Why Women Will Never be As Successful As Men

This month will be, in many ways, another month for me in which I am trying to better myself.  It’s another moment in time when I approach my goals with renewed resolve.  I look over the books that I plan to write, the blog articles that have yet to be finished, and what I really want for myself.

Once again, I rearrange my computer’s bookmarks and then ensure that those bookmarks are perfectly synced with all my other bookmarks.  I aim to be more productive and promise myself that I will stick to it “this time.”  I re-prioritize my goals and vow to finish the Jordan Peterson book that I bought before I go off buying other books, and then make a list of the other books that I promised myself that I would finish as they remain unread on my Kindle.

Most importantly perhaps, I resolve to clean up my internal state and my own mental environment.  I resolve to get busy and put my nose to the grindstone and work on that business, rather than sulking because I’ve gone two straight weeks without a piece of ass in my bed.

That’s when Elon Musk shot is cherry-red Tesla Roadster into outer space.  I was watching on YouTube at my desk at work when it happened.

My first thought?

See, a woman would never do this.

It was my first guttural reaction in a time of vitriolic, violently militant feminism.  “The Force is Female,” is the new calling-card of the once mythological and majestic series we came to know as Star Wars.  That’s over with now.  #MeToo is the war cry of every once-rejected actress who slept her way to the top – of course there are some real victims in the mix, but I suppose it is now the solemn duty of “all men” to sort it out, repress ourselves and behave differently.  It is the time of the relentless utopian ideals of the postmodern left – rammed down our throats.  Cat-calling and unsuccessful flirtation with women is now punishable by fines in certain parts of the world.  In Canada you can be fined or imprisoned for using the wrong “gendered pronouns.”

A woman would never launch a perfectly good car into outer space.  That is, if she let you have the damned two-seater you always wanted in the first place.  Women are too practical.  She would tell you to sell it and invest that money in your child’s education or use it for a down-payment on a new Ford Explorer, or whatever she wants or deems to be wise and reasonable.

Women exist to preserve the home and the status quo.  Men break the mold.  Why are over 95% of all U.S. patent filings made by men?  Because the first world is still so horrifically unfair to women, even though they make up the majority of all high school graduates, college graduates, and advanced-degree graduates at all levels?  Because without the “patriarchy” keeping women down, everything would be just-so, perfectly equal across the board – in STEM fields, in computer technology, in driving race cars, and in bodybuilding?

No.  Elon Musk shot his car into space because it is BAD ASS.  It’s a middle-finger to the establishment.  It’s a “fuck you” to NASA, to everyone who said that he would never make it or said that it couldn’t be done.  It’s a testament to personal genius and unwavering, obsessive ambition – and those are qualities that women, quite simply, just don’t have.

The next thought that I had, as I watched Mr. Musk’s sports car go cruising through space:

This is like that scene from Heavy Metal! 

Who could forget that beautiful corvette dropping out of that space shuttle, all to the iconic sound of Riggs’ “RADAR! RADAR! RADAR!”  I thought to make a YouTube video of the Tesla footage to that soundtrack, but of course some GUY beat me to it.

I was inspired to rent Heavy Metal that night.  It had been a while since I’d last seen it, and I must tell you, it is fantastically refreshing.  In an era of all-female Ghostbusters, all-female Ocean’s Eleven sequels, talk of a female James Bond (let the eye-rolling begin), and a Mary Sue replacement for Luke Skywalker, Heavy Metal was inspired by the magazine of the same name, from a once-proud era when it was okay for men to consume content for men.

Heavy Metal the film, like the magazine, was full of bare and sexually eager big-titted babes.  They were the reward for the man’s adventure-well-done.

The film concludes with a female warrior, a “bad ass chick.”  One might conclude that this is somehow a testament to feminism, but you would be wrong.  The “bad ass chick,” so often depicted in fiction as the female warrior, or she-barbarian, or Red Sonya, or the heroine found in so much of Japanese anime, is a male fantasy, not a statement of liberal progressivism.

We men like the idea of a female bad-ass.  She could do bad-ass things with us and would appreciate our ambition or the obsessive projects that we want to get ourselves in to.  The perfect partner in crime.  When a Frank Frazetta type drew a female badass, that was the expression of a strong sexual fantasy.

“Body of a woman – brain of a man, now we’re talkin’.”

Please don’t be fooled by women who (all too often) attempt to create the pastiche or aesthetic of “bad assery” in their social lives.  Women love to take photos of themselves shooting guns, taking MMA classes, or oven partaking in a cage fights or becoming professional fighters themselves.  But you and I both know that this is not real combat.  The theater of infantry-driven warfare?  Women suck at that when compared to men, and that’s common knowledge.

Hot chicks take photos of themselves shooting guns because they know (as in Heavy Metal), that you fantasize about it, and they can captivate your attention in this way, and assert their sexual power over you by captivating your attention.

I don’t fall for women’s bullshit when they boast about how tough they are, or how they aren’t afraid of anything because they take kickboxing classes.  They live in a world where they can say whatever they want and do as they please without reprisals.  It’s easy to talk about how tough you are when you’ve never been in a real fight before or face a real person who truly means you harm.  Most women have never had the experience of having to nut-up and punch that bully in the face so that she can return home with her pocket change intact.

The modern female ego is a construction of falsehood and mirage.  They put some shit together with a glue-gun, sell it on Etsy and deem themselves “entrepreneurs.”  Meanwhile, Elan Musk shoots a perfectly good car into outer space BECAUSE HE CAN and BECAUSE IT IS BAD ASS.

So, the next time you are faced with a lonely moment, and are doubting yourself, get to work.  Know that women don’t respect the process at all, and only the output of that process in the form of money, fame and material goods.  Women don’t have any respect for a man with dreams and ambitions of creating a wildly successful privatized space exploration company.  Those dreams are incredibly important and are worth pursuing, as you can plainly see.

Do it, get it done and become successful.  Then, if you wish, find a good woman, have a quality relationship with her and don’t marry her.  Despite what the courts think, she is not entitled to half of your hard-earned work and success, because if she were in your shoes and given the same opportunities, she would not have done as well as you did.  If she had been there while you were working on it, she would have nagged you to stop, “do something realistic,” and become jealous of your distracted attention.  She would also secretly be fearful that you very well could become successful one day and leave her for a hotter, younger and nicer girl.

You have the potential to be a Bad Ass and women do not. Know that and sleep easy tonight, even if it’s by yourself.

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105 thoughts on “Why Women Will Never be As Successful As Men”

  1. “A woman would never launch a perfectly good car into outer space”
    She might accidentally reverse one into outer space you damned sexist.

    1. Worse, the feminist snowflakes are already calling space exploration and going to Mars etc. as toxic white male patriarchy!
      I guess they are worried all the able bodied/minded men would abandon planet Earth altogether.

      1. The entire conversation comes to a grinding halt when you consider a few salient and irrefutable facts :
        1.) If women stop having children within 1/2 century there will be no fertile females left and within less than 100 years the human race will be finished.
        Even if genetic engineering, cyborgs and artificial uteruses come online, the female body still does the job naturally and more easily and is less likely to produce a population of hellish orks or borg.
        2.) Everything that men do, including launching a car into space, is all about making life easier, making survival more assured and making it easier for women and children to continue to the population. Otherwise men would just sit on a nice beach somewhere in a grass hut and do nothing.
        3.) Just because having a baby can be a biological accident, doesn’t mean that it just happens automatically and isn’t better with planning, care, education etc. (hence a lot of what men do in the first place). Meanwhile most ‘modern’ women have had a better education in regards to wiping their own ass, than they have in terms of bringing new life into the world, which is a massive multi decade undertaking.
        4.) In the last 500 years, child bearing, child raising and home making have experienced almost zero progress and in the last 50-100 years have almost entirely been abandoned as a respectable pursuit.
        5.) The real violence against women is mainly perpetuated by other women and beta men who wished their own daughters were sons. Instead of fostering and educating women to produce real progress in the matter of child raising and families, it’s borderline failure to be a mother and not have a roaring executive career at the same time.

        1. That was the men of the past that has these preoccupation.
          The men of the future will be immortals and create new species through genetic engineering, and monitor them as gods.

    2. God made women inferior to men. A woman’s pussy is located very close to her shibboleth. If she doesn’t wipe properly, shit can end up in her pussy and cause UTIs. It’s rare for a man to contract a UTI unless he holds it in before peeing or if he is a faggot who fucks another man in the ass.
      Women are inferior to men, and they are nothing but a level above animals. Thats why its easier for the Shoes to corrupt women into rabid feminasueous.

      1. Troll or not the heart of what he states is accurate.
        Give women freedom and they use it to destroy society; praise and fight for invaders to come in and take over, murder their babies, commit adultery and menstruate on paper and call it art. They only destroy and call everything you do rape.
        What did men do with freedom unhinged? What was it again? Oh that’s right we built the world and invented everything. We propagated the traditional family unit, higher thought, higher culture and the one and true Christian religion.
        Even “Christian” women with freedom use it only for destruction. They raise money to go to Africa to take selfies with little tyrones, while longing to mate with the beasts there; they consider this the high point of their service to God.
        Read all of history, you might find 1 account of a righteous woman per 1 million of them. Otherwise women are just a parasitic drain.
        My assessment is tough, but fair; yet honest.

        1. Yes, but no. The substance of whatever a troll is saying is the fact that they are a troll, and their agenda as a troll. David Livingstone is a conspiracy theorist. Pastor suggests an anti-Christian basis. What he is doing is associating extremism and ‘misogyny’ with ideological enemies, including this site. If a troll has an agenda towards that end focusing on the exoteric content of his comment is necessarily wrong, and in a small way a trap. The problem is people just love to be led by the nose, and will be led by the nose even when they fully know what is being done, as unfortunately your comment demonstrates

        2. Very well said.
          Ecclesiastes 7:28
          ‘While I was still searching but not finding– I found one upright man among a thousand, but not one upright woman among them all.’

      2. If we’re so beneath you, why associate with us? Oh right, because you love fucking our inferior cunts. That’s what really makes you guys so mad. The fact that no matter how much you hate us, we feel so much better than your hand. That’s why you try to control us. You hate that we have the ability to choose not to fuck you and that drives you mad. Hilarious. Tip: if you hate us so much, just leave us alone. (But we both know that won’t happen, right?)

        1. He’s a troll faking ‘misogyny’ to make us look bad. He’s probably a bigger feminist than you are. Look at his chosen name

        2. Ha ha ha. Women, like children and pets, when left alone won’t last a week on this planet. What a fucking joke. Women are the ones who follow men like parasites, flash their pussies to get attention. Yes, we like to fuck cunts. We don’t discriminate which cunt we fuck as long as it is not diseased and is attached to a reasonably looking body. We fuck to keep the human race alive. So your job is to make babies and get fucked for the pleasure of men who need to recharge and go back to building and safeguarding civilization and the human race. That is the purpose women.

        3. Because nature cursed us with the desire to screw you. But don’t worry, eventually we’ll create your replacement that would be better than you in everything.

  2. “The “bad ass chick,” so often depicted in fiction as the female warrior, or she-barbarian, or Red Sonya, or the heroine found in so much of Japanese anime, is a male fantasy, not a statement of liberal progressivism.”
    This is very true. It either reflects young men’s (geekish young men’s) desire for a woman who’s going to take the lead, seduce them in a world which is simply differently configured to the one we live in (a variant on the older woman who might take the lead) or – I think more significantly – a readiness to substitute masturbatory goddess worship (combined perhaps with feminist induced male guilt) for actual sexual relationships. Do think teenage male masturbatory fantasy is in direct competition adult male sexuality and appears to be winning out. Feminism and teenage masturbators with progressive values share a common interest in matriarchial infantilisation of the young male and arrested sexual development. Male sexuality may also infantilize females, which is not always for the best, and this may be reflected in the older male / younger female figure, but that may also have a biological and social advantage.

    1. When I saw Scarlett Johansson giving her bitchy speech at the Pussy Hat March last year, I thought that Barron Trump probably has more upper body strength as an adolescent boy than this broad who plays fantasy warrior women in movies.
      Just imagine Barron kicking Black Widow’s ass.

      1. Come on !! Fed up of the “upper body strength” phrase ! MEN are Stronger, whether upper or lower.
        A swift kick to the “lower lips” is more painful & destructive. Pussies are simply protected because of Cultural, Emotional, Religious & Political reasons !!

        1. Apparently you know nothing about female anatomy, so let me educate you.
          Ovaries (where eggs are produced) are INTERNAL organs. I’m not sure why you’re obsessed with female genatalia but I’ll rebut your point because why not? If you kick a woman in her labia or pubis, it will hurt. I was a martial artist for over a decade and got kicked, punched, and elbowed in ever part of my body. Yet somehow I still got pregnant! If, however, a man experiences enough trauma to his testicles, his sperm count MAY (emphasis on ‘may’) drop. A swift kick to the groin will send a man to the ground. Meanwhile I’ve been kicked in the groin and have managed to continue fighting. So if for some perverted reasoning about genitalia leads you to think ALL women are weaker, you need to reexamine your baseless beliefs.

        2. @Ellen aka shithead ! There’s nothing secret about pussy anatomy. Just because “egg releasing” stuff is inside the body doesn’t make them “strong”.
          Saying anything more to your kind of shitheads is like throwing stone on “pile of shit” !!

    2. “We men like the idea of a female bad-ass. ”
      No certainly not. Only blue pill like that. Real men only like female with good ass.

      1. don’t think I said that did I? I said it the bad ass was a teenage male masturbation fantasy based upon false presuppositions

  3. Such a pleasure to read this article. This man clearly has deep insight, a poet warrior none less. Just so refreshing to hear some good solid common sense. The comment ” she is not entitled to half of your hard-earned work and success”, was particularly poignant. This gentleman is absolutely correct, Gods law is different to mans law, make no mistake about that. Good on ya mate. No worries. Keep up the good work, you have a avid audience in me.

  4. A man’s value is greatly determined by what he can do. Women don’t care if a man is a saint (kind, generous, chivalrous, polite), but they care if he has an ability that secures him a steady income. A man can be an ugly motherfucker (most of us are, let’s not kid ourselves) but if he has a talent of sorts, and he is ambitious, he can make a living with his gift. We men don’t give a damn about a girl’s qualifications or academic accomplishments. Frankly, I regard them as a turnoff, especially when they can’t shut up about their career. It’s great when a woman is smart , which, dare I say, is rather rare. What matters to us is “is she attractive?” and “will she be a good partner on my journey?”.

    1. You would nor like the book of Genesis then, when the female Eve makes a blunder with the snake and the apple then. Say no more.

    2. God made a woman for Adam because God wanted Adam to spread his seed. Adam couldn’t fuck a cow or a goat because that is an abomination like dykes and faggots.

        1. @jackie, not exactly “terrible” but: weak, pathetic and inferior to MEN. Their one & only purpose is to act as “incubators” !! No, I am not demeaning or degrading; just telling the “truth”.
          See, MEN in every Culture gave Love, Cared, Pampered, Provided and Protected their women. I don’t even want to talk about the 99.99% of comforts women enjoy today!!
          Problems only started when women became “ungrateful” and demanded “equality”, knowing very well that they are way inferior to MEN.
          Last but not least; ever heard about Father of GYNECOLOGY !!??

  5. The US used to love personal responsibility, freedom, morality, peace, and balanced budgets.
    Americans are now embracing welfare, tyranny, immorality, war, and debt.
    Some Americans are not adjusting well to the changes and the hypocrisy.
    You just need to go outside to see the insanity. Have you noticed the panhandlers, the illegal immigrants, the cashier high on drugs, a black man using his fingers while pretending to shoot you, the homosexual in the gym shower leering at you, the white man spitting, the fat girl wearing pajamas at the supermarket, and the old lady driving slow on purpose in the parking lot talking to herself?
    People living in the US would think this was normal, but Americans don’t realize how far the USA has fallen until they travel abroad.
    Being a fat, tattooed single mother in Vietnam would be shameful.
    How can Americans sleep at night while the US collapses or look in the mirror now without feeling disgusted?

  6. In a word: testosterone. The testosterone that God – the real one, not Allah – endowed us with enables us to create, procreate and annihilate when we’re called upon to do those things. It’s what Feminists envy so much.

    1. …or rather what butch lesbians envy so much. I think feminists are happy to have men do the work and then they steal half the fruits of labour. They don’t really want equality of effort.

  7. “Know that women don’t respect the process at all, and only the output of that process in the form of money, fame and material goods.” But what they do respect are the boxes on the organizational chart which is in charge of the overall process — specifically the box at the top or any other box which is above your box, and supervises your box. If it is a private sector company they can run into the ground and play victim as everything crashes & then collect their payout/settlement…even better.

    1. True !! Not just that, the Sound/Audio, Motion/Video, Camera/Lens, Cinema etc.,; Everything is by MEN.
      …and the force is “female” !! Shame shame puppy shame !!

  8. One thing will never change: men will be held accountable for mistakes/failures and women will not. A woman falls flat on her face, she is met by an asenal of supporters. A man falls flat on his face, he is laughed at and kicked while he’s down. A woman is forever a child and her hardships never exceed those of a twelve year old. To somehow become stronger after being enabled would be like saying you’ll have stronger muscles if you lay on the couch all day. Men face tougher consequences, carry a bigger burden and we’re not forgiven easily for our failures. It is for that reason why we wil always be better.

    1. @Style42 With the myriad pro-feminist sites that are constantly tossing low blows towards men, articles like this are a breath of fresh air amidst an echo-chamber of men-hating. One of the best articles I’ve read on this site in a long time.

  9. The author is right that women are never the driving force as the role of the feminine is to cool off the masculine’s urge to keep on growing and creating. I know this statement won’t be accepted well here, but perhaps some cosmic force is try to cool us off by giving more power to women not to drive progress any further. Current growth is driven by the notion of exponential growth and consumerism which ironically is driven by women. This is simply not sustainable and no amount of technological and scientific discoveries will make up for it.
    Our biggest flaws as humans is that we never know, when to stop. Nature does not keep on growing. After the rapid growth in Spring and Summer (male), it cools off during Fall and Winter (female). We need to follow similar model or face problems by too much or too little growth.
    p.s. Mind you, if things don’t cool off by female energy, the male energy will switch to its natural inclination to destroy i.e. Great War!

  10. Nature = feminine. Logos = masculine. Men and women need each other, otherwise why were the two genders created in the first place? Women give life to babies. Men build the world for women and the babies they made together. The arrangement worked fine until feminists started pitting the two sexes against each other. A house divided will fall. I guess that is the goal. But I still think it’s not too late to turn the tide and that Logos will prevail.

    1. Nature is masculine – not feminine – masculine.
      The Farm is a female invention. The Factory is a female invention. The Corporation is a female invention. Government is a female invention. The King is a man who wears a dress. Judges are men in dresses. But Nature is masculine. Trees, mountains, streams, are masculine. In the ancient Mesopotamian and Mediterranean cultures, all vegetation – flowers, grass, wheat, grapes, lettuce – were imagined to be masculine. Each year the sprouted wheat stalk shoves above the earth; it swells and unfurls and hardens and releases its seed – then shrivels to nothing, just like your pee pee.
      Nature is masculine.

    2. No exaggeration & un-due credit, please !! Women don’t create or give life. GOD does those things.
      Females are mere incubators; whether you/they accept this fact or not.
      Laying eggs, menstruation, how many days/weeks/months to carry, when to pop-out, lactating etc.; nothing is in your control (unless you are castrated)
      GOD is the ONE & ONLY Creator and Destroyer.

      1. No, you are wrong @Hoover ! It’s not “Satan” or whatever you call, it’s the false pride/ego, arrogance, bitchy nature, inferiority complex of pussies; they have GRUDGE on MASCULINITY.

  11. I think its all missed on the commenters.
    It is simply BIOLOGY, that they will never be successful. Quit looking for existential and metaphysical reasons. It is solely BIOLOGY (specifically Chemistry and more to the point BRAIN chemistry).
    Mother Nature DICTATES what wamen will be, not their petty ass feelings nor any amount of philosophizing. Women are only breeders, just freaking wombs, no matter how much they rebel or people mentally masturbate over it..
    That is what Mother Nature says, everything else is bucking her rules and is useless and pointless. And when you buck the rules long enough, Mother Nature takes action to rectify the perversion to her rules, and Karma don’t care about feewings or movements. Karma is the executioners hand. End of story.

    1. “Mother Nature DICTATES what wamen will be”
      Mindless mentally ill drivel, an oxymoron and careless typing.
      The “active” mother (female) nature dictates the females to be “passive” i.e. she commits suicide?

      1. I give less than f**k what you think. you cant argue FACT no matter what you call the laws of Nature (or the pronouns used…IRRELEVANT). You will never be more than Mother Nature made you to be. It is NOT your function to be anything more than womb. the mistake was attaching the most rudimentary basic mental functions to it to allow it to survive..

        1. By that logic, men are nothing but inseminators. Biology and natural selection don’t care about the fancy things you build. So if youre leaving everything thing out except biology…yeah…men are just pollinators. Just sayin’.

        2. @Jackie, show me any part of modern society that was built by FEMME hands that is not rooted in degeneracy or baby killing. Femme hands have built not a goddamn thing beneficial to society.

      2. Name one item in your home, made by a white woman?
        (And I don’t mean the ceramic arty vase).
        White women are worthless drones, most of them don’t even have a working womb.

        1. John, allow me to change your sentence:
          Name one item in your home, made by a woman?
          I understand that here you guys are the majority. But femicuntism is no more limited to only to the West & white ! It’s a Global cancer !!
          Also, ROK platform is beyond any Country, Continent, Culture, Color,Race and/or Religion. It’s about MEN and MASCULINITY.
          Do you think that other MEN are happy to see (and not worried) about what’s happening to the local/white MEN ? Nope.

        2. Ravi,
          Most of the electronics, shoes, sporting goods and clothing in the USA is made in Chinese and SEA factories by Asian women. All the plastering and painting in my house was done by Asian women (mostly Burmese). It’s mostly white women who are essentially useless.

        3. @John, I think I am not clear or probably you didn’t get the exact point. I was talking about the “bigger” issue ! the “femicuntism”, and I stand by my point. Majority of the women are like that !!
          Coming to the “other women” who are working or doing what you mentioned:
          First, they are NOT doing any “favor” ! they are simply earning to eat & survive. This is because the Country, Economy, Living standards, Culture, Tradition, Values, Religion, Environment and Society they live in (or come from) doesn’t Pedestal and/or Entitle them; simply because they have different “orifice” between their legs (unlike the west) !!
          Second, what they are doing is “labor”. I mean, nothing to Invent, Innovative or Pioneer !! and nothing to Risk, Lose or Worry about (if not this Job/Employer, some other Job/Employer) !!
          Packing or assembling (in most of the scenarios, especially the work you mentioned) doesn’t require any “skills or expertise”.
          But things are changing rapidly. Influence from the west, media, businesses and the vote bank politics are doing big damage to women in almost every Country. The end result !? MEN are becoming (shall I say became !!) 2nd class citizens and scapegoats.
          Lastly, Hindustani MEN (and other non-western MEN) also *contributed hell lot to this World. But that doesn’t mean majority of Hindustani/other women are feminine and family type !! Since the past 20 years, our women are following their western counterparts !!
          Just remove the gender based/legal double standards, entitlement, do not put on pedestal; and then compare local women to other women.
          * I absolutely don’t have any inhibitions in acknowledging and accepting the fact (after all, I am not a pussy!!) that major part of the Technology & Comforts being enjoyed by people is because of white MEN.

      3. “Mindless mentally ill drivel, an oxymoron and careless typing”
        The above phrase 100% applies to you !! Why are you talking/typing about yourself !?? You worthless pile of dust.

      4. i get the point across past active electtonic censorship measures. go fuck your worthless self on a rotton fence post fucking cunt wad.

  12. “#MeToo is the war cry of every once-rejected actress who slept her way to the top – of course there are some real victims in the mix, but I suppose it is now the solemn duty of “all men” to sort it out, repress ourselves and behave differently. It is the time of the relentless utopian ideals of the postmodern left – rammed down our throats. Cat-calling and unsuccessful flirtation with women is now punishable by fines in certain parts of the world. In Canada you can be fined or imprisoned for using the wrong “gendered pronouns.””
    The most damnable state of affairs for our species….RIDICULOUS the artificial confines of the mind we put on our selves to play these petulant FEMALE LED MENTAL GAMES… I’m checking out of this nonsense, I just am not going to play this nonsensical game at all.

  13. How many men among us made bad decisions that lead them directly to smaller or greater failures that could have been easily avoided, just because they did not want to displease a woman present in their life at this moment, a woman who dumped them later because of that same failure?
    I guess there would be many hands in the air if we were asked this question.

  14. That picture of the chick with the sniper rifle is literally about the single stupidest thing I have seen in a long time. By the way, in real life the only remotely respectable female “soldiers” (arguably) are the Kurdish broads who fought with the Peshmerga against Islamic State in places like Kobani, Syria.

    1. thats because fighting for life is not a game..the peshmergas are not metropolitian beta men and wamen playing stupid societal games. every minute is lived and breathed as life or death. respect unto them. Nobody compares to the reality they live…no one.

  15. Women are not successful but thanks to the cancer of feminism that makes them think that they are successful. Also they try to take the credit that men do. Like the cancerous sweeden is a shithole country and eventually it will collapse. Fuckbitches that think they are more successful .

    1. Nixon moved America away from Gold standard in 1971= 2nd wave feminism
      America fighting war in Middle East from 2001 to 2007= 3rd wave feminism
      America Quantitative easing after GFR= 4th wave feminism (currently).
      Feminism is a parasite they depends on artificial wealth from America.

  16. “That’s when Elon Musk shot is cherry-red Tesla Roadster into outer space. I was watching on YouTube at my desk at work when it happened.
    My first thought?
    See, a woman would never do this.”
    You must really have your head up your ass.

    1. See if a women had ever done anything like that, you would have used that in your comment instead of “You must really have your head up your ass.”..

    2. Did you used a PC or Laptop or Tablet or Smartphone to type your “moronic” shit !? And do you know who Invented, Innovated& Pioneered the Technology you used !??
      Be grateful, bitch !!

  17. I remember way back when the draft was active. Women spent much time bragging that they’d “never let the government tell me what to do” and laughing at the dilemmas of men whose plans and careers and education could be interrupted.
    Girls were free to come and go as they pleased without disruption.
    Of course I now understand that this is mainly because women cannot carry responsibility effectively for any length of time and are so indulged they aren’t required to take care of their biological responsibilities. To be equal such requirements need to be in effect — if nothing else to donate eggs to help others and society in general.

      1. From you.
        Feminists were all for drugging children (boys) for so-called “ADD/ADHD” back in the late 1980s because it would not only make their lives easier but would give girls an advantage. This dumbed-down boys.
        But feminists, in their infinite stupidity and arrogance, thought they controlled Big Pharma, but now that drugging boys is the new normal, they are going after girls the same way. Those girls can thank people like you for it.

  18. “Women are too practical”
    No they’re not.
    So basically, they’re not pioneers/adventurers and not practical in a wide or prudent way…they are just burdens.
    Also, agreed on the analysis of the Taryakian silent female warrior in Heavy Metal. If anything – it is alluding to the fact, she is a product of men and patriarchy. Never says a word but makes the loudest statements by action – something men do.

  19. The bottom line is simply that behind every mediocre man is a woman telling him he must “lead a normal life” and no matter how much he makes and how well he provides, he’s going to get in trouble for not changing enough diapers or wiping enough noses even when he already sacrifices all not-at-work time on the matter.
    All because women are so conditioned to give a man shit over not being nurturing enough no matter how hard he works and how well he provides. Go watch any movie or read any book and it’s an endless trail of guys raking in bucks or saving the world and there’s wifey giving him a hard time every time.

    1. Modern man needs to stand up when wifey acts up and respond with, “Dear, you’ve got it all wrong. You need to be spending more time making me hard not giving me a hard time.”

  20. I’ve been more manipulative with women and it’s working . I tell this slut I’m dating that I care about her while at the same time tell her I’m leaving for the week on a business trip when in actuality I’m out trying to replace her . Time to manipulate them like they have been doing to us

  21. Orville and Wilbur Wright were the sons of a pastor, and were both lifelong consummate bachelors. Late in life, they were interviewed and asked why they had remained single. Their reply was “they had no time for both a wife and an airplane”. Wise men!

  22. Elon musk is very good at spending other peoples money (Investors/taxpayers) on gimmicky bullshit disguised as well meaning projects. Eventually the show will come to an end. He will be laughing on an island somewhere being blown by hookers id imagine.

    1. I agree with the first part of your comment but I have doubts on the second part. Is it just me or does Elon Musk look like a she to he transgender? All the pics of ‘him’ and ‘his’ missus look forced or faked, researchers like Miles Mathis have suggested ‘he’s’ gay but I think its a little more radical than that. I don’t think ‘he’s’ all that wealthy either, just another front like Zuckerburg, Gates, Jobs etc.

  23. What a fantastic, succinct and shrewd article. It heartens me to see it from a “chosen one” (lol).
    Seriously, I now feel inspired. It is easy to get lost in one’s thoughts and lose motivation during a literal dry patch with the girls/girl. But he’s right. Crack on and discover and do the things you need to do. Be what we are meant to be by doing those things and making them grow. Get on with it.
    Thanks man.
    The art and science of manifesting what is in the mind/spirit, using conscious, focused, concerted, directed effort into actual things is the essence of man.
    Maybe it was this kind of realisation that led the Ancients to conceive the notion, or perhaps awareness, of man being the image of God (not the white beard stuff that many seem to promulgate).

  24. To compensate women for getting to go to the Moon, the first mission to Mars should be crewed entirely by intersectional gender feminists (as many as can be stuffed into that extra-large capsule NASA are working on).

  25. Got d point. Yet, elon musk is elite toy. He didnt launc anything except speciall effects, same as nasa is doing all d time. And his Tedla is fully financed by taxpayers. Loser under the hood of banksters.

  26. I agree that only men should make the big decisions.
    I’m happiest being patronised and love real men xxx

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