Why Famous Men Become Outspoken Feminists

Have you ever wondered why so many male celebrities go out of their way to voice their alignment with “feminism”? Did you ever wonder why so many famous, good-looking men seem anxious to white knight on a regular basis and/or engage in otherwise highly blue pill behavior that we would not normally associate with a high value male?

Nash Grier has now provided us with a clear answer to these questions. Of course, my making that statement may just raise another question for you…

Who exactly is Nash Grier?


He’s a 16 year old kid who just happens to be one of the most followed social media personalities on the planet. His account on the Twitter-owned app Vine has more followers than equivalents owned by Ellen Degeneres, Miley Cyrus, Justin Bieber, Harry Styles and a host of other celebrities. As of this writing, he is the single most followed personality on Vine. His father is a football coach and his older brother is the best high school football player in America.

Here is some of his handiwork:

Grier became popular after one of the vines he made with his baby sister got shared by some teen girl in Alabama. Since then, other teen girls have driven his popularity, convinced that he is “cute” and enamored with the fact that he posts many of his videos without a shirt.


So, how did this teen heartthrob create so much controversy? He and a couple of other Vine/Youtube famous kids decided to discuss some of their romantic preferences:

Just months after being touted as a “social media prodigy,” Vine celebrity Nash Grier has learned the hard way that Internet backlash spreads even more quickly than Internet fame—especially if it’s in response to sexism.

Grier just celebrated his 16th birthday with his 4.2 million followers on Vine—the third highest on the platform. But the North Carolina sophomore, whose following largely consists of teenage girls enamored by his blue-eyed charm…caused an Internet uproar when his attempt to tell his young female audience “what guys look for in girls” backfired.

In a video Grier uploaded to YouTube five days before Christmas, he and his friends, 18-year-old fellow Vine star Cameron Dallas and 20-year-old YouTube star JC Caylen, attempt to tell their mostly female fans “What guys look for in girls.”

… the boys describe their ideal girl as someone who can be entertaining, spontaneous, and fun, girls who can cook, and who can “make you a better you,” i.e. improve the boys themselves. They criticize girls who they see as having no personalities and who are just waiting to marry rich husbands.


Well, that sounds good so far. Feminists ought to be cheering that bit. Where’s the problem?

Then they move into more contentious territory: Caylen criticizes girls with “fake tits,” while Grier dislikes girls who are “obnoxious and loud.” Then the boys talk about physical appearance, favoring girls who are short and petite, with “natural” looks and “really good smiles.” They criticize girls who don’t shave their facial and body hair, implying that “peach fuzz” and other types of natural hair on women is “gross.”

Grier also tells girls that “the chase is such a big part” of what makes a girl appealing, encouraging them to “play hard to get.”

“If you play too hard to get, then it’s just like, ‘oh, she doesn’t even like me,’ but if you play easy, then it’s just like, oh, she’s a whore,” Grier states. “Find a balance.”

“You can’t be better than me” at playing video games, Dallas adds. “I mean I don’t even play video games. You can’t be better than me.”

Grier’s video stood for five days as it gathered major backlash over what many viewers felt were the boys’ reinforcement of horrible beauty and behavioral standards in young women who already battle with low self-esteem.

Ah. Ok.

Here is the full video in question:

What Grier Had At Stake

Nash Grier has shown us what happens to high value men with large female fanbases who dare to express anything but the most inclusive preferences and ideology. Men like John Legend and Joseph Gordon Leavitt (just two celebrities who have recently voiced their affinity for “feminism” – there are dozensof other examples) are well aware of this and, if they aren’t, their marketing/PR teams will coach them accordingly.


The fact is that their fanbases are predominantly female. Women are doing most of the subscribing/following of their social media accounts, buying most of the products they advertise, buying most of the tickets to their shows/movies, and generally providing most of the vocal support that drives their celebrity. Modern celebrity culture is highly feminized by necessity – it is built to cater to the people who fuel it most, and those people are overwhelmingly women.


These female fanbases consist of young (usually anywhere from 12-25) women who are, more often than not, quite insecure. Their fandom is often based heavily on the maintenance of a mental “relationship” with the celebrity: they may never date him, but they like to maintain the fantasy that they could someday and often place themselves in that position in their own hearts and minds. The maintenance of that relationship is the key to his celebrity: it is what keeps these girls going to his premiers, buying tickets to his shows, subscribing to every one of his social media accounts and snapping up every song he makes on iTunes.

This imaginary relationship is extremely important to these girls on a personal level, and they are extremely insecure about any notion that could take it away from them. What does the relationship actually look like? Think of it like this: when he sings a love/romantic song, they imagine that he is singing to them personally.

When he gives a coy wink or smile in a video, picture or a movie, they imagine that he is communicating directly with them on a personal level.


When he talks about his hobbies and activities, they imagine how said activities make him a perfect fit for them personally. And, finally, when he talks about his wants and desires, they imagine that he is speaking personally to them.

This last bit is key because of her insecurity: she has built up this fantasy and the last thing she wants is to have it contradicted in any way, especially by the male in question. When he says there is something that he doesn’t like in a girl, she will imagine that he is speaking directly to her. If she perceives herself to be lacking some trait he explicitly desires, she’ll get very upset.

Example: Celebrity male says he likes girls who shave.

Her reaction: “Wait, I haven’t shaven in a couple of weeks. I mean, I sometimes shave, but not, like, all the time. OMG – does this mean he wouldn’t like me? OMG!”

He’s ruined her fantasy. Her insecurity will have her fretting about this endlessly.


Now, you may ask the following:

“Why does she care so much about not meeting one standard of a guy she’ll probably never actually meet? Why does it matter to her? He’s not a real part of her life and she’s never going to be a part of his! Further, even if it does matter, why couldn’t she just change a little to meet that standard? Is shaving that hard? How is that a high standard?”

The answer to all of the above is simple…


She’s too insecure about herself on a personal and physical level to handle any level of criticism. She copes with this insecurity by maintaining this fantasy relationship with the celebrity, a relationship in which she has all she could ever want with a guy who is all she could ever want and doesn’t really have to do anything to maintain it. This allows her to escape to a world in which all of the insecurities she has about herself that keep her up at night are irrelevant and have no impact on her obtaining personal, social and romantic fulfillment. When that fantasy is crushed for whatever reason, it exposes her insecurities again.


Because of this insecurity, she NEEDS that fantasy relationship.

She needs to, at the very least, be able to maintain the illusion in her mind that he could love her. Anything that would completely eliminate this possibility is a no-no, because her insecurities will run wild and leave her upset, angry and even depressed. This is true even though her logical brain understands that she’ll probably never actually meet or date this famous male in real life. What she wants to maintain is the ability to rationalize that possibility into existence, however slim it is.

Take these comments from a (now deleted) mirror of Nash Grier’s original video:

5 hours ago

I don’t really i have the words, thank you, now i feel like a shit…

Shola Rader
1 hour ago

are you fucking dumb? You make every girl insecure. And you should be a FUCKING rolemodel. You have a young sister!!!!

sandy mayer
3 hours ago

this made me genuinely fucking insecure about EVERY SINGLE THING ABOUT ME

Zee Hare
17 hours ago

Okay, so I actually thought Nash was pretty cute but once he destroyed my self esteem he’s just another douche.. I guess he’s just one of those pretty boys with a shitty attitude. You know.? Just because you’re pretty on the outside doesn’t mean you’re beautiful on the inside.. sorry :/

1 day ago

wowwww this video makes me feel like shit…… like… I’m not an outgoing person all the time… and I have no talents. and I can’t cook at all.

India Buxton
1 day ago

So many girls look up to these guys and have probably changed themselves just to be in a category of their preference

1 day ago

Why the hell would you tell us to be ourselves when you clearly don’t like nor will you find interest in who some of us are? My self esteem was already low, but now, its worse. Thanks Nash. Congrats, you lost a vine follower.

taayla jade
1 day ago

The worst part of this whole video is that at the start they have some nice things like its good when a girl gets I to be a better person
But they just go and shit on that whole idea by then going on and on about all these things that so many people r already so self conscious about.
And doing that just makes girls feel like there not good enough and all these people that r really big fans of these guys r gonna be so heart broken about the fact that they r not perfect like the boys expect them to be

eden haney
19 hours ago

well this just made me feel like shit….

1 day ago

I’m really self-conscious about my height since I’m 6ft and saying shorter girls are cuter makes me feel super great

Riley Duarte
20 hours ago

lol this is why im single

20 hours ago

I find Nash’s comment at 7:10 so ironic… Be yourself? How can I be myself when you have such a long list of things that I need to be to be good enough? Thank for making me feel self conscious about myself.

1 day ago

I knew I was ugly but now I feel like a fucking ape.

Beanthecat 🙂
1 day ago

I was sad when they said they like short people because I am a 6 foot tall 16 year old girl. And don’t get me wrong it helps in basketball but not with getting a boyfriend.

Jenna Henderson
1 day ago

Wow, don’t I feel like trash…

Katie Howard
1 day ago

I hope your happy Nash.. putting standards on girls, making them feel like they aren’t perfect for this world, do you know how it feels to be called ugly? I know damn well what it feels like. And Nash, hate to break it to you, but I’ve seen guys that look ten times better than you. Prick

Sofia van nek
1 day ago

I feel like a piece of shit after watching this…

Valeria Sauce
1 day ago

way to kill girls’ self esteems, congratulations you cunt bags

The insecurity these girls have provides high value men like Nash Grier with a remarkable degree of control over their emotional state. By merely stating their actual romantic preferences, they can send legions of women into a state of shock, anger, and outright depression.

insecure tumblyimage

When Nash Grier noted that he wasn’t a big fan of girls who didn’t shave, all of the girls who don’t shave (or hadn’t shaven at some point in the past, or feared that they may go an extended period of time without shaving in the future) had their insecurities directly engaged. They now wondered if he’d like them, and began to doubt to some degree that he did. Their ability to rationalize into existence that slim possibility of his loving them was undermined, thus compromising the fantasy relationships they maintain with him in their minds.

When the boys noted that they liked girls with freckles, they activated the insecurities of all the girls who lack them. The fact that they didn’t say they disliked girls without freckles is not relevant: the mere possibility of their preferring girls who have them is enough to get all of his female followers who lack them concerned and upset about the possibility that they might not like them.

The Illusion of Authority

You’ll notice that many of the critical comments directed at Grier seem to imply that he was ordering them around, as though he had some sort of authority over them. Statements like this:

“I can have as much hair on my body as I feel comfortable with!”
“I prefer guys who don’t tell me what to do!”
“How about you don’t order girls to look a certain way?!”
“Girls don’t have to obey you!”

Or, as quoted here from the deleted mirror video:

Luvbug1329 😀
16 hours ago

I don’t have to be anything but me… gawd people.

Anybody who watched the video can tell that Nash Grier was guilty of none of the above. He was merely stating his preferences, not claiming that all women were obligated to meet them. The same goes for his companions in the video.


But remember what I said earlier: these women love him and are, in many cases, in a fantasy relationship with him. They NEED him to like them and they take what he says and does personally.

Let’s examine this quick comment exchange on the aforementioned deleted mirror of Nash’s original video to further clarify this point:

22 hours ago

I’ll tell you exactly why it’s a bad video. They are creating unrealistic expectations of women. They’re slut shaming. They’re telling their young audience of mostly teenage girls how to be, and they’re just ignorant


12 hours ago

@orchestra99 They are telling women what they should be if they want these boys to be attracted to them. Kind of a big difference. They’re not saying they won’t treat you like a human being if you don’t live up to this; they’re saying they probably won’t date you if you don’t live up to this.

Note commenter orchestra99’s statement here. She perceives these boys to be telling young girls how to be in general. Mrluigifan102 correctly points out that this is not the case, and that the boys are actually telling women what they should be if they want to date them specifically (read: stating their personal preferences).

Why can’t orchestra99 perceive this seemingly clear distinction? Because these are high value men and she, like most young, highly insecure girls, needs to feel as though it is possible for these guys to actually want her. This means that when these boys state their personal preferences, she interprets them as hard statements about how she and other girls must be.


Since these girls must be able to date these men, they therefore they must be able to meet any standards and preferences these men have. If these men claim to have preferences that these girls don’t see themselves fitting for whatever reason, there will be a problem. They can’t take the desires these guys express and accept them as individual preferences and just move on if they don’t fit them. They’re too insecure for that – they need the validation of these celebrity men that they’re in love with. That is why these women can see practically no distinction between these men articulating “individual personal preferences/what I like to see for me” and setting “hard standards for the way ALL women should be no matter what”. Any preferences these high value males articulate will be interpreted as commandments by infatuated young women who feel obligated to appeal to these guys and assign false authority to them.

Alexandra Richards
1 day ago

that dog scene should have been longer…and this video is awful…guys get over yourselves. Not changing the way I am cause you want me too.

This young female commenter is in the same boat as orchestra99. She perceives their statement of their preferences as an actual, direct personal command from them to her necessitating that she change herself. They’re not actually asking that any women change to meet their preferences – they’re just stating them. Alexandra, like most young girls, is simply too obsessed with obtaining their validation to make that distinction.

Failure to be wanted by these men is not an option to these girls, and when they get even the slightest inkling that they may not fit the individual preferences these men have they can do nothing but get angry or depressed.

Insecurity Is An Ugly Thing - It Makes You Hate People You Don't Even Know

It is the powerful need to obtain the validation of these men (and the related tendency to take everything they say personally and attach great significance to it) that awakens the power of these young females as consumers. When these males’ faces show up next to a product they’re advertising and endorsing, the young females feel naturally compelled to buy it. When these guys create a video or social media account, the girls feel obligated to follow every word said. When these men release a song, the girls naturally feel obligated to download it or go to his concert and listen to it.


Similarly, when he critiques them or sets some sort personal preference or standard, they feel obligated to meet it, even though they should not logically be compelled to do so. Thus, you can see how this need insecure young female fans have in their desire to bond with such high value celebrity males creates these males’ celebrity power in the first place (makes them valuable for endorsements, gets them followers, sells their songs, etc) while simultaneously limiting what these males can say or do publicly. A large part of the job as a male celebrity is to sell a dream and a fantasy to millions of young women out there. He has to walk on eggshells in order to keep that fantasy intact and keep the money rolling in.

How To Play The Game

This is why celebrity males so often cannot voice legitimate standards of even the most basic variety. The risk of a majority of their fanbase taking it personally is simply too great because so many girls are insecure about so many things. Thus, when these guys get the chance or are prompted to talk of standards, they keep it real simple:

I like strong, independent women.” – This is a great go-to. All of his female fans, regardless of what they look like or where they’re from, can convince themselves that they are strong and independent. He can’t offend anyone.

Just be yourself.” – Even safer. He is basically saying to every female out there that she’s perfect for him the way she is. The statement implies absolutely no obligation on her part to change anything about herself in order to be able to get an extremely high value male interested in her. That total lack of responsibility brings great mental comfort to these young females.

I love women who are beautiful on the inside.” – Another great go-to. Any female can convince herself that she fits this bill even if she’s actually a bitch to most of the people she comes into contact with. Low risk of offending anyone.

Looks aren’t everything” – This is also an effective statement for a high value male looking to remain in the good graces of female fans. It is just another variation of the “beauty on the inside” mantra mentioned above. It works well because it doesn’t offend anyone: the girls who have the looks can easily convince themselves that they’ve also got the beauty on the inside (rendering the fact that “looks aren’t everything” inoffensive to them), while the girls who lack good looks can use this statement to convince themselves that they can completely make up for it with their “beauty on the inside” (which, again, they can all convince themselves they possess). This statement is also effective for placating the attractive girls who have convinced themselves that they’re ugly.


What isn’t okay for high value men to say?

I like athletic girls” – This will build fans among the girls who’ve played sports or enjoy them, but it will awaken the insecurities of the many who were never particularly inclined to athletics and who hated gym class (or who are out of shape). If a man’s fanbase consists of many of these women (and it almost certainly will if he’s a typical celebrity), he’d best stay away from this one.

I love freckles” – Any girl who doesn’t have freckles will begin to wonder if you like her.

I love big tits” – Even girls with sizable breasts are often insecure about their bust size and convinced that they’re too small. Thus, such a comment would have a high risk of offending just about all of his female fanbase.

Girls need to shave” – Lots of girls don’t do it and many who do have neglected it at times. This kind of statement has the potential to offend every girl in a given high-value male’s fanbase, as Nash Grier has learned.


I love fit girls” – Obviously a high risk of offending the fat/chubby chicks, but also a high risk of offending the fit chicks who THINK they’re fat. These two groups can often make up the entirety of a celebrity male’s fanbase.


The Truth

Though all of the above aren’t good for PR, it is likely (in fact, almost certain) that most high value men maintain standards that their fans wouldn’t want to hear about. More often than not, these men have extremely attractive, well-groomed, fit females on their arms. Men like John Legend (one of the more recent self-proclaimed male feminists in Hollywood) have dating histories that consist almost exclusively of relationships with physically fit, aesthetically elite models. Actions speak louder than words: these men have standards, and those standards do tend to favor fit, well-groomed women.

John Legend strolls along Robertson Boulevard in Beverly Hills, Ca with his girlfriend after shoppng at Intermix

Men like Legend cannot come out and say that, however, because if they do their female fanbases will no longer be able to delude themselves into believing that they have even the slimmest of chances of appealing to a high value male like him.


Legend is aware of this reality, so when asked what he likes in a woman he keeps it simple: “Strong and independent.” No harm, no foul. So long as he shuts up, his legions of female fans can continue to dream, in their heart of hearts, that his soulful crooning is really for them and he may just one day become their Prince Charming. Real life contradictions to this fantasy in his actual romantic life can be rationalized away.


All in all, this Nash Grier episode is illustrative of why being (or pretending to be) a white knight is good business for many famous, high value men. Nash Grier is a kid who was simply too young to understand this and lacked legitimate PR/marketing advisers to make him aware. His star will continue to shine brightly after this – with this experience behind him he’ll know to be more tactful in the future in order to maximize his appeal to his fanbase (and, by extension, his own notoriety). So long as this doesn’t become a habit, girls will forget about this in time and continue to follow everything he does.

Other high value men who are aware of the need to play this game probably don’t believe all that they say (few rational, sane men would), but they know what makes them money and what doesn’t.


Celebrity men who want to keep the cash flowing need to sell the dream at all costs. Truth is superfluous.

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  1. Might be one of the best articles on RoK I have ever read. Excellent and very detailed summary, Athlone!

    1. I agree, this astute observation is the grand slam and hat trick observation many men left in the dark were waiting for. I am feeling insecure that I didn’t write it myself; and now have a fantasy pen-pal arrangement with the author. Whose name I mysteriously already forgot. LOL
      Good job.

    2. i agree fascinating article. basically an introduction to hamster dynamics 101.
      ultimately most if not all western women are those same tweener tumblr completely insecure little girls.

    3. Agreed. It’s a very well written article. It seems a little repetitive towards the end, but never enough to stop reading. I did really enjoy how it touched on the correlation of fantasy and insecurity.

    4. brilliant article… 100 out of 10….
      effectively the fantasy relationship is like emotional porn for women….
      even when the guy gets a girl friend, the girlie fans identify themselves with her and think about being in her shoes…..
      very difficult for a rational male whose feeling good about himself from having hundreds of female admirers to get too far into the truth….
      you are not communicating with the conscious mind, rather the subconscious insecurities … waking sleep walkers from a dream can be dangerous… suddenly all those zombie movies make a lot of sense…. rattle the subconscious and they will eat you alive…

    5. This is hands-down the most insightful article I’ve read at RoK.
      It addresses the core of what’s wrong with the modern women: it’s not feminism, per se. What’s wrong is that feminine validation has been turned into a commodity.
      In the past, a woman’s desire for validation drove her to improve herself. Now it just drives her to buy more stuff. The masculine analogue would be how our drive for beautiful woman used to inspire us to reproduce with fit women, but now mostly drives men to watch a lot of pornography.

    6. Well said; I can’t believe I never realized how this worked before he pointed this out.

  2. Excellent write up man. This lays out very clearly the root of today’s problems between men and women; and that is delusional expectations of the modern female. This guy while still a kid has potential to be a high value Alpha male, and with the help of social media ALL of these girls think they somehow deserve a guy of high status. Nothing less will suffice regardless if the female has anything of value to offer or not. Once the high value male starts naming off high value expectations in a mate the illusion is shattered for them, hence the backlash. This social media spat is a microcosm of today’s mating climate. High value men want only high value women, unfortunately this is lost on the modern western female.

      1. Srs. A bunch of Justin Bieber types flaunting their “six-packs” ? Lol.
        Just goes to show you how pathetic the Internet and Social Media has gotten where some little doofus can become some kind of alpha by posting up a bunch of stupid shit on the web.

        1. Like Uncle Elmer said – Its just Tiger Beat in real time.
          Now, nobody pop the little princess pink unicorn baloons and every move along…
          …nothing to see here.

        2. And they mouth off like drunken sailors; notice all those comments with their tough words and dirty language. I bet all of those little darlings still live at home with mommy and daddy.

        3. They were always pretty much the same. At least at the lower and middle class level. Upper class females don’t bother with the Net and I can’t think of one woman I know who habitually is on it.

        4. Teenage girls have always liked aesthetically pleasing “cute” teenage boys. Its not pathetic. Its nature.

        5. Teenage girls always crushed on cute teenage boys. Its not pathetic, its nature. Remember when you were young?

        6. It’s nothing different, really. When I was a teen the teen heartthrobs at the time were Chris Brown, Bow Wow, Omarion, and I don’t know who else I could be forgetting. These days it’s Justin Bieber and them.

        7. it’s a pretty attraction-killing thing when a girl curses like a sailor. An f-bomb here or there isn’t a big deal but constantly? Shut out.

      2. Trust me I agree from our grown man standpoint, but in the eyes of a young female he has something obviously . He is only 16 and has fame, a pack of male hanger’s on and girls like him so the potential is there if he were to play his cards right.

        1. Right on, Crooked Rooster. Game IS seeing the world according to women. It only does not matter when regular men can say ‘because I said so’ and back it up unilaterally.

        2. They like him because he is the perfect boyfriend-idol. A man that acts and looks like a woman, but still has a dick for baby-making purposes.

        3. Exactly. Plus, while he is cute, he isn’t overtly sexual. To many virginal young high school girls, this makes him “cuddly and safe.” Think of all the babyfaces that are teen idols. Nothing threatening there at all.

        4. Yeah but he’s stupid like all teens and 20 somethings and will end up knocking some Ho up and paying child support from his job as a burger flipper. See what he’s doing in a few years. Kids, like most of the boys on here have no conception of real time and basically live in the moment. Being a big man on some silly site means nothing and pays nothing. It’s just kiddiecrap. Next year they’ll be different kiddiecrap and no one will even remember this fairy’s name. A year is an eternity when you’re a ‘tween but a blink of an eye in real adult time.In a couple of years Justa Beaver will be fat and penniless and like Gary Coleman working as a mall guard or Walmart Greeter since he’s basically uneducated and could never get a real job. Those little girl fans will have forgot about him and moved on and the new teenyboopers will have some new boytoy to idolise for awhile. I’m surprised that Beaver who looks like a little twinkie has any little girl fans because he’s more appealing to gay boys.

        5. Pancho you’re a hater.
          I’m disgusted by the female worship of this immasculated trash as the next rational male, but the kid has no restriction on what girl he gets to choose. He might not appeal to you but he makes *some* girls his age drool. That’s the thing about eFame – SOME girls are drooling over him. most others that age are drooling over your average soccer/lacrosse star.

      3. It’s the fact that he has 100s of thousands of teen girls that want him off of six second videos that makes him alpha.

    1. Unfortunately females have been told that they are insecure, especially about their looks and that it the fault of the media and that we should not have to change at all, not in the slightest. Nobody, especially no male body, should say anything that might in any be taken as negative by us. However, we can have our preferences when it comes to men! We are free to air our views about what we like in terms of looks and also inner qualities. This Nash Grier business just show the disgusting level of Sexist double standards!

      1. Agree 100% fairfemale, this is what happens after a coupe of generations princess syndrome. Never being criticized a day in your life or facing any true obstacles breeds delusions of self importance. Sadly it’s not their fault, they don’t know any different, but they will suffer the consequences as the wall approaches.

      2. Hey, how refreshing a woman who tells it like it is. Maybe there’s hope after all.
        I’m not going to hold my breath though.

  3. Deception has been one of the most successful tools used by high value males.
    When the stakes are high. Its safer to act like a sheep but think like a wolf.

    1. What’s funny about this is if you look at all of those insecure comments and see these chicks’ faces it’s like, you remember girls just like this from when you were in high school 10-6 years ago. You’d be checking for these chicks, and though you’re talented and not ugly she still won’t give you the time of day. But she gets insecure over this kid she’ll never meet, yet she undoubtedly has some unaware beta that loves her, facial hair and all. But to her, this kid is just an empty seat or, worse, an emotional tampon that she complains about other guys to.

      1. the double standard continues. Its okay for the girls to have a 365 checklist on what they want in a guy. But as soon as guy has ONE condition for girls that he wants e.g not hairy…not fat. He’s a sexist misogynist pig

        1. And all this is because women refuse to have any responsibility or control over their life. They see life as just stuff happening to them, so they can be perpetual victims.

        2. And another common theme is “Wow I feel so ugly now.” I’m betting that those girls turned down average or decent looking guys in a… not so amicable fashion. It’s not fun to feel ugly when the shoe is on the other foot.

    1. Lol. So basically the strong, independent women of America have the mental fragility of the biggest omega brony. And we let them vote.

  4. This is a perfect description of the problems my ex had. I was never sure if it was fair of me to have a problem with the fact all four walls of her bedroom were covered in pictures of celebrity boys. I can see now why it bothered me, because she obsessed about those celebrities in just the way that is described in this article. It is evidence of her underlying insecurities.

  5. Seems like it only takes one disgruntled female to start the chain of hate. The others just chime in – following the herd — because they think its cool to bash a male.
    Internet getting lamer by the day.

  6. However, don’t be fooled and think the solution to this matter is “more confidence for women”. The “insecurity” explained in this article is a narcissistic form on insecurity that wallows behind a shield of you-go-girlism and has no boundaries or sense of self, not true depression where someone is genuinely feeling lost.

  7. Well done, sir. I’d be interested to know what his ultimate reaction to the fem-hate will be. Will he end up truly believing that what he said was wrong, based entirely on the responses he got? Certainly that’s the objective of such responses and one which can have a lot of success if unchecked, especially considering his age. Of course social justice warriors and their lemmings rarely change minds when they engage in this kind of hyperbole because they lack the capability to articulate any coherent positions, but if it happens all the better for them.
    What they really want is for this kid to apologize for what he said, even if he doesn’t mean it and still believes what he believes. Those pulling the cultural strings of these teenage girls (women in general) have trained them well in the art of silencing alternative thoughts that threaten them on any level, and forcing a recanting of the offending statement regardless of sincerity. They count it as a win, even if the fallout results in reinforcing the belief in whatever opinion or statement cause the offense.
    In this kid’s case, the best outcome for him would be to have his eyes opened to a large part of women’s base mentality, especially if it’s reinforcing his personal observations that he’s afraid to voice or at least crumbling a few well-placed societal illusions.

  8. That’s what I think everytime I hear girls saying “male celebrities don’t think that way”. Watch what they do, not what they say.
    You put it in a clear and complete manner, great article Athlone.

  9. Another excellent analysis of reality by Athlone. He doesn’t post often, but he’s worth reading every time.

  10. This was the first actually original and excellent article you’ve ever written, but it was damn good. Try keeping it at this level from now on. Cheers.

  11. To be fair, it is more difficult for girls since they have to live up to physical standards. When a supermodel is interviewed and says she likes guys “with a sense of humor” the average slob can only feel better, though it’s true he generally doesn’t delude himself by believing it’s relevant to him, since he really just cares about the pictures

    1. Yeh because men don’t invest as much of their ego in that sort of shit. Although many porn stars lie to men too in order to placate their egos and make money.
      The Legend example is a good one. Lenny Kravitz always used to talk about loving a woman’s character and inner beauty yet most of the women he dated were hot singers and models. Ryan Gosling flatters older woman constantly yet his slightly older gf–Eva Mendes–is one of the hottest actresses in Hollywood. Even in films they often pair this guy up with much less attractive women. E.g Mulligan, Emma Stone and Michelle Williams. All bangable women but they are nothing next to Mendes. I wonder if this is on purpose?

      1. Is it part of the Gosling scM? He probably refuses to star in films with his SMV equal most of the time. Even that Asian chick in ‘Only God Forgives’ was ordinary as fuck. She wasn’t much hotter than the 50 hear old actress playing his mother lol

        1. How does a plain joe become one of Hollywood’s biggest sex symbols? I have never seen women go nuts over a plain looking man like they do with Gosling.

        2. Same way plain jane Kristen Stewart is a multi-million dollar movie star.
          And her ugly co-star (the vampire dude) is also one, with women going nuts over him.
          Gosling is better looking than vampire dude though. And besides, he comes off as very charming. I’d put Gosling in the “cute” category, but not “hot”.
          Ian Somerhalder is hot.
          Idris Elba is pheromone-producing, clit-tingling, lady-boner-inducing SIZZLING.

        3. Yeah but men don’t go nuts over Kristen Stewart in the same way they go nuts over Gosling, or even Pattinson now that you mention it.

      2. Despite the fact that Emma Stone and Michelle Williams blow the vast majority of women out of the water, they are considered the cute girls next door type by Hollywood standards.
        Most girls will be able to convince themselves they are good looking enough to the cute girl next door type, even if they are nowhere close, graft that onto the Hollywood attractiveness scale and then they get to pretend they have a chance with Ryan Gosling.

        1. Disagree. Williams is plain looking and Emma Stone needs make up to be above average. Her skin is terrible. Next to Gosling she looked like a minger.
          you telling Ledger couldn’t have had a way better girl than Williams? Lol

      3. Mendes is dating Gosling?!
        She is way outta his league. I can picture her with Idris Elba.

      4. Mendes is dating Gosling?!
        She is way outta his league. I can picture her with Idris Elba.

  12. Great analysis of female-to-male pedestrianization and the affect of super high-value males on mob-mentality women. If maintaining a harem and gaming girls is spinning plates on a micro-management level, this is the big leagues of macro-managing and effectively commanding an army of hamsters. You could probably have cut this article down by about 50% though – and goddamn does that kid look like girl. Honestly thought this was going to be about some flamboyant homosexual who openly aligns himself with feminism just from the cover photo.

    1. Lol. They all look like girls except the two ugly dudes of the bunch. Even the black dude Johnny Legend (whoever the fuck that is) at the end of that way too long article looks like a girl.
      Thats the Pussification of America for you.
      Those are the kind of “men” women like.
      Seriously, people here commenting that a bunch of posing 12 year old flaggots are “Ultra High-Value Alphas” is pretty fucking beta if you ask me.

      1. You can downplay his field position as much as you want, but it doesn’t change he fact that this kid DOES have very high value. A very large population of girls (a lot of which are probably attractive) consider him an icon and a sex symbol. He has the ability to sway an army of hamsters with just a few words on some candid cell phone video. If that’s not high-value then I don’t know what the fuck is.

        1. So…
          Who is he “high-value” to?
          To you? To a bunch of brainless high school spinners that live at home with mom and dad?
          I am not following you dude. So, he has a lot of money? How? If he is monetizing that somehow into ad revenue, well good on him.
          If I put a video of a cat chasing a ball of string on YouTube and it gets 500 million hits am I “high value” then?
          I mean it was a well thought out and executed article and all that but what did it really tell us what we dont already know about females?
          The kid just happens to be the flavor of the week, in a year nobody will remember him. Could he turn it into something and make some money on it? Sure. Anyone can make money off the web if the situation is right. Does that make him “high-value”?
          He was so “high-value” that he pulled his oh so “offending” vid off the web completely like a little ball-less fairy.
          Thats the problem with females and society. Everyone is so worried about money that nobody has the “high-value” to stand up to them anymore.
          Look around any workplace shy of a diesel engine repair shop and see how men act around females.
          You know how they act?
          Like females.
          Soft spoken, scared to raise their voices, scared to say anything that might be taken wrong and hurt someones feelings or challenging someones groupthink worldview for fear of reprisal.

        2. I didn’t say he was alpha or had any game, all I said was that he has high-value. His value to women is high, do you understand? A very large population of females hold him in high regard, are very physically attracted to him, and everything he says and does is important to these girls. Do we need a diagram?
          Him taking the video down and/or retracting on his statements is just saving face. Plenty of successful, well-off, self-made men have been forced into retreat by shitty leftists agendas because they spoke their mind and dropped some truth. Chip Wilson and Guido Barilla to name a couple.
          As to your analogy about the cat video – it depends. Fame is a huge leg-up in the sexual market value game. With fame comes power, and often, wealth. Those three things are a life-hack for raking pussy. You don’t need game to pull tons of ass if you are famous. Does the owner of Grumpy Cat crush a lot? I’m sure he could if he wanted to.

        3. He’s high value in his demographic – high school teenagers. Why? Because he’s fit, good looking and outgoing. If he continues being fit, good looking and outgoing, he will be high value in future demographics as he ages as well.

        4. He’s high value in his demographic – high school teenagers. Why? Because he’s fit, good looking and outgoing. If he continues being fit, good looking and outgoing, he will be high value in future demographics as he ages as well.

      2. He did say ultra high-value males, but I don’t think he said alpha. Kid has a buttload of money and teeny-bopper followers, so I guess that account for his perceived “high-value” status. Even if he is a dorky little twat.

    2. I think this article summarizes the teen / twenty something mind set prior to the body clock switching on the “oh my god, i need to find a man and have a baby”
      then you have the late 20s to early 40s mindset where a jumble of husband’s, kids, career, hypergamy and etc is overlaid onto the younger mind…
      then you have the baby momma mind, that is even more complex again…
      finally when women hit late 40s, all that bullshit gets blown into dust and they start settling down.. some older women can be relatively rational especially if they played their cards reasonably well….. they have none of this bullshit left to hang on to….

  13. Actually, this discussion brings to mind a generalized question. Aren’t the celebrity men who trade continued fame for open dishonesty about their own preferences doing society a disservice? Put another way, don’t these insecure women deserve to have their irrational insecurities exposed and thus self-analyzed until they begin to realize how absurd their thinking is? I mean, at some point, when young women start showing depression over having their silly dreams dashed, they’ll get a talking to by dad or their friends. That talk should, IMHO, make them realize that their insecurities are just plain wasted brain time, and that one-itis (which is an analog to their obsession) is a mental disorder. IMHO, women need to have their body insecurities dealt with when they’re young, so that they don’t grow into an eating disorder, or serious body-image issues later in life. These women need the harsh lessons EARLIER so that they can be actual adults about their own appearance.
    Frankly, I think celebrities of both sexes should be more honest. The lack of forthrightness in media is what allows these insecurities to last until late adulthood.

    1. This. Address it and make them aware, then in their later years they’ll have been over the insecurities after owning it and doing what’s best/healthy. Right now there is no “owning” of their looks/obesity/flaws it’s just excuses and “you’re the bad one for not loving me anyway” delusional b.s. If it gets handled in an ADULT manner things would be a lot better for society as a whole. Right now it’s being handled in teen mode: flip out and scream, cause a racket, then when everyone is finally so sick of you they will do whatever it takes to get you to calm down.

    2. Aren’t the celebrity men who trade continued fame for open dishonesty about their own preferences doing society a disservice?

      They don’t give a shit, long as their pockets are fat.
      Same thing with the hip hop moguls that consistently push drug and murder culture music. They don’t care. It sells and they like money-amongst the deaths.

  14. Yeah, this episode should again illustrate that feminism, et al is really just insecure narcissism, because it doesn’t even try to veil itself with a smokescreen of morality here. Well, it does, but it’s so thinly-concealed that anyone who can step back and think to even a small degree will see through it.
    And it’s another illustration of Law of Power #4: Always say less than necessary.
    And while the female outrage was understandable, the white knights were, as usual, far, far worse.
    Also agreed with General Stalin. This kid looks extremely effeminate. I guess it really doesn’t take too much to ‘look good’ these days. BTW, there’s a good video analysis of this incident if you’re all interested:

  15. What we need now is an article about these closet homosexual trendoids like Nash and the others who frequently clog up twitter trends with a zillion “female” fans trying to get #losermcfaggotto1million. They are literally all the same girl-faced “males” obsessed with the same crap young females are obsessed with. They get thousands of dollars worth of fan mail. This is probably having an extremely toxic effect on expectations of the next generation of women and hyperextreme effects on the feminization of males (where males now seek to be extremely hairless and act like women, talk like women, etc). Additionally, such article could also mention Justin Bieber and One Direction as the higher status end of the youtube faggots. I would love to write the article, but I am new here and dont fully understand the tone of articles here yet.

    1. I 100% back this idea. Males are going to have no adam’s apple, chest hair, etc in 10 yrs if this fake shit stays.

  16. There was a story last week where John Stewart eagerly jumped to the defense of the feminists. It was a story about Brit Hume stating that “Men today have learned the lesson the hard way that if you act like a
    kind of an old fashioned guy’s guy, you’re in constant danger of
    slipping out and saying something that’s going to get you in trouble and
    make you look like a sexist or make you look like you seem thuggish or
    whatever”. Stewart went nuts on him. Hume just stated the obvious and mentioned a “feminized atmosphere” and Stewart pandered to his audience as usual.

    1. Pure Hegelian dialectic. I have contempt for the Jew shill Leibowitz, but Hume is just a less charismatic shill who is not defending masculinity with any competency, obviously on purpose. Christie is an insider who will serve his circus purpose whether elected or ‘defeated’, in which case he can be a lobbyist. Fox is led by Mr. Open Borders and One World Order.

      1. Jon’s Jewish Cred: http://www.worldjewishdaily.com/problem.php
        Firing of Rick Sanchez: “CNN’s Sanchez fired after calling Jon Stewart a bigot”, World Jewish Daily, http://www.worldjewishdaily.com/toolbar.html?4t=extlink&4u=http://www.haaretz.com/jewish-world/cnn-s-sanchez-fired-after-calling-jon-stewart-a-bigot-1.316719
        If you look at a transcript, Sanchez says white people don’t see the Jewish control. I can’t tell if the NWO is largely Jewish vanilla, Yiddish separatists, or a Yiddish derivative. Anyway, as the OP explains in glorious detail, it pays to do the Jewish thing. Anyone ever see a Jew broad work over a Goyem cashier for not giving merchandise away? Anything to take a buck.

        1. Careful slingin that common sense around. Stating the obvious has become dangerous business.

  17. Fantastic analysis, McGinnis. This could be taken deeper, of course. Men must hide their masculinity to make it in a world of fiat-backed feminism. Goes back to debt slavery as codified 3 thousand years ago the books of (a supposed) Moses. Game is playing the female game of psycho-op war but with masculine volition. Moral of the story: play the game that is available, sell the delusions to women who have more political power than they can handle because that power is necessarily used against you, and it will crush you unless you can do what the money-defining Establishment does: harness it. Pawns are pawns. Try and save the pawns and you become one. That is the bitter lesson and rut of my existence. Heed my warning, young men. The original post is a self-branding how-to that will protect and permit your income streams so long as women are liberated.

    1. “Goes back to debt slavery as codified 3 thousand years ago the books of (a supposed) Moses”
      Name specifically which book, chapter and line in the old testament written by Moses where debt slavery is codified, before you pass on lies and slander the Bible before everyone here.

  18. You poor bastards. Back in the day, gals only had “Tiger Beat” and maybe “The Partridge Family” to inform them about romantic phenomena.

    1. Until those stupid new kids on the block came along.
      Its easy to get laid.
      Ya just need the right stuff baby

    2. Hey Shirley Jones was pretty hot. When you’re young she looks like your mother but now she looks like she’s gagging for a shagging.

  19. Great article….and how being red-pill is VITAL for all men.
    Men has a thousand years of experiencing in dealing with rejection….if
    you are a man the likelihood is that you have been
    rejected many times…. more often than not the bitch does not even bother
    to do it nicely in order to spare your feelings….
    So we men have learned how to deal with it….women on the
    other hand have not.
    Women can’t deal with rejection…even with an imaginary
    relationship….and WE red-pillers KNOW that!
    The photo bellow is a wax figure of THE ultimate master
    player himself….women from around the world line up in a wedding dress
    in order to perpetuate their own illogical and pathetic fantasy….
    Rejection is their Achilles heal…and we red-pillers know it.

      1. The hamster is (like the creature in Alien)….becoming real!
        Imaginary Relationships? WTF!!!
        Women are becoming border-line lunatics….fantasy becoming reality.
        Another reason to follow the MGTOW path.

  20. I agree and understand however i believe men should swy whatever they feel whenever they feel like it. Following this safety line just so you wont lose money or hurt somebodies feelings tis a pussies way out and also just makes the feminist stronger by basically giving them all the power. Until we can stand up and say fuck their system we are going to do what we want and THEIR just going to have to deal with it like how they do us we are always going to be slaves to them. Since we now understand why we have two choices, either comform to their demands or tell them to get the fuck over it.

    1. Now is not the time to stand up. The timing is way off. Cf. The Fourth Turning by Strauss and Howe. Be strategic. Enjoy the hedonism because that is all that is on the menu for the foreseeable future. There will be a time to impose, but not now. That is foolishly suicidal. Enjoy the decline and preserve yourself for when everything is at stake. Nothing good can happen so long as useful idiot moochers have not eliminated themselves by their own corruption.

    2. Abide by your principles, own the piece of ground you stand on, and let the chips fall where they may.

  21. As has been reinforced many times on here before. Look to their actions not their words to ascertain true values.

  22. Being a celebrity is a delicate balance in today’s America, at least if your paycheck depends on it. You can’t ever really say anything of real value, no matter what the subject may pertain you. You have to always speak in generalities, sprinkled with guarded optimism, much like elite athletes do.
    I especially hate how spineless these Youtube celebrities can be. If you post something, and it gets negative attention, don’t take it down. Don’t hide. Apologize if you’re genuinely sorry. Otherwise own it and move on.

  23. This seems to be a bit of a dilemma that I have noticed with regards to redpill ideology. In these cases, it is clearly in one’s self interest not to speak honestly and to tow the bluepill line. However, this is doing a disservice to young men everywhere and also helping to maintain the feminist social frame or “matrix”. I guess it is up to every one to make their own decision on this and play a balanced game. I wonder if there would be a way to play the bad-boy dynamic, go against the feminist frame and still maintain a female fan base. After all, there are rappers who do this, so it is not impossible.

  24. It´s best for these high value men to be like George Clooney. Neither confirm or deny anything with your voice; only with your actions.

  25. “I have no talents and I can’t cook at all.” Best girl-comment up there, like a box-car full of meat-hook reality slamming full-speed into her tubby ass.
    I guess this whole faux-scandal could have been summed up in one sentence: Females live in make-believe land, if you ruin it, they will be pissed.

    1. A man saying “I have no talent” will be considered lower than shit by both sexes.
      Girls should consider themselves lucky nothing’s expected from them 95% of the time.

  26. Well it’s easy to be pro feminism when you are a male celebrity. You got tons of ass throwing itself at you and it’s the safe and popular political position. Reminds me of what’s her name….Tyra Banks….she would often talk about wanting a good, honest, and regular man in her life and married 6’10 multimillionaire NBA star Chris Webber. If I was there I would be right along with them. Immigration, you bet, feminism, definitely, Obama…uh huh. Burn that candle at both ends and drain every dime you can get. Years later we will hear about their drug habits and child rape and tax evasion and mistreatment of illegal immigrant “help”. But by then no one will care about them anymore.

    1. That is what’s called going to the cross roads in the entertainment business eventually everyone must do it if they want success: (sell your soul)
      I went to the crossroad, fell down on my knees
      Asked the lord above “Have mercy, save poor Bob, if you please”
      Standin’ at the crossroad, i tried to flag a ride
      Didn’t nobody seem to know me, everybody pass me by
      the sun goin’ down, boy, dark gon’ catch me here
      I haven’t got no lovin’ sweet woman that love and feel my care
      You can run, tell my friend-boy Willie Brown
      Lord i’m standin’ at the crossroad, babe, i believe i’m sinkin’ down
      Cross road Blues: Robert Johnson 1936

  27. …and since there are no such demands placed on men…
    “I want a guy with a really high income, but who’s still humble.”
    “Guys should be tall and in good shape, not dumpy or short.”
    “Guys should be rugged and manly, but still sensitive to my feelings.”
    “A guy should be respectable and in charge, but should give me whatever I want.”
    “A guy should totally take care of me, but still respect me as his equal.”
    “A guy should be comfortable just kicking back, but still highly motivated.”
    “I want to feel like the only girl in his world, but every other girl has to want him.”
    “A guy should recognize the intangible value I bring to the relationship.”
    “A guy should NOT notice that I bring no real value to the relationship.”

    1. Bottom line pretty much sums it up. It is the basis for all red pill awareness that females pretty much live in the fantasy in their heads. Also tht women do not even know men exist outside their fairy tale fantasies. That is why when they are done with you you are treated worse than trash. You are the one that failed her fantasy and therefore harmed her. You deserve to be tortured to ddeath and beyond if possible.

  28. There’s a word for what these celebrities are doing. It’s called pandering to the audience to make money.
    Regardless of their motivation (money, notoriety, etc), at the end of the day these male celebrities choose their words to cater to their fan base. Surrounded by publicists, PR people, and “handlers”, celebrities after a while can’t tell the difference between what they really believe and what they are told to believe.
    That may be fine for celebrities. They livelihood depends on filling arenas, movie theatres, being invited to talk shows, and mincing around on the Red Carpet with the airhead du jour. Fine. It’s all about business, and public image.
    But no man should model his own behavior on them. Women will not respect a man who craves their approval.

    1. It’s kind of like what almost all politicians do, except they’re going after money AND votes. Pick an emotionally charged issue for a certain demographic like gay marriage or abortion, pander to them, get their votes, and then you have power and tax dollars at your disposal.

    2. One other thing.
      A question that we should think about (that indirectly arises from Athlone’s great article) here is: WHERE ARE THE MEN?
      Why is it that men don’t read books, and that the publishing industry caters to the fancies of women?
      Why are women setting the terms of the agenda, and the terms of the debate?
      Why have men withdrawn so completely from the public spectacle, that their needs and wants can safely be discounted?
      Why is the popular culture being designed for them?
      We can’t blame feminism for all this. This is our fucking fault. By receding into our safe, pussified comfort zones, we’ve allowed them to hijack the ship of popular culture.
      This teenager in the video looks looks and acts like a girl. He’s only a kid, I know, but this is how this shit starts…

      1. I think it’s because the shift happened slowly, steadily, and was backed by complicit allies within the general power structure of the culture. Add to that the fact that it’s been going on for so long, and that we’ve just barely arrived at a point in time where the internet allows men to subvert the narrative against manhood and communicate with one another in a widespread manner, and it’s no wonder it got so bad.

      2. It comes back to the well-known fact that men are largely producers and women overwhelmingly are consumers. Savvy marketers know who’s going to be spending the money, no matter who earned it in the first place.

      3. Men need to make it clear there is a market for them. Sites like this help clarify what that means.

      4. here is a man and a man’s website
        men are not so interested in social media and human mechanics… they are busy making money, investing, building real estate, technology and doing real, tangible things….. that’s why men like to get married and forget about chasing chicks and just get on with real world goals….. chasing pussy…… fine in your early 20s, but after that it starts to become a little peter pan-ish….

        1. that’s exactly what the feminazis don’t want, a man to achieve his goals with the support of a loving wife..
          A healthy, normal woman’s goal in life is to raise a good family.

      5. As an author who writes for a male audience, this very phenomenon has been a source of aggravation. Because we surrendered the literary world (for instance) to the feminists, masculine men have no interest in reading anymore. There are a few authors out here who are men and proud of it, but our work is buried under the estrogen landfill. Visit a bookstore, physically or online, and all you see are romances, chick-lit, young (female) adult, paranormal thrillers (female authors fantisizing about sex with werewolves), political (left-wing feminist) thrillers, and gay/lesbian. Red pill men can’t get out of there fast enough and I don’t blame them.
        Sometimes I consider selling out and pandering to the feminists in order to make it big, but can’t bring myself to do it. In fact, I’m considering taking off the kid gloves altogether, while freedom of speech is still somewhat protected.

        1. I stopped reading ages ago because of this; if there was a way to find fiction authors who wrote for us, then it wouldn’t be so bad.
          It’s not even the feminism that is stuffed haphazardly into these stories, but the fact that the stories themselves are all glorified “who’s he gonna kiss?!” instead of Conan. Hell, even Conan isn’t Conan anymore.
          Every medium seems to be like this.

        2. “If there was a way to find fiction authors who wrote for us, then it wouldn’t be so bad.”
          That’s a big reason I started Two-Fisted Blogger. Last year I moved over to Virtual Pulp (virtualpulppress.siterubix.com) and Im hoping to build it into a feminism-free zone for entertainment.

      6. Disposability sells — spectacle has become the ultimate in disposability.
        No history, no direction, no arguments of moral suasion, no pretence toward the future — the ultimate in Be Here Now-ness without the Eastern philosophy to ground it …

    3. “…after a while can’t tell the difference between what they really believe and what they are told to believe.” A lot of people are not even aware that there is a difference.

    4. That’s show-business baby! Entertainers are some of the craziest people on the planet they’ll do or say anything for publicity.

  29. Hands-down one of the best critiques of the psychology behind pop culture I have ever read.

  30. Fat girls get mad because the skinny 8 pack ab’d men they objectified and wanted to date have standards (objectification for the femtards) of their own to which eternal female solipsism reaction is ‘WHY DON’T YOU LOVE ME THE WAY I AM’.
    And girls say men feel entitled.. looks like little mrs. Sasquatch who doesn’t shave feels pretty entitled from my point of view.

  31. I disagree with the advice of this Justin Beaver type for women to play “hard to get”. Certainly, NOBODY respects a total wimp (man or woman) in the long run (it encourages abuse and exploitation) but one of the things I really liked about European women is how they are so often more upfront and less mind game playing than American women. In other words, adult. It was also something I liked about cougars when I was younger. (Not homely cougars but very attractive, 40 year old women who were well kept up.)
    Perhaps what he means is that now that he has (some) fleeting celebrity, he doesn’t like teeny boppers pestering him for dates and wants them to take no for an answer. This is also what many women say: They like being pursued but simultaneously want the losers to know their place and keep back.

    1. He doesn’t know what “playing hard to get” even entails.
      Playing hard to get for a male celebrity = coy looks, girl presenting herself as some sort of “challenge” that gets solved 2 hours later
      Playing hard to get for a normal male = girl showing your texts to a group of her friends and getting collective input on how to act disinterested WHILE keeping you texting her.
      I will never respect any “game” a celebrity allegedly has. Because he is playing in the little leagues while, the average dude post-college is up against the majors in the World Series.

  32. Funny how women have no problem putting up a shopping list of things they look for in a man, on their online dating profiles.

  33. Spot on. I hate…hate…hate…being asked by a woman what I look for in a mate. I don’t care if the woman asking is my friend, a co-worker, an acquaintance, the bartender, whoever. It’s a loaded question. Even if she has Z-E-R-O interest in any sort of relationship with me whatsoever, anything I say will be taken by her as an affront to the very fiber of her being. I find myself using the exact same lame-ass responses that can’t possibly offend her sensibilities.

  34. We have gone from the Arnold’s and Stallone’s to 16-year-old effiminate boyband-lookalikes.
    Fuck, the pedos must be running the show or something.

    1. No. Arnold and Stallone were never big with teenage girls and the younger 20 something set of females. It was older guys and some older women who were into them. Teenage girls have always crushed on cute teenage and early 20 something guys.

    2. No. Arnold and Stallone were never big with teenage girls and the younger 20 something set of females. It was older guys and some older women who were into them. Teenage girls have always crushed on cute teenage and early 20 something guys.

  35. The deluded narcissism hamster has no equal. It’s interesting to see them thrash around, though – and good to see how men can lie to placate the hamster in his fanbase.
    Eventually Grier will learn how to cut the hamster’s throat and then put salve on the wound. A procedure that I’m still attempting to learn.

  36. What I see is a clear case of what happens when you flip the script on women. Making this kind of move is a game technique many beginners don’t have the stomach to pull off. Nash Grier unknowingly stuck a proverbial shiv into the fantasy of his millions of female followers. By doing this, he has not only asserted his dominance over his online harem, he has also raised his DHV by lowering the value of his groupies.
    What’s ironic is nearly every woman that has an online dating or social profile is guilty of committing the same crime as Grier. The only difference is we don’t hear a peep from the all men that get DHV’ed by women.

    1. By doing this, he has not only asserted his dominance over his online harem

      So true. A common theme in the comments is “Don’t tell me what to do.”
      but he never actually told them what to do.</blockquote?

  37. Genius article. Seems like as the technology for mass media improves the dependence on surrogate celebrity relationships is only going to get worse. Wait till there’s a google glass that projects images in front of fat girls’ faces of teen hearthrobs repeatedly telling them how much he likes watching them eat pastries from Starbucks.

  38. moral of the story. women hate self improvement and living up to a standard. guys we are different,we actually accept it and try an emulate it. get smarter, get richer, get stronger, be interesting and fame is a bonus. women only want to take and gain into a relationship but not not give. whether its time or money cuz shes aperntly special just the way she is. women have standards but cant hack when they have to compete. could you imagine when guys get pissed even at the smallest of standards. like having lady fingers and getting mad about man hands being perfered by women.

    1. ah but to be fair, these are teen girls. Teens period are pretty freakin’ stupid.
      grown women that don’t grow out of this, however…

      1. A Teenage girl,particularly an American one, is undoubtedly the most stupid creature a Human Being could be,save for disease that causes mental retardation.It must always be emphasized that when people say that girls mature faster than boys,it refers only to sexual development and never to intellectual.

        1. No lie on that one. I found myself questioning this “girls mature faster” thing all throughout high school and college. If a college aged male isn’t interested in a female, he just tells her. If a college aged female isn’t interested in a male she agrees to have lunch with the next day, and then doesn’t show up-and then when confronted on it she admits she has a boyfriend but that “she could use a friend.”
          The only reason I didn’t say the rudest crap to her that she deserved was that we had to sit together for the rest of the semester and I didn’t want to feel awkward.

  39. I find it ironic and funny that girls physical preferences are usually things that men can’t change such as height and hair. However, men often focus on things that can be obtained such as shaving and staying in shape.

    1. Or even things that can be obtained simply through inaction. Don’t get skanky piercings, don’t get tattoos, don’t cut your hair short.

  40. I just can’t get why women are not able to face the reality like most of the guys do… You have so many ways to improve yourself, like hitting regularly the gym, shaving, keeping a nice hairstyle, etc, but for them whatever involves taking your ass off the couch seems to be too a mission impossible… No pain no gain, I just wished all of the girls could read these articles and understand they won’t find a single worthy guy if they go on acting like they do…
    Cheers guys, and go on posting such intersting articles

  41. BREAKING NEWS: men have sexual Types. As individuals.
    Funny how they feel the need to support ‘their’ man, even feminists.
    You basically explained the fandom segment of Tumblr there. Especially bad atm are Hiddlestoners and Cumberbitches (the names, I know) who have successfully gagged two highly intelligent men (that’s why I like them anyway) into being weak wallflowers who cannot give an honest opinion on women in public that isn’t ambiguous, easy and completely positive e.g. I love girls who read. They should be ashamed, but they’re too busy stalking and making weird fanart.

  42. A big waste of space. It was so boring I couldn’t even finish reading it. No grown man of any substance has even heard of these nonentities or cares what ‘tweens and teenyboopers do or think.

  43. So a society where women have a high level of influence over culture is a society where everyone basically lies the whole time. Its a wonderful insight, is it not? Describes the response to the short hair article by Tuthmosis at least.

    1. “- a man who finds Lesbianism to be a form of entertainment– condemn Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson’s views on homosexuality?”
      Why would he be anti-entertainment?
      Besides, almost all Hollywood celebs, like Sheen, are bisexual.
      And I’ll include reality celebs like Mr. Duck as well.

  44. 1. “They criticize girls who don’t shave their facial and body hair”
    The worst thing a female can do is shave facial hair. It will come back thicker, darker and stronger – like a beard.
    2. “I love fit girls” – Obviously a high risk of offending
    the fat/chubby chicks, but also a high risk of offending the fit chicks
    who THINK they’re fat. These two groups can often make up the entirety
    of a celebrity male’s fanbase.”
    The photo you used showed an anorexic female seeing a fit, healthy female in the mirror.
    3. “35.2 The number of hours women spend online per month.”
    Should read per week.

    1. “The worst thing a female can do is shave facial hair. It will come back thicker, darker and stronger – like a beard.”
      Do you have any evidence of that?

      1. Yes I do. Shaving does not pull hair out by the root and that is why the hair comes back thicker, coarser. There are other techniques for pulling hair out by the root.

      2. Yes I do. Shaving does not pull hair out by the root and that is why the hair comes back thicker, coarser. There are other techniques for pulling hair out by the root.

  45. This is very true. When I saw the video, I was a little offended when they laugh a bit of girls who were a bit hairy. But I shrug it off, because I knew he wasn’t telling me to do it,besides he was a really young guy, not my type and I wasn’t a fan. But a lot of girls LOST THEIR MINDS. Teen girls are not going to develop thick skin and become strong and independent like they want to if they keep it like this!

    1. Pale Horse, I read this comment of yours elsewhere: “But fetishistic tastes tend to appear usually when it comes to BBW’s. I
      agree that people prefer other people in the more less fat to fit
      spectrum, but a fat woman of a few pounds cannot and should not be put
      in the same category as a BBW, where the men that date them are clearly
      fetishistic. A standard should be settled, specially when men from other
      ethnicities might prefer women who are larger or thicker, but not
      entirely obese. The relation of beauty and weight does change
      culturally, not by much, but it does.”
      This FA (fat admirer) talks about “fat standards”:

    2. Pale Horse, I read this comment of yours elsewhere: “But fetishistic tastes tend to appear usually when it comes to BBW’s. I
      agree that people prefer other people in the more less fat to fit
      spectrum, but a fat woman of a few pounds cannot and should not be put
      in the same category as a BBW, where the men that date them are clearly
      fetishistic. A standard should be settled, specially when men from other
      ethnicities might prefer women who are larger or thicker, but not
      entirely obese. The relation of beauty and weight does change
      culturally, not by much, but it does.”
      This FA (fat admirer) talks about “fat standards”:

  46. Males are no better. At about the 20 minute mark this guy talks about how guys have an index in their minds where they catalogue features of women, keep it stored and then go through the index when they get a new girlfriend, comparing her different features, physical and non-physical, to previous girlfriends.
    Talk about a spinning hamster!

  47. Major lol. So what is the difference between the women of America in fantasy relationships and the countless omega males that are bronies, furries, have virtual girlfriends, etc.

    1. because women dictate what is “cool” in our culture (sad truth), celebrity worship amongst females and omega male sexual outlets can be painted with a different brush even though they are essentially the same exact thing.

  48. Why are famous men feminists?
    Because they’re showered by affection, love, and sex by women.
    End of story. You didn’t need to make a blog about this. Celebrity 101.

    1. Agreed, datbro. The only “anti-feminist” men I know are those who have never been loved and appreciated and sexed up by women.

  49. Wanna know about female insecurity? I’ll tell you about it! Never before has The Great Indian Goddess been so insulted since this culture-crushing machine known as “globalization” made its headway into Indian media and Indian psyche.
    As if it isn’t bad enough that Indian Television
    (previously quite good) is copying trashy shows from degraded American
    culture, thus eroding our ancient Indian values which have stood the
    test of time, this show is a blatant insult to all good Indian girls
    Previously a tall, handsome, well-bred Indian man (like the one in this video) was
    happy to get a decent Indian girl to assimilate into his parents’ home and
    bear the next generation of links in The Great Indian Chain of Being.
    Now?! Now we are expected to look like slick westernized celebrities
    like Mallika Sherawat!!!! No longer is a nice Indian male 9 content
    with a nice Indian girl 6.
    This is not just a huge shit test for women in India, but a shit test for Indian Womanhood everywhere!
    a decade ago, an ordinary girl like me could have gotten a guy like
    this. No more. I hate globalization and what its down to our values.

  50. Wow, all of you so called “men” are really pathetic. You may be males but none of you deserve to be called men.

    1. right, I’m going to believe I’m not a man because a male feminist said so. Please. Begone, pussy.

    2. A self declared ‘male feminist’ – the greatest aberration ever – thinks he’s entitled to say what real men should be like! lozlolzolzollzolzollzollzollzollzollz!!
      I hope your bull dyke mistress rams that dildo hard in your ass tonight, faggot. Now go and kill yourself.

      1. Now, now Monsieur Phantom. That’s slightly angry for an opinion that has absolutely no bearing on how you life your life. Using that logic, I suppose it would be in a male’s best interest to do his best to not think he is entitled to being so critical of other people in general (this includes women in the sense of being judgemental and being judged).

    3. Dont give this fool the time of day folks. This guy is the pedocrite David Fattroll (AKA Mr.Manboobz) in disguise.

  51. Yep..in the west the vast majority of women have very low self esteem and are insecure as hell. Rightly so actually.
    My ex was both those things and you could see her inflicting the same on her daughters…..when it was MY daughter she was inflicting these things on I pulled her up on it.
    The real reason western women are so insecure is that they realise they have nothing to bring to the table….they know they can take the children at any time and so they figure the men know this too….apart from bearing a mans children what do they bring? They no longer want to stay home and make a good home for a man to come home to. They want to “be like men” and men do not want women who want to “be like men”. They want women to “be like women”. Not that hard to figure out really.
    One of the things I like about the eastern european women I have dated is that they are much more realistic about what they can offer a man…..be nice to him, bear his children, keep a good home. Almost ALL eastern european women tell me what great cooks and homekeepers they are early in their conversations.
    Example. Many years ago, when my fav#1 and I had just met and we were just getting to know each other….and I was still at a low point from being suicidal and disowning my children…..she smiled her beautiful smile at me and said “you know, you are a man who could make a woman very happy!”….it was an obvious lead in to the conversation of how I could make HER very happy.
    I looked at her very hard for a good 10 seconds and said “and this mythical woman that I could make very happy? What would she have to offer that was of value to a man like me?”
    She looked at me crestfallen. Literally, her face just fell. The smile was wiped away and she did not know where to look….she ended up just looking down at the floor until she could summon up the courage to look me in the eye again.
    In her mind she had nothing to offer me…..and it showed.
    I know…it was harsh…but it was not nearly as harsh as when I stepped up to alpha. I speak very harshly to her now. She does not like it but she accepts the truth of what I say.
    In the years that followed I reminded her of that moment quite a few times and taught her what it was that she has to offer that I might value…..her honesty, her good heart, her company, her pleasant nature. She seemed to have forgotten this is what men really value in a woman they want to be with over the longer period.
    Example? When Jennifer and I were working through the decision of getting divorced she came to Germany and we went for a walk in the corn fields near where I lived….on the way back we stopped at a park bench and she sat and I laid with my head in her lap and she stroked my hair as we talked. She was begging me to take her back after stealing EUR18,000 from our company bank account. That is what she had come over for. To beg me to take her back…..again….so she was playing nice.
    I said to her “I have told you 1,000 times how much I like you to stroke my hair like this because my mum did it when I was little and it feels like “love” to me, it makes me feel good…..Why have you refused to do even this for me so often?”
    She replied “Why should I make you feel good?” Yep…that from my WIFE.
    In contrast when I asked my fav#1 to do the same she asked me why I liked that and I told her….she was very enthusiastic about doing that and she made a point of stroking my hair like that very often….she was very surprised that something so simple would please me and was only too pleased to please me….
    That even in such a simple thing western women can not be bothered to be nice shows you just exactly how badly they treat their men. This is not uncommon….my prospective wife 2.0 who was Australian flatly refused to stroke my hair…no reason given.
    Western women have low self esteem and are massively insecure for very good reason….they SHOULD BE.

    1. Australian women are some of the most arrogant, narcissistic, self absorbed cunts out there. I hate being around them 24/7

      1. I was offered a job back in australia..I said no. The primary reason is that I never want to live among australian women ever again now I have had my red pill.

  52. Alright, I read the original post you did in the thread talking about this kid. This expansion beats that by a mile-and that’s a tough feat to pull off as your original post was already excellent.
    Masterfully done.
    Also I was 15 in 2005, junior in high school when John Legend came out. He had such excellent music that I bumped from then through college.
    Now in 2013 I’d lost much respect from him when he came out as approving of baby-killing last year.

  53. Here’s two great comments you gotta read; both by women! One is from a cuh-raaaazy pants female describing how Nash’s video affected her; she says that she cried over it and shaved herself while crying among other things. Real fruit loop this one.
    The second comment gives these crazy girls a nice dose of reality. As she brings up a key point the author makes-that the celebrities give vague descriptions about what they like in women, and so when the girls finally hear a specific one they lost their shit.

      1. That’s the crazy person one. It seemed real to me when I replied to her. I did attempt to be nice, in a sense, to a lot of these girls seeing as I’m practically 24 and they’re teens, and I’m not in that crowd anymore. Haven’t been since 2007.

      2. The troll is Breanne Sullivan. Probably Damien Johnson or some other “manospherian”. LOL!

  54. I’ve never thought about the ideas expressed in this article, but it fits in with female solipsism almost perfectly (the parts about the girls imagining he’s talking to them personally). The comments also seem to verify the points made. Great analysis.

  55. When you first asserted that women tend to imagine themselves in relationships with their idols, I was skeptical, because psychological analysis like that is often used to debase people rather than expose the truth. But seeing all those youtube comments really gave the argument substance. It’s fascinating how masses of youtube comments can play the role of a psychological experiment, albeit a poorly controlled one, but still providing a genuine look into people’s minds.

  56. Feminists are self-centered idiots. They expect men not to have preferences or subjective taste but rather for all men to stop what they are doing whenever they see a woman and jump at her to listen to her worthless life stories and praise her like some kind of elevated being.
    Apparently having individualistic subjective preferences is akin to racism. These people are mentally retarded and control freaks.

  57. Excellent article, but…
    This post gave me way too much information about female perspective. Definitely need another shot of test later that day.

  58. So they were OK with him so long as he was brainless eye-candy, but when he had the audacity to speak his own mind, they cried foul. Doesn’t that sound like what the feminists accuse us “sexists” of?
    But I have to disagree about shaving facial hair. Shaving peach fuzz will make it grow back thick and dark, and women in the US are already too butch without beards.

  59. Athlone every article you write is gold. You have a great understanding of deep human behaviour. Thanks man! keep up the good work

  60. You think it’s insecurity? You might be on to something but not in the way you imagine.
    You look at this situation from a perspective of, “How can I manipulate women to get what I want.”
    In reality, women’s insecurities are likely due to the shitty way they’re treated by society.
    Women are valued first and foremost for their appearance. A woman can be smart and successful. But a shitty man will always take her down a peg by questioning her appearance.
    What a shitty power dynamic. We need to get rid of it, and nitwits like you.

    1. Women are valued first and foremost for their appearance. A woman can be smart and successful. But a shitty man will always take her down a peg
      by questioning her appearance.

      Unfortunately for you, that phenomenon is not a societal construct. Men and women have always generally put different weights on non-physical and physical attraction cues. They’ve always mattered more for women than for men, just as non-physical factors (income, social status, vehicle driven, schooling, etc, etc) have carried substantially more weight for men than they have for women. The importance of female appearance is not new or recently manufactured and unique to our society. Its consistent across time and space.
      In either case, your explanation is weak as it doesn’t actually explain why so many random young women would be affected by the words of a couple of male celebrities they will never meet and never date. It is not because of a “shitty power dynamic” and “patriarchal misogyny” that these women find themselves entirely unable to move past the personal preferences of a few celebrities they’ve never met, especially when they know that there are legions of men around them who they CAN meet and whose personal preferences more than fit what they have to offer (your typical young guy doesn’t care about a little body hair).

      What a shitty power dynamic. We need to get rid of it, and nitwits like you.

      Believe what makes you feel better, bro. I’ll still be right today, tomorrow, and in the ever after, whether you like it or not.

      1. It’s actually the people around them putting all that pressure on women to put appearances first.
        You are in fact only right in the context of recent Western society. So there’s that.
        I’m not your bro, dudebro.
        The fact of the matter is that both sexes care at least a bit. But women have more pressure from their parents, more pressure from friends, more EXPECTATIONS from entitled boyfriends than males do.
        So for boys it’s a concern.
        For girls it’s a constant fear and form of harassment.
        You wonder where insecurity comes from?
        It’s that.
        Do yourself a favour and actually listen to women some time.

        1. It’s actually the people around them putting all that pressure on women to put appearances first.

          …up to and including other women.

          You are in fact only right in the context of recent Western society. So there’s that.

          I’m right in the context of MUCH more than that.
          Female appearance is given heavy weight in many places (including those outside of the modern west) and across vast expanses of time. That is the human norm.
          Male status is weighted heavily in many places and across vast expanses of time. That is the human norm.
          Not everything is a societal construct.

          I’m not your bro, dudebro.


          The fact of the matter is that both sexes care at least a bit. But women
          have more pressure from their parents, more pressure from friends, more
          EXPECTATIONS from entitled boyfriends than males do.

          With regard to physical appearance? Absolutely.
          With regard to non-physical factors (income, social status, job, academic pedigree, etc, etc)? Not likely.

          Do yourself a favour and actually listen to women some time.

          I won’t do myself any favors by listening to those who are flatly incorrect, regardless of their gender.

    2. YES, that is why we have an overabundance of fat short bald middle-aged men who are held up by the society as an epitome of ideal male.
      Oh wait… no we don’t.
      I guess you’re full of shit.

      1. Actually we do.
        They’re called CEOs.
        Men get to be valued for more than their looks and don’t have to care about it whereas women who don’t look traditionally attractive don’t.
        Women CEOs get judged as inferior for having anything but traditionally attractive looks.
        Men CEOs aren’t questioned. They’re successful so who cares?
        This is a real dichotomy, whether you want to believe it or not.

        1. Studies have shown attractive, taller men move up more easily than fat, shorter men.
          “Multiple studies have found that an extra inch of height over the average can be worth an extra $1,000 per year, with the amount increasing as the individual measures over 6 feet tall. The average height of CEOs of large corporations in North America is 6’2″. Nowhere is the correlation between height and career success been more striking than in politics, particularly the U.S. Presidency. Of the 43 American presidents, only five have been below average height, with the last (Benjamin Harrison) in 1888. Most presidents have been above average height, with the tallest being Lincoln, Lyndon Johnson, Clinton, Jefferson, Roosevelt and Obama…..tall people are 90% more likely to ascend to the CEO chairs of Fortune 500 companies. And the preference applies equally to female executives as to males, with the average height of prominent female CEOs being 5’9″.
          While the conclusions from these research studies on attractiveness and height may not sit well with modern management practices, or our notions of fairness and non-discriminatory behavior, it appears that in some ways, we still make judgments about people based on appearance.”
          https://www.success . bz/articles/2536/want_a_successful_career_be_tall_and_attractive”

  61. Oh God I had no idea there are male attention whores on the Internet too. This Grier guy is despicable.

  62. Nash Grier had absolutely NOTHING at stake, he knows most of his fanbase are hormonal, brain-dead teenage girls. Similar to Bieber’s die-hard fans, the ones who continue to deny there is nothing wrong with him not taking responsibility for his actions, abusing drugs, etc.

  63. 3Orion3
    1 hour ago
    If you all three ended up in prison you’d be eaten alive… I mean look at you… such smooth skin… pretty eyes… especially Nash, you look more girly than I do and I’m a fucking girl! I recommend you stay out of jail

    Prison rape threats to a sixteen year old kid? Check.

    Sandy Gonsalves
    33 minutes ago
    +Melanie Brown it’s just hair…like honestly you guys are acting as if them wanting girls to shave is like them asking us for our souls or something.

    It’s too bad the chicks with common sense like this Sandy aren’t the majority. this generation really is screwed up.

  64. Nash wrongly titled the video “What Guys Look For In A Girl”.
    He should have just titled it “What I Personally Look For In A Girl”.
    Oh well, you live and you learn!

  65. Some women are really difficult and picky when it comes to men, some aren’t so picky. Some men are really difficult and picky when it comes to men, and again, some aren’t so picky. It really comes down to someone’s personal preferrence, I suppose.
    For either gender it can feel pretty bad when someone picks on your characteristics. There’s a danger when you go out of your way to publicly express a fairly broad opinion about a certain group of people, someone is going to have their feelings hurt. It happens with either gender, really. As a man with many female friends, I can kind of see why some ladies might take offense to the way Nash approached such topics. Similarly to how men may not want to be told what they should feel shame for, women would not like to be told what they should feel shame for.
    From a personal perspective, I think that if people decided to lay down the weapons they use to attack each other for fairly petty reasons, we wouldn’t have so many enemies in our lives. I wouldn’t say there is anything wrong with people doing what they please individually and they really shouldn’t feel shamed. Many feminists treat men like shit, but I’m sorry, fellow males, we can do that sometimes too. Even to members of our own gender.
    As a final thought, not everyone can agree on the same thing at once. Unless people prefer to fight amongst one another and be angry with one another, it’s best not to generalize and also to not add fuel to the fire. This being said, I recognize my conflicting points. Carry on.

  66. Ugh… unrelated but Nash Grier… looks like a fucking dog. I don’t get why anyone could be attracted to him. Also.. I find him kinda obnoxious. Each to their own I guess.

    1. Why do girls have comprehension problems?
      Did you read the article?
      Did you miss the point about the “imaginary relationships”?
      You disqualifying him from your imaginary relationship based on the fact that you’re not attracted to him just points to your insecurity.
      I hope you comprehend that at least on some kind of level.

  67. Nothing like a teenager feeling invalidated because of someone else’s preferences when THEY’LL NEVER EVER meet him! And then say that they, “don’t care,” when they so obviously do, and are making such an uproar about it.

  68. Unfortunately, the reverse of that anorexia picture is more likely to be true in America.

  69. as someone who formerly worked in online advertising, specifically in driving these insecure little bundles of insecure cash towards our client’s wallet, AND who’s background in in Applied Behavior Analysis, the title of the article should be labeled Advertising 101. this is how the little bitches get manipulated.
    Hoever, there is a bit of a falseness here not directly addresssed: men are no different, and RoK is a perfect example of this. The major difference between the two seems to be the focus of agency with men – men believe in self improvement, that they actually have agency in their life….contrary to almost every waking moment of it. So, articles that promise a competitive edge against other men trigger the sme base insecurities in men.
    online, you are all players. but in reality, well…..reading about being a player doesnt make you one, it makes you less of one, because you get your insecurities satified theough reading, rather then actual action. while youre at the gym all day, im fucking your wife. that kinda thing.

    1. Hoever, there is a bit of a falseness here not directly addresssed: men
      are no different, and RoK is a perfect example of this. The major
      difference between the two seems to be the focus of agency with men –
      men believe in self improvement, that they actually have agency in their
      life….contrary to almost every waking moment of it. So, articles that
      promise a competitive edge against other men trigger the sme base
      insecurities in men.

      You would have a much stronger point if ROK where a typical PUA website promising to turn any given male into a club hopping pulling machine. That’s not quite the case, however.
      What ROK says is that men have agency and can achieve self-improvement. It doesn’t claim that every man can become George Clooney or [insert highly succeessful player here], but it does say that the vast majority of men can take at least a significant step up from where they are right now. That’s a far cry from the equivalent of the marketing I described in this article that young girls are fed: we’re not telling men that they can and should ALL be master players with harems of Victoria’s Secret models on their arms. We are telling them that they can and should be the best that they can be, that they’re not there yet, and that they can get there with some serious effort and rigorous self-improvement designed to mercilessly eliminate/minimize their faults (which, as you know, girls are not asked to do in campaigns directed at them).
      Not every man wants to become a “master player”, and the manosphere recognizes that. There are articles on here that can benefit men who just want to get around, and others that can work for men whose long term goal is just a few quality relationships with quality girls and (ultimately) marriage.
      It is for these reasons that I must disagree with your assertion about ROK. It is very distinct from the kind of message I described in the article.

      online, you are all players.

      No, we’re not. Reading about being a player doesn’t make you one, and nobody here made that claim.
      The site is about taking action in order to build lasting, substantive improvement in multiple facets of one’s life. Merely reading doesn’t accomplish that – it is just the first step.

    2. What you are saying is that men who look at fitness sites are not the strongest men in the world, which is true but the majority are trying to improve themselves in that direction. I have no desire to fuck your wife because I most likely can do better for the next decade at least.

  70. This is an American female problem. They all seem to think that they will end of with their boy idol, or with George Clooney if they are over 20. Each of them believes they are a princess deserving of a Prince Charming of their own.
    Obviously they don’t save their vaginas for Prince Charming. They are quite eager to make liberal use of it while waiting for their Prince.
    American women as a group suffer from a severe pathology. The sooner the mental health profession comes up with a name for this syndrome, the better. But, of course, they never will; doing so would ruin their careers and perhaps the entire profession of mental health professionals would have to be abolished by decree in order to avoid hurting any female’s feelings.

  71. Very informative and eye opening article. Spot-on, especially the part that shows how the young women who put these celebrities in the spotlight are the same ones preventing them from telling the truth.

  72. Anthlone and Tuthmosis take the red pill for breakfast, lunch and supper. Never change guys.

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  74. People are f’ing idiots and have too much free time to worry about shit. If you’re a fat hairy leviathan, some guy will still marry you, put up with your shit and pay your way, fear not. It just won’t be Nash Grier, a Hollister model or Ryan Gosling.

  75. Do you think there’s maybe something going in our culture that would cause so many young girls to be so “insecure” in the first place?

  76. Ironic that this girls have no problem acting like the “dudebros”/”nice guys” they hate so much. A guy isn’t allowed to even be disapointed when he doesn’t meet a girls standards (and, man, aren’t THOSE unrealistic!), but it’s okay for girls to have a mental breakdown when they’re the ones who don’t meet a guys standards.

  77. It all comes back to money. Women don’t have a work hard mentality like men do, and a female friend studying engineering actually admitted to this.

  78. I think people should get over this ”WHAT GUYS LOOK FOR IN GIRLS” video. The only problem I have with it is that “guys” means “people” not “male people”. But the film Mary Poppins shows Mary Poppins being generally unkind to children, and manipulating them by showing them magic and then denying that she has done this. Also Sharon Osbourne laughed about Male Genital Mutilation on America’s Got Talent.

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