5 Signs You’re Not The Only One She’s Sleeping With

As I discussed last week, Tinder has been an incredible enabling agent in women’s slutification. Every day that goes by the women of the West become more and more like men. Quicker to have sex, more likely to have multiple partners, and recently—more likely to have multiple partners at the same time. Over the past few years I have noticed a few “tells” girls inadvertently provide which usually mean that you’re not the only one she’s fucking.


A few things to keep in mind:

  • This is not a guide for a first date—you should assume every girl is fucking another guy, especially if you are not already providing her with her penis craving.
  • Similarly, these signs are based on behavior once a girl is comfortable enough with you and not just based on a few dates.
  • You also must not be the jealous type. If she feels she has to hide things from you, then her actions could stem from your behavior and not her own actions.
  • Do you even care? I used to but not anymore. I’m not currently looking for an LTR and I know I sound like a broken record but the reality is that this is the way things are today. An overabundance of options couple with the societal acceptance of female promiscuity means more likely than not she’s riding the concurrent penis pogo.

Finally, realize that women are both incredible liars and manipulators, and sometimes oblivious to everything. So while these may serve as a tell, you can never be certain as they may be intentionally throwing you off or just too caught up in their own worlds to realize they are presenting something as a tell when it really is not.

1. The Phone Is Face Down


I’ve dated some girls casually that whenever the girl has her phone out and she leaves it on the table, the counter, the couch, wherever it may be, it is always face down. Why is she doing this? To hide something. And what would she want to hide from a guy she’s regularly seeing? Probably the screen of her phone showing a text notification from some other guy. The last thing she wants you to see is “Mike Irish Pub” or “Joe Tinder” popping up as a text notification.

2. She Checks, But Does Not Respond To Certain Texts

99% of all girls engage in mindless banter with their other girlfriends via text. They love to text back and forth and if you’ve ever laid in bed next to a girl when she gets a text from one of her girlfriends, they will always respond and quickly, even if it requires no response.

So if she doesn’t respond right away? It’s a guy. This one is a bit trickier as girls usually have many many orbiters and other guys that will incessantly text them even months after one failed date. So take this one with a grain of salt. But as a generality if she continuously gets texts that she checks but does not respond to in front of you, chances are she doesn’t want to respond for a specific reason.

3. Downtown Denial

Now I’m not suggesting that you are, or should, go down on a girl every time you have sex… not my style, care or concern. But if she doesn’t let you eat her out and she usually does, it’s because there was a dick in there less than 12 hours ago. Yes sometimes they can just not be in the mood for it, maybe she hasn’t showered or thinks her period is coming. But as conniving as a girl can be, a part of her does stop them from letting their regular guy put his mouth where another man’s dick has just been.

To a lesser extent it can be applied to blowjobs and sex. If she suddenly starts giving you blowjobs when she didn’t before, it may be because she feels guilty about sucking another guy’s dick. No sex may be because she just had sex the same day. But to be frank once you start getting girls to open up to you, as I am starting to be better at doing, you will be shocked. Most have no problem fucking two guys on the same day, making out with a guy after blowing another guy hours before, and so on.

4. Her “Friend” Is Always Without A Gender Specification

This one is self-explanatory. If she’s referring to past or future plans with a “friend” and does not say girlfriend or use “she” then it’s a dude. Craftier girls will just say she even if it is a guy but some girls like to hamster themselves by just withholding details as opposed to outright lying.

5. The Surprise Cooch Shave

Assuming she does not already keep her vagina shaven and you’ve had sex with her more than once (as the first time maybe she wasn’t expecting sex and wasn’t ready), if she randomly shaves it’s because she is expecting sex with someone else. This is accentuated if the shave occurs on a day she didn’t see you, e.g. she shaved it on Saturday and you are seeing her on Sunday.

Take Away

Again these are not definitive signs but something you should keep an eye out for. These days you should just assume she is sleeping with others until proven otherwise, which unfortunately is an exercise in futility in itself.

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311 thoughts on “5 Signs You’re Not The Only One She’s Sleeping With”

    1. Uh, the men who actually believed in love and would like an exclusive girlfriend? The men who don’t want gonorrhea?
      Because in the real world women appear to A) not believe in love and B) not give a shit about gonorrhea.

      1. How can you “believe” in love unless you have experienced it? Maybe you have bought into the fairy tale myth?

  1. Preface point #4 is the important one: “Do you even care?” If so, you might want to re-examine why.

  2. If you care you’re making one of two mistakes (or both)-
    1. You think you’re special: you’re not. You’re a pissing, shitting human being like every other. Getting fucked over, cheated on, lied to, passed over for promotions, not getting called for interviews, and being rejected in every conceivable way– they all apply to you too. Mommy lied to you when she said you’re special.
    2. You think she’s special: she most certainly is not. She’s a pissing, shitting, bleeding human being just like every other woman. At best, you will always be a distant second to her own wants and desires. She will do whatever she wants, consequences be damned. If she wants to kiss you 30 minutes after blowing some bum behind a dumpster- she will do it. Don’t ever give them the impression that they’re different, or unique in some way- lie about it if you have to and it gets you what you want, but they are not special, and in general, they’re pretty fucking terrible and should be treated as such.
    No guy likes the idea of mixing another man’s paint, but that’s just the way it is nowadays. Keep yourself safe and invest just enough to get what you want out of the deal.

    1. So true. You can’t assume these women have one ounce of moral basis or one shred of dignity. Treating them like parasites is all they are worth.

      1. If you are expecting parasites, all you’ll get are parasites. Don’t put her on a pedestal, but how about being neutral until a girl shows you otherwise?

        1. Because to act otherwise results in the man assuming a great deal of risk with little potential for additional return.
          These days, if you do it right, you can get all the sex and companionship you want for free. Fuck up, be “nice” and manipulable, and you’ll quickly find yourself paying dearly for past access to pussy. For decades, in some cases.
          Further, “parasitism,” or relying on men to accomodate their relative helplessness, is the nature of women. It’s part of how we have evolved as a sexually dimorphic species. There’s nothing wrong with anticipating normal behaviors.

        2. Is “I thought we banned women” going to be the go-to insult for a man who doesn’t 100% agree with a commenter? Come on, if you’re going to refute me, don’t do it like a woman 😉
          Of Georgia gives a good point. Women naturally rely on men, but parasitism is the wrong word to use. You can still get things from women like sex (you’d have to be a sorely manipulated beta to not get something out of the relationship), whereas parasites just use up resources.
          But for those who are not MGTOW, where does that leave them? That’s why I brought in the Law of Attraction. Don’t trust any girl you bring home, but if you approach every girl with the attitude that they’re all sluts, well…you’re just going to see and fuck a lot of sluts, and overlook many girls who would be wife material.

    2. That’s true for single men. If you’re married/LTR “exclusive” however, you should expect and demand a certain level of exclusivity.
      Whether you get it, of course, is wholly up to chance, and the odds are not on your side. But I’m just sayin’.

      1. Absolutely, if you’ve found a woman that’s actually worthy of an LTR or exclusivity, then you should demand 100% loyalty without compromise. I imagine, if I found a woman that was decent enough for commitment, this sort of thing would fall into place, more or less. She would just “get it”. She would exhibit traits that take away a bit of the fear factor involved with commitment.
        It’s a roll of the dice though, like you said. Just have to be on your toes and know what you’re looking for and be accepting of the fact that you may never find it.

        1. To be frank, I really feel for the young bucks out there in the dating market these days. While its great that they can get laid by basically showing up and not being a herbivore lasagna boy hipster, they have to contend with the very hard fact that Western women are almost entirely ruined as a species.
          Snagged my wife in the mid 80’s, and made a conscious effort to screen for desirable traits, the handwriting was on the wall even back then on where things were going. Got a thin, beautiful rural girl whose farming family was a direct import from post war Germany. Girl still frets that she’s not good enough for me, despite bearing me two beautiful children and retaining her figure and looks enough that she could pass for the 20 year old Meg Ryan in the right lighting (I’ll fess up of course that I’m a bit prejudiced in this observation, YMMV). As far as I can tell there are no women like this left in most places in the U.S. any longer, with the possible exception of the Dakotas, Wyoming, Montana or Idaho. Really feel for you guys.

        2. It really is as bad as you think it is. If I was the type of guy that only dated “good girls”, it would be around six years since the last time I got laid. I had an LTR when I was younger that lasted over five years (no marriage/kids, of course). When that ended, I was excited, I thought I would actually find what I was looking for… six years later and I’ve done nothing except for run through shitty women- while keeping emotionally detached. A majority weren’t bar or club girls either. We’re talking the so called normal girls here- not a single one was worth more than a casual mini-relationship at best, or a nail-‘n-bail at worst. The most annoying thing I’ve been experiencing in the past couple years is now that my career is going very well, money is coming in, and I’m remaining in shape is that these chicks are starting to hit me up for commitment. When I was younger and pulling it all together- they were more than happy to just be fuck buddies. Now, they want more- not happening- ever.

        3. You identified my single most despised characteristic of American women; playing their options when available, and then trying to force a man into commitment once those options dissipate. Why would any person of value want to be a safety net option? Every time a girl past 25 tries to guilt me into settling down I always ask, “Why didn’t you commit to someone when you were younger?”

        4. Exactly right.
          I honestly don’t know what disgusts me more, the fact that they want commitment now, or the fact that when I was paying my dues building up my flight hours- making pretty crappy money- that they weren’t interested in commiting at all- neither was I, but still. If one turned out to be good LTR material, I would have given it a shot. The girls though? Nope, not a chance.
          Women don’t want a project man. They want a ready-made built in successful man to just take them as they are. They don’t give a shit about a guy that’s busting his ass to get where he wants to be- they want the guy that’s already there. Well, now that I’m there, here come the bitches wanting to wrap their tentacles around me. Dream the fuck on. They weren’t good enough for me then, and they damn sure aren’t good enough for me now.
          It amazes them, that’s what’s hilarious. It seriously blows their minds that a guy wouldn’t want to commit to them- now that their ass isn’t as firm, their attitude is significantly worse, and they’re haunted by the ghost of a thousand cocks past. I’m pretty sure that I’ve dated some chicks that had always got exactly what they wanted, when they wanted it, and whom they wanted it from. The first time they ever heard “No” was from me. They literally don’t know how to handle it. They’re like a wild dog that’s been in the woods for five years, and then a human stumbles upon them and tell them to “sit”. They’re befuddled, it doesn’t register to them that they do, in fact, pretty much suck. And why would it? They’ve been told their whole lives how wonderful they are- no matter what they do.
          The sad reality is that after I shit-can them and send them on their way, there’s half a dozen swinging dicks ready to give them exactly what they want. It’s sickening- but the good news is that it will never be me. I can live with that.

        5. Simply put, if you want Michael Jordan playing for your team you either take him in the draft when he’s still developing and build some kind of loyalty from him to your organization, or you’re paying him max contract dollars.
          Good on you for not committing to them if they didn’t want one from you in their best years why should you give her one in yours?

        6. What do you not understand that it’s after she has won all of your hope by convincing you she is special that she has her tonsils tickled by a more alpha male than you?

        7. Yes, and we play our options x 10, Men have and always will be the more powerful, intelligent and evil sex. Didn’t take us long to figure them out did it? Glad i’m not some middle aged married sucker learning all this info, just starting out already been playing those nasty cunts at their own mind games to win one for the team, i’m a shameless prick, it’s great. You do the same! Never commit , However pal, you gotta pretend you will commit and break some hearts and laugh like a sadist of hell just like women do, they laugh once you lose it all IT FEELS GREAT. Heres what you do, ya buy them a 2$ made in china shit-for brains-female promise ring, i call it the “mind control” ring , makes them think they’ve got their sucker, fuck em like you wont see them ever again and just say ” shit it didnt work out”, no other explanation, just like that confusing innit?

        8. I’ve seen you state this before on other articles but give the “dakotas, wyoming, idaho” thing a rest. It is not accurate. Statistically there are not enough decent looking single women in those four states to satisfy the needs of a small town.
          WTF are you on ROK if you have been happily married to a woman for 30 years that looks like a young meg ryan?

        9. Welcome to my life. When I divorced I thought there were so many decent women out there I would have my pick. Ha! All I have found since the 90’s is one ex wife and a bunch of cock carousel ridding whore bags that to the average sheeple would be considered “good girls”. I pumped and dumped one slut that was active in the church and was by all appearances a “good christian girl”. The pump and dump took place in the car BEFORE we went to dinner.
          I’ve become so jaded that 99.999999% of all american women are nothing more to me than masturbation machines.

        10. “The sad reality is that after I shit-can them and send them on their way, there’s half a dozen swinging dicks ready to give them exactly what they want. ”
          The ultimate frustration for the modern man right here. So many so called “alphas” are nothing more than cuckholding pussy worshippers.

        11. Really good looking men get 100% loyalty in their LTR’s.
          Until of course a better looking man comes along…

        12. Plus, being 50+ I can attest chicks were every bit as fucked up back then as they are now.

        13. I’m sorry, but in the Dakotas……you’ve got to look long and hard for a great woman. They up there also know that men are willing to kneel on one knee and push mountains for some busted ass bitch.
          There may be some amazing woman up there, but the chances are less than likely. The women up there were dragged there by their husbands or born there.
          Since the women born there have too many guys to choose from from all over, there’s no need to be a good woman anywhere really. Sadly, even the Dakotas.

        14. so many of them. waste their time, waste their money and fuck everything locally and abroad….once they are start creeping closer to the age of 30, they want a husband, a child and a house to be paid off by some sucker.. no fucking way, bitch.!!!.

        15. Yes it’s really nothing new, it’s all about them knowing that in order to keep you they must keep you satisfied with them. It’s that easy.

        16. Because committing when younger is not the right thing for them to do, per se, per the individual,.. not speaking of everyone.
          It really may be best for many, both male and female, to not settle down till much later in life, given today’s population and environmental concerns,… in one way of looking at it.

        17. That’s fine. But IF they choose to be noncommittal when they are in their prime, they forfeit their right to complain about the available prospects when they get older.

    3. For guys who want an LTR, my advice is don’t jump into it. Don’t assume that girl is special. Let them prove it first.

    4. the problem most men adhere to is “I have to somehow convince her I’m special and she should be with me?” WRONG! you are the work machine that is going to be there her entire life making money like a Xerox copier even after she decides to give up her “career” for awhile after pregnancy, you are the one that grabs the gun in the middle of the night and put yourself in harms way to defend your family, you’re the one making the financial moves to secure the future. SHE needs to prove to you she’s worth all that. Not the other way around.

      1. Damn solid post john s. Great way to sum up exactly who has the greater value in real life.

      2. We have no value because … suppy and demand. There is always another sucker who can do that for a woman, it’s making them fat and lazy while men go and become bodybuilders and learn game, women have never had it so easy. Here is how it works. Men realize its hard to get laid, men increase SMV with any possible body alteration, Women have more attractive men on market, women need put less effort. Women are ugly and fat due to laziness and spoilt corruption. That is all. Supply and demand

        1. This is so true its absurd. At my gym there are so many really fit athletic young guys with very average, chunky, or just plain mediocre looking girls. Now I’m sure each of these young ladies are Instagram 10’s but I’m talking what the bitch looks like standing 8 feet in front of you in tight gym wear. Often I’m thinking it must be his ugly kid sister then nooope, he touches the booty or leans in for a peck on the cheek. And I’m left wondering if I’m at the gym or at Sea World watching a trainer kiss shamu.

        2. then grandadmiral I guess men need to curb their desires and refuse to fuck fat women and turn the tide. otherwise women will continue to know we are weak…which we are if we do all this to improve ourselves and waste it on fat slobs.

        3. online porn has helped greatly in that department, notice the sharp increase in men refusing to marry or be tied down? It’s a good thing, that the princesses of the world need to learn. We can DIY all night.

      3. “SHE needs to prove to you she’s worth all that. Not the other way around.
        Laughable. Proving she doesnt have a penis is all she has to do “prove herself” to 99% of all males. Most men are pussy-worshipping bootlickers for a wet slimy cunthole.

        1. my attitude is “better him than me”. Right? let the clingers and gold diggers have the easy prey.

    5. ” invest just enough to get what you want out of the deal”
      Yeah, works for 6 months to 2 years, but eventually women just lower their standards if you make them work too hard than they can have 20 betas vs 1 alpha cock or just wait a couple of months and they will be able to replace you no problem at all they have it good. So essentially they want a WIN WIN, an ass kissing male, who provides for them that they can cheat on whenever they want and there is not a god damn thing you can do about it HAHAHAHAHA. Also the problem with “investing” or we’d all be metaphorically rich.. How to know when, how much, and what to invest in, Nam sayin?

    6. You don’t invest not a dime. Make them pay, drive and stay at her place. Let her be the one to try to get in your pants. This is simple to do by simply doing it.

  3. For those in LTR, following stages usually occur before and up until the final of which you should probably admit that she’s fucking someone else. Typical “LTR” goes as such:
    1) Frequent sex / dates
    2) Move in together / spend a lot of time at her / your place
    3) Sex gradually decreases
    4) Female begins to demand more gifts / money
    5) Sex almost non-existent / once a week
    6) Female begins to humiliate / denigrate / insult you; constantly complaining nagging
    7) Mysterious lateness or absenteeism from key time once spent together; i.e., your birthday
    8) Messaging with other men who she “swears” are just friends
    9) Maximum level complaining / attacking / belittling as vain attempt to push you away
    10) You lose; she’s fucking someone else.
    Based on a true story of someone I know currently at level 9; still “loves her.”

    1. – still “loves her.” – That sums up just about everything that’s wrong with monogamous relationships these days, I don’t feel sorry for the legion of simps, manginas and beta males that enable women to slut around and feel good about themselves while doing it, women will only take it as far as men will let them.

      1. The words “tight leash” apply now more than ever. Unfortunately the words “strong fearless man” also are required, and the chances of that are fairly damn slim to begin with.

        1. yea for them its called “controlling” once you start becoming assertive and making demands upon them expect hell, its their way or the highway. honestly, i’ll take the highway. the best is when they start using words like creep, weirdo, stalker, psychopath, and making idle threats about police involvement and showing up at their door as sometype of threat to their shitty little existence. for what its worth, i’m happy to find out the inner workings of these women, learned the hard way. now its time to grow and become a better man, and live with-in my own means. self-reliant.

        2. You gotta know how to do it such that it inspires wetness.
          Calm, manly, direct, rather disinterested, articulate and quiet with the deadly steel in your voice that just hides the undercurrent of violence you posses. Think Sean Connery here. If you’re consistent and known not to give a fuck if she disobeys because you have options you will immediately exercise that involve her being ejected from your life post haste she responds like Pavolov’s favorite chihuahua.
          Things like ‘creep’ and ‘controlling’ are for women who value themselves more than you (usually) or are shit testing you (sometimes, but becoming far less frequent, most just love themselves too much now).
          This is of course for major deal breakers. On the little shit you give her leeway and control over her own life. No use being a tyrant over what kind of washcloth she prefers or if her dress isn’t appealing that night, right?

        3. If you hate something she wears, I’ve found that telling ’em “you look alright” instead of “you look nice” works.

        4. A rather disinterested “That’s fine” works as well. The message goes straight to her hamster.

        5. Key term “these”. These women. You think there are absolutely no women out there, not even one, who fit any other mold? That’s statistically impossible.

        6. If you hate something she is wearing then don’t be a tool by telling her it looks nice. Best thing to do is just say “that’s ok”. Shows you’re not excited but also shows it’s not really a big deal. If she dresses like a clown then say something.

    2. I avoid having sex with the same girl more than twice a week to begin with. It just puts a lower shelf life on your relationship, you become too available.
      You could compress a 2 year relationship seeing other girls (pre-emptively because she will cheat) into a 6 month one by banging her every day at the beginning of the relationship. Not a good look.

    3. Hold on. Are you John Edward? This is what happened verbatim with the first (and last) woman I was ever committed and faithful to.
      Let me take you back if I could be afforded the chance to tell a story:
      I developed a Red Pill mentality at an early age due in large part to my upbringing and had always viewed women as a convenience [i.e. not steadfast, permanent or to be relied upon].
      As a result, I carried an apathetic attitude towards women with me into my teens and subsequently adulthood and avoided being cheated on until much later in my college years when I convinced myself that I needed to ‘settle down with a Nice Girl’
      Unfortunately for me, I made the mistake of assuming that a girl I was seeing at that time was THE ‘Nice Girl’
      This hooker fucked anything with influence and a pocketbook. Club Owners, Television Producers, Football Players, Soccer Players, et al. Name a guy with pull in our city and 9 times out of 10 that guy had likely gone balls deep in my ‘Nice Girl’
      I only discovered the truth because we had access to each other’s email. In fact, the idea that a woman’s email [or cell phone] could contain information capable of shattering your perception of her had NEVER even crossed my mind, prior to finding out.
      With that being said, here are three tips I’d like to pass down to younger generations and fledgling Red Pill-ers:
      Don’t be fucking stupid; Listen to your gut. Had my gut not been persistent, I would have never opened the email that blew the lid off of all my “Nice Girl’s” shenanigans. What’s crazier still is that she hadn’t even bothered deleting [or hiding] anything because she assumed I would never look. Which leads me to my second rule of engagement…
      These tramps only try what they know they can get away with. LEAN HARD on your bitches AT ALL TIMES without compassion or relent. Don’t EVER give a hoe leeway, lest you learn to regret it.
      The female psyche is a sprawling maze with contradictions in lieu of corners and delusions in place of walls. Similarities between the female psyche and Daedalus’ Labyrinth notwithstanding, the biggest mistake a man could ever make is to believe that a fearsome beast, à la Minotaur, resides in at this center of a female’s psyche because as the few who’ve managed to navigate to the heart of a woman’s ‘Labyrinth’ will authenticate, you’ll be shocked to find a scared little girl; Desperate for approval, devoid of anything resembling power and entirely at the mercy of her surroundings.
      Once you find this scared little girl, you’ll want to do one thing: BREAK HER DOWN. I won’t go into depth here [as most of it’s machiavellian behavior reserved for worst case scenarios and men with dark triad trais] but if you do this right, you won’t have to look for signs that she’s sleeping with someone else because she’ll never want to disappoint you.

      1. I’m sorry that this happened to you. I actually legitimately feel bad for you.
        Sometimes I really even wonder if it’s worth fucking with women at all. They really are on a whole other level of degeneracy and perversion. It really isn’t worth my time…
        If you are an alpha, so what, you can fuck girls. If you aren’t, you won’t fuck girls. Either way you swing it we all deal with the same emptiness of male existence knowing that women are the way they are; the beta normally compensates for celibacy with hope, the alpha knows that females by their very nature render God non-existent; both states of being are miserable. I am a lesser alpha, pretty good looking, but my interest in women is nill. I see how fucking aggressive they are and it makes me queasy. I was raised to believe that all my friends and all good men should get wives – but I learned that this wasn’t the case as I got older.
        I am learning to enjoy life with my foreign wife (she is like another species, but I won’t base my whole life on her and keep one eye open when I sleep), and I gave her enough of my male tests to see that she passes all of them. She actually made me a better person – I drink less and take more care of my life now, since I’m not really YOLO anymore.
        There are lots of cool and interesting things to see in the world; video games, delicious food, travel, cars, buildings, zoos, architecture, nature, all of which can be enjoyed without women.
        However, EVENTUALLY, and this will be SOON, the vast majority of betas who are responsible for technology and delicious food are going to wise up and realize that there isn’t any fucking point to being ambitious….. and then there will be nothing left to enjoy.
        We can’t really win anything, the way the things are now, my brother.

        1. I appreciate it but don’t be sorry. Given my previous dealings with women, I had it coming. I was the perpetual villain and delayed being on the receiving end of infidelity because of it but none of us are immune.
          To be honest, deep down I knew what the outcome would be and pursued it anyways to know what it felt like to be vulnerable with a woman; To not have to always be so calculating. There was a time I looked forward to not being that ruthless motherfucker women warn their friends about until my failed experiment made me realize it’s better to be an asshole than risk having to point one out.
          I always felt like the whole Alpha/Beta dichotomy was a moot point too. You said it best ‘If you are an alpha, so what, you can fuck girls. If you aren’t, you won’t fuck girls.’ It’s strange because a day or so ago, I thought to myself ‘If I went out every night, I’m 100% certain I could fuck a new girl each night…but what good what it do me?’ More importantly, is being ‘Beta’ even a factor if you’re with an honest girl whom you love and whom loves and respects you? I would think not.
          At this point, unless you’re:
          a) married to your high school sweetheart.
          b) living outside the Contiguous United States or…
          c) a masochist.
          living and dying alone may be your safest bet.
          Also, you’re absolutely right. Women aren’t worth the time. One of the few things my father taught me was that ‘a man can loose money chasing bitches but he’ll never loose bitches chasing money’ I never forgot that advice and am successful now because of it. That said, women are convenience; Barely worth one-twelfth of the time [, money or effort] that most men invest in them. A man has to make his mark and time devoted to women, takes away from his life’s work.
          Time is all we have our work it the best we can hope for.

        2. if you care if a woman sees another man, you have a BDP, Bitch Dependency Problem.

        3. Well, there’s a couple reasons you need to give a shit if a woman is fucking other dudes. For one, no man wants sloppy seconds, for another, STDs can kill ya.

        4. “One of the few things my father taught me was that ‘a man can lose money chasing bitches but he’ll never lose bitches chasing money’ I never forgot that advice and am successful now because of it.”
          Ha! On the rare occasion. I knew a girl who left a guy because he was chasing money. I think it worked out fair enough for both of them. But I like it as a rule of thumb for sure.
          Any girl I’ve been LTR with has given me access to her email as just a happenstance. It surprises me that people go for long periods and keep their phones/comps all locked up.
          Triple, could this LTR of yours look through your email? Did you have to go through sneaky hoops to look through her email or was it just left open unexpectedly one day?
          I appreciate your “I had it coming” attitude. Some people let infidelity wreck them. We all fail. We all get caught. We all hurt people we love and get hurt by people we love. Hopefully we all pay consequences and dividends depending on our actions.
          @OP, I enjoyed the phone facing down thing.

        5. It was a two-way street. I knew her passwords and she knew mine; It was never a ‘thing’ We were [or really I was] never withholding in regards to personal information. Nor did either of us had to jump through hoops or ‘snoop’
          At the end of the day, she only lied because she knew I was the type of guy who would split given the circumstances so I didn’t take it to heart and I had it coming.
          It’s like Ray Liotta said in Goodfellas “…everybody takes a beating sometimes.”

        6. True.
          That is what should be cared about, practical things. Not an ego-feeding fantasy.
          It is pathetic enough when females are into twilight emotion porn, it is worst when males do the same.

        7. Why would she give you access to her email? Seems like a dysfunctional form of trust. And who really cares what she does with her phone. Unless she’s coming home late at night don’t stress the small stuff.

      2. After reading all these comments, one thing stands out…Let me ask all of you “alpha males” this question… after reading some of the articles in here, so you want to get laid most of the time but then you want to marry a “nice girl”, how do you expect to do that when most of you are thinking “pump and dump”? All those girls become as jaded as you guys are and you expect to find nice girls. FYI all those girls that you pump and dump are the same girls that end up being the ones available for “marriage”. That’s modern society, you get what you pay for, it is a two way street.

    4. Every time, if you meet with a new girl, ask how many partners she had and examine her reaction. If she tells you a number without hesitation it’s a good sign, if she gets angry and defensive, stand up and walk away.
      It was working for me, but one time I made a mistake. I didn’t ask this question from my future fiancée at the beginning I don’t know why, I was stupid, and turned out she was a slut, luckily I didn’t marry her, I’m free, thank God. But lesson learned. If I ever want to do this again, before the wedding I will ask some questions (again) from my next fiancée.
      1. How many men she slept with?
      2. How many men she cheated on?
      3. Has she cheated on me?
      4. Has she ever lied to me?
      5. How many one night stand did she have before me?
      After I note the answers, I will take her to a private lie detector company and ask these questions again…

        1. Besides I usually dating with several girls at the same time, I never cheated any of my girlfriends and I never lied to them. This is my principle. So yes, I would be okay if she asks the same from me. Go even further, I’d give to her my passwords for my facebook and gmail addresses. She can read all of my messages, I have no secrets. Actually if she reads everything, what I said about her, or what I said about other people or what I wrote to other girls, she would know me better, better than anybody else. Maybe the lie detection is unnecessary, I need just her passwords. Keylogger, proplem solved muhahahaha. Thanks for the idea!

        2. This is funny. Men are so damn stupid. They want to cheat, lead on, do whatever the hell they want. But if women do it, they are sloots. And its not because of love, obviously. The poor weaklings are insecure at the thought of another penis that might be bigger, thicker, better than theirs. Hilarious!

        3. Actually unless you have a truly small one or she is one of those types that only likes big ones or you just suck in bed, she probably cheated for emotional reasons. I used to think the whole idea of women needing an emotional connection was BS. But experience has shown me that this is far more important to women than men. And once a woman feels more of an emotional connection with another guy, it’s only a matter of time before you’re history. It usually won’t make a difference who’s bigger. I’ve known a few women who told me their boyfriend was hung only to cheat on them.

        4. the monetary connection they seek seems to outweigh the emotional one. At least that’s my experience, over and over.

        5. keithpr, no doubt some are about the $ just like some are about the size, but I’d warn any guy to be careful about generalizing this to all women. Of course it helps to have both, but I’d say it’s not essential. I know a very gorgeous woman who had a chance to date a doctor and she refused. She was also engaged to a guy who had his own successful business and was essentially spoiling her. She ended the relationship because he was too bossy. Actually when she started dating the guy, she said he had only a few thousand dollars in his account. She get’s hit on all the time by guys (all ages) but never dates any of them. She says she’s looking for a nice gentleman. They do exist keithpr, you’re probably just looking in the wrong places.

        6. I think we all act and react based on experiences. I tend to overly analyze my past, always looking for collusions, patterns, and coincidences and measure them repeatedly against each other.
          Sure, at first the data when I was younger supported the “looking in the wrong places” theory, but as I got older and had more experiences (and in different pools), I began to realize that while yes- these exceptions to the rule do exist- that exceptions exist for almost every rule in the cosmos.
          Such exceptions are rare- we ALL know someone on both sides of the fence who are exceptions- we may even know two or three. But how many people do you know? I know a handful of exceptions, but I also know several hundred people, maybe over a thousand..
          And you really don’t know who are and aren’t the exceptions because everyone who isn’t an exception lies and pretends that they are, until they hook you. Some are more obvious, some less.
          After that, the only constant left was myself, so I tried changing things up, looking specifically at behaviors, because pretending to be something I’m not is in itself a lie, which I refuse to do. I found, to my despair, that the behaviors I exhibit only change their reactions, but not their natures.
          So .. I had to conclude that *most* of them (regardless of physical beauty) are indeed typical american princesses who think they special and deserve the world for doing absolutely nothing special. They berate men (just read the comments here, jeez), believe they deserve a charmed life, money, and attention (OMG so MUCH attention). Many have mental disorders such as bi-polar, BPD, and most ocmmonly depression (when they realize their family isn’t royalty I presume), yet still believe they are special… and worst of all, they cannot accept any man for what and who he is, and consistently attempt to change him into “marriage material”. The bitter pill is that they don’t respect the man who changes for them (he’s weak), but resent the man who won’t. It’s a losing battle for men, every time.

      1. A women who sleeps around is different from a man sleeping around how? Do you know how needy women are?

    5. I sacked the last bitch at number 3. I, seriously cannot be bothered with the crap that some females try to pull…… out !!

    6. My last (and I mean very last) girlfriend a few months ago ended at stage 2. You see I have no tolerance for these bitches and even though I “loved her,” I still brought my wrath down her when she starting showing signs of testing me (which is a polite way of saying, trying to emasculate me). Besides she’s 26 and it was a losing proposition anyway, thoroughly Americanized and in four years, I’d have been with a 30 year old woman. There’s always a silver lining. How other men could tolerate all that shit, is fucking amazing to me.

      1. If you think you taught her a lesson than you’re wrong. She probably said ‘f u …. next’.

    7. Let me add to your list.
      1) Doesn’t really know you yet. She hasn’t been laid in a while and thinks you’re an amazing guy because all women think this when they first meet a guy.
      2) You two move in together, probably too soon. She thinks “what could go wrong?”
      3) She starts seeing how lazy you are and it turns her off.
      4) She starts demanding you do more chores. You agree.
      5) You do more chores but it’s not enough. You continue to live like a teenage boy. She’s loses respect for you and therefore doesn’t want sex.
      6) She insults you for the reasons above. You, being a man with a lot of pride get defensive. Her perception of you as a boy in a grown man’s body only grows.
      7) She has basically given up on you and turns her attention to ‘real men’.
      8) She’s playing the field and can’t wait to move on. She just needs to find the right guy.
      9) She has basically found someone else and you are essentially just an annoyance to her. She hasn’t ended things because she hasn’t found a new place to live yet.
      10) She was probably already doing this new man by now.
      11) He invites her to live with him. She’s moving out the next day and breaks up with you.
      To avoid this u have these options:
      1) Find a younger girl/woman that’s at your level of maturity. She won’t mind your Xbox habit, or the fact you come home smelling like alcohol some nights, or the fact that you haven’t shaved in couple of weeks, or that your armpits always smell like yesterday, or that leftover pizza from two weeks ago is still sitting in the fridge.
      2) Be one of these so called “alpha males” by telling her what she wants to hear and just pump and dump. No commitment no worries right?
      3) Grow the hell up.

      1. at #9 – why is it so entirely difficult for a girl to break things off before finding “a real man”? This is the big difference right here.. when men cheat, it’s the man’s fault, through and through. There’s no argument from anyone, including the guy who cheated.
        BUT.. when women cheat, there’s always the ‘justification’.. like:
        “he was mean to me”
        “he was lazy and unmotivated”
        “he sucked in bed” (even though she never once offered any constructive criticisms to help him get better)
        “he DROVE me into another man’s arms”
        “blah blah wah wah”..
        If a girl lives with a guy, and she finds another man but stays with him because she has nowhere else to go- you know what that tells me? That she’s a pile of snot. ANY female who has so few real life friends willing to put her up after a breakup, is a girl who burns bridges for a living.
        I know this may come as a shock, but it’s well documented in the psychiatric world that women who lack strong friendships with other women tend to be the same exact types who would cheat and argue it’s the mans fault. The same type also tend to end up as a feature presentation on “wives with knives” or “Snapped” on the discovery HD channel.
        So tired of the man-blaming. Cheating is cheating. Period.

    8. I think this applies to men as well. My ex cheated on me and I had to go through all these stages, me being the idiot loyal girl I suffered every single stage, hell in the end he even got a girl pregnant while I was pregnant. Women aren’t the only cruel creatures here

    9. I i’m currently experiencing this i don’t understand why women do this?

  4. A mate of mine, good bloke but def not of the red pill variety banged a 9/10 about a month back. Met it at a bar and he was convinced this one was special. Turns out she was riding the cock carousel.

    1. What caused that was that he didn’t know jack shit about her, but since he thought she was “HAWT!” the guy lost his common sense and started assuming the best.

      1. Freaking weird isn’t it, how despite seeing the clouds of thirsty men surrounding an even vaguely thin and attractive woman, men somehow divorce logic and reason and sanity and assume she’s pure as driven snow.
        Given the abundance of fatties and uglies that is growing even as we speak, given the clear blaring Entitlement Princess You Go Grrrrl attitude that every single one of these slags proudly wears on her sleeve, deductive reasoning would suggest exactly the opposite.

        1. A close friend of mine is about to tie the knot with this Woman from Indiana.I met her very briefly so these are my observations.
          Age early 20s.
          Physical Appearance: Obese.Though under all that blubber,there are tell tale signs of a rather cute face,which suggests a Hottie in hiding.Though this may never be confirmed.
          Family background:Grew up on a farm,parents still married and father appears to possess a lot of good manly qualities.She appears to be close to the family and values traditional family values.
          Her education and career: Working towards a Master’s and will work with Autistic children.She’s travelled to thirld world nations,so at least has some grounding in how privileged life for her in America is.
          In my opinion,she not exactly a ‘catch’ but the guy appears to love her,and he does not want any pre-nup.He is of course still Blue Pill.
          Is there cause for concern that he is making a mistake?Should I say something to him,or just hope it works out for him?
          I mean,sure the Obesity is bad sign,but her education and family background might make up for it.There is also no evidence of her having a lot of sexual experience with multiple partner (there is of course no guarantee on this one)

        2. I’d bail. Correction, there never would have been a first date.
          Signs: Obvious, she’s a fatty AND she’s going for a master’s degree.
          Read of the signs: Low self esteem satiated by a food addiction/craving issue combined with obtaining a higher degree education which only confirms that she’ll be steeped in socio-psychology that justifies everything bad women do and bears down on men full force.
          Know a friend of mine married a fatty who was getting a masters in order to be a social worker. Bitch got fatter every year, started out nice and pleasant but turned into a real ball breaking she-devil, pumped out two sons and a daughter, the daughter being an outrageous slut even at 16 with mommy doing the “you go grrrrrl” crap, and one of the two sons mommy has proudly and defiantly declared that she’s actually trying to make gay.
          You can’t make up shit as bad as what happens in real life when you marry a fat American broad with a “higher education”.
          Introduce him to the high class prostitutes in your area. He’ll save time, a shitload of money and remain sane, as long as he keeps it wrapped up.

        3. Thanks for the input.It did not occur to me that getting degrees to help the needy could actually be a front for her own need for attention. I was trying to balance the merits (traditional intact family,low cock carousal rides,third world experience) and demerits (obesity,exposure to toxic Marxism which is now standard part of American culture).
          I sense big trouble down the road for my friend,but I feel helpless.It requires a lot of red pill awakening for him to see what Red Pillers see.How do I translate this to Blue Pill language?
          Guess you can’t sugar coat the truth.

        4. Send him to any given divorce website. Instruct him to read the posts from men and why they were dissatisfied. And then read the posts of women and note the huge fat acceptance grrrlll talk and “men are pigs for not loving a FULL FIGURED WOMAN LIKE ME ME ME ME ME!”. He’ll figure it out soon enough.
          Unfortunately sometimes when a man gets his mind set on marriage no amount of convincing will suffice. Some folks just have to touch the stove to figure out what hot means.

        5. You tell him to read RoK.
          Its either that or watch her turn your friend into a slave. Then its on your hands brah.

  5. I really couldn’t care less unless she is one of the women in my “core” group, and they can always walk, although they are more likely to be tossed then to walk. My rules are simple – I see whom I want when I want, although if you are part of my “core” I will see you once a week – if not, I will see you when I have time, and you are convenient.
    If any member of my core has her phone other than off when with me – she is gone. I turn off my phone when seeing her and demand the same. Simple. But the rules are my own – if she has a reason to keep her’s on – I keep mine on and that usually means that things get cut short as I get a better offer. Women are simple creatures – they are always looking for a better deal. Once you understand that simple fact, you are in control if you want to be – especially if they find that they are always fighting against the unknown to hold your interest.

    1. I don’t understand this. Can you tell me how to make them want your deal instead of a better deal as mentioned? Genuinely trying to learn, thanks in advance.

      1. Always retain a higher SMV than her. You don’t get to retire to a life of eating burritos and chips and sitting around on the couch with no ambition and still expect her to want you.
        Always keep her ego in check with well applied negging and keep her questioning whether she deserves you.
        Let her see other women flirting with you, and never apologize for it.

        1. Ok thanks, good advice. My smv is not high where random women are flirting with me but i will keep it in mind when i get further in my journey

        2. Good deal. It works as well. Been married well over 20 years and just recently my wife, out of the blue, expressed how she was worried that I’d up and find better prospects now that we’re starting to “grow old” together. She’s afraid I’ll trade a 44 for two 22’s, so to speak. Damn good woman, all said and done.

        3. Couldn’t pay me to eat one these days. The only grain I consume is barley, in the form of some kind of alcohol, preferably 18 year old Scotch neat. Was doing “paleo” before it was even a diet, heh.

        4. I take it paleo is working out well then? I’ve though about going that direction myself.

        5. Yeah, it sure is and the results get better as you get older. You have to lift weights to get the full effect though. To be honest I call it paleo, and I’m pretty sure it is, but am guessing. Basically meats as you wish, green leafy veges and some other veges (broccoli, asparagus, that kind of thing), almonds and some other nuts in moderation, whole butter, some hard cheeses, olive oils and really not a lot else. No milk/dairy, no fruits, no grains, no other forms of carbs. I drink of course, but always with an eye on the scale so that I don’t go overboard. Made it to my mid 40’s and am the picture of traditional “masculine” health. So yeah, it’s working fucking great so far. And when you hit your mid 40’s you’re the last man standing as far as looks go, your features if you continue to lift (not insane levels, but heavy lifting) are chiseled and women cannot line up fast enough to try to get your attention. Highly recommend going this route brother.

        6. Cut the carbs. You weren’t evolved to eat processed grain. If you must have a burrito, make sure it has so much meat and veggies in it that it is falling apart.
          Better yet, go buy a big ass burrito, put it on a plate, cut it open, and eat the contents. Then throw the tortilla away.

        7. I do fine with plenty of non-homogenized(cream separates, that’s key) milk products and some raw,..and plenty of fruits, some meat, some eggs, and some grain products. Understanding what works for you is key, based on what your body indicates by response.

  6. I see these signs all the time, but I’m a man who knows relationships or marriage is dumb so I am not as bothered by these signs.
    Let the girl sleep with other guys, just make sure your dick is feed with many girls. Just do not get into relationships guys, it is not worth it anymore unless she is not form the western world, like SEA or EE.
    Bitches cheat all the time, I know cause I’m that guy they cheat with behind their BF’s back.
    Girl says she has a BF, don’t give a fuck, pull her closer and then sit her down and put your hand on her leg and its on, pull her to the toilets or take her home.
    No joke, happened way too many times, even the ones that say they have a BF.
    If her BF is not there with her, she is on the market for that one night.
    Ofcourse I go to clubs/bars, I do not do day game, so things could be different there.
    It is a very safe bet to say that women cheat 3 or even 4 times more than men.
    -For guy in relationships, a few more signs I’ve observed is girls scanning the room if they walk in a new area, and I’m not talking a about the quick scan to know your surrounding, I’m talking about the slow walk with slow head movements. She is checking out other guys and plotting her next lay
    -Gets a new dress that shows a fair bit of skin and barely wears it to dates with the BF. This happened to me once, except I was the guy she was seeing behind her boyfriend’s back.

    1. As a guy who has been on both sides of the spectrum. Being cheated on and fucking a girl who has a BF. I lostall my incentive in being in an LTR

      1. Most of the guys who pride themselves in making women cheat are completely unaware the same is being done to them. Most guys have been on both ends.

        1. the one thing you have to ask yourself about women like this, is will they fuck a married man knowingly with a family and loving wife at home. knowingly, are they capable of this, if they are seriously run away, not worth the headache. you will be chilling on her sofa one day and you’ll see the brick come flying through their window. lol, none of them have morals, or values.
          i’ve termed them ‘homewreckers.’

    2. Dude, after reading your comment Im glad I am not in a LTR, and I dont even bother trying to find, talk to or meet women. Thanks for the insight.
      You are a class act dude, cheating on those other dudes whorish slut gf’s.
      Sorry, that isnt my idea of Alpha. Maybe to some it is.

  7. I have a ‘no bullshit’ policy i adopted a while back.
    I will show a girl the door in the following scenario’s
    1. If I’m competing for her attention/pussy etc(life’s too short, I won’t be used as a function to satisfy her soap opera fantasy)
    2. If she’s single mother( I will not be reduced to beta cuckold raising another man’s spawn)
    3. Nagging, overly demanding e.g. Acting like an entitled princess( I will not be surrogate father, I can provide what she needs not what she ‘wants’)
    4. Sociopathic behavior( Sadism, pathological lying etc. I want a woman, not a monster)
    5. Disrespecting her body( debauchery, gluttony etc)
    Have I lost countless girls with this policy? of course. But If hoping to commit to a ‘Mrs.psquare’ which seems less and less likely as I grow older. I cannot compromise on this code.
    The ONS, mini relationships, harem management is starting to make me feel jaded.

    1. Great post and agree with all 5 points. Seconded on the feeling jaded part. You have to build up a pretty thick emotional callous to tolerate this shit. It’s compulsory to surviving the dating world in 2014. I’ve turned down the worst of the worst plenty of times- only accepting the best of the worst. The fact of the matter is it all sucks. I like pussy and will never go the MGTOW route, but I understand their position.

      1. There are different “levels” of MGTOW.
        I would think that quite a few of us (including me) here would qualify as a MGTOW “light”.
        a. NO LTR
        b. NO exclusive relationships
        c. NO marriage
        d. NO moving in to my pad.
        That’s it!

    2. Back about 20 years ago, I never heard of this ‘red pill’ thing, but I came to it sort of on my own.
      After being engaged (I was in love and she was the ‘one’) to a batshit crazy insecure, emotionally unstable HB8 (maybe a 9) and getting dumped I realized something after wallowing in depression for 6 months.
      That I was a man and that my mission was paramount. That my life and choices were mine alone. And if the potential GF wasn’t down with me or my plan 100%, then I would pump and dump.
      Until finally meeting a real woman who not only accepted me for me, but who also got on board with my mission 100%. Happily married for 16 years now. Married men still need to game somewhat which is why I’m here. Well for that and for the great comments.
      Your comment is very wise. Less experienced men should either listen to those who have gone before, or expect to learn the hard way.
      Great Comment. I tip my cold beverage to you sir.

    3. Screw that, don’t give her anything, let her provide for herself and make them pay and cater to you.

    1. According to most guys I know, that happens within the first five years of marriage. heh

        1. I’ve never heard of that before, but I’m not surprised that something so retarded came out of a woman’s mouth.

  8. I was waiting for “Leaves after texting to ‘tend to a girlfriends situation’”. If you are ever with a girl and she receives a text and starts wrapping things up because her “girlfriend needs her” then you should just expect there is another dick in the equation. How many girls do you know who have relationships deep enough with their friends to the point where said friend’s crisis is treated as a family emergency? I know none.

    1. Wisdom so thick you can eat it with a fork, but use a spoon so you get every last drop.

    2. Well to be honest this article makes a few good points but most is bs only foolish women would do. I have a few friends i would help in an emergency but i would leave the guy hangin id ask him to come with. But in all honesty if she is fucking another guy the real key is this… Is her phone locked? If your on a date or hanging with her she shouldnt even be on her phone. The shaving thing is stupid if im dating a guy or whatever ill shave a day before simply because showering and doing my hair already takes long enough no need to add extra 20mins shavinv or waxing.

      1. A locked phone means she’s fucking another guy? That’s some stupid logic right there. So you don’t mind if some dude you just started dating starts snooping in your phone? This how girls get themselves in trouble. They don’t set boundaries. Give some creep an inch and he’ll take a mile.

        1. Slow your roll Bob.let me explain this 2year old comment lol In a new relationship sure she might have her phone locked. But if you have been together for awhile there’s no need for a locked phone. Not a personal phone for business maybe. And if you catch a guy snooping through your phone that’s a whole mother issue. If a new guy starts snooping through my phone I’m not sitting up boundaries with him I’m leaving. If your snooping in my stuff and we just started dating that’s a sign. I’ve been with my guy over a year we have locks for other people on our phones, like if we lose it or nosey family members but for us I know his password he knows mine. But really most things on this list are just “could be things” they go either way.

  9. Number 1 and number 4 are the biggest red flags. From personal experience, I know that I place my phone face down around a girl that I’m hiding something from, you can assume it’s no different for a girl.
    Caveat to 4, if she ever goes out of town with, or travels to visit this male “friend” then you can take that as even more of an egregious sign that she’s almost certainly banging him. if not now, she’s thinking about it.

  10. You know, if she’s american you can save a lot of time and effort just assuming she’s fucking a couple of dozen other guys… you are probably right.

        1. Difference is, she doesn’t get jail time for being a presumptive cum dumpster. Especially when it’s standard operating procedure. Empowerment!

    1. Gotta love the statements, “if I go out with my strictly with my guy friends one night are you going to be jealous?” ha, no shit. so if that is the agenda, these women have, and if you are okay with it, fine. Otherwise, I avoid toxic relationships its not worth the headache or the hardship.

      1. Girls don’t have ‘guy friends’.
        They either have fags, or dudes that are trying to bone them.
        If you are nutty enough to let her hang out with a group of those, you deserve whatever disease she brings home in her pouch.
        You ARE a guy. You know full well that you don’t have anything in common with a woman… anyone you are ‘friends’ with you are trying to fuck.
        ‘friend couples’ and ‘gaming groups’ are the only exception to this rule… and they are not even that common an exception. And she won’t hang out with them without you.

  11. the hottest FWB I had was also the sluttiest one I had. A 5’9 brunette with gorgeous eyes and huge tits.
    Law Dogger has a great point at keeping the girls open, I approached this one differently, less as a guy who “likes her” more as a pure tool for unadulterated sex.
    She was open to me about her previous partners, and had amassed over 40 in her time. I talked to her giving her the impression I was continuing to see other women, so she was okay with opening up when she started seeing another guy.
    She even told me I should start using a condom (lawDogger giveaway #6, she develops an affinity for condoms when you’ve been going raw), I said that was fun and asked if the other guy was using them.
    When she said he was, I made sure to cream pie her every time we banged as she was on BC. I think that was the reason she also left me :):)

    1. The one warning I have is that this list not make you paranoid.
      Truly many women still can’t bang two men concurrently. They’ll cheat, they’ll act duplicity as per modern women, but they end up cutting one of the guys off. This is “branch swinging” behavior and much more common than LD’s who’re taking multiple dicks at once

      1. I knew a Russian broad who could have sex with a man in the morning, a man in the afternoon and a man in the evening. She could answer the phone and talk normally like a sweet person; while being pummeled in her ass by a long dick. Possibly American women still can’t bang two women concurrently, but Russian women can bang as many men as possible – they’ve all descended from Catherine the Great and Valeria Messalina themselves.

        1. ” Possibly American women still can’t bang two women concurrently”
          I’ve seen plenty of lesbian themed pornos that beg to differ.

        2. You know, watching a girl suck a dick in a porno while talking on the phone might be attractive to some of the cuckold fetishists, but If I’m reaming a girl in the ass with my long dick and she’s capable of holding a conversation something is really wrong here.
          Although I did have a girl once text her boyfriend *in between* us changing positions or me putting on a condom. I don’t take any pride in it, it was not an enjoyable experience, and I was one-and-done with that chick.

    2. yea then it just becomes a game, who can deplete their savings account faster. so the “better” man wins, who wasted more energy and effort to win over a woman who clearly is confused in her own right, and reading from their 21st century script. if you are willing to invest into a woman that has other men adhering to this standard, good luck. you’ll just wind up broke, and in the poor house. once, she gets comfortable with you, she will go right back to her little ol’ self, we are creatures of habit, and these women who have been playing this game for their entire existence, simple go back to what they know and do best.

      1. rather buy myself a $20k BMW crotch rocket, than get involved with 90% of these tyrants.

        1. I would go with a kawasaki, but both are great for riding off into the sunset away from these sluts.

        2. yea i just got out of a horrible divorce, and the last one i ran into on POF, guess being out to one-up my exwife. banged this chic four times in one night, apparently it just made things worse. you get lines like, “i’ve had better.” apparently, i’m guessing, she is just lying to make herself feel better. the worst was the last time we had sex together and the blatant yelling, and moaning as if she was trying to hard to show how I was pleasuring her. the loud screaming and moaning just turned me off to this girl, so some odd reason. just made me think she was a fake in the end.

        3. “i’ve had better”
          This is a very typical way angry women try to get under men’s skin. What you realize is that you could be a demigod at sex with one girl but another is bored to tears (you should probably choke her more).
          If a woman really has had better, she doesn’t need to tell you. Hearing a comment like that, or one directed toward your masculinity or dick size, you can be entirely certain she is trying to slip the knife in your back.
          You know how you win? A genuine laugh in response.
          The woman clearly has problems, and its good that you recognize that.

        4. I think a nonchalant “yeah, so have I” coupled with an irritating smirk is also a viable option.

        5. When she say’s “I’ve had better…”
          I simply reply, “How much did they pay you?”

        6. I consider this weak sauce, as women can get plenty of thirsty fags throwing themselves off cliffs (financial and physical) for the shriveled smelly pussy. @TheWastelander:disqus’s reply was better to me. @datbro Was also on point.
          EDIT: How the fuck did I not read this properly?
          You shall receive an upvote.

      2. I changed my perception on it. Neither of us are really “winning” and girls do come back. I still think you set the terms over how much effort you spend on the girl. This particular one, I would almost exclusively just have her come over.
        Even if other men are adhering to her standard, she can still reward the man who doesn’t follow them with sex. In fact, it seems like the guy who violates them gets to violate her.
        This was probably the lowest energy investment I’ve ever put into a girl too. Maybe that’s saying something about modern woman?
        As you would expect, the sign when she was done with me was her simply not responding to my texts. Thing is, before we became FWB she banged me several months before then iced me on the texts…..no response.
        I also realized that even if you can give girls orgasms, it doesn’t really mean shit on her staying power. One time this girl came so hard that it made me finish as well, that had never happened before and it was the first time I had ever had a girl say she got her orgasm and knew she wasn’t lying….every time after I just give them a pat on the back and go on thinking she’s a liar.
        You know what the most fucked up part about all of this is? She was a feminist, and one time tried to argue with me that women peak at 30 while men peak at 18. She was also a size queen. And that’s one thing peope don’t really acknowledge – Feminists are some of the most confused women around. This one was “empowered” but had the most profound rape fantasy I’ve ever heard from a girl, and that’s saying something.

  12. All really solid advice. But, don’t read too much into #3. A lot of girls are really self-conscious about how they smell down there.
    If they are feeling less than “fresh” for any reason (skipped a shower, worked out, hotter than usual outside, etc.) they will not want your face down there. And, a lot of times, they are even too self-conscious to tell you that’s the reason for the denial.

    1. meh, most important rule I ever learned in the military.
      “If it’s not clean enough to eat, it’s not clean enough to stick your dick into”

  13. One thing I’m a little alarmed over is that many men, INCLUDING MYSELF, have begun pre-emptively seeing multiple girls to begin with or taking “spinning plates” to extremes and not even respecting the relationship with the original girl in the first place.
    Now, this is clearly a strategical move to defend ourselves from empowered women, but what do women see?
    Women still see men as the ones with all the power, ***even though this is not the case***.
    This gives them the impression that they, too, can behave similarly and cheat.
    This only makes women worse. IT IS A SNOWBALL EFFECT.
    Men are the only gender truly able to “love” but we drive ourselves farther away FROM love by setting a precendent with women that its okay to slut around because we are doing it too.
    This, I believe, is the downfall that will not be able to be stopped unless women have a divine realization.

    1. It’s all up to women, if they want to save the modern relationship. Unfortunately, none of them are capable of realizing this nor do they care if they do.
      Its all the menz fault.
      Women cheat opportunistically, Men cheat defensively. Who is wrong in this situation? We both are. Who is more wrong? Clearly women.

    2. One thing I’m a little alarmed over is that many men, INCLUDING MYSELF, have begun pre-emptively seeing multiple girls to begin with or taking “spinning plates” to extremes and not even respecting the relationship with the original girl in the first place.
      Relationship with the original girl? What the fuck are you talking about?

    3. Men are the real romantics…unfortunately true Red Pill numbers are ~7% of the pop, what do you expect to do. If you have information men will use it (one can agree with you in theory) but in that case you either choose to be i) Christian wait-till-marriage-and wait upon the Lord vs ii) spinning plates…those with knowledge or I shall say those with ROK choose the latter…(So choose one, you can’t flirt with the two strategies) under your thinking…

  14. Want more signs? Apart from the ones mentioned in the article.
    – She sleeps on her stomach for that night instead on her usual sides, and doesn’t want to talk. Possibly she got done anal painfully by the other guy.
    – You see cum in her ass which is not yours
    – You see cum dripping from her cunt which is not yours
    – You see cum in her mouth which is not yours
    – You see cum on her dress which is not yours
    – You find her bleeding vaginally or anally without you having penetrated her recently
    – You find out that she’s knocked up without you raw dogging her
    – You find one of her acquaintances (who doesn’t know you) talking about her and another guy as the perfect couple
    – You see her being banged by someone who definitely is not you
    – You see her having a lot of guy friends on facebook
    – You see a lot of guys liking her ridiculous posts on facebook and she thumbing up their likes
    – You see a sudden interest in anal or other kinky activities like her offering to tongue your anus – things that you never tried before with her which she found “gross” before. She’d probably got it done to her by the other guy
    – You see a marked improvement in the blowjobs all of a sudden that she gives, especially when she switches to giving you a handjob and sucking/licking your balls, a trick which she never tried before on you. She’s been taught this by the other guy.
    – You suddenly find porn on her computer, her mail or phone. Big red flag.
    – She retreats to the bathroom with her phone to answer her phone calls. Big red flag.
    – Her asshole gape looks wider, even though you’ve not been reaming it lately. Big red flag.
    – She says she wants some space. Usually means she wants to reserve the space between her legs for the other guy.
    – You catch her eyefucking most guys who are regular visitors. Big red flag
    – She accuses of something you never did, by beginning, “you always….” . She’s actually venting her anger for the other guy’s mistakes on you
    – She changes her underwear style without your opinion. Big red flag.
    – She changes her perfume, or often smells of men’s cologne which is different to what she normally wears. Big red flag
    – She talks fondly of some guy at work. Watch out for this guy.
    – She hates you checking her outlook, facebook account or mail if you accidentally open it.
    – She accuses you of cheating (guilt complex)
    – She justifies her friend cheating (a sign she too does it or will do it soon)
    – She starts to learn cooking a new dish you don’t like (for the other guy)
    – She acquires a UTI even though you didn’t go ass to pussy, and you still used protection. Big, big red flag.
    – She stays out longer than before, if you’re living together
    – She wants more sex and she’s suddenly improved her movements. Big red flag.
    – She’s suddenly more vocal in sex as compared to being quite before. Big red flag.
    – She wants to take a sudden vacation. Vacations are cheating periods for most girls.

  15. It’s very easy to catch someone cheating. Humans are routine creatures. we all do the same thing day after day. dress the same, shower the same, get ready for the day the same, have sex with you the same, watch tv at the same time each night or do the activity you enjoy usually at the same time, eat the food we like, our workout routine is the same (either none at all or regularly). If any of those change, something is going on. Unless of course your sweetheart is 100 pounds overweight and the Dr said she will die if she does not start losing the weight. then you know it’s doctors orders but they rarely do that. they start taking some medicine and don’t want to work out anyway while giving you the line, you have to accept me the way I am. they only change when they are going after something. Notice how thin your wife or fiancée was before marriage…then look afterwards after she thinks she “caught” you. look at former fatties that got divorced. they are fat, get all the money from the ex, join a gym, buy new clothes, snag a new sucker then get fat again.

  16. So many women cheat it is not even funny. Even the ones who have boyfriends, are engaged, or even married cheat. And yet women say that men are the ones with committment issues! Bull****! Women expect commitment from men and yet give none in return.
    I dumped my last LTR after I caught her cheating on me. Apparently it was my fault that she cheated on me. As we all know these fully grown adult women are not responsible for their own actions and must behave like spoiled little children who are never to blame for anything. Treat women like children and you will have more success with women.

    1. Relationships are a feminist scam to ruin men. See, feminists projected the male ideal of loyaty onto women to scam men into thinking we could trust them and hence, hand over all of our assets if they arent happy 100% of the time, hey well at least you know now what you’re dealing with wake up call pal

    2. Women enjoy cheating. They find it exciting and they know most guys cant or wont do anything about it –except keep coming back around sniffing their sorry asses for more pussy.
      Women are basically low-life scum.

  17. “If she lets you eat her out”, I didn’t feel comfortable reading this sentence, especially the “let” part. Eating pussy if for men that care whether she enjoys sex, rather than partake in these beta behaviours just take her, she’ll respect you more for it.
    Also, considering the amount of cocks the average western woman has taken, you really shouldn’t be going down on these sluts.
    Unless she’s a virgin I wouldn’t consider doing it, so that’s never based on the values of the women we’re dealing with in the West.

    1. I think the girl whom Law Dogger refers to is a Russian girl.
      Russian girl usually “let” guys eat them out. American women, on the contrary, demand/want guys eat them out.
      But I do agree, eating pussy sucks – especially in this age of sluts and HPV.

      1. “But I do agree, eating pussy sucks – especially in this age of sluts and HPV.”
        What? You don’t like oral cancer, herpes lesions and slurping on day old sloppy seconds? What’s wrong with you? You must be a misogynist.

  18. I agree with all 5 points, and assuming someone else is banging her on a first date is also good advice because its usually true although the average blue piller is oblivious to this.

  19. never, ever, ever, ever accept it if some dumb woman gives you the line…what’s wrong with male friends? men and women CANNOT be friends period. biologically it’s an impossibility. someone is trying to screw the other at all times. If she has ANY male friends drop her. you don’t need that drama and she gets that males and females can’t be friends she’s just keeping her options open while YOU pay for dinner.

    1. And/or she’s an attention whore who likes screwing with her beta orbiters’ heads.

    2. you’re full of crap,.. people are friends because they find them attractive in a variety of ways,… and if intimacy is part of the potential,… so be it,… it’s all good,… be responsible, and enjoy

  20. I ended a relationship with a woman I’d grown very close to the moment I got the impression that she had too many male friends, I occasionally think about her but I don’t regret it one bit.
    I’ve had many of these “mini relationships” and they seem like more fun than being married for life. You meet an attractive girl, sleep with her and spend time with her until she makes one false move, and then you drop her as fast as shit off a shovel with little explanation. It’s a great way to live, the mgtow way.
    You rent a model with little mileage, run the mileage up and then trade it back into the dealer when you’re bored of it.

  21. More points:
    – Cum in her ass, mouth, pussy or clothes which ain’t youts
    – Her anus looks much wider than before. Even though you didn’t buttfuck her recently
    – She got warts when you’re clean
    – She sleeps on her stomach on fine night without you allowing to touch her. She probably got buttfucked painfully by the other guy
    – She says she wants “space”. This space is the space between her legs which she wants to reserve for the other guy
    – She suddenly improves her blowjob skills, with handjob and ball sucking/licking thrown in all of a sudden. The other guy’s taught her that.
    – She wants anal all of a sudden, or other “gross” activities which freaked her out before, licking your anus, going ass to mouth etc
    – She changes the type of her underwear style. She goes in for a more seductive style.
    To impress the other guy
    – She suddenly purchases sex toys, and enjoys dildoing her ass and encourages you to do the same. Other guy’s demands
    – You see her being reamed in the mirror by a dude who’s not you
    – She suddenly justifies the cheating of her female friend. A sign she’s gonna do it too to you or is planning to do it too.
    – She wants more sex all of a sudden. (Guilt compensation)
    – She becomes more loving and attentive all of a sudden (guilt compensation)
    – She gets pregnant when you’ve been using condoms all along
    – She has an UTI, even though you don’t go from ass to her cunt, and you use condoms
    – She wants a vacation all by herself. 90% girls cheat on vacations.

    1. “She wants a vacation all by herself. 90% girls cheat on vacations.”
      Or a vacation with her girlfriends. Women will cover for each other when they cheat. It is disgusting.

      1. What’s more disgusting to note is how modern guys behave in similar situations.
        They don’t cover for each other when one of their brothers cheats. What they do is – reveal the guy’s cheating to his girl, so that she cheats with them on him, to spite him in return.
        Girls are more loyal to each other as compared to guys among themselves. The modern woman has the soul of a sow – a female pig – willing to taste as many cocks as possible. And the modern man has allowed his soul to degenerate to that of a cockroach, willing to scavenge the scum of any kind of women.

        1. Depends on who “modern guys” are. A friend will cover for you, otherwise he’s just an acquaintance.

  22. Naah, sorry, I have to put a bit more salt into your dish (except for Point 1, which is probably correct):
    2- She doesn’t answer text messages when she’s with you? Maybe she’s polite and knows that every message will be still there when you leave, while you might not still be there when she has finished messaging. Sorry, texting when you have company that is not your longtime lover is simply impolite! And unless the message says something like “I was abducted, call police!”, it can wait.
    3- Not liking to be licked after a guy, can’t say anything on this topic. I never ever like being licked, regardless of when I last had sex.
    4- Can’t contribute here, either. In German, there’s a word for either a male friend and a female friend. No confusion possible, only blatant lies.
    5- She shaves even when she’s not entertaining you? Oh no! Maybe she just thought it was time for a shave again. Or she was entertaining herself and wanted to feel herself naked. Maybe she had a gynecologist appointment. (Actually, she shaves her vulva and maybe her outer labia, but not the vagina. If she had to, she’d be really, really special!)

  23. Such a negative post and a ridiculous one too. Like there are no honest women around. Ever. Nope, they ALL cheat on you. I like most posts here but this one is just bitter and paranoid and so are the commenters.

    1. I’m very inclined to agree with this.
      One girl I dated would turn her phone down so she wouldn’t be distracted by it during the entire dinner.
      The bigger giveaway when trying to eat pussy if she’s cheating is if it has a peculiar smell to it, as the vagina changes Ph balance when it encounters new semen.
      I’ve already gotten a little paranoid at most of the manosphere blogs even though my real life experience has been otherwise. I don’t want to say NAWALT but honestly not every girl even likes banging guys concurrently. Some prefer it sequentially (which is a problem in and of itself when it relates to branch-swinging)

    2. The honest ones are the fat ugly ones that no one wants, so their only saving grace would be loyalty. Them’s not worth it either.

  24. I was already red pill, not because i knew the truth from reading it online, but because i always projected my own evils onto other people and assumed they were like me or worse and never made an exception for women just because they seemed fragile or pretended to be “nice”, i knew what cunts they were instinctively because evil knows itself and can see it in others( we are all bastards). For this reason i was never able to be deceived by females, however now that it’s become more conscious from just reading it, experiencing it, every time i see a good looking woman, i see 50 hoops i’d have to jump through, how death approaches, and i basically compare women to death and disease i see the mental illness they have and i want to puke, the hopelessness in all of your efforts for approval of a fleeting, betraying, creature seems like punishment. I could never be a pick-up jockey. Fuck women. I know plenty of good looking smart guys who tried to spiritually quantify their lives with women, Yup that’s what they needed, a woman! to fulfill them, they are all broke , their women left them, and they wasted their potential for nothing. Guys tall, smart, everything, RUINED by a fleeting stupid woman, being good with women is like being a punching bag for them, yeah you’ll get all the women ya want alright, they’ll steal your time, your money, all the rest of it and convince you it’s all a good deal, HAHAHAH
    . Evil uses attraction to lure you into destruction, a woman is a vessel by which the universe maims the needy, if you aren’t still in denial. Maybe you can get good with your pickup skills and think you’re able to control your attachment and not fall under the spell, but eventually you will get sloppy, they will wear you down and one seductress will come and fuck with you, when your defenses are down and you have forgotten the evil, may not happen in 2014, 2017, or 2020, but it is a matter of time like 60% of divorced males. I noticed, the less i think about sex, the more scientific i become, a very welcomed trade off
    Also, i have a large penis, it’s around 8.5-9 inches depending on erection quality and much larger in girth than most males, and the women i have been with my dick was not even filling them, so i don’t know how you guys do it? Just throw a sausage in a tunnel and pass on women. Too many hormones in the food forming big useless twats with useless twats
    -Humanity must perforce prey on itself. Like monsters of the deep

  25. Female develops new interests and new tastes in entertainment, none of which have any connection to you or your interests.

  26. “But as conniving as a girl can be, a part of her does stop them from
    letting their regular guy put his mouth where another man’s dick has
    just been.”
    Maybe, but practically speaking when a cooch and your pooch meet, It creates a distinct smell of sex that should be an instant tell that she has been with another man recently. Even with a condom, you are still grinding each other with the pubic area exposed.
    For those interested in a high tech route, there is a semen and sperm testing kit that can detect trace sperm that comes out of a girls vagina up to a week after she’s been rawdoged by another man. It’s called the KT100 CheckMate.
    If your suspected wife or LTR is holding back, or only giving it up once a month, this is an effective way to find out. This kit doesn’t test for DNA. Only the presence of sperm. To use it, you need to get hold of her recently worn panties (or blouse/dress if she’s a Monica), drop the testing liquid on the garment, blot the area with testing paper, and then add a second liquid to the paper. It will turn purple if there’s sperm.

  27. I think most of these “signs” just breeds paranoia.
    “oh no she set her phone on table face down!” she fucking someone else!
    “We were having a nice, in-depth conversation when she got a text notification and didn’t stop the convo to reply” Must have been a dude and she must be fucking him
    I’m sorry but this stuff does breed paranoia.

  28. 1) Thirsty Male
    2)Opportunistic female
    3) Thirsty male can’t handle the reality, decides to be really optimistic and deceive himself to the dating market, eventually lowers standard while also putting more effort into trying to be better at game, and his looks
    4)Oppurtunistic female snags male
    5)fake alpha falls in love with such female
    6)female extracts dignity, money, and life time from male while sucking off any and each male behind his back
    7)male finds out and is wounded mentally
    8)female grows with power and continues onto the next sucker while the civilization builder is left fleeced and confused,damaged productivity to society
    9)host recovers eventually becoming a sucker again to another female
    (calls it relationships)

  29. Meh. I see that face down phone and not answering texts on a date with you as just being polite. It’s annoying as shit to be dating a woman who is distracted. A face down phone doesn’t distract her with it’s blinking light. And it’s on teh table because she is used to carrying it in her hand, not in a purse or pocket where the screen can get damaged.

    1. Meh. I see that face down phone and not answering texts on a date with you as just being polite.
      If you’re on a date, the phone should be in her purse, not face down on the table. And if you’re just casually hanging out and her phone is out for whatever reason, it should be face up.

  30. When my ex and I had “getting back together sex”, I noticed that her slightly (blonde) hairy ass had been shaven and that the stubble was a very strange new sensation for my hand to feel down there. I stopped spooning her and said, “What the fuck?! Your shaved your ass?! Why the hell would you shave your ass? You never did before!” Keep in mind, she and her slutty best friend had been out partying New Year’s Eve a week before (we had reunited shortly after NYE). She tried to say, “I shaved for you, Sammy!” but judging by the length of the stubble, she had shaved not for me but for NYE.
    I got out of the bed and left. Never went back. She’s now permanently exed! 😀

  31. “Finally, realize that women are both incredible liars and manipulators”
    Reason for this is because women have higher verbal IQ than men (but they’re dumber in everything else).

      1. Ability to use and understand languages easily, as well as ability to lie, manipulate and persuade better.

  32. Why accept bad behaviour from women? What’s the difference between a simp who get’s occasional sex and one with game who also gets occasional sex? Seriously, both of them completely succumb to the women in terms of just letting them behave badly.

    1. If you refuse to accept any “bad behavior,” you will quickly be replaced by a thirstier chump. The SMV is so skewed by unfavorable sex ratios, false signalling, and social media, that the pussy seller’s market has never been stronger.
      Go east, son.

      1. Yes, which makes you no matter how much game you have, still a thirsty chump who is afraid of losing out of sex.
        Women follow, men lead. If she can’t take it move on to the next one. No need to move east for that.

        1. I think you will be disappointed by your high expectations for women’s behavior. Good luck.

        2. No i know they are flaky and totally unreliable, if you give them reasons to be that way.

        3. Lol. Lame ass reply bro.
          They are “flaky and totally unreliable” —
          and it doesnt matter two flying-fucks if you “give them reasons to be” or not.
          Asif that fucking matters. LOL.

      2. That is some seriously beta thinking. Keep reading, son.
        Those who refuse to accept bad behavior inspire lust in high-quality women…as long as your behavior is congruent and consistently alpha.

        1. I disagree. If you are dogmatically intolerant of female misbehavior, you will get laid less. Dominant behavior turns women on to an extent, but can quickly backfire, especially if the wielder is a paper tiger “alpha.” Balance is key.
          If you want better behavior, you are better off changing yourself and your circumstances, than expecting women to change for you.

        2. When refusing to accept bad behavior, there’s a difference between being butthurt about it, which is beta, and playing with her behavior and parrying it as if it’s no big deal to you, or even fun, which is alpha.

  33. #6
    she puts the feminie version of your name in her phone so when u text her others will think ur a girl.
    a middle east girl did this with my name.

  34. QUOTE: “4. Her “Friend” Is Always Without A Gender Specification”
    Yup – if its a friend who is female the chick will say “girlfriend” without it meaning anything romantic. But if she does not use the term “girlfriend” and only uses “friemnd” you can expect it will be a guy.

  35. Watch out for sudden changes in her behavior.
    Suddenly much busier with her girlfriends? She’s sleeping with someone else.
    Suddenly not messaging you as much or replying much slower? She’s sleeping with someone else.
    Suddenly tired or not feeling very well often? She’s sleeping with someone else.

  36. Talk about fucking paranoia. My FWB (I semi like her aka mild case of oneits) has her phone up but has a protective cover, but she does check her phone from time time. Granted I don’t care (however this fucking oneitis does question it).
    But what’s funny is I always have my phone face down or turn it on airplane mode when I’m around her. If I’m about to fuck another girl I’m manscaping lol. I usually drop the term “friend” as more of female hamster spinning thing. I’ll even throw in I played wingman for a buddy.
    But this is way to much paranoia and scheming – I’d rather not care, stay alpha, keep getting my dick wet other places, and if it’s over then it’s over. or she starts acting up it’s over.

  37. You are a horrible human being and prob have never seen a vagina since you popped out of your mothers. Fuck off

  38. Good article. I’ll add (in no particular order):
    1. She suddenly into new and different sex positions/fetishes/etc..
    2. Her affection swings wildly in both (either all over you or doesn’t want to be touched) directions.
    3. Starts wearing gallons more perfume than ever (or usual); covers up the smells of sex.
    4. Stops kissing you – clear sign she’s not committed.
    5. Has more than one cell phone (a fuck buddy “burner” phone). I actually have one of these myself.

  39. If I caught my girlfriend cheating, my first instinct would be to cut her head off and make her lover give my double barrel a bloody blow job. My second instinct is just to walk away despite thinking the bitch will not learn from her bad behavior unless sternly smacked over the nose with a newspaper.
    I go with the second, it ills me to think I could do a lifelong prison sentence over someone who has less value than a pile of excrement, but an assault and battery on the lover or malicious wounding would be ideal.

    1. I agree with Krist. Even if you did kill her for cheating you’d be vilified on Nancy Grace and Jane Velez and roasted in the liberal media as that man who murdered his gf for cheating. In the old days that was deemed normal. But in these days you will just go to jail with scott peterson.
      if a girl is cheating on you and isn’t even sneaky about it, she is being honest with you that she is a sack of shit.

    2. Dude, you can;t go around hanging on that tight. men are programmed to slay ass, its hard to be pissed at a dude for doing what comes natural. As for her, why the hell would you give yourself a one-way ticket to gen-pop over some slag? Bang her friend, delete her number, and round up a new one.

      1. I keep doing this. Since I’m not allowed to bludgeon their faces into pulp, I keep fucking their bff’s. The most recent one I have been banging just got messaged by a girl who told her I sent her pictures of me banging her bff. Oh, sweet justice is served. Fucking just any other girl is not enough. It’s gotta be their bff, that’s the only way it gets through to these stupid hookers.

    3. Yeah this is what I admire about Arab societies, bitch if you cheat… you die. Simple, no ifs, ands or buts. People respond to incentives. You hang around other men, flirting, you get beat. Let’s face it, the nicer we treat women, the shittier they become. “It is better to be feared than loved.’ – Machiavelli

  40. Really there is one sign, she is fucking you less than you want. Once that happens it is time to move on. She is iether get the dick from somewhere else or isn’t that into you and soon will be (with the excuse you just want me for sex)- so what you probably do and if she is not giving you the only thing you want, why are you with her? it’d be like a gold digger hanging around and fucking an old rich guy all day every day to his desire AND never getting any money from the said guy. If that gold digger had any sense she’d move on to a stupider hornier man who will gladly buy her lavish shit. And if you have any sense, you should gladly move on to a woman who will gladly fuck you in the most lavish depraved manner your mind can imagine.
    It will be hard for even the most nymphomaniac girl to keep up with having sex everyday with 2 men. Which is why once the sex declines leave. I’ve never heard of someone say the sex went down but then it went back up, sorry, never happens.

  41. I’ll also add withnessing #4 personally, although I didn’t date the girl we came real close to dating, we fucked but never dated. She said I have to go meet my friend so I can’t stay for more than 15 minutes, I got it in. And said bye, while sneaking down the 2nd exit to follow her to see this suspiciously “genderless friend”. I found it weird that her friend was always mentioned in the neuter form (never him or her). So I follow her from a distance, go down a 2nd exit to the subway and see her…. kissing her friend and he is all over her. Boy do I feel sorry for that dude (he was indian) girl was a mixed race jew (turk, israel, argentine,polish and yemeni). He was kissing where my dick had cummed literally less than 3 minutes ago and she had swallowed and not even brushed her teeth or washed her mouth and he was tongue deep in it like it ws the best kiss of his life.
    That being said, I’m not even sure if it is possible to find an attractive female who won’t fuck 10 other guys behind your back in this hemisphere (Anglosphere). I mean really, what dumb female given all that power of looks (given by the white knights) will not want to fuck every cock in town. If the roles were reversed for men and women and I was being constantly offered sex for just putting on makeup and wearing revealing clothing and shaking my ass in the nearest street corner or joint I must admit it’d be very difficult for me to resist all the offers of cunt on a stick and on the cunt carasell and the cherry-go-round. In fact I’d probably abuse my power and act like the typical power tripping American entitled female. Not that it is good but I’d be a product of my environment. I mean if all these women are approaching me offering me cunt and all the media says man power and boy power and women stink I must be amazing.

    1. I have had countless opportunities but I turned a large number of them down. I don’t really know why. I just feel uncomfortable fucking random women. It must be a character flaw that makes women perfectly comfortable fucking random guys. Sex smells, for the most part it’s gross, the sweet spots are right next to the spot where shit comes out… to suck on a man’s cock 5 minutes after you meet him means that you’re mentally deranged. But a lot of women are.

      1. it’s not a flaw, fuck girls you like and catch your eye. I think most men turn down women left and right.

    2. Fucking 10 guys is not in a woman’s nature. It is something caused by childhood molestation or Western culture. Your own culture created your whores. Naturally, a woman wants one man sexually.

  42. Also look out for abrupt changes in her speech patterns or vocabulary. I found that my girlfriends always ended up saying the same things and in the same way that I did. One can extrapolate from this info that if she’s really into another guy, she’ll start talking like him. If she’s fucking one of your friends, you may even be able to figure out which one just by looking out for any catch-phrases..

    1. this is an important point, noticing vocal patterns (this is almost an article) in itself and well understood by veterans out there…

    2. Or even simply how she talks to you tonewise. If you’re the guy in her life, she’ll talk to you like a daughter talking to a father. If there’s another guy entering the picture, she’ll talk to you like a mother talking to a son.

  43. I have unapologetically slept with the wives and girlfriends of other men and sleep sound at night.
    I would rather be on this end of the cheating spectrum.
    I have not moral qualms about this, my only concern is physical retribution from the cuckold which is why I keep things brief and on the DL.

    1. Absolutely. I used to feel kinda bad but hell, if her relationship means nothing to her, why should it matter to me?

    2. Also fucking a Western man’s wife is a good way of exacting revenge on the thirsty betas, simps and traitors who cater to and uphold the feminist cesspool that has become the U.S.S.A. Sickle and hammering with a pink fucking ribbon. All those men who partake willingly of this system should be fucking shot and thrown in ditches, Babi Yar style. So treating their women like the whores they are, should be the least of your concerns.

    3. You sound like the douchebag “Shane” from AN AMERICAN BETA MALE STORY. You deserve to be castrated while watching bulldogs eat ur testicles.

  44. If that matters to you then you have BPD, Bitch Dependency problem, that is not good.

  45. I find the sudden drop in sex and desire is the big clue! If u banging all the time when u catch up, and she isn’t into it, she is fucking another guy! I notice the same thing in me when I’m doing another girl, I show the other one less interest!

  46. I gotta tighten my game. Didn’t even realize leaving your phone face down was an well-established tell, gotta remember to use this when I need to and just leave it in my pocket otherwise.

  47. Does anyone ever consider the irony of how men are superior yet chase inferior weak disgusting (morally if a woman’s like the one described in this article) creatures?

    1. I don’t chase women. Don’t know what you’re talking about. I focus on myself. Most of us do.

  48. This is why I am completely withdrawn from being in relationships. Since obedient virginal 18 year olds meant for marriage are only confined to Islam these days, no woman is worth my time or money outside of sex. Once you figure out that you don’t need a woman to make you happy (they are in fact the biggest drag on your happiness), you’ll quickly discard them. Another issue, is that male bonding outside of queers has become lost in the West, men use to be happy around each other, in the presence and validation of other men of repute. Disregard Western females at all costs as long term partners. In my opinion, once she’s had someone’s dick inside of her, she’s ruined for marriage.
    If we’re going to go old-school alpha, let’s go ahead and bring back the traditional modus operandi of marriage, virginity or no-go. By nature, woman is a transient creature and traditionally male force kept this under wraps. Now that Western governments have based our entire societies on the fickle transience of women, is thus why it’s ridiculous for any man to get into a relationship with a woman. You can no longer use the masculine will to keep women in line without the faggoty police hounding you, so fuck it, fuck the West, withdraw. Do not marry unless that girl is a virgin and has a history void of feminist indoctrination. I don’t care how beautiful she is, you have to imagine, this will be the vessel your children will come out of… a cum dumpster, and eventually her beauty will fade (very quickly, might I add) and you’re stuck with a nightmare. Hold on to those two last sentences religiously

    1. Was out for drinks last night with some friends of mine and the one guy (who is NEWLY married) admitted that he would most likely get divorced after 10-15 years, but that it’s ok becuase at least he would get to live the ‘life of love’ up until then.
      This is the level of cognitive dissonance men are dealing with. They admit and acknowledge the risks, but go forth anyway. It’s as if the blueprint of life that was handed to them i.e courtship>marriage>mortgage>kids>divorce>child support>bankruptcy>prison>death must be followed no matter what and anyone who questions this life plan is a mysoginist.

      1. This is why when the apocalypse comes, I don’t know whether I should drink a shot of vodka in solemnity or open a bottle of champagne and smoke a cigar in celebration.

        1. I wholeheartedly vote for opening the champagne and firing up a stogie…while a cumdumpster swallows every drop of my load.

    2. “Since obedient virginal 18 year olds meant for marriage are only confined to Islam these days, no woman is worth my time or money outside of sex.”
      – Perfectly true. Moslem women (and to a certain extent Asian Buddhist and Hindu women) are the women who are actually worthy of wife material. They guard their chastity out of their own free will – if you observe them carefully. They have the ability to say “No” to promiscuity, and actually wait for marriage.
      On the other hand, our “modernized”, “sophisticated”, “liberated” western women have become nothing but slutty cum receptacles for other Christian, Jewish, Moslem, Buddhist, Hindu, Wiccan or atheist men.

  49. I think it was an old Navajo saying: “The best revenge you can get on a man who takes your woman, is to let him have her”

  50. I hate this passive agressive HR mandated Politically correct world we live in.
    I want the right to call a women a CUNT when she is behaving like one.
    I want the right to call a black person a nigger because he is acting like an uncivilised monkey.
    I want the right to call a jew a kike because he stole peoples money through white collar crime.
    I want the right to call a homosexual a faggot because he is fucking other men in the ass.
    I want the right to call fat person a ‘fat fuck’ because they are paying the same price for an airline ticket as me despite the cost difference in fuel to haul his fat ass.
    I want the right to do these things without facing retribution from the PC police and social justice warriors.
    What the fuck man, are these people beyond reproach that you can’t say a word?
    I hate it when cunts/niggers/kikes/faggots/fatties et el use the victim card to extract resources from productive members of society (aka white males).
    I hate it when legitimate critisms of a certain class of person’s shitty behaviour is silenced by ‘hate speech’ accusations.
    Actions have consequences. And the PC world is suppressing all the critisms that are vital to correcting this fucked up society.

    1. You can still insult shitty people , just be more creative, so they listen instead of label you.

  51. About #1: not interested in this girl, but at work I asked a girl a question I thought was innocent enough; ” who ya textin’”
    Now I didn’t mean any malice behind it, I just expected to hear something like “Ah, just my friend/mom/boyfriend.”
    Big mistake. This girl did not react well. Said even her boyfriend knows never to ask her that.
    hmm on second thought, maybe he’s getting cuckolded…

  52. “…she has a lot of pretty, pretty boys who she calls ‘friends’… ” –The Eagles

  53. I really hope people don’t take this to heart and apply it to everyone bc this is just too much lol

  54. Lots of commenters ,still attaching a lot of blue pill baggage to the red pill reality that women like dick.

  55. So it is okay for men to have multiple partners but it is against nature women to do the same. And you still expect women to be amazing in bed? Without any practice? Let me know how that goes.

  56. Damn it. I make the phone face-down all the time. Now I realize how transparent it is.

  57. The writer forgot the “Cover your ass” move. The surprise move of showing some unexpected caring here and there like a small gift or more frequently urgently trying to reach you by phone only to say she misses you. Don’t take her call and call back an hour later.

  58. Honestly, who cares who she moves on to once she’s become your cum dumpster? Some other sap gets to ride her like the tired old pony at the petting zoo, why should you even care?

  59. This article is totally wrong. I’m a girl and none of these are true…so if a girl randomly decides to shave for you she’s obviously cheating on you? If a girl has a friend who is a guy she’s automatically sleeping with him? Wrong. Stop thinking that every woman is out to get you…this article sounds like it was written by a paranoid douche.

  60. I’ve been dating multiple guys and sleeping with a couple of them and omg..everything about this article is so true. I have all the signs

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  63. I’m Sorry this happened to all of you and It even happened to me once. Woman are the most devious, manipulative creatures on the earth. I would actually goes so far as to compare them to a creepy ass fucking spider. When you treat a woman good becuase they complain. Thats when they start acting like scumbags. So just fucking treat them like the shit they are. The only thing most of them are good for anyway is sex anyways. Most girls are actually half retarted and brain dead from all the drugs they took and were given while fucking strangers in there youth. They fuck around becuase it’s the only thing there remotely good at, becuase they have been sucking cock since such a early age in life. If I saw my ex gf and could go back to my first date with her. I would fuck her in the ass and make her bleed and spit right in her face when I was done. Society sucks, Woman Suck (literally).

  64. If my girl lets me eat her out then dose not want the sex, told me she would give me head,then didn’t want to. I had to get up to work and she wanted to go party I didn’t want to go went to the bathroom and heard her telling her sister she wanted to go with her, not asking her sister to go.things seem different then what they were. She used to love it when I kissed her and told her I loved her now she don’t. She went to go get food two times and one time she had the baby the bext she didn’t. But both times she used the word we. What should I do, what’s going on? pleads help, I bage you.

  65. i would love to meet the woman who made the author think this way… sounds to me like she made the right choice by fucking him over …. if you take a look at evolution women just try to find the most suitable (physically, mentally, socially, and in terms of resources) men they can, which from the sounds of it everyone on this site is not. if they were the higher quality men, their women would realize that and not fuck around, ridding them of any reason to look up this site. men evolved with the idea of spreading their seed to as many people as possible, and women to seek out only the best options. we are all designed to fuck each other over so i suggest you guys stop being so butthurt about it and focus instead on yourselves.

  66. The biggest sign is she’s female. What bitch isn’t slurpin multi-dongs. That’s how she gets money and security, by puttin their hog in her mouth she keeps them on a retainer.

  67. the best thing that happened to me is my x finally got mad and moved out. all that was left was the paperwork and i cant beleive she was asking me out at the courthouse after wed just told the judge we wanted a divorce.
    i reorganized my priorities in life. putting relationships and dating at the bottom of the list . i get the idea from women ive met that dating or a relationship is very important to them so i just do the same and usually im right

  68. that should be i get the idea from women ive met or dated that dating or relationships are important to them so i just play it the same way

  69. I’m cheating on my bf and I do all of these except #4 & #1 . I saved my side guy under my friend’s name and I just say I’m going to hang out with her . Life’s too short for boring sex and monogamy 😭😂

  70. I have an Asian girlfriend, she’;s very submissive and loving. I noticed her pussy is partially shaved and crazy about sex. Anytime I want her to take out for a hotel-visit, she’s ready and fuck for hours. She never said no. I tested her for weeks about a wild “3-some” she resisted to participate as being a “good woman”, but became immediately very hot when i just mentioned it and after we had fantasizing about being fucked by several men, I had to rush to her house and fuck her. Now things have changed; she’s changed her mind and ready to take another guy’s cock. I advertised on a social media site and about 8 men applied to “help”. She’s still admitting that likes the idea despite what she said before. Now I am confused: is she a good woman, or should I just take the opportunity to do a happy 3-some with her and after that – just dump her for being a ‘bad woman’? I’m not sure what to do, can someone give me any suggestion?

  71. Just remember one thing; the first nasty decision handed down to humanity was from……a woman.

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