The Problem Of False Rape Accusations Is Not Going Away

Once again, a young man with perfect credentials for opportunistic women stands accused of rape. Urbane, expensively educated, and probably a little too trusting of the world beyond the milieu of a civilised upbringing, Bartholomeo Joly de Lotbiniere slept with a girl at his university in 2014. It wasn’t until the following year, after he had made a celebrated TV appearance and was touted the most eligible bachelor on campus that his anonymous accuser finally decided that she had been raped by him.

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“It took a while to, sort of, sink in, what he did,” she said. “Then, basically, he was on University Challenge and it was all over social media and certain tweets.”

Given the facts, the jury were unable to decide whether Joly de Lotbiniere was guilty or not, so the trail has stalled until this September. Until then, his freedom hangs in the balance as the media broadcast his distinctive name across a society which sincerely believes in ‘toxic masculinity’ and ‘rape culture.’

This is not the first case of its kind and neither will it be the last. Last year, the leader of Durham University’s debating society (and member of the Champagne society), Louis Richardson, was acquitted of raping a fellow student who made her claim only after her real boyfriend discovered she had been cheating on him. She also admitted to months of consensual sex and slutty texting with Richardson after the incident on which she claimed to have been raped by him. But Richardson was still dragged thorough the courts in an ordeal described by his family as ‘fifteen months of hell.’ To men of honour, this type of public accusation is itself a conviction worse than jail time.

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Writing in The Daily Telegraph, Radhika Sanghani – a mediocre hack who revels in female sexuality while vilifying men for doing the same – used Richardson’s case (and photograph) to describe the ‘problem’ of ‘ingrained sexism’ and ‘lad banter.’

The case does bring up the recurring issue of rape culture on British university campuses.

Of course, what her article really shows is that a general presumption of male guilt can now be published in a leading national newspaper and illustrated with the case of a man whose trial is still active and whose female accuser remains anonymous. The fact that The Daily Telegraph neither sacked nor apologised for the author of this diatribe moves me to wonder how far radhikal feminists might be going to curry favour with their bosses.

always seeking outrage. I wonder what’s gone so wrong in her life?

Even when the courts acquit an innocent man, his accuser will retain her legal cloak of anonymity; a device which clearly allows her to become a serial offender. So thank God for very rich men who, once found innocent, are able to do us the public service of outing their accusers.

Alexander Economou, the London-based son of a Greek shipping tycoon was accused of rape and, although the case was dismissed by police, he had to spend £200,000 to initiate a private claim to out his accuser. His move was widely condemned in the press and, tragically, the girl hung herself before her trial for the perversion of justice could begin. Economou then resorted to desperate measures to clear the doubt which hung over his reputation, broadcasting evidence that his accuser had previously been a sex worker.

Economou’s revelations were described by a court as ‘cruel’ and by the girl’s father as ‘extraneous.’ ‘Cruel’ maybe, but ‘extraneous’ certainly not, like the report that Richardson’s accuser described her house as a ‘slut hut,’ this information serves to illustrate exactly what a culture of female sexual liberation must encourage us to ignore: promiscuity in a woman makes her a hazard to any high value man.

If a woman has ever put a price on her body which is less than marriage, sex becomes a contract on her own variable terms; terms on which a man can always be accused of short-changing her. The slut is not broken by the men who she can control through sex, but by the man who she can’t. And, all too often, this means ‘the one who got away.’

Failure to Comply

The West has gaslighted itself into the assumption that the female sexual strategy is infallible. This means that, when a woman can’t use sex to secure the ideal outcome she envisioned, it must be the man’s fault. This is how a legal process was allowed to develop which hands women a carte blanche to condemn any man who frustrated her.

The Huffington Post’s handy chart to vindicate slutty women who can’t accept that there’s #nosuchthingasaperfectlover

If a man enters a sexual relationship on his terms rather than those of the woman, it is called ‘rape,’ and it is rightly considered a crime. This means that, in order for sex to be legal, it must be conducted on terms to which the woman agrees. So far so good.

But what about when a man decides to exit a relationship on his own terms rather than hers? Has he then violated the terms that the woman thought she had set? Perhaps not, so long as she can continue to trade up but, in practice, it seems that this male right to autonomy is being eroded under the guise of ‘preventing rape culture.’ In order to give women as long as they like to hedge their bets between casual relationships, they are told they can take months, or years, before they decide what their terms really were, and who broke them.

The law standing behind women scorned was already bad enough, but feminine contingency plans to guarantee women’s à la carte mate selection strategy doesn’t stop there. Maximising male demand to shore up the comparative value of the sexual intimacy they can supply, feminists now shame men who show any sign of sexual agency, discernment, judgement, restraint, or lack of thirst to serve women as required.

exactly the sort of Beta who might one day be picky enough to ‘next’ an Alpha Widow… rapey!

Such is the social and political pressure to accommodate the unprecedented wave of fury from women scorned in the wake of their own sexual liberation that the legal system has buckled in the most terrifying way.

Mattress-girl style claims have now risen in frequency to a low background hum (Lewis Tappenden crops up as this month’s latest victim from Joly de Lotbinier’s same university). However, the emerging sub-species of accusation that is made substantially after the supposed event points to a much more dangerous problem than the simple lie of rape culture.

What we are beginning to see now is the legal attempt to assuage women’s failure to have previously consolidated relationships with men who later rose to become worthy of their inflated, pussy-endorsed, sense self-worth.

Sexual Cronyism

Having an accusation or two to your name is gradually becoming a standard rite of passage for any man of worth. As an advocate of chastity, I would normally call it ‘blackmail.’ But because I know at least two men of faith (and high net worth), who have fallen victim to this in spite of never having slept with anybody, I shall call it extortion by fraud in which the law is complicit. What these cases show is that we have reached beyond the stage of petty abuse and into the realm of complete destruction of the legal process. A women’s sexual whim now carries a de facto force of law even when applied retroactively and her testimony is exposed as a lie.

The problem isn’t simply that justice isn’t being done, it’s that the fundamental principles on which justice is founded have been waived in order that the highest source of legal authority – the constitution of our society itself – is the word of women. Such is the Orwellian perfection of this tyranny that people still sincerely believe that we live in a ‘Patriarchy.’

People will generally see what they look for and hear what they listen for. If The Daily Telegraph provides an indication of how twelve of my right-minded countrymen think, then men like Joly de Lotbiniere do not face trial by jury. They face trial by mob.

We can’t fix this immediately but, by drawing public attention to what is truly going on, we can at least stand as a beacon of reason and truth within a dark, Kafkaesque, nightmare.

Regardless of whether he is guilty or not, a severe and lawless punishment has already been served upon Bartholomeo Joly de Lotbiniere. Atticus Finch wept.

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207 thoughts on “The Problem Of False Rape Accusations Is Not Going Away”

  1. Is rape culture caused by Kratom? Or can Kratom prevent false rape accusations? Need some guidance here.

    1. If you took a line of Special K, you have consensually already slept with the girl before she even sees you. This is just one of the ways Kratom defies regular time-space. It’s science. Rape is not relevant where K is involved.

      1. I think it’s religious. Trinity = Father – Son – Holy Spirit (K). Mary was injected with Kratom. That’s how Jesus was born.

    2. If you did a line of Special K, you have consensually already slept with the girl before she even sees you. This is just one of the ways Kratom defies regular time-space. It’s science.

  2. I am so glad I’m beyond my years for this crap to concern me. If I was a teenager or in my twenties and thinking about post secondary education, I think I’d join the priesthood.

    1. For God’s sake, young men, do not go to co-ed universities. Start a business or learn a trade and stay the fuck away from female university attendees.

    2. The Paedophile Priest stereotype continues to exist, though. Male teachers and priests run into much the same problem as college boys hooking up, only usually without the sex.

  3. “Economou’s revelations were described by a court as ‘cruel’ and by the girl’s father as ‘extraneous.’ ‘Cruel’ maybe, but ‘extraneous’ certainly not, like the report that Richardson’s accuser described her house as a ‘slut hut,’ this information serves to illustrate exactly what a culture of female sexual liberation must encourage us to ignore: promiscuity in a woman makes her a hazard to any high value man.”
    I guess accusing someone of rape ‘falsely’ is kind and loving, not cruel. And she may have been a sex worker!
    Where’s the SJW outrage on that?
    Damn! That’s who the court listens to these days, and believes.
    Judges are clueless.
    I am glad this young man did not lose his freedom and has the money to ‘mostly’ repair his reputation.
    As for her; well, she started it!

    1. Fuck the court, fuck her piece of shit father, and fuck anyone who had a problem with it.

  4. Why should it stop? There’s zero negative consequences for false accusations and lots to gain by succeeding in making a false accusation.

    1. Men are going to have to become paranoid. Record your encounters. Luckily with smartphones such actions are relatively easy. Keep a secure record. Just be careful in places like California. Although you could place a sign on your bedroom wall that informs people they’re being recorded. Girls would probably think it a joke, like guys hanging stolen street signs on their walls. Then, if accused sue, and sue any organization that backs the accusation.

        1. Hence the idea of the sign, which is how businesses get around using recorded CCTV.

        2. Better be arrested for invasion of privacy without consent than invasion of anus without consent.

      1. We need some solid statistics in this conversation:
        How many false accusations of rape last year? 5 years ago? Does anybody collect this data in a reliable way?
        What is the average length of time between when a rape victim/accuser was allegedly attacked and when she/he reported the crime? What about crimes reported 5 years ago? 10 years ago?

      2. What makes you think that we are not already paranoid? MGTOW is paranoia of frivorce rape.
        PUA is paranoia of being taken advantage of in many ways. Father’s/Men’s Rights are paranoia of being taken again.
        Despite the three being distinct from each other, except in feminist eyes of course, there is significant overlap. Almost all of it due to feminism and it’s supporting cast of gynocentrism, white knighting, and social Marxist theology.
        If, and most likely when, Western men around the world completely own up to it, rejecting marriage and traditional values that support Democracy, women and government have already realized that it is likely to late.
        But they are hooked on fiat finance, fiat relationships, distance parenting, and essentially every other malady that causes societal collapse as we know it.
        Like a heroin addict willing to give a BJ, or their own browneye, for their next fix; SJWs and their masters will never give up without a fight.
        They can’t. They don’t know how.

    2. That is why it is smart to never have any kind of social relationship with people in a setting of employment or education. Also might as well just visit a prostitute rather than getting into a regular relationship.

  5. “A women’s sexual whim now carries a de facto force of law even when applied retroactively and her testimony is exposed as a lie.”
    Nicely put.
    Re. Radhika Sanghani, it’s hard to imagine a bigger mediocrity. How women like that manage to land a job writing for a national newspaper is quite beyond me. The Telegraph though, got ‘marched through’ some time back (so did the Times actually). Radhika is the dopey cow who went on national television to argue that air-conditioning in the workplace was sexist

  6. So, to clear up the misunderstanding, and settle this for once and for all:
    If a woman, at any given moment during her life, feels, or thinks, or thinks that she feels, that she was raped at any previous moment in her life, then she was raped, period, no ifs, no buts, no questions asked or evidence required. On her say-so and pointing her finger at him, any man is guilty as charged and should be punished severely.
    Hope this helps.

    1. But what if she doesn’t think she was raped, but her female friend says she was? Do we go with the hersay evidence?

      1. Always look at the spirit in which the law is made. The spirit of Feminism.
        Therefore it is self-evident. In such a case as you have described, the accused male is put to the wall and shot on the hearsay non-evidence provided by her female friend.

        1. Hersay* evidence just confirms what we already know anyways which is that all men are rapists.

        2. Which means… that it is self-evident, in the spirit of the law of Feminism, that we should not even wait for hearsay evidence, but we have to take preventive action, no matter what.
          We can not let the sisters fall prey to rape culture. If a man has a device which enables him to carry out rape, then we must assume it is his intention to carry out the rape.
          Sanctioned preventive executions is the way to go.
          In other words: #killallmen

        3. The only way to stop having retards being born and for the hypocrite feminists to go extinct, never ever even have sex or donate sperm. In the long run we might die someday but take the muthafuckas down with us

        4. I would rather say, never, ever have sex with a Feminist woman.
          In a pick-up situation, if the girl confesses to be a Feminist, one should walk away immediately.
          But not without making 100% sure that the woman understands the reason why: that you are nexting her because of her Feminism. That she understands that you were testing if she is good enough for you, and she failed to meet your standards by being a Feminist.
          If more guys did just that, girls’ attitudes would change at rapid speed.
          I already did this twice, and it gave me a good feeling, nearly as good as if I had scored with them.
          I advise against political discussion at the workplace, totally. One does not endanger one’s livelihood unnecessarily. But in private life, one should give voice to his anti-Feminist thoughts. Lots of people have them, most are afraid to voice them. But if you give example, it gives others the courage to speak up, too.

        5. What is all this BS about evidence? That crap has no place in a rape accusation.

      2. Absolutely. I can guarantee you that any woman that goes to discuss anything with a campus rape counselor will come away convinced she was raped.

    2. The very definition of rape has become so broad that you don’t even have to be in the same country with this woman.

      1. I have just one question: if I was born a male, but I identify as a woman, then if I rape a woman, is it considered rape, or is it just rough lesbian seduction?

        1. Personally I identify as a butch lesbian. I dress and act like a man, and only want sex with women. I happen to have a Y chromosome, but as we all know, sex is a social construct and the chromosomes have nothing to do with it. Therefore all sex I have with women is just a lesbian encounter, and therefore completely feminism approved.

    3. That is pretty much what 99% of the women who have discussed this topic with me have said. When you peek behind the lace curtains and see the dungeons and chains on the walls it is not a pleasant experience.

      1. Fuck me, you must be kidding. I mean, I tried to write a totally over the top parody, taking what the Feminists say and maxing out the stupidity to the extreme.
        And now you say, this is what real life females think and wish?
        Then this world and women are much crazyer then I ever thought, and we are in real trouble, what with Feminists being part of the power structure. These bitches will kill us all and destroy our civilization.

        1. At one point one of my sisters told me exactly what you had said. If you were striving for over the top parody, you missed it by a mile. My sister’s tune changed considerably when her teenaged son was convicted of rape for having consensual sex with his 16 year old girl friend. The girl in question testified in court that she was 100% willing and capable of consent; not drunk or under the influence of any drugs. Her parents were not happy and had him charged. He was still sent to prison because he was several days more than 24 months older than her, which is the age of consent law in my state for women under 18.

        2. Terrible story. I feel bad for the boy. The law is crazy. A big problem is, most women cease to be Feminist only when they have sons and it negatively impacts them. They should wake up earlier, and we must help them to wake up.
          If what I have written is the general opinion of Feminist women, then we are in bigger trouble than I have ever thought. We should turn into the very Fascists the Liberal-Left accuses us to be, and put a stop to all this Feminist nonsense with violence if necessary. For self-defence and prevention.

  7. Lets just all get mail order brides and hand these fat ugly scheming western women the cats which they deserve.

    1. “…hand these fat ugly scheming western women the cats which they deserve.”
      Fuck that!
      Make them buy their own cats.

      1. What if it is a manipulation by alpha males that control government to keep all other men down?

        1. Nope, I don’t want any of my male friends or any man to go through the hell of a false rape charge…..that could have been me.

  8. I got accused of rape once. In front of the girls mother, and her entire family was outside on the front lawn. I rolled over and went back to sleep, and the crisis was averted.

  9. Ive had 2 girls ask me if I would rape them. As in, REQUEST.
    My best friend said the same thing, 2 girls have requested him to rape them.

    1. Wanting to be taken and dominated doesn’t make them a freak. It makes them normal. Asking to be taken then turning around and getting a man in trouble for it makes them a freak.

      1. I’m sure down through the millennia, most humans were conceived through “rape”. I’m calling them freaks because of the duplicity of their behavior. It’s what they instinctively want.

        1. I thought it was Jews and rich people that set the standards.
          I am neither, so not my fuck up.

    2. Run away from them. Anyone who wants you to simulate a felony, you need to sever contacts with them.

      1. I couldnt tell if their usage of that word was merely a shit-test or if they wanted some sick role-playing scenario.

    3. All girls LOVE to be roughly dominated by a real alpha male.
      ~62% of women dream about this regularly.

      1. I dated this one mentalcase who would deliberately piss me off all day so at bedtime I’d unleash an extra savagely merciless brutal dicking on her

    4. I had a girl ask me the same thing. I believe, given the strength of women in the legal system, this one simple request, can turn you into a rapist and sued into the ground. Its easy for a woman to ask and get fucked rough, she can easily “prove” rape by the physical evidence of rough sex. Any man who thinks this is just a fantasy request is so stupid they should be removed from society, just as any girl so fucked in the head to try for such a thing should. Simply, it is the epitomy of the death of man. As for the Indian chick, there is no question as to why she is a hard core feminazi, she will never be wanted and realizes this fact.

  10. If I may answer my colleague’s question as to what is wrong with Ms. Sanghani, in my opinion, she is uglier than a well used hammer, and, as such, appropriates the outrage of legitimately attractive women who claim sexual assault since she, herself, is incapable of being sexually assaulted as no man has interest in her.

    1. Which is where if I were the victim of bogus charges I would say that I found the ‘victim’ physically repellant and I had too much self-respect and respect for my penis by putting it in such a loathsome, misshapen creature. Whatever happened to having standards?

    2. I posted up late on this article w/o having read your (similar) post first…our observations are in full agreement.

  11. This will end with the economic collapse soon. All single women will be forced to suck FEMA dick.

    1. “…women will be forced to suck FEMA dick.”
      They will freely do so to protect and preserve themselves.
      Only trouble is, if the economic collapse is severe enough, there will be no one to tax, thus no money to pay FEMA.
      So, as our colleague Sir Lee stated, it will be the dicks of the winners these ladies will be serving (sucking).

      1. There will be some sort of armed occupation force to trade favors with in that scenario.

  12. Im 1 paragraph in and here’s my analysis: Girl fucks guy and drops him. He’s later on TV with increased SMV. She cant have this as it goes against her female programming (any man a woman is no longer fucking must be destroyed (See: divorce laws)) because they cant stand men they dropped upping their SMV and not at least hollering at them. So she plays the rape card.

    1. Why doesn’t he name the accuser or leak her identity? What does he have to lose if he does that?

      1. Contempt of court would be my guess. Maybe the shield laws also have penalties included, I’m not sure.

  13. When the laws of the land are clearly designed to oppress and exploit you to the maximum, with shamelessly malevolent intent, to step outside the law and become a renegade is not even a choice, it’s an inevitable necessity to survive.
    The world has become too crowded and competitive to play the nice guy. There is a reason why being nice and chivalrous as a man is equated to stupidity now. It’s not that suddenly morals have been destroyed, they’ve just completely transformed, out of necessity, based on the fact that the modern world considers men now to be disposable 2nd class citizens. The only option left to the masculine man is to fight, no more Mr.Nice Guy, not on Earth. Outcompete, outwit, outmuscle, outclass women at every turn, and exploit the state and its institutions at every opportunity. That is the first principle of survival for a masculine man in the 21st century: effectively a return to the state of nature, and a vigilant mindset of preparedness for total war.

    1. Men were always disposable.
      Exploiting the state? The state has nothing it did not take from someone. The state is a tool to exploit others. Others who have no say in the matter and if they sufficiently resist will be caged or killed.

      1. USA already holds the world record as the nation with the greatest percentage of convicted citizens and dwarfs in military spending the next 10 nations that come after it, combined !! That doesn’t sound at all like a land of freedom and dreams coveted by the rest of the world anymore…
        Much to the contrary, the majority of the world openly hates the US and the utterly perverse and corrupt American culture now. One thing is for certain, such a civilization cannot hope to remain as world leader without the situation culminating in a hostile conflict on a global scale very soon. It’s up to American men now to decide what they want to do. Do they let the feminist and exploitative American culture keep poisoning the entire world until an inevitable meltdown is reached, or will they be able to mobilize to bring change from within, restoring the American civilization to a healthy state which respects the dignity and natural instincts of mankind and rejects the fictitious and toxic narratives imposed by feminism and political correctness…
        Trump set out on a course to accomplish just that, but has discovered very quickly that he is up against arguably the most challenging mission in his life, and is confronted by a very deceitful enemy that has many well concealed faces.

        1. The empire got the way it got by people exploiting government, which is of course the exploitation of other people using it. If that is how we are to live then we are done for. I won’t do it. A man has to stand for something.
          Trump has shown that his understanding of the problem is little better than the average guy on the street who knows there is one. The attacks on him have proven however that he wasn’t part of the problem, but now that he is in office with that level of understanding, he’s part of it now. Unless he stops the drone wars and adopts a non-interventionist foreign policy the issues of empire won’t subside. Of course any sign of that would be the seed of another attack on him per Russia.

    2. outwit, outmuscle, outclass women at every turn,
      Won’t that be considerably hard when you take in account
      1. affirmative action
      2 feminist friendly media
      3. reservations for womyn
      4.a man-shaming culture
      5. womyns superpower to ruin any man’s reputation (if unsuccessful) & life (if successful) false accusation.
      6. Constant bombarding by media to portray men as the scum of the earth.
      7. M: F ratio skewed in womyn’s favour.
      8. Old expectation of ‘ It’s man’s job to provide’ which still lingers?
      This is a sincere question, Would like to hear some opinions from fellow men.

      1. You can outwit them by leaving the country and moving somewhere with fairer laws.
        In most of SEA,
        If a woman goes somewhere alone with a guy, she’s given irrevocable consent.
        If a woman doesn’t make a complaint to the police the same day, they would just tell her to go away.

      2. 8. doesn’t linger, it’s in full force. Feminism is a superiority movement which is why it only expands the power and benefits of women instead of having them treated equally to men. The last thing they want is equality. A man’s obligations are a woman’s choice.

      3. Its like anything, there is always a way to subvert, just look at how Trump, beat the Dems, the Repubs, and the MSM to become president. A website like this one directly fights the media, provides positive encouragement to men and boys, discourages men from engaging with women, or gives techniques to gain the upper hand, etc.

    3. There is no real morals. Lot of the fake morals today are fabricated as often as new genders are made each day

  14. We can’t fix this immediately but, by drawing public attention to what is truly going on, we can at least stand as a beacon of reason and truth within a dark, Kafkaesque, nightmare.

    Oh, please.
    Both the Progressives, ‘Conservatives’, and Western Churches are so completely feminized that they screw over men from both sides.
    If I wasn’t a Christian, I would enjoy watching Western Civilization burn.

    1. We need a new men-only Christian Military Order of the same caliber as the Knights Templar; the only change would be that Western feminist women, SJWs, manginas, and cuck conservatives are to be shunned and abandoned to the tender mercies of the infidels.

      1. I’m in if you take race mixers. Wife is definitely not western, but is somewhat dark skinned.

  15. OMFG I followed the “yes” part of the HuffPo infographic and I’m speechless.

  16. as sad as it is that the sloot who bullshitted “strung herself up”, she knew she was caught red handed.
    as is being said round here a lot in comments & articles, today’s western women will go to “ANY” lengths to get money from men.

      1. The suicide was NOT ‘sad’ at all; the lying bitch couldn’t face being publicly exposed as a liar AND a false accuser — when she didn’t have any problem BEING a liar and falsely accusing a man of such a loathsome crime as rape (REAL rape).
        Her suicide wasn’t so much “sad”, as being an escape from justly exposed as a damned liar.
        Women should have this drummed into their minds: “Thou shalt not bear false witness”.

        1. Exactly!!! Shame!!! Initially… she felt empowered and encouraged because “all men are rapists” and KNEW she would not be questioned too hard because the SHAME of a false accusation is now completely removed from western society. Women… can… say… whatever… the fuck the want and be believed. When REALITY set in… and she was not just caught lying… but about to be PUBLICLY EXPOSED for doing so… SHAME… is what led her to take her life. This is how WEAK women are. Her accuser… took ALL the abuse and character destruction, which he will never be rid of, and then went on the OFFENSIVE to expose the woman as a liar and degenerate member of society.
          Thou shall not bear false witness… is precisely what just happened. The ONLY reason… the only one… that told her hamster brain she could get away with a false rape accuastion… was the feminist climate and laws that now dominate The West. Destroy feminism, return just laws and innocent until proven guilty, and a LOT of this shit just goes away. Women… can not… survive shame, especially when they are clearly guilty.

  17. Apparently we are headed back to a time where a man can not be alone with a woman that isn’t a blood relative that he was not married to. Or let me rewrite that, a time when a woman could not be alone with a man that was neither a blood relative or her husband.
    As I have stated before, the old time rules of patriarchy where just a previous edition of women’s rules.

  18. My elders once told me, a man goes as far as a woman wants.
    Pretty much.

    1. “My elders once told me, a man goes as far as a woman wants.”
      This echoes what I heard many times as an adolescent; “Nothing is gonna happen with her unless she wants it to.”

  19. Someone needs to gift this Radhika Sanghani with some free rhinoplasty. She looks like Opus the penguin from Bloom County. Honker is about the same size.

  20. Radhika “Radhikal” (that’s very clever!) Sanghani is, from what I have read of her, a particularly vicious misandric feminist.
    I have always said the uglier, the fatter, the older, (or any combination thereof) the feminist, the more hateful, vicious, radical, and vengeful she is.
    “Radhikal” is a perfect example of this.
    My god look at the beak on that ankle biter! With a mugg like that is it any wonder this bush pig’s a rad fem? I would think a man would gouge out his own eyes at the very sight!
    Please Radhika! … please! … for the love of God, shave your ass and walk backwards!

  21. Lower women SMV?
    RealDolls w/ AI.

    We won’t want them anymore. Who would?
    The reality is when you measure the cost and what you have to deal with “after”, the true cost & risk of a gf/wife, they just aren’t worth relationships or marriage. I’m referring specifically to Americanized women.

      1. Sex robots exist to shut up beta and omega males, so that they will go amd die quietly instead of fomenting revolution.

        1. Wouldn’t be surprised if I visited Earth in 500 years, that women were no longer in existence due to artificial wombs, sex robots and genetic screening/manipulation.

        2. Actually, it will be a paradise world. We will have learned our lesson and the mistakes of the past wont be repeated.

        3. I imagine without distractions that Mankind would progress at a much faster rate.

        4. Radical Islam is simply a tool to an end. What I call the world wide company town. The idea is people live a high technological lifestyle in crowded urban centers. The rest of the world isn’t automated farm land has been returned to the wild. It attempts the utopia of HG Wells’ “Things to Come” but ends up with much from a combination of “1984”, “Blade Runner”, and “Brave New World”.
          Of course it could all go wrong, in which case human civilization is destroyed and set back thousands of years.
          If it goes per the long delayed and set back plan, at least David Rockefeller didn’t live to see it.

        5. Why wait 500 years? You can go to sleep(er) and wake up in ~200 years. By then, you can have sex in the “Orgasmatron”(tm); smoking will be deemed good for you along with eating pies and other pastries. Also, you can find abandoned VW Beetles in oceanside caverns that will start right up on the first try.

        6. Wait…I know this…. It’s… It’s…Sarcasm? It’s sarcasm isn’t it?

        7. Praying for the white return, The White cuming. Some Countries in Africa are begging for the white farmer to return.

      2. Women shame anything men take pleasure in, working on cars, worshiping their football teams, cooking, showing emotion, taking up a hobby, hanging with their buddies. See it constantly amongst my friends that have American wives/gfs.

  22. College lads, listen up.
    1. Fuck only townie / local girls. They have not been programmed into the cult of feminism.
    2. If you must tangle with college girls, only let college dorm girls give you hand jobs. Never reciprocate.
    3. If you are attending unis in big enough metros, go to the cougar bars if you feel like fucking and don’t feel like putting in any effort to pick-up a 20-something. There are more than enough 30 and overs who are desperate for cocks.
    4. The only time you should fuck college girls is if you’re involved in threesomes with two females.
    5. If you insist on playing with fire, get a GoPro camera and insist recording every sexual encounter with college dorm girls.
    Make yourselves unavailable to college girls.
    There will be at least one loser come forward who will brag about paying for sex from college girls.

    1. ” go to the cougar bars if you feel like f*cking. There are more than enough 30 and overs who are desperate”…
      I am 51 and I have NO INTEREST WHATSOEVER in females over 30. Why do you think 20 yo college kids would???
      Females over 30 are good for cooking, cleaning, and taking care of kids (if you are UNLUCKY enough to have the rug rats).
      For f*cking, females 29 & under only need apply.

      1. No point in buying after the ‘best before’ date, unless they discount.
        I was sitting with a very attractive 39 year old two weeks back, then I thought I’ll save my money for a 20 year old university student, and went home and banged the wife.

      2. Notice how you spew your biography when no one asked. Those whose minds suffer from indoctrination behave this way exactly.
        Notice too how my commentary didn’t say marry a 30-something cougar.
        My commentary stands for average guys who lack both PUA skills and superior sense about reality but who would like to feel their dicks inside women from time-to-time.
        On today’s college campuses, a guy is asking to be arrested for rape if he hooks up with the wrong feminist princess. Why bother with any college-attending female?
        Good luck!

        1. “Notice too how my commentary didn’t say marry a 30-something cougar.”
          Notice how I didn’t say anything about marrying either. You mentioned “f*cking and so did I. And for that, my friend, “cougars” need not apply.
          BTW, I mentioned my age, not my biography. I mentioned it to let you know how ridiculous your suggestion is. My point: Why would college kids want old bags when an older guy like me wants nothing to do with them?
          And just so you know, college girls are great. I bang them all the time — the ones looking for $$$ that is. They need cash, which I have, and I need young gash, which they have. I have never once been accused of rape. Just the contrary, they keep coming back for more $$$. Good luck to you to. Take care & have a great night!

        2. I live in a university town, 5 or 6 of them plus many vocational colleges. Most of the available 20 year olds would be excluded by your rules. Lucky for me it isn’t in America, and if she goes somewhere alone with me, I get to fuck her.

        3. You don’t bang anyone, not even your wife and you haven’t for 30 years.
          Don’t you know? This is the Internet. Everyone is a lawyer and a surgeon, an ex black ops commando and on weekends, a Formula 1 driver.
          Good luck fantasy man!

        4. What an asinine post. I guess that is your childish way of asking for my “biography”, so here is a very abbreviated version.
          1) I am not married.
          2) I have been paying for sex for 31 years.
          3) As I made more and more money throughout my life, I banged higher and higher quality escorts. Lots of college girls in the escort business.
          If I were a “fantasy man” I would be telling stories about being a billionaire ex-Seal who lives a George Clooney life. My life is very far from that.

        5. “What an asinine post. I guess …” ~ @AutomaticSlim:disqus

          Blah, blah, blah — no one cares. Clearly, you have been triggered again by my comments directed toward you.
          According to you, you’re 51 and paying for sex. If you pay for sex, you’re a loser.
          And that you confess that you have paid for sex for the last 31 years makes you an extreme loser.
          Better luck next time!

        6. “And that you confess that you have paid for sex for the last 31 years makes you an extreme loser.”
          Triggered??? And this coming from a guy who called another guy a “fag” in your above reply because you didn’t like what he said about you?
          “…makes you an extreme loser.”
          I have always referred to myself as an “omega male loser” on this board. And I have always had two main messages:
          1) Fathers must train their sons to be real men. It doesn’t happen by accident. I have been telling people to not let their sons end up like me.
          2) Even omega male losers can get laid. Just work hard, earn money, and use it to bang hot escorts. It beats being a chronic masturbater like so many omegas turn out.

        7. You: “I have always referred to myself as an “omega male loser…I have been telling people to not let their sons end up like me.”
          Then you’re the last guy to dispense friendly advice.
          Notice, in my original comment, I didn’t tell college lads not to fuck girls their own age. I told them not to fuck college girls, except under controlled conditions.
          Clearly, you’re still triggered. Deep down, you wish I would have been your dad.
          Good luck!

        8. There are plenty of people whom my advice can help.
          You seem like a troll to me, though. I believe my replies to you have been a waste of time.

        9. You: “I believe my replies to you have been a waste of time.”
          31 years of paying for sex, what a waste of living that has been. All that time and you never corrected your flaws. You have lived defeated.
          Good luck

    2. as someone who plans to have intimacy with college sluts i thank you for posting these tips very much appreciated.

      1. Right on. In every situation, you must ask yourself if you can be made to be the fall guy. If you are unsure, walk away.
        Remain indifferent, aloof, outgoing, stylish. Women can’t resist independent males.
        Be direct — “Who are you?” “What does your mommy and daddy call you?”
        If you get asked what your name is, make up something, anything. Don’t give your real name.
        You: “What did my dad call me? Rocket.”
        Be crass — “So, do your parents pay for your tuition with cash or loans?”
        [If yes …] “So they sent you to get married.”
        [If no …] “So you’re on college welfare?”
        If she freaks, “Hey. It’s a party. I’m having too much fun. I’m making chit chat. I don’t need you around me.”
        If she shows interest, goof around.
        You: “So were you a baton twirler on the high school cheer leading team?”
        Her: “No, why?”
        You: “Right-handed?”
        Her: “Yeah, why? And why about the baton?”
        You: “You look like you have a strong wrist that can last for an hour.”
        If you would like to qualify away any college slut, ask:
        “So, did you wear a pink pussy hat this winter?”
        You will find out quickly if she is a Democrat loser and hence feminist, a Republican or indifferent to politics. If the latter two, it is unlikely you will become accused of rape.

  23. My colleague shared with me a situation that has/is happening where she works. A male nurse was accused of sexual harassment by a married co-worker whose husband found her numerous inappropriate texts. He has a union backing him, but I really tried to explain that he was going to be drawn and quartered by the “hive”. My colleague assured me that everything was OK and the union was taking care of this. This guy was put on paid leave for several weeks and then when the investigation was done he was suspended for five days without pay. What happened to Mrs. SexyTexting? Absolutely nothing.
    Fast forward a few weeks after he gets back to work and he was told that he was “being watch”. I really tried to emphasize to my friend to give him the heads up about how much danger he was in, but it went over her head. I even sent “Anatomy of a Modern Day Witchhunt” but I doubt she passed it on to him. Poor schmuck just doesn’t know what he is in for.

    1. The hive mind is close to reptilian like this little critter.
      The ‘administrations’ in the fields governed by the mandated reporter rules are awash with loose cannon simpletons that just keep striking. And the higher ups will cover for the loose strikers to cover the overall hive’s ass.
      Once the word is out that a ‘rapist’ is on the loose, the hive rattlesnakes have been stirred and a time lag is required before the reptoid underlings reset their 1/4 oz brains from their hive defense mode. The administration will oficially clear somebody but the hive mentality comprising its many members doesn’t quell immediately. So stand back and let them bite each other in the ass and you know the event has subsided somewhat. Also the garjumble of municipal vs higher judiciaries are full of hive clusterfuckers and will keep snapping at a docketed target for awhile, even after closure of a case, much like the media/sjw’s see sawed awhile with their attacks on Roosh before their stingers were all used up. Idiots in government and administration need blinders and a holter while at work, much like the other dumb cud chewing farm work beasts.
      When 5:00 rolls around, they’re done pushing the pen and need to go home. Sometimes I agree that idiot TV has a purpose. The shit stirring TV propaganda needs curtailed though. It’s unnecessary and defeats the purpose. It needs to be more calming and silly for the dumbots who won’t think anyway.

      1. Well, you can lead a donkey to water, but you can not make it think. This guy just doesn’t get it. I asked my friend if there were any males involved with the process. Any male from HR or the Union. Her response was “no” as I guessed it would be.
        I’ll keep you posted.

  24. It’s GONZO. That’s who it is. Radhika reminds me of Gonzo
    It’s the nose and the general play dough fun factory face. There’s actually another character I was looking for, can’t recall the name but it had a bigger and multi color striped nose like a toucan bird. It may not be an official muppet, possibly from another cartoon, one of Alf’s relatives maybe and THAT’S the one that came to mind which looks like a spitting image of Radhika, but I’ll settle with Gonzo for now. Radhika is the closest thing to a real life anime female Gonzo chick.

  25. I left the west on the advice of my lawyer after false accusations of rape from my English wife (married 30 years). He said, “The police will keep coming for you, until they manage to convict you of something”
    I ain’t going back ……. even though the police paid me $10,000 compensation while admitting no liability for their ‘mistakes’.

    1. ‘Spousal rape’ was considered an oxymoron by legal scholars in the US during the 1970s. In the 80s, fems rammed through a spousal sex liability law in the most conservative state Nebraska. Other states then fell like dominos and it was during Reagan and empowered glass ceiling conservative wealthy women. Within a decade all states could convict for spousal rape.
      Back during the 60s a legally married wife meant free sex on tap and on demand. My relatives (uncles) had a certain look they would give their wives (my aunts). They’d look at their women and nod like the way you queue someone at the table to pass the gravy. Their wives knew what the communication was and were receptive to it. I’m currently working with my wife to try to restore the old forms of communication my near ancestors had with their spouses, like clearing your throat a certain way and she knows it’s time to lift her skirt and brace a nearby object, small tree or railing.

  26. I know Roosh and this site avoids advocating violence. But if this happens to me, I’m not sure I could be peaceful about it. The potential punishment I would be facing or actually receive is too severe.

    1. Everybody advocates no first use. But after it starts, return a thousand fold.

    2. I’d love to be on a jury for someone on trial for using violence to respond to something like this.

      1. I would guess most ROK posters would most likely be dismissed from jury duty after the initial interview.

    3. Once again, glad I live on a boat.
      Don’t fuck with boat people.

  27. This is the inevitable consequence of looking at women as something other than property. Yes, you read that correctly.
    Women are always possessed, that is their natural state. If we werent brainwashed 24/7 to think otherwise, it would be obvious in half a minute that they are simply incapable of survival without male aid.
    Therefore, if she is possessed by a guardian, her father, or husband, such as has actual power to physically compel her against her will, then she feels secure in his power and can be docile. If she is not possessed by a strong male, then she is in a state of danger, and must act out to get as much male attention as possible.
    In this case, the beta male strategy is to undermine all other males so that no male has control over a woman. The justification is that this is for the womans sake, the reality is so they can manipulate and fuck other mens wives and daughters without the permission of those males.
    The irony is that these same greedy weaklings have undermined themselves, because unlike the stupid beta male fantasy, women can ALWAYS get sex, and they prefer to have sex with the resident alpha.

      1. Yes, those subgroups of people whether by cukture or gentics, can resist this trend and reproduce in large families will eventually replace those who do not. Basically, as lomg as the shitlib is not actively attempting to kill you, then he is irrelevant.

    1. Since she is so sure of herself, why dont you let them prove themselves to be strong and independent without the existence of male assistance.

      1. You raise a good point. If men were honest then that would be the ideal. Unfortunately, as we can see from America, that is not what will happen. First, they will clamor for civil rights, in this they will be aided by feckless male adulterers, white knight mamas boys, and your average well meaning idiot (who hopes that by saying the right things he can get better access to pussy)
        After they get those rights, they will immediately attempt to change the environment so that any woman who doesnt work will be at a disadvantage. This is because all womens survival instinct is based on the allocation of resources brought in by males, as such the female “pecking order”, the hierarchy by which females can access male resources and violence, is literally life and death to them. They will rationalize what they are doing with a thousand other reasons, but they will do it just the same. AS THEY ALWAYS INEVITABLY DO. In this case they will unconsciously observe that married women in a fair environment have a tremendous advantage over wild sluts, in the same way that a trained thoroughbred will live longer than a wild horse, or cultivated land is superior to one overgrown with brambles. And so, every action the wild sluts will take will be to remove that advantage, even to the point of using the State to take the husbands earnings for themselves (single mom welfare) or encouraging as many married women to divorce and destroy their husbands as possible. Slut behavior will also be strongly encouraged. All because of the primitive unconscious survival instinct.
        Once again, they will be aided in this by adulterous males, white knight cowards, and the average well meaning idiot. All of whom are unconsciously trying to to sabotage the harder working emotionally stable males that are properly cultivating their women. This is done out of jealousy of the proper males.
        So, in a nutshell, while I would prefer your route, I know that the human garbage will take advantage of that to try to fuck it up for everyone else.

  28. So guys… a few months ago I was walking alone in a bad neigbourhood. This guy comes up behind me and slaps me in the head. Before I can react, he punches me in the stomach and then throws me on the ground and bashes my head with his boots. It took a while to sort of, sink in, but I think I may have been assaulted by that guy… Wait… maybe it has something to do with the fact that I keyed his car and yelled “fuck niggers” at him multiple times… No, I can’t possibly have any responsibilities in this, I’m the victim!
    See how it doesn’t make any fucking sense when you apply the same logic to a crime that isn’t rape?

  29. Useless hippie generation of the past raising even more useless hippie generation of the future.

  30. “I wonder what’s gone so wrong in her life?” “She” looks like a man in drag – pure ugliness ruined her life – made her angry.

  31. One of the most shocking examples of weird rape allegations concerns Gerry Sklavounos, a Canadian politician. A woman made up a wild story about how she was raped by him, but included several false claims about having spoken to police, and also having medical aid. Her credibility did not stand up to question, and yet if you look up his name on line, her story is solemnly repeated.
    The real story is here on this forum, in a well research post. It is gobsmacking.

  32. Men thought they were getting a “good deal” in the sexual revolution. But I thiink that in a Sodom and Gomorrah society, the male transfers his powers to the female. This happens on a micro-relationship with every sexual encounter.
    In tantric yoga, there is a bizzarre twist on that principle. I have heard that in tantic yoga, women have these incredible orgasms due to the fact that the male does not orgasm. She is in a state of total extasy, but he is harnessing her spiritual powers. So he is the one considered to be getting the “good deal”.
    Something like that. I am not an expert, but read it in some interesting but rather unreliable and groovy magazine. But it rings true based on how I think the dynamic in sexxual relations works. Because ostensibly, the male is dominating the female in sex, whereas in reality, in promiscuous relationships, she is vampiring him.
    But Isaac Newton was once asked what was the secret to his genius before his death. His answer was, “I am a virgin”. His natural genius was not sucked out of his soul by a woman.
    A buddy told me that about Newton. Don’t know if it is true. But I am starting to see unchaste women in our culture as very dangerous and evil. I am glad I am married, because I prefer to avoid young women like the plague.
    Notice how the world of feminism was upset when Pence said he never stays in a room alone with a woman other than his wife.
    Women will fuck you over. I would not recommend “game” as a game. If you must find a woman (which is a “must” for most of us), go overseas, preferably to a rural area.
    “American woman, stay away from me !”

    1. Notice how the world of feminism was upset when Pence said he never stays in a room alone with a woman other than his wife.

      This is damned good practical advice for any man in a professional setting.

      1. My dad gave me the same advice. “When you’re at work and you find yourself alone with a woman, leave immediately and find something else to do.”

        1. And this advice came from a man who was probably speaking from experiences in 1975. He doesn’t fully grasp how bad its become.

    2. “I am glad I am married”
      There are two sorts of husband, those who understand their wife cheats, and those living in denial.
      I have been both types of husband, my English wife cheated for 30 years and I was faithful and thought she was faithful. My Thai wife (7 years plus) has always cheated and so do I.

    3. Sexual counter-revolution.
      That is what we need.
      Sexual counter-revolution.
      And a few pogroms thrown in for luck.

    4. “Notice how the world of feminism was upset when Pence said he never stays in a room alone with a woman other than his wife.”
      seems reasonable and non issue…
      However, the left will vilify anything and everything…
      They control the media.
      also everyone is guilty of 5? felonies per day.
      and the left controls not just media, but judiciary…
      so all right peoples are targets, and will be guilty…
      rubber band laws as Stalin said and did…
      bring on the meteor…

    1. instead of vilifying men….
      should be photos of obese women knocking little kids out of the way to get the last seat (and a half).
      source – 10 years with a kid on public transport…
      and always- always a man will offer seat to kid…
      never, ever, not once has a woman…

  33. Did anyone see an uglier 20-something woman than Radhika Sanghani this week? I personally didn’t. It’s not a huge a stretch to see how bitter barkers like Sanghani latch on to virulent anti-male sentiment because most men wouldn’t go near them with a 10-foot pole.

    1. Hmmm, let me think……………………………………Nope.
      Physiognomy is real.

  34. Just keep hoping and praying, as if that ever solved anything.
    You’re seriously going to invoke public awareness as a solution? LOL, now who’s being silly!!

  35. Suing an accuser is all fine and good. But, at college age, a guy is usually broke and his folks not too far behind. Lawyers COST BIG MONEY. With all the funding women have with their break-his-balls foundations, this puts men at a much greater disadvantage. Throw in a lot of white knight cops and it really gets messy.
    That is why men need to be more discriminating with who they fuck. You mess with a stupid broad, you win stupid prizes. Leave them to welfare males, that’s what skanks are into anyway. Choose pussy wisely and don’t forget to keep a digital recorder because chicks love digging on a guys phone.
    Plus, it’ll teach a man high value pussy game, raising the chances of breeding smart children. Help derail the idiocracy. Don’t fuck sluts.

    1. “With all the funding women have with their break-his-balls foundations” — indeed, in the United States we have million$ in free legal funding which simply encourages even more frivolous/defamatory lawsuits amongst worthless, unscrupulous faux-feminist sluts. It’s like a Revenge GoFundMe. Dangerous games…

  36. “The slut is not broken by the men who she can control through sex, but by the man who she can’t.”
    This is very true, and the the more schizo ones tend to totally spaz out as that realization sinks in (this is where they go diabolical and start fantasizing about false rape accusations as revenge). Worst of all, they’ll become emotionally obsessed with you once you flip the game on them (because now they are magnetized by your more realistic power source). Just make sure she’s not in your home when that moment of supreme frustration dawns on her, or she may wreck the place (seen it firsthand!). That’s because you just dismantled her favorite power tool and turned her “force” into a steaming pile of garbage (which it is). Drop thunder on ’em, then turn the page. NEXT.

    1. Ironically by crying rape is still controlling a man through sex, but its the nuclear option that can only be played once. All her chips are on the table. Win, bring down the man, and get all the attention from society for being a rape victim. Lose and you’re exposed as a lying slut and her SMV is forever lowered.

  37. I just read a book called the one sentence course in persuasion, and after reading it, its open my eyes as to why feminism, despite being quite obviously tripe for man haters gain power and privilege over most men has so much traction in some quarters.
    According to the book, you can get people to do whatever you want most effectively by
    enabling their dreams
    justifying their failures
    allay their fears
    confirm their suspicions
    help them throw rock at their enemies
    You can see that the feminist concept of ‘the patriarchy’ allows women to blame men for everything and lets the leaders remodel large parts of society into a form where they given advantages with affirmative action, diversity quotas and the like.
    The only way to combat is to come up with a even more persuasive counter to it, reality is irrelevant, all that matters are how well you can push certain levers in the human psyche.
    The nutjobs writing these idiotic editorials about rape culture have quite literally been hypnotised into believing in it. You cant make them snap out of it with reason alone.

    1. “The only way to combat is to come up with a even more persuasive counter to it, reality is irrelevant, all that matters are how well you can push certain levers in the human psyche.”
      THERE you go…dead on. The “meta” matters in this hall of mirrors as we watch the slow disappearance of meaning and truth.

      1. I think its why most women don’t identify as feminist, as it doesn’t help them to enable their dreams of marriage and children, though are influenced it by a certain degree, and why a minority are such unreasoning harpies about it.

    2. “The only way to combat is to come up with a even more persuasive counter to it, reality is irrelevant, all that matters are how well you can push certain levers in the human psyche”
      Hitler said the same thing

  38. Below is a link to the story about a daughter who filed false rape charges against her father because she believed him to be too strict. Had the barrister not been familiar with the book “Fifty Shades of Grey” the father probably would have been sent to prison and become part of the supposed “actual” rape statistics. How many females are just better liars than this girl et al?

  39. I remember feminists staged a campaign of complaint because cops used to grill the accuser. There was good reason for that.
    There’s too much money invested in rape trials and too many gynogrovelers to return to that easily.

  40. Re: Radhika Sanghani
    “I wonder what’s gone so wrong in her life?”
    She was born an ugly-as-fuck Indian woman with a nose the size of her subcontinent.
    There’s your answer.

  41. Maybe you should become MGTOW? They don’t have these problems, have they? 😀

  42. There is an answer to all of this, especially for those wrongfully convicted and branded with lifetime registration as a violent sex offender.
    If you have ever watched The Borgias, think of the ways of Micheletto. Do not commit suicide, but think of the Latin saying nemo me impune lacessit.

  43. I like the photo of the good-looking guy holding up the sign “This is not what a rapist looks like”. Sure pissed off the ugly feminist who blurted the sour grapes tweet. Make ’em burn.

  44. Fuck this shit. It’s about time men showed solidarity and started harassing the false accusers in the streets and publicly shaming them to the point they break down until they recant their false accusations. Then having shamed them there should be a law instituted like that of Hammurabi whereby a false accusation is a capital offence-that will stop this stupidity.

    1. I have taken it a level further, if woman reject me I start screaming abuse telling them how entitled and bratty they are and to fuck off and die alone with their 20 cats, im so feed up with woman’s attitudes I just want to strange them, its not the rejection that makes me angry, its the fact they think they are such hot shit “Too good for any man” type attitude that gets to me.

      1. I’ll laugh and say ‘That’s alright-you’re fat anyway and I don’t want to get herpes on my bellend/knob” and walk off with a smile.

      2. I would do worse. If I was in charge of America I would punish the false rape accusers by putting them in a Men’s prison housed with real rapists. Their rape stories wont be false no more lol.

  45. Blame and shame not only the women who are false accusers but also the system that gives them this platform. Burn it all down.
    Also the wealthy chap who went on investigation after his case was dropped was villified by the media to counter sue?! This is madness. We need a real worldwide revolution soon. The elites fear us. They fear us. Never forget.

  46. Here, again, is yet more proof that young men attending college/university should go out of their way to abstain from any and all contact with female students outside of the classroom. Even in strictly academic interactions, caution should be used. Ensure all interactions are in a public space with plenty of witnesses.
    Campuses of today are filled with female predators that will quite happily tuck that consensual sexual encounter you shared away until it is of maximum benefit to them to issue a false rape accusation, as in this case.
    If you’re going college under the false pretense that you’re going to live your own special version of “Animal House”, then be prepared to accept that part of your academic experience is going to include false rape accusations, slander, and conviction without trial or just cause by your peers. Honestly, with the cost of education being what it is now, I find it hard to imagine how any rational male student would want to risk his entire future and reputation over one amounts to an hour or two of sex with some campus skank.

    1. I was with my wife about a year ago walking in Philadelphia by the department store that was in 12 monkeys (to give you a mind’s eye of what I experienced) and almost like the crazy man out of that film, a young man of college years starts screaming at the top of his lungs:
      “I’m standing up for women’s rights!!! I’m standing up for women’s rights!!!”
      I would have liked to engage him and ask him what his schtick was but my wife and I had other things to do (she doesn’t want to talk to crazies) but I should have used her as an example. Was he straight? Where was a woman who wants him? If he stood up for their rights, then does that mean he didn’t think the poor helpless women couldn’t do it for themselves? (that always stumps ’em). You get the idea.
      Anyways, what does that have to do with this issue?
      Answer is that a lot of young men in college don’t go red pill because they think it doesn’t apply to them although the whole anti-male atmosphere of most universities screams it to them at the top of its lungs. They get “bought off” by easy lays (unlike in the real world, in college you are largely judged for how you look and don’t need a lot of game. A wealthy man has about as much SMV as a poor guy since they’re all in the same dorms).
      So eventually, even the most horny, dumb young man has to take the red pill if only for survival. About 30 years ago, few men I knew would even imagine what is common red pill knowledge today. We’re living a post feminist world and there’s a kind of darwinistic streak to it. If you can’t see all the posters around you saying “men suck” and calling for your head on a platter and you lay some floozy especially without a condom or keeping your wits about you, it’s like driving drunk next to the police station.

  47. “If a woman has ever put a price on her body which is less than marriage, sex becomes a contract on her own variable terms”
    What does marriage have to do with anything? It is just a piece of paper. Wifes can still accuse their husband of rape. I predict we’ll see a lot more of this until SJWs are defeated.
    I’d like to see ROK send men on to college campuses to train women what to do when a man attempts rape them and what to do after being raped. Teach women to scream rape, have 911 on speed dial, record all interactions with men, never drink, etc.. If they are raped teach them to immediately call police and get tested.
    If the feminists are going to teach men not to rape, this seems like the least we could do. How could they possible object?

    1. I’m married, 13 years now, and here’s a word of wisdom from an old timer:
      You’re right that marriage is a piece of paper. In fact, my wife and I are considering a divorce if only for tax purposes. Marriage is about a continuing commitment from both sides to each other and it doesn’t mean “pleasing” each other. For men, this may mean sometimes reminding her to appreciate and respect you and sometimes, and this does happen, apologizing where it is valid (but try to avoid at all costs apologizing when you didn’t do anything wrong!)
      Just as I’m expected to keep the cars fixed and running and providing for my family, my wife would consider marital rape to be a joke but she does reserve the right to say no if she’s super tired or ill but otherwise doesn’t think it’s a big deal to give me sex when I’m in the mood but she’s not and respects me for having that expectation. I think she also respects men (having been raised in a non-feminist culture.)
      For American men, it’s tougher because I think getting married just after dating and getting a woman in the sack is kind of like trying to go from building paper airplanes to flying jets. If I courted an American woman, I would have spent about 2 years or so breaking her in and teaching her values of how to respect men because most women in the states (and men for that matter) don’t respect men. They expect men to protect and provide and listen, but they don’t respect it similar to some entitled person going to a store and expecting a clerk to help them with a purchase but acting like it’s “their job” so no need to be thankful. Courtesy is something that needs to be taught and this culture doesn’t teach it.

      1. You just explained why I prefer Asian and EE women. They have a default respect for men.

  48. False rape accusers should be punished by being forced to share a jail cell with real rapists. An eye for an eye imo.

  49. These girls are after him because now he is on TV, he will be famous and that means more money and more attention. Perfect opportunity for shameless whores to go after him.
    I wonder would these sluts make same false rape accusation if the guy was well known cartel member or in mafia?
    I think men should start installing fear.

  50. This makes me think the only way for men to stop being treated like this is to lower women on the hierarchy in other words make them lower than even below house pets. The way men treated women in the olden days is starting to make more sense now

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