5 Things I Learned From My English Friend With Benefits

Despite my recent rant against Tinder, not long ago I used it to pick up a new girl from London we’ll call Amelia. I’ve seen her three times in the last few weeks and in between sex sessions we’ve had long conversations that have reinforced a number of the “home truths” about male-female relations that we often discuss here on ROK.

One of the most interesting — and at times unnerving — aspects of being an aware neomasculine male is just how frequently real life (away from the websites and blogs and forums) so accurately reflects what we theorise about online. Sometimes you get a double-take moment, when a girl says something that sounds so much like it could have come out of an ROK article that it’s almost funny.

What follows is a list of five things Amelia has said or done recently which are worth discussion. Take them as watch-outs — little indicators of how millennial females really think, and be sure to adjust your behaviour accordingly.

1. English Girls Test Really Hard

made in chelsea

I start with a note on what it’s like to date an English girl, for those who live in the UK or are planning a trip here.

It is something of a cliche in London that most of the players here end up sleeping with foreign girls — Polish, Bulgarian, Asian, or from the middle-East. Guys will often claim that this is because the girls are hotter. While there is some truth in this, the more cynical reason touted is that these girls are easier to pull (for English men, at least).

Amelia is in her twenties and works in a professional job in the city. She is from an upper-middle class family and went to an all-girls, fee-paying school. As such, she is high-value in her attitude and her expectations. What does this mean in practice? Constant shit tests and a lot of LMR.

If you date an English girl of her kind, then what you’re likely to get is persistent prodding about your masculinity, about your social ability, perhaps even your sexuality. All of this will be delivered in rapid, high-pitched millennial-speak. Anyone who’s seen the UK TV show Made in Chelsea will know exactly what I mean.

This is not because girls like Amelia are inherently evil, or that English girls are bad people. It’s simply that their sense of entitlement has been raised exponentially by the culture that surrounds them. It’s the player’s job to become smooth at deflecting tests (simply ignoring them works well in most cases) rather than to get caught up in a spiral of negativity.

If the game is rigged then you must learn how to play it better.

2. Guys Get Disqualified Because They Are Not Forward Enough

Fool boy is waiting his girlfriend

Now we come to the first of the insights that Amelia revealed. As you would expect, she gets messaged by a lot of guys on Tinder and had been on a few dates recently — but according to her the guys she’d met had been “really nice” and “looking for girlfriends.” These guys she quickly disqualified. Why? Because, as she explained to me, they simply didn’t press the sexual agenda hard enough. I did, and I fucked her straight away.

The irony is that the guys she rejected were almost certainly better “relationship material” than me. But they didn’t get a look in because they led with a provider frame rather than a lover frame. This is the death of romance, even if you are seeking a relationship.

It’s a truism on men’s websites, but if you want to get a girlfriend you really do have to be a lover first, before you commence with the lovey-dovey stuff. Only once she’s hooked on your dick is it even slightly safe to let her to see you as a potential boyfriend, and any move in this direction must come from her — i.e she should be trying to lock you down, not the other way round.

The other thing to consider is, of the guys who said that they were looking for a girlfriend, to her how many of them really just wanted to fuck her? I’m guessing fairly pretty high percentage. If you are the type of man who hides your sexual desire for a girl behind a reflected purity, then stop immediately. Amelia’s disdainful response to her Tinder orbiters should tell you all you need to know.

By the way, you should also watch the degree to which you invest when you are sending a girl texts or WhatsApp messages. Amelia showed me a message thread from another poor sap and laughed at the length of his messages in comparison to hers. Apparently this guy was really good looking, but his messaging communicated neediness and his failure to take the initiative and actually ask her out disqualified him, demonstrating that physical appearance alone isn’t enough.

3. Girls Really Don’t Like Men Crying


Amelia described an ex-boyfriend crying and her demeanour while she did so was nothing short of disgusted. “I don’t think men should ever cry,” she said, with visceral disgust etched deep on her face.

Guys, we all love our mothers, but it is with our mothers that female sympathy and nurturing ends. Slim, attractive young women’s vaginas are dried out by emotional men. If you want to get laid then put on that poker face and don’t give a fuck about anything. It’s the only way.

4. They Think Asking “To Be Friends” Is Weird

Lets Just Be Friends 02

Apparently, Amelia dumped her last fuck buddy when she sent him a nude picture by way of a booty call and he invited her over to his place for “cuddles.” When she arrived, wetter than the London night, he literally cuddled her — no sex was delivered at all.

After this gross display of unmanliness, Amelia rightly dumped him by text (making an excuse that things “weren’t going anywhere”). Rather than accept this dismissal and move on, three days later he texted her again and asked if they could be friends. God knows what he as thinking, but again, Amelia’s look of disgust at this weak behaviour spoke volumes.

Guys, don’t ask girls to be friends after you’ve fucked them, or after you’ve made it obvious that you’d like to fuck. She knows what the deal is and she knows that you are willingly selling yourself short. Have some self-respect and walk.

5. They Love To Be Challenged, Emotionally AND Sexually 


Like all girls of her age, Amelia bangs on constantly about Fifty Shades of Grey. She has also called me as her Christian Grey, and mentioned that I’m hard to work out, or a “challenge.”

Clearly, girls like to be dominated, hence that book’s popularity. A little light dominance in the bedroom works wonders – spanking, rough sex and so on. But more than that, you must ensure that you always remain a little out of reach — and that you are consequently hard to work out — on an emotional and intellectual level too.

How to do this? It’s simple — as always, you need to ensure that you maintain abundance. And the way to do that, as you know, is to always be approaching other girls, and keeping your pipeline brimming with new prospects.

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488 thoughts on “5 Things I Learned From My English Friend With Benefits”

  1. One thing I do when interacting with women, either verbally or just walking by, I constantly think “I don’t give a shit about you”. Somehow this creates a vibe which they seem to like.

    1. Very good mentality. I do something similar, insofar as when I walk into a room I make the mental assumption that everybody there is my subject and I am the Lord or the Realm/King/Boss. It really does give you a distinct vibe.

    2. That’s because women don’t know what they want, it’s up to men to decide for them
      Paternalistic and true

      1. No women just want infinitely better, to drive men to infinitely better themselves… it’s why we kick so much ass.

        1. You seem to be doing it wrong. You get high maintenance, sure. Most of the maintaining will be done with her money not yours.
          When you are used to having stuff, you get bored. Guess what happens to folks that grew up with oogatz? 🙂
          lo que es mío es mío…..El Chapo. Ok I made that up

      2. Or because either way, she knows that you are unbothered. Who wants to meddle with someone that is bothered? A girl said, look, I like you, let’s be friends. On account of me always paying. I said fuck that. I have friends that I hardly ever want to see. I grew up with them but have no reason to want to meet them. What makes you think i want to see you? Straight to bed. Chinese too. hmmm
        Either way, I did not give a damn. She knew what was good for her

    3. I think to myself ‘suck on my big 10 inch’ when i walk by the bosses wife. She always looks at me at smiles back : )

    4. Women hate it when you value them for traits that aren’t there, because that means that you have no sincerity and class and just want sex.

    5. That’s why Sherly Sandberg keeps encouraging men to “lean-in” Because if we “lean-out,” then women are screwed (as much as they prattle on about how they are stong and independent).

  2. Great article as always, Troy. I have a question: What do you do if you come across a high quality girl with a very conservative/religious upbringing? Obviously you have to have some game no matter what, but how do you avoid immediate disqualification as a player, while still building attraction?

    1. How about being a man of character and charisma and not feeling the need to impress a high quality woman because these are the women who want you?

  3. After this gross display of unmanliness, Amelia rightly dumped him by text (making an excuse that things “weren’t going anywhere”). Rather than accept this dismissal and move on, three days later he texted her again and asked if they could be friends. God knows what he as thinking, but again, Amelia’s look of disgust at this weak behaviour spoke volumes.

    Why is that ‘weak’? If he wants to cuddle, it is his right to go for it. Not everything a woman dislikes is automatically bad. Asking women for permission to feel emotions is a proof of lack of self-respect, if there ever was any.

    1. Good point. They wanted different things – she wanted to be a slag and keep collecting random DNA for her future baby father to contribute to – he wanted to ease off the accelerator and see how she responded.
      She ‘upgraded’ to an “aware neo-masculine male” (FAG) like Troy so she ‘won’….
      The moment a woman starts talking shit about her ex’s with me she’s gone. I have to much class.
      Yeah what I take from this article is that Troy is dating a young dumb cunt from a rich family with zero respect for herself or anyone else.
      I personally – if I lost my mind and found myself in this predicament – certainly wouldn’t humble-brag about it on the web.

      1. Well, date whom you want. I would not mind having a sex affair with a stupid cunt. Maybe.
        Still, I would take great care not to let her be the ultimate judge over how ‘manly’ this or that thing about me is. Seems harmless at first, but leaves you with a bunch of unhealthy shame that you carry around if you accept it.

        1. If you have been there done that enough, well for me personally it just seems better to focus on the things I personally enjoy and derive satisfaction from, the occasional affair is great, but over time, they all want you to commit to them/move in with them/etc. with the unspoken goal of leeching you dry before finding a new male victim… With no remorse or second thought.

        2. Well, with the right girl, I would consider some form of commitment, too, eventually. But not forever and not by the law or church. Not with this state of things.

        3. Just because one dude banged one girl, that doesn’t mean she holds or exhibits the general truths of the universe about males and females.
          Sometimes the authors of the manosphere write such enlightening pieces, sometimes they really talk rubbish.
          This is like buying someone’s book on how to be a millionaire or something. A wee bit short of an ‘haha!’.

        4. Well, I am sure I often write bullshit, too. But I do not mind it. Life is imperfect. At least this dude is banging chicks, whilst I am not. So there definitely is respect involved on my side.

        5. Don’t worry, I am sure you aren’t missing anything, he banged a cheap slut he was covering with some veneer of respectability but it’s still a slut. Nothing to see there, nothing to envy about that.

        6. Not sure why you are downplaying his achievments. I am very well able to live with having inferior skill to another man, may it make me feel envy, fear or respect.

        7. That’s not ‘having’ God in your life.
          I know you’ll think I’m a douche for saying that.
          But Jesus is the only way to the Father.

        8. I was afraid you would say something like that.
          But now that you did, I am surprisingly unphased.
          I just think you are wrong. But I respect that you practice your relationship with god through Jesus. Nothing wrong with that.
          What more can I wish to gain than what I already receive? Tell me.

        9. I’m not sure how much longer this world has Tom.
          The end is a while off, because the Temple in Israel has to be re-built, but you should try asking God directly and see what happens.

        10. You Christians can be really annoying. Always by the book. In a way, you are like those buerocrats behind their desks. Your overconfidence makes you arrogant.

        11. I dont get you- you keep saying “try Jesus” yet you dont seem to know the answer to the question you asked Tom.
          Why are you here? Youve made a few good posts, but Im not sure I’ll ever let folks on this site forget you said “all soldiers are stupid”. That comment really steamed my clams man…

        12. “Not sure why you are downplaying his achievements.”
          Banging a girl on Tinder is not an achievement.
          Why do you think like this?

        13. I’ve never said all soldeirs are stupid – go and find where I said that and copy paste it.
          “Why are you here?”
          Why are you here? And is that any of my business?
          “but Im not sure I’ll ever let folks on this site forget you said”
          I hope your being paid for this valid work. Wake up and see the red pill.
          “That comment really steamed my clams man…”
          Because your not smart enough to keep pace with me.
          This site won’t teach you about your real disadvantage.

        14. The temple in Israel needs to be rebuilt? There’s a lot of shelling going on in the ‘Holy Land’ all right

        15. you miss the point.
          What’s interesting is that this ‘one girl’ reflects experiences that many thousands of men have reported on sites like this one in the last decade.

        16. yeah, yeah you did.
          All soldiers are stupid, all Americans are stupid- did I imagine this?

        17. Correction – many neo-masculine males and previously metrosexual males are reporting on sites like this one.
          “you miss the point.”
          No, you missed the point. This is about maleness.
          It has nothing to do with neo-masculinity’.
          Or Tinder.

        18. I made my point some post’s ago and you’ve immortalised you’re neo-masculine stance in the article.
          Don’t try taking the high road you’ve already embarrassed yourself.
          You’re just fishing for Google hits.
          Why are you not on Tinder with your skank?
          I know you’re chomping at the bit to jump to her defence.

      2. “She ‘upgraded’ to an “aware neo-masculine male” (FAG) like Troy so she ‘won’….”
        I know there’s a bit of “debate” going on about the term “neomasculinity”. What do you think about the principles behind it, though? Have you even read Roosh’s article on “neomasculinity”? Not trying to attack you here, I just think it’s silly to put so much stock into the title…
        I fail to see the part in the article where Roosh talks about becoming a faggot… or a PUA like “Troy Francis”.

      1. Well. He tried, he failed. Such is life. Calling it a mistake is a tad dramatic – unless he cried himself to sleep for a year afterwards. But then he really has other problems.

    2. It shows confusion and yes, weakness on the man’s part. You can (attempt to) obtain some sort of emotional support from a girlfriend or LTR, or friend or family, but trying to get this from a tinder slut that you just banged within 30 minutes of meeting last week shows that the man has no one close to him, and demonstrates desperation, as if his only hope in emotional connection is some worthless slut with zero self confidence herself. This girl offers an oft-used hole but nothing else of value.
      Think about the girl you just met who opens the flood gates about all her daddy issues and abortions and past “rapes” on the first date. It’s a huge turnoff, right? Because you have zero emotional connection with her and it just comes off as weak and desperate that she has no one better to talk about these things with.

      1. “but trying to get this from a tinder slut that you just banged within 30 minutes of meeting last week”
        This is a good point – but if your dealing with Tinder WTF kind of guy are you going to be?

        1. Well, yes, but I do not see how that vague third-person account of a slut can be enough to make a judgment. Maybe he just was not attracted to her, but wanted a friend. I have seen that shit in real life.

        2. She rejected him before he crawled up to her.
          She rejected him because he didn’t want to have sex but wanted to cuddle.

        3. And Troy of course just takes what this Tinder girl says as given because it allows him to humble brag on ROK.
          Trusting everything that comes out of a woman’s mouth must be a neo-masculin thing i guess.

        4. I’m just addressing the matter at hand for what I see it as.
          Nothing else.
          Just my input.
          I understand why you ask.

        5. In principle you’re right and i understand your point. I think the mistake we as men make is that because we are capable to cater to females emotions we assume that they might feel inclined to reciprocate that, wich they dont, its not in their interest.

        6. Ironically, that is what my mother made me believe she was doing. Oh, the guilt!
          The more I grow, the less I expect women to understand. It is no wonder that they mature earlier. The expectations towards a man are simply so much more … cruel. It takes longer to learn to love cruelty than it takes to love comfort and the adoration of others.

        7. Women want men to possess the qualities they dont have. If a girl is super selective about only entertaining super masculine men, chances are she is completely empty and weak inside and NEEDS to be dependent on a man’s strength to feel complete. Its not hypergamy or female nature, its a hollow shell of a human being desperately searching for dominance and guidance, nothing more.

        8. You seem keen to put SJW’s and women down.
          Why is my one objectionable to you?
          If someone’s full of shit – should we point it out or keep our silence?
          Fuck this site is full of babies.

        9. She would have no reason to lie about most of the things I’ve written about in the OP.
          I’m not saying I’d believe her if she said she’d only slept with two guys or something.

        10. “She would have no reason to lie about most of the things I’ve written about in the OP.”
          This actually hurts…
          Did she tell you you were bigger than the other guy’s?
          Maybe she’s ‘the one’ for you Troy?
          She sounds like a great upstanding girl you can trust. How’d you find one of those on Tinder?
          And she let you mate with her?
          Man do I wish I could upgrade to being a neo-masculin male…

        11. You’re being silly now. The article talks largely about her opinions of male behaviour — there’s no particular reason she’d lie about that. If anything, she’d pretend to be more wholesome in order to look more like a ‘good girl.’

        12. Stop rationalising.
          Your a Beta king who trawls Tinder. This is fine and no doubt much progress for you – but it’s a terrible lesson in neo-masculinity (lol).
          She’s so high quality and has such respect for herself that she comes out of a 7 year LTR and jumps on Tinder and into the arms of a Beta king who listens intently as she talks trash about another man then writes it all up for the internet.
          The Beta King then spends much time explaining why this fantastic young vixen would not lie to him and that it’s the other guy who’s a douche.
          Yes you can call it what you want – but we recognise Metrosexual genes when they show up.

        13. Tinder – the last resort of the desperate.
          You can’t shame me, I take a pride in calling you fags out. It’s a service to the community.

      1. Her behaviour as well or just his?
        He unburdened himself from a pass around kiss and tell brat.
        Troy’s gain what’s not to like?

    3. The guy should have banged the shit out of her then cudled if he wanted it. Even though the girls just want sex, it’ll remove any slut remorse after and he’ll probably get a lot more return customers. A good idea is to go full Nacho Vidal on them then after cuddle for a couple minutes so they dont feel too much like a human glory hole.

      1. When I got to the word “Nacho” I believed that your next word was going to be Grande. I was looking forward to a terrific Jack Black sub-reference.

        1. Nacho is probably most known for over the top gonzo insanity in porn. Rough and depraved doesnt even begin to describe it. But you know what? More often than not MOST women like to get fucked that way.Especially young women not looking for a relationship. Come to think of it also women in relationships too. They want someone to rock their world with aggresive passionate fucking, filthy dirty talk and even a prize in their face. It gives them a primal sense of satisfaction they can see and feel and then wipe off with a towel and go on their merry way.Bonus points if you do snuggle.After and out of the context of a hyper sexual experience it helps them feel o.k about what just happened. They dont feel used if you gave them some affection.Its all about calibration and the context of that given moment.
          Somehow i dont see Jack Black doing any of the above mentioned acts except cuddling.

      2. Well, who knows, maybe he is a pimp in real life and just wanted to express his soft side.
        This bullshit reminds me of a video a girl did in a film group on Facebook. About a guy who goes to a prostitute. As she tries to sleep with him, he totally breaks out in tears and anxiety. He rather wants to talk and the prostitute grants him his wish!

        1. I mean, sure, you can never REALLY know if someone’s telling the truth or not, but in this case my sense was that she was. I feel that had the guy been a stone-cold alpha she’d have been more admiring, or most likely in bed with him instead of me.

        2. Does an alpha have to be stone-cold? You never feel the need to cuddle? I trust your judgment, but factually, it was him who rejected her, sexually. As you wrote it, he may as well have been not sexually interested in her, instead felt a different connection. As I wrote, I have seen this happen. Girl was with rather confident boy and he broke up. They never fucked, but she said he could have had her. Maybe friendzoning is not a one-way street.

        3. I like a cuddle as much as the next man. But the point is, they were fuck buddies, she want round for sex and he didn’t deliver. That pissed her off — so much so that she stopped seeing him. If he’d have fucked her first they could have cuddled all night afterwards.
          The fact is that to access the soft, nurturing aspect of women you have to engage with them sexually first. You should always lead with a sexual frame. It’s far easier to transition from lover to boyfriend than from friend to lover.

        4. Right. But if he did not want to make love to her, it would be dishonest to engage in sex simply to gain access to her nurturing side. That is like the opposite of the nice guy who befriends her to fuck her.
          My point being: He may have been a man of integrity. She may have labeled him ‘weak’, because he frustrated her wish for sexual gratification. I know that I used to be angry when girls only wanted to cuddle with me while I was aroused.
          It may be easier to transition from lover to boyfriend than from friend to lover, but if being a lover is not your interest, why bother caring about that?
          Not questioning the validity of your observations in relationship dynamics, of course. It is just that I used to be such a dishonest nice guy that these days, I really value integrity. And that man may – or may not – have had some. It is hard to tell.

        5. Well I think from the context she wanted to be fuck buddies but he wanted something more. By trying to be ‘intimate’ in a boyfriend manner he unfortunately turned her off. He may well have been been ‘a man of integrity’, but he was also a little naive. He should have known she was coming round for sex. If he didn’t want it then why see her?
          I’m not condoning her response by the way — sure, in a perfect world if a man just wanted a cuddle he should be able to get one from a girl without her ridiculing and dumping him. I’m just reporting what she said to make other guys aware that this kind of thing goes on.

        6. Yeah, true, that is an experience to learn from for him. Anyway, no point in further discussing a second-hand account. We would need to ask him what he thought and felt.
          Thanks for the debate. It is always good to talk to the source, since it is usually more nuanced than fighting the fanboys vs haters war.

        7. Yeah, exactly. I expect he wanted her to come over and have a cuddle. Nothing wrong with that — but he misjudged her requirement for raw masculine sexing to his cost.

        8. ” but in this case my sense was that she was.”
          Why not use your ‘sense’ to get involved with decent birds?

        9. “If he’d have fucked her first they could have cuddled all night afterwards.”
          Is that what you do with Tinder cunts?

        10. So it’s only the last guy who’s pole she slurped that you advise fuck’s her first and then cuddles with her?
          Any of the other guys she’s taking up her should just blow their load and leave?
          Sorry to talk about your girl like this player.

  4. More importantly, didn’t you learn they’re some of the most busted ugly trashy women on earth regardless of class?
    ordinary, plains janes are as good as it gets over here. When plastered in make-up some of them can pass as the lowest-rent, soviet style communal housing block dwelling hookers.
    The only thing you learn from British chicks is not to date British chicks

  5. “One of the most interesting — and at times unnerving — aspects of being an aware neomasculine male is just how frequently real life (away from the websites and blogs and forums) so accurately reflects what we theorise about online. ”
    ..Sounds a lot like confirmation bias to me.

    1. Or simple observation of facts then comparing them to the theories. It could become confirmation bias ONLY if you discount the “bad data” and only focus on that which confirms your beliefs, which is a critical difference between what he said and what you concluded I think.

  6. Brit here –
    Yep, Our girls want a bloke who looks like David Beckham, fights like Jason Statham, owns his own business empire yet never works, is baddass yet never brings actual trouble to their doorstep – a doorstep that by the way belongs on a multi million £ rural estate
    Also they want their own career until the moment they have a child, by which time they’ll all of a sudden fucking hate their job and demand hubby doubles his workload to compensate her ass quitting. The stress of which will send him grey at 38 and in serious risk of a heart attack/stroke/complete mental breakdown at 45 cause they have a huge fucking mortgage on a shitty newbuild mcmansion he actually fucking hates.
    Yeah they’re tough. I actually much prefer Americans. At least you guys have nice teeth

    1. I’ve no real experience with English women, outside of direct relations with my mother’s side of the family which clearly is not the same thing. From your description they sound rather wicked.
      I like what American girls used to be, and have the potential to be in the future, but am not particularly fond of the current year model twenty something girls (most of the time, with exceptions).

        1. If you are bothered by that, yes it does. generally it does not. It’s the same everywhere you go……..I have this girl, speaks like the Queen her dad is a gardener.. She loves that but not as much as I do 🙂

        2. You use one example from your personal life to disprove one of the most defining cultural aspects of the British?
          “yes it does. generally it does not.”
          Good point.

        3. People say that but it has had no impact on me. I would say where you go to school is more important.
          The Upper Classes are so tiny its hard to see them as a significant influence in most people’s lives.

        4. Nah mate, it’s not the most defining cultural aspect. It barely registers on the scale, unless you watch a lot of Downton Abbey.

        5. Speak for yourself. The English invented the concept of the working class, the middle class, the upper class.
          Our newspapers are aimed at different levels of the class system as are our political parties.
          You’ve fallen for the Thatcher and Blair bullshit that we’re all middle class now. I’ve watched it happen.

        6. But the Middle classes have a monopoly.
          Who works in government?
          It’s all 90% Oxbridge students who come from private schools and wealthy families.
          You can pretend that this issue does not exist as the Monarchy would like you to.

        7. The two are closely correlated.
          They are not guaranteed but they follow a very strong trend in correlation with each other.
          We were never talking about ‘class’ as in ‘classy’, which that common term itself evidences the cultural characteristic of wealth division between the haves and have nots.

        8. Well I guess the whole foundation and legacy of the country in an economic, political, cultural and psychological sense is proven wrong by you’re personal legacy.
          We are not talking Upper Class we are talking Middle class – the upper class is so small and entrenched they may as well be insignificant in any practical way.
          But the very fact that you are aware of what class you are or are not proves my point.

        9. I should say the opposite. That shows that I have no class consciousness and neither does any one else I am in contact with. That suggests it has no impact.
          Or maybe its proven right by your personal legacy.

        10. You can’t ignore the statistic’s and the reality and pass it off as not being class conscious.
          You described yourself as not upper class how is this having no class consciousness?
          “Or maybe its proven right by your personal legacy.”
          Your just struggling to keep up with this one.

        11. You play the hand you are dealt; or cheat. Boarding school and a brit, some weight right there don’t you think?
          Whose life am I going to use, yours? Empirical evidence is what they call it.
          I read all these myths garnered from tv shows and shake my head. Girls here are easy if you know what to do. Same goes for Asia
          I’ve had my share and now bored with locals.
          Like the man said, get in where you fit in or not 🙂

        12. He said it’s not the most defining. He did not say it isn’t there.
          You seem to have a lot of fixation with class. There’s no such thing as we’re all middle class now. Try telling Evgeny Lebedev that he isn’t upper class as little Lord Fauntleroy begs him for some roubles 🙂

        13. “I will say this: if you date an Upper Middle Class girl you will have a completely different experience to say dating an average girl or a Working Class girl.”
          – englishbob
          You’re obviously struggling more than I realise. And clearly you have no class consciousness. It’s all a figment of the imagination of the British people. I suppose the Queen is just a tourist attraction?
          I’m sorry for being so true and consistent.
          This may not be desired by neo-masculine males.

        14. He said it has no influence (other than maybe in my case of course) and that he had no conscious awareness of it nor did anyone he knows.
          How very tofish.
          This is just blatantly false as it characterises almost every facet and aspect of British society.
          Who do the Brit’s pay taxes to and why do they?

        15. Who do Brits pay taxes to and why do they pay them to her rather than the government they elect?
          Are you denying the Enclosure laws and the Royal prerogative?
          The UK is a class system. The Queen is more than a tourist attraction.
          She is a non elected head of state with powers that make our elected leaders impotent. And we pay for her as her subjects.
          We just call ourselves citizens now.

        16. Speak for yourself. The English invented the concept of the working class, the middle class, the upper class.
          Rome says “hi”.

        17. “She is a non elected head of state with powers that make our elected leaders impotent. And we pay for her as her subjects.”
          I”ll take a good King (Queens… meh) over a bad Congress any day. And I honestly think that if the American founding fathers had access to a time machine and could see what the US has become, they might well have said “THAT’s what’s going to become of our work? Forget it, we give up, and God save the King”.

        18. And I honestly think that if the American founding fathers had access to
          a time machine and could see what the US has become, they might well
          have said “THAT’s what’s going to become of our work? Forget it, we give
          up, and God save the King”.
          You are the King of the Cucks, you self loathing faggot fuck lol “Hurr durr I hate myself and my country I want to be more lyke yurope” You deserve to be put in an oven.

        19. Nah but your girl is still sore after I gave her a good dicking, because she actually likes being fucked by someone who’s proud of their country! Also she says its creepy and gross that she keeps walking in on you ejaculating on queef elizabeth II’s face yelling “For the queen!”.

        20. Statistics don’t prove mate. They lead you to “reject the hypothesis” or “fail to reject the hypothesis” with respect to a particular confidence interval. It is not proof. The results require interpretation and perhaps a reason for further study.
          Ridiculous? I thought the same at school mate.

        1. Petty, is a better description. Men worked hard for centuries to develop the printing press, codify the language, and even her tingle-generating iPhony which fools her into thinking she has a modicum of power. And she thinks she’s winning the game because she expresses herself in staccato queef-bursts of texts, while her countryman pays homage to English literary greats and writes with a bit more eloquence.
          There’s nothing to be learned from these clowns, save for that when they say something like this to you, a man has to have the balls to look them square in the eye and deliver as harsh a rebuke as possible. Something along the lines of: ‘I’m picturing you in about 5 years when you’re getting haggard and bitter, and your Facebook admirers are drying up like your ovaries. It’s going to be a pathetic descent into obscurity for you as you scramble to keep pounds and wrinkles at bay, and it starts dawning on you that men are only tolerating your caustic personality to partake of the last few drops of moisture in your dog-eared snatch.’

        2. The best revenge is best served cold.
          This could take many forms.
          Your reply is what they want to hear: they annoyed a man enough that he gave her a part of his soul.
          A woman, at the end of the day, craves one thing more than any else: to suck off a Man’s life. Whether it is as your servant (a housewife) or playmate (ONS), she derives value from you.
          When you given her a piece of your mind, you validate her. You think she will change, or you will feel good after saying that? She will win.
          The best way to respond to a whore is to treat her, very politely, like a girl who is beneath you.

        1. Ghost: In the future you’re just going to be an old fart with an enlarged prostate that makes it hard to piss. Get busy with life now.

    2. As one fellow poster said on here a while back
      “British women, the reason British men tried to conquer the world, in search of something…anything better”

      1. It took me a time period of seven years to find out on my own to get that concept.
        British women?
        Disloyal, to the point their tingle meters are permanently set to “Viking love boat” level.
        Ungrateful, to the point they call their own men “privileged”.

    3. Game principals are universal but need to be adjusted for cultural factors. Britain has that class thing going on.

    4. “Yeah they’re tough. I actually much prefer Americans. At least you guys have nice teeth”
      And don’t have a face of a horse.

    5. Who gives a tuppeny’s what they want, it’s not worth thinking about “oh what do British girls want?”. Bottom line is that the type of girls described in the article are whores – they simply want to be fucked hard like rutting sows, and these Hollebec ladies won’t accept anything less than the abject humiliation at the hands of a tatted so solid cru memba, to satisfy their beastly yearnings. Can’t make a whore into a housewife.

        1. Women want 3 things in a man. Looks, money, and
          A big crank. And they will cheat on the first two, for the 3rd.

      1. “You’ll never make a whore into a housewife” should be chiseled in marble, and hung above every growing boy’s bedroom door.

    6. Lucas my boy, it seems you are not getting enough. There’s a place at Marketplace and in Soho. Roll up, drinks in hand.
      The McMansion is then used to shag when he is out killing himself making money 🙂

    7. It’s actually a huge problem in Britain now.
      Government (the taxpayer) pays for education, women are the majority of the graduates from medical schools (500k pounds education), within 10 years of graduation most women either retire or work part time, and they usually don’t specialize and want to works as GPs. Result: Lack of doctors in the UK
      And then they turn that into country needing immigration to “prop up the National Health Service).

    8. from my limited experience with english-speaking countries other than the US it seems to me that american women, as awful as they are, may be the best the anglosphere has to offer. that’s a sobering thought.

      1. The couple of American girls I’ve worked alongside, and my American female cousins, are at least superficially well mannered and polite

        1. I think it boils down to boredom. The British vagina seeks foreign cock after sleeping with so many of her own kind. Even having a cock that has an American accent will be enough for her to want to get fucked.
          She will be thrilled to be called a ‘dirty little slut’ during her usage instead of a ‘wanton little wench’ for once.
          Quite a conundrum then isn’t it? The more cocks she has, the more different and new cocks she will crave.

      2. That’s discouraging to hear at first. Then I remind myself how learning Spanish,then Portuguese means I can forget about dealing with English speaking vinyls at all.

      1. That’s because we are letting them get fucked by any cock on the block. These women are also daughters, sisters and mothers.
        Instead of spending time on game fucking our women out of existence, slap the shit out of the fathers who let there daughters partake in slutty behaviours.

      2. You can thank American and British media for that. If a meteor storm started taking out Hollywood, New York, London, etc, the world would instantly be a better place.

    9. It’s true man. I think in all my life I’ve met only one English woman that was worth her salt, and she is a Christian with a mum who had eastern European ancestry. Very nice, sweet, dresses well, shy etc
      Besides that yeah they’re not worth it

  7. Don’t like this article. Too much “women want this, women want that” crap. I don’t give a fuck about what Amelia and other cunts like her want and I will never change anything just because Amelia won’t fuck me otherwise.
    I’ll leave Amelia to all the Tinder “players”.

        1. Cool, thanks. I guess I am just passing through. It is a safe place here, but I admit using it to hide from real world challenges. Like starting with game.

        2. If you haven’t started game then I implore you not to begin. Allow me to explain using as little sarcasm as possible and as simply as I can. If you care more for morals, righteousness, decency and honor rather than your flaccid one then hear me out.
          Game = Fucking as many new random girls as possible = de-valuing those women with every new dick she gets = no worthy woman to pass on our seed = extinction of said women and YOU.
          Game is not a solution, antidote, cure or a deterrent. It is an accelerant. It helps further the agenda of those who created the feminist-fuck-everything-and-your-dog campaign. And that ultimately is the extinction of an entire race of people.
          Do not be fooled by the self proclaimed prophets of game claiming that your natural self-preservation mechanism kicking in telling you not to ride the carousel with those sluts as you being a pussy or scared. Them and the masters of game will pretend to love what they are doing and how they are living only but to get you to pay to join them in their secret miseries.
          “Oh, no you got it all wrong. Game will help change them!”, they will try to exclaim. If women had enough wisdom in the first place they wouldn’t get on the carousel at all. And I’ve heard of mothers teaching their daughters what they’ve learned and it’s to find a rich, stable guy. In other words fuck your way on up.
          Man, we need to take responsibility for our women. Our race depends on it. We need to wrest the control of their minds back into the hands of the righteous, honorable, wise and compassionate. Otherwise it truly will be a ROK with a false Israelite claiming the throne.
          Gently shame any slutty behavior from women. Mercilessly destroy any father’s honor publicly and loudly for not raising their daughters with self respect. Never give into the corrupt hive mind and always lead by example.

        3. Sounds interesting, but I do not really give a damn about society. There was no one there to help me while I suffered terribly. I owe society nothing.
          I do not wish to become a prototype pick up artist, but I wish to have a satisfying sex life and I will fight for that as much as I can. I will take care not to get prolongedly engaged with any mad woman, though. Had enough of that shit for one life.

      1. Damn right! The minute you don’t put the pussy on the pedestal as priority 1, you turn instantly gay.
        You won’t even want to be gay. But you’ll still be gay, because that’s the rules. Even God is going to show up and be like “Oh you broke the rules. Now you have to suck dick. Sorry.”
        And you will suck big black cock,. even if you don’t want to. And you will be crying the whole time and everybody from your dead relatives in the afterlife to your peers at work will point and laugh at you and say “wow what a faggot!”
        So be warned. The minute you are not ready to change every last aspect of yourself and throw every last dollar and resource at pussy, you go instantly gay.

        1. Imagine the fury of your raging Viking ancestors screaming down at you from Valhalla if you dare to not put pussy on a pedestal! Their rage alone may well inspire Thor to smite you in your sleep with his mighty Mjolnir!

        2. There’s a reason the ice giants feared going to battle with him. They’d enter the field mighty warriors mounted on the fiercest of steeds, and exit the field riding unicorns over rainbow bridges.

        3. I think you got me wrong. Let me explain:
          Fuck what bitches want.
          What bitches want = Alpha males.
          Fuck what bitches want = Fuck alpha males.
          I will forgive the slowness of your mind on this one, since you are usually quite sharp.

    1. Was just about to say…actions>words… I’ve learned that doing the exact opposite of what women say they want has worked wonders.

      1. I go out of my way to do the opposite and it’s pathetic the results it brings. Oh well, it definitely works!

    2. Amanda wants might be a bit more reasonable if she provided something in return. However, given that so many modern womyn like her have adandoned traditional responsibilites, it makes a relationship with her a one-sided affair.
      However, as the author has noted, she is a “friend with benefits.” So as long as you don’t wife up this type of woman, it seems like solid advice.

  8. Lol. I find this article funny. She’s nothing but a worthless whore and she doesn’t sound any different from the women in the cesspool of the US, and you pedestalize her like she’s some kind of goddess because she’s English and chose to fuck you? Get real.
    You are nothing to her. Tomorrow you will be the guy sitting alone after she finds another sad sorry sucker to woo her on tinder, which, there are unlimited possibilities for HER. You are nothing but one fish in the sea of thousands of fisherman trying to talk to her, and she knows it.
    The other guy probably only cuddled her cause he knew there was probably 3 other guys cum dripping from her cum dumpster. I’ve been there and I wouldn’t touch it with an 8 inch pole, pun intended. Too much self respect to fuck a dirty whore like her. It’s no different from fucking a prostitute, only you paid with your time and effort, and you are most definitely NOT the only dude she’s fucking.
    I can’t stand bitches like that. They are always always always a hit and quit. Take pics and blast that ho all over the internet when you’re done, send her pics and give her number to your friends, pass that ho around, stop pedestalizing and treat that ho like what she is. It almost sounds like it’s your first fuck, the way you’re so enamored with a basic internet skank and concerned with what a basic internet skank thinks. I’ve fucked over 60 of these internet whores so if you value your dignity, take my advice, because if you don’t, you’re about to rolled over like a steamroller. The second you care even a little bit about her (and yes, caring what she thinks is a form of caring) is the second you lose the game.

  9. Does she give a damn fuck about what men want? I bet she doesn’t. I would have given her a list anyways. She doesn’t like men crying? I don’t like women slutting. I bet that in that case I would be the only one who is not open-minded enough.

    1. Well, I do rather like that she didn’t like weepy faggy men. Glad to see that not every woman wants tears-on-demand from their weakling men.

      1. No woman wants such men. The problem is that she is to entitled. Maybe I’m wrong, but that’s what I see in her attitude.

        1. Women like that are a bit narcissistic, and a little bit broken inside as well.
          Entitled? Of course! You know the type.

        2. She’s on Tinder ’nuff said.
          Troy’s on Tinder ’nuff said.
          She likes an aware neo-masculine male like Troy ’nuff’ said.
          Troy came to humble-brag about it to an audience of men who need help with women.
          I know the type.

        3. I think you’re oversimplifying things for effect. As it is, Amelia recently came out of a seven-year relationship with a guy who she bought an apartment with. She is highly educated and has a very well-paid professional job. Is she the bottom-of-the-barrel cum-guzzling dumpster slut you’re suggesting? Not really.

        4. Is she the a great woman who requires a great man to start a great family?
          Are you teaching men about the best of being a man?
          Oh no you’re spreading the neo-masculin trend that’s right…

        1. They know what they like. They don’t know how to *communicate* what they like. People say women are better communicators, but I’ve never found that to be true. If they all came out like this bird and said “I hate weepy faggy men” then I think that would solve a lot of problems, yet they say the opposite and get mad when men accommodate them.

        2. You’re right about that. Men are direct in what we say. Women try to read between the lines when there are nothing between the lines.
          Example: You say I’m tired, you mean I’m tired. She interprets as I’m annoyed with you. Go away.

      2. Are you’re glad to see that she is using Tinder to respect herself as a woman worthy of raising children?
        You guys are eager white knights and you don’t even realise it.
        All you do is jump in to attack other men and promote debased female behaviour.
        Lets be real.

  10. I think a couple of observations should be made-
    1. What you learned from ‘Amelia’ is not how to treat or behave with girls, women, in general, but how to specifically deal with a fuck buddy in the sexual market (place). This is important because as a woman, I bet you whatever you want that had Amelia REALLY liked you, i.e. considered you relationship material, she wouldn’t have said all the things she said.
    2. ‘Amelia’ doesn’t seem so upper class simply because she uses Tinder. Upper middle class English girls who have a background of English cottage homes, private schools and uppity jobs in downtown London DO NOT use Tinder, simply because they don’t have to, and because it’s trashy.
    Amelia is also a trashy name. Upper middle class English female names are Arabella, Pamela, Elizabeth, etc. NOT Amelia.
    3. Assertiveness, whether sexual, physical, verbal etc in a man DOES NOT mean the woman will automatically be attractive to him. It seems to me that all men are firmly convinced by this aspect. It is the same analogy with women thinking men ‘like sluts’, just because men are attracted by women with long hair and mini skirts.
    Women do not like loudmouth ‘bad boys’. Perhaps the trashy ones do, but normal women don’t, I guarantee you. What these women like is the background that has created the sort of entitled attitude in the man- a good job, a flying career, hot body, good background, big dick, etc. NOT his swag. Yes, at a superficial glance you take him into account, just like a man turns his head after a mini skirt on the street. But to like or admire a man just because he has an attitude, perhaps that only works for honky tonk waitresses in the US. Not in Europe.
    4. If you adopt the ‘I don’t give a shit about you’ attitude, it will work with tatted up, pierced sluts like I suspect Amelia is. A high quality woman would never waste her time and youth on someone like that. A man who is strong yet capable of showing empathy, warmth, the desire to become closer to someone is what women truly want. Not a jack ass who’d only be a major waste of time.

    1. Women do not like loudmouth ‘bad boys’. Perhaps the trashy ones do, but normal women don’t, I guarantee you.
      Wrong. Maybe you don’t, but most do. It’s so well known that stories have been written about it across the ages. You aren’t fooling anybody, dear.
      A man who is strong yet capable of showing empathy, warmth, the desire
      to become closer to someone is what women truly want. Not a jack ass
      who’d only be a major waste of time.

      When it comes time to snag a provider, maybe. Then they come to quickly hold him in contempt for being weak, in time.

      1. I sincerely disagree with you, and I am a woman. Perhaps you guys are American, which changes the rules a bit. But European women don’t like ‘bad boys’. In Europe for example, the smallest stain on your record is considered virtual death for someone. D’aquantriuses and Trayshawns aren’t prized, they are avoided like the plague.

        1. You associate “bad boy” with dirtbags. Bad boy can simply mean a rule breaker, a rebel, a “misunderstood artist’, or somebody who goes against the general grain of society in one manner or another. A bad boy can be absolutely charming in most areas of life but have that one “naughty” streak that turns women on when they discover it.
          Lord Byron was a very famous “bad boy” despite being nobility, for example. High class women lined up for a chance to frequent his bedroom.
          The Marquis de Sade. I’ll just set this one down here and walk away.
          Additionally, the dalliances of kings and their court were well documented throughout history. Most of these kings and courtiers were every bit the rogue, pervert or were in some way or another “creepy” (using modern parlance). John Donne, for example. Caligula, infamous for his perversions had his choice of Roman upper class women. Prince Harry, who is not the weak, spineless conformist his brother is, who was even caught wearing an SS outfit for a costume party, is adored by women across the world.
          William Butler Yeats. Percy Bysshe Shelley. Rosetti.
          Joseph..frigging…Stalin, yes, you read that right. A hard core ladies man with a line of beauties trailing behind him. At the time of this photo he was actively engaged in hooliganism, bank robbery and kidnapping.
          You’ll understand if I don’t accept your speaking on behalf of the gentler sex, simply because you are a woman. History seems rather to conspire against your beliefs.
          D’aquantriuses and Trayshawns aren’t prized
          Well, unless I’m mistaken, you won’t find those kind in England to begin with.

        2. ‘Bad boy’ in Europe mostly means womanizer.
          ‘Bad boy’ in the US means womanizer who most of the times had some problem with the law.
          Please tell me I am wrong, and if you could clarify where exactly you are from.
          All the illustrious men you exemplified fit exactly in the ‘arrogance’ and entitlement category I described- IF they have the goods to back it up. Intellectuals of the 18th and 19th century were the rockstars of today. Stalin was a nation’s leader. Of course women would line up to bed them, as they had those characteristics to fall back on. Kings you say? Damn right women would want to bed a king!! What kind of arguments are these???
          I am talking about your average Joe who lurks this website, has thin legs, has a ‘career’ as a construction worker, a freelance ‘writer’ (like Roosh- while I admire his balls for preaching the truth, his ‘career’ is teaching men how to ‘fuck girls’- not a reliable, strong man with a string of achievements of any kind so far), or anything similar, is below than average in the looks and sexual performance departments, has no financial power, but trumpets how he wants a tall, modellesque long-haired Russian fairy lookalike virgin for girlfriend, and claims that the way to get that is to have a big mouth and an attitude. That’s just not going to happen.
          Sure, a few merciful sluts will laugh at his jokes and maybe a handful will show him their pussies. But he will not become a player unless he has a ‘manly’ thing to fall back on. THEN he can claim that game is what women want.
          It’s strange how men, the ones who always say that women should seek traits such as power, financial strength, achievements etc in a man (and not looks etc.) don’t actually follow their own advice.

        3. D’aquantriuses and Trayshawns aren’t prized
          ‘Well, unless I’m mistaken, you won’t find those kind in England to begin with’
          Of course you will. Football hooligans, alcoholics, council estate dole-tailgaters. England is full of them. Do women chase them desperately, because they are bad boys? Absolutely not, as they have nothing to offer in return. Their women are those with tattoos, stringy hair and missing teeth. Yes, you are mistaken, as I suspect you are American.

        4. You sound new to all this. Read a book called ‘the game’ by neil strauss. Its not necessary for a man to be a rock star to enjoy banging desirable women.

        5. I think you and I have different definitions of what ‘desirable’ means in a woman. If it’s just tits and ass, and you’ve read that book, why are you bothering? Aren’t you banging enough hot women already? Maybe you could write a few articles and teach your fellow men here on ROK how they can do that too?

        6. Stalin was a nation’s leader.
          Stalin pulled the women when he was a bank robber outlaw, which was when he was young as in the picture. He was literally a nobody outlaw. He had his choice of women across all classes (which I think should be obvious, a charismatic bad boy political rebel and a very nice looking gentleman to boot).
          Please tell me I am wrong, and if you could clarify where exactly you are from.
          I’m speaking of “bad boy” as we discuss it in the manosphere, which is context independent of one’s nationality.
          I am a citizen of these united States, whose maternal and paternal grandparents both emigrated with their families to these united States after WW2, from England (London) and Scotland (Inverness) respectively. Not that it matters.
          All the illustrious men you exemplified fit exactly in the ‘arrogance’ and entitlement category I described
          And all, every one of them (of the named specific examples) were in every way a rogue and acknowledged in their time as such, and not just in the “womanizing” way. You make my case for me.
          I am talking about your average Joe…etc. insults towards the readership
          Then you are speaking about a homunculus.that you’ve invented in your head. The point of trying to debate against a straw man you’ve erected in order to knock down and declare victory is lost on me.
          It’s strange how men, the ones who always say that women should seek traits such as power, financial strength, achievements etc in a man (and not looks etc.) don’t actually follow their own advice.
          You speak in vague generalities. You know nothing of most of the men here, yet rest smuggly assured that you’re correct. Again, there is really no reason to debate you in this regard, since you’ve not come to learn and discuss, but rather to insult and condescend down to the readership.

        7. But I’m not arguing?? I’m not insulting?
          I am just writing from the perspective I got following the comments?
          Shouldn’t a man have high achievements and steady finances to seek the best, most desirable women? The hottest, youngest ones? And conversely, shouldn’t a man who doesn’t fit the successful category try to resign himself to banging washed off party girls and single mothers?
          Is this wrong in any way? Should a high-quality hot woman give herself to an unsuccessful man? Why, wouldn’t she be stupid when she could capitalize off her looks much better? I believe there’s an article here on ROK called ‘Don’t hate on a hustler’ who preaches these exact same arguments.
          I believe you didn’t understand what I said. I clearly specified that women DO like a man with game, IF he has other qualities other than his swag to fall back on. Who do you think would be more successful with women, a Wall Street investment banker or a carpenter, provided that they had identical game?
          I’m sorry if I go too personal asking about your background, as your nationality was clear from the get go. Only a non-European would think like that.
          If I am not upsetting you too much, may I dare ask you, just to exemplify my logic, what is your academic background? And what kind of success you’ve had so far in your professional life? And what kind of women you pick up?

        8. There’s not that much difference between gaming club sluts and the daughter of the investment banker who went to elite school. Its just a different game adjustment.

        9. average Joe who lurks this website, has thin legs, has a ‘career’ as a construction worker, a freelance ‘writer’ (like Roosh- while I admire his balls for preaching the truth, his ‘career’ is teaching men how to ‘fuck girls’- not a reliable, strong man with a string of achievements of any kind so far), or anything similar, is below than average in the looks and sexual performance departments, has no financial power, but trumpets how he wants a tall, modellesque long-haired Russian fairy lookalike virgin for girlfriend, and claims that the way to get that is to have a big mouth and an attitude. That’s just not going to happen.
          That is insulting whether you “feel” that it is simply your observations or not, and it is very condescending to match. It is, as I noted, a straw man that you are building and knocking over in order to declare some kind of rhetorical or moral victory.
          Shouldn’t a man have high achievements and steady finances to seek the best, most desirable women?
          The fundamental principle that most here adhere to is that any woman, irrespective of social class will, with correct psychological prompting and cues from a man who is generally in shape and presentable, respond sexually to him in some manner, at least some of the time. This is field tested, I myself led such a life before I settled down and got married, although nowhere to the extreme that I believe some of the writers like Troy have done. If I listed some of my “achievements” in this area you wouldn’t believe me, and rightly so since this is the internet and people can fabricate anything they wish. Nevertheless, I know from hard experience that a lot of what passes for dating advice here is generally spot on.
          A general rule of thumb is that truth is truth, even if it’s ugly. If you wish to continue eating sausage, never ever under any circumstance watch how it’s made.
          If I am not upsetting you too much, may I dare ask you, just to exemplify my logic, what is your academic background? And what kind of success you’ve had so far in your professional life? And what kind of women you pick up?
          I am a former soldier from a long line of martial men. I am college educated and have my degrees in tow, and my financial success is already established. I have no debt. I am in my mid 40’s and could retire tomorrow if I so chose, and retire quite comfortably at that. In fact I plan to do so in a few years when I buy a nice ranch out in Wyoming or Montana. I dated women across the social spectrum back when I was in the market, from farm girls to upper crust; from girl next door to some in the “Ms. (insert something here)” category, which included not just American ladies, but also some European women, all before I became financially successful. I married and settled down with a beautiful young lady with a traditional background, who possesses grace, charm and manners, and whose family came here from Germany not terribly long ago. This is not said as boasting or braggadocio, it is said because you asked and I felt compelled to burst your bubble, heh. So there you go.
          I clearly specified that women DO like a man with game, IF he has other qualities other than his swag to fall back on.
          Women are easily duped by a charming rogue. One need only be in good shape, dressed appropriately, be attractive enough to warrant attention and be good with words, to bed a woman from any social class or caste. My biggest conquests with the highest caliber women came when I was not wealthy and not particularly successful in business nor life in general. When my wife and I got married I was just out of the military, broke, with no formal college education and working in a factory. Game is rightly called “Social Charisma” by some for a reason.

        10. I find the hamster quite interesting in this conversation. It’s as if she’s not trying to convince us, but herself.

        11. Her daughter will probably get a profile up on tinder before she’s 18, getting pumped by some guy who is 30. lol

        12. Hm, see, your ‘biggest caliber women’ are not women like your wife, or your wife herself. They are other type of women, but you didn’t marry them. I wonder how high caliber must they’ve been….
          Secondly, while it is true that most women do respond to men with charm and good looks, the general rule is that women of high quality will not fall that easily, whereas a woman of lesser quality will.
          Also, my average Joe metaphor, as that is what it was and not an insult addressed to you, since I don’t even know who you are, was just that- a metaphor to depict males today. Maybe most ROK readers and posters are like this, maybe they are not- I take the liberty to consider them as such, just like they take the liberty of claiming that all women are sluts, rotten, evil is in their nature etc.
          You are a man of a certain age, you are off the market, you are American, probably living in the Mid West, therefore you aren’t my ‘target’.
          There’s no battle for any absolute truth here. Just like men have a problem with the way some, or most women think, women also have a problem with some male beliefs that are simply untrue.
          You may think otherwise, but from what I’m reading here, as a woman, I find that men have exorbitantly extravagant expectations from women, even if they aren’t big shots themselves. This is not correct, and it is not fair. That is just one example, and as irrelevant for the topic as it may be, this is why I have a ‘problem’ with that ‘Average Joe’.
          Last but not least- anyone can be anyone here. I can also be Connie Chung or Hillary Clinton. How’d you know?
          Most men here, including yourself, express themselves in those limited terms that leave little room for interpretation with regards to their success, academic background or current status in the society. Therefore I simply do not believe you. A happily married man with the tranquility of a family and marital life doesn’t get involved in debates in the manosphere.
          Nity nite!!

        13. If that’s your comeback, I shake my head at you. I don’t have a Tinder account and never will have one. You have nothing else to say so you are coming down to sexualized insults. You are really a gem.

        14. You two, liking each other’s comments. Damn! Americans, just like I suspected. You guys huff and puff about the degradation of your women, but you are nothing different.

        15. I’ve dated in 3 different cultures (with marriage in mind, and not the PUA lifestyle), and I’ve come to the conclusion that women are women.
          Culture, religion, status, etc. are just variations on a theme.

        16. Let me be the middle man in this convo. When you refer to bad boys you think of Ndubz and swag fags with skinny jeans with a gram of ganja in their little imitation Gucci man purse. What GOJ refers to is a masculine loud mouth that you ladies prefer. C’mon now, don’t tell me that women don’t like cocky city boys in C. London acting all cocky and powdering their nostrils because you won’t fool anyone.
          Football hooligans, now they are prize males but the top lads in the firms, you know, those ones with good jobs and in shape wearing CP Company and driving a Merc. You love them.

        17. “I am talking about your average Joe who lurks this website, has thin legs, has a ‘career’ as a construction worker” now now, easy on the rage honey bunny.
          To me, you’re showing your true feminist colours and you ooze od 42 year old gender studies at University of Plymouth.

        18. “High achievements” like being banker scum and stealing millions on the backs of government bailouts? Like those kind of achievements? Bankers and their ilk are destroying the world yet we as a society believe these narcissist-no-talent ass clowns to qualify as high achievers.

        19. All women are daughters of Eve. All men are sons of Adam. Both were cursed for rebelling against God above all (Genesis 3:17-19).
          Or are you claiming from descent from Lilith?

        20. There’s a 50% chance of what I said is true! She might just be an angry woman who is let down by the men on this website but don’t quite know why she cares! Hmmmmmm

        21. Mid 20s, EE??? Hmmmmmm…….I think you’re trying to create a pleasant image for yourself banking on the fact that the aforementioned characteristics are what ROK commenter point out as most desirable.

        22. Your so old you think you can tell a woman about her personal desires and opinions…
          Come on Ghost let go of this common bullshit narrative that changes constantly to justify the stupid saying women like bad boys.
          “Bad boy can simply mean a rule breaker, a rebel, a “misunderstood artist’”
          A post ago you were saying they like loud mouths.
          Your trying to push and justify your own fascination with ‘bad boys’.

        23. “What GOJ refers to is a masculine loud mouth that you ladies prefer. ”
          Trust me ladies your actual preference is wrong – you DO like the definition that I hold dear…
          …Trust me you do.

        24. “and you’ve read that book, why are you bothering? Aren’t you banging enough hot women already?”
          No he is not banging ANY hot women. He’s on ROK telling you what you want. Thats what he’s about.

        25. Only cult members turn to “i find the hamster interesting”.
          Do you see what I mean grown man with kids and business’s?
          You’re too neo-masculin and aware to understand women.

        26. Dude thats the lower body of a 10 year old boy with breast implants.
          Try some Magnesium, Zinc and egg yolks and notice how you start to lust after WOMEN when your T-levels start to rise.

        27. Your attempt to demean witty, intelligent and evocative descriptive language as feminine makes me wonder if you have testicles?

        28. How have you managed to read that I trust women’s judgment implicitly?
          Is this what psychologists call projection?
          Do you trust Ghost’s, Troy’s or Roosh’s judgment implicitly?
          “Tell me, how has that been working out for modern society?”
          While I would debate how much female contradiction has contributed to the society that has been developed over thousands of years by men, I would say modern society is more successful than any other society thus far.

        29. You’ll find all types, everywhere. I’m American and I grew up in Europe. England is no different..plenty of women think that they are of “high worth” (just like America) only to find out that reality sets in (where most of us live).
          Money, usually, stays with money (because families push for it). The rest of you (women) are delusional. The provider man (money) isn’t going to give you the same “tingles” as the rebel or mysterious man (50 Shades isn’t only sold in the U.S.).
          Let’s start dealing in reality and stop sugar coating it.

        30. Yes sir. This one is a live one and that hamster could power all of London (maybe the whole of England). Good to see that the same “formula” applies abroad as well, though.

        31. Thats what my abusive adoptive father used to say.
          Will you consider me neo-masculin if I finish my post’s with the word booyah?

        32. You transparent buffoon, you’ve unknowingly just declared your materialistic motivations to everyone reading here, nestled among your pseudo-rational argument. You’re slyly trying to insinuate that he’s missing out on the highest calibre women, in favour of settling for his wife. Well unlike opportunistic status-chasers like yourself who are always on the lookout for a better deal, there are male concepts which are alien to you, encompassing loyalty, duty, the non-selfish form of love, etc. He picked a woman of good character (rather than the wealth and accreditation/education that you hold as ideal, and are trying to shame men here for not having) and he’s sticking with her, as prescribed by marriage vows. Men with a glimmer of morality and awareness are very discerning, so yes, they have high expectations of any woman before investing in a relationship with her. Declarations of status-obsessions, such as the ones you’re repeatedly making, sound a man’s inner warning bells. Go and police your have-it-all sisters, and feel free to denounce their (and your) cock-hopping with the same enthusiasm you have for castrating men.

        33. It is in its fuck. It’s on the verge of a cataclysmic collapse, infected chemically, technologically, and morally. And any semblance of success is because it has been built on millenia of slog of our male ancestors.
          No, I don’t trust their judgement implicitly, but there’s a reason the androsphere websites are appearing,and it’s because men have the lateral and abstract thinking ability to condense observations, confront very uncomfortable realities, and form theories that can explain some facets of our current predicaments. Advice from women generally runs counter to these observations, which has also been understood for millenia, (and is just being recycled and reinterpreted on sites like these).

        34. Tinder precludes her being a high quality woman, as well as any man who would spend time with her let alone stick his dick in her.
          This is an important principle to teach men no?

        35. Well, maybe I missed your joke, but it didn’t strike me as being witty. Just another in a list of put-downs that you contributed to this comment-thread. If I misinterpreted you, then I’m in the wrong. But it shouldn’t surprise you that language that appears to be shaming fellow men would be demeaned on this site.

        36. “It is in its fuck. It’s on the verge of a cataclysmic collapse, infected chemically, technologically, and morally. ”
          It’s still the most successful thus far.
          All will fall because inevitably man turns from God’s Law’s – the more so the more successful he is under his own power.

        37. Manly man, you shouldn’t fly off the handle just like that. I believe you misunderstood what I said.
          In all of my comments on this website I have continuously stated that there are other qualities in a woman, besides her ass and tits, who make her a true mate- nurturing, warmth, loyalty, support, etc. I come from Eastern Europe, was raised in a traditional family, and I am not a ‘cock hopper’ like you elegantly put it. I DO believe in traditional values.
          This is where you misunderstood my point- my ‘question’ to the previous commentator was pretty much based on the same arguments that you presented.
          HE DOESN’T describe the woman he married as of ‘high caliber’, but places that ‘badge’ on other women whom he didn’t marry, obviously. He doesn’t consider the woman he married, and whom he therefore trusts, respects and cares about more than he did about those other women, to be of the highest caliber. This is mind boggling. Why doesn’t he?
          There’s always this contradiction in you guys’ speeches, and in this case, in his, and yours. On one hand, like you said, men respect and value women with a baggage of personal, moral and emotional qualities, which is perfectly normal. On the other hand, these women who have these qualities, such as his wife, for example, are not considered the top in the food chain in a man’s personal choice. The high caliber women he dated were others, not the one who presently is his wife- he said so himself.
          Status has nothing to do with anything, I was just trying to make a point. On one hand men claim that a woman’s background, her education, her family etc do not matter in the mating game, be it sexual or matrimonial. But then they claim they only bang hot women from English mansions who went to private schools. This guy here, like yourself, values other things than physical beauty in a woman. However, the best of the best that he has had did not have those qualities.
          So which one is it? It gets confusing after a while.
          Now please calm down, nobody’s trying to castrate you.

        38. And another thing that ROK definitely preaches to women, so to speak, is that they should try to capitalize off their looks and youth, by mating with the ‘highest bidder’. Is there a problem with being materialistic? If i am a young, fertile, beautiful woman, I am not a slut, I have a certain type of background and I am interested in having a family and a husband, why shouldn’t I give that to the highest bidder, a powerful man, a man with a career, who can support his wife and children? You guys always say that a man’s worth lays in his achievements and not his physical height or attractiveness- but then you turn around and crucify any woman who agrees with this, and who in turn adopts a ‘materialistic’ view.
          I have seen comments virtually lashing against military wives who stay behind their husbands and care for the home and the children, because they are dead weights on their husbands’ shoulders and have gotten married only to seek the safety net of stable income. Why would that be wrong, if we are abiding by traditional values here?
          There is a lot of hypocrisy among men like yourself and others on this website. Pardon my saying, but there is.
          Please abstain from insults, it makes you look even worse.

        39. Was Troys whole article not about demeaning a man?
          Don’t be that guy girls think is weird?
          You fucking cultists make me laugh – I somehow manage to underestimate the level of indoctrination.
          Do you not see the hypocrisy of your jumping to the defence of Troy (as a good cultist does) by attempting to tell me off for being demeaning to men?
          Even the feminists have called other women out on that little trap.

        40. You red headed foster child, I’ve got nothing but love for you! Neo masculinity, fuck yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, unlike your step papa

        41. Trust me, many of the girls that you fantasise about as being ‘quality women’ are on Tinder or in bars and so on. You’re making a false — and rather naive — distinction.

        42. You’re entire comment is based on the false premise of you knowing anything about the kind of quality women I fantasise about.
          And on the boyish understanding of what a quality woman is.
          Quality is not found on Tinder. It doesn’t matter how pretty she is, she’s using Tinder.
          Quality Women have enough dickheads to deal with in real life without diverting time into some shit storm like Tinder.
          I mean they then just end up interacting with aware neo-masculin males who post a load of shit about them on the internet.

        43. Unfortunately tinder is becoming as common as getting a ride on uber. Its so common now its disturbing. Your observations are as dated as the flip phone.

        44. No most men here don’t have a problem with females who seek providers in the traditional role. Its the hypergamy, the continuous shopping of the market by females that creates the cynicism in men.

        45. The cock shopping, leave it to the whores. Distance yourselves from them. Stop pedestalizing and analyzing them. Stop ‘dating’ them, only use them for what they are. Stop marrying them, getting involved with them, in any shape or form, and maybe then they will learn their lesson. You guys complain about whores but you’re actually seeking them for fast, no strings attached poon. I think there are some women out there who thrive on this type of attention from males.
          Oh, you’re the guy who called me a whore just because you penis and I vagina. I feel bad …for you.

      2. “Wrong. Maybe you don’t, but most do. It’s so well known that stories have been written about it across the ages. You aren’t fooling anybody, dear.”
        I can’t tell you the amount of pillow talk I’ve heard about it being my QUIET confidence that made a woman crazy about me.
        When I’m a loud mouth it get’s pretty scary pretty quickly for everyone in earshot.
        “When it comes time to snag a provider, maybe. Then they come to quickly hold him in contempt for being weak, in time.”
        Being a provider and exciting are not mutually exclusive Ghost – maybe to you.

    2. That’s wrong. Upper middle class nice girls absolutely put on that show for the guys with long term potential. But in the meantime they also get down with other types for short term dating. I’ve seen it.

        1. Upper middle class nice girls are just playing a dual game. Guys should not get thrown off by it. Its appears confusing or even schizo at first, but the OP is on to something.

      1. I said exactly what you are saying. The article is about fuck buddies and nothing else, particularly with ‘upper middle class’ women. Of course a woman will not behave identically with a man she considers of long-term potential as she would with a friend with benefits. Why bother, after all.
        The fallacy is that the author thinks that this is what all women want- no, that’s what his fuck buddies want.
        I also like how he stresses that the girl was ‘upper middle class’, had an education and a solid family background. I thought the ROK authors always claimed that the only traits a woman had to have were youth and beauty. Now all of a sudden he’s banging educated girls. Looky looky.

        1. I’ll let the OP speak for himself. I don’t know what he’s talking about half the time. But a girl can’t control what kind of family she’s born into. They still enjoy sex.

        2. You miss the point. The article is about how a real life girl has singlehandedly confirmed many of the misgivings about modern women thousands of other men have shared on men’s sites on the internet.

  11. Tinder is basically hook up app, not dating app like eharmony. Females say its not fair to generalize, and their girlfriend had a fairy tale romance with some guy from tinder and got engaged. But that’s the exception.

    1. you are so damn right!!! Tinder is only for hooking up, i.e. sex and nothing else. It’s disgusting how women glamorize it and pretend that ‘it’s not like that’, when in fact it is. i’d be ashamed for my colleagues, my friends or my family to know I have a Tinder account. It’s like a pussy buffet for men. Who is the woman who got married off Tinder and most importantly, who is the idiot who put a ring on her finger???? Urban myth, I am telling you.

      1. Probably a few million users on tinder now, some of them must be getting married. But its more by accident. They came to fool around and fell in love. Facebook was originally created for college students to hook up. Then facebook became mainstream and dominated by married with children and boring stuff. Tinder evolved out of that as a way to restore the hook up aspect to facebook. If a female doesn’t want to make out at the end of the first tinder date, there probably isn’t going to be a 2nd date. If you are making out at the end of the first date, its not unreasonable at all to escalate and ask her if she’d like to go back to your apartment to watch movie, or meet your doggie or whatever.

        1. I doubt they’re getting married among themselves. How can a self-respecting individual, whether a man and a woman, contract marriage with a person they picked up from a sex website app??? And how can they even get to the point of making their thing ‘serious’, if the respective partner’s phone is beeping with messages from potential hookups?
          Nevertheless, I think we’ll soon see articles written here on ROK by men who got royally fucked by their girlfriends or wives, whom they picked on Tinder.
          The new single mother is the Tinderella.

        2. Most people who use tinder are looking for FWB. Sometimes FWB becomes more? But mostly its just hot or not.

        3. Yikes. That’s really effed up. Having a relationship with someone you met on Tinder. A new geological layer of sluttiness and STDs.

    2. What a laugh (about Tinder)….sure. The one fairy tale that worked out of how many times her girlfriend got on it and fucked random men (that the new hubby won’t even know about until divorce time). Never listen to a woman…especially anything about Tinder. They are all made up fairy tales.

  12. Here’s the one thing tho – this does not sound like a girl I would want to hook up with, or be with. So, while this maybe sage advice for guys that want to hook up with sluts I don’t heed this girl’s “wisdom”. I agree men should always remain dominant (which is basically what this article is stating) but not every girl out there is banging a different guy every couple of days. And again if she is I don’t want to touch her diseased body.
    A beef I have always had with ROK is that you guys seem to praise an empty lifestyle with easy chicks – like you win some sort of award for bagging the lowest common denominator in society! This must get boring after awhile.

    1. Unfortunately many of the hottest women around have adopted this attitude And they aren’t exactly “easy” or “slutty”, and not many men can navigate their shit testing and keep them interested. But for those who can, the reward is turning them into your submissive sexual playthings.
      If you are happy banging low-maint 6’s, go for it. Some men are content driving Toyota Corollas all the time. But some men seek out the pricey sports cars for the visceral thrills they provide.
      A well-rounded man should have the tools to seduce any woman he pleases.

    2. “I agree men should always remain dominant (which is basically what this article is stating)”
      Unfortunately, until the Christian Church starts actually teaching men how to be dominant, I’m stuck in ROK. I don’t condone the PUA lifestyle, nor have I practiced, but I willing to learn that which does not conflict with the teachings of Jesus, and I’m not going to throw the baby out with the bathwater.
      “This must get boring after awhile.”
      I think RooshV hit that topic in yesterday’s article.

      1. That’s a great point, and one Dalrock covers often. Unfortunately I did not in the past (before being “aware” of how things are now) realize the church often berates men and teaches them to be passive and not dominant or leaders, which is not what the bible intended.
        Dalrock has excellent examples he calls out a lot!

      2. The church can’t teach dominance but it can encourage it. The best the church can do is abstain from punishing dominance. In the previous article by QC, Frederick II discovered his own dominant side after his father’s failed attempts to stamp him into a dominant leading man. Some shady contingency within his family likely had his dick severed but like the man with one ball, he held tight to what he had left and blasted off on his own.
        My main point is that the church needs to back off on enforcing manginism. A flaky bitch wife can be whisked away by church white knights quicker than if you were only dealing with local government femcops. A lot of guys regret ever associating their family with a church that hasn’t had its ‘blue pill enforcer’ land mines sniffed out and removed.

        1. “The church can’t teach dominance but it can encourage it.”
          If the Christian Church wants to actually teach the Bible, it will teach male dominance, and female submission (because if you love God, you will obey his commandments – John 14:15)
          God established this in the beginning: he created man, and man named everything (including woman). The curse in Genesis 3:17 ensured that man continued to rule over woman, but the woman would always seek to undermine the man’s authority (and so was birthed the ‘fitness test’).
          Male dominance and female submission is continued in the New Testament:
          1 Cor 11:3 – The head of every man is Christ, and the head of the woman is man.
          1 Cor 14:34 – women should remain silent in the churches. They are not allowed to speak, but must be in submission, as the Law says.
          Ephesians 5:22-23 Wives submit to your husbands as to the Lord. For the husband is the head of the wife as Christ is the head of the Church, His body, of which He is the Savior. Now as the Church submits to to Christ, so also wives should submit to their husbands in everything.
          1 Peter 3:1-3 Wives, in the same way be submissive to your husbands so that, if any of them do not believe the Word, they may be won over without words by by the behavior of their wives.
          I sense a pattern here….
          Now if the Church currently teaches female submission, it puts a conditional on it (if the husband is a good leader or follows God correctly, she will feel like submitting; otherwise she can threaten divorce [just watch a Kendrick Brother’s movie for this]). It doesn’t read that. If you love God, you will keep His commandments.
          The husbands have their responsibilities also (as men and leaders, we are accountable to God), but this is preached on enough, so I will not go over that. In a nutshell, most of Western Churchianity relieves wives of any responsibility for their actions, while putting all responsibility on the husband, and relieving him of his God-given authority.
          “A lot of guys regret ever associating their family with a church that
          hasn’t had its ‘blue pill enforcer’ land mines sniffed out and removed.”
          Good luck finding one in America, or any Western country.

    3. No, I don’t think it’s being praised. More like other red pill truths, it’s basically explaining realities that must be accepted if one is to go down that path.
      Notice how he mentioned the obvious vapid and empty personality she had. I’m sure he knows what he is dealing with but in being with her (or women like her, and in general for short-term) it comes down to being honest with yourself about who they are.

  13. I really kind of feel sorry for Mr. Francis and not in some smug/shaming/patronizing way. He tends to write great articles here, seems to embody game principles and the lifestyle that a lot of guys would probably dream of. He might be spot on here, but why bother to cater to young women like these who will never “love” anyone but themselves, who despise most of the guys who decide to worship her on that lame-assed dating app Tinder, and have to completely (it sounds like) tailor his behavior to her stupid checklist of caveats (whether he embodies game/alpha male traits anyway or not). You guys may not, but I sympathize to an extent with the beta orbiters Mr. Francis describes, at least to an extent. A lot of these guys just want some kind of acknowledgement or maybe form some kind of human connection with a woman, and of course, most would like to fuck this woman, but female nature being what it is, they are despised for this. This is reality, but as great as it is to be with a 22 year old hot female body, all the other stuff is so much effort for so little payout, it can make a man die just a little bit inside after enough such liasons for the aforementioned reasons.

    1. ” but why bother to cater to young women like these who will never “love” anyone but themselves”, well, you use their narcissism against her and bang her brains out and that is what Francis did. He didn’t try to get chummy he just probed her insides and bounced.

    2. I agree with you but from my experience over the last few years, most 8+ are like this. They know they are in high demand and run men through hoops to test them. In contrast to a 6-7 that gives it up without any resistance, she is actually a more pleasant human being to be around. The tradeoff is that when an 8+ qualifies you, you’re in, whereas a lower quality women is never loyal to anyone.
      I would rather a girl set boundaries and be selective of men, rather than be easy and sloppy.

        1. But she IS more than a fuckbuddy Troy – she is the one you went home thinking about enough to sit down and write an article about her and put it on the internet.
          She’s the one who talked trash about another man and you just unquestioningly followed suit on steroids by doing so on the internet.
          I’ll never understand you neo-masculine males…

        2. Well, she’s a good lay so she’s been on my mind recently. And I’m not condoning what she said — my personal view is that it’s all screwed up nonsense. I’m simply reporting it to give other guys an insight into how many girls think.

        3. You are in no position to call yourself a man let alone teach others.
          Good for you with the Tinder adventures Troy. Really out there taming the wild world of wonderful women.
          It’s quite an achievement for the neo-masculin male I gather.
          Worthy of publishing.

        4. Site like this could be something special were it not for all the Metro rubbish like rebranding masculinity or ‘men’ (sorry ‘neo-masculine males’) talking about bottom feeding with the trash via Tinder and other similar things. I mean this is used to example the ‘game’ men should be playing… totally useless.
          The future is not very bright for the lost and confused young men out there with fuck up’s posing as the new teachers of the new maleness.

        5. I am biologically a man last time I checked. The article is not about taming women and doesn’t claim that this was any achievement – that’s your prejudice speaking.

        6. You are biologically male I’ll trust.
          Men are made.
          Not on Tinder.
          Believing what this slag tells you and defending it on the web in the face of raw truth is genuine prejudice and obvious self preservation.

        7. haha I’ve heard no raw truth in the face of it yet! and as I said, if she was going to lie , it would more likely be to make herself look good rather than bad, no?

        8. Will you tell her that you’ve been discussing her this much?
          Shame on you player. You put it on a pedestal.
          “it would more likely be to make herself look good rather than bad, no?”
          Not with some chump she met trawling Tinder – that’s the whole point isn’t it?
          If you were a man she held in high esteem – I promise you she would not even mention another man. And no man she meet’s on Tinder will be one she holds in high regard. See how this works?
          This is basic.
          She’s on Tinder, nuff said.
          He’s on Tinder, nuff said.

      1. I don’t think that’ll alleviate his pity for you. Fuck buddy or no, a lot of your articles are about you sleeping with women you don’t seem to like while living a perpetually hollow lifestyle. Don’t get me wrong, plenty of guys want to be in your shoes, but I can see why he’d feel sorry for you, and for every other man living in this world.
        It worries me that none of the writers on RoK seem happy, or genuinely fulfilled. Is this a site about neomasculinity or just a record of men who fucked a lot of sluts? When you’re dying how many of those pointless relationships will you remember?
        “Here Lies Troy Francis, who bedded a thousand women.”
        You might think I’m trying to be cruel here, but I’m really not. I’m legitimately wondering where the path you walk leads. Does it lead to genuine happiness or is it no more productive than any other addiction? Do you even know where it leads? And, if you don’t, why are you trying to get people to follow you?
        P.S. You’re actually my favourite writer on this site, and I like your articles, but I’m pretty sure the blind are leading the blind.

        1. wtf… game is about maximizing social options. Males who don’t get much action often feel the need to deconstruct those who do. If you’re content with few long term relationships in your life, more power to you. Other people might want something different.

        2. I agree with you. But even a person with all the social options in the world can still make the mistake of choosing the wrong option over and over again. Or choosing the right option even as it steadily warps into the wrong one. I’m not saying game is bad. I’m saying there seems to be a lot of short-termist thinking. And Roosh et al seem depressed, and that’s depressing.
          Edit : Oh, and saying ‘power to you’ when you preface with qualifiers like “if you’re content with” is clearly just a backhanded insult. Don’t be a bitch if you want to disagree with me, fella.

        3. ok this quote reveals you to be full of your own bullshit and there’s backtracking on it,
          “I’m legitimately wondering where the path you walk leads. Does it lead to genuine happiness or is it no more productive than any other addiction?”

        4. Ey, lad, not sure that stating an opinion (an unintelligible opinion at that) and stating it is as a straight fact actually makes it a fact.

        5. I think you make a really interesting point — an essential one actually — that is deserving of an article in it’s own right. Or a book. Roosh has written on this in detail.
          A few thoughts. For one thing, it’s not that I don’t ‘like’ the women I interact with. Amelia is actually a good laugh and really good company. It’s just that there are certain aspects of her behaviour that are difficult for a man to accept. But that doesn’t make her a bad person – she’s simply displaying her female nature. A man has a choice to engage with that or not.
          Another thing is that, contrary to what you might think, screwing girls is not the sole focus of my life. As David Deida says in The Way of the Superior Man, women should never be your mission in life. So I have a mission that is entirely separate to these ‘pointless relationships’. I also have a really strong group of male friends, which is very important.
          Finally, I would ask what the alternative is. Marriage? A long term relationship? I’ve certainly been in LTRs and found those to be quite difficult and not especially suited to my temperament. I wouldn’t rule one out in future, but it would have to be the ‘right’ woman — and as others have pointed out here, ‘quality’ woman (by which I mean faithful, committed and responsible as well as intelligent and attractive) seem hard to find.
          In terms of my articles, in general I’m merely providing tools that I know to work in meeting and attracting women in my own life. I’m not advocating a ‘player’ lifestyle as these same techniques hold good if you’re looking for a girlfriend too. In the end, each man must decide for himself what he wants from his relations with women and act accordingly.

        6. Thanks for taking the time to reply, Troy. Fair point on the like/not like issue, she probably comes across as inherently unlikable because of the purpose of the article.
          I agree as well with the female nature bit, which is also talked about in TWotSM. I’m glad to hear you have a mission and a strong group of male friends, which I do think is more important and fulfilling than forcing yourself into a LTR.
          Speaking of Deida, how do you know that certain beliefs and lifestyles don’t influence your energy and cause certain things (e.g. attracting a truly quality woman) to be impossible? I don’t believe entirely in self-selection, but I think it’s worth keeping in mind. (That’s to say you’d be more likely to attract someone who has their life together but also sleeps around.)
          If low quality does attract low quality (here I’m speaking of ‘players’ who don’t have a mission) maybe the reason people can’t find high quality isn’t because of scarcity. Or maybe not. Certainly I take more faith from Deida, whose writing is more forgiving and optimistic, but I fully accept the world is full of terrible people from both genders.
          If female nature is so flighty then it shouldn’t be all that hard for any man to prove his own prejudice, whether he believes that all women are whores, maidens, or geniuses.
          As for the alternative, you’re absolutely right. Though there might be cause for concern in that actually masculine men aren’t reproducing and so aren’t leaving a legacy. I do of course wish you best luck in finding the right woman.
          It was unfair of me to suggest you were advocating that lifestyle. I agree that tools are useful, regardless of how they’re used. I can’t blame a wrench manufacturer if someone smacks me over the head with one.
          With Respect,

    1. Yeah, ol’ Kanye is really scraping the bottom of the barrel with his low class ugly ho.

        1. She’s not my cup of tea, but in her day seemed quite attractive. Even now she’s nothing to spit at, although like you I’m not into the fat ass thing.

        2. She’s all plastic surgery and no talent.
          Don’t let the complex modern procedures trick you into seeing good genes.
          For an Armenian she’s got nothing on the beauty scale.
          All the women from Central Asia/Caucasus are generally a level above Kardashian by default in every way.
          Kanye can’t stop thinking about the recording of her taking another man in the face.
          This IS modern day Alpha. SMH.

      1. Yea, i have to say I haven’t ever seen Kim as some huge prize. Definitely not ugly, but for a rich mega star rapper I’ve seen WAY better. Selma Hayek… now that I could go for….

    2. Admiral – On the contrary, believe or not black men score some pretty hot and attractive women consistently worldwide. FACT!

      1. I disagree on average, unless you consider fat chicks attractive like some Black men have conditioned themselves to do.
        I’m only into Chinese, Japanese, Taiwanese, and Korean chicks under 130 pounds and 6/10 or better.

  14. I can’t honestly say British women are worth it. Not from the ones I’ve met anyway. Definitely lacking in the hotness to bitchiness ratio. They just aren’t my cup of tea. Glad to hear the only thing I’ve missed outside of crooked teeth, obesity and pasty skin tones is a bitchy, self entitled feminist insult soundboard. Solid advice that is applicable to most modern women.

  15. Eh, sorry, but a bitch that shit tests so hard and fucks so easily is short-term fuck and chuck material. Sounds way too bitchy and demanding for anything long term. She’ll be a cat lady in 20 years time. And if not, I feel sorry for the poor bastard that ends up marrying her.
    3/10 would bang and then lose phone number

    1. She’ll enjoy tinder until she’s 30 and then lock down some grateful beta who pays for $150/hour tennis lessons, while she gets banged by the instructor.

    2. Most of these hard shit testers you just have to laugh at (and be ready to walk away laughing). Many women are going to shit test you but it’s how you handle the situation that sets you apart from others who have failed.
      Today, it’s almost impossible for me to not laugh (at least once or twice) when I run across these 20 something year olds and their shit tests. When you get older (and have a little more experience) it’s pretty easy to spot them and call them out. A simple laugh will do the trick, though.
      Young men just need to stop being so thirsty.

      1. Yes as you age women’s shit tests do become way clearer and you can see them as cute – annoying – pathetic – self destructive in that order.
        Now I wonder what all the confusion was about when I was younger.

      2. What does she think she is? A Victoria’s Secret model? Eat shit, bitch. I’ll let some other poor fucker put up with your horseshit.
        Hard shit testers need to fuck off because they aren’t the used-up pussy they have between their legs.

  16. Amelia sounds like a cunt. I know Brits use the word “cunt” as a term of endearment, but I am using it to mean “worthless bitch.” I don’t know how the author resists calling out these mean-spirited sluts for their bratty behavior.

      1. They also adore “whore”, “wench” and “bitch ass ho”. It all sounds terribly ethnic, which can be quite charming.

        1. Actually most women I’ve met are annoyed by it. I’ve never quite understood that attitude, all it is is the word for “woman” from way back when anglo-saxon English was all the rage, coming from the common Germanic root for “woman”. Being mad at being called, basically, “woman”? Really? heh.

        2. I’ve always had good luck with “scandalous”, “trick”, and “boppers” (boppin’ ass bitches).

        3. Bint and wench work well on working class girls in the pub no doubt. What about upper middle class princess types?

      2. Whether they like it or not I don’t know but this WOULD be the appropriate greeting and identification protocol in UK.

  17. Most british chicks just aren’t very hot to be honest. Eastern European is a different story, but the majority of british chicks look like chubby chipmunks.

    1. I saw a girl with a good looking body walking around here in the USA a few weeks ago. I approached and opened her. Her face was a huge disappointment and her teeth were shitty. So my interest plummeted. She also had a bitchy attitude. Yep, she was British.

      1. “I saw a girl with a good looking body walking around here in the USA a few weeks ago.”
        Oh this sounds so dire.
        “Her face was a huge disappointment and her teeth were shitty.”
        This is what I have termed ‘the Cheerleader’ effect.

    1. Reading Comprehension Fail.
      Mr Francis has informed you several times throughout his excellent and well researched article that it is BRITISH women who are total bitches. Besides, everyone knowS that American girls are too retarted to be properly bitchy.
      Bad Emily! You did not read the article properly!
      becsuse you have been a naughty and rebellious girl, there is nothing for it but to give you a proper spanking.

      1. Yes, but he was saying many of these things in a positive way.
        Eh, I don’t think any of you have ever met a real southern girl.
        Edit: Or a real girl at all for that matter… the way you talk about us.

        1. Troy is a ‘neo-masculine male’ who is very ‘aware’.
          This is a new mutation of the Beta male, descended from the Metro Sexual male of the early 2000’s that inhabited much of the Western World.
          Women will likely be confused by this kind of ‘male’.
          But don’t sweat it – they tend to stick to Tinder and the women on Tinder who are unable to collect Beta admirers in person.
          If she knew that Troy was going online to sing her praises and mindlessly trash talk a man he knows nothing about simply because she pillow talked him into believing he’s the superior man she chooses, Troy would be the subject of conversation with the next aware neo-masculine man she encounters on Tinder.
          And that ‘man’ will likely be writing about Troy’s Beta ‘tude over on Chateau Heartiste this very moment.

        2. What distinguishes a neo-masculine male from a plain old masculine one?
          Why do we need to make a distinction?
          Will the neo-masculine male be more attractive,
          – TO the old school females we love so much or,
          – THAN the plain old males the game you use so well on Tinder bases it’s principles on?
          What is it that makes you describe yourself as an ‘aware’ neo-masculine male and how does this distinguish itself from any other type of neo-masculin male?

        3. That’s okay, Emily The Catholic Teenager, it’s apparent from your age and your posting that you haven’t met a real man, either.

        4. Well, your second question is barely in English —
          “THAN the plain old males the game you use so well on Tinder bases it’s principles on?”
          I would suggest that a ‘quality man’ would have better grammar…

        5. How’s the wedding plans going Emily? What’s the colours and flowers like?
          You are here because your catholic girl gina gets excited and wet fantasizing about being a bad girl. Why aren’t you looking after your future husband? You know, the white picket fence, granite kitchen counter and china patterns. How you will withhold sex for any minor infraction and basically make his life a living hell.

        6. Hmm, got home at 4, did his laundry, ironed his clothes and cooked dinner for us.
          I’m looking after him quite well I’d say.
          So yeah, go ahead learning ‘game’ for the sluts, and be happy scrapping the bottom of the barrel because the rest of us aren’t going to look at you twice.

        7. Actually, I’m a woman. My bullshit meter is screaming off every time you comment.
          So, you are living with him before holy wedlock?

        8. Well, yes
          He had a dorm room but he didn’t get a place this year so he just moved in with me.
          I’m still abstinent though.
          Oh, and Red Pill women are the worst.

        9. Well, the answer is that no, of course an ‘aware neomasculine male’ isn’t more attractive to old school females or ‘plain old’ guys. But that isn’t the point of this article. I was simply identifying myself as a man who is aware of those female behaviours often discussed on neomasculine sites as opposed to one who isn’t. I’m not suggesting that somehow makes me irresistible to women.
          Remember — this isn’t a game article, it’s an article about female behaviour.

        10. “Well, the answer is that no, of course an ‘aware neomasculine male’ isn’t more attractive to old school females or ‘plain old’ guys.”
          So being an aware neo-masculine male is inferior?
          You wouldn’t recommend it to the ROK readers who come here to learn about masculinity and game?

        11. Your a fan of Tinder and the neo-masculine lie style then?
          You internet Alpha’s all fall back on the same shit,
          Straw man,
          Logical falacy,
          Non sequitur,
          Ad Hominem.
          That’s why your trawling Tinder. Anyone can be King for the duration of a fuck.

        12. Oh I’m female all right! But I’m sure your hamster squirrel 19yo. brain can’t quite believe it.
          A born again virgin? Was the current beau the one to break the seal or did you do a little naughty pew riding during communion. Don’t be shy now, we’re all friends here. God will forgive you, the RoK guys won’t.
          Confess, the truth ill set you free.

      2. “becsuse you have been a naughty and rebellious girl, there is nothing for it but to give you a proper spanking.”
        Thats a copy and paste from some Roosh V ebook dude.
        This is not Alpha behaviour.

        1. Tsk tsk. Logic Fail!
          if you think I quoted a Roosh book, then that proves you thought it was alpha behavior
          Roosh – maximal alpha asshole
          Statement is Roosh like
          Therefore: statement was alpha.
          Please report to the nearest actively working PUA for a full hour of rehabilitative spanking.
          Thank you.

  18. Your problem is not British women. Your problem is the sociopathic gamma faggots, the idiot beta masses, and your narcissistic alphas.
    Basically, in a nutshell, you lack alpha leaders who are sane, intelligent, have compassion for all the weak and stupid men, and are willing to beat 18 kinds of shit of all the above slobs.

    1. “Your problem is not British women. Your problem is the sociopathic gamma faggots, the idiot beta masses, and your narcissistic alphas.”
      All whom found sites like ROK then write on them posing as ‘aware neo-masculine males’.
      “Basically, in a nutshell, you lack alpha leaders who are sane, intelligent, have compassion for all the weak and stupid men, and are willing to beat 18 kinds of shit of all the above slobs.”
      Yes this.
      And we are training up a generation of ‘aware neo-masculine men’ to address this problem.
      You know it’s a Metrosexual rouse when the poster boy is a hairless greek homosexual warrior king from a Hollywood cover of an ancient historical story.

  19. And the Irony is that “Amelia who whores herself out all the time” is going to end up with Beta Bucks someday, meanwhile Alpha Fucks from her past is going to be more interested in women half his age and much tighter between the thighs then old Amelia, in fact all Alpha Fucks know that Amelia types are just a Fuck Phase, and when they do eventually decide to settle down, it will be with high SMV women who are not loose, Amelia will have to settle for one of her twitter clowns, a difference in outcome between the Sexual escapades of Men and women.

  20. Sounds like she is a self-important, insufferable bitch that isn’t worth more than a fuck or three. A wet hole is hardly worth that much effort when there are plenty more pleasant women to be had. I can fuck a bitch with a shitty personality, but only if it is within the first week, and in rapid succession. Then after that, she has to go.

  21. The more I read an article like this, the more I get proven correct about the notion, “Englishwomen are natural-born Viking love boat riders.”

  22. A friend years ago advanced this theory to explain the beauty disparity between English and Scandinavian women – the Vikings took all the most beautiful back with them with every raid, leaving the handsome Englishmen behind to make do with what they had left, so that the English, while still carrying a handsomeness gene, no longer have any female hotness genes.

      1. I haven’t been to Scandinavia in many, many, many years, but the girls were so very beautiful. Have they put on a few kilos in my absence? Who can blame them? My departure must have broken their little hearts, leaving behind an emotional wound whose only known cure is Ben & Jerry’s. Life can be a rocky road for the tender-hearted.

        1. Actually, they’re on the same level as Britain, only difference being that England has more variety due to its 60 million pop.

      2. Scandinavia doesn’t have all the wonderful Black genes that the English does.
        I challenge anyone to argue a good case for why mixed race women are not a cut above white women on average in the looks, hair, figure department.

        1. The comment I made has nothing to do with the bird in the picture. I was telling you to fuck off sharpish.
          She is alight.

        2. Then stop wasting energy responding with insults to my mother you futile fag.
          This site is obviously very effective at training up aware neo-masculin males.

        3. Yes, she’s beautiful. But so are unmixed women, whether they’re from Scotland, Ethiopia, China or Pakistan. I personally wouldn’t espouse one group over the others. And I’d encourage as little mixing as possible, to preserve those distinct groups (although I understand it’s not preventable with populations in direct proximity to each other, where lust and love are rampant).

        4. Preventing intermixing leads to genetic disorders and would be absolutely counter to evolution AND God’s Law whichever one you believe in.
          Look into Tay Sachs, Thalassemia, haemochromatosis and sickle cell.
          What you think of as purity is really just dilution and watering down.
          Biologically opposites attract research the Olfactory organ and the MHC.

        5. I’ve got an idea, why don’t you go cry in the attic where your uncle touched you. Get bent you cock wallop!

        6. You want to make a kid with her? I’m sure it’ll look just like you and every other ancestor… LOL
          No mystery meat for me thanks.

        7. “Yeah like this monstrosity”
          She’s not a monstrosity, but she’s just another black woman who does nothing for me (or lets be honest: most non black men).
          Now, Asian mixes with Caucasian can produce some attractive women, but Asians and Caucasians are more closely related to begin with.

        8. I wasn’t being serious when I said she’s a monstrosity.
          She’s an absolute beauty.
          She’s not black. But I could just as easily find a stunningly attractive black woman as much as you may protest.
          “(or lets be honest: most non black men).”
          This is just laughable.

  23. I don’t miss the days of dealing with these types of women. Honestly the only way to treat them ( if you want to keep them around) is to fuck them raw and rough and treat them like shit. Sadly its all they seem to really want.

  24. The rapid fire shit testing Troy describes as 100mph jabbering – I know exactly what he speaks of. There’s NOTHING in her words that can be rationally responded to. The blabbering stream may sting like a knife once or twice during the barrage but don’t be distracetd, keep frame. Her tyrade is simply her trying to assert her mental bitch frame control if she ever needs to use it on a real provider after she’s beyond her wall. She has to ‘use it or lose it’. She’s just keeping her shit test capabilities sharp so she doesn’t forget them completely, which happens with many rodent brains, even ones with masters degrees.
    Her shit test pop quiz is unedited on her part and nothing but ‘drivel on paper’. Crumple it up before her eyes with shock and awe. A thunder strike outside would shut her up and send her under the couch like a kitty, and so would a little ‘surprise game’ like screaming ‘ooow’ and popping out a painful boner ”look what you just did” ”It hurts. I gotta get it out of my tight jeans”. Make it as dramatic as a heart attack or like a scene out of ‘Sex Sent Me to the ER’. Make it as real and dramatic as her shit test storm and like a thunder boom, the ‘surprise game’ sends the kitty right into your lap.
    She isn’t open to fresh or even rational thought or convo at the time so open up your own can of ‘surprise’. Every girl goes shit stupid with tingles when she walks into a surprise party with confetti and a kazoo horn.

  25. My take on English girls:
    I am guessing by English girls we mean white girls who’s families go way back to Ethelred the Unready. It seems most guys are Unready. I will say this: if you date an Upper Middle Class girl you will have a completely different experience to say dating an average girl or a Working Class girl. Also, it depends on whether that girl is from London or from say, Wokingham. Black girls in Britain are very different and generally, know the rules.
    Ultimately, I have had no problems pulling English girls but I think that depends on the city. In London, more frequently I meet foreign girls rather than English girls.
    That said, my general experience of UMC girls is that they are fucking stupid. Any girl, of any background that dares to question my sexuality or anything else in fact, will be given short-shrift. You do not question my sexuality or anything I do. I will not tolerate this. I once had a girl who would question everything I did, right down to my decision to buy a raincoat. Fucking annoying and a very bad sign.
    I had a girl who was pursuing me on FB. She subtlety questioned my sexuality. My response? “Fuck do you mean?” “oh nothing ha ha”. She was gone. In my head it was utterly impossible to deal with her anymore.
    One thing you do not do is this world is question a man’s sexuality. That is a fucking insult and cannot be tolerated. I will beat a man’s ass for this and you know what, most men know not to do this. Its a great way to die. Women are not always so clued up and these ones you simply put on ignore.

    1. “I will say this: if you date an Upper Middle Class girl you will have a completely different experience to say dating an average girl or a Working Class girl”
      – English Bob 2015
      “There’s no such thing as class and it has no effect on reality”
      – English Bob 2015 (1 minute later)
      Your full of shit.

        1. He sounds like he might be from England, but he claimed his dad(granddad?) was in the Vietcong a few days ago. He likes to troll.

        2. And finally,
          The death spasm’s of the neo-masculine male.
          Watch him pointlessly and dishonourably attempt to slander his conquering King – who has thus far been merciful to enlighten him.
          You’ll be waking up with a headache and not feeling to good about yourself Bob.
          Take it like a (neo-masculine male).

        3. And lo the carrion did flock around the broken corpse of their neo-masculine queen to deride and mock the Apex Predator as he takes in his newly conquered realms.
          You guys don’t have the intelligence or the class to argue with the new King.

    2. “I am guessing by English girls we mean white girls who’s families go way back to Ethelred the Unready.”
      They are generally not pretty, with few exceptions.

  26. Ive banged a handful of English birds in oz. They seem pretty easy and relaxed about one night stands. Met them all at bars though.

  27. Women have only themselves to blame for this unmanliness, remember the “sensitive 90s guy” crap? Just like everything women claim to want they eventually end up hating. A great reason why when women are telling me their opinion I immediately hear the teacher from Charlie Brown cartoons because that’s what its worth.

  28. number 3 is true for initial attraction and beginning stages, but by the time your in ltr i like seeing my man cry. i wanna wipe his tears. it needs to be valid of course, like real deep pain! or maybe sport related.

  29. “This is not because girls like Amelia are inherently evil, or that
    English girls are bad people. It’s simply that their sense of
    entitlement has been raised exponentially by the culture that surrounds
    Sorry but everyone is responsible for the actions they make, man or not, the girl is just a piece of shit, its not her “culture’s” fault she is the way she is, its HER choice for being a piece of shit. It’s time to stop treating these whores like children and start to make cunts responsible for cunty behavior.

  30. So many English girls drink far too much early in the night. They’re generally legless, shoutly and in your face by midnight and then usually they fall into a taxi in a semi-consciousness stupor talking gibberish and trying to remember their home address. It’s not pretty and classy, but, it does show you how insecure most office bitches are underneath it all.

  31. The Anglos, the Irish and the Scottish are the 3 most unattractive races of people on the planet. There are a few exception of course, as with everything, but in general, an ugly lot the lot of ’em!

    1. Some of the most beautiful women that ever walked on the planet are of Irish/ Scottish/ English descent.. I raise my glass to Vivian Leigh.. And Elizabeth Taylor. Pure bred Asian women are the ugliest. Edit: not all of course I am refer more to the inter bred type. The vast majority, however- require very skilled makeup application to look good. That’s a fact

      1. “Some of the most beautiful women that ever walked on the planet are of
        Irish/ Scottish/ English descent.. I raise my glass to Vivian Leigh..
        And Elizabeth Taylor.”
        Yes of course there are exceptions, I already stated that. In general the majority are nothing to look at.

        1. When Anglo women are hot, they’re super hot, but yea, i tend to agree they’re not on average the hottest. I disagree with Vivian also. I think most Asian women are REALLY hot. They’re usually smart, feminine, and small with pretty skin and features…. they are also almost always in shape.

  32. Ouch. That article gave me a painful recall of that moment many moons ago when I realised chicks were not daddies little snowflakes, but rather dangerous little fuck-toys.
    I got a work colleague just starting red pill re-entry at 31 years old. I’ve been drip feeding him tiny bits of truth in regards to the reality of his relationship with his fiancee…he keeps coming back for more, although being a blue piller hes not made the link between knowledge gained action taken, and of course shes still treating him like a little bitch.
    Fuckin’ painful to watch which compels me to help. I tend to only give advice when asked, which he did and continues to do so…but hes just not ready for the full works yet. Softly, softly catchy monkey…

  33. Sounds like Amelia is a whore. Simply put. Lots of girls may be like her, but not all are. Even my loathing for millenials won’t permit me to accept that ALL of the females of that generation are that far gone.

  34. Whilst I have no doubt all of the information is correct (and could just as easily by applied Australian women), it is nonetheless as sad reflection on modern society and modern women.

  35. I have been in China for the last few years. If this is the state of women in the west, then fuck that I will stay here.

  36. I think about the election of Justin Trudeau as Prime Minister of Canada and Kathleen Wynne as Premier of Ontario. If politics are personal as various feminists and Marxists suggest, why the fuck would I ever come back from China to this mess?
    This article tells me so much about why I flew the coop and gave up game, not that I had any to begin with. Twenty five years ago I toured Australia and banged a 5’10” blonde haired and blue eyed hottie. I don’t think the place would be as welcoming to real men nowadays.
    I have been in China for the last few years and – as happenstance dictated – dated Chinese women in Canada before coming here.
    Is it really this bad? Are women really this messed up? Do men have to put up with all this bullshit just to get laid in the Anglosphere?
    Tony Francis, maybe her pussy tastes like pumpkin pie and she is a complete fuck goddess but you have to ask yourself if she is really worth the effort now, and will she kiss you goodbye on your death bed.
    IF. . .IF the reality is what is given in this article then I have only two pieces of advice: 1) revolution – take political office
    2) GTFO – Go to South America, Eastern Europe or Asia

  37. I went to London a few years ago. Was in the car with my uncle. Here is what happened.
    Uncle : hey bitch come here.
    Girls : * look around* us?
    Uncle: where you goin?
    * he cut them off and I was stuck on the fact they came to the car*
    Uncle : gimme your number.
    Girls: * give number *
    We drive off and he goes back to our conversation.
    That is all I needed to know about English women.

  38. This article makes me sad… Not because it is wrong, but because it once again rightly shows the true nature of women. Personally, I enjoy cuddling very much and making a girl happy would have been made me happy as well. It is sad to realize that women only think they want to be loved, but in reality that is not the case.
    And in long-term it is they who become unhappier. Men tend to find contentment with their situation in older age. Women do the same only if they have family.

  39. Another Brit weighing in…..30 year old, educated, white male.
    British women in my opinion are the close to the least emotionally and physically engaging women on the planet. I’ve travelled a lot, lived in 6 different countries – and I’d put white British women in the bottom 30% of women I’ve encountered as a group – only marginally ahead of the Chinese. They want to emasculate white British men who’ve been taught to respect them by a feminized society, while bending over for black and latin guys who treat them like shit. Physically speaking – they are below average on a global level – African, Carribean, Latin America, Easern European women all destroy them in terms of body and overall looks.
    Their price is ludicrously high and the product is far, far inferior to the competing nationalities. My approach is to exclusively date foreign women and English women of Carribean, Indian or Middle Eastern heritage. Strangely enough, other British guys are almost in awe of my attitude while their women are visibly threatened when I let slip I’m dating a gorgeous 20 year old Nigerian girl. Instinctively they know that I’m in touch with the reality of the global market, within which, they simply can’t compete. The second their boyfriends step out of their monopoly and into the global marketplace – the girl’s hopes of keeping the man are toast. Unfortunately British men usually lack the wisdom and balls to take this step.

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