How Serbia’s Slobodan Milošević Was Framed By The West

This article originally appeared on Fortress of the Mind on August 9, 2016.

Those of us who had some involvement in Bosnian peacekeeping efforts many years ago might be astonished to learn that, after all the propaganda, the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia (ICTY) finally exonerated Slobodan Milošević of wrongdoing in the Bosnian War of the early 1990s.  This result is nothing less than shocking.  The full text of the judgement can be found here.

The Western press–chiefly that of the United States, Britain, and France–were united in painting Milošević as a new Hitler, plunging Europe into the worst carnage since the Second World War.  He was portrayed as the architect of ethnic cleansing, a monster, and a sadist who needed to be destroyed at all costs.  The truth, although it arrives decades too late, is something quite different.

The following quote sums up the general conclusion of the tribunal:

With regard to the evidence presented in this case in relation to Slobodan Milošević and his membership in the JCE, the Chamber recalls that he shared and endorsed the political objective of the Accused and the Bosnian Serb leadership to preserve Yugoslavia and to prevent the separation or independence of BiH and co-operated closely with the Accused during this time. The Chamber also recalls that Milošević provided assistance in the form of personnel, provisions, and arms to the Bosnian Serbs during the conflict.

However, based on the evidence before the Chamber regarding the diverging interests that emerged between the Bosnian Serb and Serbian leaderships during the conflict and in particular, Milošević’s repeated criticism and disapproval of the policies and decisions made by the Accused and the Bosnian Serb leadership,the Chamber is not satisfied that there was sufficient evidence presented in this case to find that Slobodan Milošević agreed with the common plan. [Para. 3460]

In other words, Milošević was just one of several leaders who was involved in the Bosnian War, and he actually tried to limit atrocities, not provoke them.  He quarreled frequently with Bosnian Serb leader Radovan Karadzic, according to the findings of the report, over Karadzic’s indulgence in brutality.  Without doubt atrocities were committed during the war, but they were done by independent, local militia leaders who were not taking orders from Belgrade.

Both Milošević and Karadzic wanted to maintain the Yugoslav state, but Milošević always was careful to take a more cautious line in dealing with Bosnian Muslims and Croats.  Far from seeking confrontation, he tried to achieve his goals through ways short of extreme violence:

The Chamber found that based on a conversation between the Accused and Milošević on 24 October 1991, it was also clear that Slobodan Milošević was attempting to take a more cautious approach while the Accused was adamant that the goal of the Bosnian Serb leadership was to ensure that they would establish full authority in their territories and that they would announce their own Bosnian Serb Assembly.

The Chamber also found that while Milošević expressed reservations about excluding Bosnian Muslims, the Accused was adamant that there were not even 10% of Bosnian Muslims who supported Yugoslavia and that they could not take such a risk. [Para. 3277]

Milošević even spoke out against ethnic cleansing, and sought to prevent it as best he could:

At a meeting in Belgrade on 15 March 1994 attended by Jovića Stanišić, Martić, Mladić, and the Accused, Slobodan Milošević stated that “[a]ll members of other nations and ethnicities must be protected” and that “[t]he national interest of the Serbs is not discrimination.” [Para. 3288]

These findings are totally at odds with what the American and European public were being told at the time.  He was clearly against ethnic cleansing, as this quote from the tribunal’s findings shows:

In March 1992, in a meeting with international representatives, Slobodan Milošević described the situation in BiH as similar to “dynamite”, and if anyone favoured one of the parties, there would be hell but he had called the Accused and told him to “cool it.” Milošević also said that Yugoslavia hoped for intensive links with BiH. Later in the war, in meetings with international representatives, Milošević also made assurances that he would speak to the Bosnian Serbs, that he continued to condemn “ethnic cleansing” but that the world was “satanizing” the Serbs without condemning actions by the other parties. [Para 3280]

Has the mainstream press picked up this story, and publicized it with the same vehemence that they once sought to vilify Milošević?  Has former President Bill Clinton, the man who led the drive to bomb Serbia, made any public statement about these new revelations?

Of course not.  That would violate one of the cardinal rules of superpower behavior:  never admit any wrongdoing, and never trouble oneself with the facts.

Clearly, Milošević was no choir boy.  But he was only one of many tough actors in the region, and he was pursuing what he believed to be in his country’s and people’s best interests.  In the 1990s, Russia, Serbia’s traditional ally, was too weak to offer Serbia much more than rhetorical support. There was no power that Serbia could turn to for help as a way to counter-balance the open-handed and generous support that the other belligerents were getting from Europe and the United States.

This gave the United States and other meddling powers the excuse they needed to intervene in the conflict and extend their spheres of influence in the Balkans.


Even more disturbing, perhaps, are the circumstances under which Milošević died.  He had spent years in confinement and feared he was being poisoned. His requests to be flown to Russia for medical treatment were denied.

The official 2006 report on his death confirms the presence of Rifamicin in his blood, a chemical that would have neutralized the effects of the heart medications he was taking at the time.  The Tribunal knew of the presence of this drug in his system, yet never told him about it.  Yet it was discussed with US officials at the time, behind Milošević’s back.

The vilification of Milošević continued even after the mid-1990s.  A script was already in place in the public mind, and it could be counted on to serve its purpose when a pretext was needed to launch a war.

When the US wanted to bomb Serbia over the Kosovo crisis, it drew on familiar themes of ethnic cleansing (which we now know Milošević disliked and actually tried to stop.).  The video below gives an idea of the kind of self-righteous moral posturing that, by now, has become the stock-in-trade for American leaders in their dealings with foreign nations.  The moralizing is made even more grotesque by the fact that we now know the US and its allies were deliberately lying about Milošević’s role in the Bosnian War.

It seems it was in everyone’s best interest to see him quietly pass away from the scene.  A public trial might expose uncomfortable truths.

The Milošević story is not unique.  The same propaganda techniques are being used today to other official “enemies” whose only crime is to refuse to turn their countries and economies over to US multinational corporations.  Other criminal acts include refusing to obey orders from Washington, or simply any manifestation of independence that conflicts with the interests of the sole superpower.

The same sorts of lies were used to justify the invasion of Iraq, although in that case it was “weapons of mass destruction” that was the useful pretext.

When we look to the Syrian civil war, for example, we see the same tactics of vilification being used against Bashar Al-Assad.  The propaganda lies have been continuous, and need not be repeated here.  What matters is that the same techniques are in play:  media propaganda campaigns combined with the corruption of international organizations to advance US interests.  This combination is effective, and has been used over and over.

Time will tell whether the public learns anything from its experience with past manipulations.

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271 thoughts on “How Serbia’s Slobodan Milošević Was Framed By The West”

  1. As usual western leaders fucking up the world in order to i don´t know what, from the same series of Irak, Libia, Egypt, Siria and so on.

  2. Great article, it seems like western countries dont understand the concept of reaping what you sow.

    1. Sure they do. Globalists knew that they couldn’t enact their plan to destroy Europe via mass import of muslim rapefugees if a strong nationalist and anti-muslim presence were allowed to prosper.

      1. BTW
        I hate the anti-Hungary and anti-Poland (beyond the calcified anti-Russia) rhetoric which is being served throughout the whole EU nowadays.

  3. We were on the wrong side in that war. Our involvement in Kosovo put the Christian population of that region at serious risk and nearly provoked a war with Russia.

    1. “We were on the wrong side in that war. Our involvement in Kosovo put the Christian population of that region at serious risk…”
      As always!
      USA is the greatest threat to world peace and humanity.
      – Bosnia and Herzegovina: radical islam and salafism at the core of Europe

      1. USA is the greatest threat to world peace and humanity.

        That’s the purview of China, the Middle East and European leadership.
        The USA winds up being the “useful idiot” behind global disruption but seldom-never-the mastermind.

        1. That’s the purview of a born and raised eastern european. Me!
          The USA winds up being the “useful idiot” behind JEWS and saudi, quatari, etc allies.
          Someone must pay sooner or later. Including “useful idiot”.

        2. IMO your efforts would be better spent making sure your country has no ties with the abominable, toxic European Union.
          USA has been paying dearly-in funds, lives and the 8 year purgatory that has been the 0bama Administration-for when it was “snookered” by globalists. Hopefully the debt’ll be paid come November, signaled by the election of The Donald.
          With “allies” like Saudi Arabia, who needs enemies? Even dummy Dubya’s “best friend” Putin wouldn’t knife us in the back like they do.

        3. Donald’s going to help bring the hammer down, baby. Heavy military presences on U.S. streets to restore order…you betcha. Gradually get the frogs to accept the slowly rising heat. Then, switch out the federal troops for U.N. troops. And there’s not a damn thing anybody can do about it. Checkmate. Hillary would do the same thing. Presidents do what they’re told. Otherwise they don’t become presidents.

        4. I’d rather see Trump send the UN packing to Geneva or, better yet, Merkel’s Germany.
          She and 0bama can duke it out over who gets to lead it after Moon’s time is up.

        5. Trump is really only running against one person now, so why the plural?
          JP Morgan? Wish it were still like the old days where JP Morgan, the actual man, was pretty open about how he saved the US Federal Government from bankruptcy and did so for an obvious and reasonably innocuous motive.
          Back before we had the disastrous Federal Reserve, of course.

        6. “Trump is really only running against one person now, so why the plural?”
          Hillary represents the interests of…
          – Seven crucial financial supporters of Hillary Clinton’s super-PAC

          – Meme says Hillary Clinton’s top donors are banks and corporations, Bernie Sanders’ are labor unions

          – Hillary Clinton’s Top Corporate Donors Are Among The Most Hated Companies in America

      2. USA is the greatest threat to world peace and humanity.

        Only when a Republican is president. 🙂
        There was negligible protests against this war as Bill Clinton was president at the time. Similarly, we see no protests against 0bama’s destabilizing of places like Libya and Syria.

        1. Yep, there was more outcry over 0bama running guns into Mexico than into Syria.
          A even head kinda-sorta rolled over that one (Eric Holder) while everyone involved in Libya/Syria received a promotion or got off scot-free.
          AFAIK we haven’t even gotten answers on the military jet that we lost over Libya in 0bama’s private war there.

      3. Indeed. And it was just under our nose. I will never forget a documentary made in the height of the war, when the journalist making it asked “what is a saudi prince doing in the Balkans?”

    2. So stopping genocide/exodus is the wrong side in that war, right?
      Here’s the thing, you’re biased because of your religion.
      But Orthodox Christians are pig-fucking degenerates. They’re worse than the worst Arabs.
      It’s not surprising at all that the only Slavic nations that aren’t sub-humans, poster-children of Nazi’s Ubermensch are the ones who are majority Roman Catholic instead of pig-fucking Orthodox

  4. I recommend everyone to watch this 5-hour documentary to understand a little bit about Yugoslavia. It is a very complicated ethnic conflict. It basically interviews the real leaders of the war, very brutal. It has its flaws, but it is objective enough to serve as an introduction:PS: I have lived in that area, ask me questions if you want.

      1. You got me, heh. With questions, I was aiming more about Slovenia, Bosnia, Croatia, Serbia. Perhaps someone else can answer that.

        1. It highly depends on age: people who were adults during the war, and the ones who were children o not yet born during the war. For the first ones, there is the nostalgy of Yugoslavia, and they consider that Bosnia and Croatia are “theirs”. I’ll never forget walking with my Croatian GF in Belgrade and one man stopped her and told her that she belonged to them. Younger people know that they don’t have that much future in Serbia, so they tend to be more open, they travel a lot in my opinion, lot of backpacking and be open about knowing more about their neighbors. This highly depends also on the zone, not all places suffered the war with the same intensity.

      2. Not much from what I’ve heard and it’s the same for other Ex Yugoslav countries!

    1. the truth is that the balkan wars were not a national or religion war… but gang/mafia wars.
      thats why all the balkan countries are corrupt since the 90s and governed by criminals

  5. “I helped make Mexico, especially Tampico, safe for American oil interests in 1914. I helped make Haiti and Cuba a decent place for the National City Bank boys to collect revenues in. I helped in the raping of half a dozen Central American republics for the benefits of Wall Street. The record of racketeering is long. I helped purify Nicaragua for the international banking house of Brown Brothers in 1909-1912…where have I heard that name before? I brought light to the Dominican Republic for American sugar interests in 1916. In China I helped to see to it that Standard Oil went its way unmolested. During those years, I had, as the boys in the back room would say, a swell racket. Looking back on it, I feel that I could have given Al Capone a few hints. The best he could do was to operate his racket in three districts. I operated on three continents.” – Marine Corps Major General Smedley Darlington Butler, two-time Medal of Honor winner, author of “War Is a Racket”; excerpt from a speech he gave in 1933

    1. An interesting quote. Politically, however, it looks like this general was more Bernie Sanders than Donald Trump, and aided in the rise of socialist FDR.
      Disappointing, and ironic seeing as how he was a peacenik & FDR got us into WW2.

      1. Yup. It’s a limited hangout, to be blunt. But I figured a few people might benefit. War is really about genocide, first and foremost…the cleansing of those deemed unfit.

        1. Oh yeah. Big business. Some of these families (the richest ones) have trillions. Those “Richest Men” lists you read are another limited hangout. What the Rockefellers have, the Rothschilds, the Royal families, the Catholic Church (including the Vatican) – ungodly wealth (pun intended).

        2. Why do you think I don’t even trust the NRA? They like freaking people out. In fact, maybe they are the ones helping to finance the Democrats. After all, every time Dems bring gun control for votes in Congress, gun sales shoot up.

        3. “Dale, the N-R-A is a Washington, DC based organization. Are you telling me you support Washington, DC?!”
          ^Hank Hill

        4. Joos run the Vatican bank and have since the 1820s when Napoleon took it over for Rothschild.
          A fun history lesson goyim

    2. I know the Butler quote is lobbed here often, but he was a crank. When he lost his senate bid he went far loon socialist.

  6. The Weight of Chains
    “Watch the film that has stirred controversy around the world, screened at cinemas across Australia, Canada and the US, as well as at film festivals in London (Raindance), Belgrade (Beldocs), Havana, Ann Arbor, Toronto, and many others.
    If you thought you knew why Yugoslavia broke up, get ready for 2 hours of shocking facts that will shed a different light on Western intervention in the Balkans. Nicknamed the “Serbian Michael Moore” by the oldest daily newspaper in the Balkans, Malagurski will expose the root causes of the Yugoslav wars and explain that the goal was for the West to create economic and geopolitical colonies in that part of the world.”
    – The Weight of Chains | Težina lanaca (2010)

    – Croatian war crimes in Medak

  7. In other words, it was a conspiracy.
    What ensued in Yugoslavia after 1990 was understood by only a few insiders for what it was. Washington, using the NED, George Soros’s Open Society Foundation and the IMF, introduced economic chaos into Yugoslavia as an instrument of geopolitical policy.
    In 1989, the IMF demanded that the prime minister, Ante Markovic, impose structural reform on the economy. For whatever reasons, he did. Under the IMF policies, the Yugoslavian GDP sank in 1990 by 7.5 per cent, and by another 15 per cent in 1991. Industrial production plunged 21 per cent.
    Using groups such as the Soros Foundation and NED (Rockefeller), Washington financial support was channeled into often extreme nationalist or former fascist organizations that would guarantee a dismemberment of Yugoslavia.
    In 1992 Washington imposed a total economic embargo on Yugoslavia, freezing all trade and plunging the economy into chaos, with hyperinflation and 70 per cent unemployment as result.

      1. Was that whole war to destabilize the slavs (again) and plonk a Zio base there to project force?

    1. It’s worth adding on that Slobodan Milosevic himself was a former banker who had enjoyed the backing of Washington (while he was playing the IMF game), became a new ‘Adolf Hitler’ in the U.S. media.
      Numerous accounts from the region and from impartial outside observers confirmed that by the mid 1990s, all sides in the destabilized former Yugoslavia were guilty of atrocities – Bosnian Muslims, Croatian Catholics and Serb Orthodox Christians. Washington and NATO-scripted media reports concentrated, however, on only one side: the recalcitrant Serb president Milosevic.

      1. If you don’t have a private central bank (IMF/World Bank), you are literally Hitler!

      1. You present no argument to refute the article and call it idiotic. Then we can only assume that you’re an idiot.

        1. There is no argument to be made here. It’s like someone claiming ‘fire is cold but scientists are lying to us’ therefore me having to make an argument against it.

  8. I remember back then when Secretary of State Madeleine Halfbright (we changed her name to this) toured the country trying to draw support for the war. The American people overwhelmingly rejected her bullshit.

      1. If you are addressing me over my comment you are either drunk or a fucking idiot far out of the ballpark.

  9. American citizens don’t craft policy – same as the citizens in any country. Somehow, people have become so brainwashed, they say “Damned Americans” or “Damned Israelis” or “Damned Iraqis” or “Damned Russians”, etc. Pretty effective brainwashing. That’s like calling an entire country’s population serial killers, because Jack the Ripper moved there. Sheer genius.

    1. Too true.
      Which prefer the catch-all of “globalists” as it covers all of ’em.

    2. True. But bear in mind. Who votes these people into power? That, my friend, is one of the paradoxes of democracy. When anyone can decide who gets to lead without bothering to actually question that leader, things like this happen. That’s why I’ve never voted. And judging by the lying dyke and the crazy ginger clown running for president, I’m sitting this one out.

      1. So true, compañero. “Those who cast the votes decide nothing. Those who count the votes decide everything.” – Joseph Stalin (it’s been quoted about 50 other ways, but I chose this one…)

        1. We recently saw that in action when poll workers had to manually redo ballots in Paul Ryan’s primary election.
          Nothing fills voters with confidence more than knowing that some partisan poll worker is trashing their ballot and supposedly filling out a new ballot with the same selections.

          The mistake caused voting machines to reject some ballots during tests,
          forcing poll workers across the city to meticulously duplicate faulty
          ballots while conducting their normal Election Day responsibilities.

      2. Ginger? Trump looks more blonde to me.
        Foreign policy is ostensibly decided by the 535 folks in Congress. Sadly those folks are the ones who need to be, and seldom are, questioned and primaried.
        Of course, when GOP Lisa Murkowski can lose her primary and beat the official GOP nominee via a write-in campaign (!!), GOP Thad Cochran can win his open primary by paying democrats $15/head to cross over and Paul Ryan’s recent primary required “poll workers” to manually redo all absentee ballots…

        1. Paying for votes? No shit! For a while I thought I was in Mexico, where you can buy votes with tortillas and bottles of Coke.

      3. From lesser evil to lesser evil we go, untill we finally realize we’re in hell. How right you are.
        However, neutrality will save noone, even if it makes it easier to live with a functioning conscience.

  10. In all fairness, all sides committed atrocities. I mean, that’s why civil wars are horrible. When people who used to consider themselves as brothers turn to each other, they will go at each other bad.

    1. “It’s them Southerners!”
      “No, it’s them Northerners!”
      “You say that again and I’ll start in tuh killin’…”
      “Go ahead Blue Belly, god save Jeff Davis.”
      And after the smoke cleared, the industrialists who financed both sides of the war, counted their profits, and took away more freedoms. The end.

      1. That’s why we probably won’t see another civil war in America. After Gettysburg, Vicksburg, and Sherman’s rampage, I think Americans have been cowed enough to not want to rebel.

        1. I don’t know…Civil War may be a possible option. Lots of secession talk. Who knows what the Puppet Masters have in store – we just have to stay tuned.

        2. The only issue is which states can secede?
          In the time of the Civil War, it was clear which states were getting reamed and which states were doing the reaming. Nowadays the distinctions aren’t so clear.

        3. Any sort of chaos along those lines could be squeezed and shaped to form a new order. They like that kind of stuff. Have to wait and see. If they can rig it to allow men to use women’s bathrooms, anything is possible, and probably on the table of options…

        4. In Texas, there has been talk of seccesion for a while. Why they don’t do it, I don’t know. Maybe it’s the oil boom going bust. Maybe the state government shows its incompetence every time there is, say, a flood. Or maybe it’s because Texans, especially white Texans, seem to be torn between Texit and wanting to show their allegiance to this country. Maybe that’s why I see fellows on occasion flying the US flag, the Dixie flag, and the Texas flag at the same time from their trucks while also posting Secede Texas bumper stickers.

        5. The problem with TX is that its government is pretty much 100% globalist.
          Of course, TX did kick out a governor, who had become establishment, the last time it seceded but the rot seems to have gotten past the head in TX.
          Somehow even Jeb Bush’s son managed to worm his way into TX politics.

        6. I’m afraid all major U.S. politicians are globalist. They might have convincing cover, but they don’t become major unless they play ball. Here’s the audio of a speech given by JFK to the American Newspaper Publishers Association; I know Kennedy was no choirboy, but this speech he gave on November 18, 1961, is dead-on. Have a listen and think about what’s happening today –

        7. Americans are much too comfortable to wage any kind of large-scale civil war. Plus the media has played up an image of anyone considering the idea to be some crazed hillbilly.

        8. I’ll be honest, I don’t know anything about the subject matter in this article, but I do know that simply because a politician says something, it doesn’t mean they believe it, or that they aren’t simply saying it for publicity purposes.

        9. Well from what I gather, these matters are hopelessly complex, and only highfalutin political analysts can make sense of it, which is lucky for those in power…

      2. Industrialists didn’t finance both sides of the American Civil War.
        The whole point was that the industrialists had bought the US government and were using their control to disenfranchise and exploit the South.
        Sure there were rich Southerners but everyone south of the Mason-Dixon was getting reamed by the industrialists.

        1. I should have written, “Supplied all the weapons to both sides”. Slip of the keyboard. I concur with your sentiment.

  11. Total bullshit, Serbs started all wars in Yugoslavia because they wanted to create greater Serbia. Wars weren’t fought only in Kosovo and Bosnia. They were thought ih Croatia and Slovenia (catholic countries) were Serbs made horrific crimes like in Vukovar. US involment was right and morally justified. Bombing of Serbia was one of the greates US foreign policy moves in 20 century.

    1. Exactly.
      I’ve noticed that in this type of websites Serbian war criminals are portrayed as victims and heroes.
      They are completely ignorant of what was going on in Yugoslavia.

      1. I started reading this website as a “How to guid” to easily fuck girls. Apparently, they started to spill into political realm. This site is like counterbalance for regressive liberalism and aggressive feminism in America, promoting masculinity instead. But they found wrong role models, it’s not just Serbian criminals and dictators, it’s also Russia and they mafia state boss Putin.

        1. Yawn. So, Serbian Christians are wrong but, Balkan Muslims are the right role models? What part? The part when you guys got on your knees and converted to Islam while the rest of the Balkan region fought to keep their culture? Is that the part we should emulate?
          Now go on and tell us more about the evil Russians. Did they hurt your feelings?

        2. Well, if we talk about role models in Balkans, Muslims are houndred times better then Orthodox especially Bosnian Muslims. They are only group of Muslims (maybe in world)who don’t really give a fuck about they’re religion, get regularly wasted, fuck, and take drugs. What happened ½ millennia ago and why Bosniaks converted to Islam is another topic, that request’s bigger knowledge of that era in history, especially better knowledge about medieval Bosnian kingdom. But I don’t want to even think to start justifying my people and our culture to you motherfucker.
          P.S. About Russia,I don’t give a fuck about them, but you can ask some Polish or Ukrainian or Estonian and you will get satisfactory answer. Also it’s pretty sad to see this site supports Trump. Guys yous sould stick to feminism, false rape accusations’ and how to guides’ for women

        3. Blah, blah. Your people bowed down hundreds of years ago due to being cowards and now you’re going to give us political advice?

        4. Orthodox Christianity somehow manages to be an inferior religion to the worst kind of Islam (not to mention, there is no rational argument to be made for THEY’RE CHRISTIANS THEREFORE THEYRE ALWAYS RIGHT!). In Kosovo, by the way, since you love mentioning MUSLIM MUSLIM MUSLIM as it means something, Islam is extremely moderate because people just don’t care about religion and in truth they’re just people who believe in God but manage to retain the moderate-to-conservative culture.

        5. I’m not sure I totally understand the point you’re making. Are you saying that Orthodox Christianity is inferior to Islam conceptually or by its adherents?

        6. Don’t you think the two are inseparable? I mean, I have great respect for Christian denominations, I find Christian culture fantastic, except for Orthodox Christianity. Why is it that every Orthodox Christian nation has loose screws in it’s head, including the non-Slavic Greece?
          I mean, I always wondered why Croatians and Slovenians etc.. were Slavic but so much better than Serbians and Macedonians. Then I learned they were Roman Catholic rather than Orthodox. This is no coincidence.

        7. But since I haven’t studied Orthodox Christianity, for now I’ll give it the benefit of the doubt and say its adherents are giving it a bad name.

    2. they were fighting as yugoslavians not serbs, the only reson why other nationalities didnt take part in the war is because everyone pronunced independnce. Those countries who didnt join where obligated to surrender all millitary capacities to JNA.

    3. Just accept that you were used as cannon fodder by the globalists.

  12. The heroic serbs were the real victims in that conflict. Its an enduring mark of shame what the West did to the serbs.

    1. Agreed. I’ll keep telling the truth about this world-historical crime until the day I die. But on the other hand, the Western elites finally ripped the mask off and provoked the rise of Putin in Russia before it was too late.

    2. Serbs aren’t heroic. You’re a fucking moron. The only reason you Serbophiles love these piece of shit sub-humans who absolutely detest you is because “hurr durr muh Christianity”
      The West didn’t damage Serbs bad enough. A nuke would have been more fitting.

      1. This is typical muslim way of thinking. What else to say.
        Btw, a nuke, together with thermobaric boms were located in NATO military base Aviano in Italy during 1999.
        That would be used in case Kumanovo agreement busted.
        Btw, word “Kosovo” in Albanian means?

        1. Again attributing to Islam something that has nothing to do with Islam. I’m a non-religious theist.
          Ok, if not a nuke then a Death Ray. That has to be closer to a Serbian’s heart because of Tesla and stuff
          What does Texas mean in English?

        1. Footage worth a logical fallacy.
          I myself cringed when I saw this live a few years ago. There are plenty of peasants in Kosovo and Albania just like there are plenty of pig-fucking degenerates in Serbia too (except those ones are spread proportionately all over the place and not limited to rural areas)

    1. I’ve read some articles on the involvement of Soros in Kosovo. This is going back before he had much of his billions from speculating I thought but he was still wealthy fund manager then. Supposedly according to these articles his involvement was for the purpose of exploiting the valuable mining operations of Kosovo, but his companies don’t control the mines which have fallen in output and need lots of investment to upgrade.

    2. nobody financed them… if it wasnt for nato, serbian army would make in kosovo what they did in bosnia… huge massacres on civils, because that “Kosovo Liberation Army” was 2 small and with no strategic plans or weapons.

    3. I urge everyone to leaf through the open society foundation leaks. It shows Soros actively destabilizing countries while prepping western countries to take in refugees through special interests. You will never see this damning evidence in the media.

  13. Keep it proper, Sloba wasnt Serb, he was a Yugoslavian/Commie. Same goes for Gavrilo Princip, he pledged for creation of yugoslav nation. So there is no such thing as a serb agression but JNA (yugoslav national army) tying to preserve the federation. Serbia came to being in the 2000’s. Serbs are the biggest losers of all trough history, they die in the greatest numbers for nothing and ther borders are tightening by the decade.
    Yugoslavia was a creation of fallen nationalistic movements, so 6 different ethnicities fell under one communist rule.
    Bosnians sold their asses to the turks for money and were not a nation till now.Croats didnt make it 45′ to get their own state, Motenegro, Slovenia, Macedonia where lucky to be on the margin, so no siglificant blood was spilled there.
    Slobodan was just another commie shill. Luckily he lost. The west had a genuene fear of the situation in YU, dont forget it was a 3 milltary power in the word after ww2, and one of the most armed contires too. Imagine Russia falling intio a civil war?! They will never run out of bullets.

    1. What business is it of “The West” in the first place? And why did “The West” engineer unrest then take all the industries that were flourishing before all this happened? Why was the IMF involved and why are all the southern slav countries now facing hundreds of billions in combined debt?
      Who is “The West” exactly? Adam West?

      1. So if you were a badass with supreme fighting-skills and you saw a 12 year old being attacked by a 30 year old in the street you wouldn’t want to help them?

        1. Stupidly simplified and unrelated.
          Using your scenario, the supreme badass would then rape the 12 year old, take their piggy bank and give them a lollipop to keep them happy.

  14. Thank you Quintus for exposing the truth about this conflict, being a Serbian that grew in western Europe, I saw how they (schools, media, politics) vilified serbs during that war, and at the same time didn’t tell anything about muslim’s acts.
    I can’t certify what I am about to say, but apparently Bill Clinton’s campaign was funded by Albanians, although it wouldn’t be a big surprise considering the current relationship Hiltons have with middle-eastern leaders when it comes to campaign funding.
    All I know is that muslim leaders plan to make a « Big Albania » in the Balkans, which would be an Islamic pole in Europe, by doing a massive promotion of Isam in muslim-populated areas, thanks to building mosques, paying women to wear hijab or buying properties in christian neighborhoods.
    My point is that Bill Clinton’s potential affinity with Albania could explain USA’s position during the war, the propaganda, the bombings in Serbia and even the support Kosovo got from international organizations to obtain their independency (basically a part of Serbia given to Albanians).

  15. Thank you Quintus for exposing the truth about this conflict, being a Serbian who grew up in western Europe, I saw how they (schools, media, politics) vilified serbs during that war, but at the same time didn’t tell anything about muslim’s acts.
    I can’t certify what I am about to say, but apparently Bill Clinton’s campaign was funded by Albanians, although it wouldn’t be a big surprise considering the current relationship Hiltons have with middle-eastern leaders when it comes to campaign funding.
    What I know is that muslim leaders want to make Albania an Islamic pole in Europe, by doing a massive promotion of Isam in muslim-populated areas, thanks to building mosques, paying women to wear hijab or buying properties in christian neighborhoods.
    My point is that Bill Clinton’s potential affinity with Albania could explain USA’s position during the war, the propaganda, the bombings in Serbia and even the support Kosovo got from international organizations to obtain their independency (basically a part of Serbia given to Albanians).

    1. What land did Albania get from Serbia after the Balkan war?
      I gather Kosovo is an independent country now. Not Albania and not Serbia. Albania after the fall of Communism and the withdrawal of support of Russia was an economic backwater. I’d be surprised they were influencing the outcome of US elections, but I guess its possible they donated funds as they had a stake in Kosovo, if not for the land at least its citizens most of which were of Albanian ethnicity. From what I remember the US involvement in that region was not just from Clinton acting unilaterally and had the backing of NATO

      1. How it became an ‘independent’ nation is bogus. The way Kosovo was stolen from Serbia would be similar to Texas being stolen from Americans and given to Mexico. It’s a complete travesty what was done to the Serbians.

        1. No. Mexico wanted settlers and got them to offset the Indian tribes. There was a challenge to the ruling government at the time and Santa Anna challenged them and got the support of the big land owners in Texas (mainly Mexican owned). Problem was once Santa Anna won, he forgot about the promised elections and made himself dictator and pissed alot of people off. The rest is history…Alamo, Texas Republic and eventually statehood.
          Historical note: Plenty of hispanics (check the names of the dead) fell inside the Alamo for a reason.

        2. Right but I’m sure the Mexicans have a different perspective. But my point is that it is for the people of Texas to decide whether they want to be part of Mexico, the US or their own republic. Mexico lost Texas due to the influx of US settlers. If it now goes the other way, who’s to argue?

        3. Texas was wild country at the time and largely unsettled. No one is doubting the historical orgins of it belonging to Mexico, but there are consequences for losing a war. If Santa Anna would have have gone a different route… who knows.
          I know it’s popular today for historical revisionsism these days, but it was the Amercians who enabled Mexico, and other countries, to form their own independence in the first place. Who “convinced” the French troops to leave Mexico City in 1866? Most Mexicans, at least living in the US, don’t even know their own history let alone the US.

        4. This is true. Hollywood before the last few decades showed a very pro American story. . I was referring to current myth that Mexico had the land stolen.

        5. True. And believe it or not a stunning number of Americans don’t know their history either.
          Be careful of suggesting that losing a war means the other side was “right”. That is a Might Makes Right argument which effectively means if I can beat a guy up and take his stuff it rightfully becomes mine (which is absurd).
          Here’s my thing on Mexico and Texas both then and now. The issues surrounding these areas were then and are now very complex. But I think it is hard to argue that Mexicans settling in Texas now is “wrong” but the US annexing Texas in the 19th Century is “right”. This is primarily because you wind up in rabbit hole of epic proportions trying to figure out whether a government entity (essentially a band of brigands) really has the right to decide.

        6. Kosovo was Albanian land before it was Serbian land. It was given to Serbia by the Superpowers such as the U.S., and it was taken away by them. Can’t whine about it

        7. The thing is, you’re talking to a bunch of idiots. Kosovo was Illyrian land in anquity and Albanians are the descendants of Illyrians. It wasn’t given to Serbia but to Yugoslavia until 1912.

        8. I cannot dismiss your POV, but the issue of Texas is history. If Mexico, or more aptly mexicans, want to revisit that, then we can have another war. Considering how fucked up mexico is, do they ever consider why while they run to the lands of those “evil gringos?”
          Probably not.

        9. Not entirely true as Serbians populated and dominated that land many , many centuries before the US ever came to existence.
          If Albanians believe Kosovo is Albanian then they should have no problem fighting Serbia straight up for it. and by your logic, southern Albania should belong to Greece.

        10. There are lands Greece posses that historically belong to Albanians that are even now have a majority Albanian population.
          Also, Serbians did populate Kosovo before U.S. ever came to existence, but Albanians’ ancestors populated Kosovo, which was then known as the Kingdom of Dardania, way before Christ himself was born.
          Also, how do you expect Albanians to fight Serbia for Kosovo when Kosovo was part of Yugoslavia for almost a Century? Serbians literally decided what Albanians could or could not do. And not to mention, Yugoslavia was great under the rule of Tito, then came the ugly pig Milosevic and ruined it all for everybody.

        11. What do you mean by “history”. Five minutes ago was “history”. Mexicans resettling Texas is “history”. So what?
          You should look into the history of why Mexico is so fucked up. You will find that in large part there is a trail of breadcrumbs leading right back to the White House.

        12. It’s hysterical. The people on Return of Kings know absolutely nothing about the history of Kosova or Yugoslavia. It actually tries to deny that Milosevic was involved in ethnic cleansing in Kosova, even though he was the supreme commander of the forces actually carrying out the ethnic cleansing in question.

      2. Kosovo is not properly speaking Albanian, it is indeed independent, but its mostly populated by Albanians, and the country has a very strong bond with Albania,
        Hugo’s analogy with Texas explains pretty well why Kosovo’s independency was a contentious subject.

        1. I am not quite sure whats up with some of the lands in that region since the breakup of that region post balkan wars, Whether they are independent countries or not. Apart from Kosovo, there’s other neighboring places like Macedonia and Montenegro. There is some merit in ownership when the majority of the citizens are of one nationality, but it seems Albania dont own/run it, so are the majority of politicians and the wealthy industry owners from Serbia? I read they have elections and have a coalition govt so that is good sign, but I also read of controversy over serbs having greater rights (whatever that actually means)

    2. I have met Serbian women (who moved to Canada) and I have to say, they are some of the most beautiful women I have ever met.

    3. Check also the funding of Bill Clinton’s “brother” George Dubya Bush, also funded by Saudi money.

  16. This site has lost its mind, not that it ever had one to begin with. They never address the real elephant in the room, the zionist/rothschild cult that has the world in its grip. Thinking that Trump is the next messiah and now this? The myopic Quintus Cuntus and his merry band of troglodytes will continue to absolve all of the crimes committed by swine like Milosevic and other whites throughout history but continue to cry about what others have done. Let’s not forget that psycho monk who thinks that whites are gods and mankind is basically unequal. Good work Rooshie, you’ve fooled all these white tools into thinking that you’re a white nationalist just like them. Feminazis and SJWs are no better than your ilk but you’re just like them and much more. Whitewashing history like no other and claiming victimhood for the greatest oppressors known to mankind. Fuck off and rot in hell.

    1. What other race of people builds greater civilizations than Whites, smart guy?
      Milosevic opposed his nation being Balkanized for the purpose of a Western oil/gas pipeline, so like a good goy, you side with zog USA, who allied with the Muslim albanian savages over the nationalist Serbs.

      1. Well stated. The 1990s were nothing short of disastrous for the US and Europe, and it was this foolish and treacherous favoring of Muslims over Christians that illustrates it perfectly.

  17. fun fact: Israel opposed the bombing of Serbia; Sharon called it “brutal interventionism”.

        1. “Fringe” because they know the truth and dare post it…
          Yes indeed
          “American Jews have uniformly greeted the Serbian brutality in Kosovo with outrage. They identified with the displaced Kosovars, comparing them to the Jews of the Holocaust. They commended NATO for bombing quickly rather than ignoring the brutality as Allied leaders did during the Holocaust. One Jewish organization ran newspaper ads depicting trainloads of bedraggled Kosovars, an echo of Nazi concentration camp trains. American Jews poured cash into half a dozen relief funds established by national Jewish groups, and at least two Jewish agencies sent relief teams to the Balkans.
          Israeli Jews’ reaction to Kosovo has been equally intense but much more complicated. Like American Jews, most Israeli Jews view Kosovo as a reminder of the Holocaust and feel a special obligation to aid Kosovars. Israel has done more for Kosovar relief than any other non-NATO country (as Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu never hesitates to note). Israel sent a field hospital and 80 doctors to Macedonia and welcomed 112 Kosovar refugees, offering them permanent residence. Israelis also mobbed a huge Kosovo benefit concert.”

        2. minor humanitarian efforts, no different from other people. and here’s another quote from the same Slate article you found:
          “Israelis sided with the Serbs against the Croats, who had been truly monstrous toward Jews during the war. And even when it became clear that Serbs were slaughtering Bosnian Muslims, Israel was largely silent, and even occasionally sympathetic, about Serb misbehavior.”

  18. The USA actually allied with Muslim Albanians, and bombed the hell out of the Christian Orthodox Serbs for 70+ days… nationalism ie bad, goyim.

    1. albanians arent all muslims so dont use the religion thing… serbia commited huge crimes on catholic croatia also besides bosnia & kosovo.

        1. Kosovo is good reminder what is going to happen once Muslims in the West became majority population.
          First, they’ll screw up European whites.
          Second, then they’ll screw themselves up.
          Third, they’ll probabbly migrate to USA.
          Rince and repeat.

        2. Actually majority of Albanians are not practicing Muslims. I’ve been several times, and at most I’ve seen maybe 4 women in hijab in public. Alcohol and pork is available everywhere. After communism fell, many Arab countries tried to influence their politics but the current orthodox president put a stop to that. They are not a threat at the moment but I wouldn’t be surprised if radicalization started.

        3. What does being a ‘majority Muslim’ (not to mention Muslim in name only) have to do with Serbs?
          Not to mention that Orthodox Christianity is the one religion that makes the worst cult of Islam seem like the best thing ever.

        4. 1. Albanians ARE European whites
          2. Albanians aren’t very religious and they’re not muslims like Middle Easterners.
          3. Albania imitates Italy a bit in culture and Kosovo is becoming more Americanized every day (sadly coming with garbage like LGBT and Feminism)
          Either way:
          The country with the most favorable view of the U.S. for several consecutive years now: Kosovo
          The country with the most unfavorable view of the U.S. for several consecutive years now: Serbia
          Western Serbophiles are idiots just like Evangelical Christians who love Jews when Jews have very unfavorable views of them.

        5. Why is “Americanising” people who aren’t Americans a good thing? What about their traditional culture, what happens to that?

        6. No, I just happened to visit Return of Kings and see this inaccurate article yesterday.
          This is the kind of logic that guides a Serb/Serbophile.

        7. I’m just saying Albanians aren’t Arabs which is the image people like Zunga want to paint when they keep using ‘Muslim Muslim’ as if it meant anything. Traditional Albanian culture is good and has flaws just like every other culture, Albanian culture now mixed with American elements has its good and its flaws too, I’m not saying Americanising is a good thing, I’m just saying Albanian culture is not comparable to Middle Eastern culture, and Islam plays little role in a nation that considers as its greatest hero a Medieval Christian Commander that fought against Ottomans and was very effective doing it until his death (which is why he has a ‘Defender of Western Civilization’ statue in the U.K.), or Kosovo that had a Christian leader for many years until his death and was visited by around a million Albanians to pay their respects in his funeral. Or the University of Prishtina, which is Kosovo’s most important higher-education institution, having a Christian as it’s rector etc..

        8. Oh, and, Serbs are allies with Saudi Arabia funding mosques in Kosovo to spread Islamic extremism. So much for them being Christian heroes.

        9. Ibrahim Rugova was “Christian” secretly. Up until his death nobody knew his conffesion. Most thought he was muslim.
          Just one example of spinning the truth by you.
          Rest of your spins I will not even mention anymore. Bye

        10. Ok, say you’re right of this one and I was ignorant. The rest aren’t ‘spins’, you’re not mentioning them because you know they are true.

        11. What was the name of mother, father, brothers, sisters and children of supposedly “greatest hero a Medieval Christian Commander”? You’d be surprised.
          Btw, he was the greatest financial contributor to the “pig-fucker’s” Ortodox monastery Hilandar so far.
          I guess you didn’t know that too. 🙂
          Too bad he admired “pig fuckers”.

        12. Parents: John and Voisava
          He had a lot of siblings, cba to search. They were all Christian names because Albanians were Christian.
          And maybe the pig-fuckers weren’t yet pig-fuckers back then.

        13. Reposh, for instance, is Slavic and not Christian name. “Rep” in Serbian means “Tale”. Sufix -osh is slavic male names sufix. And that’s just one example.
          “Christian names” are of Greek, Latin and Arabic origin for Ortodoxes, Roman Catholics and Muslims, respectivly.
          Carry on with eating your cake kid 🙂 . I have no intention of further blubbing with you.

        14. Yes Serbians. Scanderbeg was Serbian too. Of course. Everybody great in history was Serbian. Don’t let any reasonable person tell you otherwise.

        15. I can’t say wheter he was Serbian, but his true name and name of whole his family indicates that.
          On the other hand, he might just happen to be ruler of the area populated by Albanians at that time. That was not unusual in Middle Ages. Althought other evidences also indicate that area around Scadar/Skedre city was ethnicly mixed between Albanians and Serbs. Tvrtko Kotromanic was of Croatian origin by one parent, yet he ruled Serbian populated lands of Bosnia roughly at the same time and claimed to be descendant of Nemanjić dynasty. Or “Nimani” as you Albanians use to call them while falsificating history of Kosovo.

        16. It’s funny seeing you Albanians who hate Serbs so passionately having for national symol a man who was of Serbian national extraction.

        17. I even heard for attempts from Kosovo Albanian historics who clam Serbian “pig fuckers” Ortodox monasteries as part of Albanian national heritage.
          Their “arguments” dwarf any other nation’s historic megalomania project.
          And yet, in twenty years or so they will be learned in schools as facts.

        18. They won’t. Although some Albanians like to attribute Albanian nationality to people that are definitely not Albanian, other Albanians make fun and parodies of them.

        19. What “every historian”? Kosovo historians?
          Let’s see…
          Stanisha – (serb. “stati” – eng. “to stay”)
          Reposh – explained ethimology.
          Kostadin – Greek origin name + slavic suffix -in.
          Mamica – serb. “little mommy”
          Angelina – serb. version of greek name.
          Mara – serb. version of name Maria
          Vlajka – serb. fem. name from “Vlah” – shepard
          Jelena – serb. version of name Helen
          Voisava – serb. fem. name from “Voj” which is battle, struggle. Suf. -sava fem. name suffix.
          Father: Jovan (not Gjon) – serb. version of name John.
          And so forth.

        20. And yet all historians (not Kosovar, by the way) missed that and mistakenly, with the fullest of confidence, call George Kastriot an Albanian nobleman. Got it.

        21. Oh and, I can tell you’re lying by the fact that you say John Castriot’s name was “Jovan” (it wasn’t)

        22. George (Gjorg, Djordje) Kastriot was chosen in the 19th century by creators of modern Albanian nation as a figure under which symbolism unification of various Albanian tribes will take place.
          Because most of Albanian during the last five hundred years were hardly more then Ottoman henchmen for doing punititive tasks Ottomans didn’t want to do, there were no Albanian national heroes worth mentioning.
          So they choose Kastriot to fullifil that task. And that is nothing special about Albanians as a nation. Almost all other nations have similar artificial constructions in more or less degree.
          Eagle from your belowed flag was of Eastern Roman (wrongly called Byzantian) origin (and thus “pig fuck” Ortodox origin) and it was heraldic symbol of city of Skadar in Middle Ages.
          Frightening thought, isn’t?

        23. Okay but your conjecture has pretty much zero proof behind it. Imma trust the guys (neither Serbian nor Albanian) who have phDs in History and related fields, thank you very much.

        24. In various chronicles he was listed under various other names. There are all those versions existing and we don’t know for sure what was his real name. Albanians prefer to call him Gjon.

        25. It is not unlikely if they are Christina. It’s not a slav-exclusive name.
          By your logic, my cousin is a fictional character because I named her from a Crash Bandicoot game.

        26. Serbian version of Angelina is with “g” like in word “Gamble”. It is not same as western version like in Angelina Jolie.

        27. Which still doesn’t explain why Skanderbeg signed himself ‘Dominus Albaniae’

        28. Oh and Donika, Scanderbeg’s wife, daughter of George Arianiti (you’re not going to claim Arianiti is a Serbian surname.. are you?). Why did Scanderbeg fight in Albanian lands, called himself Lord of Albania, was backed primarily by Albanian families then Slavs only secondary, and if Angelina is a Serbian name why was Donika Kastrioti nee Arianiti (Albanian surname!)’s sister’s name ANGELINA? Apparently, not a very Serbian name after-all.

        29. I didn’t say he hadn’t ruled over Albanians. But, on the other side, name “Albania” was not reserved for territory populated by Albanians only.
          And one more thing, in middle Ages, “Albania”, “Bosnia”, “Occitania”, “Helvezia”, “Bochemia” etc had no same meaning of present national states.

        30. True, Albania occupied Kosovo, and a bit of land that is currently Macedonian, Montenegrian, Serbian and Greek.

        31. So what?
          You’re doing log. fallacy (one among many others) of “Straw man”.
          I previously said that in the Middle Ages nobility were ethnicly mixed for obvious reasons.
          But when it comes to Skenderbeg, he had a lot of Serbian blood.

        32. No proof of it. Especially when your only ‘proof’ was what you called Serbian names of Scanderbeg’s children which I just disproved.

        33. The fact that an Albanian you would be insane to suggest was a Serbian had a daughter named Angelina, which you said must be proof that Scanderbeg was Serbian, when obviously, what you call Serbian names were given to Albanians.

        34. That was not his only daughter. And his name is, at best, international. In the region, that name, when you choose between Albanians and Serbs – Serbian because Albanians have no such a name (not even Christians). Plus – the rest of his daughters and sons had names that belong to Serbs even now.
          Not to mention Kastriot’s grandfather by father Branilo (“braniti” – “to defend” + serb. suf. -ilo) from brotherhood of Masarek. He was gifted by emperor Dushan to rule over that region from the old bisantian castle on the river Garda. Castle is “Kashtel” so that’s origin of Kastrioti surname.

        35. Add to all of that he celebrated so called “Slava”, Serbs-only ethnic religious custom, unique in all Ortodox christian nations (, had a very close connections with Serbian nobility, was a huge donator to Ortodox monasteries – and picture is complete.
          Slava of my family is St. Michael.
          And after all of that, Albanian bloodthirsty beasts and marauders slayed so many Serbs during WW2 under his name. He must be rottating in his grave like a ventilator.

        36. You’re trying to spin and deflect now. That’s not what I said.
          You said Scanderbeg was Serbian because his daughter was Angelina and that’s a Serbian name, yet a guy with a family name of ARIANITI (which is Albanian as fuck) had a daughter named Angelina, which means it doesn’t mean shit that Scanderbeg’s daughter was named that. Same with his sons, could have simply been an Eastern Orthodox thing (Scanderbeg’s father was an Orthodox before being forced to convert to Islam, and that doesn’t mean he was Serbian because it’s no secret Albanians were both Catholic and Orthodox before the Ottoman invasion)
          The origin of Castrioti’s surname could have been either Latin or Greek. There is no reason for your interpretation to be taken as the true one.

        37. If only Serbs didn’t demand from the Superpowers that Albanians only retain a super-tiny part of their land in 1912 so they compromised and gave them Kosovo maybe there wouldn’t be so many slayed Serbs during WW2, though I have no idea what you’re talking about of course.
          What I know is Albania would’ve been in a far better position if Hitler won, considering the Axis established Greater Albania for a while.

        38. According to several historians, their surname has its origin in the Greek word kastro (κάστρο; “castle”; also Latin castrum)
          ej nese je shqiptar mos bje nprovokime tkti qetnikit se veq hup kohe me ket mut.

        39. Besides, Kosovo was going to remain Yugoslavian, in fact, Yugoslavian was going to remain Yugoslavian if that idiot Milosevic didn’t ruin it for everybody. First the Bosnian shit, then removing Kosovo’s autonomy leading to a war. He ruined your nation, everything was perfectly fine under Tito. Even Kosovo Albanians alive under that time say it was fantastic then. But no, he just had to attempt to establish Greater Serbia. Serbs are reaping what they sew, though probably not as much as they deserve.

        40. “What I know is Albania would’ve been in a far better position if Hitler won, considering the Axis established Greater Albania for a while.”
          That kind of reasoning is why you Albanians (especially Muslims) are so good for foreign powers to handle with.
          If Hitler won, all of you, together with Serbs you were slaying, would be exterminated until the last man, woman and child. Nazi would keep some of you from the “Greater Albania” to serve them as slaves for next few decades, then killed too.
          Reading post such is yours, sometimes I feel sorry why it didn’t take place.

        41. There is no reason or proof to suggest that would happen. Hitler viewed Albanians as master-race Pure Aryans who “didn’t mix their blood for centuries of foreign invasion”

        42. That’s largerly a myth.
          “Kosovo autonomy” was Tito’s compromise in SFRY Constitution from 1974 to pacify Albanians.
          Even under Tito’s rule, you Albanians were rebelling on many occations. Slobodan “Krcun” Penezić needed 4-5 years to clean forests on Kosovo from Albanian balists. Later on, while Tito was still well and alive, there were several uprisings and rebellions during 60’s, 70’s and 80’s.
          During SFRY, other regions were taxed “to contribute to the undeveloped regions” (Sanjak, Kosovo and Albanian part of Macedonia). That was the main force behind breeding of you Albanians there.
          Bosnian shit is another story, but just inform yourself on “Islamic declaration” by Izetbegović and “The Wastelands of Historic Reality” by Tudjman to see intentions of “Bosniaks” and Croats for Yugoslavia. With or without Milosevic, there would be war. But that’s another topic.

        43. Which is foolish at all. Albanians are pretty mixed (new genetic researches prove that) and Hitler knew that. He said exatctly the same thing to Indians in India to gain their support in world conquer.
          What you think, if he won, what would he do to these Gypsies?
          Even if his intentions toward you Albanians were genuine (which is not true) it is so bastardly to use someone supremacy to buly and exterminate temporarly weaker then you. Utterly psychopatic behaviour.
          But you Albanians are like that, we Serbs (huge majority) are not. Civilisational differences.

        44. A minority of nationalist Albanians were rebelling, sure, as probability would have it, but the majority couldn’t care less.
          After Tito died that’s when it changed.
          And it’s not that Milosevic started wars, his troops targeted innocent people. Wars should be fought between soldiers.
          As for Albanians breeding, you’re implying that families from every nation didn’t have 5-6 kids on average and totally forgetting that Yugoslavian regime offered REWARDS to people, including Albanians, as long as they made at least 5 kids for family. Albanians are the majority of Kosovo not because Serbians didn’t breed, because they did, but because they were already the majority for a long time, because, it’s our ancestral land.
          And if Serbians didn’t breed that’s their own fault. Pretty sure there’s an article on this website titled “If you don’t make babies you don’t matter”, or something similar.

        45. Huge demonstrations during all those years disprove your assertion. Maybe herd mentality can explain that.
          Milosevic’s forces targeted innocent Albanian civilians if they were used as live human shields by armed rebels. That was the documented case on many occassions during the Kosovo war.
          Kosovo and other “undeveloped regions” of SFRY were recieving per capita much, much more then other regions in that country. Croatia and Slovenia had most of that tax burden.
          What are “ancestral lands” depends on how far you look into the history.

        46. But Indians aren’t gypsies.
          You Serbs (huge majority) are psychopaths as your documented acts, for which there is plenty of evidence show so. Even more because instead of admitting for and either apologizing or at least moving on, you keep insisting it’s your land and keep making dumb theories up (such as the innocent people being used as shields by armed rebels, because that totally explains the rapes and all) because you don’t want to admit what you did.
          What next, Albanians and Bosnians are reptilian aliens that threaten Earth and you wanted to protect humanity?
          I’m done here.

        47. As for Albanians being mixed, maybe Illyrian/Thracean/AncientGreek
          There is no proof of any other mixture.

  19. The 1999 NATO/US bombing of Serbia for 78 days was a criminally underappreciated world-historical turning point. A precedent was set that placed “self-determination” over “territorial integrity”, which now justifies 2014’s Russian annexation of Crimea after the referendum passed by a landslide. Just a few months after the NATO bombing on behalf of the Muslim militants in Kosovo, US-supported jihadists in Chechnya invaded Russian Dagestan in the hope of cutting Russia off from access to the Caspian Sea. The weakness of the drunken degenerate Boris Yeltsin invited this aggression, but the strength of the rising and sober Vladimir Putin ended this aggression and ended the threat of Chechen independence.

    1. Why is it important to mention that the militants in Kosovo were Muslim? Their uprising had nothing, absolutely nothing at all to do with religion.

      1. The dozens of destroyed Orthodox monasteries with UCK spray-painted on the ruins tell a different story.

        1. They were destroyed by Albanians after the war as revenge for the atrocities committed by Serbian pigs. To suggest UCK had the slightest thing to do with Islam is typical Serbian made-up bullshit. And Orthodox Christianity is the worst religion ever and every Orthodox Christian who takes their religion remotely seriously is a degenerate sub-human.

    1. My understanding is that a critical event was US Ambassador Warren Zimmerman encouraging Muslim leader Izetbegovic to pull out of the agreement reached in Lisbon, with the implication that the US would help his regime gain control over all of Bosnia. Which the Bosnian Serbs wanted no part of, for obvious reasons. Izetbegovic himself had written “there can be no peace or coexistence between Islamic and non-Islamic systems.”

  20. I saw Milosevic on trial at the ICTY in the Hague in the spring of 2002 with my ex-girlfriend, then 22 and quite foxy. Slobo denounced the proceedings a few times but mostly sat looking bored and perplexed. There was almost no one in the public seats behind the glass so we sat front row, just meters away from him. He looked us over at one point, frankly checking out my girlfriend, then gave me a wink and a nod of approval…

  21. Eerily similar to the treatment of Saddam Hussein (a former ally) and Muammar Gaddafi (a former ally)…
    This is what happens when you deal with the ultimate Godfather.

  22. Every guy I met who was was with IFOR, mostly Americans and Germans, all said the same thing. “We were backing the wrong side.” Muslims were massacring christians and the media was silent. They were even organ harvesting the remains of their victims. Clintns and Soros should hang.

      1. I know this is a little bit OT but I’ll post it anyway:
        Račak was staged event in order to justify the beginning of NATO agression on Serbia:
        Srebrenica was a retalliation massacre and war crime commited by Serbs as retalliation for massacres in Kravice in previous 3 years commited by muslim military forces and mujahedeens of Naser Orić.
        Srebrenica was not genocide (only male soldiers were killed, many of them during siege fighting – in Kravice Serbian women and children were killed indiscriminately) as western MSM propagate for their political purposes:
        Rather complex topic.
        That’s it.

        1. Dude im albanian… serbian army came into my house in 1999 and killed 2 of my family members and robbed everything i had & burnt my house.
          Was this also some kind of staged event?!

        2. I know that. I’m Serbian, for that matter.
          I honestly feel grief for your family loss in case they were unarmed and had no intention to kill Serbian civilians.
          Serbian houses were also burnt and civilians killed.

        3. False flag like Isis …,
          Israeli secret intelligence service.
          Yes they commit atrocities against their own and for zog.
          King David hotel bombing, Lavon affair, USS Liberty are but a few.
          911 the largest of all.

        4. Yes actually we were planing that weekend as a family to go and kill serbs with forks and knives… but serbian army stole all our forks and knives and no serbian civilians were killed. lol
          … you dont know what happened in war-zones if ur from beograd or novi sad
          so its better if you dont talk if you dont know what really happened
          “Serbian houses were also burnt and civilians killed.”
          this happened after serbs comitted all type of crimes… people were angry so they did that for revenge … and it was nothing compared to what serbs did
          your corrupted politicians did this. they started all the wars in balkan

        5. Luckily your honest, uncorruptable politicians (example: Hashim “The Snake” Tatcqi have been all innocent and just 🙂 .
          Majority of you muslim Albanians (90% of the Albanians in Kosovo) were always against any govenment wheter it were comunist or not.
          Kosovo problems appeared in 1997 when CIA armed UCK began attacking regular Serbian police forces in Kosovo. Similar to present Russian problems in Caucasus region.
          As far as I know you corrupted USA Congress by bloody money gained by drug trafficking and human organs smuggling. You’re the main nation in Europe whet it comes at that. Bedzet Pacoli was leading man in that show.
          I will not further discuss with you on this (it’s OT) but you shoud know that by accepting USA help in screwing Serbs up you signed contract with the Devil himself.
          Depleted uranium bombs used by USA in Kosovo are causing 30 times increase in cancer rates in muslim Albanian population in Kosovo. That’s the devil’s gift.
          Well deserved, I’d say.

        6. Or Ramush Haradinai. Or Adem Jashari. All of them world renowed peace makers.
          Criminal clans. I was talking to one Albanian from Kosovo who knows some Serbian some time ago and he confirmed that Albanians are now living much worse then during SFRY and SRY.
          Everything pays back.

        7. i dont know how old are you but ur spreading so many lies… dont believe everything you read or hear

        8. It is the simple statistics.
          Many Albanians went to the West, usualy to commit criminal activities in Switzerland, Germany and Sweden.
          Once huge birthrates (which helped Albanians to take Kosovo from Serbs) are rapidly plummeting now due to destruction of patriarchal culture in Albanians.
          It seems to me you’re the one spreading the lies here. But anyways, who in USA and West in general cares about conflicts between some Balkanian tribes?

        9. 1 show me a map where kosovo is part of serbia
          2 what did Arkan, and other serbians do in the west? worked as engineers?! ahhaha lol
          Željko Ražnatović had convictions or warrants in Belgium (bank robberies, prison escape), the Netherlands (armed robberies, prison escape), Sweden (20 burglaries, 7 bank robberies, prison escape, attempted murder[7]), Germany (armed robberies, prison escape), Austria, Switzerland (armed robberies, prison escape), and Italy.

        10. This thing goes off topic very far.
          1. Any map of the Serbia from 1913 onwards (except 1941-1945 period, for obvious reasons 😛 ).
          2. Arkan was leading criminal in Serbia in ’90. He was not the head of the State, like your Albanian and Bosnian muslim criminals.
          During the ’80 he was working for Yugoslav State Security (his father was high in commie hierachy). He was assasinating ustashe and chetnik post WW2 emigrants. In exchange for his services, he was allowed to do whathever he pleases in the western jewelries. That’s the well known fact. Now, you good Albanians took over his “market”.
          Later on he organized paramilitary formation which fought in western Croatia and easetrn Bosnia. He was not welcomed, but in period of harsh war every military help was tolarated. Despite that, he had numerous clashes with general Ratko Mladic, honest general and head of Serbian army in Bosnia. Arkan even killed his daughter Ana as act of revenge.
          Arkan was full scale psycho very similar to your dear Thacqi, Haradinai, Orić, Šeks etc.
          He was an exception in Serbs and your glorified warlords were rule.

        11. 1 show me a map where kosovo is part of serbia
          post it here
          2 Haradinaj defended his village from full scale psychos like Arkan… thats the difference

        12. 1. Just type in your search engine “Serbia 1913 map”. It’s that simple.
          2. Haradinaj defended his village from regualar serbian police forces after he had been attacking Serbian civilians and police for several months.
          Arkan didn’t partake in Kosovo war. He was busy doing drug trade and racketeering in the rest of Serbia.

        13. if you want people to believe you that kosovo was part of serbia post a map here broski!!!
          but the sad fact is… kosovo was never part of serbia.
          so stop lying & move on with your life
          i wish you all the best

        14. A liitle bit of history education is not bad thing at all. Always at disposal to those who are interested 🙂 .
          You’d be amazed seeing the middle ages Ottoman censuses and population list of territory of not only modern day Kosovo but northern Albania as well. Or who was Skenderbeg. Or how and why Albania was formed by Austrohungarian empire in 1912. Or how Albanians were islamized. And many other things 🙂 .
          But what is has to do with Game and women? Nothing at all.
          I wish you too all the best.
          And my advice to you is to always stay on the side of truth, no matter how unflattering it is.

        15. Yes! The UCK attacked Serbian police forces! They had no reason to do that at all! It’s not like Slobopig Milosevic removed Kosovo’s autonomy?
          You Serbs are the filthiest creatures to inhabit Earth.
          You mention “majority Muslim” as if it means something when it’s just a formal label and not an actual practice for most of those ‘majority’ “Muslims”, but you’re totally oblivious to the fact that Orthodox Christianity is the religion of sub-humans, which explains why only Slavic nations who are Roman Catholic or other kinds of Christian aren’t total pig-fucking degenerates like you Serbs.

        16. No, huge birthrates didn’t help Albanians take Kosovo from Serbs. Kosovo was Albanian before Serbs existed.

        17. A Serbian saying “side of truth” hahahhahaha
          Your filthy people are the most lying, full-of-propaganda delusional dipshits to have ever lived.
          All your “””””””evidence””””””” that you cite is a bunch of retarded unsubstantiated theories your fellow pig-fuckers came up with.

        18. I have no dog in this fight but at least have some respect and relax with the name calling…
          That guy is providing some info, you’re countering with nothing of value and no info.
          Let’s see some info to back up your position.

        19. That’s right. You write the truth.
          What’s the official statistics compared to your wise opinion???
          On the other side, I’m a little bit curious. I’d be grateful to you if you explain to me what does word “Kosovo” (or “Kosova” as you call it) mean in Albanian language?

        20. There are no official statistics because you know, we’re talking B.C history and stuff, lol
          If Putin invades Madrid and names it Putiningrad does it mean Spain is a historically Russian land?

        21. He’s lying like it is in his people’s DNA.
          His info is false. Serbians are the Jews of non-Jews. Everything is a conspiracy against them from the West and they’re the biggest victims ever.

        22. And you quote convicted criminal and baron Minhauzen – Kristian Golubović??
          And yes, that’s not lie, Kosovo is heavy contaminated land with at least 30 times increase in cancer rate. It will last for the next 500 billion years which is the half-life of depleted uranium delievered by your U.S. Zio friends.
          Joe Biden’s son Bo died last year from cancer. He was some deputy down on Kosovo. Also, many American administrators who were on Kosovo had the same deadly problem. Interesting facts.

        23. all your posts on this topic are lies
          i dont understand
          if your trying to lie & convince ignorant people
          you really believe this shit
          Tipičan srbijanski Lažov

        24. If you say so.
          Btw, it is not “srbijanski” but “srpski”.
          The same way you’re not “albanijanski” but “albanski”.

        25. Majstore, ako nemaš argumente, nemamo o čemu da razgovaramo. Ne spuštam se na taj nivo.

      2. You tell me. It doesn’t detract the validity of my statement. The one about the German trooper finding 3 babies baked in an oven by your muslim freinds was a bit much, but hey, I have heard worse.

        1. wtf are you talking about lol
          serbian orthodox terrorists did most of the massacres on ex-yugoslavia you dumb little lost faggot

    1. I read about an organ harvesting “house” operating out of a small village a few years back. The people who went there to investigate were threatened and intimidated… I can’t remember the details but it’s not the first time I’ve heard about it happening…

  23. Strongly disagree. Quintus Curtius, if you want to play the contrarian Milosevic apologist, you should do some more thorough research.
    Milosevic was a typical lying politician, his moderate statements mentioned in this article were hardly sincere – especially when they were at odds with his ideology of a ‘greater Serbia’ – and his plans of achieving it (which he publicly spoke of in great details) – the details of which you didn’t take into account.
    The ‘west’ originally turned a blind eye and gave Milosovic and the Yugoslav Army which he essentially commanded, the ‘green light’ to fight against freedom, democracy and national self-determination.
    Milsovic’s regime supported Serbian enclaves within Croatia’s borders to run amok (killing elementary school children in the Skabrnja massacre, mass rapes, killing cops – cutting off their penis’s – and putting it in their mouths, daily sniper shootings) – to A) demonstrate to the international community that the newly independent Croatia had no rule of law, therefore wasn’t a legal nation, therefore it was just an internal insurrection that he could use the Yugoslav Army against & B) to continue the ideology of a Greater Serbia, to use harassment, bullying, corruption, persecution, injustice and violence to drive out non-Serbians and to replace them with Serbians, to gerrymander and expand the borders to claim more territory in the inevitable event of a plebiscite.
    The ideology of a Greater Serbia is complex. It kind of triggered World War 1, continued in the interwar period, covertly continued after world war 2 (the people who didn’t support the Partisans in the war, slowly escaped the borders and emigrated away) and then went overt after Tito’s death. It’s hard for an American to study it because there’s alot that’s lost in the translation. Plus Milosevic was a gifted and charismatic orator who used a wide variety of literary devices, references and emotionally charged allusions (even Bill Clinton mentioned it) that communicated messages between the lines that someone unfamiliar with the culture just wouldn’t get.
    Today rapes, school massacres, gun violence, police shootings – make front page news in America. In the early 90’s the American media didn’t care so much (‘not in my back yard’.) The American ‘principals’ of fighting/intervening to support democracy, freedom and human rights – were vapid in the early 90’s. The media didn’t find it newsworthy. Eventually things got much worse and it wasn’t until images of concentration camps and mass graves that it finally make the news, the public reacted and America changed its attitude on foreign policy.

    1. If we can’t trust the kosher media to tell us the truth about who the “good guys” really are, in this case as you mentioned -it was surely nato and the zog west with AmeriKa backing the Muslims, then who can we trust?

    2. You’re talking about a whole lot of irrelevant subjects that have nothing to do with the article. I’m reporting what the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia is saying about Milosevic. It is they who exonerate him. Read the report of the evidentiary findings. Did you even look at the report? You’re calling me an “apologist” when in fact I’m reporting legal conclusions reached by the Tribunal.

      1. The International Criminal Tribunal is very biased against Croats and forgiving towards Serbs. It’s controlled by France and UK, who are long-time allies with Serbia, since World War I.

  24. Great Article. Surprisingly restrained. A great follow up might be to discuss the close relationship between Germany and Croatia and the US involvement in Operation Storm (guest article by Steve Sailer?).
    When you read about the Yugoslavian war, it’s unbelievably confusing. This provides some much needed light.
    Once you start doing some research, for those of us who were alive at the time, you realize just how much insane propaganda was spun for it. The media’s willingness to lie about Roosh and Donald Trump implies that they probably have no problem lying about wars as well.

    1. “The media’s willingness to lie about Roosh and Donald Trump implies that they probably have no problem lying about wars as well.” Of fuck yeah, no doubt about it and when it comes to wars/international events its not just the media spinning the bad guys vs bad guys story but also very much the govt. It would pay to read view various sources of information to get the bigger picture of what went on there back in the 90s. The bad blood between the balkan states actually goes back decades.
      I certainly would not take this article as gospel though just because it is going against the msm. There is no shortage of alternate views, hidden stories and conspiracy sites online with different degrees of veracity (claims need verification from independent sources) and for sure when it comes to the Balkan wars each nationality will have their version of events.

  25. The List of Joos who were involved in the break-up of Yugoslavia and the bombing of Serbia…
    GEORGE SOROS USA Quantum Fund “Open Society”
    Lawrence Eagleburger, former US ambassador to Yugoslavia
    Henry Kissinger, former US Secretary of State
    Warren Zimmerman, former US ambassador to Yugoslavia
    Madeleine ALBRIGHT US Secretary of State
    Richard Holbrooke as the US envoy for the former Yugoslavia
    WILLIAM COHEN US Secretary of Defense
    SAMUEL BERGER US National Security Adviser
    JAMES RUBIN spokesman for the US State Department
    YBIGNEW BRYEYINSKI Former US National Security Advisor
    Anthony Lake USA Former Chief Advisor to find. security
    WARREN CHRISTOPHER US Former Secretary of State
    PETER GALBRIGHT USA Former US Ambassador to BiH
    By Robert Gelbard, the US envoy for the former Yugoslavia
    JACQUES KLEIN US Administrator of the UN Sremska baraljsku area
    John Kornblum US envoy for the former Yugoslavia
    REGINALD BARTHOLOMEW US envoy for the former Yugoslavia
    JOHN ENGLISH USA Former CIA Director
    RICHARD Kauzlarich US Ambassador to BiH
    STUART EINSENSTAT Former US Assistant State sec. Safety
    Stephen Oxman Former US Assistant State sec. for Europe
    RICHARD Schifer US Ambassador to Israel, envoy for the PI.
    IRA Magaziner now former Chief Security Advisor
    MARAK Goulding US Under Secretary of the United Nations
    Jeffry Sax US Creator of the economic program for Eastern Euro.
    MAURICE Goldsteen US Institute for International Economics
    US Nobel laureate Elie Wiesel, demanded the bombing of the Serbs
    ROBERT Frowick US Head of the OSCE Mission to BiH
    TIM GOULDIMAN US Mission to the OSCE in Croatia
    David Bornstein US spokesman SFOR in BiH
    US Congressman Tom Lantos, always against Serbs
    PETER Tarnoff US Assistant State sec. Political issues
    KATTY Marthon US President Organisation for Media Freedom
    US journalist Roy Gutman, received a Pulitzer Prize for lies about Serbs
    DAVID KAPLAN US correspondent of ABC News from BiH
    LARRY KING CNN US Famed manager
    Wolff Blitzer US reporter CNN
    Peter Ustinov US famous actor, said, “The Serbs are retarded”
    Steven Spielberg USA famous director and Srbomrzitelj
    Wesley Clark US NATO general, a war criminal
    Malcolm Rifkind Kingdom Former Defense Minister
    GERALD KAUFMAN Kingdom member of Blair’s Labour Party
    NIGEL LAWSON Kingdom Former Minister of Finance
    DAVID HUNT Kingdom Commission for Combating Anti-Semitism
    Sir Leon Britten Kingdom President GATT Commission
    SIR ALFRED SHERMAN Kingdom Former advisor to Margaret Thatcher
    PETER Mendelsohn Kingdom Blair associate, Minister of Trade
    David Hanney Kingdom British Ambassador to the UN
    Nora Beloff Kingdom Observer correspondent
    MAURICE SAATCHI Kingdom organizer of the student protests in BG ’97.
    Carlos Westendorp of Spain Representative of the international community in Bosnia and Herzegovina
    JORGE SAMPAIO President of Portugal Portugal
    Richard Goldstone J. Africa Former President of the Hague Tribunal
    Bronislaw Geremek, Poland Administrator OSCE
    GIANI DE MICHELLIS Italy Former Minister of Foreign Affairs
    RUPERT MURDOCH Austral. Media magnate
    James Wolfensohn Austral. World Bank President
    EUGEN Lánska Czech Vice-President of the Czech Republic
    HENRY WEINNANS Netherlands Former Minister of Foreign Affairs
    Petre Roman Romania former prime minister, leader of the Democratic Party
    GYORGY KONRAD Hungary President of the World PEN Club
    EDGAR BROMFMAN Canada President of the World Jewish Congress
    SIMON Wiesental Austria “Nazi hunter”
    TEDDY KOLEK Israel mayor of Jerusalem, a hater of Serbs
    SIMONE WAIL Franc. Former predsdnica European Parliament
    ROBERT BADINTEUR Franc. The president of the famous “Badinter Commission”
    Bernard-Henry Levy Franc. Philosopher, leader of the group srbomrzitelja
    Andre Glucksman Franc. A philosopher, a member of the group of philosophers Levi
    Jacques Derrida Franc. A philosopher, a member of the group of philosophers Levi
    Alain Finkielkraut Franc. A philosopher, a member of the group of philosophers Levi
    LORAIN Fabius Franc. Former Prime Minister
    Tansu Çiller, Turkey Former Prime Minister
    DANIEL COHN-BENDIT Franc. The leader of the student protest in in 1968.
    GABY GLUMAN Sweden President of the Swedish PEN Club
    JACQUES ATALLY Franc. The President. European Bank for Reconstruction and Development
    Rick Salutin Canada writer, participant of the student protests in BG ’97.
    Josef “Joschka” Fisher Germany’s Foreign Minister
    HELMUTH KOHL Germany Former German Chancellor
    Freimut Duwe Germany OSCE envoy for press freedom
    LUC LEVY Franc. Director of the French Cultural Centre in Belgrade
    Bernard Kushner Franc. Srbomrzitelj, always with the enemies of the Serbs
    JACK LANG Franc. Former Minister of Culture
    LAYAR MOJSOV Macedonia, senior official of the former Yugoslavia
    MICHAEL FRIDMAN Germany Advisor to former Chancellor Kohl
    ISRAEL KELMAN Austria owns 51% of marauding Dafiment
    MARGARET KOCH Switzerland President of the Swiss Confederation
    Boris Yeltsin, Russia Former predsednk Russia
    Go Juve Gaidar, Russia Bovše Prime Minister
    ANDREY KOYIREV Russia Former Foreign Minister
    SERGEY KIRIENKO Russia Former Prime Minister (1998)
    Yevgeni Primakov, Russia Former Prime Minister (1999)
    ALFRED KOCH Russia Former Deputy Prime Minister (until 1997)
    ANTHOLY Chubais, Russia The former Yeltsin adviser
    GENADI Burbulis Russia Former Minister of Finance (with Gaidar)
    VLADIMIR ZYRINOVSKY Russia leader, Liberal Democratic Party of Russia
    Grigory Yavlinsky The leader of Russia bloc Yabloko (center party)
    Michael Zadornov Russian Federation Minister of Finance (with Primakov)
    Sergei Stepashin Russian Interior Minister
    Sergei Lavrov, Russia Russian Ambassador to the United Nations
    Russian billionaire Boris Berezovsky, the media magnate
    BORIS NIEMTSOV Russia ramenik Former Prime Minister Kirienko
    ALEXANDER RUTSKOY Russia leader rebellion in the Russian parliament
    PETER AVEN Russia Former Minister of Foreign Trade
    MICHAEL FRIDMAN Russian banker, with co-Aven Alfa Bank
    Vladimir Gusinsky Russian media magnate, Perdue. Russian Jewish Kong.
    MICHAEL HODOROVSKY Russia Menatep Bank
    ALEXANDER Smolensky Russia Prestoničnaja Bank
    Vitaly Malkin Russia Russian Credit Bank
    VLADIMIR YASIN Russian Minister of Economy (with Chernomyrdin)
    Antoly Sobchak, Russia Mayor Sankt- Petersburg
    YULLY VORONTSOV Russia Former Russian Ambassador to the UN
    YEFIM ZVIAGILSKY Ukraine Former Prime Minister
    Sonja Licht, President of Yugoslavia, Soros Fund for Yugoslavia
    Czeslav MILOS Czech Nobel laureate, asked bombardovalje Serbs
    DAVID KALEFF USA Advisor for Public Relations in Milan Panic
    LASLO Sekely Yugoslavia Correspondent many Soros Published
    Dragoslav Avramovic former Yugoslavia NBJ, “opposition leader”
    Joos responsible for the killing of Serbian people

  26. ” Most Serbians hate him, think of him as the worst thing that happened to Serbia and whole Balkan and most of them don’t want to talk about that period when he was controlling the country. There are Serbians that love him and support him but those Serbians are not mentally healthy and thankfully, a minority. Mostly because they don’t think with their heads. The majority of Serbians view him negatively. “

  27. Ten years ago, Milosevic was charged with genocide against Albanians. He refused to acknowledge that he was involved in the crime. According to the Court, 250,000 Albanians were killed in Kosovo. FBI agents and agents from other, so-called Western democracies, went to Kosovo to investigate. Those people found no traces of mass graves there. They did find the remains of Serbs and Roma tortured by the so-called Islamic Kosovo Liberation Army. The latter used to enjoy NATO’s full support at the time.

    1. There is nor ever was such thing as the Islamic Kosovo Liberation Army. Maybe you shouldn’t believe every stupid shit article you read in the internet.

  28. And there is a great lesson here. Against villians such as globalists, compromising with them carries the same level of risk as going all in, as they will demonize you no matter what.

  29. The Brits and Englsih speaking world have been fighting against the Eastern Orthodox countries for over a century. They favor Islam over their Christian brothers.
    I preferred Muslims over Soviet communism. But the West should be helping Putin to push them out of Syria and re-take the Holy Land.

  30. Two words: Scape Goat. Every war needs one, otherwise people might start asking uncomfortable questions about our validity in waging it.

  31. As a Croatian Nationalist and a Austrian Royalist. I Disagree with this article.

  32. QC you’re very wrong. Milosevic started the war in ex-Yugoslavia. He was actively working to destroy Yugoslavia from within, and in the process make the project of “Greater Serbia” come true. For those who never heard of it, “Greater Serbia” is a Serbian nationalist project from 19th century, in which Serbia controls entire Macedonia, Montenegro, Bosnia, and parts of Croatia (all land east of Virovitica, Karlovac, Karlobag line). Milosevic was encouraging ethnic cleansing and other atrocities, like complete destruction of Croatian city Vukovar. He was constantly in contact with Milan Martić and Ratko Karadzic, coordinating their actions in Croatia and Bosnia.

    1. Zionist globalists approve of your post. The rest of us more discerning folks, not so much

  33. Quintus, you’re simply wrong. If you think Milosevic was a good guy, tell that to the 10,000 Kosovo-Albanians raped and murdered (disproportionately women and children and old people because Serbians are the poster children of Nazi’s Untermensch).

  34. Serbian version of truth.You Serbs didn’t like Milošević while he was alive, but now he is a hero to you Serbs.I’ts OK, I can understand that.But for the rest of us, he was a villain.
    And while he was opposed to some doings of Bosnian Serbs, he never did cut off his support in men, arms or supply.So his protests were just noise from his mouth, he did nothing to save people that are bein murdered in Bosnia.Like If I see my friend is kiling people left and right, and say to him.Stop, don’t kill them, but stil supply him with extra ammo.
    And let’s face it.You Serbs started the war because you couldn’t stand living anywhere but Yugoslavia ( the closest thing to a Great Serbia ).In Yugoslavia you had it best, best paid and highest positions in the army, police, states administration, national companys.You had it good, and you knew that it’s going to be over with that kind of life when Yugoslavia breaks up.
    And you had all that money going from all the states to Belgrade, who then decided who gets what and how much money back.It was a too sweet deal to let go without a fight.
    All you Serbs are always dreaming about ” Great Serbia tm. ” and it always gets your balls in a vise.Always.When will you learn.
    I as a Croat and a cristian stand with you Serbs against muslims, who are mostly backward and primitive people stuck in the past.And that would be all right if those people would not have high natality as they have, and if they would just stick to their own back yard with their backward ways.But as we all can see, that is not their way.They are always trying to take our yards, and force their ways on us.
    So, as a Croat I am against you Serbs.But I am also with you against everybody else who are not Croatian or Sebian.

  35. Oh, I forgot about Kosovo.
    In Yugoslavia every republic had 1 vote.Everyone but Serbia.They had 3 votes.One republic but 3 votes.Serbia ” invented ” Vojvodina province (shire if you like), and Kosovo province.Parts of the Serbia that were given political rights, so that they can have votes like a republic.So that by effect, Serbia with Montenegro had 4 votes.
    It was wery clever way to push their interest by outvoting everybody else.But that sword had two edges.It gave Albanians ( Kosovars ) some legitimacy in forming their own Country (hey we had a vote in Yugoslavia, just like a republic argument ).
    And they did outfucked resident Serbs of Kosovo in past 40 to 50 years.So they had superior numbers too, and that was the bigest argument of all.
    Demography is a destiny of a nation.If you give certain rights to women, they will not have more than 2 children, if that.And living in the same yard with a men that make five or more on his wife, who is to keep quit and push out number six in nine months.In 40 years.You will be pushed out.You will become a minority.
    Just like Serbs in Kosovo.
    If you live with muslims in the same yard.Fucking becomes competitive sport, people.In couple of decades the indication of winners will become foreseeable, and in four or five decades winner can be clearly seen.So be fruitful and multiply, or you will cease to be.Simple.
    Nature don’t give a fuck about emancipation or womens rights, either you multiply, or others do.

    1. Those arent inventions buddy
      These 3 places were never part of serbia
      after the ottoman empire left and 2 world wars
      Kosovo which was a part of albania
      vojvodina which was a part of hungary
      and montenegro which was always indiependant from serbia
      became parts of yugoslavia
      Since ur a crotian no need to give you more details on why the 90s wars happened.

  36. Author overvalues his “peacekeeping” experience…and has some strong serbian love going… ;))
    I reccomend he visits Vukovar…and attempts to elucidate on his theories there. I’ll get the popcorn…and some bloodstain-repelling overalls…,)))

  37. Just when I thought the shkije on Return of Kings couldn’t sink any lower, they trot out this nonsense. Then again, when a site publishes articles calling all women scum and saying that they all fantasize about being raped, I shouldn’t be too surprised.

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