331 thoughts on “The Sterile Behavior Of Girls Who Party At Night”

  1. On the contrary Roosh it is very evolutionary as its aggregate whole, because those girls, who are predominantly white, form part of the white race that is currently being defeated by the muslims and other races in the evolutionary battle. The fact that white guys prefer to hook up with these girls rather than girls who want children results from the guys’ unconscious realization that they cannot provide for a family (due to those other races taking their resources having won).
    Obviously this is a generalization, but it is true.

    1. So black and hispanic females don’t act this way? Or much, much worse, even?

        1. The Cesspit pussy in this vid caused the police car to die of aids two minutes later …
          Innocent bystanders caught in the crossfire of cesspit pussy, were also medevac’d for emergency eye bleach & decontamination …

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        3. Honey, you can make way more dancing at Spearmint Rhino gentleman’s club. *Wink wink.

    2. Yes, the whole intent of affirmative action was to make colored men better prospects for reproduction. It was designed to ensure a good fraction of white men will never be able to reproduce.

    3. This of course has been a project in the making since a very long-time ago,probably worth an article on it’s own.
      The Occult Plot to Idealize Women – And Yes all woman, but the Anglo world are the cheerleaders.
      “Over 160 years ago, the Freemason August Comte
      wanted to perfect society by removing men from procreation.
      At the same time, women would be elevated to “goddess” status.
      This occult vision has succeeded in destabilizing modern society.”

  2. I will assume that when Roosh says the girls are presenting themselves at these places, it is only to 10-15% of males. Must be fantastic to be born a mesomorph with a thick head of hair and prominent jawline.

    1. And tall don’t forget tall. When you see a woman with a low life scum 99% of the times he is tall. You never see a 5’5 drug dealer with a beauty unless he is a high rank drug cartel narco.

      1. I don’t know about that.
        I’m 6’1″ and that never did me one bit of good.
        The “mini-hulks” seem to get hot girls, though.

        1. BS
          Women don’t like muscular men.
          Only faggots like burly he men. Or maybe women did in the 1980s with Arnold and shit.
          Not in 2017.
          Who do women keep raving is sexy? Skinny as a bean pole faggots like Obama and Trudeau

        2. My friend was social and muscular. He slayed like a porn star. Myself, tons of strange women squeeze my arms and at times ass when I head to bars. Being ripped has tons of advantages and makes it easier to wear fitted clothes. Fitted clothes is the real secret sauce to get women wet and them naked at your place later.

        3. If your friend was social, he could have gotten the same result without ever lifting a weight in his life.

        4. Also, when was this?
          There has definitely been a change in what women desire physically in a man. The big juiced up look of Rambo and Arnold and Hulk Hogan back in the 80s/90s has been replaced with slender man look a likes, softer, more androgynous etc

        5. I truly wish big / muscular guys were getting girls. The only attention being jacked up has gotten me is from old women and faggots. I regret ever setting foot in the gym.

        6. Jeez man!! That is hella weird! I fight as well and got several interests going for me. Socially, I’m an asshole and hilarious, just depends if I want to extend myself. You need a bunch of layers other than just being ripped. Dress well, and have a tattoo that accentuates your cuts or shows you went through some pain if you are very ripped. Women, love contrasts. Makes them feel like they are learning deep things about you.
          I see exactly the demographic you are saying gets no girls at sporting events all the time, with some of the most gorgeous girls around.
          Believe it or not, there is a lot to be said for seeing what you fear everywhere.

        7. Last year into this year. He got a few girls before but the women he got jumped up a grade when he added some muscle to his body. Maybe he stands 6’1. I am roughly 5’7 and have little trouble attracting women. Sometimes I fail to convert but on any day I can go out and meet women.
          When I talked about my fighting alone, my count of lays went down. But when they ladies learned about me fighting after seeing my social skills and seeing my array of social knowledge, the fighting made them eager for me to sleep with them.
          Your body is less the trophy and more the cherry on top. It can not be your selling point but if you get your social game on point, you’ll have no shortage of women eager to get a feel. On young girls, screen out all the weirdos. Any woman who has long hair and less visual tattoos should be dateable in the traditional way, even if she turns out to be a slut later you should still have general success with your look. Just make the muscles the icing. Women are slightly vocal now about being intimidated about you if you try to just show muscles to them.

        8. She looks 35 to you? Where do you live where 35 year olds look like this? I’m in Saint Louis, MO, and women in their 30s here look god-awful

        9. Here, they don’t care what you look like, or how old you are, they just want money. The muscles are for me, I work out for myself.
          The girls want girly looking Korean pop stars …. but they wouldn’t give those guys a discount. Everyone has to pay!

        10. I wouldn’t even look at a girl that big, you need a trip out to Thailand or the Philippines to see what slim young girls really look like, out here a girl that size would probably be 45 years old. I have an absolute 50Kg maximum.

        11. Now I know you’re full of shit, or highly delusional LOL You don’t have a minimum if you have to resort to going to Thailand or the Philippines. If you go for smaller than that girl you must be into lil 10 year olds. 50kg is only 110 lbs….so you’re into lil 5 ft skinny girls with the bodies of young boys?

        12. You have the resolve of soaking wet toilet paper. Obama and Trudeau are both over 6 feet tall. Tall and lean muscular build is most attractive to women. If you can’t make that work, then it’s your own doing.

        13. Who do women keep raving is sexy? Skinny as a bean pole faggots like Obama and Trudeau

          I’m not so sure that means much as there’s no such thing as a woman who doesn’t love gay men.
          Though I don’t quite disagree with your point, women have expressed interest in feminized men and too many men have obliged them.

        14. Actually I do have a minimum weight …. 40Kg (can’t fit inside ones smaller than that). My wife (Thai) weighs 50Kg now (and considers herself tall at 5’2″), I tell her if she gets any bigger, she’s gone.
          5′ would be quite tall for a Filipino girl, most of those I ‘dated’ were around 4’8″- 4’10” and around 43Kg. Thai girls are a bit taller, around 5′ 2″ and nearer 50Kg.
          My mates and I had a competition last year, who could bang the smallest (not youngest) girl. I was winning with a 38Kg lady aged 27, then my mate banged a 32 year old weighing 36Kg. We did find a 22 year old weighing 34Kg ……. but neither of us had the enthusiasm to actually continue at that point, and i conceded the game to him.

        15. “My wife (Thai) ”
          You married a monkey faggot ? 😂😂😂
          You’re a total joke.

        16. The Balkans …….. countries where the men are so weak, every foreign army that ever passed through conquered them, and fucked their women.
          Native Balkan = 1/2 Russian and 1/2 German.

        17. Dude, why don’t you travel to Norway/Netherlands and get a wife from there? Women there are quite tall and the height difference will be smaller. And they tend to be pretty. You can even find religious chicks. Cheer up!

        18. Yeah sure our past is brutal and all but yours is bright (assuming you are a white american or smth). Did you really have to dig so low down the evolutionary tree to find yourself a wife ? Have some self-respect man. If you are black though congrats , you did an upgrade.

        19. But these girls are hot as hell. 5,1 and 90 lbs is perfect if the face is cute.

        20. Nowadays the most masculine men among europeans with their balls still intact. You will all thank us when Balkans is the last white bastion left , and you need a safe place to escape the escape the white genocide in the globalist hell known as “The West”.
          Sorry to dissapoint you but I’m a decendant of a very native population who has been living in a deep corner where no foreign army ever bothered to reach. Legend says we have been living there undiluted for many milleniums.

        21. She looks over 30 🙂
          That is the main reason why the prejudice are bad thing. Genetics is the #1
          People who look young will look young until mid age. Nowadays, there are lots of 22 years old who looks over 30.

        22. Native Balkan people are on a par with gypsies, nothing to boast about there. I’d rather the white race die out than breed with gypsies.
          As for the hell that is the west ……. I don’t live there, I’ve already escaped to SEA, you can keep the Balkans for yourself.

        23. Actually, men from Serbia, Croatia, Montenegro etc are very tall. It is ordinary to see people over 2 meters tall.
          I am 210 cm, and I was not the tallest one in my school. 😉
          Greetings from Balkanian (partly Jewish, too) 🙂

        24. I have no idea what you’re talking about faggot. I have pale white skin , blue eyes , brown hair and so do all my family and relatives. Not a drop of gypsy blood in me.
          I bet you feel good about yourself among the primitive hominids in sea don’t you. What a pathetic way for a white man to live , handing your fatherlands to blacks and browns and escaping for jungle.

        25. Finding thin men hot because of status is a rationalized decision. They can have power, money, status or the approval of others when politically correct and praised by the media. Doesn’t mean that she will want to procreate with these men. Animalistic instincts is what will get her wet, not the marxist hipster.

        26. Balkans ? Most of them are unsophisticated but hard people man.
          Sure, they got their share of degeneract by contact with the worst aspects of western and easttern world, but most of them are more masculine than 90% of our actual youth.
          I’m not from those régions, but i know a bunch of those people.
          It’s a easy thing to brag about weaknes on the internet, but most balkan famillies have a direct history with wars, partisans from one of the multiple sides, with actual conflicts.
          Vedettas are comon place, and some Balkan contries have terrible reputation about the insane ferocity of their population.
          As an example, if you tell an Albanian about being part this and that, there are chances he will try to beat you to pulp.
          And chances that his entire bloodline will actively hunt you if you win the fight.
          Not very civilised, but weak ? I doubt it.

        27. Well, I was in my teens/early 20s in the 80s, so that culture and mentality did have a huge effect on me.
          But even now, I see the ex jocks and frat boy bond traders getting the hottest girls. These guys are usually big ex college athletes.

        28. Is that your picture?
          You seem to be a mesomoprh with a prominent jaw. 2 out of 3 ain’t bad…

        29. There’s a lot of grey area between what you’re describing and that girl.

        30. Ah stop the paedo-bashing already, that’s for feminazis. As a short, not so well endowed man I also tend to prefer petite women whose pussy can at least be a tight fit. No actual kids get hurt if you go for a grown woman who just looks a bit like that.

        31. You actually ask them to stand on a scale? How do you do that tactfully?

        32. Strangely enough, when you meet a girl in SEA, you first ask her name, age, weight and how many kids she has (and how much to go home with you). No tact involved, you ask and they answer truthfully.
          Can’t really imagine that happening in the west, but that’s how it works here.
          They do lie about their age. At Christmas I purchased a perfect 10 aged 22 for the night (43Kg, 5’2″) amazing body, next morning she rushed off with “oh fuck I’m late for school” ….. goddamn it!

        33. It’s genetics. A good fit feels better because it’s what nature intended.

        34. I always make it a point to mention the two fistfights I’ve been in. Avoid details, change the subject — that gets her juices flowing. It doesn’t even have to be true.

        35. I’m bald too. I look like the guy who played “The Mummy”…Asian escorts tell me that all the time…

      2. BS
        I see tons of girls with short guys no taller than they are.
        I never see tall guys with attractive women. Most of the time they are alone.

        1. Put numbers to that statement. more than 1.80m is desired , 1.85m is perfection. Below 1.80 is a manlet, above 1.90 you are ugly big foot freak if you are not in shape. What’s your height?. if you are above average all guy taller than you will be in the freak show category with ugly (usually tall too) girlfriend.

        2. Yeah 1.80m / 6’0″ (the conversion isn’t exact, the psychological round number barrier matters in both metric or imperial systems) is the absolute cutoff. Those guys who say height doesn’t matter because they see girls with men approximately the same height are probably both above that threshold.

        3. Short guys are more agressive. They open more and therefore probably break even with the tall hansom fellas.

      3. Confidence, being a smooth talker, future projections, humor, muscles and money/ambition (future prospect of wealth) can get you really really far. Not every girl is looking for a 6′ guy.

        1. Let’s assume for a while that you are right, how is that supposed to reassure me that I can game girls? I lack those attribute like wit, smooth talking etc as much as I lack height or looks and these can’t be learnt easily. In fact you need to be creative to have wit (come up with new things never said before etc)

        2. Grooming and your body is the first bastion of self esteem. You got to start somewhere. Maybe start lifting weights, eating better or do something different to get more confident like martial arts. Don’t know if you have glasses, but those should be traded in for lenses asap. A good haircut is not difficult to get. Better to have a few outfits that are really good than to have lots of mediocre clothes. And watch the shoes. Girls really dig the smell of money, so wear formal leather (brown) shoes. They will see the details. It’s not that saying “be confident” is going to fix anything. You will have to do work. And RoK has great articles to help you with that. But it will take energy. More so that than time or money.
          Gaming girls is just portraying your masculinity. Best place: on the street.

        3. Just start small. Be more social. Make conversation with one stranger every day. Ask a dumb question about the weather or location youre at. Everytime that person answers a question, you give your opinion, then ask another question. Keep going until you hit a trigger… Something thats funny or something that they have a strong opinion on.
          You’ll get there. Gamify it. Learn to feed off of social energy.

      4. This. This. This 1000 times. Those height deniers probably sell PUA material or get a cut on sales or something. It’s either that or they falsely attribute more weight to their game they went to great lengths to learn while denying that it is their height that did the job and game only magnified their success.

        1. Im taller and i see plenty of short dudes beat me to the punch. That napoleon complex makes some guys more aggressive.

        2. Most guys overestimate their height by as much as two inches and most women cannot tell difference if a guy lied about their height by at most 2 inches.
          So a dude who is 6’1″ can lie and say 6’3″ and have most people believe him.
          I know a 5’10” buddy who gets away with saying 6’0″.

        3. You can’t get away when you look 5’7″. That just looks small in the crowd. That’s what it’s about.

        4. Correct. Most girls today even stand way taller than 5’7″.
          I would say that it would work for guys who are 5’10” and above.

        5. I’m 5’11, was measured on my Army physical before I went in, and I just say 6 because women can’t tell, and it’s faster than saying 5’11. They aren’t going to check my license, either.

        6. exactly! They can’t tell the difference of one inch and some guys are going to be 5’10” and half inch or 5’10” and 3/4 inch for example and not like flat 5’10” or 5’11” as there are guys who are on the decimal to be exact so most guys just round it up to the ‘nearest height’ anyways.

    2. It is actually. And like Duncan said, tall too.
      That’s no excuse for giving up or being a victim. Buck up man.

      1. yeah ok then please explain why during my recent midwest tour I saw only Asian couples and all the tall fit white dudes were alone or walking in packs / groups with each other.
        Being tall / muscular means exactly fuck all today. If anything, women will prefer the short Asian or Jew looking fella who looks like he makes $100k a year at fuckbook or as a quant trader. Some lumberjack looking fuck is going to look like he’s poor as fuck.
        Asian women, and increasingly white women, associate masculinity with being blue collar, and that means a poorer lower standard of living (in womens’ eyes).
        You want to know what the future looks like? Thin gracile androgynous men getting the women.

        1. Not true. Women want the tall muscular confident rich guy every time. So try your best to fit that description.

        2. Trying looking like a short Jewish accountant type who DOESN’T even make lots of money at all. I went from divorced beta male to omega male ever since the Tinder/FB times.

        3. Confirmation Bias. You’re a walking case of it, writ large.
          I’m all and muscular and see your observations as utter rubbish. And the guys walking around the Arnold this last weekend all had extremely hot girls on their arms (not the butch dykes, rather, the fitness model types). Simply put, you’re full of beans but too damned stubborn to engage in any kind of honest introspection, because that might lead to “doing something” outside of being a victim.
          Not going to drag this out with you. Get some fucking self respect and dignity.

        4. You can always turn it around. Hit the gym, cut the carbs, and get someone to help you with personal style and grooming.

        5. I’d have to agree. It seems to me like a lot of women these days are more likely to be afraid of a big guy than attracted to him.. I think it’s because of the feminazis’ constant barrage of ” all men everywhere are evil oppressors and rapists.”

      2. Whoa, when I have ever played the part of “victim”???
        I am very honest on this site.
        I do what I have to do to get laid (ie. paying for it) because I recognized very early on that I was not given the necessary physical attributes to ever be able to compete with said mesomorphs. Just because I am honest about this does not mean I am jealous of the alphas, or “whining” about my lot in life. I have
        never “whined” and I never will.
        BTW, I am 6’1″, 170 and I exercise 4 days a week. I keep myself in decent shape for my age.
        When was in my 20s I was 185 and lifted weights 2 hours a day & had 17.5 inch biceps. Even so, I was still an ectomorph and always will be.
        Lastly, a question for you.
        I made a factual observation regarding the preferences of attractive females, an observation with which you agreed. How in the hell does that make me a victim?

        1. Lifting 2 hours a day? Wow how do some people have this stamina? I can’t do more than, say, 8 reps in a row, need to rest 1 hour, then another 8 reps etc but for a total of maybe 24 – 32 reps but more is physiologically impossible for me.

        2. I grab the bar and lift my own weight up & down, 8 times in a row.

        3. I’m 51 now. Was able to do it in my 20s but now I do mostly body weight stuff (pushups, dips leg raises/ab work, deep knee bends+ + a little bit of weight. My “ectomorphic” rotator cuffs + golf elbow has taken its toll…

        4. When I am at the bar I mainly lift 12 ounces. After about 50 reps someone else carries me out.

    3. No, it actually isn’t fantastic.
      Women will assume you’re a “player” and simply won’t trust you. You know the girl I lost my virginity to thought I had been with dozens of women before her?
      On the other hand, women will be attracted to ugly short men because they think these men are safe bets who can’t do any better. Of course, since all women think this way, it’s the short ugly guys who are rolling in it and it’s the tall handsome guys who are always alone.

      1. jeez Pabst, didnt GOJ tell you to ditch the doom and gloom outlook a while back?
        im not attacking you, but jeez man

        1. He had GOJ AND Lolknee in his corner and he still wont change….
          “you can lead a horse to water, but you cant make him stop being a bitch…”

      2. “On the other hand, women will be attracted to ugly short men”
        Not sure where you live, that you are seeing this type of thing. Come to NYC and go to any trendy rooftop bar or similar place. And then count how many hot young girls you see with ugly men. short or otherwise. It will be a very low count, and for the ones that do, the guy will be spending loads and loads of cash.

        1. He does live in New York. His attitude set him up to think like this. From past comments he is white, tall, muscular, degreed up from an Ivy League school, and has a possible very high IQ. And was once engaged. Then one day the Fire Nation rolled through and everything changed….

      3. There’s something deeply fucked up either where you live or your perceptions.

      4. “On the other hand, women will be attracted to ugly short men because they think these men are safe bets who can’t do any better. ”
        That’s me and nope, I have ZERO success.

    4. “Must be fantastic to be born a mesomorph with a thick head of hair and prominent jawline.”
      Even that doesn’t work anymore. These hoes are only throwing themselves to the bouncers , bartenders and DJs. Hell I bet that even the short black guy who stays at the toilet door and keeps them clean swims in pussy.
      Every other guy at the club is automatically labelled a creep.

    5. Shave your head, grow a beard, hit the gym and stop complaining.
      Manhood achieved.

      1. You’re just as bad as Ghost of Jefferson – who never answered my question by the way.
        Who’s complaining???!!!
        I state a factual observation and you think it is a complaint?
        – I do shave my head.
        – I exercise 4x week.
        – I use my money to bang hot young 9 & 10 escorts.
        – I am 51 but most people think I am in my early to mid 30s.
        Geez, I compliment the alphas by telling them what a great life they have and they go nuts…sheesh!!!

        1. Sounds…
          You are interpreting too much.
          Sure, my second comment OF COURSE is somewhat defensive. I was accused of being a complainer & a “victim”. Annoying. I am neither. I am a realist. An omega who knows his limitations and stays within them. I use my omega intellect to make cash, and use that cash to get pussy. There is no bitterness in truth and reality.

        2. You were accused of being what you sound like. I find it difficult to interpret your comment in any way other than whining.

        3. I do not care how you interpret it.
          I know how I meant it and that is all that matters to me.
          I have no control over your thought process, nor do I want any.
          Have a good night.

    6. Its not height, its not muscles…the most important feature that gets girls attention is face and head, james dean, brad pitt, becham, t cruise, j depp ,clooney are not tall juice heads but they make their panties wet

  3. Old grey beards at night clubs …….. give it up, you’re way too old for that.
    Not sure a night club is the place for any man to look for a wife.
    Someone your age looking for a wife needs to look elsewhere.

    1. Right. Going to a speeddating-event would even be better. What 30+ y.o man wants to torture himself with loud music, sweaty hot air, expensive drinks and a lack of lighting. You need to see the merchandise right.

  4. Looks like an understanding of the variety of the market preferences is coming about. The risk, the cost, and the reward rather than just doing whatever it takes to get laid.

  5. Looking forward to that book, Roosh, and expecting your magnum opus. At least hoping for some more commentary I can appreciate. Your conversational distancing from evolution interests me, because I tend to like irreducible complexity theory. I think Mark was right, in your book. You’re a leader of men. I hope you don’t have to walk it alone so long to learn what you need to share with people who will hear you. Sounds like you have gone through a serious girl or two lately, man. I never continue to date a girl I wouldn’t marry. I break up with a lot of girls. There are good girls out there, though, because there are still good fathers. Don’t lose heart. My favorite piece of advice you ever gave was incidental, when you said you ran up to a girl before your brain could talk you out of it. That was in a newsletter, I think. Sage wisdom, man. I laughted then, and I’m laughing still. Overthinking, that I can relate to. Good video, vulgar, and existential, but good.

  6. I’m on board with Mr. Bob Smith, that prostitution should be legalized. Increasing the “supply” will lower “demand”. There will be less thirsty males to validate fallen women on Instagram, FB, in the media, in the clubs, etc.

    1. Maybe. Though some other countries have legal prostitution and plenty of beta men so not sure that would be a major fix.

      1. The bastions of modern feminism: the clubs, the media, the web, all function because of male thirst. What male would pay $40 for bottle service only to be rejected, when he can knowingly go to the red light district with the same amount of money, and have guaranteed sex with a professional?

        1. Feminism is alive and well in plenty of countries in Europe with legal prostitution. I’m all for legalizing it, but I think it is far from the sole factor required to improve the majority of Americunts.

        2. Granted, I can’t speak for Europe. Every country I’ve been to that has it legalized, most women avoid the life of prostitution by projecting wife-like attributes to find a good man.

        3. Consisting of thirsty tourists who travel the world over to get there. Imagine if said tourists could get it anytime they wanted in their home town? No need to fly to Vegas to validate said americunts.

        4. Plenty of men. Do you not think there are clubs wit bottle service in Amsterdam?
          But where in the world is bottle service only $40?? That’s peanuts. Bottle service is usually in the hundreds of dollars, and over a thousand or two in Vegas. I would gladly pay $40 to party with my boys!

        5. Prostitution in the west looks like an unpleasant experience to me. In SEA they usually pretend to be your girlfriend for the night and are really loving and nice to their customers. All my paid for experiences in SEA were way better than ANY of the experiences I had with the white woman I was married to for 30 years.
          I was completely gob smacked when I discovered that Asian whores were more loving and affectionate than a white western wife or girlfriend.

        6. An 18-25 year old 9 or 10 in Asia would go for around $30-$50 for the night. (The Filipino girls have an STD free certificate less than a week old)

        7. Which further proves the point: if given a choice to pay X amount and get rejected, vs paying the same amount for guaranteed lay, economics says the man will pay for the guaranteed lay. That’s one less beta at the bar boosting up the ego of a feminist. One less like on Instagram. One less like on FB. These chicks care about that greatly. On a macro scale, this would curb beta behavior.

        8. I don’t speak for Europeans. But most thirsty Americans would rather spend $30 going to the red light district over paying $30 trying to get some heffer at the bar drunk.

        9. Except you consistently fail to acknowledge that developed countries in Europe have all those things along with legal prostitution and they are just as feminazi as America.

        10. Yeah, women are more feminine in Asia. But that’s not just exclusively because of legal prostitution.

        11. The problem isn’t
          countries with prostitution Vs countries without
          countries with welfare Vs countries without.
          Feminism is a product of welfare and nothing else. In countries where they can’t get free money from their government, they need a man to support them. Women are lazy, they always take the easy life less hard work option.

        12. No, it’s because their governments don’t give them welfare.
          (be it handouts, preferred employment, or divorce settlements)

        13. *The cuckoldry of western Europe is due to white guilt, political correctness, welfare. Far beyond the scope of this topic. What I’m saying, is that legalization will curb [not end] pedistalization due to increased competition.

        14. Guys aren’t going to clubs with the sole intention of trying to get laid. My buddies and I used to take Vegas trips every Labor day weekend and pay a lot for a table. We didn’t do it to get laid. We did it to have an epic guys weekend. Some of us would hook up, others didnt. Getting laid was just the added bonus, but not the reason for going to the clubs. We went strictly for fun and to have and good crazy time

        15. The illegality of it is not what’s stopping men now from getting a prostitute. Betas aren’t solely after sex.

        16. And that’s the difference. You guys clearly aren’t the beta crowd. Most people go to clubs to get laid. Even if it means buying shots for the 6 that acts like a 10.

        17. I think we’ll have to disagree. The prospect of sex is the reason why most betas pay ridiculous money to attend overpriced venues.

        18. We would get girls come up to our table and just try to mooch a free drink, not even introduce themselves or want to talk. We would give girls like that just water or juice, no alcohol. And they’d get mad and say “we can’t have vodka?” And we’re all like “no, this is for us”
          The table does attract girls, but if they make it obvious they only want to drink our drinks then we kick them out. Many times we do end up getting girls from our table back up to our room.

        19. I always love telling a girl I’m hanging out with in the club to go to the bar and get a free drink from some guy and come back to me LOL Girls get a kick out of using other guys for free drinks.

        20. Precisely. The government, particularly the policies shaping economic decisions, are what fuel feminism.

        21. Excellent point when there’s no welfare if they’re lazy they must use their pussies %100.
          welfare is so destructive to society we should end it immediately and adopt out all their children if they don’t shape up..

        22. “Meester! Meester! Clean fucky me be wife ! Me cook be good wife !” Fuck that noise. Bitch’d be rummaging through the change dish stealing from it always having her hand out for something,

        23. Every wife in the world is stealing from her man.
          That’s what ALL women do.
          The trick is to control and limit how much they take to acceptable levels.
          PS. Filipino girls speak way better English than that, you are using a Vietman English accent. Completely different!

        24. There are males who pay girls to show titties on cam. I will never understand that.

        25. Damn that’s actually way more expensive than I thought. If I have to count travel + hotel expenses + $50 a lay then it isn’t going to turn out cheaper than getting laid with a local escort girl.

        26. Night club gets half that ……. if you agree to meet them in the afternoons, half that price.

        27. Half price outside of working hours, hotel fan room under $200 a month, hardly expensive.

        28. Still a lot for a 3rd world country. I was expecting something like $5. I’ve had that in a very remote Indian location (bit of a shady place though). Also, can you get them back to budget hotels? I remember in Thailand you couldn’t and it was explicitly written at every guest house’s reception to not bring Thai ladies to your room. I can’t afford 4-5 star hotels.

        29. Depends on the hotel, in Barretto Philippines the Anodard hotel is 6,000 pesos a month (fan room), right in the middle of 27 gogo bars …… but they do limit you to 1 female guest at a time.
          Similarly in Thailand I always book into the hotel with my wife, Noi ……. she’s arriving later tonight. Avoid hotels that advertise a ‘joiners fee’.
          I’ve never had a problem, always ask for dual occupancy rooms.
          Cambodia, you can get a girl for $10 but that’s an awful place.

        30. So about $120/ month for a decent hotel? That seems like a fair deal.

        31. amen brother. for the prostitution question i always point out that pretty much every European country has some form of legalized prostitution and we know how feminized and cucked they are(i.e Germany).

        32. $40?
          Thats what you pay for 700ml bottle of jd in your liquor store
          bottle service is hundreads of dollars, close to 1000 in trendier places

        33. Hot alpha does not need to leave a house, he logs in tinder and chicks come to his place, bars would go bankrupt without thirsty betas.
          Think about it, who are biggest spenders in bars?girls are cheapskates, alphas dont need to spend that much as they get girls easier and leave early….betas trying hard to compensate for shortcomings by buying expensive drinks, stay till the end hoping for a miracle

        34. American ignorance, if you cant organize a hoker in usa then you are moron.
          Dont forget australia has legal prostitution and women are running the show

        35. If you are american by the time you pay for flights and hotel,taxi you will be 3k out pocket for 2 weeks vacation, then you pay 50 a pop…hmmm
          Before you even dip you banana in you are – $3000…

        36. That was my point and why it’d only be truly worth it if the bishes asked only about $5 a lay. $3000 = 5 local escorts or a whole month of 3rd world lays.

        37. austrailia is my other example i tend to use of a country with legalized prostitution yet they are still highly feminized.

    2. I don’t think legalizing prostitution will mean all of a sudden all the betas will be having sex with prostitutes. Betas don’t seek sex; they want love, attention and companionship from one woman. Sex can easily be bought, legal or not. I don’t think the legality of it is what keeps a lot of men from doing it.

      1. I think it’ll curb beta behavior. Pedistalizing women comes from male thirst. Undercutting the monopoly of sex will put a downward pressure on thirsty behavior. Why would a thirsty male spend $40 on bottle service, only to get rejected, when he can go down to the local red light district with the same $40, and get serviced?… And better yet, that’s one less beta to validate the feminists at the bar.

        1. Betas are not after sex , they want a girl to cuddle and talk about feelingz in their lonely beta nights.

        2. No they do want sex but their blue pill ways makes them believe that girls don’t want sex and it’s creepy to want that as a man etc so they virtue signal to act like what Disney movies told them to. I know because I’m only recently red pilled and did try all that hopeless romantic BS to attract girls until I realised it would never work.

        3. i disagee brother Australia and the various European countries have legalized prostitution and they still have a plethora of beta,white night, mangina, males.

      2. They will fall in love with said prostitutes, who then will rip them off. Do not underestimate the effect of intimacy on a thirsty beta man.

      3. I agree. You’ve been to Europe, and I’m an expat here, so even the countries with legalized prostitution– does not change beta behavior.

      4. “they want love, attention and companionship from one woman”
        I think they don’t, they virtue signal that this is what they want because they are used to be labelled creeps as soon as they dare display some interest in sex so they sugarcoat it with love & romance and bs but it’s their blue pilled reality that deludes them to believe that it even works.

      5. Thats where beta’s fuck up
        Women cant give you love, attention & companionship, women are shit at conversation & logic, theyre also shit at paying attention to men, as theyre narcisstic as fuck …
        Unless you enjoy holding a conversation with an emotional woman with no logic or reason, get companionship from male friends, get sex from women

  7. love the photo, sloots with the IDGAF attitude we all love round here, and the chad thundercocks waiting in the background to pound some mound.
    someone go tell the Muppet in the green hat its on backwards.

  8. I have an aversion towards the type of women presented in the picture.
    Maybe it stems from the knowledge that, contrary to being the “great prize” they present themselves to be in the club at the week-end, in reality during the week-days they mostly work in brothels as hookers.
    That is why in the club I pay no attention to them. An average cute girl is always prefered over professionals.

  9. I am 5’6 and bang a lot of 7, 8 and 9s in Europe and Asia (and other continents too occasionally). Why?
    1. Nice face, hair and eyes
    2. Confidence and narcissism. Approach hot girls.
    3. Athletic body
    4. Style
    5. Put in lot of effort and run parallel game

    1. I’m 5.7. There is absolutely no shortage of women who will fuck you if you are a masculine, muscular guy with money and or ambition and acceptable style, grooming etc. i.e what you described. Will you have more competition? Yes, height does matter. But it’s not a deal breaker. Now, being any shorter than 1.70cm as a guy in the west, yes, that will suck. I have to be honest. Especially in western-Europe were most girls age 15 are already taller. You will have to do your upmost best to stand out. But, in a lot of ways it won’t be that hard. Most men after 30 let themselves go physically (drinking beer, crappy eating, smoking, partying, workaholic). You will have to study and be ambitious. Always striving for a higher position on the social ladder. Women love future projections. Just tell them you want to start a business, will take them on trips in x-months/years, tell them you want that small farm with the goats. The only thing stronger than that will be the men who actually could buy that on the spot.

      1. I might add a couple of things regarding height, game and girls and what has been said in this thread and earlier.
        1. All else being equal, being taller is better than being shorter. I cannot really see any critical point for being too tall (perhaps “diminishing returns”, though, so to speak), but…
        2. …an ugly face, bad hygiene, weak stature, ugly clothes and shoes, lack of social skills, cowardness or whatever flaw can be as detrimental as being (really) short. Typically, 5.5 and shorter is probably critically short if one does not have other traits that compensate a lot for the lack of inches.
        3. Shorter guys typically go for girls between 5.0-5.7. This is easily screened through dating websites and of course nightgame and day game. If the problem (real or supposed) is that the girl is too large compared to the guy, then be muscular and look for smaller girls . One time I picked up a really hot 5.8 girl, around 130 lbs, but often I go for somewhat shorter and thinner girls. For instance, my girlfriend weighs 45 kg, 10 cm shorter, while my own body weight is 75 kg with low body fat. 30 kg makes a difference with regard to male/female polarity, to the extent to which that is important.
        4. Waldemar Pabst has a point about East Asian girls preffering shorter and less muscular and masculine men, perhaps even in the U.S., but one must take into account that a lot of EA girls still like white guys, and with the rise of global fitness culture I think that both EA males and white guys can benefit more if they are fit.
        But typically it is better to be pretty and look like a pop star than being really big, tall and muscular. Perhaps that is partly why I can get so many hot girls in Seoul, Tokyo etc.

        1. “Shorter guys typically go for girls between 5.0-5.7.”
          While taller guys like me typically only go for 5’7″ and above. No swiping the shorties for me. You’re welcome.

        2. If they’re 5’8″, 130 lbs is perfect. Add or subtract 5 lbs for each additional inch.

        3. “But typically it is better to be pretty and look like a pop star than being really big, tall and muscular. ”
          That’s so true especially in Asia where girls prefer thinner and slender guys than a big bulky men.

      2. Women are dream-killers: they like to enjoy the outcome of men’s success, but they are not willing anymore to be the side-partner while that success does not arrive.

        1. While it not arrive? You mean: while it’s in the making? You studying, beginning a business or just having good ideas to make money.
          Women are definitely going for the Wishing-table. But they always did. It’s in the same list as: “buying everything new when first cohabitating”. My parents just went to a secondhand store, or they were content with the furniture they got from family. Nowadays, people spend thousands of dollars on IKEA crap.

      1. It helps in the process. Many who bang a lot have moderate to high narcissism.

        1. I embrace it. We are better than others. Sets the frame to make other men look weak.

    2. You can be short but if you make her feel safe and give her tingles down there, then she will fall for you.
      They rather date exciting short guy than a tall boring guy any day.

  10. When you’re Young, the best thing that could happen to you is to be fit if you want to get laid.
    When you became older, the only thing that matters is that you become somewhat powerfull, rich or famous.

  11. Well Roosh. It sounds like after a while the whole PUA community gets fed up with masturbating together with women. Not exactly a bomb. But it shows that PUA in the long run is just that: masturbation.

    1. You call it masturbation. Which it is. Masturbation with their pussies instead of your hands. Don’t know if that is a victory. I followed PUA’s and still do. Went from “David Deangelo” in 2005 to “Tyler Durden” and “Mystery” 2008-2011 to know “Tom Torero”. They all have good information to share and yes it works, but I doubt their proposed lifestyles really make you happy. They (the most of pua’s) promote a life of eternal adolescence. Not a life you can build a society with. It’s parasitical in nature. Now I’m a bit older, 30, I have a LTR and may want to abandon the whole promiscuity-lifestyle. I’d rather start a family with a wife who respects me.

        1. You missed the pua part? Typical, enjoy your enslavement to a 70 year geriatric, at least you got kids … that is if you dont get your ass divorce raped 1st … lmao
          MGTOW is not compromising or taking shit from women & being realistic about how useless women are
          Women are a danger to men because all women are owned by the government, women are nothing more then prostitutes bought & paid for by your government
          Educate yourself …

        2. I don’t want them to fuck the government, I want them to fuck me. I’m gonna ask for a tax refund.
          PS. I missed out on the 70 year old geriatric, she divorce raped me before we got there, and snatched the kids ……… my new wife is so young, I doubt I’ll see her when she reaches 50.

        3. Although I have no problem taking part in a marriage ritual and promising monogamy, I will never put my signature under a contract. I agree marriage is dangerous. I will never deny that we do live in a toxic environment.
          Women are not useless. You can use them for sex and procreation. And to rear children, cook and clean inside the house. The reason I disagree with MGTOW is because it’s a pessimistic way of life. You see it in the videos these men make. Talking about women, endlessly. They are not happy, everyone can see that. You could have a relationship and still legally (and mentally) protect yourself to her leaving you. Life isn’t to be lived alone in a big house with only money and toys to keep you busy.

        4. “Women are a danger to men because all women are owned by the government, women are nothing more then prostitutes bought & paid for by your government”
          I think this is simpy the definiton of red pill, not MGTOW. MGTOW seem to pretend like they don’t even need pussy to be happy and I think it’s either self-delusion or genuine asexuality.

        5. MGTOW is the male version of feminism.
          Feminism: Women need men like fish need bicycle.
          MGTOW: Men need women like fish need bicycle.

        6. Yes, let’s pretend that we all don’t need each other. What a wonderful world that will be. But do what you want. I rather be an old man with a geriatric woman who was good for me and gave me children than alone in my basement making youtube videos on the nature of women. Female nature isn’t pretty, but so isn’t male.

        7. Stoicism is a vital part of genuine strength
          You dont need pussy to be happy, you get pussy, not live for pussy
          Mgtow doesnt say dont have sex with women, plenty of mgtow men have sex, mgtow states very clearly it is about men avoiding the female imperative & checking out of a diseased female society
          It is about not rewarding women & not rewarding a society designed to benefit women at the expense of men
          Mgtow is more of a boycott of a female run society, where men get none of the privilege or protection, even though men run the entire system through their hard work, blood & sweat
          PUA is a response to men getting fucked over by the sexual marketplace
          Mgtow is a response to men getting fucked over by a government, who shits on & fucks over white working class men who toil to make our cities run
          Men cant even speak their mind, in corporations built by their own hands, built BY MEN, fuck that shit
          So yes PUA Mgtow, bang bitches, fuck a society which exists to benefit bitches, not men

        8. The problem with men like yourself, you dont see Sex & procreation as being useless
          Sex & procreation is a useless act, all animals have sex & procreation, sex is the icing on life, not the main course …
          Sex is great, having kids is great, but having real wealth & power, the money & wealth to create real change in your world, is far more important then just sex & bitches.
          Status, power, health & wisdom & knowledge, is what life is about
          Put your life first, you are superior to women, fact

        9. “You dont need pussy to be happy”
          Can’t agree with that. Pussy is the nicest treat life can offer.

        10. Exactly, its a treat, not a reason to be happy, there are far more things in life that bring you genuine happiness, then 6 hours of poon …
          There are things greater then sex, like shit loads of money or epic skills …

        11. Sex isn’t useless. Everything we do evolves around it. You deny this, yet it is you who calls himself PUA.

        12. I love money too but it’s usually because it’s a poon magnet.

        13. You have to learn to see sex & procreation as useless, otherwise you cant develop a strong enough abundance mentality to achieve your goals
          Your goal in life isnt to reproduce, your goal in life is to have enough power to destroy your enemies & conquer your foes
          The key to success, is to reduce the amount of stress to the point success becomes effortless
          Once you stop stressing about pulling average pussy, & procreating with average genes, you dramatically reduce your stress & success becomes effortless
          Get your power & status right & you will effortlessly pull high quality pussy
          Power & status will get you high quality stress free pussy
          The more money & power & higher status you have, the more traditional & submissive the women
          High status women in the upper echelons of society, dont ride the carousel & they absolutely detest feminism
          Life is better at the top, succeed

        14. Nice that you typed that stuff, but I won’t take advice from somebody who is a supporter of a loser ideology called ‘mgtow’. It’s not the ideology of success, strength, good life, power & status etc. Maybe in theory. In reality it is the ideology of lonely men who are not that financially well of. They are often depressed and don’t get much sex either. The youtube videos they post prove this. Instead of videos about the great stuff they do because they are single and wealthy they post webcam videos complaining about female nature. How ironic.
          You did not read my posts. I see the danger in modern society, but despite of that I am a traditionalist. I am what is called “purple pill”. Giving a particular woman the benefit of the doubt, because deep inside most men want the family. And if we have to work hard for that, we are willing to do that. As long as we are respected. That’s not a shame, that’s not being a slave. You sir are a evolutionary dead-end. Bravo.
          Giving up is easy. Mgtow is giving up. Roosh proposed neo-masculinity. Although the name is stupid maybe, the idea is that we fight against feminism, against the shaming of men, against the crumbling of values in our western society. That we try to mold (educate) women like our ancestors did. This whole damn website is about that, if you didn’t already knew.
          Good luck.

        15. Traditionalism is feminism …
          If women want kids they can work for it, i refuse to provide women a free house & food, just so she can have kids, fuck that shit
          I will have kids, through surrogacy, I will never let an emotional irrational woman touch my kids
          Anyway Pua is another form of mgtow, MOST mgtow are well off, rich men who bang chicks, but refuse to give their money to a female society which shits on men
          If you want a well rounded understanding of the red pill, you need a good understand of game, pua, mra & mgtow, as well as nationalism & a good understanding of social engineering & politique

        16. No, you don’t should pay for everything. Ideally you wouldn’t marry, save up for having a kid and both work when possible.But if she wants to stay at home the first two years, I wouldn’t have a problem with that if I made enough money. That whole surrogacy thing is degenerate. A child needs both a father and a mother.

        17. Nope, women are useless at raising kids. Single mothers prove it.
          If you marry you’ll rarely see youre kids, because you’ll be working double the amount to support a woman & the kids.
          With a surrogacy, you have no parasitic useless woman to support, so you can enjoy your kids & ensure they get a proper start in life.
          Logically raising kids without a parasitic woman is far more effective & cheaper

        18. The reason why children of single mothers often fail is because the father is absent. The boys have more chance to do criminal things, the girls will slut younger.

        19. When you can’t get Sex, desire for Sex rules your life. Same with food and water. You need a regular supply of each to be truely happy.

        20. Choose a different marriage ritual. You got Mormon, Muslim and Buddhist to name a few. None of those vows include monogamy.

        21. Have a family and fuck around. Why choose just one item on the menu when you want to try all?
          I’m allowed a main wife, a minor wife, and as many lovers as I can afford. This is normal for men in Thailand, and most of the wives are totally OK with that.

        22. I’ve always paid for everything, but then that was never a problem for me. I’ve always thought the woman earning and paying her own way a poor man’s fantasy.

        23. – I understand men still want to hit on other chicks, hell I have a cute GF but at uni I see loads of cute girls who I like to bang. The question is: would I like it if she did bang other guys? No. So I won’t go after other girls. Could be different in a couple of years though. But I have to admit, after my last ex dumped me I made a promise to myself: I’m not putting all my eggs into one basket. I will conversation with girls to still improve my flirtation skills.
          – I understand the mgtow community. For some time I was interested in it as well. But after watching hundreds of videos you get the message. It’s a bunch of frustrated guys who talk about success, yet all I see is unattractive men on webcams with in the background shitty livingrooms. All recorded on grainy webcams. That is what Mgtow is to me: helplessness and depression. PUA on the other hand is like mgtow but makes the best of it. I have a lot more respect for that. Yet, being a PUA into your forties is a bit sad. At one time your just pick a different hobby.

        24. I worked hard for my first two, then I retired for my second two, now I’m a pensioner for my fifth. My recent son is with me all the time, when not at school. No need to follow the other sheep.

        25. But it isn’t your choice. You not banging other girls won’t stop her banging other guys. She just won’t tell you. As you get older you will learn women make their own choices, and they don’t consult you or even think about you.

        26. When you are young everything seems possible.
          SEEMS ……. Youth and reality rarely mix well.

        27. What planet do you come from where it’s easier to be a single parent than having a spouse to help?
          You obviously have no clue about raising kids.

        28. Kids are just as irrational. The difference is, you have to deal with that 100% of the time, plus take care of all things that deal with parenting.
          Look, I get what you’re saying. But in most cases, not having another person to help you with the day to day child rearing is going to make a tough job tougher.
          It is possible to find a woman that’s attractive not high on the crazy scale, and will have sex with you. It can be done.
          That being said, I admit the pool of these kind women is shrinking rapidly, especially in the US.

      1. I wouldn’t mind their life of eternal adolescence given how I was deprived of a true adolescence as the timid introvert nerd but how do they fund this lifestyle? The book-selling PUAs do it from what they sell obv but the followers?

        1. Like there are no other ways to generate passive income. But I think the lifestyle you see in those pua-videos is polished. They aren’t rich. Most of them just come by. So all they do is having sex and teaching young men about it. What a fantastic, rich. fulfilling life that must be…
          You don’t need to travel to game girls. Just live in a big(ger) city will do just fine.

        2. Yeah I must say if game ever works for me I’ll become a PUA teacher as well because at least I’d be evidence that it works on a short, bald, ageing, ugly man.

        3. If you have a normal job and no wife, you are probably rolling in money. A wife costs everything to have, even after the divorce.

  12. nightclubs used to actually be about music and a good time, but now the music is crap and there’s no real music scene. funny how the mp3 computer production and open access wrecked the music – it’s totally devalued – you might just as well hang out in the local railway station or supermarket, the music is the same, the drinks are cheaper and there’s no entry cost (probably alot cleaner too).

  13. It’s funny to read all those excuses:
    Fat guys say only skinny/muscular guys can get girls,
    Muscular guys say the same shit about non muscular guys.
    Small ones say it’s all about height.. and so on.
    Basically it’s a shitty excuse to stay being bad with women. You know you would have to hustle and approach a lot to get your game to high level. So you simply push the responsibility away by saying this shit.
    I understand that typical blue pill guys think that, but here? At a red pill site, whose admin is a PUA?
    Every single one of you fuckers know that looks are just 10% and game is 90%.
    But accepting this fact would mean that you’d have no excuses left, why you don’t hustle, why you don’t approach women to make your sex life better. Then you’d have to look in the mirror and accept that you’re just a little bitch.

    1. hear, hear! There is no excuse for not going up to a girl and saying “Hello you look ok, maybe we can hangout you seem like a cunt but im willing to expend my precious time just to have sex with you that probably will be lame so you best perform”

      1. I walk up to girls in night clubs all the time and ask how much?
        More than $40 and I walk away.
        The Philippines is a great place!

        1. You talk a lot about banging Filipino women, but in another comment you mention your wife. Why did you get married if you just want to fuck around with hookers?

        2. For the Sex, might be an hour, she might stay all night if she likes you, your room, your fridge full of booze. Women are always unpredictable even when you’re paying them.
          One prime example in the last 6 months,
          Was on holiday in the Philippines for a week, took a girl half my age home, after she asked if she could be my girlfriend. Moved into my room for the entire week, fucked me 5x a day, I bought her breakfast every morning and gave her $80 when I left. She carried on working in the nightclub 6pm to 3am every night as normal. Total cost to me for the week around $100 ……… strange but true.

        3. I like having children and a family life. I like having Sex.
          After you get married, 2 years and the Sex goes away…….. Don’t see why I need to sacrifice one for the other.
          If you know any guys married 10 years and still having Sex 4x a week with their wife, I’d be really surprised because that isn’t normal female behaviour.

        4. We got real red-piller here. ROKers would better start accepting prostitution. Self-improvement, alpha shit, blablabla

        5. Well said. Prostitution is already there … ! a female sleeping with a minimum of 5 to 10 MEN, in the name of “dating” … err … prostitution … !

        6. How did you come to the conclusion that @pjclark1 is “hooking up” after getting married !?

        7. The current dating, gaming scene can get fun for a while, especially in our low twenties, like a masculine “achievement” you know. But as we get older… fuck that shit. I don’t do hookers yet because tindering is (still) way cheaper for me. But for me it is totally clear what I will do as I will get even older. And if I get called loser…., I’m out the PLANTATION bros!!!!

        8. No pimps out here, unless you want to call the male bar managers pimps. Generally they seem to have one of the older hookers managing the younger girls.

        9. My husband and I have been together for 10 years and married for 7. We still have sex 3-4 times a week. I see sex as an enjoyable activity which is also an investment into my marriage. A couple who is getting regular sex will be happier together.

        10. No. We choose not to have children due to the high incidence of developmental challenges in our families. My husband and I are fine but we we would rather not take the risk of bringing drains on society into the world.
          My husband and I are a devoted aunt and uncle. Our nieces love us. We are also mentors to other young family members. One of my cousins is a stupid single mom with low standards. Her son’s father lives near us and we see my little cousin all the time. We will always be a stabilizing influence in his life.

        11. There you go then, your continued Sex life is due to your instinct to reproduce being unfulfilled. Unnatural marriage, unnatural Sex drive.
          This isn’t normal for women with their own children in a relationship. If you do eventually reproduce, the Sex will probably end. You can’t defeat your instincts, even if you want.

        12. You husband is one beta cuck, your arse would have been out my front door faster than you can say ‘infertile’

        13. You’re the beta cuck if you can’t even maintain enough frame for your wife to have sex with you. LOL

        14. My wife does still have sex with me, but for duty rather than desire as her breeding instinct has been fulfilled. But if she were a white woman, I doubt I’d be getting any, as they don’t believe in anything but self.

        15. who cares if its out of desire or duty? if your wife voluntarily gives you sex,shes fulfilling her wifely duty and fulfilling your needs. dont commit adultery.

        16. Adultery is a Christian concept. Where I live men can’t commit adultery, they are allowed to have Sex outside marriage.

        17. whatever man…its your soul you are destroying by your actions.
          i feel sorry for your wife. you should be ashamed of yourself.

        18. “And if I get called loser…”
          Who cares ! let them call whatever they want; There are already hell lot of LOSERS, who “cried” when Trump won elections and still are “crying” every day !!
          How ironic. Guess NONE of those LOSERS shed a DROP of tear when:
          =5 (MALE) Police Officers were killed in a protest
          =(MALE) Soldiers lost limbs and sacrificed their lives for the Country
          Go to the hell, LOSERS.

        19. When I met my wife, she was a poor rice farmer facing a life of poverty and hard work. I’ve paid for 5 years of high school for her, I’ve paid her university fees for 2 years ….. she’s a second year Political Science student. I also paid off the loan on her family farm (in her name now). And I’ve paid for her younger sisters high school education (graduated last week). You can feel sorry for her, but most of her female friends, family and the villages daughters would be my wife in a second.

        20. Hookers are pretty cheap out her $20-$50 a go. Is a tinder date really cheaper than that?
          Friday night, out with a mate (65 years old oil worker) bar hopping, we saw these two girls sitting out front of a biker a bar. One was young with big tits, the other was wearing a backless evening gown showing arse crack. My mate said “the one with tits is for me”. So we sat down with them, I bought Miss backless a drink, Miss Young had a really deep voice. My mate said “shit it’s a guy” ( 26 years old, French boyfriend). Anyway by that time Miss backless had mentioned to me that she wasn’t wearing any underwear (invitation to grope), and my hands were soon confirming that information (39 years old, 44Kg, no underwear, 1 boy 14 years old). She was a great girl, felt her up for the price of 2 drinks …… about $7. My mate insisted we move on as he doesn’t do ladyboys (even though she was really pretty). He found one to take home in the next bar (23 years old), I didn’t, although Miss backless really tempted me …… that was a great dress!

        21. Sleeping with a married woman is adultery. Religion is designed to suppress women; when it starts suppressing men society goes to shit.
          Case in point: the entire western world.

        22. This guy is the ultimate troll. He is on here either for attention or just to pass the time. He’s just bullshitting, pay him no mind.

        23. yeah I realize that now. His posts are beyond ridiculous at this point. Just constantly talking about banging hookers in the Philippines nonstop

        24. Yeah I got into with him on another article where he was basically taking the opposite view. Its when I read this article I realised what he was up to. And that other cretin Remax. Every single post he makes is picking a fight with someone.

        25. great argument…except you have no clue what you’re talking about. married people were not allowed to have sex with people outside the marriage. there however is an exception for concubines,but they were a kind of wife with lesser rights. and thats just old testament…since Christianity has been around,throughout all of Christian history monogomy has been the rule,and still managed to become one of the strongest patriarchal societies to ever exist.

        26. Foolish to think the old testament is mutable simply due to age. Religion is for stopping women from destroying society using social pressure. Either you can accept this, or you cannot.

        27. religion is for many things…that being one purpose. it restricts many behaviors that would also be popular male behaviors as well,such as fornication.
          i also didnt only use the OT as example…i used the Christian empire. Were it not for the Catholics and Orthodox Christians during the crusades we would all be muslims.

        28. Actually, it once was. The age cohort that married in the 1950s were that way, especially once the kids were on their own and out of the house. OK, maybe not 4x but often enough.

      2. Yeah keep wanking with your Fleshlight 5000 while thinking of the hot girl in the neighborhood.
        Seems like that makes you happy and not salty at all.

        1. Fleshlights actually aren’t bad. I was surprised at how closely they felt like an actual pussy.
          Not the greatest, as you have to heat up water then let them soak for 10 minutes to bring them to close to body temperature, but it is better than jerking off.
          Basically, they are somewhere between jerking off and actual pussy.

        2. Nothing will replace real pussy.
          I mean that’s the only thing women are good for.

        3. Yeah, I’m almost done with college, been going off and on for years(medical issues from the military, paid vacation dodging bullets, basically), and I’ve dated and had relationships.
          With red pill, though, among other things, I’ve done a cost benefit analysis on women and getting laid, and I’ve found all the bullshit I have to put up with them just isn’t worth it anymore. Getting older, as well as mental issues, I just don’t give a shit about pussy anymore, frankly. Not that I won’t bang if the opportunity comes up and I can make it work, but otherwise, I won’t bother.
          I’m moving around a lot and about to do another long thru hike(Pacific Crest Trail this time), and the end result of being minimalist combined with moving and hiking means I won’t have a fleshlight anyways, shit is heavy. I do ultralight backpacking, and all my camping gear, a liter of water, and a week’s worth of food come together at about 21lbs.
          But I think chemistry nerds and others like me will find a way to make a more realistic sexbot, if you will, without all the polluted bullshit hassle we have to deal with with modern women. I personally wouldn’t have one, just because of the whole minimalist nomad thing, but I can see it being a viable alternative, sometime in the future.

        4. A word of warning though, if you are any thicker than 6.2″ around, it will be too narrow. I’m right at that, and it would be unusable if I had any more girth. I already have to special order condoms, which is annoying, they end up being almost 2 dollars apiece.
          Cheaper than a kid or AIDS, though.

        5. Yeah it seems to me that they make condoms for children because the standard size is such a struggle to put on.

        6. Yeah, the FDA actually has regulations on max condom width. I order mine off Amazon, Mysize 69mm, I’ve never had one fit as well. Look into that if you are having issues, I wish I had done it years ago.
          They take about two weeks to ship, are 18 bucks for a box of 10. Magnum XL will do in a pinch, but I keep these on hand. Sucks though, because when I’m traveling I either have to keep some on hand or use what I can find, so it’s one of those you have to think ahead and plan things.
          I’ve heard they are going to be sold in the US soon, if they aren’t already, checked at Walgreens last night here in WA, and they didn’t have any.
          I mention this not to brag, but as a former Army medic having studied some nursing as well, it’s dangerous to wear the wrong size condom, lot more chances of breaking and it is incredibly uncomfortable. I see the whole feminist argument when they put a condom on their leg and say it fits, but muscles and bone in that case are much firmer and less sensitive.
          I can store a gallon or more of water in a condom in a survival situation, but that doesn’t mean it is comfortable to wear one that doesn’t fit.

        7. Wow… Good points man thanks. I didn’t know about the risk of injury. Some of the larger ones that I have used are too thick but I’ll look into these ones.

        8. They are damn good. Thin enough to feel good. Even Magnum XL I had to wait until I went limp to take it off, and I practically went numb from the ring on longer sessions.
          Not really injury, exactly. Just more chance of it busting during sex mainly, and the uncomfortableness of it. I’ve never broken a condom but there is a risk.

    2. Right on, brother!
      Going to the gym to improve your looks will not hurt, but Game is the key!
      Complaining about height, muscles, etc… are just excuses, but the one I hate the most is the excuse of complaining about how all women are interested only in your money! As if the world is full of handsome, muscular millionaires with big dicks… come on! Approach, approach, then be pleasantly surprised!

      1. Agreed. Personality is key. Dominance, self-esteem, having boundaries, tutor her on behavior issues, the will to walk away (anti-needy)

      2. You still need lots of money to take them places. Girls just want to have fun and are veeeery easily bored.

        1. You have to have money, or money-making potential, and not just for women, but because you need it for mere survival.
          And last time I checked, although top models and Miss World champions are still all-out for world peace, but they are still not dispensing charity shags for the homeless.
          Be that as it may, money does not substitute for Game. Gameless, having money means you will be ripped off. Lack of money, on the other hand, does not mean that you have to stop gaming.
          Game is essential.

        2. The trend with me is, if I buy them dinner or spend ANY money on them up front, they don’t put out. If I spend no money on them, I’m usually balls deep anywhere from a few minutes to at most an hour or two of meeting them and getting them back to my place.

        3. It’s not about buying them shit but about the logistics and all.
          I don’t see how a man with no good location and no good car, maybe driving a bicycle or something could take home a girl. It’s also about all the places and activities you have to take them to if you want to actually keep that girl. No girl wants to stay with a man who doesn’t spend money.

        4. Nah, just find a woman like Sia, who sings, “I don’t need dollar bills to have fun toniiiight … I love cheap thrills”

        5. It’s like having negotiations with children. They alienate good prospects by sweating them, and give everything away to try and bring someone willing to walk away back.
          And they think this makes them clever. They’re drug addicts who can’t get enough of violent sex.

        6. And if they were not willing, wouldn’t that have been a good indicator not to pursue further?

    3. I never understood that shit show of a display of logic at all. Myself, one of the first times a woman broke me down publicly, she told me she was too good for me. Extremely curvy woman just laid that comment on me and young me took it to heart. Then I eventually said F that.
      Went on to Game women taller than me. Have threesomes. Had twins. Had multiple races. Had women guys could only stroke to from porn sites. Had women when sick. Had women when well. Never had too much of an issue dating in my preferred age field. And not until the days do i come back to the comment sections do I hear all the reasons why’ve i shouldn’t be having any success.
      Thanks for the golden comment. I really can’t like the critique you placed here enough.

    4. I agree with you.
      Game gets tiresome at times if we consider the kind of women we have to deal with currently, though.
      Doesn’t mean we have to stop trying.

    5. Its the only real challenge left since none of us really have to fight, either for our survival or for our food. In the past, making excuses wouldn’t put food on the table and feed your children. But with females, well, there’s always tomorrow. As such, a man can get away with making excuses for a long time.

    6. I’d like to see a guy over 25% bodyfat constantly pull in poon like the girls in the first pic.
      I’m sure a few are pulling what are basically scamming tactics to bang a girl they’ll never see again, and on and on. (like that trick of flashing a ton of cash).

    7. “Every single one of you fuckers know that looks are just 10% and game is 90%.”
      Every single one of us fuckers who didn’t end up winning the genetic lottery and has been in the trenches knows this is bullshit sold hand over fist by scammers.
      Sure you CAN get hot girls if you’re not in the top 10%… IF you’re prepared to spend every waking hour chasing pussy and playing the master manipulator.
      It’s a lifestyle only a tiny minority of guys can pursue, and you have to ask is it really worth pursuing.

  14. There’s nothing non-evolutionary about this behavior of women in night clubs. Their bargaining chip has always been their youth and their bodies.
    Roosh is approaching middle age and looking at women in a different way. Nothing unusual about that either but he draws wrong conclusions based on his personal situation and age. The 20 year old Roosh would have strongly disagreed with today’s Roosh if they could meet.

  15. Lol @ bologna with slime oozing out.
    Hey, pickup at last call is rough!

  16. Btw most PUA’s who quit PUA & end up marrying hideous looking bitches, when they hit 30, ie mystery, d’angelo etc., because they have shitty lifestyle’s.
    Their shitty diets give them low t counts, causing them to have a mid life crisis & end up hitching the easiest chick to get oneitis for …
    The irony is most PUA’s arent very red pilled about women, as they see MRA’s & Mgtows as loosers, so they get reeled in by opportunistic predatory women, when their health is at the lowest point in their live’s.
    You see this also happening alot with jocks, athletes & billionaire playboys, their health goes to shit by the time they hit 30 & the predatory bitches reel them in like sharks in waiting.

    1. losers!
      Not entirely sure non-predatory women exist.
      Everyone ends up married to a hideous bitch (in the end), usually a year or two after you marry them, longer if you’re lucky. I guess if you chose to marry a hideous bitch, you would at least know what you were getting.

  17. That’s why they call them “Meet Markets”.
    And no, one doesn’t go to such a place to meet a woman to bond with, so their more feminine attributes are of little consequence.

    1. I thought it was ‘Meat Markets’, where everyone is just reduced to a marketable hunk of flesh?

  18. I remember making similar comments in a class setting about 12 years ago. This was before the SJW movement was even known about in this part of the country and there was more freedom to question the culture openly. One of the women in the class was bemoaning her experience in a club and how men behaved etc. I expressed the notion that women dress in a club setting to seek and gain attention from men, and her response was something akin to my kicking her in the teeth. She was livid and very offended about my comments, and I doubled down stating that “what else would you expect in a club” which didn’t seem to bring her comfort…….the professor had to call the class to a halt and go to break so the discussion could continue.
    If you seek attention in a club setting, you will find it, even if you don’t like that kind of attention.

    1. “women dress in a club setting to seek and gain attention from men”
      “what else would you expect in a club”
      You nailed it !

  19. The key here is that women know that men value sex from them more than anything else. Women, for example, would never advertise how much money they have. Men would be disinterested at best and horrified at worst.
    While intellectually speaking, men long term want a woman who can provide them with healthy children, short term they want a sexy woman who gives them good sex. Men will quickly get bored with a woman where the sex is bad and even still when the sex is good. And so they start looking elsewhere.
    This is why a woman will agonise over making her man cum but a man honestly doesn’t and shouldn’t give two shits if his woman cums. She will not leave if he is paying the bills. But he can give her the sex of her life and she will leave for a man who she thinks provides better long term security.
    And so, in the club, women advertise the only thing that will attract a man in the short term. Hot pussy. Only the hottest women will be able to choose from a selection of men. Average looking women will be lucky if even one man approaches her and that is only after he has been rejected by all the hot ones.

    1. “Women, for example, would never advertise how much money they have.”
      That’s because they have no money …… only debt.

  20. I think the major arguement here is people confusing a pump and dump with aa long term gal.
    You can use game to get most women into bed even if they are “Out of your league”. If you are looking long term girlfriend then yeah, you are going to be needing some sort of bank roll and she will be looking at your utility to her.
    Acting alpha and laying down game will get you in the sack but its not going to hold up long term if its just your game and not the real you. The charm wears off once she sobers up boys.
    Also if you spend your days chasing easy lays from girls with more notches then brain cells you are going to develop a jaded view of the opposite sex. Have your fun if thats what you want but realize you aren’t going to find a quality mate from one night stands.

    1. No such thing as a girl out of your league, you’re a man. Unless it’s unicorn. Then again unicorns don’t exist

    2. “The charm wears off once she sobers up boys.”
      Who cares, you shagged her, that’s the important bit done.
      PS. There are no quality mates any more, just bitches to fuck.

      1. If you are just looking for a hole to fuck then you will never find a proper mate. You sound bitter and jaded.

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  22. That food selfie made me think…
    I have yet to meet a woman that would cook me a meal after I help her with something big (fixing car, plumbing, electrical wiring, computer, etc.).

  23. Roosh acts so surprised by this. But to a certain extent it’s always been this way. Even when women were feminine their SMV was tied up in looks (fertility) and feminine energy.
    Mens’ SMV is in competence, mastery, and the ability to provide. No matter what kind of mastery, there’s a female groupie for it.

    1. “No matter what kind of mastery, there’s a female groupie for it.”
      I have been there and bangs are effortless – -because they initiate…
      One high paying job that doesn’t have groupies — software…

  24. your language usse makes me sad with all that meat and stuff.Very sad how people think these days…so obssesed with looks, money and sex. If you want a good woman be a good man of honour…this is not a man with good looks or money…its a man with values that looks for a beautiful pure soul in a woman and not just her sex, looks and youth. Also why are you so judgamental? everyone likes to have some fun be it man or woman…i understand many woman behave badly these days…but men take part of this game too…they really are hypocrites i am sorry to say. Let the people be people, if you dont like some people dont be around them it’s easy. Society is corrupted but with such a speech you are part of the problem too. Also is reproducing the only sense in life?? i hope not…there is already 8 billion of people in here. Life is really short dont hate so much. If you behave in an impure way you deserve someone impure im sorry to say. I excuse myself for my english it is not my native language

  25. What happened to the Roosh who wrote all the Bang Country X books. He seemed pretty happy just getting a share of vagina meat. Could it be that Roosh is hitting the male wall and experiencing an analogous change of professed ideals and underlying sexual strategy.

  26. “Compulsive masturbation fucks with your brain. It is a verified fact.”
    No. It isn’t.
    “It incites our young men to engage in endless wanking sessions, satisfying their urges and preventing them to pursue real girls. It digitally neuters our youth who does not need more enemies with the terrorist third wave feminism and the anti-masculinity media.”
    Masturbations not responsible for any of this either. All this is needlessly and pseudoscientifucally demonizing a normal and healthy behavior.
    https://www.healthtap.com/user_questions/1294935-how-long-does-your-body-take-to-replace-the-nutrients-lost-by-masturbation https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/1d867e40758860c8b73af10dacb50f2fc0501dd29296efbd9333f6cac8db0511.png

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