7 Essential Qualities For Masculine Friendship

Of all human relationships, I would argue that male bonding is the most important of them all (yes, above sex relations and family) that defines a man’s identity. Every successful society through the progress of humanity existed because men who were dedicated and committed to their tribe worked together as one to build and fight. In contrast, the lack of male bonding that we see today is both a cause and symptom of the debasement of masculinity.

That said, I think it’s more imperative now than ever to restore male bonding and brotherhood to counter modern society’s efforts to divide us and make us weak. We need to form groups to reassert ourselves as men. Towards this end, here are some traits you should seek in other men while cultivating them yourself.

1. Loyalty

Friendship is nothing without loyalty and this is especially true among men. In fact, I would go as far as to say that this is the most important trait a man should have (that, of course, doesn’t mean that other traits aren’t important). Really, what are we but bunch of goons and individualist drones if we can’t even remain committed to our friends?

On the flip side, however important loyalty may be, there are limits to be observed. Basic principles need to be guarded and you must ensure that you’re not being suckered into a position of being used by some of the more selfish and narcissistic men with no honor.

2. Reliability

Men need to be reliable for one another. Leave the flaking, incompetence, and making excuses for the females. As men, we need to enhance each other’s lives rather than detract from them. I’m sad to report that I’ve had female friends who were far more reliable than many men whom I placed my trust on—and this is coming from someone who is advocating for men to shun friendship with women.

Now, this doesn’t mean you should be a complete tool and be a yes-man who will do anything and everything for your friends, but I think we can all try to be a little more reliable for one another.

3. Understanding

In spite of whatever differences we may have, we in the manosphere share the fact that we have all taken the red pill and experienced what it is like to be a man in the current state of society. We know the hardships associated with the conditions we’ve been thrown in, so I think we need to be more understanding of each other rather than being judgmental.

The truth is, nobody really knows what it means to be a man in the modern world where men aren’t foisted with the same responsibilities that our forefathers had. Yes, we have some vague ideas about strength, confidence, being able to attract women, etc., but those are not necessarily masculine identities. There are especially many young men who may not have been so fortunate to have strong fathers or had the chance to grow up in a more masculine environment. These men are lost and confused, they fumble and make mistakes, but they’re trying. I believe those who are more developed and accomplished shouldn’t look down on those are still struggling to make something for themselves.

4. Support

Men should be supportive of their friends, but only up to a point. Every man is different and has different philosophy on how to help and how much. I personally do as much as I humanly can to support any man who asks for help in any form. And if you’re the one in the position of needing help, know that it’s a skill you have to learn. Too much, you’re just being needy and dependent; too little (or none at all), and you might be needlessly putting yourself at a disadvantage out of fear or pride. But if a fellow man who is supposed to be a friend doesn’t offer you a hand or even a word of solace during your darkest hours, I say lose him.

5. Honesty

This is one thing I’ll agree on with this hippie.

I think brutal honesty is something we should start practicing more often as men. Fake compliments and fake reassurances are for women. As men, we need to tell each other the harsh truths so that we will grow instead of being coddled inside a bubble. Like many other men, I’ve always been afraid to simply tell the truth because I didn’t want to seem blunt, rude, arrogant, or whatever. But no more.

This, of course, doesn’t mean that you should always speak your mind or always tell the truth, but that you should do so at the right moment with the people who matter to you. If you’re in doubt, just try it out and see your confidence grow while conflict and ambiguity clears from your heart.

6. Masculinity

I had a friend with all of the above traits. He was more loyal, reliable, understanding, supportive, and honest than any other man I’ve met. He was truly a good man with good intentions. But there was just something about him that made me feel a strain of aversion; it was as if he was infected with something that I wanted to avoid by limiting my contact with him. And I knew exactly what it was: he was too effeminate. In spite of the fact that he was morally upstanding and not like the I’m too cool assholes I’ve dealt with, I just found it very hard to connect with him because he was too soft (I guess I now know how girls feel about nice guys).

I read in a book called The Charisma Myth that charisma is power plus warmth. If we were to apply that concept to masculinity, I would say that the ideal man for friendship is someone who is tough yet sympathetic, ruthless yet kind, masculine yet humane. Look for those men and try to be one yourself.

7. Brotherhood

Finally, men need a sense of shared identity or a mission to form a brotherhood. Men in tribes before civilization were grouped out of necessity and purpose. For that reason, all of the traits listed here were invaluable for their survival and dominance. But with the advent of the modern, gynocentric order, men today just occasionally get together to drink, talk, or have fun. There is nothing that compels men to group and bond together as they were meant to. I suppose this is why so many men today engage in surrogate activities like spectator sports and multi-player video games just to experience the emotional high that comes with masculine camaraderie: something that had been robbed from them. This must change.


If you want a male group, don’t wait for some signal or for some leader to emerge and rally you. Find other men that you belong to and create a purpose for you to unite under. Seek closer ties with men you already know and are in contact with. The more divided we are, the more we’ll be exploited and the more the others will try to control us. There are countless men out there who share the same views and issues as you, but it isn’t enough to just interact on the Internet. Whether it be with personal relationships or political connections, try to solidify your bonding with other men.

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    1. Even when I go back where I grew up I find my good friends have other priorities now. sucks to get old

  1. Good read, Mr. Savage. I agree that men should be reliable. So, here’s my promised Holiday Issue of “Modern Beta Magazine”. This one is a bit different – it actually has an article for each of the sleeve photos on the cover. (The articles appear below the cover.)
    Click the article images twice to view in high resolution, so you can read the articles – click once to load them, and once more to expand them. And Merry Christmas, gents.

      1. There was something in the news over the weekend about husbands in the UK accused of doing exactly this.
        It appears your newsletter is gaining ground Bob. Kudos.

      1. Nice work Bob. I like your style and you have a good mind for comedy. In all seriousness, this approach to our diseased society is effective. Mock them, shame them and laugh in their face. More and more I am realizing this is the only way. Talking to them and reasoning with them does absolutely nothing but bring you down to their level.
        Hey does that motor driven power prong have a choke?

        1. Hahaha. Does it have a choke. Thanks for the words of encouragement, my friend. I agree that in-your-face humor is a good way to combat leftism. By the way, I like your online nickname, I surely do, by jingo. Hellacious amounts of jingoism all over the joint these days, eh, mate…yep.

        1. ,,It isn’t until his father’s sword is broken that Conan realizes the true answer to the riddle: all the power of both steel and flesh come from one’s beliefs.
          Flesh grows weak. Steel becomes brittle. But the will is indomitable. ”

        2. I have this great check coffee mug with a check list and it says Crush Your Enemies crossed out
          See Them Driven Before You crossed out
          Hear the lamentation of their women not crossed out.

        3. I got it on line at like zazzle or something a few years ago but have since not be able to find it again as I wanted to buy more.

        4. yeah, I found that one when looking for the one I have. But mine looks like a checklist so it is kind of funny.

        5. He is really an amazing guy. His autobiography is great btw and his one man show, undisputed truth, is straight up amazing.

    1. fucking excellent work here Bob-o!
      You should at the very least make a pdf of this but better would be to get modernbetas.com (I checked it is available) and get a word press with a decent theme.

      1. I’m contemplating doing this…I would just build a website for it using my own software program. Another few months maybe.

        1. Yeah, if you can build a website (remember, I think that the internet is made up, chiefly, of magic and legerdemain) you should def do this. If you could get a good start on content and add at least once a week you will get some serious hits I think.

        2. I’ve got about 60 magazine covers now, and about twice that number of memes. Plus, a boatload of articles I’ve written for my own amusement over the years. I’ll probably do it. I want to get my shit going in Nevada first (I’m going full-time on the gambling thing in 2017, beginning in late January). But yeah, why not.

      2. Can someone explain to me this Brony concoction? Grown dudes wanting to collect and play with My Little Ponies? It’s mind boggling. Is this some off shoot of the “real men wear pink” BS?

        1. I have no fucking clue what goes on in those lunatics heads. That said, I do like a pink tie when I am in Miami.

        2. The problem is that the first episode or three were actually reasonably good and laced with the Animaniacs-esque adult jokes (the ones kids won’t get until they’re older). From what I understand, the first season isn’t at all bad – the writer is the same who did the Powerpuff Girls, one of the funnier Cartoon Network shows.
          If you have young daughters, they could definitely do worse.
          Autistic gammas sank into it in a depressing and downright terrifying way.

  2. I once read in an ROK article (cannot for the life of me remember its title or author) something to the effect of “Think about it, what have you EVER learned from a woman?” Yeah, a whole lot of absolutely nothing! Well, maybe how to be an attention whore or a professional “victim”, but no thanks!

    1. It never fails to amaze me that for so many women getting “communications” degrees, and clearly being the big talkers of the two genders, how absolutely useless, and lacking the utmost important details to keep efficient, accurate informative communication about basic shit their ability to communicate actually is.
      Which is exactly why women have no place in business. They simply fuck it all up constantly, even the “degreed” ones with good grades. They’re presumptive about just about everything.
      I.e. (mind you all, this in a text or email for accurate reference)
      Me: “Take the second stone driveway on the right, after you see the the gray house on the left.”
      Her Result:”I took the second driveway on the left after the gray house, where are you?”
      Me: “Did you take the driveway on the right?”
      Her: “No, on the left like you said.”
      Me: “No I didn’t say left… I said right.”
      Her: “Okay, I’m here now.”
      Me: “No you’re not, did you take the second “stone” drive way or paved driveway?”
      Her: “Oh, well you said second driveway so that’s what I did.”
      SMDH, almost never fails – and this was a nurse practitioner.. damn near a doctor in the medical realm. We’re trusting them with our medical health.
      The westernized female, programmed to emphasize completely useless shit in life, and stumble aimlessly through anything important.

      1. That’s pretty typical of how women “communicate”. They pat themselves on the back for being such “good communicators” when in fact, they’re just good at throwing out 100 words per minute. Real communication means that you convey your message clearly to a listening party in a way that he understands. It does not mean that you spew 100 words per minute in a verbal salad of nonsense. From my experience men are by and large far better communicators than women. We don’t say as much, but as noted, communication is about the message, not the word count.

        1. I read once that the average man uses or encounters 6000 words a day. The average woman uses or encounters 22,000.
          That said, culture has a lot to do with it. An Italian man uses many more words than a Russian man.

        2. Italians also develop arthritis in their hands and wrists earlier than Russian men

        3. It’s likely relative to culture, but I wouldn’t bet against Italian women using even *more* words than Italian men. Their verbal spew seems to be a pretty universally acknowledged trait after all.

        4. Women’s way of speaking is a competitive process for self-validation. For example, very rarely there are moments of silence between interactions. The sad thing is that most young American men speak the same way these days.

    2. I learned algebra 2 from a woman. And another woman taught me physics. Both were good teachers.

  3. I find that most friendships are formed in youth or later through significant journeys such as university or the military. It is very difficult to form real friendships with men beyond a certain age (say 30). I have many acquaintances who I can play golf with or have a beer but I don’t consider them true friends. However, I have made some new friends later in life through my travels in Latin America and Asia. There is something about being an expat that makes it easy to form real friendships.

    1. I found it a lot easier to make friends in India as well but I found those to be superficial relationships.

  4. Being a guy who focuses on his family as much as I do, this is probably the biggest drawback I have to the life that I chose. Sometimes I just want to go out with the guys get my pickup muddy and finish off the evening with some beer by a campfire

    1. It’s funny, when I was in my twenties, I did a lot of camping, fishing, liquor by the campfire. I had a red Ford Ranger that was a total pussy magnet in the city, but I was heading out of town every weekend.
      Then I grew out of it. Dunno why.
      Maybe it’s because the truck got totalled by a 19-yr-old idiot girl who t-boned me, and I got a different car. Maybe I got a little lonely in my tent. Maybe I just maxed out on the great outdoors. These days I’m way more passionate about cities and international travel. YMMV.

    1. I seriously think we need to reinstate the all guy fraternities like moose lodge or bowling groups that seemed to disappear about the time the sjw movement got big

      1. I know a guy who, along with 9 buddies from college, rented a studio apartment in a hopping part of town and decked it out with a foosball table, pool table, dart board, poker table, club chairs etc and they use it for a club. They are all married guys and because there are 10 of them it is only like 300 a month

        1. A group of men local to me set up a cigar, Scotch and gun “club”. Membership dues are around a grand a year, but covers all of the range time, free Scotch and cigars that are doled out every meeting (monthly). They also give away a shotgun or two a year to members. Women are *strictly* prohibited from attending any events, and you gain entrance by invite only. All under the radar, with no “official” legal or tax status. It’s pretty cool.

        2. I haven’t seen it but there are some good sized studios if you look. Remember, there is no couch, bed, tv blah blah blah all that is there is chill areas.

        3. yeah, that is cool. You should get it official and make it a church and then get 501(c) status.

        4. Heh, it’s not my club. They are staying under the radar for a reason, to avoid any kind of sword over the head that becoming “official” would include.

        5. One thing I could never stand was to see a filthy dirty old drunky howling … Come and get one in the yarbles, if you have any yarbles, you eunuch jelly thou

        6. better quote:
          Well, well, well, well. If it isn’t fat, stinking billygoat Billy-Boy in poison. How art thou, thy globby bottle of cheap, stinking chip-oil? Come and get one in the yarbles, if you have any yarbles, you eunuch jelly thou.

        7. Slightly off-topic: Have you noticed that these strong independent Manhattan chicks all live in these extremely tiny studios? I was going at it with some dame in what I thought was the living room, scoped what looked like a door, said, “C’mon babe, let’s take it to the bedroom”. She says, “I don’t have a bedroom”. I motion to the “door” and say, where does that go? She’s all like, “That’s a mirror”. Still shaking my head. Strong, independent. Pfft.

        8. Living here for my whole life that isn’t even odd to me any more. I lived in a place like that when I was in my early 20’s. It was either that or…..queeeeennnnnnsssss yuk.
          What I find really funny are the models. See a very, very, very small percentage of models make any real money. The vast majority of them make almost no money at all and age out of the business before anything can happen. Every time I date a girl who does modeling they have tons of designer clothes that they get for free but usually live with at least 3 roommates.

        9. Yeah, those are funny. Top of the line threads and nothing in the fridge. “Um, I have Tostitos. You want Tostitos?” No bitch I don’t want fuckin Tostitos.

        10. ha! well to be fair…they don’t eat much. Most of them are between 19-26 so it is to be expected that they don’t have loads of dough and the clothes are mostly free swag, but it is funny. They problem is, they spend years in designer clothes, going to fancy parties, drinking the best champagne, doing the best nose candy and then they age out and are promptly dumped. At around 24 they all start scrambling to find their way…wealthy husband seems to top the list.

        11. Fair enough. I like ’em plumper anyway. Balkan genetics, who knows.
          Back on topic: So where do NYC fuckers get together for whiskey and all-around bullshitting?

        12. depends on the brand of fucker. I generally stick to Hotel Bars and upscale restaurants with bars. There are 6 million people shoved into 22 square miles so there is a little of everything you can imagine. I’ve been here all my life and know the ins and outs really well so if you tell me the kind of places you like I will tell you where people go.
          I like fashionable model types, young upwardly mobile corporate chicks and phara sales girls who all look like total cunts and wear heels so I stick to places where I will find them.

        13. I feel ya. I meant to say ROK fuckers. But I suppose that is a security issue. I forgot what Roosh had to say about this kind of thing.

        1. They can’t do anything to stop it though. We give “TPTB” way too much assumed power. Generally they’re basically powerless if you flip them the bird.

        2. I dunno, all it takes are a few pissed off women and a lawyer to ruin your good time these days

        3. And they’d sue me for what, if I just hung around some other guys? Seriously, there’s nothing legally actionable.

        4. ugh, speaking of which…this 2 gallons of water plus a natural herbal diuretic has me wearing a tread in the floor between my desk and the head

        5. That’s okay – you are hydrated, and that is the ticket as you know…golden ticket, even.

      2. Moose Lodge is still around, there’s a local chapter maybe ten miles from where I’m sitting right now. Problem is that it’s been co-ed for a long time.

        1. What about the Royal Order of Water buffalo or The International Loyal Order of Friendly Racoons

        2. I’m leaning towards the Fraternal Order of Combat Chipmunks, personally.

        1. Big-time. Rapid advancement, for sure…
          The Duke was a Master Mason. (Mentioning this, due to Jim’s avatar.)

        2. My cousin is a mason. He loves it. Basically an excuse to get out of the house (wife and three daughters) and go drinking with the guys on a Wednesday nigh. I asked him if he thought I would like it and he said “don’t be absurd, you are single…you don’t need clubs, political organizations or to play golf”

        3. I suspect most of those organizations exist to add legitimacy to hiding from your family once in a while. My brother in law says, at 60, he is the youngest one in his lodge…

        4. My cousin lives upstate in a small town. He is a Volunteer firefighter, mason, on a dart team, on a golf team….all of these things are just ways of hiding from family.

        5. That’s how they’ve always struck me, as a “let’s eat and drink” club with a couple of silly ceremonies and comical aprons thrown in to make it look official. Seems like it could be a bit of fun, but I think I’d be the youngest guy there at any particular lodge that I’d join.

        6. I think my cousin joined with the guys he golfs and plays darts and softball with. I am sure at one point there was more to it, but it seems that, at least since the 1950’s, these “secret societies” are really getting away from the family clubs

        7. Now I have the “Stonecutters” song from that Simpson’s episode stuck in my head….
          (WE do……we do….)

        8. you having that song in your head got the Filth song from The Tick stuck in my head. Not sure if you remember this one but that is when Lou Salazar the Sewer Czar animates filth monsters who go around chanting:
          We’re Filth!
          We’re Filth!
          We come from filth we’re going to filth we’re Filth!

        9. I really have never understood the hubbub about Masons. Of course there are conspiracy theories about it, but most of them are the same silly circular reasoning that accompanies most hogwash in the public square. The few “legit” criticisms come from churches who were pissed that Masons seemed to have a religious component (meaning, you had to believe in a God, usually the Christian one). Big whoop. They’re nothing more than a boys club and from what I’ve seen and experienced by being around them, they are as nefarious as a bowl of Cheerios.

        10. yeah…apparently the god belief is that there is a requirement that you believe in a god….left nebulous. There are also levels of civic commitment that are involved (for instance, volunteer firefighter like my cousin, wife active in the church, coaches JV baseball team blah blah blah) but I think that is a throwback to a time when those things would have been a very easy way to pick out which people you would want to associate with and trust not to be a total shit.

        11. One of my favorite lines that always sticks with me (and there are so many) is when 1 Ton, the 1 ton bad guy moron who has a very smart hand puppet, says of a demoralized tick
          “he is sulking in his tent like some guy from Chile” and the hand puppet responds, “Don’t you mean Achilles? You’re making us look like jerks! I told you, read a book!”

        12. God, that was the episode where a bad guy who looks just like Joseph Stalin shows up and the terror, a 103 year old super villain who once got beat in a fist fight with teddy Roosevelt and still holds a grude so he tried to punch mount rushmore, thinks its Joseph Stalin but it is really Stalingrad a former grad student in Russian studies who has turned into a super villain and bases his work on Joseph Stalin.
          The terror, at hearing this explanation just says “yeah, well you look like joseph stalin to me” and Stalingrad gets frustrated and starts yelling “ITS AN HOMAGE!”
          The level of fucking smarts in that writing room must’ve been off the wall.

        13. I don’t know, there is something to be said about being to get away from all women once in awhile

        14. right, but his point was that my being single means I don’t need an excuse for it

  5. This is a great article and frankly we need more articles like this on RoK. One advantage women have always had over men is they have better social bonds with one another than we do as men.
    In regards to #4: I am always there for my friends BUT: 1) you must ask me for help – I will never volunteer 2) you must not waste my time – I expect you to act on my advice

    1. How old are you? I used to be loyal like that, until my mid-thirties, when I realized that all the guys that I was there for … were simply not there for me. Now I’m more selfish.
      Nice to see you back from the dead.

      1. Im down to one close friend (Im 40). Never had more than 5, which was fine, I thought that was about all you needed…

      2. Pessimistic much? Sorry things didn’t work out for you in that department but such is life. Upward and onward!

  6. “…you must ensure that you’re not being suckered into a position of being used by some of the more selfish and narcissistic men with no honor.”
    You should’ve published this before November 8.

    1. Not to worry, nobody here was dumb enough to vote Democrat, so we’re covered on that base.
      You really need to stop with the politics Jay. The election is over, your socialist Bernie didn’t even get the nod and your Democrat witch lost. Get the fuck over it and move on.

        1. Figures. Then why troll a manosphere site? Go to Breitbart and troll them. Your silly blue pill admiration of the Left is embarrassing.

        2. My liberal Democrat sister is still in shock. Her Facebook page is filled with “Sign the Petition to Deny Trump the Presidency”, and things like that. I just cackle when I see this kind of stuff. They all want diversity, so long as everybody embraces the exact types of diversity they want. I love my sister, but she needs to be lobotomized…

        3. You think any monkey business is going on behind the scenes? I had no idea the electoral voters dont cast their vote officially until Dec 19th

        4. If they pull any stunts, there will be things a hell of a lot worse than silly “protests” that will take place.

        5. Nah. It’s smoke and mirrors. The mob paid off all those bets that were made during the election. Trump’s a done deal. If not, they’d have to cough up $100 million-plus to Hillary bettors. Heh. No freakin’ way.

        6. “I love my sister, but she needs to be lobotomized…”
          Isn’t she already, judging from her FB activity?

        7. She’s the poster child for Blue Pilled Fucked Up Libtard Freedom of Speech Destroyer…I might have her committed soon (seriously).

        8. Not sure if I’m “trolling”, since a lot of my comments are constructive, and I visit this place to help out other men, particularly younger ones. But since 1 out of 3 articles published here are Trump blowjobs of some sort or another, I figured I’m entitled to express my contrary opinion.
          We’ve elected a 70-yr-old narcissistic authoritarian sociopath with a learning disability. I will — once in a while — remind everybody here of that. Deal with it.

        9. Rember, when she files personal bankruptcy and asks you to move in with you at the age of 60-something, say “no.”

        10. This article has SHIT to do with politics. That’s the point I’m making. You won’t let it go. You’re so damned angry at an election that didn’t go your way that you’re obsessing about it even on articles that have NOTHING to do with politics.
          Get over it.

        11. Oddly, I spent some time with her a few years ago and stayed at her house. She’s losing her memory. But I wouldn’t move in with her. I’d put her in a home, though. No problem. Being the typical feminist, she’d put any man in a home if she could get at his wealth that way – relative, whomever. I have no mercy when it comes to her; funny how a person gets back exactly what they give out…she’s reaping the whirlwind.

        12. It IS nuts….I have some left-leaning so-called friends who are genuinely upset with me!!
          nukking futs!!

        13. I can see her pacing the floor, freaking out, shabby bathrobe and all. “OMG Hillary isn’t president…OMG…OMG…” Etc. Fuck, get over it.

        14. Constructive? You have been a snarky little bitch all month and you have outed yourself as a dogmatic little sociliast, if thats your fetish– have at it, but no one believes you are here to “inform” anyone. You regirigate your tripe and slink off ignoring the challenges to your assumptions. It’s your SOP.

        15. What’s funny is that I don’t have any left-leaning friends. And this wasn’t a conscious decision on my part, there just aren’t that many of them around these parts, and I sure as hell am not going around looking for the few that do hang out in this part of the country. So their grief, I don’t get to experience. It was fun to watch the public temper tantrums initially in the public square (internet, news reports), although it’s getting rather boring at this point. These people really need to get a life.

        16. Geography has a lot to do with it. Consider my location!
          But yes, when people I didn’t care for got elected I was kinda over it in 24 hrs….

        17. I only say it as I had an older friend take in his older, divorced sister after she fucked up her life. She quit her job and took on loads of debt, took out 2nd, 3rd mortgages on her (inherited parents) house before the bank foreclosed. She ened up dying in the back room of her brothers house. But hey, she was a “smart and independent woman™.”

        18. That is a very common tale. Ride that carousel, live for yourself and your selfish desires alone, judge all people who don’t agree with you (especially family members), cut them down, ridicule them – and then die alone, in a pool of your own vomit, wondering why everyone “abandoned you”. These real life lessons need to be taught to children in school, and as early as possible.

        19. Constructive about masculinity, yes. About our sociopathic president-elect, no, I’m not constructive. I’m in attack mode, and I will be in attack mode, as are most people I know, including all of my extended family. Every single member, male and female.
          This what you get in a democracy, Mr Galt — the right to protest. If you don’t like reading my particular protests, then skip over my comments
          Next time, try defending him, not attacking me. Basic rules of debate. Ever done debate?

        20. It takes an enormous act of willpower for people like us not to be personally angry with you.
          In any event, we are a divided country.

        21. People are going to lose a lot because of this election. My girlfriend could be deported (he’s threatened to do away with her particular visa program) and I could lose my health insurance.
          So don’t tell us to “get over it”. People have reasons, REAL and TANGIBLE reasons, to oppose the orange tyrant.

        22. I have never dated a woman that I didn’t, at some point, wish was hit by a bus and killed. Deporting your girlfriend may have some positive side effects…..like being single.

        23. You know how the habadashers in America blamed Kennedy for decline in hat sales because he didn’t wear a hat like Truman or, really, all presidents before him? Do you think that there will be a sudden rise in revenue at tanning salons or for bronzer?

        24. If you ever find yourself in a position to take a management stake in a charter bus company, strongly consider declining the opportunity.

        25. If your girlfriend is here illegally, she should be deported. If she’s here legally but on borrowed time, that’s not my problem either.
          Crying and gnashing your teeth about politics all the time does nobody any good. Tyrant? Dude, you wouldn’t know a real tyrant if one bit you on the ass.
          If you’re counting on Obamacare for health insurance, you also deserve to lose that as well. You’re living on my dime. I don’t care about your or your girlfriend’s fate. Honestly, your value here when you go on about politics approaches zero. That said, I’m going to leave you to spin your wheels and throw your juvenile temper tantrums. Have fun.

        26. “About our sociopathic president-elect, no, I’m not constructive.”
          Clinton screams sociopath and has the bodies behind her to back it up.
          “I’m in attack mode…Every single member, male and female.”
          You lie, smear and deny like any other fanitical cult.
          “This what you get in a democracy.– the right to protest. .”
          Where does it say that the USC? We are not a democracy, but a constitutional republic (there is a difference). Maybe you should move to socialist country of your choice that has implemented those Marxist ideals and values you seem to advocate?
          “If you don’t like reading my particular protests, then skip over my comments”
          No. I will call out your lies and BS like I would any other SJW pussy.
          “… not attacking me. Ever done debate?”
          Thought you were in attack mode? Ever back up your BS with sources other than your opinion? Look, if you and yours are leftists let’s just say I would feed your family through a wood chipper with a smile on my face. I wish we could all get along, but your ideology requires others to subsidize your worldview. We must “submit”— something another cult has in common with you. This is where the contention comes from, so there isn’t going to be any peace between us.

        27. Well…not all at once. You have to feed them through one at a time.

        28. why is everyone so down on sociopaths. I assume that almost all people in higher political offices, c suite jobs in large companies and everyone on wall street is a sociopath. As long as you don’t mix it with some kind of masochistic sexual disorder or psychopathy it really isn’t all that bad.

        29. it isn’t even that I didn’t like them. I have really liked every woman I have dated. It is just that after I have fucked them a bunch of times I get bored. I distinctly remember one day some years back walking to a restaurant for a date. I was dressed all nice and had a scotch at home so I was nice and mellow and all I could think was that I wish I would get a call that this girl had been hit by a bus and killed so that I can just go out and enjoy the night myself. Told her I didn’t want to see her anymore that day.
          So it isn’t really bad voodoo in me getting bad girls…I like the girls….I just wish they would die after I fucked them

        30. what was that someone once said about the perfect girl turning into a cold beer following copulation?

        31. Dude, they’re doubling down which is fricking hitlarious to watch! Best course of action is to let them crash and burn. Eventually they’ll run out of steam.

  7. “But if a fellow man who is supposed to be a friend doesn’t offer you a hand or even a word of solace during your darkest hours, I say lose him.”
    In the middle of my divorce, I heard zilch from several men that I had considered friends or acquaintances. I went through my phone and ruthlessly deleted numbers like the SS. It felt goooood.

    1. Second. In fact, I would define family the same way. the ones by your side during the best AND worst times.

      1. When I read your comment, the thought of my sister jumped into my head. Regardless of the situation my sister immediately hates my ex-wives. I even find myself having to defend them sometimes to her. That is family loyalty!

    2. Curious, what would you expect to hear from them? Not a leading question, being serious. Most people consider divorce a pretty serious and traumatizing thing and might be loathe to call first and “intrude”.

      1. After a year goes by, and you hear nothing but crickets, the message is clear.
        I’ve said many times that the hardest part of the divorce is not losing the spouse. It’s losing all the people that you thought were your friends.

        1. Maybe its not so much that you should get rid of them because they werent loyal, but because they are too pathetic to be of any use.
          I make it a point now to have the back of any friend of mine, if a friend loses a job, I am going to be there for him, even if he doesnt want help, at least he knows its there and that his friends believe in him. If he is low, I will go over the top in how amazing he is, or i will laugh and say we are all completely fucked. Or i will curse him out and tell him to get the fuck back up. Whatever it takes.

        2. As they say in Central Asia – “Gheir az Khodâ yâr nadârim.”- meaning – “Aside from God, we have NO friends.”

    3. Ok, I can understand your position but from the other stand point I have a friend who is going through a divorce but has listened to nothing, nothing I said to him. Now the only advice I gave him was get the divorce years ago and he has just put it off again and again. I have not cut him off but now I just keep him at arms length. I will help him out to a point but after that I’m not willing to do anything more as it is a waste of my time.

      1. I don’t bother at all now with an old friend, who always comes begging for advice and solace when he has a break up. Same advice, each time, and never an invite to do anything fun together, just when he wants to cry on my shoulder.

      2. I have a friend like that. He’s been dragging everybody who knows him through the agony of “should I or shouldn’t I break up with her?” It’s really not masculine. Make up your damn mind.

    4. it is typical.
      Some men are isolated by controlling women during regular times. And not permitted to contact their friends.
      Reinforced during the punishment and isolation of divorce…
      But, fuck em anyway…

      1. Yeah, but that was NOT me. In fact, the issue was that she couldn’t control me. Nobody puts jammyjaybird in a corner lol. I don’t know how a man can allow himself to be jailed by his own wife.
        The whole experience forced me to reevaluate people, in general.

    5. When my beloved father passed away- NONE of my so-called friends even bothered to offer condolences or even offer to have lunch or get together- EXCEPT for one very Muslim fellow from North Africa. The two Jews that I used to know gave flippant, facetious feedback.

  8. “I suppose this is why so many men today engage in surrogate activities like spectator sports and multi-player video games just to experience the emotional high that comes with masculine camaraderie: something that had been robbed from them. This must change.”
    Roosh: put this on the masthead of this website.
    I’ve all but given up on finding new male friendships, because SO MANY men are unreliable. Sad to say, I understand why women get frustrated with us sometimes. Maybe it’s because I spent six formative years at an all-boys’ school. These days, I’ve adopted a wait-and-see attitude towards any man who seems friendly. I’ve been disappointed too many times.

    1. saw this…funny thing is that it was created by a Instagram meme guy adam.the.creator (see his watermark) and idiots blew up Fisher Price facebook page with WOULD SOMEONE PLEASE THINK OF THE CHILDREN bs.

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  9. #6 I’m conflicted about. I’ve noticed a bad trend of men treating their friends like women treat theirs. Notably, backtalk/jealousy and fishing for sympathy. These guys should be jettisoned. But if the guy isn’t a total lost cause I feel we should try using the Socratic method or a come-to-Jesus talk to lead him in the right direction.
    I had one buddy who had this on-again-off-again bipolar witch of a fiancee who told him he wasn’t a real man because he didn’t make enough for her to be a SAHM, flirted with his friends, and regularly called to scream at him for not answering a text fast enough or leaving her out of friend-time. I was about to give up on the guy when inspiration struck. When he went into the bathroom I changed her name in his phone’s contacts to “Respect Yourself”. It only took one decisive action to break the spell.
    #7 brings up a good point about most male hobbies essentially being a shadow of long-gone practices. The monthly firepit? You’re on a mammoth-hunting trip together. This goes for nerdy hobbies too. Re-enacting a historical battle? You’re paying homage to the victories of your ancestors. Playing a shooter video game with your friends? You’re practicing how you’d protect the tribe’s turf from invaders.

  10. Actively looking to build a tribe, but not breaking my balls to do so. Fed up of being in charge when people bring drama my way, which is too often the case. The selectivity in my life has risen greatly. I just wish my current crop would be willing to do more than get pissed and offer vague promises of going to gym, running or shooting together, that never materialise. Willing to listen to any advice, or connect with guys in the British Isles.

  11. Good article. I’m based out of Calgary, Alberta and would like to meet more like minded red pill men. There are too few of us, especially among the under 40 crowd. I’m pro Trump, pro masculinity, university educated and conservative. Equally comfortable with intellectual conversations or at the gym lifting. Hit me up if you’re in my region, or just want another like minded Facebook friend.

  12. Tried looking for men worth of my time. Realized I was surrounded by beta sheep. Saddest moment of my life.
    Time to scuttle the ship and swim ashore.

    1. I have my best conversations with the so-called uneducated men (plumbers, construction workers, electricians, etc.) of any ethnic group. Forget the rest, all weeeeeaaaaaaaak.

  13. I find it very difficult to be a man with other men these days. Masculine socialization has been totally feminized. From how we communicate, to how do we spend time together, if any. Leftism and equalism are present all the time, everywhere. Also, it is very difficult to meet with men without any woman being brought as well, which totally kills the spirit of male interaction.

  14. The last picture ruined an otherwise fine and informative article.
    There is nothing to emulate where savages are concerned.
    Besides, Michael Cain and company dispatched those screaming meanies a long time ago. Maybe you could have shown a group of redcoats?

  15. It seems the best male friends were made before I was 30. They stick around because we all knew each other in the formative years, the high-risk-taking years when peak experiences and discovery moments left indelible impressions on our recently-innocent minds. We unwound that innocence and grew into viable, self-sustaining men at the same time.
    A couple such dudes are more “together” than several of my own family members when it comes to honesty, sincerity, loyalty and just being natural/real in everyday life. True to the core men — gentlemen competitors, wild men, thinking men, ambitious strategists, explorers and seekers staking their claims in the realm, thoughtful comedians and practical philosophers, men of action and timing, ace wingmen who stoke the collective Game and add turbo to your nights out on the prowl, inventive renaissance men…ALL of that. I can do the lone wolf style well and good, but sometimes it’s energizing to run with the pack.
    “You are the company you keep”

  16. Very good points, but the realities on the ground are tough. I live in an urban area, and basically, the only brother-like material around seem to be the non-assimilated, non-white immigrants, usually first generation. The Euro-white ones are GONE, GONE, GONE— all either metro- or outright homosexuals. The only local options seem to be 1) become a Muslim and attend mosque regularly, 2) become an Orthodox Jew and attend synagogue regularly.
    There are NO “male spaces” outside of the sports circuits.

  17. I often find out what kind of friends I really have when out socializing, and therefore meeting new women. If they cock block, sabotage or generally become anti-wing men when chatting to girls, I know they are weak men unworthy of any further close friendship. Unfortunately a good 80% of men still seem to be like this, and hence good friends are hard to find.

  18. Roosh: Try reading “Wild at Heart” by John Elderege. It’s about masculinity. Although styled as book on Christian masculinity, it has been roundly criticized as heretical by beta Churchiantiy, which is a positive point for the book in my opinion. A quote from the book: “Let the weight of who you are fall on other people, and let them deal with it.”

  19. Good article. Reading the f’d up comments to this article demonstrates exactly how broken most men are – they don’t know how to make friends precisely because the feminine imperative has made it so difficult.
    My strategy, which may not work for everyone: In my free time I hang with a few guys that are devoted to backpack hunting. We all train year round, including time in the gym, weekend backpacking trips into the high country, sessions on the shooting range, scouting new areas for elk and mule deer, and remote fishing for cutthroat and brook trout.
    Because backpack hunting involves so many outdoor skill sets, a lot of us tend to be ex-military, but it’s not a requirement. Newcomers with a lot of dedication are welcome.
    While nobody has ever said it out loud, what we represent is a small tribe with a laser focus on self-improvement.

  20. Great article. If we fight with ourselves women will win and the feminine imperative will take all the control. The real threat is not female feminazis, the real threat is white knights. We have to be bros.

  21. And thanks to Return of Kings and all of the Red Pill Community. You helped me to change my life. I was a dumb nice guy who can only fuck mediocre girls and now i’m a real alpha male who can fuck 3 different hot babe in one month.

  22. Despite a popular perception that male-female pairings are the only “natural” way, the animal kingdom is actually full of examples of same-sex couples. Penguins, dolphins, bison, swans, giraffes and chimpanzees are just a few of the many species that sometimes pair up with same-sex partners.
    Researchers are still mulling over the evolutionary reason, if any, for gay animal sex, since it doesn’t produce offspring. Some ideas are that it helps strengthen social bonds or encourages some individuals to focus their resources on nurturing their nieces and nephews, thus boosting their own genes indirectly.
    Or, it may simply be fun. “Not every sexual act has a reproductive function,” said Janet Mann, a biologist at Georgetown University.

  23. Despite a popular perception that male-female pairings are the only “natural” way, the animal kingdom is actually full of examples of same-sex couples. Penguins, dolphins, bison, swans, giraffes and chimpanzees are just a few of the many species that sometimes pair up with same-sex partners.
    Researchers are still mulling over the evolutionary reason, if any, for gay animal sex, since it doesn’t produce offspring. Some ideas are that it helps strengthen social bonds or encourages some individuals to focus their resources on nurturing their nieces and nephews, thus boosting their own genes indirectly.
    Or, it may simply be fun. Not every sexual act has a reproductive function,

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