One Man In State Of Five Million Kills Nine People; Governor Removes Confederate Flag

In the most contrived act of symbolism in the history of the Southern United States, Governor Nikki Haley has called for the Confederate flag to be removed from the South Carolina State Capitol. Despite being Governor for four and a half years (and seemingly able to pick up a history of slavery book), it took the alleged killing of nine black bible study attendees by white supremacist Dylann Roof for Haley to act.

Our narcissism culture has reached yet another apex, the old record receding into oblivion. The Governor’s cry reeks of opportunism and “my time in history.” Should we now expect a 2020 run for the White House?

South Carolina is a state of nearly five million people, but the purported actions of one man has led to the flag being removed. Not only is this sensationalist, given the ample reasons and popular excuses for taking down the flag previously, it reflects other unsettling, jump-the-gun trends in society.

For example, the near-universal description of Dylann Roof has been that of a recluse and probably mentally ill loner. Yet the events in Charleston are now being used to portray a huge chunk of America’s 200-million-plus Caucasians as unabashed, inveterate racists upholding an all-powerful anti-black social system.

Why not get rid of the American flag?

Governor Haley’s decision is a contextual non-sequitur. Of course, it fits perfectly the preponderant narrative of the United States, where a flag initially supportive of slavery (the Stars and Stripes) is upheld and revered, while another, subsequent one is vilified. But it should cause us all to ponder the selective nature of how history is invoked, especially in times where those like Governor Haley can generate immense political capital. Renderings of and judgments about past times require a very hazy memory in the modern age.

America’s flag epitomizes the ad hoc remembering of US history. Its thirteen stripes represent the thirteen colonies and founding states which, by and large, Northern or Southern, allowed forms of slavery to persist until decades after independence. Slavery in the North was only really extinguished 20 years before the Civil War started.

Moreover, the various Northern economies were far from comparable to the cotton-producing South. It is highly contestable that Yankee states would still have steadily abolished the practice of slavery if their cash crops and non-agricultural output had been different.

Although feminists and others deliberately obfuscate the story of female suffrage (most non-landholding men were denied the vote until only some decades or even mere years before women), there’s no doubt that women did not have the vote when the American flag was adopted. So why not tear it down as well? You see, SJW-led rage spirals against the Confederate flag depend on rampant tunnel vision.

In addition, how about we rename Washington D.C. as Martin Luther King D.C. because of George Washington’s undeniable racism? Or have some college professor-legislators posthumously declare Thomas Jefferson a rapist for having sex with the slave Sally Hemings? The list of things we should, logically, be doing or revising in light of the juxtaposition of American history with SJW ideology is limitless.

The Confederate flag itself isn’t the main point

If Nikki Haley had any conviction, rather than political radar, she would have lowered the Confederate flag years ago.

The central issue, aside from elites’ ignorance of other similar historical symbols, is instead the chosen reasons for removing the flag. Other ones have, as I have said, existed prior to the events in Charleston. Political decisions such as lowering this flag have been made to maximize public fallout, not when the time is (or was) actually right.

As the first minority Governor of South Carolina, surely Nikki Haley, albeit a Subcontinental Indian-American, would have already grasped African-American feelings about the Confederate flag when she originally entered the South Carolina legislature ten years ago, before her first gubernatorial campaign.

White supremacists have appropriated the American flag before, too. This is a fact lost on the Governor and others, especially those in the race-baiting “civil rights community.” In her statement, Haley referred to two widely-held views of the Confederate flag in South Carolina, positive and negative, saying they could coexist. A greater lie will probably never pass her lips.

By removing the Confederate flag in the immediate aftermath of the church shooting, Haley is forever equating Dylann Roof’s use of it with the use by countless non-accused murderers throughout her state and the entire South.

Walmart is now banning Confederate merchandise… and getting advertising worth millions

Even more than Haley, Walmart could have done its own “lowering” of the Confederate flag and stopped selling it and related merchandise years ago. But it’s only done it now. From a PR standpoint, Walmart is behaving in the most economically rationalist sense possible, jumping on the bandwagon before other retailers can.

Excuse my eye rolling, and presumably yours, however. I have no reason to believe that Walmart’s customer base doesn’t mirror US demographics, so a similar proportion of African-Americans would shop there as there are blacks in the United States’ population. So why now, Walmart? If you wanted to do the right thing by history, why not do it 130 or 140 years after slavery was fully ended, not 150?

We’ll never get these answers, frankly, because politicians and corporations will be too enamored with profiting from this propitious moment. In the meantime, regular, everyday people will be hiding a flag they previously cherished, not as a sign of bigotry, but of their heritage. And Walmart will save millions of dollars in planned advertising.

SJWs and other political opportunists are shameless in their timing

Two gay marriage opportunists.

Look at Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama’s flip-flopping on gay marriage. Both reversed their opinions after a majority or near-majority of Americans were shown to support it in certain polls. Most importantly, they were on the cusp of momentous political runs: Hillary had just quit her post as Secretary of State and was eyeing a presidential run; Obama was only months away from his reelection bid.

Governor Haley’s call regarding the Confederate flag, and the seconding of those supporting it, is similarly timed and unapologetically hypocritical.

It’s true that patience is a virtue. But there’s a gargantuan difference between patience about removing a perceived symbol of racism (according to many) and waiting to remove that symbol until a time that guarantees you and others your laudatory day in the sun. Nikki Haley knows all about this.

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485 thoughts on “One Man In State Of Five Million Kills Nine People; Governor Removes Confederate Flag”

    1. Most major retailers aren’t selling them to prevent the other 95% of white people who wouldn’t buy one anyway.
      Which makes zero sense. They call this a victory, fucking idiots.

  1. “Why not get rid of the American Flag?”
    Thats next. Give us a social media frenzy with a total of a dozen participants and the weak-minded of our society will kill it.

    1. If I’m not mistaken, waving the German flag in Germany anywhere other than a soccer game is a cultural no-no.

        1. Nah, it’s a weird collective shame they still all have. I’ve hosted a couple German couchsurfers over the years and one was saying that until the 2006 World Cup, she had never seen anyone fly or wear a German flag.

        2. Can they even listen to Wagner? You know, since he lived before Hitler, but influenced Hitler, so they punish Wagner posthumously by making his music verboten there.

    2. Damn it, you beat me to it. I don’t have a problem with the flag being removed. It’s somewhat like flying a Japanese flag over Pearl Harbor, but what is next? What person or symbol will be shit on next to please the PC crowd?

      1. Wait so you’re saying a Japanese flag should be flying over Pearl Harbor and the swastika should be sky high over the holocaust museum?

        1. Yeah exactly. How about reading what I wrote? The flag should’ve Been taken down a long time ago as it’s akin to flying a Japanese flag over Pearl Harbor. It’s the political opportunism of it all that stinks. These people will do and say anything to satisfy the PC crowd. Like our president lying to our faces about the wage gap and the 1 in 5 rape BS.

        2. No, the CSA was another country a part from the USA. They were flying the flag of another country on public grounds. It’s exactly like flying the Japanese flag over Pearl Harbor.

        3. I don’t mean to blow your mind, but the Thirteen Colonies once belonged to England. Can you follow the logic? I’m not going to spell it out for you.

        4. Wow, show me the way great master. I can’t follow the logic because there is none. We shouldn’t be flying a flag belonging to another country, defunct or not. Can you follow the logic? I have already spelled it out for you…..

    3. The OP is spot on. The Confederate battle flag is low-hanging fruit. Anyone that defends it will be labeled racist and delegitimized. The Gadsden flag, Betsy Ross flag, other flags of our revolution, and the current US flag have all been called symbols of slavery, racism, and imperialism by the communist left. It is all part of the long term plan to destroy the foundations of the country by tying everything the communists don’t like to dead, slave-owning, white men, thus making the libertarian underpinnings of the Republic illegitimate. The Constitution is not “inclusive” because the LBGTOMFGBBQ contingents didn’t write it, so we need to abandon it and turn the country into a nursery room.

      1. Gadsden is associated with Libertarians and the Tea Party, which are both implicitly white and therefore “racist.” They’ll be next in the left’s sights. And it should be noted that the left is more than the Democratic party, it a cultural mindset that everyone from Jeb Bush to Bernie Sanders is part of.

        1. Yep. There is no doubt in my mind that the Gadsden is next. Also look at the GOP pols tripping over themselves to take down Confederate war memorials in their states.
          I agree with your political assessment as well. There is one party of oligarchical collectivists that have the power. The two party system is a charade.

        2. The Confederate Flag is intimately associated with the Democratic Party ( also the party of Jim Crow, Segregation, and slavery ), and the person calling for its removal is a Republican.
          The US media and the left seems strangely silent on this.

        3. The Democratic Party at the time of the US Civil War was an anti-federalist party modeled after the thoughts of Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, and Andrew Jackson. The party favored a weak federal government, states rights, opposed government intervention in the economy, opposed the use of paper money and called for a hard currency. The southern US states enjoyed an almost complete monopoly for over 100 years with Democratic leadership. This all changed beginning in the 1960s when southerners fled the party for primarily segregationist issues, and the party became a pro-federalist semi-socialist party. At the time of the nations founding, classical liberals were anti-loyalists, and most similar to the Democratic Party.
          The Republican Party was an offshoot of the Whigs, and started just before the civil war as well, modeled in the ideas of Abraham Lincoln. Lincoln and the Whigs believed in supremacy of Congress over the executive, anti-slavery, strong government spending on the economy, universal public education, a national bank with fiat money supply, strong spending on infrastructure. At the time of the nation’s founding, Whigs were anti-loyalists as well.
          Notice how similar they are? There has been no anti-federalist party since the War of 1812. There is no anti-fiat banking party. There is no anti-government in the economy party. It’s silly to trace back the history of either party because they were vastly different pre-1960. And they are vastly the same as each other today.

        4. Now you’re getting it. All of these people blaming left, right, conservative, liberal, republican, democrat are dancing on the end of strings.
          You yourself blamed “communists” only two posts above, so maybe you’ve got a little more work ahead, but at least it’s a start.

        5. Ain’t it funny how, over the last century and a half, both parties have betrayed their heritage?

        6. Not really. Democrats get really pissy when a black man walks away from their mendicant voter plantation.

      2. The great fad of the modern American couch potato, ever engaged in a struggle against boredom, is to pretend to be morally superior to those in some distant past time who were engaged in a struggle for existence and mastery of the resources that the modern couch potato now thoughtlessly and passively benefit from. The new bourgeoisie choose defenseless targets, because they love to be safe while pretending to be brave.

        1. Ain’t nothing more brave than a twitter hashtag campaign. Now THAT’s commitment.

        2. “My libby senses tell me a fat chick is being shamed somewhere and needs me to defend her poor diet and lack of exercise and hygiene.”
          Ah, just kidding.
          If you see a SJW being beaten, raped or mugged leave your concealed carry holstered knowing that it would offend them (You shouldn’t have it anyway, you’re only supposed to use it to kill a family member in a domestic dispute according to them) and run home, get them a sign to protest the event. Maybe you’ll call the police and inform them. But then again, it isn’t any of your business to impede or judge the assailant. He, she or it is likely economically challenged and simply exercising his, her or it’s right to redistribute wealth from the privileged.
          They are perfectly fine and can take care others for them via twitter.

        3. Well, sometimes these hash-taggin’ SJW sloths actually get out of the house and protest something like the kids in the picture above. Beyond that, it’s usually just Starbucks latte waiting conversation fodder.

      3. Franklin would be classed as a raving socialist by modern American standards.
        “All the Property that is necessary to a Man, for the Conservation of the Individual and the Propagation of the Species, is his natural Right, which none can justly deprive him of: But all Property superfluous to such purposes is the Property of the Publick, who, by their Laws, have created it, and who may therefore by other Laws dispose of it, whenever the Welfare of the Publick shall demand such Disposition. He that does not like civil Society on these Terms, let him retire and live among Savages. He can have no right to the benefits of Society, who will not pay his Club towards the Support of it.”

        1. I don’t recall him calling for the wealthy Founding Fathers to give up their assets to the new Union because they were too rich. He was a well known philosopher, perhaps he was just writing down his thoughts on certain issues and experimenting with them. It was also a much much different time back then, so you have to take his views with a grain of salt.

        2. That’s my point. These men were of their time and class. One may, and indeed should read their works, but it isn’t useful to marshal them for your cause. Strangely, every person who cites the Founding Fathers seems to think they agree with them.

        3. Logic is universal. If he was right then, he is right now. If he is wrong now, he was wrong then.

        4. That they were “men of their time and class” is a completely meaningless statement.

        5. No it isn’t. There are those who try and turn them into omniscient demigods. The mural inside the capital rotunda has Washington as Zeus. He wasn’t, they weren’t. They were very highly educated gentry of the late eighteenth century, and people who try and make them more than that are in error.

        6. That’s not my point. My point is that being a man of your time doesn’t excuse your errors. Stalin and Hitler were both men of their time but what does that really mean?

        7. “Logic is universal” but morality is “relative” hopefully i had some hand in changing your ways.

        8. “But all Property superfluous to such purposes is the Property of the
          Publick, who, by their Laws, have created it, and who may therefore by
          other Laws dispose of it, whenever the Welfare of the Publick shall
          demand such Disposition”
          I have no problem with this statement. He is stating that the nation as a whole can have, for example, an army base necessary for the defense of the nation, but can close and dispose the base when no longer necessary. Another example is Washington, DC. Why can’t the center of federal government be moved to a more central location? Or even better, why can’t the whole system be run by computers rather than a bunch of slow-ass bureaucrats?
          I think Franklin was a sage who could foresee possible changes in American society. After all, was he not involved in one of the greatest political and social changes of the history of mankind, as well as his advanced ideas in the sciences of that time?

        9. He’s saying that property is a social construct, and that while you might have a right to the clothes on your back, provisions and a few personal trinkets, everything else essentially belongs to wider society because it is created by wider society. It’s a total refutation of the “taxation is theft” nonsense.

        10. That’s cute. Any asshole brave enough to decide what I can or cannot own is welcome to come and try and take things from me, personally.

        11. Were they aliens sent here to help us like the ones that built the Easter Island statues?

        12. Well that’s rather his point. That’s the custom among the “savages”. Of course, even if you can fight any foe now, one day, through disease or simple age, your strength will diminish. At which point someone stronger will take your stuff.

      4. You can fly the confederate flag, Nazi flag or Imperial Japan flag or KKK flag on private property. On government or public property the government needs to respect the wishes of the citizens. They are not down with white supremacy and hatred and a country who’s ass the USA destroyed 150 years ago. No one gives a shit that your traitor great great great grandpappy fought for Robert E Lee and was a Johnny Reb. Fuck Confederate sympathizers and their KKK friends.

        1. I thought we were talking about a flag, not the KKK. And by the way you could fit every current member of the Klan into a mini van and still have room for 10 cases of beer.

        2. Well, if every one of them can kill at 10 people, that’s still a pretty dangerous van, isn’t it?

        3. You seem upset, and have missed my point entirely. The people screaming loudest for the confederate flag to come down have said the same things about the US flag and the Founding Fathers as ways to make illegitimate the Declaration of Independence and Constitution. When do we pull them down?

        4. Show me the last documented time the KKK “Killed” anyone and we will compare that to “Yesterday” for blacks on Whites.

        5. Well I can show a recent document with White Jet fighter pilots dropping bombing civilian inhabited areas.
          Personally, I think Germanic peoples (e.g. most White Americans) are inherently violent and that’s never gonna change.

    4. The American Anthem was about how loyalist kicked your ass. If the French did not hold such a grudge and were not fucking up the sea lanes and making problems on the Continent, the USA would be very British and would have a very different set of circumstances.

      1. I’m an American, and I can agree with this. Washington, as a general, lost an amazing amount of battles. He’s famous because he held on by a thread and became the first President, not because he was talented as a general. American independence is very much indebted to the French.
        However, France would be very German right now had OTHER circumstances been different. The USA bankrolled the allies during WWII. The British and Soviets were broke. Now if only we can get others to give Americans credit…

        1. True, although both World Wars were not unadulterated acts of altruism. Americans didn’t want to be next in line to be very German (even Pennsylvania – back in the day, German was proposed as the second official language in the new republic).

      2. Different circumstances indeed. Britain largely banned slavey in 1833, entirely in 1843. I wonder how that would have flown in Dixieshire?

        1. If the UK had not lost its American colonies, slavery would probably have been abolished at a later date. It was easy for the Brits to get rid of slavery when it was only being used at island-based sugar plantations that were no longer profitable.

      3. Our national anthem is about the War of 1812, it’s got nothing to do with the French.

    5. It would make more sense to get rid of the National Anthem given it was written by an avowed racist and pro-slavery activist.

      No refuge could save the hireling and slave
      From the terror of flight, or the gloom of the grave:

      Beyonce never sings that part.

      1. Last time I checked, Beyonce had some slaveowner blood running through her veins. Must be confusing for her.

        1. I don’t know for sure but she’s of partially French decent (Louisiana). Chances are her White ancestors owned slaves.
          Personally, I would still have banged her in her ‘bootylicious’ days.

      2. The slaves referred to are servants of King George. To this day all Brits are slaves, subjects not citizens.

        1. No they are not. It refers to the slaves “freed” by the British in return for service to the Crown during the War of 1812. These slaves fought for the British and were rewarded with settlement in other parts of the Empire. Francis Scott Key was not being “cute” here.

    6. The equal to confederate flag is a swastika where the stars were on an American flag

    1. guy doesn’t understand how it works. he’ll look ridiculous, and everyone will ask what he did to make his wife cheat.

  2. I bought a Confederate flag way back in 1978 in Georgia on my way to Florida no less. I forget the name of the place, but it was off I-75 that looked like an ol’ southern plantation. A nice cotton one, or something. I still have it, too.
    The following year, Dukes of Hazzard premiered. I wonder if censors are now going to to blot out the flag in reruns since it’s so offensive causing someone to fudge their Huggies.

    1. The General Lee will be re-dubbed “The Rear Rammer”. It will sport a rainbow flag. The videos will be redubbed to make them gay and Boss Hogg will be a bigot trying to shut them down. Daisy will be into sexual positivism and end up with HIV.

        1. You seem very up on the terminology. Clearly the Knights of St John have fun times in the barracks.

    2. They actually are removing the flag from the General Lee merchandise going forward. I’m not joking.

      1. SJWs protest mcdonalds giving away toys to kids in happy meals because it might hypnotize them into eating more greasy french fries.

  3. Nimrata Nikki Randhawa Haley, Governor of South Carolina (R.), an ethnic
    Asian Indian woman born to immigrant parents telling is white Southerners
    that it is not okay to honor South Carolina’s fallen soldiers who fought
    for the Confederacy. Isn’t that the same thing they tell white people
    not to do to POC? Erase their experiences or something?

    1. When confronted with something they are unprepared for, women will always make the decision based on “feelings”. They understand no other way.

    2. The white inbred hick rednecks are in the minority. The white non rednecks and other races are the majority

    1. Where is that? India? Bangladesh? It sounds like third world logic “Expect nothing from me it’s your fault if I fail, but don’t question it either or you’re racist”.

      1. In the developing nations I’ve been to, kids are expected to be self reliant, walk to and from school, get home and do their own chores, feed themselves, be independent, and then when the parents arrive at night they are ready for dinner and bed. The signs above and corresponding total lack of responsibility sounds just like America to me.

        1. Exactly, most people on developing countries know to expect very little. First world snowflakes on the other hand, grew up expecting everything. They deserve it, their parents never stopped telling them.

        2. From my experience and perception, it seems that American children are lacking in common sense and practical skills with every generation preceding the 80s. I think the only thing they know how to do is operate a computer or a cell phone.

        3. Shouldn’t that be succeeding instead of preceding? Anyway, understand and agree with what you mean.

        1. And the satire is on point and priceless. I love it.
          You guys are kinda slow.

        2. Yeah, but what was the original? Some of the children are wearing hijabs, so was it one of the “behead those who insult Muhammed” and “Europe is the cancer, Islam is the answer” protests?

  4. While we’re at it, isn’t the spelling of Dylann rather, uh… feminine? IDK, that’s the sort of spelling variant I would give a daughter not a son.

      1. I see (or saw) “Dylann” as a female variant of “Dylan” (which, as you pointed out, is a male name)

  5. As someone who has received numerous death threats from neo-Confederates (I fled Tennessee), I say, “About time.”
    You don’t have defend everything disgusting just because someone you dislike also dislikes it.

  6. SJWs are scared to let their children play with the general lee car from dukes of hazard. They might grow up and like nascar or something.

  7. I hadn’t seen picture of Nikki Haley for several years. She’s developed quite a man-jaw.

  8. The reason for this sudden consciousness about these matters is not to address the issue of racism but to show a feeling of female supremacy.For years,America has elected women to these posts of mayors and governors.But how have matters changed?Compton has a black female mayor,same goes for Baltimore.But killings,drug addiction still continue amongst the black people.These dim witted women think lowering a flag will change matters.Huh!Dylann roof is an example where boys and men go astray.Rather than teaching men to be masculine and how to follow their dreams and be a real man,America teaches men to be beta,emasculated arseholes,and be a proud gay ass.People like Dylann roof and Elliott Rodgers are the result.It’s surprising when the media blames racism rather than addressing the degradation of nutsacks.Inspite of Patriarchy(sarc/),where women are being suppressed,raped,we have Dylann roof ,a mentally ill person who inspite of being a male(“the so called white male who receives good education and women suffer with no education and they are the most mentally unstable species” as the media claims) goes on a rampant shooting.
    Give power to these feminists and betas like Obama and they will always fight against mythical sexist,racist problems and will focus on how to produce an effeminate,fag America and ignoring the real problems.Power maniac women are dumb asses who will do everything to amass power and it is our duty,as a last vestige of wise, masculine men to expose their hypocrisy and their feminist selfishness.

  9. An enormous target is being painted on people who refuse to give up the CBF.

    1. Those types are the ones who own guns though. Target them at your own peril, sjw’s

  10. Walmart is now banning Confederate merchandise… and getting advertising worth millions
    Good for them. I’d do so too. They are not there to “take a stand” on either side. They are there to earn money and it seems they’ve found away to do so.
    It doesn’t take a brilliant CEO to act on the info that Sales of Stars and Bars < Advertising worth millions”

  11. Obviously Dylann Roof knew this would happen he was photographed with the Rhodesian flag and the apartheid South African flag. In NZ 78% want to retain the flag however “conservative” eastern tribesman John Key wants to change it!

  12. A state ran by a chick by the name “Nikki” is more of a concern and deserves MUCH more attention to the short comings of a nation than some random act of violence. The fact that the country is so gynocentric is a leading cause of it’s violence anyway (can’t you just hear bitches and manginas saying “you can’t do that…that’s cruel!”). I swear…I wish I lived in Russia.

  13. “Governor Nikki Haley”
    There’s an oxymoron for you, especially considering females in general do not make effective leaders. RINO Haley proves this point abundantly.
    This was no more than a political maneuver designed to earn her brownie points among the left (Black democrats) and pseudo right (RINO progs) and she should be thoroughly flogged for it.
    As i keep telling my naive republican friends still tied by the balls to the belief that R’s are wayyyy better than D’s, it doesn’t matter if your R wins if the R in question stands for RINO in policy, practice and philosophy.
    I wouldn’t vote for a female politician if that female politician was the last one on earth. Voter beware.

      1. How the mighty have fallen. I’d still tap it.
        Like the open palm of a slight miffed demigod. I save the angry fist for better things.

        1. White women have nothing on latinas. They rot like fruit, gotta pick em while they’re ripe.

        2. There is that story going around about the NAACP director who is actually a white chick. Someone commented that she looks better as a black woman (not that she is any prize by any standard). So a white 4 is a black 5.
          My first serious girlfriend was a mix of black and east Indian. I stumbled across her facebook page and now she is mid-40s and a mother of two but still slim with a great face and amazing hair.

        3. I was recently lied to by a woman. She said she was 35, turned out to be 42 and she was hot as fuck. I actually thought she was in her twenties. But that’s rare….

        4. This one seems to have overused bottox. Having been once so hot must have taken a toll on her pride.

  14. When are we going to mourn the fact negros kill more whites than the other way around despite the fact that whites out number ‘gros by 6 to 1?
    Source FBI Uniformed Crime Report Table 43.

      1. I don’t think they will catch up on the US government provoking wars in countries who don’t abide by its rules.

      1. No one is supposed to know either that the US government provokes wars in “renegade” countries. But shhh

    1. Negro? Are you posting from 1960? Whites kill more whites then every other category.

    2. Black men killed white people out of racism? Are you sure?
      I think they were just ordinary thugs just like the US military attacking Iraq to plunder it oil.

      1. Who cares why they kill them? The >13% black population commits more murders than the rest of the 87% of the country. Source: FBI Unifored Crime Report table 43.

        1. I care.
          The FBI probably doesn’t care about White dominated American Secret Service and military provoking wars and bombing people. But you won’t talk about it, right?

        2. I care. Otherwise, why not poiting finger at the White dominated US system who has been provoking wars and bombing to extend the American empire?

        3. I care.
          Besides, the White controlled US government has been provoking wars and killing people since 1783. But who cares, right?

        4. You obviously don’t. You’re benefiting from US Imperialism right now. Pretend to care all you’d like but your consumption.
          As for “why do blacks commit more murders”, I’ve always thought that it’s the same reason why they’re poorer, more likely to smoke, fatter, have more bastard kids and commit more crimes, they’re intellectually inferior. Why are Asians and Jews under represented in the prison system and over represented in Universities and the job market? Cuz racism?

        5. A half-white man much more interested in expanded the American Empire than improving Black people lives. He is seconded by a white vice-president and 5 White military chiefs of Staff.
          What’s the difference between Obama and his “whiter” predecessor?

        6. How I am benefiting from it?
          I’m French and we’re suffering from the Russian food embargo. The US pressured the EU to take sanctions against Russia. Czar Vladimir responded with a food embargo on our agricultural products.
          The funniest things is that the US is still doing business with the Russians on the side.
          We need to reconsider our relations with imperialist America. Otherwise, we will drown with them.

        7. The fact that you choose to live in a white man’s country is your acknowledgement of white supremacy and black inferiority. How many Europeans have drown in the Mediterranean while trying to illegally immigrate to Africa?

        8. Dude, what are you talking about? I’m 25% white and I’m from a Reunion Island, a French territory that France pays billions in subventions so we stay with them. We stay with France because it’s desperate enough to agree with OUR terms. We have other options.
          FYI, many White people died to get to Algeria which was an Ottoman property by then, so it was illegal. Maybe you should go back to Grammar school because you’re obviously more uneducated than the Average US ‘nigga’.

  15. Tear the stinking rag down and let the slavery loving rednecks wail in to their beer.
    Nine innocent people murdered by a racist omega make loser because of the colour of their skin (one of them 79 years of age) and whinging about the removal of racist symbols is all this “alpha male” has to complain about?
    Have some fucking decency.

    1. Who gives a flying fuck? He got a state senator in a historic black church. Nobody makes a peep when whites are murdered by feral blacks, forgive me if I don’t cry crocodile tears about them getting a dose of their own medicine.

      1. No point trying to reason with a hate filled scared little boy like you. Dylann Roof fanboy.

        1. Ha! Ha! Troll harder little boy – I suppose it keeps you off the streets and away from all the black people who scare you so much.

        2. Blind race hate is wrong. Desecrating a Church is wrong. Shooting an 79 year old woman dead because she is black is wrong. Celebrating such depravity – as you do – is wrong. I don’t need lessons in “wrong” from the likes of you.

        3. I said I don’t care, I’m not celebrating anything, nor am I blindly hating anybody. Sensible people want separation because integration has been a disaster.

        4. Worked well in South Africa, before the communist ANC took over. Worked well in the antebellum South, until the Union took over.

      2. How the hell do innocent people deserve death because of what someone else of the same skin color did? This sounds like feminist logic.

        1. Why do we have to pretend to give a fuck about a white murdering a bunch of blacks when it is “Racist” to point out the fact that whites are more likely to be killed by blacks than the other way around despite the fact that whites out number blacks 6 to 1? EDIT and that’s doesn’t even account for the fact that Latinos are counted as “White” in the US census. Reclass Latinos and the white against black murder rate would drop further
          No those people didn’t deserve to die. But I don’t give a fuck and I wont pretend otherwise. Where was Obama when 2 of his ‘sons’ beat the 88 year old whit War Vet to death? Where was the media outrage when those feral apes were sentenced to only 15 years?

        2. I agree about the hypocrisy of the liberal media and the opportunism of the whole thing. They simply make things worse between the races, just like feminists do with men and women. But “them getting a dose of their medicine” is just stupid.

    2. Washington and Jefferson were slave owners. Should the Washington Monument and Jefferson Memorial be removed? Their faces removed from currency? This really is about exploiting a tragedy for political showmanship, not much else going on there.

      1. I agree with you about the political circus part.
        One thing that strikes me when I look at comments left by white male Americans in online comments and forums is the shocking level of race hate. It is very ugly indeed and depressing- especially when combined with them trying to portray themselves as victims.
        I don’t believe for a second that your politicians are serious about tackling the seething race hate in American society. You all seem happy to stew in your shit and sit hurling racist abuse and cheering on your paramilitary police forces as they gun down black citizens. What a fucking cesspit.

        1. From your grammar structure it sounds like you’re not american, so take your anti-patriarchy rant back to whatever feminist coven that spawned you.

        2. When I look at all the omega dregs who flock to PUA and related websites who think that everyone else is also an omega racist hate monger, then America doesn’t appeal that much to me anyway.
          And not cheering on this vile racist massacre makes me a “feminist” does it?

        3. It’s not like the police might have some reasons to “gun down” our negros. Not like they’ve become incredibly feral over the past 50 years. Not like they do things like this every day.

        4. I don’t condone criminality from elements of the black population. Turning this in to a dick waving contest solves nothing. An obvious counter to this though is the hundreds of black people murdered by your above the law, out of control , paramilitary police forces every year and a system which ensures poverty and discrimination against the black citizens of the U.S.

        5. Wow “Guest” you have certainly put me in my box with that highly original put down which Oscar Wilde himself would have been proud of. Well done little boy, rest assured that your timely intervention has resulted in me seeing the light and becoming an omega hate filled waste like you.

        6. Maybe they can liposuction some fat from your ass and inject it into your lips to give you better dick sucking potential? Ask your “sisters”.

        7. American blacks are way more racist than whites anyway. But since blacks have a hard time readin’ and writin’ (cause it be “white” to be good at dat) you won’t see their racism on display in comments to on-line news articles.

        1. So what made him shoot people? Is taking the flag down going to keep the next nut from shooting people? Please explain. You are obviously much smarter than I.

  16. I’m going Galt. Getting off the grid. Going all cash. I swear to God I wish I lived in Russia but since I can’t I’m going to refuse to be part of a system that is so gynocentric (therefore anti-reality/anti-male) that a bitch by the name of NIKKI (or any bitch for that matter….i.e…..Hillary) is in charge of me!!!!!!!!!

    1. Hitlary will be in charge. I bet my left nut on it. This is going to be the last straw.. Just watch.

  17. I don’t understand people’s obsession with flags, be it stupid rednecks waving the stars and bars or some hippie shitbag burning an American flag. Give it up. We can land spaceships on other planets and we choose to fight over pieces of cloth.
    “My granddaddy died for that flag!”
    “Really? I bought mine at Wal-Mart.”
    -Bill Hicks

        1. I know, I was just making a general observation on the point in question. Your statement can be taken either way….. nice Hicks quote btw…..

        2. I believe in freedom. Idiots are free to idiot. I think this weird obsession with flags, especially here in the US, is just a symptom of a number of problems with society.
          My favorite flag quote sums it up nicely:
          “The important thing is to keep pledging,” he explained to his cohorts. “It doesn’t matter whether they mean it or not. That’s why they make little kids pledge allegiance even before they know what ‘pledge’ and ‘allegiance’ mean.”
          -Catch 22

        3. Yup…. the history of flags and symbolism is very interesting, tribes, families, coats of arms, ancient armies, etc, etc….anyhoo I’m off to the pub….

    1. It’s an excellent mechanism of control. Everyone likes the place they are from. Even North Koreans, Afghans in the desert, whatever, they all love their place of birth. This can be manipulated by politicians who ask you to “pledge allegiance” to a piece of fabric, and the republic for which it stands! (Note: this level of statism is only practiced in America)
      “A soldier will fight long and hard for a bit of colored ribbon” – Napoleon Bonaparte

    2. The most backward states fly the most backward flags. Like sleeping in slop with the hogs. Build a wall around the south and use it for the retard colony.

  18. Is anybody going to address the fact that the senator of south carolina and the priest of the church was one of tge people killed which is so coiencidentally left out in this article just because he was black? Is anyone going to addres that 8 other people got there life tookn away from them? Is anyone gonna try to put yourselves in there shoes and and think how your family would feel if you were in church and you got killed for being white and how your families would miss you like these peoples families miss them? When did human lives come second to a piece if cloth? Is anybody going to write an article on the fact that the guy who killef these people because they were black proclaimed to be a white suprimacist and and proclaimed to wanting to start a race war and said that jews abd tge kkk werent doing there job, but hes not being charged with terrorism but sean combs aka puffy IS being charged with terrorism after he got into an argument with his sons soccer coach whose known for being a bully when he coaches? is anybody going to state tge fact that the police took this armed man to burger before taking him to jail yet if a black man grabs for his wallet he gets shot 6 times? No your not. Cause you dont care. All you white people are just monsters. Your country is slowly decaying, you all have no morals, no culture, no conscience, your woman are fact ugly and lazy, your men are the same, your country is in trillions of dollars in debt. You all are worthless, and youve been worthless since the day you all were born. No matter how much you try you will always be the most inferior race on earth.

      1. If a Black man kills other people because of their skin colour, I will be as outraged. Why are you asking?

    1. “Inferior”…… hand back your computer, car, etc, etc…… oh and remember the Washington DC sniper????? What was he again????

    2. Well, aren’t you just the voice of healing and reason. As we say down here, “Bless your little heart.”

      1. I blame the west for becoming a weak civilization who get assfucked my Chinese, Russians and most violently by Arabs.
        I don’t blame terrorists. They are just playing their cards just like the Barbarians during the last stage of the Roman Empire.

    3. “When did human lives come second to a piece [of] cloth?”
      Which is the exact question you should be asking. After all, the flag has zero to do with the murders but nobody is talking about mental health initiatives (his black obsession was disrupting his life), or taking unpopular stances on gun control. Nope, it’s about a flag. The flag has become the proxy for the murders so the spineless “leaders” don’t have to say anything too controversial this close to the election cycle.
      Then people like you are wondering why people like me think it’s not apropos to the events at all and wonder aloud why the assault on the flag that sits atop a Confederate memorial needs to be conducted. I don’t think the Senator was a Confederate veteran, so I’m not sure why it would impact him.
      So take a minute for yourself, take a big step back, and be honest with yourself if you were bamboozled by simple misdirection, and rejoin the group. It’s OK, it happens to us all every now and then.

    4. Most inferior race on earth? Come on you can’t believe that. Have you ever looked up the statistics of black on white crime vs white on black crime? It’s an eye opener. I don’t hold the black people I know responsible for crime committed by their race and I expect the same treatment.

    5. You have been sold a shit sandwich from your liberal overlords who manage you like a herd of sheep “for your own good.” You have competent Black American intellectuals you ignore or marginalize because they don’t follow the “Cult of Victimology” or play the race card to absolve themselves of the responsibility. Blame whitey! You have to wonder why the NAACP wasn’t trusted to be ran by a Black president until 1975? Who did they trust?
      Sorry dude, your ambulance chasing black leaders are your monsters. They strong arm people and companies with their “racial extortion racket.” Tell me, what did you get out of it? A job, a car or an education from Jackson or Sharpton? I’ve got a “Imperial shit ton” more respect for Farrakhan than I do jokers like them. He doesn’t ask for handouts.
      You culture is a complete fabrication sold to you by the entertainment industry. They make a killing selling your people the “thug” life, which some of you happily oblige. You make heros out of anti-heroes and criminals. You call your own educated, professional, up-standing people Uncle Tom’s. You criticize your own people for speaking proper English. Not all of you, but enough of you. Who’s doing the selling, find the sellers who are contaminating your people and culture. Work with your people who are actively trying to overcome these issues and actually empower you. I know for a fact they are out there. I’ve met them, witnessed them and respect them. Those people have the greatest struggle of getting the audience they deserve.
      To be fair, we “whitey’s” have our idiots too. To be honest, we adopted the same bullshit media culture you have. We have been imprisoned, beat and slaughtered too. Your race has no special honor among humanity for suffering. Stop believing the bullshit being handed to you in a silver platter. Liberalism continues to enslave us all. I guarantee you my friend when the race card can no longer be played they’ll fuck you over when you are no longer useful, just like the white liberal losers who are the current useful idiots of the left.
      That whole “Shepherding” mentality the Liberal’s and Cultural Marxist collectively pull can’t be productive and apparently hasn’t been since the 60’s.
      Lyndon Johnson’s “Great Society” hasn’t appeared to work too well when you consider this quote:
      Please refer to the article by Thomas Sowell, a brilliant (black) man:
      Stop chasing ghosts and looking for demons. I wish you the best, but I wish I could count you as an ally. These pricks are doing nothing but demonizing people for their own political objectives.
      Disagree with me? Fine. Sorry, I’m not your enemy. This is a struggle we are facing together, white or black.

        1. And that’s why you are part of the problem. Unwilling to have a dialogue and listen about the underlying problems we face today.

  19. governor haley… number one accomplishment of her proud, proud years in office… the removal of a flag.

      1. Republicans bend over and spread their cheeks, awaiting the diverse loads.

        1. Can’t look at the pic atm.. Upvoting just kuz you made this comment safe enough to scroll at work.

    1. She just shit a gold brick and funded the next campaign. She could have sat on her ass her whole term and done nothing, she’ll be remembered for that alone.
      By bringing down a Confederate Flag and raising a white flag of surrender.

  20. As a Black man from California, I’ll never struggle to keep the Confederate flag flying, but for any Black folks thinking that this is a victory, think again. This is yet another “symbol”, or watermelon-flavored Scooby snack. Your lives as Black men are still going to suck, and suck even worse if you don’t produce something tangible and defend it, and I’m talking on a global scale. At the very least, the next Dylan Roof (and dare I include Tyronicus Rex) that feels that they can harm innocent Black folks must be blown away. Black lives will matter when Smith and Wesson say so, not a hashtag.

    1. “Your lives as Black men are still going to suck…”
      Why would your lives suck? You have all of our communist leaders propping up the black man while brainwashing whites to feel guilty about some slavery crap that happened eons ago.

      1. The majority of homeless people are black and the majority of the rest will end up poor. Those who made it outside of show business are remembered that they don’t belong in the White/asian world.
        So indeed, being a Black man sucks big time.

        1. Sure Black people living in Southern States (Georgia, North Carolina, etc.) can secede and create their own country.
          I think it will happen within a century, maybe even in our lifetime.

  21. SJWs are “proud” if their child grows up gay and flies the rainbow flag instead?

  22. As reparations, the US flag will now be replaced with a picture of Harriet Tubman’s taint.

  23. I’m not even American and this pisses me off.
    It is a heritage thing. has France slain thousands under their flag? Yes. England? Yes. Canada? Yes. Some under racial “cleansing” some under land protection, some under conquering… It seems to be a similar trait to the methods of medieval warfare. When your banner has fallen, the war is being lost. Your troops lose heart, and your strength wanes.
    It is all part of a plan to destroy any sort of pride based on traditional, Christian, White, heritage. God forbid.

      1. The Swastika replaced the old Imperial flag. The hammer and sickle doesn’t fly over Moscow but the left would rejoice if it did despite it being a symbol of oppression for millions.

        1. It replaced the Imperial flag because the Democratic government of the Weimar Republic was rejected. It was considered a failure because it created an environment and the conditions like we are facing today. Deviant Art, Bestiality, pornography, rampant prostitution via white slavery and homosexuality. It was view as destructive to traditional German culture and values.
          Edited so Kaine can grasp it.

        2. “The hammer and sickle doesn’t fly over Moscow”
          Full stop–it doesn’t–end of story

        3. You think pornography was created in the 1930s? Never been to Pompeii or Herculaneum I see.

        4. Because you said “It created what we are facing today” and then listed a load of things including pornography.
          Also, you have a very odd view of how and why the Nazis came to power, which like most things was mainly about economics and the stupidity of the officer class.

        5. Hitler believed, as I understand it, that International Jewry and bankers had a disproportionate influence in German businesses and art, especially considering they were a minority. They were viewed as being the principal architects of those conditions that existed in the Weimar Republic and were profiteering from pornography, prostitution, etc. His view seems to be the Jews were alien and would not adopt or accept German culture.
          It didn’t help that Germany had a devalued currency, couldn’t pay reparations and had their borders redrawn by the Treaty of Versailles. International travelers from other countries took advantage of the devaluation of currency and consumed the “vices” of Berlin like there was no tomorrow. Pretty much beyond Vegas.
          Hitler pretty much rejected the international financial markets and based the Reich Mark on labor and bartered with other countries. Seems Zionists boycotted German products and declared economic warfare on Germany. They launched an international campaign against Germany. The US was a neutral during Germany’s early build up. The U.S. Neutrality Act prevented US involvement. Roosevelt used the “Land Lease Act” to provide loans and Equipment to Stalin before we got involved in the war.
          I think Germany was vigorously pursued and demonized for 1) Getting out of the financial Markets 2) Identifying Jewish interests as the source. 3) Kinda lumped them all together which really didn’t help. Oddly enough there are estimates that over 150K Jewish people served willingly in the Germany Army. Even South Asians and Africans, which most people (including me) had no idea.
          Had Hitler taken Dunkirk when he could have seriously fucked up the British Army he elected not to do so. It was considered a blunder. Hitler viewed the British favorably and actually dropped leaflets called “A Last Appeal to Reason.” The British basically laughed it off and ignored it.
          Interesting read:
          Not a historian, don’t care to continue this conversation, but I seriously don’t believe the bullshit about Hitler’s UFOS, Alien contact, “Spear of Destiny” ad nauseam. Too bad the subject is taboo and launches people into batshiat crazy mode. 70 years of “Germans are bad and Hitler is evil” is hard for people to overcome. You’d think Satan gets his marching orders from Hitler. Nobody loves anything more than hating Hitler. We have been engineered since birth to hate Hitler and declare anyone we don’t like a Nazi like we are right, proper, good and agents of god. What a mind fuck it has become.

        6. It was about the Swastika. In modern times, it has been used as a symbol by the Nazi regime which replaced the Weimar Republic. So, it’s not off topic, Q.E.D.

        7. I do love that rather than admit you bungled, you’ve gone back and edited it and put in a petulant comment. Sorry I hurt your feelings babe. X

        8. No, his point was about the Imperial Flag, and why it was rejected by the German people. His reasons for that rejection were wrong, and he has since edited his comment.
          Hence, my statement was pertinent to the veracity of a comment which you argue was pertinent to the conversation, and hence was, indeed, on topic.
          Though that this blog of all should have a tumble-style tone cop is a bit ironic.

        9. I can see the historical connection between the imperial flag, the Weimar Republic and the Swastika. So, it’s on topic.
          I see no connection whatsoever between the imperial flag and pornography.

        10. Then your issue is with socoloco who first made the connection in the comment above, since he’s the one who brought it up. Though as I say, he has since edited the comment.

    1. Exactly. But you can only say this to 5% of the American population without being shouted down as a “White Supremacist”

      1. Sadly this means that only 5% of the population aren’t complete blue-pilled faggots.

      1. That was not a matter of religion so much as power for the Pope or a Nation. Don’t blame Christianity.
        Besides…Out of 1763 wars in history 123 (6.98%) have been religious in nature. Take Islam away, that drops to 3%. ref- Encyclopaedia of Wars

        1. Point taken. So back to the Confederate flag debate. We should not associate that flag then as a symbol of racism, right? CSA was to keep states’ rights. It’s the racists (some southern folks) in the South that used that flag like the Pope used the cross as you said.

        2. 76 years, slavery was legal in the US. The first slave owner (by court ruling) was a black man from the North.
          4 years slavery was legal under the Confederate flag.
          The flag is a symbol of Southern Pride, of the good ‘ol boys. There is a pride in where you came from, and that is their banner to raise. There is no shame in that.

    2. The confederate flag is not the American flag, it is the flag of the enemy of the American people and government that cost 1 million lives. Would you feel fine with the french state governments in the south and in paris flying the al qaeda and isis flag? Because Isis is no different than the confederates. Foreign terrorist who tried to destroy the country.

      1. They tried to leave the country, there is a difference. ISIS is a poor analogy. The North came down to thr South to fight the war, not the other way around.

        1. Isis is a great analogy, they also want to carve off parts of America in the name of their retarded ideology. The confederate bozos tried to steal the south. Its the same thing, ready for your isis flagS?

      2. Enemy of the American government perhaps, but it was a separation and a new government formed, just like America did with Great Britain a few decades earlier. People have the right to self determination, no?

        1. Just like ISIS. How many state governments are trying to wave king george’s face on their state flags?

      3. The Confederate flag was the war flag of Tennessee.
        You have a lot to learn about the Civil War and why it was fought. It was not about slavery, not about racial tensions…look deeper.

      4. Where do you think the Confederates came from? Mexico? Stick to what you know about. Are you even American?

        1. As for me I am not American but I know one thing: White Americans are shrinking by the day (63% in 2014).
          Therefore, some day, Mexicans will carve off most of the Sun Belt, Black will get at least one southern state and Russians will invade Alaska.

  24. You don’t hear native american tribal people demanding the stars and stripes be banned. This is selective outrage.

      1. My white brethren with disposable incomes and sheltered lives are entertained to fucking death and get to college and become liberal zombies from “White Walker” academics.

  25. I’m so glad they’re doing this. I owned a Confederate flag once, and you won’t believe the power it had over me. At night it would enter my dreams and tell me to help the South rise again. Eventually it began talking to me and trying to convince me to kill black people. It’s obvious that the Confederate flag is 100% responsible for what happened with the massacre in South Carolina. And while Dylann Roof shouldn’t be let off the hook, we have to remember that he, too, was a victim here of a cloth oppressor.

    1. Man, that was deep. I’m SO glad you were able to escape those oppressive colors!

  26. The Confed Flag was just a battle flag. Go read the Declaration of Seceding states. Mississippi,”Our position is thoroughly identified with the institution of slavery– the greatest material interest of the world. Its labor supplies the product which constitutes by far the largest and most important portions of commerce of the earth.”
    Fuck it, lets just fly the swastika too. Because it’s history

    1. Allow me to introduce Ms. Tempe Durham, a real-life emancipated slave:
      “Freedom is all right, but de niggers was better off befo’ surrender, kaze den dey was looked after an’ dey didn’ get in no trouble fightin’ an’ killin’ like dey do dese days. If a nigger cut up an’ got sassy in slavery times, his Ole Marse give him a good whippin’ an’ he went way back an’ set down an’ ’haved hese’f. If he was sick, Marse an’ Mistis looked after him, an’ if he needed store medicine, it was bought an’ give to him; he didn’ have to pay nothin’. Dey didn’ even have to think ’bout clothes nor nothin’ like dat, dey was wove an’ made an’ give to dem. Maybe everybody’s Marse and Mistis wuzn’ good as Marse George and Mis’ Betsy, but dey was de same as a mammy an’ pappy to us niggers.”

      1. Dylann Roof obviously isn’t the only mentally ill, racist omega male. You are just the keyboard version of that inadequate.

        1. You can take your complaints to the descendants of Ms. Durham for her inappropriate racist comments regarding her experiences under the institution of slavery.

      2. You don’t look very intelligent suggesting slavery was better for slaves.

        1. Umm…. ??? You no follow links so good? Who said he suggested it?….

      3. Dude you convinced me. I am going back to the sugar cane plantation. Seriously, that’s a cheap ploy.

    2. Even though he considered them as ‘subhumans’, Hitler never targeted
      Blacks unlike many other civilization including America.

      1. You know its funny you say that. I was just reading up on that a few weeks ago. I’m curious as to know what few blackss did in Europe during that time

        1. France and Britain had colonies in Africa and the Carribeans. So the presence of Blacks was no surprise. Many of them were actually mix raced. Check General Dumas (Grandfather of writer Alexandre Dumas).
          Besides, French and British used Blacks as cannon fodder in WWI and WWII.

        2. I think these ‘niggas’ were backwards. What was th point of fighting for colonial France against Germans who did us no wrong?

  27. Sentimentality is a condition that affects the apathetic consumers of Western mass media. They have genuine but artificially orchestrated (and obscenely exaggerated) emotions in response to things that are far removed from their own personal experiences. Hence, the excessive moral posturing and self-righteousness of the modern American couch potato in response to news reports. To be adored or hated by the mob is to be drenched in their pointless and ignorant emotions.

  28. The intention may be to get a whole passle of disturbed people to attack black Americans to help with Obama’s plan to destroy the country. Of course it’s unlikely even if Roof was coached and manipulated by leftist agents. The leftist elites do not understand the country, which they see as being in 1930-1950 — or even understand human nature since if they did they wouldn’t have to set up police states to carry out their plans.

  29. It’s become a media sensationalized society in the US where now there MUST be a response to every single incident that occurs. If the country has time for this, we’ve taken our eye completely off the ball for a calamity of grand proportion to occur.

  30. If you need a flag to tell you who you are, well, perhaps you need a little introspection.

      1. No, usually they’re for the patricians. Us plebs just have to live and at intervals die under them.

  31. Leftists have zero scruples and zero ligic. They are political evil and opportunism personified. They only care about what furthers their own political aspirations.

  32. I still think this is a symptom of a failed education that teaches children to have undue sympathy for victims – it’s unchecked compassion that needs to be corrected
    Otherwise the public answer to these demands should be “Go fuck yourself” and that’s about it

    1. Failed!!! This is the success on an educational system that teaches people to hate their identity thereby relinquishing any self determination. The Japanese may no longer fly the Rising sun of imperial Japan as a flag but they didnt go full circle and fly the crescent moon. Which in no doubt in a few generations will be the flag of the European Union!

  33. Jut wanted to say this was an excellent article and it really touched on a lot of key points, the fact that people have capitalized on a horrific event such as a church shooting is something which needs to be called out for what it is – opportunism – congrats Mr. Garrett.
    If you have the time, I’m sure you’re a busy person but it’s worth it, you should try reading The Culture of Critique by Kevin MacDonald. It gives a thorough explanation of how the SJW types grew out of the hardcore leftists of the 60s and even earlier. Most of those early movements were based in places like Newton, Massachusetts and were heavily influenced by Jewish emigrants from the Frankfurt school in Germany.
    (Note: I’m not trying to say “it’s all the Jews fault” / if it weren’t for White liberals most of this would never have happened).

  34. Thanks for this article. I don’t currently live there, but my family is from South Carolina. To us, the flag was always something to be proud of. I’ll be sad to see it go. For us, it’s about family heritage and not about race.

    1. Don’t look at the outside. You need to concentrate on what’s inside. She’s a human being dontchaknow. Hell, she’s four humans.

  35. I have mixed feelings about the flag. I am an American Southerner, proud to be, and identify with the ideas of the confederacy, which despite what you may have been taught, were NOT slavery. The north didn’t take away slavery from the south. Until 4 years later when the war was drawing to an end, and Lincoln wanted to change the violent attack on fellow brothers and sisters into a fight to end slavery and he quickly penned the Emancipation Proclamation.
    That being said, this particular flag was not the flag of the Confederate States of America. This was the Battle Flag of Northern Virginia. It’s an odd choice for those who want to remember their history. Who knows, perhaps it just became popular starting with civil war reenactors and it was picked up because it looks cool.
    My main problem with the flag is how it was used over the 1960s – 1980s. The flag which was rarely seen during the first half of the 1900s was quickly adopted by segregationists and violent racists after the Civil Rights Act was passed in the 60s. I saw the movie Selma recently (a great film) and the flag was used to intimidate and taunt blacks right before they were attacked and sometimes killed. Clearly, to anyone around during the 60s, the flag was a symbol of hate.
    What’s the answer? Probably the best thing is to give up the “symbol of hate” flag and adopt another one, like the flag of the CSA itself, that has not been attacked and perverted by racists. There’s no need to ban anything or take flags down, just adopt a new flag (the old CSA flag) and it will be clear, anyone with this flag is proud of being southern, anti-federalist, and independent, and anyone with the battle flag is either taking part in a reenactment battle in Virginia or a hard core racist.

    1. That’s what I suspected. The Confederates wanted states to to keep their power and pass laws without the intrusion of the Federal government. At the time slaves were legal and they didn’t want the Feds telling them what they can or can not do. That’s why they were called rebels.
      If the Confederates won, I think eventually they would’ve ended slavery on their own.

      1. ”the south would have ended slavery on its own”
        It would have taken a grass roots revolt against the southern plantation slave bosses to end slavery in the south even if the south had won it’s war for independence.
        ALSO NOTE that the Confederacy was bankrolled by the French Rothschilds as a ploy to break up and divide the US. Most of the territorial US wasn’t taken by conquest but was simply bought and paid for with money. The US government paid France, Spain and Russia for most of what you see.No one’s forefathers fought and died for Alaska, the Northwest territory or the Louisiana purchase which comprise the majority of real estate contained in the US. Hell we bought Alaska for what it would cost to build a strip mall (price adjusted). What a deal. Except for the original 13 colonies, the majority of the land in the US was bought and paid for fair and square . . but . . and it’s a big BUUUTTT . . France wanted to RENIG on the Louisiana purchase. That’s right! . . France wanted control back . . so what do you do now? France bestowed Masonic gifts, the Washington monument and Statue of Liberty but still they wanted Louisiana back. It’s already ceded as a state within the nation of the US. You can’t just give it back. And neither can France just take it back.
        MEANWHILE . .The Dutch slave traders kept flooding the deep south with cheap third world slave labor and the southern mega ag businessmen, the plantation bosses who monopolized the southern labor market with an in house labor force that samsung would drool over, or otherwise known as the ‘old Dixie Mafia’ bought it. They bought the slaves and filled the land up to its eyballs with pureblood blacks from central Africa. The old southern mafia should all have been executed. The same blood runs today only they are the modern corporate bosses selling out all domestic and local jobs to cheap third world slave labor TO CHINA. The current crop of sell out globalist corporate mafiosos are THE SAME AS the old slave bosses of the 1800’s. Imagine if every business in town were run by a clone of Bill Clinton or Jeffrey Schilling (Enron shame). That was the old south.
        Back then a white immigrant family from Europe typically couldn’t find work in the south. Faced with starvation, many white families HAD ENOUGH so they packed wagons and headed west from the 1820’s through 1860’s. The rush to settle the west and escape the brazilification in the southeast and deep south commenced. The plantation boss mafia would take a war to stop and many new white families had no blood connection or vested interest in the south, so they ran westward. It’s sad that today there’s no more ‘west’ to retreat to.
        Basically, if the south ended slavery on its own, it would have been much smaller scale than the civil war and would have involved less bloodshead, and virtually NO northerner would have lost their life. It would have been more along the lines of southerners lynching and killing the mafia bosses and toppling the judiciaries. Many hangings and swordfights would have resulted. The plantation systems would have been easy targets for the transient mobs of unemployed whites. Fewer slaves would fight for their ag companies but many more whites WOULD fight for their new lands.
        Still the importation of blacks would have to be sabotaged and slave ships would have to be attacked, sunk or diverted. The Dutch slave traders were driving the market as much as the bidders at Charleston bay.
        It’s funny how the original settlers to the north were also Dutch and the puritan pilgrims who founded the town of New Amsterdam in the province of New Holland had no intention of populating the ‘new world’ with negroes.
        Later New Amsetrdam became New York town and then New York city under the British. The south would also have to follow Napoleon’s recent footsteps and chop heads in nearly every government post.
        IF ANY OF THIS had ever happened back then and the south had won, then the southern states would resemble the caribbean with some states turning to hellholes like Haiti and others resembling South Africa during its pre apartheid glory days when it was under original Dutch and British settlement. During the 1670’s when Jan VanReinbeek planted a ”wild almond hedge beyond which no ‘hottentot’ was to go”. Neighborhood fences in other words. Simple ‘custom’ cured the race question well back then. It wasn’t untill centuries later that Apartheid laws came. When any ‘laaah’ (law) is passed, then you know things are already out of control. Still the law is fucked and its practitioners exacerbate the problems as always. Useless eaters.

        1. “It would have taken a grass roots revolt against the southern plantation slave bosses to end slavery in the south even if the south had won it’s war for independence.”
          You based that on what? Once it was no longer economical to have slaves in agriculture (eg. motorization, tractors), they would have all been freed anyway. The Civil War was not about slavery– majority of southerners barely could feed their own families let alone own slaves, but history is indeed written by the victors.

        2. Right. White Southerners were impacted the worst by slavery which amounted to cheap third world slave labor being brought in to undercut local jobs. The slave bosses that ran the ag industry then would be like the contractors today who hire only illegals for half price to do construction and then do a regular ‘clean out’ by calling immigration on them and then bringing in a fresh crop of illegals. Keeping them flushed keeps them dirt cheap for their price demands. I disagree with employers who undercut the country in any way. They are no different than the dirtbags who sell out to China or the old southern slave boss monopolists that tried to make a buck and didn’t give a rat’s ass if the place became Haiti in a hundred years.

        3. Thanks for the detailed and thoughtful reply. I think industrial progression would have made in roads into the south which would have changed the culture in any case, but we will never know.
          “France wanted to RENIG on the Louisiana purchase.”
          France had troops in Mexico from 1861-1867. The US bascially told France get out or we are sending Gen. Grant south.
          Haiti— there used to be white people there up until 1804. What happened to them? Heh.
          The things they DON’T teach you in history classes.

        4. There used to be Native Indians in North America. What happened to them.
          I bet you don’t want that taught in classes anymore.

      2. Slavery ended peacefully in every nation in world history except the USA. So yes, it would have ended in the CSA. Brazil was the last country to dispose of slavery, in 1888. This was preceded by about 15 years of slaveowners voluntarily releasing slaves, until the law eventually banned slavery outright. It was basically a reasonable way to end a bad institution without murdering hundreds of thousands of people. We already saw abolitionist movements, freed slaves, and the banning of new importation of slaves in America, so slavery was already on its way out. The war merely adopted the banner of anti-slavery when Lincoln made his Emacipation Proclamation in 1863, in the midst of the Civil War.
        An interesting exercise in alternative history is to imagine how different race relations would be if southerners voluntarily accepted negroes into their society and realized slavery was wrong, instead of having it forced on them by northerners. Not to say that forced integration is wrong, but it does have the effect of creating a lot of hatred and backlash.

        1. Slavery is still going strong my friend. It just has higher standards and they’re called employees now.

    2. Your problem as that you admitted of being influenced by a fictional movie. Of course a movie with an agenda will portray blacks as the victims and whites as evil people. How the hell are you letting such a fictional movie influence you?

  36. And yet those losers in the Occupy Wall Street derelict camps a few years ago could display communist flags.

  37. So now there is a apparently a drive to change the name of “Lake Calhoun” in Minnesota because it is named after a Secretary of War who supported slavery.
    Fine SWJ Cunts,
    I demand the names of anything named after the war mongering, slave owning, Indian cannibals be changed. I want the entire US– form Alabama to Wyoming– scrubbed free of the blight that was the [Non] Native Stone-Age troglodyte

      1. Those facts are seldom brought up. I’ve got more respect for Malcolm X. He at least was honest about who he was. Gotta respect that.

  38. I should point this out: The GOP pushed to have the flag removed. I think this was some Realpolitik and distraction ops going on. Anyone else notice that with all this hoopla and faggotry over the Rebel flag, that nobody seems to remember Obama’s original talking point of gun control?

  39. I’m not southern or anything but all this whining makes me want to get a confederate flag just to piss off the pussies. Besides the confederate flag just looks cool. There is just something about it that’s very attractive to the eye. I think it’s all the red.

  40. Tired of a handful of white patsies and knee jerk opportunistic politicians trying to take our rights away.

  41. “how about we rename Washington D.C. as Martin Luther King D.C. because of George Washington’s undeniable racism? Or have some college professor-legislators posthumously declare Thomas Jefferson a rapist for having sex with the slave Sally Hemings?”
    You do realize that SJWs will take those suggestions seriously?
    “So why now, Walmart? If you wanted to do the right thing by history, why not do it 130 or 140 years after slavery was fully ended, not 150?”
    If Walmart wanted to do the right thing I suppose they could start by not selling clothes made by actual (modern day) slaves.

  42. 100+ murders in baltimore in 1 month,by blacks, using guns. No one says anything, no mention of gun control.
    1 white person murders in SC, gun control is mentioned and lets change everything speech starts.
    Dont believe the hype, spread the word on the hypocrisy of this weak PC styled Gov,
    Liberalism is a mental disorder.

    1. Wait if no one was saying how do you know about this? Where did you get your information? And do you care?

        1. I think you misunderstood what I was questioning–
          “100+ murders in baltimore in 1 month,by blacks, using guns. No one says anything, no mention of gun control.”
          Any quick 5 seconds google search would have brought up many articles on this subject.

    2. Conservatives are baby killers. Educated people support gun control nationwide and universal background checks with NO exceptions

    3. You mean that the government should wait until Whites catch up on murder? Interesting argument.

  43. Flying the “bars and stars” flag is on par with anyone want the Mexican Flag on public grounds. That flag doesn’t represent anything other than whatever some people want it to represent. It is not a State or National flag and as such it ought be flown on private grounds.

    1. A privately funded study group, with Jewish board members and funding say White Americans are Terrorists. No surprise there.
      Arizona State University
      Brown Advisory
      Carnegie Corporation of New York
      John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation
      Open Society Foundations ( GEORGE SOROS! AGAIN)
      Smith Richardson Foundation
      Chip Kaye, co-chair (Investment banker)
      Tom Freston (The shit head that brought you MTV)
      Fred Hassan (Wyeth Pharmaceticals)
      Rita Hauser (Jewish Lawyer)
      Bob Niehaus (Niehaus Center for Globalization and Governance)
      Big money, political elites and policy makers making the determination of who is “bad” for our best interests. Sure. I bet they care.
      American veterans fight bankers wars for corporate interests, get disillusioned and we are dangerous? Maybe because they come back battered, broken and maimed and can’t get health care and shoved in a fucking corner by politicians blindly supporting a war their kids won’t fight?
      Every white person who disagrees with this patently absurd, batshiat crazy demonization and race baiting should boycott and select a day not to come into work. This country would come to a screeching fucking halt.
      You have to be a bold fucking group of pricks to paint broad strokes like that. It says if you are born white you’re a terrorist at birth. That is some crazy shit.

  44. I see SJW on both side. One side hates the confederate flag while the other side loves it. First world problems!!!

  45. “Burn the Confederate Flag!” — says the effeminate bearded/pierced/tatooed hipster wearing a Che Guevara T-Shirt.

  46. Guys- an unrelated note- If you don’t want people to cyberstalk you at Disqus, make sure you set the privacy setting that keep your posting history private. Last night- I was cyberstalked by an obviously female Negro who succeeded in getting my posts banned at one certain site. One or two posts questioning “white privilege” was enough for her and her hamster-like cyberthug bullies to get going.

      1. But they’re always “happily married” and their husband just happens to be away at the moment…

    1. My theory on anything online is don’t give yourself the false pretense of security. Thanks to the Snowden documents we know that everything online is being tracked and recorded, so if I “hide” my settings, it gives me a false sense that things I said earlier can’t be linked with each other which is NOT true.
      So I keep everything open. And once every year or so, especially when I move, drop the account completely and use a new one. If someone brings up something I said that makes me feel uncomfortable (maybe I post in one forum that I like fishing and am going fly fishing in Minnesota next week) and someone brings it up on another forum, that’s a sign for me to drop the account and start a new one.
      When I had a Facecrook account, I had the same philosophy. I had my account entirely open, where you don’t have to be my “friend” to see anything. If we had real privacy, perhaps I would feel differently, but I treat every internet interaction as if it’s going on in a public place where everyone knows who I am.

      1. Good ideas, I was just referring to casual snooping, bullying by non-corporate entities.

  47. If you have any artistic talent whatsoever, use it against PC and make it public.

      1. Once Jessica’s egg was fertilized she went into full eating mode and turned into a waddling tank. Never lost that “baby weight”. God Bless America.

  48. Making a fuss over decorated cloth. About as functional as rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic.

  49. How is the confederate flag different than the nazi flag? And why the hell are AMERICAN GOVERNMENT displaying the flag of our foreign enemy the confederate states who nearly ruined the nation? You wouldn’t put a swasitka or imperial japan rising sun on a US state flag and fly it over capitol hill would you. If you want to fly any flag but american, GO BACK TO YOUR COUNTRY.

    1. The States have a right to their Sovereignty given that they have an elected board that represent the people! The flag is entirely different. The flag doesn’t exist because of slavery it exists because of Succession.

      1. Which is precisely why it should not be shown on government property. Why is the flag of a secessionist, seditionist, anti-american, terroristic group be raised on government property. It makes no sense. Should we fly the ISIS and Osama flag?

        1. This might be a hard concept to understand but America is not provincial. It is State based. Therefore each State has the right to change laws and policy. They also have the right to have symbols of identity. They can change the symbol but what is a symbol worth when do easily changed. Irony of this all is that the person who initiated this response was heavily into antique flags of former Aparheid States in Africa. Turning the flag into a symbol of hate may do well more to rally those moderates towards traditional ideals.

        2. That sounds like the same obtuseness Christians shows when they can’t get put the Ten Commandment in public buildings. What part of do it on your time and dime don’t some get? Yes an American has every right to raise a Nazi flag on his or her own private property however they can’t get the government to fly it on public property.

        3. This has nothing to do with your state’s right argument. You confederate jackasses lost a war and want to keep flying your flag. All you dummies did was destroy america and want to divide it further by flying a flag that isn’t an american one. How about we bomb you into the sea again? Should we fly an Isis flag too? So you feel we should fly an ISIS flag?

        4. Not to get too off topic here, but how did the CSA seceding from the USA “destroy America” ?
          And did the USA seceding from England “destroy England”?
          Oops didn’t see the part where you advocated murdering people who disagree with you, so I’m not expecting much rational discussion here.

        5. So what flag is appropriate on a confederate war memorial to dead confederate soldiers? You want to fly a union flag in confederate cemeteries. SJWs are out of control.

        6. 1 million dead, that was pretty bad, bankrupt the nation, 100+ years of racial terrorism and insurrection and violence. Did 1 million english men die fighting in the american revolution?

        7. Too bad the Union didn’t say “Okay, we respect your right to secede” and go about their merry way. They could have simply avoided the whole fucking issue. They didn’t, so that makes them the aggressors. So the Union pursued it, mainly over taxes and tariffs, in the process ensuring the deaths of not only their own citizens, but the citizens of another newly formed nation. Sounds about right. Par for the course.
          “That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness” –Declaration of Independence
          If you even retort with “Lincoln went to war to free the slaves” shit, it will confirm your grasp of history is extremely limited and you piecemeal shit together for your “holier than thou” narrative.

        8. The states didn’t have a right to secede. If they don’t pay taxes and tariffs then they need to be thrown in jail, no one gets a free ride. The confederates were a terroristic anti-american organization with the likes of ISIS and al qaeda. You cannot defend flying one and not the other’s flag.

        9. “The states didn’t have a right to secede.”
          Yes they do. Your ignorance about history, constitutional law and civics is astoundingly absurd. Which libtard institution baby sat you in your youth?

        10. So you’re saying you are more knowledgeable that the authors and signatories of the Declaration of Independence and the sole arbiter of truth when it comes to defining terrorists?
          You have drank from the bubbling cesspool of fanaticism and intoxicated with looking for demons and terrorists.

        11. “Cortez the Killer” likely doesn’t understand that a “Confederation” is a political union or league with a small central government and the first America government was established under the Articles of Confederation on July 12 1776 and ratified in 1781. It is said the Iroquois Confederacy of the “Six Nations” could have been the inspiration for the US model. It was completely independent and existed before a formal government existed.

        12. That’s all PC bullshit. Now they’re saying the rebel battle flag is “mean spirited” but the CSA flag is “historical”. So change flags for the moment. But this is sliding down a slippery slope. Somebody’s feelings are always going to be hurt no matter what you do. The shooter wore a gold’s gym shirt in his pic. Gold’s gym pushed him over the edge?

        13. The states never had a right to secede unless the federal government ok.ed it, which it didn’t

      2. That sounds suspiciously like the “the Federal Government has to support freedom of religion but the individual States can have state religions” argument. Strange how it’s never “the Federal Government can’t interfere with gun rights but the States can pretty much ban all guns if they can get the votes” argument.
        To say that particular Confederate Flag represented the noble causes the Virginian Army felt were worth dying for doesn’t make any more sense than flying we ought to fly the Nazi flag because of the noble sacrifices made the ordinary Nazi soldier and has nothing to with supporting Nazi leadership and their ideologies. The C.S.A. were the enemy of the Union, lost and as such isn’t an official American flag.

        1. It has nothing to do with the hyperbolic argument that says we shouldn’t fly a nazi flag. Lets take another hyperbolic example. If North
          America created a Super State like the EU with Mexico for reading power and then made the Mexican flag a symbol of hate for past wars that they have lost some may see that as “washing history.” Your hyperbolic example is identical.

        2. U.S. buildings have no business flying non-U.S. flags and that particular flag was never a U.S. flag and never will be. It is by definition an anti-Union flag and thus probably ought to have less protection than, say, the Mexican flag.

  50. I am curious, how many people who are pro confederate flag, would also support states changing their state flag to the isis flag or al qaeda flag? What about the nazi flag and imperial japanese flag? Soviet russia, communist china, north korea, why don’t we fly all our enemies flags on government property?

    1. Why would a U.S. state fly the flag of ISIS? The Confederate flag is part of Southern U.S. history and culture, ISIS isn’t.

  51. This says the stage for the next foreseeable action, which would be the banning of firearms nationwide.
    Then America will be no different than the countries surrounding it. Only they will still insist we are free.

  52. Confederate leaders in the USA are vilified while in Canada rebels like Louis Riel are canonized. It is a political phenomenon.

  53. I’d like to know why Walmart bans the flag but doesn’t stop selling guns. If that’s the logic of the senior management what will they do when the next mass shooting takes place and there’s no Confederate flag to blame.

    1. I for one am glad major retailers aren’t going to offer the Confederate Battle Flag to 95% of the white people that didn’t want it anyway. That’s it! Racism is over, when they stopped selling a flag.
      Walmart can still offer shitty products from China, low wages and limit full time hours to avoid benefits. Amazon can still have brutal working conditions in their warehouses. Apple can still offshore their labor to China and capital to Ireland. They can continue their business practices and disingenuously take the high road while still being full of shit.

    2. Excellent point. Especially handguns (do they sell handguns?) which aren’t used for hunting. Perhaps that will be next. Didn’t K Mart already stop selling ammo?

  54. Is this young lady now to be barred from riding public transportation? Or better yet, try telling her boyfriend that they cannot enter walmart if you dare. In fact walmart was selling Duck Dynasty stuff like crazy and I think I saw confederate art clothing at one time or another, cap with design art.

  55. The Confederate flag is no more a symbol of oppression than the Israeli flag. Why aren’t there calls for that to be banned too?

    1. Because Confederate flag wavers are anti-israel white people and must be wiped…

  56. The spirit of the Battle Flag for people in the South isn’t fueled by racism ,but instead by the willingness to Rebel against the status quo. Yes, racist use it too, but when southerners talk about heritage they for the most part are referring to the regional pride for how we do things in the South. We should wave the Battle Flag proud and use it to rebrand the fight against these Leftist Looneys in office everywhere. Let anyone who wants to wave, whatever their race, brandish it in the face of the Left. They’re citing the historical wrongs it represents , lets wave it in their face and write a new narrative to add to that history. Let everyone who believes that the USA should carry the values of the Anglo-sphere that created this country wave the Battle Flag in their commie faces. If you speak our language and believe in our values you’re a Rebel too at this point..

  57. Some of the debates with white guilters, SJW’s, and super libbies on the matter have been comical. Inform them that at the end of the war, Abe Lincoln designated Liberia for the slaves since they could not integrate into our society correctly, they ignore or obfuscate. Inform them that the Civil War and by extension, the Confederate Flag had to do with State’s Rights (Confederacy had their own money system and government setup which was running just fine) and they ignore or obfuscate. What is sad is people caving to this group. Stand your ground to these simps!

    1. The modern historians called SJW’s get their education from Cable TV “Dramatic” re-enactments, documentaries, and twitter. Passing around talking points from their Liberals overlords.

  58. This whole shooting was a race baiting hoax/gun control agenda in the first place fuck ROK for continuing this bullshit. This isn’t redpill this is inside the fucking box and falling for lies.

    1. I heard the shooter was originally going to hit the local college but he thought the security there was too tight, so he chose a church as softer target. This is like some guy shooting up a movie theater and blaming batman. SJWs are exploiting this.

  59. One reason the Deep South is the laughingstock of the United States is that rednecks keep the confederate flag. You lost the war to keep slaves. In the past the US was owned by native Americans, England Spain, France and Russia. None of those flags are our flags.

    1. The state of hawaii has the british flag incorporated into their state flag. That’s insensitive to past victims of british colonialism. It could “trigger” negative feelings in native islanders. How cruel to fly it on public property. The outrage.

      1. David Garett is an idiot. Many residents want confederate era flags off state flags. My Hawaii residents want the uk Union Jack off the Hawaii flag.

        1. You can give me all your one dollar bills, because there’s a picture of a slave owner on them. Then you’ll feel better.

        2. You’re a brain dead imbecile. Anyone in favor of a confederate flag is a brain dead imbecile who gets no respect from non redneck white trash racists. The majority of Americans whether they vote or not feel as I do. Fuck the confederate apologist sympathizers and fuck the white supremacists. This has NOTHING to do with pickup game or men’s rights.

        3. You sound exactly like the “brain dead imbecile redneck racists” you criticize you “non redneck white trash racists.”
          You a teenager? Go outside and play. Adults are talking.

        4. Rachel Dolazel? She covers most everything – black, female, white, weirdo. How about Bruce TransJenner?

        5. My apologies, for calling you a teenager. You seem to have a drinking problem judging by your tone with me and others. I wish you the best of luck in recovering.

        6. Yeah my vote would be for Jenner. Especially since they don’t have any specific accomplishment they want to reward, just “give something to a woman”
          Actually now that I’m thinking about it, who the hell could they pick? If you had to pick the most influential woman in US history who would it be? Helen Keller? She was a brave blind woman I guess.. Amelia Earhart? Learned to fly a plane.. Audrey Hepburn? OK Fine but all she really did was entertain us, a strange pick to put on money, plus she represents a traditional female that is shunned by today’s feminism. I’m really drawing a blank here.

      1. Dipshit the US GOVT has treaties with Native American tribes and nations. They still exist. It has no treaties with the confederate states of America which does not exist outside of idiots brains.

        1. It did have a treaty with the CSA, you ignorant fuck. The treaty was laid out at Appomattox Court House. The defeated shitbag indians should not be given anything more than the defeated CSA.

        2. Wrong Asshole. Read a fucking history book.
          Now remove the names and privileges of “failed defeated nation” that was those retarded stone aged indians .

        3. Hot tip, it exists because those people say it exists. The government really has no power (except for force) to say if someone/thing exists or does not.

    2. Laughing stocks? The deep south has the healthiest economy and people are moving there in droves.
      Stick your bigotry up your yankee ass.

        1. ‘they like the sun, too’ ~ warmer climates yes – given to fish and fruit liken to immediate gratification… no long term planning necessary for survival – fast forward 60K years and you have a difference in adaptation strategies for survival – take your pick – but know – one has a brain frozen into ‘superior weaponry’ and ‘technology’ and one does not.

  60. Once the flag is gone it’ll be easier to take the guns. The USGov’t is trying to take the guns away from the US population and is repeatedly met with the attitude: “come and take them” which backs the Gov’t down from direct confrontation, door to door search and seizure, likely resulting in Civil War II… so taking the flag of those most readily willing to defend their US Constitutional right to bear arms is another proximal attack on values, traditions and culture thereby weakening the resolve and purpose of those defending their Constitutional rights.

    1. Funny. The first gun control laws where enacted with Klan help to prohibit black folk from being armed in the post-war South. Former slave owners where no dummies. They knew revenge is a dish best served with lead.

      1. don’t know [ignorant] about first gun control laws so whatever you say but the black folk are certainly armed now and the death rates stats are in. Care to comment on who’s killing who and how?

        1. As a gun owner, I’m all for stronger measures of gun control. Mandatory background checks are a good start. But the hysterical gun nutters wet themselves that every attempt to legislate the slightest restriction on gun ownership is part of an historic attack on liberty. Yuk yuk.

      2. revenge? really? study history boy – everyone is entitled to some revenge.

  61. Apple is now removing computer games from its app store with civil war themes. SJW hysteria has hit new extremes.

  62. Never mind the confederate flag. We need to ban puddin bowl haircuts. Maybe don’t allow anyone with that haircut to purchase or own a gun.

  63. Golly. I wonder if your grand-dad had written a piece about the narcissism of Rosa Parks when she inspired millions to fight segregation in 1955. Of course, she wasn’t the first to do so. But just as it took 100 years for white people in the south to care again about the Confederate Battle Flag with the advent of the civil rights era, everything has a tipping point.
    Yes, now some folks want to play the Civil War Revisionist Game and fight the war all over again. Gee, isn’t that what x-box is for?
    Yes, the Civil War was about economics.
    Yes, the Civil War was about States Rights.
    But the CSA lost and we’re never going back. We’re all Americans now.
    Why so-called champions of the free market would symbolically defend a state’s right to protect a slave economy is beyond reason.

  64. Maybe someone can do a better job than I did, but I thought it was time to kick back.

  65. Closest racist, we have mass shootings every other week it seems and racist violence continues to go down all the time. We glorify the Old South and the Confederate emblems down here like you would not even believe (I am from a small town in Alabama by the way). Your life will not change as a result of the Confederate flag coming down. YOU are sensationalizing that removing said flag will cause us to forget our history, have women make men slaves, dogs and cats living together…MASS HYSTERIA!!! So to take another line from a Bill Murray move, lighten up Frances…

  66. If I had lived back during the days of the Civil War I would have fought for the North but I doubt the Confederate flag has been singled out for the beliefs of those who fought under it but has been singled out as a focus point to justify the twisted modern beliefs of the Left many of whom seem to believe they’re still in the 1960s.

  67. No White man worth the name should be willing to lift a finger to defend this nation and, especially, the government.
    Let the diversity do it.

  68. Hey Dylan Roof I thought you were a virgin. How did your white supremacist trash redneck inbred buddies manage to take over the manosphere?

  69. It’s funny because removing a symbol doesn’t automatically remove the underlying issues. Let the south keep their flag.

  70. The fact that that flag can be removed so easily after a single, isolated incident just proves that double standards exist against white people and everything that is associated with them.

  71. I deeply sympathize with the Confederate flag. But as a Canadian, it would make very little sense for me to own one. If I was an American southerner, I would get one without of a doubt with pride.

  72. Possibly the flag flap is a distraction by people who aren’t really going to do anything…and what could they really do? Or it could be an attempt by the administration to motivate Confederate oriented people to commit more murders, giving the dictator the excuse he wants to start military law. Or both. You can’t ever trust any government bastards and their useful idiots.

    1. I don’t think the church shooting was “manufactured”. But the response to it has been wag the dog. People are getting played.

  73. Firstly, what that person did to those people in the church was morally wrong and evil. But how does the Confederate Flag relate to this awful crime? Just because the guy was a bigoted psychopath who proudly displayed the flag?
    I don’t agree with what the flag represents but it does not give credence to use that sick crime as an excuse to expunge the flag from existence.

  74. Somebody needs to call bullshit on this. When that korean shot up virginia tech nobody tried to exploit the tragedy for political advantage. Nobody said the TV show MASH was politically incorrect.

    1. “The South Korean Flag in a symbol of hate. That Korean is representative of all Koreans.”
      I guess SJWs were disappointed he wasn’t white because it didn’t fit the narrative.

  75. All we need now is some lunatic to go shoot up an Indian Reservation, to remind everyone of the oppression and bigotry the American flag stands for. As a white Southerner I obviously can’t fully understand what the Confederate flag means to a black person, but to my way of thinking it stands for a lot of things, good and bad, like pretty much every other flag ever flown.
    It bothers me that every other ethnic group is encouraged to celebrate their history and embrace their heritage and be proud of their ancestors and where they came from, but if you’re white suddenly it’s a shameful thing or even gets you called a supremacist.

  76. I researched Communist Soviet Union Flags on eBay and Amazon, go figure- plenty of results for under $10. Under this flag, leaders like Lenin put 85-100 million people to death.
    Yet a flag from my great great great great great Uncle’s work is unavailable to me.
    Online retailers’ hypocrisy to simply cave under politically relevant circumstances is alarming.
    Should Soviet Union flags be available for anyone to buy?

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