Cheryl Cole’s Whirlwind Marriage Proves A Man’s Game Beats Money And Looks

The British media has this week been buzzing with speculation over the recent and unexpected wedding in Mustique between pop star and X-Factor judge Cheryl Cole and French playboy Jean-Bernard Fernandez-Versini.

In case you don’t know, Cheryl was the hot(est) member of Girls Aloud, who first came to prominence in 2002. Here’s a picture of the band—Cheryl is in the center at the front.


Cheryl has been a major sex symbol in the UK since she first rose to fame. Here’s another shot of her from back in the day:


Cheryl’s personal life has not been without its traumas. In 2006 she married England footballer Ashley Cole (changing her name to his from Tweedy), but they divorced four years later amid allegations of his infidelity. Her solo career, never reaching the stellar heights of Girls Aloud, has faltered. She was also unceremoniously dropped from the judging panel of US  X-Factor by Simon Cowell in 2011 after having been a judge on the UK version for several years. She then got this somewhat flamboyant tattoo on her ass:


And now her wedding to Fernandez-Versini after a mere six months of dating. Here’s a picture of Cole with her new husband:


Who is Jean-Bernard Fernandez-Versini?

The information available online on Fernandez-Versini is relatively sparse. He doesn’t even have a Twitter account, but reports on his are consistent in their use of the word ‘playboy’. Certainly, he is not thought to be rich. The Daily Record says:

He previously preferred a “playboy, jet-set lifestyle”, living in New York one month, then Los Angeles and Cannes the next.

One waitress [he worked with at the pop-up Cosy Bar in Cannes] says: “He loves acting the millionaire playboy. But he’s not a millionaire. He just loves the lifestyle, hanging out with actors and ­beautiful people, drinking ­champagne and good wine.

“He’s constantly on holiday and goes quite a lot to St Barts in the ­Caribbean. I’ve heard he has some relatives on the island.”

Speaking of his friend’s ­back­­ground, Franck explains: “His family home is in the countryside, in Aix-en-Provence. His family are not super-rich but they have some money. I wouldn’t say they’re multi-millionaires like Cheryl. Nothing like that.

“His father works in the construction industry.”

And unlike his father, who did not attend the wedding, it appears that socialite Jean-Bernard has never held down a steady job.

Franck says: “In all the time I’ve known him, the only job I’ve ever known him having is at Cosy Box for two weeks a year. He is now going to live with Cheryl in London for a while. I’ve spoken to him in the past about expanding the bar to London and New York, into a chain.”

The on-off state of Jean-Bernard’s employment raises questions over who paid for Cheryl’s £300,000 ­engagement ring and wedding band.

Elsewhere the report mentions Fernandez-Versini hanging out with the likes of  the Rolling Stones, Ryan Gosling and Benicio Del Toro. It would appear that he is a man with significant social cachet (translation: game), then, perhaps only lacking the cash to back it up.

But money will no longer be a problem for him. Reports suggest that Cheryl doesn’t want him to work and that her £16m fortune will ensure that he doesn’t have to. Furthermore, so besotted is she with him that she has apparently agreed to forego signing a pre-nup (although she didn’t sign one with Ashley Cole either).

Provisioning Game Is Dead 

I believe that Cheryl’s marriage proves something that the manosphere has been saying for a while: that provisioning game is now dead, or at least in its death throes.

It would be churlish to suggest that Cheryl is coming close to the wall: clearly she is still an extremely attractive woman:


Nevertheless, at 31 years old, she is aware that her days are becoming numbered as far as settling down are concerned. With her beauty and her wealth she could no doubt obtain the affections of pretty much any man she wanted—a billionaire mogul or international financier for example. Instead, she has chosen to tether herself to a man who appears, outwardly at least, to be a rather feckless dilettante.

So is it Fernandez-Versini’s looks?

CHERYL Husbnad

No doubt he cuts an elegant enough figure on the French Riviera, and he is certainly tall, but I’m not sure it would be accurate to describe Fernandez-Versini as conventionally handsome—certainly not in a Ryan Gosling, Brad Pitt way, anyway.

So what is it about him that has enabled him to hit the jackpot: winning not only the love of a beautiful woman coveted by millions, but also a share in her considerable fortune? And what relevance does that have for the rest of us?

Simply this: Fernandez-Versini is a man with game. Sufficient game to befriend A-list stars and spend most of his time partying and not bothering with boring beta-tudes like a sensible job with a pension plan. Cheryl’s marriage demonstrates that, given total free will, this—above all else—is what women want from men in 2014. 

Granted, most women are not in the fortunate position in which Cheryl finds herself. But increasingly, through their remuneration in the corporate world, cash-and-prizes divorce, alimony payments and other advantages, they are not reliant on men for their livelihoods. Strip away this reliance, and their desire for a man able to support them financially diminishes considerably.

Looks too, would appear to be secondary—after all, it wouldn’t have been hard for Cheryl to have snared a male-model type had she so desired.

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213 thoughts on “Cheryl Cole’s Whirlwind Marriage Proves A Man’s Game Beats Money And Looks”

    1. I missed that tattoo until you pointed it out. Thanks for ruining my day. That is circus-freak gross. WTF?!?!

      1. I’m now convinced western women are simply running a test to figure out how disfigured and disgusting they can make themselves and still be told they are attractive

        1. Saw an obese “suicide girl” (company name) posting pix and guys are saying “now THAT is a woman”
          All ya gotta have a is a twat – not matter if you’re morbidly obese, tattooed from head to toe, with frumpy clothes, there are dumb ass thirsty Pro-feminist guys who are going to be all over that!

      2. Quote: “I missed that tattoo until you pointed it out. Thanks for ruining my day. That is circus-freak gross. WTF?”
        At least the tatoo is not on her anus

    2. Agreed 100%. Despite how ugly it is, it makes her look trashy as well. Shame because of her face 🙁

      1. “Why spoil your body like that?”
        Getting a tattoo, specially one that is this extravagant, is a clear indicator of below-average intelligence and subpar decision making skills.
        These two make a great couple: two failed human beings get together. Their children will look good, but will be dumber than an American sorority girl.

        1. Females get them because female celebrities they consider alphas get them. To stop this hideous and repugnant trend will require an alpha female — a golddigger incapable of maintaining a relationship and who is a neurotic failure as a human being — to come out against them.

        2. I’m sure Cheryl Cole is completely oblivious of the fact that the garish tat on her ass is a symbol of the inevitable decline of Western Civilization. Put it in the history books right next to the Hindenburg.

        3. Its not that deep. In some non-Western cultures that tattoo their entire bodies and the ancient Britons did the same.

        4. Gadzooks! Well then please forgive my poor humour. I work with a lot of Germans.

      2. It’s a whores’ calling card. It’s pretty much the same for any other expression that says “I’m good for fucking, but not baby making.”
        I’ve actually seen women pose while smoking. I thought it was ridiculous at first, but I understand what they’re communicating now.

      3. On the positive side, the blooms provide excellent targets for whichever man she is currently submissive to in the administration physical discipline to her derrière. Other than that, it simply conveys her lack of self-worth.
        À bientôt,

    3. Pimp recognized.
      This is a girl covered in tattoos, been well around the cock carousel, probably in the triple digits, been flown around the world by millionaires and even is one herself… And she psychotically falls in love with good game.
      Powerful stuff. This man is capable of taking a reformed slut, making her fall in love with him, having her marry in 6 months (I repeat, 6 months), an making her not sign a prenup when it is a given that he will divorce for the money.
      Genius deep conversion game. This guy should write a PUA book: Golddigger game.

      1. This man is capable of taking a reformed slut…

        I stopped reading after “reformed slut” There’s no such thing as a “reformed slut” There are “dormant sluts” but “reformed sluts” are an urban legend.

        1. Quote: “I stopped reading after “reformed slut” There’s no such thing as a “reformed slut” There are “dormant sluts” but “reformed sluts” are an urban legend.”
          Exactly. There’s ‘dormant slut’, and also ‘aged, permanently STD ridden’ slut.

        2. Sluts, whores, prostitutes never retire/reform…..they merely take vacations.

      2. He still impresses me as a soft, jet-setting punk who has never worked a day in his life and contributes zero to the world. Not that he’s the only one, but still in the definite minority, and not living a life to be proud of or one that I would aspire to.

  1. “I believe that Cheryl’s marriage proves something that the manosphere has been saying for a while: that provisioning game is now dead, or at least in its death throes.”
    This is stupid…
    1. Cheryl is wealthy herself.
    2. Despite #1, Cheryl is not what I would call a catch.
    “Provisioning game” is never ever going to go away. It won’t be what it once was but it’s impossible for it to go away.

  2. Jean-Bernard’s lifestyle is something I simply cannot understand.
    How can a man be satisfied with being a transient “playboy” whose life is little more than illusion created by living on the fringes of the lives of people who have actually created success for themselves?
    When he looks back on his life, there will be fun times for sure. But, he can never remember ever creating or accomplishing great things. All that he will remember is living in the shadow of those who went out and conquered.

      1. “All turns to dust in the end anyway. Depends on how you look at life”
        This. Great accomplishments can be remembered for several hundred years depending on what was achieved, but not much more time after that. And that time frame is nothing compared to the span of the cosmos. And then the doomsday meteor falls out of the sky and puts us back to the puddle of shit from we arose. And that aside, great things can be forgotten as the time line of human history stretches, we get ‘blips’ in our archive maybe due to an EMP which zaps out computer chips, thus putting digital-only stored info gone for good etc…
        I would only say that personal accomplishments in life are individual goals undertaken by each man for his own personal satisfaction during his time on the planet.

    1. In some ways learning to be successful with women is the greatest skill of all.
      Those good times I’ve had stand out to me more than any of the degrees I’ve obtained.
      There are no new worlds to explore, no wars worth fighting, betas seem miserable despite their accomplishments. Some men are built to play and explore the world… The world of women is high stakes adrenaline rush if you’re good at it.

      1. When you are dead you will know nothing of your achievements.
        One could argue therefore that attaining the greatest sensual pleasure possible while you are alive is the most logical way to proceed.
        That said, my mission (to write novels) is more important to me than any woman and becomes increasingly so.
        But I am aware of the futility of this aim nevertheless. Even if I become the greatest writer since James Joyce, all of my achievements will be superseded and forgotten in the end.

        1. I can picture Troy Francis talking in a very upper class Brittish accent.
          Like someone I have heard in old movies.
          I take High credibility in this man.

    2. When he looks back on his life, there will be fun times for sure. But, he can never remember ever creating or accomplishing great things.

      You just summed up Jean-Bernard, and every man of his ilk I’ve ever known, in two lines. They’re all the same: Look like money, talk like money, live like money but no accomplishments worth mentioning.
      I knew a few guys like JB who looked like they had trust funds but could barely pay the rent without having their cellphones cut-off. More importantly, what each of these men had in common was that Men didn’t respect them. What’s the point of having a harem if men don’t respect you?
      Unless, RoK has become Earn the Necklace for men, we need to not celebrate this gigolo.

      1. I hate to say it but he might be better off than someone who used to work 80 hour weeks to accomplish stuff only to have a competitor get a cronyism advantage.

        1. Then again, he might be worse off than a guy who works 80 hours a week, has plenty of money, 5 children and a great wife and life, going on twenty years.
          The key is taking short vacations periodically with the wife (who’s an absolute gourgeous doll) and having fun, and laughing about our cool family on our way home.
          Yeah, one can have the cake and eat it too, just be honest, moral and uncompromising about the important stuff, and don’t give a crap about trivialities. Work hard play hard and never bullshit yourself.
          Find a woman who never lied to herself, and you can be sure she’ll never lie to you.
          In this day an age, rare is the woman past 21 who didn’t ride the carousel, rarer is the woman who never rationalised it – “I was drunk”, “he took advantage of me”, “I was in love”.
          Women like cock as much as men like pussy, probably even more, that’s been true since Eve (most traditions say she fucked the Snake, too).
          But, find one who admits it, is still good looking and fertile, has a good personality and is honest, and you both win – beat the conditioning that’s ruining us all.

      2. Give me a fucking break. What accomplishments can the average man boast of? A mortgage? Consumer debt? A soul sucking 9-5 cubicle desk job? A marriage to an entitled fat American woman?
        The average man isn’t accomplishing shit. You’re a fool if you think joe schmo has the skills and opportunity to accomplish anything significant in his life time.

        1. The average man isn’t accomplishing shit. You’re a fool if you think joe schmo has the skills and opportunity to accomplish anything significant in his life time.

          Speak for yourself.

        2. Just like I asked “All or Nothing”
          Please share with us all the great things YOU have accomplished yet or are plan to accomplish.
          It’s too easy and utterly weak to just shit on others.

        3. Why are you so angry? You’re upset because you assume I’m a ‘hater’ but you’re hating so hard right now it’s hilarious. This may rattle your solipsistic little cage but there are plenty of people you don’t know, who are accomplished and successful. Now Goodbye.

    3. Don’t worry bro he will be accomplished. He will start up some little job through the help of his wealthy friends and take all the credit, at least to him self.

    4. Please share with us all the great things YOU have accomplished yet or are plan to accomplish.
      It’s too easy and utterly weak to just shit on others.

  3. To be frank, the only worry I have for Fernandez Versini is how would he handle Cheryl Cole’s ass – I mean her well known loud farting problem. Maybe it had a part to play in her first divorce as well.
    I wonder whether she got the rose tattoed on her ass to mask her the weaponised farting turret that her ass is – lmao. Possibly to mask her smelly farts as well. Hope he has good luck handling them. Anal would probably keep hers safely corked up in bed.

  4. I don’t care how cute she is. With that tattoo I don’t even feel like banging her. Does not seems like a huge victory to me for this so called PUA.

  5. With the generalized depreciation of men in western cultures expect to encounter an exponential rise in the number of opportunistic male whores of this type ready to attach themselves like lamprey to any and all naïve women not sufficiently versed in male parasitism to recognize the pitfalls before foolishly stumbling upon them and offering up their veins. Sad times we are living in.

    1. J-Lo has fallen for a few. Expect her to end up like Cher and Liz Taylor…leopard pants, married to a truck driver, etc.

  6. A woman who gets a tattoo like that will also make bad decisions elsewhere.
    But seriously, unless this is your natural game, to do what this player did, I think the pressure would be too much. But the method and sentiment is understandable and frankly, healthy.
    If he is what I think he is, he’s not going to give a fuck if she dumps him or not. Meaning that she will never dump him. If he gets a head full of “She’s the holy grail I gotta do anything to keep her”, we’ll be reading an article in a year or two about her riding another alpha cock and this guy being sent packing.
    Oh no I think this fellow know what he’s doing.
    Would every man, if he knew these arts, do the same? I doubt it. But the knowledge is good to have because it helps “lesser” situations (if we can call it that) and helps a man have a better outside-in view of his options and his actions.

    1. I am reminded of the guy who married, I believe it was Halle Berry, and then was banging other chicks on the side. The mindset of, “I don’t care who this bitch is” has power over the female psyche, far more than the “you complete me” retort of a Jerry Mcquire character.

      1. Didn’t that Rubirosa character marry some heiress then collect millions in the divorce settlement, further fueling his rakish lifestyle?
        This story hasn’t played out yet. I hope he gets at least $8million.

        1. Not sure, but I want to read more on Rubirosa. I live in the Dominican Repiblic and he apparently banged half the island back in the day.

      2. I’d say just the knowledge that someone is married to a Halle Berry type is enough to get every other woman’s pussy gushing. Women are collectivists and always compare to what other women do. “Good enough for ..*gasp* .. Halle Berry?? Good enough for me!”. That’s big time social proof right there.
        Our french dude here will no doubt cash in on this effect too. Him snagging Cheryl Cole will be an even bigger SMV proof to every other woman around.

  7. While the tattoo ruins her, I give credit to a guy with apparently great social skills to score a 16million windfall….. if he had no money before, he’s certainly got it comfortable now.
    and besides, how many thirsty men are there out there who would be only too happy to fuck her? The wall is not as hard as many in the manosphere like to think, Roosh talked about it somwhere.

    1. A western women who has hit the wall will be just fine as long as she isn’t fat. Even if she is ugly as long as she isn’t fat she will still have beta orbiters.

      1. Exactly, sure some women realize their unrealistic expectations and failures after they hit the wall but far too many are so overvalued that they have the luxury of riding the carousel and getting their provider later in life.

    2. All this crap about the wall… Guess what? People get old. So do you and me.
      Most succesfull guys settle down at one time or another. Or are you planning to keep picking up young hot girls in your 50’s, 60’s, 70’s and 80’s too? It’s all fun and games when you’re young but eventually you get old too.

  8. He is not poor – details are not exactly known, but he founded the Cosy Box in Cannes: Also some of the European families are way more wealthy than it seems, because they are connected to other wealthy families and keep most of their money hidden. He is 33 and he certainly was making some money all that time. There is only so much you can mooch of wealthier friends in that environment (unless you are a toy-boy).
    But agreed – this guy certainly has Game and it is possible that she has a bit more money than him – personally and at the current time that is. Though he might inherit way more, but she won’t be getting it anyway. The guy seems a bit obsessed with celebrities, so of course marrying one fits his type.

  9. Just so we’re clear: Jean-Bernard Fernandez married a 30+ year old woman who has already been married to one footballer, has likely been fucked like a dog by a parade of other footballers [and marginally famous black guys], has five years tops before she hits the wall and I’m supposed to be dazzled by his game? It sounds like he has more game than brains because if he had the latter, he would have stayed single.

    1. He just got himself 8 million pounds in exchange for fucking a reasonable attractive and sweet (by Western standards) girl.
      Seems like there is a lot of beta butt-hurt and jealousy around here.

      1. Some people don’t like to see others have a great time. Suddenly they get all principal and hypocritical.
        Yes, the ass tattoo wouldn’t really attract me either but this guy married a rich celebrity and travels the world and probably has poon everywhere. What a loser he must be!!! Completely the opposite of what we aspire here at ROK. Oh wait….
        Suddenly this girl is a major slut who fucked whole football teams and she’s approaching the wall. What a load of jealous bullshit.
        I bet the hateful guys here are doing much better because im not. What a joke.
        In short. You’re right about people being butthurt here.

        1. Always so melodramatic. No one has a problem with a man who lives life to the fullest but any man who marries a woman, in this day and age, is fucking up. Period. Further, if you think Cheryl is a virgin who hasn’t already fucked a ton of guys you’re delusional.

        2. Let me guess. You were a beta bitch, got divorce raped and now think that all women are filthy whores and any man who’s getting married is a dumbass.
          Perhaps you should have screened better. There are plenty of people in happy mariages. You’re just not one of them. You bitter loser.

        3. What are you a woman? Why are outraged and trolling all of my comments. It’s my opinion. If you don’t like it move along.

        4. Sounds like woman shaming language to me . . . and with the name Handsome . . . either gay or a woman.

        5. He’s actually playing the woman’s role in this isn’t he? Literally getting paid.

        6. Being a pretty much penniless man with no job, or even a chance at a job, who marries a multimillionaire woman without a pre-nup pretty much is not fucked up. There is no way he is looking at this as a lifetime of him supporting her and plopping out kids. He is 100% on her gravy train, not the other way around. So, in cases like this, I say let the divorce proceedings begin.

      2. Even America, judges wouldn’t award half of the wealth to the poorer spouse. Instead,the spouse is only entitled to half of the marital income.
        Since she has low earnings, his take will be minimal.
        Only in more aggressive states (California) will judges split wealth 50/50 but only after a long period of time, exceeding 10 years.

      3. She’s not reasonably attractive and she is far from sweet. Otherwise I agree with you.

    2. I agree he should have stayed single. No, you’re not supposed to be dazzled by his game. That’s not the focus of the article – women’s predilection for alphas is.

      1. That’s not the focus of the article – women’s predilection for alphas is.

        True but I think you may have missed your mark with this one. If this guy’s game is airtight [I’m assuming it is] wouldn’t it have made more sense to hold out for someone younger, hotter and further away from the wall?

        1. Of course not. He is not marrying for love, he is marrying for money.
          He is a golddigger player. In less than a year he will divorce her and take half her cash (8 million pounds), and in that time he will probably be banging better on the side anyway.

        2. You’re missing the point so I’m just going to bottom line this: The average male sees his net worth drop 77% following a divorce, regardless of who he’s married to.
          We all know there’s no guarantee Jean-Bernard is going to get 50% of their marital property in a Western court room once they divorce, so I’m not sure why you would assume he would?

        3. The 50% divorce split is not just for women, it is for both sexes.
          This is a rare scenario. Most men had more than there wives before marriage, here the roles are reversed big time.

        4. Sure but you’re oversimplifying the 50/50 rule. Divorces are typically much more complicated than what you’re suggesting.
          For example: debt is also divvied in divorces. So, our man JB could just as easily inherit a substantial amount of debt he didn’t have prior to the marriage.
          We’re going in circles though; My point is ‘game’ and ‘marriage’ cancel each other out. No ‘Alpha’ with an IQ above 100 would ever view marriage as a viable option, in the society we live in today.

        5. Not even for a million pounds. You’re thinking about it the wrong way, think of it this way:

          “6. A woman’s value is mainly determined by her fertility and beauty. A man’s value is mainly determined by his resources, intellect, and character.”

          This article is the polar opposite of that. It essentially says: “Game trumps money, so don’t bother making any because you could just as easily pull a ‘hot celeb worth £16m’ without it.” I see two problems with this:
          #1 If women are one of the top five reasons you make money, you need to re-evaluate your priorities. #2 Unless you’re okay with your wife being in the workforce, her net worth is a moot point.
          Kudos to the Intn’l playboy but he could have gotten in her pockets and her head without marrying her.

        6. For the record I’m not saying don’t bother making money, and I’m not holding up his ‘game’ to be emulated: this isn’t a self-help guide! I was pointing out the disappointing truth that women’s hypergamy will select a guy who gives her tingles over a guy with tangible worth.

        7. Quote: “He is a golddigger player. In less than a year he will divorce her and take half her cash (8 million pounds), and in that time he will probably be banging better on the side anyway.”
          Whats the color of the sky in the world you live in? Judges will award her money, not the other way around. The name of the game in divorce court is transfer wealth from men to women.

        8. No one thinks you wrote a self-help guide. When you name a post ‘…a man’s game beats money and looks’ and conclude the post with “…Fernandez-Versini is a man with game” everyone is going to assume you’re holding up his game.

        9. The title doesn’t refer to his game specifically though. ‘A man’s game’ there refers to the fact that game per se trumps money and game.

        10. No guarantee but he’ll probably get something. Jimmy Gulzar got a mil for two years…

        11. You’ve got it right. This man has poor character (if this is the reason he is marrying). I think many of us would find the idea of marrying for money distasteful.
          That said, by marrying her he has the law on his side. Honestly, I don’t think it makes sense to criticize him for marry her when he is a fraud all round.

    3. Actually, yes. Barring marriage for life his decision is solid. She’s been cheated on before and likely is adjusted to this. Her numbers probably exceed all us commenters combined but ol Frenchy just secured his playboy lifestyle and his post marriage days in one swoop. By years end he will probably be tagging other women using her money secure in the fact that in the event of a divorce he gets a couple million. On a side note that tattoo is fckn horrendous.

    4. Wow so true. He gamed a person who is out of her SMV, dried and used up.
      But he’s what I’d call a Jiggolo, a male good digger, so he has good game in grabbing a chick who is still sexually attractive and has good money.

    5. Can’t believe that a fucking idiot like you gets 33 likes for that insanely bitter and racist post.

      1. I’m black you idiot. I can’t believe you’ve trolled all my comments. GTFOH

    6. I suspect he has something to gain here and its not an aging and very average woman.

    7. it’s not the girl it’s the stake in her fortune. personally i wouldn’t date a girl with that tattoo, but for a few million? hell ya.

  10. Rok should not put this clown on a pedestal. As someone else stated his lifestyle of mooching and hanging with big dicks is pathetic. If she has the purse strings, eventually she will certainly have the upper hand. He will either have to go beta, get a job, or take some money in a divorce- either which way he will still be her bitch. His Game will be like a sand castle when that tide comes in. To the author i say the ability to provide financial support to women will never go out of style, and we shouldn’t disillusion ourselves with this lie.

    1. You miss the point. I’m not putting him on a pedestal. His value as a human being is not the focus here.Yes, you might say he’s a clown – but he’s still pulled a hot celeb worth £16m. Your assessment of what may come of it is mere conjecture at this point. As for provisioning for women — increasingly, as they become more financially independent, they go for douchebags over beta bux.

      1. Ok I may have gotten off topic a little. If he was looking for short term, good for him he will get paid. Normally when I see a man getting married, I figure unless he is a complete idiot the only reason he has for doing it is to have an attractive, good, traditional woman who can cook pancakes and keep house like your grandma did, keep your balls drained, and do a good job raising your kids. These white women still exist, atleast here in the Deep South. But even with these goldies you need to be prepared to provide.

        1. It’s obvious that for this guy to marry a rich celebrity, his goal wasn’t the fabled cookie baking traditional damsel, bro. He’s in it for the money, social circle and connections. Frankly, if the only things he brought to the table were some looks, game and his dick and doesn’t have much to lose otherwise, I think he did pretty well for himself. It would be foolish to imagine he got her to marry him cos he wants the traditional wife, happily ever after scenario. He’ll milk it for what it’s worth, fuck other sluts on the side then split in a few years time at best.

      2. I know. I’ve seen it first hand. All the men with money got screwed over by women when they became provider chodes. While the ones with no money or who spent their money strategically and in a minimal way were the ones who banged and KEPT the women around them.

      3. These 2 people have no real talent nor they contribute for the betterment of society in any way, but they have enough money to live a life or self-indulgence, attention whoring and blatant shallowness. That bothers me, because there are people of real value out there who are currently struggling to make ends meet.

  11. I feel sorry for all Traditional Western Men out there. Cheryle is the primary example of what’s wrong with today’s Western women (not all of them of course). She has the looks and money – but she’s not worth a Pot of Gold. I’m not financially secured yet AND ready for a long-term relationship, but I’m smart enough to know what type of woman NOT to settle for. Thanks, madame Cheryl for pointing that out. Thanks very much indeed.

    1. The irony is while men are bashing her in the comments those same guys would be happy to have her on their arms as a girlfriend or even wife. The reality is you can diss the tattoo’s all you want but she still looks better then 70% of american women just from not being a lardass alone.
      My point?
      Times are hard in the west

      1. You have a point. Hard times in the West indeed. British girls, I’m sorry to say, are starting to become more and more like their American counterparts. Britain borrows heavily from American pop culture and rock and roll. That is the problem. I think Russia, Sweden, Finland, Poland, Macedonia, South America, the Middle East, and Asia is the way to go forward my friend.

        1. Very well, I can scratch out Sweden from that list lol. Nice way of comparing it though lol

      2. Mate, there are plenty of girls that look just like her up in Liverpool and Newcastle, without those horrific tattoos (yes that bullshit on her back is one of several atrocities). Not only that, her personality is bullshit as Ashley Cole found out to his dismay. I can’t speak for other guys here but having her as wife sounds like something close to a complete nightmare.

  12. I can’t think of anything more omega, then shacking up with this disgusting tattooed woman. Fernandez-Versini sort of reminds me of Clooney. Couldn’t these guys if they wanted woman for a stable LTR have gotten a 20 something non-famous but still attractive woman who would be loyal and not a headache?
    What possible benefit does this guy get out of marrying an aging tattooed, mudshark?

  13. This article blows. The guy is clearly tall and good looking and has developed status in the right circles. And no he doesn’t have millions, but enough to look appealing, even to someone that is filthy rich. Even if he was broke and ugly, one situation for one couple doesn’t “prove” anything.

    1. It’s indicative of a trend though, I would argue. He’s ok looking but not a model, and as for money, she in spite of her wealth she still could’ve married up if she’d so desired – look at Holly Vallance with multi-mil Nick Candy.
      The fact that she doesn’t appear primarily interested in either cash or looks reveals the true desire of the female hindbrain for alpha with game when freed from the need for provision.

      1. A trend? It’s only one couple. Are you seeing this happen outside of this instance?

        1. Sure — all the time. It’s pretty much a fundamental of modern pick-up theory that game trumps looks and cash. Look at the guys who spend thousands on tables and bottles in nightclubs only to have their girls run off with the sexy waiter who gives them tingles. The Cheryl Cole story is merely a high-profile example of the same principle.

      2. I don’t know if Holly Vallance really had any money but I take your point.

        1. Holly Vallance was hot as hell back in the day. Remember the Kiss Kiss video? I’m not saying she’s hit the wall, but there’s been some definite depreciation…

        2. You’re right about her prior hotness although have you seen her lately? Lol! A real chubbster! Shocking proof of how a good girl can go bad. Poor old Nick must be wondering how he can get out of it without giving up half. He’s good example of the corollary message of your article. How money without game can get you suckered!
          Someone who really hit the wall though…

  14. Her face doesn’t matter. He’s going to be looking at that carpet-bag ass every time she goes buns up.

  15. So where are the MRA’s who were claiming that game is a ‘scam’ and ‘doesn’t work’? Come out where ever the fuck you are faggots.

  16. The death of our civilization, if you can call it that anymore. A man with essentially zero value for the society gets the pretty girl. Don’t get me wrong – I know that this is what it’s like. I swallowed the red pill before I even knew there was a community for it. I developed the very same “game” ideas from countless experiments in my own youth.

    1. Quote:” A man with essentially zero value for the society gets the pretty girl. ”
      It’s temporary, it will end. The gut is still a dope to marry.
      But women never judge a man on what he can contribute to society, she judges him based on how she fee-uhls …
      Any guy can score with a skag like that if he has drugs

      1. I think you’re wrong on pretty much all accounts. She has MORE money than he does. The whole “don’t get married”-idea comes from the fact that men are usually the ones who end up paying alimony and take up the financial burden. In this case the roles would be reversed. SHE is the one who made a mistake by getting married to a dead beat.
        He obviously can’t give her anything that she can’t give herself. Again. She’s the one holding the credit card in this relationship.

        1. I posit that since she already can have everything she wants, she strictly followed her gina tingles. He might have been the one to actually play the smart game in this case and get her to marry him, knowing that he only stands to gain in terms of money, resources, social standing and networking.

        2. My position is based on actual accounts of divorce court proceedings I have witnessed.

        3. My sister-in-law tried to get alimony from my brother. She failed because he earned less than her. He did not pursue alimony from her although he technically was homeless.
          She tried to get child support and failed because they have one kid each.

        4. Indeed, and that is what many men despise in women and that is what I despise in this man. Provided that those were his reasons. I don’t know his innermost thoughts.

    2. that tattoo makes her nasty IMO, he’s gonna have to look at that when hittin it from the back for a couple years before his payday.

  17. Game IS HIS job. He is basically Jack Kerouac, Hemmingway, etc, without the book writing. Instead of working for the “man”, he is out in social circles, seeing the world, meeting people, doing things (quite literally now, it appears) and probably happier than a lot of bricklayers (although not necessarily). He’s doing his own Route 66, and enjoying the ride. Good for him. Doesn’t sound like he created a bunch of babies, or is tied up in CS, etc, so why care?
    She wants him because she feels secure with him in that “he really ‘gets’ me” kinda way, and he has played it to the hilt. He will dump her in a couple years, take some cash–and who cares if it’s less than half, it will be more than he had at the start–and go on to other things. In fact, money says he is going to marry up AGAIN.

  18. Ha ha at that tattoo, I don’t blame her she got it to cover her pancake ass, sluts always get the worse tattoos

  19. How the fuck does he live a millionaire playboy lifestyle without any money? Is his game so good he just bums off rich people 24/7? This sounds like a “game” fantasy to me. There has to be more to this guy than what was written here. Is he seducing rich women and living off of them? Drug dealer to the stars maybe?
    Oh and I imagine his looks outweigh his game any day. It was hard to take this seriously when the author tried to act like that dude is just average. Looks are by far the most important thing to get women. If she wants to fuck you just because of your looks the only “game” you need is to not be a total retard. GAME IS NOT A MAGIC CURE-ALL.

    1. Think of him as a promoter. He brings a bunch of hot girls to the table, and the beta millionaire pays him for that service

      1. That’s what Christian McQueen does. Could this guy actually be ROK’s own McQueen?

  20. Why would a woman want a man that does not work, especially a woman in her 30s? A spouse’s career is a status symbol for a woman of Cheryl Cole’s age. Living off the parents trust fund is something that might appeal to a Laguna Beach beach girl, but not to most adult women – especially those with successful careers of their own.

    1. Blame feminism! Feminists always told their minions from the start (OK, from the 70s on) that they can do what men always did. And this is not even close to the first time that a wealthy bitch takes in a poor asshole. Look around you. It happens more and more, esp if you live in any metropolis.
      Plus we all know this guy is skating all over her cash because of his big cock, and no other reason.

  21. I can attest to this. Because my first wingman is exactly in the same situation now. He had the opportunity to game this chick and he closed her on the same day that he met her. Turned out she’s from a pretty rich family. Now she’s totally nuts over him and she has spent up to $50k on him buying him gifts, holiday trips and dining in fine restaurants. And my first wingman is jobless btw. I told him that I’ve honestly not seen anyone accomplish what he has done. Certainly not myself. But the point is that Game itself is a powerful skill, independent of money and looks. And the incredible potential of it to unlock doors and pussy can’t be overstated.

    1. Without the monster cock to back up the game, no woman gives a fuck. Game is one level, even top-notch game. But game with bigcock is a whole other level.

      1. It’s not just the size of your cock or how good you are in bed. My first wingman learnt how to mindfuck girls so that they become more emotionally invested in him than he in them. Once a girl gets emotionally addicted to you, she’ll literally become your slave.
        Of course, the flip side is that my friend has become a “kept man” and is equivalent to a male mistress where he can’t go about doing anything including gaming other girls because this chick refuses to leave him along even for a day.

  22. Good luck to them is all I’ll say….they’ll need it….that tat has ruined her….and That accent….jezusssss………”BECAUSE I’m worth it”…..really Cheryl?

  23. The female in question is a trashy cum bucket walking STD incubator. The very second bruiser-boy’s ahem… *game* falters, she’ll move on. The idiot who wifed her up doesn’t have game simply based on one principle: nobody with game ever marries. When a man marches off the the gallows of matrimony he may as well bring his testicles on a separate platter. The dumbass should know that, but he will get his awakening in divorce court.

    1. He’ll probably divorce her if he’s smart. After all she has money. He has nothing.

      1. Quore: “He’ll probably divorce her if he’s smart. After all she has money. He has nothing”
        Won’t work that way despite how the law is written. He will be mandated to make payments to her. Again, in the eyes of the judges, the name of the game: force men to give women money. If you think otherwise you are fooling yourself.

        1. The law is “written” that whoever earns more money has to dole out the alimony. Gendered words are prohibited in alimony, etc. If you believe otherwise, you’re just some dumb twat who believes OLD, outdated rumours. Men routinely get not only alimony, but child support when the ex/wife has the larger income and works more hours.
          See, feminism made that shit happen! Boom!

      2. I thought our opinion was “bad” when someone marries for money/divorce.
        Did it become OK while I was taking a shit or something? If we like it for the goose, we gotta accept it for the gander, ya know.

    2. So nobody with game ever believed in God? From a numbers standpoint that doesn’t logic out.

  24. I find it overly hypocritical and not to mention extremely funny how all commenters bash on this guy.
    So what he doesn’t write books or doesn’t start a company from scratch?
    Lots of hypocritical jealousy in the comments here.
    Anyone of you would trade places with him.

    1. Count me out…. as I’ve mentioned the tat has ruined her otherwise attractive body…. it’s a major scream for help…. also her accent….can’t work out a word she’s saying…. not for all the wedge in her account….. well maybe a few mil…..

        1. Alright…. after a night oot oon da toon…..wipe me knob on the bedsheets n get the last bus home…. Sid da Sexist style like….. the lad probably has a big cock and enjoys watching it hammering away between the roses…..fnar, fnar….Good luck to him I say….. up de arse no condom…..

  25. That tattoo on her ass is fucking repulsive, I never found her massively attractive in the first place, that South Shields accent is just horrid.

  26. Reading the comments of people bashing this guy, don’t you think Fernandez-V is somewhat smart?
    To be able to schmooze himself into High value celeb circles entails logic, charisma, etc.
    He’s like a good Salesman who gets paid in other ways. He is a good closer.

    1. I have no doubt of his intelligence but I don’t think anyone accused him of being stupid.

  27. Let’s not beat around the bush here. While he’s not the best looking cat out there, this guy still is good-looking (at least enough so that most women won’t reject him solely for his looks), and in addition to that he’s built up an interesting lifestyle. These things probably mattered more than his game.
    Yes you need some game to maintain and amplify attraction, but he didn’t get this girl on game alone. OP seemingly implying the opposite instantly makes me not trust him.
    And to everyone bashing her, that tattoo is hideous, but don’t pretend like you wouldn’t bang this broad a few times.

  28. Fucking hate tattoos. Yesterday I saw a blonde cutie on the street. And then she turned, and to my horror I saw her WHOLE left arm is covered with tattoos. I cursed all the gods of Valhalla and moved on.
    I have a feeling in a few years there will be no girl without tattoos.

    1. A lot of women get tattoos these days precisely for that reason: dudes hate them. I overhear chicks talking about the best way to stop guys in their tracks from laying their game on them or trying to get laid, and one chick always invariably answers: tattoos. Even fake tats if she’s going to some party for the night will do the trick.
      So you might wanna lick em first to see if they’re real or not. This is why we have to stop letting women have our jobs. They were easier to get with and a lot more desperate before they started fucking making their own incomes!

      1. I wouldn’t marry a woman with tats but I will still bone one… It makes them look ready to get down. That said, Cheryl’s tats are a bridge too far.

  29. Two low quality people that no “self-respecting” man should model themselves after.

  30. His game had to be top notch. Maybe he’s ‘gifted’ with it. It makes sense considering many gifted ‘artists’ are not perfectly well rounded folks. They often cannot focus on finances thus the ‘starving’ artist. But they’re so damn talented, totally focused on their ‘art’. All siblings ane not alike (except the Bush bros. They look like a bunch of identical thoroughbread dobermans in their family pic.) I doubt he’s the black sheep, but he is a natural artist in the sense of pu’A’. Don’t hate on him. At least he didn’t go for the ‘KWINE’ herself ‘pheew’. And not the stench of a tiger lady either. The laser beam focus and talent of this natural (who can’t focus on ‘real’ work where you have to zip ‘charlie’ up and forget him for 8hrs.)has bagged an ‘artist’ as well from the pop arena. And with a bag o money. No doubt she as an accomplished ‘artist’ herself is probably not the most well rounded. But she’s well preserved. Tour after tour rigor, the workouts, the diet coaching, doubtfully time for carousel. (Madonna would run up the stairs of WTC for morning workout.) That is I haven’t heard tales of her being a sloth or a fuckup. I’d get on with breaking her to polygamy next. Boy would that spin the papparazzi hammy.

    1. The ladies say he has cock for miles, the perfect cock, the shit you can’t “learn”. Too often we underestimate what women actually do like. And more and more often now that women are making enough money to afford every little luxury they want, women are going more and more for the nice big cock with loads of jizz. Can’t fake that, can’t learn that. You have to be born with it.
      More power to him.

      1. Hmm… then I guess I should have no problems marrying a B-list celebrity…

  31. Never heard of her. But Britney Spears did something similar. She married and wanted to be able to buy expensive gifts or do whatever without judgement. Typical “men have been doing it so why can’t women do it too.”
    However, if this girl splits with him, I’d expect her to then do a Salma Hayek and split from a regular guy(relatively speaking) and the next guy to be the international financier type that was mentioned before.
    Regarding his game. May not be all game. My guess is the place he worked at was frequented by famous people. And he was smart enough, or just the way he is, that he was friendly to them but kept enough distance to make them see him as not wanting anything. So he becomes someone safe and familiar. To her, he becomes celebrity by association. Although going back and forth cross-country takes some cash, so he can’t be too low on it.

    1. I have to say… do you think she could get a international financier? I’ve worked with these guys… I can’t imagine they would be attracted to trash like her. And I mean trash, aside from the tats and the gutter accent, her personal behavior and personality… yeesh! I actually think this guy is the best she could hope for, besides another footballer.

      1. Don’t know. Like I said before, I’ve never heard of her. I was just using what was said in the article about her being with this guy as opposed to what was said about her wealth and beauty allowing her to have a pick of other guys who had wealth along with any other qualities.
        You never know. There was Anna Nicole Smith, although I don’t know if she actually married that rich guy. I use that as an example of really rich guys not always getting involved with classy women.

  32. Rather amazing that a woman with a nice ass would defile it permanently with a tattoo of any sort, much less a dark and horrid one that completely destroys it visually.
    This dude shouldn’t be criticized. He played the modern game and got a rich slut to marry him. If he’s smart, he’ll push her to max out her earning power by working hard on the mindless media crap she does. THEN, divorce her and walk of with a 3, 4, 5 million or perhaps more.
    After that, he’d find getting around with the jet set a little easier at least.

    1. If that happens, do you think she’ll start reading The Rationale Male to figure out what went wrong?

    2. I thought we as a hive-mind disapproved of this?? Did it become acceptable all of a sudden?

  33. Rich or poor, the only thing a woman can’t provide herself with is excitement.
    This guy does just that.

  34. Is that really her arse tattoo in that pic? Those knickers look like they’ve a few miles on the clock and then some….. please Cheryl get some new smalls!

  35. ‘She has to keep a close eye on Jean’: Cheryl Fernandez-Versini warned by new husband’s close pal that JB can’t be ‘tamed’
    ‘He definitely has an eye for the ladies and they love him too. When we used to go out together they would flock around us … He is a wild man – I don’t think he can be tamed.’

  36. Jeez, that hideous tattoooooo!, a tattoo tradgedy if there ever was one. Self mutilation. Clearly an unbalanced mind. The design came off a bedspread in a dive motel.

  37. Cheryl is a quite disgusting human being. She is pretty but that’s where it ends. Her personality is ugly and she has proceeded to deface her body – self-harm anyone?
    She could not hold down a relationship with any respectable man and burns her bridges consistently. She couldn’t even keep a relationship going with a footballer. Its not surprising she married this guy, which sounds like desperation. This guy (based on the article’s description) is a fraud who has apparently taken advantage of a wealthy but unsophisticated woman. He has gamed her, true, but how many of us would truly want to be him? He seems to sail through life living off of other people. He has got himself a meal ticket here and I doubt this marriage will last. I doubt he will want it to. He will get his money and move on to the next wealthy loser.
    Part of being a man is building your own wealth, creating something of your own and forging a strong family unit (absent government interference). This man shows none of this.

    1. “…is a fraud who has apparently taken advantage of a wealthy but unsophisticated woman.”
      Is part of being a woman the ever present victim clause?

      1. I knew someone would seize on that. I don’t think she is a victim – more the case that he has taken advantage of the situation, like a drunk chick at a bar. Her own fault for being drunk.

        1. A few seconds later I wondered if that’s what you meant. But of course someone(plenty of people if her celebrity status is still high enough) will say she is a victim if the breakup happens.

  38. This guy kinda seems like Christian McQueen. Dresses like a G, developed good lifestyle game, has ins at the high end clubs.

    the fact that a female pop star, decides to marry an average looking jobless guy, doesn’t prove or disprove anything.
    1) Do they represent the average man and women?
    2) Anyone can get married, but how long will the marriage last?
    Sure Game may get you a couple of cheap flings, but Game won’t help you five years into the marriage and Game won’t make your wife respect you. A body with two heads is a monster, sooner or later someone in the marriage is going to have to take the lead. Who ever plays the role of protector and provider will inevitable end up pulling the shots. Biologically this role is made for men, it gives us a sense ownership, responsibility and direction. Biologically women are wired to be mothers, let her lead and she’ll turn her man into her bitch!
    Mind you with so many young men being brought up by single mothers, many know no different than to see a woman as head of the home (matriarchy). Patriarchy, however is the natural order. I’m convinced that if the government removed its anti-discrimination laws and affirmative action and bull shit propergada, we would see a return to Patriarchy as its rooted in are nature. It is Normal for women to be gold diggers (only an androgynous society like are own would condemn it).

  40. No just slept with a black guy, married him.
    Worth, therefore, = zero.
    only good for a pump-and-dump.

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