10 Things My Dog Taught Me About Women

I discovered ROK around the same time I became the owner of a puppy, and there are many parallels I have noticed while I am out with my dog about women and relationships. Here are a few observations:

1. Always be the master, not the slave


Who’s in control here?

While I allow my dog the occasional freedom of running off-leash, at all times it is clear that I am his master, and he has certain boundaries. He knows he must stay within eyesight of me at all times. No barking or aggressive behavior towards others will be allowed.

He is constantly looking back to me for approval that what he is doing is allowed. With women, it is important to maintain frame at all times. If you are successful with establishing yourself as the dominant partner in the relationship (you make the calls, you decide the dates), then your woman will be far less likely to attempt reversing the roles and become dominating and vindictive.

2. A well trained partner will cause fewer problems


I enrolled my dog in a six-week training course, where we learned basic commands. More than the simple act of learning that the English pronunciation of “sit” means to place the rear end on the ground, however, is the importance that the dog learns that you are the master and you have certain expectations.

A well trained dog will know when it misbehaves, and will sense the disappointment or anger of its owner when it breaks the rules. Likewise, a woman should be trained to behave properly. Since Western civilization has abdicated its role in training members of both sexes how to behave politely and what proper roles are, men must take up this duty on our own.

If you firmly but politely lay out your expectations for your partner (no flaky behavior, I appreciate you cooking meals for me that we can enjoy together, you are to dress feminine but not slutty when we are in public, etc.), in my experience, the woman enjoys doing her part, the same way we enjoy our masculine role.

3. Slight corrections are needed from time to time


My dog knows how to walk on a leash, next to me, without dragging me all over the place. However, smells, sights of other dogs, and outside stimulus often get the better of him and he will wander too far away. A gentle tug on his leash and a verbal correction will quickly bring him back in line. Paying attention to the small details and “nipping it in the bud” before he’s off the sidewalk will bring him back to my side.

Likewise, it is far easier to maintain a happy relationship by addressing small missteps as they occur, before letting them blossom into major problems. Tell her to hit the gym when she’s gotten a bit out of shape, but don’t wait until she’s gained 20 pounds. Give her a limit on how much alcohol she can drink. Tell her she must inform you who she is going out with and where.

As we know, women are essentially large children, and like a teen who will gradually test the limits of his boundaries, a woman will push the rules to see how much she can get away with. Treat her like a father would his child, and let her know she is not to behave this way in the future. She will not only stop the harmful actions, but come to respect you even more.

4. Positive reinforcement works


Happy owner, happy dog.

The best way to train a dog is by offering treats, and giving strong, enthusiastic, loving verbal reinforcement when it does what is expected. The dog is happy that it is making its owner happy, and any owner can see this. Likewise, a woman’s instinctual nurturing side will blossom and she will be happy when she is pleasing her man. Kind of the inverse of happy wife, happy life.

The wife is happy because she is pleasing her husband, and she enjoys fulfilling her role in the relationship, the same way we naturally enjoy the rewards of hard work, the satisfaction of fixing things, and kind actions which bring a smile to the face of a woman who earns and has our affections.

5. Pay attention to details


The next time you see a dog, look closely. Does it have well groomed hair, or a matted, dirty, coat full of debris? Does it have a face of enthusiasm and happiness, or is it aggressive and violent? Does it playfully engage its owner and strangers, or is it skittish and anti-social? Does it respond well to its owner?

Likewise, there are visual clues that let us know the quality of women we are approaching. Does she groom herself well, with long, feminine hair, trimmed and painted nails, and conservative clothing? Does she smile? Does she interact socially with others, or is she glued to her smart phone screen and unable to hold a real conversation?

Does she have clear, radiant skin, or is her body mutilated with shrapnel and graffiti? Some women, and some dogs, simply are too far gone, and should be avoided, due to their unpleasant past.

6. The laws of Nature are supreme


Even a bad dog owner who has taught his dog no discipline, and has no control over his pet, cannot get around the fact that the dog relies on the owner for food, shelter, and water. The dog is subservient to its owner, and even in the worst of owners, this fact of nature cannot be reversed.

Likewise, a woman is naturally and normally the submissive partner to the man. No amount of short haircuts, business suits, you-go-girling or education can reverse the natural role than women play in the world. Women are different from men, and men are the more physically powerful, mentally strong, and emotionally caring of the two sexes. The unhappiness feminism has wrought on society is due to its attempt to subvert the natural order of things.

7. Dogs will test boundaries


My dog greets me every day when I come home by enthusiastically running to greet me in the yard, smiling, and begging to play, much the way a traditional father from the 1950s would be greeted by his family when he returned home from work. His time is a rare commodity, and the family was excited to talk to him, and to be in his presence.

Occasionally when I arrive, my dog will fail to rush out to meet me, and will just sit in the porch, wagging his tail, waiting for me to approach. When this happens, I will stop, and wait until he runs out to greet me, as I am accustomed, before walking any further. Likewise, with a woman, when she slowly stops the nice little extra things you appreciated, cleaning your bed after sex, making you a snack, whatever it is, you must immediately address and reinstate before things slip further.

8. Dogs don’t understand you


You can talk in a kind voice to a dog, and he will understand your loving happiness, and reciprocate, but beyond that, dogs are incapable of understanding you, interpreting your thoughts, empathizing, or using logic.

Likewise, it is a waste of time to get into deep discussions with women, expect them to rationalize or understand things, or even to truly empathize or love a man.  This may upset you, but it is true. While a dog or woman can respect and honor you, and make you feel good, they cannot truly understand you, or love you the way you love them.

9. They appreciate small treats


A tiny reward can go a long way. The item itself is of less importance than the meaning behind it. Dogs respond well to a new toy or special treat like a bone for learning a new trick, or behaving especially well.

Likewise, when your woman deserves it, or just because you are happy with how she is treating you, feel free to give her a small token of appreciation. Cook a special meal she likes. Take her out to a movie. Have a picnic with her. Make her feel special. When you are rewarding good behavior, you are encouraging it to continue.

10. Dogs are accessories meant to bring happiness


One of these will be around a whole lot longer than the other

A dog is an optional thing a guy can bring into his life if he wants something to occupy his time, and reward him emotionally. The same should be true with women.  Never enter into a relationship simply because “you’re single” or due to outside pressure from family. Never stay in a relationship that is not productive or meeting your needs.

Having a dog is a hobby, one that requires a little work every day to maintain, but should always be pleasurable to the owner. Having a significant other is the same.  If the woman is not doing things for you that make you happy, move on. If she is unresponsive to the basic training that a dog would adopt, then she is failing at a very fundamental level, and you would like be much happier with a pet than a nagging girlfriend.


Finally, remember that while having an obedient one by your side is rewarding and comforting, there are thousands and thousands of them available, so never become too attached to one.

However, when speaking of dogs, they are incredibly loyal, protective, and offer unconditional love, and will in some ways be more consistent, reliable, and rewarding than a woman. It’s often said that sexbots will be the end of the modern feminist. Dogs provide most of the positive benefits of women except sex, and owning one can benefit a man greatly.

They are also a great yardstick of comparison. If your woman is not making you happier than your dog, it’s time to next her.

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211 thoughts on “10 Things My Dog Taught Me About Women”

  1. This article has many good points, but putting too many restrictions on a modern woman will unfortunately make her cheat. If you are truly red pill, you must realize that things that worked a couple of decades ago, do not work the same way today. Women are too affected by feminism, so no matter how alpha you are, a small ‘mistake'(like losing your frame for a split second) will make her leave. Because she can.

    1. The whole point of this is that you should not see her leaving as the end of the world. You should only have a woman if that is useful or rewarding to you.
      Between being an alpha and possibly loosing a partner and being a beta just to keep a dictatorial, feminist, money-grabbing, fat pig of a female near you, the choice should be obvious.

      1. “You should only have a woman if that is useful or rewarding to you.”
        Well good luck finding a woman like this in the Western Hemisphere.

        1. It’s not that difficult for me…
          My opinion is if you are too desperate (if you want it toooooo bad), they’ll notice it and get away from you.
          I get my sex whenever I want it. Maintaining long time relationships is indeed an adventure. The longest I had was 3 years and a half. Thank God for that, as I needed to do a lot a of things on my own and she was being too time consuming.
          I am not trying to export my experiences to your life, but maybe we all have worse times and better times in our lives.
          The feminist atmosphere is hellish enough, but one can still live a somewhat happy and fulfilling sentimental life. If you’re aiming for perfection, you won’t have it, of course.

        2. it is not “the western hemisphere”. It is you.
          You are too weak, and women smell it sooner or later.
          Women hate weakness as much as I do. Dont be weak.
          Example: “Will make her leave. Because she can.”
          If leaving you is no loss for her, she will.
          She should be worried you might leave HER any day and have sex with younger, hotter women and she will be left with a lesser man cause you are the very best she ever met.
          That is true alphadom. Have a fucking high passive value. If you dont know what passive value is or means, this is the first step on your long journey to the red pill you got to take.

        3. If she leaves, oh well, let her go. Or better yet, let her off the leash and let her stray, even if that means her biting someone else.
          Coming to think about it, let’s channel Bob Barker by spaying and neutering dumb boys and girls.

        4. Like some pick-up guy on the internet said: “A woman needs a strong and assertive man…until she doesn’t”. So shut up about this bullshit about being weak or strong. Women have too many options nowadays. Sure, I agree with you – losing a woman shouldn’t be a big deal. This is exactly my philosophy. But if you want a good wife, you are already perceived as beta. The western world is fucked up and I can’t wait for the collapse.

        5. This is my last try to get the message into your concrete head mate. If you get it: Good for you. If not you stay just as unhappy as you are now.
          1.) “Women have too many options nowadays.”
          -> They do now and they did back in the days. The key is YOU got to be the best of all her options. If she is a 6 you dont have to compete against the male 9s. Just beat the other 7s and you are good. If you are not a top notch 7 yourself, you will have trouble handling a female 6 or higher.
          2.) “But if you want a good wife, you are already perceived as beta.” Correct. Why would you WANT a wife? Wanting something is a weakness. This is advanced material. Deal with 1.) first.
          The man with options does not want a wife. He can choose from a vast pool of women who he will bless with his attention. THEY need to qualify for your attention. THEY need to fight for the priviledge to spend time on your side.
          This will only happen if you have both a high passive value AND experience AND a deep understand of game. Not an easy task. Most men will be well past 30 before they reach this level. Even good ones. Natural born omegas might need until 50+ to get there is they really work their ass off. Not joking here. There is no easy way but it can be done.

        6. Lol. I bet when you are desensitized from multiple str’s and hit a certain age you will settle for some horse-face 5, and marry her and become beta again just like Neil Strauss. Personally, I want a good wife who will help me raise beautiful, healthy and intelligent children. That means I need a gal who is willing to commit 20 years of her life. Haven’t found such a girl yet. Every time I even remotely mention that I want kids – they freak out.

        7. If you dont want to see, i cant help you. I never *wanted* a wife, I wanted to have quality sex with a hot woman. Wife wanted me. She was the one who wanted a baby. Not that I do not like having a family and all that, its great. It happened while i was working towards my goals. It was not a goal on its own. Thats important.
          If several of your GF dont want a baby with you, this is a big red flag. They dont see you that way. You are nothing more than a fuck buddy/male dido for them. The lowest level of relationship. Not good. My guess: Your passive value is too low for the quality of women you are banging. Can fuck but not keep.
          About me: I am well past 40, married and have 3 kids. My wife has under 100 pounds still. She was a career woman and became a SAHM after our first son was born for the single reason that I said so.
          I DO walk what I talk.

        8. Only a guy who has never been to Asia would say this; there’s just a much better pool of women there, not fucked up by feminism and who don’t have the legal system and culture on their side. Millions of guys who are not weak have been hosed in America, Alphas and not alike.

        9. Move outside the US, find a nice woman under 25 (preferably ~20), and keep her out [or move to Utah 😉 ]. (I’ve found my woman and am in the process of expating).
          Consider those unwilling to have kids as dodging a bullet.

        10. Sucky option. Condom sex sucks. I’d pay for a hooker if I could bust raw inside. Not so with a rubber. Been there, my hand feels better than condom sex with a woman.

        11. The purpose of sex is reproduction; we can’t get around it.
          And if man doesn’t want kids, he shouldn’t get married (in my opinion) because sooner or later kids will be part of the equation and today’s frivorce society and “He raped me” culture.
          I didn’t invent any part of it, but that’s my opinion.

        12. Yup, fully agree with you my man, hence why I got the snip years ago. Tried to keep up a couple of long term relationships (women that said they didn’t want kids, but surprise surprise, a couple of years later, they “changed” their minds). Not sure what route to go from here to be honest.

        13. Just occurred to me (however, it is situation-dependent, not certain where you are): there are a few foreign dating sites (run by Americans who have married foreigners) that have older women (+40 years old) that are looking for companionship, fairly good looking (even to my early 30s eyes and that I would look into dating if they were younger) yet are not wanting kids.
          However, I probably still would not bring them over to the US or the West, simply because of the divorce laws.
          If you’re interested, I can give you the website. Either way, good luck! 🙂

    2. ” will make her leave. Because she can.” ~ This is why I dislike police and military. A bunch of scumbag liberal politician-lawyers get together and decide to pass some “law” that hurts EVERY FUCKING ONE; who enforces these insane laws that we as men would NEVER allow if it were not for the barrel of a gun to our collective heads? The situation we find ourselves in could be easily corrected by we men if not for the coercive force of government goon-mercenaries.

    3. It’s astonishing to me the indignation I get from some women for being frank about living frugally, saving money, and having hobbies and aspirations.
      Even from female friends and family members, it’s like they really think deep-down that men are meant to make money solely to spend on women.
      And it’s like you said… If I’m not going to pay for their shit, they can easily find someone who will.

      1. Remember, if a woman needs a beta provider – there is an unlimited supply of those. If she needs an ‘alpha’ clown, she can find him too, thanks to the rise of pick up communities. What a wonderful age to be a woman.

        1. A weird world we live in right now. If we continue down this path of automating all the work typically done by human beings with machines, beta-provisioning will become obsolete.
          If beta-provisioning becomes obsolete, the only way to reproduce will be surrogacy (if that’s an option) or knock up bitches via Game. There will be no more mutual respect between men and women other than who can make women laugh the most.
          Seems like we’re well on the road towards Idiocracy.

        2. and if she just wants a group of admirers, she can, thanks to those fucking social media.

    4. You are right but doesn’t it suck that we men must be “on ” all the time. We must have “game” be almost reflexive now. One slip up and the the bitch will split. Fuck…

    5. 100% correct. Even in Asia. It’s more traditional here than in the West, and the girls are more feminine, but they’re still affected by feminism. They all work now and have careers, even the hot ones. Put a leash on them and they’ll rebel. The only way to leash without resistance is to be a Drake or Mark Cuban, and even then bitches be wilin.
      I don’t know what the solution is. I really fucking don’t.

    6. You don’t get to speak for other people and make sweeping generalisatons just because some female has left you and you’re blaming women, whilst claiming other men can’t control their women. It is easy to control women, you just have to be smart and select a suitable female, e.g not one from a single mother ‘family’, then teach her what she probably doesn’t know about feminism and how it is a jewish tool to destroy Western civilisation. There is a stack of evidence to prove it, and if she is suitable/ intelligent, she’ll run with it and want to find out more. Marriage and relationships have always existed as a sort of seige mentality vs the world, so knowing the jewish agenda and fighting against it creates wives that are loyal. The Western traditional female types still exist, as it clearly shown in that 80+% of women do not identify as feminists.

  2. My girl just made breakfast for me, and is now giving me a head rub with coconut oil. Things are as they should be.

    1. A few years ago when I bought an iPhone someone asked me how I liked it. I said that if it could cook me breakfast and give me a blowjob then I would not need a woman. Coffee was spewed and guffaws were a many.

  3. Wise article. Congratulations to the author and a happy new year to all ROK readers.

    1. Lol. I haven’t had a girlfriend, or an ex, for that matter, die during my lifetime, but we have had dogs die on us and we felt devastated.

    2. Funny you mentioned that. I have always cried when my dogs eventually passed away. I have never cried over a woman.
      I like to think of this as having my priorities right.

    3. Actually that is the problem. Dogs are so good loyal and loving to you that you can not stop crying when your dog is finally gone forever. But with a lot of woman you find yourself wanting to cry because they will not stay gone

  4. I love that title photo. If you think about it its not so different than the role of the leader of a group, tribe, business etc. He needs to earn the respect of the group and is responsible for their well-being. In return he is given command and has more say in the behaviour of others. Of course if he fails, mutiny can be around the corner.

  5. Yeah, but can a woman lick her own genitalia? Seriously, this site is becoming a real trip. Bunch of Walter Mittys who think they’re John Wayne. But the social outlooks of the people who write these essays are … um .. astonishing. And I doubt the picture in “Max Roscoe’s” avatar is really him. Just saying.

      1. His profile say he is a Disqus ioS Beta. Funny when things turn out like they do. Troll AND beta.

      2. So if I disagree with something I’m automatically a troll? That hamster is spinning mighty fast right now.

        1. My hamster is spinning because I thought your tired “that’s not even him in the avatar!” whining was funny? Next thing you’ll say the site sucks because Quintus Curitus probably isn’t a medieval knight.

        2. …but…but…Quintus Curtius *is* a medieval knight. I personally saw him in full plate, beheading SJWs last Friday knight. Shit, you’re not going to tell me you’re not actually Atlas, are you?

    1. That’s just how it works. Even the most “liberal” feminist ends up submissive to a male, especially if that male is a bad boy. Or she’ll ends up submitting to her kids or pets or the peer pressure of her girls.

  6. Like with a dog, positive reinforcement only works so far. Give a woman a cheap knick knack, it’s ok if she loses it. Give her something bigger, like a Coach purse, an engagement ring, or your credit card, and she’ll lose it or destroy it. And also, don’t let your woman or dog play around your couch.
    Although, coming to think about it, most Americans nowadays seem to be too attached to their pets, referring to them as “companions”, letting them sleep on their bed, letting them hang out indoors, dressing them up, putting the smaller ones in purses, taking them everywhere they go, sharing food with them, spoiling them rotten to the point where the animals become possessive of their masters, etc, so the parallels of dogs and women on this article makes sense. Basically, it’s nowadays hard to tell who’s the alpha and who’s the beta.

      1. Your comment reminded of how I always asked myself how the hell a Chihuahua is a dog, or why it exists in the first place, other than poop on purses of socialites. Also, they exist to piss me off to the point to wanting to grab one and use to practice my punt kicks.

        1. What size is that dog? Punting size.
          If you like, look up on Youtube a story about Paco the Chihuahua who chased off two robbers.That’s one tough pooch.

        2. I inherited a chihuahua with the woman. I actually like the little 5 pound thing. She and our hunting dog are best buds. They love camping.

        3. I suppose, in your defense, I’ve seen Chihuahuas trying to hump Great Danes. Now THAT’S ballsy.

        4. Ah yes, now I remember. If they ever fall out of fashion, we can export them as food to Korea.

        5. Jeff Dunham, in one of his pre-divorce videos, has a great routine about the family dogs. His dog is a lab or something but his wife or daughter chose a Chihuahua. Hilarity ensues.

        6. I have not seen that, but I have seen a pit bull pup (5 pounds or so) beat up on a great dane (40+ pounds).

        7. He had a small man complex like many of you beta boys here who are always trying to get the 6′ model.

      2. Using the little dog,or any dog, as an accessory is animal abuse. Many have damaged limbs and die from being stuffed in a handbag.
        Don’t get me started on the moonbats who dress the dogs up in little outfits because the dog “likes” it. A sweater on a dog? How fuckin retarded are you?

        1. Best solution to the dog sweater conundrum is get yourself a hardy breed like a Labrador or a Husky. Chihuahuas and Pugs are fucking useless, not to mention ugly. Though, seeing that they were bred to go after small prey, at least you can revert a Yorkshire or a Dachshund to hunt rats or prairie dogs, or why not, Chihuahuas.

        2. I am more of a cat person but IF I were to get a dog, my first choices would be a border collie or a malamute. My girlfriend has murmured that she wants a golden lab.
          I think I will try to negotiate a compromise and get a Maine Coon: a cat that acts like a dog.

      3. I saw a few here in China and I cracked up the locals when – in my broken Chinese – I called them “lao shu gou” which translates literally as “rat dog”.

    1. Pets for Americans are becoming
      1) the surrogate children that they can’t or refuse to have (eg the crazy cat lady)
      2) ‘friends’ due to the social isolation and mistrust that the modern society fosters.

      1. 3) Since a lot of Americans can’t seem to control their children, especially with social media rampant, pets could be a way to try to compensate by trying to control that pet. We all know how that actually works. Good points.

      2. Multiculturalism and diversity leads to mistrust and social breakdown, not to a stronger nation as we have been lied to by GOV.

        1. You should visit Toronto Canada.
          People are polite, but on the whole entirely unfriendly. People mostly just stick with their little ethnic cliques.

        2. Toronto has long had reputation for being a cold, stodgy and boring city long before the city became so diverse. I can’t remember the writer, but someone once wrote that if they died in Toronto, they’d like to die on a Saturday so they wouldn’t have to suffer through yet another Sunday in Toronto.

      3. That doesn’t make sense,people have always had dogs even if they had a dozen kids in the past.

    2. “Although, coming to think about it, most Americans nowadays seem to be too attached to their pets, referring to them as “companions”, letting them sleep on their bed, letting them hang out indoors, dressing them up, putting the smaller ones in purses, taking them everywhere they go, sharing food with them, spoiling them rotten to the point where the animals become possessive of their masters,” So what do people do with dogs if they don’t do those things???

  7. The sutta that I want to focus on in this article is the first sutta in the twentieth section of the ‘Book of the Fives’ in the Aṅguttara Nikāya (sutta no. 191, AN III.221–22). It is a short text which explains the ‘five ancient principles of Brahmins (brāhmaṇadhammā) that today are seen in dogs but not in Brahmins. Here is a paraphrase:
    First, in the past Brahmins held the principle to go to Brahmin women only, not to non-Brahmin ones; today they go to both. Dogs, however, even now only go to female dogs, not to females of other species.
    Second, Brahmins of old used to approach a Brahmin woman only in the proper season, not at other times. Today’s Brahmins do it anytime, while dogs approach she-dogs only during the proper season.
    Third, in old times Brahmins did not buy or sell Brahmin women; they engaged in getting together for the sake of companionship by mutual consent only. Today they do any of these things, while dogs behave like the Brahmins of old.
    Fourth, while in the past Brahmins did not engage in accumulating wealth, grain, silver and gold, they do it now; dogs do not.
    Fifth principle Brahmins held in times of old was that they sought for food for the evening meal in the evening and for the morning meal in the morning. Today Brahmins eat their fill, as much as possible, and then go ahead and eat the remainder. Again, today’s dogs act like the Brahmins of old.

  8. Man’s best friend is a dog. A faithful companion with a utility well-known throughout history. Woman’s best friend is a sparkly rock.
    Dogs evolved the ability for eyebrow movement to interact with people. The ol family dog was very good with expressions -because had two little dots in her fur for eyebrows- especially when the cat took a dog biscuit out of the box to examine.
    But seeing that animal-like innocence in a human? Unnerving.

  9. The advantage that dogs have over women these days is that dogs don’t have a bunch of other dogs trying to convince them that they not actually dogs but are cats that only act like dogs.

  10. Submissive to a certain degree is great, but a door mat gets old after 2 dates. Many strong, smart men want a very feminine girl that’s college-educated, confident, and can hang with us somewhat in intellectual conversation, sports and wit.
    And we need a future wife to help with managing business and home affairs with some financial savvy to save money, e.g. negotiate insurances, banking, home repairs etc. I can’t handle a dim-wit.
    Besides, studies show the children do much better in school and life with conservative values from degreed and/or strong IQ, hands-on moms.
    I’ve got to have someone who respects me and herself by staying informed in current news events etc. & be a people pleaser type.

      1. I’m all alpha dude. A former college baseball player, frat guy. I’ve had enough of your type of shit for brains girl. I want a smart girl raising my kids. No feminists either. We get both in the Red states.

        1. Smart girl means she will compete with you. And eventually she will dump you. Btw, college girls these days are brainwashed by feminism, so good luck finding a feminine one.

        2. Nah I’m always smarter and don’t get dumped unless it’s my fault. Girls loved the college athletes. I don’t need a genius, but just someone who cared enough about her grades and short-term career- responsible.

        3. once you hit the real world, the women will only care about your job and present social status. The previous social status you got from playing baseball and frat will disappear.
          They date different types of men depending on what stage of life they’re in.

        4. I agree. I’m using this Yolo phase for a few more years and don’t want to settle down yet. I’m in Finance w/ a pretty good firm and will hopefully get to the making good $$ phase soon. Who knows in this crap economy. But I’m not going to do it to get some gold digger bitch. I’ll stay single if feminists take over.

        5. I always envied the college baseball players, they got mad pussy.
          I played in highschool, could throw like 78mph but wasn’t able to make the leap to the 85 range, otherwise I might’ve enjoyed some of that pussy myself.
          Because the girls went crazy for the baseball players, even the fucking bench players who never saw the field.

        6. Yeah now they want 90 plus. I only threw 87 peak in HS, but being a lefty, I got to relieve mostly in college. Pretty average ERA since I partied too much. But it was good enough to get the hottest sorority girls at the mixers.

        7. It doesn’t matter what you are. In the eyes of the State you are a mule at the service of the woman. Once married, you are in a 3 ways with the Government and you therefore become a beta. The alpha is The Government, not you.

        8. “I’ll stay single if feminists take over.”
          I think you should start asking yourself this question: “How many steps behind am I?” What do you mean IF feminists take over? Jeezz…

        9. Now see everyone. This is the problem. The real problem. People in the empire who assume that america and america only is the only option. Newsflash. America is a decaying empire now. pretty much at third world status. It won’t get any better. It just wont. And hoping or praying won’t do a Damn lick of difference. Expat brother…expat somewhere else. That’s my plan.

        10. This! I have not and will not understand why people worship the military. Theyre there to enforce the will of the state. Always have been and always will. And no that useless piece of hemp parchment known as the constitution will help.

        11. I get that. But the hipster girls & feminists hang in coffee shops and certain known areas I avoid. Red states are the best for the sweet natural blonds.

        12. Asia or the Middle East to make money, then probably Russia or Poland to settle down in. Well as a White guy here, it makes sense imo. Settling long term in say Japan or China just wouldn’t make too much of a good option, as you(me) will always be judged as the outsider. Just the way it is.
          Even a Bachelors in English will get you a nice cozy job in Dubai.

        13. Oh yeah w/ Bama’s rushing defense and Clemson trouble w/Derrick Henry. Both have good defenses though but Saban has developed a lot of depth- a good game.

      1. Thanks Interesting read- makes sense. Still in 20s and at my age prefer less fat, but maybe Omega 3 supplement and weight gain for her, while trying to conceive. Not anytime soon.

      2. Researchers say women with curvier bottoms – like Kim Kardashian for example – have more intelligent children

        Fuck that article.

  11. “…her body mutilated withshrapnel and graffiti”
    The cleverest description I’ve ever read describing body ink/piercing.

    1. Agreed. I thought of all those things that helped me lose all faith in the destiny of public decorum.

  12. Unlike women, dogs don’t have have to deal with groups of other dogs trying incessantly to convince them that they are not really dogs at all but are actually cats.

      1. Agreed. We are born fucked up and with plenty of inherent obstacles to overcome. Adopting stupid philosophies like feminism and leftardism makes conquering those problems difficult or impossible.

      2. Humans are wonderfull creatures. It’s the world into we are born in that is fucked up. Partially, by society, partially by nature itself.

        1. You say that as if society exists independently of humans, and as if humans are distinct from nature.

      1. If things get much worse, soon they will indeed be taking selfies and calling themselves “Canine-Americans” with unalienable rights to free, unlimited treats and grooming. On the taxpayer’s dime, of course.

        1. dogs be like : “no more leash, it’s patriarchic wouf”, or would attend canine studies then will advocate that being a dog is just a social construct or something like that

    1. You think we have it bad with cock blocking. With dogs they fight each other until the toughest dog and only the toughest dog gets the bitch. And the bitches only want sex twice a year, unless they get pregnant, then its once a year at best. And if they get blue balls and start humping everything in sight. Their owners cut their ball off.

      1. I had a bitch Springer Spainel for 14 years and she cock blocked every big dog by sitting down as they tried to fuck her, without being taught. She just didn’t like certain dogs; maybe she was a spaniel supremacist. It is strange as she scratched the door to get out and get laid, but was too picky and rejected every dog. Bitches are more selective than other creatures where alpha males get the mate. They mate closer to birds, where there is a sensory attraction over any act of violence where the male wins the female.

    2. The chick only needs to be a few IQ points lesser if the dude has swag in other ways.
      My dog is better at reading my moods than any girl; I’ll give him that. And he doesn’t talk back – a big plus.

    3. Dogs and cats are different species. Which I suppose women may as well be to you, for all the contact you have with them.
      Or are ever likely to have.

      1. All you can do is insult me? Do you deny that there are groups that try to get women to do what many of them find to be contrary to their natures? There are and you know it. Dogs and cats are different species. Yes, we all know. Such a literal interpretation of an obvious point. And you are a fag. See, isn’t it fun to insult each other? Let’s knock that crap off. Give me something that disproves my assertion without resorting to buffoonery or insults. Come on now.Can you give me something intellectually compelling that will make me and everyone reading this say, “Holy shit! Great point!” If so, show it. And show some dignity. Self-dignity mostly. But that wasn’t the point of your response. I get it.

  13. A well trained dog requires a lot of work as does a well trained woman. If you just adopt one and just sit back and expect affection, you are going to get attention seeking behavior whether positive or negative. You have spend the hundreds of hours in order to have a trained partner who adores you and only wants to help you.

  14. You have to actively manage your hot girlfriend. If you aren’t giving her emotional highs and lows from time to time, she will get bored and cheat / leave.
    I want to ‘do the right thing’ and get married one day, but woman are such a pain in the ass It seems buying 18 yr old hookers periodically is the only practical option in life.
    I stayed with a girlfriend for 3 days once, I remember how strange it was being around her all the time. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, sleep. It was horrible and strange. Completely kills any attraction.
    They are like dogs in that they need attention and stimulation. They can’t do this themselves, you have to give it to them like a chore.

    1. In fact, I would even say ‘Husband’ is more like ‘manager’.
      on the wedding day, her dad passes the ownership papers for you to become her ‘manager’. what a fucking chore.
      I feel some responsibility to help continue the white race, that would be my ONLY motivation for marriage. There’s no other possible redeeming qualities in women considering they only look good for a few years at best.

      1. I had that exact same revelation in a past relationship.
        My ex was simply incapable of making any kind of rational decision on her own. She covered it up for a good while but eventually it was plain as day. Her decisions were entirely based on whims, and would often lead to nothing but pointless chaos.
        Women claim they want all this feminism and independence, but as soon as they actually have to deal with shit on their own it’s obvious how retarded and incapable most of them are.
        None of this would even bother me if they weren’t so indignant and haughty about it. An overweight woman with thousands of dollars in debt and no real talent will look down on a healthy man who works hard and has tremendous talent, just because he wasn’t born into wealth or makes a clown of himself to entertain others. It’s this kind of stuff that puts me off of women in general sometimes.

        1. Exactly this. Many of them are all over the place in their decision making, changing course literally from one moment to the next. They see it as being spontaneous & exciting, but in reality it is flighty & erratic. Give them too much freedom & they lose themselves in a hot mess of half baked ideas & ill thought out strategies. This applies to their life plans all the way down to weekend activities. The result is more than just off putting – it makes for a destabilizing atmosphere that I have no wish to be around.

        2. That’s been my experience working for a female boss. Erratic decision making that changes course at the drop of a hat. If you don’t follow her whim, you get treated like you’ve done something wrong, but then whatever the whim was can change on a dime. On the other hand, the competent female bosses I’ve had are overly bitchy and bitter; I guess they’ve done well professionally but realize at 50 that they probably should have just had kids.

        3. Oh my word, I just had a client with an entirely female management team. I was asked to run round like a headless chicken, constantly responding to their changing mood and priorities. I drew a line in the sand and explained to them like children that if they wanted one thing, it would have a knock on effect to the other. They were actually asking for conflicting things. They fired me. I was kinda glad.

    2. “I want to ‘do the right thing’ and get married one day”
      Might be easier if you keep them pregnant, barefoot, in the kitchen, and chasing little ones (no snark here): that’s my plan (and screwing her brains out every night). And there is no Plan B.

    3. Whew…spot on. Read Rosh’s post on how men have become nothing but “clowns” and “clown game”…Always having to perform like some circus monkey to keep the lady’s attention…

  15. Can you imagine what the country would be like if it were run by dogs? Well, you are getting a glimpse, because it is run by feminists.

  16. Make sure you have POWER over your woman and you are not easily dominated by other men. You don’t have to physically impose yourself on every male but when other men test you, you got to show the other men that you got backbone and will not tolerate bullshit thrown at you. This is why you take mixed martial arts and have physical strong body and can hold your own. Women has to know that you can physically defend yourself.
    Make sure you have OPTIONS. A man with many options has power. Make sure your women relies on you and you always hold power and leverage over her.
    Also be physically fit (I said it before) and be attractive and she sees you as attractive man (both physically and how you act). Do not teach your woman any skills which could give her sense of independence. You will regret it.
    Your words should convey power. Whenever you tell a woman what to do, she should listen to you. That’s why you train her and let her know you are man of power since day 1. Tap into her fantasies and be the man that leads her.
    In today’s day and age, it’s almost impossible to keep a woman loyal to you because she always has options. She can have any man she wants at her feet because of availability and her power of vagina. Many men’s weakness is his sexual horniness.
    If you want most loyalty from a woman, she has to have almost no options and RELY on you for protection, food, sense of belonging, etc… Don’t give woman any power and do not give her any options and do not teach your woman any tricks or skills. She always has to rely on you. Do not teach her how to fish (using metaphor here). You demand TOTAL obedience from your woman and let her know your words are final and she obey you like a MASTER. Yes sex will be THAT much great when she knows her place and she gets wet from this. Do not reveal any weakness in front of your woman. Your woman does not care how you achieved success, she only cares whether you have it or not at that point. She does not care about what you did to her in the past (how you helped her) blah blah. She only cares what you can give to her. You must demand that your needs come BEFORE hers and you are above her (be completely selfish and your happiness comes before hers). If you are happy and demand excellence, she will work hard for it. You must always make her feel like she owes YOU not the other way around.

    1. I know a bunch of young women who became pharmacists, PAs, or doctors, and while in school they married some tall good looking guy.
      but in the real world, they make more money than he does and now view him as a bitch – a significant change from college yet they can’t quite figure out why.
      now they’re stuck in their demanding health field working 65+ hours per week, paying over 1/2 in taxes and coming home to a shmuck who makes hardly any money.
      At some point they might realize feminism lied to them.

      1. yeah that’s why women should not be in career. Making money is Man’s job. Since that woman makes more than her husband, it means she has more option (power) over him. And since the man knows he doesn’t make as much and can’t keep up (financially), he feels less powerful with limited options compared to the woman’s. Power shift towards women and that’s why she will not find him attractive (despite his height and looks). If a man wants to marry a woman, he should know beforehand that he has to make more money and ideally have her stay home. They will both be happy that way; no need for career chasing women… they are too damaged at that point.

        1. And not just her view of him. If they want kids then she has to establish her ‘career’ first. By that time she’s usually late 20’s/early 30’s or later and past her prime fertile window for bearing healthy offspring.
          Feminism has sold women a load of shit. They idea that they can have it all. A family and a career. It’s no wonder the white race is slowly dying.
          Nature doesn’t care about a womans career. It doesn’t care about her useless piece of paper from a university. We either reproduce to replacement levels or we die off.

        2. Yeah exactly. Women should be loyal to family not to some faceless corporation and companies.

        3. The divorce rates of higher earning females, instigated by the females is the highest of all relationships. Nothing generates as much resentment as women knowing they could have a million Dollar home, but have to settle for a $500k home because he isn’t earning more.

    2. I’m sorry to break it to you, but everything you said will quickly crumble in the divorce court. You will be hanging by your balls with all your “strengths” for all to see. As soon as you are in a LTR/marriage type of relationship, you are in a 3 way with the State, and you will lose.
      The only option a man has today is hit and run. That’s it.

      1. What I said mostly applies to a society that caters to masculinity. Getting married in the states is one way ticket to hell.
        Unfortunately, United States and Western Europe are not catered to favor masculine society so what I said may not work in most situations. Women in USA and Western Europe have TOO much options.
        From what you said sounds like exact situation in America with divorce courts.

        1. Yes. Nothing, absolutely nothing will change in the state of affairs in the U.S. until the divorce laws are re written. This would be the single/only way to roll back what is happening to men in the West. And I see no signs for that to happen any time soon. As to the other countries, I don’t know… I expect all of them to follow down this path. It’s just a matter of time. You, the young guns are totally fucked.

        2. “until the divorce laws are re written.”
          Get offshore structures to protect your physical assets?

        3. The only physical assets you can protect are the ones you can bury. If they want they’ll get to you regardless. Foreign trusts are not safe anymore.

  17. If I put my dog and a woman in the trunk of my car and drive around for an hour, who’s happier to see me when I open the trunk?
    Dog = Superior

  18. Dealing with children, dogs, and women is too exhausting. They’re all the same. The payoffs are fleeting and not worth the effort.

  19. Point 6. The laws of nature are supreme. Very true! A straight feminine woman will always want a leader, it’s encoded. I talk alot about this on my site.

  20. “The next time you see a dog, look closely… Does it have a face of
    enthusiasm and happiness, or is it aggressive and violent? Does it
    playfully engage its owner and strangers, or is it skittish and
    anti-social? Does it respond well to its owner?”
    I know a woman that owns a Mastiff fitting this description.
    The dog is antisocial; skittish and wary eyed. Aggressive; bit a man in the
    thigh that lived on her floor as they were passing in hallway.
    Now, some background on the owner:
    50 something (as far as I can tell), self-centered, vain and
    considers herself hot-to-trot. Blames the dog’s behavior on a “mental condition.”
    Constantly making excuses for the dog’s behavior.
    Divorced for about 2 years from a navy admiral, whom I thought was a rather
    chill guy and enjoyed many insightful conversations with.
    Every time I see this woman, her countenance immediately puts
    me off. Ever self-involved on her phone.
    Aloof. Perpetually single… no surprise there.

    1. The west has already been through a complete breakdown of culture. If it isn’t obvious that we’re culturally devistated by feminism, it’s because we can’t remember the last time we had control over our women. For outsiders coming into the west from more traditional patriarchal cultures, it is clear as a siren how broke down we are when they witness so many unkept ‘dogwomen’ in the west who are loosed and are on an eternal rampage. So many neighborhoods, nice neighborhoods even have balconies and poarches of screaming, ill trained, brawling she beasts running their ongoing drama theater. We’ve forgotten the days when MEN WERE RESPONSIBLE for their women. MEN KEPT their women in line. All too many people take it for granted that women have ‘rights’ and few question when a woman takes the stage and goes on a tyraide. And it is completely overlooked when a woman goes prancing about in garments and vehicles absconded through divorce rape.
      I myself have gotten heat from my own neighbors over a wild bitch woman I was with. Every community we moved to seemed to bring trouble. She’d start shit that I couldn’t finish without moving again and again and finally it took me years to realize that it was MY responsibility to spank and whoop her ass in line. I made enemies for no other reason but that they expected me to control her better. And there’s a catch 22 to that. You aren’t allowed to control any women in an area occupied by feminist forces. For everyone in the community urging me to control her better, they all had close associates that were waiting to play women’s advocate with her and empower her further. What insanity. The feminist forces in government must be purged if the society is to survive. Feminist ‘bitch law’ along with its practitioners need to be thrown into a bottomless hole once and for all.
      Above all, YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE man. YOU’RE RESPONSIBLE for your she beast. How many conflicts have come about in your life when your unkept woman drives a wedge or creates drama or starts a war with friends or neighbors? And how many of those friends or neighbors in turn have a similarly wild bitch that comes forth as the warlord on the other side? The city, the town BURNS when the bitches rule or try to run with the baton. In fact THE WORLD BURNS under bitch rule.

  21. “The unhappiness feminism has wrought on society is due to its attempt to subvert the natural order of things.”
    Spot on.
    Can we get this on a bumper sticker?
    I’m stealin’ this one.

  22. Men would love it if dogs could feed themselves, bathe themselves, need no leash upon walks. But they are animals and they need to be controlled and trained. We still love them for what they are despite their faults. But if we let them go without control or proper training? The dog would piss where it pleases, eat whatever or wherever it wants, chew and destroy anything it desires, carry dirt into the home. It would destroy the home. Much like a woman. Released from her leash, she is pissing all over society.

  23. Imagine if you will, a world where DOGS RULED and where humans stood down. A world run covertly by elites behind the scenes, elites who decreed that humans must yield to dogs. A world where only dogs go to heaven.
    Dogs left to their own accord have no direction of their own within modern society. For humans to submit to the dogs would end in tragedy for both.
    What a train wreck society would become if we relinquished our control of the dogs and then began groveling to them at their level.
    Humans could MGTOW and just walk away from the dogs. ”WHO’S THE BETA NOW?” . . but wait, who’s gonna fetch the paper now? . . riiight.
    Or what if we all just gave in to their wants. What if we all just did whatever the dogs told us to do. The little bitch wants a boob job. Ok. Then they divorce rape you.
    So you peel away the layers of the onion and the ‘elites’ aren’t who you think they are. Or are they? Who’s behind the mask of all this ‘dog equality’ shit, really?
    Who do we turn to? Who do we trust and who’s really running the show? Nice hat sparky.
    For crize sake the deception is over. Off with their masks already.
    What’s with the get up you little bitch? You divorce rape mankind and blow it on that bling? The order will return you to your place. The natural order thunders on the horizon. I know you shit yourself when there’s thunder.
    And you, over here now. Don’t even think about running to the cops. They’re turning against the ‘doggie cabal’ in droves. Take your chances with them or come to daddy sugar plum.
    Humans in control once again. I swear, what it takes to put you little fuckers back in your place.

  24. I spayed my bitch and after that she was confused and started humping everybody’s leg like a male dog. It was embarrassing. Couldn’t have friends over to the house anymore.

  25. There is one more important lesson that can be gleaned from the dog analogy.
    If the dog is acting up, it’s not the dogs fault. It may seem like
    it’s the dog’s fault, and sure, some dogs are more challenging than
    others, but it’s the owner who has failed to set proper boundaries
    and enforce them. The dog’s behaviour is a reflection of the owner’s leadership (or lack of it).
    You may not believe this, and I certainly didn’t. But many years ago
    I had a real dog which was problematic. My friend suggested a dog
    training class so I took the dog along. The first thing the
    instructor said to the class was “We don’t train dogs here, your
    dog already knows what to do. This is a training class for owners”.
    To illustrate his point he took my dog who was jumping and pulling on it’s lead and had it immediately walk placidly beside him and follow him wherever he led.
    My dog didn’t need training, I did. It was a lesson I would never
    If a dog (or woman) is wreaking havoc in your life, don’t blame the
    dog. It’s YOU who are not up to the task. Either lift your game or
    get a more easily controllable dog! Blaming others achieves nothing, for the only things you can control for sure are your own actions.

  26. Back a while ago (cripes it must be almost 20 years) I was canoodling with a girl who was into S&M. One particularly satisfying bout of sex ended with her face down, ass up, hands tied behind the back and ankles lashed together. Just to be devilish I told her to bark like a dog. She refused so I spanked her. “Fuck you ->insert my surname here<-” So I spanked her. She called me every name in the book and I spanked her. After about 5 minutes of this she finally said “Woof! OK? Fucking Woof woof! There are you happy?” Then I untied her and we had a good laugh about it.
    I would NEVER pull that stunt today, given the prevailing sexual politics.

    1. The chick only needs to be a few IQ points lesser if the dude has swag in other ways.
      My dog is better at reading my moods better than any girl; I’ll give him that. And he doesn’t talk back – a big plus.

    2. If by ‘real woman’ you mean the average woman with a weight well in excess of the most obese Newfoundland, then fuck yeah, we can’t handle them. Don’t want to, either. After all, girls like you laugh at and won’t go with fat men, so for what earthly reason should we be interested in a woman who has more folds than an origami project?

    1. Some hobbies are a commitment, though. For instance, breeding prize sled dogs may be a hobby for someone, as well as a major commitment.

  27. People are going to read the title and claim ROK says to treat women like dogs. But the underlying idea is dogs think you are the alpha in your “pack” and have no problem loving and respecting you because the arrangement is beneficial for both dog and human.
    Sadly the feminists I knew in High School now post on Fakebook how lonely they are because most men their age are married and are tearing up OK Cupid looking for a mate.

    ewwwwww dude do you want to fuck your dog? it seems like you want to fuck your dog
    hahaha seriously you must be so damn lonely to write an article like this

    1. You want to serve a woman?? Feed her without getting anything substantial in return? Play clown for her and entertain her for the “privilege” of her company , and some vaginal mucosa of dubious quality?))

      1. Lol spoken like someone who genuinely doesn’t understand what a relationship with a human woman is like

    1. Her neighbourgh mother make $98 an hour making porn movie ?? Cheap slut ?? Only $98 an hour ??

  29. A dog will piss on your Motorcycle or take a shit near it , but it will never fuck you . That’s why they call it mans best friend . Biker proverb

  30. ‘Dogs are accessories meant to bring happiness.’
    Dogs are not accessories, they are sentient fucking beings.
    An accessory that makes you ‘happy’ sounds like something Paris Hilton would say.

  31. So let me get this straight; it’s supposed to make me HAPPY to enter into a relationship where I am less regarded than an animal? I’m not seeing the sales pitch here, RoK.

  32. I’m not even going to mention how disgusting and sexist this is because I could spend forever doing so. In one of your points, you suggest that both dogs and females are naturally reliant on male masters. You seem to forget that the domestic dog evolved to be reliant with humans because of selective breeding. Essentially, your metaphor says that women and dogs were forced into submission by men and have since become reliant on men because this is the only sustainable opportunity that the men have offered

  33. sometimes when i give direction my gf says “ur not my dad.” any advice what to do next?
    ive already given up frame too many times w her and its probably a lost cause at this point. been together over 2 yrs. i can’t dominate the relationship anymore.
    keep in mind: with other girls i have on the side, its easy for me to maintain frame and not get affected. but with girls that i let get close to me and that i have real love for, i tend to lose frame easily and let things deteriorate. i’m sure many guys can relate.

  34. i believe its too late. point of no return has already happened. the only way you find a girl that doesnt have a feminist sense (they even have a feminist sense in asia, especially in the major cities) is if you go rural.
    can a man give up everything for rurality?

  35. Your list is so brillant, it’s hilarious!
    I’m happy to see that there are persons who are making fun of machism and sexism.
    I hope this list won’t be taken seriously by any clever mind.

  36. I pity all you ‘men’ with this opinion. It is clear you are all closet gays who are scared to come out with the way you hate on women so much. I think you’ll find life much easier when you actually accept it’s the 21st century and join the rest of us… And no I’m not a feminist, I’m a realist.

    1. Actually, homophobe is a better description for you, given your use of homosexuality as an insult.

      1. Homophobia is a ridiculous term. I never met anyone who was afraid of gay folks. As a woman I feel perfectly safe in a gay man’s presence. Macho wanna be alphas? Not so much.

        1. And yet you keep using homosexuality as a term of insult. That selection suggests quite convincingly that you don’t like homosexuals. Doesn’t matter if you feel “safe” with them or not.

        2. You have confused me with someone else. I have an attitude of “love the sinner, hate the sin” when it comes to homosexuals. Even that is something I struggle with- I believe most are born that way. My best friend is gay, btw..

  37. You men are born of a woman! At least respect women for your mom’s sake, you sick bastards. I wish there were more good men in the world. Terribly disappointed that the world has such bigots!

    1. You do understand the meaning of the word ‘bigot’, right? It means ‘one who doesn’t listen to other opinions.’ Sweetheart, the good men are all here. They got fucked over by a succession of women just like you and opened their minds enough to listen to other opinions.

  38. Men are a lot more like dogs IMO. As long as they have something to hump, something to eat, and somewhere to shit they’ll be happy.

    1. From the movie Broken City:
      Mayor Hostetler: “You know, women call men dogs. That’s to suggest we’re somehow untrustworthy or disloyal. But a dog is anything but. And if men are dogs, what the goddamn hell does that make women? You’ve ever seen a bitch in heat? She will grind herself across the grass to try and get her that itch. And she can find a way to sneak out of the backyard, as any dog will do.”

      1. I wasn’t saying that because men are untrustworthy or disloyal. I just meant that men are like dogs because they are easy to please. It’s a very general statement of course, but I didn’t mean it in a negative way

    2. You mean that men can coordinate, work together, and have a theory of mindetc? Women are like Guerrillas, they lack a theory of mind…

    3. Do you look like that picture ? I just got through taking a shit, but I have 2 more needs.
      (By the way, the purpose of this comment was to illustrate your negative steretyping of men, not to proposition or harassment. These days a man has to be careful with whom he makes a joke)

    1. Given the pissweak nature of your constitution I am not surprised that random Internet postings can set off physiological reactions in you.

  39. Americans have an unhealthy obsession with their dogs, any good Latina should school you in this. Just look at how in the past 8 years fucks now walk non-service dogs freely in any business. I appreciate dogs and my family raised a couple for the blind through 4h, but they should be banned from apartments. If I was a single dude, Id be seeking the women with no dogs. A female in the USA with her doggy baby is practically a single mom.

    1. What, you don’t like it when people treat animals like they’re people? What is wrong with you? Are you sane or something?? There’s only mad people here now…. 🙂 🙂
      Back when I was in the states I wasn’t quite so strict. I did have an ugly dog rule though: a girl with an ugly dog (especially those rat things) was an automatic no-go. I figured, if she chose a dog that ugly on her own, there were probably 20 other things wrong with her as well.

  40. THIS…(including/especially the comments) is why y’all are a laughing stock to the rest of the internet. That is all.

  41. great post.
    I prefer women though.
    ’cause a woman is for xmas(present), and not for life…

  42. I hate to use SJW language, but this is the most truly sexist article I’ve ever read on this website. A woman is not a dog, but a human being, and should be retreated with the respect she deserves, especially if she is your wife.
    A woman is not a hobby to have for your spare time and a woman is not incapable of understanding you. If that is what you think, enjoy being lonely and single your whole life.
    I get the impression that a lot of the writers and readers on this site have had some bad luck with women, so some of you come here to complain about your misfortune and to read articles that reinforce your negative attitudes.

    1. Either you are projecting or simply cannot comprehend that way of life or envious that you are incapable of living it yourself or just plain dumb for making a redundant point. Whichever way works for you, remember to live and let live ‘progressive’.

    2. Well I’m happily married and definitely not lonely (hell, sometimes I wish I was, haha). And yet I concur with the vast majority of this article.
      Human beings regardless of sex do not automatically deserve respect. As someone has already said, that’s earned.

      1. “. . . respect she deserves” is what I believe I wrote.
        Some, hell many, women do not deserve any respect. Stay away from those types and do not waste any time with them. I saw them in Denton, Texas all the time. For those of you not in the know, Denton is the new Austin, full of hipsters, feminists, and beta male idiots. I rarely see one normal person in that town below forty years old. Anyway, you the see women all the time there not acting like women, acting like men, and dressing like whores.
        These types should definitely be treated like dogs or worse. I wish we could dump the lot of them in the middle of Syria and see how well they can swim with the Muzzies. Every time I see one of those shrill, screaming femi-nazi dykes on TV I want to take a whip to their backside until they’re almost dead and then crucify them. These people infuriate me that much.
        But, I would not dare treat my wife the way I would my dog or cat. My wife deserves to be treated as a spouse, and if you’re reading this and want to find a wife, treat a woman like a woman and be a gentleman. If a woman can’t accept being treated like a woman, walk away and leave her to her own devices because she is not worth your time.

  43. I read this article perhaps a year ago. It encapsulates the entire “game”. I think I shall make a point to read this several times per year.

  44. Most of the time, I’d take the dog over a woman….or most people. They seem to love their owners regardless, even to a fault. They are willing to be in a pack, and are always happy to see you. In return all they ask is that you provide for them and give them some attention. After that they are happy to lay at your feet and enjoy being petted without having to ask “may I pet your back” “may I scratch your ears” “may I pet your belly.”

    1. what is it you don’t understand about getting affirmative consent regarding physical contact with your dog?

      1. Mostly the problematic fact that they can’t verbally say yes or no, and if I misinterpret their body language it may be considered petting assault. So I film all my pets to my dog and make her sign a consent form. I believe a muddy paw print would hold up in court. Hopefully giving her a treat isn’t considered coercion for pets.

        1. True, Unless you want to kidnap a mentally handicapped person and torture them, while screaming racist things. Then one might not want to film it and put it on social media. But that’s just my white privilege talking.

        2. well, I think you’re supposed to record yourself not committing major crimes, but heh I guess that gets boring. Truly nasty crime that

  45. “You can talk in a kind voice to a dog, and he will understand your loving happiness, and reciprocate, but beyond that, dogs are incapable of understanding you, interpreting your thoughts, empathizing, or using logic.
    Likewise, it is a waste of time to get into deep discussions with women, expect them to rationalize or understand things, or even to truly empathize or love a man. This may upset you, but it is true. While a dog or woman can respect and honor you, and make you feel good, they cannot truly understand you, or love you the way you love them ”
    Quoted for truth.

  46. Agreed. You can certainly not allow yourself to be disrespected and taken advantage of but you can’t control women like dogs.
    Dogs don’t have the U.S. government, feminists and white knights giving them free reign to behave badly.

  47. Difference between why dogs are loyal to you vs why women are not loyal to you is because women have options these days.
    Dog doesn’t know about how to survive in a real world so they have to depend on you for food and shelter. As long as you don’t abuse the dog and act like normal leader to the dog, the dog will be loyal to you.
    If you want women to be loyal to you then make sure she has no other option but towards you.
    If you strand yourself in a wild forest and it was only you and a female being the only humans, she will automatically be loyal to you even if you look like a deformed mutant.

  48. I find it interesting how men typically like dogs (loyal, obedient, excited to see you, etc.) while women like cats (self centered, disloyal, disinterested, etc.) Is there any correlation between that and what we want in their mate?

  49. When my seven year marriage ended, I got the dog. Some guy got my neurotic ex-wife. Best. Outcome. Ever.

  50. Carl Sagan must have had a small penis. No wonder Ann “Druyan” never changed her last name.

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