Welcome To Post-Gender Happytopia®!

Welcome to Post-Gender Happytopia®, the most non-offensive, gender role-free theme park in the Person’s Republic of PoliticallyCorrectia (formerly Sweden)! Won’t you please step inside? Care for a glass of warm soy milk? You’re very welcome! Please remember to check your privilege at the door.


As you can see, we’ve renovated our theme park to remove the phallic Gender Construct Towers and replaced them with non-offensive NeuterDomes. Feel free to pick out your very own pair of cargo shorts from our Gender-Neutral Gift Shop! They come in XL or XXL. No, I’m afraid we don’t have smaller sizes here in Happytopia®. Please check your thin privilege. Thank you. While we’re here, would you like to purchase a Non Gender-Specific Androgny Playset™ for your BoyGirl or GirlBoy? S/he will certainly derive a government-mandated amount of enjoyment should you choose to do so!

Time for the next section of our tour – the Patriarchy Zoo™! Please enter NeuterDome 573b. Inside, we have the last existing specimen of the “Y” chromosome safely contained behind three feet of BPA plastic. Please feel free to purchase a soy bar from the vending machine in order to assist handlers with feeding “him.” Oh my goodness! I see that “he” displayed unnecessary male privilege in your general direction. I’m sorry for any oppression you may have experienced! Please take a complimentary Estrogen Pill. You’re welcome.

Let’s make a quick pit stop at the Happytopia® Restroom just in case you’ve consumed a little too much soy milk. You’ll notice that we’ve done away with phallocentric urinals and replaced them with oppression-free unisex bathrooms. Remember to urinate while sitting!

Next up it’s the Happytopia® PC Respect ‘N Reeducation Classroom™, located in NeuterDome 4C12E. Please sign up for the class of your choice. Thank you. We offer topics such as:

  • Polyamory 101: Love Thy Neighbor
  • The Incorrect Wrongness Of Heteronormativity
  • Practical Application Of Guilt In Everyday Life
  • Gynecomastia And You
  • History of the Skrillex Haircut

I regret to inform you that we’re nearly finished. I hope you’ve enjoyed your tour through Post-Gender Happytopia®, and remember to schedule your mandatory sex-reassignment surgery before you make your way back to your Volkswagen Beetle. Thank you!

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31 thoughts on “Welcome To Post-Gender Happytopia®!”

  1. And don’t forget…
    We don’t judge women. They are special.
    Everything men do is wrong.

  2. Aint that the Truth.
    The gender reassignment comment may be a joke, but just watch what happens as it one day becomes reality.

  3. And in the Republic of PoliticallyCorrectia where every gender is the same, there will be:
    -Obligatory military service for women
    -Women will invite guys to drinks and pay dinner
    -Women will make the first step to meet guys (which means approaching them in the street and calling them afterwards)

  4. >-Obligatory military service for women
    >-Women will invite guys to drinks and pay dinner
    >-Women will make the first step to meet guys (which means approaching them in the street and calling >them afterwards)”
    And that is of course not going to happen since it’s not to the feminists advantage.

  5. Such world is certainly possible IF men and women would like it… why not?
    Perhaps in the North woman enjoy acting as a “person” and men also… want to be treated as objects which work, help other equal persons previously known as women ?
    If majority of the nation would say yes – so be it. With raging homosexuality due to mentioned BPA , food poisoning and lack of natural sunlight, swedes wont reproduce and ultimately disappear from the face of the Earth. Nature always wins

  6. If men like feminine women, and women aren’t behaving femininely, it seems like there is a huge opening for a mutation to take advantage of this niche. If alpha males start lavishing attention only on feminine women, you would expect hypergamy to direct them to start acting feminine. So start rejecting women for not being feminine, say it right to their faces, and abandon the “fuck anything that moves” ethos that the PUA community has fostered.

    1. I don’t really see that as being a change from what’s happening now anyways.
      A woman can get all feminine with a man she doesn’t intend to have sex with for the sole reason of getting favours.
      Explain again to me how this will make things better for beta males, who, need I remind you, keep civilisation going?
      Exactly what percentage of the population being “take no shit alphas” or “liars and psychopaths”(women AND men) …. can exist before the civilisation collapses?
      If women want average men to “give a f*ck” … go “f*ck an average man” (preferably while you can still attract the badboys, or else he’ll know you’re just settling for him.

      1. I thought the plan was for betas to learn game and stop being so beta. In this way a woman doesn’t have to feel like she is settling for a beta.

    2. They’ll just turn to the state for resources to support their family of cats and sperm-bank children.

  7. Fashion will be unisex, there will be skirts for guys, make up for guys and bras for guys… Even typical masculine accessoires like motorcycles and razors will be “reimagined” for the new 22nd century man.
    Masculine men will be banned from commercials and media. In their place we will see androgine ephebos advertising for both men and women.
    Technology, cosmetics and modern medicine will also participate with their advances to “soften masculine voices”, eliminate body hair and reduce “overmasculine features” from the face of a 22nd century manwoman.
    Metrosexuality will an oldfashioned “macho memory” from the 2000s and Nitrosensuality will take its place.
    Nitrosensuals wil be cultivated, sensitive and nice individuals that will no longer behave unapologetic and rationally.
    Women will be totally unhappy and will ask themselves where they can meet “real, old fashioned men”

    1. I suspect Sweden, and indeed, much of Europe, will be totally run over by immigrants/Islam long before the advent of 22nd century. Facilitated by feminism and its proponents. With the rampant hypergamy of western women and the abolishment of traditional families, birthrates of the original population will collapse like a house of cards on a waterbed.

      1. Do you even know any Muslim men?
        Islam won’t stop feminism. There are “Islamic Feminists”.

    2. They are already trying to push high heels on men in Europe and don’t even get me started on how many men I have seen in capries.

  8. At times like this, you almost start to wonder if an Islamic caliphate would be so bad….
    True there’d be wholesale barbarism, 12th century science and burqas, but on the plus side we wouldn’t have to hear any more claptrap from the sisters about gender roles and patriarchy.

    1. You don’t get to drink or approach any girl you want either, masturbating is haram, hooking up with unrelated girls is difficult and chances are that the only woman you’ll get to fuck is some shreiking, crosseyed plain jane who ends up saddling you with 10 kids and your uncle’s donkey. Just see for yourself how most Egyptian and Arab men live.
      Your only way out would be to call yourself a sheik and get Saudi patronage or go on jihad for some loot and warbrides.

    2. funnily 12th century Islam was the most advanced civilization at it’s time, the Mongols invading and sacking Baghdad turned them into a religion of backwards goons who neglected sciences and arts from there on.

  9. Sweden, oh Sweden. Read this:
    “Sweden is planning to change its laws in the area of ‘acceptance’ when committing sex. Because most sex is, or could become, criminal in Sweden the man in a sexual relationship will have to get a formal spoken contract on what kind of sex will be allowed and also other details. The common opinion in Sweden is that it should be a written fuckcontract. However, it will be difficult in court proving a spoken contract, and many groups in Sweden are now preparing written contracts. Beause written contracts could be signed by abuse and force, wittnesses are recommended to sign that the agreement is signed by free will.
    This is another step in the Claes Borgström and other feminists agenda. Claes Borgström is known to have said that both Swedish men and woman have taliban views on gender equality. The Reinfeldt government do agree on that agenda and supports this agenda. The reason is that Sweden is the leadig rape nation in the world. Sweden is statisticly the most dangerous country in the world after lesotho. We reommend visitors to Sweden to never engage in sex with Swedes, Assange is an example of what happends. Sweden is a very dangerous country for visitors.”
    In Swedish here: http://www.aftonbladet.se/debatt/debattamnen/politik/article12886190.ab
    Some info in English here: http://www.nytimes.com/2010/12/29/world/europe/29iht-letter29.html?pagewanted=all&_r=0

    1. Sweet lord. I can see it now… “MOM!!! I need you to bear witness to this contract for Lisa and I to fuck!!!” “Need some lube too!!”

    2. It’s the leading country in the world for rape of native women by immigrants, so their solution to the problem is to use it as a lever to put more non-raping native men in jail, and let the rapists continue to do as they please. Because to a progressive, immigrants raping native women is not a problem. It’s an opportunity.
      Same as with gun control — outside inner cities, the American gun crime rate looks like Switzerland.
      Anarcho tyranny. Learn to like it.

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