5 Quick Tips That Helped Me Get Laid More

Despite many years of approaching girls in bars (on and off, with the occasional seasonal break in LTRs), I ultimately grew unsatisfied with the volume of results I have gotten. Don’t get me wrong, it got me more than I would have ever gotten without game, but I felt I could do better. Here’s what worked for me:

1. Don’t apologize


This one is pretty self-explanatory, but I will give you an example. Recently, I picked up a girl and brought her back to my place. For whatever reason, I was wearing a half-boner and after two bare thrusts inside her, I came. We are talking breaking-a-personal-record type of quick. Instead of apologizing I just laid on the side of the bed and kept my cool. The girl did not call me out or reproach me at any point. Obviously she was still horny as fuck, but besides making out heavily, no negative vibes.

I called for a 15-minute break to recover and after that I got my boner in full force this time. We started fucking and after a while, as if by divine retribution I was struggling to come and could see her pussy was hurting at this point. She tried to let me continue three times, until I just brushed the issue aside and stopped. How did she react? She looked embarrassed and said: I hope you don’t hate me now. Despite having come as fast as lightning immediately before, on the opposite situation (having her come before me) she felt guilty. Magic? No, just stop apologizing.

2. Everything you say is golden


You know that time when you run out of things to say to a girl? Well, ramble on, because it doesn’t matter. If she’s feeling you, she’s gonna sit through all that talk to stroke your ego. Say whatever you want with a face that hints at you believing your bullshit and standing 100% behind it. This gave me an incredible confidence boost that helped me get over the bump I would reach early on in approaches. What used to kill me is not the fact that I did not know what to say (I tend to have a way with bullshit)—it was the insecurity that would take over me and ultimately fizzle out the conversation as a result.

3. Kill the interaction instead of letting it die out


Don’t let the excitement of the interaction disappear. How? By escalating constantly, even if you are sure it won’t work. Ask her to come with you somewhere, for a date next week or (better) to dance right then and there. If it doesn’t fly, you found out she wasn’t feeling you and saved your time. Get out of there, onto the next one.

Having the willingness to leave at any time, creates a feeling of loss that prompts her to ‘go for it’ if she’s interested. Case in point: a few Saturdays ago, upon approaching a girl that was leaving with her friends and chatting her up a bit, I asked her to dance. She said no and as I was about to leave, she asked me for a date the following week. We met and banged that same evening.

4. Bring your expectations to zero

system failure

It doesn’t matter what step of the pickup you find yourself in: this broad doesn’t owe you shit. It doesn’t matter if you just met her, you are making out or she’s laying on your bed with her legs spread. Always have a notion in the back of your head that something can and probably will go wrong. Be prepared. There’s no done deal until she lets your dick thrust through her vagina.

The same applies with setting crazy expectations for yourself. Regardless of your level of game, do everything one step at a time. Don’t look at other runners in the race or the road itself: you are just focusing on where you are and your immediate next step. What I mean by this is to avoid falling into the downward spiral of trying to psych yourself with your buddies before going out that you all are getting laid tonight. No. Don’t set yourself up for disappointment. Instead, think that you are just going to hang out in a bar and see where the night takes you. You know that if you see a beautiful girl you will approach her, but don’t set impossible standards on yourself that may deter you from your goals. How do I do this?

Setting simple and attainable objectives relative to your progress with a girl. First, your goal is to talk to her. If she engages in the interaction (i.e. replies when you talk to her, asks you questions, smiles, etc), your goal can be to isolate her from her friends if she’s in a group or go for the kiss or number. Once you have that down, my next objective would be to bang her or take her out on a date. You see where this is going: Whatever it is you want, always figure out the next immediate step. The rest may not even happen, so no need to burn the fuse thinking about it.

5. Work on your weaknesses


Figure out what your strengths are and then go for the opposite. My case: I had been focusing on indirect approach in bars for years. Basically ‘talking her up’ until I could isolate her to the dancefloor or a terrace. Although it worked on occasion, it proved to be filled with more cockblocking than I thought possible. I had always ignored the dancefloor as a viable option for approaching since it was more physical and aggressive than I was comfortable with at the time. I considered chatting up people one of my strong points, so why not focus on that? You want to know what happened when I started trying approaches on the dancefloor?

I blew up. I couldn’t recognize myself. I always wondered: what do these guys say to girls? And the answer, as some of you might be suspecting is: it doesn’t even fucking matter. If the chick is not into you she won’t even give you the time of day. Some would throw a very distinct look as if asking you non-verbally, “Who do you think you are to fathom the idea of interacting with such a fine specimen such as myself?” Other girls will politely excuse themselves or attempt to give you some baseless reasoning. Don’t even fight it, just ignore them and move on. Whatever you are selling, they are not buying. Find the ones who do.

For example: you are on the dancefloor and see a girl you like. Approach her, touch her on the shoulder, and ask a question. Anything. Bonus points if you ask something that showcases situational awareness such as:

  • “What was that fight about?”
  • “Why are you wearing that silly hat, is it your birthday?”
  • “How tall are you?” (this has worked wonders for me, it gets out her insecurities if your vibe is right)
  • “How’s your night going?”
  • “How are you tonight?”

Follow up a few very simple questions, make a few comments, ask her for her name and when she shakes your hand, turn her around and start dancing (alternatively, if you want to be more boring, ask her to dance). One way or another, either she lets you continue or stops you. If you got the green light, go ahead, you should be clear for at least a makeout or some grinding. Dancefloor approaches are great to cut to the chase. They save you time and allow you to get physical really fast.

Final notes

In short, what worked for me is to never apologize, ramble on with confidence, and kill interactions by pushing the envelope as far as it goes. Setting your expectations close to zero sets you up for success—nothing can go wrong if you do your best without unrealistic goals adding up insecurity (this obviously doesn’t give you a free pass at not doing shit for the whole night and justifying it on low expectations).

Finally, switching gears and practicing a modality I haven’t been too keen on in the past (bar approaches vs. dancefloor approaches) increased the output of my game. For you it can be transitioning from night game to day game, going from indirect to direct approaches—it’s up to you to figure it out. Hopefully these tips will help you grow as much as they did me.

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109 thoughts on “5 Quick Tips That Helped Me Get Laid More”

  1. Superb post.
    All the points are superb, but the most important point is : Bring your expectations to zero.
    That’s the most important point any man should understand. Not only about women – but about life itself.
    Life doesn’t owe you anything. Because life is unfair.
    The same thing applies to women, they are unfair too. The more you think women owe you sex, the more you’ll make yourself miserable.
    Just focus on having fun and a good time. The bang will be a natural progression, if your approach works. But don’t take it to heart if you fail with the approach; a lot do.

    1. Just make sure you do not conflate your expectations with standards. There is a notable difference in experience and consequences between bringing the former down to zero vs. the latter.

      1. Yeh, you can’t bring them down too far. When i used to go out and try to pick up in my 20’s I would mostly get 5’s and 6’s but that did not mean that a 7 was out of reach. It just meant that it required more work or perhaps a more ‘ideal’ setting rather than a club or bar where everything is about looks.
        The other thing is that too many men drop all their personal standards to be with a hotter woman and that is also a big mistake.

        1. “The other thing is that too many men drop all their personal standards to be with a hotter woman and that is also a big mistake.
          I don’t expect much from women but i keep my standards high nonetheless.”
          Exactly. Be willing to walk away when the twat you are with is acting like a twat, regardless of how hot she may be. One is simply better off alone with his thoughts then to be with someone who is wasting your time.

        2. Keep your middle finger handy and a hearty “fuck you then” on the tip of your tongue. There have been times when rude bitches warranted bringing out the big guns.
          Accept disrespect from no bitch.

        3. The reason men fail getting 7> is because they pedastalize these women from the start. Often they don’t even approach thinking they will get rejected immediately. But that isn’t true.

    2. ” Bring your expectations to zero.
      That’s the most important point any man should understand. Not only about women – but about life itself.
      Life doesn’t owe you anything. Because life is unfair.
      The same thing applies to women, they are unfair too. The more you think women owe you sex, the more you’ll make yourself miserable. ”
      Fuckin’ gospel, man.

      1. Also, only speak to hot chicks. Inside their head they are all the same (insecure). You’ll find speaking to hot chicks is no more difficult than speaking to PFA girls.

        1. I kinda doubt that Bob. Hot chicks know they’re hot and act accordingly. Of courae there are delusional blue-haired fatties out there who cop an attitude like a super model.

        2. They don’t man, really they don’t. Women are insecure, even the finest ones. They only “know” that they are hot if you are treat them like they are hot. Speak to them like you do the cleaning lady and they quickly stop acting “hot”.
          Trust me, I do this every week.

        3. Bob speaks the truth.
          Every chic that has an unwarranted attitude or thinks she deserves a guy who is 2-3 points above her, does so because many other thirsty guys reacted to her in a way that warranted her inflated status.
          If we as a group stop being thirsty pussy chasers, all of a sudden women will realign and start:
          1. Staying in shape
          2. Start being pleasant
          3. Stop being openly entitled
          4. Stop just about all modern bad female behavior
          Don’t get me wrong, you won’t change the nature of women, but they will most certainly adjust to your rules of the game to get the results they want.

        4. Well said. I would also point out that most 9s and 10s are just 6s and 7s with a pound of make-up and a nice dress. I’ve seen these girls without their… masks and it can be ugly. With that in mind you realize that a woman with something to hide is definitely insecure. You can play on that and one way is to maintain many prospects instead of just one.

        5. Have to watch the level of war paint, these 7+ ones use, some can be real fugly in the morning without the lightning. Their insecurity level is generally higher than a 5 / 6 who knows they aren’t that attractive, the bitchy attitude is to mask the insecurities, I had a girl who ran a modelling school, the hot ones were generally the ones to avoid, all sorts of pshyco issues, if you are looking for a LTR, carefull with them.

        6. There’s nothing worse than going to bed with a supermodel and waking up with a worn out hag. It has happened to me.

    3. Ok I seek advice. I’ve recently ran into my ex-girlfriend. She’s totally let herself go and has obviously lost all pride in her personal appearance and I have zero interest in her. However her daughter is 18 now and so are all of her daughter’s friends and they are really cute. After some short interactions (this was outside of the grocery store) I was surrounded by these girls and they were showering me with attention, while mommy was busy on the phone. It took me by surprise and I didn’t even think to get a number from these younglings.
      For obvious reasons I reconnected with my ex for the sole purpose of banging one or all of these younger women. What is my approach? I do not have any of their numbers, so how do I go about this? If I move too quickly my ex will cut me off from all access. For now I am trying to get me ex to invite me over so that I can have a chance to interact with her daughter and her friends, but that is a tough balancing act, because if I make it too obvious my ex will go ballistic, so I have to be careful. Any advice is welcome, but I feel like I just need a way to isolate them and/or get a number without raising alarms.

      1. Your ex let herself go, popped out kids and is fat. Why bother fucking her? SHE is in the friend zone. Keep in contact with her, but also establish contact with her daughter and keep it secret.

        1. Why would you want contact with your ex if you’re not going to have sex with her anymore. Just go out and look for other women.

        2. I don’t want to have sex with my ex–read my post, I want to have sex with her daughter and her daughter’s friends. My post says I have zero interest in my ex, what part of that is not clear?
          “For obvious reasons I reconnected with my ex for the sole purpose of banging one or all of these younger women.”
          Seriously that is a very clear statement. Get a dictionary if you’re having trouble reading English.

        3. I am going for other women–that was the entire point of my post–younger women. In fact, a little update. I managed to exchange snapchat information with the 18 year old after I read her palm. So I’m glad I didn’t listen to your advice. Why wouldn’t I go for an 18 year old with D cup breasts? Are you hoping I fail or something? Jesus. I expected more encouragement from men on this site. Nonetheless all is well on my side of the world.

    4. The most important thing for young men is: live life for yourself. Don’t think anyone else but your parents give a shit about you. And maybe even they hold you back.
      And if you know anything about biology and gender dynamics (read “the selfish gene”) you should know that women’s plan is to go for themselves too. Them and their offspring. You are just a sperm donor, really. Love is a chemical enhanced state. It is based on depandancy and vulnerability. Often, when a bigger, better, richer man comes along things could change drastically very fast.

  2. Solid.
    Darkjohanson. Flawless piece. I discovered the 5 points you outlined and they are spot one.
    Simply splendid. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Agree. This was a solid article. I can vouch, some of those tactics I tried today and they seem to work.

  4. Excellent. #3 especially was the epiphany for me in my game. But for me, I need to go back to #5 and get back into direct game with younger targets. They’re so used to getting lit up like pinball machines that indirect has no effect on them.

  5. Great piece, man. “kill it instead if letting it die out”, fantastic.

  6. Phenomenal post. This reminds me of good looking loser Chris’s philosophy actually.
    I’m definitely going to be taking away points, 1, 2 and 5.
    This obviously reads that you know your shit man and I look forward to learning more actionable info from you in the future

    1. Agree.
      I’ve decided to only take Game advice from guys who know that it takes plenty of rejections and mistakes to forge solid game.
      This reads of someone who has been on the front lines do to speak.
      Glory And Failure.

  7. Item 1 and 4. The others are important but secondary. We have such a need to apologize for something that isnt something to apologize about. And have Zero expectations.

  8. I’ve never watched “Fight Club” until tonight.
    Why are you guys adoring this movie?
    It’s fucking stupid if you ask me.

      1. “It’s just as easy as mixing nitric acid with fat”
        Well, duh, mix nitric acid with almost anything and you get
        a fucking explosive, but good luck getting nitric acid, even
        before 9/11 when that movie was made.
        As well, anybody who thinks Helena Bonham Carter is sexy
        is automatically gay.

        1. you really think anarchy is generally unguided? Or that the 60’s university riots were not carefully orchestrated?
          There’s no such thing as spontaneous uprising.

        2. I cannot comment on the 60’s university riots but I understand the state of anarchy as representing the absence of government as such “unguided” by any one person or organization.
          Riots in general I would expect to be chaos – the riots you mention aside, certainly a riot can occur spontaneously. I would not necessarily call a riot an uprising.
          Who orchestrated the university riots?

  9. Darkjohansons avatar……Eugene Sandow (born Friedrich Mueller, a 19 century strongman who became famous and very wealthy performing feats of incredible strength. Arnold Schwarzenegger, described him as “beautiful”.

  10. Always be sure that working on your weaknesses doesn’t mean simply dwelling on failure or you’ll convince yourself you’re incompetent and destined to fail.

  11. Very good article. One of the best to be published in this website for a very long time.

  12. Seneca thought extensively about disappointment, and after analyzing its structure and causes, came up with some interesting thoughts on how to transcend it. The short version: lower your expectations.

  13. Who gives a rats ass about getting laid. The entire planet is being turned into a police state control grid. The found fathers of The United States of America would have been knee deep in shell casings 20 years ago. Oh wait though that is not red pill though. I cannot wait till shit hits the fan and you boys lose everything you lied so hard to obtain.
    (Waits patiently to be called bitter or a hater or Shadowbanned)

    1. This site is about that. You’re in a wrong place.
      I’ve had sex three time this week and me хуй feels terrible.
      Sex is sex, stupidly overrated.

      1. I’m not in a wrong place. I first had sex when I was three years old. Its overrated. All of you know it. This planet is a hellhole. If the men who ran this website cared they would be writing articles that called out those responsible for treason against the human race, and drafting soldiers. Wait though that would mean they might get labeled as terrorists or in the same boat as Ellitot Rodger by the lame stream media.
        Not only that they would be calling for the hanging of those individuals who are destroying this planet. If you think otherwise you are delusional. The modern male is a shallow machiavellian cunt rag. There is no shred of integrity in any of them at all. Its all beer, boobs, sports, and video games. Our grandfathers would have been shooting already. Revolutions are an essential part of life. However, the men have been conditioned to think otherwise. The feminists have gotten to you and you do not even know it. It does not matter where you go, they are everywhere. Cellphones saturate the current social environment (more than 100% in some urban centers) and the assholes that run this planet are winning. Meanwhile Roosh and the other “leaders” are chasing down pussy. Our sons will hate us for doing nothing. It is an end of a civilization. The fun will shortly begin (speaking geologically) and those patient enough to ride the storm out will survive.
        Red pill or blue pill is just a two sided coin. Its a pseudo-intellectual attempt to define reality. We are all in this together (men and women) and the only enemy is and forever will be government.

        1. Let me further add that Red Pill or Blue Pill has only existed since the Matrix(a movie not based in reality) came out. It is an attempt to define and pit “us-against them”. When in fact that was never the case. It was and always will be We the people vs. any government.
          However, the prevailing wisdom of the red pill is to be Machiavellian and that of “us-against them”. What you need to understand is that Return of Kings seems to be entertainment at its finest. The ways of hollywood have trickled down to the population and celebrities are cropping up all over the internet. Its just another distraction to keep slaves arguing while the treasury is robbed. I say it again it has and always will be we the people vs. any government.
          If the red pill were true I and my natural high testosterone levels near 1000ng/dl without steroids would have me conquering the planet. However, I feel nothing, but joy, love, and selflessness for others. Character traits which are all not red pill, but rather blue pill. Not only that, but that they repulse the sluts this websites spouts as so fun to be with. It would be nice to see what the Authors of this sites testosterone levels are. I highly suspect they are in the 400ng/dl per 600 ng/dl ranger. A very fair range for agressive dominance, and lack of selflessness.

        2. Who gives a rat ass about getting laid? Um how about practically every male in existence. This site is mainly about that fact, whether you like it or not. If you’re trying to speak about conspiracy theories and whatnot, you can go down the rabbit hole on plenty of other websites. What are you doing to start any sort of revolution? Writing on ROK like the rest of us? Got it. Not every post is here is awesome morally (in my opinion), but you can have some thought provoking posts and many about self-improvement. I fail to see how self-improvement (which the majority of America doesn’t give two shits about) is simply slave chatter. Throughout much of history masculinity and male virtue are espoused as being of utmost importance. Am I going to rob myself of these fundamental duties of being a man simply because the world situation is fucked up?
          On a side note, you had sex when you were three years old? What?
          I’m with you though that it’s all gonna go down soon. But the fact is you don’t know how or when. The future is a foggy place and no one is sure what it holds. Revolution is natural since it is natural for those in command to gradually treat the majority more and more like shit. Eventually the people get tired. You’ve brought up several good points, but I’m pretty sure it’s well known on this site that our culture and society is degrading at monumental speeds.
          Idk man I don’t even feel like finishing this. Good luck living in fear.

        3. @Anonymous: “Let me further add that Red Pill or Blue Pill has only existed since the Matrix(a movie not based in reality) came out.”
          Socrates and Plato discussed the blue pill vs the red pill twenty-five hundred years ago. This particular talk of theirs is called The Allegory of the Cave (also titled Analogy of the Cave, Plato’s Cave or Parable of the Cave).

        4. We’ve come out of a hole my brother… spending the rest of our lives trying to get back in!

        5. I’m sorry you were abused as a child, but you all are exactly like Elliot Rodger.

        6. “Red pill or blue pill is just a two sided coin. Its a pseudo-intellectual attempt to define reality”
          Someone just had to say that!

    2. @Anonymous
      What you say is more correct, than many wish to believe because they have fully bought into Machiavellian practices, as the most effective, means to an end (BTW, this has NOT been true for majority of modern man’s existence on the planet earth).
      Yes, the kinds of men you speak of existed in droves in previous decades. However, they are now broken down and in nursing homes, too old and feeble to care.
      This is what my grandfather was like, Korean War vet, whom had little fears left after seeing combat, that spit on Nixon’s limo, with him in it, and got manhandled by the secret service as a result.
      Modern Humans have been on earth for approximately 200,000-300,000 years, civilization has existed for 6,000 years and the “society” that we live in today, which has rules that we are FORCED to follow, is a little over 200 years old. What this means, is that MANY of the people whom we THINK are Alphas today, may in fact, NOT be Alphas at all. Simply put, the last 200+ years has given LEGAL advantages to crafty, backstabbing, two-faced, Betas, whom gain undeserved Alpha status, due to LEGAL protection from PHYSICAL retaliation, whereas in the previous 199,800 years of “mans existence”, these guys would have been the “follower” or quickly dispatched through physical retaliation.
      If you have any doubts, just think of people like Steve Jobs or Mark Zuckerberg. Could either of these schmucks have lead men and convinced them to give their lives for a mere “personal conviction” in BATTLE? Like say, ALEXANDER THE GREAT or HANNIBAL? Of course not, BUT, people like these guys are given a type of “Alpha Status” today because they are allowed act TOUGH, without any real threat of losing their heads or getting Tarred & Feathered by disgruntled peasants.
      I’ll clarify further, “Appointed Pseudo Alphas”, are winning in America because the “unspoken rules” and “legal system” have been designed to prevent “aggressive retaliation” by disgruntled underlings. Think back to the early Teamsters tactics that were used against stubborn business owners and how you don’t see similar tactics being applied any longer. Once you recognize the overt influence of “undue physical & legal protection” by government, it becomes easy to understand why “Appointed Pseudo Alphas” rule today. Note, its not because of superior leadership, nor because of any amount of endowed masculinity. It is because these “Appointed Pseudo Alphas” are receiving undue legal protection, that keeps the hordes of frustrated Betas from ripping these “leaders”, limb from limb. The current batch of successful business leaders, that we see today, would have been beaten within an inch of their lives during the times of the Teamsters or Tarred & Feathered, right in front of their factories, in earlier times.
      In Tribal and Chieftain level societies, the males that accumulated the most wealth and children were neither the “most fierce” nor the “most “timid”. “Successful leaders” in those times tended to fall somewhere in the middle, the main reason being that the “most fierce” warriors typically died in the hunt or battle because they could not temper when to be “bold” versus “when to hold back”. Also, on the flip side, it should be obvious why the “most timid” didn’t accumulate any wealth or children in a world based on hand-to-hand battles and hunts.
      What exactly do I mean and how did we get here?
      Well, it starts in K-12 education, where certain kids are publicly punished for being natural leaders and Beta Types are rewarded with leadership positions for being “yes men” and “yes women”. Other kids see this and then begin to develop an indoctrinated aversion to kids that have natural leadership, for fear of getting in trouble, by simply being around or associated with them. This mindset then gets extended into the workplace where “appointed authority” is the rule, with no exceptions being made for “natural authority” to usurp the direction of poorly run projects, useless conversations or bad policies. Once people get past a certain age, their “profiles” and “resume” begin to carry much more weight than their actual “endowed masculinity”. Sure, women don’t pine over Manginas when they meet them in the flesh, but they will pine over a “hidden Mangina” with a perfectly crafted OkCupid or Tinder profile.
      So, do real Alpha types still clean up with the ladies? Of course they do, but a LOT of “hidden betas” are getting FAR more than their share, of both “first looks” and “last looks”, than they would have received in the previous 50 years (heck, even the last 6,000 years of civilizations existence for than matter). These days, this situation applies to both the career track and the surface preferences of females.
      Note, its not specifically that women standards have risen (we all know they have not), its that women keep on adding to the list of “non essential” traits that their potential partners and hook-ups must have, at minimum. So while going over that “non essential” list of traits, women unknowing eliminate what they ACTUALLY want and end up with something that they are ultimately dissatisfied with, an “Appointed Pseudo Alphas”. This exact same scenario goes for employers as well.
      I frequently use the old comedy film “Revenge of the Nerds”, from 1984, as an ANOLOGY, that illustrates where we were and the transition to where we are currently, as a society, today.
      When the “metaphorical JOCKS” were in charge of the “Greek Council”, parties raged, un-PC behavior was tolerated and everyone was having a really good time, with few harsh consequences for bad behavior (hence the antiquated term, “boys will be boys”). As we all know now, in hindsight, when the “metaphorical JOCKS” were in charge, people earned good wages, nobody was micromanaged (“use your best judgment” was a commonly applied principle), people didn’t get fired on a whim and life in general was good FOR NEARLY EVERBODY.
      Then one day the “metaphorical NERDS” gained control of the “Greek Council” and parties started sucking, people had to kowtow to PC behavior (so as not to offend anyone), EVERYONE became micromanaged (i.e. Lean) and people started having less fun in EVERY aspect of life, while consequences for uncouth behaviors were jacked up to the highest degree (i.e. zero tolerance).
      So I ask, was “life” better for EVERYONE, under the rule of the “metaphorical JOCKS” whom were like my grandfather or better today under the rule of the “metaphorical NERDS” like Jeff Bezos, whom are nothing more than “Pseudo Alphas” with “appointed authority”?
      Long live the “Betas of Nature” wielding “Appointed Authority”, I guess.

  14. The thing that has helped me has been to lower expectation from 8 – 10, where i got no success at all then to 5, 6 or 7 where i spent lots on drinks for nothing, even 3 and 4’s are tough cookies. I now exclusively go for 2 and 3’s with the occassional 1. These girls are fatter but keener, chase after u, want to get involved in relationships but i tell them no.
    Any tips on how i could get in the next league? 3 and 4’s are good enough for me.

    1. all the 6s 7s and 8s who see you talking to the 2s and 3s are thinking that you are not worthy of their time. Your probably not rolling with great friends. The friends you currently have probably zap your confidence which is why you are shooting at the low hoops.
      If you drive take your ass to a club 50 miles out of town ALONE with the sole intention of mingling with everyone. Start conversations at the bar with both men and women. After an hour or so of rapporting with everyone you will meet you will notice that everyone wants to know you. This is key to displaying high value and women will pick up on this which will make those 6s 7s and 8s a hell of a lot easier to attain.
      Even if the night does not go to plan you have purposely put yourself in a situation that is intended to be difficult and your confidence will improve a long with it. It takes balls to solo in a town you’re unfamiliar in and people will be subconsciously be aware of it and respect you for it.

        1. They know. It’s why they have such a hard time with women, and why they think they need to resort to this primitive behavior. What would really help is some time with a therapist, but that would hurt their egos, so women get to be the targets at which they direct their feelings of inadequacy.

  15. Oh honestly who gives a fuck about getting laid. There are more interesting things to do. I read this article and yawned. Maybe I need to read other blogs.

  16. Definitely a ROK worthy post. #4 and #5 are principles I always keep in the back of my mind. Excellent article.

  17. In my opinion, when it comes to a dance floor approach, its easiest not to use words at all. Move in and just start dancing with her! It’s spontaneous (which women love) and you will instantly see by her reaction whether or not she is attracted to you. This is especially great if you know how to dance because women love a man with rhythm. Dancing is a great way to get the sexual energy flowing and increase your chances of escalating the situation that night or in the near future.

  18. #1 – Don’t apologize. This is especially relevant for today’s garden variety feminist. It’s like they have been trained to expect apologies from men for the creation of glass ceilings. Fuck them and the horse they rode in on. I refuse to give them the satisfaction.
    I’ll save the few apologies I have for the small percentage of women who are worth a damn.

  19. Honestly, until you dudes figure out what THIS man is doing, you will stay irrelevant in the land of game. Because until you can give a woman a two hour orgasm, without touching her, or at a distance, with your thoughts, you will be assigned to the trash heap of men. Just as real women carry all of their real power in clarified vaginas, and not makeup and weaves, all true masculine power is carried in a man’s genitals and presence. All that other bullshit is compensation. Meet a master and figure out what it takes to learn from him so that you can stop running on the childish treadmill of so called game. http://www.nityama.com or http://www.nityama.com/blog…all of his women submit…naturally and organically, because real men inspire that…every other posture is just noise.

  20. I’m a girl and you are a very scary individual. I find it horrific any girl would let you near her.

      1. If you don’t know, then you have problems, too. But it looks like everyone on here has some sort of psychological issue.

        1. But you yourself didn’t actually make an argument either. You are just spreading as much hate as anyone else. Let’s face it here: if women didn’t succumb to any of this it would go away real fast. So there is something some women like in this behavior. And as far as these articles go, this is one of the least offensive I’ve seen. He promotes talking to women and ‘carrying a positive attitude’. His goals are his own whether you deem them positive or negative. Nobody has to have 2 kids, a picket fence, and marriage to be happy, which is all set up by society and religion. As long as the women he meets are enjoying themselves, I don’t really see the problem here.

        2. No, women do not like this behavior. The goal is to “get laid,” like you’ll stick it in any hole. That is a sick and twisted view of women. His goals are his own? No. His goal is the most base human behavior, and it is not his own if it involves other people. This is a misogynist jerk who thinks he is owed use of women’s bodies for his own pleasure, and he should be entitled to manipulate them to that end. He is absolutely disgusting. He is not saying talk to women, he is saying talk at them to present the appearance of talking to them. Those are two totally different things, and if you don’t recognize that, you’re just as fucked in the head as the poster.

        3. You are really going to hate men and life then, because that’s about 80% of men’s goals when they go to a club. A relationship is a VERY VERY secondary concern when going out for almost all guys. Having and wanting sex are not bad things no matter how much you think they are. And I have women friends that go out to just get ‘laid’. Hell, one of my best friends/roommate told me she didn’t care about a guy we met the other day and only wanted to hump him, and she did. So get off your holier than thou horse and move the veil from your face.

        4. This isn’t someone’s own personality. If it was, they wouldn’t need these “tips.” This is trying to trick someone into thinking you are something you are not so you can gratify yourself.
          And “clubs” are for the low IQ crowd anyway. You’ve outed yourselves as unintelligent along the way.

        5. So I’m an idiot because I go to the bars? I guess half the world are morons for going out then. Just continue living in your safe shell. I’m sure it’s a fun time.

        6. Attraction isn’t a choice loser! Women are attracted to dominated males, not feminine betas like yourself. That’s why u can’t get laid and never will!

        7. Like Pierogi Power said, if women weren’t such sluts then none of this would exist. If women actually had some standards then men might actually make the effort of getting into a relationship before having sex. It’s ultimately up to women if and when they have sex, but instead of blaming women for having low standards and no morals, you blame the men for exploiting a loophole. You could argue that both are in the wrong, but women are the one’s who make it possible in the first place.

    1. I agree…they love it…
      But how to convey getting physical in this day and age?
      More than “kino” but far less than half-brick to head.

      1. Never ask for permission. That’s right up there with “never apologize”.
        I’ve seen it happen. One of my friends asked a girl “excuse me would you like the dance?” like a gentleman. She shook her head.
        I just walked up and started dancing with her. She tried to resist and then once she started she couldn’t stop.
        Women love dancing.

  21. “Everything you say is golden”
    From personal experience I say this particular advice is sound.
    Gosh, I rambled on and on about really nerdy stuff and she stood there listening for over two hours. Of course, she was interested on me and she was into that stuff as well, so there’s that. Meanwhile, some people couldn’t stand more than 5 minutes listening to the same stuff.
    It’s a matter of her interest. As Aaron Sleazy well pointed out, females of all animal species in the world always were and always will be the ones with the ultimate say on the outcome of the male’s advances (of course, we’re not considering legit cases of rape here), so it’s not a matter of making her interested on you (unless you’re into trying too hard and making a fool of yourself and rationalizing it away as “self-improvement”), it’s a matter of not fucking it up when a female is interested on you (and it happens more often than you think. Even a weird nerd like me had women openly expressing interest on me).

  22. I think it’s very important in an article related to getting laid to have an understanding of what constitutes legal consent and what’s sexual assault. It’s something I wish I knew growing up.
    Consent is an enthusiastic and freely given yes.
    This means you have ongoing communication with your sexual partner(s).
    Legally, consent is not present if someone:
    – says no, or shows that they’re not into it (e.g. by moving away).
    – uses manipulation, pressure, threats or force.
    – lies to get what they want.
    – is drunk or high.
    If you don’t have consent, you are committing sexual assault.
    Pass this message along to the men and women (your sisters, daughters and mothers) in your lives…

    1. What!? “manipulation/ lies to get what they want”
      So if a guy says he owns a brand new Lamborghini, and actually doesn’t own one, he’s a rapist?

      1. That would make him dishonest, which of course speaks to his character, something that defines who he is as a man. It also may mean that he doesn’t think he is worthy of finding an intimate partner based on his own merit.

        1. What about when the guy is drunk and the girl is not? How does consent work in that scenario?

        2. As all women and modern judges will tell you the drunk guy is still at fault. You knew that too.

        3. I just wanted to see this femtroll head fuck herself trying to explain why it only works one way without contradicting herself and making it obvious that she is a moron.

        4. If he is drunk, or they both are, then it’s only sexual assault for the wymynz….duh? Didn’t ya get the memo? Oh wait, you were trying to see if she has the ovaries to admit the Feminist hypocrisy on this issue, weren’t you? Carry on…

  23. #4 is golden.
    Have goals but realize you are a man and their are very important things you need to accomplish.
    The ability to be alone yet not lonely. To come terms with solitude and that time to truely think go into your head. This scares many men.
    Even if you have many friends and family understand that when push comes to shove there is indiviual action which pushes humanity forward. Those men alone having to face the world by themselves above the sheep and comfort of the crowd.

  24. “You know that time when you run out of things to say to a girl? Well, ramble on, because it doesn’t matter”
    I’m not so certain if I agree with that one. Rambling on can either annoy or bore the fuck out of her, or it can come across as insecure.

    1. My sense from the author’s message is if she’s into you it matters not what you say.
      If she’s not she couldn’t care if you cured cancer…

      1. “My sense from the author’s message is if she’s into you it matters not”
        That’s a good point. The cure for cancer is not nearly as interesting as the gram of coke in my jacket pocket, which if course she’ll be sniffing off of my meat.

  25. I was too insecure to dance during the disco era.
    The guys that danced got the ladies – no question, no effort…
    They don’t fucking care about anything but having fun…and dancing is fun…
    Like the author says:
    get out there, get close, and dance…

    1. Most men, especially the white men, hate dancing. It’s using indirect game. If you don’t like it, don’t do it.

      1. Agree.
        I found a perfect alternate for me. Upper east side bars in new york city. Small, wikd, and crowded. Cant help but meet and mingle with women…
        If i coukd some up success with women in one word it is – proximity.
        One way or another get close and make it happen…

        1. I once did a salsa course. The women there were hot, definitely. Feminine. But in the end I was like: “I hate dancing, for the love of god, why am I doing this?!” I hate this Colombian gay music (being a rock/metal/soundtrack dude) I am a white heterosexual man. That probably is going to mean you hate dancing.
          You have to be honest to yourself. You are there only for the women and they are probably not there for the men. They are there to work on their skills so they can get attention on parties while dancing. You are then limiting your approach-time to one dance-session a week? One party were you have to perform like a dancing monkey? Fuck that.
          You want the shortest way from A to B. Without alcohol, without loud music, without women being on their guard (the bitch-shield), you want: women not wearing the thick party-makeup. You want to avoid the competition of the bars and clubs. You want to surprise her on the street, to get full attention to show your masculinity and guts. Bars are fine, if that is your thing, but I would recommend you read some about daygame. That can be a more direct, cheaper form of meeting women.

        2. Agree. I was talking in very past tense over 20 years ago.
          I had great success in bars, and also great success day gaming — around the world, beaches, museums, central park…
          It’s good to hear other guys not so enthusiastic about dancing. I do it for about 2 minutes then becomes boring and repetitive…

        3. Agree. I was talking in very past tense over 20 years ago.
          I had great success in bars, and also great success day gaming — around the world, beaches, museums, central park…
          It’s good to hear other guys not so ewnthusiastic about dancing. I do it for about 2 minutes then becomes boring and repetitive…

  26. “What was that fight about?”
    IIRC that was from Mystery and most girls are now aware of his gimmicks. I wouldn’t even know what to say after that if she wants more details about a fight that didn’t even happen.
    best case
    Me: What was that fight about?
    Girl: What fight?
    Me: erh nvm
    worst case
    Me: “What was that fight about?”
    Girl: oh no not another lousy pua, get lost
    Me: :-S

    1. You beat me to it. I do recall that fool Mystery mentioning those exact words. Women read that crap as well and can tell when men are “following the script”.

      1. When going out to a club women are on their guard. They know they will be checked out. If you then also go indirect (snakegame) she will hate it. Better to approach by day, when she is unaware and alone. Then your part is to genuine about why you stopped her.
        No crazy dance, magic tricks, furry hats, makeup. Just a man dressed masculine with good grooming.

        1. Good points. I stay out of clubs because, one, I don’t like being around drunk people, and two, women are much more guarded there, assuming you are some drunken perv looking to get laid.
          Daytime approaches in neutral settings are much better. I know many will disagree with me, but I find “game” and even the much touted “confidence” (which can be faked) to be overrated.
          Ultimately, it’s a numbers game. If a woman just isn’t into you, that’s it. I don’t care how “smooth” you are.
          If, on the other hand, she really likes you, you can stutter and blush the whole time and she will think it’s “cute”.

  27. Go out every week a couple of times. To the mall for instance. Approach. 10-20 per session.
    That’s the start of getting laid. Forget the social circle game (no you don’t really like salsa dancing you white guy, you’re there for the women only loser)
    Forget going out at night. You probably hate the loud music as well, hate buying pricy drinks, hate the competition. Forget nightgame.
    and for the love of god: forget internet-dating. Don’t be one of those suckers who gives mediocre women their daily dose of attention on demand. You are typing your life away without even seeing the women you are giving value. And you probably pay for it (or did)
    So no more Tinder as well. Delete that shit. Once you see that you can get women by just talking with them on the street you will laugh about Tinder. I can assure you.
    I saved the worst for last:
    There are guys who live in big cities, are young, have good jobs. Yet, they don’t get laid. Because they don’t approach. Men who think they will magically meet a woman. Ain’t gonna happen dude. No approach + no game = no sex. Take life in your own hands.
    So, do daygame. Yes, it’s scary. No alcohol, daylight, sober people looking at you.
    Go direct. Show your intent. Both of you know that you want sex so… direct game. You are a sexual being. For the rest, it’s fishing. You are going to get rejected 95% of the time. Watch the video below and go out: today.
    Good luck

  28. Build her up on her weak points and cut her down on her strong points…it works.

  29. 1 and 2 are very key. Extreamlyy key
    It can help a lot of men out if they just stopped giving a fuck and have a core rock solid belief in their philosophy in life
    Will you get every chick? No. Hell no
    But, you will catch. Women and men too are looking for leadership.
    Believe in your shit so much to the point that people will actually think about jumping off a bridge with you just because they believe your words
    Its all about patterns and who can build the best ones at its highest level. Yet, its still all bullshit
    Lead and be a bomb shelter. A bomb shelter remains firm when a Tornado hits. Be the Bomb Shelter as she plays the role of mother nature. Eventually she’ll tired out (For the moment) and rest long enough for you to reel her lil ass in.
    It is what it is

  30. Apologizing is sometimes very apporpirate and a sign of strength and maturity, but there is certainly no reason to apologize for cumming quickly. In most situation, this is due to you being very horny and very attracted to the girl, so she should take it as a compliment, even if she didn’t get to cum.

  31. I’m about ready to drop the atom bomb of game tips.
    Don’t chase women, ever.
    Chase Money, always.
    Does mark Cuban need “game”?
    Dan B?
    Leonardo DiCaprio? (spelled his last name wrong, google autocorrected. That’s money.)
    Money talks.

  32. Tips are great! I find it hard sometimes for guys to approach a girl in a busy room so you definitely knew how to tackle it. Gotta start with your weaknesses if you want to get better.

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