Entitled Journalist Writes Article Criticizing Men For Their ‘Top 10 Dating Mistakes’

It seems that not a week goes by without another ’empowered’ feminist writing an article for a mainstream media outlet describing a marathon series of dates she’s been on in the name of self-discovery or journalistic research.

Only last week ROK readers were treated to an account of a Huffington Post blogger milking a parade of ninety-eight beta-trons for drinks, dinner and validation over nine months.

Now it is the turn of Natasha Devon, a UK journalist, who has written a article for the Daily Telegraph about going on sixty dates in a mere six weeks—thus beating her US counterpart’s three dates per week with a stellar ten. The Americans may have outperformed us Brits in the World cup, but at least we can hold our own some areas.

Devon states her reasons for the exercise here:

Eighteen months ago, I was a long-term singleton. I’d decided that my taste in men had become a little too stringent and restrictive (i.e. I always dated the same sort of guy and was left feeling bemused when they kept showing themselves to be scoundrels). So, I was set a challenge by my friends, in hope of changing the status quo – I was to join a dating site and I HAD TO accept every date I was asked on over the next six weeks.

I was unaware of Devon before reading her article, but a quick search of Google images reveals her to be pretty enough but hardly a supermodel. It therefore speaks to the thirstiness of British men (and the paucity of attractive British women) that so many of them wanted to date her in such a short period of time.



With the sixty dates completed, and only one second date arranged (presumably the fifty-nine other hopeful applicants didn’t meet Devon’s rigorous standards), the author wrote up a checklist of Ten Dating Mistakes that Men Always Make for The Telegraph. Perhaps this was a caring act  inspired by a deep desire to assist British men in their quests to attain a dime piece similar to herself. Regardless, Devon announced the publication of her article with this somewhat smug Tweet:

Natasha Tweet

The tone of Devon’s piece may be humorous, but it is also offensive to men, casting them as piggish buffoons in need of patronizing female advice. An article of this kind written by a man about women would warrant public outrage—Devon’s was published by a serious British newspaper and praised on Twitter.

So, what are the ten mistakes that Devon has identified through her tireless ‘research’, and is her advice any good? Here is the list, specially annotated by your correspondent for ROK readers. I would never normally recommend taking a woman’s advice on dating, but sometimes it’s worth looking up over the parapet to see what they are thinking. Also, perhaps surprisingly, many of Devon’s points unwittingly endorse red pill thinking. But they hold good for reasons other than those she posits, skewed as her thinking is by her Titanic sense of entitlement.

1. Not Having a Plan

It doesn’t matter how feminist and independent you believe your date to be, we love a man who is good at decision making. Please do not arrange to meet us at the Tube station and then say, “so, where do you fancy going?”

To be fair, this is bang on. You must be decisive at all stages in your interaction with a woman, whether on the approach or three months in. Remember—women experience ‘gina tingles over strong, dominant men, not weak milksops who seek their approval.

Devon recommends saying this:

“I was thinking about going here as I’ve heard it’s great, unless you had somewhere in mind you’d prefer?” This shows you are decisive AND flatters our feminist sensibilities. We will swoon.

She won’t swoon. Don’t do this. Tell her where you are going, then take her by the hand and lead her there. No permission-seeking.

Remember: by her own admission, Devon previously dated (and is therefore attracted to) scoundrels. Always look at a woman’s actions rather than what she says. Be the cad if you want to share her bed.

 2. Saying “so why is a beautiful girl like you single?”

Again, this is bang on, but not for the reason that Devon suggests:

It makes us think you’re the sort of bloke who believes the dating game is just one long queue of girls, all of whom are DESPERATE for a boyfriend and are standing in order of physical attractiveness, waiting for the next man to walk past.

In fact, it is a bad thing to say because you are massively putting the girl on a pedestal, which will de-lube her lady-zone quicker than a heatwave in the Sahara. Don’t tell a girl she’s beautiful at all until after you’ve banged her. Period.

3. Admitting you’re nervous.

Devon says this is fine to admit later on, but not on the date itself, as it feels ‘a bit weird.’

This supports manosphere thinking. You are an alpha male—you do not get nervous in the presence of a woman. Chumps take note: women are freaked out by expressions of beta man-boobery. Make sure you are on your A game at all times.

4. Acting like you don’t care.

This is only partly right. Devon says:

Behaving as though we are utterly disposable and as though this is the sort of thing you do every night isn’t very attractive either. Even if you DO go on dates with different women every night, making us feel special, unique and cherished is the cornerstone of every healthy relationship and also, more short term, the non-negotiable key to getting into our knickers

Here Devon conflates women’s dual sexual strategies—alpha fux and beta bux—and erroneously suggests that the same male approach will work in either category. This is not true.

You do of course need to display some basic level of empathy with the woman you are hoping to sleep with, BUT you should massively dial this down if you are after a quick pump-and-dump rather than a ‘healthy relationship’ (an oxymoron if ever there was one).

Here, Devon encourages men to play the provider role. Those who buy into this frame will unwittingly present themselves to the women they date as beta, thus not accessing the quick sex easily afforded to his alpha counterparts. Follow this advice at your peril.

5. Playing with your phone

On the contrary, you should always play with your phone. Reply to texts while you’re with her. Doing so will enshroud you with an aura of disinterest and inaccessibility that will only enhance your attractiveness.

6. Asking a question then looking really disinterested as soon as the answer comes.

This advice is almost the total opposite of what you should do.

Devon says:

Do not ask us something, then glance lazily around (especially not at other girls in the vicinity) as soon as we open our mouths to respond. This is not how a conversation is supposed to go.

Note the somewhat dictatorial tone of that last sentence. Here is a woman determined to to control the frame. Don’t let her. By all means glance around the room while she speaks. Don’t place too much importance on what she says—you’re not a lap dog. The conversation should go precisely how you want it to—not her.

7. Saying ‘tell me something about you no one else knows’.

Fair enough. This is the lame resort of the conversationally-bereft. Read a book, do an improv course, practice making observations and telling stories. Do anything rather than ask such a ballbag-excised women’s magazine excuse for a question.

8. Doing the ‘mid-point date assessment’.

Devon says:

If there is one sentence guaranteed to kill any sort of spark it’s “so, how do you think it’s going?”

No man would ask such a question. You already know the answer—it’s going damn well, because she has the good fortune to be sitting next to you, with your almost undivided attention (aside from your looking around the room and answering texts, that is.).

9. Bad-mouthing other dates you have been on.

Agreed—don’t do this. Not because ‘we’ll then immediately be on our guard, wondering if this date is a future anecdote for another date you might go on.’ Instead, don’t do it because, depending on the anecdote, you are liable to come across as butthurt and not good with women if you talk about a failed former liason.

10. Talking about your ex/Asking about her ex

See above.

Devon finishes up with a list of things you should do for happy, sexually-successful dating:

– SMILE! – It doesn’t cost anything and it makes you look sexy.

– Insist on paying – A controversial one, this. We’re always happy to go halves or even to pay for the whole thing BUT if you absolutely insist we’ll assume you’re having deeply loving feelings towards us.

– Walk us to the station/put us in a cab/in some way show that you are bothered about what might befall us during our journey home.

– Text immediately you get in to say what a lovely night you had – Even if it’s a lie. It’s just British good manners.

Don’t do any of these things—except maybe smiling (sparingly). Sadly, with gender-relations being what they are today, paying for dates and otherwise being gentlemanly will put you solidly in the ‘provider’ camp, and you will become the guy she jokes about just prior to going down on her penniless, alpha jerk boyfriend.


Devon’s list is interesting because in places it demonstrates that red pill thinking is correct, and that qualities like dominance, confidence and charisma are the keys to a woman’s intimacy. Nevertheless, the article is offensive in tone as it serves to re-enforce the cultural meme that men are clueless, bumbling simpletons who need to be taught the ways of the world by more emotionally intuitive women.

Flip the script for a moment. Suppose a man wrote an article on the ten most common mistakes women make on dates—being late, texting, dressing poorly, not wearing enough make-up etc. I can’t imagine any mainstream media outlet in the US or the UK publishing such a piece, and even if they did, the feminist backlash across social media would be explosive, with cries of sexism from all quarters.

That the same isn’t true of an article implicitly criticizing men like Devon’s does is a reminder of just how entrenched female superiority is within the Western cultural narrative.

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    1. I’m sorry, did the one on the right say something? I was distracted by a bird outside of the window.

    2. Oh look, a fat girl with a leg tattoo. Oh the originality! I would have called her for a second date.
      Do these women have any idea how they look? How they come across? I’m supposed to be shamed to the point of becoming some effete ball-less creature yet they have no capability reflect?
      Like I said before, these internet feminists are cut from the same cloth as any basement dwelling neckbeard. The only difference between them and said neckbeards is that “the system” sides with feminists and give them $$ and some prestige (usually corporate $$). In the end, they are simply neckbeards without the beards and balls.

      1. Entitled people are imminently clueless and devoid of honest self-perception. Feminists are amongst the worst offenders, but not the only ones.

      2. Spot on, that feminists spend so much time blaming men for thinking we have the right to sex and romance with the women we desire is just a giant projection. PUA is dedicated to self-improvement in order to meet women’s preferences. Feminism is dedicated to shaming men into changing our preferences so the feminists themselves will be considered more attractive without them having to change anything about themselves. Who is it that really thinks that they have a right to sex and romance with the partners they desire? Look in the mirror feminists.

      3. >>In the end, they are simply neckbeards without the beards and balls.
        Lol. Word. Good comments

      4. As far as the leg tattoo is concerned, you do realize cattle are usually branded right?

    3. That picture coincides perfectly with my #3 mistake for women that meet up looking like a fat fuck who committed canabalism rather than pay the cab fair

        1. Remember the scene from “Alien?” I think she had some strange kind of spawn coming out…

      1. I don’t really think she is in much of a position to judge men on their Game…

      2. What the fuck she looks like a zombie! Or that character from the original Total Recall.

        1. The surgery was sewing her back up. Jaws thought he had a big meal coming but realized it was just too much and spit her back out.

        2. Oh man, I almost choked on my drink laughing at this. This is the reason why I read comments on RoK.

        1. Now, given this information, imagine what kind of men she’s entertaining.
          You don’t want to be one on of them, that I guarantee.

        2. I’m sure that’s what many people say to Siamese twins too” O your joined at the hip and have two heads; who would have noticed”. Typical

        3. It was the first thing I noticed…then I noticed her belly fat, then I thought that they were somehow connected as it were some weird fold. Took me a couple of seconds of intense staring to figure out what was going on so yea, it IS pretty noticeable.

      3. Wtf is that scar across her belly looks like someone slashed her with a sword or something.

        1. It’s from needing some kind of internal surgery. I knew someone who was impaled on an emergency brake when he was six, and he had this kind of scar. Should people have to feel ugly for that? Weird.

      4. Hey check it out. A corset would work wonders here. But nooooooooo! That’s a tool of patriarchical oppression and torture!
        OK then enjoy the bad posture and muffin top. Oh and the breast cancer too as the wires in your bras create necrotic hard points and localized repeated inflammations that become growths.

      5. So she tried to better herself with gastric bypass and yet she failed at it.
        The title of the article might as well be: “Why not to date me in 4 easy steps”.
        1. Look at me.
        2. Run away
        3. ????
        4. PROFIT!

      6. So that first photo was the typical internet bait and switch on an online dating site. Jayzus I would keep on walking. Why does it look like her stomach is stapled? Is that how they keep the wrinkles out?

      1. That’s why it’s important to maintain standards; Once they’re gone, they’re hard to get back.

      2. Nah you know she put the semi-hot weird angle photo on her profile, now proceeds to complain about the behaviors of men who were angry about the bait and switch (you know its only fair if she pays the whole bill I’m a full 3 points higher and 30lbs lighter than her)

      3. If you saw the quality of the average English woman, you’d understand.

      4. When I saw the first picture (the one in the OP) I said to myself, “Myself, I bet that is a secret internet fattie.” You can teel by the angle of the picture and the cropping so yo see the big cleavage, but you can’t see what is going on below the titties.
        However, lots of men get fooled by photo trickery like that. I don’t blame a guy for getting fooled once, and applaude that fact that only one was willing to degrade himself enough to go on a second date.

    4. That is her? She should be happy if someone passes her the salt at a crowded table.

    5. LOL! As soon as I saw “British woman” in the copy, I assumed the worst. You, sir, have confirmed it.

    6. And remember that dress is flattering on her, plus the heels create the illusion that her legs are longer and slimmer

    7. It’s always the fat ones.
      And she has the nerve to complain about why she’s been single for so long (or even have a list).
      I can tell you why you’re single, Natasha….

      1. Can you ? She just dated 60 men in no time at all ! I know it’s sick but she gets all the cock offering she can handle and then some.
        So the reason she is single is NOT because she is a fat, ugly, unpleasant feminist with a huge scar.

        1. She is single because she wants to be or, more precisely, because society is telling her to. She is riding the carousel.
          She needs her “independence” to take random cocks each night and her “freedom” to shuffle paperwork in a cubicle all day. Funny how women just 50 years ago fantasized about love and handholding.
          Women are unhappier than at any point in history.

        2. She’s single because she’s fat but wondering why she’s not getting a Brad Pitt. This is something that vexes me.Back in the day, when a woman knew the extent of her looks, she expected accordingly. Fat? Ugly? OK you gotta settle for the 300 balding welder with the hairy back. It’s not like the welder is a bad fellow – he could be good or bad, that’s not relevant.
          After more than a decade of Oprah and other corruption, all women, no matter how bad they look, think they are 10s when reality says otherwise. So they got thirsty betas lined up out the door and none of them are good enough for her – even though the majority of those betas could do better if they were not betas. So she refuses them all DOING TO MEN EXACTLY WHAT THEY CLAIM MEN DO TO WOMEN, and then like a big fat retard, wonders why she’s still single.
          If she had a grasp on her SMV, she would know what “level” of man to target. The Chippendale model with the computer science degree and 200K+ a year is down in Miami hitting on women who can make a bikini look good. He’s not going to be dating her fat feminist ass.

    8. Who the fuck takes women that look like this out? Why? What good could come of it? Seriously, I cannot wrap my head around it.

      1. I don’t know man. It’s either thirsty males or she duped them with her profile photo head shot. I’d be embarrassed to be seen taking her out and i’d probably make any excuse to just end the date mid-way.

  1. We’re gonna see a lot of articles like this from the feminists as the world burns. And they will write these articles with the fervor that we are going to “man up” (on their terms and their ideals) and fix everything like a bunch of nice little beta white knights.
    The outcome is going to be funny to say the least.

      1. With any luck there won’t be a gov and by working together not to put on uniforms for, pay for, fight for, and serve the system, it will collapse.
        There might be fighting still. The system is going to go down like a mortally wounded werewolf, tearing out throats on the way to the floor.

  2. most British girls are a disgrace, if they’re not overweight then they drink too much or take too many drugs to be attractive as you can tell they’re gonna look busted within the next 5 years

  3. RoK should definitely do the top 10 mistakes woman make in dates and broadcast it!

    1. I’ll start…
      Mistake #1
      Saying “I don’t fuck on the 1st date” then immediately fuck on the 1st date.

      1. When a girl says this line, you’re pretty much guaranteed to get laid that night. Goes right along with “we’re not fucking tonight…”. That means she’s already thinking about fucking you-keep your game tight.

      2. And then when she does fuck you, saying ‘I don’t usually do this’ right before.

      3. Is fucking on the 1st date wrong? Would you rather have an over-entitled cock-teaser making you pay through your nose to “let” you sleep with her?

        1. In a relatively recent post, an author mused that “we like prudes, prudes are wife and girlfriend material…what we don’t like is whores that pretend to be prudes.”

        2. And then we wonder why western women are so prudish, pretentious and entitled…
          Sigh…I wish there was something I could do to talk sense into some of the guys.
          Oh well, never mind.

      4. I’ll help…
        Mistake #2
        Women – never say this on a first date “I don’t know why my pussy itches all of the time”.
        It’s just bad manners in the U.S. and it won’t get you a second date.

        1. IF she said something like that it would get her 200 more dates. dont be naive

      5. I actually don’t mind that one..as long as it isn’t combined with the being fat mistake.

    2. Saying : Oh you play guitar? I know a guy in XYZ band. They’re really good. He said I could be in their music video.

    3. Most things she points out are things that only beta males would do.
      A female can go out on 10 dates a week if she wants to, but 10 dates a week with BETAS. If you were offered a limitless stream of smelly warpig feminists with mucus on the side of their mouths, I doubt you would take them either.

  4. 60 men in two months? Have guys become so desperate they are willing to bow and scrape at the feet of an overweight girl? Being a regular reader of ROK and many manosphere blogs, yes, I should know better, but somehow, I still can’t wrap my head around the desperateness and the sheer thirst of contemporary men.

  5. At least this woman has misogyny right:
    “…[I]t’s worth noting the official definition of misogynist as ‘someone who hates women’ rather than ‘anyone who dares question the popular feminist status quo.’”

  6. Beta-style Texting is a big thing that I’ve been learning lately the hard way.
    I haven’t read all of Roosh’s work yet but I think that comes up from random surfing.
    What I’ve learned: The less, the better.
    No text chit-chat. No “haha”. No compliments. No excitement. No smileys. Only use text to meet up.
    I’m getting to know 3 girls right now and 2 have said to me “You’re not a big texter are you?”. I wasn’t sure what to say and I wanted to keep to the rules I’d learned from losing other girls… I basically just replied “Nope, not a big texter. I prefer to get to know people in person” and just left it at that. Their texts kept rolling in and I basically ignored them. I’m seeing one of them tomorrow and the other the day after…
    The other girl (i.e. the one I’m most attracted to) I couldn’t help but text-check in with… couldn’t help but be super nice on our date on Monday… acted beta… quickly responded to her texts… after weeks of acting alpha.. and I saw in front of the me the growing lack of interest. Frustrating for sure… But I didn’t make the rules of this Game.

  7. Why do so many American men say how cute Brit girls are? Most British chicks are 6-7s. America has many more low class uglies and fatties, but more hotties on average.

      1. The accent…..until she wraps those meaty arms (or legs) around you.
        Then you’ll gladly gnaw off your own arm to get away!

        1. It’s called the “pincer movement” in allusion to the manner in which it envelops its prey with no way left to escape.

    1. Complex. Certain actresses are better in the UK. Kate Beckinsale for example .Vanessa Redgrave . American women tend to be a bit pushier. One thing to consider many American women are of British origin. The next group are German.

    2. There’s a steep cliff with British women. But the tops can be quite enjoyable to chat with as British wit can make for good conversation

  8. Article Summary
    Red Pill Don’ts
    1. Not Having a Plan
    2. Saying “so why is a beautiful girl like you single?”
    3. Admitting you’re nervous.
    8. Doing the ‘mid-point date assessment’.
    9. Bad-mouthing other dates you have been on.
    10. Talking about your ex/Asking about her ex
    Red Pill Dos
    4. Acting like you don’t care.
    5. Playing with your phone (Because 4)
    6. Asking a question then looking really disinterested as soon as the answer comes.(because 4)
    7. Saying ‘tell me something about you no one else knows’.(because 4)

  9. I think this girl made this up. If she is getting asked out 60 times in 6 weeks there is no hope left for humanity. She is at least 30 lbs overweight.

    1. All hungry betas from online dating. Simply no other way…
      And I’ll bet all the photos she put up were face shots only.

      1. If all I had was her face shot to go off of and met up with her and saw her true form. I would not hesitate to be like “are you fucken kidding me?” and walk away. Ohh how I wish I was one of the dudes she went out with. Arrogant bitches like this need a dose of reality every once in a while.

    2. I think its true. Every woman gets 100s of offers every week. Some daily. That she didnt get more than 60 dates is pretty pathetic actually. A hottie would get closer to 600 dates.

  10. I’m not surprised she thinks men should pay, how many free drinks and dinners did she gobble in the course of those 60 dates? I doubt she admitted how many penises entered her

    1. It gets worse. Some of those had two have been two meals in one sitting. . .

    2. Funny how she never mentions that aspect at all. How many dicks did she take over the course of those 6 weeks? How many came all over her independent face?

    1. Ah i see you like that sexy teacher look, yeah it has a certain allure to it

      1. I didn’t notice the photos of her vagina belly before posting. She’s got a fucked up gut. I’d not be able to fuck her given that scar.

  11. After being on RoK for about 6 months now this feminist double standard bullshit is really starting to get to me. Good article on a shitty article she wrote.

  12. Top 10 worst dating mistakes by women
    1. Being fat
    2. Not shaving your body hair
    3. Dressing sloppy.
    4. Being unfeminine.
    5. Brag about your career
    6. Spewing feminist talking points.
    7. Talking about how much you admire Lena Dunham
    8. Trying to act like a guy
    9. Trying to be assertive
    10. Not putting out.

    1. 11. Taking back to your boyfriend/husband
      12. Not obeying you boyfriend/husband
      13. Wasting Men’s money of ‘shopping’
      14. Being a Facebook attention whore
      15. Pretending that a man ‘should’ love you for ‘who you really are’ instead of improving becoming a better women.
      16. Telling us to help with the housework while you was sitting on your ass all day doing nothing but talking on the phone with your ‘girls’.

      1. you can usually tell those women, because they have this air of a ‘bad smell under their nose’…..

      2. I don’t think this author is the worst of the feminist authors, from her other articles she seems to have touched upon several mens issues we speak about here.

      3. In 08′ I banged a chick I met in school. Cute little red head with the juiciest bubble booty I’d ever seen. I finished, took a quick shower, walked back into my bedroom and it smelled like a decomposing dead body. I know it was her pussy but what the fuck is that? Some sort of condition? I guess it doesn’t hurt to have some Vicks on your nightstand.

    2. Face constantly in the fucking phone…
      Insults, put-downs, general trash talk/bullying (I know that shit tests often employ these tactics, and it’s up to us to shut them down and prove we have a spine, but they’re still off putting nonetheless).
      Listens to rap/pop sluts.
      Attitude that outmatches actual SMV.

    3. Stringing along your micro-chiwawas and referring to them as your “babies”.

        1. Female smokers tend to be more promiscuous on average. Nicotine raises DHT and testosterone. Female smokers tend to be nasty bitches.

    4. Many of these are not so much dating mistakes as overall personality disorders.

    5. 11. Not wiping her ass properly. Seen it with Anglo western women a lot. Don’t want to see tiny turds near her bum hole.
      12. Making bodily sounds (farting, yawning, burping). I wanna date a girl, not a man.
      13. Asking loudly that she want’s to take a crap. Seeing this increasingly being common with Anglo women.
      14. Pigging out on the food at the date, as if she’s never eaten for a year. And talking with her mouth open. I wanna date a woman, not a sow.
      15. Not splitting the bill, if she especially orders expensive gourmet foods. I always order the menu. If she’s gonna stretch my budget, let her pay for what she wants to eat. She’s not freeloading off me for expensive food.
      16. Scheduling a date while she’s on her period. Even though menstrual sex with condoms and anal sex on period is increasingly becoming common, I’d still avoid doing it to a woman. I find them gross.
      17. Not brushing properly. Halitosis is not only a man’s problem these days.
      18. Smoking. For the same reason as above. If she smokes, she pokes. One of the 24 signs of a slut.
      19. Asking for gifts – I see it more in EE. Transactional sex? Cut the foreplay of dating with such women. Even though I don’t support prostitution, it’s more logical to rent whores who are 9’s instead.
      20. Wearing disgusting, dirty or cheap underwear, especially if the date is scheduled to lead to sex, and more so if she knows that. I don’t like to see printed penguins and iguanas on a pink panty And also non-matching underwear (think red panties and blue or green bras). I’m not dating Wonderwoman. Keep it simple, sexy. and uniform in color tone, don’t need something exotic like G-string underwear or studded rhinestones within her butt crack. Wear simple black underwear, white underwear, red underwear or even Bodytone or Pink Underwear. Just don’t mix them up to look like a female circus clown-like performer.
      21. Calling me names like Daddy, or farting in bed. I understand that the abdominal muscles relax on orgasm, so it could result in involuntary farts from women. But atleast say sorry politely, don’t laugh about it like a sailor. I don’t want to be sleeping next to a woman whose ass functions like a weaponized turret.
      22. Overacting during foreplay and sex. Big boner deflator. If I start laughing in bed, I can’t get it up. Once had a chick, who used to moan as if I was ravaging her, when actually I was only caressing her forearms, without even penetrating her. Real drama queen. I thought she would’ve won an AVN pornstar award for best dramatic performance in a comedic role.
      23. Filthy hygiene. BO, and not washing up at the end of a session is a big turn off. This is common with Anglo women. That’s why women from Asia, EE and FSU are the best women, because they take a lot of care about their hygiene,and are the cleanest girls. Modern Anglo women need to be trained in hygiene lessons from them.
      24. Stupid pillow talk, especially when I want to sleep. Women who keep murmuring shit in your ear in bed when you want to nap after sex are a torture.

    6. Pretending to actually like sports, rock climbing, gun shooting, and exercising rather than admitting you just do all that to attention whore.

    7. A guy I met through work set me up with his daughter. He showed me pics and she was hot. I sent her a pic and I think she liked what she saw as well and agreed to go on a date. In her pictures, she looked nice dressed nice. I was 34, she was 30 at the time. I picked her up at the time we agreed on, the bitch answered the door wearing a hoodie, sweatpants, no makeup and her hair in in a messy bun. I said, “did you just get done working out or something?”
      She got cleaned up, I banged her, then she cried because I said I didn’t go to church every Sunday. NEXT!!!!

  13. That picture of her with the glasses tell it all:
    -Stuck up
    -Narcissistic and self absorbed
    -Career minded agressive woman
    -No respect for anyone else except herself

  14. This takes us to a very important point: NEVER ask a woman advice on male-female relationships. If you need some kind of help, always look for a guy that’s succesful with women.

    1. Really thats true of most things..Everyone has an opinion. Most are worthless.

    2. Even a guy that is unsuccessful with women is more likely to have a better perception of reality.

  15. Let’s actually try and compile a top ten mistakes women make, and then forward it to the Telegraph and see what excuse/pretext they give for refusing to publish it.
    I’d say number one has already been advanced, and that is saying they don’t put out on first dates and then putting out, but pointing out they don’t usually do that.
    I’ll advance a number two…
    Number two: making a very insincere offer to pay, or pay half of the bill (yes I made the mistake of taking girls on dinner dates years ago). Either pay or don’t, but if you have no intention don’t feign it for effect.

    1. An addendum to #2 would be allowing men to pay at the end of dates when they’ve got no intention of seeing him again.

    2. What I hear more and more on dates is women bragging about their careers and how much money they make. That automatically makes her slip a point or two on the attractiveness scale

    3. 1. Fat
      2. Fat
      3. Fat
      4. Fat
      5. Fat
      6. Fat
      7. Fat
      8. Fat
      9. Not Asian or Latin or Eastern European
      10. Fat

  16. “It doesn’t matter how feminist and independent you believe your date to be, we love a man who is good at decision making. Please do not arrange to meet us at the Tube station and …” :D, Says it all. Don’t need to say much more on this. Says it all about feminism, and of the women who support it and adhere to it.

  17. The woman’s “advice” is a perfect example of womyn who want to have all the benefits of pre-feminist courtship and none of the burden/duties. I am always left wondering …is there ANYTHING required of the women?!!

  18. #10 is way off, bro: “Sadly, with gender-relations being what they are today, paying for dates
    and otherwise being gentlemanly will put you solidly in the ‘provider’
    camp, and you will become the guy she jokes about just prior to going
    down on her penniless, alpha jerk boyfriend.”
    You pay because you’re letting her know who the man is. If she wants to get a round of drinks, that’s a different story altogether.
    For example, if wants to split/pay for dinner, you’re looking at two things: (1) a girl with feminist tendencies; or (2) a girl that’s not into you and doesn’t want to feel obligated. Either way she disqualifies herself.
    Or, she makes a tepid offer to split the check and is waiting to see your response. You’re a pushover if you accept that offer. That’s a huge turnoff for her.
    Short version: paying isn’t “beta.” Beta is beta.

    1. Or a woman who doesn’t want to feel like you think she’s obligated to fuck you and could get rapey. Girls in my family were instructed to go Dutch to avoid this. Sound advice.

  19. A bit of a typo – don’t tell her she’s beautiful till you’ve banged her on her period. Either she will think you are hilarious or a murdering psychopath no no moral sensibilities whatsoever. It’s a win- win.

    1. ^I need to see an eye doctor after looking at that pic. Brain damage inducing ugliness.

  20. The worst thing a man could do is follow advice from a feminist on how to date women, haha.

    1. That is strange too, because I am positive that a great many feminsit are very experienced with dating women. They should know what they are doing.

      1. He’s probably just Australian. If he was Kiwi he would be f*cking the ugly sheep.

        1. yeah, but my heritage is scottish and I’d still rather stick my dick twixt those titties than peg a sheep.
          Fucking furries are worse than feminists.

    1. Do it against the edge of a cliff; that way, it’ll push baaaaaahck

  21. I want to say something that might seem contradictory. She makes some good point’s, but who cares what a woman thinks! On the one hand, I understand getting a females perspective on dating, but on the other hand none of them have the ability to be honest, even with themselves, so what’s the point of the information. The point of the information is that it leads to a greater insight into what we(men) are up against. If I really think about this, I’ve been doing this kind of reconnoitre since before I could shave. Women say all kinds of bullshit, mostly among themselves, the rare ones that make it into print have honed their perspective of bullshalga to a razors edge. Listen to the article, not for her words but for her deceptions. That’s the only way to make sense of it.

    1. “To defeat your enemy, you must know your enemy.”
      – badly mangled Sun Tzu
      Love the comment, btw. One of the things that I have come to realize is that since no later than I hit puberty, I knew women were lying to me. It took me about 25 years to figure out exactly how.

  22. I call bull shit in this Devon fraud.
    She is fat and ugly. There is no way she got 60 men that hard up to ask her out on 60 dates so quickly.

  23. Notice the manjaw. Instant boner-killer.
    It is an instant disqualifier for me. I know no high quality woman has manjaw.

  24. “Behaving as though we are utterly disposable and as though this is the
    sort of thing you do every night isn’t very attractive either…”
    An idea for a dating site where the pot, meet the kettle.

  25. ‘Acting like you don’t care’. Maybe he cares. Maybe he wants to care. But he’s only going to care to a point that doesn’t give her a pass on everything she wants if she is being cunty and boring. That will probably result in him not caring or acting.

  26. I have one: A woman who invites you out and brings no money to the date. She lets you know when the bill comes. Happened to me once and never saw that bitch again in spite of her repeated overtures.

    1. I would’ve just said “I gotta piss real quick,brb.” and snuck out. Play them at their own game.

  27. Another day, another article discussing what a woman thinks. Do you guys need women for validation or what?
    I’m getting bored with RoK this week.

  28. #1 dating mistake women always make – BEING FAT.
    #2 dating mistake women always make – BEING UGLY
    #3 dating mistake women always make – BEING POST MENOPAUSAL
    #4 dating mistake women always make – BEING A BITCH
    #5 dating mistake women always make – NOT PAYING FOR ANYTING
    #6 dating mistake women always make – BEING FAT
    #7 dating mistake women always make – BEING FAT
    #8 dating mistake women always make – BEING FAT
    #9 dating mistake women always make – BEING FAT
    #10 dating mistake women always make – BEING FAT

  29. This is so weird. I’ve got little experience dating. Although I’ve gotten each one I wanted.
    I’ve never made any of these mistakes. She’s getting the wrong guys.

  30. Aside from being fat, ugly, entitled, obnoxious and too horrifying to look directly at, I don’t see any problem with her. Millions of land whales like her in pods all over the West.
    Shows how low the standards of beta men are though, that they would even consider for one second dating this ditch pig. I could not be seen with her in public, ever.

  31. Women give objectively bad dating advice. Its like they give advice for the purpose of making said man fail miserably so they can strut around with the unbearable smugness of thinking a man isnt worth her time.
    And they call us cocky?!
    They love the high-horse, the moral high ground, they want to believe they’re better. Their arrogance offends me. Highfalutin women – which is the majority today – make me wanna put them out of my car far off in the wilderness somewhere.

    1. Yes – the sheer arrogance of the modern western woman is what gets to me as well.

  32. This was based in the UK, can’t blame the girl for feeling entitled to a proper man. I’m based in Bristol and outside of a fight gym or building site this place is blue-pill central. Her first 59 dates probably consisted of hipsters starting conversations about misogeny in the workplace or how much they relate to Jamaican street culture. Without her sense of entitlement, she’d be shacked up with a guy with less muscle mass than her, a fixed gear bike and a passion for locally sourced quinoa. More power to her.

    1. They have locally-sourced quinoa in the UK? I thought it only grew in the Andes.

  33. Gotta be honest, Brit girls don’t really go for everything that makes up the American idea of what an “alpha” male is.
    Nearly all of the advice you’ve given here is ok but one in particular would definitely get a lot of the Brit girls walking out of the door saying “bye”.
    The phone one. I’m not one to take an interest in girls analyzing their dates, it bores the shit out of me, but I do enjoy it when they get their bitch face on and just lay into everything *insert random guy* did wrong and trust me, the not “putting your phone down” thing just pisses people off in England.
    You’re more likely to get your phone taken out of your hands and dropped into a pint than score with the girl.
    Brit girls mainly like guys who can make them laugh. The whole dating scene seems to be more about taking the piss out of each other without going too far.

  34. …the only thing I try to remember to do on a date is :WHATEVER THE HELL I WANT.

  35. Women never tire of telling men how we’re failing to meet their requirements and demands. What they can’t come up with is any reason why we should try. Or even care.

  36. I’m surprised that dating advice, from a woman, got so close to correct in some areas. I would supplement the article above though with some caveats and things to consider.
    Smiling. You don’t have to smile like a clown but, especially if you have nice white teeth keeping a happy look on your face always helps. Women are turned off by men who appear too serious, stressed, or possibly angry.
    Pay for the check. I don’t think it is that big of a deal for the man to pay the check if it is under $20 or so. I don’t like the idea in theory, but sometimes it is just less awkward to smack down a $20 and move on with the evening. If entitled woman says she has no money then looks at me like I am her personal bank account, I just put down my share and walk out without saying a word. (Despite all the stories I hear, this has only happened to me once.)
    Walking them to the train/cab. If it is on my way or only a little bit out of it I will usually do this if she is signaling interest. I live in a major metro area though and the downtown can get a bit sketchy in places at night. It does give off a touch of provider, but also demonstrates that you care about your fellow human to some basic degree. Personally, I don’t think this practice has ever hurt my game and in fact I can point to two or three times it converted the night into a one night stand or heavy make out session.
    Phones. I’m not a man who really uses his smartphone a ton, but I don’t play with it while on a date. In fact, sometimes I will open with “I only have one rule and it is phones off for the next hour” then turn mine off and place it in front of me. Most of the time, the woman looks surprised, turns off her phone, then gives me one of those “you just got my hamster fired up” smirks.

    1. A number of people have picked up on this thing about paying. As with everything, it’s really a matter of frame. I actually frequently pay for drinks, but not in a manner that suggests I’m trying to ‘buy’ the girl with my largesse. That is the key to it.
      I was slightly annoyed by Devon’s expectation that men should buy them stuff, and her entitlement, hence the above. Also, for a newbie (or anyone really) it’s always safer to veer towards being an asshole than a nice guy. I once offered to get a girl I was out with a cab home. Big mistake. She lost all attraction to me and I never banged her. So buy all means pay for things on dates, but do so because you want to rather than because someone like Devon says you should.

  37. I think her points are good, but every man that knows an inch of seduction would have avoided all of them. Meaning that probably her dates were not very good from the beginning, but by seeing her that should not be a surprise. Quality men can and will date better.
    Also I disagree with the author about a few points: I don’t think that checking the phone is “alpha” but simply annoying. We all hate women that do it so why repeat this stupid behaviour. Same for the conversation I agree that men must lead but showing disinterest too obviously will just kill the mood. Finally paying: a big no if you are going to a dinner date, but who does dinner dates anymore? If you are going to a drink date then you can offer the first one, I always did it and was always a good move (a small bit of provider works in your favour). Plus more often than not she will offer to pay the next one…

    1. This is classic. Devon believes she dated an objective representation of “Men”. In actuality she only date the men attracted to her profile and picture. The only conclusion she can reach is the top ten mistakes of men WHO DATE HER. You are looking into a mirror Devon you brainless wonder.

  38. “Don’t do any of these things—except maybe smiling (sparingly). Sadly, with gender-relations being what they are today, paying for dates and otherwise being gentlemanly will put you solidly in the ‘provider’ camp, and you will become the guy she jokes about just prior to going down on her penniless, alpha jerk boyfriend.”
    What if you’re obviously well off or better? How does a fancy car driving, gold watch wearing alpha type get out of picking up a check?

    1. By driving a fancy car, wearing a gold watch and not picking up the check.
      He’s her investment, not the other way around. How do you think he can afford a fancy car and a gold watch if he goes around picking up checks all the time?
      No matter what she says she wants, what she really wants is to have to squeeze a buck out of him, to feel she is special for having done so and that she has sweat equity in the relationship.

  39. ” a quick search of
    Google images reveals her to be pretty enough but hardly a supermodel.”
    Pretty enough? Bitch looks like Octomom to me.

  40. Hmm. DO NOT play with your phone during a date. This goes for men and women alike. Atleast for me it would be a sign of “I am not comfortable being here, I am too shy or too addicted to my phone, so I must keep on touching it all the time.” Fondling things (i.e. phones) makes one look extremely nervous or socially incapable. It is like a desperate way to avoid gaps in conversation.. Plus it is juvenile.

    1. Depends on your overall frame. Checking texts on my phone has never made me look shy, because I’m very forward. It has however got me in trouble, because girls have assumed (correctly) that I’m texting other girls. But it’s never stopped me getting laid — actually, implied social proof has helped

  41. Wait, this is written by a British guy? I thought the whole internet was by Americans! After all, we invented everything useful and we own the English language.

  42. Bah GAWD! What a time to be alive.
    FEMINIST, tatted, noticeable deformity, lack of long, healthy hair, unhealthy/obese BMI, face only pretty with good lighting, a pound of makeup and photoshop touchups. etc.
    And she managed to get an insane amount of attention and validation from poor saps through online dating. Which skyrocketed her entitlement and ego to the point she thinks she’s fit to be giving out dating advice (of all things!) to guys.
    What a time to be alive indeed.
    She’s giving the advice she wants the alpha jerkboys (she oh so loves) to follow, so they can be a bit more accessible to her. Think Calculated Vulnerability Game. If you’re not one of those, then following her advice to the letter will crap on your value even more. Hell, it can still backfire even if your value is very solid and she’s moist for you.
    Just another case of female thinking she knows what she wants yet is constantly getting plowed by the exact opposite.

  43. I don’t see why you have to refrain from telling a gorgeous girl she is gorgeous. I’ve done it quite a bit, worked for me. Then again, a woman who’s gorgeous will know it without you telling her. The woman in this article, on the other hand, WANTS you to tell her that to help her validate her existence, but she’s too proud or dull to admit it.

  44. I was supposed to take a girl out tonight for a first “date.” We’ve been talking within a two week period. I sent her a text. “Let’s go to the outdoor mall, walk around, grab a drink and go from there, what time will you be ready for me to pick you up?” Her response, “How about I meet you there.” I did not respond.
    She blew it. Think I will hit the gym, go for a swim and do some reading for work.

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