Sexual Harassment Hysteria Is Out of Control

Unless you have been living in the woods for the past decade, it is impossible to avoid the epidemic of sexual groping allegations and their zero-tolerance repercussions. It seems that a new allegation is made almost daily, usually of powerful or prominent men, who are often terminated from their jobs. I have been struggling of what to make of these stories, the media’s decision to make them national news, and what the propaganda purpose is behind it.

Profile Of The Accused

The Bill Cosby allegations in November 2014 were among the first public attacks made decades later against prominent men. Several women complained that in the 1980s, they met up for drinks and drugs in the hotel or bedroom of the married Bill Cosby, alone, late at night, and were shocked! shocked! when they discovered that this innocent meeting led to a sexual liaison.

I just thought he really liked giving out free drugs and booze

Since Cosby, there was a lull of a couple of years, until Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein was accused by several women of odd sexual behavior, including masturbating into a potted plant in front of young single actresses. The backlash against Weinstein was fast and brutal–he was forced out of the company he helped found, and his wife of ten years announced she was leaving him.

Harvey Weinstein doesn’t understand masturbation is for when you DON’T have a woman

According to his accusers, Weinstein’s M.O. was to invite young actresses or models to a hotel room or private office, and then perform odd behavior like (literally Hitler) jerking off into a potted plant or pressuring the women for sex.

No longer allowed to tell jokes

Other prominent men who lost their careers after allegations of sexual groping or harassment include comedian Louis C.K., who invited women to his private room where he masturbated in front of them. Louis, known for his “Everything is Amazing and No One Cares” routine, had some funny jokes in his early work, but now is deemed completely unworthy of using his comic talent, as his recent film project was cancelled days before its scheduled screening, scheduled TV interviews were cancelled, and Netflix cancelled his upcoming comedy special.

Because C.K. made 5 women allegedly feel gross and uncomfortable, he can no longer work in his chosen field, and his millions of fans cannot hear him tell another joke.

Katie Couric creepily dangling her hand near Matt Lauer’s breast without consent

NBC television anchorman Matt Lauer, a veteran of over two decades on the Today Show, was fired after the first allegation of sexual misconduct in his professional career was made last month. When no specific allegations of rape or violence are made, one must conclude that the behavior was at worst an inappropriate, childish, unprofessional act that made a woman feel uncomfortable. Nothing to be tolerated, perhaps, but does it rise to the level of termination and ostracizing Lauer from ever working again?

In November 2017, radio host Garrison Keillor, who created the wholesome “A Prairie Home Companion” on NPR, was fired after a woman accused him of inappropriate touching. Keillor said he touched a woman’s bare back while attempting to console her, and she felt uncomfortable. He apologized, she accepted his apology, but the outrage against this single act of misplaced empathy resulted in his termination, along with ceasing rebroadcasts of his 42 year old radio program. All because he is accused of making a woman uncomfortable once.

Sheriff Jim Kaelin giving one of his last hugs (note: the sheriff has not been accused of any wrongdoing)

Keillor is so white-bread and benign that when he was named funniest man in America in 1985, Bill Cosby said “That’s true, if you’re a pilgrim.” Touching or hugging has become so dangerous that Texas Sheriff Jim Kaelin has announced as of November 30, 2017 that he is no longer hugging anyone other than his family, because the risks for him showing kindness with a hug are simply too great.

Franken rapily thrusts his hands towards the innocent Playboy model in a violent and misogynistic manner

Finally, former SNL comedian and Minnesota senator Al Franken annnounced in December 2017 he is resigning from Congress because of pictures that showed him pretending to touch the breasts of Leeann Tweeden. Tweeden, a former Hooters waitress and Playboy model, was selectively outraged when Franken took a humorous photo which simulated him touching her fully clothed chest. No word yet on how she will retaliate against the millions who saw her naked body and pleasured themselves to it without her explicit consent.

Are These Actions Surprising?

Other than some of the bizarre behaviors, like Weinstein jerking off into a potted plant when he had a real live woman in his bedroom or Louis C.K. awkwardly asking women to watch him pleasure himself, it’s evident that most of the accused men (a) don’t know how to behave around women, (b) are in serious need of game, and (c) don’t understand masturbation is reserved for times when a woman is not in your bedroom.

Power is a strong aphrodisiac for women, perhaps the strongest of all. Why else would women fawn over DJs, who have high social capital in the nightclub scene? Why would twenty-something Monica Lewenski pursue a rather unattractive, much older, and unavailable Bill Clinton?

I’m here about the kindergarten teacher interview

We all know that sleeping your way to the top is a practice that certain women engage in. As long as there are women willing to use their bodies to pleasure men in return for favors (and this has gone on throughout time and cultures), men will seek out these women. Many of these allegations involved men who were used to women dropping their clothes and getting down to business, screening for future applicants.

Men in prominent fields, particularly in entertainment, are often surrounded by young, attractive single women. Who would not use their fame, fortune, and power, to seek out opportunities with the portion of these women who are eager and willing to have sex with far older men?

If a woman is showing up, alone, to my hotel room late at night, I have a very, very strong suspicion that we are going to have sexual intercourse. There’s simply no other reason to visit a man during sleeping hours at his bedside. In fact, excluding hotel maids, sex has happened 100% of the time a younger woman has come to my room.

Test For Dummies

Here’s a simple test for women. If it’s not okay for a guy to accept the same offer you are considering, there is a sexual component involved.

For example, if Harvey Weinstein reads an article I wrote and wants to meet me at 10:00 AM at his office to discuss turning it into a film, that is normal and I could accept. If Harvey Weinstein invites me to Atlantic City to spend the weekend in his hotel room, I would have to politely refuse. If it’s inappropriate for a man to accept the same offer you’re considering, then you can assume you are being invited for sexual purposes and you should refuse.

Next week we will analyze the mistakes made by the men involved, the meaning of the allegations, and the purpose of the media propaganda barrage and zero tolerance punishments against the men involved.

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  1. The TSA sexually harasses people all the time. But they’ll only get fired if the hood rats actually get caught stealing.

    1. ” But they’ll only get fired if the hood rats actually get caught stealing.”
      You mean their c00n servants? They will. It’s in the black man’s nature to steal and rape white women.

  2. Women are basically telling us they can make an agreement to exchange sex for some financial gain. But they are not prostitutes if they back out on having sex. That is not how our laws work. If they make the agreement, they are hoes.

    1. Women are hypocrites and fools. The hysteria around this subject is unmistakable and a huge backlash is coming.
      Feminism and the practice of it is hypocrisy personified. All women are attracted to men who have power and submit to it — their biological programming leaves them little choice. What this sexual harassment hysteria epidemic is allowing women to do is to submit to power and then later bitch and moan like hypocrites that they did so and in the process destroy the careers and livelihoods of countless men. Without men working, in whatever field, civilization is doomed.
      Women have played their hand too far — and now, its time to rise up and put women back where they belong — at home with the family.
      Finally, never trust a woman. Never.

      1. Very true. The reason why the Matt Lauer stuff happens, is because when it comes to fame & money combined, there’s a switch inside a lot of women’s heads in which they will literally do whatever is asked by that guy even if they have a voice inside their heads telling them not to. These guys know it and cannot resist it and take advantage of it. Unfortunately that’s just how it is with a lot of women. Yet if Matt Lauer had an identical twin, and that identical twin were an electrical engineer and drove a Toyota, women would have nothing to do with that guy.

      2. Do feminists think all this hysteria is going to help them get jobs? Given two equally qualified men and women job candidates, most litigation adverse HR people will take the safer road and hire the man.

    2. ” Women are basically telling us they can make an agreement to exchange sex for some financial gain. But they are not prostitutes if they back out on having sex. That is not how our laws work. If they make the agreement, they are hoes. ”
      Blame White men for letting girls deceive them. Your´re all a bunch of kiddos who pretend to be manly and alpha, but as soon as a girl give you any signal of “potential interest” your guys get emotional and melt, thus becoming total beta bux material. As a women I can confirm that we love to crush weak men, thats how I became a Canadian(Making some dumb white guy fall in love with me). If we can detect any flaw in your “armor” we will take advantage of it.
      Your guys think importing Latinas(like me) or Slavic girls from third world countries will help you at all in your quest to find that perfect Housewife? Thats all too sunshine and rainbows for me. We are all the same as the average feminist white girl who was born in a developed country. The difference is that, since we came from humble backgrounds we have a deep desire to win in life, even if it means doing whatever it takes to reach the top. We third world girls will keep putting the facade of the nice obedient house wife to attract your stupid kind until we get citizenship in your country. Then as soon as we get naturalized We will file the divorce papers and as always the government will be on our side and we will make the rest of your lives miserable!!! HAHAHAHAH Give up white losers!

      1. Thanks for the advice. A lot of men need to hear this. Totally true that most women whom want to come to America are willing to railroad some dude in the process, or anyone else they can get away with.
        I will note though, you are a horrible person. Someday when you die, I hope just before you remember, that you spent your life being okay making other people miserable for your own material gain. When you could have focused on creating positive relationships in your life, marrying a man you could actually respect, having his kids, generating great relationships with your shared children.
        Instead, you married someone you thought is pathetic and revel in destroying him. I think both you and him loose in the long run. But I bet the men you could respect, never showed any respect for you. The men you saw as real men saw through your hypocritic, drama filled actions and new you weren’t capable of love. Is this part of your story? They all rejected you. Used you for the easy slut you were and sent you packing. And they’re still doing it.
        30 years ago your type could have married a final beta after your second ride around the block, and still had company to the end. But men are slowly waking. You, my false lady, may be among the first generation to die totally lonely.

      2. You are a parasite and you prostitute yourself so you can get a citizenship. Nothing new. Women have prostituted themsrlves throughout history because they inherently can’t offer any value to a man, other than their orifices.

      3. Youre latina? Ive fucked so many latinas my dick speaks spanglish. In any latin american country I am always treated like a god. I walk into a room and people ask how tall I am and what color my eyes are. Later on, when Im penetrating them, I like to imagine Im a european conquistador or a pirate. I make sure I crush the cervix with every thrust so they never forget what it was like when the pirate came to town.

      4. You’re not a woman (your name is Cristi, means Christian in Romanian) which leads me to my second point, you’re not a latina and so your post is full of shit. What you do seem to be is a a beta loser who instead of working on his many issues decides you’d better off your time writing bs and passing for a bich. You need help Cristi.. off with you.

      5. white guys do bettter statistically with borth east asian, hispanic and black where our women has crazy divorce rates with all ir relationships and 200% higher with black men ” because of discrimination ” yeah goes from 25% ten year wmwf to 75% wfbm
        white women are the same anywhere and not worth marriage IMO they are the players amoungst womenz
        The reality is that most of the time weisteins offers were gladly accepted and many famous women can still taste his cum. We are just seeing a few failed moves.

      6. Whether you are a real latina cunt or just a beta trying to troll us, yes you are telling the raw truth. I live in Germany and I have already banged three Latinas, just like you, who have married European cuckholds just to get their citizenship (one of the marriages and the guy is still giving her 1500€/month), just because he “feels sorry and accountable for her”). So yes, most of the white kiddos get tricked, but the clever ones take advantage of your sexy bodies for free.
        Ps: even if Europe has turned into a shithole, I still feel blessed for living here: unlike you guys, who live in North America, here you can still interact (and fuck some of them) with girls in the worlplace without being accused of rape or similar.

      7. Funny, I have dated Brazilian girls and now live in the Dominican Republic. All the girls want me for a novio or a husband and I tell them ‘maybe one day’.
        Then I pump and dump them until they got boring, rinse and repeat.
        I guess I am the male version of you 🙂

    3. Given the magnitude of the hysteria, I can only imagine what it must be like to be a little kid today. It would appear that offending a woman is a crime worse than mass murder. When I have the opportunity to speak with impressionable young men, I will make sure that they know that there are much worse crimes than offending a woman. Downvote if you think offending a woman is worse than mass murder.

    4. women want the price to stay high end of story : Its monopolistic.
      most asian businesses in america do massages with a little sucky sucky thrown in . See the medicine shops, massage parlors, nail parlors, asian barbers, or most chinese women will do it when offered cash even when i was at college some of the chinese foriegn students used to sell us massages when asked ( ask and most asian ladies do it for a big strong white man ).

  3. So when a woman gives a man what HE wants and then gets in return what SHE wants, it’s just business(otherwise known as prostitution), but when same happens but SHE does NOT get what she want’s than it’s.. rape, inappropriate behavior, molestation, abuse of power, etc. – so tell me about that male privilege and wage gap again {insert meme here}

    1. I mean, there is the age old question, if you run out on a prostitute without paying, is it rape or robbery? Maybe it’s just fraud.

      1. Depends on your location. For example, whilst serving in Germany during the Cold War, I was in an identity parade, a local whore had reported a British soldier had raped her. Turned out the chap who’d done the deed had approached her campervan (those days you’d get campervans parked along country lanes with a red light in the cab) agreed on a price but wanted service before payment, she refused, so he left. Thing was, he didn’t even enter the van!

  4. Cosby and Weinstein did not make good on the promises after the sex took place and this why they were irate. Their careers were not advanced as they hoped.

    1. If you knew anyone of importance in the entertainment industry you know that simply aint true. This whole business of big names called out or accusing others stinks of plasma of a spooky kind. When Rob Scott accuses Tom Cruise of breaking his marriage up by letting him (Scott) nosh off him (Cruise) as his (Scott) missus walked in, I might start buying into it.

  5. How many of these guys laughed at and mocked Mike Pence for never being alone with a woman he wasn’t married to?

      1. Legalize rape and then women wouldn’t get into positions naively where they can get done by the old forcey forcey

  6. Back in the old days, the girls would just laugh and call you a pig. But of course, they were not such gold diggers as girls and didn’t come back 30 years later for $$$. Good old days indeed.

    1. That’s the old days. These are the new rules, for women not your wife. ESPECIALLY IN THE WORKPLACE.
      * Do not, under any circumstances, touch a woman, in any way. Not even a handshake.
      * Speak to her only in courteous but business-like language.
      * Never look at her anywhere but right in the eyes (otherwise, look away).
      * NEVER be alone with a woman in any place… hallway, room, file closet… make a Rule of 3 where there always has to be another witness present. ALWAYS.

        1. best way to protect uourself is the rule of three and treat rhem each like a table lamp that might get broke and with rhe same concern. once they get the message that they are equal to a table lamp they will melt down all over again because the feminist charms mean nothing. you didnt devalue them, you just made them as important as any other physical object. once you give them creedence to their emotional thought or their aftual person, they know they have a power over you tonleverage you. its not abuse at all to be indifferent to them as beings when you treat them equally as blank movie screens.

  7. The ultimate objective of the SJWs and media is to criminalize all behaviors that could be interpreted as masculine.
    Keep in mind: Alpha men in positions of power and wealth will be *least* impacted by this. Even white knights like Al Franken will land on their feet, securing book deals and maybe even public office at some point in the future. But what about Joe Sixpack? He’s now been intimidated into silence, afraid to speak to a woman. And in the office he doesn’t dare even mention that ANY claim of harassment made by a woman could in fact be bogus.
    This is part of the left’s mission to create de facto thoughtcrime. Hillary Clinton stated that sexual assault “survivors” have a “right to be believed.” In other words, no evidence necessary. What about other groups? If we accept the aforementioned as true, Transgender individuals claims, by default, must follow identical logic, right? No evidence required.
    What about Joe Sixpack’s claim that he did not sexually harass anyone? Because he is a man his claims not only have no validity!
    Facts. Logic. Dialectic. Due Process. This is our fight.
    And by the way, everyone needs to stop any behavior that could even be remotely considered as “harassment” at work. Keep your personal life out of the office. Say only “good morning” and “see you tomorrow” to your colleagues. How many harassment claims are attention whoring related? That needs to be examined. In the meantime I suggest that the best way to deal with SJWs and white knights at the office is to live well… but keep it all outside of your workplace.

    1. One thing we need to push back against is this survivor word. They didn’t survive anything. Even if they were raped, they only survived the rape if the perp(s) beat, stabbed, or shot her as well. Very few women, I believe, statistically speaking commit suicide after being raped. Are many changed forever, sure.
      So this idea that someone is a survivor after a senator grabs their butt, or after a creepy rich guy jerked off into a pot in front of them, is a disgusting miss-appropriation of the word. Soldiers are survivors. Car crash victims who end up in the emergency room or ICU are survivors, if they in fact survive. I could go on with dozens of examples that follow the definition correctly.
      Once I had a fat girl sit on my lap and try to make out with me. She licked my face. Am I a survivor? Will they put me on TV?
      Now, I haven’t heard any person I know use the “survivor” word. From my point of view, it appears to be a media thing right now and not mainstream in society. But If I ever hear it, I plan to denounce it. “What did they ‘survive’? What exactly happened?” Make them prove the survivor word.

    2. The best way to avoid sexual harassment accusations at work, is not to work.
      In the immortal words of ‘WOPR’, “The only winning move, is not to play”

  8. The populace is nearly sufficiently libotomized enough for the libtard totalitarians to do as they wish. Another decade or so at this rate and it’ll be complete. Even less time if it weren’t for the electoral college. All it would take to reverse this is for straight white men to realize what is happening and oppose the oppressors. Not sure enough of us have the intelligence to recognize it nor the will to fight.

      1. The issue is 100% our own and until we own it we’ll never win. White men hate themselves and accept persecution for things done by their ancestors. Don’t allow the oppressors to manipulate us using illogical arguments and they become powerless and we quickly overwhelm them.

        1. JOHN
          I’m German-American and when the odd Jew screeched that I was a “Nazi” I ignored it. Jews resent German-Americans but they cannot really do much about it. They simply don’t have the aggression and also unlike blacks they do not want to go to jail (Which is a hell for Jews).
          Do you really believe that I or Trump or other German-Americans are going crazy with guilt over World War II?
          I don’t think that whites give a shit about black reparations. Blacks are simply big, stupid and powerful.
          The real question of Social Justice is meant to deal with Blacks and Hispanics because they are stupid.
          Jews deep down regard Gentiles as dumber or more inferior because as you mentioned their IQ is slightly higher. Asians feel the same way. This is why fewer Asians and Jews are in prisons or trapped in dying cities in the rust belt. Tokyo looks nicer than Appalachia.

    1. “All it would take to reverse this is for straight white men to realize what is happening and oppose the oppressors.”
      Yes, so true. I’ve been saying this for years. The white man needs to wake up and embrace his glorious heritage. Think Vikings. We are descended from the greatest warriors the world has ever known. We can stamp out this Jewish rot pervading white societies today if we choose to fight.
      We need to wipe out Jews, blacks and Muslims. Asians can stay. The white man is gonna need submissive nonwhite servants.

      1. I’m not so sure the Japs, Vietnamese and Korean’s weren’t among some of the toughest enemies we’ve ever fought. Their penchant for strategy and technological innovation will always keep these people very dangerous and not necessarily subservient.
        Plus, in a peaceful society, high IQ should likely be rewarded. This means some of us might end up subservient to them. Even if we go to war, we’ve got to return to peace eventually. But I suppose after this fight that is being romanticized, we’d have laws preventing non-whites from holding power. Asians can make money in America, but they can’t lead?
        I mean, I think I get what you are putting down. Asians seem to benefit our country overall, so we want to keep them. I’m just not sure how it would work.

      2. White supremacists make little sense. Until they acknowledge a 1. blonde hair/blue eye race and a 2. red hair/green eye race, I have no interest in playing your game. Why should I allow you inferior brown hair/brown eye races to mix with my superior genes, just because we share a superficial similarity in skin colours?

      3. Whilst the reality is that your daughter is fellating a black and is grossed out by the thought of white dudes, your own next generation are mostly mixed with Africans, your male dna is dying, and asia is laughing as it takes over the world whilst you cant even hold a single society white and do exactly what your own cum bucket women tell you to.
        And the native americans thought they were on the decline..

  9. Weinstein is a fuckin Jew. Serves him right for abusing his power to abuse poor helpless white women.

      1. In Germany Jews were living in ghettos and did not have the power or money they do in the United States.
        In the United States your average Jew-hater lives in a lower middle-class Flyover Red State so it is impossible for them to actually reach New York or Los Angeles.
        Also NYC is important and if it were overrun by Nazis the US military and National Guard would defend the Jews simply to keep the Stock Exchange up and running so that the country did not collapse.
        Blacks despise Jews and Hispanics distrust them as a group but neither of these groups will side with Whites.
        Whites in the interior US cannot survive off the grid. They need fuel and money and Opiod rehab funds. These can be cut off in Washington DC and this is a front for New York.
        White power types from the Rustbelt or Midwest medium-sized cities want to overrun New York and kill all the Jews…good luck.
        Most of you hicks and suburban warriors have never been in a city the size of New York in your life.

        1. LOL, if only whites in the interior weren’t such pussies when it came to renewable energy, electric cars, and organic/family farms…they would literally be ready for Armageddon in that case. But lets be honest, the average city person would be 235% FUCK IN THE ASS BY A DILDO WITH GLASS SHARDS if shit went down in this country.
          It is true, a lot of country hicks talk real big…but when it comes down to it I doubt they really had the foresight to really plan for shit. I mean, have you seen that series Doomsday preppers? Half the people on that show are full blown retards. It would be funny though to see a Republican go “GODDAMIT, I NEED TO FIND SOME SOLAR PANELS AND BATTERIES” when shit hits the fan. “OMG, the power is out and my refrigerator doesn’t work!!!!”…”shit, I am out of gas, my 12 inch lifted Truck with smoke stacks ran out of fuel fuel!!!”…”motherfucker, how do I grow food, I am fucking hungry!!!!”…”Shit, where can I get some more blood pressure medication!!!” LOL.

        2. In the unlikely event the grid, or society, collapses totally within our lifetimes, the flyover hicks will have a higher survival rate than the city slickers.
          We aren’t surrounded by millions of other people who will be desperate and eating each other alive.
          We have land to hunt, fish, forage and grow on.
          We have water sources that will be a least somewhat cleaned compared to what city water sources will be if the power grid is down and everyone is defecating in the street.
          Many of us know how to forage, hunt, trap, fish and grow food.
          Many of us have wood burning furnaces and can swing and axe and use a hand saw.
          Some of us stockpile items that would be useful in these situations.
          Rural antique shops are full of things that would be useful in pre-electric grid situations. Old farms have these items on them as well.
          Small numbers of rural peoples keep 1800’s canning, crafts, metal-works and other activities alive.
          Some of us have and know how to ride horses.
          Now don’t get me wrong. I do not romanticize this idea. It’s better to keep society moving forward and keep correcting the trajectory. I want to conquer our own planet, the moon, venus, mars and beyond. I don’t want humanity to return to a state that would necessitate 90% of Americans dying. I’m just saying that even the 1%ers would be in big trouble until they got out of the cities. Probably the biggest portion of survivors would be rural people.
          Oh, and if the grid went down literally 100%, but the eastern hemisphere of our planet was un-affected, we’d simply be divided between UN zones and Chinese control anyway. Maybe Alaska would go back to Russia (better than Chinese control for sure.) If not, the Amish would be the kings of this land.

        3. we need a test so we can determine real neo-nazis from antifas pretending to be neo-nazis. There are hard core supermacists out there but there’s also a fair few determined to keep the SPLC in business and they might as well be in business together

    1. Why Weinstein targeted Skiksas-
      1) They had no lawyers or families with no money for decent lawyers. Monica Lewinsky’s father hired one the same day the news broke.
      2) Generally the Goyim have no fucking money like a Jew does.
      3) Most of the would-be actresses are unknowns. A well-known Jewish actress would not have been targeted to begin with.
      4) Jews offer fantasies with the media. These Skhiksas targeted by Weinstein did not want to be married to a white mechanic or tree surgeon and live in one-story wooden house in Kansas. They want to live in cities where action is and belong to an industry that offers adulation and glamour.
      1) Society was desperate TO HAVE an integrated “Uncle Tom” black man who acted white. This was Bill Cosby. He was the public face of the talented tenth.
      2) Knowing this, Cosby was bold.
      3) Cosby did rape one Jewish woman.
      4) Drugs were involved, contrary to Cosby’s squeaky-clean image.

      1. he also raped Barbara Bush if the tale is to be believed. What kind of insanity is it to rape someone like George Bush Senior’s wife? Assuming he was guilty as charged the fact that Georgie didn’t have him killed is almost enough to convince me he had nothing to do with JFK

  10. The reality is 90% of the people SJW’s are trying to protect would eat them if white males did not exist.
    I once asked a white stripper what happened to white women who go to jail for drug offenses.
    “They eat black pussy until they puke” She replied.
    This would be what happened to SJW’s in a world with no white men to run police etc.
    Bill Cosby was a fairly well socialized black. Not a hoodrat.

    1. “The reality is 90% of the people SJW’s are trying to protect would eat them if white males did not exist. ”
      The world as we know it cannot exist without the white man behind the wheel.

      1. So true. White men are Gods made flesh. White men made the world what it is today. Without us, mongrels would still be living in mud huts.

        1. “Without us….”
          What exactly have YOU accomplishment as part of the white race? What have you contributed? All you are doing is claiming the accomplishments of other white men simply because you share the same race. That is such a typical loser thing to do.

        2. My perfect white genes are my accomplishment. By spreading my seed, I produce future mathematicians, doctors, astronauts, architects etc. I don’t breed with mongrels. That’s more than enough of a contribution in a world where our women are coalburning in large numbers, spoiling our Godly genetics.

        3. @Camel
          Reproducing with whites is the most sacred thing the white man/woman can do. Our children will accomplish great things which wouldn’t happen if we breed with inferiors. Breeding white women is enough accomplishment.

      2. Which city looks nicer? Appalachia or Tokyo?
        Jews and East Asians would be fine without whites. Let us face it, their IQ’s are higher than the average white.
        Of course they are mostly pussies and in the United States marauding blacks and Hispanics would kill them quickly without whites running the police and infrastructure but they can run a country by themselves.
        So let us be serious here. I live overseas and Asians do not need whites or give a rat’s ass about them. Jews could run New York without a single white.
        Jews and Asians profit from whites. Most of them would not live in Anusville Tennesee or Dicksburg Montana which are ALL-WHITE.
        Their purpose for whites is as cops, grunt workers etc. Otherwise, they don’t care about them.

        1. It’s interesting to note, that when the researchers present the data they take all blacks from around the world and put them in one group to get the averages IQ, which is correct. They do the same for whites and Australian aborigines. However, when it comes to asians, they separate the northeast asians from the rest. They do this also with the Ashkenazi Jews. If you were to place all asians together then and get the average, they wouldn’t have a higher average IQ than whites. Same goes for Jews, all one has to do is look at the national average IQ of Israel, which is only 94 to see this.
          Now even if we separate northeast Asians and take the average which is a few points higher than whites, which is usually around 105, this is not a very big difference and then when you look at the fact that the northeast asians tend to cluster around that mean average with little SD, while whites do have a greater SD, it means that there are more white geniuses than asian and in the end it’s those geniuses that are the movers and shakers of the world.
          That leaves us with the enigma of the Ashkenazi Jews. Well the latest genetic data on them shows that their mitochondrial DNA goes back to European females that lived in what is today Italy. It appears that Jewish people migrated into Europe around 11.000 years ago and the men mated with these European women. We already have known for some time that Ashkenazi Jews are genetically more European than the other Jewish groups and they look more European. Even today, Italy along with Germany have the highest average IQ’s in Europe at 102. Therefore it’s more probable that the Ashkenazi Jews inherited the genes for higher IQ from Europeans.

        2. Jews did not migrate into Europe 11,000 years ago. That is back when the Indians were still in Siberia!
          Jewish diaspora was about 1800 years ago.

        3. If all whites disappeared tomorrow, without the white man around to keep the other races in check, the arabs would begin to re-enslave blacks again and they would quickly level Israel and annihilate the Jews. Asians on the other hand would just exterminate blacks, being that they have robots and other machines that are far more effecient and less problematic. Eventually the Asians would rule the world, however they would only exist at their current level of sophistication with very little improvement without the white man around to create the breakthoughs and technological advancements.

        4. Blacks are incapable actual advanced warfare. When did you ever see African refugees sail to America like Europe. They cannot do what Colombus back in 1492.
          Asians would run the world.

        5. “Can asians think?” is a great book by Manburi. Truth is they can but without originality and they do have feelings but not really empathy or certain other deep feelings whites have but they can think and feel

        6. ashkanzai jews are genetically most similar to italians.
          If europe is getting mixed so much in one generation well they were here for over 50 and lithuanian jews mostly have blue eyes and brown or blonde hair which, if you didnt notice, is almost never found anywhere in any quantity in the middle east. Many also have red hair. Selection towards light white skin on the basis of survival due to lower skin cancer rates would have taken many more than the 50 generations that they were here since its such a small advantage.
          jews in evry country look very similar to the others in that country if you like at yemeni jews they look exactly the same as the other yemenis, and if you look at the persians they look typically persian if you look at beta israel they look east african.

      3. So really that’s just a commentary on how much we fucked it up. Or maybe how much our fathers and grand fathers fucked it up. Smart phones are our fault, and so are social justice warriors in general.

  11. Women’s liberation has turned women into tyrants.
    A woman can now murder a man’s child aka abortion, rob him of his assets aka divorce, and permanently ruin his life with a false rape charge.
    The saddest part is that most guys are going to continue doubling down on their supplication towards women and feminism. Hopefully if those sexbots do take off, then feminism will take some kind of a blow.

    1. My question is, how do I invest in sexbots. I mean in companies that sell them. Anybody know of any that are publicly traded? I don’t normally do stocks, but that’s one type of stock that’s probably a good bet.

    2. Let’s assume two things: 1. Sexbots of some kind do come to fruition in the near future, 2. These sexbots are quite lifelike in look and feel, a significant departure from the “blow up doll” of decades past.
      Is it likely that these sexbots will be legal to purchase? I have my doubts.
      Prostitution is largely illegal in the US. Common folk are appalled when I mention the idea of legalizing the practice for those who are of free will, sound mind, and 18+. Many mention “human trafficking” which really has nothing to do with legalized, professional prostitution and in fact would actually suffer if the profession was regulated!
      The point is this: Governments go over and above and beyond anything reasonable when it comes to “protecting” women. Prostitution lowers the value of sex. Sexbots would do the same.
      White Knights will eagerly stand up and bloviate about “family values” or some other crapola the minutes the first Sexbot rolls off the assembly line. Such an item would pose a significant threat to gold diggers, divorce lawyers, dating websites, and the entire marriage-industrial-complex.

      1. How will sexbots help win the white revolution? Can we stay off this nerd shit fantasy please and discuss how to best deal with the Jew? Leave that sexbot shit for Asians. We whites are more grounded than that. Sexbots are mere a tool of the Jew to lower the white birthrate so they can outbreed us and with our own women.

        1. dude you are the one in nerd fantasy the whites have no power and soon the only whites with power will be literal dick suckers, mixed with middle east or Jewish blood, and the feminista ladies who do what they are told by anybody except their white male enemies.
          im doubtful sexbots will ever be as good as actual women anytime soon i mean that is so far off and if they were so good they’d be very complex and surely cost as much as a good car or more.

  12. Why do you think gays are so happy? Need a quick blowjob before work? Drop by the local male toilet in the park that doubles as a gay pickup spot and stick your cock through a glory hole. No kids, no alimony, no child support.
    Gays do not have many problems.

  13. I actually had a conversation with a feminist last week who posted on social media, something along the lines of “Don’t teach your son’s that rape is OK”.
    I was baffled, and asked who WAS teaching their sons that rape was OK?
    After some back and forth she said ” I think it means don’t persistently ‘ASK’ (my emphasis for sex’…!!!
    And there you have it. Rape is even when you ask permission apparently.

    1. I’ve never even mentioned sex to any of my 4 sons. Whatever they learned wasn’t from me. If anyone in the family taught them rape was OK, it was mom.

      1. They know more about sex than you do from porn.
        Remember when we were lads and six of us would circle round a Club Magazine to get a look at Sam Fox’s tits?

  14. This site is under attack by fake White Supremacists, it’s all too obvious. Soon Huff Post or NY Time will run a piece about the Nazi site ReturnOfKings and use these comments as proof.

    1. We kind of know that. Liberals are really predictable and lacking imagination to do creative raids.
      Not that this strategy isn’t effective; they will flood and strangle comment sections until regulars are fed up and leave, they always do this.

    2. its about the only funny comment section on the internet so who cares. most of it is just dark-humor but many libs hate jokes
      forcey forcey jokes are banned elsewhere

  15. Do you really believe the masturbating stories? Maybe if they were all fucked up on drugs/drunk and they were messing around. But otherwise I don’t believe it at all. These women lie about everything so why would you believe something as outlandish as that? They can’t even make it sound realistic like he was just stroking his cock before her. Instead he wanked into a pot plant? And they all apparently just stood around and watched for at least a solid 30 seconds before he could cum, then watched him cum.. on a plant. In an apparently otherwise normal scenario. Yeah for some reason I’m not believing that.

    1. Treating women like they are leprosy is EXACTLY what feminists are striving for..Its working. Why complain? When they revert to being thirsty for attention the bullshit will STOP.
      treat them like leprosy or a table lamp, always make them feel uncomfortable because you WILL NOT deal with them without a friendly third party WITNESS…and they will get the message sooner or later they are the ones who are TOXIC and UNTRUSTWORTHY of anything.
      it is pedantic? Yes, absolutely, but you pretty much have to be that way when the entire female sector is treating you as a rapist that just hast struck yet. EFF THEM. treat them like they are raw sewage, keep you distance and cool and have a witness…Eventually it will all implode on them. In the mean time have fun with it, playing pedantic with them on their level of stupidity and insanity.

  16. Cristi Cereasa:
    I agree (and I’m White). Too too many manginas in the White world. I have zero respect for most white men today (and I’m 36). White mn today are absolute scum and cowards who let their countries go to ruin. I will never understand the fetish for Asian or latinas like you. If you were to come across me, I’d laugh in your face because I KNOW you’re after immigration papers and because most of you are ugly as hell. I saw one of your latina types the other day…fat, hairy arms…it was truly a revolting sight and those long bacteria infested nails as thy scream “papi”. NO THANKS. But I agree with you: white guys are cucks and many would scream “racist racist racist” just by reading me.I know the moment you girls get “Americanized” in the bad sense, you show your true bitch colors.
    But here’s the thing Maria: you may get your green card, but you’ll always be nothing…you’ll always have a crap job and be a slave. You can’t change nature. Meanwhile, White guys like me who were lucky enough to be independently wealthy will still be sending you our dirty underwear to wash or youll still be waiting tables. So enjoy your green card…now, bring me my coffee.

  17. Cristi: the funny thing is I agree with you and at least your honest about whats in your nature. Now let me be honest about whats in mine. I will use you, for nothing but sex. Because thats all you are good for, and you will get zero in return, not even an orgasm, but the only way Ill allow you to be used by me is if you are anything resembling someone attractive enough or lucky enough to have me in you. Another thing: We are going to start corralling your kind once again and keeping harems and if we catch you dissenting we will kill you, no questions asked because that is what you deserve. That is the new contract. You have degraded yourselves and your behavior and taken mens accomplishments for granted to the point in human history now that the only thing equitable for your mistreatment of men is exactly everything I have just said in this post. And the fun part is, there is NOTHING you can do about it. None of your eye batting, your seductions, your flirtations will work from you being put exactly where you deserve.

  18. We can see now that with the exception of religious extremists the people who impose sexual repression are women.
    Women are often swept by sexual hysterias like the day care hysteria and the recovered memory hysteria of recent memory, causing the ruin of countless lives.
    The key factor, however, is the presence of powerful men willing to act as though the accusations were serious — remember the witch trials, caused by hysterical girls.
    The females will calm down and return to their usual condition if they aren’t listened to or are subject to hospitalization. Resisting women’s hysteria must be taught to future male generations, combined with various treatments of females who can’t get through their hysteria in a padded cell.
    This shows the actual damage women do society when they are treated as though the same as and equal to men and the wisdom of old laws and customs against indiscriminately including women in men’s activities.

  19. We have to distinguish between second-wave and third-wave feminism. Second-wave (anti-sexual, anti-men) is much worse than third-wave (pro-sexual at least in good parts, want to self express as women but are not per se anti-men).
    The “pump and dump” of men contributed an contributes to the man-hating, anti-sexual stance of feminism. Of course alot of women abuse this #metoo/rape-culture discussion-shit. But there is also some credit to it. Some women get treated like shit by some men. For a starter: why should it be okay for a man to “pump and dump” women, but not for a woman to fuck and dump men? Why should a women who likes and has lots of sex be a “slut” (in the negative sense of the word) while a man who likes and has lots of sex is no “slut”? WE TEACH THE WOMEN TO MISBEHAVE BY THIS, WITH THIS ATTITUDE.
    One kind of women will get friggid. How to hook-up with a woman if she got friggid?
    Another kind of women will become man-hating feminists and then accuse you or your co-worker of rape or sexual violance or whatever or nothing.
    The third kind becomes Evangelical and nuts.
    We are not cultivating the field here. If you like (to fuck) women then treat them alright. I dont mean be “beta”. Be a man, be cool, be alpha, but not an ass.
    Be my guest, treat them as you would a little child… But you never despise a child/your child. We shouldn’t despise “sluts” if we fuck with them, unless they are devious bitches at the same time (false rape accusation types or that ilk).
    Educate the women you have some sort of a relationship with on how to behave, how to be cool. What is expected of them. A little education/formation is better than nothing. You guys claim to be great seducers, womanizers, PUAs – it shouldn’t be a problem.

    1. You can’t pump and dump” women without them already having an agenda to get money or stuff out of you in the long run of their agenda. They will attempt cultivate your actions to give them stuff/money in the end, unless you truly pump and dump them from the outset and not drag out the hookup plan with them. If they sense they are failing at accomplishing that end to get money or resources out of your wallet, get ready for the false rape or abuse allegations.

  20. Yes means yes & third-wave feminism slut walks and pussy power:
    Just like “bitch shield” this is a defense mechanism against unwanted men. Some women abuse it. There cannot be sexual freedom and fucking (outside of fucking marriage) if some guys abuse the code of conduct and women regret and cry afterwards. Thats scorched-earth tactics.
    You need to plow the field, guys. Of course, you don’t just charm her before the sex, you have to work her afterwards too! This gotnothing to do with being “beta”. In truth, being alpha means walking a balanced golden path between male pride/dominance and courtship/being nice.
    If you are just a dominant, arrogant ass, over time you train the women to become male-hating bitches and you force them to develop strategies like “yes means yes”. Feminism and chauvinism/male sexism are complementaries!

    1. One more thing:
      I think slut walks and pussy power are – in principle – good thing. we want to fuck girls and we can only fuck girls if they enjoy it too. No women enjoys being despised and slut-shamed for doing nothing but exactly the same thing as we do.
      There will always be the damsel in distress if you want the faithful wife.
      And in regards to white girls fucking whatever color thugs:
      1. Educate them. Form them the way you wanna have them with your strong frame. if you believe in what you stand for and you project it on her with your strong frame, she will learn to see it your way – more or less. depends on how long u got contact with her of course. If its a LTR she will learn to see it your way. If its a one time hook-up maybe not so much. Maybe a little.
      2. As long as they dont get pregnant – or at least get an abortion in case – it doesnt matter THAT much. Dont be anti-choice! Of course there is always a risk for getting pregnant, so interracial sex is undesirable, but for now, it stands whereever it stands.
      3. Man up. Get some muscles, get your game going.
      4. White women who regularily have sex with such thugs can be considered devious bitches and its not against galantry or “sexism” to treat them as such (unlike “sluts” who only fuck whites, who should be treated with enough galantry).

  21. Thank God the forums are SJW free.
    I guess Roosh is enjoying the profits the new PC police visitors create?

  22. It is a witch hunt out there.
    People’s lives are being ruined based on allegations. No investigation or due process. That is a big red flag.
    Luckily, I am a woman… but my sweet husband has decided he will no longer work with young women. So he can’t be accused of anything. What kind of world will our 6 year old son inherit?

  23. Years ago, when I was a less world wise younger man, I worked as an estimator at a steel company. I loved the work, but loathed the company and many of the co-workers, especially the many toxic single mommies, divorcees, and feminized mangina male managers who let trim run wild through the place. There were 2 particular problem women with some type of bi-polar issues. They worked like a pack of hyenas going from person-person to bully, had constant drama, and constantly brought their personal problems into the workplace. One day another male colleague and I were blindsided, and called in on the carpet by the HR woman and her entourage of mangina managers. We were told that these women claimed we were sexually harassing them. Funny, my colleague was a devout Christian, happily married, and was the father of 3 small boys that attended a private Christian school. I had always kept my distance with these 2, and was careful with my discourse with them. We were reminded of the company policy on sexual harassment, and warned to watch ourselves. It didn’t matter our side of the narrative, the HR woman and mangina managers had made up their minds. The next day, one of these wenches asked me if I would kindly put some antifreeze in her car for her. I told her I was too busy. The Deplorable Neil Jenssen is 100% right in his frequent analysis on women. Watch your back always with women!

  24. I see this sexual hysteria and witch hunt as the great beta-male purging of 2017.. this is what feminism is all about at its core.. this is feminism writ large and what feminism has been working towards all this time. No longer will fat, old, balding beta males be allowed to hit on women or get any sex from them just because those men have power, money and status. Women only want hot, alpha men to hit on them and to have sex with.. fat, old, balding beta-males who hit on women and make them feel “uncomfortable” need to be jailed or killed.. but enough borrrinng beta males need to be kept around in subordinate positions in order to do the actual work and drudgery that civilization and society requires.. but women aren’t obligated to date them or fuck them. This is the female sexual imperative at its core.. and what feminism has been working towards all this time. The only consolation and hope beta males might have had was to gain enough wealth, resources, power and status to attract a hot sexy woman for sex and marriage.. but now women are putting a stop to even that.

  25. “Here’s a simple test for women. If it’s not okay for a guy to accept the same offer you are considering, there is a sexual component involved.”
    Excellent point!
    It has been a bit of a wake-up call, to find out how many women are seriously pissed off, and of course the rather unique intimate practices of other guys. But what exactly is a woman’s responsibility?
    And the punishment must fit the crime. If grabbing a woman’s ass is a crime, the punishment maybe should be grabbing his ass in return, the eye for an eye method?

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