MGTOW Make More Sense Than MRA’s

There has been a gradual awakening among men. Over the last decade, the ease of access to information that would typically be excluded from mainstream media has allowed fringe ideas to flourish. The mens rights movement in particular has come along in leaps and bounds, much of it initially spurred on by average guys who were just looking to get laid at first. Evidence has been gradually compiled and built up to the point where rational men have begun to realize that while they need to improve themselves and offer more, there is indeed a real underlying problem with western society and western women. There is no need to go into any great detail on how destructive feminism has been to men, women, the family or society as whole (I would only be preaching to the converted here) However, men as a whole are gradually starting to realize that they are getting a pretty raw deal.

The Mens Rights Activists have gained some traction of late and they have their hearts in the right place. I just fear that it’s a complete waste of time trying to campaign for any meaningful change. Our systems of education and educational institutions, throughout the Western world, are so liberally biased that they have become nothing short of indoctrination camps, churning out armies of students and gullible chodes who take up employment in media, government, civil service, education, and all manner of positions where their beliefs dictate their activities and actions.

Feminism’s foundations are based in egalitarianism, which means that for MRA’s to find any sort of mainstream recognition they are going to have to prove that discrimination against men is not justified, if you can even force them to concede that there is widespread discrimination in the first place. MRA’s, much like any other politically incorrect movement, simply do not control modern language or have any influence on it. Which means for every valid argument made, the counter argument will be accusations of bigotry, paranoia and bitterness. There is no rational debate to ever be had, only the inevitable outcome where you will be shamed into silence regardless of how sound an argument you make. It has become an exercise in futility, because movements based on egalitarian principles are often irrational movements based on an irrational premise held together by irrational arguments, yet they are regarded as politically correct and and infallible regardless.

Simply put, you cannot beat cultural Marxists at their own game when they constantly redefine the rules at their whim, and you cannot discredit feminism as a movement when its foundations are rooted in extreme egalitarian principle either. Feminism is one cog in a huge machine and you are not fighting feminism alone, you are fighting a particularly irrational pattern of thought that pervades most egalitarian principles, of which feminism is one just aspect. All the logical arguments, backed up with all the empirical evidence in the world is simply never going to challenge an entire ideology that is based on nothing more than good feelings and wishful thinking.

The best form of protest from men is rather simple, and it can be summed up best as simple indifference. Men built the world. They built the systems that run the world. They developed the philosophies those systems are built from. They invent the tools that help them build those systems. Everything from basic modern conveniences to necessities like food and water are only made available because somewhere a man is getting shit done or because he solved a problem that needed fixing. This is a mans world because we built it. Every brick and every nail.

There is a reason why the Googles of the world are not being started by women or why the cure for cancer probably wont come from a woman either. There are reasons why men need to dig the ditches and pour the concrete. It’s because at the end of the day there is a natural order of things that no amount of social engineering is ever going to change. Attempts to do so will only result in eventual systemic collapse, which is why this current social experiment is on borrowed time. Feminists and modern-day politicians buying votes are eventually going to run out of other people’s money, and when they do there is simply not going to be a way to fund the numerous programs required that allow women to compete with men or survive without them. Their ideology was never based on reality and has been built on the foundations of prosperity that were laid by men in the first place.

Which is why the “Men Going Their Own Way” movement that has sprung up may indeed be the best form of protest we have, along with being the most realistic. I was skeptical at first and thought it extreme, but upon reflection over the years I have come to realize that there is no better form of peaceful protest than our indifference. As a philosophy in itself, its entire purpose is one of protest through inaction. The bottom line is that men are simply being taken for granted now, and it’s reached the point where men are really faced with few options.

They can embrace the status quo, which marginalises them to the detriment of society. They can protest, which leads to substantial conflict as progressives reject the emergence of what they would classify as a movement based on hatred and bigotry. Or they can simply eject, which essentially leaves women and society to fend for itself without men breaking their backs for the cause selflessly. All options lead to systemic collapse anyway, the last option though is the least painful for men and one that teaches everyone a damn good lesson along the way.

If women are leaving the kitchen and the family, then men need to leave the building and the city. You can do this by simply living for yourself and acting no differently to the army of self-absorbed, entitled, narcissistic bitches that are being produced in droves. Live the carefree, selfish life women lead instead. Make everything in your life about you and your feelings, and what suits you as an individual, rather than your community. You have no obligation to society other than living within the law, and you are free to move to a place where the laws are more suitable for you if you wish.

Women and society have taken men for granted for too long, and the selfless actions of men are not appreciated as much as they are outright demanded now.

Fuck that, you don’t owe anyone shit. Your loyalty should lie with your family and with your friends who return your loyalty, but that is as far as it should go . Do what you want and put yourself first now. Your acts of selflessness are no longer appreciated, they are resented and therefore wasted. If you want to play video games everyday or spend your free time fixing cars, do it without shame. If you want to notch up 200 club sluts or spend your spare time hunting, do it without shame. If you want to marry and have kids, do it because its what you want, not because you feel society or anyone else expects it of you, and do it on your god damned terms or not at all.

This has begun already, even if it does not seem like a conscious decision many men have made. Underneath the surface, there is massive undercurrent of inaction and we are seeing it in the gradual decline of the west as a whole. Men are checking out. Men are rejecting marriage or putting it off and marriage rates are in decline. We are seeing the emergence of shaming language like “Peter Pan Syndrome” or the media demanding that men “Man Up,” which just shows how more and more men are going their own way, and they are scared shitless. We will probably see things like bachelor taxes in our lifetime as demographics change to the point where tax revenue declines, and expect political pressure to be heaped on men as everyone gets more hysterical.

Pump them and dump them boys, let God sort them out.

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196 thoughts on “MGTOW Make More Sense Than MRA’s”

    1. The About the Author paragraph is truly awesome, but I feel like it’s missing something … maybe a reference to his Mommy Issues?

      1. Hm..yeah it definitely needs some statements that have no substance. Some classic feminist pop psych shaming talking points are missing from it.
        “He has issues”
        “Who hates his mom”
        And the classic which reduces the value of women to nothing but a Vagina,
        “He cant get laid”

      2. Dont forget that he requires some professional help for his issues.
        And hes bitter because hes been badly hurt by a woman before.
        And, I dont know, maybe some fifties throwback stuff about wanting women to be barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen?

      3. He is also teh ghey and cannot get a girlfriend because he creeps women out. Google the Catalog of Anti-Male Shaming Tactics to learn the rest.

      4. And forgot to write the part where “He is really gay, but prefers to hide it”. Because all men that really see under the veil of a supposed “common sense” are gay, you know?

  1. I agree that one should already be living life for oneself.
    However, the flaw in the MGTOW is that as long as taxes are there (and ever increasing) on the wealth builders of society, you are not really going your own way. You are a slave which supports the misandric system.
    We can act in our own self-interest all we want, but at the end of the day your resources will be extracted by the point of a gun.
    Like it or not, MGTOW need the MRA, as it is the MRA who will be the teeth against the beast when things really start to get nasty. They will be the men who are not indifferent to their slavery and will actually fire the shots necessary when real tyranny arrives.

    1. Not really. You see, i live in another country so that i don’t have to support this system with my tax dollars while doing what ever the fuck i want. So yes, i am really going my own way. =)
      MRA’s are chihuahua’s barking at Pitbulls. LOL!!!

      1. If you live in one of a few specific countries, then you may be ok for now.
        But if you think MGTOW is the right answer in perpetuity, you have not yet realized that you are still just collared dogs who think they are free when they run around a fenced yard.
        Sooner or later, you will have to face the “machine”.

      2. However, the flaw in the MGTOW is that as long as taxes are there (and ever increasing) on the wealth builders of society, you are not really going your own way. You are a slave which supports the misandric system.
        The state can only begin taxation once you go over a certain threshold … or they have welfare to fall back on … or the wealth of the country is filtered with those at the top taking the most.
        Where does that put the guy who works for himself?
        Not in any kind of distance to be interfered with, if he either:
        1. works through cash-in-hand enterprises
        2. underdeclares what he earns
        Don’t forget that companies treat people like slaves now, and office politics is heavily the norm, not your ability to do the work.
        Being a wage slave means being a daily participant of the 8-hour (at least) slog of “Survivor” at the office.

      3. P Ray,
        If you are suggesting to stop work altogether and collect welfare payments, then yes that is another way to shunt the system.
        But let’s be honest, the spirit of MGTOW is one of walking away from commiting to women or supporting them.
        How many are honestly walking away from jobs as well?
        And if men truly stopped working en masse, do you really think .gov would suddenly decide to eliminate those taxes and stop channeling your own money against you in an effort to get you back to work???
        No, they would reduce entitlements and such ala Greece.
        Your Government does not give one $hit about you, only what you can provide for their power over you and the rest of society.
        Like I said in my first post…….sooner or later…….men will have to face “the machine”. That goes for the MGTOWers as well.

    2. MRAs are wrong because they think they should have to beg for their rights and ask for stupid things like subsidies for men and a President’s Council on Men and Boys. Yes, this is what Warren Ferrell actually advocates. He says, “they have a women’s council so we want a men’s council!”
      This is utterly retarded. If you are going to be an activist, don’t argue for egalitarianism and subsidies, laws, regulations, and taxes that benefit your interest group. Argue for the end of subsidies and endless regulations, laws, and taxes. Otherwise you are just one more pig at the trough like all the other countless liberal interest groups.

      1. I agree that particular request is retarded, but to extrapolate that to all of MRA land is fallacy.

      2. This is true on a very fundamental level.
        In any historical society, women have always attempted to influence the behavior of others by bickering and intrigue. IOW, by means similar to contemporary politics.
        While men traditionally held themselves to a higher standard. One of, if you don’t bother me and mine; I’ll stay away from you and yours. But if you do bother me, I’ll kill you.
        And, when the latter “system” comes into conflict with the former, the latter always win. There is no amount of “cultural marxism” that is able to stand up to neither bullets nor bombs.
        Men don’t ask, nor do they really need to quarrel much, since they don’t really need much from anyone else, other than some minimal assurance of being left largely alone. One of the greatest tragedies that caused toe downfall of the West, was when former men starting falling for the drivel that that they were no longer capable of getting by on their own; and that from then on, they too would be better off by joining the hencircle as they bitch and quarrel and otherwise try to influence the new “man”, government, to provide for them.

        1. Yeah like bombing,i mean bickering? How dare they, NOW LET THE MEN BOMB! am atully anti- feminist, but am really starting to re-think, when some people can’t even appreciate, that society was not built by men, and read a history book, like the fact a woman couldn’t even put a patent in her own name( yano them things used for inventions) until the late 1800;s it would go in her dad or husbands name: The disposable diaper made by women, washing machine, dishwasher, street sweeper, electric water heater etc: Many more we will never no because of some stupid law, both men and women are oppressed, on basis of sex class and race, classim is the biggest segregation, i.e rich people at the top, men are strong, they have no emotions, and go to war : Women are weak, caring, nutring people with rational emotions, and no men at the top same as women are power hungry, the USA has bombed 52 nations since 1945, its pretty clear none is ‘better’ they sent soldiers into Vietnam, more soldiers killed themselves after the war then died in the war, its not a fucking woman or a mans fault mate, its a power hungry capitalist society. Rant over – And yes its because am a fucking woman.

      3. In any historical society, women have always attempted to influence the behavior of others by bickering and intrigue. IOW, by means similar to contemporary politics.
        Women elect men who are married so that they have influence through the wife.
        If things succeed “It’s because this man listened to us”.
        If things fail “If women were in charge, this problem would not exist”.
        They want the credit without the responsibility.

    3. For those who aspire to MGTOW, hiding as much activity and wealth from taxation as possible is a, even the, moral maxim. Transact anonymously, with others who do the same, via Bitcoin or cash or gold or whatever. Give the appearance of owning nothing.
      Then, try to ensure that the oppressors have to expend resources on you. Bleed the Beast. I once listened to a speech by a Fundamentalist Mormon, who had 30 “girlfriends”, each with children, and collecting welfare as a single parent. Proper payback, according to both him and decency, for the occupying force for occupying Utah. And, all children home schooled, to be just as unmoved by the indoctrinators as he was.
      On a formal level, if you manage to cost the oppressors more than they can extract from you, you ARE weakening them. Which is one salient feature of the “Occupy movement”, despite their often cuckoo ideology. Tying up New York police officers paid combined yearly salaries of millions just to watch over them, while not paying a dime in taxes, does incrementally weaken the oppressors; hastening the day they will collapse; for the benefit of all decent people. Where Occupy fails, is they don’t even realize this, and if they did, many would feel bad about it. That’s how well indoctrinated they mostly are. But hey, as long as they extract net resources from the oppressors, that is resources not available for oppressing me.
      And similar goes for the so called “terrorists.” As of current, no Muslim of any persuasion have done me much harm. And neither are any of them the ones ding their darndest to prevent me from procuring the means to defend myself against them, if they one day should decide to try doing me harm. Right now, they are basically working as a sponge, sucking resources away from the world’s true evil (or even terrorists, in a moral sense), the progressives. Which makes them a-ok with me. The enemy of my enemy, and all that……
      So, MGTOW’ is good, IF those practicing it manage to be net resource drains on Leviathan. Bleed the scum dry, pray every night for their extinction, and remember, there is no thing worse in this world than progressivism, of which feminism and misandry are only subsets. For real. Every change away fro progressivism is a positive, no matter how hellish and crazy it may be presented by the lackeys on TV.

      1. Problem with online currencies is you known they’ll just get banned, as all alternative currencies do.

      2. Bitcoin is awfully ban resistant. It’s entirely distributed, meaning a copy of every transaction exists “everywhere.” And, the more popular it gets (it’s booming right now), the tougher it gets to maliciously affect it in any way.
        As of current in most of the West, it seems the biggest impediment to it’s increased use as value store, is people’s fear of losing it. Losing one’s private key, having a hacker steal it and with it ones savings etc., etc.
        Note that this is in comparison to what most (at least SWPLs) consider the relative “safety” of storing their savings in a bank, home, gold, stocks etc. BUT, as we red pillers all know, the fact that someone intent on robbing you stops by a judge on the way to “legitimize” the act, makes it no less of a real robbery. Hence, it becomes increasingly important to protect ones assets from this, modern, way of theft, than from the more old fashioned one.
        Which is where Bitcoin has the potential to really shine. If you look like you’ve got nothing, you’re not much of a target, for neither Venezuelan kidnappers, Tuareg highway robbers, nor American lawyers nor taxfeeding leeches.
        And that is in addition to all the other benefits of Bitcoin; cheap, potentially very anonymous payment mediation across the entire world. Silk Road is still operating publicly under the nose of the DEA, for example. As are, I’m sure, pedophile file sharers. And you’d think freedom fighter/terrorist funders as well. Yet, for all attempts at demonization by the likes Schumer, it’s use is still growing by leaps and bounds.

        1. Bitcoin is a classical bubble that will implode and will let a lot of Randians and Paulians baking in the sun asking what went wrong. Oh well, time to profit from them…. again.

    4. You’re only a slave to the system if you make yourself a slave to money and politics. I can disagree with the president or the tax rates all I want, but there’s ultimately not a damn thing I can do about them. Like George Carlin said, this country was bought and paid for a long time ago. So I can get myself all worked up about that fact (thus becoming a slave) or I can follow my own pursuits and my own path to happiness, which I’ve found doesn’t require as much money as one may think.

    5. “wealth builders”: let´s see how good they do if all the rest of us that are not “wealth builders” decide to take the tools from them and build the wealth by ourselves.

  2. powerful essay harry(with photo of bhojpuri movie star from india)
    My divorce is finalized and i am now joining MTOW voluntarily please don’t delete post from your fellow brother.
    if you allow me to post,please read these hilarious articles in very liberal MSM propaganda mouthpieces:
    America’s Baby Bust:
    The Underpopulation Bomb

    1. You want the masses to breed forever and consume until there’s no resource left and human extinct? The elites love the planet and people that’s why we have feminists and homosexuals higher education to slowly humanely reduce the population instead of elites releasing a super virus or nuking the masses. The elites are preparing the welfare masses to go to the moon and if they refuse to work their air gets cut off.

      1. CUNT! Overpopulation was and is a lie created by the elites we have unlimited energy resources and technology available no need to run out of resources. Fuck off this website and join a fellow bleeding cunt website

    2. EvilGirl,
      The cliches you spewed about the evil over-consuming mankind (wanna throw in a few similar cliches like the “oppressive patriarchy” while you’re at it?) has been utterly destroyed in economic theory, scientific study, and common sense observation since Thomas Malthus first began popularizing the fear.
      From the Wall Street Journal article linked: “….[As] the work of economists Esther Boserups and Julian Simon demonstrated, growing populations lead to increased innovation and conservation. Think about it: Since 1970, commodity prices have continued to fall and America’s environment has become much cleaner and more sustainable—even though our population has increased by more than 50%. Human ingenuity, it turns out, is the most precious resource.
      And, on a related note of debunking fears of “overpopulation”, here’s a video from the great site OverpopulationIsAMyth:

      1. Look overpopulation is a real problem. I do not blame men for this overpopulation problem i blame women and the catholic church. Women are truely helpless without men.Women are physically and mentally weaker than a man so therefore to survive Us women gets pregnant by a man.This is all fine when there were less human and tons of resources but now there’s billions of humans and the elites are clearing the farm of the most useless eaters, women. They are 1000x more brutal to women(in the west especially) then to men.You see the denver murals here:

        you see the elites depict dead women in caskets holding babies but you do not see men. That’s why women are being induced into feminism but not men.

      2. I love how blowhards always begin their bullshit with, “Look”. As if anybody is gonna take orders from this limp-dick douche.
        Yeah, it’s all a Catholic conspiracy. Everybody has seen how great and powerful the Vatican has been over the past decade – what with all the wars they protest getting waged anyway, the trumped-up media show about a pedophile epidemic, and constant mocking in Western entertainment….they’re huge!
        Anyway, yeah, overpopulation is a scam and it’s facially stupid perpetrated on morons like you with no grasp of biology or economics.
        And if you’re worried about it, then just kill yourself rather than trying to tell other people how to live. Nobody’s gonna stop you, I promise.

      3. No, i will not kill my self. I want to be alive as long as possible to watch the elites wage war on the masses and herd the masses to the moon.People like you think 1) Resources are limitless, 2) Earth is not overpopulated, 3) are against abortion yet they complain when tax money is used for welfare. I bet you are a hunter you are okay with keeping the animals population in check but when it comes to humans you are a hypocrite. There’s a reason the elites spare African bush men, amish, etc, from their rule. Every ancient society practiced nature worship and pantheism. they reproduced responsibly and if there were too much people versus resources, they would kill them(the lazy,weak,useless) by ritual sacrifice.
        You don’t think humans can become extinct then look at Easter island or st.matthew island the reindeer consumesd all the resource.
        Here is the quote from Agent smith in the Matrix movie(Made by the elites) “I’d like to share a revelation that I’ve had during my time here. It came to me when I tried to classify your species and I realized that you’re not actually mammals. Every mammal on this planet instinctively develops a natural equilibrium with the surroundings environment but you humans do not. You move to an area and you multiply and multiply until every natural resource is consumed and the only way you can survive is to spread to another area. There is another organism on this planet that follows the same pattern. Do you know what it is? A virus. Human beings are a disease, a cancer of this planet. You’re a plague and we are the cure. “

        1. Bull! Zionists are destroying the Western World with feminism, corporatism,socialism and multiculturalism–all Jew dominated movements.

        You think there is an underpopulation problem because you listen to fox news you think the whole world / trillions of people can fit into Texas without thinking about resources. The elites(JEWS DO NOT OWN THE WORLD) own both fox news and CNN so of course on one side they say overpopulation and on the other underpopulation to confuse the masses to depopulate (HUMANELY) behind the scenes. The truth is there is an overpopulation and the catholic church/religion is to blame for this. Back in the day, humans lived a short life so the catholic church/religion/ (ELITES) needed more slaves to build their empires so they say be fruitful and multiply in their bibles/Koran etc. Now there are too many slaves and empires are already built the elites do not need more slaves so they created the catholic church scandal for religion to disappear slowly. In the near future, robots will replace some human jobs.The elites created feminism because women being the unthinking gender fear their husbands leaving them so they turn to the elites which offer women more security.They fell for it. Women in the west are made to wear pant suits in office and women, in the middle east to wear burkas to keep them from looking attractive to men/mate with men. You don’t think feminism touched middle east? HERE
        Middle east , Burka + RELIGION+education + women only cities=population decline
        The West/Rest of the world,Pantsuits + ATHEISM+ Education + women only colleges= population decline
        This MOST HUMANE WAY to depopulate so no need for war or super virus. If the elites wanted to they could just drop the hammer and nuke the masses but nuking is uncontrollable they rather trick the masses to gain more power from them than force.

  3. This article is written by a bitter, angry, misogynist with a small penis and highly insecure infatuation with contact sports 😀

  4. Hear, hear! Cutting edge theory, and a useful one at that. My environment has slowly funneled me to this conclusion.

  5. One point I’d disagree with is “You have no obligation to society other than living within the law.” Our government officials, elected and appointed, have demonstrated quite publicly that there is no obligation to follow the law if it does not suit you for some reason. One massive example is the blatant refusal to obey and enforce immigration laws but there is no shortage of other examples. The only law to be recognized is force. If they can’t force you to comply your own moral compass is the only consideration.

  6. “MRA” is a loosely applied moniker and somewhat innacurate as few men want to engage in the tedium of “activism”. Most are simply voting with their feet, which they can do from the comfort of their own keyboards. Women however love activism and the drama that it entails. They must be surprised sometimes when they “get their way” on yet another stupid genderquality initiative when all they were doing was trying to shit-test us.

  7. Amen.
    Like Roissy said a while back, the best way to fight against feminism is to give the girls EXACTLY what they asked for.
    Time to pump ‘n dump like it’s my job.

    So i can surmise some things i have noticed.You know i can’t post them anywhere on internet.My posts are removed instantly.Don’t know why.
    1)MGTOW is perfect deterrence to feminism and institutionalized misandry.Without enough males giving up their own money in form of divorce settlement,alimony,child care payment..average feminists women are going to lose huge money(it might be 10-20 billion in US per year and it can be anything from 100-600 billion of direct transfers including every country of world).But feminists in education,govt jobs,media,business will be very rich for their entire lives.Fact is fact.
    2) MRA do have their role to play but i agree with you…no law will be changed atleast for next 100 years..It simply won’t happen with so many white nights and manginas.

  9. Great post. What I think many people are just beginning to realize is that TPTB are not just empty suits, for the most part, but paper tigers as well. This shit show of “authority” that we see everyday (politicians, academics and phony experts, media hacks) would not stand up to a real challenge. Don’t feed the beast.

  10. The only problem I can see with MGTOW is that when society starts to seize up, in how ever many years, then crime rates will also climb.

    1. The elites build society and are always 1000 steps ahead of the masses. They won’t let society collapse.

      1. tell that to the french elite at the time of the revolution. Or the russian elite circa 1917 – various other times the elite put their heads on the chopping block.

    1. Lol it’s not dated. It’s a natural proccess that happens regardless of wether or not the people “galting out” are even aware of what their doing.

  11. As the system lurches toward collapse, history suggests that we will see the following social and political developments take place. These may happen even faster than we think. Never underestimate the power of momentum in historical events:
    1. As feminism has corroded the family as the basis of social order, we will see increased levels of banditry, lawlessness, and antisocial behavior. This is beginning to happen now.
    2. The power system will be increasingly inclined to rely on force, or the threat of force, to keep men in line. Expect new “lists” to put people on who don’t conform to the orthodoxy. Expect passport restrictions. Expect to be arrested on the slightest pretext.
    3. We may even see the rise of a “third sex”. This is the asexual creature that cannot be easily identified as either male or female. Overly feminized men and excessively butch women fit into this category. Their values will be promoted, encouraged, and propagated. As America’s social core rots at its base, this class will scream loudest for entitlements, privilege, and acceptance.
    4. America’s political and economic power will continue to decline, as a result of falling birthrates, excessive taxation, and an economy that is unable to offer anything but militarism at home and abroad. Again, the tendency will be increased despotism from the top as the only way to keep things in order. Inflation and currency debasement will erode the value of the dollar. In short, America will be the collapse of Rome replayed at 21st century speeds.
    5. Expect exchange controls, passport controls, and desperate measures by the government to keep everyone in line.
    It ain’t looking good, guys. Exile is looking like a better and better option.

  12. The moment bachelor taxes are instituted expect to see capital flight and even more men dropping out/turning to crime.
    It is the standard pattern all empires follow. When they reach their end, they begin to denigrate and oppress the very people who were responsible for the empire’s grandeur.

  13. Escape is easy for those with the skills, knowledge and confidence to build the next great civilization.
    Brawn without Borders!
    Going Galt is not that tough. It works. I’m on my way out. You’re welcome to keep my decades of work and hundreds of thousands of dollars of forced taxes to pay for this great social and political experiment if you’ll just leave me alone from here on out.
    Elites rarely build anything. They just use their intellects to control what other build to their own benefit. Why do you think that the industry with the highest average IQ is lawyers. They’re not building shit. They just manipulate the system to extract large sums of money for themselves — whether through legal actions or politics. But, they’ll claim that they were instrument in building the world.
    The ability to make money is only as good as the money that is made. Pray that you have more to offer than your balance sheet. As a man’s money deteriorates in value, so does the man made of only money.
    Men, you’ve got to learn to do more than write code and write blog posts. You’re going to have to learn how to be real men again and build, fix and maintain the things that support life and society. Then, and only then can you confidently support lifestyle into the future. If you can do that, then it matters not what everyone else is doing. And, you’ll still have access to the best pussy whenever and wherever you want it.

    1. Men, you’ve got to learn to do more than write code and write blog posts. You’re going to have to learn how to be real men again and build, fix and maintain the things that support life and society.
      Poor students who happen to be interested in technology can do all of that.
      The only price is sexual access to a woman they find attractive, frequently and with little drama.
      Until then men will try to provide alone for themselves.
      Agreeing to any other situation is choosing to be a chump.

  14. is it not some rule of economics that people will adjust behavior based on if something is a net benefit or negative to them and if something is a benefit they will work get more of it and if something is a negative they work to avoid it. well if marriage continues to become a net negative for men the numbers of never married with continue to grow.
    i think most men who think even somewhat criticially realize they are getting the short end of the stick and nothing is being done to change that. shit if society is not looking out for you(men) why should you feel any regret for not playing along with societial expectations of (marriage, family, child rearing). mgtow is just the logical by product of that. after all this movement is not global in scope, its almost entirely limited to western developed countries deeply satuarated in feminism.

    1. Yep its a simple principle, not just of economics, but also of human nature, and its thus. People respond to incentives.
      It should be obvious to everyone who pays even the slighest bit of attention, because there is evidence for it everywhere. People in our society do undergo a lot of liberal conditioning however, and this can prevent some of them from realising that some of the particular things you are talking about (marriage, investing in a society that offers you nothing, etc) are in fact counter to their interests. The information is getting out there however, and as this happens I believe we are going to see more and more men saying “screw this” to the idea of investing in this society in any way other than what benefits themselves.
      Feminism is all about giving women empowerment and choices without any consideration given as to how it effects society or men, and a society cant survive, let alone prosper when half of its members are looking out only for themselves. Feminism is dug in too deep withint all of the corridors of power now to remove, certainly within my lifetime, so I dont see the utility to trying to do so. MGTOW seems to be the only sensible option.

  15. I basically agree, but just wanted to point out(as others have), that the MRM was a feminist thing to begin with. They accepted many of the worst presuppositions of feminism(like that gender neutrality is possible or even desirable in the first place).
    I’d say that pegs them squarely in the category of egalitarian dumbasses who love to argue with gravity about simple things. They are just what feminists would be if feminists were capable of being fair or rational. However, all of their thought is still based on far-fetched feminist/egalitarian premises. Going “red pill” means that you reject all of that safe childish feel-good bullshit completely and totally.
    I agree that MGTOW is a much better idea, although a lot of what I hear from them is unfortunately still in the same vein as MRA’s, and really has nothing to do with going your own way.

  16. Agree with this. I can’t get into “movements.” I’m interested in MY happiness – not changing society through organizations and politics. That takes way too fucking long, and the people involved take things too seriously. What’s easier – reshaping society (impossible), or reshaping YOUR life and choosing the women that work for you? You can fight for mens rights but chances are by the time you die little will have changed. However, you can make drastic changes to your own life, starting right now, with very little cost.

  17. Here is what he means on a personal level.
    When I was 24-25 I dated a succession of 18-year-olds with no thoughts, ever, of settling down. Eventually, I felt I had to “grow up,” thanks to both the pressure of my family and society. So I did. I don’t want to get into details, but it didn’t turn out so well.
    Now I’m back to where I was in those days. And although 18-year-olds are too young, the best option seems to find the equivalent of what I did then and not get into a “serious relationship” or marriage.

    1. For most women, you are always dating the 18 year old version anyway.
      Might as well get the looks that match the mind.
      After all, they want something real … and you deserve that in return too.

  18. As Hillary Clinton recently told the Senate panel investigating the Benghazi incident “what difference does it really make at this point?” This is my new motto. As men, our efforts to produce more than we need for ourselves, and to protect and nurture society, are not rewarded, they are scorned. So what difference does it make? Just do the minimum you need to get by, to support yourself and your loved ones. Then, do whatever you want and don’t get too worked up about this hell the cultural marxists are creating.
    I also believe this has all happened before, and only the workings of natural law (or call it God if you wish) will sort it out. As the Bible says (Isaiah Ch 3:16-17):
    “Because the daughters of Zion are haughty, and walk with stretched forth necks and wanton eyes, walking and mincing as they go, and making a tinkling with their feet:therefore the Lord will strike with a scab the heads of the daughters of Zion, and the Lord will lay bare their secret parts”

  19. Yup. Whole time I was reading the article I was thinking what the author wrote at the end ‘they are scared shitless.’ Here is more women talking about it
    Funny to see them wondering why men aren’t making a big talky talk stink. Have some more rope and eat your cake ladies, eat your cake.

    1. Thanks gb. I left a note. I suggest we all do the same with upvotes and breadcrumbs to the manosphere.

  20. Here MGTOW pledge I saw on a site. The interesting thing is that is copyrighted with a date of 2006.
    The Men Have Left The Building
    The men have left the movie theater for the video game.
    The men have left the television studio for the internet.
    The men have left the temple for authentic spirituality.
    The men have left the retail store for the online store.
    The men have left the marriage cage for the bachelor sky.
    The men have left the college for the self-education university.
    The men have left the corporate office for the entrepreneur office.
    The men have left the Anglosphere for their own sphere.
    Welcome to tomorrow.
    Yet, on some MRA sites, there is more progress than I had thought. There are legal actions, suits against universities, particular aggregations over particular cases like father’s rights cases that call publicity and provide local editorials. So all it not just whining. When you get a couple of million men together, inevitably one or two will be lawyers or court clerks and can offer some idea, advice, or expertise. So rather than in discussion, arguments, ballot boxes, the place to hit is in wallet, and the tool is the court.
    There is a youtube guy, Barbarosaaa, a young black engineering student that is MRA/MGTOW, and he has some powerful video essays. He claims that PUA is very damaging to men because it feeds the ego of women with heightened attention, obsession of men with women, and the heightened level of approaches has turned them all into attention whores of even higher level than before. Some of Roosh’s comments support this assertion.
    Whatever, everyone has to do what they have to do.
    I saw an interesting stat yesterday about birth control. A study interviewed women about birth control. It said that condom use among men in 93.5% and only 6% have stopped using condoms due to dissatisfaction. I don’t exactly know what the study asked, and it might have been something like “Which methods have your partners used in the past year(s)”. So I can’t determine if the men to which they refer always used condoms or merely had used condoms at some point”.
    But 93.5% pretty high and meaningful that even in committed relationships and LTRs, men are continuing to use condoms. There is a lot of analysis and explanation about why the birth rate is falling and whether it is due to women or to men.
    But 93.5% is significant and very telling. I would say that is an incredible example of Men Going Their Own Way.

    1. He claims that PUA is very damaging to men because it feeds the ego of women with heightened attention, obsession of men with women, and the heightened level of approaches has turned them all into attention whores of even higher level than before.
      On the other hand, you are dealing with women who want to take advantage of men who DON’T understand where PUA is coming from. In other words “Be my NICEGUY and I’ll cocktease you”.
      Those women put themselves first … return the favour.

  21. I agree with this but I think pushing men’s rights is outreach to get men to GTOW.
    Proselytizing men’s rights is a hullabaloo. When blue-pill addicts wander by to see what the fuss is about, they are exposed to MGTOW ideas.

  22. How do you guys define “egalitarianism”? Do you think it means equality of opportunity, or equality of outcome? If you don’t want to restrict this to economic terms, do you think it means “all people are identical” or “all people have equal dignity and are worthy of respect”?
    I suppose I should be asking “what do you think feminists mean by egalitarianism?

    1. Depends on what Feminists you ask I guess. Or in other words, Im sure that if I say what I believe, that Feminists think that the sexes are pretty much identical, and that equality of outcome is what they are after, you will be able to point to one or more Feminists who dont think that. You can say “No, Feminists dont think that at all! Heres a quote of a handpicked Feminist saying something different”. And if I then provide a quote of another Feminst saying something that supports my assertion, I can then get to hear that she is on the fringe, not representative of current mainstream Feminist thought. No True Feminist. Because of this I dont think debating the point about what Feminists want, or what they intend at is at all useful, because its too slippery a definition. The goalposts move.
      Looking a the effect of implementing Feminist policies however, is a different kettle of fish. Feminists want equality in some area, lets say employment. We institute policies to try and make it happen. To determine the efficacy of said policies we then need to measure how well they are doing. And what gets measured? Outcomes. How many women doing certain types of jobs. How many women in certain positions of authority. How much are those women getting paid in comparison to men. Then, if those numbers dont match up, if women arent equally represented, whatever the reason, then “more needs to be done”. Regardless of the intention, equality of outcomes is what gets measured, so that, in effect, is what we aim to achieve.
      I dont care what Feminists want, I only care about what results from their actions. Adults need to care about and be responsible for the consequences of their actions. So, Im judging Feminists by “big girl” standards, and the judgement is not positive.

  23. So true. MGTOW works REALLY well if you know about your ancestry and family history. MRA is only effective if backed by firepower. Every single major conflict was settled by war in the United States. I think the courts are a stupid way to fight because it is one of the most feminist places ever.
    MGTOW works because you can create a plan then follow it. There are millions of single women around the world plus growing job opportunites in many exciting sectors. The world is yours!
    Make sure that if you decide to go your own way that you do it ASAP. Your 20’s is better than your 30’s. You are still young and have your whole life ahead of you. This allows you to come from a position of strength. If you go your own way at an older age, then you really need to be careful because there are many sharks overseas waiting to sink their teeth into your wallet and soul.

  24. thank you for this. seriously.
    one thing i hate about the sphere is i’m not MRA enough (even though i’ve stated openly on several occasions that i refuse to get married) because *GASP* i actually like women and do enjoy their company. then, i’m not PUA enough since i don’t sarge and crap, despite me describing actual interactions with women that i’ve PROVEN work. hell, even a few of the other bloggers tried my “you’re gonna end up pregnant line” and Roissy posted one of my comments about non-verbal openers that i’ve used 1000’s of time. but you know what.
    fuck that shit. i’m me. i know what works, i know how to read a woman, and i don’t give a fuck who thinks what about what. i know where i stand, and i’m actually kinda glad my site is relatively unknown.
    less drama.
    stay up.

  25. There are fresh ideas to implement bachelor tax (pl. bykowe) in Poland for bachelors and even childless marriages (essentially for childless people over 40). Polish Social Insurance Board is about to collapse. 😀

  26. Any aware man “goes his own way”. But the MGTOW movement, judging from the forums and YouTube channels I’ve seen espousing this label, is full of celibate video-game players who have basically been squeezed out of the both the economic and sexual marketplaces. Maybe I’m just going my own way to such an extent that I’m not interested in any label. I certainly don’t care whether I’m any part of any movement that wants to bring down the evil edifice of society one masturbatory afternoon at a time.

    1. is full of celibate video-game players who have basically been squeezed out of the both the economic and sexual marketplaces and are NOT PAYING FOR WOMEN who think of them only as compensation for their previous poor dating/relationship choices.
      I think that’s pretty smart.

    2. Economic? False. Plenty of financially successful MGTOW. Sexual? Most likely. But some of MGTOW are physically capable of thriving in the sexual marketplace by becoming PUAs, but don’t want to invest the time and effort. Part of the problem is “Sexless shaming”, which is a feminist movement designed for us to value each other based on how much cater to and have sex with women.

  27. Well, I completely support you doing w/e you want because you want to. But, just going to point out that you probably had NOTHING to do with any of those major advancements or pouring concrete or anything like that. You probably currently live off the money from this website, and your catering to MRAs as a news source. Which is fine, but has nothing to do with social advancement you credit male-kind for.

    1. As have Shakespeare and most other playwrights and authors of fiction.
      They offer learning and inspiration in the course of learning about the great men of the past. That is its own form and utility for “social advancement for male-kind”.

  28. I much like the significant facts you give within your content pieces.I will bookmark your weblog and look at yet again here repeatedly.I’m relatively sure I will learn a lot of latest things proper here! Beneficial luck for that next!

  29. Don’t bore us with artificial distinctions between artificial categories — i.e. “MRA” and “MGTOW”. I am personally as much “MRA” as I am “MGTOW”, but I reject both labels because I transcend them.
    So please, please, please, knock off the bullshit!

    1. Although you personally bridge both categories, many of the people involved in creating the content label themselves with one or the other category.

  30. in my town there is only one plumber who does the pipe from the street to the house at a reasonable price of 2500 bucks to tear up the street the only other plumber in the area that does it wanted to charge 6 grand
    the plumber that did it for 2500 said his bondsman wanted him to stop doing it cause it wasen’t cost effective
    so if he stopped doing it basically if your turn on valve stops working from the street you ain’t gonna have water and ain’t gonna be able to get it fixed for under 6 grand
    yea opportunity in actually doing shit and fixing shit apparently nobody wants to do it

  31. if your gonna go your own way you can only really do that with money otherwise you are always at someone elses mercy

    1. This is a seminal article that every man should read, and pass on to their sons.
      “Men’s Rights” is playing right into the feminists contest for victimhood. The liberals don’t take anything seriously unless you have a claim to victimhood. That playing field should be disregarded entirely. Do not get pulled into an oppression contest with them.Fighting feminism requires no pity or moral high ground to begin with.

      1. I agree with that, the MRM is doomed, “can’t bring down the masters house with the masters tools” is a common saying that illustrates why the MRM is basically trying to argue with a brick wall.
        The MGTOW’s will win since we don’t require anyone who’s not a MGTOW to recognize us, or take us seriously.
        Instead, the MGTOW branch goes about it’s business, and without asking for anyone’s pity or requiring anyone’s recognition we will gain an enormous amount of leverage in society.
        Once enough men go MGTOW, once enough men will refuse to put effort/input into a system that only gives output to women, and never to the very men who made it all possible to begin with, the house of cards will come crashing down.
        Being fully aware of the crisis that this will cause, we simply don’t give a fuck anymore.
        You could consider us the Samsom option, if we (men) don’t even get to enjoy any of the fruits our forefathers have shed so much blood sweat and tears for, and when those fruits are only edible to women, 3rd world strangers, and other groups who did not contribute squat to our society, then we are entirely justified to say “if we can’t have any, … nobody can” in consequence of the fact that the builders of this civilization are surely the ones who DESERVE to eat the most of it’s fruits.
        But since we are denied the fruits of the labor of our own grandfathers, this gives us a prospect of a future where the entitled skanks of that day will eat the fruits of our labour in contemporary times and our grandson’s are denied any, and it’s not worth it.
        Birth rates throughout the west have already diminished blow sub-sufficient levels to keep this civilization running, and the MGTOW-wing is only just picking up some serious steam, we eventually WILL BE ABLE to demographically annihilate a society that has so audaciously spat in the face of it’s own creators, that has so rudely berated us, and shown not even the slightest grain of respect or gratitude to our efforts.
        So why should we try to continue any further, why should we keep this chronic lack of gratitude in check, we’re not in any way rewarded for it and in fact berated for it, so why should we try to “carry the load” any further ?
        Women have been able to get away with all the shit they put us up with only because of the reproductive monopoly, and essentially at the threat of boycotting new births which would annihilate society all together
        So men … take the Samsom option, break those shackles, shatter those support pillars, and bring this amoral disrespectful and ungrateful society down to it’s knees, we don’t need anyone’s pity, we only need to exercise the leverage we thought we never had, the leverage of being able to put a stop to proliferation.
        If Men don’t deserve the fruits of our own labour, nobody deserves any fruits whatsoever.

        1. Although men across the world are all under attack, it is coming especially hard on white men. Not only are we worthless because we are men, we are also the race of people who is guilty of everything bad in the world and all that liberal bullshit.

        2. “guilty of everything bad in the world”
          Like global colonialism, theft, and imperialism. Tiny, barely noticeable things, really!

        3. Those were local phenomena. Because of the pervasive global reach of Westernization, white supremacy is THE hegemonic ideology.

        4. lol white supremacy lol. If it was a white supremacy the rest of the races would not even exist.

        5. yeah i mean not like we enslaved them for 1000s of years, No white supremacy here guys! -_- Not like black guys were lynched if they spoke to white people out of place, No! Years of history showing white supremacy just bullshit didn’t you know. Go read a book my friend,

        6. we did not enslave them for thousands of years. Fuck the Irish were enslaved longer and worse then blacks by whites. You must be getting Whites and Muslims confused. The Muslims enslaved blacks for far worse and with far more cruelty

        7. Incorrect. Please study the very, very real concept of white supremacy. It doesn’t mean immediate annihilation of every non-white person, but it does mean tremendous, totally unnecessary and preventable racist suffering and death.

        8. You mean white domination not white supremacy. White supremacists want every non white race dead. Anything a leftist professor tells you is wrong. Ignoring that Domination happens when you have better organization better fighting skills better technology. I owe you nothing. You dont like how whites treat you go some place whites do not rule like africa. If you live in a country Where whites make up the majority and have the power you will have white domination. I do not give a flying fuck if this offends your feelings.

        9. “You mean white domination not white supremacy.”
          These are, for all intents & purposes, synonyms, at least within the parameters of the discussion we’re having. Nice try, though, cracka!

        10. Ok right,am not even gonna bother, if you really don’t know, 1. Christians enslaved Muslims, well before anyone else, Yeah And whats you point? Blacks were enslaved LOL there’s no bad or good enslavement, it was white supremacy, we thought we were superior, we thought they were still swinging from trees, because of white supremacy, i THINK you may need to read a few books my friend,
          Heres one, right most white Christians (FACT) believe that Jesus was white, or its just a default is it not? none has ever discussed Jesus race in pictures hes white statues hes white even tho Jesus would off come from Jerusalem, which logic tells us he defo was not white. The refusal to acknowledge there leader could ever be black or Asian or whatever, even tho we know he 100% was not white, Theres also The KKK, The nazis, white supremacy all white supremacy, its just stupid to argue otherwise

        11. Muslims enslaved Christians first and enslaved blacks and still enslave blacks to this day. You are so ignorant it is hilarious. Arab muslims to this day call blacks abed which is a slang term meaning slave. We thought we were superior because every civilization that is on top does. when everyone we met was inferior technologically organizationally medically and in every other way shape or form it tends to give one a superiority complex. Shit the entire modern world was invented in western civilization by people in it and 95% of those inventions were done by whites.

        12. What ever dindu. I dont care how you were treated in the past shit the best thing to ever happen to you long term was enslavement in america you are better off in america then everywhere else on the planet. This is why african blacks hate american blacks

        13. 1) you’re a racist anti-black bigot.
          2) i’m a 2nd-generation nigerian american, so you’re wrong on the enslavement thing for me personally lmfao.
          3) educate yourself, you disgusting crakkka (or are you just a non-white apologist for whiteness a la bobby jindal, dinesh d’souza, et al.? lmao.)
          4) amerikkka is an illegitimate bastard nation perpetrating kkkapitalist anglo-american empire and based on stolen native land and stolen african labor.

        14. Africa had embassy’s in Italy 500 years before ‘whites’ got involved (it is you who is ignorant’) The western (usually white) belief is anther one by us, read books, Egypt preferably, and africa, instead of western books, ” hit the entire modern world was invented in western civilization” Of course, well enslaving millions to help us do that.
          “Muslims enslaved Christians first” – Am just gonna leave this here -_- No they didn’t you are wrong as simple as that, asking for the land they were born on is not enslaving, asking you to stop forcing them into a religion ill admit to denial of allowing Christians into Jerusalem, (but they did not tax us to pray, they did not kill us, they didn’t no take our land which was technically there’s in the first place .this not enslavement, taking land from people is enslavement, forcing them to pay to pray is enslavement, i mean look at India and tell me no such thing as white supremacy.

        15. YOU are meaning the crusades damn it women we had that land before the muslims did. Jerusalem had been under roman control for 600 years by that point. The muslims did enslave whites first. Africans did not have embassies in europe. You are so misinformed it is retarded. I am gonna go with you are ill educated about everything. The muslims enslaved everyone. They took more slaves out of africa then the whites did and they still take slaves to this very day

        16. so you are a failure nigger piece of shit who blames whitey for his entire continent being failure before whites got there. Mali was the best you did and that is due to Arab muslims. I do not give a shit about you kunta kinte. Your societies are only doing better because whites went there and introduced better crops better ways of doing things your societies were backward primitive shitholes hell most of them have regressed since whites have left

        17. LOLLLL, except that any African countries that are now struggling are doing so as a DIRECT result of colonialism, imperialism, and now neocolonialism AND imperialism. But nice try though, you nasty shitty-assed cracker.

        18. they were shit before we got there. You now have access to the world you were cut off from for how many thousands of years all because of whites. we built schools we introduced other things to you as well that you never would have thought up on your own, The food crops of africa would never have allowed you to create a modern society at even the roman level.

        19. Am gonna leave this here, you are wrong simple read a book, let me guess you think Africans were still swinging from trees, before the brilliant whites came to save them right? Africa certainly did have embassy’s educate yourself. PLEASE, and retarded of course me? Not someone who denies white supremacy, i GIVE UP!

        20. AND fyi the 20th roman emperor Septimius Severus was African, he rule between 145-211 But of course am retarded,

        21. and the fact Jesus was born there does not make it our land, the fact we had to travel on ships to get there to conquer, should tell you it wasent ever ‘your’ land first we don’t own the west and the middle east, as much as you’d love to think we did, instead of just taking it thru means of violence

        22. You built schools?? HAHA, and you stole all of our resources. SOUNDS AWESOME! Not. Go educate yourself by reading “Guns, Germs, and Steel” before you further embarrass yourself with your racism and myths.

        23. I read guns germs and steel I already own it. explain zimbabwe explain all the other places that have fallen into shit since whites have left.

        24. no the Byzantium empire owned it. Learn some damn history we were asked to go there by them as a means of taking the land back from the muslims conquerors. Go study some damn history. The romans had the land the romans became the Byzantines. you are an ignorant idiot

        25. you are an anti white ill educated idiot. Capitalism raises the standard of living. No country is legitimate they all exist by force and are maintained by force. you fucking ignorant nigger piece of shit. Also i love how you think calling me a crakka is insulting. I would happily whip the skin from your back and watch you die as an individual

        26. Incorrect. Capitalism raises the standard of living for a tiny few while refusing basic necessities for billions.
          Some huge examples:
          –We produce enough food to feed 10 BILLION yet we have a couple of billion living in food insecurity.
          –Look at how we don’t give nearly enough resources to neglected tropical diseases and Ebola while our capitalist healthcare industry focuses on conditions like erectile dysfunction, because the industry is in the interest of profit not producing health.
          Glad to educate you, you ignorant, melanin-deficient scum.

        27. Oh, the “almighty” caucasoid here doesn’t even know about neo-colonialism and its ongoing destructive impact on my beautiful melanated continent.

        28. To bad you are a fucking moron like most of your race you inbred dumb ass. You dont even know what capitalism is. Ebola barely killed anyone before the latest out break and then billions were pumped into it. If africans were not to busy destroying each other there would be roads and train for the food to deliver to your ass. You people when whites left destroyed most of your countries the only places that did well did not get rid of the non africans

        29. HUH? You don’t even understand that capitalism is the reason Ebola and NTDs aren’t treated with the same urgency as Western diseases. I’ve got 2 degrees in public health, also. But nice try.

        30. why should the west care about what happens to africans? You do not know what capitalism is. Africans should be putting money toward curing ebola which before the latest outbreak killed what a total of 100 people all together.

        31. As soon as crakkas stop looting our continent with their free trade “agreements” and neo-imperialist bodies known as the IMF, WTO, and World Bank.
          The status quo is homicidal and esp. of Black people globally.
          Oh, and you care because you’re a good human being. OMG, SO HARD TO FIGURE OUT, RIGHT?!?!

        32. also I never looked at your link. The thing is I do not have to care I have money. I made it on my own. I do not take from others I do not let other take from me. I work hard and a save and I invest

        33. If white men are so bad Hannah piss off, move away from them. Stop leaching off them.

        34. Yet you stay in America because you realize it works. Wherever you go in the world if there is a cluster of blacks the place is a cluster fuck. Blacks cannot create or sustain a viable modern nation. Watch South Aftica die.

        35. Jared Diamond is a discredited liar. Why do the blacks always want to move to white countries. We don’t want you you are whiny dependent brats. Go away alien.

        36. That’s an assumption to make, how do you no I leech of them and who said just men? hmmm assumptions, but no I wont fuck off. LOL

        37. Please go back to your kkk , I don’t go into conversation with people who are rascit, because it just shows your 100% uneducated.
          “Every miserable fool who has nothing at all of which he can be proud, adopts as a last resource pride in the nation to which he belongs; he is ready and happy to defend all its faults and follies tooth and nail, thus reimbursing himself for his own inferiority.” Arthur Schopenhauer,

        38. Racist. Little do you know that the capitalist elites are playing you & using racism to prevent worker unity so that they can continuing robbing all of us! Silly racist whiteys.

        39. Please don’t weaken the movement by colorizing it. MGTOW was something men of color have been engaged in for a long time. Like rock and roll, it not being invented by Elvis, men have a chance to reassert their rights but not if we fight each other. . Weakness invites attacks and women will be constantly checking the perimeter for weak spots.

        40. To you and all the other’s; your comments are off point. The topic is men getting their rights back away from a very determined and crafty enemy. They stay on point as the main strength of feminism and why we find ourselves in this position. Stop fighting each other and start regaining your focus to slow the advance of male bashing by women.

        41. Jesus was a Jew, and a Hebrew. Not white, as in Germanic, but certainly not black or asian. His actual skin would have been pretty tan but I bet by modern standards you could call him a “white dude” given that that’s a meaningless term for a collection of Indo-European people from Slavs to Celts to Germanics to Baltic peoples and so on and so forth. As far as Christians enslaving Muslims I’m curious as to where you read that. As far as I know and have read there were no major instances of Muslim slaves. In fact that were kicking the shit out of the Christians in medieval times. I guess you could be referencing British colonialism in that area but elsewise I’m drawing a blank.

        42. You’re wrong on the whole Muslim being enslaved thing by the way. In sure that’s a shock to you, nobody likes to hear they’re wrong, but you are. First off, it wasn’t their land. Islam spread with the bedouin warlords from the southwest corner of the Arabian Peninsula and their succession of conquests of people’s alongside their conversion until they spread their culture and religion all along the middle east and north africa replacing the indigenous religions and cultures, raping and pillaging all the while. Sounds kind of like imperialism, eh. Secondly slave trading as a whole died out among europeans in medieval times being illegal in the Merovingian Empire and, notably, the Crusader state of Jerusalem. “WHAAAAAAA?!?” I hear you exclaim in shock. Yes, turns out those big mean crusaders weren’t all that terrible. And for the slaves that were taken through the course of war there were provisions on acceptable treatment for a slave and they were for all intents and purposes the same as serfs.

        43. Nobody likes an edgelord meritocrat. I guarantee I could curb stomp your teeth on the pavement, but you shouldn’t bitch about getting the shit kicked out of you. After all, “I owe you nothing, you don’t like how muscular people treat you? Then go some place where muscular people aren’t the majority, like America. If you live in a country where ripped people make up the majority you will get fucked up. I don’t give a flying fuck about your feelings.” Just remember that most social-darwinists wouldn’t make it in a social-darwinist society, and would be cast over the cliff like so many Spartan infants. Jesus, /pol/ between you and Soc-jus Hannah over there, neither of you have an understanding of history or philosophy. I will grant that you know more than her, but only enough to support your Stormfront agenda. Unfortunately for both of you, history doesn’t care for agendas and truth will always stand in opposition of anyone who tries to twist the context in their favor. Or in your case show that the both of you are outright lying. Also I hope people would understand that the whole “America is fat” thing was a cheap joke at /pol/-junior’s expense.

        44. Just pointing out that the whole state of the African peoples is almost entirely due to the imperialist meddling of the European powers and if they had let them be they probably would have done much better.

        45. Now you’re arguing that your society is inherently and objectively better than theirs, and that’s just not true. I didn’t want to have to educate you too much, but damn Stormfag, you’re ignorant as fuck. First off, European people’s like the Germanics did so well purely because they were in the right time. They inherited farming practices and metal work from the fertile crescent where civilization began, giving them immunization to most diseases because of their living with farm animals, and gunpowder from the east. Guns, Germs and Steel is what caused European society to be able to kill natives in the Andes, or on the East Coast of the US, or in Africa. And their attempts at colonizing failed multiple times in each case due to their European practices not working in their new surroundings. Not until a kind hearted native told them how to not die, or they figured it out themselves watching, and they would adapt native agricultural practices and animals and takes on their clothing so they could survive.

        46. So stop pretending that Europeans were just magically better than everyone and that their civilization didn’t evolve and adapt and that the roles couldn’t easily be reversed if imperialist powers didn’t destabilize entire regions by creating arbitrary boundaries on land and forcing people’s who hated each other to live together.

        47. Because destabilized regions can quickly and effortlessly become utopias of Western democracy and capitalism. I mean just look at the middle east, there’s a place that quickly recovered from imperialist meddling and isn’t a shithole. Also, places like Algeria, Uganda, and Rwanda are doing alright, considering.

        48. The Ottomans, Indians, Chinese, Koreans and Japanese had guns, alongside many other people who knew how to make guns and use them effectively. In fact, they used them better and more widely than Europeans for quite some time until they caught up.
          Every region has diseases endemic to itself. It’s not like Europeans were somehow immune to all diseases and actually knew about germ theory. (Here’s a hint: They didn’t. Germ theory only became a thing in the late 19th century. Koch’s postulate and all that.)
          Pretty much every large landmass has the iron necessary to make steel. Whose fault is it if someone doesn’t know how to make steel? As a matter of fact, the Middle East was known for production of quality steel long before Europe started getting smelters hot enough to fully liquify iron. Up to about the 11th century Afghanistan was famous for its crucible steel production. Not only that, many peoples outside of Europe were experts at making steel and using it for weapons and armour. The Europeans weren’t an exception in that regard.
          As for the “thousands of years of slavery”…Europe only started to gain global influence and power by about the 16th century. That’s 500 years, tops. Europeans also enslaved each other (and became enslaved by others) long before the Atlantic triangle manifested. Back in the day Gaul, Dacia, Iberia, Germania etc. were well known sources of slaves supplied to the Roman empire, along with the Middle East and beyond to Central Asia.
          Tldr: Guns, germs and steel aren’t unique things unfairly gifted to Europeans by some unseen force that hates non-Europeans. The only thing you can be angry about is that they were more ruthless, more coordinated and more resourceful in their practicing of what everyone else did.

        49. So what if it was? They invaded my ancestors country and did a damn good job of it. Furthermore, they forced my parents to be the best (Top Ten Medical Schools and 2 std in IQ) before they accepted them as citizens. I am grateful to be born in America and to have the opportunities I have.

        50. So why do you live there if you think it sucks? Hypocrite. Go find some other country that does it better. Hint: you won’t find one in the history of the world. So go stew in your own hate.

        51. No, “we” don’t do any such things. Oh noes! Food insecurity! As if people aren’t responsible for their own choices. As if the marketplace doesn’t serve the needs of the people in it, or something. I know. The marketplace should deal with the problems of other countries — uhm, of course it doesn’t work like that, and it’s silly to expect that it would.

        52. You of course don’t know that. All you know is that somehow, the African nations weren’t able to make much of themselves. Yet India did, despite both being colonies. Yet America did. Yet Australia did. Something’s wrong and it has a lot to do with culture.

        53. “Tldr: Guns, germs and steel aren’t unique things unfairly gifted to Europeans by some unseen force that hates non-Europeans. The only thing you can be angry about is that they were more ruthless, more coordinated and more resourceful in their practicing of what everyone else did.”
          You need to go re-read that book, then, because Europeans were indeed “gifted,” and one of the main things they were gifted was their very geography.
          Gee, Europeans were “more ruthless”? Is being ruthless, murdering, genocidal parasites something you white folks pride yourselves in being? WOW! LMAO.

        54. India is struggling. It is very, very poor–and still suffering high HIV prevalence in some areas, just like some areas of sub-Saharan Africa. Just for starters.

        55. Under int’l libertarian socialism it will. Oh, but you probably don’t even know what that is. Read up, sonny.

        56. Would *definitely* would have. Or better yet, let’s have a global community of economic, political, and social solidarity and cooperation for the upliftment and glory of ALL humanity.

      2. In fact, if you notice every leftist “position” or “agenda” is about victim hood. They relate through the lens of victimization – their identity is totally bound up with the notion of being a victim. Typically, (though certainly not always) the core leftist voting blocks: Blacks, Gays, Women, Jews, Transsexuals, Immigrants, etc are fed a continuous stream of “Your not an upper middle class heterosexual ,white, christian, male – therefore you are a victim!” To strong, assertive, masculine men being a victim is not something to be proud of – it’s something to be ashamed of. Everyone has to take control of their own destiny.

  32. MGTOW is basically the statement of self-ownership and saying that
    only you have the right to decide what your goals in life should be.
    It is saying that, as a man I will not surrender my will to the social
    expectations of women and society, because both have become hostile
    against masculinity.
    Identifying yourself as MGTOW is not something that in any way limits your options in life. In fact the opposite is true.
    If it is your own real will, you can still do all the things that
    society expects from you. Being MGTOW just adds all the other
    possibilities to your options too.
    You do not have to ignore women. If you want you can be a pick up artist
    who gets more a** than a toilet seat, you can avoid relationships with
    women or you can marry your high school sweetheart and have three kids.
    You can do whatever you want.
    As long as you believe that your own happiness and interests are more
    important than social expectations and you make your decisions based on
    that, you can consider yourself as one of the MGTOW – Men Going Their
    Own Way.
    Men deserve to live for themselves. There is no need to live as a free servant for someone else because of your gender.
    Live for yourself and let others do the same. Live and let live.

    1. men living with women don’t actually have control over their own freedom. if an argument escalates between the two, the woman can have the man removed by pressing 3 numbers on her phone. depending how angry she is, she can get a restraining order and once he gets out of police custody he won’t be able to return home, even if owns the home in his name only.
      IMO, a central tenet of MGTOW is no cohabitation. when you’re living with a woman, at any moment you may end up going your own way out the door of the home you own, forced by the State and the behest of the master occupant – her. locks changed, personal property sold.

      1. I really wonder how many women have been killed as a result of that policy. If I owned a house and was told that I couldn’t return to it because someone who got me arrested was chilling out there, I would probably go into a blind rage. I don’t give a fuck if it means the bitch has to go turn tricks on the street to find shelter, her ass should be automatically thrown out. Right there and then I should be able to say, “Ok, I accept that I can’t go there with her there, but in that case I’d like you to go remove her for trespassing. But feel free to leave the kids.” Of course, no police department would ever do that because the Feminine Imperative reigns supreme over the pigs.

  33. Of course you can challenge egalitarian principals. They are nothing more than pipe dreams. A FAIRY TALE.
    A small child dreams of princesses and castles and fairyland and whilst that ideal world can exist in thought, the real world is one of action and consequence and this is : “A proven mathematical law of physics that cannot be changed”.
    You can no more have equality than have the earth being orbited by the sun. In a hundred years time, people will look back and laugh at egalitarian ideals, communism, feminism, national socialism etc. etc. and see it with the same comical lens, we see things like the Spanish inquisition and the Catholic churches repression of science and scientists.
    Trying to install equality into a society, removes incentive. IT IS MATHEMATICAL Thus egalitarian principals can be shown not only mathematically to be totally false, but have also been shown in the past, practically speaking, in real life to be an abject failure .
    The nanny state DOES NOT WORK. And feminism requires the nanny state. It is nothing more than a branch of communism.
    It has been absolutely and totally proven without a doubt that communism in the Soviet Union, China and other nations was a total failure. It can be said that any leader swept to power on principals of equality for all, is more likely to cause terrible economic and social decay, even install secret police and commit murders, far more than he is likely to actually improve society.
    Although western governments lately seem intent on plunging themselves into socialism, as Margaret Thatcher so eloquently put it, the problem with socialism is you quickly run out of other people’s money to spend. The reason for this is because you are stripping money out from the most productive layers of society and feeding it to the least productive, with all that filtered through Govt. and possible corruption etc. Meanwhile on both sides incentive is removed. A business owner won’t open a new factory because he is forced to pay wages that are falsely set too high, and is stripped of wealth by high taxes, even faced with confiscation of this business through Govt. agencies. Why bother. ? The worker doesn’t need to work because he is equal, he has state handouts and protections.
    When the Berlin Wall came down, the workers from East Germany were shocked that they had to work so hard. They were used to all kinds of workers rights and days off and total inefficiency. The West Germans initially found them virtually unemployable. They thought that business owners were utterly abusive for expecting them to meet quality and performance targets.
    You see, the larger welfare state you build, the less incentive there is for anyone to work. The more you try to control free market forces, the less incentive there is for anyone to do anything, until you wind up with bread queues, shortages and etc. The minute the Polish took away price controls on food, suddenly their market places were over night jammed with farmers bringing produce in. There was INCENTIVE.
    Worse still the very concept of equality in the human sphere is utterly flawed. Humans are not equal. Let’s take the equality drive to it’s absolute conclusion :
    Why have an Olympic Games if everyone is equal, just give gold medals to all the athletes. But that would be unfair to non athletes, better give medals to everyone in the world. What about unborn babies, household pets, can’t be unfair to them, they need Gold Olympic medals too.
    Now you have an utter nonsense that could only found in communist states, with factories churning out useless medals in their billions, burning resources on a pointless extravagant waste of time. A small portion of the population is happy they are being awarded their Olympic Gold Medal, but the value of the medal is less than zero, because everyone has one and vast resources have been consumed producing them at the expense of other human endeavors.
    This is equality. How wonderful, everyone in the world has an Olympic Gold Medal, even my dog and cat have one. What a fantastic world we live in.
    But wait, if everyone is equal then everyone must win an Oscar for best actor too, and a Grammy, and a Golden Globe, and everyone should have a P.hD in Astro Physics and Brain Surgery too….. You see how pointless equality is. It debases anything of value it touches, because all value in the human sphere is created by human endeavor. Competitive Spirit, ambition, drive, determination, and 99% by sheer hard work and sweat. Not only that it mis-allocates resources. A few years after being elected as world president after promising everyone Oscars and Gold Medals, basic infrastructure is now failing because, no one needs to work, with all the medals they are getting and there is no one left to work because they are too busy making and distributing more and more medals.
    Feminism is worse and more evil than communism, because debases the interactions between male and females, who are the foundation of all humanity. It depolarizes the complimentary, symbiotic relationship between care givers, nurturers, mothers, soft kind feminine attitudes, which when off set and balanced by hard male logic and action, built all of society.
    Certainly with the technology we have that balance can be changed from being defined purely by a female human on one side and a male human on the other side. Roles could be exchanged, but polarity must exist. An electron cannot just demand to be a proton because it’s bored of being an electron, or it feels life is unfair doing all the orbiting and now it wants a go being the proton at the center of the atom. If all of matter demanded equality, reality would cease to exist.
    If all humans are equal or all males and females are equal, how can they have a polarity to procreate ? If all men must also change nappies and all women must wield machine guns and learn how to drive heavy equipment, we have a society of jack and jill of all trades, master of none.
    DAFT !.
    What is worse in the human sphere, is by forcing everyone to be equal, you simply reduce anyone with unique skills and qualities down to the base level of the least intelligent, least productive. If we are all to be equal, no one must speak up, no one must learn anything new beyond the dumbest person on earth so we can all be equal.
    Now when someone grows a bit too intelligent, stands out from the average base you better cut them down. By murder if necessary. Otherwise equality will not be maintained. It’s pointless.
    What of the woman only 4ft 6 high, small thin and weak. She could be a great mother, but she must be equal with a 6ft 6, Navy Seal, that has been trained to kill. So should the Navy Seal have his legs chopped off and be starved or are you going to put the woman on an aggressive course of hormones and treatments ?

  34. MGTOW is definitely the way to go. Why stay bitter, angry and frustrated? I agree with the MRA’s, they make very valid points, but they aren’t doing anything, except for complaining on the internet. Where are the protesters? On the internet… not on the streets.
    Everyone loves to mock the MRAs and call them losers and whiners, and it’s unfortunate to see this when they’re just trying to defend themselves and their rights. Go on Urban Dictionary and look up the terms Feminism and MRA, and see what I mean.
    Feminism is too powerful right now and is preaching everywhere on the net, and it’s growing. You can’t even go on the web without something coming up about some woman being offended over something or them declaring something harmless as sexist.
    In order for anyone to take MRAs seriously, they need to get up from behind the PC and actually do something about it. I say, guys live your life how you want, and not stress yourself out about women and constant feminism.
    Live for yourself. Peace, brothers.

  35. Out of the three sects of the manosphere, MGTOW is what I embrace wholeheartedly.

  36. You got a few things very wrong here.
    “The mens rights movement in particular has come along in leaps and bounds, much of it initially spurred on by average guys who were just looking to get laid at first.”
    No, it was always about serious men’s issues. Charlie Chaplin, for one, was interested in Men’s Right’s activism.
    “I just fear that it’s a complete waste of time trying to campaign for any meaningful change.”
    Just look at the Black civil rights movement, the Gay rights movement, the pro-2nd amendment movement to see why this statement is very, very wrong.
    “Feminism’s foundations are based in egalitarianism,”
    No, it was always a totalitarian movement.
    “When there is not enough religion in the pulpit to organize a crusade against sin; nor justice in the court house to promptly punish crime; nor manhood enough in the nation to put a sheltering arm about innocence and virtue—-if it needs lynching to protect woman’s dearest possession from the ravening human beasts—-then I say lynch, a thousand times a week if necessary.”- Rebecca Felton, first female US senator

  37. Great article! MGTOW is the way to go. PUAs are absurd in their pedestalizing women and MRAs obviously have the right viewpoint but their peaceful attempts at protest will be completely futile.

  38. I’m not interested in vapid and shallow women which rules out PUA for me, the MRM is starting to gain momentum but I have no realistic expectation that change will happen in my life time so for me it’s a waste of time, having decided not to have children it means I have little reason to care for the future so while I “support” the MRM it’s really only in spirit.
    MGTOW is the best solution for most men like us, in this kind of position. Simply opt out, take care of yourself and your own needs and let everyone else get on with their lives.
    It’s really Win-Win-Win, the women who shame us and think we’re losers should be happy we’ve left the dating pool, the men who aren’t MGTOWs get a better pick of the women because they have less competition, and the MGTOWs get to focus on parts of life that are rewarding and less risky than family/marriage.
    With the decline of the family and more specifically interest in children, the concern that individuals have in the future economical, environmental and political stability is dwindling. Who cares about what happens after you die? If you’re having children then you’re invested in the future because you want the world to be a better place for them to grow up in…look at the female MRAs who have boys, they’re fighting for men’s issues despite being women because they want the world their boys grow up in to be a better world. If they didn’t have kids would they be MRAs? Probably not.
    For me this is really why being an MRA is pointless, if they can improve things noticeably in my lifetime then fantastic, but I’m not holding my breath for that and have no reason to be interested in their success once my time has passed.

  39. Even this is an old post, I’ll give my insight here as well.
    MGTOW is the way to think for the modern man, MRA should be considered as a tool to use agains Feminists & opression from the governments.

  40. Amen.
    My rather rude introduction into the mgtow red pill consciousness coincided with my simultaneous crash landing with R.O.K.
    MY head was gonna split open. THAT’S how much of a blue pill white knight sorry sack of shit I was.
    Fml..was i in for a rude awakening. I’m still currently in recovery now but like a lot of lurkers the process of de-SIMP-ification will be long and hard.
    Not asking for Brownie points or shoulder to cry on but take it a little bit easy on us. Everything we thought we knew was one gigantic lie.

  41. good ariticle except i have to disagree with the “if you want to get married, you can” and still be mgtow.
    no, marriage is the biggest step towards being as un-mgtow as possible, not only are you enslaved by a woman, but to the state as well. where the woman can pull the trigger on her legal liability gun that is held to your head and the state comes knocking.
    so sorry, mgtow exlcudes getting married. even if you think your in ‘control’ and ‘made the choice for yourself’

  42. The problem with MRA types of groups is that they erroneously believe men have rights. We don’t, therefore don’t expose yourself to a scenario stacked against you. Basic combat tactics 101

  43. I agree with many of the principles of MRA and the MGTOW. But one concern I have with MGTOW, is for it be effective, that is, for it to have an impact that cannot be ignored in society. We would need a very high percentage of men buy in. 10-15% of men would gladly take up the sexual slack for the rest of the 85% and as far as the economy/workforce is concerned , automation can replace the rest. I really hope I am wrong about this.

  44. When you only have to get married, to avoid those bachelor taxes, could men marry each other? Only to avoid these taxes of course. They could pretend to be gay. I think they would get along better, than when they’re married to a woman.

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