What Young Men Need To Know To Avoid A Statutory Rape Accusation

Disclaimer: This is not legal advice. If you are charged with a criminal offense or think that you may be, contact your attorney.

If you are a Western man under 30, your world view when it comes to sex was forged in the era of internet pornography, epic divorce rates, hyper-sexualized television content and a political climate of anything goes sexual identity, at virtually any age. You could be forgiven for thinking that when you first had sex with your sweetheart back in high school or earlier, it wasn’t something remarkable and you’ve both probably forgotten about it years later. You could also be one accusation away from defending yourself in a sex offense case.

While American culture evolved (or, as many fairly and convincingly argue, DEvolved) into a sexually open environment where there are few if any societal and legal restrictions beyond those involving children and animals, statutory rape is still caught in a complex patchwork of state based laws.

Federal law does not stipulate a universal age of consent, instead leaving it to the states to codify. Though you are safe everywhere in North America by avoiding all girls under 18 and you may think that’s the law of the land, federal statutes principally refer to matters surrounding pornographic material and prostitution. By the way—you didn’t take any naked selfies or make a homemade porno with her, right? Good thing you didn’t because you could have violated that federal law about pornography.

What is the age of consent in America?

I wouldn't even trust her (fake) ID she shows you.

I wouldn’t even trust her (fake) ID.

The age for private consensual sexual acts in America ranges from 16 to 18, sometimes lower in the case of married couples. It’s even lower in some foreign countries. By the way, say you’re an American student overseas with a foreign girlfriend who’s legal in her country, but still under 18—you might want to check with a knowledgable lawyer before getting down a d dirty.

Why is this significant? For starters, the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child considers anyone under the age of 18 to be a child. That magic number is also used to prosecute anyone going overseas with the intent to have sex with a minor. While US law in this area is aimed at pedophiles and traffickers, there’s no reason it could not be applied to a young man on a trip to Cancun or studying abroad in Eastern Europe. The most likely situation for a young American male will be domestic, however.


Don’t take one for the team.

For example, back when you were 18 and your girlfriend was 15 and the age of consent in your state was 16, you might have both been well aware of what you were doing and done it several times—perhaps even with the knowledge and approval of your parents. You may have stayed with her for years and eventually got married, but more than likely you and she parted ways and haven’t looked back since.

Till one day you get a knock at your door from a policeman who wants to question you about your relationship a few years earlier. Thinking nothing of it, you tell him the basic details, admitting to sexual contact, and bam, you are arrested for statutory rape of a minor. Any defense of her consenting multiple times, or even that you did not know she was underage, is irrelevant—as a minor, she cannot consent and because of this she may have no say in whether or not to press charges.

The long arm of the law may reach you.


“Well, that’s no bother to me since it was so long ago and the statute of limitations passed anyway, right?” Not so fast. First, if you have amassed any assets years later, she could still decide to sue you in civil court for damages (although this is not always successful) and either win at trial or eke out a monetary settlement from you. Even absent a criminal conviction or a civil court judgement against you, having to pay a settlement for a sex assault related case is something no man wants on his resume—just ask Bill Clinton.

Moreover, just because it is now beyond the statute of limitations for prosecuting you, do not assume you are in the clear. Statutes of limitations can be changed, once again including accused offenders even though they were previously beyond the statute of limitations. Any statements you may have made to law enforcement before this happens would once again be fair game.

While the intent of changes to these laws is noble—they want to nail child abusers who got away for decades—the reality is you can get scooped up into the mix if you as a teenager once had a sexual encounter of any kind with an underage girl, perhaps even if you yourself were underage. If you think you engaged in a situation where you could be charged, the best course of action is to clam up and consult lawyer in your jurisdiction.

This applies even more if one day you are approached by anyone and out of the blue they bring up the subject even though you’d nearly forgotten about it. If you get arrested and charged but the prosecuting attorney decides to not prosecute, continue to keep quiet regardless. Prosecutors come and go, and a replacement with a political agenda could perhaps decide to re-open your case and pursue charges.

Branded for life.


If you get charged but by some miracle are able to cop a plea and get probation with no jail time, you will probably still wind up in a sex offender registry, perhaps for life. Say you get luckier still and serious doubts surface about the veracity of the story and eventually the charges are reduced or dropped completely, resulting in no conviction and no sex offender registry requirement for you. Well guess what? You will still have an arrest record for a sex offense on your rap sheet—it matters not that there was no conviction.

Imagine driving down the road years later, a cop drives up behind you and automatically scans your license plate as is now common practice. A sex offense arrest pops up. Think you stand a good chance of getting pulled over for further scrutiny? What are the chances you’re going away with a warning instead of a ticket that day? For better or worse, cop instinct is to view arrests the same as they would a conviction, so it’s best to keep all arrests completely out of your life as much as possible.

You will get no breaks, so watch yourself. And STFU.

Yes, of course, you both “knew what you were doing” back on prom night. And yes, we know grown women teachers who have sex with minors often are convicted at trial and still receive no jail sentences. But you, sir, are a heterosexual man acting out on your urges and therefore a prime target—doubly so if you’re white, non-Islamic and attending college or boarding school, particularly a prestigious institution. Forewarned is forearmed.

Young men need to be well aware of the laws in their state before engaging in any sexual contact in situations where they could face a statutory rape accusation. And if you’ve got a story or two from back in your glory days as the high school quarterback with the freshman cheerleader? Don’t tell that story to anyone. Ever. The political climate is not favorable to you—and it could stay that way for a while absent a much needed reality check.

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  1. In Australia, the age of consent is 16 except for South Australia and Tasmania, where it’s 17. This is also the only other country (other than the US) where the age of consent back home applies even if the age of consent in the country you’re visiting is lower.

    1. Bwahaha, awesome guy. Video from the article:

      I’d say the gist of those people is: If you don’t talk like we want you to talk, you are crossing our boundaries and disrespecting us.
      Reminds me of a guy who befriended me on Facebook and asked me to put trigger warnings on my posts. He said that by not doing so, I am violating the experiential freedom of those who read my posts by accident.

      1. They are having early halloween here, and a street is closed down for the kids to trick or treat, and as i was walking , a young girl moved past me, a boy called to her and said “hey Jordan” she replied bluntly and somewhat aggravated , “it’s Melanie now” the boy responded “ok, hey Melanie” and she walked away. The gender pronunciation/identity is even affecting children, it’s getting worse then i thought.

        1. The gender pronunciation/identity is even affecting children, it’s getting worse then i thought.

          And where do you think they’re learning this?

        2. “Hi cheeseburger!”
          “Cheeseburger? Bitch dont you know its Fabio now?”

        3. I used to have a kind of nickname, which was really just a slightly changed version of my normal name. This is something I actually supported.
          At some point, I grew tired of it, so I asked a few people if they could call me by my normal name.
          Guess how successful that was. 😀
          Anyway, I guess the lesson is that you can kinda not give a fuck how people call you. Doesn’t change who you are anyway.

        4. Another irony of the whole thing is that while these people protest classical sex roles and sexes, their attempt to escape this system is by simply becoming the other (established!) sex or sex norm.
          Dudes become girls and start wearing tits and long hair.
          Girls become dudes and take testosterone and act manly.
          Sooooo non-conformist!

        5. Public education system no less. Even saw a kid with the “=” symbol walking around with his father, so it’s from liberal parenting too.

        6. Right , but the point i was trying to make , is that it sounded like the young girl was switching her gender identity. It was startling to witness. The young boy didnt even appear to question what was happening, either.

        7. Two interpretations:
          1. He was brainwashed and too impressionable.
          2. He was confused and scared by her strange behavior and thought it was the safest to just accomodate her madness.

        8. And women. And cripples. And retards.
          Btw … I think we need age quotas. 50% of all politicians should be children. They are underrepresented.

        9. If you view it with a red pill lens , technically 50% of politicians are children , being women.

      2. Can an EMP knock out the friggin grid already? Walks up to him screaming his last name…so rude

    2. Ive only met a handful of canadians I can tolerate and less that I’ve actually liked.
      Why? Because they’re generally the polar opposite of this man.

  2. Therefore every young should ask himself if he should get prepared in his bedroom by using modern electronics. When it comes to sex football rules apply: Home advantage is better than away game on foreign pitches.

  3. document consent and sexual activity. dont drink alcohol or use recreational drugs(basically any brain dulling stuff that impairs judgement ). always use protection.

  4. A cop knocks at my door and wants to know about a relationship I had … why the fuck would I be telling a perfect stranger intimate details? Why the fuck would I feel obliged to do that? Argh. But I have done the mistake of being honest with those fuckers and it only ended up being used against me.

    1. Unfortunately there are too many people in the USA who believe that the cops are always your friend.
      I’m always very leery of unsolicited encounters with the police (i.e., involving a robbery at a neighbor’s house or the like).

    2. Just deny and deny “yeah, she was my girlfriend, but we never had sex, we were teens, you know? and we used to walk holding hands, is that a crime?”
      It’s up to her to proof.

      1. Bad advice. You could be totally innocent and cop would twist anything you say to make you look worse than literally Hitler.
        I’d say that I won’t say anything unless I speak to a lawyer. On the other hand if a cop has enough evidence to get a warrant and make an arrest, he won’t be asking you anything beforehand.

        1. You said it. Cops and prosecutors love denials that they can poke holes in to show that not only are you suspect, but you appear to be a liar as well. Then the standard for proof of their case just got a whole lot easier, as any defense rebuttal can be filtered though a lens of deceitful intent. It has the effect of discounting your defense. Even if the state doesn’t have a strong case, you’re the “bad guy” in the eyes of increasingly ignorant, dumbed-down feminist juries.
          Juries judge people just as much or more than they judge the actual crime that’s charged to the defendant. It’s possible to be convicted and sentenced to prison because the jury just didn’t trust or like you, and couldn’t see the evidence of your innocence through their negative bias against you.
          That’s why any AND everything will be used against you. That’s why you have to say nothing except, “I want my attorney present before answering any questioning”, no matter how seemingly benign the question may be, including “do you know ….” That’s my standard M.O. now. You never know what law enforcement is fishing for and what their preconceptions are. You must be exceedingly careful. The state does not protect any of your legal rights, and is often guilty of side-stepping those rights to get their arrests and convictions.

        2. You can sneak in a denial if you don’t make it too specific:
          “Much though I’d like to help you out, officer, I have received legal advice not to speak with police, especially if I don’t know what it’s about.” If the cop continues to try to question you, ask “This is on the record, right?” (If he says no, say: “well, I want it to be on the legal record to avoid any confusion”)
          “I’m just getting out my phone”, (take it out slowly, stop if he says to, but clam up twice as hard if that happens!)
          turn on the audio or video recorder, say “the recorder is on” then repeat what you said at first.
          But don’t answer *any* questions beyond the info on your ID, maybe not even beyond your name if you have plenty of time on your hands. Answering one question leads to another, like potato chips. That’s why “name, rank and serial number” is military policy for POWs. Even more, don’t volunteer information. Just shut up. Let them run their mouths or ask whatever. Wait out any long silences. Just repeat exactly what you said at first, with a non-confrontational tone.
          Contrary to what a lot of people advise, don’t say: “I’m not talking without my lawyer.” That gives the impression that you expect to be arrested and is literally asking for a night or three in jail and a fat lawyer bill. If the cop still hasn’t given up after 5 minutes, ask him if you can go. If he says no, tell him he’s detaining you without cause and you wish any further questions to be sent in writing so that you can get legal advice and be sure any answers you may give are fully correct and correctly transcribed. If that doesn’t work, you may be going to jail no matter what you do. Say: “I need to call [best bud or s.o.] to let him/her know what’s holding me up. ” dial without waiting for an answer (but stop if ordered to!) and give your location, the cop’s force affiliation and name. Ask the cop how much longer this is going to take. If he says “as long as it takes” or some variant, then tell your friend or their voicemail you need them to find you a lawyer and have him call you and to keep checking with the local jail(s) if you don’t call back within 30 minutes.
          After that, you’re on your own. Just remember to stay cool, take deep breaths, know that you’re going to get through this OK. And shut the fuck up.

        3. You can sneak in a denial if you don’t make it too specific:

          Most people do not have the kind of suave under duress that is needed to pull that sort of thing off. Engaging a police officer under such situation is going to be terrifying.

        4. That’s why any AND everything will be used against you.

          And nothing you say will be used for you.

      2. How about “I don’t remember”. I fell off a cliff hiking in the canyon and although I did not go to the hospital, it affected my memory.

      3. I wouldn’t say anything. It’s up to them to prove it and if it’s been months or years since the sexual act, unless she got pregnant, no physical evidence likely still exists. Exercise your right to remain silent.

      1. Rofl. Surprised at me being honest?
        That wasn’t an act of friendliness. That was an act based on my then held belief that honesty and truth can never hurt and just stating these things plainly is the best way to go, no matter the circumstances.
        I will readily admit I was wrong. People lie or stay quiet for a reason. It is a necessary protection against those who only want you to tell them something they can use against you.

      1. Yeah. I can observe that tendency in myself, although it is getting less and less pronounced.
        A part of it may be that we kinda see authority figures as some form of parental figures and feel like they have our best interest at mind. So we tolerate even harsh and unwelcoming behavior from them.

        1. The MSM has done a wonderful job of feeding a continuous stream of propaganda and disinformation to the American public regarding law enforcement in this country.
          Just see TV show like Blue Bloods, Law and Order, NYPD Blue, et al.

        2. People instinctly know what is good for the community/tribe. Most laws are unnecessary. Civilized countries were covered with a blinding fog of statutory laws, regulations and bureaucracy long before the interwebz. It’s all about conformity and behaviour control.

        3. Yeah, exactly.
          A law doesn’t support anything that most people wouldn’t do anyway. Otherwise the people wouldn’t support that law. Well … in theory.

    3. Just knowing the laws about “statutory rape” and age of consent is waste of time. The point is that american men should Fight against these bullshitic laws and change them (and other anti-men laws). Look at BLM and muslims and think if they just try to “know the laws” or if they also try to “change the laws even if riots are needed”.

  5. Some redpill knowledge I got a long time ago and has really helped is ALWAYS after a date with a girl text her something like ‘I had a good time’ and when she writes back ‘me too’ YOU ARE SAFE IN MOST CIRCUMSTANCES.
    I had a girl try a false rape thing on me, and had her texts asking for sex…it didn’t go anywhere.

    1. Be sure not to mention having sex in the texts though. Even if consensual that’s one less thing the cops will have to prove in a potential case against you.

      1. If she’s adult, I’d think you should do the opposite. If the text proves she was sexual with you, that’s your evidence. If there is no sexual undertone in the texts and she accuses you of rape and you say it was consensual … well.

        1. why not be classy, commission someone to do an oil painting of the two of you makin sweet love

        2. pre-Mr Bean. Second series of Blackadder
          Rowan Atkinson’s career basically went: Not the Nine O’Clock News, Blackadder (series 1-4), then Mr Bean.

  6. I have noticed from my social media feeds that when there is a news story about a sick fuck male that rapes a 10 year old, men in large numbers, rightfully scream and call for his castration or something like that. The women, however, only occasionally post a reaction and it’s a lot more tempered. HOWEVER, when there is a story about a male teacher who had consensual sex with a 17 year old student the roles reverse. The women call for castration and post their rage over and over again and the men are largely silent. It says a lot about female nature. IMO women would pass a law in a heartbeat that made it illegal for any man to date any female less than a year or two younger than him regardless of his age. If there is one thing life has taught me about the hidden nature of women is that they are frightened to their core of younger women.

    1. Truth. And down deep, women have no qualms about fucking virtually anybody, no matter the person’s age. But if another woman is threatening to their standing on the SMV Ladder, as noted by the above poster, well, then they feign outrage at the male involved. Twisted.

      1. Good point. My Wife once caught me exchanging cheeky smiles with the seriously fit 18 year girl across the road and she went fucking nuclear. I’ve literally never seen her as mad … and needless to say I’ve done far worse shit

        1. Oh yes. They have to be the hottest thing in the room. They will kill if their status is threatened.

        2. It’s not just the fit-ness. Her being half her age really fucking hurts.
          In fact im going to mention her now to her for the Lols

        3. Once when I was 30 I brought home a 21 year old college bunny for Christmas who was too cute for human words. My mother, my sisters, my sisters in-law all reverted to this uncontrollable feces throwing primordial state. The only female that was pleasant was my 80 year old grandmother, rest her soul, who by that time had finally come to terms with life. But yes, many women would literally kill both younger females and the men that chase them if they could get away with it.

        4. You should try this:
          Exchange smiles with a massively overweight 18 year old girl in front of your wife and note the results.
          Exchange smiles with an elderly woman in front of your wife and note the results.
          I guarantee that her reaction to the above two would be markedly different than when you smiled at the attractive 18 year old.

        5. I think because elderly women are out of the sexual market all together and aren’t competing with anyone. I’ve noticed that too, elderly women seem to be totally unconcerned when a older man is with a younger woman.
          Although, from what I’ve seen, women tend to give the younger woman a pass and tend to reserve all their hostility towards the man.

      2. The older women are threatened in the sense that they get that wake up call that says they’re headed to the glue factory. That’s the edge they think they are blessed with by feminism. That they can discard men like old workhorses. The feminists also go nuclear when they see a wise old patriarch strutting around in a big hat with two prego 18 yo wives. They sense a threat to feminism when they see an older and wise man controlling and mentoring over younger fertile and loyal servants. The feminists see Mr Death shadowing overhead in the clouds whenever they witness the patriarchal order being restored. It’s really only the death of their vain and suicidal ways. The feminists know their end is coming. The ghosts of the aborted haunting you is something no frail female can handle.

        1. Even an objectively attractive woman in her 30s will be upset if she sees a man her age with a n objectively attractive woman younger than her. It reminds her that her beauty has a date with the ultimate patriarch, Father Time and that her date is getting near and he spares no one.

        2. …and thanks to their feminist ideals, they will spend the last 40 years of their lives miserable and alone like my mother and aunts! While the men (victims) they left behind find themselves actually being happier. We age better and get better at game with experience.

        3. The part that irks me to no end is the brute pig force and enthusiasm that the government jackboot doormats display when enforcing the male/female separation orders at gunpoint.
          Say . . . say for example if the ‘removed’ male or ‘sire’ wants to re enter his premisis, the house that Jack’ built in the first place, say he wants to retrieve some of his old shit. He wants some of his stuff. He doesn’t want to have tea with the brood of cackling hens. He just wants his box of childhood boy scout badges from the attic. THE FEMBOOB PIG ENFORCERS white knight for the rancid smelling douches who festoon themselves in the livng room crowing and insulting the man. The man must dodge bullets. He’s villified and the hamster circle jerk of the females becomes amplified when you reinforce them with government mangina force.
          I’ve heard cops who actually quit or moved on to better work because they got tired of being low paid marriage counselor mediators and they wers tired of their faces being used as the mop buckets for the elites to micromanage domestic situations. The pungent air of douche pail odor gets to their head. Who can blame them for quitting?

      3. Twisted but the logic can be followed. They damn well know that some younger women not only encourage and consent but are even the aggressors when it comes to older men but they have to pretend that it can’t happen. Given the TV and movies the older women used to blame the younger women for taking their husbands, boyfriends, etc. But feminism can’t allow for that recognition so now they attack the men. It’s easier to control the men with social condemnation today.
        Blaming the men is a way out of the logic trap. They want the easy divorce but they have to make sure that men can’t just divorce easily and go for a younger woman. So it has to be the man that’s bad. So he gets punished in the divorce. The social scorn is used to keep single men in line. So it has gone from homewrecking women to sick men.

      4. Right. If the younger man was high status enough, women would sleep with him. If there was an 18 year old young man who was a handsome lottery winner, there’d be no shortage of 36 year old women who’d sleep with him. Of course, they’d have some justification for why it’s different from a 36 year old man sleeping with a hot 18 year old girl (which is pure evil, BTW).

        1. So you’re saying that not having full equality between men and women is “pure evil”?
          PS I don’t have a problem with an older man sleeping with a younger woman.

      5. You couldn’t be more spot-on even if you didn’t want to be. Watch how many hundreds of Harley Quinns will manifest on Halloween tomorrow and how they’ll all be glaring at each other with bitchface and plotting to kill one another, figuratively (or so I hope) if they see any younger, prettier, or thinner than them. Mark my words on this one! Never fucking fails!

        1. We inherited this culture that put them in charge. Someone once made the analogy: Women are like jack russel terriers. Don’t ever let them have control or they will run the show and make everyone miserable. hahaha

        2. Funny analogy. As far as making everyone miserable goes, there’s that old saying, “If mama’s not happy, nobody’s happy…”

      1. I did a bunch of research on this issue; was thinking about submitting it as an ROK article. I got pretty nauseated after reading the 200th account of a 30-year-old middle school teacher who sucked her 13-year-old student off on school grounds numerous times, and took him out of town to fuck him at motels. And then she claimed she didn’t know that she was doing anything wrong. The women all get wrist-slapped, usually. I also read numerous accounts of women teachers doing this with boys who were nine years old or even younger. When it’s a male teacher, the news headlines read, “Teacher Accused of Sexual Assault”. When it’s a female teacher, it’s “Teacher Accused of Sleeping with Student”. This happens almost always. Very few exceptions.

        1. Rollo Tomassi once posted an article with a video showing a man attacking his girlfriend publically and vice versa. When the girl attacked the man, nobody cared. The other way, many people came for support.
          He made a statement that I kinda agree with. Paraphrasing from memory: We can either call out hypocrisy or we can conclude that this is simply how and who we are and however unfair it may seem, there’s really no point in trying to change it. Equality doesn’t exist. Calling out feminists on reverse discrimination requires you to buy in the bullshit idea of equality in the first place.

        2. the attractive ones get away with it, but sometimes they pull up the ugly ones, in the name of impartiality.

        3. Yeah. I agree with that based on the research I did. The really hot ones sometimes appear on talk shows and even get book or movie deals. And there has to be solid evidence of actual sexual contact, for the accusation to even get past the barricade of school administrators and lawyers. But in the case of a man? Au contraire. Just the mere insinuation that he touched a student inappropriately, and his life is ruined…

        4. I don’t think anyone really doubts there’s a double standard. It’s a case of justifying it though: male teachers who have sex or a relationship with a say a 15 year old girl are seen as sexual predators whereas with women and children it will be portrayed as being about love. The attractiveness issue is probably mainly heterosexual men thinking to themselves ‘well I wouldn’t have minded’. That’s probably true at the age of 15 or 16 but it’s probably just as true if the genders are reversed. It’s almost hardwired into our culture that male sexuality is violent, predatory or at least exploitative whereas women’s is loving and tender.

        5. No doubt about it. It’s hardwired into our culture.
          Here’s a profile of the circumstances surrounding one of the women I researched on this subject; her case is unusual because she actually did time (a whopping eight months) –
          ***Amy Beck
          Amy Beck, 33: Teacher at David Starr Jordan Middle School in Burbank, Calif., surrendered to police March 8, 2010, apparently overcome by guilt, according to authorities. She allegedly had a sexual relationship with one of her male students, who was 14 at the time, from March to September 2009. The married mother of three was charged with five counts, including four counts of unlawful sex with a person under 16 and one count of oral copulation with a person under 16. She was sentenced to two years in prison in May of 2010, and was released after serving only eight months of her sentence. Beck’s policeman husband apparently walked in on his wife while she was in the act of fucking the student in question, whereupon he threatened the life of the 14-year-old boy as well as the lives of the boy’s family members…this was undoubtedly interjected into the overall discussion to curry sympathy from SJWs around the country. And she probably only did time due to the fact her husband was a cop, otherwise she would have skated –
          And yeah, she’s kind of hot – http://www.mediacitygroove.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/03/2Amy-Victoria-Beck-Megans-Law-website-033011.jpg
          Here’s another photo of her – WB? (I mean, if you didn’t know she had a predilection for sucking and fucking little boys.) http://www.mediacitygroove.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/09/Amy-Beck-former-Jordan-Middle-School-Teacher-photo-Los-Angeles-Times.bmp

        6. Guilt is a funny thing. It doesn’t so much say something objective about us being ‘guilty’ as it is a feeling of us having broken an unspoken social contract.
          People tend to say: You can’t run from your guilt.
          I think this is true in a way. Even if what we did is not truly objectively ‘bad’, denying we did it puts us into an internal conflict of not being able to speak openly about our lives anymore. So we eventually do surrender and ‘accept our punishment’.

        7. I can see your point. It totally makes sense. But in this bitch’s case, I think it’s far more likely that she figured “confessing” was the smart way to go. If she hadn’t, her cop husband might have strangled her and dropped her in a canal somewhere…women don’t typically confess anything, let alone out of guilt. She probably figured this all out, and realized putting it out there in public, and confessing, would stop her husband from any dastardly revenge he had planned. Cops get away with more shit than women…this had to play a role in her decision, I think.
          Here’s an interesting side note. I have accumulated over 200 of these stories about women teachers who had sex with underage students. All of them became news, only because charges were filed. While doing the research, I noticed that for men, the incidence was much, much lower. I only encountered maybe 40 of these stories about male teachers. However, in the media, they push the notion that men are guilty of this sort of thing, far more often than women. And it isn’t true, based on my research. Not even close.
          Hell, I banged three women in the past who told me they had sex with underage boys, and their girlfriends did, too, and it was no big deal in their minds. One of them, her life’s goal was to be a middle school phys. ed. teacher, because, according to her, middle school boys had the highest sex drive. I’m not making this up. That’s how women think. If we knew their true inner sexual desires, we’d probably go monastic…
          Here’s another profile on one of the 200-plus bitches I researched –
          ***Angela Comer
          Angela Comer, 26: Middle-school teacher from Tompkinsville, Ky., fled with her alleged lover, her 14-year-old male student, before being tracked down in Mexico where she reportedly planned to marry the boy. Comer later claimed she was forced at gunpoint by the boy to go to Mexico. She was indicted in January 2006 for illegal sex acts with a minor and returned to Kentucky. Charges included felony custodial interference, two counts of third-degree sodomy and four counts of unlawful transaction with a minor relating to sexual acts. On May 9, 2007, Comer pleaded guilty to one-count of third-degree sodomy, and was slated to serve 10 years in prison as part of a plea agreement.
          The insane twat, as already mentioned, actually changed her story at one point, claiming her 14-year-old lover had abducted her at gunpoint and forced her to drive to Mexico, but the judge didn’t buy it.
          Here’s a picture of the demented slut (she’s always thinking about sex, just like most women, even when she’s in court wearing a prison jumper) –

        8. Interesting aspect indeed.
          Yeah, I mean … I don’t know what to think of it.
          Does it really hurt a boy a lot to be seduced by a female teacher? Sure, if he’s some insecure thing that didn’t really want it, that’s sad. But then, this happens to mature men and women as well.
          I guess things just are what they are.

        9. yep, it’s hypocrisy and double standards, but some of that is our own reactions – a 14 year old is still a child for both sexes (though girls are more mature in general) but we all remember what we were like back then, and in theory at least it wasn’t exactly the thing we most feared but in some cases quite the opposite. The law has to be above such factors, whether its to be more or less draconian on the issue. Despite the fact that a male with a younger female (hopefully of legal age) is a more natural state of affairs than the reverse – for demonstrable reasons of optimal female fertility – society has somehow managed to not only fail to be fair with respect to sentencing but to be harder on the configuration most likely to reflect the mutual instinct of the males and females involved
          Yes, WB (including at 14)

        10. All good points, my friend. Hypocrisy and double standards galore. I have issues with the laws in general, on this topic. But there’s not much I can do about it.
          Here’s another profile of a female teacher who calculated the odds and decided she’d come clean and confess, and take the sweet deal the prosecutors made her –
          ***Emily Morris
          Emily Morris, 26: Teacher at Leeds High School in St. Clair County, Ala., faced a possible 20-year sentence, but received one year in jail in December 2006 for having consensual sex with a 15-year-old student at her school. District Attorney Lamar Williamson said Morris had sex with the boy in her car away from school property in February 2005. “She was in a position of trust and authority as a school teacher,” he said. Under a plea bargain, according to the Associated Press, prosecutors dropped a second charge of second-degree rape and a charge of second-degree sodomy. Morris’ attorney, William Dawson, said she agreed to the plea bargain in part because of the possibility of a longer sentence.
          On June 21, 2010, WND broke the story that Morris was honored as “Person of the Month” by the city of Pelham, Ala. Oh, one more thing. Morris was married and the mother of two small children. You can read more about the case right here and take a look at her, as well –
          She’s fairly hot on the outside – but she’s ugly as shit inside, which doesn’t make her much different from any other pretty, entitled woman I’ve ever met in my life, and you can check out an additional photo of her below –

        11. I tried, but the oven temperature was 450 degrees and my mom walked in the kitchen as I was, um, checking the temperature of the loaf with my “thermometer”…no, I didn’t. Heh.

        12. I couldn’t figure that one out either…whatever she did, it was irrelevant in her mind. Sex for women is like shopping for shoes, or backstabbing a girlfriend. No big deal, just another day.

        13. Andrew Dice Clay did a stand-up bit about that. Something like, “When I was 16 my mom asked me if I wanted some liver, that was in the refrigerator. I told her, ‘No, ma, I already had it’…”

        14. It’s funny that with even all this stuff we know about women, I have never heard any man say he would like to live in a world without women.
          You hear those kind of statements from some hardcore feminists tho.

        15. He’ll be here all week, folks. Enjoy the veal, and don’t forget to tip your food servers…

        16. Yeah. Love ’em or hate ’em, we fuck ’em…what does that say about us. Wait, I don’t want to know…

        17. Yeah he does! Never occurred to me until you brought that up. Whole lotta shakin’ goin’ on, when the Dice Man has liver…nuh-huh, thank yuh very much, nuh-nuh, etc.

        18. “Morris was honored as “Person of the Month””
          Well I guess Jimmy Saville is dead..and male.
          Women are often profoundly adept at slipping out of the noose. Whatever men say seems to make things worse yet most of the time women in the dock manage to elicit empathy regardless of the facts.

        19. Yeah it’s fucked-up…and we enable this kind of stuff, too. Back in the day they would have put a scarlet letter on her forehead, or stoned her in the public square. Has to be a happy medium there, somewhere…

        20. it is, but if nothing else in the meantime, it enables us to demonstrate the selectivity with which egalitarianism is applied. That it isn’t what it says on the tin and never has been

        21. Hey Bob, just read a fine joke on Facebook. Gotta share:
          A Nigerian man goes on blind date, picks up his date in a large BMW.
          The girl comments, “This car is Big! ”
          He replies, “Ah ma sista, everyting in nigeria is big!”
          They get to a restaurant for dinner, to which she says “this place is huge!”
          He replies,”I olready tod you ma sista, everything in Nigeria is big!”
          Later they head to his mansion….”wow” she says “your house is massive!”
          “Yes ma sista I olready tod you everyting in Nigeria is big !!”
          They get into foreplay, when she comments “umm your thing is gigantic!”
          He chuckles and says “ahhhh ma sista I olready tod you everyting in Nigeria is big!”
          And as he enters her, he pauses for a moment, “…mmmmm ma sista are you also from Nigeria?

        22. That was worthy of some serious chuckles…heh. There’s a commenter around here…Lou Skunt? He’d like that one a lot, I think.

        23. Reminds me of someone asking me about my demonic ex’s pussy, was it any good? – I said, “Loose, if her…”

        24. Btw, I had a dream that reminded me of our talks about those awareness shells. And I remembered I had had a similar dream once already. Here’s both dreams in short cut, without further comment.
          The first dream I ever had about this … I don’t remember too well. I just know that someone basically convinced me I should be a ‘better’ person. They proposed to transplant the skin of a better man onto me. I somehow agreed. I woke up (from the operation, within the drema) and was in a state of abysmal terror. I looked down on my body and I didn’t dare to move. My body was full of skin patches that seemed to be loosely attached to my limbs. If I moved too quickly, they would tear and fall off. They told me ‘Just get used to it’, but I knew at that moment I would never be able to be my old self again, to feel comfortable in my own skin again, because it was gone. And all that was left was this wiggly arrangement of skin patches all over my body.
          Today was a bit similar. I was with a friend. We were going for a vacation or something. Airport maybe. An older person was with us (or suddenly appeared and we assumed he/she has been with us all the time?) All good fun. And suddenly we noticed the older person was no longer moving. Her/his skin was falling off. And I looked around myself and I realized I was not in an airport, but in a quarantined hospital full of people who were screaming out in agony as their skins were falling off. And I looked at myself and saw that I was healthy, but so much greater was the shocking insight that I had already caught the virus (in dreams you just know) and the same fate awaited me and there was nowhere to run, nowhere to go.
          Man, that emotion stayed with me for hours. It felt very real.

        25. I worry sometimes that the red pill will turn out to be manufactured by glaxo-SmithKline. Hope not though

        26. “glaxo-SmithKline” What’s that?
          I am sure that the roots of the red pill are at least a bit dubious, if you were to dive into it.

        27. That’s some deep stuff there. (I’m resisting the urge to write, “I can see how that might get under your skin.”) According to Castaneda’s mentor, we all have a small opening in our navels, like a fissure, or a crack. It is an opening in our luminous shells. And the force of life assaults that opening, 24/7, they call it the tumbler, or somesuch. And as a man ages, the crack widens and widens under the onslaught of this force, until our life force is completely sucked out of that fissure, and we die. Now who fucking knows, obviously, but I have to think that if you encountered the same subject matter twice during a dream, it’s more than some random neural discharges in the brain…what’s your take on it.

        28. I know what you mean. And then we’ll have to find a bigger red pill. And yet a bigger one. I think it’s like that. Like layers on an onion. There’s no end to waking up…

        29. My take is, it is real. It’s not the physical skin of course, but as you say, our spiritual skin. Call it our spiritual boundaries of the self. The stuff that makes up who we are. Our essence. But under enough pressure (like ideologies we are forced to accept and behaviors we are forced to perform), it gets destroyed. Quite literally, our boundaries get violated.
          Or, take this: Where does the saying ‘he has a thick skin’ come from? Obviously, it has nothing to do with the real physical skin. But it may have a very true core nonetheless.
          And where does the idea of ‘boundaries’ come from? It seems to be used by people as an abstract concept. And they say ‘Follow these rules to secure your boundaries’. But what if that is pointless? What if the point is that there are no rules and the boundaries are either intact or damaged / destroyed? Then it becomes pointless to say ‘defend your boundaries’, as they no longer exist. It would just be another mimicked behavior, while if they are intact, they actually tell you exactly what needs to be done for them to be protected. They are like an energetic shield.
          And if they are broken down, all that is left is a meaningless husk of flesh. A zombie.
          Incidentally, where does the zombie trope come from? … They still walk, but they are dead…. Now it is not a super original thought, but what if this is more than just a vague metaphor? What if that is actually the truth beyond the measurable physical world? People are literally dead to a large extent, hence they are zombies and have no own will (as their own will is contained within their essence, this shell).
          Partly inspired by your quotes of Castaneda of course. Due credit given.

        30. And interestingly, I do often feel like a large part of me is dead. It’s primarily my back. Everything around my spine, from my ‘root chakra’ up to my the back of my head. It feels like this part of me is dead and no longer belongs in this world. As if it wants to finally die in peace and enter the world of the dead.

        31. More Castaneda, which backs up your thoughts there – supposedly, man is pinned down at the epicenter of his own self-reflection. But he is limitless, in reality. Able to fly off into the universe, upon the glittering, invisible strands that connect everything to everything else, at a whim. But the fliers (predators) hold us here, to devour our glowing coats of awareness (our energy), and they gave us their mind, and that mind forces us to surrender to the notion that we are limited beings, and our boundaries are firmly defined (wink), and there are no other options for us, but to stay where we are, and die. Supposedly, the only thing that another person can do for us, that has value, is to shatter that total focus on our own self-reflection. And that is done, by assaulting a person verbally, so that they realize self-pity is what is keeping them tethered to the epicenter of their own self-reflection. You know what a premium most men put on respect, right? Heh. The demand for respect, according to this logic, is really an outgrowth of self-pity. So to shatter a man’s habit of clinging to his own self-reflection, we must make relentless fun of his state of being, until he laughs and laughs, and lets go, and that focus is shattered, and he becomes infinite and flies off in any direction he chooses…interesting shit…

        32. Yeah, it’s the other way of interpreting it. That that skin is really something that SHOULD be destroyed and shed and our attachment to it is really the prison.
          Heh. Who knows.

        33. It’s not as scary as flying around…and you have a cocoon, in the larval stage. I kind of liked being in a cocoon. But I really liked being born in a manger. The birth being attended by Three Wise Men. Etc.

        34. Do you refer to the four stages of metamorphosis or are you basing this on a model of three? If four, my ego is deeply insulted by your underappreciation and I demand you call me ‘they’.

        35. There are no answers. Only questions. Until you know things, directly.
          My friend I am going poolside, then off to cavort.
          In the meantime…don’t let ’em get under your skin!

        36. Your comment brought me to this discovery:
          Pupal mating
          Mating in pierid Catopsilia pyranthe of male with newly emerged female.
          In a few taxa of the Lepidoptera, especially Heliconius, pupal mating is an extreme form of reproductive strategy where adult males mate with female pupa about to emerge or with the newly moulted female; this is accompanied by other actions such as capping of the reproductive system of the female with the sphragis, denying access to other males, or by exuding an anti-aphrodisiac pheromone.

        37. exactly, it’s more about finding a safe way to look at the sun rather than collecting a big bag of facts

        38. its a pharmaceutical giant. Why are you sure? Unless it is the same red as in communism then we’re probably all right

        39. Well … it’s like a dream, ain’t it. Do we really know how we came to be here? Do we remember the exact moment the red pill caught our attention? Have we ever wondered where it originated?
          I mean, it may not necessarily mean that it is “bad”, but it could for instance mean that some “higher powers” wanted this knowledge to gain traction and worked some magic. Who knows.

        40. well, it’s an idea from the matrix – the idea that you can see reality according to illusions, or as it really is. Goes back to Plato’s cave. With an added dose of conspiracy

        41. Heh. Not sure you cought the essence of what I mean, but I’m gonna respond to this comment of yours.
          Can we really see reality through the illusions? How could we? Some of the stuff we do is very solid. Other stuff … is basically guesswork.
          What we see is a lower-dimension projection of a higher-dimension truth, to use a metaphor. For example, take a camera taking a photograph. The sensor of the camera is 2-dimensional but it ‘captures’ 3-dimensional reality. That is, it captures a projection of this 3-dimensional reality.
          Now, when we see a photograph, we usually can tell what is going on and understand the spacial relations etc and imagine a 3d image.
          But why is that? It’s because we tend to photograph things we have seen in real life. We know, for example, how large a person is, how big a house is, or how it looks when we take pictures of valleys or nature.
          But if we look at what really happens, it is this: Our brain is conditioned to make assumptions based on the reality we observe and know. It’s not that we really know that the photograph depicts 3dimensional reality. We assume it, from experience.
          If you take a picture or maybe even a video of random 3dimensional shapes and take away light and shadowing, it can become almost impossible to tell how big or how far away an object is. Or whether it even is a single object. Or whether we see the entire object.
          Here is a fun video demonstrating what I mean, in a way:

          Without sufficient additional information, it can be (is!) impossible to reverse-engineer the projection into its original parts. The information is just lacking.
          So here’s the thing. Based on our conditioning and real-life experience we fill in the blanks in our brain. this happens automatically, we don’t even notice it. We make assumptions.
          And this makes us prone to illusions. That is, with a clever projection we can be made to fill in blanks with information that actually isn’t present.
          Another example would be human behavior. We have certain knowledge about how humans behave and what this means. If someone smiles heartily, we assume they are happy, for instance. But if we are to be honest, that is us filling in blanks and creating information that does not actually exist to us. A flaw of empathy? Sure, it works in most cases, as long as there is some kind of streamlined culture of human nature and behavior. Which is where it gets interesting, because these behaviors are conditioned into us by media and, say, politics. Now, a clever manipulator could make us all behave in predictable ways, but he himself would be exempt from it. So a politician may make a gesture or smile or say something particular and we may conclude ‘this person is honest’. But it is again just us filling in the blanks. There is just no way to know.
          And if they do it cleverly enough, they can get us to find shapes that appear (!) hard to find, making us conclude we have outsmarted them, while we have really just found something they planted there.
          I mean, if you were the puppet master, wouldn’t you do that? It’s fucking clever. On another note, if you were the puppet master, would you put enough information into the projection for people to be able to actually logically deduce objective truth from it? No, you wouldn’t.
          Maybe the puppet masters make mistakes. That’s possible. But then we have another problem: We have no way of telling whether they have made a mistake or whether they are just making us believe they made a mistake, to lull us into false security.
          The information isn’t there.
          We don’t know if Trump is a great man. We have no way of knowing, unless we know him personally for a few years maybe. We don’t know a lot of stuff.
          If the puppet masters are clever enough (a possibility), they can make us fill in blanks with whatever they want us to fill in the blanks with. Because they control A. What we see and B. What we, based on our conditioning, will fill in the blanks.
          Now, that’s a bit of an extreme example, because they probably aren’t almighty. Then again, if we do indeed consider that this may all be a matrix … then we’d be truly fucked, because in a sense, they would truly be almighty within this reality and we would just have no fucking way of knowing.

        42. Good video. Trendy psychology lecturers will be featuring that one in their cognitive psychology, sense and perception classes for a long time to come.
          You make good points, but I don’t think they are going to shake anybody’s idea of the red pill, because of – what I would think of as – it’s provisional work-man-like nature. I allude to Plato / the cave / the realm of the ‘noumenal’ – the thing in itself – but remember the matrix is a film from the close of the 20th century – a century which consisted of little but intellectual attempts to erode – to borrow from people like Derrida etc – the idea of ‘presence’ or the possibility of determinate meaning – all of which was anti-Plato, anti-absolute etc. The matrix, which as you might point out was itself a Hollywood production (rather than ‘independent’) was a fin-de-siecle piece – it was taking all of that reality-bending question and / or ‘distortion’ on board, prodeeding from rather than denying the post-modern.
          Moreover neither the matrix or the red pill the manosphere borrowed from it is talking necessarily about the absolute truth – the kind of realm of fixity that Plato seems to be envisioning – to talk about Plato’s Allegory of the Cave (if you’re aware of it) is really to make just a comparison, rather than to invoke it as a tool to reveal the final nature of the world we live in.
          In both the matrix and the red pill of the manosphere moreover the reality penetrated, the veil torn asunder is not the realm of the absolute but the realm of human affairs. The posited elites, puppet-masters, to the extent they exist are – to some extent at least – intelligent creators (whether the Almighty is on the other hand is another question). Moreover to the extent they are puppet-masters, weaving a web, manipulating our perceptions (and of course I presume no such thing) they are doing so as magicians. In fact rather than consider it a question of either / or wouldn’t it make more sense to say “to the extent that”. We know Soros exists, we know that he considers himself to be a (financial) alchemist of sorts; we know magician’s exist, or those who regard themselves as such; we know also that marketeers and advertising execs, and politicians and psychology experts and all the other personnel of the psy-compex, the media, music video makers and general head-fuckers exist too. So we don’t really have to live in the either / or universe you seem to be implying.
          Further to the extent that we have puppet masters or aspirant puppet masters (still short of their proficiency test) they will as magicians have a vested interest in suggesting that their deceptions, distractions and general trickery is the work of a greater rather than a lesser magician. Where magic is concerned, where the manipulation of sense and perception your wizard of oz sitting behind the curtain, to the extent he is a wizard, to the extent he is from oz, and to the extent he sits behind a curtain has a vested interest in deceiving us about our perceptions. That is what magic is.
          Filling out the gaps is a part of that. Psychology (and if I didn’t know you better I would bet money you had psychology training) is all about the schemas we have, which allow us to process information without us having to process all the sense data available to us – schemas ensure that we interpret the information available to us, in ways that make sense to us. That video – which is exceptionally brilliant – is all about the manipulation of those schemas as you suggest.
          Yet having suggested that we may be filling in the gaps according to the pre-existent schemas we have in our heads – and our biases, prejudices, preoccupations, obsessional neuroses etc – you leave open the possibility that those same schemas, biases etc may themselves be being manipulated – and of course we already know they are, because we’ve already discussed the marketeers, ad execs, news media, politicians etc, and – potentially the super dooper elite who like George Soros are virtually Gods transferring their thoughts into our minds, beaming signals through the TV sets and imprinting masonic images onto our toast.
          You’re right to say to some extent there is an element of the unknowable here – in the 16th century Descartes wondered what kind of certainty we could hope to find when considering the possibility that some omnipotent demon might be doing much the same by controlling our perception of reality – just imagine if Descartes had seen that video you linked to – but we are not dealing with anything supernatural here, we are dealing with men and society and it stands to reason surely if the latter may have cause to hide and occult, it is only a natural reaction, as natural say as responding reflexively to a hammer on the knee, to seek to pull back the veil. It doesn’t matter if there are human designers. Of course there are. We are all such to some extent, it is just that we find the big players a lot more interesting and influential than the little players. If second hand car salesman might perform a kind of magic designed to deceive and I seek to catch him out, why is it any different at a level higher, or at level higher than that, or so on until we reach the top of the tree, if indeed the top of the tree exists?
          As for Trump, the issue of where he stands, whether he is truly independent, or a special handshake fellow having great fun playing his part in a much grander drama, is something we don’t have to worry about right now. All of us here want him in, and if he wins / once he’s in then we’ll worry about the possibility that mischief might be afoot – when exactly is it not afoot.
          The elite, to the extent that they are – and they certainly are to an extent – like their little games, and they are perfectly capable of long term planning, manipulation, misdirection, sleight of hand etc., but equally they combine the former with the ability to improvise and it is the latter talent, the ability to improvise in such a way as to suggest that the improvisation was always intended even if it was not, which creates the most powerful magical effect – the ability to persuade the audience that the whole thing is really magic.
          The real question though is whether at the end of the show there will be a ‘how it was all done’ – like with Derren Brown or for that matter the OK Go video

        43. What is it about cop’s wives. Some are terrible divorce rapists and others . . . . well I was in this tittie bar a few years back and this one dancer, she was fun. I hit her up if she wanted to roll west with me, that is if she wasn’t tied locally. She said she’d have to ask her husband. He’s a state trooper she said. Well that was that.

        44. I read an account from a woman who said back in the 70s, she was 32 dating a 25 year old man and she didn’t want anyone on her job to find out because she’d have been considered a weirdo and pervert. And probably would have lost her job.
          Of course, today the opposite is true. But there are biological reasons for women preferring older men and men preferring younger women.

        45. True…and there are social engineering reasons behind women playing the cougar these days…

        46. Well yeah, when a man does it he’s sick, deranged, a pedophile, a douchebag-awkward-creeper, BUT when a woman does it she was “just” looking for love, was confused, didn’t know she was doing anything wrong, had an abusive husband (read: told her “No” a handful of times to her ridiculous demands but he’s someway somehow abusive)… You know the drill. Par for the pedictable course.

        47. Yup. And he didn’t pay enough attention to her (which is abusive, by women’s standards today).
          It’s really staggering the number of cases I researched involving female teachers, just in the USA. Well over 200 in say the last 10 years. (Versus maybe 40 male teachers; and most of the episodes involving male teachers looked damned suspicious, typically involving a vague accusation of unwanted sexual contact, which are often as innocuous as a man putting his hand on a female student’s shoulder.)
          The epidemic of females who are sexual predators in schools, includes primary school teachers, middle school teachers, and high school teachers. The average age of the “victim” (I find it hard to think of a horny adolescent male as being a victim here, but let’s stick with the legal parlance), was 14.
          Interesting, then, that I also found out that middle school teachers in the USA are mostly female. As mentioned, I banged a few women over the years who told me they had a hobby of targeting young boys for sex, usually in the 13-15 age group, due to their high sexual energy; this included the girl I mentioned whose life’s ambition was to be a middle school phys. ed. teacher so she could fuck those high-energy boys.
          The evidence I gathered in the process of doing this research strongly suggests that there is a statistically significant percentage of women who become teachers, especially at the middle school and high school levels, in order to seduce the students (mostly male students; sometimes female). Which probably isn’t surprising to most ROK readers, and certainly wasn’t surprising to me when I started researching all these cases.
          And here’s another thing to consider – the incidents that actually get reported, are dwarfed by the incidents that go unreported. This can be mathematically inferred. Not every boy involved is going to brag about banging the hot teacher; women are masters at manipulating men, so manipulating boys into a state of willing, compliant, sworn silence should be a piece of cake for most of them. (If the boys talk, no more pussy; that has to play a role, too).
          Also, female teachers these days are zealously protected by school administrators. There have been numerous reported cases where administrators actively destroyed evidence of illegal sexual contact between a female teacher and a student. Stonewalling is the commonality here, among nearly all school administrators in the USA. I’ve actually read accounts of people who tried to pursue legal action against a female teacher for seducing their child, and they were stonewalled from pillar to post, not only by school administrators, but by the prosecutor’s office, and the SJW media, as well…
          All we get to read about are the cases that actually make it into the press. But I believe this type of thing is way more common that the average person suspects. That’s what the numbers say. In one school alone, three different teachers (all female) were accused of having sex with male middle school boys in roughly the same time frame. In another, two different female teachers were accused of the same thing, in the same time frame. Those numbers, and the correlating circumstance of endemic administrative interference and stonewalling, suggest that this might be so common, that as many as 30% (or even more) of all female teachers at the middle school level, have sex with one or more of their students during their tenure.
          And that isn’t surprising to me, either, as women never graduate from high school mentally, and always want to be the hot slut at school whom all the boys want to fuck, way into their 50’s and 60’s, if possible – and women will fuck anybody and anything, if they think there’s a good chance nobody will find out…it’s so empowering and all, don’t you know. (Cough, cough.)
          In the end, I believe that this is simply normal behavior for women in general. They have no boundaries and they believe they should be able to do anything they want – especially when it comes to sex. It wouldn’t surprise me to find out that well over half of all “hot teachers” have sex with multiple students on a regular basis. I’ve read so many accounts of teachers who fucked as many as 10 or more male students, over the course of a year or two (and those were just the ones they confessed to fucking), that it simply has to be the case. Usually, the teachers involved in the multiple-partner cases are attractive. If an attractive female teacher’s goal is to have sex with as many horny boys as she possibly can, the actual numbers here are going to make the numbers reported in the press, look preposterously tame in comparison…

        48. No one wants to believe that a young woman can enjoy sex too. But once again, the problem is that younger women or more precisely, men’s preference for younger women is a wrench in the female sexual strategy. Younger women prefer older men and the older women want same age or older men.
          I strongly believe that one big purpose of the modern educational system is to separate the youngest and most fertile young women from men and to make men see them as “children”. Social conditioning has a lot to do with what we find attractive and to an extent can override biology.
          There was an experiment where men were shown a picture of a young woman and all of the men rated her as very sexually appealing. When the men were told that the girl was 16, they lowered their attraction rating towards her, some now saying that they found her completely unattractive.

        49. “I strongly believe that one big purpose of the modern educational system is to separate the youngest and most fertile young women from men and to make men see them as “children””
          I’d never really of thought of that but it could well be true, consciously or as an instinctive goal of a feminist and anti-masculine establishment, bent on engineering ‘equality’ at any cost. I agree that social conditioning has probably had a considerable effect on the kind of choices we make with respect to the preferred age of partners. In a sense this may also reflect the attempt to shift from patriarchy (older man, younger (and therefore more child-like?) woman towards the reverse – Mrs Robinson type older woman / mother type ‘dominating’ a younger male. The fact that this reverses not only the norm but the requirements of biology for optimally successful reproduction reflects both the contempt the social engineers have for anything ‘natural’ (they wish to change / transcend nature) and the wider anti-people environmental / de-population agenda that sees traditional sexuality and reproduction as a problem to be solved or even overcome

        50. The union proven to produce the most offspring are older man/younger woman pairings. So if population control is what they are after, then what they’d be expected to do is promote other types of pairings while demonizing this pairing.
          Encourage younger women in their primes to have casual, but sterile, sex with same age young men. Put those young women off limits to older men through laws and social norms. So even a man my age, and I’m only 29, will be looked at as some sort of weirdo if I date a 17, 18, 19 year old, even if it’s perfectly legal.
          Make younger women believe that only awkward and creepy men like younger women. Real men want same age or older women. So this is always in the back of their mind if a significantly older man approaches them.
          Make men think of significantly younger women as “children” while actively promoting 50 year old cougars as the most desirable women and you create a perfect storm.

        51. I agree with all of that. Culture always plays a part, and sexual attraction isn’t necessarily fixed, but biology for some strange reasons seems to play a part in human reproduction and it is that which the engineers are targeting. “Equality” (which of course is never really about equality) is aimed at negating a natural order that is seen as unequal. The deeper roots of this are a gnostic worldview – basically the idea that the world is evil and needs to be improved / restored (not always an unreasonable position, but worrying in its implications) and this always translates into an attack on sex as family and reproduction, and an attempt to re-purpose humanity as a hedonists who identify themselves with respect to whatever desires they have in the moment. Western society is currently failing to reproduce on account of this influence while the places in the world which have a genuine problem with respect to human over-population seem to have no such death-drive.
          The world is being deliberately turned upside down. Apparently it’s for a good cause

        52. A lot of places construe any ‘unnatural’ (read not-penis-in-vagina) sex act to be sodomy, such as blowjob or pussylingus, not just buttbanging.

    2. There was a big scandal at the local high school. A 25 year old male teacher married a local girl one year out of high school. In other words she was 19 and they might have had something going on when she was 18. No none of the local men much cared, but the local woman thought it was terrible. 10 years latter they are still married.
      The local woman would castrated him. The moral of the story is to never put your fate into the hands of woman.

      1. Yikes. I’m 29, what would their reaction be if I dated a 18 or 19 year old. I’m sure there’d be much weeping, wailing and gnashing of teeth.

        1. Woman hate it when a guy goes young but they only say so much. But when the guy was the girls teacher they freak.

        2. My parents were 7 years different from each other. However, they did meet after college.
          Also, notice that there are times when women chastise men about age differences when we recognize and point out gold diggers. Most women are looking for a sugar daddy.

        3. That’s why you appeal to a woman’s greed. Just promise her all sorts of outlandish things. You don’t ever have to deliver. Just pump and dump.

        4. Just be careful, being too quick with an analysis of the chick might get you into the trouble this article is referencing, when the little tart lies about her age. That can end up as a honey trap as well.

        5. Actually I have had way more men criticize me for dating young than women. Most women don’t seem to give a shit. There’s always an older man for them. But most guys my age are scared to talk to young women. Envy is a terrible thing.

    3. It’s any competition for them or anything that might make a man happy. Who is it that gets all bent out of shape about american men dating and marrying foreign women? Women. Take a guy american women don’t even consider worthy of their time. If he goes and marries some foreigner he’s suddenly worth their time to ridicule, belittle, insult, and worse. It’s some guy they didn’t want but his mere finding at least temporary happiness with a woman not like them gets them angry.

    4. Exactly. Statutory rape lawd are BS laws that are made under the guise of “protecting the children”. There was a musician who not too long ago announced he was dating a girl who is 19. He’s 49. As predicted and even though, she is perfectly legal in any state, women started calling him a pedo and pervert and wishing death on him and going to all types emotional extremes. I’m sure if they had there way, the AOC would probably be 30 years old. Some attempted to appeal to morality and say how even though the relationship is legal, it’s morally wrong. Of course, when a woman gets pregnant by or carries on a relationship with a man she KNOWS is a violent Street thug who just stabbed someone to death last week, all t talk about morality falls by the wayside. When was the last you saw a woman condemn another woman for having a relationship with a man who is a known violent criminal???
      And women have this fear because they know that youth and beauty are related. And they hate that men prefer younger women over older women, at least when they no longer count as a “younger woman”.
      On a side note, ever notice how any woman well over 21 brags to no end about when she went to buy alcohol and the clerk carded her because he wasn’t sure if she was over 21? But yet, to tell a woman she looks older than her real age is an insult. A 40 year old woman will be on cloud 9 if someone mistakes her for being 20, while she’d be fighting mad if someone mistakes her for being 55.
      There was a story about a 31 year old man dating a 91 year old woman. To put it in perspective, my great grandmother was 70 when I was born. This man was with a woman who was 60 when he was born. Talk about age inappropriate.
      Of course, women everywhere were silent on this massively age inappropriate relationship. The same women who’d be outraged if this man were dating a 17 or 18 or 19 year old girl.

      1. Nice observations Harold. The ultimate kicker to all of this is that even though virtually all men see this, few women would ever admit to having these thoughts or engaging in these bahviors. Their minds so often act on certain survival instincts, that become obvious to us men but, they lie to themselves, first and foremost, about their deeper motivations. Although Freud is pop psychology more or less, he summed up women pretty well when he described them as being caught somewhere between the maturity of a man and a child.

        1. But now the question is, are we crazy for trying to expect them to be rational thinkers? I’ve resolved to just treat american women poorly (it oddly builds more attraction) and treat my traveling lovers like princesses. The latter will ALWAYS reward the special treatment.

    5. I believe the entire marriage and relationship problem in the states can be solved if women just dated men 8-15 years older. It’s the way it used to be (and still is in other countries).
      An american woman at 18 dates an 18 year old playboy who doesn’t even think about tomorrow. The next 5 years, she’s dating playboys and college guys like that. It gives her a bad perspective of men. How much value does she have for a valuable by the time she’s 32? When she’s 32, the other 32 year old men aren’t attracted to her anymore. And she’s disgusted at the thought of dating a 40 year old (the only guys checking her out.)
      If she had dated a 28 year old man at 18, he would always be turned on by his young girlfriend, and he would be more stable. She would have a positive outlook on men. She would naturally respect his wisdom and experience (in theory.) Even as she ages into her 40s, he’s in his 50s, and she is still probably a young turn-on for him.
      That’s why statutory laws are more lenient in other countries (where marriages last!)

  7. The cops are not my friends
    The cops are not my friends
    Heigh-ho, the derry-o
    The cops are not my friends
    (Musicoding that one into your brain, by singing it in your mind, over and over, about 50 times, will help you to remember it, the next time you are confronted by a cop…)

  8. Every time this comes up I post the same video. Watch it if you ever think you should talk to the police.

    1. Plus, don’t talk to police. And in addition to that, don’t talk to police. Finally, don’t talk to police.

  9. Young men need real sex Ed. They need a judge or cop to come in and tell them “these are the laws. These are the definitions. These are the minimum sentences.” 1 class for sex crimes, 2nd class for child custody court and paternal responsibilities.
    But I bet the societal fallout from such a swift truth dump would be gigantic. Better to let the boys only slowly realize just how stacked the deck is…

    1. Young men need real sex Ed. They need a judge or cop to come in and tell them “these are the laws.

      That’s where dad steps up. My sons are going to know that any pussy under 18 is never worth it, no matter what.

      1. They need to know all the family court pitfalls too. They need to understand paternity fraud, fatherhood by estoppel, how alimony and child support (doesn’t) work.
        They need to know that in the eyes of Johnny and Jane Law PV sex=oral sex =anal sex= mutual masturbation=if you squeeze that sophomores tit you may go to jail. If you let her fondle your balls, you may go to jail.

  10. “But you, sir, are a heterosexual man acting out on your urges and therefore a prime target—doubly so if you’re white, non-Islamic and attending college or boarding school, particularly a prestigious institution.”
    Maybe its where I live but most of the sex offenders in my town are Blacks.

  11. My SOP is to covertly record my casual sex encounters with an app on my smartphone. I tried to record the girl talking dirty, asking about a condom or begging for it so I have proof of consent should I need it and thankfully I never have!
    Is this an effective legal defense?

    1. This can be illegal in many jurisdictions. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t share that sort of information with your own lawyer should a false rape accusation come up.
      I’d love to be on a jury trying someone for engaging in such a clandestine recording. I’d vote not guilty in a heartbeat.

      1. I really doubt I’ll ever faced a false rape accusation as I am pretty good at filtering out the crazies but if I ever found myself in such a situation I would simply send her my recording and let her know that if she didn’t drop the case I would be sharing it with everyone…

        1. I should have prefaced that by saying “this can be illegal if you get caught.”
          I’ve always wondered if one could “get around” this by posting signs around and in your property that stated that everything was under video surveillance at all times.

  12. Why would any good man want to pump and dump a 16yo especially if she’s a virgin and unicorn. You marry her and domesticate her. Pull her out of public ed propaganda camp before she gets shredded by the football team. Show her how to milk goats too.

    1. I get the sentiment, but a marriage to a 16 year old girl would not work in today’s society. The only thing to do is pump and eventually dump her. Now 70 years ago it would have been different.

      1. More recently a man tried the locks of bewedment with a teen bride and then another, and another. It was no pea shoot but he put his soul into it. No beta should dare try such a feat.
        The blue dresses go well with a pair of shitkicking Wranglers.
        It all went well so long as the man wore the pants. That’s the secret. Keep the pants ON the man and OFF the woman. Choosing the neighborhood you live in is also critical. A neighborhood where MEN ONLY wear the pants.
        Then one day strange women rolled around wearing pantsuits and sweats, some in jeans, and that’s when the shit began. They had nametags and lesbian haircuts and they snooped and pumped the women for info. Then they came back in humvees at night cradle robbing. The women in pants are always an omen. Pants as a general rule are for men. Yes Roman Gladiators wore skirts, but that was so the balls could swing free. It sharpens your shielding reflexes. “Whoop, whooah, take this – WHACK.”. Jeans with a zipper are for men who piss far and wide. Men who piss mighty. Men who keep their pride constabled with a noble gold zipper.

  13. Children as young as five can decide that they don’t feel like they were born the right sex and then take hormones to change it, but girls as old as 17 years, 11 months and 29 days cannot consent to having sex with an 18 years old guy.
    Fucking madness.

    1. According to older women, 17 year old girls aren’t “mature and experienced” to know what they want or “there brains aren’t fully developed”. But yep, a 5 year old is fully mature, experienced and has a developed enough brain to decide that he wants to be a girl.

      1. There is a reason why, in the past, girls could get married as soon as they passed puberty and it’s not because the world was full of pedophiles. It’s because a 16 years old girl has all the tools she needs to be a worthy spouse. I’m not saying she shouldn’t have a choice in the matter but our current consent laws are utterly mental and clearly anti-men.

  14. Fuck them. It’s none of their damn business, if I fucked a woman overseas. Laws are more often than not, meant to be ignored just stay silent and don’t say anything.

    1. The accusations are bullshit. The Feminazi and Cuck comments on the article are just as bad.

  15. This is full of bad advice.
    First of statutes of limitations can change, but if you are charged criminally the statute in place on the date the crime was committed is the one the law will recognize. To do anything else is ex post facto and prohibited by the Constitution. However, if you are convicted and subjected to a penalty as a result of that convictions sometimes the courts will permit a legislature to change the qualifications for that penalty (in that if you were convicted of a previously not included sex crime for the registry and that is later expanded you might then have to register).
    Here is the best advice for a man. If you are 18 years old or older do NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE have sex with a woman under 18 unless you are legally married to her. It doesn’t matter if you “think” she is over 18. If you don’t know and can’t verify (seriously ask to see her ID) then walk away.
    If you are a man (or boy legally speaking) under 18 then NEVER have sex with a woman under the age of 13. NEVER. Between 13-18 laws vary state to state. If you are contemplating having sex with someone between these ages then make sure you know what law in the state WHICH YOU ARE HAVING SEX applies. If you are seeing your girlfriend out of state the law of your home state does not follow you.
    Personally, I would advise any younger man to wait until they are 18 to have sex anyway. Yeah puberty in a young man sucks in that you basically want to pound any walking woman 24/7 due to hormone spikes. But, just simply wait. The liability is just too high when your rationale mind is blinded by those hormones. You don’t want to end up being 16 with a kid to some trailer trash girl who looked good when you were trashed on wine coolers. Talk about a shitty quality of life for what should be the prime of your life in your 20’s and 30’s.
    Sex under 18. Just don’t do it.

    1. “Prohibited by the constitution” you know what else is prohibited by the constitution? Personal income tax and restrictive gun laws. Guess what happens in reality?

      1. There is an amendment authorizing personal income tax on a federal level (like it or not).
        I would also point out that every constitutional right has limitations. None have ever been held to be absolute by any court at any point in time in the history of our nation. The history of Second Amendment is a tricky one. For whatever reason it wasn’t until the 21st century the Court really gave it any attention at all. The best answer I have heard to why this might have been is that really up until the 60’s, other than bona fide machine guns, there was virtually no federal gun regulation and it was minimal on most state levels (and it wasn’t until the 60’s that the courts started “incorporating” federal constitutional rights on to the states through the 14th Amendment anyhow).

    2. This article is not legal advice, but:
      “…if you are charged criminally the statute in place on the date the crime was committed is the one the law will recognize. To do anything else is ex post facto and prohibited by the Constitution.”
      Well, no shit – I never made the argument to the contrary anywhere in the article.

      1. You stated you needed that young men need to worry about the statute of limitations can change. That is only partially true and the question is a bit more nuanced then you lead it to be.

        1. It’s not complicated at all, statutes of limitations can change.
          Meaning if you did something illegal (whatever it was) and the SOL ran out, the government can always change the law to extend the SOL at a later date, as they did here: http://losangeles.cbslocal.com/2016/09/28/gov-brown-signs-bill-revoking-californias-10-year-statue-of-limitation-on-rape-cases/
          Don’t confuse the term “statute of limitations” with “statute” (i.e. the law itself).

        2. OK, yes a statute is a law. A statute of (insert qualification here) is also a law. A legislature can generally change the law as they see fit as long as it does not violate the applicable federal or state constitution.
          Application of the law is more complex. Say you committed shoplifting in 2001 and the statute of limitation on the date you committed the crime was five years, but in the intervening years the legislature changed the statute to ten years, the law applied to your case will be that of 2001. Why? Because it would be an ex post facto violation to “move the goal posts” mid game. Unconstitutional in other words. The same actually applies to sentencing. If you committed a crime in the 70’s but weren’t caught until today the sentence you would face would be based upon the guidelines of the 70’s and not today. Law as written and law as applied are two completely different beasts.
          This is why people with no legal background (and I don’t believe you need to go to a fancy law school and be a lawyer to know anything about the law but you should have a basic knowledge) should refrain from posts such as this.

        3. Go back and look at that change to the CA SOL law, ask yourself why they did it. They did not violate “ex post facto laws” by allowing more time for victims of alleged sex crimes to report the alleged offense, whenever it happened, so long as they do so within the SOL. Sentencing has nothing to do with any of this – different conversation.
          Think again before you bemoan others for not having a legal background.
          And if you’re still in law school, consider dropping out – it obviously isn’t sinking in.

        4. Do you understand the difference between changing the law and how the law is applied to crimes that have already, allegedly have been committed? Apparently not, but OK.
          A Legislature can change the statute of limitation in a forward applying motivation that may allow “victims (as of the enactment of this law and not before) who have had a crime committed upon their persons to report it later than before”. But, if the crime as ALREADY BEEN COMMITTED before the date of enactment it has no application. None. Zero. Do you understand the difference? Please answer yes or no.
          Again, this is why armchair amateurs should not post articles such as this. They are inaccurate and mostly contain bad advice. Reminds me of the widely circulated blog post I read on an alt-right website that pretty much said “if a cop doesn’t have his hat on when he issues you a traffic ticket it will be dismissed”. Wildly inaccurate (and there was only one case in the 70’s where that happened when a uniform policy was violated), but nonetheless, one that still makes the rounds.

        5. I think it is you who should “drop out” of writing law based posts for RoK’s. This concerns civil statutes of limitations. Do you know the difference between civil and criminal statutes of limitations? Obviously not.
          The ex post facto clause applies, primarily to criminal statutes. It can, and sometimes, be applied to civil statutes but not always (usually though when struck down by court relies on a due process claim). Again, it is a complicated matter that pea brained body builders cannot understand with a simple internet search. Just go to the public library, check out some books, and teach yourself something about the law. Not that hard. But, go do some more “reps” in the gym instead of exercising your mind.

        6. I usually find those who throw insults instead of reasoning, logic, and facts are doing so because they do not know what they are talking about. Here that is abundantly true. Go do some reading on statutory construction and come on back when you are done.

  16. Age of consent laws has a good intention on capturing actual pedophiles. However, it is being used to criminalize natural heterosexual attraction from the male side.
    As I read before in this site, men are attracted to younger girls. Example a 23 year old would be attracted to a 18 or 19 yr old girl. A 20 year old can date a 17 year old girl. But society automatically labeled him as a pedo.
    However, no one says anything about a 22 year old guy going for a 38 year old women because that is the experience cougar women.
    Matter of fact I have a friend of went to a 38 year old women house to fuck her and he did it multiple times. I tell him that you can do better than that. There are so many 18 to 21 years olds girls and he doesn’t do anything.
    Most of society glorifies cougar women but almost all of society labels men as a pedo if he goes with an 18 year old girl even though she is legal age.

    1. It’s not even just 38-year-old “cougars” with colleged-aged men who society glorifies; a middle-aged woman can fuck a 13-year-old boy and get less crap than a 20-year-old man fucking a 17-year-old girl. It’s absolutely backwards

      1. It amazes me that American society desperately embraces “gender equality” to the point of being a religion. If we truly wanted gender equality, then why we don’t eradicate the double standards like the one you just mentioned?
        If we want to true gender equality, why don’t we demand harsh sentence on a women for the same hainious crime that a man would do for example having sex with a young girl or boy?
        We are we still accepting and practicing double standard on men? Well maybe that should say something on how bullshit “gender equality” is.

        1. For this issue, complete gender equality or no, the double standard is bullshit and shouldn’t be accepted. It’s not as if teen girls aren’t also horny, or are so much less mentally developed that they can’t knowingly consent to sex where males supposedly can. Especially with how girls tend to develop at earlier ages than boys, even taking into consideration general gender differences it makes no sense

  17. I’m not sure that being black acts as a shield to being convicted or charged with sexual assault. Just ask Mike Tyson, Tupac Shakur, R Kelly, Kobe Bryant, Bill Cosby.
    Stop with the “doubly if you’re white” stuff. Makes you sound whiny and entitled. All of us men are in it together.

    1. Of course not – no race is immune from prosecution. But – would any of the people you just mentioned get that kind of coverage if they were not celebrities?
      See if you can find one like this about a black defendant: http://www.vanityfair.com/news/2016/03/st-pauls-owen-labrie-rape-trial
      SJWs live for the Great White Male Defendant in cases like these. It feeds male hatred while feeding into the whole liberal white guilt trip addiction.

      1. Yeah I’m pretty sure that being black and average counts against you in the American legal system.

        1. Don’t confuse high numbers of one group of people getting charged with an offense versus being at a disadvantage once in court.
          You need to understand SJWs when it comes to the battles they pick, and what they recognize as injustice. I’ll give you an example:
          Remember the Stanford swimmer case? Classic case of the Great White Defendant (tall, blonde, male, ivy league…). SJWs were pissed he wasn’t punished enough and demanded the judge’s head on a platter. If it were a black defendant we would never have heard about the case in national media or SJW commentary, because nobody wants to look like a racist.
          SJWs will never ask for MORE punishment for black defendants, in fact exactly the opposite. There are legal aid groups exclusively dedicated to this approach.
          It was a similar story with Duke LaCross case – the prosecutor made the whole thing up because he was a white liberal running for re-election in a mostly black area. He thought he had the perfect case – white male defendants, black female accusers. When it fell apart, he lied to try to keep it together anyway. He would never do that the other way around – never. No political mileage there, in fact just the opposite.
          Think about everything else lately – mattress girl, UVA rape accusations, all the other fake rape stories. Have they ever once suggested anything other than a white male perpetrator?

        2. Don’t assume that I’m confusing anything. You also need to look at relative conviction rates. Sadly for black people, SJWs don’t run the legal system.
          You’re cherry picking here but not very well. The Duke Lacrosse boys were acquitted right? Perhaps SJWs don’t have the power you think.

        3. The Duke story was completely false, else you can be sure they would be convicted, sentenced and humiliated for life. As it is they’re already going to live the rest of their lives with the false sex crime accusations over their heads. If the story were a black defendant, we would never hear the story at all outside of the local area.
          Maybe the UK is different but the US media is hyper sensitive to reporting anything that has a whiff of racism against a black defendant. And guess what? SJWs largely do run the criminal justice system. Ever have a conversation with a public defender? Even most prosecutors and judges are left leaning – hence the demise of capital punishment and a trend toward mitigated sentences, generally. But even a leftist diehard judge can’t prevent someone from getting arrested in the first place – that’s a different discussion.
          I actually think we’re on the same page here, believe it or not. I’m not one for chips on the shoulder either. But I’d still be interested if you could cherry pick me at least one story where SJWs made a deliberate example out of a black male defendant or asked a judge to be removed because for not punishing him enough.

  18. My father, a Navy Fighter Pilot on the Saratoga, was 24, and my mother 15, or 16 at most, when they met on the beach in San Diego. When I was conceived, she was 16. Society and the law was more understanding of the human condition then.
    I have read that the age of consent in Arkansas is still 16.
    A little known biological fact is that young women are attracted to older men. Then are not drawn to boys and young men their own age, except for “fun”.
    Why? Alpha (and Omega) males will defend them and their young, and provide for them. Nature is not stupid.

  19. why not just practice celibacy until marriage? practice vipassana and learn to control ones own body and mind, becoming a true hero?

  20. Usually, I find women around my own age (I’m 31) too demanding and their biological clocks ticking off the charts. The only women that find me most attractive are younger women between 16-25, and I enjoy dating them. I do my very best to make sure I’m not being completely stupid when choosing which young girls I sleep with but it is amazing to see how upset both men and women get when I tell them or they witness me sweet talking a young woman. They go ballistic and scream bloody murder, “She looks like she’s fourteen!” And I’m like, “Calm down! It’s not my fault a young woman finds me sexy and desirable.”
    I’m going to practice gaming women no matter how old they are! It’s in my genes (pun intended) to pursue them, and I’ll be damned if anyone tells me otherwise. Of course, I do feel some moral obligation to draw the line at a certain age (I might someday have a daughter of my own) but these days it can be very difficult to determine just how old a woman is without asking her to verify her age.

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