Why It’s Not That Hard To Eat Well In America

The title says it all, folks: It is not that goddamn hard to eat a healthy and balanced diet in America. You will find this article to be short: that’s because eating healthy is incredibly simple, and it doesn’t take more than 1200 words to explain how it’s done.

I’m directing this article at everybody who blubbers about it being “impossible” to eat healthy in the USA…most of whom are either fat acceptance biddies that talk about how “society” made them fat while shoving cookies into their mouth, or the occasional “goodwhite” writing about food deserts in TIME or some other periodical.

Yes, America is a nation full of fatty fat fatties. Yes, the portion sizes at restaurants are too big. Yes, many people in America eat a bad diet that turns them into disgusting fatbodies. But for fuck’s sake, people talk as if there’s just lard and instant macaroni and cheese flying through the air, forcing themselves down people’s gullets and dooming them to a lifetime of sexual inadequacy, low-testosterone, and physical weakness. According to these people, this is all part of an insidious plot to make us weak and impotent and thus declare martial law.

Shitty food will make you tired, lethargic, and fat

This is predominantly a woman’s complaint (I have yet to find a single man formally involved in fat acceptance), but one occasionally sees it in the manosphere as well (most notably my roommate in my last year of school who adamantly refused to ever learn how to cook).

It is, in fact, incredibly easy to avoid crappy food and enormous restaurant portions.

How To Avoid Eating Crappy Food Or Giant Portions

Step 1: Don’t buy crappy food or go to crappy chain restaurants!

Who the hell wants to go to Applebee’s anyway? Applebee’s sucks. Why don’t you patronize a privately owned restaurant instead and support your local economy, or better yet, learn how to cook? Knowing how to cook is a cheap and easy way to wine and dine a woman, and then get to the debauchery that you really want.

It also makes you a person worth knowing, which is of course something that this website advocates, my own website advocates, and most other websites in this subculture do as well.

Refusing to patronize chain restaurants also jabs a needle into the palm of the Cheap Labor Lobby: the service industry is one of the biggest employees of illegal immigrants (in the United States at least, I admit I don’t know the statistics for other countries). While it likely won’t affect too much change, it’s more of a worthwhile symbolic gesture then voting.

“I may not go to shitty restaurants anymore, but I still can’t cook!” you might say “I need to eat frozen garbage that is loaded with preservatives!” Once again, learn how to cook. Patronize used book stores, I picked up a copy of this cookbook for 75 cents.


Or, considering that you’re on the internet right now, find some recipes for 0 dollars and 0 cents! Buy some cheap cookware (most cookbooks list all of the supplies needed for their recipes, which are more than enough for the average kitchen) and get on your way to making healthy food, fatty!

“But The Grocery Store Doesn’t Sell Healthy Food” Or “It’s Too Expensive!”


I hear this excuse way too much, and it’s complete nonsense. I’m going to give you a very simple rule of food purchasing, one that my parents taught me to use, and I have used since I moved out: If your great-grandfather wouldn’t recognize it as food, it’s not food. Don’t buy anything Gramps wouldn’t recognize. And obviously, if you yourself have children, add another “great” onto that when you teach it to them, and so on for their children and future descendants.

Any grocery store worth its salt should have perfectly healthy food. If your local ShitMart doesn’t have any, find a farmer’s market or a green grocer (once again, use the internet for something useful, that’s what it’s there for). “Food deserts” only exist because the clientele makes the surrounding environs so dangerous that respectable food producers don’t sell there. If that’s the case for you, drive until you find a decent grocer.

I really shouldn’t need to tell you what constitutes “healthy food”—even if you had idiot parents that fed you junk food, you all went to elementary school, you’ve seen the food pyramid, and while the portions listed on that pyramid are highly skewed towards the grains (due to the economic politics of agricultural business), the other foods listed on it are still the foods you should be eating—meat of all kinds, dairy, fruits, and vegetables.

Man shopping for food

Bear in mind that when I mention “avoiding overly processed foods,” I’m not saying you have to be anal retentive and only buy organic food. While organic food is probably slightly more nutritious, conventionally grown and raised agricultural products still have to meet minimum safety and nutritional standards. By overly processed, I mean foods loaded with preservatives (sugar, salt, MSG, etc.) As a (literal) rule of thumb, if the list of ingredients is longer than your thumb, be wary of it.

One can live quite comfortably on spending 50 dollars a week on groceries (and that’s being generous) provided you cut out desserts and other junk food, buy food that has all the essential nutrients that you need to function, and ration your food to last the week (and without even trying, I just gave you an effective method of dieting for weight loss: eat less by buying less food). You don’t need as much food as you think you do.

I’m aware of the fact that, for you weightlifters out there, you won’t be as strong on a calorically restricted diet as you would be with a more calorically dense diet. But eating a common-sense, “don’t eat shit” diet has all of the essential nutrients, and it’s a lot healthier than most of the garbage American people eat nowadays.

And I can give you my personal promise that, if you combine this diet with daily exercise, you will lose weight and, for the most part, retain your muscle mass as well (meaning “As well as you would on a specialized “cutting” diet”).

So what are you waiting for? Quit making excuses and do it. And if you’re still struggling with this “buying decent food” concept, ask the people who work at the grocery store. It’s what they get paid to do.

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271 thoughts on “Why It’s Not That Hard To Eat Well In America”

  1. As I sit here eating my 3 eggs and 3 egg whites, half cup of steel cut oatmeal, black coffee and finishing my 25% mark on my gallon of water at 8:15 am I stand and applaud this article. About time someone gave a kick in the ass about eating healthy rather than just some “helpful advice” Well done sir.
    By the way, my co worker will come in with a sausage, egg, cheese on a roll with a coffee with cream and sugar and slurp that shit down and complain that I am lucky to be in shape….as a side note, my breakfast will have cost less.

      1. Orange Juice is full of sugar….natural sugars but still sugar, water is better.
        Cavemen didn’t go around drinking Orange Juice each morning.

        1. Who cares what cavemen did? I listen to my body and it tells me what is good.
          But then, yes. Orange juice is indeed very sugary and I myself seem to have a weird sensitivity towards sugar where it clouds my senses. Likely the result of a lifetime of bad eating habits.

        2. What the Caveman ate is important, as what he ate is what we’re deigned to eat. Lean meats, vegetables, nuts, water, some fruits, some roots, maybe some cheese and milk, and maybe some simple grains…..not much Orange Juice or Smoothies.

        3. That is stupid. Fine for those without the intuition to listen to their bodies, but aside from that, I do not get why there always needs to be some evolutionary rationalization for everything. It is bullshit.
          It is not good ‘because the cavemen’ ate it. It is good when it suits your body. Hell, some people can not digest flour. Or milk. Or bananas. There is no one big right diet for everybody. It actually does not make sense in an evolutionary view, as evolution in the sense of adaptation happens through random gene mutations and those can have a big influence on what you can eat.
          Evidence of that? I have none, aside from my experience. The one time in my life where I really successfully lost weight and ate well, I did not need any ‘rule’ on what is good. I just intuitively knew. My diet plan was finished in 15 minutes and over the next 6 months, I lost 80 pounds.

        4. It really depends on goals. I would like, by the end of the spring, to be back down around 10% body fat. An orange is just fine, but when you mix enough of them together to make a class of juice you get more sugar than your body can process. I would rather work at burning already stored shit than introducing new.

        5. No, I have been involved in fitness my whole life and really do understand how to manipulate my body weight, bf%, strength etc. Sometimes I have to remember to take my age into account. I simply don’t have the same results I did 20 years ago. That said, I pretty much know what to put into my body to the gram and what physical activity to do to get myself to be roughly in the shape I want to be in…to a limit of course.

        6. Pineapple is great. I used some chopped pineapple in my cottage cheese (go casein protein) right before bed. I also eat an apple about 30 minutes before a lifting session for the added fiber. Blueberries are also loaded with really good stuff.

        7. I have heard that grapefruit is good to eat with a meal. The acidity helps with digestion.

        8. I am at full fat myself. I would rather have less at full fat than more with less fat. There is healthy stuff in there. I see a noticeable difference, by the way, when I take a good high quality dose of fish oil and some casein in the form of cottage cheese right before bed. I am far less sore and much more strong in the morning.

        9. The ones muscle pharm makes are pretty good. Also, the JYM brand is very solid.

        10. I guess I’m not getting your reaction. Whether its Paleo or evolutionary or whatever, Bony is recommending what would be a 100% healthier diet than what most people in the US ingest. You may not agree with the precepts, but a diet of lean meat, veggies, nuts and water is not stupid.
          By the way I have read that our ancient ancestors also ate honey; as much as they could. One can imagine the smart Europeans probably practiced a crude form of beekeeping to ensure a steady supply. I don’t advocate eating tons of honey but it puts a twist on the whole concept of Paleo being all meat and roots.

        11. I was not protesting against the particular diet. It surely is good for most people. But the whole Paleo reasoning is ridiculous. Do you seriously think that some tribe in the rainforest has all those things our globalized world has readily accessible for us? It may be what tribes all over the world ate, but not what a single tribe ate.
          As for honey, that is true and even today’s tribes – for instance in Africa – do that. They smoke the bees in tree nests to make them less aggressive and then they go in with their bare hands. They get stung, but a man loves the pain, right?
          I recommend watching Bruce Parry’s ‘Tribe’ documentary if this stuff interests you. You will see that many of them do not really have that rich diets. And many of them eat stuff that would make you puke. And some of them are fat and unhealthy.

        12. We “care” about paleolithic man because our physiology has not changed significantly since then. We can learn a lot about ourselves by studying them.

        13. Its because your past affects your future. Humans today are mismatched for their environment and have not “evolved” for certain circumstances, like sitting at a desk. Knowing this, we can proscribe solutions for many modern diseases.

        14. Pineapples are good. Great for muscle recovery & calcium for bone repair. Taste pretty damn good too.

        15. It’s not bullshit at all. If you fed a lion toast with jam on it would you be surprised if it got sick? Of course not. We feed animals what their bodies are designed to most effectively run off and humans are no different. Read up on Mark Sisson’s website then tell me if you still disagree.

        16. My only problem with that is that its arbitrary how far back you go. If you look at the vast majority of your organs, they actually come from the ocean. Quite a few of the worlds longest life groups eat a large amount of seafood.

        17. Great. I will check it out. Thanks for the recommendation.
          I see your point too. I don’t think ancient people ate the variety of meats and veggies and so on, as defined by modern Paleo. That would be ludicrous, I agree. They only had access to what was natively available. However I do believe that the essence of Paleo is more of a philosophical dietary framework, not a purist pursuit.
          Also, I would not use current primitive cultures as an example. I postulate that the primitives continue to live as they have for centuries for one reason. Their land sucks so badly nobody has ever bothered to come in, wipe them out and exploit it for other purposes. So their diet is not representative of many ancient people. Many American Indian tribes were large, muscular people. Not the scrawny pygmy types you see in Borneo or the Amazon Rainforest today. To me that’s evidence that some ancient nomadic people ate quite well.

        18. Hey, that is a very interesting observation about today’s indigenous people. Very interesting indeed. I gotta let that sink in a little.
          Have you read Mike Cernovich’s post on Paleo lifestyle?

        19. I have not but your recommendations are much appreciated and I will investigate. Thank you Mr. Arrow.

        20. There is some different kinds of evidence, for example carnivores typically have very acidic stomachs, herbivores very long intestines, carnivores sharp teeth, herbivores flat teeth for grinding. Looking at those and more aspects it seems likely that we are likely designed to be omnivores(shocking right?). I find that decent evidence. I personally believe that acid-base balance is the ignored elephant in the room about health. Your urine PH(which you can control by diet or the PH of your water) vastly changes the elimination of toxins, minerals and even hormones you excrete. For example There is a 15x difference in the excretion of ammonia in acidic vs basic urine, about the same change can be seen for the elimination of the toxin fluoride. I’m pretty sure it drastically affects even the elimination of common minerals like sodium, but i’ve been having a hard time finding studies on the topic(most likely they exist i just haven’t found the right search query). All of this makes no sense unless you look at evolution-the kidneys developed in the ocean where changing your urinary PH was as easy as exercising(acid creating) or gulping ocean water (PH 8.2).

        21. I’ve been weightlifting since I was 15, but recently I’ve really changed what I thought I knew. I’ve been able to generate more exercise tolerance than I had even when I was 18. I now strongly believe a large part of the “you are just getting older and can’t do that anymore” is really just the accumulation of toxins in your fat and in your bones. For the last year and a half I’ve done little else than study toxin removal, and despite general laziness in exercise, the amount of exercise I can do has drastically increased(for example the number of pushups I can do has gone from 24 to 57). In my younger days exercising hours a day I could never do 57 pushups.

        22. The further back you go the less relevant it is. We want to look at animals that are essentially physiologically identical to us.

        23. Enough that it has its own discipline Paleoanthropology.
          Don’t celebrate ignorance Tom. It weakens you.

        24. Evolution moves at glacial speeds. . actually, about a factor of 10 slower than glaciers. Everything from our diets to our sexual practices are completely messed up because social evolution has completely outstripped biological evolution.

        25. I totally agree with you physiologically, but getting older has other things involved. At 22 I could work out, go to an easy job, relax, etc. now I hear a lot of bills to pay, a cell phone with work calls to deal with, stress about this and that etc. life is just different, busier and more complicated. Add to that the accumulation of 2 decades of minor injuries and there ya go. 500 million dollars would be a hell of a work out supplement though. Let me worry about other stuff.

        26. You make my point.
          When I say Caveman I really mean pre-farming or very low level farming.
          It’s because we went for our first hundred thousand years or so without any farming at all. Farming = Flour, and that’s exactly why some people do not digest flour very well. You could also argue that’s why many people don’t digest milk very well – as that’s another thing that came with farming. As for banana’s, a very recent addition to the diet.

        27. Pre-Farming really. Or pre-mass farming. So Paleolithic yes, but in many places farming only moved in during the last couple of thousand years.

        28. Not sure what you mean. You are rejecting an entire school of thought because you don’t like what its called?

        29. You can not reject a school of thought. A school of thought is an abstraction, a term for a collective of theories and ideas. Present me with theories and ideas, not with collectives. A collective can not be right or wrong. There is no ‘science says’.

        30. Cavemen did not eat ‘lean’ meats. They ate all the fat they could get their hands on.

        31. …if they could get it, but for the most part they would have caught, hunted and trapped wild meat – which my friend is very lean compared to the meats you buy that originate from factory farmed animals that hardly see the light of day….

        32. While it makes no sense, my body tells me to drink cow milk. I get these cravings every now and then. I freaked out one of my students when I bought a quart of fresh milk and downed it on the spot.

        33. Take a look at the anatomy of the fish-kidney, stomach, heart, liver, spleen, pancreas, ovary, intestine….most of these basic systems evolved 400 million years ago(Paleolithic is 2.5 million years ago). You might say that a fish is cold blooded, but there are several fish that generate heat by constant swimming(tuna, some sharks), and a few that even generate internal heat in the same way we do(marlin), though just not throughout their entire bodies. https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/8/84/Internal_organs_of_a_fish.jpg

        34. See, that is the whole fucking problem with this ‘rationality’ crap. People invent some bullshit theories for ‘why’ we need what we need. And then they ignore the simple fact that their body craves something. Then they say ‘it makes no sense’. If that is not true delusion, what is? It is like a leftist indoctrinated boy thinking ‘that is weird. I should not want to fuck women. It makes no sense, because we are equal’.

        35. Since what? nothing guarantees the diet you SUPPOSE ancient man ate is even true, going so far back and relying on evidence is not good, because science can debunk itself with later findings, and suddenly, ancient man ate other shit and that’s that, until another theory bursts and so forth. Animals similar to us are just that similar, but they are different, I also hate this evospych bullshit on ROK because it prevents the lot of you from being PRACTICAL, you guys spend so much time speculating on why “women are naturally gold diggers” and go on and on about evolution and shit you can’t even prove instead of looking at what women respond to in practice (authority). Same for this paleo bullshiiiiiiit.

        36. Well yes you can reject a school of thought. It’s not illegal.
          You seem to be rambling and arguing with claims nobody made. I’m not going to present you with the theory because you have already made your mind up. I have found that in this case it is pointless to argue since no matter how much evidence and fact you are presented with it won’t change your mind.
          Only you can change your mind. Good luck with that Tom.

        37. Now you are rambling. What exactly would I gain grom rejecting your school? That is not even a clever defense mechanism or anythinb. So now you are here declaring me mad only so that you carry no burden of proof.

        38. Mate. My last word. Go and read about it. Make your conclusion based on the facts rather than just being contrary for the sake of being contrary.

        39. “Craving” is an unhealthy compulsion. It suggests “addiction”. A healthy person does not experience cravings. But an addict does experience withdrawal. What you call “craving” is actually withdrawal.
          Hence, simply listening to your body is not enough. Your body can be fooled.
          My body craves nothing.

        40. That’s because he took too many drags. I know old guys who could kick yours and my ass and still do a full work-out afterwards.

        41. Also back-breaking work, infectious disease, destruction of top soil, leading to wars and famine….

        42. I think that the reality is that wild animals would have been relatively leaner than our lifestock. That said, grass-fed animals are our best alternative.

        43. I feed my cat fresh cream. This slightly crazed look comes over his face when I take it out of the fridge. I think he’s an addict. I suspect he breaks into homes and steals it.
          I have in fact caught him stealing my yoghurt that furry little fuck!

        44. Well we know before farming they would only have ate meat from wild animals and not had access to grains in large quantities, and therefore the flour and all the products from flour. We also know that they would not have had access to sugar in any quantity and of course we know that many of the crops you find today did not exist at all – their natural predecessors being quite different from what we grow and harvest today. Without livestock they would also have had no access to animal milk. ….We can judge that they would have eaten wild meats, fish, nuts/roots/fruit/vegetables they could find, maybe honey every now and then, and water.
          When they excavate caves etc they can examine bones, remains of food and even microscopic particles – such as pollen – to get an idea of the foods they were eating. For certain – the pigs and cows we have today look nothing like what they would have hunted or even domesticated for thousands of years. They certainly didn’t eat donuts, cakes and cookies.
          You have to think that the evolution of Homo from our ancestors 2-10 million years ago, (which eventually led to us) we have had say 9,990,000 years eating this ‘wild diet’ where we were evolving throughout, a few thousand years slowly adapting to a farming diet and then 50-100 years adapting to the high sugar, high carb diet we have today.
          So what do you think we are ‘designed’ to eat?

        45. Not interested. If you have a point to make, make it. I will not read your entire scientific domain to try to find out what you are trying to say. Fuck it.

        46. Did you ever experience this stuff? Or did you just read Wikipedia? Tell me, why do healthy people never get addicted to morphine in clinics?

        47. Agreed. However, when I hear what a drag it is getting old I don’t think about physical weakness but rather a mountain of responsibility that acts as handcuffs where when you are young you can just yawn and say fuck it

        48. Some days I feel like crap and then I realize that I haven’t had any dairy products for a week. So I chug down some milk and it seems to set me right.

        49. That’s just adult responsibility. It is hard work yes, but it has its rewards. You will be proud at the end of your life.

        50. Well, how did you escape that addiction? Simple withdrawal?
          My theory is that OCDs come from psychological traumas. To clarify and not sensationalize: Even a little wound is – technically – a trauma.
          So you basically have some kind of need in you that you keep running away from – because you learned that it can not be satisfied. Since you can never satisfy it, you merely push it away. And that is what you use drugs for. Or food. Or sex.

        51. I just stopped eating it. Went through the withdrawal and now I don’t even desire the stuff.

        52. Of course…..I don’t think anyone would disagree with that. However, on occasion one does take a moment and remember more carefree times…and, to the original point, carefree youth makes staying in excellent shape much easier.

        53. I admire you for doing it this way. It is how I gave up beer. I realized I was drinking a 12 pack a day and just stopped. My body hurt for about 2 weeks and now I can sit among 20 people drinking all night and not even want one.

      2. would need to replace the oatmeal with yogurt and, location dependent, add either bacon or figs.

        1. Yeah, the indoctrination runs deep. If Jesus turns water into wine, it is a positive divine wonder. If another demon does it, it is dark occult damned wizardry performed by wretched devils.

        2. Supernatural powers. Yes. Its not about the ability but rather the intent.
          It would be correct to call Sane a daemon then, but not a demon. Demon is rooted in Greek but certainly has a different connotation.
          Because he harbors no ill will toward his fellow man. He only wishes us good health and nourishment, as did Jesus in the story.

        3. That presupposes that absolute morality exists. But that illusion is upheld by the main demon of our culture.
          Google ‘demon etymology’.

      1. actually was pretty good. made the eggs in a muffin tin so they are like big muffin omelets. Some chopped veggies in it. I eat a lot of food during the day, but remember…this morning at 6 am I did an hour of intervals on the stair climber and tonight at 630 pm I will do a really intense lifting program that lasts about 1.5 hours (today is back and biceps). So I will have 7 meals today at about 3400 calories with 60% protein 30% carb and 10% fat.

        1. Talk about hard core! Damn, 1.5 hours a day lifting? You must be huge. I only do about 30 minutes of lifting, followed by an hour on the treadmill, and I get pretty good gains.

        2. I am coming off of an injury so I have a lot to regain. I never get super huge. I just don’t aim at that. I like to stay between 175-80 with 10-13% body fat. I am currently at 185 with about 15%. I keep my nutrition and supplementation on point all the time though.

        3. I am also 6 foot.
          If you understand your body it shouldn’t be too difficult to figure out how. I can send you some suggestions and point at a few programs that are good for the last few pounds of shred. Of course YMMV and things will need to be customized to your particular body which only you can tell.

        4. Oh ok, so I guess with an injury, you do lower weight with higher reps to avoid aggravating the injury further?

        5. I did for a few months but now I am back at full blast. Basically I work in cycles that have me in the 12-15 rep range for one week then 9-12 next then 6-8 and then finally 3-5. At the start of week 5 I go to 12-15 again. Obviously load gets heavier with reduction of reps. Once a month I show up on what would normally be a rest day and just do a deadlift day to test out my PR. Also, on normal rest days I will do either hot yoga or crossfit

        6. Sure. If you are looking for a quick (3 month) shred I would suggest looking at doing, of all things, the Spartacus work out (online free…original not one of the reboots) first thing in the morning. I would figure out the calorie requirements for someone at your ideal (not current) weight and create a diet that meets those requirements with a macro split of 60/20/20 for first month and then 70/10/30 for second. If possible I would do an evening workout like strong lifts 5×5 a few nights a week and, as a kicker, do the 1000 kettlebell challenge on the weekends. Mix and match as suits you but most importantly 1 gallon of water a day no exceptions. Limit alcohol to one time per week and get a proper amount of sleep. It is amazing how quickly you will notice a shred.
          If you are looking for a more intensive program that really lays everything out for you, I can’t possibly recommend highly enough doing Jim Stoppani’s shortcut to shred. He is really brilliant. Program along with diet and other info is on the bodybuilding.com website

        7. That’s quite a high ratio of protein. Where do you get that much protein without the fat that typically comes along with it? Lots of chicken?
          I like the sound of the Spartacus diet if for nothing else than to run around saying, “No, I am Spartacus!” heh. Thanks for the links and tips. Looks like I got some plans to put together today.

        8. chicken, fish, bison, certain cuts of beef. Sometimes I brown off some turkey breast and put it in a muffin tin. Toss a little shredded cheese, some veggies and cover it with eggs and bake. Boom, 30g of protein. Nice little snack. I also drink 3 whey shakes a day.

        9. I eat mostly fat and protein. Just like my cat. I stay as lean as he does. I train the same way as him too.

        10. I do a tofu shake in the morning and a ham sandwich at night. Lunch is whatever the cafeteria gives me but I avoid the rice. Lunch and dinner include 250ml of low-fat milk.
          I eat some spicy peanuts which totally compromises my fat intake and yet gives some good veggie protein.

        11. I never touch tofu or anything with a soy base because it is an estrogen booster…or so they say. Ham is great. I love it. But again, I am a psycho. I never buy cold cuts. On sunday I will either bake a ham or roast a turkey breast or sirloin roast and then slice myself. I got my deli slicer for 99 bucks at bed bath and beyond. As for milk, imo you are drinking too much. Not because of calories or fat, but because there is so much sugar in milk.
          Of course, I mention it again, this is all goal and lifestyle dependent and there is no one right way. But for me I would switch to a whey shake and add a piece of fruit like an apple. THen mid morning have something like a lean ground turkey meatball with oatmeal and egg as the binder. Then have your sandwich which would be one slice of whole grain bread and about a half pound of meat and add a cup of green veggies (you are missing green veggies) and then for dinner have some more lean meat with more veggies. Peanuts are good.
          ALso, I always tell people, before one word about diet or supplementation…..drink a gallon of water a day. that is numero uno

        12. Maybe not Arnold, but 1.5 hours a day should definitely get you very “big”. I have had really good results with just 30 min, 6 days a week, for about 3 years. The right diet and enough sleep are big factors.

        13. A great compliment, thank you…It is a pleasure to be listed with such gentlemen….unless of course you mean because you want to kill us.

        14. GoJ is a mid-America patriot with a profound second amendment love that I think is quaint. You strike me as a loveable red pill asshole that I could work with.
          Bob is just a cool head and then there is Clark Kent, who I I have met and he is good people.
          We really should connect more in person.

        15. I wouldn’t know what to do with a pistol. I’d probably shoot myself in the foot.

        16. What was the injury, and did you do any rehab, if you don’t mind me asking? I’ve been dealing with an injury to my inner elbow/forearm that’s stuck around for a few months. I tried to rest it entirely but doesn’t seem to change much. I’ve just gotten back to the gym with very light weight.

        17. I had an elbow injury (minor) a long time ago. Basic ligament tearing. I took some time off and used an equine linament (basically tiger balm horse strength). My current injury was slightly more substantial — a herniated disk in my spine pressed up against a nerve. I was pretty much out of the game for 3 months. I tried everything and anything with the exception of surgery. The thing that helped the most was a series of cortisone epidurals. I still have a nagging bit of pain but I can just ignore now.

        18. I know people are wary of ciropractors, but in college I slipped my L5 and the only thing before surgery (as a last resort) that worked was seeing a ciropractor. But as the article suggests, one must research (through the internets) a good ciropractor. There are a lot of quacks out there, and I’ve been to my fair share. I also try to keep a strict diet of vegies, chicken, and lamb, nothing processed or prepared. But the point is, if your health is important to you, take the damn time and do it.

        19. I haven’t been to a cairopractor but if my pain gets bad enough I will try as it is pretty much the only thing short of surgery I’ve not done and I really do not want to do spinal reconstruction surgery. When I had my knee surgery (lolknee) it took me a year to heal physically and three times that to really be 100% mentally

        20. I figure it is part of the life. There is always a down side. If you eat like crap life is easier and cheaper but you get fat. As much pain as I have suffered with my knee (acl, mcl, lcl and meniscus) my AC Joint and herniated disc hitting a nerve I wouldn’t trade it for the life and illnesses of someone who was overweight and sedentary. And while I will most likely never do it again, the memory of a deadlift over 3x my bodyweight is irreplaceable.

        21. My only other option was surgery. In my philistine opinion, it think that the most beneficial reason to visit a ciropractor is the stimulation of the lymphatic system. It is on part of a Japanese massage from an ancient, blind Cambodian woman. (I’ll stop you right there, at the conclusion I drank a gallon of water, it was a professional establisment.)

        22. Damn dude, best wishes with that. I ended up having to have part of the L4 disk removed. (But it was something like 80% extended out, no way to save my leg without doing it.) Be wary of Chiropractors. . .Try a Physical Therapist first, with a reference from a sports doctor. My surgeon worked with our city football team (the Colts) and made his living put those buy back on the field. But keep a positive attitude: Back injuries are a big cause of depression.

        23. Wow that is huge. Did they fuse your spine to keep the spacing? What was recovery time like?
          I think you are right about PT. I go to the Hospital for Special Surgery in NYC which is a pretty excellent place.
          The fact that I know my way around makes me laugh

        24. Also, yes on the depression. My 3 months of not being able to walk made me incredibly depressed. As did my knee injury.

        25. Didn’t fuse it. And the bone grinding was a pain problem for a couple of years. That’s where the depression came in: You keep thinking “Shit, I fucked it up again.” But that wasn’t the case, and just relieving the pressure by lying down with a pillow on one side would fix it. It’s been a few years now, and I’m doing great: No pain, doing Yoga again, and living life like nothing happened.
          Recovery time was a bitch. Two months in bed, only getting up to use the bathroom. Then a couple of months in a water tank, then some months of PT’s. In that time I couldn’t lift even a gallon of milk. The doctor said I’d always have pain and couldn’t lift stuff. But I’m pain free and in a job where we lift some heavy, heavy stuff. I just make sure to follow guidelines.
          The fact that you exercise regularly is a big plus. They’re used to dealing with people who’re overweight and not physically inclined. Your recovery time should go fast.
          Best wishes man. Just keep your eye on the prize and remember that it’s only for a short time and then you get your life back.

        26. Wow. Thanks for sharing that story. I’m feeling good enough to go on with my life, deadlift heavy and smile most the time but if I want to be honest with myself this is in the future. Well done getting better.

    1. Just eat the whole egg(as long as its organic). Best way is hard boiled and put some olive oil on them. If you fry em, do it in organic butter, apparently frying anything in olive oil is counterproductive

      1. I usually like hard boiled, but got a little bored. I am eating them baked. The eggwhites help thicken them out a little. I don’t use any butter. Just pour them into a non stick muffin tin and bake. East to carry, heats up well.

      1. I am always tempted to make a prairie oyster with egg yolks after a night boozing but I haven’t worked up the nerve. Maybe I will try it this sunday.

    2. Eggs are one of my favorite foods. I feel so incredibly energized any time I eat them. My current favorite is poaching them (super simple) or making a quiche (basically throw some leftovers in a pie pan, add cheese, milk/cream and eggs).

        1. Ha, one of my bluest blue pill vegetarian friends said that to me the other day. I told him it’s loaded with high energy foods that he is afraid to consume, and that real men aren’t ashamed of cooking and eating well. I don’t know why quiche gets a bad rap. It’s loaded with cheese, heavy cream, and eggs, with a slight bit of ham or veggies or whatever you add, stuff women should really stay away from. It’s chock full of calories and fat. It’s about the opposite end of the spectrum from kale. And it’s incredibly healthy, nutritious and simple. But then again, it is a pie so it is sort of like eating a dessert for a meal, haha.

        2. I actually like quiche and can cook up all sorts of froofy stuff. I have no idea where I picked up that quote.

      1. Yes I do. This is not the breakfast I would suggest for someone who is not going to spend a lot of time lifting very heavy weights

        1. Good on ya’ Sounds as though you’ve got it covered. I’m actually a woman, and I do lift a little, but of course no where near the level of a man, and certainly not to the point of needing your breakfast! Protein is important in the a.m. though, especially if you’re like me, and you exercise before eating. It’s a myth that women shouldn’t lift. We don’t end up looking like a body builder, because we don’t bulk up nearly as fast as a man (nor would I want to, naturally, it doesn’t look nice on a woman). You may wonder why I’m “trolling” a men’s site, but actually it’s because I find men have a better advice with respect to nutrition. Actually, with respect to a lot of things, but in this case nutrition. In any event, I’m more interested in the steel cut oats. I’m a long distance runner and, like most, days before the races I carb load. It’s necessary, but I find it tedious. Not a fan of pasta, which is a fav of runners. Do you think steel cut oats would be a good alternative?
          thx for your time

        2. Other than how to make them cry and cum, I really don’t know much about women. However, as a general rule, I would say one ought to get a minimum of 1.5g of protein per pound calculated to their ideal weight. Everything else like calories and macro’s is diet and goal specific.

        3. thx! cry and cum aren’t the worst skills in the world 😉 I’m talking goal specific, which I get is hard to comment on. Generally though, goal specific isn’t sex specific. Men lift, which is a whole different ball game. When it comes to specific sports (such as running or swimming), both male and female needs are similar (with women requiring less and performing less). You seem pretty in tune with your goals/needs, which is why I asked.

        4. actually, even with similar sports training, at a high level at least, will be different as will diet and supplementation due to the natural differences in nutritional requirements, hormones, etc.
          If you are doing long distance running you can get your carb through steel cut oatmeal. There is debate about whether you should fuel your body for the work you are doing to do or re-fuel it after you have done the work. For long distance running probably the former. However, when I do, say, HIIT sprints in the morning I do them fasted.
          I have never been a long distance runner and don’t know much about specifics for that. However, you need to ask yourself what your goal is and asses where you are. If you are talking about having fun and jogging there is a much different diet and exercise plan than if you are honestly trying to come in top 10% of some of the serious marathons.
          I would also suggest that you should be lifting weights. I think everyone should. Even if it isn’t your primary focus, moving some weight a few times a week is the healthiest thing a person can do and in the end will make it stronger.
          For women who are beginners I always recommend Jamie Eason’s Live Fit program. It is free on bodybuilding.com and comes with a very specific diet and training regimen that is easy to follow and yields, I have seen first hand, fantastic results for women.

      1. Why aren’t you. I won’t even make the argument. Drink a gallon of water every day for a month and then you will know why

    3. Drinking too much water is surprisingly bad for you. Drink when you’re thirsty. You shouldn’t be doing anything weird like trying to drink a gallon of water a day. Eating egg whites is also silly and arguably bad for you: the whites have compounds that bind vitamins supplied by the yokes, leaving you with deficiencies if you eat the plain whites. Just eat the whole egg.

      1. You are 100% wrong. Drinking when you are thirsty is insane. Thirst is a sign of dehydration. I’ve read the asinine studies about too much water. It’s crap. Don’t believe me, drink a gallon a day for a month watch what happens to your energy level, your skin, your hair and just the way you feel. Egg whites are a good source of protein without the cholesterol of the yellow. I said 3 whole 3 white. The white just adds to the protein count.
        By the way Doctor nobody, give being healthy a shot. You’ll be surprised, life is better when you are fit

  2. self responsibility. If people are willing to be self-responsible then it’s not that hard. Just restrict sugar and stay on low-carb diet, eat high fat (natural fat NOT artificial fat), and medium portion of protein and lift heavy weights, sprint and high intensity movement training, good sleep and drink water as only source of drink. You will lose fat and weight fast. There ya go. You don’t need to buy anyone’s product for this. It’s this simple easy; remember things happen to you based on the choices you made.
    if you drink one can of monster or gatorade and you don’t workout. Those things are hidden killer because they have carb and sugar and plus when you are also eating artificial fat food at the same time with lack of exercise, that’s when it hits you hard.
    Cut down on sweets and don’t eat frequently and eat less, I cannot stress this enough. You only need to eat twice a day really (in six to seven hours apart).

  3. Good stuff….
    1. No need for Organic Food, but there is a benefit in buying meat that comes from animals that were raised in the same way they were when your Grandfather was alive. Free Range Chickens and Pork are more expensive but have less fat, more muscle, been fed better quality food, have had more time to grow and develop – plus you know the pig or chicken lived a natural life until the day it was taken for slaughter – instead of living its life in a cramped shed with no natural light.
    2. Eat less, but better quality.
    3. At the Supermarket keep to the edges of the store…that’s where you find all the natural foods – vegetables, meats, fish, cheese, milk etc…venture into frozen vegtables, but otherwise you will find the middle of the store is filled with processed sugar and carb foods with high profit margins.

    1. Agreed on 1 and 3 but two should have an asterisks. For instance, despite weighing 185 pounds at 6 foot tall I am going to need to ingest 3400 calories today due to the intensity and frequency of my workouts. When I am done with 3 months of eating big and working out hard my weight will actually have dropped off by about 10 pounds whereas someone who is my height and weight who eats 3400 calories will make them fat if they aren’t working out at my level.
      I am not saying that any one way is better or worse, but simply saying eat less is not good advice…especially here where a lot of people are living very active lifestyles.

      1. That’s a good point.
        We are not, generally speaking, as active as our agricultural and industrial grandfathers were.
        They ate heartier portions of more protein, dairy, and carbs (along with greens) due to their early morning rises followed by late nights out in the fields or deep in the sweltering factories.
        As we’ve become more metropolitan with a higher focus on cubicle and other sedentary jobs, too many opt for quick, high calorie bites, sugary drinks at the desk or in front of some screen, or still eat portions more suited to active lifestyles.
        We, collectively, come home worn (yet without having worked even an iotas worth as laboriously at our “job”) and flop down in front of the tube for five or six hours (usually eating something sweet or junky the entire time) then go to bed.

      1. Yeah, also reduces your exposure to antibiotics.
        Also read these factory farm animals have crazy high levels in cortisol. Article claimed this is bad for humans- think theres any truth to that?

    2. On point 3, add the spice aisle as acceptable. Fatties are addicted to fat and sugar because they don’t know any other ways to make thing taste good. Smoked paprika, thyme, oregano, etc. are your friends for healthy flavor.

  4. Great Article! Like others have said, way over due. I’m convinced Americans are now fat because women entered the work force and stopped cooking for their children.
    2 other things one can do (but only AFTER you learn how to cook nutritious meals for yourself):
    Do a 2 week carb fast (this is what South Beach is)
    then try intermittent fasting

  5. Eating is a bodily function, just like breathing and shitting. Remember that. Keep it simple. Don’t eat out unless you are really strapped for time and have money coming out of your ears. The food might taste good, but often contains the cheapest crappest ingredients like high PUFA “vegetable” seed oils. Which is garbage. Count your calories(roughly) and eat the same thing everyday. There isn’t much more to maintaining a healthy BMI.
    Carbs are not the enemy. Nearly all developed(and undeveloped) cultures around the world lived on a starch + animal protein. Much is made of the so-called Mediterranean diet, but I have relatives who grew up in Cyprus, Crete and Southern Italy in the 1940s/50s/60s and let me tell you they weren’t living on Tomatoes, red wine, Melons+grapes, olive oil and walnuts! that would have been luxury. They were eating potatoes, colocasia(Taro),cracked wheat with Dairy(usually sheep/goats milk+cheese). From the Peruvian Andes, to Ireland, to southern Europe and the near east, this has been found to be a formula for survival and longevity for centuries.
    Most die-hard low carbers used to weigh 300lbs or are diabetic. Usually all have poor discipline and eating habits. For those of us looking to maintain or even gain mass + have an active lifestyle, Carbs are a must. Carbs(even sugar) are good for metabolism, thyroid and muscle building. Veggies-overrated. Fiber-overrated. Unsaturated fat overrated. We aren’t meant to eat all day like grazing cattle.

  6. I turned on the TV for five minutes yesterday (I know, my fault). Here comes a commerical from the naked dude (Richard Hatch) from the TV show “Survivor.” Now he going to be on the weight loss show, “The Biggest Loser.” Try to follow along without barfing.
    At any rate, he rattles off something like “When I was a kid, I was raped and molested, so I vowed to never let anyone make me feel bad about my body.” This, of course, begs the question: If you don’t feel bad about your body, then why are you on “The Biggest Loser”?
    What struck me was how feminine his rationalization was. I did a little research on Mr. Hatch and his bio – not surprisingly – shows a single, middle-aged man without a wife or children (although he did adopt a child on his own, which is a liberal, chick move). At any rate, the beta stench is strong in him. Apparently, not even a bit of fame was enough to change that.
    This, of course, is what happens when you watch television for even five minutes.

    1. Just listening to the commercials on the radio about upcoming episodes is enough to keep me away from the TV. They’ll be playing snippets of shit like Modern Family with their punch lines and the audience howling with laughter. All the while I’m sitting there thinking, “This is what comedy has devolved to nowadays? No thanks.”

        1. With a particular focus on people falling from some height.
          The Goofy fall: Wahahahhooey
          The Stormtrooper yell: Aaeh
          It’s like they want us to have recurring “falling” nightmares or something… 🙂

      1. I hate that modern family show, as well as the genre it falls under which i guess is “anti humor”.
        I guess we are supposed to think its funny because its not funny? Only SWPL bitches like that show, I’ve noticed.
        Fuck that. Give me Married with Children or Seinfeld any day. Y’know..where the jokes have punchlines?

        1. ha I was a bit young for the first few seasons myself- I tuned in for Kelly’s rack and Buck the wonder dog’s telepathy skills

        2. It was a bona fide classic. And you’re right it would never pass the black gate of PCness in todays market.
          About Modern Family (and the people it appeals to) , its the same ideal that they are oh so smart, that humor that’s actually funny is for us, the sloped headed neaderthals. We just don’t *get* their advanced, oh so intelligent form of “humor”

    2. A guy claims on national TV he was raped??? OMG! It must be true. We have to believe all victims.

    1. I came from the other end of the weight issue as I was a hard gainer. My friend who lost a considerable amount of weight did so initially when he stopped drinking his calories. He switched to water exclusively for the first 5 months and lost a good amount of weight just on that practice alone.

      1. I had lost over 30 pounds in a few months by cutting down on sugar and wheat products. You still can eat junk, in my case, I switched to Asian fastfood: rice, meat, veggies.

  7. One great contributor to the obesity epidemic is society’s obsession with eating at regular intervals: “If you don’t eat 3 meals a day every day, you must be borderline anorexic!” If you’re not hungry, then don’t eat. Just because it’s 1:30pm and everyone else is eating lunch doesn’t mean you have to – unless you’re genuinely hungry, don’t eat anything! I usually eat one meal a day around 8pm (though I work 1pm-11pm so that’s around 4pm on 9-to-5 time). Sometimes I’ll have a light snack around 1pm or midnight (9am or 8pm on 9-to-5 time). Not always – only if I’m actually hungry. I work better when I’ve got an empty stomach too – if I eat too much in the middle of the day, I’ll be slow and sluggish during the afternoon.
    I’m the ideal weight for my height, so I just eat when I’m hungry, but when I had a few pounds to lose I wouldn’t eat straight away even when I felt my stomach rumbling. I’d tell myself “I’ll finish this job, THEN I’ll eat.” So my mealtime gradually got put back an hour, then 2 hours, and so on. 2 or 3 meals a day became 1 or 2.
    This way, I can eat whatever I want and never gain a single pound. I find it much easier to exert self-control over the frequency of my meals than over their content and size. Just an idea for those who need to lose weight but can’t stand the thought of living off tiny salads.

    1. Good point. Intermittent fasting is starting to gain popularity as people as starting to wake up to the facts. I usually only eat twice per day. If I eat any more than that, I tend to start packing on the pounds and if I decrease the size of the meals to compensate, then I just stay hungry all day. The whole wasting away thing is pure myth. As an experiment, I fasted for 3 days straight, only drinking water. I was strong as ever. In fact, my senses and mind were heightened. It was the closest to the Limitless movie I have ever felt.

      1. Same here. I tend to have a light breakfast of two eggs, oatmeal, fruit, and a cup of coffee, followed by a salad for lunch. I try to compensate by adding as much protein as possible. The bigger meal is supper, and that happens at around 5, to give myself enough time for digestion and at night, a snack with a glass of milk or in the wintertime, tea.

        1. I’ve tried that. Doesn’t work for me. My metabolism seems to slow down, and then eating a big meal in the evening seems to negate the missed meals.

      2. I did a half-week fast once too, and could concentrate and work just as well as, if not better than normal. When I decided that it was time to break the fast, I cooked a massive meal thinking that I’d be so hungry after the fast that I’d eat it all. To my surprise, I didn’t eat much more than a normal portion – maybe a portion and a half at most. So the “If you skip meals you’ll just end up eating bigger portions and so the same number of calories overall” thing is a myth too.

      3. Strongly agreed man.
        Started experiment fasting like that that a few times throughout the year as well. Initially thought about just doing a one or two day fast but somehow felt good enough to go for 3 days. Amazing amount of mental clarity & somehow felt strong & lean. Getting study paperwork done & going through circuits of pushups, chin ups & other bodyweight stuff throughout the days was effortless. Did notice my aggression levels increase a bit though.
        I stick to the 16 hour fast/8 hour feast window (split into two meals a day. No snacking in between) a few days a week nowadays.

    2. Thank you. Absolute worst advice we ever received is the eat every 3-4 hours. We have lost our normal physiological hunger cues and instead we have psychological hunger. Food has become the enemy not a pleasure for sustenance.

      1. It depends what your goal is. If you are trying to pack on muscle, many small meals a day is optimal.

      2. I’m bored – eats bag of chips
        I’m nervous – eats a pizza
        Why wait? – eats a Snickers
        He didn’t call – eats Quart of ice cream
        She didn’t call – eats other date
        My sport team lost – drinks copious beer and hot wings
        My sport team won – drinks copious beer and hot wings

    3. Intermittent fasting is profoundly stupid. People are quite right to prefer three squares a day.
      As your liver and muscle glycogen stores bottom out after about 8 hours of fasting, stress hormones go way up. These break down muscle and shrink your brain and create anxiety. In the long run, a lot of time fasting will leave you prone to diabetes and cancer and a host of other problems.
      Fasting as anything other than a very occasional thing is very, very wrong. A lot of people are being mislead into damaging themselves by these marketing idiots. It’s no different than the ketosis and low carb idiocy.

  8. To be fair, every time mainstream media hypes something, it gets expensive. From hip hop to punk (I’m looking at you Hot Topic) to living downtown, and now food. Anyone that has gone into a Trader Joe’s knows what I’m talking about. Still, a community can still find ways. Just last week I saw an interesting doc on PBS about the love African-Americans have for soul food and its relationship with illnesses suffered by said demographic. In it, a school, I believe it was in New Jersey, took it upon itself to grow it’s own fresh food for the students. I’m not aware if any government funding went into this. My point is, if the government doesn’t help you, get your community together and figure something out.
    Also, from my own experience, if there’s an ethnic enclave nearby, give it a shot. Especially if they’re first generation immigrants, they tend to have fresh food in their markets.

  9. i’m against telling people to eat less or eat smaller portions to lose weight. it’s bad advice for many reasons. they hear “you need to go hungry to lose weight” and give up. no one wants, or should want to be hungry. it’s counterproductive. lift weights and eat whenever you’re hungry, but only real, healthy food. there’s nothing better for controlling your weight and looking and feeling great.

  10. I am doing hydroponics so I can grow my own veggies year round. One thing about
    frozen food it get’s old fast.

  11. I learned to cook by reading the instructions on the back of the packet.
    Want to cut your food bill? Fast. You don’t need as much food as you think you do.

  12. Buy a cheap espresso machine and crock pot or pressure cooker! Make winter stews, soups full of healthy broth meats and vegetables! For summer, salads with grilled fish, chicken and steak work well!

  13. The best thing that helped me bring my diet under control was NO EXTRA SUGAR. No candy, no desserts, no soda, no fruit juices, none of that. Never eat/drink that stuff ever (except for rare special occasions of course). Did wonders for my health and weight loss.
    “Yes, the portion sizes at restaurants are too big.”
    I hope this isn’t actually an argument people are making in America. Portion sizes at restaurants have already been getting smaller and smaller and smaller over the years to cut costs. Don’t give the business owners any ideas or they’ll slash the sizes even more (while charging the same price, of course).

    1. They usually start out with the smaller size by giving you a buy one get one free deal. Then discontinue the deal and you’re left with a smaller size for the same price as the previous larger size.

    2. When eating with a party of several people at a restaurant, a good rule is to never order for yourself. Sit back and observe everyone else’s orders. Clean up when everyone is done.
      At Outback steakhouse recently, I was with family and friends and I asked only for water with a plate of lemon slices (free). The others in the party ordered appetizers, drinks and entrees. I squeezed the 25 lemon slices into a nice 16 oz ‘C-monster’ and added 20 packs of ‘sugar in the raw’ so no cost for quality drink. Carbs & ‘C’ (free). Then I ate the plate of complementary chips (white corn) and salsa (free). Everyone else dumped at least $20 apiece and they all grazed for an hour until their liver and kidneys were taxed to the limit processing all the shit. Then one female friend folded and couldn’t eat her ‘bloomin’ onion. I offered to take care of it for her and damn that thing nearly filled me up. The others waddled out of there bloated and droopy eyed but I remained perky, cracking jokes and red pill wisdom even out the door. The women exiting the restaurant seemed much like intoxicated broads leaving a club. I wonder if ‘food intoxication’ counts as criteria with the femcunts in determining if a female is cogent to ‘give consent’?

  14. $3 for 20 chicken McNuggets. Say no to the dipping sauce. Yeah, it’s processed junk, but as far as your body’s concerned, it’s still protein and meat.
    There are no poor people in America. In Canada? 20 Nuggets costs you $20. It’s easy to be poor there.

    1. That processed junk is unnatural poison. As far as your body is concerned that shit isn’t meat and you are fooling yourself if you really think that it is. And if you are paying $20 for 20 nuggets of that pseudo-meat then you really are a fool.

      1. I try and avoid fast food as much as I can, but any time I’m doing a road trip I gain five pounds (mostly from the lack of movement). But that wasn’t my point; MY POINT was that, even on a budget, there are healthy-ish choices. Poor people don’t get fat eating chicken nuggets sans sugar-sauce; they get fat from eating refined sugar on everything.

        1. Travelling does make it harder but fundamentally money is no excuse. It is laziness that causes people to eat over refined unnatural ‘food’. Unprocessed, real food is actually cheaper as well as being what the body really wants. Sugar is a big part of it but highly refined carbs are also seriously bad for the body and mind.

    2. This.
      I just saw a single head of broccoli for $4.60. At about the cheapest grocer I could find.
      Meat starts at $4-5 a lb for cuts I won’t feed my dog. Hamburger is easily a third on top of that. Don’t even ask what better cuts go for… I have seen $28 mediocre steaks. Good quality, nice cuts are worse.. Small, tough, greying cuts of chuck or flank are $10 and up. Each. Great for braising, at least.
      Chicken is even pricier… I haven’t seen chicken for under $25 for four chicken breasts anywhere but Wal-Mart in ages due to avian flu wipe out. Whole chickens from a decent butcher are crazy. My Christmas turkey could have fed most of a third world country.
      A box of cereal is $8 for the kiddo so I make my own. Cheese is $10 a very small block. And I pay $5 a gallon of milk.
      Fuel is well over $4 a gallon (and it’s cheap right now!) so I don’t drive much. We hit $1.60+ a litre last year, which hurt the budget.
      I dare you to make an entire meal for $5. Even on plain rice. Air, maybe.
      It’s easy being poor in Canada, for sure. I converted most things to imperial for the yanks.
      So I bought a cow.

  15. Seriously, plus places like McDonalds are fucking DISGUSTING. The only people that eat there anymore are poor ass illegals. Cooking is easy and it should be a side hobby for every guy.I can cook a number of bomb ass meals for like 5-6 bucks that will fill you up and have a day or two worth of leftovers.

    1. I do the math in my head every time I buy the makings of my family’s Saturday night meal. I get them from a small grocery shop near me that sells quality food at reasonable prices.
      For a family of 4 it costs me around $20. So $5 a person. About the same amount as McDonalds but eating much better.
      The equivalent tab at a high end restaurant would cost about $100.

      1. Yep. Actually, I have a question for you:
        My husband’s eating habits are absolutely disgusting, and he’s put on about 40lbs since we married 5 years ago. I’m concerned for his health and, I have to admit it, not too pleased with the aesthetics. I’m far from perfect, but I work very hard to maintain my fitness level and eat well. I do 90% of the cooking in the house, and while I’m not a master shelf, as of late I’ve become quite creative and experimental in the kitchen. New, healthy, recipes being tried all the time. The problem is he just won’t eat half of it. It’s like he’s a junkie for fast food. I’ve honestly never seen anything like it, and it costs us a friggin fortune for HIM to order crap I don’t eat. Not sure how to approach the subject without sounding preachy, and I also don’t want to hurt his feelings with respect to his weight gain. I’ve already tried the “I’m really concerned about your long term health” route, to no avail. Any tips would be greatly appreciated.

        1. i’d try getting him to move a bit. If there’s children involved, get him to understand they’ll like a good example.
          Trust me, junk food never feels good. Find the healthy meats he likes and just put a side of salad with it. Keep it simple, guys like simple.
          In the end, there are very few fat old people.

        2. Thanks. I think you’re on to something with “getting him to move” . He’s asked that we joint a gym after Xmas (along with all the other hoards lol!) I already work out in our building’s gym but he seems to think paying for it will motivate him more. He wants me to join with him, and I’m ok with it. I’m a fiend for exercise so it will just mean I work out by myself and also with him in the evenings. If he’s serious about exercising, he’ll soon learn crappy food won’t cut it. Fingers crossed. Also, maybe I’m being too experimental in the kitchen, I’ll go back to the basics 🙂 Sincere thanks. Nice to get a man’s perspective.

        3. No problem.
          For now, watch YouTube for beginner HIIT (high intensity interval training). No equipment needed and you work up a sweat.
          I find that after exercise I hate putting shitty food in my body. Hopefully he’ll feel the same.
          And yes, simple meals. I like muscle milk after workouts. I won’t go into nutrition since it sounds like you’re on to it already.
          Also after he’s exercised, treat him like a man. If you can take the sweat.

  16. Good article. I started cooking for myself over 5 years ago and only go out to eat when I am to lazy to do dishes.
    A good rule of thumb when shopping is keep to the outer perimeter of the store. This is where you’ll find the fresh produce, deli items, fresh meats, dairy and frozen goods. When you shop on the inner isles your going to find highly processed and preserved food. loaded with sugars and salts (the preserving components).
    Fresh > Frozen > canned.
    The other trick that took me a long time to understand is buying foods that work in various recipes and trying to use them fast enough before they spoil.
    For beginners I recommend getting a crock-pot (slow cooker). Making stews, casseroles, and whole meals is easier that way initially and can feed you for a few days.
    Doesn’t hurt to watch Food Network on Netflix for inspiration and basic understanding of foods.

    1. Add YouTube as well for recipes.
      With the internet, there really is no excuse for a man or especially a woman to learn how to cook.

  17. Average weight for american woman is now up to 160 lbs, compared to 125 lbs during marilyn monroe’s generation. That’s middle weight boxer category.

    1. I hate to say it. But White males have let me down. They used to maintain the standard that kept these women in line. i.e the waistline!! They’ve gone soft on the women. This is why the women don’t fear having that extra cream filled latte from Starbucks. Start kicking their asses again!!

      1. So you are saying that by while males empoweing white females to feel good about being fat. Non white females have decided “if they can be fat then we can be fat”

        1. Non-white female standards fell off the charts a long time ago. Non recoverable. I always looked toward white women as maintaining some standard for an example of “see you can do this too” .But when the white women loose it……Good Lord, we’re done! Please get those white women back in line!!!

        2. Ever notice how cultures where feminism is the strongest have the fattest women? Correlates in america.

        3. I haven’t noticed. I ‘m stuck in America with the mini-blimps. These women are disgusting.

  18. update: coworker, while eating a combo lunch special from take out Chinese joint just asked me, mouth half full, what kind of vitamins and supplements I take. smh. Everyone wants a shortcut.

    1. That sounds like a problem there. I don’t think I would be able to contain my look of disgust.

  19. Why the dissing on fast food? Ok it’s not the healthiest, but again, it’s not like they’re shovelling double-double bacon burgers down your throat. Just buy a cheeseburger and small fries, oh and water instead of soda. Rather than supersize.

    1. Nutritionally it doesnt offer much, and think of any other food where they are advertising so much? Ive never seen an ad for Broccoli and carrots…

  20. Average American worker makes 23k a year or 1916 a month or just under 12$ an hour. Deduct 35% for state and federal tax or 670. Your left with roughly 1200. Average rent in my state is around 1k plus utilities for a 1 bedroom apt. Your lucky if you can find something less. That leaves 200$. For food and bills. No car payment included. No college debt included etc. On average moderatly cheap healthy food costs between 10-30$ a day. You wonder why everyone is pissed? This is why. Corporate America doesn’t give a fuck about what’s on your table or how you get to work or making sure your living environment is stable. It’s sounds counterproductive because it is. Big business is so far removed from reality and just about making your shareholders as rich as possible as fast as possible with 0 concern or regulation about the long term effects on society. These same corporations lobby to weaken union labor laws and keep the minimum wage minimum while at the same time promoting freedom to do business however they want. Cause and effect. If the majority were middle class like most the rest of the 1st world you’d have healthier eatting. You can live in denial all you want, but numbers are numbers and reality keeps on being reality despite your opinions on it.

      1. Lol. It’s not your boss dumbass it’s your shareholders and federal/ state labor laws. Also I can’t even get it up for a fat bitch. Fucked to many amazing ones to even get stimulated by that shit.
        Why are you so beta as to take everything like a bitch anyway? You’re using adhom attacks because you don’t have a valid arguement. Waste someone else’s time.

        1. You’re the loser whining about society holding you back from eating healthy food. And you call someone else a beta!

        2. Did you just make another account for a 2nd grade comeback? When doing personal attacks make sure you information is relevant or correct. Calling a guy with 8% body fat that can do everything in ido portal unhealthy just makes you sound like an angry butthurt fool. If I was beta I’d be in line with you bitches. Instead I make my own path. Some follow some don’t. So to me your comments are hilarious rather then hurtful like you intend.

  21. With government adding Fluoride into your drinking water, you are going to be running on low thyroid, no way you can lose weight.

  22. Cooking yourself is infinitely easier and cheaper and tastier than eating out. However, the quality of meat being served in America is increasingly poorer and poorer. Do you take ALA and CLA supplements? They used to be natural in beef. Not anymore. Want salmon with all those omega 3s? That’s the farm raised expensive stuff. Yeah it’s worth it but you have to be doing well for yourself financially to eat well. That’s why it’s harder to eat well for guys and chicks ages 18-25 when they actually need to eat well to stay in shape the rest of their life.

  23. I live in China and more particularly, I live on campus at a school. I have access to free food at the cafeteria but more and more I opt out.
    Contrary to common knowledge, Chinese food – REAL Chinese food – is not low in fat. It is high in carbs: they think I am a strange Canadian because I don’t eat rice. Actually, I like rice, but there is too much of it. And it is a complete bitch trying to get enough protein in my diet. I resort to eggs, tofu and ham.
    Sometimes I think their eating habits are a conspiracy by the elite who want to convince them to eat shit. The prevailing opinion is that meat is best when there is lots of skin, bone and fat attached to it. WTF? Chicken wings are more expensive than chicken breasts here.

      1. Truth. I think it is the 60 hour work weeks. Even if you go to a restaurant for a steak dinner you are laying out 15 bucks or so for a rather lame ass steak. At the school cafeteria the students and other teachers load up on the rice.
        But they love fucking duck necks and chicken feet for cripe’s sake. Pig feet, cow tongue and all sorts of crap.

        1. Yea no shit. I saw a documentary about weight gain/loss and they made these people eat 3000+ calories a day. They all gained weight but the Asians actually gained lean mass.
          I gained a shit load of weight eating in china town. They put sugar and corn starch in their food. Along with msg. It is toxic food and its made me racist haha

        2. Most Asian food tastes like shit to me. I don’t like the way they preserve their meats or even cook them. There is one ‘special’ way of cooking chicken in China that makes it smell like urine. It’s foul as fuck.
          Some of the spices in Chinese and Vietnamese food also give me acid reflux.
          I just avoid Asian food in general.

        3. My job is to prepare Chinese students to study in Canada. I was telling my most recent protégé that Chinese food in Canada is a lot better than Chinese food in China. It was a bit comical.
          In China, the vegetable dishes are great but the meat sucks, and you can eat rice or noodle dishes at your peril.
          You can also get an international cuisine. Yesterday I had Malay curry beef. It was delicious.

        4. It is so stupid because Chinese food in Canada is better than Chinese food in China. Right now I would kill for a dish of chicken lo mein or some proper kung pao beef.

        5. I’ve never been to China I’m Australian and the food here tastes good, but it annpys me how they use such shitty ingredients. Like wings and leave the bone in everything. I get why they do it but it’s not really sacrificing much removing it.
          Why do you live there? Compared to Canada, China seems kind of horrible. I figured that’s why so many of them come here. :/

        6. I travelled to Australia a quarter century ago. At the time I really liked Melbourne, but I did the whole circuit up the East coast and down the middle. By some accounts, the place has gone to pot.
          China is a bit of happenstance. I got offered a job here and it was a better deal than what I had in Canada. If you can manage the whole “communist dictatorship” thing, it is actually a nice place to live. It is working out well for me 🙂 https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/6fbbc5a822ad85c2373260eda06c082b4cc1f0fc3f6717dee45afa51efd8e055.jpg

        7. Maybe I am biased because I spent most of my time in Melbourne shacked up with 6 foot, slim, 18 year old blonde. Otherwise, I liked the football games.

        8. HAHAHA that is hilarious and unexpected. You here all these people saying how the Chinese food in the malls is fake and not authentic. Well I guess I know why now

        9. Mind you, the dumplings, steamed buns, and hot & sour soup are better than anything you can get in Canada, with the possible exception of some hole-in-the-wall shops you can find in Chinatown.

    1. Yeah, whole-food carbs don’t make you fat.
      That’s why the only fat Asians you see are those who follow Western fast-food diets.
      Also, take a look at the 80-10-10 diet (80% carbs), everyone I’ve seen on it is lean and full of energy.

      1. I dodge rice and limit my grain intake. I try to keep my carbs in the form of fruit. I am not a saint however and for lunch today I chowed down on a mess of potato salad. Still, all carbs are not equal. Strawberries and bananas strike me as more healthy than white bread et al.
        I will get back to you on the 80-10-10 diet.

  24. This article makes several very good points. I’d like to add that if growing your own produce is an option you should ask older neighbors or the Amish about canning. This last season I produced way more than i could possibly freeze, even with the walk-in freezer I built. As for meats, cities tend to have ethnic areas that house traditional butcher shops. For readers in urban situations I strongly encourage you to give these shops a try over (Cargill) super markets. On the rural side, you know what to do usually.
    The great-grandfather food reference in the article is the key to a healthy diet along with moderation of course. Always read the ingredients of anything and everything you buy. I purchased salt the other day that had anti-caking agents in it, who knew?
    It is not good to see local restaurants with superior food/service/price fail due to my generation and gen-x’s affinity with fast casual dining.

  25. Came into work the other day, chubby colleague eyes me up and down and comments “You are so lucky you’ve stayed skinny all your life.” I answer “Well, I was on the treadmill at 5:30 this a.m. After that I had my green smoothie for breakfast and rode my bike to work. Lunch is homemade and dinner will be the same. So yeah, must be genetic.” She just stared at me blankly, clearly not grasping what I was saying. It’s not hard to stay in shape and eat healthy foods, I’ve been doing it since college. People are just lazy and constantly seeking a quick fix.

      1. Add spinach or other leafy greens to your regular smoothie. I make mine from the following:
        flax seed
        egg white
        skim milk
        Don’t let the colour deter you. You won’t taste the veggies and it’s a great way to get another serving.

  26. Thing is, I don’t even have 50 bucks to work with. I know how to cook, I know how to do it cheaply, but it’s really cheap and easy to cook foods you shouldn’t be eating all the time. For 10 bucks, I can make 10 burritos that include pico de gallo and sour cream but I shouldn’t be eating all that.

    1. For 10 bucks, you can make 20 burritos and load it with beans and corn instead of sour cream. And what’s wrong with pico de gallo?

      1. Nothing’s wrong with pico de gallo. I like pico de gallo and sour cream in my burritos. I don’t see how you can make 20 burritos with all that for 10 bucks. 10ct tortillas are 2 bucks, 20ct is even more. For the amount that I pay for the beef, would almost consume the entire 10 dollar budget (it’s around 4-4.50). One of those only make 10. I would need to buy two. It would technically be feasible with chicken since I can buy a whole roast chicken for 6.

  27. Ps. Drink Guiness, it’s both food and drink in one. Every health pundit says you should be drinking 2 litres of liquid per day 😉

    1. In moderation, your shit will be jet black. The old advert Guinness is good for you isn’t quite true…..I like it in bottles, room temperature, different from draught. Only select watering holes serve good draught and Guinness doesn’t travel well……

  28. The idea you can’t eat healthy is a joke. Most of these whales, if they just ate fruit, black beans, vegetables and some meat would drop weight by the tens of pounds. It is like cigarettes; they are killing themselves and paying someone to help them do it!

  29. I go fucking insane when someone says “good food is expensive”.
    Back in the day you’d have to grow your own crops and hunt. Oh and let’s not forget defend your shit from interlopers. It was literally your only job.
    I just consider the money I spend on higher quality food to be an analog to having to harvest it myself (I actually hunt and have a small garden, but not enough for a family of 4).

        1. *Hat tip*
          That is hard core.
          As a former military man, it is simply too easy to kill things with a rifle.
          Edit: If and when I go out to hunt, it will either be with a bow or a pistol. Totally inefficient but you have to have some sport in it.

        2. I hunt off my back yard which is too small for rifle in my town. Otherwise I prefer rifle.
          With good practice a shot with bow a about 15 yards drops deer pretty quick. They seldom bolt out of my yard.

  30. To my mind, Chris Sarlo wrote the definitive piece on what it means to be “poor” if you live in Canada. The implication is that if you can earn X dollars for a wife and Y number of kids, you are not in poverty but rather can get buy.
    It’s stark and a bit brutal but is a reality check for those who want a $15 an hour minimum wage or welfare that gives you $20k for doing nothing.
    It’s been a while since I read the whole publication but as I recall it goes through meticulous details to illustrate the minimum cost of a healthy diet.

  31. I’m diabetic. When I changed my diet 15 years ago, the “nutritionist” was still telling me to load up on carbs and avoid meat/eggs. Of course, the medical establishment has now accepted what the pioneers were telling us then: low carb is better. And the easiest way to do this is one simple rule: “No white food except milk”. No sugar. No flour. No potatoes. No pasta. (Ya, you can cheat occasionally; I still have fries every couple of months, just don’t do it every day/week). Automatically cuts out most processed foods, and ensures you’re eating more vegetables and fruit.

  32. Everyone is obsessed with fad diets: “more carbs!” “no carbs!” The truth is, fat is a result of the body consuming more calories than it burns. Like over filling your gas tank, the excess spills over. Unlike your gas tank however, all mammals have the ability to store the excess fuel as fat, and this is an evolutionary response to compensate when food sources are scarce. Of course in the West there is never a scarcity, so the fat gets stored indefinitely, and the health problems follow. Calories are a unit of energy. Ergo, 1 calorie of fast food crap is the same as 1 calorie of nutritional food. A pound of steel weighs the same as a pound of aluminum, despite their size and properties being very different. When you eat good nutritious food, your body satisfies its energy needs with less calories than when you eat crappy food. But either way, excess fat on the body means you are consuming more calories than you need. Period.

  33. Easy, healthy dinner in 4 steps:
    1) Heat oven to 450 degrees and put water in a pot, filled to 1/3. Set burner to medium and let water come to a boil.
    2) Chop a large quantity of carrots, broccoli and kale and place into steam basket (do this while waiting for oven/water).
    3) Place some type of white fish fillets (I like haddock) into oven on a cookie sheet. Simultaneously place steam basket onto pot.
    4) Bake/steam for 30 minutes. Eat your wonderfully nutritious dinner and feel pride knowing you cooked for yourself and didn’t need a wife to do it for you.

    1. Ya forgot some melted butter and season salt for the fish. Garlic powder too. Light lemon juice and some basil/parsley flakes.

  34. The food desert scheme is just one more individual responsibity shift to “benevolent” government, as in the poor dears can’t help themselves so we (taxpayers) have to help them or else you’re a terrible meanie who only cares about him/herself.

  35. It’s isn’t hard to eat well but it does take discipline.
    I found this guys site 2.5 years ago and haven’t looked back. This guy tells it like it is around diet excercise etc. Bottom line it does take hard work and discipline but I thoroughly enjoy my time in the gym primarily lifting. Pumping iron and listening to metal where nobody can reach me……..

  36. Some of the healthiest food is the cheapest. If you don’t eat for gratification and just concentrate on keeping alive and fit. And it’s surprising how little food we actually need to survive. Get bags of beans, eggs, bulk vegetables, etc. Something that surprised me recently was a food program our state has for low income mothers. They get checks for certain food items to use at grocery stores. The list of approved items are cheap, but they’re garbage food. Granted it’s free food, but they’d actually not spend that much money buying more nutritious stuff. Maybe one of the reasons they’re low-income people is because they don’t have the where withal to think critically.

  37. 1. “Balanced” diet? Of what? This is FDA food pyramid nonsense speak.
    2. MSG is a naturally-occurring substance that has zero link to any health problems.
    3. This is anatomically wrong: “And I can give you my personal promise that, if you combine this diet
    with daily exercise, you will lose weight and, for the most part, retain
    your muscle mass as well (meaning “As well as you would on a
    specialized ‘cutting’ diet
    ).” – I hate to break this to you, but in order to drop body fat, you have to drop calorie consumption. This also means loss of muscle. It’s unavoidable.
    Another winner.

  38. Stupid people have this weird idea about nutrition that it’s complicated and involves a lot of tricky cooking and produce selection. I blame TV cooking shows. You can live on nothing but 2% milk and boiled potatoes almost indefinitely. Go ahead, go do the analysis. It’s a perfectly healthy diet costing, what, $3.50 a day? There are multiple food combos along these lines that work and are fairly cheap and are very minimal on cooking. Hell, you can walk into a 7-11 or CVS and buy cheese and orange juice and hard-boiled eggs. You could eat nothing but that for years in the 7-11 parking lot before developing any problems. Zero cooking involved. If you ate a quarter-pounder from mcdonalds every few weeks or so the meat would probably be enough to round out any deficiencies.
    Eating well in terms of nutrition is super cheap and easy. Not being fat is a simple matter of discipline.

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