Why YouTube Is Superior To Broadcast Television

Awhile back, I was about to start another mind-numbing video game session when I noticed I could watch YouTube videos on my TV. There’s an app on the Xbox that lets you scroll through and pick videos using the controller. You can sit there, right in your living room, and watch YouTube videos on your flat screen, instead of playing video games or watching regular TV. Little did I know, this would end up being the best change of habit I have ever made.

Replacing Mindless Entertainment

Well, don't smash the damn thing, use it to watch YouTube!

Well, don’t smash the damn thing, you can watch YouTube on it now!

As many of us know, modern television is a cesspool of cultural Marxism. It pollutes our brains with foolish ideas, and ruins our motivation with pacification. Video games can have a similar effect. Mindless entertainment is at odds with our primal nature as men.

When I started watching YouTube videos, I went from a passive consumer of garbage, to an active seeker of useful content. Instead of mindlessly taking in whatever the corporate overlords were shitting out, I looked up things that were interesting and challenging to me. It turned me into a hunter.

News and Political Commentary

Instead of watching the fake news and drivel that comes onto TV, I began watching real news. I was amazed at the depth of real, factual coverage that was available. This was what I had been searching for, and rarely found, when I used to turn on the nightly news (propaganda) from a network.

I began watching RT, which has nuanced, truth-telling, investigative reporting on matters all over the world (except for Russia, which pays the bills). I picked up some Alex Jones for conspiracy theory entertainment, and Corbett Report for actual, journalistic coverage of conspiracy theories. I even like to watch the openly left-wing channels like The Young Turks, or Democracy Now, to help combat confirmation bias. A lot of what they say is crap, but sometimes having an opponent’s perspective on things helps us ensure that we are not being lazy in our thinking.

Taking in commentary from different sources has helped me to realize that there are honest leftists out there also fighting the political elites. Ralph Nader has discussed about how both political parties need to unite to dismantle the corporate control of the state. Noam Chomsky has exposed the ways that the media manipulates people for the benefit of the corporate elites. Defeating the elites will be easier if we learn how to bring the classically liberal, pro-free-speech liberal types into our camp (think: John Kennedy).

Learning New Skills


One of the coolest things about YouTube is that you can use it to learn things. Instead of having to get a book, or ask for help, you can just hop on YouTube and try to learn it. Need to replace a part on your car? Want to learn a new language? Can’t figure out how to smelt aluminum in your backyard? Maybe you want to learn how to build a hut completely from scratch like a caveman? There’s videos on everything!

One of the first skills started working on was shooting. I found Sniper 101, which has over 100 hours of top quality instruction on long-range shooting. Everything from the kinetic energy of different cartridges at different distances, to scopes, rifles, and marksmanship. He spends a lot of time teaching the math required to hit targets at long distance (bullet drop, wind, angle, etc.), and goes into incredible detail on everything he discusses. After watching the videos and practicing for about a year, I can now hit man-sized targets, on my first shot, every time, out to about 500 yards.

Thinking Deeply

The modern philosophers are doing podcasts

The modern philosophers are doing podcasts

Being a well-rounded man means spending time thinking deeply about the world, and wrestling with philosophy. Frankly, the highest quality modern philosophers I have found are all doing podcasts.

Stefan Molyneux is a libertarian-leaning philosopher that covers politics, news, nonviolent parenting, and other areas. Instead of the short, entertainment-focused drivel available from TV, he has podcasts that run an hour or more, and involve deep, nuanced discussion about the issues from experts. He has discussed topics like the Fall Of Rome and modern parallels, the philosophy of Aristotle, and how to defeat SJWs.

The Joe Rogan Experience is another favorite podcast of mine, and I consider him a modern-day philosopher of the highest caliber. Joe Rogan is a stand-up comedian, actor, and former martial artist who provides commentary for UFC fights. Many of his guests are related to the UFC, but many are just damn interesting people. Recently he interviewed Jordan Peterson, professor from Canada who was nearly fired from his job for refusing to use politically correct gender pronouns. Another interesting interview was “The Ice Man” Wim Hoff, a daredevil who has broken many world records with his scientifically-verified meditative breathing method. Hoff  has climbed Mount Everest and Mount Kilimanjaro wearing only shorts, has run marathons in subzero and hot temperatures without water, and he holds the world records for being submerged in ice.


Mainstream television is mindless junk. Consider replacing it with YouTube videos on your TV set. You’ll get real news, learn new skills, and stimulate your mind with philosophy. You may not be into the same things I’m into. But replace your TV or video game habit with useful entertainment, and perhaps your life will change for better.

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159 thoughts on “Why YouTube Is Superior To Broadcast Television”

  1. It’s been years since I’ve watched “live TV”. I mainly watch Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, and if things I want to watch aren’t there, I find other ways to acquire them. I watch what I want, and discard all of the rest.
    Another benefit: no commercials. Commercials are freaking retarded. Even if applicable, I only need to see them once. Maybe one out of 1000 is amusing enough to catch two or three times. The rest don’t apply to me and aren’t worth my time.
    I advise everyone I can to get away from television. You don’t have to give up on entertainment, just get away from TV.

    1. Nothing worse than having leftist lowlifes choose your entertainment for you, be it films or television shows or music. Nowadays there are ample option to have yourself a buffet all damn day.

    1. I was going to say, might as well have called it “Why watching water freeze is better than modern television”.

    2. At least staring a wall can put you in deep meditative state and good for some quiet introspection. Although I would suggest taking a walk in the park is more preferable than blank wall 🙂
      Another advantage of YT that the author surprisingly missed is that television delivers pre-packaged drivel on a predetermined time while YT is independent content oriented which can be viewed anytime provided you have good Internet access. You can bookmark YT videos to watch it in leisure time, but not so with TV.
      Most MSM propaganda machine is owned by 5 corporations namely Time Warner, Disney, Murdoch’s News Corporation, Bertelsmann of Germany and Viacom.
      So there goes any hope of unbiased reporting. YT OTOH enables us to become content creators. We are not beholden nor answerable to anyone.
      I suggest you guys check out Black Pigeon Speaks, Computing Forever, Naked Ape and Mark Dice channels in addition to those mentioned in the article. I had another favorite YT’er EdgySphinx but sadly the ADL monsters got to him. He had to delete his YT channel and Twitter. 🙁

      1. Most people use youtube to watch videos of cats and idiots hitting their nuts on guardrails. If your one of the ones that uses it to improve yourself God bless.

    3. In 1956, yes, television was insultingly stupid.
      In 2016, television can help you improve yourself. It makes you a more informed citizen. Check out Amazon, Netflix, YouTube.

      1. “In 2016, television can help you improve yourself. It makes you a more informed citizen.”
        Tell me, did you honestly type that keeping a straight face.

        1. Tell me — did you read the sentence that followed?
          Read for comprehension, numbnuts. And remember that the article is a defense of YouTube.

      2. From 1951-1957 ‘Lucy’ show was standard watching for all who had a boob tube. It was the top rated show throughout the 50s and was the first sitcom basically. It was loaded with the first rebellious conditioning brainwash programming for the feminazi decades to come.

        1. Yup. Most people don’t realize how fucking sinister that show was: the wife always going behind her husband’s back, disobeying his explicit orders, Ethel disrespecting Fred: “Oh Fred … “

        2. Back when nuclear family was the norm, Lucy and Ethel taught the boomer mothers how to talk back and dis the man of the house. And the accompanying canned laugh track gave validation that it was all ok to be an idiot female, lazy, stupid and a problematic breeder. Not an episode went by when Lucy didn’t take a perfectly fine moment and turn it into a situation where she’d magically pull a female problem out of her ass and beat her husband over the head with it. And the laugh track was everpresent like a drumroll and cymbals. It was masterful brainwashing. Fifty years later, every last dumb lazy cunt behaves the same way. All modesty and obedience is lost with western females and even the ’empowered’ career women and lowly carousel whores cry like Lucy. Hillary – “waaaaa”. Whore gets busted on C.O.P.S. – “waaaaaa”. Divorce ho in court goes “waaaaaa”. Black Friday overweight negress lady gets trampled at entrance to Wally’s “waaaaaa”. Early TV was taylored as culture distorting propaganda at the get go.

        3. “It was loaded with the first rebellious conditioning brainwash programming for the feminazi decades to come”
          Agreed – good observation.
          Being red pill is disconcerting at times. I used to get a kick out of the campy silly humor in “I Love Lucy” back when I used to watch it in reruns, but when I became red pill I see things entirely differently – even a show such as this.

        4. “Not an episode went by when Lucy didn’t take a perfectly fine moment and turn it into a situation where she’d magically pull a female problem out of her ass and beat her husband over the head with it.”
          Nailed it.

        5. The nuclear family was not the norm in history. Its the extended family. With multiple generations in a single area and elderly were taken care of. Nuclear is a recent invention.

        6. As someone who came around just after that generation, a few insights:
          American women had a reputation for being difficult to manage going back to the frontier era. The reason is perhaps this: There was a severe woman shortage for much of American history since most immigrants/explorers were men and “thirsty” and the women of America were both generally tough, and choosy. America being also puritannical also frowned upon legalized prostitution. Even on RoK, there’s this attitude against porn and brothels and engaging in “day game” which helps to puff up young women’s egos as men engage in clown game to get laid.
          The feminist movement goes all the way back to suffrage which was the notion of women getting the right to vote without pesky responsiblities. Even now, many men on this forum may buy into “nice” feminism. It just got worse and worse over the years.

        7. Colonial American European women and the later waves of immigrant women from Europe were rugged but were spoken for. They were married and travelled with their master. Not until feminism did we see ballsy women trotting the globe alone without their master. The establishment women who remained in Europe were largely kept and domesticated populations under monarchies. Men and women alike were kept like children under their nobility. Subjects under the European monarchies became somewhat like Eloi. Sometimes kings would arrange ongoing bloodletting battles to let up on unneeded population.
          It was difficult for an individual European family to break out and expat rogue if not part of a colonial regiment. One country, Sweden had a large exodus of expat emmigrants pre 1st wave feminism and the remnant Swedes who remained have become some of the biggest shoe ins for feminist doctrine. Swedish men who had the balls to break out had already vanished from Sweden. They had already grabbed a Swedish woman by her goldielox and dragged her elsewhere to settle and breed. They settled for Minnesota. Sweden was left cucked. It was only a matter of time. Swedes in Sweden now rank among the highest wasters of resources and landfill trash cubits produced per capita – a sign of Swedish men being cucked into maintaining the maximum amount of domestic creature comforts for the woman at any cost. Swedish men were placed under an ultimatum to pedestalize and pamper their unproductive women at any cost otherwise the divorce rape industry will do it for them.

        8. I didn’t spend a lot of time in Sweden and was mostly there as a tourist visiting friends so couldn’t absorb a lot of the local culture.
          Regarding Kings engaging in bloodletting: I don’t think this was intentional (internal genocide) so much as continual power struggles that continued up until WWI. Poland itself is famous for having engaged in such things including an invasion of Russia including occuption of Moscow and an empire that lasted longer than that of Prussia! Like with the American empire, it got peed away. I highly suggest you check out the “With Fire and Sword” series either book (if you are a powerful reader) or the films (which are basically historical versions of Conan The Barbarian!)

        9. Though there were quite a few during the time period, one staged population draining battle that comes to mind I believe was the Battle of Towton (1461) within the more extended 30 year War of Roses (1455-1485).
          An expanding peasant population and flegling economies of two neighboring houses of York and Lancaster may have included a handshake between dukes Edward of york and Beaufort of Lancaster to conscript peasants and reduce them on a staged battlefield.
          On a snowy field near Towton Yorkshire on 3/29/1461 (Palm Sunday) roughly 28000 casualties resulted or 50% from both sides. Another battle I can’t recount occurred in a Kings court with the king spectating and was for the same motive, to reduce peasant overcrowding and quell unrest. A staged civil war theater.

        10. I don’t know if those yarns are true or not, but I’d to believe them, and they do make sense at least. America was built from scratch in fairly short time span, and men don’t build shit for lazy fickle sluts.

      3. Amazon, Netflix and Youtube are NOT television – these things are elective. Better than network drivel.

    4. Better yet, staring at a blank wall is better even than youtube. Also books. With white pages. Equals the white wall of self-inducing soul discovery.

  2. With Youtube the world is your oyster. Science, history,”how to (fill in blank)”. If you want to learn to play guitar from beginning to jazz or classical there is no excuse now for not learning. If you’re in a band then Youtube is useful for settling any disputes how a song and each instrument (you can get “bass only” if you want) is played.
    BTW if you’ve been in a rock band does any of this hit home?

    1. From another learning musician’s perspective, I can attest to all of this. Sure, I can use tabs, but A) they are often fraught with errors and B) tabs, to me, are plain evil. Then again, even pros have to keep learning. That Steve Terreberry video is an interesting choice as an example. Despite his Discount-Jim-Carrey delivery, he’s very good. He is obviously self-deprecating in a way, which is rare amongst musicians, and he doesn’t hold back when critiquing bad pop songs.

  3. Instead of trying to compete with the inteenet mainstream media is doubling down on stupid. All that is doing is making it obvious to more and more people (not to be confused with sheeple)

    1. I cannot stomach any of the recent sit-coms on the “Big Three” I swear they are right out of the 70’s with long-obsolete laugh tracks, stilted dialogues and hackneyed story lines.

      1. I threw away the tv in1999 lt was bad even then . Like watching the grass grow you don’t notice it getting worse from day to day but if you see it some time later you see how it continues to degeerate

        1. Mine collects dust; still have a heavy-ass tube set thats at least 12-15 years old. I keep telling myself it’s going to the recyclery. I cannot watch Family Guy anymore, used to love that show. Network programming is tired…just tired.

    1. Ahhh i like you tube. There are a bunch of channels I follow. Most of them geeky for my entertainment but still

      1. There’s a lot of practical stuff on fitness, firearms, home repairs and things like that too.

        1. Yup. I do watch a ton of fitness stuff and every time I need to do something around the house the home repair stuff. When I moved into my current apartment I wanted to put in an AC that required a 220v outlet. Got a youtube on how to do it myself. Watched it on my phone while I did it. Was fantastic. I am fairly certain that if there was a very good youtube video on it, I had the right tools and no wacky anomalies popped up that I could preform a triple bypass with a nurse holding my phone and pausing when I tell her to.

  4. I travel internationally a lot, and every time I go to a foreign country I prep by going to YouTube for the documentaries. They’re way better than most guidebooks.

  5. I came across a deer that had been hit by a car. I decided to kill it with a hammer out of mercy (it was really fuxed up). Then I threw it in the back of my little brother’s truck and took it home. Not knowing anything about dressing a deer (my dad had given up hunting after vietnam) we went to YouTube. Suffice it to say we skinned that bitch out and ate it. Yeah. YouTube is good

    1. Excellent. I had a bad ingrown toenail and was hesitant to waste my time and money at a doctor so I clicked youtube and there were countless vids of DIY toe jobs. I thank whoever it was that uploaded the one I watched every time I look at my big toe.

  6. YouTube is still going to promote and recommend to you a lot of questionable viewing. Be smart and search worthwhile videos for your interests/research.

  7. Why youtube is better than Television? It’s quite simple really…..
    You can watch almost whatever you want when you want with minimal ads.

  8. Thank you, Brutus, for putting into words what I’ve been saying for the last few years. Worthy mention: You can download vids off YT via an app called One-Click Download, for later viewing. Subscribing to channels lets you go directly to your fave YouTube-ers. Channels worth checking out are:
    That GuyT
    The Doctor of Common Sense/ET Williams
    Rebel Media (wonder why so many Canadians are going red pill recently?)
    and, of course, RooshV

  9. YouTube is an outstanding resource, IF you use it selectively and wisely. Due to the fact anyone can upload and get views, plenty of people post time-wasting garbage, and more than a few talentless idiots have been promoted to fame via YouTube (Lucas Cruikshank, Onision, and Laci Green come to mind). The flip side is, though, that those ordinary individuals without ties to the government and media, and its left-wing agenda, are able to broadcast their ideas. The truly good stuff on YouTube, like Chapin’s Inferno and Roosh have greatly impacted my life for the better.

    1. PUA Richard Laruina, the ‘whispery’ PUA walks up to a group of girls, picks one and then whispers towards the left ear and then her right and she has instant tingles. ‘Whisper game’? He’s never mentioned ASMR though, but that’s what he’s stumbled upon.

    1. “Hard Core History “by Dan Carlin in iTunes..in Depth history . He does a 4 hour program on Genghis Khan and the Mongols ( four 1 hour programs..) that is awesome…

  10. there is some amazing history YouTube channels The Great War which goes thru WW1 week by week.
    School of Life –philosophy
    NutnFancy–guns and knife reviews
    Tom Richey—history by a Clemson U history teacher..

  11. Youtube is great, but not perfect, it’s full of narcissistic vloggers that get heavily promoted by youtube, but the great thing is that you can be selective in what you watch, but the dumb masses will follow whatever’s trending.

    1. Not only that, but you can watch it when you want instead of waiting for it to air at a scheduled time like TV.

      1. Not only that, but you get to be selective about only what YouTube chooses.
        There are hundreds of videos that get instabanned. You are not allowed to select them.

  12. The Corbettreport is top notch. Want to know why we invaded iraq(hint it wasn’t weapons of mass destruction). Want to know why medicine is so crappy and everyone seems to by dying of cancer and suffering from Diabetes? Maybe its because a monopolist Rockefeller, took over medicine(what could go wrong?).

  13. ‘I even like to watch the openly left-wing channels like The Young Turks, or Democracy Now, to help combat confirmation bias.’ Ironically and conversely, that’s how I came to the Manosphere. As a culturally Marxist influenced generation x philosophy grad I made sure I always read the opposition, and hear I am red pilled to the death. And yes, I heartily recommend Joe Rogan as humorous intelligent listening with depth, around masculine orientated topics.

  14. Sargon revealed around six months ago the new YT policy regarding appropriate speech. Put a chill in video-makers who go against the narrative. There’s also these vague algorithms which can skew the popularity of certain producers.
    And, lastly, the Sarkeesian IIRC has a job in some back room as a consultant. Google and YT have been reduced to a safe space and will only get worse.

    1. It’s 100x worse than that already. Total censorship.
      For example Black Pigeon Speaks has already been banned.

    2. Hopefully, we will either get anti-trust action from the Trump administration, or else a real alternative. But I’ll still take slightly censored youtube over the pile of filth that is TV.

  15. Whereas there is a lot of vapid crap and attention whoring one finds on youtube, there some interesting things to be found via the search function.
    And I am usually looking for specific things like old documentaries, movies, wholesome american TV shows from a time when America didn’t suck.

      1. Interesting – almost slightly spooky. Today some of most skankiest, disease ridden of females are Berliners.

  16. I want my…
    I want my…
    I want my MTV
    Anyhow YouTube is great for learning a song or how to replace a gearbox on a truck. Often it’s best to see how someone screwed up something your attempting to do as opposed to Mr Perfect that makes it look too easy and doesn’t alert you to the tons of little things that can go wrong.

    1. Video killed the radio star.
      It was the very first video on MTV. Even then they knew it would be destructive

      1. Don’t look like a 5th street hooker, can’t make music anymore. Standing on stage in your underwear singing, what a shit show.

    2. If you work with cars, I recommend the “Haynes” manuals. They pretty much strip down cars and rebuild ’em so it has pretty everything you need to know. Provided you are mechanically inclined.

      1. Haynes manuals tell you how to fuck up cars. You need something called a Chassis Service Manual put out by the year and brand of the car that tells you how to do everything the right way.

      2. Yup I’m currently on the lookout for the car just got. If don’t see in wild I’ll order to store or online.

  17. Great article. Not too long ago, on advice from GOJ, I scrapped my TV and replaced with Netflix. I’m at about 70% you tube 30% Netflix (though I only really watch maybe 3-5 hours a week) and feel genuinely liberated in a real way!

        1. Dude, I still have my old Telegames (Sears version) of the Atari 2600 that came with Air Sea Battle instead of Combat. It was compatible with all Atari and Activision cartridges.

        2. amazing how blowing on a catridge fixed everything. I remember when my car first broke down, I popped the hood and blew on the engine

      1. You can get a blue ray/dvd player nowadays for a little over $100 that hooks up to your router and play Netflix and YouTube to your TV.

        1. bem is old skool. the dial broke off his tv, he uses a wrench to change the channel

        2. LOL! I used to use pliers and you just had to turn in between the clicks of the dial to get the right position of the connections to make the contact.

        3. I just plug my smart phone into the TV. I have rabbit ears, but that is just so I can watch some of the nostalgia channels.
          Mmmmmm, let’s see. Mike n Molly or Hogan’s Heroes? Perry Mason it is.
          That’s about as much TV involvement as I have. The rest is YouTube and Netflix

  18. I do not have regular tv. Watch movies thru amazon prime/Netflix.
    I had satellite radio, mostly for weather.
    Turned Sirius/XM off also – just cannot handle the adds – paying a monthly subscription, and incessant brain fucking adds. bastards.
    Regular radio – same — 2 minutes music then repetitive – rage inducing nonsense…
    I don’t know how people voluntarily submit to that nonsense…
    Lately, while I’m working I have YouTube , music, documentaries, excellent…

  19. I fear the smart tv. If you watch clips on your xbox, doesnt it know exactly who you are and what you are watching? I know they already can snoop on the conversations you have with your buddies via xbox live.

    1. Maybe run a few fake searches through every once in awhile. “Hillary Clinton for president,” shit like that.

  20. The proliferation of commercials on Youtube is ominous. I suspect this is only the beginning – soon the advertisers will be influencing content, then there will be subscription-service only, followed by different tiers of service…

    1. It’s already happening. You could pay a subscription and avoid all those advertisements right in the middle of the video you are watching.

    2. Indeed. The current stage is hooking up stage, when the drug dealer gives a taste of his goods. Once you’re hooked they will call the shots.

      1. peep the comments- lotta “fragile masculinity”- type of insults. Like talking to a wall (Chirho is correct)

  21. I couldn’t agree with you more ,you-tube has surpassed television ,and the best thing about it that you can watch you’re favorite video’s any time you want.

  22. In a not so distant future, Youtube and similar platforms will make TV look like a children’s game in terms of mass indoctrination and social engineering.
    It’s a ideal tool for it as they can monitor public opinions and social trends and the best part for them is that YOU serve it to them on a platter. You provide the content and the feedback for free.

  23. Hey TV is like a sewer, you get from it whatever goes into it and what is currently going in for public display is mostly garbage and unless you have some kind of recording system well you get to watch only when the system cares to put it on. I like YouTube as for starters if it is available you can watch it any time you want and go back to any scene you don’t understand or wish to repeat and replay it as many times as you want. You Tube also well it is not as limited as TV, all kinds of stuff is going there, the documentaries and old films available on it are of higher quality than what is generally found on TV these days. I love the information available

  24. Agreed. I’ve jokingly asked for years “how did people know how to do anything before YouTube?” I’m being glib, but the fact is that 90% of the stuff I do around my house I wouldn’t know how to do without YouTube.

  25. I’ve earned 30K more this year by reading ROK and learning how to navigate better with my boss. It’s been an enormous boon to help me, my wife and my children. You can do it too.
    Well, provided your boss isn’t a woman where she cooks the books to pay herself 50K more than her position dictates. She’ll call it a living wage. You’ll know it as supporting her slut impregnating idiot son who can’t even operate a dishwasher.

  26. Stefan Molyneux, a libertarian-leaning philosopher? He endorsed Trump the entire time, hates SJWs, hates hyper-sexualization of women and tells women to marry and have kids while they’re young.
    You’d call that libertarian? Maybe I’m missing something.

    1. He is libertarian because he advocates for the Non aggression Principle. Although him supporting Trumo was a jumping the shark moment for me.

      1. I think you can safely put him into the “someone who doesn’t need a pre-defined thought programme but can come up with his own belief system” drawer.

  27. Awesome… my only issue with YouTube is if you down rabbit holes and conspiracy enough it will keep feeding you more and more nonsense until your wearing a tin hat and hoarding ammo..
    Or is that the point?

  28. Well, I guess my ROK/Disqus cherry has been popped, when I get replies from “work at home and get rich” replies from unknown persons using hot busty girls as avatars. Damn, it feels good to be a gangsta!!

  29. Youtube is slightly better because it’s not heavily controlled like TV but there are still a lot of useless crap in youtube. You just have to filter out which one is useful out of sea of useless junk.

  30. I watch YouTube all the time. For the reasons listed above. I don’t even watch Netflix that much anymore.

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