Why Does The Left Support Radical Muslims?

In the wake of the Muslim attack on the satirical French magazine Charlie Hebdo, the left have cast their lot in with a pair of savages who viciously murdered nine people because they ran a magazine that made fun of their sacred prophet Muhammad. Some extreme leftists, such as Guardian columnist Joe Sacco, are openly siding with offended Muslims, while others are attempting to excuse the Kouachi brothers’ actions by claiming that French Muslims are “marginalized” and that Charlie Hebdo was “racist.”

On paper, SJWs’ affection for Muslims makes no sense. The average Muslim’s views on homosexuality, women’s rights, and related issues is so extreme it makes the “cishetwhitemale shitlords” SJWs rage against look like demisexual otherkin in comparison. For example, there’s an anti-Israel group called “Queers for Palestine,” apparently unaware that 95 percent of Palestinians think the best way to deal with homosexuals is to string them up from trees. What gives?

The answer is that Muslims and SJWs have the same fundamental mindset. Both groups are driven by their feelings, namely the idea that their feelings are the end-all-be-all of human existence. And as the attack on Charlie Hebdo shows, people who place their feelings above all else are willing to kill anyone who slights them.


Islam Is A Woman’s Religion

“But Matt,” you may argue, “SJWs are pansies who faint at the slightest hint of being triggered! Muslims are willing to fight for what they believe in! How could they POSSIBLY have anything in common?”

The answer is this: Muslims are not manly. On the contrary, they’re some of the most hypersensitive and feminized men alive. The attack on Charlie Hebdo, the worldwide demonstrations against the Jyllands-Posten Muhammad cartoons, and every other act of Islamist terror happened because Muslims felt offended on behalf of their prophet. Letting your emotions dictate your behavior is what women do, not men.

Indeed, so much of what is wrong with America and the West is due to society tolerating and encouraging the mindless emoting of women, gays, and other designated victim groups. Rape hysteria is driven by women who feel that they were raped because they had sex and regretted it afterwards. The UVA rape hoax came about because Jackie Coakley felt slighted because a boy she crushed on had no interest in her. Leftists who stumble across Return of Kings articles always cry about how “disgusted” or “offended” they are, damn the actual facts.

Historically, both men and women were taught to keep a stiff upper lip and to not let their constantly-changing emotional states dictate their behavior. This has been thrown out the window with the millennial generation, raised on Barney the Dinosaur and “It’s OK to Cry.” Kids growing up these days have their feelings indulged at every opportunity and are never told to suck it up. Social justice warriors are the end result: a class of defectives ruled by their feeeeeelings.

While it’s tempting to assume that the Kouachi brothers had imbibed their whiny, crybaby mentality from Western leftists, the hysterical reactions Muslims around the world have to anything that offends them suggests this is a feature of Islam itself. Namby-pamby liberals misleadingly call Islam a “Levantine” religion, when in reality the only links it has to Christianity and Judaism are that which it plagiarized from the Bible.

Islam is not a religion in the western sense, but a system of control. It thrives by stoking mindless emoting in its adherents, directing their rage against the infidels, the dar al-Harb (House of War). Unlike Christianity, which teaches stoicism and self-reliance, the God of Islam tolerates nothing less than unthinking allegiance on the part of his followers. Indeed, Muslims are taught that the Koran is the direct, inerrant word of Allah as dictated to Muhammad, as opposed to Christians acknowledging that the Bible was written by men and subject to human error.

Islam is, above all else, a feminine creed. Evidence of this can be seen in the droves of white British and European women who are becoming Muslims. Left-wing SJWs feel perfectly at home in a religion that indulges their feeeeeelings, strips them of free agency and tells them what to think and believe. Indeed, there’s a growing body of evidence to suggest that Islam’s Allah is not derived from the God of Christianity, but is an altered version of a pagan Arabian moon god; the moon is almost always associated with the feminine in polytheistic religions.


SJWs Want Their Enemies Dead

Some of you will no doubt still argue that comparing SJWs to radical Muslims is unfair, because the former have yet to pick up guns and start killing their “misogynistic,” “transphobic” adversaries. You would be wrong. Just because Muslims are more willing to act out their violent fantasies than SJWs doesn’t mean the latter are any less homicidal.

Three months ago, pro-GamerGate attorney Mike Cernovich was targeted by social justice warriors. Cernovich had been publicizing Zoe Quinn’s (real name: Chelsea van Valkenburg) abuse of the court system to deny her ex-boyfriend, Eron Gjoni, his First Amendment rights. In response, Quinn collaborated with blogger Margaret Pless (alias: Idle Dillettante) to expose Cernovich’s home address and encourage other SJWs to “swat” him: barrage the police with bogus 911 calls in the hopes they would panic and send a SWAT team to kill him.



As a result of Pless’ provocations, Cernovich was forced to flee his home and is taking legal action against her. Pless has denied that her intent was to swat Cernovich, claiming she was reporting him for “harassment,” a ridiculous story seeing as all he was doing was publicizing freely available court documents. Cernovich has also indicated that other major SJW figures might have been involved in Pless’ attempted swatting.

This is far from the only example of SJWs threatening violence against anyone who upsets them. Several months ago, Breitbart reporter Milo Yiannopoulos received a syringe in the mail from an SJW upset about his GamerGate reporting. My Return of Kings article “5 Reasons Why Girls with Tattoos and Piercings Are Broken” resulted in a flood of hate mail and death threats, with a disturbing number of people justifying them by pointing to how “offensive” my column was:


The fact of the matter is that SJWs are the new brownshirts, seeking to hurt, silence or kill anyone who resists the leftist status quo. Just because they haven’t taken to the streets yet doesn’t mean that they don’t want you dead. And if the murderous antics of the Kouachi brothers are any indication, they’ve found kindred spirits in the legions of hyper-offended, militant Muslims.

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365 thoughts on “Why Does The Left Support Radical Muslims?”

  1. Excellent work on the article Matt. It is much needed on ROK. I am sick of reading the handful of commenters who keep talking about how Islam is some sort of “solution” to the modern liberal world. Fuck that shit.
    Starting with Bill Maher, it seems that slowly, some of the liberals with a small amount of IQ are starting to see the truth.

      1. i met him in an airport once. he was like shit scared 24/7, very dimunitive in real life.
        plus he wrote so much shit against brits that makes me think he should fuck off back to nowhere’sville

      1. Declaring Islam a non-solution to a defined problem hardly qualifies as elevating Zionism as a solution. If there’s any display of binary thinking here, it was in your quick response.

        1. Actually he is right. You people want to cherry pick religious fundamentalism. Instead of single handly picking Islam as your choice, attack ALL religious fundamentalists. Including the radical Jews (zionists) radical Hindus, radical Christians and yes, radical Buddhists.

        2. Matt Forney’s article very clearly states that irrational and emotionally charged confirmation bias is what the problem is. And it is common in atheist SJWs, religious fundamentalists, and conspiracy theorists alike.

        3. Fine: I condemn all religious fundamentalism, including the abominable, pernicious, corrosive scourge upon humanity known as Islamic fundamentalism.
          I bet that’s not good enough for you, eh? Whenever Islam comes up, you and your ilk reflexively feel the need to deflect. Upchuck any and every random instance of terrorism or violence from any point in space and time, no matter how tangential to any religion other than Islam, because to have any discussion focusing solely on the issues of Islam would be unacceptable. If that doesn’t work, derail the conversation by condemning “religion” – or if that’s not diplomatic enough, “religion fundamentalism.” Religion is a category, not a creed.
          Your strawmen are analogous to an oncologist wishing to discuss the pathology of pheochromocytoma at a symposium, and suddenly a blowhard comes up and hysterically screeches, “The problem is not pheochromocytoma! The problem is CANCER! We must destroy ALL cancer, and singling out pheochromocytoma is foolish! What about anaplastic astrocytoma? Or cholangiocarcinoma? Or malignant melanoma? They all kill people too!! We should be condemning all types of malignant tumors!” What a horrible oncologist he would be indeed!
          Such an individual who is unable or unwilling to discriminate among different entities within a category is both unproductive and distracting in any discussion.

        4. why just religious fundamentalism. The whole point of the article is that SJWs are fundamentalists through their emotional constitution as a psychological basis for totalitarianism. SJWs haven’t done a lot of cutting off heads but marxists, who begat them, have killed tens of millions in a way that makes these wackos seem like beginners

        5. Why in the world would anyone be talking about “radical Buddhism” in the aftermath of Charlie Hebdo? Are you an idiot?

        6. When radical judaism slaughters people at their place of business merely for drawing cartoons, you might have a strong point.
          You can argue, successfully imo, that radical Judaism and radical Christianity both kill people, and have both killed lots of people in the past. But you cannot find the gigantic body of open slaughter based on perceived insult like you can with Islam… only perhaps during Christianity’s past can you find such a horrendous example, but nothing in the modern version of any other religion comes close to the intolerance practiced by radical Islam.
          Radical Christians still kill, they kill for being an abortion doctor.
          Radical Jews kill, they kill for essentially not being Jew and being in the wrong place, an area that is like 1/50th the area of all of Arabia, hardly an invasion.
          Radical Islam kills you for speech regardless of where you live.
          Which is worse? To me there’s a clear winner in that ugliness contest.

        7. Nobody is attacking any of those groups because they have no particular reason to. When was the last time fundamentalist Buddhists bombed a European capital?
          You have a very egalitarian mindset to demand such an apology.

        8. I have never seen, in my lifetime, radical Hindus, Buddhists, Christians or Jews murdering innocent people via decapitation, suicide attacks.

        9. Zionists are not “radical” jews, they are jews who pray facing towards jerusalem (all jews). Neither radical buddhists, nor christians nor jews are committing barbarism on the scale which islam is today. Iran, pakistan, afghanistan, arabia, syria, most of the middle east is a mess because of Islam. The only reason why they haven’t killed the whole planet is that they lack the technology and military strength to do so

        10. As far as I know other religious fundamentalism has much rarer cases of terrorism compared to radical islam. Why is that?

        11. 21,000 plus dead at the hands of muslims and counting – source the religion of peace.com

        12. Because Islam is a relatively younger religion and is goingn through a puberty stage – it’ll pass

        13. Please google Muslim Massacre in Bhutan. There were piles over piles of bodies one on top of the other.
          Done by Buddhists. Do check the figures too.
          Look at the forced conversion of Muslims and Christians in India also at Narendar Modi’s Gujrat Riots 2002, he massacred powerless Muslims there, and he now is PM of India.
          2,200 people were recently killed in Palestine, by IDF. All because someone had killed 4 Jews. Some believe it was Hamas which did it, killing of 4 Jews I mean. But 2200 for 4, does it sounds like justice to you? Palestinians were unable to defend themselves, world remained silent. Even sided with Israel.
          I can go on, but I think for starters this much would be enough. Tyranny on Muslims doesn’t get exposure.

        14. Stop talking shit. Those Arabs in Gaza are to be blamed. Why provoking Israel? A much stronger nation who can erase Gaza and probably every muslim country without much effort. It’s like touching Fedor’s wife buttocks in front of him and expecting not be beaten to death. Stupidity. If their leaders were smart they would invest the money they have in education an other stuff instead of digging tunnels and launching rockets.
          I mean they started to shoot rockets at Israel and running tunnels into their civil territory and what do you expect the latter to do? Trust me, if Mexico was shooting missiles at US, it would be destroyed within 2 minutes or less. Those Arabs have luck to have Israel as an enemy because an normal country would have bombed every inch of Gaza without any warning.
          Obviously, muslim leader can’t offer their population nothing except of hatred and violence. Violence is what unites muslims into one entity. Just like the so called “palestinians”, an artificially invented nation, are united by the hatred they share toward Jews and Israel.
          By the way, why nobody cares when Egypt bombs Gaza and kills hundreds of Arabs there? Why? Maybe because muslims are allowed to kill muslims?
          Here they are going to destroy the whole city of Rafah! Where is UN? Where are the human rights activists who come to drink cofee in Tel-Aviv before protesting there while smoking pot?
          I’m not even talking about the atrocities committed by your brothers in Nigeria, Syria, Iraq, Somalia, {insert any country with muslims}. Is this a zionist conspiracy of the mossad, FBI and KGB? Maybe the reality is much simpler than we think: muslims and their “faith” (more like brainwashing) are the evil and not the others.

        15. If it makes you sleep better in night, please keep believing in everything you said.
          By the time tunnels were discovered, Israel had annihilated most of the Gaza and death toll there was over 1300 people according to conservative figures.
          1300 for 4 and tunnels?
          You moron can’t bear the loss of 12, and you killed 2,200 with no respect for innocent lives, were they members of Hamas? were they waging war against Zionists? They were washing clothes doing laundry, kids were going to schools when Israeli aggression started and little kids’ limbs were separated from their torsos, hope you sleep better in night in your cozy homes believing that Israel/s aggression was justified.
          Fathers took the daughters and sons to bury, sons lost their fathers, mothers and sisters and kept scratching the wall that had fallen on their kin till another missile hit and killed him too..Mothers saw their sons die unable to do anything, a brother saw her sister’s agony while her hands were separated and face was unidentifiable he recognized her by the clothes she had on and saw her die.
          2200 for 4 lives, if is justified for you I have nothing more to tell you.

        16. First of all, nobody knows for sure how many arabs in Gaza were really killed by Israel. If you would check the dead lists (published by Al-Jazira), you’ll see that many people got killed more than once. However, even using this data (supplied by Hamas) you can clearly see that most of them were males between the age 20-40 => people who can fight = terrorist. As we all know more than half of Gazans are children and yet their death toll was low. So the number of females. It was reported that Hamas executed all their prisoners – your lovely “palestinians”. (Sorry, “balestinians” because you don’t even have “p” sound in arabic. So let’s call them “fakestinians”). And throwed the cadavers into the destroyed buildings. Again, just to blame Israel. Do you know how many people were killed while digging these tunnels? The estimated number is much higher than the numbers you gave.
          Secondly, before any attack, Israel sent warnings to the population in order to evacuate them. Trust me, if Russia or US were instead of the “bloody” zionist regime they would just carpet bomb everything. It’s much easier and cheaper than using super-smart bombs as Israel does.
          Thirdly, they launched the rockets from mosques, schools, civil facilities etc. and even stored weaponry there. How a mosque can be considered a holy place when you have weapons inside? You have plenty of open areas in Gaza. I mean it’s clear they were doing this so that they’d have the legitimacy to cry to the leftish press that Israel destroyed the mosque.
          “You moron can’t bear the loss of 12, and you killed 2,200 with no respect for innocent lives”
          Last week Boko-Haram, a muslim organization out of many, massacred 2,000 Nigerians. Meanwhile the world was “united” with France. Does it solve your conspiracy?
          I hope next time Israel wouldn’t be so pussy and hit them hard without thinking much.
          P.S. As we have seen in the exchange of Gilad Shalit, 1 jew = more than 1000 arabs. Got it? So they owe Israel another 2,000.

        17. Love you are so out of your element you even sound absurd.
          1000 Jews for 1 Arab?
          I say, 1000 Jews for 1000 Arabs, that’s more fair, lets start counting now.
          You are like a bag full of anti-arab emotions pissing in your pants out of excitement because you want to act smart before people you pathetic fool, take your narcissist complex to Netanyahu’ office, you might be of some use to him,
          Thanks you reminded me of that scrawny timid little fuck, who was kidnapped by Hamas while he pissed and sharted in his pants like every other IDF personnel does when surrounded by Arabs. He as far as I remember was traded by Israel for 20 Palestinian female prisoners (Holy Moses, Gilad Shalit was traded for women lol) – exchange of Gilad Shalit 1000 Arabs and shit? Get your facts straight love.
          How can a mosque be considered holy while they fire rockets at your iron-dome protected Israel? Should Palestinians present themselves to you on a platter without making a stand while you are slaughtering people like animals I hope you see those limbs scattered around in the annihilated cities, in your dreams till your last breath.
          As far as Boko Haram is considered, remind me love the time when all islamic countries stood up for him and applauded – can you remember that? Neither can I. If he is pussy enough to be kidnapping girls you think it gives IDF the right to kill too?
          At least then admit that you pathetic people are inspired by Muslim terrorists. Boko might sue you for the copyrights of war crimes that he has committed and you have followed suit
          As far as killing of Mulsims or Palestinians is concerned – lol it alone shows your homicidal thoughts and the pleasure you take imagining blood laden streets. My best guess, you are either a psychopath-nerdish-socially-awekward-gangsta-behind-keyboard or an active necrophiliac, take your pick.
          The day an Israeli even dares to stand before an Arab without pissing his pants green, would be the day Muslims of the world would already be dead.
          Now, your desire to kill Palestinians is already evident, take your homicidal thoughts of killing and racist thoughts of superiority to your bed and hope that you cream your pants in the dream.
          PS. Only if you have testicles to do so.

        18. Man, don’t take that serious. Lol. I’m feeling like a troll right now hahaha.
          Wait, do you find the exchange of 20 arab females for 1 jew a humiliation? You just went full retard. By the way. he exact number according to Al jazeera is 1027 and not 20 females.
          A strike punch the belt. Now, not only are you a retard, but also a liar.
          The reality shows that arabs are the ones to shit in their pants. The reality also shows that jews are good fighter when they need to protect their families and homeland. The reality shows that all muslim armies combined can’t make a stand against Israel. The reality shows that Israel is the real homeland of the jews because they have flourished this land. From desert they built
          I’m assuming you’re troll (or muslim) because you seem to lack knowledge of trivial historical facts (or just brainwashed). Hence, I’m writing this for other people (with brains) to know the find the truth.
          I’ll end the conversation with you. As I said, I’m not dealing with trolls or morons or muslims (these 3 are same dung). It’s a useless task.

        19. True, I misread, I lay down my case regarding Gilad Shalit, you stand corrected. While you have established by providing the link that Aljazeera’s numbers are credible here we go.
          As you mentioned already, there might be duplicates, please find them and post a rectified list in response. Because, maybe it is impossible to 2200 people to not have similar names.
          Okay, so Aljazeera might not be the most credible source on this one so here we go.
          According to UN 1400+ civilians got killed. Civilians.
          According to PCHR’s last update at September 2014, 2191 people were killed, 79% of them civilians
          The same as link before, 11000 people were gruesomely injured. 143 families lost 3 members each.
          When, Aljazaeera’s number are credible regarding Gilad Shalit, these reports whould be true to, no?

        20. Haha, your narcissism transcends mortal boundaries of self worshiping. Entire Mulsim Ummah can’t face the Israel? Lol, how about you see what happened to Afghanistan when America came full force with entire NATO on its back to wipe out Afghanistan? but yeah Isreal wasn’t among them, why don’t you send your brave soldiers there and find out what comes first piss or shit.
          How good fighters are you, we’ll see when your brave IDF soldiers will get the chance to stand against the abomination of Daesh. Palestinians are poor as fuck, while Israel no doubt is the leader in economy not just in their region but in entire world. But I’d wait for the day IDF gets the chance to come face to face on equal grounds with someone who is as well established as they are, then I believe all you stupid morons will get to the wailing wall and cry like little whores.
          Pant pissers go drink your piss and lather your shit on yourself, necrophiliac homicidal asshole.

      2. Can you please put back your original comment? I’m sure it was something a bit more original and incisive than “.”.

    1. Actually, communism got its teeth into Muslimism. That’s why there’s a shared trait between head-hackers and feminism. Communism is actually satan-worship, and so is Islam, so birds of a feather flock together.

  2. I predict that the end result of all these recent “terror attacks” will be a US-led ground war in Syria within the next year or two to ostensibly wipe out ISIS but will eventually also topple the Assad regime … Similarly, we should all recall how the emotional resonance of the 9/11 attacks was used to invade Iraq on flimsy WMD charges …
    Always ask one question: Cui Bono? The nose knows …

  3. Two huge friggin’ thumbs up man. About time somebody called out Islam as being essentially feminine in nature. Well argued, sir.

    1. I don’t see how
      The “hysterical reaction from Muslims” mostly come from Muslims living in the West, egged on and given a platform by leftists who wish to magnify victimhood
      Most Muslims who live in Muslim countries simply saw it as a tragic event

    2. Edward Said described the feminization of Islam by the west in his book “Orientalism” 35 years ago. Throughout all centuries Western thinkers have characterized the “orient” as feminine . But keep on pretending RoK invented the wheel in 2015…

      1. You’re quite a bitter little prick aren’t you?
        I wasn’t pretending anybody invented anything. I hadn’t heard this said before, that is all.

    3. I work with on a daily basis many Muslim we are one of the” refugee” city centers for invasion oops meant “immigration”, 90% of these guys are feminine and talk with a lisp and look like mindless zombies with no work ethic, lazy. My God…what is going on…!? We are being betrayed by our own elected officials!

  4. Actually the SJWs are worse than radical Muslims.
    You see the radical Muslims might pick up the gun and carry out their ideas at great risk to themselves, but the special snowflake SJWs will try to get the state to do it for them.
    And this has been a problem with democracy overall: the ability to hide in a voting booth and vote robbery and murder on someone else with NO consequences to yourself.
    That they who say they are all for human rights and equality to fail to see how using the state, an entity with a monopoly of force, as their personal tool is not only astounding, but reckless stupidity as well… or perhaps this is being handled by people who know exactly what they are doing.
    “Reckless hate” is probably a better term for the clueless rank and file SJW who knows only the hashtag and goes with the herd.
    What needs to be remembered most is that the Soviets thought they were the victims. The Nazis and those who supported them thought they were the victims. And now we see a group of people who think they are the victims. They have control over some of the government and most of the voters. This is the weaponization of democracy.
    Notice how everybody is all for free speech since some cartoonists got shot by some radical Muslims but it’s OK when the state cracks down on people for their free speech? Isn’t France one of those countries where you get in trouble for publicly speaking out against homosexuality?
    Where does this all end?
    It ends in violence, like it always ends. But that requires a key element.It requires a lack of men. It requires men to “get on the truck” when told “get on the truck”. It requires men to be compliant all the way up to the barbed wire fence.
    This is why being a “hard target” needs to be incorporated into being a man. If the SJWs or their handlers deep in the think tanks would have to face the notion that every one of their targets (every man) was going to never comply and fight to the last man, their calculations would find them coming up way short.
    And the SJWs themselves are not going to be donning a uniform and picking up a gun themselves (let them try and we’ll be enjoying the free equipment).

    1. And the SJWs themselves are not going to be donning a uniform and picking up a gun themselves (let them try and we’ll be enjoying the free equipment).

      This is one reason why the militarization of the U.S. Police forces is so disturbing. They have tanks now, so how long will it be before they start using them to serve the divorce courts? I can see a man getting accused in the future (doesn’t matter for what), and based on a mere accusation, and a lie that he is an armed man, a swat team bursting in on a session of x-box and the man’s entire life being ruined, by effectively militarized force, based on the mere accusation of an SJW.

      1. We already have a military and national guard that already has tanks, etc. I don’t know why people are making a big deal about the police getting military grade weapons, as if the government didn’t have those before. Originally, the police didn’t have assault rifles until the North Hollywood shootout, where some bank robbers had fully automatic rifles and heavy armour. Police were heavily outgunned so they had to go to a nearby gun shot and borrow assault rifles. After that, police across the country were given AR-15s.

        1. How many cops have you met, most would mutiny before turning weapons on their communities.

    2. Very true. SJWs want all teh rights and privileges they send men to die for in their protection. Freedom to them, is slavery for all men to them.
      You can’t argue. You never can with ideologues.

  5. Its funny how the world is making such a big deal about Islamist
    gunmen killing a couple of people, when no one wants to talk about the
    thousands and thousands of years of destruction committed against
    millions by the Zionists.
    Look at all the death and destruction committed by politicians and the west:
    -Thousands of Iraqis dead
    -Thousands of Afghans dead
    -Thousands of Libyans dead
    -Thousands of Syrians dead
    -Thousands of Middle Easterns killed by drones
    But does anyone care about the deaths of those Muslims? Nope. Its all about propoganda. Zionists are the real evil.
    Its a double standard and hypocrisy at its best. And the fact that
    people only want to cherry pick religious fundamentalism, in this case,
    Islam, goes to show you how out of touch and stupid and ignorant people
    are. Zionists- own and control the media and governments, thats
    why people never hear of it. But radical Muslims-ooooh, thats the only
    problem to focus on.
    Morons everywhere.

      1. Gerald Celente- THE MAN OF TRUTH.
        Speaks the truth that nobody wants to talk about. He tells you what you need to hear.
        Love this man.

        1. So, I’m confused now, do the Jews have enough financing on their own to create their own enemies and rule the world by false flag, or is the West a wholly zionist force? It doesn’t seem like both beliefs are compatible.

        2. Radical Islam was funded by Khlaeeji Sheikhs, The Bin Laden Group, and the Al Takwa Bank.
          These are all facts look it up for yourself:
          Qatar and the Saudis seeded ISIS as a counter weight to Shia Iran’s expansion into Iraq.
          It’s the old Shia/Sunni war 21st century edition. Those unfamiliar with history no doubt will see this as some sort of a new phenomenon but the fact is that Syria and Mesopotamia have been the battleground between the Shia and Sunni for centuries. When Muktada Al Sadr brigade massacred Sunnis in Iraq in 2005-2006, they chalked it up to ‘sectarian violence’ but that was the first sign that a new Shia Sunni battle was coming. Baghdadi preaches against both Iraqi Shia and Alawiya (another Shia sect) as corruptors and deniers.
          The rumors that Mossad has financed ISIS are spread by the Shia Iran as part of propaganda to discredit this Khalifa. Or do you really believe that Al Baghdadi is a Jewish actor named Simon Elliott from Israel? And he bamboozled all these hundreds of thousands of Isis Muslims and continues to fool them like some sort of naive 3rd graders? Some of them no doubt read the internet and have heard the rumor. I mean it doesn’t make sense.

    1. Don’t be silly, everyone knows this is a clash of civilizations! Islam vs. the West! We must fight them over there so we don’t have to fight them here!
      Trust me, it would be best for you to just believe everything you see on CNN and pay no attention to the hook-nosed merchant gleefully rubbing his hands together …

      1. Islam vs the West= proper Zionist propoganda.
        Do you know who the Bilderberg Group is? The Council on Foreign Relations, The Trilateral Commission, The Central banks?
        They are the ones who form and create the propoganda of Islam vs the West. Believe me, you are just as ignorant as the dumb sheep who watch CNN and Fox News.

        1. And you are an idiot. Typical sheep and brainwashed moron. I bet you still believe there is a democracy, and that politicians are honest people?
          What he said is the truth about how the world is really
          run. I suppose you also believe the upcoming economic collapse is a conspiracy as well?

      2. there are at least some respects in which the war on terror is a proxy war fought within judaeo-christianity. If muslims (jihadi’s) are easily roused to fury and violence they are also easy to manipulate on account of being so predictable. Not that that excuses psychopathic terror

    2. when you say “destruction committed by Zionists” i assume you mean the result of the self defense against barbarians committed by the only civilized country in the middle east…right?

    3. Those dead in the Middle East are dead largely due to their terrorist religion.
      Literally every country you mentioned has problems which are largely attributable to Islam. Iraq (terrorists and ISIS), Afghanistan (Taliban), Libya (Muslim Brotherhood), and Syria (Hezbollah, al Qaeda, and other terrorists in civil war), every single of these countries have failed at democracy due largely to Islam. We tried for a decade to help Iraq and they failed due to Islam.
      How do you even connect Zionism to this in any way? Israel has always been peaceful, and has for centuries defended itself from the aggression of the totalitarian regimes and Muslim fanatics which surround it.

      1. Nope. That is a result of foreign policy made by the West.
        ” We tried for a decade to help Iraq and they failed due to Islam”
        You are having a laugh right? I’m guessing you don’t know how geopolitics work do you?

        1. How does that video contradict what I originally said?
          Yes, after the fall of the USSR, America was the sole world power, and since most Americans support human rights and democracy (plus with a little extra influence from the military-industrial complex and in this case the oil industry), we oftentimes engage in nation-building.
          Sometimes we are successful (Japan and western Germany post-WW2), sometimes we are not (Vietnam, Iraq).
          Certainly, the official line that we went into Iraq because of nukes seems highly doubtful. We probably went in because with the USSR dead, our leaders were ready to go after some new totalitarian scumbags (Iraq, Iran, Libya, the other nations he listed) and continue democratizing the world.
          The only problem is, we soon found out it isn’t that simple, specifically because of Islam. There are many reasons for dysfunction in the world, but the fact that Islam exacerbates these things is unavoidable.
          We increased Iraq’s GDP by a factor of four, we built schools, we created democratic political institutions, we policed their roads for them, we tried to help them towards self-sufficiency, and instead we get ISIS.
          Yes, we act as the world police, yes our leaders plan to invade totalitarian nations and then lie about it, but how do you figure Zionism is at all related to that? I don’t understand the connection.

        2. The same reason any underperforming group such as African-Americans are a result of white privilege or women earn less due to the patriarchy. It’s just another form of confirmation bias. They have their narrative and they’re sticking to it.

      2. ” Israel has always been peaceful, and has for centuries defended itself
        from the aggression of the totalitarian regimes and Muslim fanatics
        which surround it.”
        HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! Israel STOLE the land of Palestine and committed ethnic cleansing against the Palestinians. No, I’m not a supporter of any religion, but man, you are not going to convince of what you just said:

        1. I agree with you that Israel took the land by dubious means originally, though understandable given the circumstances. The notion that is committed ethnic cleansing it not correct however.
          Additionally, ever since they acquired the land, they have been peaceful towards their neighbors, who have constantly attacked them.
          There were over 50 million refugees at the end of WW2, and the only ones we still here about today are the Palestinians. Terrorists organizations and totalitarian governments use the plight of the Palestinians, which they themselves exacerbate, as a means of ginning up opposition to Israel, the sole democracy and supporter of the West in the region.

        2. So was USA, Canada, Chile, Argentina, Australia, Tibet, Taiwan, New Zealand, most of the land in Russia, Northern Ireland, Constantinople, etc.
          Also how do you think Islam spread so far throughout the middle east and North Africa? What happened to the Jews and Christians living there before the Muslims took over?
          That is how wars work the country that wins gets to change the borders.

        3. They weren’t just prosecuted by Muslims.
          2200 were recently killed in Palastine, I assume you’ll have some excuse for that too.

        1. Without a doubt. Every time we go in the sandbox, we lose boat loads of money. And most people think it’s because we are defending our freedom, which is absolute bullshit. If we didn’t get involved in other nations business or fight their fights, security of the nation would be as tight as a drum.
          But the media and the running of the country apparently are controlled by an outside entity, perhaps by blackmail or some sort. You have to wonder what they have that is so powerful….

        2. I’m not surprised you can’t read, the name is Isaac. Who are you? Redneck Jackson or Camel Jockey Jackson?
          Anyway, these kinds of events are normal during wartime. During that time, Israel wasn’t receiving any money from the US, and most of its equipment was british or french. The US was an ally but not Israel’s main ally back then. The US was definitely spying on Israel, not with the best of intentions, so even if this happened on purpose, it’s not like the US was doing Israel any favors, quite the contrary. The US has thrown Israel under the bus so many times that it has cost thousands of Israeli lives, partly thanks to the Oslo accords but not exclusively, accords which were forced upon Israel by its greatest “ally”. If you think the US is great to Israel, you’re mistaken; those 3 billion a year only reduce employment among Israelis in the defense industry and restrict military equipment to american choices even if it’s not always the best. So the USS liberty, which was a normal wartime incident, is peanuts to the costs that Israel has had to pay in blood, sweat and tears. The USS liberty and a couple of american agents in the soviet unions were a much smaller price to pay for the US than what Israel has had to pay for American manipulation, and all for some money that doesn’t benefit your average Israeli much, merely the defense establishment.

        3. haha I am neither White nor Arab (nor Muslim for that matter) but keep guessing …
          First you claim it was an accident, then you say it may have been on purpose … lol typical Jew doublespeak … here is an excellent article that gets closer to the truth (surprisingly published in the Chicago Tribune, albeit a few months prior to being purchased by sleazy Jew billionaire Sam Zell):
          The transcript published by the Jerusalem Post bore scant resemblance to the one that in 1967 rolled off the teletype machine behind the sealed vault door at Offutt Air Force Base in Omaha, where Steve Forslund worked as an intelligence analyst for the 544th Air Reconnaissance Technical Wing, then the highest-level strategic planning office in the Air Force.
          “The ground control station stated that the target was American and for the aircraft to confirm it,” Forslund recalled. “The aircraft did confirm the identity of the target as American, by the American flag.
          “The ground control station ordered the aircraft to attack and sink the target and ensure they left no survivors.”

        4. You know, just because you’re too thick to understand something, it doesn’t mean that something is ‘doublespeak’. I said it was (most likely) an accident, but that even if it wasn’t, America’s leadership has no right to complain because America’s policies have cost Israel several thousands of civilian lives, compared to a few dozen american lives. That is, it is ultimately irrelevant whether it was intentional or not

        5. You argue just like a woman: “I didn’t mean to do that, it was an accident! But even if it wasn’t, it’s totally OK because I think you did all this other stuff!”
          My point was that you subsequently conceded the possibility of the attack being purposeful (while you had flatly stated it was an accident in your initial comment) and then came up with a justification for it anyway … “America’s leadership” is not complaining and does not care about this … the only people who still care are the survivors and their families … they just want justice which they will probably never receive …

        6. Actually, you’re the one arguing like a woman, since you’re not comprehending what is being said, merely getting a “feeling” of it and arguing against that feeling. No, that’s not what I said. I said it was an accident because it was a pretty typical war event. And that aside, that america doesn’t have the moral ground to complain about this for several reasons. I’m not saying that’s OK; I didn’t “concede” anything either, I merely hedged against the possibility that there was something I was missing. Regardless, it was treated as an accident and Israel paid every family for their losses. It didn’t go by unpaid, not sure what else you want as far as justice goes. I don’t see Israel being paid for the thousands of civilians lost to the policies of Jimmy Carter, Richard Nixon and Bill Clinton, to name a few. The 3 billion in military aid is not really compensation, since it costs dozens of thousands of jobs to the Israeli economy.

        7. You are debating semantics now. Here is your initial comment:
          “That was an accident, but keep telling yourself that it wasn’t”
          There is no “hedging” here (which means the same thing as “conceding” that it may not have been an accident) …
          In any case, the ONLY thing I am arguing is that it was in fact a deliberate attack (I agree that America is no saint but that is a separate matter) … What you are failing to understand is that the attack was either an accident OR it was deliberate — there is no in-between … Israel’s offiçial position is that it was an accident (i.e., they claimed that they believed the ship was Egyptian) — they are not so stupid as to “hedge” this position as of course the only other possibility is that the attack was deliberate …

        8. Israel isn’t hedging. I wasn’t hedging in my first comment, later I decided to give you the benefit of the doubt, which is not the same as conceding that it wasn’t an accident

        9. I know Israel isn’t hedging as that’s exactly what I wrote and I know that you did not hedge in your first comment as that’s exactly the point I was making — only in your subsequent comment did you concede the possibility that it was not an accident which is obviously very different from your original flat statement and which Israel would never do … meh, I’m tired of this so that’s it for me … sorry for the “Shlomo” cheapshot earlier, that was not necessary …

    4. While some of Islamic aggression can be attributable to the pro-Israeli west, there are plenty of Islamic groups, such as ISIS, who have stated goals of marginalizing all perceived infidels.

      1. ISIS was a product of Zionism. They created and funded Islamic rebels and radical Islamists like ISIS, so they can be used as a pretext to go to war.

        1. Religious fundamentalism is a product of itself. It provides people a justification for their irrational behavior.

    5. I see the sockpuppets are busy furiously upvoting. Yes, those sneaky Zionists, how could we all be soooo blind?

      1. You are blind.
        The mass media are going hysterical over some radical Islamists killing some people. But the mass media and the public don’t want to talk about the destruction of our society by the Zionists?
        Zionists orchestrated the economic collapse, the central banks. People have lost their homes, jobs, become indentured servants, committing suicide, but no one wants to talk about that because radical muslims are the problem.
        Fucking idiocracy in the making.

        1. Its not anti-semitism to attack zionists.
          Most Jews do not want to be associated with Zionism. Zionism has hijacked Judaism. There is a difference between a Jew and a Zionist, just as there is a difference between a Muslim and an Islamist.

        2. Most? Judaism is zionist. Most jews support Israel. Not like there’s anything wrong with that.

    6. Two half-siblings both claiming heritage from a different concubine of Abraham killing each other over territorial claims and other stories from their myths and making the rest of the world suffer as a result.
      Tell me, what kind of sense does that even make?

    7. Any chance the goy can sit out the ongoing war between your Zionists and Islamist?
      Apparently not, because Islamists continue to attack us. It is very much a big deal when people of foreign origin openly let into your country start killing its citizens.

    8. No, what you’re really upset about is that the western MSM does not address mistakes made by Israel. But you’re going about it by suggesting that it is wrong to be concerned with radical Islam. That’s falsehood. You should be encouraging posts that denigrate radical islam just as you encourage fact-checking the glossy-review the western MSM gives Israel. Both are a problem, but you would have people choose sides.

    9. Can you please make a list of those “millions” that “Zionists” allegedly killed?

  6. ^^^What you said Matt. Great article but would add that Leftists ( not necessarily Liberals) and SJW HATE America . They are the radical , commie, ACADEMIC left who hate this country. The old saying “the enemy of my enemy is my friend” applies here.

  7. In the wake of the Muslim attack on the satirical French magazine Charlie Hebdo
    I’m not defending the Muslims but I don’t think it was Muslim attack. Can someone explain this?

    1. The lack of blood spray is a bit weird, but I own and regularly shoot a 7.62 x 39 rifle. FMJ rounds will not cause a watermelon to explode. Nor are the cartridges anywhere NEAR 5.5″ long (if this ruler is showing cm’s that’s more like it. Small). Based on the clean, crisp, round holes in the car windshields, they were probably using FMJ rounds. This video is selling a narrative, same as any news station.

      1. In this video, the sky news reporter literally says: You can see the blood on the ground, which has been PUT there to …” Oops!

        1. You can’t explain a conspiracy with another conspiracy… that’s a rabbit hole that will turn a mind insane. Don’t go down that path.
          I’m not going to suggest that either one of us has the full picture, that’s arrogant. But neither am I going to simply extrapolate wherever imagination can take me based on a large pile of related conspiratorial behavior.

  8. Actually, the whole “for the feeeeelings” bullshit is anything but. It’s plain internal ignorance. If these people were truly introspective they would recognize the sources of their emotional outbursts and triggers and recognize just how banal and cookie-cut-from-MSM-narrative their thoughts have become.
    You can’t master your emotions until you control them enough to understand their root causes. Women and any men who simply express their brain vomit out loud without thought are simply animals, purely self-ignorant human beings that are frankly the lowest class of human adult in existence.

  9. Feminists and gays can’t admit that every right they have is owed to western males. It conflicts with their ideology based on being victims of society.

  10. So muslims are femenine and pretty much the same as SJW because they believe in getting revenge themselves instead of demanding that someone else makes things right for them. And British and European women are becoming Muslims not because west has become a beta fest thanks to its male indoctrination, but because “Islam is, above all else, a feminine creed”. At this rate, “femenine” and “SJW” are words that will eventually lose all its meaning to become a common denominator for stuff we do not like.

    1. Islamic fundamentalists and SJW are the same because they behave the same, they follow the same paradigm.
      They are egotistical, morally vain, solipsistic and lack all sense of justice. They will use all means at their disposal to get what they want, up to and including murder and violence.
      They are basically the barbarians at the gates of civilization that have rejected enlightenment values completely.

      1. How many islamic fundamentalists do you personally know? What makes you sure islamic fundamentalists were behind the events in Paris?
        And one more question, what do you think will happen if you get shot in the head by AK-47 from a close range?

  11. The Islamic terrorists are the SJW of the Muslim world. They are, in their own eyes, fighting for what they deem to be social justice and in their righteousness can justify any action to themselves.
    The only difference between their SJW and ours is that ours are yet to follow through on their threats of death and violence. Ultimately if you are making death threats to people that work at football clubs because they are doing something completely legal you just happen to disagree with then that is terrorism.

    1. Seriously … I don’t really expect any better from Forney but am pretty disappointed with Roosh …

      1. Meanwhile in Australia and France, we saw two poorly executed psy-ops, that it’s astonishing to see that majority of people still can’t see through the thin smoke.

        1. Yes, of course, psyops. The claim that cannot be proven by definition, which serves as a convenient out when certain groups do bad.
          You’ll pardon me if I don’t take you seriously.

        2. I don’t need to be taken seriously but since you (like me) are an ex-military guy, please tell me what your take on this is? Thank you in advance.

        3. This is actually true but the idiots won’t go away if you don’t identify their employer first.

        4. My take is that bad people do bad things and THEN the powers that be use the chaos to grab more power. There is absolutely no need to orchestrate evil in the world, it’s self organizing, all you have to do is wait and have a plan ready to apply the minute some morons decide to go on a hunting spree in a mall.
          There’s no escaping the violent inclination of Islam. They may be pawns of the powers that be, but they certainly don’t know it and don’t need their strings pulled by “superior” types in order to go out and do crazy.

        5. You didn’t comment of the evidence presented in the video.
          Judging from the video, do you believe that the policeman was shot in the head with real bullet fired from a AK-47?

        6. “My take is that bad people do bad things and THEN the powers that be use the chaos to grab more power”
          You’re probably on the right lines here. Conspiracies do exist, but by and large there is no need for them to exist. One caveat though is the issue of western intelligence – I am prepared to believe Charlie Hebdo was a failure of french intelligence, but is it really so unbelievable that some attacks might be ‘let through’ despite intelligence. In which case the waiting for the opportunity to “THEN” use the chaos to grab more power, becomes a form of passive conspiracy. This way a failure of action becomes a passive form of conspiracy. This is why in some areas / professions etc you have the notion of ‘due diligence’ or ‘neglect of duty’ – if that can be shown to be ‘wilful’, there’s no need for a cabal, or a super-villain in an underground volcano etc

        7. Moreover, the problem with most conspiracy theorists is they believe organizations operate far more efficiently than they really do. Which indicates they have zero real-life experience in large scale operations. They have a false impression that people coalesce into cooperative groups when reality shows it is nearly impossible to get large groups of people to cooperate to achieve an objective.

        8. They do not operate very efficiently actually and the video I posted is a good illustration of this point. With all the action movies coming out from Holywood, one would think that would be able to execute a more realistic false killing.

        9. I don’t disagree with your take, generally speaking. I just reject wholesale conspiracy theories due to their specious natures.

        10. Videos in the age of the 21st century internet unfortunately mean very little.
          I stand by my words. Evil exists, and in various forms. Some evil men need to nothing but wait for less intelligent evil men to do bad things, to then unleash their own evil. This is not rocket science and requires no grand conspiracies.

        11. my problem with conspiracy theories is not that they are necessarily wrong, but that they tend to reflect a psychological need for top-down explanations and then become self-reinforcing once such an explanation has been chosen. But my main objection is to the word / concept conspiracy – which is not only typically unhelpful, it leads to believing the worst in people almost as a matter of faith. I have no problem believing Mossad etc is behind also sorts of mischief; same with the neo-cons, but where this might approach something akin to conspiracy I am far more inclined to favour an explanation in favour of self-organised activity based on shared outlooks, shared interests etc. Having said that there’s definitely a clash of civilizations going on, and there are three players here: christians, jews and muslims, all prepared to ally with or against one of the other two parties as is convenient.

        12. they are specious because they are ultimately (nearly always) unfalsifiable, which incidentally is true of most SJW ideology too (c.f. Roger Scruton on indoctrination). Conspiracies do happen but by their nature it is a dangerous line of thinking to follow: in the conspirator’s minds eye there is always a cabal meeting secretly in a darkened room. The first thing wrong with conspiracy theory is that archetypal image

        13. I agree with them that organizations take on broad strategic objectives and align themselves to achieve those. Their ignorance falls prey by failing to acknowledge unforeseeable variables that NO ONE can predict. So objectives relying on specific results are simply not realistic. Their top-down narrative is a confirmation bias to the same degree as any other skewed group operates on. For that reason I don’t take them seriously.

        14. They would have to operate efficiently to achieve specified results some claim they are aiming for, i.e. fundings ISIS iot instigate heightened conflict in the ME. Since Hollywood doesn’t often show realistic depictions of combat deaths, I wouldn’t take them to be much of a standard.

        15. The footage featured in video was broadcasted on ALL major news channel throughout the world.
          I take it you didn’t even watch it.

        16. You then believe that women started feminism on their own, do you? Excuse me but I can’t help but laugh at the idea.

        17. Hollywood has 1000s of films depicting similar scenes. I take it you too did not watch the video?

        18. I did. And as a combat veteran of OIF and OEF-A, I can definitively say that the video proves less than nothing. The supporting evidence in the video is pathetically flawed. Where was the entry and exit wound? That matters a lot on blood splattering and body movements. What muscles were tense on the man when he was executed? That will determine body movements immediately following death. Muzzle angle wasn’t possible to strike where the dust comes up. I don’t even know the video source. If you believe THAT is any sort of definitive evidence of what happened you are retarded.

        19. “Their ignorance falls prey by failing to acknowledge unforeseeable variables that NO ONE can predict. So objectives relying on specific results are simply not realistic”
          There’s no doubt that confirmation bias plays a role in conspiracy theory (as with any theory but more so), and the tendency to explain all events in terms of conspiracy / cabal may also have a psychological basis in part, including in terms of learned helplessness or a feeling of powerlessness in the face of dimly perceived all powerful forces. But because the the psychology of conspiracy theory may be flawed, and the evidence it uses to support itself may often (but not always) be lacking the objects of concern often don’t get the proper scrutiny they deserve. My take on this is that the worst kind of anti-semitism for instance (that sometimes accompanies conspiracy theory) creates a vicious circle since it re-inforces an anti-anti-semitic identity that secular jews for instance might otherwise have little interest in. For better or worse nationalism seems to be on the rise, and one potential benefit that may come out of this (notwithstanding the dangers) is if a divided humanity can be a bit more upfront about its ethnic (and group) interests rather than hiding behind a faux universalism (what part of progressivism doesn’t serve self-interest after?). Every group / people has a right to look after their own in an upfront and reasonable way, and the more transparency in this regard the better.
          Re. unforeseeable variables, yes no group is as God like or all-seeing as conspiracy theory might sometimes suggest. But on a site like this it shouldn’t require pointing out that people can still be ‘gamed’ and that’s what governments etc of all varieties do all the time

  12. The main goal here is to break the will of and destroy the economic security of the normal Western male. This sliver of the population is the only one that has the ability, knowledge, and temperament to resist the nefarious socialist agenda. To this end, the motley coalition of radicals, minorities, freaks and social injustice warriors has an unwritten rule amongst them. They must continue to push the broader agenda at all costs, even when the various factions’ ideologies come into direct conflict with each other. This is why you see feminists defending Muslims who want them hooded, college kids defending affirmative action babies who will be taking their jobs, and politicians enabling immigrants who will soon vote them out of office anyway. ANYTHING to reduce the normal Western male to poverty, desperation, and hopelessness.

  13. Personally I think SJWs an the extreme left tolerate an support Islam because one, it’s not made up predominantly of white males (although I understand there white Muslims) an two, because Islam opposes Christianity. Bassicaly anything that is anti the ‘evil white christian patriarchy’ is good in their eyes. A third reason I’ve noticed for Islamic support in Australia is white shaming, I’ve tried to explain to SJWs here that having Islamic beliefs an way of life forced upon us is bad an I get the standard ‘but you forced your way of life upon the Aboriginals’ argument as if two wrongs make a right.

    1. I say let the SJWs “embrace” that lifestyle and then report back to us.
      I can tell you that many of those idiots would be in for quite a shock (and would no longer be a staunch supporter of it).

      1. I agree, Islam represents everything SJWs claim they are fighting against but they have deluded themselves into supporting it for the reasons I stated.

  14. I do not really think that the fight against islamic fanatics has anything to do with what this web site is about. Trying to connect both plagues that are SJW and islamic terrorism sounds really far fetched to me. If tomorrow appeared a group of crazy fanatics that started to commit violent acts in the name of Christ, I would not be happy to be put in the same bag as them just because I am christian. So you will have to excuse me when the lynch mob starts going after muslims, I will not be joining.

  15. Emotion is not why the left and Islam work together. They work together because Muslims support leftist politicians, and in exchange leftist politicians defend Muslims against those on the right. If you look up the number, Muslims overwhelmingly vote for leftists.
    This does not happen on the right wing because if right-wing politicians pandered to Muslims, they would alienate their voting base, which is both more informed about the realities of Islam, and much more heavily Christian. Since the left-wing voting base is uninformed, largely secular, and propagandized, pandering to Muslims does not have any negative consequences for left-wing politicians.

  16. Muslims have a huge inferiority complex with western males. In this way feminists feel an emotional bond with them. You have to understand the depth of self loathing that feminists feel, and then you understand their commonality with muslims. Their inner world is a raging sea of self loathing, and they must turn that outward because if they turn inward they will destroy themselves. We see this with all the personality issues of the modern feminist, the eating disorders, the borderline personality disorders. And you see it with muslims as they strap explosives to themselves and blow themselves up in a marketplace. Feminism and islam are self defeating belief systems, filled with self loathing.

    1. No they don’t, most muslim men have pity for the feminized western male
      There’s too many people here trying to link Islam and feminism together. Are you aware that feminists in Muslim countries often lament their own men while worshipping foreign ways? Left wing mentality is the same all over the world.
      The only reason such an alliance may appear to exist is that feminists sympathize with the “Other” out of resentment for what’s at home, it just so happens in the West the “Other” is Muslims and the oppressors are “straight white men”

  17. While I think your discussion on “feelings” and their importance to the SJW is spot on, I cannot agree with your basic premise. To call the people of Afghanistan “unmanly” after they have ousted both the Soviets and the American super powers from their turf is akin to calling Rambo too effeminate. Either you are wrong, or your definition of manly is the exact opposite of mine. I think the answer to the question you pose in your headline can be answered by examining its inverse: why haven’t the reactionary right supported Islam? Certainly their belief systems are congruent in regards to the sanctity of religion, a woman’s place, and sexual expression. Personally, I sense that the left clings to Islam so that the right won’t–for if it did, the left and even corporate america would be against a fearsome enemy.

      1. I have not been to Afghanistan, if that is what you are asking. I have met and maintained relationships with some here in the states. My opinion comes from studying the Russo-Afghan war and the discussions I have had with Afghan war vets here at home in the classes I teach.

        1. They are more “manly” because of their environment. Like all people, they are directly affected by their surroundings. The ones that don’t have to be aren’t. They don’t have any underlying cultural or genetic predisposition to being “manly.” And their ousting of the USSR was almost entirely dependent on CIA support. The US and allies have been sitting in their country for over a decade now in all the major population centers without being “ousted.”

        2. While CIA support certainly helped, I think you over estimate its importance. For CIA support certainly did not limit the ruthlessness that the Soviets were willing to invoke (they were dropping land mines in the shape of children’s toys). And after all, the Mujahideen did the fighting, and they also grew the poppies to support most of it. I am not saying Stinger missiles and money didn’t help–but they were only part of the equation. The most important aspect was the fighting will of the people. Also, the draw down of US forces in Afghanistan has been going on for sometime–we are just looking for a “Responsible Ending,” aka an “Honorable Peace,” just like in 1973.

        3. You should read “Ghost Wars” by Steve Coll. It goes into great detail the transformation the US had on the conflict. Roughly half the mujahadeen were trained and/or equipped through US funding. Without US weaponry, the Soviets take Afghanistan. Willingness means nothing without capabilities. The US will never succeed in Afghanistan because we don’t have the willingness to take the measures required to win. Combine Soviet willingness and US capabilities and the conflict would be resolved in year.

    1. Haha fearsome enemy, Do you know that if we didn’t have bleeding heart liberals and the Geneva convention and all that other goody two shoe got to have a fair fight for the enemy left wing leaning crap, the USA could turn Afghanistan into ash without even thinking about it.

        1. Because of CIA intervention. Soviets were crushing the Afghans easily until anti-armor and anti-air weaponry was provided by the US.

        2. I’m aware, it was more for yup to investigate. The Russians are not goody two shoes and weak willed, so it’s more than bleeding heart leftists to blame. Not that I’m defending leftists, mind you.

      1. take away the islam portion & the brits also suffered losses at khyber pass. she, england, too was a large empire repelled by a bunch of goat herders (not defending islam, just pointing out history)

  18. “Muslims are not manly. On the contrary, they’re some of the most hypersensitive and feminized men alive.”
    Religion itself is feminizing. All religions
    Every sculpture and painting of Jesus have him in a white, flowing robe, sandals, and six-pack abs.
    Looks pretty gay to me.

    1. well JC was emaciated for 24 plus hours before suffocating on a cross. im sure abs tend to start showing when you have no fat cells left to burn

  19. The first wife of the Prophet, Halima Saadia, was 40 when he, considerably younger, married her. Comes across as either a thirsty lesser Gamma or an outright Omega.
    Both SJWs and muslims are r-selected, that’s why they dig each other.
    @Matt: ++ good!

    1. but look at the replacement, a buxom bombshell jewish chick named saffiya (who witnessed her father & her fiancee get beheaded by mad max moham’s henchmen)
      the third wife is umm… controversial (ayeesha)

  20. After 9/11, I thought the left had found their perfect enemy — sexist, religious fundamentalists. But that didn’t happen, just more of their self-loathing.
    My eyes were opened. What the left is against is basically Western Civilization.

    1. Even simpler: The left hates its own nation and dominant culture because they hate the unequal power dynamics it represents
      Kinda like the teenage girl resenting daddy
      This is true of leftists all over the world, not just western ones

    2. The left hates White people. Especially White heterosexual males who can think for themselves.

  21. “as opposed to Christians acknowledging that the Bible was written by men and subject to human error.”
    Actually, Evangelicals believe the Bible is “infallible”
    Yet they ignore its teachings and declared themselves “saved” and anything they do wrong is because of the devil.

      1. The Bible is full of errors and contradictions…

        Did David destroy 700 chariots (2 Samuel 10:18) or 7000 chariots (1 Chronicles 19:18)?
        Did Jesus baptize others (John 3:22), or did he not (John 4:2)?
        Does God tempt man (Genesis 22:1) or not (James 1:13)?
        Did Judas die by hanging himself (Matthew 27:5-7) or by falling headlong (Acts 1:18), and was the potter’s field purchased by Judas or the priests with the betrayal money?
        Which genealogy of Jesus is correct, Matthew 1:1-17 or Luke 3:23-38?
        If “no man hath seen God at any time” (John 1:18), then why do the scriptures record that Jacob (Genesis 32:30), Moses (Deuteronomy 34:10) and the seventy Elders of Israel (Exodus 24:9-11), Isaiah (Isaiah 6:5), Stephen (Acts 7:56), and many others saw Him?

        1. All human works are full of errors and contradictions. 100 years from now we’ll be reading how Stephen Hawking’s works are riddled with errors and contradictions.

      2. The Bible was compiled by men under the designs of Constantine. Men are fallible. Even divine inspiration channeled through a man comes in through a rusty conduit.
        The truths of the Bible are eternal. Whether Al’Kzeekeepretendname actually wasn’t married to Alina el Nobodyfalla, is inconsequential.

        1. Yes men are Fallible but God is not, I think that the god that created the heavens and the earth would have had no problem changing the bible if he was displeased with it.

        2. But I believe that the word of God is the one thing Humans have in understanding the lord, I don’t believe that the bible has just been left to human error when it is so crucial in understanding the will and wisdom of God.

        3. You come to an understanding of God/Christ through personal acceptance of His love, not through memorizing Bible verses or doing historical analysis of the document(s).
          Besides, you’re bounding God to your expectations, which given as he is a deity, seems rather presumptuous. Not even Apollo would grant your expectations relevancy. heh

        4. I’m not disagreeing with you, i’m just saying God was in control in the creation of the bible .

        5. Not really, no, Constantine was. The Bible was a large collection of books from different authors living in different times. He wanted to consolidate Christianity since Christians were basically opting out of Roman life which meant not just lower taxes coming into the coffers, but lower conscripts for the military (since original Christians were pacifists). He could either let the trend continue and watch the empire die, or he could stamp it out which would likely cause it to grow (Christians do great at growth under tyranny when it is leveled against them), or he could take the third path and bring them into the fold of the State by co-opting their religion *into* the state. And thus we see the birth of the Bible as we know it today.

        6. As I said, a god who created the heavens and the earth…. but is incapable of guiding the creation of the bible, your view of God is that he is very limited. You don’t understand that everything has happened as a result of God allowing it to happen.

        7. “The Bible was compiled by men under the designs of Constantine. Men are fallible.”
          No, the canon of the Bible wasn’t set by Constantine (that’s really bad Protestant propaganda). The canon came about gradually over centuries by consensus, none of the Seven Ecumenical Councils ruled on it so it was somewhat an open question (obviously not an important one, because the Divine Liturgy and partaking of the Divine Mysteries were the central focus of Christianity). I believe Roman Catholicism didn’t have a finally fixed canon until they had to react to various Protestant groups.
          For us Eastern Orthodox:
          It is true that there are some additional books (such as 3 & 4 Maccabees) which are commonly (but not necessarily formally) found in modern, published Eastern Orthodox Old Testaments. Now, I make this distinction between “commonly” and “formally” because the simple reality is that the modern
          Eastern Orthodox Church does not possess a formal, universally-approved Biblical canon. Rather, there is some confusion among Eastern Orthodox as to which books properly constitute the canon of the Bible. And, to
          understand this, you have to understand what “canon” originally referredto and how the canon of the Christian Bible (that is, the Biblical canon of the Catholic Church) actually came into being in the first place.
          The term “canon” means is that a book is approved for reading at the Divine Liturgy –that is, the Mass. This is what “canon” (a Greek word meaning “rule”) originally referred to. The “canonical” books were those books which were approved for reading at the Liturgy.
          Books which were not approved for reading at the Liturgy were called “apocryphal” (or “hidden”), and so excluded from the Liturgy. Among the “apocryphal” books, some were considered to be very orthodox and even inspired
          (but still not approved for public reading at the Liturgy), and others were considered to be uninspired or to contain errors (or even to be outright heretical). Only the “canonical” books were approved for reading at the Liturgy (the Mass).

        8. Guiding means eliminating free will. I do understand that everything that happens is because he allows unfettered free will and choice to come into play.

    1. From the article you linked to:
      The girls had Bosnian and Chechen family backgrounds, according to APA news agency.
      These girls are simply muslim, what made you think they were SJWs?

  22. The left supporting muslims is just another example, albeit a glaring example, of the general incoherence of their “ideology”. I wouldn’t do a thing to disturb this relationship because why would you want to disturb, literally, a perfect picture of hypocrisy? Meanwhile the rest of us, lemming included, see the muslim/leftist alliance along with all the other gibberish and nonsense occurring as more proof that this is a dead ideology. Its funny how the left pretends that its some brand new idea meant for the new age in the 21st Century…you hear them utter these things from time to time. Indeed, technology, singularity, shit for just making it two thousand and fifteen years there is a air of inevitable “change” on an epoch level. But here is the thing, leftism is not brand new, it’s actually quite old and its most definitely a 20th century thing. Of course its been proven, ahem over and over and over and over…and over again, to fail. The new epoch I see emerging, even though its nascent, will start with the outright rejection of the leftist religion. Right here on ROK…we’re part of this changing.

  23. Yes, it should be emphasized that Islam is feminine. For example, polygamy has historically been encouraged by matriarchy (because women love sharing alphas, da*n the betas), and monogamy by patriarchy.
    Islam is, above all else, a feminine creed. Evidence of this can be seen in the droves of white British and European women who are becoming Muslims.
    Conversely, it seems that most converts from Islam to Christianity that I know of are men.

  24. Do you guys really think Muslims are blood thirsty murderers hell bent on killing the infidels? The people are too busy trying to make a living to feed their families. There are over a billion Muslims in the world…wouldn’t these crazy killers attack the infidels by the thousands everyday? Some of you need to get out and really meet some Muslim guys. There’s so many misconceptions in these comments, made by people that have probably never met a Muslim.
    And I LOL’d @ “Muslims are not manly. On the contrary, they’re some of the most hypersensitive and feminized men alive” Clearly the author has never met an Arab man before.

    1. Spent over 3 years in Islamic countries, most of the time was living alongside them. Any ideology can be dangerous when it is allowed to become hypersensitive. That is the parallel Forney is drawing between Modern Feminism and Modern Islam.

    2. Umm but 1% rotten Muslims out of 1 billion is 10 million . How many Christian terrorist incidents have there been recently versus Muslim ones? How about death tolls? Islam hand-down much more violent religion.

    3. The whole thing is a head fake. Let’s be real, Arabs don’t belong in France and there are plenty of places for them to live like Dubai, Saudi, Egypt, Bahrain,
      etc. Many of those countries have varying degrees of living standards and religious differences, but you get my point; France is for French people NOT for Arabs. To focus on Islam is really nonsensical and in the big picture, irrelevant. There is zero reason for Arabs, Somalis, Turks, etc to be living in mass numbers in Sweden, France, Norway, the UK and other European countries. If Europeans were thinking straight and not so terminally liberal, they would be defending their ancestral homelands and not pissing away what their ancestors put their blood, sweat, and tears into to build.
      Case and point –
      do you think the average Japanese person thinks about Islam? I doubt it. Arabs don’t live in Japan because Japan is for the Japanese, and I seriously doubt the average Japanese person even has an opinion on Islam. Arabs wouldn’t have a negative opinion on us either if we were separated, kept our military out of Arab countries, STOPPED SUPPORTING ISRAEL, stopped disrespecting their culture, and kept our women’s mouth shut and their brains from hamstering about whether or not someone 5000 miles away should let their daughters go to school
      or their wife to wear extra clothing, etc.

      1. Japan does not cater to foreigners like the liberal west nations do. Imagine if you lived in a shitty country making a shitty living, and there are other countries willing to take you in and give you welfare, wouldn’t you go?

        1. No I agree, don’t get me wrong this is a French and Jewish move 100%. Arabs are invited; even solicited to move to France.

    4. There’s white Christian tribalism going on here, which is understandable
      But I hope people put that away in favor of rational thought.
      Muslims, like most non-Westerners, are in fact more masculine and patriarchal than white westerners. All the white folks here need to calm down and think about how to make their own society more masculine, not trying to tear other people down

    5. “The people are too busy trying to make a living to feed their families.”
      Really? By leeching from Western welfare system. That’s some hard work.
      Muslim immigrants are lazy, entitled, religous zealots who are completely incompatible with Western culture. We should have never let them inside Europe.

      1. I was talking about Muslims living in the Middle East. Not the immigrants.
        “We should have never let them inside”
        I never understood the hate and racism of some white people. You and “we” never had a say-so as to who can enter Europe. Just like in America, where everyone says “we should have never let the Mexicans in America”… it’s not up to you or the people. It’s up to your liberal government.
        Don’t get mad at immigrants from shitty countries that move to western countries to get free welfare. …get mad at your government that takes your tax money and gives welfare to immigrants.
        If you lived in a shit hole and another country would give you free money, would you not go there?

  25. SJW are race traitors and subversives.
    Sacco doesn’t count in this number. His cartoon cuts both ways. If we are to accept Muslims among us there is no point riling them up.
    Why are they traitors? Because they are Sado-masochists. Most of these bitchy cunts are privately enacting torture scenes with lovers and paid help in order to merely cum.

  26. My favorite Is director Oliver Stone’s (a Jew) son converting to Islam, Ultimate act of liberalism.

  27. Absolutely. I did not make the brilliant observation that Islam is a feminized “religion” that puts feelings at the top of appropriate behavior. However, I have been saying there is a thin line between Islam and SJW’s.
    The biggest difference I see – so far – is that SJW’s are simply more manipulative. While Islamists are out there perpetrating violence themselves, SJW’s have figured out how to use the feminist state’s armed authorities to conduct violence on innocent people (especially men).
    When armed police officers come to remove a man from his house (and away from his kids), based on false allegations of domestic violence by I spouse or live in baby momma – that is the same thing as jihadist terrorism. The woman may not be armed, but her proxies are and they will use violence given the slightest excuse.
    When UVA shuts down fraternities based on a false rape allegation. When young men that attend UVA are forced to take “sensitivity” training. When a young man is forced to face false rape allegations and submit to a campus tribunal with a jury mostly composed of Women Studies majors. THOSE are acts of terrorism. It’s just that SJW’s have figured out how to use an intermediary “authority” to conduct the terrorism.
    Islamists openly espouse that they want to tear down Western society and values. SJW’s – in a weak and unguarded moment – will admit that their objective is to tear down and destroy the West and its liberal values.
    There is less than a thin red line between Islamic terrorism and SJW “activism.” These are two groups that have substantial overlap in objectives. The only difference is that SJW’s – being from the West – are better at manipulating the West’s own institutions against itself.
    I would not be surprised when we start seeing Islamists attend training conducted by SJW’s.

    1. It has always been the female mentality to play victim and guilt men into doing things for them, and it has always been that leftists seek out victim groups in solidarity even if that victim group are folksy conservative immigrants that they would otherwise hate if they were locals – This is caused by a deep-seated hatred of domestic power, not by any rational desire for justice
      But a direct link between Islamic terrorism and SJW is a stretch
      I always tell my Muslim friends that there is a religion spreading from the West like wildfire across the world, converting Muslims, Christians, and everybody else, often without the victim even knowing it.
      That religion is called equalism

  28. It’s fucking boring that these comment sections get filled up with a stupid debate about Zionism/Zionists/Jews one just about every article that is about something other than PUA.

  29. I have to somewhat disagree with the assertion that the reason why SJWs align themselves with radical Muslims is because they both regard their feelings as sacred.
    It’s true that the behavior of both groups is primarily dictated by their emotions. However, I think the real reason the left supports Muslims is because doing so conforms to their most sacred rule: always support the underdog.
    Since Muslims are predominantly non-white, then that automatically makes them an “oppressed” group, which leftists always feel obligated to support.
    For leftists, the white West is the epitome of evil. Non-white or non-Western peoples such as Muslims, on the other hand, are regarded as eternal victims who are beyond reproach. Any negative behavior on their part can be attributed to the evil deeds or influence of white people. I’ve even seen editorials in leftist media outlets such as Al Jazeera that have blamed this terrorist attack on colonialism.
    White is wrong, and brown is down. Keep that in mind, and you will always be able to accurately predict what a leftist has to say about any given conflict.

  30. Back to the stone age I say. Tear down this sham of a civilized world and let the weak fend for themselves. If they die, they die.

    1. An opinion I’ve only heard opined by people who have never seen an actual war zone in real life.
      You will not get to sit on a lawn chair and cheer the chaos I’m afraid. It will take you down too.

      1. Really, by some maggot commie flower people no doubt? If I were to cut you in half and count your rings you old oak, I would see quite a number, but that doesn’t mean one of us is the wiser.
        Some of the commenters on here have mistaken me for a “enjoy the decline” type. I only enjoy two things in this life, rape and murder. I don’t care what happens to this world one way or another.

        1. Chances are that the people coming for you wouldn’t be “commie flower people”, but more like Lord Humungus and his crew. You’d get enough rape and murder to last for a (drastically shortened) lifetime.

  31. I think there’s a strange ‘enemy’s enemy’ thing going on with the Left, speaking as a Leftist

    1. That isn’t going to work out well for you. They outnumber you by a large order, and are quite willing to use violence to get rid of what they see as problems. Once they destroy the cultural and legal underpinnings of the West, Leftists will be the first target in their gun sights.
      You may want to pass that along to your comrades.

      1. Islam isn’t actually going to overrun the West, we’re far too powerful for any of that apocalyptic nonsense. That said, any sort of post-Enlightenment values (which I assume by your tone you’re claiming to situate yourself against?) are and would be violently oppressed. Even Dubai, which looks nice and shiny (for people who own a passport Mr.Ghost) harbors extremely medieval values.

        1. I was not suggesting a military overrun.
          You can destroy the culture and legal underpinnings of a society without destroying the people. Once you get rid of all of that kind of thing, then you can work on converting the useful idiots, or eliminating them.
          Islam isn’t actually going to overrun the West, we’re far too powerful for any of that apocalyptic nonsense.
          I’m certain that England will be right as rain from now to eternity.
          In any event, well stamped passport, thanks for the snark though.
          Ignore the problem as you will. Like I said, the enemy of your enemy turns on you once you achieve your shared goals.

        2. 15th, but not too worry both papers are dubious nonsensehttp://www.theguardian.com/news/datablog/2014/dec/01/muhammad-not-most-popular-boys-name-in-britain
          I mean I don’t see any acceptance of Medieval values, do you? The media, academics, people I speak to on the street are all violently anti-IS. As for IS themselves, Britain and the US caused the background that allowed that disease to spread, but don’t take my word for, look up Graham Fuller who spent almost 3 decades in the CIA and is a generally good source for middle east analysis.

        3. I don’t believe I’ve absolved the governments of Britain or the U.S. of any blame or culpability.
          Even if you go by standard British name sites (“Pick the best name for your new baby!”), Muhammed comes in, in the top 30. In a country of predominantly anglo-saxons, that says something.
          But ok, ignore the warning, while noting that you are in alliance with a group who is your enemy and would eliminate you the moment they have the upper hand. Not my worry, in all honesty.

        4. I started by saying it was strange that the Left sided with religious extremists.
          However, if I thought extreme Islam would undercut 400 years of secularism, science and philosophy I would take that warning seriously. But we’ve come to far to literally descend back into the twelfth century.

        5. Muhammed is a particularly common name among Muslims. It doesn’t take a that large percentage of Muslims in a country for Muhammed to become the most common baby name.

  32. At least a Muslim isn’t completely following a pack mentality, as the SJW does.
    The SJWs are catered to far more than Muslims. Neither should be.

    1. Are you kidding? Islam GLORIFIES pack mentality. “I am a slave of god”. “My life is at the disposal of my tribe”.
      Islam was engineered by a warlord for the express purpose of keeping his serfs in a constant pack/slave mentality. One which it accomplishes admirably.

  33. Its simple, generations upon generations of promoting “democracy” in these countries causes blow-back. Democracy for our Western Populations means inflicting dictatorships in Arab, African, and Latin Countries worldwide. We promote “Democracy” while at the same time manipulating the governments of other countries whom we are spreading “democracy” to. We do this by inflicting embargoes/World Bank and Corporations (Economic Warfare) Propaganda and starting civil unrest in the “offending” government’s populations, assassinations, or supporting upper level military personnel to overthrow their government and instill Military Dictatorships. Like Abdel Fattah El sisi in Egypt when he ousted the Morsi (the Muslim Brotherhood Candidate.) The Muslim Brotherhood was elected DEMOCRATICALLY, but we actually do not stand for Democracy for others. Is it a surprise to find out that El Sisi went to the U.S. War Army College. Many of the Dictators in Latin America went to school in Military Universities in the United States. Just as Soviet Satellite countries and their respective Dictators were usually handpicked by Moscow. We overthrow Goverments and fund “Freedom Fighters” who you now call “Terrorists” when it is directed at you. The Middle East is complicated with Sunnis, and Shias and more conservative and liberal leaning Arabian Governments.
    We are “disgusted” by Muslim extremists and terrorism but seem to turn a blind eye to the Israeli Government’s hostility and illegal occupation in Palestine. Most of the Jews there are EUROPEAN ASHKENAZI JEWS not the original Hebrews who lived there in Ancient times like Jesus (if you believe he existed.) However I’m not against the Jewish people obviously, just elements of Zionist Government Policy (Some Jews also stand in opposition to Zionism). It’s not Anti-semitism because Palestinians are also Semitic peoples. Also activities like the Sicarri opposition to the Roman Occupation of Judea would have also been considered “terrorism” by the Romans, you see its all about perspective. And also the Bombing of the King David Hotel and other “Terrorist” activities by Jewish Extremists last century, seems lost on many as well!
    Also if all life should be considered equal I do notice we measure European and Israeli deaths with a “weighted” attitude. For example thousands of Muslims and Arabs are currently fighting each other in the Middle East and killing each other…its business as usual, but a handful of Europeans die its major news on all channels including liberal channels by the way. Please note I’m not excusing the brutality of the killings of these people, (cause many like to shift here).
    Many of these nations were carved artificially by Europeans, and were set up with Puppet Governments to help Extract their natural resources. The French extracted Rubber from Indochina than the Americans went in, Western Powers in places like the so called Americas, Africa, and Asia. Who is to say ISIS was not influenced by the Israeli Mossad, they also get funding from rich sources all over the Arab world. Follow the money. The people in America are very ignorant, and when confronted with racism of Blacks and Non Whites stick their head in the sand and divert by talking about Black violence when they know everyone also agrees with that aspect of negativity but that is not what the protests are all about. The European Nations also employed DIVIDE AND CONQUER which means in India they took advantage of the existing CASTE SYSTEM and EXPANDED it and intensified it and put themselves at the top. And fueled Hindu vs Muslim violence and intolerance which continues today. Some Indians here are right there with some of you on putting down Muslims but next week will be complaining when an article is published putting down Indian people.
    In Latin America/Americas and other Colonial societies, Racism was created and and intensified that’s why I stated in my previous comment that Women who are Arab, Indian, Asian, etc if they don’t marry their own would rather marry a White Man over a Black Man (A previous article by a white guy established my previous comments when he went on about how beautiful black and brown women thought he was ideal because he simply lacked melanin in his skin. These thoughts Racism, Slavery a unique case in European Slavery, and the manipulation of other Nation’s politics and propaganda causes an element of anger and resentment that when coupled with low wages, unemployment, warfare, civil wars, and breakdown of the family causes intense hatred in an element of the population which may manifest itself in what you are seeing today. Now this is not blaming ALL White people, many whites also opposed their governments actions abroad and one of the biggest slave revolts in America was led by John Brown a white man…I am speaking in general.
    WW2 was just a war to see which group of European Nations would corner the market in the exploitation of so called Third World Countries. Japan just copied their brutal example in Asia. Its ironic how when one group of people gets criticized everyone states wow Islam can’t stand being criticized, yet some of you criticize one element of your population while applying generalities and incomplete thinking to your debates. Yet when actual fact is brought up these same people act very defensive and deflect as if their situation is bad…which comparatively is not even close, making them look particularly and extremely.. how you say….”Blue Pill.”

  34. Since the paris massacre thousands of new images have uploaded on google image search showing mohamad being humiliated and ridiculed for the world laugh at.
    Thank you, muslim bitches. The more you attack us the stronger we grow.

  35. According to the liberals, christianity and christians are a huge i mean, HUGE threat to this country. Meanwhile they deny the attacks of 9/11 that was done by jihadist terrorist, they deny that most of our soldiers in Iraq were killed by insurgents, that America is constantly under threat of terrorism. But somehow Christians and pentecostal churches are a threat how????? some one explain…

    1. Well, the great majority of the US population self-identifies as Christians. The “Christian threat” being referred to is the possibility that a movement of political Christianity would get control of the government, either through elections or by getting its people appointed to the right positions to effectively have seized control of the state. Bible-thumpery is a significant force in US politics. US Muslims, on the other hand, are, what, one percent of the population? Not in any kind of position to pull off something like that.

  36. I am a Muslim and I know that a lot of us are a shitty disgrace to the religion. Thanks for the bitter critique: I’ll make sure your post is now mandatory reading at our mosque and other circles.

  37. As I posted over at The Federalist:
    We really should open up the discussion, publicly, about whether Islam shows signs of becoming not just a nuisance religion, but an existential threat – and how stomping on it will require us to do some ugly and politically incorrect things. Our ideas about religious tolerance didn’t derive from high-minded thinking in the first place, but from a cynical and pragmatic series of compromises in the 17th and 18th Centuries to stop the wars between Catholics and Protestants, with Jews also benefiting from the depoliticizing of religious belief. The philosophers who rationalized toleration after the fact didn’t have much experience with Islam, so they couldn’t have foreseen how a few centuries later some factions of Muslims with access to Western countries would view this toleration as a weakness to exploit.
    I submit that we need to rethink this tolerance notion when a religion turns into a predator on the people who don’t believe in it.

    1. i guess the islamic supremacists wont be taken as a serious threat until an allah snackbar detonates a suitcase davey crockett in the middle of a large metropolis. even then, some blithering idiot will say, islam does not support nuking people.

  38. In a manly version of Islam, the martyr wouldn’t just have 72 virgins handed to him. He would have to learn Game and earn the right to bang them, one at a time, like a real man. And the virgins would reserve the right to reject him if he didn’t make them wet.

  39. I would have probably agreed with the article if it was presented independently from the recent events in Paris. But in its current format, it does nothing but contributing towards the divide and conquer tactics of the elite.
    This video is for anyone who has 11 minutes to spare and really cares to find out what really happened in Paris.

    1. An AK-47 can use one of several different rounds.
      the ‘in like a pencil out like a pancake’ only applies to hollow tip or standard rounds. There are several other types of ammunition, AP rounds which would pass straight and clean through someone’s head with very little blood, a type of round which corkscrews along bones causing horrific internal damage, and standard rounds that have been adulterated with a penknife, (cutting an X in the tip) which could absolutely baloon after passing through the side of the skull and then rocochet around the inside of the skull.
      Basically, the whole ‘evidence’ of the headshot is retarded.

      1. There is even a drop of blood there. And if you watch closely he missed!!!! The headshot was not a headshot you can clearly see that!!!!
        No blood, no gun recoil, no head movement = FAKE

        1. Really? Have you ever shot an AP round (copper jacketed) into a human head?
          Or are you simply relying on Hollywood over-the-top special effects for your information? Dirty Harry fires big gun, bad guy goes flying backwards.
          Suffice to say, while I have not fired an actual AP round into a human body, I have fired full jacketed rounds into a deer carcass… and it doesn’t even twitch with an M14 rifle (which uses rounds very similar to the AK-47), leaving a nice clean entry and exit wound, which produces very little in the way of bleeding and NONE of that Gory, over-the-top spatter that you wanna-be investigators demand.
          In short, you have NO fucking clue as to whether or not that video was faked, because you have no idea what they were firing and what the cop’s state at the time of shooting was. But like all retarded evil empire conspiracists, you are convinced you have the entire attack figured out from one sensationalist reporter’s misunderstanding of a single video.
          I bet Batboy was behind the attack… or maybe that wasn’t a muslim, it was a space alien dressed up to look like a muslim. Better put the cork back on your fork.

  40. The problem with explaining the basic difference between christianity and Islam is that you could literally write volumes on the subject. Encapsulating it into a short comment is not only impossible, but likely to lead to less understanding than leaving it alone.
    There is one thing to point out though. Christianity is about the individual, Islam is about the tribe.
    That is why western values dovetail with christianity, and conflict with Islam. And it is also why collectivist regimes HAVE to stomp on religions hard in order to gain power.
    There is an extraordinarily complex interplay between religion, genetic determinism, collectivist tendencies, and the sociopolitical structure of organized government. Individuality and islam will always be at war, but islam is uniquely vulnerable in that tribal-level oppression can stomp it out or control it (as that bloodthirsty demon mohammed designed it) whereas oppression is the fuel upon which christianity thrives.

  41. It’s important to understand that jihadists are engaged in a political act. They are seeking power, not expressing feelings. Feigning outrage and endlessly proclaiming a fear of islamophobia is part of how they use the west’s own political and social cultures against the west. This agitprop is often referred to as “soft jihad”.
    The Left has made a political alliance with Muslims. This works because Muslims tend to be statists, supporting an all-powerful state that dispenses benefits. For the Left, maintaining this alliance requires olympic-level lying and cognitive dissonance, but that’s a small price to pay to achieve absolute power and control.
    Strategies and tactics of the two groups have many similarities. In the same way that Muslims waging soft jihad inside western nations often conceal their power-seeking agenda under a veneer of social concerns, our own Leftists have repackaged their totalitarian Marxism as progressivism. To intimidate enemies, Islamists make use of terrorism, while the Left has access to the sanctioned violence of the government apparatus and institutions under its control. Both groups are collectivist, and neither has any use for individual rights or free speech. These parallels make Leftists and Islamists natural allies as they work in tandem to subjugate the rest of us.

    1. Virtually every leftist philosophy requires olympic-level lying and cognitive dissonance. Why should the alliance with Islam be any different?
      Once you have learned how to lie to yourself, doing it again becomes easier and easier.

  42. You’re giving these little Timblr SJW shits too much credit. What are they making noise with this Charlie Hebdo thing? Because the mainstream is pro-Hebdo. They’re just contrarian teenagers like most of us where at one point or another. They’ve repeatedly displayed that they have no knowledge of international politics or events outside of their own backyard they’re just taking the opposite side of whatever their parents and elders believe. Like listening to metal in the 80’s, it pissed off your mom, your teacher and the Church ladies. They want attention and want to show how much smarter they are than their parents.
    Ignore social media and live in the real world. I couldn’t care less about the rantings of ignorant children.

  43. I would like to ask people what should be done with homosexuals, I don’t with Muslims (who believe they should be executed). I am in favor of probation therapy for first time convicted homosexuals and prison therapy for repeat offenders.

  44. A very poor analysis.
    The prime error lies in assuming that feelings are the causal factor in behavior, in both Islamists and SJWs. This is provably false.
    Emotion is a response, or an effect of another driver. The causes that drive those emotions in the two groups are radically different.
    SJW’s emotional range stems from the prime emotion of fear. This fear is in response to the inability of their minds to process reality through the philosophy that they have adopted. Nothing can be explained, ergo the need to impose a rigid ideological order that cannot be violated in thought or deed, and must be suppressed in all things around them lest doubt enter and crack their mental foundations.
    Islam’s emotional range stems from contempt, which stems from righteousness. If you had faith, believed, and knew that your god was the only true god, your faith was the only true faith, and knew that all those that were apostates and unbelievers would be stuck down by your god, well, you’d probably be islamic. It is incredibly difficult for westerners to understand the Other-directedness of Islam, or the level of faith and belief they can generate and use for their purposes.
    Westerners are far too rational, and Christianity has a far greater philosophy of martyrdom at the hands of their enemies, to comprehend the nature of Islam. That is Mr. Forney’s error as he does a disservice to readers in attempting to equate SJW’s, who believe in nothing and are easily routed when faced with power, and followers of Islam who believe in their righteousness, and who will suffer the torments of hell on earth simply to be victorious over their enemies.
    The left supports Islam because it believes Islam will destroy the west, and they’d like to be left for last. The drives to educate women and feminize Islam should be enough to tell you that SJW’s and Leftists are attempting to fight Islam as they know how, using their women from within, just as they have done to western culture.
    Islam is not feminized religion, and it should never be downplayed or compared to the toothless SJW’s that will happily lay down for their survival, glad that finally someone makes them obey, creating a world of certainty with strict rules for them.

  45. The whole thing is a bit constructed. Muslims are heavely indoctrinated by their mindless rituals day in and day out. Since Islam is a false religion, any attack on their prophet must be stopped immediatly and violently. That is how their prophet acted in similar situations. They don’t act on their feelings, they act like their premier rolemodel. SJW are just spoiled, stupid and basically failed existences. They try to get value back by hassling everybody else. What both have in common is the notion “I am ok, you are not ok”, and that is the stance of the psychopath. So both of these parties are suffering from strong character disorders.

    1. “Since Islam is a false religion”
      And this is an example of why Western cultures can’t grasp the depth of faith that Islam demonstrably has. It’s not false to them, and that’s why they can do such horrific things.

      1. Or else deep down they’re insecure that just maybe their stupid religion is indeed false, and that drives them into killing dissenters. You know, just like SJWs.

        1. Sorry? Could you repeat that with a little more thought?
          Mr. Forney is quite wrong when comparing the level of violence the rabbit SJW’s are capable of. They believe in NOTHING and they are driven by fear. Followers of Islam are not. See my post below for a more rational analysis.

        2. If you know something is true, you don’t need to cut off people’s heads if they question it, you let the truth speak for itself. The only time you’d need to fight is defensively. They’re insecure. Same deal with the massive fines and legal action against those who “deny the Holoco$t”: because it’s untrue, and they know it to be so, they have to enforce belief in it.

        3. Corv,
          As I have commented elsewhere here, it is very difficult for a rational Citizen of the West to understand Islam. The idea of “live and let live” is alien to Islam and Sharia, which requires payment of a tax and suppression of other religions (including secularists!) to let them live.
          If you knew your god and religion was true, why would you let the perversion and iniquity of any other beliefs to stand? Why would you not convert by all methods, including the sword, since leaving such festering cankers of perversions might corrupt and sway your young people to sin against your god?
          Christians might froth at the mouth about these things, but they are not killing for their beliefs. Spare us the abortion oddities; I have not seen Christian women suicide bombing their opponents.
          You need to remove your western blinders and realize that yes, these people know they need to cut off heads to protect themselves and their religion. You use SJW language to minimize their danger and determination by trying to assign rationality to Other-directed actions.

        4. If you knew your god and religion was true, why would you let the perversion and iniquity of any other beliefs to stand? Why would you not convert by all methods, including the sword, since leaving such festering cankers of perversions might corrupt and sway your young people to sin against your god?
          Aw, gee, I dunno, how did the Christians do it when our religion was still actually expanding? Using the sword tends to be counterproductive.
          You use SJW language to minimize their danger and determination by trying to assign rationality to Other-directed actions.
          This sentence makes no sense whatsoever. Or, at least, needs to be entirely re-written. I don’t use SJW language, and never have.

        5. “you let the truth speak for itself. The only time you’d need to fight is defensively. They’re insecure.”
          So that’s the language I was referring to:
          Letting the truth speak for itself is a vague and completely useless phrase. What truth do you speak of? Islam has shared theirs.
          Insecure? No, they’re not. You are trying to minimize Islam by assigning fear based feelings, just like Mr. Forney.
          Islam is Other-directed, where the Other is god. They are not motivated by the things you might be, and they have a faith that allows them to do all they have done in their history. Again, don’t minimize their determination through their faith by assigning it rational explanation.
          “Aw, gee, I dunno, how did the Christians do it when our religion was still actually expanding?”
          They aren’t Christians, and this is evidently hard to get through to you.

        6. They aren’t Christians, and this is evidently hard to get through to you.
          Exactly. Christians preached the Gospel, and let people come to it. And they did. Again, the truth speaks for itself. Islam storms countries and lops people’s heads off if they refuse to accept their stupid religion. Slightly different. Yes, insecure. And your jabber about “Other-directedness” doesn’t even make any sense. Weren’t the Christian Apostles “Other-directed”?

        7. Christians today in the West are not the Apostles. Heck, most that call themselves Christian are merely Churchians. I’m not saying that of you, since this is teh Interwebz, but you are as airly dismissive of them as a Churchian might be.
          I don’t consider Islam to be a “Stupid” religion. I take them quite seriously. I don’t consider them to be insecure, but driven in a way that Churchians aren’t. I see what they do, and I know that their religion’s scope allows any who practice it to do what are horrific things in our Western view.
          You call them stupid and insecure. That allows you to dismiss them with contempt, and not oppose them actively. Mr. Forney is making the same comparisons, and he’s wrong to do so.

        8. Okay, now I understand what you’re saying. Yes, they’re stupid and insecure, just like SJWs. But no, I do consider both Muslims and SJWs threats that have to be dealt with, since they’re attacking our civilization right now, even if both are contemptible.

    2. marwat bint ayat – the first critic of mohammad. the first to die in critique of islam (bonus points, she was stabbed next to her sleeping child!)

  46. Everyone needs to stop generalizing all Muslims based on the actions of these 2 terrorists. 10% of France is Muslim….yet only 2 guys go shoot up the newspaper.
    Here’s a thought: no one cares about the cartoons. No one was offended. They don’t care about satire of their prophet. For al we know, they may not even care about Mohammed at all. Terrorists are politically motivated. Their actions are not a result of their feelings.
    Instead, they merely pretend to be offended by cartoons, in order to give themselves a pretext to commit murder. Murder so horrifying, on a pretext so unWestern, that non-Muslims – blinded by grief and rage – turn on Muslims. Blame them. Persecute them. Burn their book, attack their mosques, threaten them in the street, demand their expulsion from Western societies. Actions that, in turn, scare Western Muslims, isolate them, alienate them. And thus drive some of them to support – and even become – terrorists.

    1. You are correct that it’s not a consequence of feelings, but instead a consequence of belief.
      You are also correct that it is political, but then politics and law are also directed by belief in Islam, as history shows.
      You do a disservice to Islam when you trivialize their response as “pretending.” In short, you are simply demonstrating the same errors as the OP.

      1. France has a population of 66 million…10% are Muslim. Why didn’t these 6 million Muslims join in the shooting of the newspaper the drew vulgar cartoons of their prophet? If Muslims were such a violent people I’d expect more than 2 out of 6 million to avenge their prophet

        1. So you really think one day all the Muslims in the world are going to attack the infidels?
          Your Islamaphobe is making you paranoid. Trust me, you have nothing to fear from Muslims. They really don’t care. They live their lives just like you and I. They’re not plotting to kill you. You have a higher chance of getting killed by a black guy or Latino (no offense to the blacks or Latinos here)

        2. The French had this dude named Martel, once.
          Oh, and take your strawman emotional spew over to HuffPo. You’ll get better traction over there.

        3. Yeah, they had. Charles Martel and his successors were responsible for forcibly destroying paganism in and forcibly Christianizing much of Germany. He was a violent, intolerant religious supremacist, far more so than his Muslim enemies, or any Islamic polity that had ever existed until then. He had more in common with ISIS than with contemporary Western civilization.
          That he has fanboys who uphold him as a champion against Islamic invasion or Islamic religious supremacism is the height of irony.

        4. Indeed. All true.
          However, adjective laden scorn is an SJW attempt to dismiss the reality of those actions. Without that violent, intolerant, religious supremacist, you would not be commenting on this on teh interwebz right now; if you existed you would be following the Five Pillars at this very moment.
          All your descriptive language is merely an attempt to disguise the fact that what Martel destroyed was objectively bad for civilization, enlightenment, and technological advancement. What he replaced it with gave birth to western culture and the civilization we have today.
          Those who spit on that because they have not the moral fiber, faith, and belief to act on what are objectively better for the existence of civilization will not oppose Islam. It’s not going to be a pretty future. Man up and embrace it.

        5. what was this thing the arabs always say? the enemy of my enemy? or was it the devil i know and not the devil i don’t?

        6. I am a Jew in America. I went to Engineering school with Palestinian Arabs. Muslims. Normal good kids. Even though they knew I was Jewish they treated me well and I even made friends with some of them. One summer we even went on a trip to Israel. We stayed in Tel Aviv for a week and they spoke Arabic the whole way and no one gave a fuck. They might have got extra attention at the airport, that’s about it. But I wouldn’t want to be caught in Ramallah or Paris on the street self identifying as a Jew. You feel the difference habibi? Individually you guys are allright, you are good hosts and know the value of honorable conduct. But by the thousands you guys start blowing shit up and killing people in the name is Islam. This is a problem dude.

        7. Are you serious? Or just plain ignorant? Most of these Muslims aren’t even practicing Muslims… they don’t even pray, they won’t eat pork yet they’ll still drink alcohol and bang sluts. Most of my family will claim they’re Muslim, in that they believe in Allah, but that’s about it. They are Muslim simply because their parents and their parents were Muslim.
          My cousins are just like any other guys…. they enjoy going out, partying, chasing girls, go to college, work, etc etc. To say they are potential terrorists is like me saying you’re a potential child molester if you’re (assumingly) a white male.

    2. How come Middle East christians don’t do these kind of barbarian attacks despite being also in the millions altogether and being treated like second class citizens or worse than muslims who get everything paid for in the west they hate so much? Oh that’s right, because they would pay dearly. And likely are not as hotblooded as muslims either

      1. How do Muslims in the west get everything paid for? How are the Christians bring treated as second class citizens?
        I’m in the Middle East right now (in the West Bank, Palestine) I see Muslims and Christians living fine together, as equals.

        1. Lolol maybe Muslims and Christians aren’t the enemies the Jewish media makes them out to be

        2. Some people just need to stop watching FOX news and go out and meet some Arabs IRL and see how they really are. Just go to a liquor store or gas station and you’ll find one.

        3. Since you are in the area, perhaps you should take a week and go to Egypt. Perhaps you can talk to the Copts and get their perspective. Report back your findings, please.

        4. Arabs? Perhaps you should use that as your general term when talking to people there in the west bank. Where you said you were on teh interwebz. I’m sure they’ll enjoy that.

        5. I’m in the Middle East right now (in the West Bank, Palestine) I see Muslims and Christians living fine together, as equals.
          Only until a radical Muslim group like ISIS shows up and expels or kills all the Christians. After all, there’s a reason most parts of the Middle East are 99% Muslim now.

        6. Aw, gee, 1,500 out of a population of over a million. Basically none. Let’s not pick nits, okay?

        7. In international politics, the question that matters is not “Will entity X be allowed to do Y?”, but rather, “Who’s going to stop X from doing it?”

    3. pls to explain ahmed choudry & the slogans ‘sharia will take over europe’ threat?
      im sure we’d all love to co-exist. but when i couldnt even walk down tower hamlets becuz its a no-go zone fear for my safety when i went to england last year, doesnt that tell you something? (and im not even cishetwhite whatever the fuck sjw’s say white men are – also im glad i didnt go to luton too lol)

    4. Agreed but you too need to stop buying into the mainstream propaganda. This was a hoax 100%, I bet my life on it.

  47. Progressives believe that all religions, correctly understood, are true because all religions, correctly understood, are Progressivism. It’s obvious then that Muslims hate Christian patriarchy for the same reasons Progressives hate it, and are therefore allies of Progressives.
    Progressives likewise fell in love with Communism in the early 20th century — the Communists first welcomed them as allies, then massacred the lot of them when their assistance was no longer needed.

    1. The arabians called the moon god Rahman. thats why when moe marched to mecca and smashed the other rocks of the gods (save the kabaa), Rahman became a co-opted name of allah. oh and the moon god Rahman was actually the moon goddess.

  48. If you look at the statistics for the US, most terrorists are actually Latinos and liberal atheists, aka SJWs. Of course, per capita, Muslims come out on top for US terrorism, but it’s pretty interesting how closely related the two are: http://www.washingtonsblog.com/2013/05/muslims-only-carried-out-2-5-percent-of-terrorist-attacks-on-u-s-soil-between-1970-and-2012.html
    42% Latinos, 24% extreme left wing groups and 5% communists. 6% Muslim- but that’s still terribly over representative.

  49. Left-wing SJWs feel perfectly at home in a religion that indulges their feeeeeelings, strips them of free agency and tells them what to think and believe.
    That explains why so many of them are secretly into BDSM.

  50. Islam is a women’s religion. Right, taking it to the strongest powers on earth is real womanly?
    I could not disagree more with what these crazies think/do but as a ex-Marine, I can tell you these men are crazy but definitely not cowardly.

    1. well not cowardly but rather act with impulse & no rationale. as a marine you would appreciate the stoicism that comes with being a warrior. a warrior must place his logical faculties above whatever ‘feelings’ he might have. ive never met a marine driven by his ‘feelings’. i’ve met plenty of marines driven by honor, duty, logic.

  51. A lot of leftist (especially the far-left) suffer from Stockholm Syndrome and battered wife syndrome. They actually enjoy being victims. Bloodthirsty intolerant muslims make perfect candidates to bully them into submissions. They enjoy being submissive and victimized.

  52. One of the best articles I’ve seen written on the subject. I think you hit the nail on the head. It’s all about your feeelings in these radical beliefs.
    You should’v seen how disappointed the media was after the Japanese did not loot or plunder in the days after the 2011 tsunami. Most Japanese calmly waited their turn for food, water, and gas. There were amazing stories of people returning bags of money (washed out from the banks by the tsunami). One farmer even used his tractor to bring an ATM full of cash to the police.
    It blew the leftists mind that the Japanese would not take advantage of the devastation to loot and plunder. That’s not how you’re supposed to be in a disaster in leftists view.
    Everyone helped each other out and waited their turn. They were logical and reasonable about things. On CNN all they kept asking as cameras kept panning over the disaster areas was, “Where are the looters? Is there no looting?”
    Like there was something wrong with the Japanese for not making things worse. They were supposed to behave like people did in New Orleans after Katrina.

  53. Why the left support radical muslims? Because they are funded by the same who have western europe and anglo countries by the balls.

  54. I think the writers of rok need to stay far away from politics as possible… You people have no clue what you’re talking about.. Roosh talking about how we need to screen only Muslims if they’re born here or not… I know you haven’t been in America for a while but here we have this thing called the 14th amendment which calls for equal protection under the law.. So based on Roosh’s logic give up the 14th amendment and 1st (freedom of religion) for freedom of expression for a country that doesn’t even have it.. In France you go to jail if you deny the Holocaust, you get fined if you say something about Jews and you can’t even wear what you want… Matt you’re dipshit, moon God really? Maybe you should read the Quran, you know the source material…. It clearly say don’t worship the moon or the sun but worship the one created them… What the fuck were you even talking about.. Gamer gate, rolling Stone rape article what the fuck does that have to do with Islam.. Islam is for women.. Sigh.. Islam is very red pill, just like all Abrahamic religions. The difference is not all Muslims are red pill just like not all Christians are.. If you cant see that maybe you shouldn’t write articles on rok because it just makes you seem dumb. Islam word for word stands for the red pill philosophy, just like ALL ABRAHAMIC religions. Btw Matt you’re one of the worst writers on rok..

    1. It’s a tough situation in terms of fundamental rights versus security issues. Screening a non citizen either attempting to enter country or immigrate here would not fall under the 14th so that would eliminate that argument automatically, however, for either naturalized or current citizens it becomes a very difficult situation.
      In my view this situation could, incredibly easily, be handled in a legal and fluid manner by:
      1) Use the overwatch net system which monitors for key word use (ie: terror, kill, murder, etc) and, from there, it would give the authority based on how the statement coincides with the material. For example, me saying “Ohio State killed Oregon” would obviously be discarded but something on a known hate site or deep web like “let’s kill that cop bastard” would obviously raise flags and force a look into that individual. One thing we have to understand (not just you/myself) is that people, truly, by vast majority have an incredibly low intellectual value and often give themselves away by publicly farting out comments on the internet. While this may seem low level, I have a feeling it would bare a ton of fruit in a non evasive and legal manner.
      2) Spend the extra money to create an incredibly high level and complex immigration and background check system. The President asked for, what, 50 million for 30k illegal alien Mexican kids recently? Why wasn’t that put into a serious and all encompassing background check system for flight arrivals and, most of all, immigration. If someone has a red flag, don’t let them in, period.
      I don’t like it when people criticize a stance or narrative but do not offer a better solution. When this is done it comes more off as an agenda driven narrative and not as something to remedy the issue. This particular issue isn’t going to go away and, sooner or later, and whether the bleeding heart types (this is not directed at you) bitch or not, it will either come to a mass immigration/entry point for all Muslims with mass deportation/worse, or will need to be set up with seriously and massively high standards of evaluation that also meet the Constitutional rights of the country.

    2. Agreed – ROK should steer clear of identity issues.
      The feminists count on us infighting over tribal differences when we should be fighting them instead

  55. “Discrimination” is such an abused/misused word.
    When you are out shopping, you are “discriminating”.
    When you are trying to identify friend from foe in combat, you are “discriminating”.

  56. SJWs, radical Muslims, Marxists – they all follow the same emotion-based group mentality:

  57. Look this is not a Muslim vs Christian thing
    Leftists all over the world support the enemies of their nation because their ideological is primarily driven by emotional resentment of the dominant people in their nation. I’ve met Japanese leftists who supported North Korea just because they didn’t like their conservative government
    The short answer is that despite all their protests to the contrary, leftists are, in fact, traitors acting under the guise of patriotic dissent

  58. 12 people died and the western world goes crazy .Thousands of people died in Middle East and nobody in the west seems to read about it

    1. Why would we care about your people and culture? I do not see wailing and crying in the Middle East when westerners die.

  59. This article seems a bit of a reach M. Forney. Just because you personally don’t like Islam doesn’t mean logically you can pin it alongsideyour political foes, even if they have sought an alliance with it.
    Islam is a very right-wing, if you want to use that type of conception, religion. As a religion it’s as illeberal as you can get. The British colonialists in India had a high regard for Islam, they regarded it as masculine, especially in comparison with the paganism of the ghastly Indians. Also after the end of the WWII fascists and National Socialist converted to Islam, I’d guess because of their admiration for the totality of the system (total submission to God’s will) and it being analogous with their former regimes. Dissident Catholics converted after the Vatican 2 council too.
    As to why the SJW/left align with Islam I think they see Islamic immigrants as useful tools in their war against European Nationalists and Traditionalists (diaspora too). Really i think the liberals are so obsessed with defeating their foes they have fundamentally misuderstood the nature of the ‘multiculturalism’ they are trying to bring about. Not least of all because a lot of the immigrants are far to the Right of the liberals themselves and are quite appalled by what they see in the West. Not that I’m trying to defend immigrants as i think often they are the worst of people because they have abandoned their own Traditions to chase gold abroad. Personally I don’t want the Islamification of Europe as I believe Islam enough space and should get it’s own house in order. The West should leave the dar al-Islam and the Muslims should leave the West.

    1. Exactly. Liberals side with whoever is against conservatives in their country. Ironically if the right in Western countries hadn’t made Islam their opposite enemy, their leftists wouldn’t love them so much.

      1. I really believe that those on the right who attack Islam just use it as a proxy for ethnicity. You can trace them having to talk this way back to the left basically completely outlawing discussion on race and multiculturalism.
        Islam has had alliances with Catholics and Traditionalists in the pass. It may happen again, but really I don’t think the West is going through a culture war in as much as a racial one. The culture war talk is probably a proxy too.

        1. Should also factor in Zionist influence and the rise of the neoconservative movement (and not just in the US) as factors too in conservatives opinions on Islam.
          I watched Fox news during the Paris attacks and one of the presenters went into a frothing rage about Islamic world takeover. This coming from someone whose congress gives the Israeli Prim Minister 6 million standing ovations when he speaks there.

      2. The handle of the guy you are talking with is a Michel Houllebeqc character in Soumision.

  60. Mr. Matt Forney please do some research before posting anything because it makes you look like hillybilly dumbaass , even though i really admire your work
    “Indeed, there’s a growing body of evidence to suggest that Islam’s Allah is not derived from the God of Christianity but a moon God”?
    I am an Arab christian , an we also called God Allah. It is just an arabic way of saying God. I know what muslims did in france is bad but dont get too angry to commit unjustice with your pen with distortion of facts.

  61. Forcing women to cover themselves up and stay in the home is the ultimate expression of beta mate guarding.

  62. To say that Islam is feminine in nature, could only stem from a broader ignorance of the way Muslim society works.
    If you see Quran, and establish that as a model to base your judgement upon you’ll see that Islam is the most patriarchal religion, which had proposed all, ages before the Red Pill movement began and then some.
    It is that much patriarchal that some of the RedPill followers may think it is extreme – but it is patriarchal.
    To your second objection, that if someone can’t take criticism it means they aren’t masculine I would like to add that Islam works on Tit for Tat basis.
    If you punch me, I’ll punch you, if you rob your hand will be taken, if you take life yours will be taken too unless that stakeholder forgives you. Muslims, as I am, put their believes before themselves, you can abuse me tell me that my logic sucks or point out any flaw in me and honestly I won’t care about that.
    But if you make porn-ish images of my Prophet, or try to humiliate my beliefs regarding religion and prophet then I won’t just simply sit and stare.
    I’ll voice my objection, I’ll tell you that I don’t agree with you on this.
    KILLING IS WRONG, no matter in whoever’s name one may do it, IT WILL ALWAYS BE WRONG.
    But people should also learn to lock their doors instead of crying thief when upon their intentionally leaving the doors upon someone robs them. It doesn’t make robber right, but it does put some burden of responsibility on you. Charlie Hebdo massacre is tragic. inhuman act but they did provoke, they did publish an image where the Holy Prophet was sketched as a nude person in the state of semi prostration.
    You are not exercising your freedom of speech here to point out some flaw elegantly, in my religion. You are using it to insult my beliefs, I may act civil, I may tell you that it breaks my heart that you insulted my beliefs like so but not everyone is going to be like that. It doesn’t make killings right, killing one person is like klilling entire humanity according to Islam, but it also makes other responsible for some of the acts they did in the name of freedom of speech.
    What about Sine? Who created an anti-Semitic cartoon and was fired by the same Charlie Hebdo magazine, didn’t his voice deserve freedom of speech? Freedom of speech is only right when it is done against Muslims? Why not Jews?
    If there is freedom of speech, and opinion, let us all practice our believes in peace, lets get united to eradicate extremism, lets act human. You can’t hope to inspire me, by humiliating me and telling me that your way is the right way. If you actually think Islam is wrong, well then act in a better way, show the Muslims who is right and who is wrong – by hurling abuses, by making lewd sketches, you can’t do that, neither can anyone else.

  63. This article might have been better titled “How the Left/SJW’s have become the new apologists for Islam”.

  64. Because both require zealous belief and unwavering faith in something that does not exist.

  65. The positives of the right:
    It defends traditional values (historically to an extent but not anymore)
    What’s wrong with the right:
    It looks down on other cultures that actually do follow these traditional values (they are seen as third world scum and often feared)
    What the left is defending is tolerance for a group for which intolerance is rising rapidly. Islamic fundamentalists are perhaps 3-5% of all Muslims. Of this 3-5%, 10% or less have the potential to turn violent or encourage violence. If this religion is so much more violent, tell me why I can walk alone after dark safely in Dubai but can’t do the same in Detroit.
    All the Muslims I know are happily married with wives who treat them well and raise many of their children. The thought of hypergamy is less prevalent. Equals marry equals. They generally marry young and the women feel blessed to have a decent man.
    In Western society, the “red pill” people are busy attacking these groups of people and at the same time advocating exactly the same things that these families advocate (the normal ones not the extremists).

    1. Ding! Winner!
      If Conservative Christians and Conservative Muslims would join forces, they could dominate the world, but instead they hate each others’ guts.
      It’s also highly ironic how many traditional-gender-roles Christian Manospherians, who extol the greatness of traditional Christian patriarchy, simultaneously denounce Islamic patriarchy as the most evil oppressive misogynistic shit in the history of the universe. If asked, they’d of course tell you how Christian patriarchy is ***Totally Different*** from Islamic patriarchy, but their actual idea of what Islamic patriarchy is is invariably a bag of crude, unrepresentative straw-man stereotypes, much like contemporary feminists talk about historical Christian patriarchy.

  66. What an utterly inane article. The author notes some superficial apparent similarities between two groups, both of which he views and portrays in ridiculous stereotypical terms, and concludes that they must be allied. That’s as pants on head retarded as far-right rants about how Nazism and Communism are just two slight variations of the same thing, or far-left rants about how Capitalism and Fascism are.
    That the liberal Left finds itself opposing the anti-Muslim antics of the illiberal Right comes simply down to two premises:
    1. It is illegitimate to collectively condemn or punish a group because of the actions of any subset of the group, regardless of whether the punishment would be effective at suppressing the actions in question.
    2. The fact that someone commits atrocious actions does not imply that his grievances are invalid.
    That’s all it comes down to, and there shouldn’t be anything controversial about either premise. Manospherians certainly have no trouble understanding premise #1 whenever feminists hold men liable as a group for rape, or when they advocate anti-rape measures that punish all men, or lead to innocent convictions of rape simply for the sake of also getting the guilty. As for #2, the political Right had no difficulty of understanding it when Breivik was massacring little baby SJWs, even though they like to act like #2 is a logical impossibility whenever either Islamic or Left-wing extremists are doing it.
    When did the Manosphere stop being an intellectual space to develop contrarian thought on gender issues in a post-feminist world, and turned into an incubator and an echo chamber for craziest of the crazy of the American far-right?

  67. Realized this would probably do better in a second post.
    That the author has been fooled by the whole Allah = moon god nonsense is a rather damning indication of his lack of knowledge about what he’s talking about. It’s an utterly preposterous suggestion that has managed to proliferate merely because it makes inituitive sense for the uninformed, who think they’re clever connecting the dots between the moon having been a symbol of a pre-Islamic deity called Allah and later the symbol of Islam.
    The theory falls flat when first considering that the crescent moon wasn’t an Islamic symbol for its first 800 years, only became so after the Ottomans appropriated it from recently conquered Constantinople. Second, the theory disregards the fact that it’s exceedingly common in pagan contexts that whichever god is currently on the top of the pantheon is simply referred to as “God”, and that the word used in that way ends up becoming used to refer to the one and only true god if monotheism later takes over. That the word “Allah” predates Islam isn’t some groundbreaking new discovery or closely guarded secret, it’s been known for ages, as has the fact that Arabic-speaking Jews and Christians used it to refer to their god way before Islam existed (and still do, for that matter). That the word ended up being used to refer to Mohammed’s god was completely to be expected and is utterly unremarkable.

  68. The Left and feminism is simply convinced Islam will never threaten them. Since it is White Christian men opposing Islam, concerned for our society and country, feminists and the Democrat Left simply have one more point of derision for White men. Islamophobia is their slur against us and they use it with a vengeance. They’re basking in the safety we provide while they slander us for their own satisfaction.
    I’m just about to the point where I figure, hell, if Islam were the dominant doctrine, as a male if I turn Islamic I’m going to do ok. Feminists will return to their rightful, traditional roles, I can bang ten women at will as I please, I won’t have to look at queer men holding hands and slobbering all over themselves anymore and Hillary Clinton and Nancy Pelosi will finally be told once and for all to SHUT THE FUCK UP.
    Hmmm, actually, why SHOULD I oppose the new Islamic Caliphate?

  69. (1) “Muslims are not manly. On the contrary, they’re some of the most hypersensitive and feminized men alive.”
    (2) “Islam is not a religion in the western sense, but a system of control. It thrives bystoking mindless emoting in its adherents, directing their rage against the infidels, the dar al-Harb (House of War). Unlike Christianity, which teaches stoicism and self-reliance, the God of Islam tolerates nothing less than unthinking allegiance on the part of his followers.”
    (3) “Islam is, above all else, a feminine creed.”
    (4) “[T]here’s a growing body of evidence to suggest that Islam’s Allah is not derived from the God of Christianity, but is an altered version of a pagan Arabian moon god; the moon is almost always associated with the feminine in polytheistic religions.”
    Please get someone (on this site) who is either educated in Islam, or has even a rudimentary knowledge of the faith, to write intelligent and useful articles about Islam, Muslim issues, or related gender debates.
    The above quoted statements are ALL false and embarrassingly stupid.

  70. SJWs don’t realize they’re the Islamists’ “useful idiots” who’ll be first up against the wall, stoned, hung, etc. for “having outlived their usefulness” to the Islamists. Like the Ferris Bueller truism says: “You can’t respect someone who kisses your ass. It just doesn’t work.”

  71. I agree that it is appalling that many people on the left support Muslims/Islam. Islam is misogynist and homophobic and incredibly violent.
    Although women could be said to be more emotional, they are also typically nonviolent. Almost no violent crime is committed by women. So to say that listening to your feelings leads to violent crime is a logical error. In fact, if men were allowed to listen to their feelings more maybe they would be less likely to go to war also.
    To cherry pick some SJWs calling 911 and act like it’s an act of violence is preposterous. It’s pathetic and stupid, but it doesn’t actually kill anyone.
    I know I’m just a woman who only listens to her feelings, but my feelings tell me that anyone who’s afraid of SJWs does not have a good grasp of crime statistics.
    The cultures that dominate the world are derived from Northern Europe. And these cultures have strong women that demand their rights. This might be what makes them the strongest cultures in the world.
    Women’s equality is one of the features that separates higher cultures from lower cultures. So as a white man, turning your back on these values is actually to adopt the beliefs of lower cultures.
    Good luck with that!

  72. So when muslims act and strike it’s feminine. But when pussy-whipped native right-wingers tolerate their wives cheating with muslims it’s manly. hahahah Pathetic! Seems that the author is a woman in male’s body..

  73. Twitters is full of death threats from blacks and liberals yet if you insult women or minorities your get banned.

  74. What an interesting insight by Mr. Forney. The exact opposite of what I thought. Let me add my quirky theory that both the leftists & Islam are primitive retrograde socio- economic systems based on tribal life. Proof? Both are authoritarian w/ top down central planning; The collective rules over the individual; an individual ejected from the tribe will have a hard time surviving in prehistoric times; there are few individual property rights; human advancement/wealth creation is near impossible (cf. American Indians, Amazonian tribes, nomadic Saudi tent dwellers (until British Petroleum created wealth for them).

  75. Leftism fits right in with islam. Both are collectivist ideologies that hate individualism and personal responsibility. Both demand absolute obedience and servitude.

  76. I am still a leftist, a practical leftist, in my core and was/still am a warrior for social justice at heart, but I won’t ride a train going off the tracks. Just as the original good ideas of Karl Marx were sent through the meat grinder of state control and Bolshivik mass murder by Stalin and the utter insanity death cult of Mao, the original anti-war let’s-all- unionize ideals of the left have been purposefully twisted by the Deep State and leftie controllers for nefarious purpose, just as “conservative small government” folks have only gotten bigger and bigger government, and the “America First” crowd gets more wars and foreign bases. Like all religious cults, when the original goals/values are trashed we end up with a distorted mirror enhancing their worst aspects under the original name. It’s the same mental illness that prevents the left from seeing the islam political control system they clamor to import will rape, slaughter and convert them too. A real social justice warrior opposes ALL evil, rape, oppression and murder even if it politically incorrect. Something has to distract these kids from their massive student debt but this is not the proper way.

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