The Awesome Temporary Power Of Young Attractive Women

More than once, a woman has told me that at some point in her forties, she became invisible. Before then, she was accustomed to walking down the street and having men smile at her. People were so kind almost everywhere she went. In stores, she was warmly treated. In a bar or coffee shop, strangers would approach her and start up a conversation. Like some 1950s advertisement, the world was full of friendly waves and welcoming nods. This is the magic spell of being a young attractive female. It is an awesome power, but one that most women are largely unaware of until the day it finally disappears.

Actually, We Do Know The Power Of The Dark Side

The allure of a pretty, young woman is substantial, and men struggle to resist it. I’ve often thought that cheerleading would decline in popularity among high school girls if they knew exactly what was in the minds of the men who saw them in those outfits. As all men know, it is sexual. If you are a slender, pretty, teenage cheerleader, every man you encounter wants to have sex with you. None of us care one iota about your cheer, your spirit, or your acrobatics. The whole thing is a joke; we want to look at your pussy. The fourteen-year-old passing you in the hallway at school, your male teachers, your classmates, your father’s friends, the bus driver, even the old men in the nursing home where you volunteer, we all want to fuck you.

When you’re up there with your pom-poms shouting, “Go Team!” we are thinking the most nasty things you can imagine—anal sex, bondage, cumming on your face, you name it. If you encounter about 1000 men between the ages of 13 and 80 over the course of your year, probably 80% of them are fantasizing about having sex with you. Yes, your classmates are masturbating ferociously and craving you with great intensity. We may act nonchalantly in your presence, but that is not how we feel behind closed doors.

If you are young and attractive, every man who smiles as he passes you on the street is thinking one thing: “I want to fuck that girl.” We do not smile out of kindness, not in the way we would smile at a puppy or a little kid. As you walk by, raw sexual images are what we envision. Fortunately, men have a modicum of willpower. Although a pretty sixteen-year-old might flirt with her teacher, virtually all men in that situation will resist temptation. But, oh boy would there be temptation! Every year, a few highly successful men in positions of power risk everything just to have sex with an attractive young female.

You’ve Won The Lottery

You float through life in a way that others can’t even imagine. Everyone is so darn nice to you. We are nice because we want to fuck you. That is the only reason. But you think that people are genuinely nice, that the world is nice. The guy at the Abercrombie store was so patient and helpful. He wanted to bang you in the dressing room. The 50 year old man at the DMV who failed you on your driver’s test was so sorry about it, apologizing in the kindest manner. He couldn’t pass you, but he so wanted you to suck his civil servant cock. This is how it goes. You believe you have earned your received kindness based on hard work and character. That is incorrect. It is only by virtue of the body you inhabit.

 Take Off Your Makeup, The Party’s Over

But one day, you become invisible. The store clerk is impatient. No one cuts you any slack. People become professional, distant, businesslike. No one smiles at you in the street. You have lost your magic power and that loss comes with aging.

Now you are living in the real world as it is actually lived by most people. You have awoken from a dream and every kindness shown to you has to be earned. Nothing is free any longer. I think about the conversations I’ve had with women in their late 40s and beyond. There are no good men. Why can’t I find a man? Where have all the men gone? Well, ladies, the “good men” are out there trying to sleep with much younger women. I think to myself, you know how lonely and desperately horny you feel right now? Aching to have even a semi-attractive, non-disgusting man want to spend time with you and make love to you? Well, this is payback for when you were young and had a sea of men in your orbit. You flirted with them and wasted their time. You mocked them for their horniness and neediness. Now you know their suffering. It is your just retribution.

Always Depend On The Cruelty of Strangers

Young pretty women often giggle or laugh at the notion that a man is impacted by them, that someone else feels longing, pain, and suffering when they are around. To these women, a man’s decision to like them seems an arbitrary choice, as if he were deciding, “oh, I think I’ll have roast beef instead of chicken.” In fact, a man has no power over what compels him. His attraction is raw, visceral, and when not reciprocated, painful. No man would put on a tuxedo, tuck a copy of Bride magazine under his arm, and flirt with a group of unattractive, overweight 34-year-old women. We would see the cruelty in it. But a young pretty girl may have no qualms about teasing the men she encounters by pretending to offer up what they want. A man’s memory for this behavior is long, and some will enjoy the revenge which comes from becoming a particularly cruel player.

Once I was at a party when two very nice looking, beautifully dressed women in their late forties approached me to flirt. Soon, they started commenting on the lack of good men. Normally, I would just smile and shrug, usually saying something like, “Who knows where they are? Perhaps hiding under a rock or stuck in the sofa cushions?” This time, however, I said that I know where the good men are. They are attempting to have sexual intercourse with women twenty years younger. I said that it is a fact of human biology that high quality men are just not interested in women their age. They were surprisingly reasonable and admitted that I was correct.

Many men hate the fact that attractive young women cast a spell over us. Unless you inhabit a horny man’s body, you can’t even begin to appreciate how intensely a beautiful woman affects us, how we struggle to stay focused when you are around. Maybe one reason men seek to be players is that it helps weaken your power over us. We dislike that your very presence draws our attention to thoughts of fucking, no matter what we may need to accomplish at the moment. We resent that you have it so easy in life just because you are thin and pretty, whereas we have to earn every kindness that comes our way. You say life has not been that easy. You complain that your boyfriend cheated on you, but an older woman has no boyfriend. You complain that you got in trouble at work for your performance, but a less attractive woman never got hired in the first place.

Trading Places

Here’s a secret for us men. Ever wonder what it is like to have people treat you extra nicely and warmly? It’s easy. Just get a good haircut and put on a moderately expensive, well-tailored suit and tie. Women will not automatically want to have sex with you, so the comparison is not perfect, but walk down the street. People will smile at you. Go into a store. Buy a pack of gum. Approach a stranger and ask for directions. The world will treat you better.

Sadly, for aging women, there is no suit they can put on. Botox and plastic surgery will never elevate you back to the exalted position of a pretty girl under age 30. Perhaps you can take comfort in knowing that you once held enormous power over men, but now it is some other woman’s turn to possess  it, however fleetingly.

Photo Gallery

Two different women: one at 26 and another at age 44. Only the younger one affects us.

A 26 and a 44 year old woman

Only 16 years separate this 26-year-old and this 42-year-old, but the difference in how men see them is dramatic.


Can an older woman be beautiful? Absolutely, as these lovely women ages 70, 84, and 97 demonstrate. But we view them with respect and admiration, not—of course—in any sensual way. Who wouldn’t want a nice grandmother like this?


If you are a young man, you just don’t look like a sexual object to most women. However, to quote a popular meme, “It gets better.” Stay in shape and with every passing year, your odds will improve. Even at age 45, you’ll be bagging chicks aplenty.


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565 thoughts on “The Awesome Temporary Power Of Young Attractive Women”

      1. Imagine a bottle of 30yr old wine…. now imagine a 30yr old bottle of milk…. which would you care to drink, good Sir?

    1. thats bulls** if you are older than young women your age will always be a minus after a certain gap, who cares if you are desirable to 35 year old women at 35?
      let alone declining health, and more responsibilities.
      its better to fix this shit while the next generation is young and find a way to slow down aging for everyone rather than calculate who looses less. its stupid.
      so far the status is: curing diseases caused by aging while adapting society around it and counting time… how clever.
      luckily the situation changes.
      don’t be happy that women loose more and you loose less, both still loose out.

      1. “women loose more and you loose less”
        Yes, with time, women do get pretty loose down there.

        1. and men get wrinkly balls and erectile dysfunctions… but let me guess… that’s beautiful? lmao

    2. Heheheh. Two more things post-wall women buy a lot. The wine is for them, the milk is for the cats. Coincidence? I think not.

    3. It’s not really true though… literally no young women like older men unless they look like Brad Pitt. You gain belly weight, lose muscle mass, your skin becomes loose, sometimes mottled from alcohol, your skin goes pink and deeply rutted with wrinkles, some of you get nasty ass teeth, some of you bald, erectile dysfunctions… if that’s what fine wine tastes like i’m on the cider…

  1. “I said that it is a fact of human biology that high quality men are just not interested in women their age. They were surprisingly reasonable and admitted that I was correct.”
    As the critically acclaimed actor Will Smith once said after punching a hideous alien in the face, “Welcome to Earf.”

    1. i love how you judge the worth of a man based on what woman he can get… you don’t know how to be individuals like us!

  2. The accumulated filth of all their sex with dark triad Alphas and gold-digging shenanigans will foam up about their waists and all the dried up former beauty queens and wall-slammers will look up and shout “Save us!”…and I’ll whisper…. “no.”

    1. You know most women don’t long to be saved by anyone, right?
      What sorta fucked up website did I land on??? Is this real life???

        1. You don’t call me dumbass. Insulting people you’ll never see shows that you are a coward.

      1. This is the site that purports that women are best for sex, children and domestic duties, but nothing else. Men are “obviously” the superior sex. If you disagree, you’re a deluded progressive told lies by the always wrong college system. Any woman who hasn’t had 9 children and clings submissively to a husband by her 30s is a “desperate ugly hag” whose only possible life path is loneliness and depression. No, it is clearly impossible for ANYONE with a vagina to derive satisfaction in life from anything but domestic chores and popping out kids.
        Tl;DR The articles regarding women at all on here are steeped in desperation and loathing, in varying degrees. Some of the articles that don’t take gender into account so much can be informative, like fitness/historical/political ones, but don’t expect a balanced opinion to be served on ones like this.

        1. “This is the site that purports that women are best for sex, children and
          domestic duties, but nothing else. Men are “obviously” the superior
          sex. If you disagree, you’re a deluded progressive told lies by the
          always wrong college system. Any woman who hasn’t had 9 children and clings submissively to a husband by her 30s is a “desperate ugly hag” whose only possible life path is loneliness and depression. No, it is
          clearly impossible for ANYONE with a vagina to derive satisfaction in
          life from anything but domestic chores and popping out kids.”
          An overstatement, but it’s nice to see you have a good grasp of reality there. Too bad your second paragraph shows a lack of insight.

        2. Desperation and loathing? Everything you said on the first paragraph is close but you say it like it’s a bad thing.
          I suppose when women talk about all men being rapists and evil isn’t desperation and loathing?
          Free speech learn it. I’m appalled how a democracy that once stood for free speech is now a feminist tyranny that silences all those with a differing opinion.

        3. “Free speech learn it. I’m appalled how a democracy that once stood for free speech is now a feminist tyranny that silences all those with a differing opinion.”
          If you believe in things like democracy and free speech then you’re a feminist. Any society that tries to move away from monarchy and theocracy will just end up committing suicide with a Barack Obama figure. You can’t have your cancer and not of die of it too.

        4. I’m pretty grateful not to have to have a billion children. In the olden days the average woman had 13 kids in her lifestyle… imagine the piles… the so called childless hags will still be looking 20 aged 40 because their bodies won’t be destroyed by childbirth.

  3. “Boy when your looks go, you’re dead. You’re dead!” Bud Bundy to his sister, Kelly Bundy, whenever she talked to reveal how dumd she truly was, numerous times-Married with Children

    1. I googled pictures of Christina Applegate just now. She grew into a very beautiful woman, and is still very attractive now at 42. However, at 42, as pretty as she still is, you can see the effects of aging, not just against her younger pictures, but just in general. I am 49, and would bang her if I could, but I’d rather date a 30 year old 6 or 7 than date a 42 year old age relative 9.

      1. you do realize Christina applegate had a double mastectomy right? you might be surprised what you find under her top

  4. Women not just lose their looks, but they get baggage such as kids and divorces. Or if they don’t get kids and divorces, they’re just flat-out hard, in a way that a fresh 20 y.o. is not.
    Men are the forever young sex, and we should always remember that. We may die earlier, but our lives are fuller. Women, OTOH, spend half their lives (from age 40 to 80, give or take) being grannies or crazy cat ladies.

    1. Not to mention vindictive, spiteful, mean, suspicious…
      Older women should do the world a favor and just off themselves. They serve zero purpose to society.

      1. In a traditional society, an older woman’s value is evident in her ability to train and advise her daughters and granddaughters in the duties of motherhood. She nurtures her family and does what she can to support her husband, sons and grandsons.
        Today, an older woman is a conduit for wealth transfer from employers, past husbands or the government to the medical industrial complex.
        Buy shares in biomed and pet food companies.

        1. Fantastic fiscal advice I picked up, in this same vein: “Go long on vibrators and Little Friskies.”

      2. I once read a manosphere blogger that asked the question: If men are disposable because they can’t gestate a baby, even though they perform almost every other socially useful function, then why are we not sending menopausal women out to clear mine feilds by tapping with their toes? “

        1. Nobody said all men are disposable. I mean technically we are all disposable. The worlds so over populated there’s always enough people to cover the jobs lost when a load of us die. Harsh but true.

      3. I think older men should off themselves. I love older women, they make me feel good, they serve a purpose to me, they employ me, care for me, advise me! They nurture… hell my mum nurtures everyone around her, i’m lazy af compared to her. Older men just act entitled and creep on girls who don’t like them and accidentally run people over in their delivery trucks cause they’re watching porn at the wheel.

    2. also you never get involved with a divorcee. she knows the court system and the cops and most likely used both to get the upper hand in divorce. she knows the system and you’re best bet is to let them do whatever it is they want just not with you

  5. Attractive women think they have all the time and options in the world since there is no shortage of thirsty men begging to bang them in their 20’s. Then they hit the dreaded 30’s and the attention starts to drop off. It’s no wonder they’re all in therapy and/or on meds to dull the pain.

    1. “…It’s no wonder they’re all in therapy and/or on meds to dull the pain.”
      That’s because it’s a complete and total ‘culture shock’ to them, because they’ve NEVER experienced it before in their lives — so they have an incredibly hard time handling it.
      OTOH, we men have been living with it all of our lives, so we just shake it off like a duck repels water.

      1. This did not happen in the past because there were older women guiding them that let them know what was coming and warned them to make hay while the sun shined. Now Feminism has replaced the wise mother and grandmother that used to give good advice. We all know how well Feminism has worked for women.

        1. i get told a billion times a day that ‘beauty fades’ and blah blah blah. The truth is it doesn’t fade as quickly as it used to. Women in their 30’s these days are hot. And the reality is we have all suffered i life so there is no culture shock. Most attractive girls were bullied in school by dumb boys who were scared to admit they liked hem, we all have been victims at the hands of jealous girls and guys angry you rejected them, and many men love ‘taking you down a peg’ to teach you a lesson that your looks don’t count. Plus the amount of disgusting sexual predators we deal with… you have it easy!

        2. The older guys that women in their 30s want have 0 interest in them and will go after younger women.

      2. Yeah cause no attractive young woman has ever been rejected, bullied or treated badly before… p-lease. I’d also suggest researching how many women are on meds. I’ve been told by my friends parents their 30’s were a happier time than their 20’s cause you’re so insecure and unsure of yourself in your 20’s and you have no money.

  6. Nature is cruel to women..very very cruel. They dont understand that all that power comes with a price. And that there is a reason they have it. In great power lies great responsibility you didnt get it to attentionwhore on the dancefloor with your iphone. You have great power now because later you have none. Men have some power now but it won’t dwindle to nothing. It’s a simple equation.

    1. The male with 1 woman sacrifices his 60+ years of potential partnership with more attractive younger females in order to raise the offspring of the 1 woman. I have to wonder what childless women think they can possibly offer a man once they are 40 or 50 and there’s no biological link between them (children, grandchildren). In other words, why in the world would a 50 year old man stick with a 50 year old woman unless for the (deserved) chivalrous payment for bearing his children?

      1. Yeah, and then you see online dating profiles of women who are 50 years plus, saying “only looking for serious relationship” or shit like that. ‘Serious’? Really? And what will make it serious? Like you are gonna give a guy a few kids now that you’re 55? LOLZ

        1. Usually means I want you to pay for my overseas vacations and make up the difference in my retirement fund because I spent it all on shoes and shit

        2. why do you have to have kids to be in a relationship? you’re SO sexist… i hope you rot in hell

        3. “why do you have to have kids to be in a relationship? you’re SO sexist… i hope you rot in hell”
          A whore and her regular customer(s) have a “relationship.” Marriage, on the other hand, is all about children, or at least, the potential for them.

      2. Yeah, if it can’t be f*cked it’s useless. Women can’t offer anything else but their vaginas and brats.
        I don’t see a reason why a beautiful young female would raise children of only 1 man. each man canpay alimony, you’re paying her for the job, why would you be the only employer. There are many men beautiful strong young men there, you aren’t even 1 of them otherwise you woldn’t be here whining
        You’re denying the law of nature.

      3. Or maybe(and this is going to sound crazy, hold onto your tinfoil hat!) not every single guy 50+ just wants to spend his year banging “hot young chicks”. Fleeting desires? Sure, they’ll always exist. But some guys would rather live with someone with equal experience and equal intelligence/personality to offer. They might physically prefer and desire younger women, but when it comes to who satisfies them emotionally and psychologically more, mature women within the same age range are sometimes better.

        1. Although, ironically, They’d be even happier banging that hot young chick and then satisfy their conversational needs with other men. Of course, that’s why the first thing feminism attacked was men’s clubs and men-only spaces, in order to perpetuate the concept that their middle-aged bodies and worthless brains were somehow suitable for meeting men’s ’emotional and psychological needs’.
          It’s a good scam.

        1. Of course we think! We probably think more than you. In fact, since you’re constantly learning and your brain cells haven’t started dying just yet, you’re probably more intelligent as a young woman than as an older one.

        2. hilarious. you are going to be crying like all the women do when they are old that those same “old ugly” men have 0 interest in you when you are the same age range as those men

    2. Nature may be cruel to women as their looks hit the wall….. but that same nature is equally cruel to men by imparting in us barely-controllable lust at the age where we are not equipped to deal with it, and the women around us are not willing to satisfy it.
      But mother nature is a cruel ironic bitch…. and as we all know, women hate women.

      1. no historically women have married/given birth around 14 with the man being just a little older. the concept of men reaching 30+ before the sexual value apex is is entirely novel and a forced byproduct of society, whereas female SMV peak is still 14-23ish

        1. at that time girls only started puberty at 14… I’d say 17-25
          a lot of time in an age where death risk was totaly uncoupled from the rate of aging.
          guys even today don’t reach their physiological peak until 21 or so so yeah pairings of 20something guys 20~year old girls were the norm

        2. the concept of men reaching 30+ before the sexual value apex is is entirely novel and a forced byproduct of society,
          Hardly. The ancient Greek philosophers had the same opinion.
          And in my own case, I’d have to agree with them.

        3. Actually Aristotle wrote on the subject about the ideal age for women to get married is 18 while the ideal age for a man is 37. So its NOT a new concept.

        4. even among apes in the wild middle aged males have much higher value in the sexual market over younger males
          hence the term ‘silverback’

        5. I love that Aristotle said that and it comes to mind often! Heh, he was onto something for sure. The fact that people in our society suspiciously view men in their late 30s pursuing younger women 18 to even late 20s(!) as “creepers” (lovely sexist term embraced in mainstream American culture) or in a negative light goes to show how much older women do have power, right? I mean only haggard women past their prime are advantaged by demonizing sexuality and making younger women hooking up with older guys so taboo. If you’re around younger women you damn well know they’re often attracted to much older men.

        6. Correction from an evolutionary biologist here: 1 male who raised in ranks, but plenty of other older males are kicked to the curb. The same goes to the lion prides. One dominant male ( sometimes 2-4 males, depends on prides size) for a couple of years, then replaced by younger, stronger males, who kill the previous males cubs. So males in the nature are time sensitive too. In humans, don’t forget, the mother usually has a much stronger connection with the offspring, that means if the father doesn’t invest time to get to know his kids and support them, then in his advanced age he may wind up alone.. Young females follow much older males with one and only one purpose- resources. Once she dwindles his resources for “shoes and shit” she moves on. She also usually cheats behind his back ( know plenty of real life examples). It all evens out somewhere, women are not left alone- if a wise invester, she’s left with kids who will take care of her.

        7. That’s not true scientifically. Women are most fertile aged 20-35. In the Renaissance period the average age to start your period was aged 16. So how are 14 year old’s… whose bones aren’t even fused yet.. who aren’t even fully grown at their sexual peak!? That’s so misinformed. This sort of damaging information is allowing paedophilia to become mainstream.

        1. Nature is a cruel bitch (i.e. a woman) that cares not one whit about the happiness of any of us. Women are given their power and we are given our horniness for one reasonand one reason only; to procreate. In a natural world this works better (not that mother nature gives a shit). In our modern mechanised and chemically treated world the SMP is so twisted that all outcomes pretty much suck.

        2. If it’s so shit shouldn’t we be trying to support each other instead of destroy each other? Our ‘power’ honestly feels very far from a power when all it does it make people focus on our looks, not our personality or talents or brains. When we have to deal with being punished just for someone feeling attracted to us and us not feeling it back. For people trying to exploit our youth and innocence, for us trying to be forced to do disgusting things we don’t wanna do? We don’t make up the top billionaires, we have less powerful job roles in society, we are judged harsher in every way. How can we really be the cause of your problems? How? We aren’t even responsible for mot crime or wars or anything.

      2. Good thing is when men are “barely legal” they are so horny but moneyless, soooo they will fuck whatever moves, even a 50+ women. Only difference, as a 50+ woman I can be fucked for free, whereas a man same age would have to pay for sex. The older the man the more he has to pay! Boo yaa!!! I win!!!

      3. Mother Nature may be a cruel ironic bitch, but FATHER TIME is far worse to both genders, as Death affects us both.

    3. Ever heard of male pattern baldness. Not all men age well either
      and also, ever heard of Milfs?

      1. I have male-pattern-baldness… I’ve also been shaving my head for years… I’m looking better at 45 than I did at 25.

        1. You clearly have NO idea. I shaved my head at 35, right after i got out of the Navy, and got more high-quality variety pussy in one month than I had in my entire life before that.
          Even today, in my mid-40s, i consistently get a LOT more than I got in my 30’s, and an order of magnitude more than I got in my 20’s.
          Men age like wine. Women age like milk.

        2. You are full of shit, if you really had a life you would not have time to come up with all this shit.

        3. Unlikely. all the young girls i know take the piss out of bald men… you chat shit and you know it. Beer bellies, balding, sagging skin, wrinkles, rotten teeth don’t loo pretty on men or women. Stop fantasising.

    4. i don’t have any power… i’m young and most men are attracted to me, but i can’t find a job, i have no friends, i’ve been beaten and raped before, i’m always lonely, no one loves me or wants to stay with me… i’m powerless… so i’m paying a price for nothing… pooh someone wants to fuck me.. no that doesn’t equate power when i don’t want to fuck them back!

  7. Nature offers us human beings some interesting dynamics in our attractions to each other.
    While women between ages 15 – 30 (unless fat) will generally not experience any sexual frustration, they will certainly feel the sting of not being able to lock down a truly attractive alpha man. Women are not happy to settle, they make a front like they are happy but are actually eaten away at the soul.
    The ONLY way to win ‘girl world’ is not to become a lawyer, not to marry some schlub, not to become the best feminist possible but it’s to lock down a rich, genuine, commitment minded ALPHA man and have KIDS.
    I think it’s overall easier for a man to grow happier than it is for a woman.

    1. women are never happy… at the end of the day with their periods and their pussy and sitting down to pee and their floppy tits, they all feel gross, and once they squeeze out a couple of puppies they feel even more gross… this is the big female secret and the reason why they wear makeup, perfume, lingerie, heels etc…..
      they are scared they look fat, scared their pussy smells, embarrassed their tits are uneven…
      women are like used car salesmen, pushing out used shiny products with little resale value.

      1. women are like used car salesmen, pushing out used shiny products with little resale value.
        Comment of the day. This is about as true and plain as I ever heard it put. Straight up wisdom.

        1. “Man, are you gay?”
          Thank you for demonstrating your intellectual superiority for all to see.

        2. Gay men shouldn’t be discussing women. It’s much like vEgan discussing steaks – they don’t know shit about it yet aim to offend. In fact, women wear make-up and lingerie to reinforce sexual superstimuli for those who are attracted to females.

      2. As I heard someone mention on a show, they all want the über wealthy Rockstar. Now, look at Keith Richards latest gal…..STILL wasn’t happy.(suicide)

      3. Women are only happy if they’re complaining. Why do you think they divorce nice, docile betas?

    2. i think women can be happy, they need be convinced to settle for a man that takes care of them, and realize that the Alpha will not settle for them. If women punched their weight, or a little below, they could be happy. The problem is feminism tells them they can have it all, and there are no more grandma’s saying “yes, Beta Ben is boring sometimes, but he takes care of you and treats you well, shut your cockholster and be happy”
      In other words, a good woman needs someone there to shoot her everyday of her life.

      1. “a good woman needs another woman there to shoot her everyday of her life.”

      2. toxic modern entertianment industry that portrays all these attractive wealthy male models is also to blame
        they set unreasonably high standards that 99.999% of men can never meet

        1. i hope your entire family gets murdered you worthless inbred texan piece of shit

      3. The irony is all you men complaining women won’t settle for less… you’re clearly all single… that’s why you’re complaining… and you won’t settle for less. You think anyone who isn’t 12 years old forever with perfect looks and just the right personality isn’t good enough for you

    3. I love it that the guys here think it’s easier to get sex aged 15 than 31… wtf… we were all dorky kids back then…

    1. she hit the wall so fucking hard she knocked herself out.
      looks like a old dried up fembot hippie. shame

      1. She is gay, maybe that’s why she gave up with her looks… women aren’t as judgemental.

    2. That fucking jaw though…. looks like it could be andy samberg’s cross-dressing dad.

      1. Ironically, she now looks like the stereotypical elderly lesbian; what a coincidence.

    3. GAH!!
      Women certainly go through a rollercoaster in their lives. She’s now almost anti-visible, as if i would actively attempt not to see her.

    4. My God, there may never be a better example of why it’s better to be a man in the long run than this. That is absolutely stunning.

      1. You most likely do not look like Tom Cruise lmao. He was the best looking man in the world in the 90’s.

    5. Tom cruise was already quite a bit younger than her as it was but he’s also rare. He not only is 4 billion times better looking than pretty much all men naturally, but he looks after his appearance. But now he’s in his 50’s he’s starting to show signs of ageing also. Unlike you though he respects women, like Channing Tatum, actual handsome men tend to respect women.

  8. Thus is the basic disrespect of feminism.
    You give us the ten years of your youth. we repay you by supporting you for the forty years afterwards.
    Feminists waste the ten years of youth, and then expect the following forty years of loyalty.
    THAT is why, when the end comes, vocal feminists and ex-sluts deserve to be turned into reactor shielding. I sure as hell won’t protect a woman over 30… in fact, if she’s a slut, I won’t protect one over twenty, since she’s already wasted several years that should have been mine.

    1. Nature’s first green us gold.
      Pity women forgot that. Used to be, they were called spinsters…

    2. By age twenty, if she was unmarried she was a unmarriageable spinster. I read somewhere that the minimum age of consent was pushed up by feminists so that men were forced to look at the twenty-plus crowd and the unmarried got their second chance.

      1. If you think kids and teenagers dating middle-aged men is a good idea, try reading “Lolita”, or just taking a gander at Erikson’s model of life stages.

        1. Lolita is fiction from an already psychologically broken world.
          Now that I consider it, so is Erikson’s model.

        2. Child pornography is an 8 billion dollar industry. Plenty of nasty old men wanna fuck children. This is the gross world we live in.

      2. my mum is 50 and still hasn’t been through the menopause… we’re ageing at a slower rate, so there is no need to force immature little girls (your personality isn’t fully formed until you’re 25) into marriage, i’m 20 and can remember how stupid i was at 17… i’ve learnt so much since then… i’m so glad that was never my fate… i get better grades than all the boys in my class

        1. If you’re still talking about getting better grades than all the boys in your class, then you still have a world of learning to do. I believe you have maxed out already though.

        2. “there is no need to force immature little girls (your personality isn’t fully formed until you’re 25) into marriage, i’m 20 and can remember how stupid i was at 17… i’ve learnt so much since then… i’m so glad that was never my fate… i get better grades than all the boys in my class”
          A woman is supposed to be married off young enough that her personality can be shaped by her husband.
          Your grammar and spelling are atrocious. I don’t see how you can be bragging about having “i’ve learnt so much since then” and getting better grades than the boys in your class. I have children, less than half your age, who write better than you. What are you “studying,” who is “teaching” you, and where is the funding coming from?

        3. So you’re saying we shouldn’t be allowed our own identity? that we should be property and demanded to think things? Ok.. you’re not a sociopath at all…

    3. In the commodity of marriage, Women TRADE their YOUTH and BEAUTY for LOVE and COMMITMENT.
      Women in their 40’s are bankrupt.

        1. “and they’re still happy”
          Yeah sure, toots. Keep on drinking the cool-aid. Meanwhile, I will be banging women in their 20’s like your pussy step-dad wishes he was.

        2. Literally no good looking women in their 20’s want to bang older men. Maybe millionaire men or supermodel men who happen to be older… but we aren’t going to waste our beauty on some ageing old git who’s clearly sexist when we can get young handsome men who tend to be less sexist than the older generation in general.

      1. Nobody’s life belongs to another person. None of you crazy men deserve to own years of a woman’s life. It is HER life, not yours. No human has the right to such power over another.

    4. 1) the premise of this viewpoint assumes that ALL women are actively seeking male affirmation.
      2) this viewpoint also mistakingly equates the male gaze with power. Or rather mistakingly assigns it to women. If women were truly in the “power” position, they would be able to retain it. The one with the power is the one the one deciding that a woman is no longer valuable because of a certain age and is defining value through posting examples of what’s appealing and what’s not…
      3) i get the impression that this is nothing then than an attempt to soothe open wounds.

      1. 1) Any woman that is not, is damaged beyond repair. She ignores the most important goal of any and every form of life in existence, the goal of which is reproducing itself. Women have been designed by nature to be the principal by which reproduction is achieved, and to discard this role, or to assign it to one who is not capable of assisting in such reproduction, is rejecting evolution, rejecting reproduction, and literally pushing a philosophy of death. Such women are, by the defining goals of nature and life itself, literally insane, and if one assigns an objective definition of evil as including ‘one who seeks to harm or end all life for selfish reasons’, their insanity most definitely fits the description of evil.
        2) The one with the power is the one that can do. Men are active principals, women are passive principals. If women were capable of ‘doing’, they would have already ‘done’, thus ALL value women possess is defined explicitly by their interaction with active principals.
        Men, and males of all species, instinctively understand that a female’s value is defined by their perception of her youth, health, and fertility. This is not a purely objective view, but it DOES contain objective baselines, and those objective baselines are youth, health, and fertility. Thus, no matter how hard haggard old bitches argue, shame, excuse, or attempt to alter it, women’s value will ALWAYS be defined by her youth, health, and fertility (as well as visible signs of fertility) By men who are the active principles.
        It is no more a ‘social construct’ than evolution is a ‘mathematical construct’.
        3) That’s because you are viewing it from the viewpoint of self-interest, rather than from the viewpoint of what is good for the species. Biological supremacy is obtained from physical adaptation, technological supremacy is obtained by intellectual growth. Biological adaptation has proven, again and again, that the greater a species’ adaptation to their environment, the less likely they are to remain at the top of the evolutionary ladder… The saying is ‘adapt or die’ but from an evolutionary standpoint a better phrase would be ‘adapt AND die.’. Intellectual development, however, is a massive trump card that more or less completely renders biological adaptation virtually useless, beyond a certain point, but the biological level necessary to maintain intellectual development is so stringent that failing to account for, or maintain, the biological development virtually guarantees the death of intellectual development.
        In other words, if we want to keep raising children that are human, we need to maintain the breed by using the healthiest females around as breeding stock, which is WHY our instincts steer us towards young, healthy, and fertile females.
        That is where ‘the deal’ starts, because after bearing age, a woman literally becomes instantly and completely valueless for biological development… So the ability to leverage their youth, health, and fertility to obtain someone who will continue to value them after their species value has become null is the only thing that can maintain the age-to-youth intellectual boost necessary for maintaining intellectual development.
        in essence, your impressions are meaningless in comparison to species goal.

        1. I disagree… we’re over populated as it is.. over population can cause more harm than good to the balance of nature…

        2. “We” are not overpopulated, Sub-sahara africa is. At last count, 4.3 BILLION entities and rapidly growing. In point of fact, that ‘count’ may be low as much as 50%, sonsidering the poor track record for demographical data in the area. world population is between 8 and 10 billion… with that extra two billion an african ‘maybe’.
          There’s a reason the entire world is being pressured by the African hordes demanding entry.

        3. but who uses the resources. Who has cars and houses and running water and AC/heat… Food from a winco, walmart, fred meyer, 7-11, the lists go on. It’s not just overpopulation, it’s how we use the limited resources we have.

        4. You are clearly a mysogenist. If you think that a woman’s or man’s worth is in their reproductive values, well good luck in your future relationships, they will obviously be very meaningful and spiritual. A smart woman would rather dare a cockroach than someone like you.

        5. Right. I’ll bet that’s why 99% of guys are after blow jobs, for their reproductive value.

        6. That’s incorrect. In African society older women are more respected, it is still sexist cause they’re more respected if they bore sons, but nevertheless the older a woman is in these tribal communities the more value she is given.
          Also this article mentions sex with 14 year old’s who are not in their sexual prime, or even fully grown. It also mentions anal… which if done in the wild would not only mean they couldn’t reproduce, but the risk of damage to the intestines would make child birth very dangerous. You can’t pick and choose. If you want nature then no viagra, accept it that younger stronger men will be more desired, accept it that your wife has hairy legs and armpits lol,

        7. Also, upon further research, there is a huge possibility that their may be a fertility extension if we carry on with our modern lifestyles of waiting till we’re in our 30’s to begin reproducing, What you forget is evolution does not stop. It’s already happened, recently the female fertility decline has changed from beginning at 30 to aged 35. The truth is we were once apes, evolution takes time, but our bodies adapt to our lifestyles. If we keep up how we are now in the future we could be living longer and remaining fertile for longer. Why try to go backwards? you know damn well it’s bad for women when they are forced to give up their innocence too young, and that we’re happier once we’ve gotten to know our bodies…. allow this.

    5. Get over yourself. Women don’t owe you anything, they can live their lives however they damn well please. Who are you to decide a person’s worth or whether or not they “wasted” years of their life? Who are you to judge someone because they want to be treated with the same respect as others? Women are human beings that experience the same desires and emotions as you do. You obviously know nothing about women or people in general.

        1. Yes, someone who views women as human beings and doesn’t rest their entire self-value on looks OBVIOUSLY has no idea how to manage their finances. Grow up.

      1. Just from your comment, anyone can tell your domestic married like (it it even exists) is a massively miserable situation. No sane man would hang around you for more than a ONS. We’re all laughing at your fucked up life

      2. “Women don’t owe you anything, they can live their lives however they damn well please.”
        No, they cannot. They depend upon the male-maintained infrastructure in every aspect of their lives.
        “Who are you to decide a person’s worth or whether or not they “wasted” years of their life?”
        I am a man. An active principle, a builder, a maintainer. I am stronger, faster, have better judgement, better reactions, a higher ability to act in the face of stress, more endurance, stronger spatial awareness, better resilience, better mechanical and problem-solving intelligence, better focus, more determination, and the ability to see long term goals as well as the ability to sacrifice for those things that are not immediately visible benefits for myself or my bloodline.
        That gives me the right. If you disagree, I invite you to a shooting range, programming, or wrestling contest. Apex exceptions need not apply.
        “Who are you to judge someone because they want to be treated with the same respect as others?”
        Who are you to demand respect from someone who is in every way your superior? You demand something you cannot earn. Men offer you their love, their protection, their guidance, their strength, and even their lives… Respect is not something you can demand, it is something you seize based upon what you can supply… and women can supply nothing but reproduction.
        Men have respect. Women have value.
        In the end, you have nothing else to offer except your value as a possession.
        ” Women are human beings that experience the same desires and emotions as you do.”
        No, they are not. by every physical definition, from the way their brain operates, their muscle density, their cortical density, their joint operation, the way their muscle groups fire, their nerve response firing times, their healing mechnisms, their reproductive systems, their bone density, their ligature strength posess extremely different systems.
        In point of fact, men and women do NOT possess the same emotional arrangements. we make use of diffferent hormonal stabilizers, which produce almost entirely different responses from the emotional centers of our brains, which are, in fact, different areas of the brain from each other.
        We do not even use many of the same sections of DNA. Even down to the chromosomal level, we are different… Men use an X and a Y, and the second chromosome defines everything that makes us ‘male’. Women have Two X chromosome, and your cells STAGGER the usage of those chromosomes, only using one of the two at a time… In fact, the only cells that have both chromosomes active at the same time, are specifically your eggs, which are formed during your own foetal stage, and never benefit your own DNA in any way. At any point, your cells have 3-4 DNA strands available, whereas males have 8 DNA strands available for cellular information.
        Any non-dimorphic alien species that looked at us, would certainly be convinced we are two completely different species, Man and woman, and only the fact that we reproduce together to create new members of species ‘man’ and species ‘woman’ would indicate any relation at all.
        “Human being’ is nothing more than the fact that we are two divergent species that utilize each other for breeding purposes, One of which is fully independent, and the other of which is a smaller parasite useful only as a pouch for developing fertilized eggs.
        ” You obviously know nothing about women or people in general.”
        Unfortunately, I know all too much about women. The shame is, you clearly do not… no woman shall ever truly know herself, since that is not necessary to continue our species, and often gets in the way.
        I believe it is you that needs to get over yourself. Especially considering that this argument will not be understood, debated, or deconstructed by an inferior parasite such as yourself… the only thing you are capable of doing in response is shutting your eyes and crying ‘it ain’t so’ or attempting a verbal lambasting in an attempt to shame me. I do not blame you for it, it is only natural… and fortunately for you, Men are designed to care for, feel protective to, and possessive of, their beloved parasite.

        1. “Men have respect. Women have value.
          In the end, you have nothing else to offer except your value as a possession.”
          In gaining respect from a man, I greatly respected- I felt awe. Not that I could acquire respect, but that I had been accorded it. He was deserving of this.
          From what he told me, his awe came from the fact that I would do what it took to get his respect ( no small thing. )
          Overall, biology underlies this. It was only decades of yogic training, therapy, and other major disciplines – that allowed us to peer over the biological ledge, and consider what we decided.

        2. I don’t expect this happen more than once in my lifetime, in that it happened = ever.

        3. “‘Human being’ is nothing more than the fact that we are two divergent
          species that utilize each other for breeding purposes, One of which is
          fully independent, and the other of which is a smaller parasite useful
          only as a pouch for developing fertilized eggs.”
          I can’t see how this would work as an opener for when you meet a woman, but you know…good luck with that.

        4. why should I bother telling a woman anything that won’t result in me fucking her?

        5. Then you’re not talking to women in general? Probably for the best. Besides, don’t you already have a few slaves? Be sure to leave a few women untouched for everybody else – you wouldn’t want to come across as greedy.

        6. Actually, no, I don’t much talk to women in general. except to my daughter, even though she’s pretty much a lost cause and was one of the reasons I became ‘red pill’ to begin with.
          But I only seriously hunt outside my nest every couple of months. I am 40, and while it’s still gratifying to hook up and sleep with some 19 year old working at the local Kmart or something, in general, my girls (23 and 30) are much better trained, more rewarding, and far better company. The younger one has her eye on a guy, though, so if she decides to marry him I am fine with letting her go. He’s a decent enough dom, and as a paramedic he doesn’t have a lot of time to train his own sub, and she’s very pretty and wants kids, so it would probably be a good match.
          Talking about domestic stuff is great. But for serious conversation, politics, history, warfare, I talk to men exclusively. my pets know to butt the fuck out.

        7. Mom fucked you and now you’ve got issues. You shall be fucked again in your ass this time. Yo are genetically rotten and no woman needs you.

        8. boo hoo. you have wounded me (laugh) Now I am going to go fuck my girlfriends. Both of them. At the same time.

        9. You forgot ‘grammar nazi’ – “loser” is only spelled with one ‘o’.
          Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a gay bar I need to hit up with my meterosexual appearance and asshole-ish behaviour.

        10. There’s a certain freedom that comes with skinny jeans and hipster glasses. If you weren’t middle-aged, I’d suggest you give it a go. No matter how gay the bar you visit is, those jeans will make your calves look fantastic. *sassy fingersnap*

        11. meh, too much invested in the lumberjack look and my girls to waste time in bars.

        12. A lumberjack look? So plaid shirts and a penchant for wood? I think we may have more in common than previously suspected.

        13. button down microfelt shirts, muscles, beard, and shaved head.
          I call it ‘modern rasputin’ but it bears closer resemblance to mountain man than russian occultist.

        14. Brigadon is rewritting the scientific definition of a human being, folks.
          According to him, males and females of the same species are different species because of minor physiological differences.

        15. Brigadon I am a female and a very attractive.. I totally understand you, even though it is sad for people who have feelings,you are right it is as you say,but people dont want to hear that, they get scared, it is the truth but it hurts. What should I do then when I am forty I have to shot myself in my head because that shows me that in13 years I have no value anymore,but listen we are humans, we shouldnt be animals even when it is difficult, but we can try to act on what we feel instead of instincts ,we can be quiet ,we dont need to reproduce , dont be scared man, your reproduced children wont save your life you will be under the earth and eaten by worms even when you have kids, and what is it you want to have kids to help the species?? we should start to ask ourselves if we as individuals are more important than the rest????do you understand my point?? I dont think you will because you are just an animal , but let me tell you something you will die and I know why you want to have a pussy to shit out your kids you want to be remembered but believe me brigadon they wont!!!they might even think you are an idiot what then brigadon??then no one will remember you anymore brigadon.. your childrens flesh will be eaten by worms too.accept it nothing will help your dying flesh not even when you have millions of pussys who shit out millions shit babies that wont help you do you understand you fucking animal and thank you thank you because of you I have to have a bullet in my fucking brain in 13 years thank you brigadon,but you dont know we dont know what comes afterlife ,maybe nothing but maybe you will suffer for making other people scared are you not scared???Oh and if you value reproduction that much: I am very attractive and you would want to fuck me for sure but high quality women need high quality men for having good healthy offspring, go to the mirror now and look how is the shape of your nose? is it long then you are out, do you have a manly chin brigadon? or not? if not you are out.are you wealthy brigadon?if not you are i wouldnt have my focus only on that because i dont think that you have what it requires to be one of the high quality people.

        16. Who says I can’t become or be powerful and respected, my beauty or age aside? You don’t know the heights I can reach or the things I can achieve. While you’re here with your face to the wall, spouting bullshit I would have already been at the top and over. Women are not merely for sex or reproduction. Women can be more talented than a man, stronger, faster, smarter, and more determined depending on the women. I could list artists, teachers, singers, wrestlers, runners, and extremely determined can be applied to all of them. You are blinder than a fucking bat because you are so focused on trying to console yourself with the false self-claimed ‘fact’ that you are better just because you were born with a damn penis. (Which can snap like a twig by the way.) If you want to really prove that you’re better just because you are male, then try and beat all of the professional, determined, intelligent, strong, and powerhouse women. Let’s see where that gets you. I’m revolted by the fact that a women has ever been with you and I feel terribly sorry for your daughter for having one of the worst dads on the planet, I’m sure she deserves so much better. I bet you told her she couldn’t be whatever she wanted to be in life, that she was doomed to be nothing but a possession to a man for sex and never able to contribute to something so much more. That she wasn’t strong enough because she was a female. That she couldn’t do this or that. That once she aged her value as a possession would decrease, and that she has isn’t a human or a person. That she would decrease with beauty then no one would want her simply because men can’t possibly see past outer looks for her, that she wouldn’t increase with wisdom, inside beauty, experience, strength, and more so she would become even more wanted.
          Quite frankly, you’re a disgusting person.

        17. Someone clearly hurt you so much to be this inhuman and disgusting. Perhaps you even have mommy issues. Get over it, as well all did. Oh , of course, you can’t because you are too weak.

        18. You will have the worst possible punishment ever when your daughter ends up with a jerk like you. And it will be your fault because you abviously can not teach her to have self-respect as a woman.

        19. Actually, we depend on each other, men depend on women just as much as women depend on men. I’m just sorry your mom and wife, GFs or whatever were so parasitic for you. That is not how most women are, we are 50% of the workforce and contribute to 50% of a household income, that in top of contributing to 80% of the care of the house and children, we get support from our dads and hubbies, but we also support our children and husbands

        20. I’m a woman and I’ve routinely beaten men in activities that require exactly the sort of skills you allude to, from billiards to tennis to high ropes courses, where I got the fastest times ahead of guys who I repeatedly witnessed freeze up and lose it. I’ve been waved into the front of lines by several big young guys who couldn’t face sitting at the front of rollercoasters and I’m always told I’m good in emergencies. But none of this makes me worth a damn, rather, my willingness to see the beauty and value in all people and to treat them how I myself would like to be treated. Yep, I’d say that, along with my utter badassery, is what makes me a real catch.

        21. He’s basically saying we can’t think because we’re offering ourselves to them.. the so called grand thinkers. That we’re possessions… we’re products to be bought. But we’re not, we CAN think. We are conscious beings and we god damn matter. All this bullshit of ‘learn to love being a victim’… it’s not possible. Our brain chemistry tells us we want meaning in our lives, it tells us to learn, to teach, to give, to want, to chase, to let go, to persist… in the end most men respect a woman who respects herself, and no woman who see’s herself as a product to be bought respects herself. Period.

    6. “You give us the ten years of your youth. we repay you by supporting you for the forty years afterwards.”
      Loyalty is never guaranteed. I’m essentially a feminist, but I’ve only ever been with my husband and I married him at 22; I’m 26 now. Who’s to say he won’t leave me when my tits start to sag? I don’t think he will; he’s a good man, marriage is important to him, and he really loves me. I do my part by treating him well and taking care of myself physically. But anything is possible. Thinking of love in terms of value exchange, repayment, and obligations—that’s tempting fate, in my mind.

      1. In a healthy culture, dumping you ‘when your tits begin to sag’ would be socially and financially punished. That’s the entire point behind the comment.
        Marriage IS an obligation. It has ALWAYS been an obligation, and it certainly should be an obligation. No man ‘needs you’ despite what he may say lovingly in your ear while he has you bent over the edge of the bed… That is utter and complete fiction. What holds him to marriage always has been, and always will be, love, honor, and a sense of responsibility. To you, to his offspring, and to his own self-image.
        But marriage has ALWAYS been about value exchange and obligation… and believe me, for men, value exchange and honor will always be a far stronger bond than the lust and fondness that people refer to as ‘love’ and try to pretend is everlasting and all encompassing.
        There is nothing you can do to ‘repay’ a man for supporting you, protecting you, and offering his otherwise free and independent life up to supporting yours, sometimes even literally. You cannot offer what is already his, so you can take the concept of ‘repayment’ out of the equation altogether… and I strongly suggest you do so mentally as soon as possible. His love, support, protection, and willingness to literally give his life for yours is founded, not upon need, or desperation, or even pride… it is founded solely on ownership.
        Men are beholden to that which they own. They will do anything to aid or protect that which they own. This is not wrong, this is not evil, this is simply the way men are wired. Soldiers are loyal to the ‘country’ they own. Police are protective of ‘their’ district.. divorcing a man from a feeling of ownership, also divorces him from feelings of loyalty, protectiveness, and honor… the ‘tragedy of the commons’ writ small.
        When you look at a man’s instincts as all intensively tied up with feelings of ownership, You begin to truly understand men, and it also helps you to be more understanding, and to treat your men better while having your own needs more effectively met.
        THAT is why feminism is so truly broken. It denies the ownership men feel towards THEIR women, denies the deep, primal needs that men have, and in the process also denies what women need… the feeling of being VALUED by men. of being wanted, desired, lusted after, protected…. in short, denying women’s need to feel like property.
        Try, sometime, telling your husband that your body is ‘His to do with as he will’. Make him feel sometime that HE is the owner, and you are the owned… Let him tie you up, or gag you so you cannot protest what he is doing to you, so that he feels like he truly owns you… I can virtually guarantee that you will have some of the best sex of your life.
        Or, shut down his possessiveness, let him know you are ‘no man’s property’. That you have no need to be supported by him, that he has no rights to you that you do not expressly give him. Become that cold, mean, ambitious, powerful, self-contained bitch that feminism prides above all others. Grind into his face that fact that you are not in any way his property. Better be prepared for the divorce, though. Enjoy the antidepressants.
        Feminists rage against the joking phrase ‘make me a sandwich’. A sandwich takes no effort to make whatsoever. It does not harm your pride, or put you down as a human being… it is a couple of slices of bread with some mayonnaise, a little lunch meat, a slice of cheese, some lettuce and mustard… and for that thirty seconds worth of effort, You are making your man feel like he has a real stake in your life, that you really love him and want to be owned by him, you engage his posessiveness, his ownership instincts, his protectiveness, and his pride. It shows that you take him seriously… and ironically, if you MAKE that sandwich, and five minutes later ask him to do something that will take backbreaking labor, hours of time, discomfort, and expense, he is happy to do it… why? because it is his pleasure to do things for that wonderful woman that he owns.
        It is not about repayment, or the power dynamic… the power dynamic is utterly one sided, and always will be. The more powerful your husband is, the more he feels like you are his proud posession, the more power YOU have over him. Women through history have known this about men, that competing with men is pointless… why compete, why fight, why be aggressive and pretend to be a man for power when your TRUE power comes to you so naturally and easily? When simply being what you are, and allowing men to be what they are, gives you the keys to power that no amount of donning the clothes and attitudes of masculinity will ever bring?
        Feminism’s biggest lie is that ‘men with power become monsters towards women’. when the reality is that, the more power a man has over you, the more protective, loving, caring, and worshipful he becomes. The more you are his ‘property’, the more real, emotional power you possess over him.
        There are always exceptions, sick men who have passed beyond the bounds of sanity, but endlessly pointing at them and proclaiming that ‘that is what all men are’ is as stupid as pointing at a rabid dog and stating ‘that is what all dogs are’. Feminism is a business… a business who’s product is fear and hatred, who’s aim is profit and control, and who will do anything to expand it’s customer base. And business is BOOMING.
        The entire concept of PUA exists because men are not allowed to ‘own’ their women… There’s no reason to care for, protect, or feel any loyalty whatsoever towards the ‘new breed’ of women, since you have no rights to them, no ownership of them, and no future with them besides what they will ‘allow’ and can withdraw at any time.
        Feminism CREATED the pick-up artist, the sexual predator, the date rapist. why should someone bother caring about or protect that which they cannot possess?

        1. Thanks for the interesting response. When I scratch under the surface, I don’t mind the idea of my husband ‘owning’ me. As you say, it’s hot. And I make him sandwiches literally every day. He’s a traditional guy, so it makes him happy. I also make dinner and do the housework. No problem.
          I will, honestly, try some of the adjustments you’ve suggested.
          But the reason I’m comfortable with this is that I am given the choice. That’s all that feminism is, to many women. The freedom to marry a good man that I wanted, and not a rabid dog, to use your analogy; to express myself in that relationship; and (god forbid) to leave him and build my own life if he ever cheated or became abusive. To use contraceptives until I’m ready to have kids. To get a good job if I wanted or needed to. Etc. I know that, in the west, we already have these things; but then it comes down to smaller issues like equal pay for equal work, and not being shut out of male-dominated industries (note, I’m not advocating for compulsory 50/50 gender splits in boardrooms, or anything like that. Just a meritocracy, but I don’t think we’re there yet).
          Agreed that many branches of feminism are problematic and unnecessarily harpy-ish. To be honest, in the first year or two of my marriage I was going a bad way. I had felt suppressed and held back in terms of my personal ambitions, and I struggled against that, and became slightly bitchy in the aftermath—once I got what I wanted, ironically enough. I prioritized my PhD study over most things. I got prickly towards my husband and rejected him in subtle ways. It was pretty awful and I’m lucky he stuck with me. I realize this now that I’m a bit older, and my “suppressed” feelings have mellowed out. This is why I sometimes read manosphere blogs; to keep in check with what men want, to remind myself to be sweeter to my husband, that it’s okay to be pliant, and to prioritize sex/seduction, etc.
          But these blogs are also truly scary. It seems like many of the men here just… really hate, or at least fundamentally disrespect, women. There is so much anger. I definitely worry about what would happen to a woman if she gave herself to a man like that, and what would happen in society if women weren’t empowered to make choices and look after themselves if necessary. That’s why I still think we need feminism, although the word has become somewhat tainted.

        2. Sorry to disillusion you, but I am definitely one of those guys that has absolutely no respect for women whatsoever. I do not think you should have freedom, a right to make choices in your life, or even the ‘right’ to support yourself. Why? Because men are, to put it bluntly, better at it than you are.
          You seem like a nice enough girl, So I am going to try to keep it… not terribly harsh, and hope you will understand the logic without my having to dumb it down.
          I understand that there are some girls that are capable of taking care of themselves quite effectively. There are some girls that can achieve, are ambitious, and quite simply are capable of reasoning. The problem is, when creating civilization, one CANNOT base cultural mores, laws, ethics, and paradigms on a tiny minority at the expense of the majority.
          Sure, it’s not ‘fair’ to oppress a minority, but when the alternative is to oppress a majority, you HAVE to weigh in favor of the greatest good for the greatest number of people, or you begin to tear your society apart (as is currently happening to western culture)
          Very very few women are as hard-working, career driven, and ambitious as men… but by trying to push for ‘female workforces’ you are pushing the vast majority of women, who are just fine with meeting a man, marrying him, letting him support them, and having children, into a situation where they are FORCED to work… if not by inclination, then by the lowering wages of men caused by a huge extra work force of inferior workers who do not WANT to work, are not ambitious, are not workaholics, and who require a large number of special considerations.
          If women working were to become unpopular or socially unacceptable, nearly overnight jobs would be begging for men to fill them, wages would climb sharply, allowing men to support families singlehandedly again… families would have stay at home moms, allowing children to be cared for as individuals instead of thrust into a daycare network, handcraft popularity and production would grow, as would an emphasis on ‘stay at home’ skills like the arts, writing, etc. Yes, a few ambitious career women would hate it, but the most good would be done for the most people.
          in short, ‘equal pay for equal work’ cannot exist, because in the main, women CANNOT produce equal work compared to men. Even as simple a thing as your period biologically guarantees that there are times when your productivity and discipline will be lower than a male with similar qualifications.
          I have been a dominant for over 20 years. to date, I have yet to meet a woman that is not, once the proper pressure is applied, innately extremely submissive… no matter how ‘harpyish’, vicious, ambitious, ‘lesbian’, emo, psycho, ‘feminist’, or aggressive a woman is, I have not yet met one that is not happier, healthier, more stable, and more productive when she is under the control of a dominant male. I understand that you take that with a grain of salt, and may find it offensive, but biologically, evolution has equipped females to be protected, cared for, and loved by a male… disruption of this paradigm leads to unhappiness, stress, depression, and generally psychotic behavior.
          One can detect this in the PLAGUE of anti-depressants being abused by women. The popularity of ‘bodice ripper’ romances, vampire fiction, and bondage porn among women.
          Even the ‘third world countries where women are treated terribly’ are no exception… in muslim countries, for example, WOMEN are far more aggressive in calling for punishment for violations of Sharia Law. WOMEN are more likely to become muslim than men, and in fact, the outrage that one would think would be a strong focus of feminism towards the most ‘female oppressive culture on earth’ seems curiously missing… why? Well, ask your friends some time if they have ever had fantasies about being carried off by some prince of the desert to become his pampered sex slave, you may be surprised at the responses.
          You can genuinely worry if you wish, but the more… dominant a male is, the less he has to prove. the real danger to women exists in men who have been marginalized, who’s masculinity has been suppressed… They crack.
          You may not believe this, but men have been hardwired by nature to protect, possess, and care for women. It takes a TREMENDOUS amount of abuse to turn that instinct into anger, and even more to turn that into actual hatred.
          That is not to say that a man might not put you over his knee and spank you if you are acting like a child, but someone actually abusing the female he is sworn to protect, maiming or seriously damaging her in inconsistent ways, is a sign of a much deeper sickness than simply ‘being male’.
          But the idea of women ‘being empowered in society’. Who do you think maintains that empowerment? You have traded an individual, loving master, a male, for an impersonal authority… another man in a blue uniform, one who does not know YOU, or care about you personally in the slightest.
          All female empowerment could, at any moment, be taken away by males at their convenience. If a group of average men and average women got on a boat 50 miles out from shore, without some way of contacting ‘authorities (men that protect you), do you really think that you would be able to stop those men from doing anything they want to you? or even seriously impede them in any way, all other things being equal?
          Empowerment is a myth. It is exchanging a personal male master for an impersonal male ‘authority’. Equality is a myth… it is attempting to pretend that men and women are somehow the same, despite enormous reams of evidence that proves it simply….is…not…true.
          Feminism is not ‘tainted’, or at least not any more tainted than the basic concepts that gave birth to it in the late 1800’s. It is, exactly what it has always been… a myth designed to drive women away from their protectors, to cause them to fear the men that could protect them in the false belief that impersonal authority was somehow superior, and to destroy the natural and healthy dynamic between men and women in order to create a power vacuum that could be filled by consumerism, authoritarianism, and fear.
          Do not mistake a recognition of the dynamic between men and women as it really exists for ‘hate’ however…there is a thousand times the love between a man and his possession than there is between a man and his competitive fuck buddy. Respect is for equals, and for competition, and for enemies… it is not for your woman.
          As for anger, Oh yes, there is a LOT of anger. That anger manifests in a male-safe environment quite frequently. But men learn to control that anger… to use it, and channel it. It is not like female anger that possesses you and causes you to be destructive, it is righteous indignation… and among men who understand the true dynamic between men and women, the only ‘Hate’ that truly manifests is for the men who have ’empowered you’ to be what you are not… the men who control you, who allow you to think that somehow men are the enemy, that they are evil rapists bent on harming you. And make no mistake… all of feminism, all of the twisted destruction, is caused by men who have failed you… men who have allowed you to become the embittered, out of control, angry feminist. The men that have been so damaged that they honestly believe you are somehow superior to them… men who have allowed their natural masculine dominance to be twisted into a nightmarish homosexual amazon fantasy. These men are the ones that alone lay claim to our real hatred. Any other outbursts you see are simply venting by men, often in response to some ridiculous new ploy by feminists to twist them further into guilty-self hating subs.

        3. Wow. Okay. As a member of this minority, yes, obviously most of these views are distasteful to me. But I do appreciate that you’ve taken the time to at least lay it out with some level of rationality. Better than spewed vitriol any day.
          The first few paragraphs of your argument made me think of my grandma and grandfather. Obviously she was a homemaker and mother. Did she ever want to be a lawyer or CEO? Probably not. You’re right, she was better suited to the life she had, at home with her family who now revere and support her in her old age. I think she’s reasonably representative of the majority of her generation.
          Also: my grandfather was able buy their large house near the river, in cash, on his income as an independent painter. They raised three kids on this wage and lived a good life. Why are things like that not possible any more? I’d probably need an economics degree to say for sure, but your proposal of women ruining the pay scale seems like an oversimplification. Consumerism would be another factor, sure, but to blame this also solely on feminism? That’s quite a leap. I’d be interested to read any peer-reviewed research you can point me towards.
          As to the majority of women being less capable or efficient than men, and/or not being as career driven… I doubt this, but admittedly I roll in educated and ambitious circles and am not exposed to much beyond my own little sphere. But I would argue, firstly, that there are definitely some seriously incompetent men out there in high-level jobs. Why not replace some of these men with the smart and ambitious minority of women, currently toiling under glass ceilings? Too socially destructive? If smart and ambitious women are so rare, why try to oppress them into a traditional box where they don’t flourish? Why not have them at work where that they can add value at a high level?
          Besides—my generation is one of the first where women are being given real options, educated almost as well as men, expected (at least in theory) to have access to most of the opportunities that men have access to. This is unprecedented. We don’t know how productive and competitive and excellent women as a whole can be in the workforce, yet. We’re still just barely coming out from millennia of oppression.
          As to this part—“You have traded an individual, loving master, a male, for an impersonal authority… another man in a blue uniform, one who does not know YOU, or care about you personally in the slightest.”
          This may be true, but at least the impersonal authority is held to a roughly consistent standard, and there are checks and balances in place to make sure that standard is upheld. If the impersonal authority fails us, we can address that. Whereas handing over all of your autonomy to a father or husband, without any alternative option, leaves you highly vulnerable to abuse. Perhaps, as you say, the majority of men would treat their women decently if given absolute power… but on behalf of the abused minority I think we have a moral responsibility to say that that isn’t good enough. I vastly prefer this world that we live in, where I can freely choose my life path and mate, and freely choose to subject myself to him in most things, since I judge him worthy of that trust. I will always fight for the right of other people to have the same privilege. This, I think, is a weakness in your appeals to utilitarianism… the world is made up of minorities. If they stick up for each other, then the oppressive majority has a problem.
          “If a group of average men and average women got on a boat 50 miles out from shore, without some way of contacting ‘authorities (men that protect you), do you really think that you would be able to stop those men from doing anything they want to you? or even seriously impede them in any way, all other things being equal?”
          No. Men are the physically stronger sex. But I don’t see this as relevant in terms of employment, education, the right to vote and make life choices.
          “I have not yet met one that is not happier, healthier, more stable, and more productive when she is under the control of a dominant male. I understand that you take that with a grain of salt, and may find it offensive, but biologically, evolution has equipped females to be protected, cared for, and loved by a male…”
          It’s funny that you would think this is what may offend me—I partly agree with you here. Consensual relationships where the man is dominant and protective… that probably would work for women in general more than they would care to admit. The idea of women having their rights stripped away in other avenues of life is what offends me.
          “Any other outbursts you see are simply venting by men, often in response to some ridiculous new ploy by feminists to twist them further into guilty-self hating subs.”
          I won’t argue with your experience. It’s a shame that things have come to this.

        4. Again, I look at this from a cultural perspective. In terms of general policy, not exceptionalism.
          Despite a lot of interesting anecdotes, in general, prior to the 1900’s, many stories that are distributed by feminism of ‘female oppression’ were patently false. While admittedly some women were likely kept from achieving their ambitions by a male-dominated structure, many many woman were ENCOURAGED by the ‘dancing bear syndrome’ to achieve in male-dominated fields. There were few barriers to women getting an education, for example, it was simply rare enough that educational resources were reserved for those women that had the free time and true drive to become educated… Women have been present as university students since early rennaissance (the birth of the modern university) and if you actually look at women in science, for example, you will see that, though they are rare and their achievements modest in comparison, they often received an outsized recognition of those achievements compared to their male counterparts, and they stretch back every bit as far into the ‘intellectual era’ as male scientists.
          The vast majority of female ‘oppression’ cited by feminism is outrage over negativity Bias. They see the fact that many women preferring to concentrate on the most important job the human race has to offer, that of continuing the species, as somehow being male oppression rather than the positive choice of women… they look at women who do not have their own viewpoint as somehow being ‘held down’. They look at the female doctor, who has taken a large chunk out of her career to be a mother, and lost the time that a male would have spent improving his position and salary as a doctor as a ‘wage gap’ when in reality she has far more to show for the time than the male doctor, albeit not in the pure salary department. She looks at the top of the corporate ladder, where men clearly dominate, and claims that their competetiveness, their willingness to destroy their personal and social life in order to achieve, their stoicism and willingness to sacrifice themselves, their health, their weekends, and their families, their willingness to work 80 hour weeks and forgeo the pleasure of spending time to themselves, as somehow being oppressive rather than the natural results of her taking 3 ‘personal days’ a month during particularly bad PMS, working only 50 hours a week, spending wuality time with her family, attending weddings and social events.
          the ‘wage gap’ is a huge myth perpetuated by feminism in order to justify ever-more restrictive legalized extortion… essentially forcing employers to ignore the meritocratic wilingness of males to sacrifice EVERYTHING to their ambitions in order to allow those who try to ‘have it all’ the ‘fair’ chance to be at the top of the corporate ladder. It is constructed artificially, because it does not exclude the 1% of ‘massive overachievers’ who financially dominate all below them, men and women alike, skewing the averages enormously. Once one screens out the 1% of overachievers (predominantly male) one begins to see that, if anything, women actually earn considerably MORE than men in terms of payment for caloric expenditures, time ratios, and cash to productivity quotients.
          I won’t argue that there are men at all levels that are utterly incompetent and yet seem to get ahead on sheer ambition… but there are plenty of women that fit in the same boat. Men, Ironically, tend to cluster at the ends of intellectual development rather than hovering in the moddle like women do… they are both the smartest, and the dumbest, compared to women… but the smartest tend to make a vastly outsized contribution, which means that men tend to make a vastly outsized contribution compared to women because of the small number of mostly men that hover in the highest levels of intellectual ability. Alternatively, most prison inmates are men for much the same reason… they are the most destructive forces because they are also the stupidest.
          But when I refer to men’s ability to do what they want with women, it is not simply physical strength, it is ALL aspects of physical ability… Men have 30% faster neural reaction speed, faster fight or flight reactions (tilted dramatically more towards fight), quicker hindbrain activation speeds (making decisions more quickly under extreme duress) more physical endurance, faster and more effective recuperation under physical stress, a better ability to ‘set aside’ stress factors such as pain and fatigue in order to act, more physical strength (both upper and lower body strength… women’s supposed higher leg muscle strength is a myth) denser bones, denser muscular and fat structures (capable of taking more damage before failure) faster purging of fatigue and stress poisons. Denser ligaments, and intellectually they tend to have less susceptibility to confirmation bias, greater ability to set aside emotional responses in favor of observable logic, and a greater ability to focus on a single problem while setting aside distractions or irrelevancies. This means that tactically, strategically, and physically, men are far more capable of making the hard calls, the often ruthless, unpleasant, and demanding choices that are a part of everyday life, especially in demanding fields like highly competitive commerce, military, law enforcement, and just about every blue collar job in existence.
          I will not argue that women are almost universally better in fields where emotionalism is a virtue… childrearing, personal medicine, early education, sales, psychology, personal service, and the conglomerate known as ‘art’…. and if you look closely at those fields, you will realize that in those fields where women are cognitively and physically better suited to perform, the ‘wage gap’ is ENTIRELY reversed… egregiously so, as women tend to make 200% more than men in these fields. It’s simply a function of aptitudes, not one of oppression… Feminist maunderings about the ‘wage gap’ are nothing more than politically-motivated exploitation of the apex fallacy.
          I am PARTICULARLY cognizant of these differences, as I am in art production, a field where females dominate outrageously in terms of earning potential. I typically spend 60 hours or more a week, and average about a thousand dollars a week income between streaming, 3d pack sales, independent commissions, and contract work.
          My friend Fox, who’s work is in NO way superior or more productive than mine, only streams about 4-6 hours a night, and yet she averages 250-500 dollars EVERY night, despite putting in a fraction of my production time and effort, and producing far less content than I do…. why? because she streams, and is female, and her running commentary and largely male audience pays her considerably more. I do not begrudge her this emotional connection to her audience, but it is a huge and noticeable pay gap… and it is in no way ‘unfair’ that she is better at connecting to her audience than I am.
          On the subject of consent… I don’t know if you have noticed, but obtaining a woman’s consent is almost a surefire way of alienating her interest. As I mentioned before, I am a dominant, and I currently have 2 slaves, both of whom are utterly loyal to me, neither of which ever take ANY drugs or antidepressants (They will rarely even take aspirin or other painkillers) One has been my slave for nearly 20 years, and the other has been my slave for 13 years… they both live with me, and have absolutely no problem with the fact that every once in a while I will invite a ‘new girl’ to our bed.
          Never, at any time, has ‘consent’ entered into the equation. I know that this example is entirely anecdotal, but If I ever stopped to ask them ‘permission’ before I worked my will, even in so small a matter as housekeeping duties, I would lose their respect instantly and probably lose them as slaves within a year. As a matter of self respect I enjoy satisfying their physical needs, but it is neither mandatory for me to do so every time nor is it based on their consent. I spank them, or take a belt or switch to them, when they need it… and have often been thanked, because they are quite willing to admit that their own emotions often cause them to feel ‘out of control’, and firm and consistent discipline helps them to feel like they are loved, controlled, and protected… especially from themselves.
          And make no mistake, in my experience, most women feel jerked around by their own hormones and emotions constantly, saying and doing things that they wish they had the control to avoid, and simply being unable to verbalize honestly what their own minds are doing to them. One of the worst times, of course, is when they are PMSing, but at other times they often fervently wish there was someone else there to moderate their activities and prevent them from harming themselves, their friends, their relationships, and their own support.
          That’s why I don’t feel ‘consent’ has any real meaning when applied to women, because often they are not capable of giving any sort of real consent, no matter how much they want to or need to. It is up to men to moderate and control them, as WELL as to continue doing so even when they are capable of consenting, in order to maintain consistency. This is not ‘respect’, this is simply good, consistent maintenance and care of your possessions, and when women demand ‘respect’, they don’t really understand that what they are really asking for is the care maintenance, and consistency of a well-loved possession, NOT the sort of wary respect that men give equals… that sort of respect includes ruthlessness and a willingness to defeat them that women REALLY don’t want.

        5. Your points about the wage gap are interesting. Coincidentally, I’m a big fan of literacy in informal fallacies, so I looked up the apex fallacy and read an interview with the psychologist who coined the term, Dr Helen Smith.
          Her ideas are probably not so extreme as the manosphere’s but you might find that it’s a good starting point for modern women to begin to understand and approach that worldview. I found her interesting and reasonable.
          Anyway, pending confirmation of your data, I admit that I may need to reconsider my position on the wage gap. There’s enough senseless bureaucracy in the workplace as it is. I once worked in a dead-end office job, with a bunch of middle-aged women… who were all quite lovely, but they were doing 2 or 3 hours’ work in 8.5 hours, every day for decades. That kind of thing is what kills human spirits and economies. I agree there is much that is unhealthy and unnatural about this, and that most of those women would have been happier working in the sphere of their own homes and families.
          That said, some of them were divorced and didn’t have any other choice. What would you suggest is the fate of these women? You might argue that their marriages could have turned out differently if they’d been more feminine and submissive, or that they’re the minority so their fate doesn’t matter, but again, the very elderly are a minority too, should we as a society decline to support them, and give them the opportunity to make a meaningful life with what time and resources they have? I know this is a subjective thing, but I believe that one of the very best things about developed civilization is that we have the capacity to value and accommodate minorities. We just need to be smarter about how we do it, so that the cost to the majority is not oppressively great.
          It’s strange that you acknowledge the aptitude of women in fields like personal medicine, early education, psychology… but you want to deny women the right to pursue those ways of contributing to society. That seems inconsistent to me. A backlash of sorts against women who you perceive as having reached too far, with damaging results. Meanwhile feminists, still chafing under past and perceived current limitations, push too strongly the other way and in doing so subjugate men. There’s a vicious downward spiral here.
          In many ways I think current-day feminism is me at 23, struggling with old limitations and new power, locked in a combat mentality that does far more harm than good. We need a society where all human beings are treated like human beings (your assertion that women aren’t capable of consent, to me, violates this) and the innate differences between genders are acknowledged and valued. If we’re ever to have a hope of a achieving this, we need some level of disarmament on both sides.
          Regarding consent, and what you’ve said about your own relationships… I hear you, consent is not sexually compelling on a micro scale… or, more accurately, a man being stilted and unsure of himself is not sexually compelling. Ideally he would act and the woman’s consent would be implied by her enthusiastic compliance.
          The consent of your slaves is implied by the fact they stay with you. As you say, they would and could leave if you did not meet their reasonable expectations. This is made possible by the fact that our society makes leaving a viable option for them. You will never convince me, or most women, that this is not a good thing.
          Obviously, consent in the context of a committed relationship is different to other forms of consent, i.e., rape. If you agree with Roosh that all forms of rape should be legal on private property, well… enjoy this online space to wallow in anger about the state of things, and forget any hope of feminism turning around, or harmony between the genders… because you’ve made a sworn enemy of all sorts of women who may otherwise be open to the cause of men.

        6. I don’t always agree with Roosh, But I come close to him in some areas. Rape has too broad of a definition…
          When a woman has been beaten into submission and brutally raped, I am definitely willing to call it evil and go after the guy with blood in my eye and a gelding knife in my fist. but as far as it being criminal… let’s just say that ‘rape’ itself is consideranly less violent than sticking a knife in someone. The problem is, in the absence of physical harm, proving sex is NOT consensual is, quite literally, an unproveable crime.
          You cannot put someone in jail without evidence better than someone’s say-so. I don’t care what the crime is… if there is no evidence, there is no crime… anything else is completely and utterly unjust.
          That’s the problem is rape… unless there is violence involved, it is literally completely unproveable. there is WAY too much chance that the victim is lying… in fact, there’s exactly a 50% chance that one of the two is telling the truth. And you CANNOT jail a man on a 50% chance that he’s guilty of something.
          If rape is unproveable except in the case of violence, then rape CANNOT be a crime unless it is in conjunction with violence… And I can tell you, my girls like it ROUGH. Even if violence is the determining factor of rape, some of the sex me and my girls have that was totally consensual would still be proveably rape, up to and including blood curdling screams and ‘no no no’. And a video tape would look even more criminal, even if me and my girl scripted it out ahead of time (which we sometimes have been known to do)
          So as far as roosh’s definition of rape is concerned, I guess technically I do him one better. The actions that can lead to a rape can be crimes, but the act itself? In this era? It’s completely unproveable. And a ‘crime’ that cannot be proven CANNOT be a crime. No matter how evil it is, and not since we have tossed ‘intent’ out with the bathwater.
          “Sexual assault’ is a crime. Rape? it’s like making masturbating or using the word ‘duplex’ a crime…it’s not that it’s not horrible, it’s that it’s an unproveable crime. Not even video evidence is good evidence.
          If that’s a problem for you, then take it up with the justice departments that have decided that ‘criminal intent’ is no longer viable. It’s their fault, and probably the reason that when order finally breaks down they are going to be the first ones impaled and crucified. Once you eliminate criminal intent, a whole raft of crimes become, literally, puffs of smoke. Corruption, Rape, Bribery, Fraud… all of these become almost entirely unproveable.

        7. I see. Look, I’m not saying that false accusations of rape aren’t a huge problem that needs to be given more weight in the justice system and media. I lost the friendship of a woman that I loved like a sister, because I gave testimony supporting a man that she claimed sexually assaulted her, when I knew that her narrative only changed after her very conservative parents found out. The case was dismissed because of a lack of physical evidence. Proven “beyond reasonable doubt” is the standard, after all. This means more than he said/she said.
          So the decisions made in western courts fail to meet that standard sometimes; let’s demand that those failures of justice are rectified. And, yes, I see your point about scenes and consensually violent sex. That’s a valid concern. I’m sure you’re smart and aware enough not to engage in that kind of sex with a woman you don’t trust. Or perhaps sign some sort of agreement together once every few years to establish a track record of consent.
          Having to be cautious like that sucks. It’s not sexy and it’s horrifically unfair to men. And I know, I know, there’s always the psycho Gone Girl bitch who might go to great lengths to provide false physical evidence. But is she really that common? The alternative that you’re advocating for would bring on a massive upswing in rape and violence against women. All women would live in constant fear. You’re right, in some ways a stabbing is worse than rape—yet somehow, there are many women who would rather die than be raped. Stab wounds do not inflict the same psychological and emotional damage.
          I don’t know how many innocent men have done jail time because of false rape convictions, but my guess is that the suffering caused by the decriminalization of rape would be exponentially worse. Perhaps men need to be more careful about who they sleep with, just as women need to be more careful about protecting themselves from sexual assault.
          I respect the legitimacy of some of your concerns, and that at least you care enough about women to want justice and blood in theory. But there’s not much more we can say to each other since the welfare of men will always have the last word in your paradigm, and I fundamentally believe in something more equally weighted.

        8. It’s honestly not about the ‘welfare of men’, it’s about my lack of support for lowered standards of proof. I have absolutely no respect for laws that involve ‘word vs word. Whether it’s a woman (or a man!) claiming rape with no evidence, a man claiming he was ‘hustled’, or any of a thousand other supposed ‘crimes’… if there is no corroborating evidence, it is not justice to prosecute. Reasonable doubt must be upheld.
          And believe me, I know where you are coming from. I was raped repeatedly when I was 7 years old… but, even with that having happened, I have no PROOF. Sure I think the guy that did it was a scumbag, but even if there was a law in place that would allow me to go after him today legally I wouldn’t (although since he’s been dead for 15 years it’s a bit less than relevant) because there was no PROOF.
          This has never had, and will never have, anything whatsoever to do with sex. It has to do with justice. As Franklin said, it is better that ten guilty go free than that one be punished unjustly.

          On the other hand, I don’t particularly give a darn about the whole ‘trial and justice system’ when the evidence is clear. Procedure (as opposed to justice) is overrated.

        9. Again—I don’t believe there are many Western courts these days convicting on the basis of he said/she said alone, without corroborating evidence. I’m sorry to hear about what happened to you as a kid. But, you’re right, without any evidence you would not have been able to get a conviction. That’s because the current justice system, flawed as it is, aims not to convict without strong evidence.
          In a world where rape is decriminalised, vigilante justice would be the only kind of justice… perhaps men such as yourself would demand irrefutable evidence before running off to geld the man who raped your wife/partner/slave (or daughter), but I’d bet in most cases you’d see the exact opposite—people taking “justice” into their own hands on the barest scraps of evidence, or just the words of their loved ones—far less than even the current justice system demands.
          As to the 1 in 10 ratio… the principle is sound, although biblical in origin, and I personally feel that the bible as a source of morality is questionable at best… but, anyway, let’s go with 1 in 10.
          50,000 odd rapes are reported in South Africa each year. Their medical research council also estimates that only 1 in 9 rapes are reported. So, let’s factor in a margin and say that 10% of reported rapes are false claims. 45,000 genuine reported rapes and 400,000 unreported. 445,000 total.
          A NICRO report on the state of SA prisons puts the number of incarcerated rapists at just over 18,000. The minimum sentence for rape in SA is supposedly 15 years, or life if the rape is particularly bad. So let’s average it out and say there’s just over 1,000 people convicted of rape each year. Doesn’t compare to the near half million rapes, does it.
          Finally, how many of these 18,000 sitting in prison are innocent? Giving the justice system some credit for weeding out at least most of the false claims, let’s guess 1%. 180 innocent people currently sitting in jail. A tragedy, but there are worse things. Like MILLIONS of women (and, as you pointed out, men too) exposed to sexual violence and threats every day of their lives, with no option for recourse other than vigilante justice, which would be markedly less fair on targets than the current system.
          So, while the Franklin principle is good in theory (and isn’t it already a founding principle of our law courts? Although I agree that the latest developments in rape laws jeopardizes this), in terms of net results I think we have to carry on doing our best with criminalizing and prosecuting rape. Advocate for refinements, push back against concerning developments, great… but scrapping a system that largely works, in favour of a theory that would result in widespread suffering and chaos… that is an extremist and highly counterproductive solution. Your ideas may be cogent enough, but there have been policymakers in history who implemented what they saw as rational theories without regard to the net effect of human suffering, and I think you know where I’m going with that point.

        10. Big business created feminism, so that women – made to think they needed to serve it, no longer needed men.
          Its not that they stopped needing men.
          Feminism ruined it for women.
          And made women think they liked losing their right, to stay at home. To not be a two income family. To be a wife and stay at home mum.
          Making a war of the sexes, in creating feminism did indeed create the pick up artists.etc.

        11. I don’t disagree. Feminism created and empowered the PUA as it made women into exactly the type of victim it tried to prevent them from being.
          It drove home the fact that Biologically, women need men. They are genetically designed to be victims, which dovetails nicely with the male desire and design to be heroes.

        12. Oddly, a feminist writer taught me that in a article.( She got one thing correct.)
          Yes, I agree. Manwomanmyth taught me this in their videos.
          I had not considered the “victim” idea, except as women being victims of their own biology. And yes, it does. They cannot accept that this too, can be enjoyable.

        13. I don’t think its as bad as you think. Most men want a woman that is worthy of their sacrifice, lust, desire, and hard work. Give your man that and he will likely love you till his end. Feminism is way over-rated and not really needed most of the time. In fact, if women didn’t love bad boys I don’t think it would be needed at all.

        14. The amount of shit you have to share can only mean you were born with damaged diminished intellect and your ass is now placed on top of your shoulders. You are an absolute ignorant with clear inferiority issues. No wonder. You prove too well being inferior. Muzzle and chains for this prick who declares to be a dominant when all he is is a demential being. Poor daughter of yours.

        15. i don’t want to be a stay at home mum, i heard that when you give birth you poop yourself, your vagina gets bigger, it’s agonizingly painful… and i don’t want to look after kids, i find children really boring… i want to travel the world and drive fast cars and make videos and all my dreams come true… i don’t want to be a stay at home mum at all :'(

        16. So what you’re saying is that your ego is so fragile that if a woman has an independent nature, that you have no need to bond to her? Bullshit… that’s called insecurity mate…

        17. What I am saying is, I could give a fuck about a retarded response to a two month old post.

        18. Well put. I wish I could comment as succinctly and with economy, as many here such as you. I am not skilled.

        19. Do it then. Some are not made for mothering. I am a artist. I enjoy playing with other people’s children. They get a chance to relax.

        20. No one is superior or inferior. What you believe is a belief, not the truth. What I believe is also just a belief. I dont know what you are so attached to your beliefs when you do not know the truth 100% no one does. You sound like you’re hurting a lot, damaged, and need a hug. Call your mum she will tell you she loves you and make you feel better til you get through this bad time in your life. Best of luck buddy!

        21. Hold on there just a second chief… didn’t you say your “slaves” were 23 and 30? Now you say they’ve been your “slaves” for 13 and 20 years. Am I missing something or are you saying you abduct 10 year old girls and turn them into “slaves”?

        22. The “rape on private property” thing was satire, duh. Hope you managed to get on the right side of the wage gap myth some time in the last year.

        23. Rape is the worst thing to happen to you. i’d rather have my eyes gauged out and be thrown on a cabbage patch disembowelled and left to rot than be raped. If we can’t prevent and report the most agonising, humiliating form of degradation known to mankind then fuck…

        24. While there are elements of truth in this, you’re a bit dumb if you think giving sexist men what they want will benefit you. They’re only saying they’ll be loyal to you to groom you into giving them your body… once they’ve had you they’ll trash you for a younger girl. (that’s what would happen if we all pandered to them) They will never respect you or see you as an equal, and if you never peruse your own dreams or know how to survive alone, if he leaves you or dies… you’re screwed. Businesses have exploited feminism to gain profits, but they are opportunists, they will ind a way to exploit no matter what. It’s not our freedom that causes these issues, it’s greedy share holders.

        25. All the things you just stated above as women should allow their husband to posses them in a sort of way, yes I wholeheartedly agree with that. Men are men! A wife should submit to her husband in ways, but what does that have to do with her age?
          Your previous comments of men over 30 and how they should only chase women 15-25 are absolutely revolting…… And yes as Layla so apporopriately put it- trying to normalize paedophilia. Nice try at attempting to change your focus with the above comment, but I still lean towards my initial impression of you- that are just a disgusting pervert/pedo👨👧, rather than a man who simply wants a traditional husband/wife role👫🏡🚫 in the household lol. Too late to save yourself creep.

    7. Nothing belongs to you, you aren’t entitled to anything, beautiful women don’t owe you shit, and if they’re smarter and more talented than you, you should fucking respect them, beautiful or not! You men age too, and believe you me, young women like me want to puke at the thought of older men… so FUGLY

      1. yes, and that’s why you are entitled to nothing. and nothing is what you will receive.

        1. . if Maggie Thatcher could become powerful without the need to be young… so can i! Like many women do! Who says I’ll end up with nothing! You don’t know me!

        2. Yes, I do. You are a woman, and thus exactly the same as every other woman.
          Know one, know all.

        3. Im glad your generation of women have blogs like this to look at and see what men really are like. Men have always talked like this about women through all the past centuries but they had male only spaces to do it in. One of the reasons they hated women entering everything was bc they had to give that up, now only place left is the internet for all to see.

        4. Oh come on! So women in jail who murdered people have the exact same brains as the sweet old ladies who smile at you i the street? Women and men are all different to each other.

        5. It’s pretty heartbreaking to be truthful! I used to love men who weren’t obviously bad, but now I can’t. Because i don’t know which ones secretly think like this. But because we are weary we’ve stopped putting ourselves at risk of being used. So it gives us some power.

      2. You have issues, why do you even care what people who you have never mets opinions are on gender. Go seek help.

      3. Yes, energy goes for everyone past 35 and men are stuck with the fact things may not work.

      4. Men don’t owe women anything either. You wouldn’t know it with all the Bullshit man shaming tactics from entitled cunts

    8. Wow. How fucking disturbing this is. I hope you have changed for the better since you wrote this

    9. A lot of your replies talk about biology, but it seems you are a bit behind the times. Biological sex is not a thing anymore, at least not in a binary sense. We are a multi sexed specie and its proven today.

    10. Disrespect of feminism? Feminism asks women to stop depending on men and it asks that men stop valuing them for their fuckability. The fact that you have freewheeling sluts out there has nothing to do with feminism and everything to do with the fact that at the end of day, in spite of all your talk about willpower, you can’t control your “visceral” reactions to a young woman. You fall for it, or you want to fall for it but you’re not good enough, and so you bitch about it afterwards.
      This simple reason is why feminism will always have stronger political traction and that your MRA and MGTOW bullshit will always be a massive laughing stock niche movement for bitter STUPID men. The problems feminism seeks to remedy weren’t caused by women and are legitimate problems. Your problems are caused by yourselves (fighting over positions in a male hierarchy, suicide rates, poor education, which may or may not be due to your own biological nature or because you’re fighting over your chance to stick your dick in someone) and at its pettiest, boil down to “I can’t fuck Stacy. Women suck.”

  9. You wrote this article in the perspective of addressing these females, but this is a male only space where females get banned if they’re caught here.
    Not criticizing the content, but maybe you should think this through next time.

    1. They can still read it. But they get banned from commenting if they open their yap.
      Which is as how it should be in real life.

    2. No loss; it’s not like the females would listen anyway…they never have.

    3. Spooky — Thanks for your suggestion. I actually wrote it both ways, but felt it was more powerful when addressed metaphorically to a woman. But, eh, perhaps I was wrong.

      1. No, your choice was fine. They can screech and holler their little hearts out on twatter or over on Jizibull or XO Stain.

  10. It’s not just age that causes the decline, it’s also the needless stupid shit that women do to themselves.
    For example, one of the moms from my daughter’s soccer team is around 35 years old. Was smoking hot as recently as 2 months ago. But when I saw her last night at soccer practice, she was a boner-killing plain Jane. She’d cut her hair like she’d joined the Army & was wearing an oversized pair of plastic Buddy Holly glasses.
    Had to resist the temptation to go up to her and say, “Why the hell did you do this to yourself??” Guess she doesn’t want guys hitting on her anymore.

    1. The older women, who control the fashion mags, deliberately now push ugly styles on women for two reasons 1). They hate men; 2) They really hate younger women. This is why you often find the least sexy women in the most stylish areas and the hottest at convenience stores in the Midwest.

  11. I don’t revel in the decline of female beauty in the aging process.
    We should all be hoping for medical science to prolong feminine beauty as long as possible simply because a surplus of beauty allows for the price of decent pussy to not skyrocket.
    If I could wipe out obesity and wrinkles tomorrow I certainly would. I’m not the type to cut off my nose to spite my face.
    Also we should encourage women to age gracefully so they don’t just say fuck it and turn into land whales. Older women can be attractive provided they put in the work but if you make it impossible to feel valuable you are just encourage bitter fat masculine spinsters and God knows we don’t need anymore of those. More Milfs, less moo cows.

    1. The problem is that an attractive outward physical appearance might be prolonged longer, but inside the biological problems still exist. Women as they near 50 are evil, hateful, vengeful, conniving, a magnified clown show.
      Steer clear.

      1. My mother-in-law is not. Sweetest, fittest lady while 66 and husband is 60. She never complains and raised 3 beautiful smart healthy sons. Although, agreed most women with age get grumpy, but so do men. Wen I get old I plan on growing my own “plants”, hehehe

      2. i’m really young and i’ve become bitter faster than my mum because i can read comments like these…

      3. my mum still loves men cause she’s ignorant to these opinions, she doesn’t know people are like this

    2. We should all be hoping for medical science to prolong feminine beauty
      as long as possible simply because a surplus of beauty allows for the
      price of decent pussy to not skyrocket.

      This is completely wrong. Women’s power over men directly springs from their beauty, if they retain that power into old age, society would suffer far worse than we already do with single mothers. It is natural, and actually fair, for women to lose their looks as they age.

      1. But their beauty has power only because of its rarity, of the fact that there is a 10-15 year span where they are beautiful. It’s the rarity, like all other commodities, that make something valuable. Economics. If all women were beautiful, that makes the perceived value of each lower. While for men, it’s a longer span, meaning we have to outdo each other in more ways than just looks to gain power.

        1. Yes, but it also means that men feel no compulsion to mate with women who are fertile. If you pay attention, you know that the western world is dying because it’s not breeding enough, that would multiply 10-fold if young men suddenly had no qualms about marrying 55 year old women because they still looked 20. Youth and beauty isn’t just a pleasant aspect of sexuality, it’s a biologically necessary marker of fertility. If that marker were suddenly dissociated from how fertile a woman was, men would end up fucking anything that looks good, and that means fewer babies.

        2. No. Women’s power comes from the fact that they give you and me boners. It’s all about the boner, which does not care how “rare” the girl is. Economic rules that work on objects and goods do not work nearly so well when my boner has something to say.
          Our best bet is to hope for some social system that satisfies the brains evolution has given us. Letting women hit the wall might force society to get closer to that system.

        3. 1. we’re over populated and it’s causing global warming 2. medical science would extend fertility 3. you could still choose a younger woman to date it would just mean she’d look hot after her fertile days were over so you’d still enjoy your sex life…

      2. Omg we’re not even powerful! I REJECT men because i’m scared my looks won’t last and i don’t wanna waste them on ungrateful twats. If i mattered i’d be loyal. You forget women are genetically programmed to be loyal.

    3. Ferret, the whole ball game’s going to be different in a few decades. Female bots, cloned eggs, and male fetus incubators can replace human females. Real women will disappear permanently by gradual attrition. Within 80 to 100 years, this planet can be woman-free. Men will inhabit a world of youthfully beautiful, sexually attractive, compliant she-bots who happily serve their men and raise their men’s sons. Don’t say it can’t happen — look at mankind’s scientific and technological achievements in the last 100 years. Don’t say feminists won’t allow it — as soon as a high-quality product is produced, men will eschew flesh and blood women and their demands once and for all. Don’t say you want a non-feminist human woman, even a good one — they’re still troublesome, and they will always age. Yeah, the idea takes a little getting used to … as did automobiles, vaccinations, and heart transplants some years ago, right? But in a few generations, no one would know anything else. An earth ruled by the logic and rationality of men will be a great place to live.

      1. Pretty sure most non mentally ill men prefer a real human woman who actually cares about them… i mean rlly tho?

    4. i think if such technology is invented, it should only be made legally available to females who are with beta male partners
      as soon as they divorce or seek alpha male partners thus abusing their power, their looks should be taken away permanently

    5. Exactly! I won’t dedicate to a man cause i’m scared he will get rid of me if i age. If he was willing to encourage me to stay eternally young and make me feel loved i’d do anything for him cause i’d have a lasting purpose, i wouldn’t be a commodity.

  12. What a simply awesome and amazing article. RoK has been on a tear this week.
    Every week.

  13. Good article and so true. This is why any guy in his mid 30s and older should chase younger tail. You can be rest assured the super cutie you had a crush on in high school
    Is now washed up.

    1. True, but when a woman still looks great in her 40s, that indicates great genes, which is very attractive. I judge a girl’s mother very closely. A girl with a beautiful, fit mom is gold, or rather, like gold. Valuable.

      1. This is absolutely true. Always look at the mother. The mother’s looks are like a fortune teller’s crystal ball: it often accurately predicts the daughters future looks.

      2. I agree and I looked at my wife’s mother carefully before diving off the cliff. She is still fit and somewhat attractive, but that may be because she is two years younger than me.

      3. … except those genes are locked away by menopause or a 10% chance of Down’s Syndrome. Better to tap her daughter for the genes, if she has one…

  14. Learn game young, learn game now. Being a man gives you all the power in the world and it’s crazy that a new legion of pussies has inhabited the world, unable to capitalize on their opportunities. I’m 23 and hold no bitterness towards the opposite gender, I do not envy their lot.

  15. I could swear I read a passage once but I can’t remember where I saw it…I don’t know if anyone knows. It basically goes like this…a woman in her prime is like a woman who is waiting for the metro. If she misses a train it doesn’t matter as there’ll be another one passing by in a couple of minutes. As she ages the train starts coming less and less frequently until one day it just stops coming altogether.

  16. Even once we pass our primes, God bless Pattaya and Angeles City for providing us with an endless supply of fresh tenderloin. Endless.

    1. Exactly right, and the same can be said for Tijuana, which is only a 5 hour drive away for me!

    2. girlfriend currently is a Filipina import. couldn’t be happier. 10 years younger. At least I don’t have to travel to the Philippines anymore. trick is to get ones not raised here and into adulthood (25-29). they usually keep their traditional heritage. not the really young ones (18-21) that come over with the GIs or the old men. they’re trouble.

  17. ” masturbating ferociously”
    I don’t know I recall being in a rather good mood when I wanked. 😀

  18. Using my wonderful red-pill mother as a personal example, it seems like females over the past two decades age much worse. Just called her to see what she would say about this theme. Response to the girls of today, “Live like shit, age like shit.”

  19. Hello fellow Return of King readers and commenters,
    I’m doing a class project, and I was hoping to do it on this amazing website. Please just keep doing what you’ve been doing

    1. Pick something else, this is heresy and the topics being discussed aren’t appropriate for government indoctrination camps (schools).

  20. Female aging is so dramatic. It really is amazing.
    I’ve noticed the latest fad among feminist is to encourage women to date younger men. And to try to paint older men as ugly, out of touch, strange, pedophiles, abusers, and generally dangerous.
    They are hoping to change the dynamic of nature. But it’s just not going to work. The young, fresh less than 30 year old girl will win every time. And the older woman, with her flappy face, smelly twat, and lumpy body, will never win. It is an endless source of frustration for the old bats. This is the source of their anger and why they vote for the feminist state and the laws designed to destroy men.
    I have gone out on some dates with 40-ish women just for kicks. I enjoy the banter for a while. So often, as I leave (which I always do), they damn near attempt to rape me. They want a kiss. They want to invite me to their place. Then they start texting me nonstop. After about a week, they start telling me I am hard to get a hold of and – in some form or another – try to hook me into the seeing them again. The most common line is, “I am worried about you since you have not texted me for 3 days, are you OK” or some variation thereof.
    That’s when I pull out my favorite line. I text back, “It was nice meeting and I’m glad we did. You are a fantastic gal. But as I thought it through, I realized what I really want are children.”
    The responses are epic. I really should make a web site for them.

    1. I heard a great line once.
      “Why didn’t you text me back?”
      “Because I didn’t know you still existed.” LOL!

    2. The funny thing is, a lot of them think they’re marketable because men supposedly hate kids.

    3. I wouldn’t date a flappy, smelly, lumpy older woman even for kicks. It’s a waste of time. You must enjoy slumming.

      1. Why would they have to be fat just cause they’re older? And why would they be smellier!? Surely younger women smell stronger due to having more vaginal fluid and higher hormone levels.

    4. I am married to a Filipina and know a lot of local Filipinas as a result. I work with one that we come across socially in our circles every once in a while. She is in her 40s and still quite attractive. As I am pushing 60 it is easier to look on a 40+ woman as still attractive, but in this case she has a really good figure and not to bad of a face. She started to date this guy in his late 20s. They went out for quite a while and then it just stopped. It was obvious to all of us the she thought it was a serious relationship, and he thought it was a way to while away a little time and get laid a lot. When he developed better options he was gone. She has gotten quite bitter about it. She is still attractive, but the constant scowl has detracted from her appearance.

    5. Boom!!!!Shaka Laka!!!…Brilliant! As an older male or 42 yrs, I am going to have to use this when some old hags try to shame me in to dating them.

      1. You can bully older women all you want but no young women will want to date you cause of it. You’ll still be alone.

    6. LOL! Actually young girls, don’t like old f*cks either. We like young beautiful strong men of our age. You go f*ck your grandma, we don’t give a sh*t about you either.
      You’re so expendable that I can’t express it.

      1. Give it 10 years. That fairly attractively guy is still fairly attractive and making 200k/year while you are no longer that attractive and still making 30k/yr and bitter.

        1. Not where i live,men where i live look old by 29 i swear. And since the average wage is 20,000 a year you’re not all getting rich lmao. Nice try.

      2. I rarely see girls with guys who would be considered handsome or hot. Girls want a guy below them in looks so they can have some control over him . So stop with the Bullshit .

  21. “That’s what I love about these high school girls, man. I get older, they stay the same age.”
    -Wooderson, Dazed and Confused

  22. Nothing worse than dealing with an ageing, hard faced, cynical ex- slut that’s gone to pasture in the workplace. They look nothing like the calm, dignified and collected over 40’s ladies in the pictures above. May be you should post some pictures of an ageing ex-party slut. The too much surgery sort that think they are still gods gift to men and, still think they should be treated like precious snowflakes

  23. This is why the ancients knew better. Honestly when men advocate for women to dress “sexy,” to wear makeup, yoga pants and to parade themselves around in heels and whatever other corrupting fashions, men are directly advocating for their own psychological imprisonment. The curse of manhood is our incessant biological predisposition to fuck anything that moves. Our ancient patriarchs knew better, civilization wasn’t just about the roads, bridges, buildings, laws or customs but it was deeper. Women’s power over men had to be curbed, and this was by upholding a strict dresscode. I encourage fellow brothers in arms on this site to read the writings of the Ancient Church Fathers.
    Women were told to wear headscarves, long dresses and never wear makeup. Now what a woman does in front of her husband is their business. But I for one, do not like the concept of women parading around in whore outfits and other sexually suggestive clothes such as yoga pants, tempting men. In that lies our subjugation to their sex, if any. On this issue, I fully capitulate to the wisdom of the Arabs. They understood as well as the early Europeans (when they were still badass), that women cannot hold that sword over us, if men are to be truly independent. The beauty of a woman is a man’s Achilles heel, but we expose ourselves even more when we retract those ancient rules. It’s a shame in the West these days, especially fathers letting their little daughters walk around in whore shorts in the summertime and with makeup on. They don’t even know the absence of paternal slut shaming is the preparation for his daughter to ride the carousel.
    The 20th Century was truly the opening of Pandora’s Box. Satiate yourself with sex but do not let the beauty of a woman trick you into “love” for that woman. A woman’s beauty is like a rose, beautiful but very short lived and the end result is a stem of thorns that you’ll be stuck with. God’s little way of balance. I know how most of you feel about Islam and the quotes about women’s dresscodes from Muslims, so I’ll give you a Russian Orthodox Christian Archpriest (the real last Christian country left)
    “Vulgar external appearance and vulgar behavior is a straight path to misery, to empty `one-night stands.’ To short marriages followed by rat-like divorces. To children with broken fates. To loneliness and madness. To catastrophes in life.”
    “If she wears a mini-skirt, she might provoke not only a man from the Caucasus, but a Russian as well,” Chaplin said at the roundtable in Moscow. “If she is also drunk, she is all the more likely to provoke them. If she is also actively seeking contact and is then surprised that this contact ends in rape, then she is all the more wrong.”
    A woman who is “barely wearing any clothes or is painted like a clown” in the hopes of meeting a man, he writes, risks meeting a “drunk idiot” or at best a “sober idiot.”
    – Archpriest Vsevolod Chaplin
    Let’s put the temptress back in the cage.

    1. Very insightful. I sense the Muslim motif as a repugnant reek of beards, fermented sweat and lamb stew, ghoulish gutteral howlings and the occasional severed head, with the female form being the frumpy ninja death priestess. However, Muslims seem to completely understand that all females are born sacred and naturally develop into whores; and Muslims seem to structure their societies to preserve the sacred and minimize desecration. Their absolute lack of “progress”–cultural Marxist anti-natural delusion–preserves them.
      My sense is that healthy families are the foundation of healthy civilizations, and families are based on marriage, and that men instinctively sense that marriage should be sacred–meaning pure, meaning a man with a female who has not been desecrated by other men. Our Neo-Bolshevik culture of induced universal desecration results in females unfit for marriage and males who find their marriage options unpalatable.
      Western Civilization achieved greatness when it was founded on preserving those things which are sacred–female virtue, honor, and otherwise. This is why the Jewish war on the West has been primarily one of cultural desecration, and has been so effective to the point that we find ourselves here–consoling our loss of the highest fulfillment of purpose by scheming to pluck poisoned berries by the bunch. Muslim fanaticism is an excellent immunity to this Jewish cultural pathogen; though to be fair, incredibly prosperous societies tend towards overindulgence–Jews simply grease the path of least resistance/instant gratification.

      1. Excellent comment. This is true, a man sacrificed his mating potential with a bride in days of old who was virtuous. Female virtue meant usually one thing before others, and that was virginity. The preservation of her inviolability before marriage was something men wanted and died for. Western Civilization today, as I look around is inundated with whores. I would say the whore to virtuous woman ratio in the West is about 99-1. Also the concept of men marrying women their same age is a repulsive Western idea as well. Men usually married women 8-12 years their younger. We are living in a Neo-Bolshevik nightmare, well said. It’s true, our culture is desecrated.
        I see no way out, because the vast majority of people, especially the opposite sex, doesn’t want a way out. What man in his heart of hearts can ever come to grips with the fact, that the mother of his children was deep-throating, and letting other guys ejaculate inside of her? The very notion is repugnant to the highest degree. By nature and tradition, the only way a man can be sexually violated is through sodomy, especially forced sodomy. Penetration is by nature a degrading act if done without conscience as most sex is. There traditionally was a consensus across borders, races and religions that this was true and the virgin was supposed to be wife. This why young girls were married off at 15 and 16, to preserve them for their husbands. This is heresy in today’s society.
        The state, media and their whore mothers themselves would rather their daughters be penetrated by numerous men until they “found the one” well after her uterus is on the downside. I’m not that religious, but this really does seem like an age of darkness, deep Satanic darkness. Prostitutes, however they became that way served a great use and function to society, but the difference is, society never blurred the two roles, and at least they were honest. Today, you have women steamrolling through entire college football teams of cock and marrying these poor beta simps. Guys getting on one knee, going into debt for worthless pieces of carbon for used up cum-dumpsters. I would say 95% of America at this point is not worthy of preservation, hell Europe neither.
        Then again, the Jewish question is unavoidable because they have been behind all revolutionary groups in the destabilization of the West. This isn’t theory but statistical fact, that can easily be found if one does serious in depth study. Despite their influence, the Anglo mindset, especially female Anglo psychology as adopted this and will cling on to the feminist whore ideology unto death. Western women come programmed with Bolshevik feminism and are first and foremost married to the state. I find myself these days playing Mozart’s Requiem in D minor very often (Karl Bohm’s recording preferably). I realized subconsciously, I am playing it for the death of Western Civilization. We simply walk amidst the ruins of cultural wreckage.

        1. Old Chow here, final log.
          I trekked a few clicks from the crash site, into the low rocky hills for a view. Scratched around in the dust. Other crashed rigs are scattered about, their smoke plumes settling with the sulphur haze that rises from this place. Through uneasy mirages, hollow eyes spy me, calculating, and then hide. I hear hysterical squabbles of strange unclean birds from the crags and canyons. They seem to feed on the rotting carcass of this great dying beast.
          I’ve gathered signs of a forest planet nearby; natives untouched by the New Word. I’ll finish wrenching on the power adapter and see if I have enough fuel left to make it… parachute in there and jettison the rig into deep space.

        2. I have been reading ROK now for months. This place/forum has articulated the way I have felt for quite some time but couldn’t speak it. Lance, this is one of the most apt comments I have ever seen on this website. Thank you.

    2. Nice post, Lance. You are one guy on here who really goes out on a limb and posts some serious, controversial shit. I must say that I agree with you 100 percent of the time, as far as I know.
      I went to a private school which had a dress code, and then went to a state college. I must say that I feel the dress code is better, especially for young girls. The girls looked beautiful enough, and more dignified, which made me hold them in higher regard, while they also did not put my sex drive in overdrive. They ended up not having much sexual power over the boys in the school, and looked outside the school (parties with people from other schools and college hangout spots) to get their validation from boys. True story.
      But If ALL society practiced stricter dressing behaviors (and not just my old school) wide-scale sluttiness might not ever find a foothold.
      These things are worth consideration for a “red-pill” man.

    3. You realize that a part of being an adult, and also part of being a man is being responsible for your actions, right? You are responsible for what you do, and you are responsible if you stick your cock into anything, and you are responsible if you let yourself control by a woman. If you are an adult person, you don’t say “It’s the fault of my instincts and my lust that women control me”, you say “I’m a grown person so I’m responsible for controlling my lust”. Now what Arabs do, and what you find a good idea, is incapacitating men. They say that men cannot control their own instincts and their own lust, and therefore we must cover the bodies of women so that men don’t do anything stupid. What they are doing is treating men like stupid children, not like the grown persons they are. And that’s what you stupidly endorse.

    4. Lance is talking about civilization and what keeps it going. Social structures that keep checks on the respective weaknesses inherent in male and female nature, for instance excessive libido and exhibitionism, are necessary for civilization to grow and function.

    5. Or you can take a dive off to crazy land and consider a little thing called desensitization. It used to be crazy for women to so much as show their ankles, because it was expected for them to be covered head to toe. Yet now people(outside of fetishists) can hardly give a fuck. Likewise with bodies in general. You might get “turned on” by hot women no matter how many you see, but you won’t give as much of a fuck if they all dress freely and you see an increasing number dressed “immodestly”. Similar to the article on here about gaining brown fat via desensitization to cold, icy water. Expecting every woman to obey a backwards dogma will actually do much more worse for you when you encounter any female that doesn’t. So unless you want to go Big Brother a la 1984 on half the population(and somehow expect it to work) shut up and get realistic.

      1. I think the reality is they aren’t desensitised enough cause they’re all angry little virgins lmao.

  24. This reveals the evil of feminist advice all the more:
    Feminists telling gorgeous young girls to “Focus on your career and just have fun” in their most fertile, beautiful years is akin to a financial planner telling a businessman client who just had a financial windfall, “Now take all your winnings and fly to Vegas and just have fun.” It is not merely bad advice, it is toxic and malicious advice.

    1. Man, you so NAILED IT right here. That is a great analogy.
      Isn’t that just totally fucked? Older women, feminist hags, telling their younger sisters to piss away their ephemeral assets.
      There are so many things that this is directly comparable to that NOBODY in the media, academics, or the political class would ever suggest is a good idea. Anything that involves a depreciating asset needs to respect the depreciation schedule. Like, is it better to take your $50k bonus and buy a new car, or save that $50k bonus so you can soon buy a house? Who would say it’s better to buy a car? Nobody.
      Well, I guess a feminist would if she is being consistent.

      1. No. I would say do what you want with the years society is most likely to be nice to you. If that means getting married and settling down, by all means, go for it. But don’t do it because someone else told you it’s “right”. Likewise don’t jump into a career if you honestly think you’d rather have children and spend your remaining decades as a domestic housewife. They’re your decades, not mine. Just because I’d rather have a career doesn’t mean it’s wrong for them to want kids.

        1. they say we have to choose a relationship like we can just do that. I’d rather be single than with someone i’m not attracted to. The reality is, despite being young and attractive i can;t get any guy i want, and my standards are high. So i have no choice but to be single. Luckily my career is super fun and creative and perfect so i’m happy to persue it whilst single. I enjoy my life and i’ve tried to make relationships happen but either i’d get rejected or i’d find out i was being played or i’d find them too boring and insecure for me. Relationships aren’t as fun as initial lust and the feeling of loyalty from a mediocre man is empty. I’d rather be alone and enjoy my wonderful career than be with anything less than a man who makes me feel desired and whom i desire.

        2. The guy you are looking for is an older guy who is handsome and successful. By the time you are 30 you will be invisible to these guys

    2. Great insight. Most feminists are ugly, lonely hags who want all prettier women to also end up like them.

      1. I would have to agree most feminists I have met are not only unattractive, those that are usually sleep around waaaaaaaay too much its disgusting that they think being liberated means be as promiscuous as you can

        1. Pro-choice feminist virgin. Being “liberated” means being recognized as an individual, and for your unique characteristics, not entirely by your genitalia. Some guys naturally have lower sex drives, some women naturally higher. As long as both parties are conscious about protection, why give a rat’s ass what others do? If you find out your darling isn’t as virginal as you wanted, don’t date them, and both of you can find someone more compatible. Boom, problem solved.

        2. Being ‘valued’, in other words.
          let’s pretend that being valued has nothing to do with ownership, shall we?

        3. “Pro-choice feminist virgin.”
          A combination of words that doesn’t bring an image of a “pretty” girl to mind.

        4. you don’t have to own anything you value, i value my dad for respecting me and wanting me to have the freedom to do what i want with my life.. do i own my dad cause i value him or that part of his personality?

      1. Playing for team woman, like they always do.
        Five minutes of alpha over five decades of beta. If she can’t have unimpeded access the carousel, then her daughters and granddaughters will. Consequences? That’s man talk.

        1. Yes. Eve agreed to eat the apple. On some level, they understood what they were doing. Don’t let them off the hook so easily.

      1. It’s public and I want it to be shared.
        (Although I meant to write “earnings” where I accidentally wrote “winnings”. So feel free to correct that error in your quoting.)

    3. I teach my daughter to use her beauty to her advantage: use men for career advancement and accumulation of knowledge. Men share their knowledge and yield on the career path for a young beauty for free. That time is limited- been there done that. While she’s having fun she’s looking for a serious pick. I teach her to hide her “slutty” behavior from a potential suitor and in general be carèful about illnesses. So far so good. She wants to hook up with a slightly older man, who can support the family, while I teach her to keep her earnings tight and hide from her husband for less beautiful days (LOL). The main achievement of feminism in my eyes is the female right to own her own money and property, not the free choice of partners. I think it’s great to sleep with whomever she wishes but marriage is ultimately a contract, that is best to “sign” when she has her best chances and some life knowledge , I’d say, between ages 25-30. Then her power over him is through biological children and laws! The dilemma is to find a moneyed man but have attractive and healthy kids that come best from a sperm of 19 y.o. In an ideal world we would have no paternal tests 🙂 in les ideal world she can marry a ridiculously wealthy guy have 1 ugly child with him and move on to more attractive males for better quality kids. Or choose less wealthy but attractive male at his slightly past prime years 33-42. Life is complex, but I like to live it 😀

      1. I love the romantic idea of being a young woman who falls in love with a young man about 2 years older than her who fall passionately in love and go through everything together, who are muses for each other and love until death… but no one seems to like this story line like i do!

    4. Try making this excellent point about career women (“They’re using up their best child-bearing on a career”) and you get torched by angry feminists and sneered at by the “progressive” little men who enable them.

    5. I’m a feminist, I’m young, and I don’t care whether gorgeous young women choose to have families or go to college. That’s their decision; that’s the point of feminism(the kind I follow, anyway), not to just completely eradicate gender norms. I’m pro-choice, but I’m a virgin. I like some stereotypically “guy” things, and some stereotypically “girly” things, yet I don’t mold my life around trying to be as unusual as possible, but what will make me the best person for my own life and those around me. And personally, I’m not a nurturing type enough to have ever wanted kids, or a husband. On the other hand, the idea of being intellectually challenged even when I’m old and comparatively treated like shit by society sounds appealing. So I’ll gladly shun marriage and children during my “best” years if it means being financially independent through the overwhelming bulk of my adult life, and being able to die knowing I still contributed something meaningful to society without being dishonest to myself.

      1. How old are you?
        Consider the possibility that you might change your mind and feel different as you get older and develop as a human being. The life of the mind is rewarding, certainly.. but in the end, it is empty without a strong relationship and people who care about you. You may think you can fill this void through friendship and what-not, but really. ..nothing substitutes for the consolation and joy that a strong relationship and partner, and children can bring.
        The problem is that by the time you get to that realization it will be too late for you.. or too late for you to get the partner that you are willing to be with, who I’m sure has to be hot, tall, intelligent, have a good career with a good social status, be successful, financially stable, etc. Those type of men aren’t going to be waiting around for you, and wanting to put a ring around someone who’s way past her best years.
        It’s a difficult position for a woman like you, I understand. You just don’t feel the desire for love and marriage and a husband, and children, at this stage.. so you’re doing what you feel like is the best thing for you. So also consider that the advice in this article isn’t meant for women like you, but for many more women who will not find fulfillment in their careers .. or not enough to offset the emptiness and void in their lives from not having a relationship, husband and children. They are squandering their female privilege and sexual power that women have by default when they’re young and attractive by slutting it up with bad boy types and “hawt” guys who pump-and-dump them, instead of maximizing their best years to find a good man w ho will make a good husband and father.
        Stop being so solipsistic and assuming everything is about you. I think this post is targeted to the majority of women, of which you are not really representative. Most women, and men for that matter, don’t have careers.. they have jobs.

        1. But none of you here love women. You want sex and power over hot young girls… you don’t love us are care about us as people. We’d be lonelier stuck with people like you than alone.

      2. It’s not like giving birth during your ‘best years’ will stop them treating you like shit as you age, it’ll just speed up the ageing process and stop you having fun.

    6. We WANT to focus on our careers and have fun! Why don’t you get this? You’re looking at us to see what YOU can get from us, not what we want. You’ll trash us if we marry you young anyway! If you hate older women that’s not gonna change cause you used us for sex for a few years… not that any good looking girl would want you by the looks in your thumbnail LOL.

  25. If a woman remains skinny and fit, she can maintain some sex appeal until her early 50s or so, and possibly find a beta in her age range.

    1. “she can maintain some sex appeal until her early 50s”
      Sure, if she’s a Halle Berry or a Christie Brinkley.

    2. wrong. I’ve never found a woman in her 50s with a nice body “attractive” enough to want to have sex with her. If she’s single and attractive in her 50s imagine the decades of cocks inside her over those years when she actually looked better than she did at 50? you want to be 110th inside her? gross. feminists have started this “it doesn’t matter her sexual past” which totally goes against the nature of a man. we do care about that and imagining your woman giving some dude or dudes over the years multiple blow jobs, getting bent over and used is something I don’t respect and can’t even in the most attractive 50 year old single woman. And for that matter I can’t respect it in the most attractive 25 year old either.

    1. St. Pete is better than Moscow because the locals speak less sloppy Russian and are more likely to know English. The city is also cleaner than Moscow.

  26. There are a lot of great comments here. Once again, my article is greatly improved by the discussion here. Also, a lot of you guys are pretty damn funny.

  27. An awesome article. The best discourse yet on ROK about what goes through men’s minds as they walk down the street.
    I think I will send this to a couple of cougars I know.
    Reminds me of that quote from “true detective” — ‘ Do you know the good years when you’re in them, or do you just wait for them until you get ass cancer?, and then realize the best days have come and gone”

  28. The most delusional comment I’ve ever heard from a woman was “if a man can’t attract women his own age and goes for younger women something is wrong. Why can’t he attract women his own age?”
    Men sleep with younger women because they can, if they couldn’t they would resort to older, less desirable women.

    1. That’s how feminists brainwashed western people today, where it’s class as WRONG if u date anyone younger than 10 years of your age. Countries in Europe/Asian & Middle East, it’s easy to find a 40-50 y/o man with a woman in her 20s which is class as acceptable!
      When you get a fat feminist, she looks 10-15 years older, You get a woman that looks after herself, she looks 10 years younger. My mum was a gym junkie like myself, she looks 20 years younger compare to the women today. She look after herself and my dad hence why they have nearly been happily married for 50 years now. They dont give me a hard time to settle down cause they know western women are so fucked in the head today!

      1. And how many young girls has your dad had during his happy 50-year marriage? After your mum became middle aged, gym or no gym, he must have had little use for her as a desirable woman.

      2. Just because women are thinking doesnt mean their heads are fucked up. Man, this is probably gonna get deleted haha. I wonder how many women think this is some shit, and comment on it, but their comments get deleted. PLEASE REPLY, i want to here you explain this.

      3. In those countries they have sex with 5 year olds… and all the women are severely depressed and impoverished… stop acting like it’s a good thing…

    2. LOLZ! Also notice the implied solipsism there. They think they are the ones setting the standard at all times. You not being attracted any more to post wall women, becomes *your* failure to attract *them*.

    3. The most delusional comment I’ve ever heard from a woman was “if a man
      can’t attract women his own age and goes for younger women something is
      wrong. Why can’t he attract women his own age?”

      That’s like saying, “if a woman can’t attract men as poor as she is and instead gets attention from wealthy established alphas something is wrong. Why can’t she attract men as poor as she is?”

      1. You are so full of crap. Women of all ages want successful handsome men regardless of how old they are. There are probably of ton of teenage girls who still find tom cruise attractive.

  29. I have come to realize that their is no better place on the Internet for young women to come for life advice than ROK.

    1. Then don’t ban us 🙁 unlike most of those women we actually want to learn…- a 19 year old girl terribly depressed about reading all this

        1. why cant women comment? Im very new to this. (Ima guy, I promise.)
          oh by the way, this article make a lot of sense. its so true! I have seen women in their 30’s look like 40 year olds, its gross…

  30. It’s a matter of education, really,and communists (of all people) actually nailed it -soviet women past their 30 were not pretty (yeah) but in no way was the majority heartbroken, because most of them were_taught_ to be a person, as in, citizen first, female later. So most ambitious ones focused on something that mattered even without beauty – be it family, career, knowledge – the very same things that make older men valuable to society. Some woman manage to do that, and so they stay happy in their later days. Psychologically, they are similar to some regular guy who learns that he has to achieve something before he get what he wants, but this requires either clever parenting or very strict social code. So most girls take on easy path that either makes a somewhat happy wife OR a depressed ex party-girl. these outcomes are what happens when you let the things unroll “naturally”, but this is not what I would want for my daughter.

    1. Soviet women had the highest abortion rate in the world for decades, I think the average was 7. So yes, all that “happiness” comes at the cost of your dead children and a current demographic crisis for Russians.

      1. USSR had no problems with demography untill late 80s, when socio-economic state of the country began to decay. Here’s the chart from my hometown Keep in mind that immigration was not an issue back then, not in small town like this. This is the chart for entire USSR As you can see, birth rates never really dropped until the country collapsed, but the death rates increased rapidly, which was what actually caused the demographic crisis. So, I guess abortion and professional self-fulfillment are not directly connected.

      2. USSR had no problems with demography untill late 80s, when socio-economic state of the country began to decay. Here’s the chart from my hometown Keep in mind that immigration was not an issue back then, not in small town like this. This is the chart for entire USSR As you can see, birth rates never really dropped until the country collapsed, but the death rates increased rapidly, which was what actually caused the demographic crisis. So, I guess abortion and professional self-fulfillment are not directly connected.

  31. Hell most of the women I dated 4 to 6 years ago in there early 20’s didn’t even make it to 30 before they hit the wall.I’m 44 and I run into these old flames when im on the town and they have the nerve to say things like still dating the young ones huh?I guess my piont is alot of women morph into beasts before they even reach 30 anymore.

    1. that’s why most of them try to tie down a guy in their late 20s. At 18-21, they have all the power over guys but soon as they hit 25, they notice they have lost so much power and get very desperate!

    2. At 26, I have already witnessed via Facebook the majority of the girls I went to highschool with approaching the wall or becoming obese. It always staggers me when people refer to 40-45 as being the age when women really lose their power.

    3. and they have the nerve to say things like still dating the young ones huh?
      “And you’re no longer getting the attention of the hot guys, huh?”

    4. Totally true. Most gals these days look already old and used when they hit 25. See a lot of chicks with sagging shapes and wrinkles before they even turn 28. So I wonder what all the fuss is about with chicks in their twenties ..

  32. I’m finding this is truer and true as I age. I’ve taken care of myself and more and more as I earn wealth, intelligence, and humour I get more and more attention. I think I’ll be drowning in a sea of pussy when I hit 35. I’ve only just started building my empire.

  33. I look at my HOT exs on FB when i was 18-24 and think to myself now that i’m in my 30s “i use to fuck that”???
    The best thing to do is look at your g/f mum, if u cant fuck her mum, it’s ok cause it’s what she is going to look like when she gets older! If she is a 9/10 and her mum is a 2/10 (fat, lets herself go), dont be stupid and fall in love with her!

    1. I don’t think that’s absolutely correct. Look at all of the direct females in her lineage (mother, aunts, grandmothers, cousins) and that gives you a much clearer picture. My wife, for example, so little resembles her mother (at any age) that one is left wondering if she were adopted. But…she is spot on nearly identical to her aunt in appearance, and her aunt has aged very, very well. Following your advice I would have ran, not walked, away from my wife when selecting her from out of the herd. But…I saw the strong, clear resemblance to her aunt and went from there.

      1. That’s right! Her mum is usually the woman that has the biggest impact on her values in life. If she rejects her values from her mum she will turn out different! Believe it or not but most of who we are is based on the people that were there for us (foundation) as a child. These beliefs we adopt usually stick with us for the rest of our lives!

      1. Let’s be honest, Sam: this site is like the proverbial curate’s egg in that it is good in parts. Every now and again someone writes something that is so on the ball that it makes all the dross which is used as filler around here worth ploughing through.
        You did that with this piece of yours.

  34. [email protected] at the young man on the left, grinning like he knows what happens in a few years.
    If women were smart they would play this game according to the rules. When you are young and attractive find a good older man. Don’t mess around letting every man bone you. Be the woman a good man wants. Marry this good man, provide him with heirs, take care of them as nature intended and don’t burden the man with “sharing the house-work”. When you become older, become “useful” to make up for your loss of attractiveness. This means don’t harass the man to clean the house and other chores. Take care of them yourself and give him a reason to want you there. It seems to me that a huge part of the problem is women trying to be men and trying to make men women. This makes everyone miserable. A man doesn’t need his middle-aged wife to be a second man. He needs her to be useful.

    1. And for crying out loud don’t get into pointless power struggles with his concubines. As his wife, you have an inherent position of respect. Act dignified. Life is not like those TV soap operas and there is no need for constant emotional turmoil.

      1. SO TRUE! In fact this is probably the most forgotten rule about marriage. As a woman ages, no matter how much her man loves her, she simply can’t keep up with him sexually, let alone compete with what may be available to him – assuming he is maintaining and taking advantage of his increasing SMV from 30-45+.
        But she can rest assured in the fact that he is obligated to her (especially if they have children) and she has a place no other woman can encroach upon.
        But of course they just have to derail the gravy train. And act like a vindictive bitch, and begin with the power struggles and ultimatums, and harassing perceived sexual threats or mistresses. Never realizing that it makes them appear all the weaker, and desperate. That it does nothing but push the very thing they are trying to hold onto away (their husband).
        The energy she spends being the scorned hurricane of the house could have been invested in being the “lady of the house” in the vain of a valuable female partner. An asset, through good finical sense, ego stroking encouragement, and doting companionship. But no, she’d rather just be an angry bitch and have everyone miserable, than be content and graceful in her decline and have the family happy.
        In the end, modern women are just sore biological losers.

        1. There is a great example of this in the Da Vinci tv show. Woman tells her husband’s little strumpet that no matter how much she pleases her husband in bed the strumpet will never replace the wife and will never be publically acknowledged. In the end she will be forgotten but the good wife will forever be at her husband’s side.

    2. Excellent post Bob, that is such sage advise that you’d think every woman in the world would want to follow it, if they had a lick of sense in their pretty little heads.
      Experience tells us however that they don’t. Such the pity.

      1. Thanks Jeff. Sadly there is no longer any leadership or guidance for these young girls. Dad has been kicked out the house and the girls just cat fight with mother, whose authority has been replaced by TV, FB and the Mall…
        Its a lesson for those men who have daughters. Teach them well, teach them right.

        1. I’m in the middle of a divorce as i can no longed stand to live with the bitch wife of mine. I’m just concerned for my young daughter growing up to be like her mom. Hopefully i can still have an impact. Lesson 1: daddy’s done putting up with mommy’s bullshit.

  35. Yes, it can be a cruel and depressing world for women who were once beautiful when young. I’ve always seen it as a bit of a curse for a woman to have been physically attractive when younger, in the sense that they are more likely to coast it through life rather than feel compelled to develop other qualities like their intellect, or a skill that’s in demand.
    I’ve noticed a general tendency that the hotter the girl is, the greater the possibility that she might be complete moron.
    The sad thing is most girls a pretty oblivious about this until it’s too late. Our lookist culture in the West has a lot to blame for this as well, we worship beauty by default without making an effort to judge people based on their merits.
    I went to uni with a girl who was a complete head turner when younger. She had every guy fantasizing about wanting to do nasty things with her after they met. She ended up dating this successful-attractive actuary guy, who promised her the world. Well, he ended up dumping her one night, and she was left heart broken and wondering why? The truth was that over the course of 3 years, I’ve never seen a girl change so much physically before in my life. From went from being a head turner to a plain Jane.
    Readjusting to life, where it wasn’t “all rainbows and sunshine” was something she found difficult. Still to this day, I honestly wonder if she knew why men treated her so well when young? I’m never ceased to be amazed at how naive some girls can be.

    1. “Lookist culture?” Ridiculous. A young woman’s attractiveness is a signal of her fertility and genetic fitness for fulfilling her primary role: making healthy babies. The rest is window dressing.

        1. Your classmate hit the wall, just like every other woman does. Quelle surprise.
          Lamenting that we are not “judg[ing] … based on … merits” when it comes to a woman’s value is the objectionable part. A hot girl is more valuable to society than a matronly CEO or neurosurgeon. That’s the way it is.
          Preceding your denouncement of “lookism” with this bot mot, “I’ve noticed a general tendency that the hotter the girl is, the greater the possibility that she might be complete moron,” makes it self-parody.
          Your subtext is incoherent.

        2. Who says a hot girl is more valuable to society than a matronly CEO or neurosurgeon? Maybe if you had some insight you’d realise you’re just projecting your own values onto society at large. Believe it or not, whatever comes up of your mouth ain’t sacred scripture.
          Self-parody, denouncement? I’ve got no problems with conceding I’m a lookist. I’m not degnigrating lookism, just making an observation about it. Learn to recognise the difference in what was written.
          Btw, I don’t give a crap about my classmate!
          I will give a decent reply, when you are able to construct a coherent retort without all that over-compensatory language.

        3. Gross compensation for the set of all models, prostitutes and housewives versus income and assets for all female CEOs and neurosurgeons. When beauty meets female utility, beauty wins. You are deluded.

        4. You really need to learn how to construct coherent sentences that follow some form of logical thought pattern.
          I really suggest you go back to college and take up a first year writing class.
          Lookist culture being ridiculous? Beauty only serving the purpose of showing a female’s fertility? “When beauty meets female utility, beauty wins.” You can’t argue against lookism, and then use it to substantiate a point. Saying society values a female’s beauty over utility, is lookism. Contradicting oneself…ridiculous.

  36. This is also why young pretty girls that get the pussy pass never develop themselves beyond shoe shopping and gossip. Why bother when every man in their life is giving them free shit all time…opportunities, connects, money, services, help, comfort, entertainment etc etc.

  37. I have a theory that feminine-looking, pretty girls tend to be more pleasant and kind in personality than their less attractive counterparts, simply because they are used to receiving kindness and favorable treatment wherever they go, based on their aesthetically pleasing appearance. One could argue that the attention turns them into spoiled entitled princesses, but from my personal observations, the prettiest girls in a group tend to also be the sweetest (but also the ones most likely to be unavailable). It’s the unattractive girls that end up becoming gothic, bitter, cynical, annoying, and bitchy.
    Unfortunately, the rise of feminism seems to be discouraging young, attractive women from embracing their beauty and womanhood. I have female colleagues who intentionally wear shapeless, drab, manlike suits and cut their hair short in order to be “taken seriously” in the workplace. These same women were ridiculing colleagues from our international branches, who showed up to conferences wearing skirts, heels, and lipstick and actually looked like women.

    1. 8-10s are not that used to rejection and suffering, so they may have a nice attitude in everyday life but very low availability. In a club or any event where they dress up, they can be bitchy and cunty though.
      1-4s know thier place and are just resigned, but can be quite funny if you treat them.
      It is the 5-7s who may be permanently bitter, cynical, annoying, and bitchy, since they are approached by betas, whom they despise, and approached, pumped and dumped by alphas, whom they wish a relationship with.

  38. Wow. This article, & most the comments, are exactly why being a woman TRULY sucks. I sure hope none of you have girlfriends or wives because you definitely dont deserve them.

    1. Yes go back to the workforce and complain about the less than 5% of you that die on the job. Really sucks.

  39. “Young pretty women often giggle or laugh at the notion that a man is impacted by them”
    This line… One evening when I lived in the god-forsaken shithole called Vancouver, BC, Canada, while I was at the house of the female friend of another female friend (quite a bit before my Red Pill days), there were several other women there, and I was listening to them talk. The one who lived at that house had a brother whose girlfriend had, at the time of the conversation, recently become pregnant with his baby. I’ll spare you brothers the details; just that this female had subsequently said that never prior had she ever even imagined that she could possibly be capable of influencing any man’s life –by having his child– until her own brother was due to become a father in conjunction with his own girlfriend. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. On top of this, what really scares me is knowing that such a level of childish mentality is quite common in North America. I feel deeply sorry for any young boy currently growing up in that part of the world today.

    1. Perhaps they giggle because they are still a bit immature/chikdish and do not know how else to deal with it. Should that be taken personally and as an occasion for deep vitriol? Perspective.

  40. I “took the red pill” 2 years ago at 45. I have never been with more women as I have today. The article is spot on.

  41. It’s taken me awhile (even though I swallowed the red pill years ago) to still resist opening doors for attractive women or looking at them. However I’ve gotten pretty good at it and when you don’t pay them attention they always seem sad or a little miffed you ignored them. Only woman I open a door for now is my mother (still with my father for 35 years now and my father runs the house still). It actually shows them confidence that you cannot be swayed by their looks. It gets them thinking…what the hell does this guy have that no other guy gets where he thinks he’s better than me…me! i’m a super attractive female! To top it all off my girlfriend is Asian 10 years younger than me…directly from asia, imported did not grow up here and man do they hate her. the looks they give her is like the look of death. It’s like they see…damn it he got it! he’s thrown us away! we’re no longer valued in his eyes!

    1. “…man do they hate her. the looks they give her is like the look of death.”
      Good for you, man!

    2. I only open doors for people who say thank you, and 9 times out of 10 it was men who thanked me (when I was still opening doors for women young and old). Now I only open doors for other men. No homo…

    3. Good you are dating an Asian they don’t age as badly as white westerners (of course there are exceptions). Man alive white girls age BADLY! Its like from 18- 28 ish is their prime after that its all downhill in the looks and aging department. A 31 year old looks 40 etc. they get that hard ”ridden hard and put away to dry” type of look.

  42. That is why the old style of living that people call “Old Fashioned” works as It aligns perfectly with biology.
    Deep down, we all know what we need to do in order to attract and keep the interest of the opposite sex. It’s just our logic that screws us all up.
    I see it all the time. Feminists balking about career equality and education, yet spending countless hours in the beauty department stores spending their hard earned for ways to improve their beauty.
    The reality is. A girl needs to use her prime years wisely in order to bag the best man they can find. And to keep him? Well what do you know… Suddenly the “old fashioned” seem to suddenly make a lot more sense.
    And with regards to marriage? Here’s my canned response that never seems to fail:
    “If all women wan a traditional Wedding, I would like a traditional marriage”

  43. Men have always preferred young pretty women. We already knew that.
    Older women have always been less desirable to men. We already knew that.
    The question is, what do your mums, grandmothers, and sisters deserve? The fate of L’Wren Scott?

  44. This article is so true.
    The ONLY thing I want to do with girls is to fuck them. Nothing else. Say what you want, but this is the truth, I am molded this way by evolution, and I am not gonna feel shame for it. I accept it as a fact of life.
    Girls should accept that they are here to pump out babies and nothing else. We are simple creatures, no need to overcomplicate things.

  45. We are nice because we want to fuck you. That is the only reason.
    Wrong. Not every man on the world is nice to a young woman because he desperately wants to fuck her. Some men are genuinely nice, of course idiots from the moronosphere like you won’t know this.

    1. Haha, yeah, right.
      If you keep telling this yourself one day you might belive in it.
      “know thyself” is important.

      1. Come on Molnar….why would I believe in a pathetic disgusting little piece of shit like you?

      2. Hey Mr. Andras, FloMa might be a bitch. Don’t respond this site has a 0% tolerance rule on bitches, the guys that respond to them and homosexuals. I vouch for Mr. Andras, that he probably didn’t know this was a bitch.

        1. I have jumped the shark on this one.
          But you only get banned if you respond someone with a women avatar, as far as I know.
          Thanks for the vouch.

  46. I disagree with this. I am an attractive young woman, I would say a ten. At the very least a 9. (For reference, the most a guy has spent on a date with me was around $30,000. It was a night out at a nightclub, an anniversary party, and he was buying multiple bottles of Ace, Dom, and Cristal, so it added up quickly) So I think I am well qualified to comment on this.
    I recently got surgery on my face- a minor procedure to have a cancerous mole removed. It took place on my cheek, and though it has healed back to normal, I had to wear a huge bandage for a while. Do to my fear of scarring, I had to wear a compression pad that covered up a good part of my face.
    The reactions I got from people was so starkly different. No one looked twice at me in the store, hardly anyone smiled at me, no one paid much attention to me and would look away if they accidentally made eye contact.
    And… it was SUCH a relief.
    It was so nice to be able to go to the grocery store bend over to retrieve a box from a lower shelf and not turn around to see some older dude staring at my ass intently. (And yes, Sam- we ARE very much aware that men are thinking nasty thoughts when they look at us. Which is why we complain about catcalls and creepy stares. We know EXACTLY what is going on). No stilted awkward conversations with guys trying to make small talk in the checkout line about what I was cooking for dinner and then… what kind of plans I have for the weekend. I am routinely and universally stared at WHEREVER i go because I have an extremely attractive face as well as a good figure- short of wearing a ski mask and a puffy coat, I attract attention. And with this bandage on my face, I felt such a sense of freedom and exhilaration to not have to be constantly bombarded with lascivious male attention. I even wore the bandage for an extra two weeks, especially when going out, so that I didn’t have to go back to getting attention.
    Young extremely attractive women are like celebrities- they get stared and gawked at wherever they go. And most major celebs do everything they can to avoid having to deal with the public attention, holing themselves up inside hotel rooms and campaigning for legislation to stop paparazzi. That’s because: it’s an annoying and disconcerting nuisance to have to deal with constant attention.
    Men will never understand this because people, male and female, just aren’t all that interested in them. So you cannot even comprehend what a nuisance it is.
    Having been on the other side, I can confidently say I am very much looking forward to the day I “hit the wall.” If it’s true that the sexual attention diminishes, I can only hope and pray that’s the truth- if not I might have to whip out my bandages another time!

    1. The irony in your post… I hope you do realize you’re going to enjoy the lack of this ‘nuisance’ long into your wonder years if you continue to follow your line of thinking. –you know, the years from ~28-30 on where you wonder what the fuck you were thinking when you wrote a post like this on ROK while you sit alone the rest of your life drinking aged wine finer than any milk you have left, collecting cats and staying extra long on 2-4-1 beer nights to scrap up the leftovers too drunk to see.

      1. Yes because you so want her retribution for your gripes and you so want her to suffer. Why?

    2. This sounds eerily familiar. Reminds me of the words of Samantha Brick:
      “So now I’m 41 and probably one of very few women entering her fifth decade welcoming the decline of my looks. I can’t wait for the wrinkles and the grey hair that will help me blend into the background. Perhaps then the sisterhood will finally stop judging me so harshly on what I look like, and instead accept me for who I am.”

    3. I have been with some very beautiful women in my life – not sure why as I consider myself a 7 or 8 at best. Wasn’t rich either back in the days but somehow managed to pull some very hot women (wound up marrying a 9-10 – top Paris fashion model). If I may offer my perspective:
      There is a huge difference between extremely beautiful women and regular girls – more specifically there is a world difference between 8 and below and the 9s and 10s of this world. My personal approach always has been to ignore girls below 7 and shoot only for 8 and above. The reason for doing this has not been not accidental – it was clear to me from a young age that girls in upper 2 percentile are EXTREMELY guarded and like Amber above avoid the limelight like the pest. However in my experience and to my surprise 9s and 10s are most often the most down to earth and accessible women you will run into.
      IF you are intelligent, have game, and offer something that other guys can or will not then they are most often more available than regular women. What works for me is a mixture of vibrance and genuine interest – and I’m not talking about ignoring sexuality, that’s certainly part of the package but it’s not on the forefront. As with alpha males there is a certain energy that needs to be present to stimulate the curiosity of these types of women – you cannot be the regular guy off the street, they get a ton of that 24×7. Be different – be interesting – and most important of all – do not be intimidated.
      I think that is how most guys screw it up when meeting 9s and 10s. They feel completely intimidated and it shows – those girls sense it right away. If you however march in there and you treat these women like your best buddy or your bratty sister then you’ve got a shot. I guess Roosh and co would call this ‘having game’ but I think the ‘game’ you require for very beautiful women is like the difference between a lambo and an Aston Martin DB5. 8s and below usually want to be in the lambo – 9s and 10s almost always prefer a DB5. I know that sounds a bit silly but in other words – a bit of class goes a long long way.
      Another thing about very beautiful women. Contrary to what you would expect they are usually more insecure than regular women. You can use that to your advantage but be careful as many of them are also very guarded due to their insecurity. They also want to be protected and ‘guarded’ – I bert that Amber enjoyed the $30k this dude spent on her but I don’t think that’s the type of guy she would want to spend the rest of her life with. Many super hot women prefer to curl up at home with their boyfriend ordering in pizza and watching movies. Of course they don’t mind the big experience but it’s not what they seek. Why? Because it’s very easily accessible to them – they can have it anytime they choose and thus it has little value to them.
      The most arrogant and difficult bitches I have been out with were all 7s and 8s – did that a few times and then realized that it was easier to be more selective and shoot for the top percentile. The other advantage is that most guys don’t dare approach these women. I have seen 9s and 10s go to a bar and be oogled on but none of these schmucks went over and just talked to them like a human being. Of course your mileage may vary – I had a European accent and look on my side – but again, I don’t consider myself very good looking. But spending $30k on a girl – ha! That’s probably what I have spent on all of my women in my entire life. Not going to happen.

      1. Very good insights, but I’m skeptical whether this Amber is the 9/10 that she claims. Most beautiful women I know (which is not a huge number, but quite a few in my social circle) do try to avoid the constant attention but also would dread the thought of losing their beauty, which is an integral part of their identity. I find it hard to believe that any beautiful woman would look forward to the day when she “hits the wall.” If you know of any 9 or 10s, ask them this directly and see what they say. There’s a reason why plastic surgery and anti-aging products are so popular in an attempt to cling to the fading glory days and delay the inevitable.
        By the way, we shouldn’t even be interacting with female commenters according to this site. Realized I made that mistake earlier, apologies to the moderators.

        1. Whether or not she is a 9/10 or not is not the point – what she said does ring a bell as I’ve heard the very same song from many 9s and 10s in the past. Used to live in Los Angeles for 20 years – now in Spain – so I’ve come across a good share.
          Besides 9s and 10s don’t need plastic surgery – sometimes they do it anyway and usually it actually makes them uglier – at least IMO. The female mind is never satisfied – if she is a blond she wants to be a brunette, if she’s curly she wants straight hair, if she has small boobs she wants big ones, if she has big lips she wants thinner ones, etc.. That seems to be universal across the entire range 1 through 10.
          Yeah, you’re right about responding to her – but I think I did not really talk to her, more decided to add my 2 cents without engaging her directly. Perhaps Roosh can let us know what the rule he would like us to follow. If no replies in the same thread are allowed then that’s fine by me.

      2. Not sure about your post. Gents that date 10’s are not on these websites. Sorry, they aren’t. Period…Besides, they are too busy, and sure as hell, don’t give away any secrets.

        1. Your skepticism is well deserved – after all anyone can claim anything on a website. That said – I have been lurking for a long time here and felt like I throw my 2 cents into the mix. If you think it’s all b.s. then that’s fine by me – doesn’t change my reality 😉

    4. So you’re a high priced prostitute? Congrats, society needs those.
      Will be interested to hear back from you how it is 2 or 3 years post wall.

  47. I apologize, I bit on troll bait a bit of a few comments here before the mods saw them. Needless-to-say, thank you Sam G. and thank you ROK for this article. Never has there been a better time to be a part of such an honored community.

    1. Branden — I definitely agree that it is important for men to have a shared sense of community. It gives all of us strength.

  48. Betas think “women are more mature at that age so better for settling down” BULLSHIT, they are the same only they realize the must capitalize off of their fading looks and catch their sucker with money! The beta male excuse is that women are more mature when they are older and better for settling down, I don’t buy that b.s ,and never will. They have LESS VALUE at that age, and you have MORE TO LOSE. Do yourselves a favor and avoid commitment to any woman at all costs!
    For those of you who want the marriage experience, simply find a woman you hate, than buy her a house. LOL

    1. You could have just shortened your rant by saying: “I’m an aging looser, who is ignored by good women, and walked over by bitchy ones” 😉

  49. An even better way to experience what it’s like to be a pretty girl is to do as Tucker Max infamously did and go to a gay bar as a straight man and experience all the attention and free drinks that the men there will give you in an attempt to get your anal virginity.

  50. I’m just confused why this male space, meant to address issues of masculinity, has an entire column addressing women and their femininity. I’m here to engage with my masculinity, not to talk about someone else’s femininity.

    1. I suspect to lend perspective. That said, it is curious why it addresses women as the target audience instead of men. That’s just asking for the Shrill Shriek Crew to comment.

    2. Because it directly relates to men.
      And thought-provoking articles that validate the same ideas I’ve had all along. That femininity should be what I seek out, and looking to date younger women does not make me a quasi-pedophile and terrible monster as American society & feminism would have us believe.

  51. I think this is true to an extent, even if the author is rather crude in the way he puts it. From his photo he appears very young and so has likely counted on his own experience and whatever stats he has seen to come to conclusions. He has missed a few things though. Women outnumber men with age, it seems “quality” women are less interested in committed relationships as they age. Most want do want to date. I have several high quality men now divorced from their much younger wives that can tell you about the lack of high quality women that want to commit in their age group. While marriage is a great deal for a man, ie, women are MORE likely to stay if a man gets sick, its a mixed bag for a woman ie women are 6x MORE likely than a man to get left if they get sick. Then there is the shear amount of extra household work OMG!

  52. As I hit middle aged I started to feel like I was getting as much help in stores etc and definitely my world changed, just like he described here, but something wonderful happened. Not only did I stop getting attention from lovely courteous people, I also stopped getting attention from the rude, weird, unsavory characters. I don’t worry that a person I talked too may get obsessed with meas has happened in the past. There are so many things that young girls have to content with that we don’t It is so freeing!. I can move under the radar and its WONDERFUL. So relaxing.

      1. Why, because you so want to hear that women are suffering? Why would you want that? Perhaps you have never asked yourself.

  53. 1) the premise of this viewpoint assumes that ALL women are actively seeking male affirmation.
    2) this viewpoint also mistakingly equates the male gaze with power. Or rather mistakingly assigns it to women. If women were truly in the “power” position, they would be able to retain it. The one with the power is the one the one deciding that a woman is no longer valuable because of a certain age and is defining value through posting examples of what’s appealing and what’s not…
    3) i get the impression that this is nothing then than an attempt to soothe open wounds.

  54. I smell entirely too much cunt in the room.
    Is there a way to not only ban females, but to remove their comments from the threads?

  55. “Even at 45”??
    Hell man, it’s when you hit your 40’s, with your super prime earning potential finally being realized, combined with decades of experience and leadership ability under your belt, combined with staying in shape and having your features harden into the rock hard square jawed picture of traditional masculinity, that the women beat down your door trying to get your attention.
    I’ve always been considered an attractive man, however it wasn’t until my late 30’s that women, young 20 something women, started approaching me directly with clear intentions of trying to bed me. In my teens and 20’s I had to go out and work for that trim, nowadays I have women at least *weekly* comment to me about how rugged, masculine and handsome I am and hand me phone numbers unbidden. An air of earned wisdom, casual aloofness that comes from not taking everything seriously as young men usually do, confidence, strong masculine leadership and frame combined with visual cues of wealth, and a lifetime of working out, and it’s almost like the same thing that young pretty girls go through as described in the article.
    In all honesty I can get any woman that I set my sights on now with basically no effort, whereas the 22 year old me would have had to jump through the various hoops women put up. You young bucks are going to *love* when you hit your 40’s.

      1. Sure, the first time, but are likely well divorced and debt free by their 40’s, if they get good lawyers.

      2. I’m one of the few who did and managed to strike gold – but it’s super rare these days to find a good one.

    1. I would second that and I don’t consider myself more than an 8 facewise – excellent body though and that usually sells the ticket.

  56. Oh yes, I bet men just loathe 40s something women like Cindy Crawford, Christy Turlington, Stephanie Seymour.. 😉 S.S., by the way, has way better body than many 18 years old. Ive seen photos of her on the beach.

      1. Some women also have good genetics. -Anyway, I guess that the writer of this article is 18 yo boy, of course to a kid like that all women over 20 are ancient. 😉 He’ll learn.

    1. All those women don’t look good now. Cindy crawford looks like a tranny now with age. Only a tiny tiny percentage of women age well. I can count on 1 hand on how many women over 35 I have seen look good

  57. The author of this post is the epitome of a bitter loser who obviously didn’t get the sexual attention from women that he feels he deserved just because he was horny for them. Not only that but he is the type of man who gives men a bad name. Claiming that women over 30 are not worth anything because they don’t arouse him sexually any longer is completely insane. What a disturbed individual.

  58. I don’t find old men attractive either. These grey hair wrinkles and all that is a sign that best years of life is in past for both genders. At old age you will find either gold-digger or some desperate woman. it’s not the best perspective anyway.

  59. Everyone’s going to age. Men will age. women will age. There are tons of gross old women and men It’s a matter of time, how you take care of yourself physically and mentally so that you age well.

    1. It is; just look at how the UK alone is losing population and had to depend on immigrants just to buoy its own population.

  60. I have to say though, with subtle plastic surgery, botox, good eating habits and great workouts, hormone therapy, I’d rather go with a Russian or Brazilian woman in their forties who takes care of herself than an American woman with boy hair in her 20s who doesn’t watch her weight, doesn’t know what a gym is, nags constantly with “love me as I am.” As Russians say, “there are no ugly women, only lazy women.”
    Yes, American “love me as I am” second wave feminists don’t age very well. As for clubs, there are a lot of Latina and Slavic women in clubs because dancing is a social thing in many countries, not the American idea of going to the mating pastures. Removing dancing from mating ensures that everyone celebrates and is happy. In the middle east, many grandmothers are amazing dancers and pass down tradition.

  61. No make-up, the party’s over… in America, maybe. Outside America women wear make-up as a sign of respect to a man. My friend’s parents and grandparents immigrated to Canada. When my friend’s grandfather got cancer, grandmother got her hair done, nails done, and went to the hospital in her best dress. His sister, born in Canada, came in sweats, and asked, “why are you all fancy grandma?”
    Their grandmother said, “Why dear, my husband is sick. I dress up out of respect for him, and because I love him, so I want to be beautiful for him.” My friend’s sister began to wear make up and dress her best to meet her grandfather too and he was happy, feeling respected. He was cured of the cancer caught at an early stage.
    In Ukraine, during the revolution, when the snipers were shooting, middle aged men were taking turns shaving. When asked why were they shaving when they were being shot at, they said, “You have to make an effort of looking good to be respectful of others.”
    With respect, of course comes self-respect, and that means cougars should act their age.

  62. “She was perfect, pure maddening sex, and she knew it, and she played on it, dripped it, and allowed you to suffer for it.”

  63. A Very interesting and entertaining read . Men can definitely date younger women as they grow older but usually to get quality 8,9’s and 10’s prepare to make a lot of $$$.
    Also there’s the issue that an older man who is 40+ usually will do little to satisfy the sexual appetite of a much younger woman with time younger girls just get bored.
    When the guy gets older she realizes ‘oops I actually want kids with a guy who’s not going to be 70+ years old when our kids graduate high school’ the relationship ends and she leaves to go try to find her prince ( normally closer to her age) who will give her that fairytale ending and so…cycle continues…
    Younger girls normally keep a side peace ( aka the guy she’s banging on the side) sad but true witnessed it time and time again. It’s fun but these relationships rarely last…and eventually for men (unless you are Hugh Heffner) the game reads ‘over’ as the time run out. After all nobody lives in their prime forever.

  64. I always told my deviously clever ex-wife who is 33 now, two years younger than me, “men are like wine-they getter better with age. Women are like milk, they sour over time.” My current 22 year old wife understands this and that I am an investment.

    1. Hahaha! Snap out of your fairy tale world; no one gets better with age. You’re not an investment, you’re just another aging guy.

      1. You see those tom cruise pics above with his female co-leads? Add on the income disparity between a 22 year old male and a 40 year old male and its like night and day.

  65. I don’t know where you got this notion from that life is a breeze for(beautiful) women, untill they get older. Perhaps there are people out there who are kind to other because…they are good people? About a year ago a Flemish documentry was made “women in the streets”about all kinds of harrassment women face when going out-so much for the awesome power of youth. In the film a woman actually says she can’t wait to reach her forties so people will leave her alone when being outside. I’ve had my fair share of being groped on the streets or men(who probably think themselves very masculine when doing so) calling me “whore” and other pleasantries. Yeah, it’s a real fairytale world we live in.

    1. It was sure to come up sometime. Feminists are sure to bring up the “rape” word eventually (or in this case, harassment.) In general, it’s always brought up by some hairy legged woman who DOESN’T get any attention, either negative or positive and are jealous of attractive women.
      Attractive and rich people get harassed by the ugly and poor. Sure. But cry me a river. If you want nobody to rob you because you’re rich, sell your blood diamonds and give the money to the poor. Like that’s ever going to happen.

  66. Lol you really believe that men maintain their physical beauty thru the time? Don’t kid yourself, please. Just as women’s, men’s appearance starts diminishing in its appeal after hitting 30 (take/give 2 years).

    1. Nah, I would say men start going downhill at 40. Forty is when men’s testosterone begins its inexorable decline.

  67. An excellent article, but you forgot that all of us beautiful young women gather only around say 30% if not 20% of males – those who are relatively young and as beautiful as us. Successful as well. Not some second rate incognito wanking off his frustration at being turned down because of evil feminists. you’re being turned down because of men better than you in every sense.
    As for my old age, whatever happens with him, I will have enjoyed our time together, I’ll have our beautiful children, my dream job and I’ll live. I won’t fret over not being able no find a new male, because sexual pleasure alone can be attained without a man. Not a feminist, just facts. I’ll be happy.
    Ah also, you must be a used slut, considering how much you chase after women. So we won’t bat an eye if you die in slums. We will never notice you’ve existed.

    1. Perhaps you’re trolling, but this is largely the view such women have of the world, but it rarely turns out that way.
      I’m good friends with alpha males in the top 1% and even guys in the 20% you refer to. Since they have a lot of choices (running the numbers, five of you gals for every one of him), they are not in a rush to settle down. In a way, your experiences are similar to what beta men go through: Chasing after someone who doesn’t need you. Unlike you, the alpha males either get better with age so they aren’t in a rush to settle down OR they burn out because of divorce, crazy woman files false charges against him, etc, which reduces the numbers of such available men so the 20% winds down to maybe 5% of available men by a woman’s 30’s.
      Not all beautiful women are shallow. I married one (and I’m admittantly a 4 out of 10). Many are not obsessed with impressing other women with a hot guy on her arm (she knows she’s pretty so she doesn’t have anything to prove) but rather want a reliable husband who will raise children with her. Which leads to:
      The beautiful children and dream job doesn’t work out for most of the materialistic women. They often wind up with spoiled brats and, as men throughout history have known, jobs that are a burden rather than a dream. Bills pile up. Kids cost money. So do all those nice outfits and shoes to impress other women. My wife has a dozen single women friends who gripe about how rotten their lives are in their 30’s. It puts into perspective how lucky she is to have me even if her friends aren’t impressed by me. But I’m smart, strong (emotionally), and show my wife the world while they have meatless weeks.

        1. Thanks for asking! I suppose I’m not technically a 4 all-around. Physically, I’m a 4. I have a pretty good job, I had traveled and a good conversationalist, and I knew women’s shit tests and had taken the red pill.
          I suppose a lot of better looking men are also 4’s in most women’s eyes even if they are 6’s or higher. If they fail women’s shit tests or they come across as wimps, women have little respect for them.
          Finally, I met my wife when I was at my peak: 35. At that age, the supply of successful men without baggage dries up considerably. It’s a whole different ballgame (literally) as a lot of handsome guys who got laid when they were younger either got married and off the market or are now divorced and have a kid in tow. Some attractive women handle that adjustment either by stepping up their game, getting bitter or nasty, or making intelligent choices. I married the one who made an intelligent choice.

        2. Thanks for your reply.. appreciate it! It gives me some hope. I’m in my late 30s and I would consider myself a 5 or 6.. and I would be happy enough to find a slim, relatively attractive female, who’s intelligent and a has some depth and maturity. But that seems to much to ask for these days. I’m finding though that most women my age just aren’t willing to compromise and make those adjustments. They still want the super handsome and alpha guy.. and have a thousand point checklists that men have to pass.. even if these women are barely 6s or 7s themselves. And forget about the really attractive ones.. I don’t even bother approaching or talking to them. Their list of requirements are bound to stratospheric.

        3. Full disclosure: I married a foreign woman and that made things a LOT easier. Even so, I was having success with American career women, perhaps the most spoiled and unrealistic women on the planet (besides Australian or Swedish women). I went online and dating agencies and while the biological clock tickers weren’t excited to date me, they appreciated that I had no baggage and a decent sperm count and provided I paid for the first date, they were willing to give me a shot. But considering that foreign women were just so much more respectful from the beginning, it was a no brainer for me.
          Bagging decent and even pretty good looking biological clock ticking American women wasn’t impossible even for me: Have interesting conversation, be sure to pay for the first date, and bang their brains out on the fourth or fifth creative date (wear a condom.) All that said, it’s not all that bad. Looking back, I’d say that if you gave up the notion of a “soulmate” romance BS, you have a chance. If they had “depth and maturity”, they wouldn’t be single. It’s like going to a used car lot and trying to find a used Mercedes with low mileage at a great price. There’s always a catch. But that said, I think there are still opportunities out there. There are tons of aging biological clock tickers who are 8’s and even 9’s and if you accept that you can’t be a “soulmate” for them and equals, then you can score significantly. That’s the price of the “red pill”. That you can’t be “equals” with these women. Even when they would appear to have “mature and depth”, they are still fundamentally irrational or selfish women when it comes to us unless you guide them to something better. Even my wife is irresponsible sometimes.

  68. Todays wsj homepage showed this article, and the commentor on the wall street journal LINKED TO THIS BLOG! I was smiling from the joy that some other probably like minded guy was reading both this article and the wsj one!!!!! Nice guys… the mobilization is happening! MORE AND MORE GUYS Are swallowing the RED PILL

  69. I went to the store today just to run errands and twice(!) a jackhammer went off in my brain when I saw two very attractive young women. This is why the ancients (and middleastern tribes today) tell women to cover up. It tortures us men. I actually hate it a lot of the time because it drives me crazy and I can’t concentrate or think straight and feel unbalanced.
    That is the difference between young and old women. Young women you want to see what is under their clothes, old women you don’t. Its that simple. This is why strip joints exist, Playboy has young centerfolds, and the average miss America pageant contestant is in her early 20’s. Sure we can think kids, health, longevity, genes, etc. etc.. But the simple fact is that the young and beautiful are magnets. Old women don’t have that. That switch just does not go off in men’s brains.
    This article is correct, straight men have no control over those thoughts. If they say they do, they are either dead, lying, or too ignorant or naïve to understand their own brains. Those thoughts contain all the power that young women hold. (attractive ones that is).
    I agree with this article. I wish it wasn’t true, but it is.
    I also agree with this one:

  70. Oh you silly boys. You are all pathetically culturally conditioned if you really and honestly are attracted only by younger women. What is driving you, really, is a burgeoning pedophilic instinct that some weaker men have, because only when they perceive woman as child can they feel stronger, tougher, more masculine. There are many instances of men who are confident in their masculinity enough to be attracted by older women. And on the flip side, older women who live their lives fully and richly would not be particularly interested in whatever “power” they have over pathetic little whippersnappers like you.
    Ask yourself WHY you want girls small, soft, childlike, and fuckable. Then go see a therapist. You probably just need a good cry.

    1. LOL! That’s rich. So your thesis is that we only feel masculine next to girls in their 20s, but real women in their 50s well they are stronger and tougher and more masculine than us so we don’t want to fuck them…. wait what!?

  71. Another problem with women as they get older is their voices deepen where they lack a feminine quality and to be quite frank sounds like men’s.

  72. Heh, I love it when the cunts try to invade a thread, talking about how they’re ‘people too’.
    You are not fooling anyone. One has only to observe the self-destructive psychotic behavior of your average ‘pmsing’ girl to realize that they are completely out of control… and you almost have to feel sorry for them, because they KNOW it.
    “Patriarchy” was thousands of years of cultural development that basically amounted to letting women get away with being out of control much of the time.
    Yes, Patriarchy is dying. And when it’s dead, you won’t have any excuses anymore. I cannot wait for the first women to be put in front of a firing squad because she ‘lost control’.
    Insisting you are ‘people’ simply makes you accountable for what you, in the end, have absolutely no control over… your own actions.
    Believe me, once the last shreds of patriarchy are forever stomped, and you are held accountable for your own actions and held to the same standards as men, you will be begging for ‘patriarchy’ back.
    In fact, a lot of women are starting to realize how much they miss it now that it’s gone… the poor, sad, embittered hags have less than 7 years left before reality hits them.

  73. I totally disagree with this article.
    I think the author of has deeply mistaken the difference
    between what humans (men in the article) are attracted to and the sexual acts
    that men and women have with each other, or in other words, the difference
    between sex and sexuality.
    Another very popular parallel misconception is between
    nude and naked. Naked is the absence of clothes, or the act of removing
    clothes, which could infer a sexual connotation whereas nude is state of
    oneself devoid of an action. I think that beauty is in the nude.
    I have become very weary of hearing about if how beauty
    is a 4-lettered word. What cannot be denied is that we live both in a physical and
    spiritual world and there are different levels and appreciations of beauty in
    each of those realms.
    Concepts of esthetics is prevalent whether in human
    sexuality or in other forms of nature. In fact out whole idea of esthetics is
    based on the natural world ideals and ideas.
    So when the author says that when we see beauty, men want
    to fuck the shit out of it, he/she is severely mistaken.
    Personally when I am confronted with beauty I am thinking
    of nothing but the sudden awe of seeing someone or something simply remarkable.
    The thought of any act doesn’t even enter into my mind.
    This also hold true to anything that one thinks,
    “that is or someone is beautiful”.
    There is definitely an inherit power in beauty, but that
    is because it is based on cause and effect.
    If someone is not beautiful whether it be because of age,
    looks, or anything else, that is not in itself a problem that has to be
    The human experience is a biological one and it makes no
    sense to deny or oppose it with mental games of figuring out if something is right
    or wrong.
    A typical social dispute is between the concept of
    whether monogamy is part of the human experience or just a mental social
    construct to maintain order of a family unit.
    It is not wrong to think someone unattractive as it is
    not right to find someone attractive, no more than saying that we are wrong or
    right to being human animals. The reason we even viscerally think anyone is
    beautiful isn’t because of modeling magazines or movies but because all animals
    want to procreate with the strongest and most beautiful of us all to ensure our
    future progeny.
    If in this country we could except ourselves to being
    human, than society would be more forgiving and understanding and certainly less hypocritical.

  74. It’s actually biologically proven older women also prefer young faces too because they’re more likely to live longer and protect them. Must explain why there’s so much cougars with young men wrapped around them. So old gentlemen with the fresh and young beauties and old gentleladies with the in-shape and active mansicles??? Even Steven. 😉

  75. Silly narcissistic. Thats what YOU feel. Because you don’t know anything about feeling something other than being a pervert. And you are, dont doubt yourself. Not to mention you probably have a very odd ugly member you think makes you a “man” sad thing is when you die no one will miss you.

    1. ” I for one am greatful to every warm inspirational woman who has been there for me. Thank you LADIES …”
      …for not having to put me through the terrifying prospect of ever getting naked and having sex with any of you.

      1. .. because then it would make it obvious that you are the same, that you wont be young forever and that you are not immortal: you could then continue to try and run away from it a bit longer. You’ll probably have the last word. It seems to make you feel better. This is just surfaced stuff. There are much deeper things going on here. I used to only like younger looking males but as I git a bit older, I started to really look at people for who they are and I grew up. We often judge people by the rules we maje for ourselves. I hsve seen the disappointment in an older man as he became what he feared and loathed the most. I hope you get over it so aging doesn’t make you an unhappy old man.

  76. > “Maybe one reason men seek to be players is that it helps weaken your power over us. We dislike that your very presence draws our attention to thoughts of fucking, no matter what we may need to accomplish at the moment. We resent that you have it so easy in life just because you are thin and pretty, whereas we have to earn every kindness that comes our way.”
    Profounder than you know….

  77. what should a pretty young girl do if she doesn’t want to get fucked over? date a guy her age or older?

  78. Jesus, it’s like those women have acromegaly (benign pituitary tumor causes excess growth hormone production, causes caveman features to develop).

  79. The solution to all this is that women should stop sleeping around and retain that innocence not use it as an extortion tool.
    And men need get married when they met a woman who commits to him.
    Oh wouldn’t it be a perfect world if everyone played by the rules.

  80. i don’t believe this… when i was under 17 i looked way too young for anyone but a pedo to have desires about me, i find it very hard to believe any man wants to do anal or bondage with me, with the exception of the odd creep, i find it very hard to believe every man or woman that smiles is thinking so deeply into my existence… they’d be horny all the time if that was true, seeing as there are young girls everywhere you look.I think you’re a creepy rapist that is trying to imply all men are as vile as you when they’re not! You want to hurt what is innocent, that’s where the under-age fetish is coming from. If it’s really true thay once i turn 40 no one wants me any more i’ll hang myself, i’m 20 now and borderline suicidal with the phobia of ageing, so if life is so horrific i will kil myself. The thought of someone wanting to have anal with me at 20 has me in tears with disgust.. the thought of them doing that to me as a little girl makes me wants to vomit and skin every man alive and drip acid into his eye sockets… life isn’t worth living. Why do men want to punish us so much? If we don’t have sex we’re apparently wasting our youth and rejecting them so we deserve to age… yet if we give them what they want we are sluts and are falsely accused of deteriorating because we’ve had sex… (which isn’t physically possible btw) men just want women to suffer… it’s not my fault i was born with a vagina… it’s not my fault i’m not attracted to most men and can’t force myself to sleep with then… it’s not my fault the thought of anal grosses me out to the point i want to be sick.. i want to be pretty and clean… why do you have to make our lives difficult? Personally i think Adriana Lima, Shakira, Mila Kunis, Amanada Seyfried, the Kardashians etc who are in their 30’s are much hotter than 16 year olds with their small boobs, spotty chubby cheeks and narrow hips… but each to their own… also your fertility is at it’s best from 18-35… so all this under age creepiness isn’t scientifically backed. Did you know Rachel Mcadams is 27 in mean girls? All these films are confusing you… teens rarely play teens in films you know… i think it’s about control. You’re insecure and everyone knows that neurotic teenage girls are much more out of control and easily upset etc so thus are easier to manipulate. Which is what you all REALLY want. You can’t accept that women are just as intelligent, strong and capable as you, it hurts your ego’s so therefore you want us to hate ourselves if we don’t obey you, and look for vulnerable women that will do as they’re told cause they don’t know any better. You’re sick. And the dirty intestinal, gut anal fetish needs to stop… it’s SO rank… i thought you respected pure women? Not women that let you enter their guts that are filled withj dangerous bacteria… euww

    1. ” it’s not my fault i’m not attracted to most men and can’t force myself to sleep with then..”
      Then don’t blame us when that pool dries up. There is not a Prince Charming waiting at the 40-year-old end of the rainbow. But then I’d guess you probably are attracted to bad boys anyway.
      “You can’t accept that women are just as intelligent, strong and capable as you,”
      Your diarrhea of the word processor is pretty elegant proof you aren’t.

    2. I am sure you are attracted to rich clooney types but for a old woman those guys are not options for you. so might as well accept reality what your true options are

  81. This is the most pathetic piece of rant, not writing, I’ve ever read. Evolve already & stop staying in Neanderthal times. Flip this on the other side & men are only worth by financial. And young women are not stupid they see right through this attitude. People are not this simplistic. You are writing what we are culturally taught to think by media. Basically you are admitting men only think with one thing & you are selling men as simpletons. It’s insulting.

  82. I work in aged care – so I see “OLD” everyday – men get old too and they become a complete and utter waste of space should be kept outside in a paddock ! Women however, in general, are always valuable and become MORE beautiful as they age, I see it everyday, I am an expert on this subject and you sir and your imaginary world are ridiculous!

    1. You’re not an expert. You’re just a misandrist … like a lot of frustrated women in aged and health care.

  83. Social media ie facebook is great to compare. I recently had my 30th high school reunion and the chicks I had mad crushes back in high school who were too cool to give me the time of day now totally look like used nuclear reactor shielding. Thays when I flaunt my 27 year old girlfriend at them when such topic of signigicant others vome up.

  84. You clearly have a fucking mega inferiority complex. No attractive woman ever forced you to be bitter and twisted, you clearly chose that path. Just remember that when you are old and lonely. It’s 2015, the world has moved on from your antiquated views. I live my life happily getting on perfectly well with women of all demographics and levels of attractiveness. Oh and so you know, beautiful women for the most part don’t consider themselves ‘powerful’, you project that onto them in your own mind. You set this all up in your head. Any beautiful woman I have ever known, including my stunning fiancé, experience the same insecurities as an other human being. If I knew you personally I would strongly encourage you to seek help. You come across as a danger to women.

    1. “Any beautiful woman I have ever known, including my stunning fiancé, experience the same insecurities as an other human being.”
      Yes, we call those insecurities First World Problems. Because there’s not many other insecurities a beautiful woman can credibly have.

      1. Bollocks. Insecurities are part of human nature. I can tell you’ve never got to really know a beautiful woman

        1. Sit the fuck down now, woman, and fill another tampon. Your betters are speaking now.

  85. I couldn’t agree with this article anymore. Women don’t really need any game like men do. Men have to approach, workout, dress to impress and have game. Of course women do to but all they have to do is stand and look pretty and guys will flock to them.
    Than comes the tables are turned when women get older and go past there prime of 30+ where men approach them less and they get less attention and more competition from younger women. People say life is not fair but life is more than fair.

  86. Fuck off, you have no fucking idea what it is like to be thirty and still trying to have that one elusive moment when someone thinks you’re pretty or beautiful! Fucking payback for having it so easy in your 20’s?? Yeah right, because I spent my entire 20’s hoping that maybe someone will pay attention to you, fuck off, no one deserves to be treated like thin air just because of some American arsehole who thinks that all members of the female species have it so fucking super easy during their teenage years and their early 20s because they’re naturally attractive. Fuck off.

    1. “Fuck off, you have no fucking idea what it is like to be thirty and still trying to have that one elusive moment when someone thinks you’re pretty or beautiful!”
      Yes we do. It’s called being a teenager or a twentysomething guy under the feminist misapprehension that what women say matches in any way what they actually do in the field of sex and relationships.

    2. So much anger. Was it hard when you hit the wall?
      Pretty sure he didn’t say all members of the female species have it to fucking super easy. He said the young, attractive ones.

  87. Marriage in the old times was actually beneficial for women. Get married young be your husband’s sex partner make babies than he will support you even if he is fucking some other younger girl on the side. Remember the mistress isn’t getting paid you are. If you are in your 40s and female you wouldn’t care for sex anyway just find close comfort with your children, that’s another thing children grow closer to their mothers so you won’t be lonely.

  88. Man, this comment section and website is full of crazy, messed up, bitter, disturbed misogynistic scum. An intense gene pool cleanse is seriously needed here.

    1. Really what’s needed is an intense troll cleanse, though you might ask yourself why you feel so threatened.

  89. wow must suck for attractive women to hit the wall, less attractive people do adjust with less drama aging, karma at work attractive people suffer more than average people

  90. Men and women seem to spend too much time arguing, annoying and hurting one another whilst seeking to have the upper hand. Everyone looses including society at large. Instead of making sweeping statements, why not find someone who you are interested in and this is mutual and find out about that person?

  91. To be honest, I did start to notice, in my teens, that men were having this reaction to me but most of the time it scared me because I saw something I should not have when I was young. Often, I could not quite believe that they saw me in that way: although I have been asked to model before, I did not feel that I was attractive to that degree, so it has always been a surreal experience for me and I would never ‘hook up’ with a man I just met on the street. In fact, I have even kept myself for marriage, so there was nothing I could do for those men. I do not want to interact with a stranger or have them think about me in a personal manner: I feel quite uncomfortable about it, in fact. I do not see it as a source of power. Generalisations rarely work. Not all women are as cold or cruel as you think.

  92. This is why I can’t help but laugh at feminists who talk about ‘male privilege’. In the Western World, nobody is more privileged than an attractive young woman. It’s easy for her to get a job. Nobody has a go at her about anything. People throw money and gifts at her.
    Of course, feminists aren’t young, and they aren’t attractive. So they don’t openly admit to any of this

  93. “But one day, you become invisible. The store clerk is impatient. No one cuts you any slack. People become professional, distant, businesslike. No one smiles at you in the street. You have lost your magic power and that loss comes with aging.”
    This happens to everyone with age because even your parents change when you reach a certain age as they expect you to not need as much by then.

  94. Written by a jerk about jerks. The good news is, that while this kind of shit gets peddled daily by an awful lot of jerks, there are still some decent men in this world who are drawn to an older woman’s intelligence, kindness and devotion. I know because I married one.

    1. IOW you found a beta male / sucker. Poor guy, but congratulations … I guess.

        1. Your vicious bile doesn’t change the fact that I’m an older woman and have been happily married to a sweet, attractive wealthy man for the last 15 years and you…well, your bitterness likely tells another story…eh?

        2. Haha vicious. I called you out, which touched a nerve with you. If that’s vicious you’re too sensitive.
          Don’t you find it a bit odd that you’re lurking around Return of Kings seeing as how you’re a happily married older woman?

        3. No, I don’t find it odd to read and have an opinion about a subject, which it seems has touched off a nerve in YOU. Now go crawl back in your hole and ponder a bit on why you have to be such a mean little bastard.

  95. You’re absolutely correct in this article. Evolutionary biology, not culture or patriarchy, are at work here. Young women full of estrogen are exactly like flowers in peak bloom. They’ll be blooming for a while, and then menopause comes and they wilt. Attractive young women rule the world solely because they got lucky with their genetics and being women. They wield their power. Men and women want them and fall into their snares. Beware.

  96. Nature is only cruel to women if they crave the attention of men to validate themselves. My life has become so much simpler now that I’ve had my penis removed. I am free from testosterone led brainlessness and all my best friends are women that I don’t really give a fuck about fucking. When I think back to my life as a man I realise what a mentally and emotionally retarded slave I was and how much more I could have evolved instead of being led by my dick. I think the joke is actually on men because they allow the thought of putting their penis’s in teenagers dominate their reason. I’m so glad I turned my back on the testosterone brotherhood of morons. Best thing I ever did. Message me if you want the name of my Dr. You can have your penis frozen in stem cell solution if you change your mind but I don’t think you will once you’ve had the chop. The penis party sucks.

  97. I have to chime in here. I’m 46 years old and I exercise and lift very heavy weights to have the same body I had 20 years ago. I also take very good care of my skin, eat well, etc. I’m married with 2 kids and I have the same body weight as I did at age 18..
    I completely disagree with this bc I attract men everyday. I get a lot of attention all the time. The difference is that now the attention comes with more respect. In my 20s it was all about trying to ###k me and not getting to know me. Now I get way more respect and it’s about talking to me and having a laugh. I get men flirting with me all the time and I am kind back, but I let them know I’m unavailable.
    Nowadays, if a woman takes good care of herself and is not afraid of a bit of fillers and botox, she can be very attractive into her 60’s. We are seeing it all the time now. In Europe, there is no stigma for women and aging. This is more of a North American thing. French women are a great example of accepting aging, going with it and not ever becoming invisible.
    I feel bad for men in their 50’s afraid of dating women their own age. Of course there are exceptions, but I have to admit, when I was 20, I found men over 30, absolutely unattractive and well…. “old” and creepy.
    The only way an older man can attract a younger woman (generally) is with money and then it’s a superficial partnership based on looks and money. That to me is really not living life. To each his/her own, but I never bought into that and in my 20’s I looked for commonality and friendship with men in my age group.
    If I were single again, I wouldn’t look at age; I would look at the person. I would not be attracted to men more than 5-7 years younger than me most likely. I can definitely attract men in their 30’s right up to 50’s. I am definitely not invisible and I do not see myself becoming invisible any time soon. Times have really changed for people in general.
    My father, was not attracted to younger women when he was single at 46. In fact he ended up marrying a lovely woman 5 years older than him.

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