chance of a woman being a gold digger is orders of magnitude higher than the chance of a man being a rapist. And all women are gold diggers for either your time or your money. They’re time hos.
        On the other hand, rapists are (fortunately) rare as can be, and when women are giving it away so easily, it makes sense.
        As to the condoms… it seems to me condom use has fallen out of popularity, I can’t really explain it. Promiscuity is at an all time high, the risk of catching something from a woman with double or triple digit notch count seems pretty high but most guys I know don’t use condoms. I think the primary fear was pregnancy, and most younger sluts don’t want a baby and are on the pill, so guys just go without condom, believing her when she says she has only been with 3 guys ever and she’s a good girl.

        1. So you’re telling me that young men are still as stupid as ever.
          This reminds me of the 70’s. There were sluts back then and men slept with them. Heck, turn on Maury Povich.
          Looking back when I went to sex-ed in the early 80’s, I got a real good “man to man” style education. The sex-ed class for boys was taught by the local gym/shop teacher and they were BADASS guys. The dirt they dished was fantastic. Do they still have those kinds of classes today for millennials?

        2. I’d say men and women are both stupider today.
          Haha.. I don’t know about sex ed today. I live in the bible belt and we had a couple of days in health class in the late 90s where they kinda sorta referred to sex in veiled metaphors–they’re afraid any talk of sex will lead to more fornication.

        3. You’re right about condom use being on the decline. And for the life of me I can’t imagine why any guy who’s into casual sex would not be using condoms.

        4. “Do they still have those kinds of classes today for millennials?”
          Hahahaha, in the PC environment that the Millennials grew up in?
          Not at all!

        5. Those men are in desperate need of a huge dose of the red pill. Their lives depend on it.

        6. Yeah, and NOT just to prevent pregnancy, but to avoid catching the STDs/STIs these ‘Petri dishes with legs’ are carrying around between their legs.

      2. Whenever a women says that, I ask her to explain why she isn’t a prostitute. Social proofing among women labels prostitution as unacceptable, even if they do it in practice, so point it out and watch ’em squirm.
        Your point itself is a great revealing of this type of hypocrisy.
        Good fortune to Poland, by the way. I don’t care how many hit pieces come out against the new government, I will support it regardless.

    4. How do you make a woman understand logic and reason? Uh, let me get back to you on that one…..

      1. “Logic and reason are tools of the Patriarchy that are used to oppress women and rape Nature!” — Says Any Feminist

    5. I would point out that 99.99999% of men in the west take that responsibility seriously and don’t rape. We’re talking a very small percentage of the population and it is a crime of opportunity.
      Would they leave their car at the curb -unlocked, keys in the ignition, engine running. It isn’t the burden of the car owner to prevent their own car being stolen. It’s the responsibility of people not to steal cars” People shouldn’t steal a car just because the key is in the ignition!! Do they leave their car that way?
      I’d agree– they don’t deserve to have their car stolen. But do they really want to risk suffering the consequences? Isn’t it better to acknowledge reality and avoid the inconvenience of car theft?
      Rape is much more devastating, and much less likely. But I’d still rather avoid it than insist folks shouldn’t do it. Believe me, everybody already knows.

    6. You don’t tell them anything. They aren’t arguing because they believe it. They are arguing because up until this point, parroting that it is always men’s fault would give them political power; locally, in the workplace and nationally. You may as well be talking to a wall.
      It’s upsetting, but most people only accept that they are wrong after the beatings begin. In other words, most people understand violence before logic.

  6. I don’t know about you gentlemen, but I’m still waiting on that Cologne Slutwalk.
    Anyone else want to hold their breath waiting for it?

      1. It would be White men’s fault for not teaching foireigners how to treat independent ladys.

  7. You forgot to mention don’t go out to a public place and watch fireworks on New Year’s Eve.
    These muzzie fucks need a bullet between the eyes.

    1. You should lie on the floor and wait for the shooting to stop. Oh wait no that only applies in the projects…

    2. I thought white knighting wasn’t common to this website. These are the same women who campaigned to let the migrants in. And the ones who haven’t been assaulted are blaming native men for it. Let them figure out that there is more to life than constantly shit testing people the hard way.

      1. Yeah. Move in muzzies and women like myself have to be fearful.
        I wasn’t out holding my “welcome” sign at the airport. Any fool could see what was going to happen. We didn’t just open the door and let the enemy in, we laid out a welcome mat.

  8. I just love to see how Europe’s feminists have woken up to the fact that their diversitarian allies don’t give a crap about women’s safety. The outsourced droogs have to keep coming in, no matter what.
    If you watched those Mad Max movies and wondered about life in the rest of the world, beyond the Australian Outback, I think we can see the early stages of that world in the news lately.

  9. Lets not exaggerate. Only one rape according to your source and no indication as to who was responsible. Also, it is methodologically incorrect to draw conclusions based on extreme events.
    Not saying that your advice is wrong but we should maintain a certain discipline to our analysis.

  10. I think we’ve found our poster girl for Dumb Slut of the Year:
    Italian police arrest illegal immigrant over murder of American woman in Florence

    Investigators believe Miss Olsen met him in the early hours of the morning last Friday after leaving a nightclub, the Montecarla.
    The pair walked back to her flat in Via Santa Monica and had consensual sex, possibly under the influence of drugs and alcohol.
    But a furious argument developed after Miss Olsen told him he had to leave the apartment because her Italian boyfriend was about to arrive.
    Diaw became enraged, accusing her of treating him “like a dog.”
    He allegedly strangled the American and inflicted wounds to her head, either by hitting her with a blunt object or by shoving her to the ground.
    She sustained two fractures to her skull and is believed to have died at around 8am on Friday morning, prosecutors said.

    1. LOL… I’m not gonna revel in anyone’s death but it’s hard to take the article somberly when it sounds like a fictional story here on ROK:
      Miss Olsen, 35, a well-liked event organiser who documented her idyllic life in Tuscany with dozens of photographs on her Instagram account.
      She was rebuilding her life after the trauma of a divorce in the US.
      I guess that describes your typical 20-35 year old American female, but it made me chuckle.
      Side note: I wonder how the boyfriend feels?

      1. Side note: I wonder how the boyfriend feels?

        Like he needs an STD test. Who knows how many other men with whom the deceased was having relations.

      2. Acts surprised when the migrant reacts violently because she treated him like a fuck doll. Her last words: “I thought he became European when he moved to Europe!”

    2. Translation: a cheap mudshark slut drunkenly picked up a dindu IN THE STREET outside a nightclub at 2 AM. The slut then took the ape back to her boyfriend’s apt and sucked dick, then let the ape penetrate all her orifices.
      WHen the mudshark slut sobered up a little, she told the dindu to leave before her “boyfriend” got there. The dindu, unsurprisingly, snapped and went off. In the ensuing chimpout, it strangled the mudshark and bashed her stupid head against the floor, then split.
      Of course, he wuz a gud boi who dindu nuffin.

      1. I just wonder out of curiosity, if men would find a man just as deserving if a woman did this. Its pretty stupid for anyone to go anywhere with a complete stranger for sex, but both men and women do it. Would a man “get what’s coming to him,” if he brought home a skank he’d just met, fucked her and then told her to beat it before his gf got back? Would it have been a perfectly rational response for her to get her gun out of her purse and shoot him in the head for “treating her like an animal?” Should she have expected to be treated like anything other than the skank she was for leaving with a guy she just met and fucking him? Would it be a better excuse if she said, “Well he didn’t tell me he had a girlfriend, and I’m not used to men treating me like garbage, even if I do act like a skanky hoe. He should’ve been nice to me because I gave him sex!”
        Some of these comments are using the same sick feminist logic. If you read women having a “You go girl,” moment after shooting a man for being deservedly treated like a skank you’d all be having a field day. I love the realism of this site, and yeah women should be a helluva lot smarter than this, but acting just like the man hating femcunts you describe isn’t helping.

    3. Translation: idiotic slut thinks that because western men put up with everything and all humiliation, aggressive migrants will too because of magic dirt. Dies finding out that she is wrong/a stupid whore.

    4. You sound like ISIS.
      Woman has casual sex, deserves to be murdered.
      This blog is a disgrace.

  11. Import sexually deprived, low IQ and hairy goatfuckers into your country and people are surprised about rape and criminality.
    They need to see that people are not equal. If we were equal, then Africa would be the richest continent on Earth and the Middle-East would be a flourishing centre of trade and science instead of the shithole it is now.

      1. Exactly, See Middle Ages
        Europe was a shithole compared to Middle East, Africa, and Asia.
        Plus Whites get sun burn.

        1. This is total BS. Europe was a shithole compared to Sumer, Assyria, Babylon, phoenicia etc and we know the transmission of indo-european language and bronze age civilization came through central Asia. But this was 1000s of years BC. You are going to have to be more specific there….If europe was such a shithole compared to africa, why is its history(including the middle ages) so well documented in comparison? Africans never even developed a written language. Why did Greeks make the rosetta stone and translate egyptian rather than africans? Why do so many black subharan africans claim the egyptians were Black and yet time and time again fail to connect themselves to that civilization with written historical record?? Why did Africans fail to even invent seafaring ships despite europeans having them at least since ancient times?
          The Dark/Middle ages is a term used to describe European history during a time of RELATIVE cultural, economic and demographic decline/disintegration. Relative to the history of Europe itself(specifically Rome), not other continents. Given that the majority of tech advancement(as well as private property and common laws) has been made in the last few centuries by europeans, at best the places you mentioned were more densely populated than europe(and possible more peaceful), rather than more culturally, economically, or technologically advanced.

        2. Many of today’s elite universities were founded during the so called ‘dark ages’. 97% of all invention and innovation created and used today was made by white men and eastern asian men. In fact, this success can be tracked in the R1b and D haplogroups of Y-chromosome DNA.
          Try harder, troll.

        3. “The Dark/Middle ages is a term used to describe European history during a
          time of RELATIVE cultural, economic and demographic
          The Dark Ages is a bullshit term, as all modern historians understand. It was first adopted by European Enlightenment thinkers who had to demonstrate their ideas were “better”, including adopting reason for their god, so they demonised the Middle Ages as primitive, illiterate, etc, etc.
          This is rather amusing given peasants — the lowest on the ladder in the Middle Ages — worked less days per year by a massive margin than the modern man does. They also worked considerably less hours per day. They lived in a patriarchal society where women often wielded considerable power and where their lords were bound on pain of damnation from on high to look after their people. And this was a period where the threat of damnation held a very real fear for someone who didn’t behave themselves. Families lived in close proximity and you could actually raise a child by a whole village. (Don’t confuse that with the current-day horseshit of day care or single mother empowerment, either. Single mothers were generally that way because of widowhood and the father’s family invariably stepped up to help. That’s a far, far cry from the village of orbiters, abusive shitheads, and paedophiles that a single mother generally associates with.)
          We, meanwhile, the enlightened, have a higher mental illness rate than any other time in history, and have not managed to reduce the amount of hours spent on housework each day since 1930 despite all our so-called technological advances.

      2. Yeah it depends which race has the most access to education over time.
        In the middle ages the muslim world was more educated and more advanced.
        European countries went to war, appropriated much of their knowledge and we based our science on what they discovered.
        Also christianity, that came from a middle eastern man.

    1. What about When the Middle East was the flourishing centre of trade and science and Europe was a shithole. ??? Was low IQ at play then for why Europeans were so backward ?
      (See Middle Ages)

        1. It happened. Our basis for mathematics and science came from the muslim world.
          The reason the west started invading them was the wealth and knowledge.
          Christianity even – christ was middle eastern.

      1. Riding off the tide of the Roman empire and its descendants does not make you successful. Many of the remnants of Persia migrated, leaving genetic misfits behind.

    2. The shift of equality being of opportunity to the idea that it is also of birth led to the idiotic idea that equality should also be of outcome. Preaching equality, in hindsight, was incredibly idiotic.

  12. “This is why one would not wear a miniskirt when going to church with their grandmother”
    Those of us who were alive in 1968 might disagree with that statement.
    “and we know that Western women are already seriously depressed.”
    Aw geez, not this again.
    “4. Wear Modest Clothing”
    Sure, but don’t wear a bikini at the beach?? People who were alive in 1959 would disagree with that.
    “5. Don’t Get Drunk”
    Depends on where you are.
    This article is royal clickbait. Not as clickbaty as the one about dating anorexic girls, but it’s up there.
    The part about avoiding “certain” neighborhoods makes perfect sense; there are neighborhoods in American big cities no sentient being should walk through, especially at night.
    And it’s a really, really bad idea to import savage Muslim immigrants.

    1. Your bikini comment lacks context. Of course you can wear a bikini on a beach. But wearing slut clothes in the inner city as you get drunk around strangers is an *awful* idea.
      Same with getting drunk. It’s in context. At your home or favorite bar surrounded by friends where everybody knows everybody and watches out for you? Ok, sure, I guess. Hitting the clubs and getting snookered and dressing slutty = Big ol’ Raping On The Horizon.

      1. That was my point. Was confused by the pic of the bikini-clad young thing on the beach with the female muzzie. It would have been nice if whoever wrote this essay clarified his statements as you had. But then, nuanced essays don’t attract so many clickers.

      2. The research on dress shows now link in the west.
        Convicted rapists look out for submissive wall flower types, that are less likely to fight and report.
        Not the popular, sassy hot girl dressed in a mini skirt that everyone notices.
        Its only extremist muslims that think women ask to be raped by looking hot.

    2. You’re not wrong. In an ideal world people should be allowed to dress and drink and go anywhere they want and say anything they want to anybody and not fear for personal safety. But we don’t live in an ideal world. Its dangerous to educate your daughter to think she can ignore reality.
      Think of it this way. You are legally allowed to wear your team jersey and get drunk taunt fans of the other team in the parking lot of the stadium. Maybe 90% of the time nothing physical will happen. But 10% of the time you’re going to get a fist in the face. Sure you go to the police and say you were just exercising your right to free speech. But that won’t fix your broken nose.

    3. Modesty is a form of self-respect that I admire in women. Bikinis became socially acceptable, as well as flapperism, because men allowed it. If your point wasn’t complete misrepresentation of the author’s point already, I am not sure if this is intentional on your part or not.
      The sixties (and peripheral years), which produced the politicians that are driving this country into the gutter, are not to ever be used as indicative of healthy society. ‘Free love’ gave rise to feminism and the destruction of the american family.

      1. You are projecting.
        You believe that modesty is self respect because of your beliefs and biases.
        That does not mean that women that don’t observe some form of hijab do not have has self respect and deserve no respect.

        1. Having the foresight to realize that casual sex leads to failed marriages down the road (proven) which leads to being a single mother, which is the most unhappy demographic in the western world, almost in the world, or crying yourself to sleep every night because your womb is so wrecked from preventative measures that you cannot have children is self-respect.
          I doubt you would disagree if I said not doing crystal meth is respecting yourself, which shows how deep the consumerist propaganda goes: you think ‘buying shit’ and ‘economic freedom’ are more important than stable family structure. How hilariously ironic that women keep surveying as more and more unhappy and now have little choice but to work instead of just the choice to work like they were promised by leftists.
          It is you who cannot control your emotions, which is typical of a woman. When faced with nullification of your pussy pass, you make a ridiculous straw man of my argument. I’m just saying that if your hypergamy is so out of control that you think petting a crocodile is a good idea, I am not going to try to save you or feel sorry for you when you are inevitably maimed.
          Let that sink in. I am not responding anymore; western women like yourself have a violent addiction to attention and I don’t feed addicts.

        2. What makes you think I’m a woman?
          And its not proven that casual sex leads to failed marriages.
          There is a correlation between people who like variety, and people having variety.
          If laws were different, a marriage could be dissolved and there be an improvement.
          You can marry a muslim virgin, be stuck in the marriage and have no way out, and still be in a failed, miserable marriage.
          Logic is not strong here, perhaps that’s why you are all buying into secular, extremist islamic views.
          And you didnt respond to what I said, which was that you were projecting.

        3. Fail rate for 0 previous partners (woman): 19.8%
          Fail rate for 1 previous partner (woman): 34.8%
          Fail rate for 2-3 previous partners (woman): 51.2%
          I didn’t respond because your argument is a strawman. I explained why it is a strawman. Look up what that is. You do not gt to be right all of the time because you have a vagina, we are not your beta orbiters.

        4. Thats correlation, some people want more variety, the people that do are not suited to monogamy.
          The casual sex doesn’t cause marriages to fail.
          You can marry a muslim virgin, be stuck with her, and the marriage be terrible and there be no way out, thats a failed marriage.
          Why are you pretending I’m a woman?

        5. My bad, you are just an idiot MRA, reviewing your pathetically feminine discus profile. If I married a Muslim virgin it would be tumultuous because of the cultural differences, but she would still stay with me. That is because of massive releases of testosterone and oxytocin during female orgasm, that was meant to encourage women to have children and pair bond with one man. The excess testosterone release from multiple orgasms with men a week would make women take on masculine traits, and signal to men that she was good for raising children on her own and nothing else. The oxytocin release is neuroplastic, and is meant for pair bonding. Rapid neuroplasticity is intense and the body can only handle it a couple of times before the neurons can no longer be effectively reassigned. Because this effect diminishes the more partners you have, women become less likely to remain monogamous, which is why 80+ percent of divorces in this country are initiated by women.
          The idea that marriage is only about the couples’ happiness is nothing more than narcissist delusion. Marriage is primarily to provide children with a stable upbringing. Without stable, educated individuals to carry on a nation’s legacy, the nation dies. Something that Europe and the USA are discovering, to their horror, very rapidly.
          Man in his natural state is a stone flinging animal, and woman in her natural state is a scared, disgusting creature that is miserable, gets fucked all of the time and trusts no one. Patriarchy curtails these toxic influences to maximize people’s happiness, which is why the greatest empires were founded on strict monogamy for women.

        6. “The idea that marriage is only about the couples’ happiness is nothing more than narcissist delusion. Marriage is primarily to provide children with a stable upbringing. ”
          And if you are stuck in a bad marriage, that’s not a stable upbringing, its a failed marriage and bad atmosphere for children.
          If you advocate for islamic style controls, you create sexual dysfunction and the same environment that lead to the cologne attacks.

        7. No, the marriage fails because the adults have been taught to be so childish as to be incapable of coming to a truce for children. Your pointing to a symptom of society failing and saying it is the disease. Most marriages fall into disarray because of thoughts of previous sexual partners and lack of societal constraint.
          Please prove, with statistics on the matter, that your assertion is true. You do not, while I have pointed out that most successful empires where founded on monogamy. I am guessing you can’t, and you are just going to completely disregard the difference in genetics between white men and men from the middle east, or that giving away free handouts is destined to attract the worst kind of people. You just state that because we want restrictions on women, we are the same as the middle east, which is a formal logical fallacy (it is always incorrect). You are incapable of seeing the big picture, which is why you basically think with your dick.

        8. ” You do not, while I have pointed out that most successful empires where founded on monogamy”
          The islamic empire was polygamist. It stopped advancing when the Torah came about, the Torah is where the sort of things you advocate for came from.
          The islamic empire was far beyond Europe in the middle ages, thats where our science and maths came from.
          In Christs time, there was polygamy, at the time of Christ, Europe was pagan and what Christ was saying – who was middle eastern was far more enlightened than Pagan Europe.
          The west now has the technology and systems to over come any problem you can mention.
          To judge the west, by old cultures that did not have the means to over come these problems is a flawed way of thinking.
          The solution is not to start behaving like people we are centuries ahead of.
          If you don’t like cologne, or pakistani child sex rings, or pedophilia flourishing under the the catholic church, dont advocate for the systems that led to it.

        9. And it fell apart as the people who held it up received the short end of the stick while spoiled polygamist elites reaped the rewards of their labor. They migrated to Europe, and this migration can be traced over time in Y-DNA. Once again, rewarding weakness and punishing strength destroys society, even if that society had the progress of the Eastern Roman empire (which is where that prosperity actually came from), which died for the same reason, to springboard off of. The Germans, who founded the Holy Roman Empire and carried on its tradition of virtus, survived and thrived instead. Your selective liberal minded american education does you disservice, putting glorifying minorities and instilling guilt in white men above truth.

        10. It fell apart, and the people embraced the Torah as the solution and it stagnated.
          Sexual repression, burkas, teaching people that women having basic freedom is what causes rape, teaching people that women that don’t cover up are asking to be raped.
          Thats also whats behind cologne.
          So why be for what you are against, why are you being led by a muslim, advocating an islamic social system?

        11. You need good genetics for a good society. After the brain drain happened it was too late to fix the problem. They were given a thousand opportunities to change their ways, and the women still chose to marry shysters and charlatans and spurn the mathematicians. I would say I changed your mind on something, but you don’t actually know shit, you’re just parroting something on a website you read that supports your narcissistic, selfish society destroying world view.

      1. Their best and brightest left in two waves.
        1. Viking age exploration and settlement: Left behind most of the timid beta providers at home in Sweden.
        2. Emigrating to the U.S. – There seems to be more masculine and strong, level headed Scandinavians in the Dakotas, Missouri and Montana/Wyoming than are left in the entire former Danish provenances combined.

  13. This is what Roosh’s much-maligned article saying that rape should be made legal on private property was getting at: women need to learn to take some responsibility for themselves. An analogy which I think works better than “Don’t flash your wallet around in a rough area” is this:
    If I went to a pub in a rough area and went up to a 6’5″ tall, 200lb musclebound skinhead and implied that his parents weren’t married at the time of his birth, that his mother makes a living lying on her back and that he is rather fond of ‘loving himself’, I don’t think anyone would have any sympathy for me when I received the beating of my life.
    “But I was just exercising my right to free speech! Don’t teach idiots not to provoke bodybuilders; teach bodybuilders not to beat people up!”
    To women who cry rape after going back to a stranger’s flat at 3am whilst drunk and wearing next to nothing, I say the same thing that I would say to my hypothetical idiot self who provokes bodybuilders: “What the hell did you THINK would happen?!”

    1. She should have been safe though! She brought the stranger to her boyfriends flat! If only he had gotten home earlier to help protect his amazing girlfriend…

    2. Its a misconception that bodybuilders are brawlers. Often they can’t fight at all. Skinheads absolutely crazy fucks.

      1. I only used the term ‘bodybuilder’ because I wanted to convey the concept of “A guy who you know just by looking at him that he could beat you into next week using only his little finger” and couldn’t think of another way of conveying that concept in a single word. I thought of using ‘skinhead’ but I’m sure there are plenty of skinheads out there who couldn’t fight their way out of a paper bag, and you can’t tell who’s a top martial artist just by looking at them.

    3. In the Mike Tyson case that is exactly what my oldest sister said. She is an original Women’s Libber tht walked away from it because it became a joke in the late 60s. (I am old and she is much older.) Remember that the accusor bitch went to Mike Tyson’s hotel room at about 3 in the morning wearing nothing but a teddy, and expected it to be a discussion of her careeer prospects.

    1. Their collective bellowing to the heavens across the web whenever this subject comes up is a sure clue that we’re on the correct side of this issue.

    2. The whole stupid objective of feminism is to be one up against a man. Even if the man gives sound advice to protect the woman, she will always want to contradict and argue, thus leading to her own destruction. Then when she realizes her life is a total mess, she will not admit she was wrong, but will blame men for her own, self inflicted misery.

  14. For all our talk of not hooking up with a stranger, rape has been on the decline in recent years. The element that have raped still commit a majority of the rapes, people a woman knew before and men who wait in dark places that allow a woman to venture alone; parks, elevators, cabs, things of that nature. Clearly this incident will allow some people to jump shark on their own worry about mixing with other races but the chief types of rapists have never really changed.
    Style of dress has little to do with who gets raped. Time of location dressed however you choose does. Being alone at 4 am with cleavage bared and a low cut skirt might entice a rapist, but when 15 year old boys can rape an elderly woman, clearly some portion of rape has little to do with sexuality and more with taking what you think you have a right to. Game has unofficially reduced the instances of rape in western world to the point where feminists request rape fantasy re-enactment.
    For all the talks here, why not address the real canary in the coal mines; men who have no knowledge of our customs. If they are too ignorant to be law abiding citizens send them back to their country.

    1. For all the talks here, why not address the real canary in the coal
      mines; men who have no knowledge of our customs. If they are too
      ignorant to be law abiding citizens send them back to their country.

      And thus Red Hood’s Assault winneth the thread. For ever and ever. Amen.

    2. Rape in the modern world (USA, for example) is a shockingly rare crime. So rare, in fact, that most people would better spend their time worrying about fucking comets hitting them from above than being raped.
      The only 2 circumstances where rape is at all common anymore is:
      1) In prison (men raping other men)
      2) If you’re a prostitute or drug addict
      I’m going to say until someone proves me wrong that I suspect rape (real rape, not “date rape”) has more male victims today than female (because nobody gives a fuck about prisoners and lets the fucking savages in there rape with near impunity). Rape is and always has been a VIOLENT crime and a crime of power, NOT passion. You don’t rape someone because you’re horny. You rape someone because you want to break their spirit, destroy their will to fight or just beat the fuck out of them and humiliate them.
      I’m sorry, but drunk kids in college aren’t raping each other with any frequency at all. It’s just not that kind of crime. They can try to redefine it to mean “anytime I decide I didn’t feel like it after the fact”, but that’s not what the crime actually is. The word “rape” may soon lose all meaning; IMHO, the claim that 1/2 of all women (or whateverthefuck they are claiming now) has already reduced it to the point of ridiculous.

      1. Does date rape still not count as real rape if the girl paid for the date (thus eliminating the “she owes me something for my having spent money on her” argument)? Could you in this case argue that in fact HE “owes HER something”? Even if that something is, well, NOT doing something she doesn’t want to do?
        Of course, part of the problem here is that women date guys they aren’t really attracted to all the time (because the guy is popular or has money or sometimes even because the girl likes the guy’s personality, in a friendship way, and thinks maybe physical attraction might follow over time), whereas a man would never do that. I tried to think of a reverse example of a man getting date raped by some ugly chick he didn’t want to sleep with, and I thought “Idiot, a man would never go out with a girl he didn’t want to have sex with in the first place!”
        This is going off topic, but I think this is the reason women complain that “the hottest guys always seem to be gay”. Gays pay more attention to their appearance than straight guys as a general rule, because they have to to get laid. It’s the same reason you see a lot more couples where the girl is better-looking than the guy than the reverse. Men (gay or straight) don’t date/screw/marry ugly. But women are generally more easily swayed by social/emotional/material factors and don’t follow their genitals as much as men. Maybe that’s starting to change somewhat, and I won’t argue that modern females have less sex than modern males, only that girls’ motivations for doing it and their choice of who to do it with are different.
        Men are much “purer” and more honest in this regard, if a dude bangs you, or even just goes out with you, you know it’s because he thinks you’re hot (or at least cute). This even shows up in human anatomy, there is no mistaking when a man is aroused nor when he orgasms. But a girl? You never really know if she wants your body or something else, because there are so many potential “something else’s” and physically her body gives no clear sign of explicitly sexual interest or satisfaction.
        So getting back on topic, another tip to avoiding date rape is to never date a man you wouldn’t want to have sex with at some point, “I wanna wait till the right romantic moment” and/or “I don’t wanna seem slutty by giving it up right away” aside.

      2. Rape is a lot more common than you think. I was raped. I wasn’t dressed provocatively, I was wearing jeans and a sweater. I wasn’t drinking or doing drugs, I was watching a movie. I was slipped drugs into my root beer, I passed out and was taken advantage of. I have two other friends who have been raped, both were sober, both not dressed slutty. One was 12 and hanging out with a group of guys and girls. A boy that was with them that was 15 told her to downstairs to get a cd. She went, he followed. He raped her. My other friend was 8. Her grandpa was babysitting her. He came and raped her in the middle of the living room in front of her sisters in the middle of the night. I’m not saying rape happens very often, but a lot more often than you seem to think. And no, it’s not usually strangers lurking in the dark, it’s people you trust and know.

    3. men who have no knowledge of our customs. If they are too ignorant to be law abiding citizens send them back to their country.
      They have no knowledge of our customs because they don’t want to know. They only know barbaric Islam and have come here not to assimilate but to gradually take over. Just look at how many of them want sharia law as an alternative to western rule of law. And the libtards will roll over for them because they don’t want to offend them or their pedophile prophet.

  15. Makes you wonder if we need to revive something like the Knights Templar as an internal security force to protect Europe’s white women from the Muslim invaders. I’d like to see a film where the white people in a village in Germany decide to take matters into their own hands to drive out the “Syrian” droogs who have besieged it to rape their women and steal their wealth, because the authority in Germany’s central government has broken down. Think of it as a European version of a Mad Max movie.

    1. NO! Wasn’t there just an article this month about not playing the hero for women? I suggest you find it post haste.
      You won’t be seen as a hero. You will be seen as a vigilante. Getting other vigilantes will only make you all social criminals. And when it is all said and done what will you do when you, newly deported, find the news articles of the latest fetish, bukkake a la Muslim? Will you burst a blood vessel in rage or will you finally concede these people have choice in their way of life?
      Simplest way to stop this new rape fad, deport them back to their land of death. If you don’t wish to go that route, learn and obey the customs of the land you are own to the best of your ability.

      1. “The Hero of Cologne” they call him in that article.
        Yeah, arrested for patrolling.
        Germans must not resist because rayciss! /S
        Good on him – I watched him do a video interview posted on Zerohedge a while back.
        Cologne and the subsequent events are the spark that sets it all ablaze and it’s about goddamn time.
        First they natives are going to have to stop the inflow before they can take out the trash.
        To stop the inflow, they’re going to have to go after the governments that refuse to honor their wishes. And I don’t think the ballot box is going to be an instrument of change. I’m thinking more on lines of ammo boxes and gallows.
        Once the inflow has been halted, taking out the trash becomes a triviality from a technical standpoint, and a messy but doable job tactically speaking.
        I predict the largest majority of refugees will gladly repatriate given a choice between a free ride home or a dirtnap.
        And that’s what it is going to take to solve the problem if it is to be solved at all.
        Long=–> Crematoria, cattle cars, chain link fencing, razor wire, Glock, H&K, Sig Sauer, Kalishnikov.
        Short –> Halal food stands, hummus, and prayer rugs in Europe

  16. I like one night stand/bar pick ups, as much as the next guy, but when it happens, I think to myself that this girl is lucky I am a nice guy. One day; she may not be so lucky. I would like to think, that If I was a woman, I would never go home with, or take home, a man I just met. As an aside, when I lived in Spain, (navy) we were told NOT to lock our cars and to roll the windows down. If not, the gypsies would break the window.

    1. … we were told NOT to lock our cars and to roll the windows down. If not, the gypsies would break the window.

      That’s SOP for most cities in the USA now.

      1. Never heard that one. Though I suppose it might make sense if you park your car in the middle of some vile, lawless ghetto. But why would you go there in the first place?

        1. Cheaper than going to the range for practice.
          Ok, it’s Friday, don’t expect me to post seriously.

      2. I prefered rag tops as a youth in the 70s. My insurance company told me never to lock my doors as the thieves would cut through the top to stea something worth much less than the top. They were just making a rational cost benefit analysis.

    2. Wow. I see some sweet young babes get wasted and go home with the most awful characters. They do it too much, and then they inflict their guilty anxiety on good guys like you and me.

  17. Men know that being drunk, in an unfamiliar place, with people you dont know IS a recipe for disaster.. so why have women been coddled to the point of ignoring basic rules of self preservation?? Maybe its a good idea they get scared a little!!

  18. There is a story they made us read in College written by a black guy. In it, he talks about how he was mad one day walking down the street and noticed white women were crossing the street to avoid him. He claimed this was racism because the white women saw a black guy and were scared.
    I saw it as he was mad and was signaling via his body language and the female hairless monkey brains who saw him had their self preservation mode kick in and they wisely got out of his reach.
    All the women in the class claimed they felt sorry for this guy and that they would never cross the street or avoid an area where aggressive looking black men were. I often wonder how many people have been hurt by this PC crap.

    1. I was gonna chime in on the white guilt aspect of your comment but the first part of it stuck out more. I know these are assumptions but I am gonna guess that none of the women asked if there was a way to verify the claims. I’ll be willing to bet none asked how the man was dressed. A black man in business suit probably would not elicit such a reaction.

      1. “A black man in business suit probably would not elicit such a reaction.”
        Im not so sure about that.
        As soon as Obama became president, Whites went out and bought guns by the millions before he ever even opened his mouth.

    2. Any angry looking teen or twenty something male walking down the street is going to get people stepping out of his way. Even basic body language when you’re not angry can send people out of your path (walking with clenched fists instead of open hands at your side, for example). Sounds like this dude was painfully un-self-aware.

    3. I crossed the street one afternoon to avoid two black guys because their body language gave off that they were looking for something instead of going someplace. That night I heard a scuffle besides my home. Police arrived. The laggart of a group of white male students (partiers) had allegedly been robbed at gunpoint by two black men. Same guys? IDK. Self preservation, not racism, is why I crossed the street.

  19. You neglected to list weapons. Knife, preferably a handgun where legal to carry.
    Nothing says stop quite like a sucking chest wound.
    Although I admit, the article seems to be addressed more as not being selected/targeted for a rape attempt vice how to prevent getting raped once an attempt is being made.

  20. How did you find the picture of the blond on my family room floor? That’s from one of my son’s parties held while we trusting, idiot, stupid parents were out of town and trusted him to behave responsibly.

  21. This goes for everyone but learn situational awareness skills and engrain them into your every day thinking.
    Also use basic security skills taught to diplomats, vulnerable government agents, celebrities, etc.
    1. Change up your commute to work every now and then. If you can vary times of departure and arrival. Even 10-15 minutes will throw off someone who is trying to get your routine down. Same goes with other daily routines like going to the gym, shopping, errands. Try to occasionally change up when you do these things.
    2. Conduct occasional security sweeps of your property and neighborhood. Note unusual cars, lights that are out, people walking around late at night, unusual commercial activity such as someone who seems to get a lot of deliveries, strange traffic around your house, etc. Record descriptions of people and cars for your records. These can be used later if informing the authorities of the unusual activity needs to be formally investigated.
    3. Hold at least annual block or floor meetings. Get to know your neighbors. You don’t all have to be best friends, but an hour together in someone’s house or the local community center is well worth the time. Invite the community rep from your local PD to attend too. Officers love the opportunity to reach out to the community and also like the overtime they book to go to these events.
    4. Learn basic self defense. If carrying firearms is legal in your area I highly suggest you at least get the permit to do so even if you don’t regularly carry. If guns aren’t for you or you live in a shitty liberal city that makes them hard to get a gun find out the legal size of a knife to carry and get one. And, for those who don’t want to carry weapons and for those situations in which you might not be armed, learn basic hand to hand self defense techniques. Learn how to break out from holds, how to strike properly, and how to evade an attacker. You don’t have to take martial arts and be able to lay out an attacker like Chuck Norris. All you need is the knowledge of how to break a hold, where to strike to slow down an attacker, and how to get away fast from that attacker.

    1. And especially for women, if a guy tries to rape, the genitalia are fair game for a good punch.

  22. Always be aware of your surroundings. Stop staring at your phone, take the earphones out and pay attention. Criminals look for marks like this who are not paying attention who are much easier to sneak up on.

    1. They also look for people who look uneasy as that is a sign the target is not familiar with the surroundings.

    2. Are you on your smartphone again?! Please stop and walk on! Be sure to not walk in alleyways on your own drunk!

  23. What I was waiting for while reading this article was the acknowledgement that these are the recommendations made by the female (hard to believe from the picture) mayor of Cologne.

    1. Reminds me of the Spring Breakers scene where tight bodied Selena Gomez gets stared at by those thugs at the billiards hall. I actually rooted for her to get out of there.

      1. remember that Natalee Holloway who got murdered in Aruba.
        rich, hot, dumb blonde 18 yr old thought shed have an adventure and foreign sex. ends up dead.

        1. Unless you dissect every shark in a 100 mile radius to see if one of them still has one of her bones lodged somewhere, they’re never going to find her. Not excusing the murderer, but the big problem was not much that they let her go as much as the parents didn’t teach her squat about strangers and foreign countries. Heck, I went to Canada once and I treated it as if I had ended up in early 90s Yugoslavia. And a few months ago, I had mentioned how one of the Cleveland kidnapping victims fell to one of the oldest tricks in the kidnapping trade: the “puppies in the attic” shtick.

      2. That movie was hilarious. My favorite was when they said it was the most spiritual place they have ever been, and then showed them pissing on the ground.

        1. Lol You’re just being ignorant. You see it as pissing, they seem it as cleansing their souls. Wonder if they let the “Holy Spirit” “come” upon them.

  24. If you base your perception of guilt not on the crime one is accused of committing, but on who they are, you have lost all rights to the word justice.

    1. Really, neither of those things should be the basis of the perception of guilt. Evidence of wrongdoing should be the only relevant criterion.

  25. It’s a simple choice, but something tells me that, sadly, American women are going to have to learn this lesson the hard way.

    Women learning from their mistakes? On which planet, exactly?

    1. Too many Western Women learn from their mistakes only when those mistakes directly result in pain for them, and they cannot blame some scapegoat (usually some man or all men).

  26. women are like dodo birds, even when you spell it out for them they’re mostly too stupid to comprehend danger.

    1. So you are saying if a girl goes out to a public square, in a short dress, to celebrate new years eve.
      Its like having a sign up saying that in front of back people.
      A woman out celebrating new years eve, is basically responsible for making other people rape her.
      This blog has slowly been teaching its users to think like extremist muslims.

        1. Nah.
          You are all supping a meme showing a man responsible for drawing a beating on himself as an analogy for women getting raped.
          And simultaneously denying you have not adopted the extremist islamic position that women make men rape them.
          While simultaneously criticizing the extremist and criminal element among muslims that believe women are responsible for getting themselves raped and are fair game if they exercise basic freedoms.
          No self awareness. No thinking through.

        2. Since instead of reaching up and attempting to catch the irony sailing over your head, you’d rather crouch down and yell bullshit, I’ll try and break it down more simply. For many years feminists have been heavily criticizing any suggestion that women should take some responsibility for their own safety. They call it “victim blaming” and “rape apology”, and rather than empowering women to protect themselves, they prefer to assume all men are potential rapists, and campaign to teach all boys not to commit rape, despite the fact only a tiny percentage of males ever commit rape.
          Then along came the recent mass sexual assault against women in Germany. Now suddenly feminists have done a complete 180, telling women they should take charge of their own safety, to be wary around immigrant males and cognizant of “cultural and social differences”. And they did this with completely straight faces, as if years of bleating “rape apology” had never passed their lips. Therein lies the irony behind this article, and my pic.
          Understand now? If not, you best stick to Tumblr where the ideas smack you in the face like a cricket ball, instead of requiring a modicum in intelligence to digest.

        3. Feminists haven’t done a 180. One german politician did, others were critical of her.
          And this blog and the users here promote the idea that women get themselves raped.
          “they prefer to assume all men are potential rapists,”
          Saying women shouldn’t out in public squares at night is the same thing as assuming all men are potential rapists, its actually worse. You believe the culture is so full of raping men, that even public squares should be off limits for women if its dark.
          And there is a meme here, above us that shows a man provoking his own beating as an analogy for a woman being raped.
          That’s a hardline muslim perception of how rapes happen – women bring it on themselves.

        4. No, it was a lot more than just one German politician. And the mainstream feminists have been deafening in their silence. The only one I’ve seen was a bigoted screed by some feminist that “all men should have a curfew”. And you’re still missing the point, even after it was explained to you.

        5. It was one german politician,various feminists in the european media and feminist groups in Germany called her out for “victim blaming”.
          “I’ve seen was a bigoted screed by some feminist that “all men should have a curfew”.
          Thats a tongue in cheek reversal of the islamic idea that women should have a curfew because it prevents rape.
          Thats the sort of idea that gets floated here, too. You think women are largely responsible for being raped because they don’t wear some form of hijab and go to public squares at night.

        6. BZZZT wrong again. The only ones being vocal with their criticisms are right-wing news outlets and anti-SJW sites like this one. BTW, so a feminist site can make a “tongue-in-cheek” reversal, but when we do the same thing it’s “ZOMG THE MISOGYNY!!!!”.. hypocrite much?

        7. Yeah you are right, when you suggest women should not be in public squares at night while wearing western fashions, because muslims have been taught women out at night not wearing Hijab are asking for it, and a minority of them act on it, is misogyny.
          And to suggest that all men should have a curfew because a minority of muslims act on the teaching that women that don’t wear some form of hijab and go out at night, is misandry (although this is a joke played on people that think like you, and you’re dead serious).
          I’m not a hypocrite.I recognize both are incorrect.
          You think one is correct and the other isn’t.
          So you are the hypocrite.
          And suggesting that Western women adopt Islamic rules, because of the minority of muslims that are committing these crimes, is victim blaming and letting the muslim extremists win, and Islamizing the west for them.
          They have to change for us, not the other way around.

        8. Funny, you just agreed with the guts of this article, and many others herein. Trouble is, you give feminist writers a free pass to use “irony” and “tongue in cheek”, but cry foul when it’s done by non-feminist writers. What does that tell you? Try harder, dear.

        9. I don’t agree with the the guts of it. Its ignorant the reality of events. ISIS against most muslims, most muslims are against ISIS.
          This blog is more akin to ISIS, than are most muslims,

      1. Use your head. She’s not responsible for making people rape her. She’s responsible for lackadaisically wandering into a situation where she knows she may well get raped.

        1. Use your head. The meme depicts someone who is directly responsible for being retaliated against for racist attacks.
          “She’s responsible for lackadaisically wandering into a situation where she knows she may well get raped.”
          Like going out to celebrate NYE in a European square?
          Like extremist muslims, you see women exercising basic freedoms as them bearing responsibility for being raped.
          Some self awareness is needed here, you’ve been taught to think like a muslim extremist by a secular muslim.

        2. Your advocacy of “self-awareness” is amusing.
          Are you so foolish as to believe that “exercising basic freedoms” is, or should be, a risk-free activity? Do you not understand that risk is always a part of life? That some basic rights, such as the right to keep and bear arms, are rights specifically acknowledging risk?
          Plenty of men learn martial arts, carry a gun or knife, practice situational awareness, etc., AT ALL TIMES in public places. They do this because they know that, however “free” and within their rights they may be to go about so banal an act as grocery shopping, there is always a chance that something bad can happen.
          So, yes: if women (substantially the weaker sex, physically, and the more middling sex, mentally) go out without male chaperones, without weapons, obviously with little situational awareness, at night, especially in a nation that has recently been flooded by barbarians, they should not be surprised if danger finds them. Whether they are “exercising basic freedoms” or not, has literally nothing – nothing at all – to do with the matter, and with what their rational expectations of danger should be.

        3. Deal with the origional point.
          You are against what happened in cologne.
          You are for the three steps that create this behaviour.
          1) Make the population sexually deprived through sexual oppression and drive up rape.
          2) Say the issue is women having basic freedom, and they must think of their bodies like a property.
          3) Sell the absurdity that women that do not follow the guidelines are asking to be raped to a sexually deprived masses.
          You are being sold this by a muslim.
          Can not one of you address this contradiction?

        4. Sexually deprived through sexual oppression? Now I know you are a woman, feeding at the feminist hog-trough! Sexually deprived? Here’s two pieces of advice: 1) get married and have a regular sex life with your husband; 2) learn some self-control. The idea that anyone in a modern, Western state is “sexually deprived” is laughable. We are drowning in a slough of sexual hedonism.
          Why does your rational thought process only break down, when it involves a woman’s issue? Could it be because you have sold your soul to an ideology that is obsessed with women’s issues in so narrow a way, that it distorts reality around its narrow area of focus? Nobody would say that our basic freedoms preclude us from not waving a wad of cash around in a public place, and acting foolishly in other regards. Why are only women entitled to act foolishly, lest we be accused of denying them their “basic freedoms?” Can you not see that you are an ideologue, and have been blinded to the obvious by ideology?
          Lady, I’m not being sold this by a Moslem; I’ve felt this way long before Islam was on my radar. It’s called common sense. And the fact that you don’t have it, is precisely why we need to disenfranchise women and forbid them from holding any position in public life. Any one of us can address the “contradiction.” Because you are a female, untethered from the beneficial influence of patriarchy and ensorcelled by feminist ideology, you have a special talent for missing the obvious. Plenty of real women can understand this. Just as a man should never wave a wad of cash around, or put himself in dangerous situations, neither should a woman flaunt her body, and put herself in dangerous situations. When you have something that people want, and are willing to engage in criminal activity to get, and you flaunt it, you shouldn’t be surprised if you attract criminal activities. That doesn’t justify the criminal’s crime; he will still go to jail. But people will still think you’re an idiot for having acted so stupidly.
          Only a modern grrrl could be stupid enough to think that she is entitled to act with impunity, or believe that a failure to endorse her sense of entitlement is tantamount to denying her “freedoms.” I know, I know, you have disclaimed this view; but it is manifestly what you believe.

        5. I’ve been in the mid east.
          The guys there are so sexually deprived, even when I had my shirt open down my chest, and I’m male (this is in the rural areas) guys would be getting giddy.
          Men fuck each other there because sex is so limited.
          Their marriages aren’t full of sex either.
          They don’t have access to birth control,and the traditional women don’t have a healthy attitude to sex because of sexual oppression.

  27. Reading the first few paragraphs of this piece, it occurred to me that now I LOVE the idea of Islamic Jihadists refugees! These pussies are not going to mess with me or any of the men I know. We would shoot them after we beat the shit out of them.
    But the feminists and victim obsessed Western women – they will be sitting ducks. They will be raped, robbed, mutilated, degraded, and sometimes even killed, by these Muslim men. Do I give a shit about these women? Hell no. In fact, these Muslim men would be doing me and most men a big damned favor.
    Hey girls, want protection from the Muslim men you insist must be imported in order to make our society achieve higher levels of “social justice”? Want protection from real aggression instead of make-believe micro-aggressions? Want a safe space? I can provide that for short spells, but it will cost you.

    1. Its only extremists with similar views towards women as are promoted on this blog that will treat westren women like that.

        1. Three steps.
          1) Limit sex through sexual repression which will drive up rape likelyhood.
          2) Limit women’s personal freedom because of this risk.
          3) Teach masses of sexually deprived men that women that don’t follow islamic style rules are worthless, and don’t deserve respect.
          4) Tell masses of sexually deprived men that women that do not follow islamic style guidelines are asking to be raped and bring it on themselves.
          These are the dynamics driving cologne etc,
          Everyone here thinks adopting these dynamics is the answer to all problems.
          Who is leading you?
          A muslim.

        2. CAW CAW CAW, I can only repeat what he political elite tell me to believe, I’m a parrot, CAW CAW CAW. I already refuted this bullshit, you like many millennials suck at logically thinking through some action and listening. Women weren’t stoned to death in the 1880’s or any similar time period in European or American history. Everyone killed everyone in wars so none of that bullshit out of you either.

  28. Rape…..real rape? Well, now……..Feminists are going to find Islam to be Darwinian. Since you have mocked and scorned those who would help you…..no one is coming to your rescue. So, strong and independent! Here’s the thing…..you’re not smart enough to protect yourself…..

    1. I think having consensual sex then crying rape after the fact should be treated like any other false criminal accusation.

      1. It’s difficult to prove beyond a doubt either way, so prosecutors stay away from it.

    2. Don’t have sex with random strangers, hypocritically tell men they are evil for wanting to have sex, and then cry yourself to sleep like the founder of jezebel does every night.
      We should just start saying, “Don’t be a cunt”.

  29. Just a suggestion. Since Americans don’t seem to do PSAs about the subject, here’s a PSA familiar to those of us who grew up in or next to Mexico. It’s in Spanish, so I’ll give you a quick scope. Basically, it’s a school girl going around collecting newspapers to sell for school and the creepy guy tries to coax her to go inside his house to have a soda while he “organizes” his papers. The girl tells him she can’t go without her parent’s permission. Old ad from the 90s but it still holds.

  30. Feminism has, built into it, an ability to keep shifting the goalposts, among many other faults. Why society keeps listening to their legions of sycophants on TV, magazines etc is because of decades of slow and steady inculcation into their ideology.
    But 2015 was a peak year for feminism and sjws when their ideas were allowed to play out to their end. And many people outside of the alt-right woke up. Islam woke them up.

  31. This is the same islamic stuff that leads to the thinking that western women that go out at night, dont have chaperons and don’t cover up are asking to be raped.
    Don’t go to certain places at night.
    So you are saying women shouldn’t be out in public squares at night, celebrating on new years eve.
    A woman’s body is like a car or some other property, an should be locked up accordingly – this is some backwards ass shit.
    This blog also promotes the idea that women that have casual sex are low value sluts that deserve no respect -that’s the islamic bullshit that the cologne attackers believe.

    1. “A woman’s body is like a car or some other property, an should be locked up accordingly – this is some backwards ass shit.”
      That is islam. You never did a hitch in the sandbox, have you? No worries. It’s coming to you.

      1. Donno what you mean by that, I lived in north africa for a while and enjoyed a number of the local girls if that’s what you mean.

        1. Women are property on this blog too. Look for all the times the locking your doors analogy has been used here and it’s used on the blog we are posting under.
          This blog promotes a secular, westernized version of islamic thinking. Women that don’t cover up and have sex outside of marriage are low value sluts, women’s bodies are like property and should be kept locked like a house and so on etc. You guys sound like less nuanced of them.
          I was in Morocco.

        2. Is it your position that promiscuous women are deserving of respect? That a woman’s virtue should not be prized and defended by the men in authority over her? Or, that men should not be in authority over women?
          Do you not agree that promiscuity and feminism are destroying femininity and women?

        3. My position is, as your posts to me have shown. That this blog promotes the same attitudes as extremist islam.
          I’ve lived in Morocco, your mentality towards women is more extreme than the average muslim moroccan.

    2. Nice shit test. In reality, honey, this shaming language won’t stop an uneducated North African/Middle Easterner from pinning you down and ruining you physically and emotionally for life. Guess what the girls in cologne did when faced with this problem? They ran back to the same white men they subjected to the same shaming language that you use. You are incapable of defending yourself against aggressive men with rhetoric, this isn’t a hollywood movie.

      1. Anyone who doesn’t promote the islamic mentality is a woman?
        You guys have been promoting that shit long before cologne.
        If you don’t like whats being imported, why are you supporting a western version of it?

        1. No, there are important differences. Many Islamic cultures view any woman who is not a Moslem, or not of the correct sect, or not covered, or not accompanied, as literally fair-game for rape. Sunni clerics have issued fatwas permitting the rape and sexual enslavement of all non-Sunni (and non-Moslem) women by those waging Jihad. ISIS clerics have put out similar fatwas, and clarifications on just which women a man can rape, and how, and for how long, and how she may legally be transferred to another man’s possession.
          Christian Patriarchy has never, in all its history, taken such a view. In the first place, Christianity respects the Natural Law, and believes that all are held to a moral standard personally, which is not nullified simply because one’s would-be victims are “undeserving” of the protections the Natural Law should afford. So, while we may think that feckless, entitled slatterns “deserve” what they get, that doesn’t mean we feel that we are permitted to give it to them. And, we only feel this way about loose, vulgar women. Decent women, of any religion, we would respect, and treat with due courtesy.

        2. You contradicted yourself here.
          >Decent women, of any religion, we would respect, and treat with due courtesy.
          So you are saying women that don’t cover up, have sex, go out partying, aren’t due any respect or courtesy.
          This is an extremist islamic position.

        3. Look at aurelius’ response below. If you are church going, you would remember the story of jesus and the wine, where he said ‘woman, how does that concern me’. In referring to women as a whole, he was outlining how men following women and not the other way around leads to ruin. Jesus acted in his own time, and not at the direction of women. I do the same. If you seriously contend that monogamous family life with a single western man is the same as sharia, you are either brainwashed or being deliberately obtuse. Western men have the lowest real rate of sexual assault in the world, while the men you supported importation of think raping women is a right because they are not muslim.

        4. Every empire was founded on strict monogamy and every society that has fallen began practicing ‘free love’ and no fault divorce or versions of this mere decades before they fell. Putting the fleeting desires of women above their duty to care for children destroys society. After women received the vote, the relatively stable national debt began skyrocketing and has never stopped. The women’s rights movement was a collection of ugly old maids who were to odious for any man deciding they were going to get revenge on their perceived oppressors by brainwashing women into marrying the government and acting like children the rest of their lives. Before this, most women were seen as deserving of the fruits of industry, which is a treatment that women had not enjoyed since the women of royal families.
          Western men wanted to marry, have children with you exclusively and provide for you. These invaders think they have the right to rape you, and leave their families to die in a war zone. There is no comparison, and if you do not appreciate this, then you deserve whatever you get. In fact, this is happening because women like you have not appreciated this fact for decades, opting to punish the men who treated you dearest and reward the men that treated you with abuse (that you were only worth casual sex). This is a consequence of the incentives you and your group provided society, and you will now deal with it as it is your fault. You had it better than anyone in any point of history and you sold it so you could have casual sex with complete strangers. I have no sympathy for you whatsoever.

        5. Im clearly not saying a ” monogamous family life with a single western man is the same as sharia”.
          I’m saying the users here are advocating secular, extremist islamic views that align with sharia.

        6. You mean in the past, before there was free birth control societies fell.
          We have all the tools we need to avoid that, a few laws need to be changed and men need reliable free birth control, thats all.
          To suggest the west adopt a secular, radical islamic style system and attitudes is the answer ,is illogical.

        7. Really? So if I said that a white man was beaten up walking through a black neighborhood, would you say it was his right to not be beaten up? You will of course agree with me here, but in practice women/leftist men assume that I must of done something to deserve it. People like you always do, and your entire ideology is based on a contradiction in standards that you ignore because it promises that you can avoid acting like an adult for the rest of your life.
          Women think thought and action are the same, the same way you think ideology and reality are the same. They do this because the idealism they develop for themselves is entirely self serving. You reward men who use you for casual sex and punish men who want stable relationships by leaving them sexless until they are thirty and then show up with sloppy seconds and expect them to gift you with their life’s work. The idea of casual sex and cherishing women only look good when you remove every variable in life and abstractly pontificate about how you think it is right. In reality, you treated men like slaves according to this ideology, they checked out, and now their are no good men left and you idiotically let many violent men into the country. What is happening to women now is a result of the incentives they have provided the world around them. This is what is called a logical consequence of your collective actions.
          Your assertion that because you can say something abstractly and you think you are right that everyone has to agree with you is not logic, it is your inability to reconcile your narcissism with the fact that other people can think for themselves. This is why you assume that your political ideology makes you logical, scientific and learned: you lack the self-awareness to put real effort into anything, so you follow an ideology that says you can be intelligent and a good person by joining and not actually doing anything to become intelligent or actually help other people. You can not comprehend that anyone could ever disagree with you, so instead of trying to follow their logic, which would take work, you make false accusations of them being stupid or amoral and hope that one of them sticks. You lack the self-awareness to see this only works when you are surrounded with people who agree with you. What you call logic, I call confirmation bias.
          Most masculine men do not waste their time at alternet and sites such as the like, so you are either a female or you are so feminine that you want to meld with females and become like them. If you are a man, you are so brainwashed by liberal propaganda that The fact you think you know more about what makes a stable society than a system that has been developed for thousands of years to curtail the natural tendencies of mankind and lend them to industry is just a symptom of the narcissism in the above paragraph.
          Not that you’ll read this. That would imply you have some form of discipline, which you certainly have a trained lack of. Just go off and be a good little Hilary Clinton voter.

        8. If the white man is walking home, or doing whatever business he has ins that neighbourhood … and other people convince themselves he is asking to be beaten up, and beat him up, and some other people all say he asked for it and that he should not have basic freedoms to walk to his home, or go about his normal business.
          Those these people are clearly irrational.
          Why are are you pretending you are speaking to a woman?

        9. Birth control destroys the bodies hormonal cycle to the point that women in blind studies find the opposite attractive in terms of physicality within a couple of weeks. I have met women who were on birth control for years and found themselves unable to have children afterward. Of course, no research will ever be done on this because it goes against women and their drug dealers, the pharmaceutical industry.
          Man evolved the neurochemical release conducive to pair bonding to move forward as a species. It is the result of billions of years of evolution. Once again, in you narcissism, you think that a simple pill can undo the literal thousands of pathways in the human body. In reality it hijacks one, and thinks little of the overall long term side effects on the rest of the bodies cycles.

        10. I am starting to think you are incapable of reading, because you keep blatantly ignoring me and repeating the same strawman like a five year old screaming “no YOUR WRONG!”.

        11. Im not ignoring you.
          Its a simple fact that any of the reasons you can point to for these societies collapsing, and the current state of the welfare system can be fixed simply by providing men with reliable, safe, reversible birth control, and making sure women have it too.
          Isn’t that more rational than creating the same environment and beliefs that lead the cologne attacks?

        12. You just keep repeating yourself after the differences between the two have been explained. You are either stupid or immature. Probably why you come off as a woman throwing a temper tantrum.

        13. Safer methods of birth control are evolving.
          Men will be able to chose, if, when, with who and which circumstances they will have a child.
          And that will fix any problem you could point to.
          Thats far more rational than adopting the same set of beliefs that lead to the cologne attacks, because a muslim blogger is telling you thats the only option.
          Think it through for yourself, rather than following.

        14. Societies that teach their members that there is no consequences to their actions are destined to fall. In reality, the people doing whatever they want are living at the expense of the providers of society. As fewer and fewer children are guaranteed to those providers, they either quit or die, but the result is a country full of children born to single parents that would rather be criminals or do nothing, which is blatantly outlined in the FBIs uniform crime statistics. Then the country, in a panic, decides to sell the idea of importing foreigners and it is all over. This is how babylonian culture died, this is how roman culture died and this is how western culture is going to die. The society that moves in and has 5 children per couple is going to breed the irresponsible, 1.2 kids per couple me generation off the face of the planet and everything your ancestors bleed and died for will be gone because of your selfish narcissism.
          There were few terrorist attacks in patriarchal america. Assuming that if we move back to traditional family structure that we will magically become islamic terrorists is insulting and blatantly false, as I pointed out in another argument that you, in your narcissism, ignored.

        15. Any system that rewards people for being weak and punishes them for being strong cannot be fixed, it must be destroyed. Nature demands it, which is why I fully expect muslims to overrun Europe.
          1400 children were raped in Britain by Pakistanis. When the children tried to get help, the authorities wouldn’t because they were mandated ‘not to impede a woman’s sexuality’ and the social workers thought the girls were choosing to do it as well, going so far as to mock their suffering by asking who they were going to sleep with in an understanding tone.
          They, like you, were so wrapped in their absolute certainty in their ability to build a utopia that the world had become dystopia, and were so consumed by their selfish narcissism that they couldn’t see the reality in front of them until it fucking punched them in the face.

        16. You think there is a vast difference. You don’t realise you are being taught islamic views by a muslim.
          Thought experiment.
          If all western men were sexually deprived, and simultaneously taught that women that enjoy basic freedoms deserve no respect and are asking to be raped, how long before the criminal element of western men are behaving exactly like the behaviour in cologne?
          You are for, what you are against.

        17. Or, women will decide to sleep with random men and every incentive that was needed to keep the nice, safe western society you have taken advantage of will die a slow, painful death. History vindicates me, while you have nothing but intellectually shallow, self-serving idealism to back your beliefs. You mistakenly believe the casual sex you have is free. It is not. You will eventually pay for it, and when society does, it will be too late to fix it.

        18. Societies that sexually deprive people and simultaneously that teach men and women rape is the natural consequence of women having basic freedoms, and they brought it on themselves are Islamic societies.
          Thats why you see the behaviour you saw in cologne, think for yourself, instead of following a secular muslim.

        19. “1400 children were raped in Britain by Pakistanis”
          Yet you advocate for exactly the same sexual dysfunction.
          Dont adopt their ideas if you don’t like what happens.

        20. History does not vindicate you.
          Because of modern technology and systems.
          All it takes is a few tweeks and any problem you could mention is fixed over night.
          No sizable portion of rational westerns are going to by in the solutions presented here,
          Stop following a muslim and think for your self.

        21. Because of modern technology and systems? That is not a point, it’s just blatant arrogance and you refusing to acknowledge the cards nature dealt all of humanity. As a biochemist, who has watched cancer react to and avoid the treatments of millions who spend their entire lives trying to fix it, your assertion that we will perfectly be able to institute a medication system for this when the only successful mechanism, b-lactam anitbiotics, came from a fucking fungus, is not only ignorant and arrogant, but insulting. It does not take a ‘few tweeks’. You think that because you can mindlessly google something, that you are automatically an expert on the subject, which is why it was easy to brainwash you. Like I said earlier, you want to be intelligent without rigorous study necessary to understand complex subjects, and your entire ideology is centered around this narcissistic arrogance.

        22. You committed the equivocation fallacy and imprinted your definition of decent over his and then said he was contradicting himself. You suck at formal logic, stop pretending that you are logical because of your beliefs alone.

        23. People in marriages were not sexually deprived. They had exclusivity to each other in their sexual prime. Today we reward men who work hard for the future by involuntary celibacy, while we reward criminality with free access to virgin or near virgin pussy. Industrial America was built on strict monogamy, and women would socially shun divorcees. The capitalist titans like rockefeller, made their fortunes after arising from this system of mentorship in the late 1800’s. Free love started in the 1900’s, and starting from the sixties has overseen the greatest deficit incurred by any country in history in terms of absolute value. So a few questions for you:
          If I am wrong, why did my social system create America as an empire and yours destroy it?
          If my social system leads islamic like countries, why did america become an industrial power house while islamic countries did not?
          These are the contradictions we have been talking about, which come from your ignorance and arrogance. You know little about the world, yet think arrogantly that you can change human nature, proclaiming the science of tomorrow will do it for you when you do not even understand how that science works! It is because you hide and run from your nature, which would take hard work to reform for the betterment of society.
          Your entire ideology, as it follows, is based on lies you tell to yourself. You do not want to be judgmental, yet the ability to make judgment is central to the ability to intelligently analyze the world. More lies follow, such as the idea that genetic subclades, or races as we call them, are equal genetically, or that sluts should not be shamed for the effect they have on society.

        24. Why did america become an economic powerhouse following this society and islam did not? You are so obsessed with being politically correct that you think racism is wrong as well.

        25. He is complain about cologne, and some muslims attacking western women.
          While advocating that women that do not follow muslim style rules do not deserve any respect or courtesy.
          Which is exactly where the nuts that attack western women and not muslim women are coming from.
          You guys are all over the place.
          You don;t want musim sexual dysfunction, yet you advocate for that very dysfunction and you are being lead by a secular muslim.

        26. You don’t even know what the equivocation fallacy is do you? You’re just an idiotic parrot, cawwing the talking points that elites say will give you absolute freedom. Until you no longer require resources to exist, absolute freedom will never exist, and trying to implement it will create resource deficits that annihilate the practicing country. As communism and socialism has shown time and again; in fact, it is in the process of teaching you that now.

        27. Western men have the lowest rape rates for a reason.
          1) We are not sexually deprived through oppressing womens sexuaity.
          2) We are not sexually deprived and then taught to believe that women that have basic freedoms are asking to be raped and deserve no respect.
          If all western men followed whats being taught on this blog, you would see the same outcomes you see in the Islamic world.
          Think this through. If you don’t like what you see in cologne, or other sexual dysfunction like the child sex rings, or boys being dressed up as girls and raped, don’t advocate for the same system.

        28. Yes modern technology and systems.
          If you don’t like the problem with the single mothers / massive welfare state.
          Advocate for free, reliable, safe birth control so men can chose and protect themselves.
          If you don’t like reproducing below replacement rates, advocate against economic policies like neo liberalism, which is embraced by the right and left, so that couples can afford to have more children.
          If you don’t like divorce and custody laws, advocate to change them.
          If you don’t like cologne, don’t advocate that men are sexually deprived while simultaneously teaching them that women that have basic freedom are asking to get raped and deserve no respect.
          If you don’t like the child sex rings that were uncovered in the UK – don’t advocate for islamic style sexual oppression.
          Think it all through.
          We don’t have to go back the dark ages to fix these problems.

        29. What you advocate is the Islamic social system.
          You are here on a muslim’s blog, advocating extremist islamic ideology..
          If you want the golden age of america back, advocate against right wing economic policies like neo liberalism and advocate to tax the super wealthy more and the average family less, and they will have more children.
          This solves the replacement rate problem too.
          If you want the muslim system, advocate for sexually oppression, limiting womens basic freedoms and teach everyone to believe the absurdity that women ask to be raped by having basic freedoms.
          But if you don’t want cologne, don’t advocate for that.

        30. Islam stopped being an economic and cultural powerhouse when it adopted the torah- burkas, sexual oppression etc.
          American became one because of freedom and good economic policies.
          Im not obsessed with being politically correct at all. If I wasn’t I wouldn’t so critical of secular islamic ideology being taught here.
          The reason you have you a minority of muslims attacking western women teach the following on a mass scale
          1) Sexual oppression.
          2) Teaching that women that have basic freedom as worthless and deserve no respect.
          3) Teaching that women ask to be raped by having basic freedoms.
          That’s three steps to the same Islamic rape culture you are complain about.
          All three are advocated here, by a muslim and you western guys are buying it.

        31. No, the extremist Islamic position would be that “we can rape these women; it would please Allah so to treat the women of the infidels.”
          The decent position from any traditional, Patriarchal, Catholic nation, would be: “These women deserve very little respect, and our shame at seeing them reduced to such a contemptible state by our society’s norms, should inspire us to work to re-establish Patriarchy and other cultural norms, that would restore dignity to women, and women to dignity. In the meantime, we are not entitled to do them harm unjustly, but neither are we required to pedestalize, protect and otherwise shield these women from the consequences of their degeneracy.”

        32. Im not parroting any elite talking points.
          I’m advocating that advocating against neo-liberalism is a good solution.
          The elites want the masses to be divided and engages in the conflict with muslims.
          So we aren’t blaming the elite, neo liberalism and demanding policy changes.
          No one here is addressing my point that this blog is teaching the same islamic beliefs that lead the to be behaviour in cologne is the solution to everything and western men in the comments are buying right into it.

        33. The people in cologne came from moderate islamic countries in north africa.
          You aren’t dealing with the contradiction of being for what you are against.

        34. No, it suffered brain drain, no matter what you think this will kill any society. The fact that you are not ill, cold or hungry is not the product of an amalgamous force called ‘technology’; it’s because people work in fields related to technology to give you that. You can’t see that because it would mean there is a force that allows you to live, and that interferes with your narcissistic world view.
          If women go out and have sex with random strangers, people are going to assume those women don’t value their sexuality, which is a logically valid conclusion, since you can’t have your cake and eat it too. You try to label the author as a muslim and then say we are wrong by association because, as I have shown repeatedly, your ideas lack concrete evidence and logic and you yourself do not even know what basic logic is. If A then B and if B then D does not imply if B then C and if C then D. Not that you respect the mathematics behind logic, you worship how you feel about the situation instead of relying on facts.

        35. You are going to great lengths to avoid explaining why you are advocating the secular islam and hatred of women.that’s on this blog. Which leads to the child sex abuse and high incidence of rape and the belief that women bring rape on themselves by having western freedom, going to squares to celebrate NYE at night and so on.
          While being opposed to Cologne, which is an outcome generated by the values being taught on this blog.
          Can you not think of easier solutions to western problems than embracing an archaic ideology?
          Even Catholicism ( which also fosters child rape ) would be light years ahead of whats being proposed here.
          I grew up in the catholic country that has no abortion rights.
          But I’ve never heard anything resembling the hate and vile ideas being embraced here.
          Im not labeling the author, the blog owner here is muslim selling extremist muslim values to western men, and calling it something new and “red pill.

        36. Your point isn’t even an argument, it is an accusation backed by a strawman that you are trying to get me to defend because it is impossible to defend a negative. This is also a loaded question, the premise included, that islam and traditional family structure are the same is so ludicrous that I pointed it out. Not that you understand any of that because you suck at logic. It’s the same thing as arguing why entitlements will bankrupt a nation with black people: they’ll just put their hands over their ears and scream that you are racist over and over, as if that means anything. Roosh is an Iranian American and is not a muslim. Try to think without labeling everything on the planet to fit your worldview for a change.
          The system you are promoted has failed in every society it has ever been instituted in. Not because of lack of birth control, but because of the complete breakdown in social structure necessary to support large groups of organisms that evolved to travel in tribes of a couple hundred at most.

        37. Its not a strawman.
          Perhaps you can’t see the wood for the trees.
          This is definitely secular Islamic extremism you are being taught here.
          You won’t find this horrible stuff in catholicism or any of the christian religions.
          The only other place you find it is Islam.
          I predict this blog will get more of this criticism the more europeans get to taste the outcome of this mentality.

        38. Yes it is, and I explained why. You are playing selectively deaf, a popular liberal debate tactic that also happens to be quite popular with 5-10 year olds. Women have gotten so out of hand that they are actively campaigning to let rapists into their countries. They do this while treating the local men like garbage. If you teach a group of people that they can act however they want and nothing that happens is their fault, they begin to believe themselves god and that they can act cruel with impunity. Men and women need restrictions to ensure future generations do not end up slaves to their parents’ excess, something we have forgotten as societies. Unlimited freedom will never work because the actor always acts on something, and someone always has to pay for it. Traditional, western family structure leads to happy healthy children and a booming economy. Letting that go to your head and believing you can write laws in defiance of causality is nothing more than ignorant, arrogant narcissism.
          This blog has faced the US propaganda machine and survived, so bring your threats.

        39. If what you say about being European is true, then fuck you for destroying my heritage you stupid, reality denying, narcissistic liberal piece of filth.

        40. I’m not selectively deaf.
          Go check out the western religions to see if it sounds like what you see here.
          Not one of them is preaching what’s here.
          The only religion that this aligns with this is Islam.

        41. Do you know what a loaded statement is? It is when you include a premise in your argument to make you automatically appear as if you have won. The premise you included was that traditional western family structure, where advice like that above was given, is the same as Islamic family structure, which is demonstrably false, as I have shown.
          A fun question: if a man goes running through the wilderness naked, saying he shouldn’t have restrictions on how he can experience nature, and gets eaten, is the wolf at fault? We are not going to change how these migrants act, so we must learn to avoid danger. The same is true here. The fact that people like you don’t realize this is why Europe is full blown delusional, blaming men like me for the rapes when they were actually carried out by migrants. If they invalidate their liberal group membership by facing reality, they can’t pretend to be more moral or smarter than everyone else without effort anymore. Which is why you are a stupid, selfish asshole.
          Western religions used to preach sexual restriction, but have rolled this back to gain new members. Actually read the unedited version of the bible, which I be you haven’t. People like you who are too lazy to become intelligent but pretend you are like to treat spirituality like a user license agreement: you scroll down and click ‘I agree’ without reading it.

        42. You misunderstood me.
          I meant that no christian churches preach the hatred of women, talk about them asking to be raped and advocate sharia type freedom restrictions that you get here.
          You are western guys that are buying into a secular islamic extremism.
          Check western religions, you wont find whats being taught on this blog. You will only find whats being taught here in extremist islam.

        43. Of course the average european does not hate women.
          Most westerners are appalled by the sort of things being promoted on this blog, and in extremist islam.

        44. You obviously haven’t read the bible, where it was explicitly stated that nature intended men and women to be separate. You are the idiot who encourages casual sex when it has been proven to destroy pair bonding. The idea that the masculine role of invention and industry is lesser to the nurturing role of women. In reality, men go and invent for the sole purpose of aiding the nurturing of children. But keep on encouraging women to destroy themselves for temporary pleasure, I am sure they’ll wish they had more sex rather than having more children on their deathbed.
          I am not responding to your loaded argument. Remove the assumption from your argument and ask a real question. Or keep parroting like a useful idiot. I don’t care, I’ve refuted you enough that anyone here can see your idiocy.

        45. No, you just encourage them to act in such a way that they will be crying themselves to sleep when they are 40.

        46. No christian churches are preaching about western women being low value whores, getting themselves raped because they have basic freedom, and so on.
          Like you have here.
          You only get that from extremist muslims.
          You are preaching extremist muslim rhetoric and ideology here.
          Dont believe me?
          Find me one christian church that sounds like this blog.

        47. The majority of american men aren’t buying into the extremist islamic rhetoric you preach here, either.

        48. And you know all american men, and are the arbitrator of how movements should be percieved? People like you caused tragedies like rotherham by idiotically believing their biased perception based on falacies should always be taken as reality. You care more about political correctness and appearing politically correct to emulate the elite than protecting your nation, women and children, and yet men who want to turn this sad state of affairs around are the enemy. You can not reconcile your narcissism with the fact others have independent thought and free will. You are what we call a ‘cuck’.

        49. No, the average European cares more about being politically correct than actually correct to the point they let foreigners run into their country, commit acts of mass violence and rape women. You care so much about women you let them get raped like the failure cuck that you are. A giant, steaming pile of talk and no action that pontificates to others your shallow parroting bullshit that has been shown to make no sense before they will go out and protect the women they say they care about so much. You are nothing more than a coward that would rather attack his own group and posture as noble than have the courage to help the women he claims to care so much about. A soft little faggot like you is destined to be conquered by men who will take advantage of your naivete and kill the people you love while they do it.
          And guess what your cries of moral superiority will get you? A Kalashnikov butt to the back of your fucking skull. We have the courage to fight, you don’t, and yet you piss off and ostracize the one group willing to fight back and report the atrocities that your media is too politically correct to report on and chooses to bury instead. They choose treason over duty because they, like you, are gutless cowards who care more about being thought of as good people than taking a good, hard honest look in the mirror and realizing they are just fucking cowards that are so scared they are doing their Islamic conqueror’s work for them.
          Your reading comprehension and logic are at the level mine were at when I was 12, so I’ll state this simply: you are a fucking coward who sold out his own people for fear of complete strangers calling you mean names and guilt tripping you. A cuck of the lowest order.

        50. Rotherdam was caused by the sort of culture you advocate for.
          Sexual oppression causes this sort of dysfunction. It happened with the catholic church too. Catholic countries have been deeply affected by child sex abuse.
          They targeted western girls because in their community sex is thin on the ground and because of the belief that women with westren personal freedoms are low value sluts and whores.
          If you don’t like this stuff. Don’t advocate for it.

        51. I linked to a news paper article on this thread from ireland. They are highly critical of islam in the comments section.
          You misunderstand what I’m saying.
          The average westerner or european is’t going to buy into extremist islamic beliefs.
          So they aren’t going to be saying the sort of things you and islamic extremist are.
          The only people talking about western women being low value whores who get themselves raped, and hating women are islamic extremists and blogs like this.
          Most westerners are appalled by it.
          If you don’t like their ideology, stop promoting it.

        52. I know the majority of american men do not support extremist islam. do you really think they do?
          And anyone who says otherwise is a cuck?
          You even fight for extremist islamic ideology, doing their work for them.

        53. I know your argument is still a loaded statement with a strawman as the included premise. Go read up on basic logic. You may grow .1 IQ points.

        54. It is you who hates women. You would rather keep shallow political delusions while women in your country are raped and then attack the people who try to stop it from happening. You want women to be used as tools by foreigners or as part of the most miserable demographic in the world. Single mothers and ex-spinsters rate themselves as more unhappy that Bangladeshi dirt farmers. You want women to be unhappy because you are a stupid, incel cuck.

        55. No, I don’t hate women.
          ” You would rather keep shallow political delusions while women in your country are raped and then attack the people who try to stop it from happening.”
          No I’m critical of the criminal element that are assaulting women and think they should be deported immediately.
          I’m critical of this blog for promoting the ideology that leads to the assaults.
          If you don’t like their (im going to borrow a feminist term) “rape culture”, don’t be trying to create the same culture and advocating for secular islam in the west.

        56. Does mass sexual assault on an unprecedented scale, beyond anything recorded in any Christian nation during peace-time, sound “moderate” to you?

        57. No, it doesn’t sound moderate, thats why its only a minority of extremists, and criminals doing it.
          They believe the same rhetoric being pushed on this blog.
          Western women are worthless sluts, that don’t deserve any respect, that ask to be raped because they wear western fashions, go out at night and have casual sex.
          They come from cultures where sex is limited, in the same way this blog advocates it should be.
          They see a bit of flesh and they lose their minds.
          And the catholic church is western, there was raping of children on a mass scale inside its institutions.

        58. Its a fact that american men do not support what’s on this blog.
          Same goes for european men.
          You are a small group of western men, who are repeating the rhetoric of islamic extremists.

        59. There was no mass rape of children in the Catholic Church. First, the problem was overwhelmingly an homosexual problem – clergy sinning with young men, 14 or older. The number of cases where actual children were assaulted, was miniscule.
          Second, even then, the abuse rates in the Church were about 1/5 the rate of abuse in public schools and other organizations (Boy Scouts, etc.), and lower even than the abuse rate in Protestant churches, were birth control is allowed and most of the men were married.
          The problem is not limited sex; indeed, sexual hedonism and crime escalates when the society becomes accustomed to increased frequency and intensity of sex.

        60. Homoxexuals were persecuted, they shelterd in the church. And like sexually repressed muslims, they raped.
          Nuns and priests were involved in the rape and abuse of girls that ended up in their homes for unmarried mothers.
          “The problem is not limited sex; indeed, sexual hedonism and crime escalates when the society becomes accustomed to increased frequency and intensity of sex.”
          The crime rate in the west has been falling for decades.
          Limited sex, and demonizing sex, is why you see sexual dysfunction.
          The limited sex, along with teaching people that women that don’t cover up, go out at night, have casual sex are low value sluts that deserve no respect and are asking to be raped, is the reason for these attacks in cologne and so on.

        61. There are more crimes than are recognized by the laws.
          Isn’t it amazing how sexual dysfunction, STD rates, pregnancy, all exploded after the sexual “liberation” and all the ways of having “safe sex” were available? These tired, hollow thoughts of the Left are everyday being seen for what they are; the energy and the momentum are now shifting back to sanity and plain-speaking, though we are still early days, here.

        62. You claimed that crime goes up with less sexual repression.
          Crime rates have gone down. Why do you think it was people from sexually repressed countries attacking in cologne, and not gangs of germans?
          You are claiming sexual dysfunction has gone up as sexual repression has come down.
          The more sexually repressed a culture is, the more sexual dysfunction there will be. Look at ISIS, look at cologne, look at pakistanis and child abuse rates. Dressing boy as girls and fucking them in Afghanistan. Look at victorian women not being able to orgasm, look at the catholic church.
          You mentioned STI’s going up, this is fixed by human endeavor and science.
          You said pregnancy is an unrecorded crime, I’m assuming you mean single mothers, this is easily fixed by technology and systems. Free, safe, reliable, reversible birth control for men, would put men in charge of when, in what circumstances and with who they have a child.
          There is no need to adopt islam to fix any of the problems you could mention, they are all easily fixed by modern means.

        63. I did not claim that all crime rises with “sexual oppression.” And to tell the truth, I don’t really believe there is such a thing as “sexual oppression,” and certainly not in the way revolutionaries mean it.
          Birth control is itself a crime; thinking that we can ignore the tragedy obsessing the human heart, covering over its most superficial consequences with technological patches, is also a crime. Hell will burn far more hotly for the abortionists, condom manufacturers, sex-ed teachers, etc., than it will for the slatterns and whores. What is worse? To be a degenerate slut, or to praise degenerate sluts while bending over backwards to enable slatternly behavior with a bevy of gizmos and gadgets? May God, in His mercy, deter people from such a wretched course of action.
          As to your empty assertions that there is sexual dysfunction in “the Catholic Church,” or that Victorian women had too few orgasms (as though that were some sort of tragedy, even if it were true), I would say “gratis asseritur.” The idea that men rape boys in Afghanistan because they have a lack of sexual outlet with women, even though they routinely mistreat women in other ways, is evidence of a lack of critical thought. Homosexual acts are forbidden in Islam (though some Islamists grant exceptions for anal stretching in bomb-related activities), but “temporary marriages,” the rape of insufficiently pious women, etc., are often not. It is easy to find a pretext for taking advantage of women in many Islamic cultures; the men’s motives for seeking sex with young males may therefore lie in other directions.
          Your “fixes” are but godless and sub-human patches, that cover a filthy and unusable garment. It’s time for a change of clothes.

        64. “I did not claim that all crime rises with “sexual oppression.”
          You claimed that crime goes up with sexual hedonism..
          It doesn’t, crime has being going down in western since the 1960s.
          The rest of your post sounds like something you’d expect to hear from ISIS.
          You want a system of sexual oppression, ruled by a flying sky god, the same system that leads to all kinds of sexual dysfunction, and rape.

        65. Sometimes I hope ISIS would find people like you, so you would stop comparing common sense so casually to their point of view.

        66. And your point?
          Let me guess, it’s standard, Leftist relativism: “they are also sincere in what they think, and so why should you put any more stock in your view than theirs?”
          Again, this is how it goes with women. Sincere sentiment is the barometer for judgment. That works great at the family dinner table, but not so well when important public affairs arise.

        67. My point is Islamic preachers think its common sense that western women are low value sluts that basically get themselves raped by not wearing hijab and moving about the place freely.like men do.
          Same as you.
          And you are projecting again.
          Pretending that Im a woman, so you can attack me as woman. This is what you get in SJW areas, their arguments don’t stand up, so they create a strawman, and attack that instead.

        68. You are NOT a biochemist. You are a fantasist. I have read your posts, and your science-ish waffle on various posts. Your language is that of someone who has read up on one area of interest to them – eugenics – and knows a little about that. Your language is not consistent with that of a biochemist. The idea that you are lambasting someone else for not having studied enough is embarrassing.

        69. Do you have a link to that assertion mate? I googled children raped in britain by pakistanis, but couldn’t find a skerrick of statistical fact. My experience, as a youth worker years and years ago, as is still true today, is that the definition of statutory rape means that girls cannot ‘choose’ to have sex til they reach legal age.
          So many MRAs harp on about how feminists believe all men are rapists. Your assertion – that social workers would let girls get raped by believeing it to be a freedom of choice issue, contradicts the MRA ideology completely.
          Which is it? Do lesbofeminists see rape behind every bush, in every loving marriage? Or do they callously disregard rape in the name of freedom of choice and the all-powerful feminine sexuality?

        70. Hey! Ever heard of the roman empire, where people had sex with slaves and prostitutes all of the time? Not so monogamous. OR… how about the Greek empire, where sex with young boys was encouraged? Not so monogamous. How about the Japanese samaurai, who believed that falling in love with your (male) fighting partner brought you closer together so you would fight harder to save one anothers’ lives… even though your wives and kids were at home? Not super monogamous. Many points in history where non-monogamous sex was the norm.

      2. I see the term “shit test” a lot on this forum. Is that when you have to take a lump of your dog’s poop to the vet to see if it has worms? Seriously, I’m guessing it’s some lame head game type challenge a woman tosses your way, and you have to answer it properly to prove your fitness or some nonsense like that. But why would you even stay with a woman who plays those kinds of head games (“shit test”) in the first place. Yeah, she might make an OK fuck buddy, but relationship? Drop her like a hot potato.

        1. We don’t. Excessive shit testing is a bad sign for a long term relationship. If you want to get laid regularly in what the west has become, you need to be able to deal with it and come out on top.

        2. You often find these type will create a straw woman.
          If you point out flaws in their logic, they will invent proof that you are a woman, and then disregard what you are saying on the basis that you are a woman.

    3. Nobody is saying the Moslems are wrong for thinking that promiscuous, unaccompanied whores are deserving of little respect, and are behaving with a foolish sense of entitlement to personal safety. When the West was sane, we would have imprisoned, fined or otherwise punished such women (possibly even with execution, in some cases).
      The difference between Western men and the wandering, illiterate aliens, is twofold: 1) most Western men are too effeminate and domesticated to acknowledge the brutal treatment which the average, Western floozy deserves; 2) those who are not, refrain from doing so because a) they understand that raping gutter trash degrades themselves to the same level as the gutter trash, and b) they understand that it would inconvenience themselves in many ways. I’ll also add c) some of us understand that we’ve all been raised by the Boomers without God or morals, so we recognize Western women have had the deck stacked against them, too.
      The migrants have no self-respect, no real sense of personal honor, and also know that they will not be punished, or even blamed, really, for raping all the bimbos of Europe; so what’s to stop them?

      1. >Nobody is saying the Moslems are wrong for thinking that promiscuous, unaccompanied whores are deserving of little respect, and are behaving with a foolish sense of entitlement to personal safety.
        Right, you are all in agreement with muslim extremists.
        That’s the point.
        Then you hate on them, when they see western women as fair game and asking for it.
        When you yourselves promote the same mentality that underpins them seeing western women in that light.
        Which is that they are asking to be raped, simply by exercising basic freedoms like dressing in western fashions, having sex, and going to squares at night to celebrate NYE.

        1. I am in agreement with Moslem extremists in thinking that degenerate women are not owed respect. Same goes for morally corrupted men. I disagree with Moslem extremists, in thinking that “not deserving of respect” equals “fair game to be raped.”
          Are women “asking for it?” Some of them certainly are, but to admit the fact, is not to say that the rape is justified; it is merely to acknowledge that the woman acted very imprudently.
          Women are not entitled to be sheltered from reality, though your continued insistence that they should be, leads me to assume that you are actually a woman posting as a man. You suffer from the delusion of many women, that you are somehow entitled to perfect safety and comfort simply for existing. Who cares if you are “exercising basic freedoms?” I’m free to walk into a crowd of black men in Baltimore at midnight with a dopey grin on my face. That would not justify them, if they chose to assault me; but if they did assault me, it would not be unexpected, if some people said “that was a rather foolish thing to do.”
          All women, take note: you do not exist in a magic bubble that enables you to do anything legal without fear of illegal consequences. That is not how the world works. Especially if you invite third-world hordes into your nation, expect the worst when you go out at night.

        2. “I am in agreement with Moslem extremists in thinking that degenerate women are not owed respect.”
          Degenerate as in wearing western clothes, having casual sex. I know there is agreement here you are on a secular muslim blog being taught muslim values.
          “I disagree with Moslem extremists, in thinking that “not deserving of respect” equals “fair game to be raped.”
          So how do you rationalize that with the undertone here that western women that get raped are getting their comeuppance for having western freedom?
          “Are women “asking for it?” Some of them certainly are, but to admit the fact, is not to say that the rape is justified; it is merely to acknowledge that the woman acted very imprudently.”
          If you cut off mens access to sex and then teach them that women ask for it when they have western freedom, you create cologne.
          “Women are not entitled to be sheltered from reality, though your continued insistence that they should be,”
          Western reality isn’t the islamic reality being taught here.
          “, leads me to assume that you are actually a woman posting as a man”
          You are fooling yourself if you think all western men are embracing Islamic ideas. Most are appalled by it
          “All women, take note: you do not exist in a magic bubble that enables you to do anything legal without fear of illegal consequences.”
          Never heard anyone making that argument.
          There are only people saying the muslim idea that women bring rape on themselves and therefore should be blamed and work off islamic style guidelines shouldn’t be the case in modern countries.

        3. Wearing immodest clothing and being sexually promiscuous, is contrary to the moral code of any and every serious religious, philosophical, etc., system. Christian, Jew, Moslem, Pagan, etc. Your attempt to equate my views to the extreme rigidity of Islamic dress codes (the Burqa, etc.), or the mercenary approach that the more dysfunctional Islamic cultures take to violators (legitimizing rape, etc.) is disingenuous.
          Here are two truths: 1) women who disregard risk and invite unwanted attention, should not be surprised if something happens to them; 2) nevertheless, sexual assault is never a morally licit action for a man to take. If you can’t “rationalize” how those two ideas may simultaneously be true, I am informing you now that your powers of reason are exceedingly feeble, and you should improve your critical thinking skills before you form your views, let alone advocate for them.
          After all, this is simply the nature of all injustice in the world. It’s not fair or good, but it happens, and always will happen, no matter how much we “teach” criminals not to commit crimes. Are you going to teach muggers not to mug? Truly, you must be a woman; no masculine man is capable of such obliviousness. Let’s teach muggers that, when I walk down the back alley with my wallet open, and am distracted by bragging on the phone to my friends about how much cash I have this weekend, I’m not asking to be mugged. I can’t wait to teach them not to mug, because then it will finally stop happening! Why has nobody had this great idea yet – to teach people not to do things they must not already know are wrong?
          This is why women should have no voice in public policy.
          If we invite hordes of third-world Moslems into our countries, we need to realize that they will impose a new reality upon us – a reality in which, if women want to be safe, they will have to start adapting to Islamic norms… not because that is fair or just, but because Moslem immigrants will rape and kill them whether it is fair and just, or not. I agree that this is undesirable; we are not going to assimilate a continuous flow of millions of Moslem immigrants, so the only rational response is to stop the mass immigration of Moslems into Europe/Western countries.
          And, there is a large middle ground between having to dress like women in the most dysfunctional of Islamic cultures, and dressing with basic decency and modesty (as many women do in more functional Moslem, and Christian, etc., cultures). Even if we did not have a problem with particularly barbaric immigrants, I would still tell women to use their heads and not dress like sluts and invite attention and risk. I would tell them not to dress this way out of mere self-respect; I spit upon the lie, that women can eat their cake and have it, too – i.e., look and act like whores, and yet be good, “strong” women. And if women insist on showing that they have no self-respect, I will not have much respect, nor will I shed many tears, if they find themselves in perilous situations. But even then, I will not condone the men who assault them.

        4. Then you will will be able to find Christian, Jewish (Pagans had orgies) etc examples of the rhetoric that’s on this blog.
          Western women are worthless sluts that don;t deserve any respect, they get themselves raped, women should have fewer rights etc.
          If you can prove that christian and jewish sects are pushing the same hateful rhetoric you have an argument.

        5. Anybody with a brain is pushing the “hateful rhetoric” that women should be careful, and not flaunt assets that others would gladly commit crimes to obtain.
          Pagans had orgies in their periods of decadence. In healthy, Pagan cultures, sexual discipline was highly prized. Rome ended in debauchery, like every great civilization; but all through Rome’s ascent, marriage and family life, fidelity, etc., were highly prized. Only modern, historically illiterate people think paganism is a sexual free-for-all. Even today, when white men have contact with isolated pagan tribes, they find very traditional sexual mores.
          I always remember a British show I saw, where two male explorers went to document a South American tribe. The chief told them that if they wanted to stay, they had to take wives; they objected that they only wanted to stay a few months, they weren’t moving there. The chief still thought it was better that they each take a wife for their time there, even if they were going to leave. The anthropologists, obviously, were still reluctant to take two women as wives, even if only temporarily. It became clear that the villagers were worried the men would either rape a village girl when their sexual urges grew strong, or would bring a curse on the village by committing an homosexual act together, at some point.
          Rome and Greece in their decadence are not the paradigm of all pagan cultures; they are the paradigm of decadent cultures. Healthy pagan societies value virginity in women, and fidelity in marriage.

        6. Hateful rhetoric as in western women are low value sluts that get themselves raped because they don’t cover up and go out at night. They will learn their lessons when they are raped by muslim men … the sort of stuff thats normal here.
          Same hateful rhetoric and distorted logic as the jihadists.

        7. “Anybody with a brain is pushing the “hateful rhetoric” that women should be careful, and not flaunt assets that others would gladly commit crimes to obtain.”
          No, only muslim extremists think women’s bodies are property (or assets as you called them), to be obtained, that should be kept covered because thats what causes rape.
          The majority of westerners don’t think like that.
          Many muslims are very sexually repressed, and the sight of flesh makes them all giddy, they have being taught that not wearing burka and hijab is asking for it, and women that don’t dont deserve any respect, some of them act on it.
          Believing like you do that its the really woman, and not the sexual repression and wonky logic that’s causing it.

        8. What does it matter what a “majority” thinks?
          Look, if you can’t read, or can’t think, it’s a personal problem. Fix it, and then we can talk.

        9. I’m show you how what the majority thinks matters.
          Have a look at the difference between ISIS, and nice free european countries.
          The majority of europeans and americans aren’t going to be calling for sexual repression in their countries, because they don’t want the dysfunction.
          Americans and Europeans aren’t going to side with jihadists and start believing that western women are whores who ask to be raped by exercising basic western freedoms.
          So what you are pushing here, will never take off.

        10. Empires crumble and fall; energetic minorities with a zeal for scattering the nonsense and mental cobwebs of the prior orders often supplant them. The majority opinion is wrong, and they no longer have the will to fight or to live. We will consume them like weeds in a desert brushfire, if the world lasts and we do not all perish together.

        11. Answer the simple questions:
          Is it irresponsible to walk in a dangerous area while flaunting a large amount of cash? Should it be a matter of common sense, not to do this?

        12. The majority of Europeans are not going it Islamo-phy themselves.
          The majority reject it.
          That’s not a bad thing, so whats being pushed on this blog is going to be rejected by the majority of Europeans and Americans.

        13. You see a western woman, exercising basic freedom as provoking their own rape in an extreme way.
          Like someone asking for it by flaunting a large amount of cash in a dangerous area.
          You think like the attackers in cologne.

        14. As I thought; you have no truthful answers, no personal honor, no integrity, only rhetoric.
          As virtue is its own reward, vice is its own punishment. I leave you to it. May its torment drive you to seek for an amendment of life.

        15. If a majority does not support you, kill people until the majority of whomever is left alive supports you! It’s an easy way to go from being a bad evil person without majority support, to a great wonderful person with majority support!
          The majority supported Hitler; the majority supported Charlemagne; the majority supported Justinian; not that long ago, majorities opposed sodomy, women’s suffrage and desegregation. I imagine many majorities have supported many persons and/or ideas, of which you disapprove. And, majority opinion has turned on persons and ideologies rather rapidly over the past century and an half. Only a nit-wit thinks the consensus of the majority is inherently good or moral – or even enduring.
          The majority is sick; the majority is marked for destruction, and they will drink it down to the last drop. Then, there will be a new majority. And if it does what is right, it will not be right simply because the majority thought it so.

        16. So your preference is that the majority of westerners adopt Islam and you believe the majority of westerners are wrong about having freedom from religious irrationality..

        17. Thats a blatant projection because your argument is just a volley of personal attacks wrapped up in pretentious language.

        18. “Freedom from” something will involve “attachment to” something else, for finite creatures.
          I’ve said many times that I do not desire Islam for the West, so I can only surmise that you have a learning disability of some kind.
          Irreligion is much more irrational; the Catholic Faith is the most rational, coherent system of belief on the planet.

        19. Another projection.
          You created a straw girl out of me, so you could attack me on the basis I’m female.

        20. So you do not advocate that western women are low value sluts that deserve no respect or that the correct response to rape, is for western women to change the way they dress and where they go and what they do.
          You ague both those things.
          “the Catholic Faith is the most rational, coherent system of belief on the planet.”
          Religion isn’t for the more rational.
          And the member of the catholic church raped and beat the shit of many children in this country.
          Can you show one example of Catholics preaching that western women are low value sluts who basically get themselves raped?
          You cannot – because thats Islam.

        21. I wouldn’t speak so broadly. I would say many women behave in slatternly ways, and, as the Western countries import men with more libido, less civilization, less chance of obtaining consent and a short fuse for religious outrage at provocative dress, women may need to realize that, fair or not, the party is over. The Real World is now knocking on their door, after a nearly 60-year hiatus from reality.
          Google “catholics modesty in dress,” or similar things, and you’ll find plenty of Catholic instruction on modesty when it comes to clothing. It’s not my job to point out the obvious to you.
          And, speaking of, while this was diverting for a while, both the matter and my views on it should long ago have been clear to you. Have the last word, if you like.

        22. ” I would say many women behave in slatternly ways, and, as the Western countries import men with more libido,”
          Men who are sex starved due to the religious restrictions on sex you advocate for.
          “The Real World is now knocking on their door, after a nearly 60-year hiatus from reality.”
          The real world is the Islamic world, in your opinion, and western women need to act accordingly and live more like islamic women
          “Google “catholics modesty in dress,” or similar things, and you’ll find plenty of Catholic instruction on modesty when it comes to clothing. It’s not my job to point out the obvious to you.”
          I was brought up in a catholic country.
          You cannot find examples of the catholic church teaching that western women are low value sluts, who basically get themselves raped by moving around as freely as men, and are going to get their just deserts from being raped by criminal immigrants.
          You only find that with extremist Islam.

    1. Don’t elect corrupt socialists who then import 5 million horny Middle Eastern men of dubious background into your country; don’t walk around drunk and alone at 12am whilst wearing a tight mini skirt near those Middle Eastern/North African men who 2 months earlier you were welcoming in; carry pepperspray, knife or gun.
    The Nordic/N. Europeans were warned. They did not want to listen. They called us bigots/racists/White supremacists. Now they reap what they sow. We can either be keyboard white knights (impotent and pathetic) or mock them (funnier) until they wake up.
    Dropping a link for SEO purposes:

    1. Don’t destroy family structure to the point that elites have to pitch importing migrants in a last ditch effort to keep your economy afloat as birth rates plummet. Simple.

      1. Its a neoliberal policy (right wing).
        Not only do they want to able to outsource work over seas for cheap labour, they want cheap labour to be able to walk in freely too.
        If you knew a bit more about the topic, you would identify the real target and realise spouting extremist islamic rhetoric and hating women here is no solution.

        1. Absolutely that is an agenda but of course you wont get a politician or big political corporate backer to come out and say this. IT sounds a lot more palatable when its pitched as needing more people to keep the economy going to support the aging childless population, so its not such a financial burden on the millennials generation. Not that there is no validity to this, though when the import ratio is 2 males for every 1 female. The cheap labor motive would seem to take precedence then unless they expect the local young women to suddenly breed with the imported dark skin men more than they would have with the local lads.
          It will be interesting to see what happens in Japan, China & Korea over the next 30 yrs as they deal with declining population, but have no intention of importing refugee replacements to prop up the numbers. There will be great job prospects for the millennials with great pay but also likely higher taxes too.

        2. Both are actually happening. You can find UN reports and studies on aging populations and recommending replacement migration, and in other searcher I can find proof that open boarders are a neolib policy to allow the cheapest workers in the world to compete in western countries.
          Japan, China and Korea I think might be saved by increased automation and robots.
          The more that’s done by robots, the less of a replacement rate they will need.

  33. You forgot steps 6 & 7:
    6) Immediately cease voting for Leftist, Pro-Immigration politicians.
    7) Press for the swift and public execution of as many criminal aliens as possible, while deporting the vast majority of all surviving aliens, criminal or not.

  34. Of course this advice is simply a way pf scaring girls into letting themselves be oppressed. Ask any feminist.

    1. If you are supposed to stay in doors at night and wear protective clothes because a group of people stronger than you is a threat and if you don’t you bear responsibility for what happens to you, are you being oppressed in some way by that group?
      Bit of self awareness is being called for here.

      1. Oppressed in a sense. I see people who commit rape as criminals — and no, ALL MEN aren’t rapists no matter how many neurotic females shriek the slogan — and it’s necessary to discourage and avoid them as much as possible.
        I’ve never been athletic because of chronic asthma and now I’m quite old so I don’t go to bars where there are a lot of dangerous men or hang out in places where I think there are such. I’m not exactly oppressed by the criminals because I know know in general where they are and never liked associating with such persons anyhow. Most men follow that advice even if they aren’t somewhat impaired.
        If you’re female you should take men’s advice about such things instead of defying and resenting it since we have to deal with the possibility of being assaulted all our lives, though not usually of being raped. Men who want to keep you safe aren’t “oppressing” you at all, no matter what insane and demented feminists spew.

        1. If one group of people is denied basic freedoms, because a stronger group is a threat to them, and thinks they are asking for it if they do not stay indoors and wear protective clothing, they are obviously being oppressed.
          “If you’re female you should take men’s advice about such things”
          Im not a woman and the men here are irrational, so a woman taking advice from them will not be well served.

        2. A dangerous attitude. “Irrational” often means “saying things you don’t like”.
          It isn’t my fault that women in Europe are being raped by Moslem savages, it’s their leaders’ fault.
          Under normal circumstances you can’t always know if a female has been raped or is just pissed off at the guy.

        3. I don’t mean irrational as in things I don’t like.
          I’lll show you what I mean by irrational.
          “It isn’t my fault that women in Europe are being raped by Moslem savages, it’s their leaders’ fault.”
          The leaders who teach them women that have basic freedoms are not worthy of respect.
          Their leaders who limit access to sex so men are sexually deprived.
          Their leaders that tell them that women that exercise basic rights are asking to be raped and bring it on themselves.
          So you disagree with what these leaders are teaching and the inevitable outcomes of teaching a mass of people these things (ie. cologne), yet you follow a muslim leader who teaches the very same things.
          It is irrational to be for what you are against.

        4. If you mean the Moslems’ leaders, that’s not my fault. I mean European leaders who invited the savages in.

        5. The over whelming majority are cool. The senior cleric here is trying to get the gov involved in helping stop the extremists advertise to get them to come here.
          Its only the ones that believe the sort of things being promoted on this blog that are the problem.

        6. Essentially a typical leftist response, though a bit more subtle than usual. That response is, instead of citing evidence for a position, simply repeating what another person says.

        7. There are various reasons.
          Jihadists want discord between all westerns and all muslims. You yourself are promoting the jihadist agenda by framing all muslims as “savages”.
          You as western men publicly promote the conditions and beliefs through which the fringe element that did carry out these assaults are working off, while simultaneously criticizing for it.
          So as well as fueling the jihadist agenda of westerns turning on all muslims, which helps jihadists radicalize, you are are fuelling calls for a crack down on all men, as opposed to a small, criminal element of muslims, that think western women get themselves raped by having freedom and act on it. Rather than a crack down on a fringe group, criminal element of refugees.

        8. There you go again.
          It’s to motivate Westerners, just as after Japan attacked the US the Japanese were referred to as “Japs” till the war ended. You stop doing it when you win.
          But I’m sure those sensitive, caring Moslems have only nice things to say abut us and never use any insults or slurs. Only those awful Western white men do that, right?

        9. You want to motivate westerners to turn on all muslims. This is exactly what the jihadists want.
          “Only those awful Western white men do that, right?”
          No, you are all western white men, saying the same things the jihadists are, the jihadists are saying the same things you are.
          You are both in agreement about western women, and saying the same things about them.
          You both want sexual oppression.
          You both think women get themselves raped.
          You both think all westerners and all muslims should hate each other.

        10. The jihadists chose to turn on all Westerners. You have to respond by stopping them, not spewing and practicing self-hate.
          My idea is that most women are competent adults who are capable of understanding how to manage their own lives. It is liberals and feminists who think women are weak and stupid and must be controlled.
          I expect women to understand what’s going on around them and take sensible measures, not demand that men, whom they spend most of their time reviling and hating, do everything for them.

        11. Jihadists chose to turn on all westerners, and want all westerners to turn on all muslims.
          You are doing what they want.
          “My idea is that most women are competent adults who are capable of understanding how to manage their own lives. It is liberals and feminists who think women are weak and stupid and must be controlled.I expect women to understand what’s going on around them and take sensible measures, not demand that men, whom they spend most of their time reviling and hating, do everything for them.”
          So you believe most women are competent adults who are capable of understanding how to manage their own lives.
          You just think the reason rape happens is women don’t understand what’s going on around them and don’t know they should take sensible measures.
          This is the twisted logic of the jihadists and extremist muslims – women get themselves raped … by not covering up and going to public squares at night.
          That’s why the extremists and the criminal element among them believe western women are asking for it … the same distorted logic you are using.

        12. Women are people with individual strengths and weaknesses. Most probably don’t believe they’re going to be attacked, especially those fed false information by governments. A few deliberately get themselves in dangerous situations exactly as some men do.
          Now stop the accusations and stifle your chronic leftist rage and try to understand what I’m saying.
          Don’t bother becoming furious because I noted that some women deliberately take risks. Women simply aren’t one dimensional machines — except for feminists.
          Learn not to hate yourself or your home, which you’ve been taught to do.

        13. So you don’t believe western women should adopt more islamic rules and the reason they are raped is wearing western clothes and going to public squares on NYE and so on … like the others here?

        14. You have a problem I can’t help you fix.
          All you do is keep accusing me of the things Islamists do. You give no evidence that it’s wrong to resist them. You give no evidence women are stupid and helpless and have to be controlled by liberals.
          I realize that this parroting is what’s available to lower level liberals since they aren’t allowed to think or perhaps personally disinclined to.
          Also, somewhere along the line somebody told you about the Freudian defense mechanisms of projection and reaction formation. Projection attributes your inner conflicts or unwanted tendencies to others. Reaction formation is dealing with your own unwanted tendencies by becoming massively opposite in your outward behavior. Somebody told you that all people who disagree with you practice such and that all you have to do is repeat their words back to them to definitively defeat them; probably it’s part of the general liberal education to do so.
          You miss out on at least understanding what others are about by doing that and you neither hurt nor change them. Rather it’s your version of insulting and demeaning the people you hate — except you won’t stop it when the conflict ends because you’ll never stop hating.

        15. You are the one recommending western women islamophy themselves by covering covering and staying indoors at night.
          To accommodate eastern criminals who have been taught that women that don;t cover up are asking for it.
          You are there one saying all muslims are the enemy, when thats exactly what the jihadists are want.

  35. Asking women to take responsibility for their own protection is akin to pissing in the wind.

  36. 1 simple step to not get raped:
    1 Don’t be a goddamn retard!
    I’m a grown woman, I have a carry permit which I utilize regularly. I could probably fend off an attacker in most situations.Yet, I do not go out alone at night (my husband escorts me where ever I need to go and I adore him for it) , pass out drunk in public (Christ!Really???) or any of those other things listed in the article that would put me in a position to use my gun. Why? Because I’m not a goddamn retard!
    Seriously people, everything on that list was once just common sense and now for some unknown reason it has to be posted! If you need a sign to tell you not to stick your vagina in a stranger’s face perhaps you should just remove yourself from the gene pool.

    1. Do you really think going to a public square to celebrate NYE is sticking a vagina in a strangers face?

      1. Did I say that? No I don’t think I did. However , if you are in a public square celebrating and you become so completely inebriated that you pass out drunk then you have set yourself up. Have enough common sense to control yourself when in public and your chances of being violated are greatly depreciated.

        1. The context here is the cologne attacks, people being normal … in a public square.
          Whats happening here is the blog and many of the posters, take the islamic view that rape is just a problem with women failing to wear hijab and stay indoors.

      2. And before you come back with something really stupid like “being passed out drunk doesn’t give someone the right to rape” ,yes that is true. It does not give someone the right to violate a person, but it certainly leaves the proverbial window open for those that think such things now doesn’t it?

        1. The context here is Cologne. Normal women doing normal things. This blog and its members want to twist that into the women that were assaulted being responsible for the actions of the criminal minority of refugee who have internalized the messages of extremist islamic (the same message being promoted here) – if a woman is raped, the issue that she didn’t minimise her risk.
          That’s why you are seeing this blog entry in reference to cologne, they – like extremist muslims and criminal muslims – want to promote the idea that women being out in public at night, in a public square, wearing western clothes and having a few drinks, are ultimately responsible for being attacked.

  37. Average women excitedly put themselves in precarious situations, then get gang-banged. The irony is that those same women will agree to fuck a guy, and then set him up on rape charges when they don’t get what they want, if their freinds disapprove of it, or to simply to make “drama” with their boyfreinds. I agree that rape can never be justified, but how can the problem be solved when most of the reported rapes are false allegations?

  38. It used to be that parents taught this very simple information to their daughters, then guided and moderated their behaviour to match it. It wasn’t done to “hold them back” – it was for their protection and to give them perspective on the potential dangers of being physically smaller than men. When did this become exceptional, or even controversial advice? When the online attention of being a victim began to out weigh good sense.

  39. i believe you missed the point of the whole even if you dress like a pron star you’re not asking for rape because wow who would have thunk it there not, none wants sex forced upon them regardless of how they dress. dressing modesty isn’t going to fix the problem, which is that people can’t seem to understand the very simple concept of consent. i’m not saying all this advice is bad, it’s just sad that as a young woman i feel the need to learn self defense techniques incase i happen to be walking alone one day at night so that i don’t get raped also tip for the ladies,
    if dude tries to rape you bite his dick off, trust me you can snap it in half if you wanted to.

  40. Oh look, more victim blaming. How about men learn how to control themselves. They’re fully capebale. If you can’t control yourself maybe you shouldn’t be in public 😉

  41. The majority of rapes happen in a woman’s home by someone she knows. Your “rules” are ridiculous.

  42. Instead of telling women how to protect themselves, let’s spread the word around to our fellow bros on how to not rape a woman! problem solved.

    1. White Knight Alert!
      Dude, men already KNOW not to rape, and the overwhelming majority of them DON’T rape. Sarcastic meme posts aren’t helping your case either.
      What the advice in the article IS good for is in those situations where lines become blurred because behavior (on BOTH sides) becomes loose. Don’t dress suggestively, go to a bar full of (also drunk) guys, get sloshed and hang all over someone if you don’t want to wind up waking up in some bed you didn’t intend when you left to find yourself in.
      That’s just good advice.

  43. I can reduce this to one step.
    1. Men, don’t rape women. Please note, you do this by exercising self control.

    1. And why is 100% of the onus on men? Lecturing to men about “not raping” when the vast majority already are not and will not be rapists while ignoring the role of women’s behavior in many situations is misandryst.
      Nothing will stop the determined predator. But reasonable measures taken by women can vastly reduce their potential exposure to those predators AND reduce the number of times that they wake up in some strange bed and go “what the hell was I thinking” before trotting off to the police to report some innocent guy whose only crime was sleeping with an (at the time) willing partner.

      1. ‘Nothing will stop the determined predator’. Actually, studies have shown that to reduce the number of sexual abuse attacks on young children, the best way to do this is to use two strategies – 1. Teach kids and parents what to do to prevent attacks. 2. – and this is the biggest one: make sure everywhere paedophiles could be present, there are educational seminars, background checks, and exhaustive safety measures in place to ensure that no adult is ever left alone, unaided, with a child.
        So, you see, treating every child care worker and teacher as if they are a potential pedophile has indeed made children safer. And no teacher is complaining, but I’m not a pedophile! Why should I have to be treated with suspicion.
        I know I risk infantilisting women by comparing them with children. But the point stands that putting the onus ON MEN is actually a good way to end rape. What about, if men heard the rumors that one of their friends is a bit creepy, a bit dodgy with women, then that man starts to find himself ostracised. That would make men think twice about being creeps. Nothing hurts like being a social outcast.

        1. How would YOU like to be on the receiving end of that arrangement? Have some woman start rumors about YOU being “a bit creepy, a bit dodgy with women” just because she didn’t like your looks? Would it make YOU “think twice about being a creep”?

        2. It’s an interesting question. In my entire life, I’ve only ever heard of one instance where a woman maybe made up claims about a man that were probs not true. And, because she was a bit intense and crazy, nobody believed her and we all kept being friends with the dude. There were a couple other instances where decent, smart girls told a couple people about having been assaulted or threatened by blokes, and the word got around a bit and people became more wary of those dudes. I think that’s the way it should be, in a circle of intelligent and reasonable friends. I’m not talking about crazy women or weird people – just normal, intelligent people who are capable of warning each other if someone does something dodgy.
          I read online about all these commenters who have been falsely accused, and there are a few high profile cases of false accusations, which sickens me. But to answer your question via the above example: I trust my circle of friends and my workplace to have my back if there are false accusations, as happened to our one friend.
          I DO think that people should be fair and rigorous when they are coming to their judgments- I read that case of that famous actress who accused that dude of penetrating her with his fingers. In that instance, the way the cops and the prosecution handled that case was disgusting – there WAS NO CASE. I also wouldn’t judge someone based on ONE single rumor from an iffy source, but if you hear from 2-3 sources, or from a reliable person, that someone is acting dodgy, that should be listened to.
          But yes, I would be happy to live in a world where dudes – or women – who act creepy get short shift. Because that would keep people honest.

        3. “There were a couple other instances where decent, smart girls told a
          couple people about having been assaulted or threatened by blokes, and
          the word got around a bit and people became more wary of those dudes. I
          think that’s the way it should be, in a circle of intelligent and
          reasonable friends. I’m not talking about crazy women or weird people –
          just normal, intelligent people who are capable of warning each other if
          someone does something dodgy.”
          First question: do you think that every woman who falsely accused someone of rape did not come across as “intelligent” and “reasonable”, in the same way that most paedophiles often come across as “friendly” and “good with kids”?

        4. Well, the story I told comes from my own life. I don’t know why you are equating PAEDOPHILES with these unicorns who go around falsely accusing others of rape.

  44. I agree with the steps outlined above. I’m in no way a fan of the majority of your views…but I totally agree with everything you have mentioned here. I always follow the above five steps… but notice that my friends that do not are the ones that often get in trouble, and blame others for their bad code of conduct.

  45. Or teach men not to rape! Do you even understand the concept of rape? Women are raped while sober, in good neighborhoods, by people they know, while not dressed in any revealing matter.

    1. That is unfortunately true, and this article is not intended to address the tiny percentage of men who are just evil bastards who will force themselves on women. No amount of “teaching” is going to change them.
      That said, the safety tips in this article CAN make it far less likely that women will fall prey to those types, as well as reduce the number of “morning after regret” rape reports.

    2. “Teach men not to rape.” Yes, let’s also teach black people not to steal cars, and Mexican people not to import drugs.

  46. The title is accurate. It is common sense. Sadly most women won’t follow it.
    I’m a female truck driver and am unfortunately always in a bad area. Knowing how bad the rape is in at truck stops I take extra precautions. I do my best to park in well lit areas. If I need to run inside for food or the restroom I do so at a place before I reach where I’m parking for the night. As soon as I’m parked I close the curtains. The less men that know I’m alone in my truck the better. Despite my precautions I’ve had many guys try to rape me while I’m out on the road. I know I can’t physically take most men out here in a hand to hand struggle so I always have several weapons on me. Unfortunately I’ve had to use these weapons many times. I do my best to stay safe and to be prepared. Also when I do take the pleasure in going out for drinks I never go alone and never get drunk. If I get drunk it is only at home with those that I trust.
    Despite the precautions I have taken I was raped when I was 16. It was by someone I had known for years and trusted. We were supposed to hang out as we had countless times before. I was wearing jeans and a t shirt. Nothing provocative by any stretch of the imagination. I had made it clear I wasn’t romantically or sexually interested. He had expressed being of the same mindset. No drugs or alcohol was involved but despite all this I was his victim of the day. It can’t always be avoided but to throw all caution to the wind is incredibly stupid.
    Although the points made are undeniably true perhaps they weren’t expressed in the most tactful way. To be honest, however, most women aren’t very receiving of this information. Although I think society needs to Change in how it raises some men to rape it will take centuries to change that mindset so it’s wise as a woman to protect yourself however you can. No matter how perfect society becomes there will always be deviants. There will always be rapists. There will always be a reason to use caution.

    1. But you say yourself, despite very caution you took… you got raped. I am so sorry that happened. It is cool to tell women to stick in groups. I tell my baby sister that all the time. She never lets dudes get her drinks – even if its someone she knows and likes, because as your story shows, even people you care about can be rapists, unfortunately. I am definitely not saying every man is a rapist, but you have to be careful about your drinks just to be safe.
      But for example, women are still going to need to work jobs that put them in danger as you do. Girls my sisters’ age who have to work at burger joints and bars – they can’t always have a friend around to walk them to the car.
      The women in my life who have been raped have had this experience 1. whilst walking home, in the afternoon, from the train. 2. Whilst at a friend’s 21st, by a close friend, at which the father of the birthday girl was present. 3. Whilst walking home with her sister from school. 4. At the beach. 5. Two by their school teacher. 6. A couple, violently, by boyfriends in their own home.
      Women need to be cautious, but I don’t know how many rapes that will prevent. What this article doesn’t do is deal with the majority of rapes that happen by friends and teachers and people known to the person.

  47. hold up this chick just laughed and touched my arm, does this mean i can shove my dick up her ass in the middle of this waffle house? hurry pls answer

  48. When I was in college some feminist group staged “Women take back the night!” rallies, insinuating that men were running around raping everyone at night, and that we needed to make going out alone at night safe for women again.
    I was thinking, “Since when the hell has it EVER been safe for women to go out alone at night? Is that what good girls have always done? You can’t take it back if you never had it sweethearts.”

  49. There’s a legal term for this. It describes that the victim took reasonable steps to not be a victim.

  50. Based on what I see here, this article should really only say that the best way to not get raped is to stay in the kitchen where you belong.

    1. Based on what I see in your two-post private posting history, this response should say “I am a woman who is angry at something I saw on the Internet.”

      1. Based on how you are still replying on a 2 month old post your reply should say “I’m a beta with no life whining about how women don’t like me on the internet instead of doing something productive for society.” C’mon have an actual argument.

  51. Sure, women can take precautions to lower the likelihood that she gets raped. But if there weren’t people around to think it’s ok to rape, they wouldn’t have to worry about it in the first place.

    1. There will always be evil people in the world (both genders). That’s the nature of humans. No amount of “teaching men not to rape” will stop rape from happening, leaving aside the insult to men that such programs are.
      Women must be responsible for their OWN safety.

      1. Of course it helps to take precautions. But if a woman doesn’t, it doesn’t make it OK for her to be raped. Nor do taking all these precautions make women immune to rape.
        It’s kinda like running out into busy traffic. It’s a dangerous and idiotic thing to do, and there’s a good chance you’ll be hit. However, just because you made yourself vulnerable by running out in traffic, it’s not OK for someone to see you, floor the gas, and run you down, simply because you are an idiot.

        1. Complete straw man. No one is saying it’s “OK to be raped”. Hectoring good men (overwhelming majority of the male population) won’t stop bad men, however.

        2. But why is this article, which is on a MEN’S site, instructing women on how to not get raped? Isn’t it preaching to the wrong demographic? It’s not like it was presented as a way men could tell their women on how not to get raped.

        3. No, it’s discussing the difference in approaches to reducing crime between the US and other societies.
          Most other societies correctly place at least part of the responsibility on individuals to observe and control their own behavior to minimize the chances of a bad outcome. If you don’t want to get snake-bitten, you have a responsibility to avoid handling snakes.
          The US (and arguably the UK) take the nonsensical position that the at-risk person is and should be 100% free to do whatever they wish and still disclaim any responsibility for the result.

    2. By that logic, education is all we need to prevent crime. Once people realize that committing crimes is bad, they will stop committing them. As soon as criminals realize stealing is bad, we can all remove the locks from our doors.
      Of course, that’s completely ridiculous, and it has nothing to do with whether others think it’s ok for the thief to steal or not, or even if I thought hypothetically it was ok to rape or not, it wouldn’t affect the raping that a rapist does. It’s simply the case that certain people don’t obey rules and laws, and this is a fact of life.

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