5 Victories Of The Patriarchy In 2016

While we certainly have our work cut out for us, I feel that we do not take enough time to acknowledge our victories and bathe in the tears of our enemies. It is in this spirit that I ask you all to raise a glass in a universal toast to some of the largest victories undertaken by the Patriarchy this year. Here’s to many more.

1. Increasing Male Bathroom Access And Destroying Female Safe Spaces


One disturbing problem that has been on the rise lately is the terrifying prospect of having to wait in a line in order to use a public restroom. In my youth, this was a problem completely isolated to females, but in the past year I can count three distinct instances where there was a line to use the male restroom. The brilliant minds of the patriarchy came up with an innovative solution: Operation Full Stream Ahead. Open ALL restrooms up to men. We are busy, important, and need to piss, and there’s no reason we should only have access to 50% of the restrooms. After all, we built 100% of them.

The solution, I must say, was quite creative. By picking an obscure and relatively unknown minority of mentally ill individuals known as “transgenders” we created the illusion that this group is of significant size that they should be part of public policy debates, and have special laws crafted around them. I admit, I thought it was an absurd plan destined for failure, but the evidence has shown otherwise.  Restrooms around the nation are now open for us to urinate in regardless of signage posted at the door.

But when the patriarchy plans for change, we always double down. There is always a secondary, and sometimes tertiary goal in any of our actions. The female restroom was one of their remaining “safe spaces” they could retreat to during a date, gossip with friends, or just discreetly practice their anorexia. Well, all that is over now that men are able to maintain an active presence in female restrooms throughout America.

The tertiary goal of gaming women in restrooms is a path that will be forged by the next generation of brave men, and I look forward to their contributions.

2. Promoting Our Secret Agenda Of Male Physical Dominance


Our operation to infiltrate Hollywood and major advertising studios took several years of covert work, but has finally paid off. Last month, we were able to display the above billboard promoting the new X-Men film, which is only a cover for the real message—communicating to men everywhere that violence against women, particularly choking them with one arm while demonstrating your biological superior body strength—is sometimes necessary to maintain your dominance.


Operation Dark Triad had a two-fold attack: On the one hand, men everywhere were reminded of their physical power, ensuring the Patriarchy remains in power, while at the same time triggering special snowflakes. It was a real win-win. Some would say it’s a minor victory, and that the above tweet is correct—we still have a long way before we could portray a human man choking a human woman on a billboard, and that in fact this ad was only created because it tells a fictional battle of a mutant with superhuman powers fighting another mutant with different and unique powers in an action film, but don’t listen to those naysayers.

3. Subtle Rules For Gaming Chicks At The Pool


Operation Cool Breeze was a brief success. For the first full month of summer, we were able to propagandize the minds of millions of pool-going individuals throughout America with some reminders for summer gaming. For example, in the image above, clockwise from the girl on the diving board:

It’s cool to keep a fit, toned body that you show off at the pool.

It’s not cool for two dudes to chase each other while there are single attractive ladies around to game.

It’s not cool to game when you are not appropriately dressed for the venue.  Always be ready to swim and get wet.

It’s cool to teach younger men the value of game.

It’s not cool to be awkward and socially aloof.

And finally, it’s not cool to chase after fatty gingers swimming in their t-shirts instead of appropriate swimwear.

Social Justice Warriors found some supposed racist message in our posters, something about how it portrayed white supremacy, even though two of the “not cool” labels were of white males, somehow the above was racist. This was an oversight on the patriarchy’s part, and we will make sure to make any secret propaganda materials more politically correct in the future so that their true purpose is not thwarted. Still, even the commenters of the HuffPo find calling this poster “racist” to be stretching.

This is a clear reminder of how we must always consider the most triggered and mentally weak among us, and remember to fool them by always portraying the white male as a dumbass and the overweight aging single female as the natural leader. If we had not been so sloppy in the message above, our posters would still be sitting on display at YMCAs throughout the nation.

4. Getting Feminists To Literally Piss Their Pants


This operation was a mere test of the power of our social media brain distraction devices that have now infiltrated the vast majority of the population. And it was a wild success. Patriarchal members of the 4chan community (I know, I know, but trust me, we are there too) created a false call to action, telling women that by urinating in their clothing they were somehow supporting equality of the sexes. Many feminists obliged, and hilarious photos and damp smelly crotches ensued.

This operation proved the ease with which we can control facile minds through smartphone monitoring and indoctrination devices.  Humans have a natural instinctual resistance to urinating or defecating near food, shelter, or clothing, and we were able to override these natural instincts with a few keystrokes and a properly planned hashtag.  #Pissforequality was a stunning success.

5. Operation KratOz


I’m pleased to announce that I have been given clearance to finally reveal the secret mission behind the mass outrage of early 2016. The patriarchy concocted a colossal plan of distraction and disinformation, which culminated in authorities diverting enormous resources from targeted areas so that massive quantities of pharmaceutical grade Kratom could be slipped in through normally patrolled areas that were left wide open.

While this was a worldwide coordinated operation, targeted at the largest 50 distribution hubs worldwide, the biggest successes were in Australia, which had yet to develop wholesale distribution lines. A massive distraction along the northwest coast of Australia diverted coast guard, navy, and municipal police forces to monitor this area, searching in vain for nonexistent speedboats full of roving rapists, leaving the southern border open to gargantuan shipments of the potent herb which are now being stored in underground undisclosed locations, ready for distribution in the near future for an undisclosed future operation.

What’s In Store For The Rest Of 2016?


What’s next, Max? Can I reveal plans that Laci Green is actually a double agent sent to destroy feminism from the inside out with sheer stupidity? Was gay marriage a clandestine attempt for men to grab state benefits without committing to women, while continuing to pursue our sexual relationships with females unabashed? Are our scientists and philosophers currently thinking up the newest insanities that will become 6th Wave Feminism, finally destroying it for good?

Alas, I am not at liberty to disclose at this time, but be assured, gentlemen, we are in for a wild and fun ride indeed.

If you like this article and are concerned about the future of the Western world, check out Roosh’s book Free Speech Isn’t Free. It gives an inside look to how the globalist establishment is attempting to marginalize masculine men with a leftist agenda that promotes censorship, feminism, and sterility. It also shares key knowledge and tools that you can use to defend yourself against social justice attacks. Click here to learn more about the book. Your support will help maintain our operation.

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87 thoughts on “5 Victories Of The Patriarchy In 2016”

  1. By natural law, the patriarchy will always win. There is no doubt about this since one only needs to look back throughout history to see what was accomplished through the merit and hard work of men in our civilization. From medical discoveries, building great architecture to developing the latest in science and technology, most if not all, were contributed primarily be men,
    It is true to also say that men have declined in standards. But let us not forget that this was in due part to the over emphasis placed on meeting the needs and desires of women. Women are receiving the custody of children and other financial and monetary assets in the family courts, women are receiving most of the places in the job market and colleges, women are receiving the primary attention of the media and government and so on and so forth. What all of this illustrates is the fact that there is a huge difference in the type victimhood that is rendered as a result of what has been happening over the last few decades.
    Women genuinely have fallen into what can be described as “manufactured victimhood”- that is to say that most claims made by this gender such as wage gaps and glass ceilings, are a result of seeking attention and diverting from meritocracy and hard work. Whereas for men, this gender has unfortunately fallen into the category of “legitimate victimhood”- where one can see the devastating effects of rampant feminism and the consequences which have followed as a result of the focus being made on women’s needs. These include men suffering from high levels of unemployment, being victimised in the college campuses and essentially, denigrated by the media.
    So what has happened as a result of all of this? Well, by natural law, men are now seeking alternative ways of pursuing spiritual wisdom and essentially freedom from the gynocentric matriarchy we are seeing infront of our eyes. Men are no longer choosing to follow conventional wisdom which in itself, has manifested into something ugly as more men are being screwed over, whether by the family courts or the educational establishment. Men are no longer getting married, no longer going to get degrees and have in all sadness, deviated from the world of dating and other pursuits that once provided happiness and comfort. All of this, will naturally, lead to the collapse of society in general. Companies will no longer profit since the focus is now on diversity training and quotas rather than making profits, innovation and entrepreneurship is no longer possible as a result of men not being able to have developed the skills and tenacity as a result of having no father figure and being raised single mothers and so on and so forth.
    The natural forces of our world, will essentially, correct the mess that has been made as a result of men being abandoned and women being given too many priorities and attention over the male gender. In essence, the universe will make it clear that the patriarchy will by natural law, always win. That is mother nature telling feminists and the world in general to simply allow men to do what it is that they do best ( from building companies to developing cures in medicine and creating breakthrough innovation in science and technology) without the interference of the matriarchy.
    Only time will show the eventual collapse of our society if men are continued to be pushed to the side and abandoned.

    1. It would require the world’s most powerful army to finally turn against the matriarchy they defend though. ISIS is a patriarchy but doesn’t have a single Apache attack helicopter or F-16 and they are losing territory big time. A bunch of survivalists with a swiss army knife won’t beat a modern army either.

      1. “A bunch of survivalists with a swiss army knife won’t beat a modern army either.”
        History seems to say otherwise.
        Swiss army knive’s armies are every modern army worst nightmare.

        1. History seems to say otherwise.
          You’re making it *really* difficult to not crack a very obvious joke here, Monsieur.

      2. Or we can simply Move, space is an option once the technology is perfected Gerard K. O’Neill and his book The High Frontier pretty much put forth a realistic and achievable plan. If NASA won’t help us, a private consortium can be put together and if necessary well the Russians have a space program that can be developed as it would be in their best interests if the real men of the west simply packed up and left leaving these Macho Maids and their wimpy male pets to fend for themselves.

  2. Haha! Great article truly fitting for a Friday. Really like #1. Now whenever some feminists/SJW preaches on about that “victory”, I’m going to rub my hands together maliciously and say “Oh, you think it was a win for YOU, eh? Muahahahahahaha!”

  3. Whenever I hear a woman say that things would be more peaceful if they rule the world, I point to history of well known women rulers who sent men to die for whatever reason. Then I remember this little gem, and it’s all one needs to see what would have happened if we’d let women run things at the very beginning compared to now:

    1. I didn’t get it until I noticed the comment at the bottom… that’s just golden.

        1. Wow, that was awesome. The part about men just doing shit without worrying about who was the ‘boss’ struck me as particularly anti-feminist. They are obsessed with titles and hierarchy and power being bestowed upon them, instead of earning it.

        2. It reminds me a little of the article about that hippie commune rainbow group that was posted here recently. Basically a disorganized gathering where all the necessary duties somehow get accomplished, despite any hierarchy or infrastructure existing. Guys see shit that needs to be done, and they do it. Girls want to have the most impressive title.
          The last girl I met that was working in a charity, kept going on and on about how she “started a 501-c-3 nonprofit entity”. OK great, you filled out some paperwork, who gives a fuck. What do you actually DO?

      1. Yep. It’s not just this documentary either. I wish I could find the link, but there was evidence that in matriarchal societies where women run things the tribe has barely passed Stone Age tech and have only survived because of how isolated they are.

    2. While funny, her argument isn’t quite accurate…
      “We don’t give men power.”
      False. Your men CHOOSE not to exert their natural power over you. If they wanted, they could physically dominate you and there’s nothing that you could do about it.
      It should read: “Our men have chosen to give us the power….because even in an African shithole, men can still be cucked.”

      1. I think the malaria vs pizza comment was the point.
        Why are you listening to what some dirty woman says?

        1. Upvoting cause I know what that is. And I know most downy without googling first.

      2. Male physical strength is nature’s trump card against women. With it most random men could literally enslave most random women. The old saying is true. Might makes right. Game is only needed because most men allow women to be choosers.
        Except for Arab men, as we see in Europe right now. Male physical strength was also useful in controlling female hypergamy. How many abusive boyfriends get cheated on vs white knight husbands?
        However, with men having surrendered the advantage nature gave us, you get a matriarchy.

    3. I love how pizza and not Bach is what denotes the greatness of civilization

      1. Bach didn’t even frown upon heads of pickled herrings…with some gold ducats inside… ;))

        1. obscure but rewarding. Seems pickled herrings and double hamburgers go well together

        2. Ah…a connoisseur, I see…..))…kudos and a major “Gee!” from me.

        3. Google has taught me all that I know.
          Interesting anecdote though which says a lot about the kind of things a genius may need to be prepared to do develop himself

        4. There is no sin in learning. 🙂
          And Modesty and reflecting upon yourself and the World makes You invulnerable to my kind.(alas!)
          Thus, kudos remain…and I refrain from gnashing my teeth in frustration.

      2. Have your ever spread a layer of thinly sliced tomatoes over your pizza, lightly dusted with oregano, minced garlic, and parmigian?

        1. more or less. I guess a good pizza topple’s Bach from the top spot when you’re hungry

      3. Bach is a good start, along with every airplanes, computers, automobiles, telephones….I’ll stop right there.

      4. pizza is an allusion to how women tend to starve to death when left to their own devices.

      5. Not only pizza, but also the delivery vehicle with a goddam warming oven built in, so you can get said pizza within 30 minutes at the perfect temperature without having to move your ass more than a couple of thumb presses on your smartphone screen to send a single emoji to Dominoes to receive your life giving manna, topped with delicious hot gooey cheese and your selection of toppings.
        All of these great elements of our advanced civilization were imagined, designed, built and distributed to the masses by MEN!
        Not to diminish the accomplishments of J.S. Bach, but we must exalt the pizza to the apex of the pyramid of evidence of our accomplishments as a human civilization. If extraterrestrial aliens exist and if they visit earth, this is what we roll up to the flying saucer — the Dominoes DXP! Aliens across the galaxy and beyond will bow before the DXP in awe of mans’s (not females) accomplishments.
        Men fuckin’ rule! WE ARE KINGS WITH DOMINION OVER THE EARTH AND ALL THE CREATURES (ladies) THEREIN, so sayeth the Lord.

        1. I am struggling though with the image of a pizza balanced atop a pyramid.
          Maybe the NWO would seem less threatening though if you had an thin crust all seeing ham and pineapple as the capstone?

    4. “Whenever I hear a woman say that things would be more peaceful if they rule the world”
      Good point! When they say that to me, I always tell them to look at Ancient Egypt, or the Mayans, or the Incas, or any of the other civilizations that no longer exist.

      1. Yeah, it wasn’t like Mary Queen of Scots had hundreds murdered or anything. Women are so gentle.

        1. Or “Bloody Mary” Tudor (daughter of Henry VIII), who tortured and burned hundreds of Protestants. They forget about her.

    5. And that why she lives in a grass hut and I have air conditioning and the internet. 🙂

    6. What a dumb bitch she is.
      Honey, call me when your shithole village makes a space shuttle program or conducts a heart transplant.

  4. Roosh’s article on marrying a God-fearing virgin got me thinking…
    Are there any white muslim convert chicks?

    1. This shows the problem with transhumanist fantasies about radical life extension: Women simply couldn’t handle it psychologically. Assuming you really could rejuvenate a woman, you can’t de-experience her sexually to undo the damage caused by her sexual adventures. Eventually you would get monstrosities with 10,000-cock stares.

      1. The same is true of other bad habits or accumulated negative experiences: with radical life extension, you would have to somehow unlearn things and return to a blank slate state of mind.

        1. I think we may eventually see the use of psychedelics in controlled environments under the direction of doctors / specialists to basically return the mind to a pure state.

        2. While of course there are some potential applications for good, I imagine the biggest buyers of these would be the government reeducation camps.

      2. Simple solution: radical life extension for (some) men ONLY. ;))
        Even BIBLE mentions no Methuse-Lulu…

    2. Converting to or from Islam?
      I’ve seen some Saudi exchange students who came to America and became whores. I mean openly telling me about banging dudes within hours of meeting them. I would think the best bet would be finding a girl from a traditional household that’s not that religious, but still Muslim, like what we call the “cafeteria Catholics”. But most important is growing up in a nonwestern society and with strong father figure.
      As far as while girls converting TO Islam. Funny you mention that. I know 3-4 guys who converted, a couple to marry because it was required of them in order to marry the bride. But I’ve NEVER seen a white chick who is willing to give up her sex, her alcohol, and all her luxuries of life to become Muslim. They’ll talk about what a great culture it is, and how we must respect it, but ask them to put up or shut up and you will hear crickets.

      1. That’s weird because I’ve seen the opposite in the Houston area. I’ve actually thought it was bizarre, because we are talking whitebread Southern girls marrying real old country types.

      2. Dude just convert to LDS, Mennonite or some other religion in the USA- I know a few with wives WAY out of league but nailed em down due to religion game haha

        1. How viable is it for a man in late 30s to marry LDS or Mennonite girl? I would imagine they marry around 20 years old. Is this accepted in those communities?

        2. You can twist anything with religion, tell em you just moved from texas and are a virgin for all they know

      3. Here in NL there are plenty of white eurogirls who have converted and walk around with everything except their face covered.
        You can spot them by blue eyes, white skin, and they are often 1.80m+ tall for some reason too.
        I can spot them by dress, if you are around muzzies enough you will notice the women dress ever so slightly different depending on where they come from.
        Patterned scarf VS plain color, etc.

      4. I have seen white women wearing bed sheets over their heads walking down the street behind their pyjama wearing arab husband sporting a homeless santa/dirty wizard beard

    3. Plenty of them in Europe, but they are migrating to Syria a lot to be jihadi brides.
      So either move on then soonish, or go to Raqqa to play the jihadi and get one for free. ;-).
      I see them just about daily around here(NL), usually pushing strollers with babies though.

  5. Brilliant…funny…Roosh. Synonyms. 🙂
    This Human MUST breed. A lot. ;)))

    1. ..out of respect…I will even (reluctantly, nevertheless..) replace “breed” with “procreate”….

  6. #pissforequality made me spit my coffee! Hahahahahahaha, I had completely missed it…
    Brilliant stuff, pure genius.

  7. I missed the whole #Pissforequality thing. Were they protesting the patriarchal invention of toilets? Someone please enlighten me.

    1. I looked into it, and without looking too deep, it appears to have been a troll job thought up by some 4chan guys and ultimately just a hoax. “Hoax” in the sense that all of the tweets and photos sent out were apparently from sock puppets, and ultimately it was these fake accounts and posts that were used to demonstrate the success of the troll job.
      It was a great idea, but the 4chan guys really got lazy when it came to making the movement seem credible. They never crafted any reason at all for women to piss their pants, they just dropped a few cliches and called it a day. The movement predictably failed to get women to piss their pants.
      I think that they missed a golden opportunity here (heh) because this really could have been a great troll job. First of all, the protest should have been to “raise awareness” about the unfairness of the way space is divided between women’s and men’s restrooms in public venues for large gatherings (stadiums, arenas, etc.) Women’s restrooms can only hold so many stalls for lack of space, however the men just need a few stalls and a wall lined with urinals. When the number of women’s stalls is compared to the total number of men’s stalls plus urinals, the men’s room typically holds the greater capacity and can thus more efficiently handle the flow of patrons who rush to use the restrooms at critical breaks during an event. On the other hand, women’s restrooms have comparatively little capacity to handle these rushes and thus tend to bottleneck and form massive lines that snake their way outside of the restroom.
      That’s just the general cause for protest, but I would have gone a step further and had the entire movement started by some poor girl who actually pissed herself while waiting in some massive line to use the women’s restroom. The girl would have photographed herself and tweeted the pic while exclaiming something like, “This is what you get when women are treated unfairly and forced to deal with inadequate facilities designed by a man.” Then she could appropriately announce her hashtag for raising awareness about how unfair the allotment of capacities is between men’s and women’s restrooms: “I’ve had enough! My accident is nothing to be ashamed of, but It’s time people realize how hard it is being a woman in a world that caters exclusively to the needs of men. If you’d like to see smaller lines and more stalls in the women’s restroom, then let’s show these men what otherwise happens. @pissforequality.”
      Only after this backstory had been set, then I would have followed up with the sock puppet tweets expressing solidarity with wet pants. Then I would have considered having some men mock her as an incontinent drunkard or something so as to whip up the bulldog feminists who might be interested in coming to her aid. I’m still not convinced that it would have worked my way, but I think there would have been a better chance to get it trending and actually get a few feminists on board.

      1. “Women’s restrooms can only hold so many stalls for lack of space,
        however the men just need a few stalls and a wall lined with urinals”
        Gender discrimination against men! It takes less room for smaller women to squat shoulder to shoulder over a urinal trough than it does for larger men to stand shoulder to shoulder over one. If men have to deal with the fag pissing next to him glancing over at his junk why should women receive the preferential treatment afforded by the privacy of a stall?

  8. “Operation KratOz”, Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah buddy! Kratom always wins, alwayyyyyyys!

  9. HOLY FUCK !
    ,, The patriarchy concocted a colossal plan of distraction and disinformation, which culminated in authorities diverting enormous resources from targeted areas so that massive quantities of pharmaceutical grade Kratom could be slipped in through normally patrolled areas that were left wide open.”
    I KNEW IT !!! I’ve always known this !
    ,,What’s next, Max? Can I reveal plans that Laci Green is actually a double agent sent to destroy feminism from the inside out with sheer stupidity? Was gay marriage a clandestine attempt for men to grab state benefits without committing to women, while continuing to pursue our sexual relationships with females unabashed?”
    There’s a ninja in this quote somewhere…

  10. Next year we need to get !0 million doses of Gandarusa smuggled into The US with a test kit to see if you are good to go.

  11. What’s next? Hmm. Mandatory home bathroom condom and ru-486 dispensers. Remember flush and wash.

  12. 2016 is half passed. The spirit of patriarchy grows but the waves of sjw madness aren’t over. Also western states employ armies of sjw’s who are ordered to do recon, swooping in and selectively litigating against traditionalist men and their families. It’s a bitch judiciary system. Lone individuals who declare their independence from the bitch system get surrounded and swamped if they work/live in the wrong place at the wrong time. The system’s M.O. is opportunistic, like a street mugger. A poor decision on where to raise your family can have fatal results.
    Loose tribes of associated men can provide some degree of communal support but those who seriously consider a breakaway from the death grip, the brainwashing and the prying encroachment of traitors and bitchstate snitches that crowd every mixed community should band together and begin carving out fortified niches to live and raise families. Having feminist/sjw/snitchtraitors in your apartment complex or on your street is too close for comfort.
    ”Where to live and raise a family” is a big question with many. If no culturally decent community can be found regionally, then build one, or build pockets or nests. Acquire and renovate ‘don’t tread on me’ city burroughs. I’ve seen quite a few aging inner city areas with fine old homes which were bought up cheap, restored and regentrified but it was by groups of rainbow sympathetic and multicult shitlibs. Similarly RED PILL MEN will need to pool together and carve out red pill zones to live. The liveability of your house and yard is only as secure as your neighbors. Your fortress mentality shouldn’t end at your fence. The fortress extends beyond.
    Outside of cities and bordered nations there doesn’t remain much uncharted frontier on this earth. No fresh clean slate to load up an ark or arks of determined rebuilders and make pilgrimages to.
    The Dutch pilgrims were teams of men and women both who were sent to settle the new lands. The women weren’t feminist in the least bit but were as strongly traditional and feminine as you could get. The men were skilled and leaders, no village idiots, and the women were among the most superior in the domestic arts and were hand picked with extreme care. The Mayflower wasn’t a sunbathing cruise ride of sloots. It was a mission of souls to spawn a slice of their native culture and civilization in a new land.
    If the Mayflower were packed with obnoxious bitching green haired sjw feminists and rainbow fags, then you can bet it would have fucking sank in the middle of the Atlantic in the doldrums. It was like a colonizing space mission with no room for error in the selection of its crew. For modern reference, pick your women with discression. A bad/bitchy/bossy woman will make you enemies with the good folks you need the most.
    Whether red pill men venture into wilderness or choose demographically tame rural areas to settle or whether they choose the urban fortress, keep in mind that the guy/family living behind you must have your six and the people beside you gladly loan you sugar and bullets and the housewife across the street hums sweet patriotic tunes as she tit feeds in a rocking chair on her front poarch, and she notifies your family when sjw rainbow fags or bitchstate government trolls are seen prying at the neighborhood entrance.
    Wherever women are in their proper place and where they accept their natural role, the traditional culture of their tribe comes alive. It ceases to decline and begins pushing back. Pockets become large communities. Their culture is ‘on the grow’.

  13. I can’t tell if this is satire or not… Like I’m a usual reader but this is od

  14. The Xmen poster is hilarious, it shows perfectly just what the Patriarch thinks of feminism. It should be put up everywhere, esp outside wherever these harlots gather to formulate their man killing plots.

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