Cassandra Lynn’s Death Shows Why You Should Never Wife Up Broken Girls

Every so often, I run across a story that makes me facepalm so hard that I fracture the bones in my hands. The spectacular self-destruction of former Playboy Playmate Cassandra Lynn—and her Captain Save-a-Ho hubby Gary Hensley—is one of those stories.

The gist of it is that Hensley married Lynn, a past-her-prime party girl with two kids from some deadbeat who never paid a penny in child support. He supported her and her children while struggling to build his own company and pay the bills. Then one day, she took off on him and the floodgates opened:

He learned that Cassandra, 34, had been with another man the previous night. She’d consumed cocaine and alcohol and had been found dead in a bathtub.

To make matters worse, the author of the story (Ellen McCarthy of The Washington Post) spins Hensley’s tale to make Lynn into the victim. McCarthy gives absolutely no thought to the well-meaning man who is now stuck raising someone else’s kids after his loving wife ran off to cheat on him and OD on drugs.

The tale of Gary Hensley and Cassandra Lynn is illustrative on so many levels, but the most important point is this: never, ever try to rescue a broken woman. Trying to save a girl from self-destructive behavior is a fool’s errand, no matter how nice she may be to you or what other qualities she may have. Girls like Lynn are on the discount shelf for a reason: they’re damaged goods and no one with a choice wants them.

The Futility Of Being Captain Save-a-Ho


Wifing up slutty girls is a common mistake that chumps make. Most men have no clue how to attract women and spend their twenties in a sexual wasteland, taking what little they can get. When the tides start turning in their thirties—they become established in their careers while their same-aged lady peers see their looks start to fade—they retain the same desperate attitude when they were younger and loveless.

Gary Hensley was no doubt a complete chump in his younger years. He may be a talented businessman and a nice guy, but he had no idea how to deal with girls. When a former Playmate came on to him, he must have thought he was the luckiest guy in the world. Because he didn’t have any game, he was wide open to the predations of a mentally ill, narcissistic and self-immolating whore.

Men need to realize that there’s no reason for them to settle for girls like Cassandra Lynn. While not every man is going to end up with a big-titted, chaste supermodel for a wife, any man can learn game and raise his standards. There are so many girls in the sea that no man should bother with the emaciated, asphyxiated flounders who wash up on shore.

Last Rites To The Dying


Cassandra Lynn’s death by misadventure also illustrates that trying to “fix” women is a bad idea.

Many men find it tempting to try to turn girls around, whether it’s as simple as making a fat girl skinnier or in Hensley’s case, trying to make a ho into a housewife. Some girls like to do the same thing with men: many girls will fall in love with “bad boys” or other dangerous men because they want a “project” and they think they can somehow make him a better person. When girls try to “fix” men, it’s stupid; when men try to “fix” girls, it’s a tragedy.

In order to help someone, they have to want to be helped. All the advice and guidance in the world is useless so long as the girl it’s aimed at keeps slapping it away. It’s not unlike sin: in order for a person to repent, they must want to repent and seek forgiveness. You can try and convince someone that they should mend their ways, but it’s ultimately up to them to make that final step.

This was the point I was making with last week’s column on girls with mental illnesses. While it’s certainly possible for a girl with a mental disorder to turn her life around, it’s not your responsibility to make her do it. Avoiding girls who are not right in the head isn’t simply for your own safety, it’s the only way that they can possibly be helped. It’s not until a girl makes the choice to divert from her self-destructive path that she’s worth anything, and the majority of them will never pull it off.

Cassandra Lynn is a prime example of this. In trying to make her into a virtuous woman, Gary Hensley no doubt thought he was doing something great. But girls like Lynn are missing something inside them: the crucial ingredient for happy, healthy humanity. In trying to rescue a ho from her wanton ways, he’s condemned himself to both heartbreak and the hell of having to raise another man’s children.

Don’t ever waste your time on women like Cassandra Lynn. They can’t be helped. Trying to save girls like them is like trying to rescue the eggs that fall from the nest and never become birds.

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297 thoughts on “Cassandra Lynn’s Death Shows Why You Should Never Wife Up Broken Girls”

  1. “they become established in their careers while their same-aged lady peers see their looks start to fade—they retain the same desperate attitude when they were younger and loveless.”
    While I have made some epic chump moves in my day, I’m lucky that when in my 30s I could not help but question why all of a sudden the women who would not give me their best years suddenly want me to be around during their worst.

      1. You are entering your prime. You will get more attention from chicks in their 20’s than you ever did in your 20’s. Be glad you didn’t sell yourself short, just don’t fuck up and short yourself now either.

        1. not true. I’m in my 20’s and the only girls in my age bracket like men slightly older than us (as men are really immature in their early 20’s). I wouldn’t go older than 26.
          The girls who get pumped and dumped (because they have nothing going on upstairs and offer very little other than their vag) may settle for your money but I’m warning you it’s not a nice future for you! Stay clear of young and dump, she brings with her the broken-ness discussed in this article. Ask yourself while she’s settling for much older? A woman in her 20’s cares little for security so dont think it’s that. It’s just that she’s been used and is sick of it.

        1. Shit, wait till your 50’s! As long as you focus on your career and make good money, there are still 20 year old women that are a dime a dozen. They’ll fuck you just to get a ride in your nice car.
          But, if you pissed away your life on a lousy marriage, and suffered the economic consequences, well, all you are going to get are 50 year old women with dried up vaginas and scales on the back of their neck.

        2. But if you have a good marriage, those young broads groove harder when you’re 50 and the wife digs you even more (and seems to stay way hot, too)

        3. No, I’m saying that having a good marriage and keeping in shape to the point that younger people notice it and are complimentary keeps both spouses happy and horny (for each other).
          Cheating is for loser dirtbags.

        4. You are obviously a very sexy older man (it’s men like you I may make exceptions for). I’d be proud to one day have a loyal hot husband like you. You have a very lucky wife and if you really do look after yourself like you claim. Men wonder why women get turned off their husbands after a few years, you’ve obviously worked it out. Fat men with no game for their wives end up cheating because they forgot how to game their wives. I’m impressed. Did you take you a long time to work it out or have you always been aware of just how visually turned on us women really are?

        5. I figured out the visual stimulation jazz by the time I was 6 as I recall (fondly).
          Also, you know what they say about visual scenes, how important the background and framing is – I’m sure a fine thick heavy manhood looks far better with a slim, smooth, muscular background rather than a smelly, jiggly fat sagging gut and flab.
          Also, that “sensitive guy with feelings”
          tripe is obviously a plan to replace men with menginae.
          Sure, a guy shouldn’t be a cad, but nor should he be a sap.
          I’m sure it really turns a crying-in-pain-or-fear woman on when her mangina starts having a teary anxiety attack wondering out loud who he has to call to help fix the problem [not]. Those kind of things make a woman despise a mangina forevermore.
          Aging fat men who are assholes with some money ditch their loyal wife and marry the secretary, who of course then makes sport with poolboys, plumbers, mailmen, construction men and janitors, to name nut a few.
          The fat man with all his estrogen manboobs and atrophied testes then digs all the other-men pheromones and ballsack sweat odours oozing out of his new young wife, to the point of being her humiliated but addicted cuckold, if she lets him.

        6. You are so expressive. Some days your comments have me singing with poetic music and other days I’m gagging at your expressions. Sagging smelly and jiggly are very unpleasant words and unfortunately my vivid imagination runs wild….ewwww.
          Yeah so you’re in the middle but obviously dont take shit from anyone. I get it. You’re energy is hot (less the adjectives). I wouldn’t mind my man occasionally needing me emotionally but if he was needy and desperate all the time, I’d have to pull out my pseudo penis.
          If men who stick up for womens rights referred to as mangina’s does that make me a penis-ina?

        7. “If men who stick up for womens rights referred to as mangina’s”
          Menginae stick up for NOTHING. (Except maybe their right to an occassional creampie or 2nd hand bj [aka that funny aftertaste of a combo of strange cock and her hindquarters] whilst hand-laundering her pasty g-string later that morning {after she showed up at oh-four-thirty smelling of Frank’s big ballsack, desperate to French kiss him} despite claiming to have been visiting her Mum in the old-folks’ home 《which she actually did, but Frank is the Haitian janitor and the broom closet gets little traffic at those hours》).

        8. Some Bird – Why do us men always have to game our wives?? A 50 year old women with a hot old man should be jumping on his Johnson every night without the game crap!!!

        9. There’s some reasons why a woman wouldn’t be jumping on a hot older man. I personally hope my husband at that age remains hot and I’ll remain hot for him.
          Most women as they age, have pre-menopause. It stuffs up their hormones but there is great news and a remedy, the best way to overcome that is be the Captain of that house and get her exercising in nature early in the morning if possible. The more muscle she builds the better she will feel sexually (not sure why but it always works), walking is great especially if she’s unfit. Do squats together and skip rope are other options.
          Now us women are highly emotional and complete softies. Game just tells us that we are protected and safe, that’s all. This big whole masculine thing going on is just a reflection of that. Unfortunately game is equal to us keeping slim. It’s part of the gender genetic makeup.
          If sex came that easy to you and she jumped on you daily , you’d miss the hunt.
          I love Athol at the Married Man Sex Life. He isn’t the most handsome man I’ve seen but he says things that make me tingle and he’s old! He has the best game and he’s smooth.
          Gaming a woman by being an assclown may work on those you dont really want. Gaming a woman by being sexy is what this guy does.
          There’s nothing wrong with feeling the way you do. I wish I could click my fingers and make her want you the way you want to feel, make you feel desired because being that feeling of being desired is a wonderful feeling. I get it and I get you.
          Good luck honey

      2. Dude, you’re going to be loving life, I assure you. I don’t miss my 20’s a bit, aside from the focus I wish I had put on my career during that time. If a guy in his 30’s has taken care of himself, he should be able to absolutely clean up on the female frontier in ways he would’ve thought impossible in his 20’s. You’ll have an edge over the 20-somethings that only comes with maturity. Nothing against fellow kings here in their 20’s, of course. Godspeed, brothers.

        1. Yea my early 20s was a train wreck with women an also work, in my late 20s I feel more confident with myself an understand females better. I think 30s will bring success if I keep myself in shape an manage money properly.

        2. do you think girls were just warped in their thinking in their 20’s or you lacked something?
          As a woman in her 20’s I love men my own age so long as they have their shit together like I do.

        3. A bit of both, I think there’s a lot of Western women who are damaged due to the culture they’re brought up in. But In my early 20s I didn’t have my shit together either with understandng women or with stable employment or getting myself fit so I’m not surprised I wasn’t great with with women. Fortunately I’ve been getting my shit together, I think my 30s will be far better in a lot of ways.

        4. So it’s not really an age thing (as described by many PUA sites that women chase money and that’s why you come ultra desirable at age 30+) because many men in their 20’s have their shit together and end up with the cream of the crop. Being fit, intelligent and having a stable job takes the best mate off the market early. Delaying getting your shit together (while you party) and delaying settling down ensures you end up with the least desirable. This is why I tell good men to settle earlier rather than later. 10 years is sufficient to sleep with different women, get the life partner earlier as the ones left behind usually have issues you just don’t need in your life. Many men don’t think long term consequences and play the scene until they wake up one day and realize all their mates are married to wonderful women and wonder why they can’t find anyone suitable except women who have been around way too many times who now have trust issues, broken people from childhood (avoidance attachment styles, mental illness/sociopathic and narcissistic personalities) and those you dislike the most, women seeking the “perfect” mate. I suggest you find her pretty quick smart as delaying is only setting you up for future problems. Plus your sperm actually deteriorates (google mental illness in children and older fathers sperm).
          I say this to give you the heads up but it doesn’t mean you need to find someone now or the world will end. I just like fairness in this world. Those of you who lucked out in your earlier lives will likely end up with the great girl but only if you lock her down EARLY.

      3. You will have women ready to settle down now (men usually are ready about 5 years later as they mature later). It’s nice to finally be wanted – just keep on working on your mission as women dont like a man to fuss about them over their security.
        Many men have sowed their “wild oats” and many of those “hot” women you want have sowed their wild oats too by your age. With the change in society everyone is doing what they want to do.
        Pay close attention to the girl who focused on bettering herself in her career and most importantly who treats you well. Dont let the sexy girls with boobs popping out everywhere with no intelligence who only ever relied on her looks to get everything delivered to her to divert you from the good girl who may very likely devote her life to a wonderful relationship with you.

    1. Maybe they weren’t attracted to your looks when you were younger but your wallet made up for it as you aged. They were settling (stay clear of a woman who doesn’t find you attractive!)
      At least with men you have so many angles to try and sweeten the dish. Us women only have looks because almost all men want looks over personality and loyalty.

  2. This guy is hopeless. “And in the wake of that, her children are without a mom. And she was a good one.”
    Slut, playboy model, adulteress, drug addicted, attention whoring, gold digging cunt = good mom to this guy.
    This is a case study in why we should forcibly sterilize people.

    1. the real tragic here is that these children are indeed without a mother. they suffer the most. they cant just make their mind up and go away. these children have one idiot father and a dead, drug addict mother. how are they supposed to grow into well developed human beings? why is the headline adressed to two idiot adults, but not the ones who still could be saved? this makes me sick

      1. Yeah, I agree, these kids are the only ones who deserve sympathy of any kind. However, I fear that it may be too late for them. I think the little girl is 13 and the boy is 8. They’re old enough to know what’s up and be damaged by this. Moreover, I think the girl was already 5 by the time she hooked up with this dude. The first years are the formative ones. Who knows what this poor kid was exposed to during this time. The only good thing about this is that these kids ended up with someone stable. It sucks for him, and there are also a host of reasons it sucks for the kids, but at least they have some chance.

      2. They were doomed as soon as they were born to such a worthless mother. It isn’t nice to say but it is how it is.

        1. We all have free will and the possibility of redemption. I have the deepest sympathies for these children.

        2. I think youre right. but what i dont get is why such people make children anyway. its okay when you decide for yourself that you dont want to be part of something important, and rather take drugs. its your life, no one asked you to participate, what you do with it is totally up to you. with children, however, its not only about you anymore. you are responsible for them, you created them. well i guess she doesnt worry about that anymore, heh. poor kids. maybe they manage to grow up without major deficits, who knows.

        3. Baby rabies and as an added bonus governments reward worthless whores who have kids. Add in that we are taking about completely selfish people here and why wouldnt they have kids… they deserve to be happy. To balance things out government punishes good nuclear families to discourage them from having kids.

        4. GOJ in my past I lived in a town with more than its share of horrible single mothers. It is an incredibly rare event for kids to rise above that. Rereading my post it comes off angry, I have sympathy for them too, regardless of what she was I am sure they loved their mother, but the reality is what it is.

      3. Truth @disqus_15ihEB5WcL:disqus.
        That dude is probably so ripe for the pickings emotionally fucked-up right now that every over-the-hill gold digger within a 500 mile radius of him is probably heading in his direction at mach 2

        1. Sadly you’re probably right.
          1. A proven sap for a tight hot chick, as in epic levels of sap.
          2. Rich.

    2. Good points. There are too many women like this one in our society and suckers keep picking up these bad apples off of the ground (and with kids).
      If she’s a single’s no good (move along).

    1. To be fair, Eliza Doolittle wasn’t a slut, just a lower class Cockney.
      Some good red pill wisdom in the song “Let A Woman In Your Life” from My Fair Lady.

  3. The solution to this mess for men is to age successfully by having an aggressive regime of proper diet, aggressive weight lifting, and supplementation, and supporting and advocating for longevity research
    It is possible to add anywhere from 0.5-1.5% to a man’s life each year through proper nutrition and lifestyle
    this means a gain of 5-15% per decade, there are plenty of men who made it to their 90’s following this advice, and we may be on the verge of a massive rejuvenation biotech industry, meaning, time will become a lesser limiting factor to humanity, and god bless, i’m a techno-optimist as we know MEN can achieve ANYTHING
    The key to being youthful is to generate anti-oxidants in your cells which you do by sweating which heats up the cells, the body adapts not only by using less oxygen, but also by becoming more resistant to every health AIL that awaits us like a lion in the tall grass
    Successful aging takes discipline and is no different than running a business, you work hard to keep your cells healthy, live long and prosper and also, as a man ages he gets richer, and has more sexual options, especially men who are aging well, this is key fellas
    -Proverbs 11:14
    Where there is no guidance the people fall, But in abundance of counselors there is victory.
    (the grand architect’s wisdom)

  4. In the wise words of Ludacris: “You can’t turn a Ho into a housewife, they can’t act right”.

      1. No, it’s Ludacris, from his song “Ho”. The correct lyric is “Can’t turn a ho into a housewife / Hoes don’t act right”

        1. Ok but everyone says “you can’t turn a ho into a housewife” That’s just a common saying. The lyric “hoes don’t act right” is from Ludacris.

  5. Hensley is not stuck with the children. They’re Dad’s responsibility now. In fact if he wanted to keep them, he’d have to go through a guardianship proceeding.

    1. The biological dad is way out of the picture. The news didn’t elaborate but I wouldn’t be surprised if he was in jail.

      1. In that case other relatives such as grandparents will take the children, in the very unlikely event no one claims them they will go into foster care.

        1. When my second wife died I had custody of our two children and her two children from prior marriages. The father of the oldest of her children was dead. The father of the second child had become a religious nut case of the beat the devil out of the child variety. I didn’t have to go to any court to get custody because no one else wanted custody. The state especially did not want them (foster care costs the state money). Since I was doing it for free everyone was happy.

    2. I think it’s too late at this point (children’s age) to take them away from Hensley. The children will already be partial fucked up because of the mom….they’ll really be fucked if they have to leave Hensley’s home for a new home.

        1. Fake tits, fake nails, fake eyelashes, fake hair color…
          And like SO many Modern Women, she likely felt that she ‘deserved’ a ‘Real Man’…

  6. His rationalization at the funeral service was pathetic. I know it isn’t nice to say bad things about the dead, but he was positively delusional. It’s so difficult to find any sympathy for chumps who seem to thrive on being chumps.

    1. The pussy must have been that good, she most likely had plenty of experience before him.
      Then again, as men sex is ever only as good as we want/allow it to be anyway.

      1. A lot of men, especially ex-jocks are brainwashed into thinking that marrying the hot busty playboy model and/or pornstar is a good idea. It’s another example of how the media controls us.
        Edit: what I mean is they intentially Chase the most broken but hottest girls. My cousin married a Hot but broken model.

        1. You couldn’t pay me enough to take in another man’s kids, no matter how hot the bitch is. They’re his problem, her problem, and the government’s problem!

        2. True
          And the worst thing is, the washed up jocks can’t provide for them either. Selling used Nissans won’t keep her in the party game
          In a perverse sense these old party girls are better off sponging off betas

        3. All she sees you as is someone to split the bills with anyway, she really doesn’t give a fuck about you. Ready-made family, just add jackass with paycheck!

    2. You just have to shake your head.
      The guy’s wife was found dead at some other man’s house due to OD on drugs and alcohol.
      Yet, she was a good mother. Pathetic.

  7. Ok, I shit you not but I think I banged this girl around summer 2013 in Raleigh, can’t be too sure that it is definitely her though.
    I was in downtown Raleigh and the chick was getting a lot of attention so I went over and flirted briefly pushing through her group and then went back to where I was sitting. The girl came over to my table and tried to kiss me. My friends’ laughed and said shit you should’ve kissed her and I said it was a suckers bet. Long story short when I made my move it was rather an easy pull. We went to a booth and started chatting, she said she was a “former playmate” and its been awhile since a guy flirted with her as well as I did. After a bit we started making out and I invited her to a hotel. Now this is where things line up…she asked me to order a bottle of champagne from room service and asked if I had any pills, which I didn’t. In the morning she ordered another bottle of champagne and started drinking like no big deal and ordered another bottle within 15 minutes (it was 9am ish). She called a friend who did bring over some pills to “calm her nerves” and asked if I had cocaine, I told her no and she asked if I wanted a pill. I didn’t partake in as its not my thing. I had a bit of champagne though with my head throbbing from a bit of a hangover but I’ll never forget that morning view of her sitting in the bed, long blonde hair, covers below her chest. She started again with… You know I used to be a playmate, and I’m only 33, I still got it….
    Like I said, definitely cannot be 100% sure but very, as in almost exactly, similar in appearance.

      1. It was actually quite intense, and yes I was wrapped…always. I was putting my suit coat on the hangar when the champagne arrived (the cheapest they had) and I thanked the guy and gave him a tip. When I turned around she was standing there and dropped her dress so she was just in stockings/heels. I can tell you I was impressed with how she looked. Anyway she saw the bottle and said “Where are the glasses? I said, Its almost 2 in the morning, I’ll just use the glasses in the bathroom and wash them. She said, Fuck that! Grabbed the phone and demanded room service bring up two champagne glasses. I clearly remember her having an appetite for champagne. I was able to make it two rounds with her, before tiring out, her body was really good for a woman in her early 30’s and I told her as much, saying that her body was better than most early 20’s chicks.

    1. Damn, dude. “I shit you not but I think I banged this girl around summer 2013 in Raleigh” – scary part it it’s probably you and 30-50 other guys in Raleigh alone. Not that this is any worse than your typical club slut these days, but I hope you wrapped it before you slapped it. Have you ever used a communal urinal? One of those long troughs where piss collects in the bottom and never properly drains? Fucking a chick like this is like sticking your dick into that trough and wiping it around for ten minutes. If you wrapped it, that was probably one of the smartest decisions of your life. If not, you played Russian roulette with an automatic pistol and somehow lived to tell the tale.
      The other moral of your story is that it’s a good thing you weren’t into pills and cocaine. Otherwise you would likely have ended up with a dead quasi-hooker in your bathroom and your name in some Washington-Post article.

      1. …and reading that article on the filthy toilet in the county jail while ‘da man’ is checking how much you had to do with that poor angel’s demise and the whole necrophiliac coronor’s office is enjoying the stiff…

    1. Seriously. Don’t even arrange the funeral, let her become somebody else’s problem. Take a trip to Asia or something and have a good time celebrating not having this monster in your life.

  8. When I first saw this story a had to laugh out loud to myself. Perfect example of AWALT. They want beta bux and alpha fucks. However, since this Captain Save-A-Ho has some fame now and is “doing the right thing”, he will get PLENTY of pity fucks in the months to come.

  9. Law 10: Avoid the Unhappy and the Unlucky:
    “You can die from someone else’s misery – emotional states are as infectious as diseases. You may feel you are helping the drowning man but you are only precipitating your own disaster. The unfortunate sometimes draw misfortune on themselves; they will also draw it on you. Associate with the happy and fortunate instead.”

        1. Sure I care – I gleaned so much useful, insightful information from at book at a very low point in my life. Changed my outlook or everything in general, most of all homo sapiens.

        2. The audiobook is also useful for when reading may not be practical (say, jogging). Don Leslie deftly reads it with great conviction, he sometimes sounds like a Sith Lord!

        3. I love audiobooks. I do a fair bit of driving so I’ve put this book, think and grow rich, richest man in Babylon, rich dad poor dad etc on my iPod. I advise anyone in a similar situation to look up some audiobooks on your current goals (whether it’s philosophy, finance or even a fictional book just for entertainment). It’s much better than the shit music and terrible leftist propaganda on every radio station!!
          In case you couldn’t tell, achieving financial stability is my current big project.

        4. The ones by that guy I just linked to are pretty good. Also the rest mentioned in that post – Napoleon Hill, Norman Vincent Peale, etc. Classics.

  10. To be fair, i was one of those chumps when I was in my early & mid twenties.Slowly began to not give a shit & develop myself in other ways thereafter & was lucky to have the counsel of wiser older men thereby dodging a hoe bullet or two. And fortunate enough to have found this website last year with its larger pool of wiser experienced men along with the inherent interesting weirdos of course 😛
    Another fine Forney article by the way. Had to LOL at the Captain Save A Ho comic cover.

  11. Does what’s her face from Casino remind anybody of this? Robert De Niro marries her but in the end she winds up not only bringing him down but arguably the whole mafia skimming operation as well.

  12. Fathers who do not pay are not deadbeat. Are you a feminist mat? You shouldn’t use terms like that.
    Men have no rights to their children, why should they pay a penny?

    1. If a woman doesn’t let a man see his kids then he shouldn’t pay. A deadbeat to me is the guy that bails on his kids when the mother is encouraging him to be with his kids.

      1. Like I like to say..
        You knock her up, and wants to abort, you have no say.
        If she wants a baby but you do not, you still have to pay.

      2. Man has a right to bail.
        Put men in charge of their families and give them their rights back then we can talk about deadbeats. No rights no responsibilities, it is as simple as that.

        1. If he wanted a kid and willingly knocks her up, he should take responsibility. Bailing out after the kid’s already been born is disgraceful.

        2. Nope, no rights, no responsibilities, it is as simple as that.
          Even if he wants to do the right thing, nothing is stoping the bitch from kicking him away at a later date. He has a right to escape his slavery.
          Give men legal rights over their kids and control of the family unit and then we can talk about men taking responsibility.

        3. “nothing is stoping the bitch from kicking him away at a later date. He has a right to escape his slavery.”
          I don’t see how this justifies abandoning his kid, even if his wife’s a bitch. The kid needs a father.

        4. They don’t have a father they have a guest that can be kicked away at any time.
          You do not understand how it works systematically. If single mother trash bags can dump their kids, drive fathers away and make him pay child support, while hooking up with someone else, men have the right to bail. I will say this again simp. I will do so in all caps.
          Do you not get that? There is no social contract between men and women, their is only gender war.

        5. I don’t see how this justifies abandoning his kid, even if his wife’s a bitch. The kid needs a father.

          Consider this scenario. If a single mother knew that her child support check is contingent on her fulfilling the terms of allowing court-ordered visitation for the child with the father, or allowing the father to be a part of the child’s life, the she might be less incentivized to make the dad’s life a living hell by denying him access to the child.

      3. Totally agree, however these situations are rarely anything but convoluted. I worked for a child support collection agency for awhile (absolutely worst job I have ever had) and there are messed up people on both sides. It was actually one of the more depressing jobs I have had, and I ended up leaving because it was far too much to deal with on a daily basis. Things you do to pay the rent…

      4. Well the real issue is that child support, as viewed by the court, has shit to do with visitation or joint custody. They don’t give a damn whether your ex allows you to see the kids. They consider it a separate issue.

    2. No rights, no responsibilities? OK, so why should I pay for your kids, which is what happens when you don’t pay and some tart runs off to claim a bunch of social welfare goodies?
      I agree that the laws and inequitable and unfair, but those are the rules of the game as it stands. If you don’t like the rules, don’t play the game. If you play the game, you play by the rules, no matter how broken and unfair they may be.
      You want to change the rules – I’m all in favor. But saying you can bail on some kid that you helped some skank shit out rubs me the wrong way – especially since I am in the segment of the population that apparently doesn’t “pay its fair share” to support these illegitimate brats.

      1. Plus, how can a man be so callous about his own flesh and blood? Fuck’s sake, that’s your boy you’re laughing at when you walk away and leave him to the mercy of a Single Mother.

      2. The really sad part is that our court system is very out of date (and touch) with reality. We need more old school judges to call it like they see it. There are dead beat moms in society who are all too willing to get on the dole from a man (or uncle government) by having kids (while playing the victim).
        The attitude of our courts (and society as a whole) is that mom is good, dad is bad (out the gate). She is the innocent one and he is the bad (guilty) one. She gets the house, car, kids, alimony, support, etc…unless he can afford and lawyer and fight it (even then, odds are slim). You have to go above and beyond to prove she is the one in the wrong.
        Plus, men have no say whatsoever in having the kids. I’ve seen my brother go through this train wreck called our legal system (it doesn’t work). He has my niece only because her mother fled the state (and he can’t child support out of her). He’s been the legal route (and one day she may get caught) but to date (15 years later)….he’s paying alone.
        Another man footing the bill for the kids.

    3. Pretty sure without any obligation to pay child-support we’d be living in a banana republic in less than a year.

  13. This is blue pill shit article at its finest.
    He didnt “save” her. He was her beta schlump she did settle with so her (most likely alpha) kids are taken care of.
    Of course she couldnt stand the boredom at Mr. Betas side, having known how it is to be with alpha men. So she did what *MOST* women in her situation do (and *ALL* want) – she got alpha dick on the side.
    My guess is, this has been going on from the beginning and her beta husband didnt get that much sex in their marriage. Thats how life works.
    Dont like it? Dont be a beta weakling.

  14. Don’t assume centerfold models are living in beverly hills like movie stars. Many end up as web cam whores on the internet getting paid $10 to dildo themselves for random men. Most starlets are actually in real life on a downward trajectory. One of those Baywatch babes is driving an ice cream truck now, I kid you not, an actual ice cream truck. So don’t be intimidated or think they’re out of reach.

      1. She was too good for all those beta males back in her prime, and alpha males just used her for pump and dump. Now she’s recycling empties and clipping coupons.

        1. ” . . .alpha males. . .”
          Corey Haim. Then a guy she married for just long enough (2 years) to pump out a kid and leave him hooked for it. A few years ago she had another kid, apparently all by herself. Gotta support it somehow I guess and the one cameo on a reality show a year just ain’t doin’ the job.
          Back in the day she was the only reason I watched Charles in Charge twice.

      2. Awww, did no Beta schmuck with big bucks shack her up and pay her bills for her, so she’s had to resort to this? I feel for her, I really do.
        Like Hell I do!

        1. When half the girls on the beach could model for Hawaiian tropic. Now you’re lucky to spot a thin one.

        2. I used to have a link to a large series of photos taken during spring break down in Florida from around 1979 to 1990 or so. You look at these people, not a damned one of them anything but some stupid college kid out partying, and compared to today it’s like looking at shots of Olympus with perfect gods and goddesses walking around.

        3. I can’t say for sure, but there’s a small sliver of a chance that a 19 year old me might be in one of those, but there’s no way to tell of course.
          I miss when that was how people looked. The 90’s saw it get even nicer, imo, because the “too thin” went away to be replaced by what I consider more or less ideal (Marylin Monroe build). Fucking miss those times.

        4. The 80’s always look like such a fun time in America to be college/young professional age. I can almost hear the Van Halen in the background of all the photos.

        5. Panama! Pana ma ma ma ma ma ma! Panama!
          Yeah, it was fan fucking tastic man. The problem is that you grow up in this near perfect type of bubble but you don’t know you’re living in a Golden Age. Once you realize it, it’s long gone.
          To be 19 and back in the summer of 1987 again, even for just a day.

        6. True Sir. I try to keep that in mind now as I heard a quote once about “you are living in the good old days.” While there is the tendency for everyone to idealize their past, it seems American culture was fully of energy in the 80s. There was a lot of pride to be a part of the USA then, financially, as well as the tech superiority with the NASA and consumer electronics. Plus college meant something then and wasn’t mired in mediocrity. If today is ‘the good old days’ then 3 decades from now is going to be a sea change.

        7. Yeah, that was the summer after I graduated from high school and just before I started college. Wow, that was the last carefree summer of my life. It was just three years after those spring break pictures were taken.
          It’s funny to see the beer cans, the bikini bottoms that look like diapers and cigarette butts. Still, what I wouldn’t give to live just one day of that again.

        1. They bring it on themselves. I know women nearing 50 who look 10 times better. She’s actually 43. This is not “aging”, it’s being a slob.
          And most women are slobs now.

        2. Without a doubt correct. It still bothers me. Hate seeing pretty girls go so wrong like that. Based on the pic Conrad posted just under this, she could have aged *very* well. She looks quite similar to my wife actually, who has aged very well, especially compared to that thing above.

      3. Scott Baio still looks good for his age. Im pretty sure ChaChi would not love Joanie anymore

      4. This girl so ugly, when she hit the wall she went blind too, so she could handle reality of he looks. God Damned !

    1. Yeah, Hollywood has this bizarre way of glamorizing centerfolds and strippers like legendary, mythological females with a radiant glow constantly around their heads and hair always flowing slowly in a light wind that men crave. Fuck that, they are doing that job because they CAN’T do anything else, either due to drug addiction, felonies, lack of any job skills, or more kids than they can afford. So few of them do that work by actual choice! This whole crap cliche of “She’s doing it to pay her way through college!”, don’t buy that shit, EVER! What woman pays for college herself? Exactly.

      1. Young women have the ability to set themselves up for life, if they had any sense of financial management. Like those instagram models that get shit on in Dubai for $40K a weekend. Instead of investing that money they blow it on purses and shoes. And when they get old they end up with nothing and resort to finding some rich beta to take care of them.

        1. Every man past the age of 20 should know that 99% of the time a cute woman has nice things or lavish vacations she never pays for them herself. Either her Daddy, Sugar Daddy, or as we now know an Arab oil baron and his family and friends. Like this here “Travel bunny” and “Adventure seeker” is a total case in point. Somehow I doubt a 23 year-old skank looking like that pays for anything herself. But hey, at least she has the good graces to bring friends along!

  15. Maybe the guy wasn’t thinking of “saving” her so much as being able to say his wife is a former playmate.
    But yes, you shouldn’t engage in any kind of LTR with a woman with the idea to try and fix her issues.

    1. “Maybe the guy wasn’t thinking of “saving” her so much as being able to say his wife is a former playmate.”
      Heh, “If I get sick of looking at her, I lose half my shit. If you do, you can fold up the centerfold.”

  16. On the Roosh Forum, I noticed guys commenting on her boobs. They’re fake. Women with implants are more likely to commit suicide (see link below). This means women who get them are likely damaged emotionally. Guys here need to stop with the “Hehe nice boobs” and start seeing fake tits like they see tattoos: as the sign of a screwed-up woman. On top of that (heh), they are disgusting to touch.

      1. A woman that has to buy (wait, have some Beta schmuck buy, I mean) her self-esteem with fake tits is a sad sack to begin with. Then she feels obligated to herself to crassly display them 24 hours and get gawked at by every dork in The Republic. Yeah, no thanks, I’ll not-so-kindly pass!

      2. yep well if a woman is prepared to go under the knife for male attention, she’s likely broken (not always though). I personally love the feel of them – I literally play with my girlfriends but I suspect she’s getting a little annoyed with my fuss over them.

        1. Damn, don’t have to wonder much what would go down if you ever bumped into a heterosexual tranny (still in possesion of working meat) under the right circumstances.

        1. I saw a documentary on a woman who had silicone from the hardware store (“its exactly the same thing!”) injected into her butt to make it bigger. She suffered septicemia and they had to remove her arms and legs from the elbow and knee joint to save her life.
          She’s fine now.

        2. There was also a girl in Romania that got injected with cement paste. CEMENT PASTE !
          Even funnier, in romanian something cool is also called “concrete”. Concrete ass indeed.

    1. I have fucked precisely one woman with fake titties. She was a model and fucked in the head. Not only that, it only took her 24 hours to create a disaster for me.

      1. Yeah.The one girl I did with fake tits ended up being one of the worst mistakesin my life. Lookup Histrionic personality disorder. This girl was a singer in a band and had everyone in the band on some kind of fishing line at one point or another. She fucked almost all the guys in the band at one time or another too. Three kids with three different fathers also. Expert level as far as mind games too. Complete genius at multiple threads of lying and gaming guys all at the same time to get what she wanted.

  17. Marriage is for family. Before getting married, a person should ask “would he/she makes a good spouse and parent?” It’s astounding how many people don’t seriously ask this question. They either never contemplate it, or, when they do, they let their emotions get in the way. You may like or even love someone, but that doesn’t mean that person is capable of doing a particular job you want him/her to do.

    1. Sometimes it’s hard to tell. When a woman squeezes a kid out, she turns bat shit crazy. All common sense goes out the window. What applies for other kids doesn’t apply to her own. She turns into a nervous wreck. You can’t see this shit before she has the kid, unfortunately.

      1. If you’re not just faking being alpha you can keep that shit in check actually. They all do try it yes. My wife would have become a helicopter parent if I didn’t constantly pull her back from the precipice.
        There’s a time where you want a decent level of concern for health and safety, but the lengths of psychosis most mothers take it to these days is off putting to say the least.

        1. When my grandson was born 8.5 years ago the mature female nurse told his father, “Your job is to protect your son from his mother.” And, no, she was not joking.

        2. I can see where she was coming from. Said lady in my first post is now separated and poisoning her sons against their father. They of course will find out the truth of the matter when they get older but the time lost is gone forever.

        3. Just to clarify, my daughter is in a totally stable and peaceful marriage. The nurse had no way to know that. I took it as a statement on the present status of women in general.
          But, my experience from counseling an estimated 1600+ men is, “of course” is not correct. Yes, in some cases, kids do figure out Parental Alienation Syndrome when they mature. But far from “of course.”
          Most cases I knew of, personally and from counseling, the kids did not grow past the PAS. Even when they “learned the truth” they almost never developed the same relationship that undivorced dads had with their kids. A troubled peace would be more normal, if they had anything to do with him at all.
          One of the big lies told to divorced men is, “Just trust God. Pay your child support and when they grow up, they will learn to love you.” A base canard to help lull him into working hard and sending lots of money in vain hope of eventual triumph.
          Yes, I knew of successes, but they were not the common mode at all.

      2. This is true you see it first hand if you work with kids, women are emotional thinkers to begin with, throw a kid in the mix an her thought patterns go haywire.

        1. And more haywire if the kid is hers. She will laugh at other mothers behaving irrationally, but she is the same way. Just not the same things/situations.

        2. Yea I was actually referring to mothers of their own children. You’re right about them judging other parents but doing the same.

      3. Having children changes everything. Most fathers are downgraded to second class citizenship in the relationship if not outright exiled (minus the cash and prizes).

    2. yeah, they are stuck on ‘Lurve’.
      There’s one kind of love and only one kind… Loyalty. It can divided into loyalty to your family, loyalty for your culture, or loyalty to your mates. This ‘Love’ can be defined easily enough… Willingness to put the welfare of someone else above your own. It makes civilization and tribal bonds stronger, and is one of the greatest secrets of human evolutionary success… It’s the same reason a pack of wolves is greater than a bear.
      Women are categorically and evolutionarily incapable of true loyalty. It is not a survival trait for one who carries offspring. Even her own offspring is less important to her than her own welfare (although it is not impossible to train her in this behavior by tying the offspring’s survival into her own). Thus, she is utterly incapable of true loyalty or love. Knowing that women are incapable of loyalty, and thus everything that goes with it, such as honor, self-sacrifice, respect, and true charity, is not a reason to hate them… it is simply something you must understand. Women are as utterly selfish and disloyal as a cat in heat, and must not be treated as though she were a capable human being.
      Women are simply pets that can produce your heirs.
      Any other definition of ‘love’ is just a combination of breeding urges, chemistry, charisma, and self-interest. This is not love, it is selfishness.
      Only LTR a woman who has been trained properly and understands that simulated loyalty is in her self-interest. That is the definition of a woman that is worth marrying… and remember that this training is all too easy to break.
      And if she has broken her training once, she can and will do it again…. guaranteed. especially if she was never properly trained to begin with.

      1. “Women are categorically and evolutionarily incapable of true loyalty.”
        Taking the red pill means coming to terms with some uncomfortable truths. One of those truths is that plenty of women are trashy, narcissistic, immature, disloyal, etc. It’s easy to cynically proclaim that absolutely all women are slutty and shitty, but it’s not true. Even Captain Capitalism once remarked in one of his videos he had met one or two marriageable women over the years.
        I’ve seen plenty of guys that have no patience for modest women because they’re so eager to get laid. What they don’t get is that a long-term dating relationship isn’t a proto-marriage; it’s an extended hook up. The more easily a woman puts out, the more likely she’s got the kind of insecurity, need for attention, or lack of long-term thinking that make an ineffective mate.
        There are good, decent women out there. They may be rare, and getting rarer with each passing generation, but there are still some out there. Guys that lament they’ve never met any should start looking in other places.

        1. I am not saying that there are not good decent women. I am saying that those are learned, trained behavior. They are no more ‘innate’ than the english language is. Very few human social behaviors are innate, although males DO have the workable instincts of selfishness(protect myself), greed (protect what is mine) territorialism(fight for my area), and loyalty (fight for my people) upon which to at least start a moral code. These four basic instincts are the building blocks from which a working moral code has been assembled, laboriously, over millenia.
          Women simply do not possess this extra capacity. Their ‘moral building blocks’ have to be all assembled from the same building block, self-interest. They must be trained carefully from birth to build a moral construct by which decent behaviors are all tied, carefully, to her selfishness. While this sounds like a hard prospect, it really isn’t that difficult because men have been given all the tools to easily train women.
          And, Like any training, it can be broken. Any dog trainer will also tell you that above a certain age, training is nearly impossible. Women cannot train men OR women effectively… they simply do not have the tools to do so. And the fatherless society we are in today? Is it any wonder that it is so shitty, considering that all the responsibility for training people to be real men and women have devolved onto the shoulders least capable of bearing that burden?

        2. You forgot that plenty are extremely braggy too, always bragging about their “killer” workouts and travels that we all know somebody else obviously pays for. I guess this go hand-in-hand with being narcissistic and their selfie obsessions.
          Men don’t take selfies. Ever. Unless you’re in front of a monument or heritage site or war zone.

    3. That should be a manosphere commandment. Marriage is not about love. We could “fall in love” with millions of women on Earth at any given time. Having a family is like choosing a business partner.
      Its so foolish to risk over half your worth and sanity on emotions. Men need to get a grip.

      1. Your post needs engraved in stone and young men from the age of 16 forward need to be exposed to this commandment until such time as they marry.

      2. Well, I’ve never seen a successful marriage without love. But, I’ve also never seen a long-lasting marriage sustained just by warm and fuzzy romantic feelings.

        1. Love is necessary but its not everything. Like the story above, Cassandra was probably a sexy, seductive woman and they may have been in love at some point, but her past makes her a terrible long term option.

        1. Your hand is cheaper, never says no, never talks back/talks first/talks period, won’t threaten to call Daddy Government if you twitch your nose the wrong way, and even has a twin sister!

    4. Wise advise. Also inspect the family. Just because she is sane doesn’t mean they are. Do not marry a woman with bad family because then they will be your family.
      I broke off an engagement because of this.

    5. This is so very true. Add to that, “If I get her pregnant and see it through, am I OK with being attached to her in that way for most if not all of the rest of my life?” I had a friend that had a vodka-fueled one night stand with a girl he brought home from a club. He was irresponsible but thought nothing of it. Today, he has a 15-yr.-old daughter to show for it, and that girl’s mother has made his life a living nightmare. There were quality, LTR material girls that would come along and they’d fly the coop on him within days after the very first interaction with this crazy bitch. He’s through the worst of it now, as he finally got full custody of his daughter when the mother just took off one day to shack up with some scumbag out of state, but it was a grueling, drama filled 14 or 15 years for my buddy.

  18. I’ve been there and done that. My advice is that you can only save them once. They will be grateful and will give you the best sex ever. THEN GET THE FUCK AWAY! Troubled girls will find more trouble.

  19. the ultimate Captain Save-A-Ho was Ace Rothstein (Robert De Niro) in Casino. Every guy can learn a million lessons from that movie alone.

      1. Yeah, nothings more pathetic than some spoiled parrot that can replicate a black soul singer and then when they finally “make it” they throw it all away because they never really had to struggle in life.Everything comes easy to a spoiled brat so they get into drugs to prove they have street cred and are real artists. As a musician Ive seen this too many times.

        1. Do you think it’s boredom from getting everything given to them on a silver platter?
          I guess that’s where the saying “easy come easy go” came from (if they dont appreciate what they are given)

      2. Her death made me laugh-out-loud.
        Even more so because the dude she was with when she died was a certified alpha prick just using her for money, drugs, and the fame she got in the last 2 yeas of her ugly life.
        She was obsessed with him, and he was a fortune hunter who openly used her.
        Alpha fux and gets the bucks, bitches.

        1. Beta’s use women too for money especially loser Betas without a job. They met you with a job and then claim love so that you support them. Many women believe in love and to remain loyal and end up getting used. The world is fuked up!

    1. Yeah and he had it made too. Steady money and steady hot women. Back when white American women were hot as hell especially in Vegas. Actually Scorsese got on my nerves by focusing on that romance. I wanted more of the casino business..

    2. God damn Sharon Stone’s perfomance in that movie was mind blowingly painful to watch and brilliant at the same time…the scene where she smashes into the driveway all coked up and hysterical…

  20. I tried to captain-save-a-slut this 19 year old. I was completely ignoring her for a long time, would blow loads in her mouth, and treat her like dirt. The minute she got emotional I fell for it, then started being nice to her. my niceness short circuited her squirt gland immediately and she was freaked out by it..she dropped me like a bad habit.

        1. Is she worth pumping and dumping?
          Mine isn’t. went from slim and pretty to a bloated dumpling over one deployment… and she wondered why I stopped fucking her.

        2. I always keep copies and extra copies too. I have one of my buddies fingering a stripper (for free) at a titty bar. The bouncers are pulling him away but he won’t let go of her snatch…f’in hilarious..I got about 100 high speed shots of that alone. I ran away so they wouldn’t trash my phone and the pics.

    1. I like the pictures and side story – great follow through on the pics, She looks like a grade A slut obviously – she does look like a cum guzzler.
      Your commentary and pics are always welcome.

      1. What is there, not even 60 bucks? Wow, when I go to a strip club, I’ll usually drop about $200 in lap dances on the same 1 or 2 chicks; how bad is this rent-a-ho when she can’t do better with a whole club full of thirsty guys? Really, a McD’s worker makes about the same in an 8-hour shift and she doesn’t have to rub her monkey on a bunch of strangers, nor pay for rent-a-ho costumes, nor spend so much of her money on drinks to while away the time between sets on stage. Oh, and these strippers usually have to pay the house at least $20 a night. Yeah, that’s right bitch–brag it up.

        1. “when I go to a strip club, I’ll usually drop about $200 in lap dances on the same 1 or 2 chicks”
          and that is all we need to know about how sad you really are, son.
          Btw, I’m sure you were “special” to them.

        2. “Sad” because I can afford to go out with my friends and spend $200 while not worrying whether or not I’ll have a roof over my head? I think that says more about you than me.

        3. lol. You admit to spending $200 on a woman with no chance of every getting laid.
          Beta. So humorously beta-in-denial.
          But I’m sure she told you that you were “special” and “not like the other guys.”
          *snort giggle guffaw*

        4. She probably made him spooge his skivvies, but still, he ought to be able to get a prosti-or-two for $200…

  21. Feminists and white knights will no doubt shriek about the article. but observe that when a woman screws over some man, they often tell him to “choose a better woman” rather than hold her accountable to anything. forney’s just giving good advice to men: “choose better!”

  22. never, ever try to rescue a broken woman.

    even as a 10yr old I thought it was strange for men to marry unchaste women and really wierd to marry a woman with kids. This is comin from someone whose grandpa has done the same. Of course desperation comes to mind. But his time and country was a conservative time however.
    accept the girl for what she is, if shes a hoe,use her and dont take her serious, if she is chaste be a gentleman and court her, if you arent interested in the chaste girl, LEAVE HER ALONE. We dont more whores running around by pumpin and dumpin virgins.
    think this is why back in the day we had whore houses then married a regular chaste girl. Now without it and social shame now everyone was preying on what they can get in this sexual wasteland, and evening commiting to trash.
    We need to be disciplined with women and treat em accrodingly from girl to girl.
    treat the lady like one and whore like one

  23. I dare say that her dying saving HIM from the obliteration he would have faced in divorce court.
    Asset division, alimony, and CS on the two kids that are not even his, was in his future.
    It is sad that she destroyed herself, but HE certainly dodged a bullet or three…

  24. If he really wanted her that badly, he should have made her dump her kids on their father. It would do the kids a favor as well, as the father was Alpha enough to bang her in her prime (and leave her) and he’d serve as a good Alpha role model.
    Plus, if her provider target had successfully made her offload her kids, it would have showed her that he had an Alpha spine, and she would possibly have been less likely to cheat on him.

  25. There is a hot 23yr old at my local barber shop that cuts my hair regularly. While talking she was telling me that she’s been to the playboy mansion a few times and even met one of their casting agents. Her life long dream is to get into modeling, but does hair to make ends meet.
    This girl is pretty hot. Like an 8-9 on body scale, but the face maybe a 6 or a 7. Fake hair, boobs, etc.
    Not to sound paranoid, but I picked up a lot of warning signs there.

  26. Good riddance. Broken women who let that happen to themselves deserve the grave they end up in. Stuck with kids though he may be this experience will hopefully turn the guy to the red pill and he can become a better parent to those kids.

  27. When It comes to Marriage and Serious relationships, always think with the head on your shoulders, and not the one between your legs.

      1. My thoughts exactly. Been pondering a trip to rural Thailand or Phillipines. These damaged American broads are too much hassle.

        1. Don’t forget China. Maybe even better. Often taller, more conservative. Age better. Japan too since the guys are eunuchs. A full on South Asian village girl can sometimes age fast.

  28. Don’t kid yourselves. Broken sluts are not condemned to heartbreak. Most wife
    up with a nice man. This bitch pulled it off…only death fucked up her plans. All of you have seen this scenario play out (again and again).
    The risk to a man more devious.
    I’ve always liked party girls. They’re fun. They’re equally concubine and a partner in crime. I’ve never had any inclination to try fix one. I should have escaped unharmed.
    But, after a wild slut, you want an even wilder slut. Good girls become less
    and less interesting.
    This guy’s problems go beyond the her leftover bastards. He briefly, if accidentally, sampled a wild playmate party girl. A nice woman will not measure up.

    1. This bitch pulled it off…only death fucked up her plans.
      Brought on by TINGLES leading her to a drugged-up orgy in California. If it was something like a simple random car accident, then maybe you’d have a point.

    1. Exactly, her twitter name is @missfeb06. She was playmate of the month in February 2006 and that’s her life’s achievement, her identity. I wish I could ride on being employee of the month 9 years ago and get away with it.
      Actually, no I dont.

  29. I guess that is one bitter part of the red pill. It is after so many wasted years of going through the motions as described above, and you reached a point and you start to question things. Unfortunately, many never had anyone to really talk to them about the other side. I was that guy picking up the “friend” all drunk after making out with ten guys at a party, and puking her life out. I was the guy telling her it was going to be ok after she was bang by the football team and dropped on the football field. I was also the guy taking them out, buying dinner, and tried to be supportive. While these girls kept doing the same thing over and over again. I reached that point and just gave up, and told them that they are adults, and they can take care of themselves. Unfortunately, all of the resources and time, could never be recovered.

  30. Once a girl is broken, either during childhood or previous relationships, she loses the ability to trust herself or anyone else enough to feel true intimacy. Sex and drugs (the tingles) becomes a substitute for real emotion. Alot of them try really hard to”create” love but they just dont have it in them. The sluttiest girls are always the ones with the corny engagement and pregnancy photos with their beta shmuck, trying to portray the image of love to everyone. This guy sounds really beta when he says “I think she loved me as much as she could”, but he’s probably right. Twenty years of coke, alphas, and attention whoring has made her tingles addict, needing more and more stimulus to feel satisfied.
    The worst part is that females are very fragile so it doesnt take much, which explains the exorbitant amount of broken sluts today. Most dont even know they are ruined. They are not strong at all, nature hasn’t intended for them to be too resilient. A few pump and dumps and she’s an alpha widow, unable to connect to anyone.
    A healthy relationship needs stability. Women that depend on tingles need extreme highs and lows to feel alive, like a crack/heroin addict. Dont let them take you on their emotional roller coaster, it will drive you crazy too.

    1. Agree. I’ve seen these types all too many times over the years. I can see the flags a mile off, now.
      The constant attention whoring is one big flag. If you see it, run….don’t marry.

  31. Some guys need to look at the instagram of Dan Bilzerian and then really ask themselves “would I marry this kind of girl?”

  32. I have endured a very similar experience. I married a woman, in looks and demons, very similar to the one above. I knew this woman inside and out – she was long at a point where she wanted to change…but in the end couldn’t. May she rest in peace.
    Even the desire to change is not enough – there are so many women in the sea, steer clear of the damaged goods. I learned my lesson and my own culpability in the entire fiasco.However, I have a lovely daughter to show for the 4 years on the roller coaster.
    Finally, we should take it easy on this fellow- whatever kind of person she was (cheating, drug taking) she was his wife and the mother of two children (now his children). He is a noble man to show such grace in the face of trial heaped upon him.

  33. Ive seen so many girls like her at nightclubs. OK maybe not playboy bunnies, but some of them were even hotter. They would have HORDES of dudes just throwing money at them. Money, Drugs, whatever they wanted. Once you’re on that lifestyle where rich assholes buy you free shit, its hard to stop. I personally know the daughter of a certain member of an English Rockband that was famous in the 70’s, She rode the CC HARD and is now a single mother. She is like late 30’s but looks easily like shes late 40’s because of the heavy drug use. Its fucked up. She’s a nice girl otherwise. But yea those years catch up to people, especially young women. Its like giving a 18 year old a black card with no limit.

  34. Playboy miss social + mansion visits + Instagram model + rockstar energy drink spokeswoman + drugs + alcohol = death at a young age

  35. This article is why I appreciate Return of Kings more and more, especially when I grew up with a single mother.

  36. This article reminds me of a former fuck buddy of mine. God she had a body of a 21 year old even though she was 35 when I first met her. Needless to say, the sex was insane and even now, just thinking of her standing in my bedroom only in her underwear makes my dick hard. But her body wasn’t the problem. She was mentally broken. History of drugs, bulimia and too much dick from too many other random guys before me had broken her. I was tempted to be Captain Save-a-Hoe but I wisely let her go in the end as I knew that a long term relationship with her would cost me very dearly and I knew that there will be some simp out there who will rescue her eventually.
    And guess what? A year later, she proudly showed me her new boyfriend on whatsapp who was there for her 24/7! I wish this Captain Save-a-Hoe all the best of luck in rescuing my former fuck buddy indeed…

    1. It takes a strong captain to save her. An alpha who does not give in to her shit-tests and who is not afraid to punch her in the face when needed.
      Physical violence is a valuable tool when you deal with broken people.
      It is often the only language they understand and *respect*.
      Most often the alpha has better options. So these girls end up with betas, the worst thing that can happen. They will treat their beta pet like shit and feel very unhappy themselfs. What follows is pure hell for both of them.
      Having an older alpha guy be her suggar daddy would be the best thing for such girls.

  37. Google “Thai girls” sometime. There’s loads of blogs up there of guys who got royally shafted by some bar girls and freelancers.
    Basically, some fat Australian or British guy goes into a bar and meets some total hottie girl of his dreams. He gets the greatest (probably first time) sex in his life and falls in love. Then starts sending over money for the wedding. It’s so different from anything he’s ever had before. Before she does a runner that is.
    Unfortunately, that’s what the other 99 guys she’s ripping off are sending too.
    Don’t believe any story about Thai girls being exploited. It’s bullshit and feminist lies. Like human trafficking. Those girls live extremely well.

  38. Its what happens when men are raised to view women with false scarcity.Guys are raised to be nice guys by female-led households, which combined with hypergamy results in said men not getting any.
    After a decade or so of missed chances and almost-f closes, Mr Chump not only gets an easy chance for pussy near his 30th birthday -but actually gets attention proactively from a woman! This is the effect of an Aquafina truck pulling up next to a dehydrated man in the desert.He’s so glad to see the truck he doesnt check the ‘water’ for poison……

  39. “any man can learn game and raise his standards. There are so many girls in the sea”
    And then he proceeds to link the whorehouse that is the Philippines. How much “standards” is in a country teeming with single mothers with fathers from all over the world.

  40. The first indication, even before seeing the worn out vagina and butt hole, even before seeing the drug and alcohol abuse, even before experiencing the vapid brainlessness of this woman, was simply that she had 2 kids. 34 year old single mother with 2 kids. Most likely from 2 different, unidentifiable men.
    This is the type of woman that you ass fuck once and then run away from. Maybe you deep throat her just to let her demonstrate to her the only skill she has learned in her life. But, my God, you don’t marry her.
    I feel for this man that is now stuck raising 2 children that are surely damaged for life and will give him nothing but grief. But I do not feel THAT sorry for him, since he made such a stupid decision marrying this winch.

    1. If you’re going to fall in love with fake tits then get a 19 year old Indonesian and invest 10k in her chest (if you even need to). This sucker probably dropped 10k a month on this woman’s bar/drug tab.

  41. This girl reminds me of the 19-yr.-old smoking hot blonde I was banging when I was 28. She strongly resembles her in more ways than one, including being the epitome of damaged goods. She had a 5-yr.-old that her grandmother had custody of (meaning she had a kid at AGE FOURTEEN, also meaning she was probably banging dudes at around FUCKING TWELVE) and was living with her redneck boyfriend who was in his late 30’s at the time and looked like he bought his t-shirts at Gap Kids. He had 2 kids from another relationship that were close to HER in age. If I’m honest, I should’ve left her alone, but hey, I wasn’t looking to wife her up or enter into an LTR. In fact, that’s the point. She was just BEGGING for a Captain Save-a-Ho to rescue her from her existence. I guess she thought that was going to be me even though I made it very clear that there was no chance in Hell of that happening. I guess she thought that she could break me down by putting it on me. We fucked regularly for the next 3 months or so. Despite her being one of the best lays I’ve ever had and bar none the best pair of tits I’ve ever had in my mouth, she did not break me. I guess that’s why the whole affair was so short lived compared to other fuckbuddies I’ve had. Again, this is the point. Don’t wife up these broken, desperate whores. Use ’em for what they are while protecting yourself, of course, and when it’s time to move on, do so without a second thought.

  42. Now the widower is proably stuck with satanic children. If the children are daughters, they will follow in their mothers footsteps. This kind of gene is very good at reproducing, and thus duplicating itself. After all, it doesn’t need to succeed at anything but getting pregnant.

  43. I agree , you can’t “fix “”really badly broken “people. ………….RUN ………THE OTHER WAY!
    No mater how great they look …………..RUN………..

  44. That’s the best article you’ve written so far. I think those of us who try to save others (before David came along), I tried saving my girlfriends from heartbreak I could see coming and male friends going down the path of corrupt money that will only lead to either death or jail. I’m sometimes stuck in my Disney thinking that love can fix anything but you are right that unless they can see they are broken and WANT to be fixed, we are beating a dead horse (is that the American saying?)
    Bad boys and Bad girls are broken and we have to stop each other from trying to make them be better whether it’s to prove we are somehow special or because they are just so hot, the outcome is never nice. I’m guilty as charged!

  45. thsnk you for the nice truthful artical… which totally supports my simplest requirement (which that kind is not allowed in, even at the start gate) for a girl must have to add to my life and to the betterment of my life
    for that type can be never be seriously allowed, for safety reason’s (as niclely indicated in the quality article) and that type has rarely earn’s anything of meaning in life, for that type usually gets badly spoiled and gets use to the easy things in life

  46. Slightly wrong, mentally disordered women like so called bad boys because they are loser pussies, usually with some fatal flaw like a jail record, hooked on drugs which makes them desperate for female attention and easy to control.
    Thus I as an expert PUA am NOT a bad boy, I am STREET wise. Looks similar from the outside but very different on the inside and irresistible to pussies.

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