9 Things Every Guy Should Know About Finland (And Its Girls)

1. The street fashion blog Hel Looks does not represent the typical style in Finland. While many girls like to wear bright pastel colors and other hipster garb, they don’t typically look like freaks that just stepped off an intergalactic spaceship. Skrillex haircuts aren’t as common as in Iceland and Denmark, and I ended up being surprised at how nicely some girls dressed. After the shock of the first day settled down (I did come from feminine Ukraine, after all), I wasn’t all too upset with the level of talent I found. They are hands down more attractive than American women.

2. The biggest factor hurting the attractiveness of Finnish girls is not feminine or hipster style but obesity. There is a McDonald’s literally on every block, and Finnish people have taken to it wholesale. You can only shake your head when you see a fat Finnish person waiting patiently in line to grab a burger or hot dog after a night of heavy drinking. This is a shame since Finnish people aren’t genetically ugly. What ends up happening is that the hot girls have tons of beta orbiters who keep them entertained and busy because no one wants a fattie.

3. Girls are open to dating other races. I saw quite a few brown and black guys with Finnish girlfriends. The kicker is that these guys are speaking in Finnish, so they have integrated into the culture. Liberal guilt is so strong in Scandinavia that girls feel ashamed to not give minority guys a fair chance. You won’t encounter racism here.

4. Day game is not the best way to meet girls. They are helpful if you approach, but they don’t really bite, especially on the street (better responses can be had in coffee shops). Girls are not as shy as Icelanders but still significantly shyer than Americans. I didn’t see the point in day gaming much when I found out that girls were more open at night due to self-drugging themselves with copious amounts of booze.

5. Girls are better looking than Danes and Swedes and are just a hair better than Icelanders. I think the reason that Finnish girls do well is because there has been genetic mixing from the East. Many girls have Slavic inspired faces that make you wonder if they’re from Russia or Latvia.

6. Americans are quite novel in Finland. Maybe not as much as in the Baltics or Poland, but you’ll meet a lot of people excited that you are from the States. Even if they hate American politics, they want to meet an ambassador to a culture that they generally enjoy.

7. People are incredibly friendly. One time I asked for directions and when I said “Thank you” they replied back with “Thank you.” They also seem to be a very trusting people who take things at face value. I’m sure they get scammed a lot when they travel.

8. There are tons of East Africans, mostly from Somalia. The African girls seem to be aiming for a Rihanna look. There are also many cute Asian girls. If you get bored with Finnish girls you can try your hard at some of the more ethnic minorities.

9. The biggest flaw in Finland is that it’s really only a summer destination. The winters are long, cold, and dark, meaning that vagina only comes out of hibernation in the summer to get pounded by American tourists. It doesn’t help that “summer” can be relative: even when I arrived in early June I got to experience chilly weather.

Other cultural features I noticed: uncomfortable coffee shops that are more like food diners, a strong skateboard culture, and an obsession with sailor hats among graduating students.

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251 thoughts on “9 Things Every Guy Should Know About Finland (And Its Girls)”

      1. No, no, no. Sami don’t really differ that much from Finns when it comes to looks. I know several Sami people and there’s no way anyone could confuse a sami person (such as Renee Zellweger) to an asian.

      2. There are about 6000 Sami people in Finland and most of them live in the northern part of country, also you can’t tell them apart from other nordic people.
        The racial diversity is strongest in the capital area. Most of the asians are vietnamese and thai. They are kind of a closed group, mostly hanging with others of their race, sometimes in huge groups. Many of the Thai women work in thai massage parlors (which are generally considered to be dick massages with happy endings or straight up brothels). Street / Bar prostitution in Finland is mostly done by asian, russian and african women.
        Hel-Looks is made to look like random street shots but the people in the pictures actually contact the photographers and arrange a photo shoot. Some kind of hipster thing.
        About liberal guilt, it’s not always that. It might also be some kind of light form of feministic power battle against local men. Giving out to a finnish guy is a bit like surrendering to the enemy, while banging with a guy from another pool doesn’t effect the balance of power.
        The biggest problem in Helsinki is the number of people. There are only about a million people living in the area. I’d say 80% of the people in the night life are people who you have already met if you go out regularly.
        And to reduce price guessing: Big mac meal is something like 6.8 euros, pizza + drink is about 9 euros, a pack of cigarettes is 4-5.50 euros, drink at a bar is about 6 euros, cheapest beer about 1.90 and average about 5. A dinner in a semi fine restaurant is 15-30 euros per head, in very fine michelin restaurant about 130 euros per person. Bus is from 3 to 5 euros, taxi from club to any nearby hotel is around 20-30 euros. Club entry fees during weekend are from 6 to 10 euros plus mandatory 2.50 – 3 euro cloakroom fee and during the week you mostly just have to pay the cloakroom fee.
        A good thing for tourists in finland is that there’s practically no hustling going on, you can safely rent cars, etc and nobody will try to cheat you in any way. There’s quite little street crime like pick pocketing and pretty much no fear of getting randomly stabbed and robbed in some dark alleyway and no “dangerous parts of town”. People generally speak english rather well.
        Best bet to get success is to just be genuine, local people have great dislike for posers and have high respect for honesty.

      3. I think the smallest ethnic minority in Finland is the Sami people, who live only in the northern parts of Finland ( ~500miles from Helsinki ) and I, as an original Finn, haven’t met any Sami person in my life. And they usually don’t differ from “normal” Finns.

  1. i’m glad you mentioned that thing about hel looks. the frequency with which you used to twitter pictures from their page made me think spaceship freaky was your thing.
    checking finland on my to go list. i have heard they are incredibly less out going than say, the swedes though? (though of course sweden has the huge feminista problem)

    1. They aren’t outgoing at day, but at night the girls get so absolutely hammered that they are easy poon.

  2. They do get scammed when they are in turistic destinations, I saw it quite a lot while I was in Turkey.

  3. I really liked Helsinki when I was there. Didn’t really experience any of the nightlife though. I’m actually kind of surprised Hel Looks is able to dredge up so many weirdos. I didn’t see a single example of the horrific Hel Looks style over the course of my Finland excursion. The girls were mostly cute and had better style than Swedes or Norwegians.

    1. Totally agree with the Hel-Looks stuff, never seen too much weirdos in Helsinki. Girls are cute, blonde, blue-eyed and well-dressed. Skate-boarding culture is a big thing here, though.

  4. thought the country was 99% white
    this is great news for beta indian and asian guys….should post this on the forum

  5. Liberal Guilt… I was kind of sad when I heard this. I have it to good whenever I hear liberal guilt, and I always wonder are the girls giving me a chance because they feel guilty for me and my race.(golden brown skinned brother with green eyes) A lot of guys say ” dude you would kill in sweden, finland and Norway. they totally love brown skinned brothers” When they do say that, sadness hits me because I know no matter how much I game, how classic my style of dressing is, I will always be put at advantage cause of my skin, and looks. Its not that I am hating… Its just I would trade my looks and golden skin (most girls rate me a 9, lots of white girls to) to be a guy who is just a 7, so i can actually feel proud when I game 8-10’S.

    1. Brother, I hear you. The bitches be all over me cause of my looks and I long for them to see the alpha that I really am.

      1. Tell me about it… I can make some of the biggest mistakes and still bag 9s. People say I would kill with game if I was handsome and that is true, but sooner or later it hits you that it’s not what you’ve been practicing for years that helps you bag 9 and 10s. It’s your great genetics. Oh we’ll though, pussy Is pussy no matter the circumstances

        1. well its better than lookin like a troll and bein a virgin….count your blessings…the rest of us have to make the most of what we got and learn what we can

  6. Roosh I’d love to see you ply your trade out here on the West Coast with vegan hippie earth goddess surfer chicks.

  7. would reconsider the brown guy comment author
    I did see a few black men with white women there but most women there were with white men. Ya liberal guilt applies to black guys but with brown, asian, and other races it is no mercy. did not see one couple where the guy was brown and girl was white.

  8. white women dating black guys because of liberal guilt is the tired bullshit some white men (and roosh, apparently) tell themselves. the reality is that plenty of white women are attracted to black men—don’t just take my word for it, hear it from Heartiste:

    “Now, the final, and most emotionally laden, variable in this equation is the black man angle. Both sides in this long-running debate have their points. My take from ground-level recon is that the people claiming single white women love alpha black men are overstating their case, and the people claiming single white women would never think of hooking up with “lower class, less accomplished, thug” black men are overstating theirs. White women do find plenty of black men physically exciting.”

    the finnish women were dating black guys who spoke finnish and had thoroughly assimilated into the host culture—this naturally happens when immigrants integrate into new countries. it’s not a function of “liberal guilt”—it’s just life and the reality immigration.

    1. Slightly belated comment, but still…
      As a Finn speaking Finnish as my mother tongue, I haven’t seen many “thoroughly” assimilated black guys speaking even semi-proper Finnish, and I live at capital area with no shortness of black immigrant men. For a vast proportion, common language between these couples is very broken English, and relationships rather stormy rather than harmonious.
      These men are rarely in the country on work-based residence permit, and their primary mechanism to stay in the country is to “create ties to Finland” before they are at risk of permanently losing their (rather questionably given temporary) residence permit, which tends to take several years. In practice, this means a child with Finnish (ex-)companion, which makes permit essentially permanent, no matter how poor resources you have for keeping it otherwise.
      For this reason, black men in this position (not all Africans, but those with less firm ground on having a permanent residence) are extremely eager to find any Finnish woman to reproduce. They find psychological symbiosis with certain subset of Finnish women that really feel they’re “saving the world” by this sort of preference and its’ consequences, or who are otherwise fullfilling their fetishes (everybody has some) without much of further thought on what it means. And there are also those women that outright hate white Finnish men for some semi-ideological projections on them. Well, such is life.
      As an end result, your luck is probably good if you come from rather shaky society in Africa, but if you’re coming from a self-supporting non-western country of some standing, finding a Finnish girlfriend or even one-night partner tends to be an entirely different question. Men from far-east Asia and Indian subcontinent are likely to be doing worst, and men from near-east, southern Europe or Latin America best after men from “liberal guilt zone” Africa. So, many women are picky rather than color-blind: their racial preferences – racism, in my opinion – is just tuned differently.
      Then again, only some subsection of Finnish women are actually positively preferential to Africans, be it color of skin or ideological standing. Major group of them are preferential to Finns, and considerable portion also despises black men because of their less-than-nice experiences or preconceptions. Drawing a simplistic conclusions for whole female population of Finland is an oversimplification, even if examples of “lack of racism” would be walking on the street all the time.

      1. Yes, and despite the few undeniable facts here and there, you, sir, seem like the typical, bitter Finnish racist.

      2. @JohnnyBGooood:
        If I’d move to – say – US and have that attitude towards locals and explain all setbacks I (like everybody else) have to face by locals being “racist”, I’d be out of luck and sympathy in very short time.
        The attitude of “my worldview is undisputable, all differing opinions are utterly wrong and expressing different views are sign of flaws or even crimes of those who dare to present them” is a very common defense mechanism that people choose in order to avoid thinking how imperfect and unfixable the world is practice and how insignificant own views can be in the real world, in a strange country. It seems particularly common amongst US expats and holier-than-thou types, which is in my opinion very unfortunate for them.
        I don’t know if I have chances to defend my worldview (“racist?”, doesn’t that require me to actually value races differently instead of just expressing my view of what is occurring in the neighborhood?), but it would really be much more interesting if you would use more explicit arguments than stamping a “racist” mark on my forehead.
        Unlike you might think, people have so differing opinions and world is such a diverse place that it is by no means obvious how your internal argument against my rant goes. There is no universal, undisputable truth about Finnish women out there. I could as well assume that you have the stamp, but no argument to speak of.

  9. Isn’t Roosh Brown? Since when is Turkish/Iranian considered white? I mean,he’s darker than most latino I know. They look like albinos compared to him.

  10. * Asian girls in Helsinki are Asian, not Saami (Lapland). Most Saami people do have some asian characteristics (dark hair, high cheekbones) but you can easily tell apart, say, a Chinese/Japanese/Korean etc. from a Saami. Moreover, they are a really tiny minority.
    * Replying to “thank you” with a “thank you” comes from the Finnish language. I’m not sure if it has anything to do with politeness. I think Americans are more polite than Finns, but mostly nobody bothers you on the street in Finland. In the U.S., there’s always somebody soliciting you for something.
    * Sailor hats with students are worn only once/year, namely during May day. During that holiday, Helsinki is a drunken orgy.

    1. I vouch for this comment. Adding to the sailor hat though, mortarboard for american is the same as that sailors hat/beret thing for a finn.

    2. Having studied Finnish language a little bit, I’d say that it’s more polite than english is.
      There are different ways to talk to a friend or to someone you don’t know. Which is inexistent in English language.

  11. jesus,man.I like your blog and read a lot in here.But all those misconceptions and errors just piss me off.Seriously.I know Americans are ignorant but please do some wiki reading before posting another thing about a country.You position yourself as a citizen of the world so be one.
    Here I refer to:”I think the reason that Finnish girls do well is because there has been genetic mixing from the East. .” Duuuuuh!Because they are finns! Not scandinavian,but nordic nation;GENETICALLY distinct from Germanic scandinavian nations.Finnic people are not indoeuropeans,they are related to other Finnic nations: like Estonians,Mordvins,Meri,Komi,Permians.
    And guess what?Its not becuase there is a genetic mix with “ëast”(for a fucks sake what is east?finland is east too) its because THEY ARE EAST.Russians are genetic mixture of Slavic and Finnic people (mordvins,meri,komi and other who were gradually russified in 10-14 centuries).
    Get the facts straight.

  12. Is it true that Helsinki is 2-3x more expensive for everything than Tallinn even though they’re only separated by 50 miles and a 2 hour boat ride?

    1. Why does it surprise you?GDP per capita of Finland is almost 2 times larger than of Estonia.
      Finland is unreasonably expensive at all.Food there is much more expensive than in Germany or Holland for example.

    2. Finnish people travel to estonia to do their booze shopping, because even though estonia now has the euro, the prices are ridiculously lower than in finland. Finland IS very expensive.

  13. What is that picture supposed to represent? You are never, ever with a towel in Sauna, you’re ALWAYS COMPLETELY NAKED. This is Finland we’re talking about, not nudephobic US.

    1. I’m a Finnish girl and would never go to sauna naked with anybody else than a boyfriend. A towel or bikini it is. (sauna is bad for swimwear though) We’re not as liberal with nudity as many think, but it’s true a foreigner can be attractive to my eye because few Finnish guys ever dress smart, get two words out of their mouth unless they’re so drunk they’re about to throw up the next second, or have any manners.

      1. Yeah, there are quite a lot of boring and uptight Finnish girls, as well, as you can see above. The older, the worse.

      2. I’m also a Finnish girl, and I’ve always thought that it’s rude to NOT be naked in a sauna. Especially if you’re someones guest. In a public swimminghall a towel is ok…

      3. I’ve never used a towel or swimming suit in sauna (in my 28 yrs).
        It would be unhygienic and disgusting to do so.
        I would go to the sauna with group of friends, but I mean friends literally.
        Not the type of guys like the man who writes this blog who thinks sauna is a place to pick up women. And I could never be friends with a misogynist, so..

      4. That’s just some stereotypical shit right there. And the sauna part indicates you’re from Helsinki or somewhere near. That’s completely different from other places in Finland. Almost everyone in Finland hates people in Helsinki, and we have probably as much in common as with Swedes. “Dressing smart”, only stupid and ignorant idiots think that means anything. We can dress like the fuck we want to. Fuck your “smart dressing” and nudophoby, that is not part of Finland.

  14. I don’t think most of us Finns are mixed with “russians”, remeber that both Finnish and Swedish are still the national languages of Finland => we where for more than 500 yrs in the same kingdom with sweden, norway and denmark meaning that many of us have more scandinavian blood and looks than russian blood/looks. (Estonias, Latvians and Lithuanians + polish had more border crossing and trade with russians than we ever did thats why their more slavic looks). Many of us are also geneticaly mixed with the sami ppl in the north and had the mongolian emperor Zingis Khan comming all the way to Finnish boarders in the late 1200’s so we even have a few “asian features”.
    The fat fact again is found everywhere in the world US no.1 obesity country, Mexico no. 2, UK no 3 or 4 and Finland propably in the top 10 list :S Still we have loads of gorgeaus thin sexy girls here 😉
    In the capital area theres more mixed couples dating, still I don’t think it is that common to date someone whos not european or who hasn’t live the whole life in Finland as the culture is diffrent from i.e. southern europe.
    Finns are i.e. known to be extreamly reliable ppl with whom you still can i.e. first do a oral contract while doing business (papers are signed later), and we keep our word no matter what. Then it is also the fact that ppl wan’t to evaluate if a person really wants to be a friend or not, as we don’t really care so much for small talk and empty words but more for long term friendship, someone you really can count on. Finns are also very proud to be Finns as we won the battel against Russia with our small army where our grandfathers fought in the 1940’s and offically gained our independance back from Russia. We where also the only country in europe who did not accept the Marshal help the US was offering (also Sweden took it even if they knever where in war…) to Europe and are the only country who has paid back all of the war dues/debts to the borrowing countries. We are also today one of the most developed societes with almost no corruption and the first country in europe to give the women the voting right. In the eyes of Finns it is also very rude to brag about onself so Americans who love to bring their awsomness to the table or that US is “the greatest place on earth to live” are also not really appreciated 😉
    In the finnish language we always just say kiitos (thank you) no matter if we are the sales person or the buyer. Being naked in the sauna is nothing sexual for Finns.

    1. Finns look like Russians because both are genetically close.Russians are mixture of Slavonic people with Finnic people (Meri,Muroma,Karelians,Izhorians,Erzya-Moksha,Udmurts and so on).Read some books for a f* sake.
      Whenever I talk to a Finn-its like talking to an American,absolute ignorance and brainwashed crap.

      1. You are confusing the language relation to these nations in Russian territory.. Genetically most of the finns are closer to scandinavinas and Germans, not slavic people.

        1. Genetically, Finns are most closely related to Swedes and Estonians. They also have 10% “Siberian” genes.

        2. Finns aren’t really close to Germans. They share a lot of ancestry with Siberian and other Finnic people.

      2. Its propaganda (since 1940s more or less).Russian is “bad”,Scandinavian is “good”.lol Although in 19 century ot was exactly the opposite.
        Finnish are genetically close to Northern Russians,this is the fact.Read studies about genetic markers,at least in Wikipedia.
        Russians from Arkhangelsk region (so called Pomors) are pretty much interbred with Finns (not modern Finns but the local Finnic tribes,who also lad foundation to the modern Finnish nation).
        The Republic of Novgorod has been ruling the massive chunk of modern Finland,and Finns lived among Novgorodians like locals.
        While Sweden and Swedish after this period ruled Finnish pretty much like slaves and amount of intermarriages was minimal.
        Anyhow,check the studies on genetic markers.You can speculate but you cant argue with science.

      3. You’re probably right about the genetic intermixing. I mean, there just had to be a lot of that throughout history, especially in what is now Eastern and South-Eastern Finland. Actually, the Finnish population itself isn’t that homogenous, and there’s a bit of divide between eastern and western Finns.
        What you say about Novgorod is misleading, though. The area of modern Finland that was part of Novgorod was obviously geographically large but pretty insignificant population-wise. Of course, there *were* lots of Finnic peoples outside the current borders, too, I’ll give you that. You’ve got people speaking Finnic or Fenno-Ugrian languages spread out here and there throughout modern Russia from Lapland to Ural.

      4. This is ridiculous. Every finnish person can tell whos from russia and whos from finland. Russians have a very “rough” type of face, and finnish ppl have more soft features. You can tell from noses,eyes, jaws… nothing alike..

      5. Finns are genetically isolated from every other ethnic group. Gap to both Russians (Slavs) and Scandinavians is so enormous they can’t be considered as relatives by any means. Swedes have probably as much in common with Portuguese as with Finns. Before the Slavs conquered the areas on the Eastside of Finland, there probably were better genetic connections to other Fennic tribes nowadays living between Volga and Ural mountains.
        Of course there’s some mixing, and especially on the west coast you can see the influence of Sweden. No, not more blondes because of Sweden (Finland has more), but you can see some Swedish facial features. Finns are much more hostile towards Russians because of historical reasons, so mixing with them has been a minor issue before Russian tourism started to pour money into Finnish pockets.
        But not only are Finns different from other nations around them, there is quite a big genetic variation inside the country from East to Wast (not talking about Sami people, who are a different tribe altogether). That might be due to harsh conditions and very late technological advancement of the country. In small isolated communities there still is increased levels of certain types of retardness among newborn – not much, but a statistically significant amount.
        The fattiness of Finns is not only caused by fast food. The most common contributing factors are global: lack of traditional rhythm of life (with fixed meal times and family dinners), being constantly encircled by foodstuff and the sheer amount of options available, increased consumption of soft drinks instead of water and milk (and nowadays energy drinks too), and constant flow of treats (candies, chocolate, pastry). Also the amount of physical exercise has dropped significantly during the last couple of decades.
        What comes to Finns being too trusting – it depends. Some are, as everywhere, but Finns are in general very cautious towards strangers, so you have to be quite determined to spend some time before you’re actually able to even try. It might be that those redneck Americans are after all a more profitable choice.

      6. Some Finns look like Russians because ‘supposedly’, many years ago, Finnish ancestors arrived from Karelia and Siberia.

  15. You won’t encounter racism here. <- lol yeah right :DD people pretend to be tolerant but some of arent brainwashed and are disgusted with you shitskins

    1. HEIL HITLER!! All Finns are racist, believe it or not 😀 Maybe not the Helsinki people who “be on one’s high horse” are not, since there’s so many fucking niggers there and if you act racist,
      you’ll end up white a knife in your stomach. Fucking disgusts me. Niggers and jews the fuck out of Finland!!!!

      1. *with a knife in your stomach. What fucking “white”, I can’t write for shit xd

      2. When I born, I black
        When I grow up, I black
        When I go in Sun, I black
        When I scared, I black
        When I sick, I black
        And when I die, I still black
        And you white fellow
        When you born, you pink
        When you grow up, you white
        When you go in sun, you red
        When you cold, you blue
        When you scared, you yellow
        When you sick, you green
        And when you die, you gray
        And you calling me colored ??

      3. Everybody in the whole fucking world is racist. Hell. I am racist to a certain extent. It’s just that most people won’t admit that they are racist. It’s human nature to hate people who look and act differently.

      4. Talk for yourself Jalmari.
        You may be racist towards blacks and certain religions but my racism is mainly getting sick over people like yourself, be it in Finland, the States or Africa.
        Why is it so hard to at least try to tolerate different people?

  16. Like anywhere else in Europe-only damaged goods women date black men.
    Some safe the world feminists;or those who cant get any quality white guy for whatever reason.
    Europe is very racist,but nobody is going to tell you that.

      1. Every woman who doesn’t sleep with you (if you’re black) is a racist.
        And there’s nothing wrong about you pointing it out to them loudly.

        1. And every woman who dumps you afterwards is because you sucks in the bed…That’s why you find yourself a mail order bride..

        2. No, I’m not racist but I don’t particularly like black girls. But I do respect all the black people, as a matter of fact, my best friend is black.

    1. Says the insecure white guy. It’s hard on your ego having 2 inch dick isn’t it?

  17. Behave like Finns behaves then you don’t face any racism. Unfortunately that means that you shouldn’t talk to any stranger. Take always a free seat in a bus and never go near someone else if you don’t know him/her. If someone is nice to you, don’t say anything, just go away. If someone is unfriendly to you, say “Haista vittu! Perkeleen munapää!”. Then you are like a Finn, and you don’t face any racism in here. 😀

    1. Disagree. If someone is unfriendly, you should then also say nothing and and go away. That is normal behavior if you don’t want to end up in prison. 😉

  18. Finns love when foreigners talk about Finland and we love to talk about what (supposedly) makes Finland and Finns special, be it good or bad. So go ahead and ask something about Sauna for example.
    Finns are often a bit shy and socially awkward. So something that might appear to be rude behavior might not have been intended to be. The person might just have been baffled that a stranger said something to her.

    1. hey as a finn, is it true that you’d hate it if I came to your country ? ( I’m an arab north-west africa ) I’m so in love with the country and that’s where linux was born, yeah and the cold, the saunas, the long night !

  19. Sailor hats 😀 That’s actually an “ylioppilaslakki”, a person gets that when she/he graduates from “high school” (lukio) and becomes “ylioppilas”, which about 50-60 % of people do. And then they wear that every year on May 1st.

      1. Finns don’t get scammed as much as you’d think..
        The ones that travel a lot are also very nice and people tend to like them.
        The traveling type of finns ,who actually speak many languages and want to get to know people from all over the world , are notorious about their skills to talk themselves out of any kind of trouble. I don’t know if that skill is learned or if they have born with it but it works. Something in them appeals to the basic goodness within every human been.

  20. # 1 in helsinki capital finn girls learned the way how to dress in a sexy way, the high heels fashion came straight from Russia, that i am sure of, started bit by bit in the end of the 90’s. You didn’t really see that 20 years ago or even in the mid 90’s.
    # 2 I totally agree with the comment, with the explosion of fast food-chains in the end of the 90’s, kebabs, mac-do, I can tell that finn girls got fatter and fatter with the time. And yes it’s true, way too many mac do in this small capital. The problem is that finn girls can’t cook properly, or let’s say it straight in a more polite form, they lost the way how to cook food properly with the last two generations (blame the parents), and it’s a fact. And let’s not talk bout all the disgusting sweet sauces they serve with salads in restaurants in all the dishes. So in conclusion it’s a disaster to see all those pretty girls turned into fatties that’s been wasted by all those junk food restaurants with the time, alcohol is also to blame btw, which is a real curse in this country.
    In this end all the fatties end up with all the negroes and turkish ’cause finns don’t want them, normal 🙂
    # 3 what do you mean “open to other races”, other colored people or other nationalities ? Yes it is true that they are very open, sometimes too open to foreigners, until foreigners notice how too different they are culturally and mentally, which leads in a lot of divorces unfortunately.
    No racism here, are you kidding me LOL ? Girls can be as racists as guys in this country, trust me on that, especially after the arrival of all the somalians, turkish etc…. in the beginning of the 90’s. Before all the immigrants started to come to Finland, it was much more peaceful, less stealing etc….. and much more easier to grab the girls, still is, but in a different level, now it’s a whole other story unfortunately.
    And yes, people in this country are very friendly, so friendly sometimes that they forget to be aware of the danger that awaits them from foreigners that just want to abuse them while completely drunk, that’s when the problem occur when they are in foreign countries, which leads in disastrous situations, I’ve read, heard and seen too many situations like that, the booze is to blame most of the time.
    As we all know, booze is a disastrous problem in this country with the locals. How many times have I heard foreign men say that women behave like men, too many, and yes, they are right. Finn girls just want to be the equal of men, I just say, there are limits.

  21. Oh the awkwardness when a foreign guy thinks sauna is a sexual place. There is absolutely nothing erotic about sauna, everyone being butt naked included.

      1. No it’s not, you don’t look inside a sauna. If you look, you get the fuck out of Finland.

    1. I agree with you.. there is nothing erotic in being nude at bath.. I don’t why people think so cheap, sometimes. Finland is a beautiful place with beautiful and friendly people… 🙂

  22. Most of the Finnish women who hang out with black or Middle Eastern men are extremely fat bitches who can’t get Finnish men, so they have to settle with the scum they can get.

    1. Really dude? What white guys call fat is actually what black guys
      refer to as curvy. You will notice that black men will gravitate towards
      any woman who is ‘thick’, no matter the size so long as her wait is
      smaller than her hips. You must be a disgruntled racist who has terribly
      failed with women of your own race. I guess you feel bad about blacks
      banging Nordic women, but they also bang Japanese, Filipinos, blacks and
      Latina. They bang all women.
      Black guys naturally have the social aptitude to bang any woman, regardless of her race, looks or size. Get laid and get a life, mate

        1. Bill Davis, You seem to be obsessed with dicks. Did you learn that in prison? Stupid monkey.

    2. I kindda agree here with you “Yeah”. Since the early 90’s that’s where the fat finn chix ended up, and I don’t exaggerate. I do remember in the early 90’s all the arabs hanged up with the ones nobody wanted, especially fat ugly ones, why you are asking me, for the papers of course to get the finnish nationality. And god knows how many of them did that. And once they got the passport, well, you can just guess what happened, they divorced, I mean the arabs 🙂

    3. Yeah, you keep saying that. Hehe. Keep rationalizing your inadequacy. You probably cry yourself to sleep every night while simultaneously jerking off. I believe present civilisation is a product of some enlightened white men. BUT, motherfucker, brown and black guys pull poon like black holes pull planets. There, I blew my load. On a white Finnish girl. Who ain’t fat.

  23. According to official statistics finnish women are the most depressed women in EU.
    According to official statistics there more divorces in Finland than any other EU country.
    Everybody knows that finnish women are easy. I have witnessed this many times with my british friends. Everywhere where Ive been (cirka 80 countries) they have a reputation of a slut while they worked as aupair or so. And they have no problem to cheat their men like swedish women also do.
    Finnish women simply hate if you compare them to foreign women, especially to russians or estonians. Why? because they are simply far more prettier and have better attitude. Finnish women simply say that they all whores even if they are married, have university degree and work same level jobs like they do while living in Finland. This is just one everlasting hate, they know that arent as good as they are.
    Well everybody knows that when russians dont need to visa anymore to when they come to Finland all this feminist fight will end. Just 500 000 russian women is needed to move to Finland. And thats the end of feminists stupid shadow boxing fight. Till that day keep stiff upper lip, that day will come soon 🙂
    You wanna have a good wife: take catholic or orthodox -woman. Otherwise you miss the woman.

    1. I’m surprised to hear people in eighty countries even know of Finland. I bet most of them have no chance of putting it on the map, or describing Finns without mixing them with other nationalities (most likely Swedes).
      If I’d have to list countries whose inhabitants have reasonably fact-based view of Finns, that list would be rather short: Estonia. Others – apart from those that have lived and worked in Finland greater lengths, even Swedes – tend to have really little clue of Finland or Finns. They may have hazy preconceptions and those that Finns chatting with them want to imitate while talking of their country, but apart from that, Finland is practically unknown already at distance of northern Germany. And largely so are Germans to me.

    2. Where are you from? Sigh, cheating isn’t very common in Sweden or Finland, I live in Sweden so I probably know this better than you. Get a catholic women? I have been to South america (lot’s of catholics) and cheating is much more common there, trust me I know. 😉 There is a lot of things you can say about Nordic women but that ain’t one, but of course it happens. And British friends? British girls are know for being very easy and ugly, so that would be a wierd thing for them to say. But you are right that Baltic and Russian girls look better in general so I will give you that one

  24. According to official statistics there are more single women in Finland than any other EU country. Why?
    It just shows that feminism doesnt work.

    1. Every woman who’s single is a feminist ?
      Really ?
      All the feminists I know are in happy relationships and the ones who are not are all but one single and wondering why they’re getting treated so badly by men.

      1. I thought you said feminism doesn’t work?!
        yet you claim your feminist friends is in happy relationships,so which one is it?
        Does it work or it doesn’t?

    2. No, women in Finland just know how assholes men are, so they dont bother to date any.

        1. And enjoying it cause they can!! Nothing better than getting ur juices flowing and next morning showing them the door.

    3. Maybe, dear Shadow, we don’t think being in a relationship let alone being married is one’s ultimate goal in life.
      It’s not like the U.S. where you marry your high school sweetheart.
      We’re making the most of the freedom of choice. Acting like the individuals we are.

  25. “According to official statistics there are more single women in Finland than any other EU country. Why?”
    There can’t be single women if there isn’t single men, so probably Finland has the most single men too.
    Being single is a choice. You end up being single if you dig what you do and don’t especially dig traditional values, family and kids. I think peer pressure is the only negative side of being single.

    1. There’s also a lot of men and women in relationships who ought to be single because they can’t stay faithful and who don’t actually want to be monogamous, they’re just pressured into it by society.
      By staying single they would do the rest of us a HUGE favor.
      Keep sleeping around and stay single ,people
      if you don’t really want to be in a relationship with just one person.
      Then don’t try to assure yourself that you do.

  26. Yet another Finnish woman commenting 🙂
    Somalian women: most of the Somalian women are still very traditional even though they dress a bit more ‘Western’ than before, but their parents are usually (strickt) Muslims hence the girls are not likely to have one-night-stands. So don’t waste your time there.
    We Finnish women are easy simply because we can; we have long accepted that there’s nothing wrong with having (even meaningless) sex and are not loaded with religious guilt about it, for example. I personally think our ‘nonchalance’ about sex, the natural way we accept is as our right, is one of the most visible examples of Finnish/Nordic equality; i.e. women are free to do what men also do (and take for granted). I’ myself have had many long-term relationships that started as a one-night-stand; so our ‘easiness’ is by no means shunned upon.
    And why should we not have sex – after all it’s fun!

    1. I agree with you. It is fun. However I want to make a point. I am a male and I am not finn, you assume that men are all willing to have a nightstand whenever they have a chance. I think you assume too much. And I think finnish women in general assume too much. It is ok to have fun, but I found in Finland more than any other country an increasing number of old single ladies with no family. Summarizing: finns are getting extinct.

    2. Men want sex, not one night stands, i it was offered in the form of long term relationship we would take it bitch.

      1. You obviously don’t get laid a lot, many guys prefer to have casual sex to long term relationships.

        1. So would you consider a guy going to the same girl for some casual sex over the course of 10 years a long term relationship or just casual sex?

        2. Do you really have to ask that *common sense** question?
          1. If you’ve been having sex with the girl for 10 years; she doesn’t invite you to her promotion ceremony or corporate office Christmas party to her sister’s wedding, or to meet mom and dad, then you’re just a sex toy… casual sex.
          2. If she cares if you date others, expects you to be “true” to her (to the relationship), and treats you like people treat each other in a healthy relationship, then you’re in a relationship, otherwise you’re just a piece of sex even if you are best friends. How long you’ve been screwing doesn’t define whether or not the relationship is “casual sex” or not.

    3. My, what a repulsive whore you are. I think even American girls would find your views on meaningless sex, to be degenerate.

      1. It’s a good thing she isn’t american then, but finnish, where we look at women as equals to men.

        1. Capitalists like free sex too. Don’t make this a Left-Right war. Finland had enough of that early in the 20th century.

        2. Women are not equal to men. Men are not equal to women. Not biologically, not mentally.

      2. No, most of us “American girls” don’t find it repulsive at all. Those of us who use our brains more than we spend time toting bibles, baking, and living life as a second class citizen- understand that it’s ludicrous to think sex requires “meaning” in the first place.

        1. I think it’s very meaningful. Sex means my balls are empty and I have someone to bring me a sandwich before she leaves.

      3. You haven’t seen the latest generation of American girls then. Just pop open one of their phone and browse their photo galleries. It’s loaded with nude selfies that they send to strangers.

    4. Reputation of being “easy” leads to be harassed by men from macho cultures though. I happen to value my personal safety and well being more than what other women do for fun.
      In all honesty, Expat Finn represents only one part of Finnish culture. Many Finnish women like myself are quite conservative, don’t have one night stands and just want to settle down. Good thing about Finnish culture is that neither lifestyle is forced on you, there’s no “peer pressure” for students to behave like everyone else, like it seems to be in US for an example, so we shy introverts can stick to one guy while the party girls party on. Just don’t for a moment think that you represent the whole of Finnish female population here., because you are just going to make life difficult for other women by spreading stereotypes.

      1. “macho cultures” hu hu hu huh. Everyone on earth staring at their smartphone is the culture now.

    5. Because my dear , after while you become a whore . You just can’t love anymore . And who wants to marry a whore ?! No one . You are not trustworthy . If I want sex I would pay a hooker ,right ? It is so much special when a marry a virgin girl . So much . You have standards , you are special girl . You have morals . You deserve a ring and respect . Got it ? You can’t have it both ways . Some girls try but …slut is always a slut . In a long run is better to be a good girl and have a good family and standards . Act like a lady and guys will treat you like a lady , act like an idiot they will treat you like one . Or you could be a single whore . That’s cool . Your chose. Than ….no respect , no family , no money , no house ….

      1. So all the men who have slept around in college are sluts too? Love has never been a prerequisite for sex. Thankfully few people buy into to all that “good girl” crap you’re spewing. Thankfully women today don’t care what you think.

      2. I personally see nothing wrong with a woman whoring around. If she opens her legs enough she will eventually find the right guy for her. And most men don’t give a damn if a girl has slept around previously as long as she stops when she’s dating him.

        1. Most guys care if a girl is not virgin and and she had abortions and slept with the footll team .

        2. Negative! You don’t know guys at all. Guys could care less about a girl’s past sexual partners. They only care about the current state of affairs. Like anyone who has a bad rep, girls will be judged for it. But if they’ve been slutty and no ones talking about, then guys dont care.

        3. Most guys don’t want a virgin. You must not know much about sex in the modern era. How many sex partners do you think many women have now-a-days while they’re in college? The fact of the matter is that most women, like most men, won’t divulge to their significant others just how many sex partners they’ve had. You need to get a clue.

  27. Really guys you should just stop talking like women are just a vagina on legs. I have had quite a few one night things with men, and never have I felt bad about it. It’s just having fun. Have some kind of respect for the women who are willing to have sex with you. Finnish women are open minded and behave sexually like the men here do, without any regrets. Unfortunately reading this is such a turn off from one night stands. If the so called alpha men really think like this who in their right mind would want to have sex with them? Sex is not the meeting of souls, it’s just sex, but if you want just the vagina then buy a porn flick and a fleshlight. If being an alpha male means that you are rude and stupid with no respect or manners, then please feel free to approach anyone else in the bar, I will be more happy and satisfied going home without you, and at least i don’t have to try to suppress my gag reflex when you are talking to me.

    1. Women are vaginas on legs, a time will come when you will realise that 😀
      Saying anything else is lying. The better you treat them the worse it ends up, the worse you treat them the more are attracted to you. Those are simple rules. And you think you used him but in reality you got used 😀
      You are the one with reproductive organs placed in you 😉
      All best my walking vag 😉

        1. Only not one I’d ever want to touch. Anyone but the writer, Herr Wollfe or Niko. Shoo.
          If walking vaginas is all we are then I must assume the kind of sex you could give is boring. I hope you guys don’t reproduce.

      1. You are a walking dick and can only speak for yourself. As a male, I cannot agree with you on your views.

      2. Haha you whine about guys think that girls are walking vaginas and then you say you have one night stands with guys. I’m a teenage boy from the US and I love finnish girls.and respect them but I would never have a one night stand. haha tell the guys that you fucked and never talked to again that your not a vagina on legs and see what look they give you. that’s exactly what you are to those guys. if the Finnish education system is so fucking great I would assume that you would be smart enough to figure out the reason that some guys think that girls are vaginas on legs is because sluts like you whore yourself out because you can’t handle your booze! maybe they should teach you some fucking common sense instead of what ever they teach you in school There. I am very surprised that there was a possibility that someone could be so stupid and even more surprising that you are a Finn and are so dumb. like really anyone who reads your sad excuse for a comeback is more dumb just from reading it. It goes to prove that you can have the best education system in the world and still have the mind of a fucking ten year old saying ” at least I don’t have to suppress my gag reflexes when I talk to you ” …really? Grow up! it is because whores like you that some guys are they way they are. and I hate guys like that you make finnish girls look bad. tell your precious education system to teach you some fucking common sense! At you next trip to the abortion clinic think about what I said slut. People like you make me sick

        1. The fact that you use words like “slut” and “whore” says more about you than it says about women who choose to engage in sex.
          You’re part of a culture that shames women for simply having a vagina, and then you use that as an excuse to feel superior about yourself. Maybe you should be the one to grow up. What does a kid like you know about life? I wonder if your mother would approve…

        2. LOL, even in a cultures where almost every girls is pure innocent virgin,the men would still whoring themselves either with prostitute or foreign girls,what do we call these type of creatures? Manwhores?!!
          Some guys choose to be that way because that’s the way they choose to be,as if those guys you referring to thinks more about their groin then using their heads.(That’s more likely)

        3. Yet more evidence that no woman anywhere should ever sleep with an American man. Fortunately, not only are American men idiotic douchebags, they are also ugly and terrible in bed. Look how bitter Nick is because no one wants his limp, mutilated American cock.

        4. No. Just whores. A whore is a whore is a whore. Destroying your self-respect and body in risque actions is bad no matter what gender you are.

        5. Well there, Dick.
          Just one look at your text tells that you obviously were not very well educated. Maybe you should pay more attention at your English lessons or read some helpful articles about how to write. I’ll help you find some if you don’t know how to google.
          The problem with a lot of Americans is that you do not think for yourself. I know you’re only a teenager but did it ever occur to you to question what your mom taught you about sex? Or your church?
          If you thought hard enough then you might realise that you would enjoy sex just for the sex too every now and then, and that doing so doesn’t make you a worse person.
          We’re all different though, so I won’t judge anyone for not liking meaningless one night stands. I hope I can enjoy mine though withouth being labelled as a whore.
          (Not that being a whore makes you a bad person either if you ask me.)

        6. If a girl wants to have a one night stand, sure, she can go ahead. If a guy wants to, he can as well. If they feel like having a multi hour orgy with a large number that’s perfectly fine, and if they feel like not wanting to have any sex until marriage that’s perfectly fine as well. What someone does sexually or how they are sexually is really not of any concern but their own.

      3. COULDN’T AGREE MORE!!!Amazing this is exactly what is going on in Finland!!You have to treat girls like shit here.See them once; SIPHON THEM OFF!!!They will beg for more!!!!

      4. Who cares if more are attracted to you? I would take treating somebody with respect and having less attracted to me than the vice versa alternative. Get a grip of yourself.

    2. Haha you whine about guys think that girls are walking vaginas and then you say you have one night stands with guys. I’m a teenage boy from the US and I love finnish girls.and respect them but I would never have a one night stand. haha tell the guys that you fucked and never talked to again that your not a vagina on legs and see what look they give you. that’s exactly what you are to those guys. if the Finnish education system is so fucking great I would assume that you would be smart enough to figure out the reason that some guys think that girls are vaginas on legs is because sluts like you whore yourself out because you can’t handle your booze! maybe they should teach you some fucking common sense instead of what ever they teach you in school There. I am very surprised that there was a possibility that someone could be so stupid and even more surprising that you are a Finn and are so dumb. like really anyone who reads your sad excuse for a comeback is more dumb just from reading it. It goes to prove that you can have the best education system in the world and still have the mind of a fucking ten year old saying ” at least I don’t have to suppress my gag reflexes when I talk to you ” …really? Grow up! it is because whores like you that some guys are they way they are. and I hate guys like that you make finnish girls look bad. tell your precious education system to teach you some fucking common sense! At you next trip to the abortion clinic think about what I said slut. People like you make me sick

    3. You are right!!We exactly know Finnish girls are not just acting like WHORESS!!!They are!!!

      1. I hope you stay out of our country. We’re just not old-fashioned and up tight.
        You probably would not get laid in FInland anyways.

    4. >Really guys you should just stop talking like women are just a vagina on
      legs. I have had quite a few one night things with men, and never have I
      felt bad about it. It’s just having fun.
      You just contradicted yourself. You say women aren’t just vaginas on legs but you act like it.

    5. Sorry but it’s true. Until you get to know the girl, they are just vj’s, ass and tits on legs. Guys get into relationships for sex and women for love. That’s the reality. And as the relationship develops so does the love and the loving.

  28. Very funny indeed. Nobody knows where the Finnish people really come from. They are the lost tribe of Turkics that migrated from Asia to Europe in the dark ages. Look how Finnish call them as “Soumi” or “Soumen”. That word comes from “Cuman” or “Kuman” as the letter “C” can be read as “S” or “K” when pronouncing in Nordic languages. Cumans are a tribe of Turkics. One sub-branch from the all 24 main tribes. It seems the pronouncing of the letter “C” is changed due to Finnish people being neighbors with Nordic countries. The Turks came there between the ages 200 AD to 700 AD, settled there and became assimilated a bit. Everybody here knows “Attila the Hun” here who has founded the Europe Hunnic State which has played the biggest role in the destruction of Western Roman Empire? This Europe Hunnic state is a continuation of Asian Hunnic State. The Turks which everbody calls as Finnish now just came a bit north with the Huns. If you look at the Finnish history they don’t know themselves before 16 century. This is due to the Turks being a civilization based on talking, not writing (as in Chinese). The word Finland and Finnish comes from the English language who doesn’t want the relation between Turks and Finnish to become known worldwide. Because it will be the biggest threat to the English, Nordics and French there. Also to the Russians. When Turkish people claim rights on Finland saying that Finnish and Turkish come from the same ancestors, they will have the chance to surround Russia from every possible direction. Finnish on the west, Turkey on the south-west, the Turkish states (Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhistan, Uzbekistan and many other) in Asia on the south, and the Japanese (yes, they are Turkic also) on the east. In addition, there are some genetical overlapping on the body tissues with ethnic Finnish and Turkish.
    I said all these to illuminate the secret truth that we must all know in order to protect our grandchildren from the fierce Turks.

  29. Holy shit go to hell. Fucking yankees. Sincerely yours, a finn with “slavic inspired face”

  30. It is such a shame that Finland has allowed so many niggers into their pristine, nordic country. It reminds me of an oil spill, black filth choking the natural environment.
    A message to Nordic Females: DO NOT DESTROY YOU RACE by mixing with these apes. NO white man will want you after that I can assure you.

    1. It’s such a shame that white Finnish assholes like you get on the vast, glorious internet. It reminds me of semen, just white goo out flooding of black cocks spilling onto your moms face and later destroying your race as your mom spews out dirty interracial babies out of her gaping vagina.
      A Message to Herr Wolfe: You probably shouldn’t check your genome. You’ll probably find that you were related to someone brown and they’re laughing in their graves at you right now. DO NOT DESTROY YOUR RACIST REPUTATION

    2. herr wollfe! bitch plz! if you couldnt score you have no right to bad mouth black people! but u know what? i feel good cuz youre just talking on the internet not in real life! so peace out asshole

    3. No, no white man can fit after that vagina has been pleased properly. Too, bad you’re to inadequate to satisfy her…

    4. what makes you think I want a white man?
      I’d rather have sex with 100 black men than with an intellectually challenged ape with bad tattoos, a beer gut and a shiny balding head.

      1. As a coarse-face Swede what is opposite in the cultural spectrum is already similar. Black People are much interested in me simply because I just don’t look like them. Uh huh. I am simply in love with them. They all have big, big eyes. And so what if I’m Asian. As long as they love me that’s all that matters.

      2. >I’d rather have sex with 100 black men than with an intellectually
        challenged ape with bad tattoos, a beer gut and a shiny balding head.
        Wait, but you just described black people.

      3. i agree with you about bad tattoos, a beer gut but balding head. no one chose to be bald its beyond our well thats really harsh

    5. When I born, I black
      When I grow up, I black
      When I go in Sun, I black
      When I scared, I black
      When I sick, I black
      And when I die, I still black
      And you white fellow
      When you born, you pink
      When you grow up, you white
      When you go in sun, you red
      When you cold, you blue
      When you scared, you yellow
      When you sick, you green
      And when you die, you gray
      And you calling me colored ??

      1. Why do you post this under an article about Finland? We never use the word “colored”, its a stupid Anglo term.

    6. Exactly, soon Europe will be like all the African nations and all those liberals that enabled and encouraged it will be so confused as to how it could happen that their nation was destroyed.

    7. We won’t mix with you, either. Seeing that you’re on this site, you’re a racist misogynist, and no Finnish girl will look at a man who degrades women. 🙂 Stick to your mail-ordered brides. Why should you want us then if we like black dick so much, huh?
      And author? Finland IS a racist place, you butthead. You probs only visited Helsinki, one time. GO SEE THE REST OF FINLAND, American. A white person dating a black person is frowned upon here. Your ignorance annoys me.

    8. I would not mind to fuck a proper Finn but none of those Viking wankers. It is the Germanic and Slavic dicks who are destroying the Uralic master race. 😉

    9. You can identify these “a finnish girl”-types, they are lonely mothers with brown babies and wonder why no one wants them.

  31. classy, dude. good luck with that. I guess if girls go for you, they deserve your shit 😉

  32. honestly….you’re a faggot. I hope you get an STD from your travels around the world and your tiny dick falls off.

  33. It is obvious the person that wrote this has no respect for women and should not be allowed to procreate with a women from any country. I just got back from Finland. They are an amazing people and I felt right at home. It is safe enviroment and as an American I envy them. The women are very pretty and a woman can be pretty no matter the size. Now, the men there are amazing. They younger people are very “hip” if you want to use that term. If you know where to go you can also meet some popular Finnish musicians. While in Finland, I never felt anyone was looking at me in any type of judgmental way, you are free to be you, pierced and tattooed, traditional whatever you want and feel like you fit in. I will be going back. I do have the feeling that if a Finnish woman or anyone from their country would be offended by this vulgar measurement of their women. Kiitos

  34. Americans are fucking thrash, please stop coming to Europe.
    Fucking scum, I’m not exaggerating when i say that each and every citizen of the United States of America deserve to die a horrible death, preferably from some plague.

  35. Not really sure what people are getting so worked up about. I think Finland has some pretty awesome people. I wouldn’t say the women are any worse or any better than other places. I’ve dated two Finns in the past and had an amazing experience with both women. I am a black American male and spending time in Helsinki and Espoo I had an awesome time. Sorry to hear that people have such disdain and displeasure when they see a black guy with a Finnish woman. I can’t live my life being hateful and stupid and I would encourage those bloggers out there with issues to get a life. There are beautiful people of all races. I really don’t understand why its ok to continue to call black people such nasty names. Anyway, peace and love to all Finns. A great country with cool people.

  36. As a Swede I do not support myself in mating with anyone else. Society does not respect privacy at all.

  37. I am living in Finland and I must say Finnish women are quite ugly. By far the country with the highest amount of ugly people. Sometimes you cannot even tell the difference between a chick and a guy. They are fat and ugly…in general…hideous, ugh.
    Finnish people are also stupid, unpolite and rude…
    The language sounds retarded. Really, first I thought there was a high % of retards in Finland but then I discovered they just talk and look like that. I guess years and years of incest produced a high amount of retard-fat-ugly-suomalainen people…I dunno.
    They have the best schools, blah…blah…Of course for fucks sake, you pay more taxes than anywhere. I hope I can get out of here soon.
    That’s my review on Finland and Finnish people.

  38. I am living in Finland and I must say Finnish women are quite ugly. By far the country with the highest amount of ugly people. Sometimes you cannot even tell the difference between a chick and a guy. They are fat and ugly…in general…hideous, ugh.
    Finnish people are also stupid, unpolite and rude…
    The language sounds retarded. Really, first I thought there was a high % of retards in Finland but then I discovered they just talk and look like that. I guess years and years of incest produced a high amount of retard-fat-ugly-suomalainen people…I dunno.
    They have the best schools, blah…blah…Of course for fucks sake, you pay more taxes than anywhere. I hope I can get out of here soon.
    That’s my review on Finland and Finnish people.

  39. Many things on this list is not correct. Obesity is not a big problem in Finland, finns aren`t any fatter than other European people. And yes, you might encounter racism in Finland if you are not white, especially in the inner, eastern and northern parts of the country and less along the coast and the southern part, btw a “racist” party is currently the 3rd biggest in the country and young people a generally more tolerant than the older people. Finns like most other people become more open while drunk so nothing special there. People here aren`t exactly friendlier here than the rest of Nordic countries, however more shy, but if you ask a stranger for help, of course most people would try to help you. And there is not a ton of East African immigrants in Finland. Finland has a pretty low immigration compared to the other Scandinavian countries and most immigrants are Russian and Baltic people and most immigrants live around the Helsinki and Turku areas.

    1. You had to write “racist” party in quotation marks, because it’s hard to really name many racists from the party without making interpreting everything in a certain way. In finnish you’re a racist whenever you say “we don’t want people who are a burden on our economy”, yet even the green and leftist parties aren’t open to the idea of taking in everyone who wants to move here (e.g. from Africa). This is a hypocrite country with former stalinists and feminists controlling the media, pointing fingers at everyone who doesn’t agree with them.

  40. I hope many niggers and russians are going to die in the next happy new year! 😀

  41. The men are on this site because no woman wants them. Reading few of the comments, it should be obvious why no woman wants them. But they don’t see it.

  42. Lol dude writes a blog about how easy finnish girls are and they come in here to defend him. classic. real gullable simple people indeed. lmao

  43. wherever blacks are crime follows,you cannot go in one black neighborhood without getting robbed or killed,i am an american and a statistical fact is one in three black men has been or will be in prison, its a hard fact…kick them out of finland before they ruin your country

  44. You have some nice points, but you should come during the winter time. You should have cottage experiences during middle of the winter – sauna and snow – and people are having lots of sex all the year round, not only during summer. You should also travel the country – the country girls are even more interested in foreigners (perhaps).

  45. I LIVE IN FINLAND AND I AM GOING TO SAY SOMETHING ABOUT THIS BLOG…..BULLSHIT, people here are idiots, fake, drunk, women are whores,racist, with no limits and no respect THE WORST COUNTRY EVER!!…..WHITE MONKEYS,, AND ALSO UGLY PEOPLE AND IGNORANTS

  46. The best thing about all these comments is that there are all these foreign guys trying to shame our finnish girls who just talk about how we do things here in Finland.
    Like I don’t get what’s the problem 🙂
    Men like sex, women like sex and here in Finland we have a lot of one night stands because both men and women like sex.
    Pretty simple 🙂

  47. Expat_Finn I see your point there! But, remember not all men behave like that. For example: I am christian, yet not religious which is a whole different thing. I am 18 years and I’ve been battling against the raging hormones to not get laid even though I want to sometimes. Therefore I started thinking… why chastity til marriage? But I thought well I’d love if my future wife were a virgin, that means she was saving herself a lifetime just for me. And as men are jealous (one’s more than the others but still) I’d love if that happens, but then again wouldn’t it be the right thing to do the same thing for our true love? One-Night-Stands are probably fun but as I might guess, sex within a relationship built in love is way more better or am I wrong? Don’t forget STD’s sometimes not even a condom can save you…. btw I like a finnish girl myself

  48. I’m an American man with a Finnish girlfriend. She is kind, and loving, and smart. I have the utmost respect for her.

  49. I’m an American man with a Finnish girlfriend. She is kind, and loving, and smart. I have the utmost respect for her.

  50. I’m an American man with a Finnish girlfriend. She is kind, and loving, and smart. I have the utmost respect for her.

  51. I’m an American man with a Finnish girlfriend. She is kind, and loving, and smart. I have the utmost respect for her.

  52. I’m an American man with a Finnish girlfriend. She is kind, and loving, and smart. I have the utmost respect for her.

  53. I’m an American man with a Finnish girlfriend. She is kind, and loving, and smart. I have the utmost respect for her.

  54. I’m an American man with a Finnish girlfriend. She is kind, and loving, and smart. I have the utmost respect for her.

  55. I’m an American man with a Finnish girlfriend. She is kind, and loving, and smart. I have the utmost respect for her.

  56. >There are tons of East Africans, mostly from Somalia.
    >Liberal guilt is so strong in Scandinavia that girls feel ashamed to not give minority guys a fair chance.
    It’s so sad to see Europe being destroyed by this nonsense =/ . Especially with feminism and welfare keeping women from having families thus lowering the birth rates.

  57. You, ALL OF SCANDINAVIA LISTEN!!! You ALL are gonna be destroyed in LESS THAN 5 YEARS If you guys don’t stop with this BULLSHIT!!!! This is a FRIENDLY warning that only going to last 5YEARS. If NOT, ONLY 12 FAMILIES FROM DENMARK, FINLAND, SWEDEN, NORWAY, AND ICELAND WILL SURVIVE, YOU GUYS HAVE BEEN WARNED!!

  58. my wife, rest her soul, loved screwing eggplants, and cucumbers. she was of dutch and English ancestry. she was a tall, slender nymphomaniac. I loved every day of it. I do miss her, her contribution financially, the sex, and the conversation. I think Nordic women are lovely, and finnish women intriguing. their language sometimes resonates ancient Celtic. Similar in ways. Anytime a Finnish woman want to come to the USA to meet an open minded male and have some fun her just let me know. You could stay as long as you like. Beautiful or not. I am a mature man now. So many of you here sound immature, and extremely ignorant. Most of you must be Americans. Finnish Ladies: not all Americans are ignorant, nor are they all rude. Come on over here and we will drink some beers and have some fun. Bob A.

  59. Finnish woman- have sex. It is fun. I love and always have. Not all American men are ignorant. A man want to have sex with a woman, and then puts her down for it? He must have low opinion of self. My wife, rest her soul, loved using eggplants and cucumbers. Whatever worked was fine with me. I loved to see her happy. If a woman wants to have sex with a donkey so what. Do it. I am very interested in meeting Finnish women, and people in general. Perhaps I will visit Finland sometime. I hope.

  60. Fiinnish woman: some questions please. In Finland how is marriage viewed? Is marital fidelity expected, or are most marriages open in nature? I would love to visit Finland, make a penpal friend there, or have a Finnish woman come to the states to visit. However, in my age group- 52 years – I think most Finns would not speak English. Correct? Also think most would be happily married. I consider myself a citizen of the world, and am always interested in learning more about the people in the world, and their cultures. A reply would be appreciated. Thank you. Robert. I am from the states.

    1. In Finland fidelity is the rule and women expect it from men much more than many other places in e.g. Eastern Europe. The sexually liberal people of the 60’s are now something like 60-70 years old, so everyone younger than that are not going to tolerate infidelity. It will be hard for you to find anyone younger than 70 years, who doesn’t speak English. The divorce rate in Finland is pretty high so a lot of women, 40 or 50 something, are looking for their second or third husband, or just simply screwing around. A lot of cougars too.

  61. EXACTLY the opposite of what’s written. Seriously, for almost every single one of them LMAO

  62. Not to disappoint Finnish women, but compared to Sweden, Polish, Russian and much of its neighbors, Finn women are pretty ugly looking and I know this well because Dubai(the city where I live) has too many Finnish expatriate women who are dull and dress up pretty awfully. It is the Finnish men who are more appealing feature wise… Finnish men are damn gorgeous.

  63. wtf!!! give minority a fair chance? liberal guilt? no racism? It seems you haven’t been here or you don’t know what you are talking about.

  64. Ok why are you talking like ONLY Finnish women are loose?
    Loose women are everywhere; ‘murica, asia etc.
    There’s no dignity anymore, so no one’s “slut” or “manwhore”
    anymore. Sex is becoming so normal you could do it in front
    of your mother in the future.

  65. Well.. Lets see, no, nope, some, yep, thanks, nope, we are, yes and you must be joking.
    If you wanna know something about us Finnish women, read this: We dont like to be treated as humans. (This will go whit every woman in planet)

  66. I’ve had a fun ten minutes reading the comments about Finnish women. It started with ethnic slurs and went downhill fast. It’s good to see that people haven’t morphed into robots.

  67. And, what are the keys to talking on internet with a Finnish girl?
    I mean, for when I visit the country later.

  68. The fins are the most racist people ive ever met, how many did they pay this stupid author to write a positive thing about the shithole Finland, FUCK YOU!

  69. Young people please listen:
    1) There are many many singles in their late 30’s and 40’s who are single and never found their soul mate, and never will – because they treated Sex casually and loosely and like a game. It is neither. Sex should only be shared when in true love and when ready for a long term commitment for it to be mentally healthy – or, you will see, it will affect you very negatively. Psychiatrists are proving this with facts and research, more and more each year.
    2) As a result of the doing the above, there are whole generations of unhealthy singles who are not capable of being in a healthy relationship, that’s why they are single. They say, ” no one good is left”, but it’s them that’s the real problem.
    3) If you want to live in a healthy way, and experience the best in life and the best in people – I’m telling you from being there on both sides – save sex for last, the very, way last in any relationship – no good or healthy person will have any issue with that -if they really care about you…
    4) Don’t think you can “go wild” to try it out when your young, then just change back later – it doesn’t work that way. When you “go wild” and act like a pig, be loose, or just go along with the flow with anyone who has a strong personality – it affects you, and you will carry it with you forward. And when you do finally meet the right “one”, that person will sense your messed up past (good people can smell bad character), and they will pull away from you.. You can’t hide your character, you can’t hide the truth.
    5) So just don’t go there – act right, build your character overtime in life – and you’ll be ready when the right “one” comes along – and you won’t ruin it with a messed up past.
    6) I’ve just given you deep wisdom. I hope you can listen to it. Good luck.

  70. Fucking americans thinking they’re so superior when you have so many problems with your own country, obesity, racism, sexism, homophobia but you still find the time to talk shit about other countries go crawl back under the bridge you came from you fuckinh troll.

  71. completely true , Finish Girls are so friendly , and im coming to study there in Finland , i hope it will not be a wrong desision

  72. I lived in Helsinki for long time but I only met one russian girl she liked me! No wonder . I’ve see many beautiful girls with brown guys that’s true. but not for me! Yes because I’m a middle eastern. I’ve been to night clubs and bars same reaction I saw from girls. When I try to talk they go away or just no answer. Now i live in vaasa it’s really boring to live here as a middle astern 😐 I decided to forget about Finnish girls I’m just single feels like there are no girls in this country for me! Any way that’s my experience about finland . Sorry for my bad english.

  73. I am from a small city of only 15.000 people in Finland. And the girls ARE sluts. They literally go from guy to guy in this small city. So the statistics that Finland is the most promiscuous country on earth is true. And I LOVE it! It’s the best thing about the Finnish girls, they just fuck everybody – jump from one to the next even if the guys know each other. That’s how slutty they are, and it’s ONLY positive. Finally we have reached a totally equal view on women’s sexuality. And it’s a paradise for both men and women here.

  74. I’ve dated a Finnish girl and also lived in Finland “OULU” moving there from Australia, she was hot a F#@k and also a cheating whore. But the country is very beautiful and would definitely live there again for sometime.

  75. It’s no surprise that American culture is prized in Finland. You’ll find few people as willing to speak their minds, or proud of having a reputation for being crazy.

  76. More complete nonsense from the Paki/Armenian/whatever Valizadeh about Whites. Pretty much none of this is true, he is just making crap up. He is pissed off at Scandinavian countries in particular because no one will give an ugly freak like him the time of day, so he’ll make up lie after lie. He knows that American readers know almost zero about other countries. It is funny when you are a European and actually know these countries well, and then see Americans eat the bullshit like it’s their favorite McDonald’s dish.
    Finns more attractive than Scandinavians. LOL Hilarious – Finns are good people, but anyone who knows the slightest thing about them knows they look ugly, though not as ugly as Slavs of course. And he says they are attractive because of Slavic admixture – oh boy. Where to begin. But Americans want to hear that the countries they can afford, the failed Slavic states, are the best and have women just waiting to sleep with them, so that’s what he writes. Otherwise he couldn’t justify going there primarily – where his trips were affordable.
    Almost as funny as when he calls ugly, rat-faced Romanians “gorgeous”. But again, that’s the country he can afford, and it’s a country mixed with non-White blood so they’ll possible give him some attention. Or at least the prostitutes are cheap there. So naturally he’ll praise that cesspool. You see a pattern in Rooshy’s writings.

    1. Fuck off , you nazi, or whatever the fuck your supposed to be.
      Roosh does more for mankind in a day, than you and your entire shit-familiy combined has ever done.

  77. Finland must have changed a LOT since I was there, in 1983. Then there wasn’t as much obesity and to be an American was even more of a novelty. I enjoyed my visit to Helsinki early that year. The only problem was if you wanted to enter a club you couldn’t get in with blue jeans on then.

  78. Fucking niggers get out of here! I’ll punch you next time i see a nigger with a white girl!

  79. Pretty cool article. I saw people arguing big time down in the comments but I really like that girl’s point of view, the one talking about how having sex with a guy, even for a one night stand, is something part of the scandivian liberal mentality. It’s great and the right open minded approach to have in 2015. Be careful: she didn’t say that she have sex every with every guy that come talk to her, just like I would assume not every guy bangs every girl that shows some interest (even though I know plenty of friends that do so). She’s just affirming that if she meets an attractive guy and she feels like having some fun with him she wouldn’t feel ashamed or oppresed by guilt. She would just do it and have a good time. At least this is what I got. The kind of person you have sex with could be the nicest guy or the biggest of the assholes. But that’s another thing and we’re not here to judge who you can have sex with. We’re here to state that both girls and guys can do whatever they want with their body and sex life. Do not judge people for what they do, be happy with yourself without the need to make other people feeling bad just because they’re free.

  80. I was in Finland recently and i didn’t see very many fat young women, Finland does have a lot of attractive women there is no doubt about that. There does seem to be more older people who are becoming fat, i could be wrong since my recent trip to Finland was my first time there. I agree on the finns being friendly, they are some of the most gracious hosts iv’e ever encountered + the summer weather in Finland is exceedingly fair compared to the common 46 Celsius/ 115 Fahrenheit weather we have here in Arizona during our summers.

  81. This text is pure garbage. No excuses. No. No salvation or mercy to this heinous bigot.

  82. those girls are beautiful I want to date one, maybe I can find nice Casual clothing in premierevague.com to going out with one girl from there.

  83. This is the most stupid thing I have ever read and most of these comments are ridiculous too

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