Only 29,000 Men Remained

In 1865 Paraguay began a war with Uruguay, Argentina, and Brazil. Paraguay’s leader at the time, Carlos Antonio López, decided to fight until the death…

Because López had drafted every man in Paraguay, there was no labour to work the fields, and starvation set in. Many who subsisted on bitter wild oranges succumbed to cholera, malaria and dysentery. As able-bodied men died, López recruited a new army of wounded and child soldiers. He armed them with sticks painted to look like guns, disguising the youngsters with fake beards. The army’s original red uniforms had dwindled to rags; rain seeped through ponchos made of shredded carpets. Eventually they fought naked.

López’s refusal to give all almost wiped out Paraguay’s population

According to a rough-and-ready post-war census, just 29,000 males over the age of 15 were left in Paraguay. One observer called the survivors “living skeletons…shockingly mutilated with bullet and sabre wounds”. Jaguars roamed freely and feasted on human flesh. Women wandered the streets naked.

This is no doubt horrendous, but I couldn’t help but imagine what it would have been like to be one of the 29,000 males who survived. Once there was some stabilization, and women were ready to have sex again, the ensuing party must have been amazing.

One reason for the mangina and white knight phenomenon we have in America today is that that the male to female ratio has shot to the moon due to lack of horrible wars that could dispose of excess males. This is great for all of us who don’t have to fight in wars and risk death, but now we have to fight war into the sexual marketplace to get sex. While I wouldn’t wish for men of my country to die in war so that I could get laid more easily, that was a clear benefit for surviving males of the past that we no longer get to experience. Yesterday’s cannon fodder is now your competition in the club today.

How about this for a thought experiment: a new virus attacks only the male penis and results in an ebola-like illness that kills 95% of all men on Earth. You are one of the lucky 5% who survive. Your male family and friends are all dead. Utilities are no longer running and even the internet has shut down. The world seems to be crumbling around you, but now when you step out of the house, you see nothing but females who wonder if they will ever be with a man again.

They seem to act like friendly zombies when they see you—running up to ask if you need help, if you’re alone, and if you want some baked goods. They compliment you on your “strength” for surviving and even your appearance, something that rarely happened before the virus.

All the post-apocalyptic females seem to close the deal in the same way, asking if you could come over to their apartment to change the batteries on their radio. In the next year you end up having so much sex that your dick is in a permanent state of rawness, and you’ve lost count how many children you’ve sired, none of which you are required to provide for.

Is this scenario true happiness for men? Or is just something we’d get used to and eventually tire of? I’m not entirely sure, but I wouldn’t mind experiencing it just to see.

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60 thoughts on “Only 29,000 Men Remained”

  1. I never knew that about Paraguay before.
    Sounds like Carlos Antonio López is one of history’s worst tacticians/leaders.

    1. Sounds like Roosh can’t be bothered to do even 10 seconds of quick fact-checking. Carlos Antonio López died two years before the war that was started by his son.

  2. Oh sweet irony! Omega Man is Alpha.
    “We waited for you, Neville, so you could see this: The end. The end of all you done…”

  3. Still this reminds me of the OPPOSITE premise, which I saw in an old N64 game as a kid called BattleTanx:
    Basically a virus has killed 99.99% of the females on Earth, so the remaining men start a nuclear war and ride around in tanks fighting over their “queens.” I think the scenario you proposed sounds a lot better.

    1. I remember that game, and other post apocalypic sci-fi’s like it. They might as well be a metaphore for the scenario we’re living out already. One where many men are simply coming to terms with the prospect of having no future. As Jack Donovan has said, to men women represent the future, and mens future is very bleak right now and only getting worse.

    2. Or more realistically, a pervasive virus called progressivism has realistically rendered 95+% of females unfit for anything more than pump-and-dumps, hate-fucks and stoning targets. And 95% of males too retarded to even notice.

      1. Indeed. Also one thing guys at the Manosphere would love about it is that the main ‘badguys’ are feminists who now called themselves ‘Amazons’ and still complain that men/The Patriarchy are still oppressing them, even though all the men are dead.

  4. Isn’t Hitler the reason the EE women are much better looking today since not enough Russian dick to go around in 1945 and the betas had their fill of the best looking women?

      1. The ugly women died as spinsters, so the next generation was almost entirely descended from the more attractive women who did breed. And since Eastern Europe has historically been rather dangerous, rinse and repeat, over and over again.
        On the flip side, there’s England, which has never had a mass cull or mass emigration of its men (with the marginal exception of World War I), making it chock-full of butt-ugly women and some of the most libtarded men on the planet (like Piers Morgan).

    1. i thought about this too while i was in russia, but then the same would be true about german women, because german’s lost something like 11% of their population during the war, the vast majority of which were men.

    2. after WWII the males spread their seed around, so it’s not like people couldn’t reproduce (soviet government made laws banning people who criticized out-of-wedlock children, it was a war so everyone knew this shit would happen, etc etc)

  5. A military draft might be the only thing that would prevent sausagefests in the US. Thats how skewed it’s getting.

    1. Or, the emigration of American men. If the supply/demand curve is skewed heavily in slender American women’s favor, reduce the demand for them. Shaming fatties every chance one gets is the other side of righting the curve (curves).

  6. Paraguay seems like a really weird place. Carlos Antonio Lopez was the nephew of Paraguay’s first dictator. According to Wikipedia, “Paraguay’s first ruler was the dictator José Gaspar Rodríguez de Francia. He ruled Paraguay from 1814, until his death in 1840, with very little outside contact or influence, creating a utopian society based on Rousseau’s Social Contract. He established new laws that more or less completely removed the powers of the church and the cabinet, forbade colonial citizens from marrying one other, being allowed to marry only blacks, mulattoes or natives, and cut off Paraguay from the rest of South America.”

  7. So you don’t wish more men were dead but come up with this post-apocalyptic fantasy scenario anyway where your competition has died and then try to peddle it as some sort of great social observation.
    Moron, understand that your competition isn’t the supposed “cannon fodder” who’s supposed to die so your efette self can have easier access to desperate women with no way to procure resources, it’s the state and the money it doled out to women.
    But lest we forget, you’re already playing out this fantasy of yours in the third world, leveraging your privilege to lie to women about long-term interest to supposedly get laid by them.

      1. Tradcons and mgtows are on totally opposite ends of the mra spectrum. Are you going to argue any of the points or slap labels on the facts that upset your narcissistic worldview?

  8. The abject idiocy of this roosh pussy also needs to be pointed out. He thinks that just because all the men in Paraguay died that the survivors were somehow the only men left for the women. As if thousands of men didn’t spill into the borders from other countries, or as if the women didn’t immigrate to find other men.
    Most hilarious is that he’s taking advantage of this very principle, where he’s pursuing women in countries where the men are afforded less opportunity to compete against him, yet he is still unable to pick up on this relatively simple idea.
    Why anybody continues to spend money on his garbage is beyond me. I also wanted to point out that he’s now featuring ads to Russian mail order bride services on his site.

    1. I’m pretty sure the point of his post was to speculate on the true nature of a man. That nature being one with many sexual partners and not being attached to a family unit.
      Anyway, you sound like the quintessential beta.

      1. Pretty sure if that’s the conclusion you took from that post, you’re functionally illiterate.

    2. As if thousands of men didn’t spill into the borders from other countries, or as if the women didn’t immigrate to find other men.
      That’s exactly what happened. That’s why Paraguay’s longest-serving military dictator in the 20th century was named Alfredo “Stroessner”!

  9. sounds like a good scenario for porn movie Roosh.
    I think you won’t get tired of it. If trough happiness is having a lot of sex, i think it will make you happy.

  10. Cheer up!
    The female-to-male ratio is actually INCREASING. In the West, traditional 51/49 female to male ratios (on children surviving to puberty) has been steadily increasing. There are more and more females in the world.
    The small Canadian city of Sarnia reportedly has a 70/30 female-to-male ratio! This is happening all over.
    So just hold on a few more decades. There’ll be TONS of eager 20 year old girls without enough male peers.
    (This is obviously happening because of lowering testosterone levels and other assaults on the common man, but I’m just looking at the bright side of things.)

    1. The way things are looking today…if you act halfway male in a larger US city you are already ahead of most of your peers.
      Seriously there are a lot of herbs in big cities. No wonder the ladies are becoming fat and annoying.

  11. I’d capitalize on that situation more extensively than just banging easily available women.
    There would be an entire empire ripe to be built. Utilities gone? Find men who can fix them. Get the three basic human needs met; food, water, and shelter. Become the leader and provider, and have other men reporting to you on the status of rebuilding. The women will easily follow.

  12. This post put everyones imagination into hyper-speed. Women would perhaps kill each other over you and not suffer the consequences due to a non-existent police force. Women would turn to lesbianism and females with a pregnant belly would be seen as supernatural goddesses.

  13. Anybody else find it hilarious that Roosh is now hosting ads for Russian mail order brides on his website? Goes to show how highly he thinks of his readership. He knows that the majority of the people reading this garbage are whore-mongers and other human embodiments of gross sexual deprivation.

    1. Pretty sure that was the point of his post:
      “Is this scenario true happiness for men? Or is just something we’d get used to and eventually tire of? I’m not entirely sure, but I wouldn’t mind experiencing it just to see.”

  14. this is why its good to know demographics when goin to other nations
    china india middle east an many african nations men heavily outnumber women…an itll suck gamin there
    since the ratio sux
    in the west its about even
    but goto eastern europe phillipines veitnam brazil have more women than men..(mass immigration,high suiced muder,war)..japan is good too(even though ratio is even) since 3/10 guys arent interested in sex an 3/5 dont wanna marry.

  15. I had to laugh, fantasies of post-apocalyptic dick rawness. Your level of sex obsession rivals that of my part-time wing who goes on 6 dates a week, every week.

  16. “This is great for all of us who don’t have to fight in wars and risk death, but now we have to fight war into the sexual marketplace to get sex.”
    If this is true then how come even FOB Indian guys in the States manage to get girlfriends and wives?
    Read the gori blogs to confirm that.
    I’ll tell you why – they aren’t trying to “get sex” from the “hottest women they can”. They are dating and marrying the studious plain janes of your country. The simple girls who appreciate “nice guys”.

  17. i’ve said on more than one ocassion:
    “if/when the shit hits the fan. women in urban areas are fucked. most men simply can’t/won’t fight. gang law will take over, and women will be little more than sex slaves to those thugs in charge.”
    i’ll be only concerned with numero uno. there’s a reason i learned krav-maga, hunt, practice archery, and am a proficient with a rifle.
    stay up.

  18. Soundslike the ending to “Dr. Strangelove.”
    We would expect that every last man would do his duty to his species.

    1. Science is also working on sex selection, so in addition to artificial wombs you’ll be able to choose the sex of your child and of course the best sex to choose will be male. Imagine a utopian planet where only men exist. By men, for men.

      1. That’s my concern. Some of these “dads” might sex select for female foetuses specifically for that purpose! I could imagine – in a world that is say, 90% men from genetic engineering/eugenics like artificial womb and sex selecting for male offspring, the resultant sex ratio imbalance could unfortunately end with such a scenario.
        I shudder to think.

        1. By then women will have been replaced by lifelike obedient robots, so it wouldn’t be too bad.

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