Unmarried Older Women Need To Go Away

Sex and the City’s début was in 1998 and aired its last episode in 2004. The show was a life affirming series about four mid-30’s sluts with no worries or responsibilities banging their way across New York City. It portrayed women as being able to screw around, be callous to men, show no respect for society and still have it all in the end – marriage, family, riches, the whole happy sunset that women don’t realize they want until the wrinkles and sagging skin gained from a decade of non-stop partying start making them look like Fagin from Oliver Twist.


Women at the time gobbled the show up, imitating the fantasy on screen as if doing so in real life had no consequences. And why shouldn’t they have? They were young(ish), gloriously single, living in a society feminized through and through. Sure, their hippie mom’s got to be rampaging sluts and married to good men by the time they were 26 but the professional women of the early 2000’s knew that their prince charming was going to be waiting for them in a few years once they were ‘ready’ (no longer attracting studs) to ‘settle down’ (find a schmuck to permanently pay for their meals and student debt). So what if they were unmarried or *GASP* even single at 26? In 1998, 26 was the new 16. Their whole lives were ahead of them and everything was going to go according their schedules. After all, Carrie and the other Sluts in the City (god I’m clever) showed them that women in their mid to late 30s were living like the 18 year olds at heart they all they wished they still looked like. To them, there was no rush. These women were forever young.

Flash forward to 2014. All those 26 year olds who watched and mimicked Carrie’s lifestyle are now 42. Since 1998 many of them have gotten married, had 1.7 kids, dropped out of the career game like all women want to. Notice I said many and not all. I say not all because a good chunk of them are still living the exact same way they did back in their early 20’s.

Of course, Sex And The City can’t be single handedly blamed for these women’s terrible life choices. They were already living like Carrie; she just happened to be a faddish pop culture icon for them to muster around.

My generation (Millennial) often gets labelled as having a kind of Peter Pan Syndrome, where we are refusing to grow up; which, I admit, applies to a lot of us. It’s a bit hypocritical to label the Millennial generation as living in Never Never Land, however, when young 20 somethings go to the club and see women aged 30+ in leggings or mini-skirts unironically bobbing their heads and singing along to Fun’s ‘We Are Young.’


“Tonighttt we are youuungggg” Born in 1958

If we young men are Peter Pan then these old bags are Captain Hook trying to tie us up and carry off in their gross, diseased, poorly shaven, wart encrusted, scar riddled pirate ship. And because they’ve grown up being told how awesome they are, how they deserve everything, these cougars are shameless in their behaviour.

Last summer I went to a club with a girl I was banging. She wound up in the bathroom comforting her crying friend for a good chunk of the night. I went to wait at nearby shooter bar and was thinking about every single outcome of what would happen if I manned up and tried to hit up that cute brunette a few spaces down from me when suddenly a cougar came shuffling out of the crowd and grinded my knee practically all the way up into her never used womb while shouting in my ear, “What are we drinking cutie?!”

In real life I’m actually fairly nice, so I spared her rejection with a lie, telling her that, “I’m here with my fiancée,” instead of laughing her wrinkly, deluded ass away from me as I should have. Hopefully her thinking that a young guy like me was getting married to some smart young woman really brought her down but I wish I had had the balls to say what I was really thinking: Jesus Christ lady, when my mom was your age I was eight.

It’s no secret that a woman unmarried over 30 has something wrong with her and is a bad life investment – widows and recently reawakened coma victims excluded obviously – but these parodies of pride haven’t gotten that memo. Perhaps they’ve heard how men in their 30’s and 40’s can still attract young lovers and think that somehow they get the same deal. Perhaps they actually have no idea just how unappealing and repulsive they are to any man with any option.


What would you take; left or right?

So why didn’t many of these once youthful hoebags wind up married? Because when they were young and able to attract men they refused to wife up. And why wouldn’t they? They were hot, young and tight and gave zero shits about their future; after all, the party lasts forever right? What young woman wants to do something as dull as starting a strong, loving family when she can spend her 20’s having such adventures as taking some ecstasy at an outdoor rock concert and blowing a stranger behind the port-o-potties instead? These young sluts were on top of a world that catered to them.

But when your life revolves around being a slut, the world only caters to you if you’re a young slut. And many of these women haven’t been young for a decade. It used to be that slutty women could bang away their 20’s and still find a decent guy with a good job and strong family ethics – who they could then divorce after a decade once the house was paid off and the kids were old enough to look after themselves; not effectively of course but for the most part mommy didn’t need to keep her eye on an 11 year old all day and as a hot recently divorced milf on the prowl she really needed those worry free mornings to sleep the hangover off.

Well those times are disappearing. Nothing stays the same, a lesson today’s older whores are learning much to their detriment and teeth gnashing. Men are wising up; whether through gleaning knowledge from the internet, learning it through anecdotes from their friends or simply stumbling upon the truth themselves. More and more men are discovering the fundamental truth: unmarried women past 30 are bizarre. They’re damaged goods. They are not worth any effort or attention what so ever.

Meeting a woman after she’s 30 and deciding to marry her is like betting everything on black at a roulette table with thirty-five red spaces – and even if you hit black it only pays out 5% of your bet. They’ll very likely use the foolish man who peruses their sloppy beef curtains for all the money they can dig up and then toss his ass out on the curb for the most frivolous of reasons.

Of course having grown up privileged and been told they could have it all these old sacks that aren’t getting it all are turning around and blaming themselves and their own selfish life choices because they’re responsible adults who are nearing their middle age. PSYCH. They say its men’s fault. What else is new?


Even casual internet users have invariably stumbled on a heading like that, or read a complaint in comment sections involving a similar theme.

When I first clicked on a link about so called invisible women you can easily imagine my disappointment in discovering the article was not about chicks gaining see-through super powers but rather a bunch of 30 something’s complaining about how hard it is to be 30+ and single.


The Real Invisible Woman

They moaned about how older women are invisible to society nowadays. Apparently men ignore them and the older women like them; they no longer hold open the door or chat them up in line at Starbucks or get down on their knees to bag them for dates. Suddenly, now that these women are ‘ready’ to start a family, all the good men are mysteriously gone; taken they say, or chasing younger women or marrying foreign women or refusing to grow up – which actually means he would rather play with his toys by himself then pay for hers and watch her play with them.

If ever questioned about why they think their male peers, men in their 30s or 40s, are choosing foreign women over them the ‘invisible’ woman usually rants about mail order bride rape or how ‘creepy’ older men just want young women as their ‘slaves’ to cook and clean for them. And if pressed about the older man/younger woman dynamic there’s always a teary gaze of nostalgia as she remembers her sugar daddy days – then she shakes her head and says that all young girls are sluts (her, just fifteen years younger) who give sex up with no commitments so why should older men bother dating all those totally mature and experienced women their own age?

Absolutely heart breaking right? Yet there’s never any serious (mainstream) investigation to why these women are single into their 30s and beyond. I guess it’s just easier for these women to say that men suck and it’s our fault rather than take a good, long look in their mirrors. In their defense, perhaps even they can’t stand to look at their sagging, party aged faces – the men they lust after certainly can’t.


Unfortunately these vaginal fossils can’t actually just acknowledge their terrible choices and go gently into that good night of post whore spinsterdom. No, we’re already hearing all about their problems and this trend will only increase as more of today’s media savvy sluts grow old and alone. Much like the heroic single mom, social media is slowly beginning to fill up with the ‘tragedies’ of older women with no children and of those who refused to get married within a reasonable amount of time who now find themselves without anyone choosing them as the consolation prize. And of course it’s all men’s fault, those selfish pricks.

The cougar movements have already begun. Female centered television networks (which includes pretty much all of them) run reality and scripted shows about how awesome cougars and older Sex and the City types are. Others are desperately trying to create a social stigma that young men should get involved with older women and older men should cease pursuing younger women. So on the one hand we have older women complaining incessantly about there being no good men; then we have countless articles like these (1,  2,  3) written in the tone that young men dating older women is not only the norm, but that it’s so common that 30+ women should actually consider the pros and cons of whether or not to date younger men! Like they actually have a choice!

As they’re charging head first off the precipice today’s older women still have to rationalize their minds into thinking they’re somehow in control, even as the reality of the weird young men who actually do date older women is quite different.

Knights do not fight for the love of Queens – they fight for Princesses. No man of sound mind and worth ever dreams of starting a fairy tale life with a woman over 30. There is no reason for today’s women to leave her 20s unmarried; they are ‘victims’ of their own greed, short-sightedness and selfishness. Their frivolously divorcing sisters out on the prowl are just as repugnant.

For women, 26 is not the new 16; 30 is not the new 18; 40 is not the new 20. A woman’s peak beauty and attractiveness has a short lived shelf life and if she chooses to ignore the expiry date then to hell with ‘em. There’s a lot more for men to feel guilty about in this world then the stink coming from some expired slut meat. All these complaining older women need to actually become invisible and disappear from society. At least their younger sisters who are complaining have the benefit of still being bangable. Women over 30 trying to date suck, and they make everywhere they go suck. They need to scurry through the super market and buy their cat food quickly – and not try to start up a conversation with us young men in the checkout line; we respond to your questions because we’re being nice, not because we’re interested in you. Please leave us be while we admire dat ass on the 18 year old checkout girl.

Oh, and to all you cougars out there – stay out of the clubs. You’re embarrassing everyone in there, especially yourself.


“I really don’t understand this We Are Jung song. I met Carl back when I was in university, he was a very odd man – heck of a package though, tickled my tonsils…wazzat? Do I want to have some coke with you in the men’s room? But I already got a coke in my hand!”

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944 thoughts on “Unmarried Older Women Need To Go Away”

        1. well, he did mention he tried to be nice to the raisin that approached him. which goes to show, at least men are mannered enough not to go ewwwwwwwwwwwwwww when they hit on by totally unattractive people. when’s the last time you were let down easy by a skank?

        2. “well, he did mention he tried to be nice to the raisin that approached him”
          There was no approach.

  1. Aaaand another shock-article. I know it’s most likely a ploy to drive traffic to the site, but at least you spoke the truth while doing so. Older women are gross, i would rather go home alone and spank it rather than invite some unashamed wrinkly hag to my pad. Also, as a side note, i feel lots of schadenfreude looking at how much faster today’s twenty-somethings are deteriorating. Revenge is coming, bitches.

    1. an old man can always work out, pump testosterone and only his balls will sag (he can get surgery for that too)
      an older woman needs plastic surgery to maintain her WHOLE BODY FROM SAGGING.

      1. I wonder about this. I don’t see too many men past 55 that look very good at all, even with working out etc… its a myth that men age well. everyone gets old.

        1. This article is full of half truths, and how a person takes care of themselves with age is all relative to their situation. The main reason that women look like shit quicker than man is because a lot of them have babies before their mid thirties which really fucks up their bodies. Also, men and women age pretty much the same, but signs of aging in a guys face and hair can make him look more distinguished and desirable (like George Clooney), but that has the opposite effect on women. The men you say above 55 that look like shit, I can almost guarantee are married or were married long term which gives them little motivation to take care of their appearance.
          Also, it seems that the most highly desirable women really only date about 5 years at the max over their own age. The guys posting on here in their late 30’s and 40’s bragging about how they will only date women below 28 will ,on most occasions, only be getting average to below average quality women for that age range. But I guess that is still better than just about any older woman if you’re looking to procreate. I think the ideal situation for any guy is to lock down wifey material within the 22-25 age range when they are 28-32.

        2. the whole “men age like wine, women age like milk” argument is just what insecure guys want to believe. The truth is men age like milk too.

        3. Not true men in general age better more layers of collagen, less wrinkles and less obesity rates then Women.

        4. And young women still like him. I heard some high school girls talking about how hot Clooney is the other day. When they could be talking about Bieber they talk about Clooney instead

        5. Jennifer Aniston, J-Lo, Sandra Bullock,and Gwen Stephane or all about 50. Young men talk about how attractive they are, but I’m sure their names do not come up as often as the Kardashians. Clooney was hotter back in the day and I’m sure his name doesn’t come up as often when compared to younger hotter celebs.

    2. Revenge for what, you fucking moron? Have you guys even looked at yourselves? When your hair starts falling, your balls start sagging, your skin gets wrinkly, you start having prostate problems, your dick goes limp, your teeth rot. Even at 60 if you have abs you are still ugly as sin,there is no way you can fix that. But do you stop hitting on younger women? Of course not, because you are deluded fucks that think anyone finds you attractive. Nobody does! At least older women can have class. Old men never do. They are just sad old farts, but not sadder than their young counterparts. Go home and wank it you lonely loser. I bet you only have porn waiting home for you

      1. You’ve obviously never seen the dynamic in action. Look at old farts like Hugh Hefner. Old enough to be the -great- grandfather of the women he dates/fucks. Say what you want to say about money and fame, but the fact of the matter is that men like him are still able to snag women more than half their ages. Old women on the other hand? They might get a few pity fucks from men that are having a dry spell.
        Spin hamster, spin.

        1. Mostly true. However –
          They’re just buying them. Very rich women can do the same (rich female pop stars, for example – they often opt for sexy as fuck looking men in their 20s; while that’s an extreme example – as, while these men may have bodies and faces like demigods, to find that AND manliness is rarer – it still exists and that would be any hot woman’s first choice). Anyone with money can buy a whore. Do you believe these young honeys find Hugh hot? That his body and character turn them on? Of course not. Depending on what you value, that may be irrelevant to you though – you may not care if the woman actually loves you, as long as you can attain her – I don’t know.
          It’s a transaction. Fine if both parties are happy (and why wouldn’t you be); these girls are bright. If you catch Hugh’s team in interviews, they’re careful to say how brilliant Hugh is (that’s their job!!). But don’t confuse these type of arrangements with love.
          Though men definitely have the advantage – no question – you too will become older, weaker, and die. In your heart of hearts, in the pit of your soul you may not believe that one day you too will wither and rot – it may be something you think you know, but unless you’re routinely around old people most of us are too busy being alive and able bodied to truly appreciate it. Like remembering what pain feels like; you think you know what it’s like to get a serious wounding, but you can’t really recall the pain, not truly – til it’s actually happening. If you’re lucky to have the means, you can definitely be the best 60, 70, 80 year old you can be. However, you’ll be the exception, not the rule; it’s amazing how many of us will be face dementia, incontinence, cancer, rheumatism, isolation, depression. That’s just life.
          Hugh has an incredible life. He’s exceptional though. Most old men do not end up billionaires with a constant supply of young women whose services they’ve paid for (no matter how much they may fool themselves otherwise – girls can easily flatter and trick you into thinking they find your grey wrinkly body appealing, but you can bet your bottom dollar that if your bottom dollar disappeared, so would the girls).
          Most of us are average. If you find someone (ideally with a decent age gap – 10-15 years, say), who you can build a life with, and how truly loves and idolises you – if this is something you wish (perhaps with the young paid-fors on the side), don’t know what it’s like to think and feel like you do but this has value too; as you age, and wither, beginning to think that the only thing you can count on is human connection. If you’re happy with money, your friends, family and girls as a paid for luxury then that’s great too – just get the money together and you’re golden 🙂

        2. That has nothing to do with the guy and everything to do with his money. These women don’t like anything about these old men – their appearance, personality, anything, but have sex with them so they can get nice things. Is that really what men see as the dream – a woman who is repulsed at your touch but endures it so you’ll keep buying her things, and so she can possibly get all your money when you die? Meaning she’s actually looking forward to the day you croak.
          Sounds awesome.

        3. Well. On the flip side, we like nothing about you except how our dicks feel sliding up and down in your wet hole.
          You think we are up in there because of your personalities?

        4. there is actually 10% of men like us in the world. You know, men who get to choose among the hot and young babe to date or to fuck

        5. and i’ll lay a million to one you’re not one of them. 1 out of 10 guys? seems VERY optimistic to me. however, it’s kind of hard to tell what you mean by “10% of men like us” since your syntax is so convoluted.

      2. Read this post carefully, Gents. This is the female mind in action. It says so much about her without her intending to do so – look at the shame card being played when the indisputable truths are set forth. This is the female ego defense – attack males in lieu of any rational discussion or self reflection. Never, never forget this emotional and psychological weapon – it is their tool of choice as it is so effective against lesser men. Fall for this siren’s call and you are doomed. This old hag has unwittingly put her true self on display for the world of men to mock and pity. LOL!

        1. True, it is a rant, but as a man I do get less play from young women now than when I was twenty years younger. I don’t look that good anymore.

        2. Jeff, as a man you can counter your looks with status, money and power.
          As a woman you have your looks and your ability to have a mans babies. Not much left when you age. You just get old.
          As a man who gets old in a shitty job, with mortgage to pay you will find yourself in a similar position as a woman.

        3. Your post is ridiculous. Yes, what she said was an attack, but look at the post she was responding to. It was also devoid of any rational discussion or self reflection. How convenient that you chose to ignore that fact.
          It’s ridiculous that you would expect a diplomatic response to a post that bashes and degrades women.

        4. Yeah, hate to break it to you but it’s not 1800 anymore. Women can have status, money, and power as well.
          Not all men have to have money. I would MUCH prefer a nice man who is broke to one who has a lot of money but sees himself as God’s gift to women.

        5. Again, gents, watch the female at work. No rationality, just emotions and shame – so sad to live a life detached from reality and living in a heated emotional dander. Hanging out on men’s websites grovelling for even the tiniest scrap of male attention, even if solely negative – pathetic. Go back to your Jezebel echo chamber where you and your sisters can spin yourself up, all the while thirsting for male validation. Men couldn’t care less about filling that hole in your soul and that is what drives you crazy (and will increasingly do so as your age makes you less and less relevant as the years go by). Enjoy your invisibility, your wine, your anti-depressants, and your cats.

        6. Your posts are hilarious! Full of shaming with no substance whatsoever. And you accuse me of the same thing – ever heard of projection?

        7. “Women can have status, money, and power as well”
          too bad men give fuck all about that in a woman. i’ll take a young girl with beauty over an old self sufficient whore

        8. But Babe, even the broke man likes younger women. Or at least likes to be respected.

      3. Translation:
        “WAHHH WAHHHH Im an old cunt and no one wants to fuck me anymore. WAHHHHHHHHHH.”
        I have one question for you. If you blew your brains out tonight do you think your cat(s) would care?

        1. This no one wants to fuck me shit is hilarious. Woman are the choosers. We are the choosers when we’re young, we are when we’re older. This page is just full of bitter men who are not loved or fucked.

        2. Man you are not kidding about that. Its really a shame that I have to see them working out at my gym.
          Their grossly misshapen asses in spandex.
          Their shorty coiffed hair that they think is so “neat” and easy.
          Their expressionless faces behind which lies characterless minds.
          Women truly are legends in their own minds.
          Hey ladies. I am happy I am alone.
          Go fuck yourselves.

        3. nah, hot babes are choosers, old hag like you can choose what kind of cat you will bring at home

        4. What I mean is men rarely do. If I were to go into a bar and say “Would anyone like to take me home?” I can guarantee quite a few men would be down. Men can’t do the same. They would get slapped.

        5. Actually that’s just not true. As women have become more promiscous the difficulty of getting sex for men has also got a lot easier.
          In the past overweight women found it easy to get reasonably attractive men. Now they don’t which is why you see women working far harder on their appearance.
          It’s still not as easy but the trend is going only one way.
          By the age of 25 it’s relatively easy for men to get sex. I personally and my friends have turned down plenty of women but I agree that more men than women have no standards.

      4. For men, the candle burn brightest just before it is extinguished, the leaf’s colour is most brilliant just before it falls dead from the tree. The most powerful men I know are men in their advanced years, men in their 70’s who can crush all the bones in your hand with a simple twist of their hips. All of the greatest martial artists and zen minds say that before they reached 50, they truly understood nothing. What are taut abs to a man who can unify his entire body and mind into one unstoppable force?

      5. Oh good one Alexa – you just showed women to be so much more classy than men, yeah right.

      6. Charles Manson is like 70-80yrs old, is in prison and has a good looking 19yr old girlfriend who publicly said that she wants to marry him because he knows what’s going on.
        You don’t quite sound like a 19yr old, but I am sure that Manson would agree to make you her bitch as long as you are not too ugly, not too fat, not too old and not the bitter.

      7. Hmm… I am 55 and I have been banging nothing but university girls for the last few years. No money involved beyond a few meals. And they are all 7s or more. Now I am pretty sure I would do even better if I was 20 years younger but… I’m doing ok.

      8. If we were both 56 – Ceterus Paribus – I will get a more attractive and younger female than you will get a younger and attractive male.
        It has nothing to do with class. It has everything to do with the person.
        Dont harbor so much hate inside of you. It is not becoming.

      9. Alexa: for our 20s, when we wanted to get married and from families, but “girls” where too busy fucking every single Alpha they could find. All that semen had the effect of spoiled milk, it seems. Now, you get older, and we get richer and more refined. Guess who is going to win in life.

        1. Aww, the alphas got the girls?! You just got friend zoned? You boys! You try and a girl isn’t interested, and that is her right, then get all “Women don’t want me. They are bitches. Such sluts. I’m such a nice guy. They like bad boys.”. YOU are the problem. Not women. Not the boys who are wanted. You! You weren’t wanted because it’s not a girl’s obligation to want you. You got all bitter about it and became a close minded shit, so you were still not wanted. Maybe you were creepy. Now you use money to get girls who are in a desperate financial situation or see you as an easy way to get some fancy gifts. Yeah, you’re really winning!

    3. revenge? could you clarify? (unashamed wrinkly hags would rather you do go home and spank it than fuck you, by the way.)

  2. I’m a woman and I have to say, amongst the bad language there is truth and women should read this.

    1. I am a man and I have to say, amoungst the witty language there is truth and women should read this.

      1. I am a man and I have to say, amongst the witty language there is truth and men should read this.

        1. I’m bad language and I have to say, only amongst us men there is truth and women should suck on this.

        2. I’m a man, and I have to say the bad language gives me a hard on and young woman should suck it.

        3. I am hard on, I throb with the might of 1000 Spartans and slay whores like Genghis khan on Viagra.

  3. Christ, Denise Richards doesn’t just look aged, she looks like a burn victim. Definitely shades of Lindsey Lohan there.

    1. Why don’t you try being in a relationship with Charlie Sheen – that would age anyone a decade within a year.

  4. good post.
    whats also worthy to note that we men are attracted to youth for a reason, its a sign of fertility hence why as a species we have thrived. Women having kids in her 30s or later risk many more complications and less likely to give birth to a healthy baby. Probably explain why, we sadly see more disabled children now adays(diet lifestyle n genes also play a role).
    My Grandma was telling my mom and her sisters that they are not built to “live” like men(if you know what she means).
    Guys we physically and mentally mature later so our prime is longer then the womans.
    When we look at the history and science, Why would older man/young girl(assuming shes not a chlid) be stigmatized but the other way around is not. It was the natural order.

    1. Not really, years ago there was a 62 yo Italian female who became mother, the science have prolly progressed even further since then.
      They don´t have any problems getting married, the gammas and epsilon semi morons would line up to marry them, undeterred by age and weight.
      But they (females) still don´t want them.
      Just like males, they too are attracted to youth, the exact same thing males would be stigmatized for.
      Oh and of course, they are attracted to money, they want rich males.
      I bet the couples with the age difference are the ones less likely to run into troubles.
      To all these smucks that keep stigmatizing that, enjoy your broken marriages, suckers! *shows both middle fingers*

      1. just because she managed to shit out the hellspawn from her dried-up cooch, does not mean she is anything except a wackjob who decided to torture a human being for her own perverted amusement – you think the kid will grow up well-adjusted having a 70y.o. mother?? i pity the poor thing.

        1. True that.
          But the point remain, age to have children have already been extended and will expand even more if the markets demand it, especially if that market is female.
          What you and I sees as horrific, disgusting and wrong does not deterre others the slightest and there are not going to be any laws to stop them from carrying out their deeds.
          The rule of law is much more likely to be turned at the “intolerant, privilegied and sexist”, who hurts the whackjobs and perverts with means criticisme.

        2. Oh poor perverts and creeps, I am so sorry for hurting your precious feeeelings, you want some plaster on that butthurt?

        3. Even if women are having children later ( which they are) their looks fade etc. men still don’t want to raise children from dishevelled women. A women at 70 has very little capacity to raise a child to maturity and unless financially well off will not have the resources for nannying, washing, clothes and full time care. The glow perilous for a women to give birth is 25-28. Where they can still be educated, start a job and get maternity leave with enough time to get back to work and looks are still there for the photos. No amount of Frankenstein science will change what is natural law.

        4. “A women at 70 has very little capacity to raise a child”
          Women are not having kids in their 60s you nutcase.

        5. Yes, to us.
          But not everyone sees things that way.
          The weaklings: some only need to be shame and guilt-tripped, promised money or the emotional dependency/comittement they crave.
          The sickos: There is something called gerontophilia and then there are things even worst than that.
          And right now, more than a few children are starving in dark rooms while their parentys have fun.
          And as economic conditions worsen, the wealthy won´t even need to employ illegal immigrants.
          Also, feminism means that women have increased priority when it comes to jobs, especially well-paid jobs.
          So the only real damper to the tidale wave of horribly disgusting stuff would be all the psycho feminists getting a collective kick in the butt, out of the “management” jobs they only obtained on account of their genders.

        6. From a medical point of view you are right and wrong at the same time. The 62yo may have given birth thanks for Hormone treatment and IV BUT it was not her egg.
          Most women over 40 who go with IV (=lab babies) will have a YOUNG womans egg (not her own) combined with her partners sperm and then inserted into her. Not HER baby – please remember that.
          A leading scientist who has been working in the field for over 30 years (US) recently said: “It is certainly possible that a woman over 46 can have a healthy baby with her own egg, it just happens that i did not encounter a single case in my career yet. Most women above 42 will need other than her own egg for IV.”

        7. Yes, for now (as far as I know). Officially, no human cloning either.
          I read many years ago that some women in the US have their eggs frozen when younger just to avoid this sort of problem.
          Means that are not of the near future but have existed for a while now, yet remains unused by many.

      2. Umm one exception to the rule does not disprove the rule. there was a romanian woman at 66 who gave birth and yet i am faced with meh. There are men who can lift one ton over their head. Freakish genetics by a few people does not change the population in a few decades. It has to constantly be bred for. Hell they say menopause is hitting women earlier now. They call it Premature Ovarian Failure.This trend is actually going up as opposed to older woman having babies without fertility treatment. If you don’t use it nature will get rid of it. pure and simple.

        1. What is happening thou is that women are able to give birth later artificially, thanks to science.
          And this was back in 2006, did not involving actual genetic engineering, nearly 8 years ago, that science have progressed since then and will likely progress even more.
          Especially since there is a market for it.
          Freakish genetics? These genes will be taken then, the means to do so already exist.
          You can bet the first clone and GMO babies have already been born years ago, maybe not even fully human ones…
          I can´t help but wonder what the free market have produced, don´t you?

        2. ” Hell they say menopause is hitting women earlier now. They call it Premature Ovarian Failure.”
          And it may have something to do with EMFs from cell phones and wireless computers.

    2. “Related to life expectancy choosing a wife is easy for men – the younger the better. The mortality risk of a husband who is seven to nine years older than his wife is reduced by eleven percent compared to couples where both partners are the same age. Conversely, a man dies earlier when he is younger than his spouse.”
      Life longer, have more and better sex, have a sex wify who pleases the eye – what else is there to say?

      1. Yeah, it’s a good deal for the man, but the woman gets completely screwed over. When she reaches her sexual peak, her husband will be needing Viagra to even get it up. Not to mention that her husband will likely die 20-30 years before her, and she’ll have to be a widow for decades. And since she married so young and didn’t bother to get an education or develop a career, she’ll have NOTHING to fall back on.
        Smart women know this, and this is why they are more and more often saying NO to your desired marriage model.

        1. Enjoy your twilight years (post-30) alone – no one gives a shit – or maybe you can scrape up some sad sack supplicant who will wuv you forever. Haaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

        2. I would tell you the same, but sadly it doesn’t look like you’re capable of enjoying anything. That’s why you come online and lash out at strangers. Poor little alphamalebaby. 🙁

        3. Hurls insult at commenter “Poor little alphamalebaby”
          Tells commenter “That’s why you come online and lash out at strangers”
          Dont you see how stupid you look? If you were any type of desirable female you would out having dinner with your man.
          But, here you are. On a Friday night, heaving vitriol at males on a male website.
          PS (now you can tell us you are in a different time zone, and that you are very attractive and young and have a handsome guy that loves you and is on his way over).

        4. Another ridiculous shaming and browbeating tactic. “If you were pretty you’d be out with your man.”
          Because it’s IMPOSSIBLE for a woman to be single by choice, right? “You can’t get a boyfriend so you’re here” is one of the oldest and most flawed shaming tactics in the book.
          And no I’m not planning to go out tonight, because I’m sick and can’t leave the house, not because I wouldn’t have any place to go if I could. That’s probably why I’m spending way too much time on this cesspool of a website.
          Funny too that you fail to acknowledge that my comment was fairly neutral and not directed at anyone in particular, and his comment was the one full of vitriol. I guess I’m just supposed to be a polite little girl and just take it?
          And I notice you’re here too on a Friday night – judging from your assumption, you must not have any woman interested in you. It’s classic projection.

        5. Yes, Shangi and gents, this is the lesson here – as Rollo says, the medium is the message. It doesn’t matter what Babe is saying, she’ll be back for more because she craves the indignation an unbreakable masculine frame provides. She’s here because she can’t get this in the real world and that is the fate of the ugly girl. Check out the number of emotional posts this chick makes on this site and the hour upon hour she spends here. It’s her version of “50 shades” on the cheap. It would be funny if it weren’t so sad.
          This is why we should never ban girls from this site. The lessons in handling them are too valuable and their actions are predictable so patterns can be learned. Check out one of my later posts telling her to get a life. Her response – she huffs and puffs and then says, “I have to leave now and attend to my fulfilling life.” Yeah right. But see how she does exactly what I tell her to do – that is the lesson and that is what women crave – they want to be told what to do. That submission to strong men is what nature has wired into them. I don’t offer that as criticism (in fact, this is what makes a woman truly attractive), but only some of the young guys will understand what they are facing and what they are required to do.
          Gents, you hold the only coin of the realm – male attention and validation. Girls will never be able to live without it and they know it.
          Again, watch what girls do, not what they say. Babe Chandler is stroking her ego with every indignant keystroke and tingles whenever the male calls her shit.
          Learn, guys, learn.

        6. Enjoy either not having kids or raising them yourself.
          When you’re young that might sound like fighting the patriarchy but when you’re older you will regret it.

  5. The sad fact is that Denise still looks better in her 40’s than most women look in their 20s. Personally, I’m much more forgiving of age than I am of weight. And I have to say, it’s just plain unrealistic to expect women to make good decisions in their 20s… or any other time.
    Other than that , good piece BC.

    1. The only decision they have to make is to take care of themselves, find a good man, and take care of him and their children when/if they have them. Aside from hat, the man can make all of the decisions. It’s pretty easy for women in other cultures throughout the world, and it was easy for women in Western culture up until the last 20-30 years.

      1. Heh , yeah , but that toothpaste aint goin back in the tube.
        It doesn’t matter what was good or common 30 years ago , we have to live in the now. We play the hands we’re dealt, we make the best of it. Waxing nostalgic about the pros of a bygone era wont improve your life or your outlook.

        1. Which is why there are websites such as this one, and communities such as we.
          …and you still have options. Realistically, if you wanted to settle down with a god woman, just get a passport, save up some cash, obtain a vesa, hop on a plain, etc. Plenty of women from untainted upbringing out there in the world.

      2. That is the thing, they do.
        Then they carefully and thoroughly screw over that good man with familly courts, take his children away from him and live off him like a parasite.
        Then they look for other good men to repeat the process, make more money, not only making their lives worst but also making the lives of women that would have otherwise married these men all the worst too.
        But now, times are changing, the good men are not that numerous anymore, the viruses are more numerous than ever but the healthy cells are fewer and harder to find.
        Feminism in the workforce, women gets the important positions and salaries while the men do all the work that comes with such positions and salaries.
        From Greece to California, economies are collapsing, living standards are falling, yes, even for the wealthy.
        There still are good men but they don´t have at all that much money to take anymore and they are far more carefull.

  6. we need more articles like these. they are excellent, please don’t give up. Add some science to back it up if possible, it will add credibility.

    1. men-o-pause
      it couldn’t be much clearer or more scientific
      if you still have trouble comprehending just change the pause to ‘stop’

  7. “Uh no, I have a girlfriend.”
    Actually they very much can get married still. They still have all these Gammas and Epsilons still stuck in the friend zone, the male versions of the perfect housewife, except for the appearance.
    And there is a reason they are called Cougars and not Ethiopians, they can indeed get the same deal, when they have the money.
    Un-imaginable for us but some males doesn´t have that much pride, simply. A 25 years old epsilon will have no problems marrying a 45 years old and 40 kilos heavier woman, she only needs to tell him she is the virgin.
    They just don´t like what is available to them, that is their problem.

    1. “A 25 years old epsilon will have no problems marrying a 45 years old”
      And the gene pool goes down on the toilet.

  8. There is a great german movie called “Ali: fear its the soul”. It is a good example why a relationship beetwen young (arab) guy and older german woman is a bad idea. Very in depth commentary about the different mechanics behind a relationship like that. I highly recommend it, it is one of the finest movies by Fassbinder (who was a gay guy himself). I think a review of this movie could make a great ROK article.

  9. Excellent article! You are going to see more and more disenfranchised women as time goes on. More and more 30+ women on antidepressants cause they missed the bus and whored themselves out in their most productive years. What man buys a yugo when he can afford a ferrari. Here is a simple list to go by women to help those still in the game and not completely brainwashed by american culture.
    1. Be good looking and remain that way.
    2. Learn to cook and clean (domestic ability).
    3. Keep your virtue (legs closed) as much as possible
    4. Be able to hold a decent conversation, be intelligent (intelligence is not educated)
    5. Be pleasant, kind and submissive and when you speak, choose your words carefully, make sure your words carry weight, not useless prattle.
    This is a very simple list.
    Remember, A bitch gets a mirror to look at, A whore gets nothing but dick and a wet nap! A women gets a man, A lady gets a gentleman.

    1. Nah, affirmative action, government subsidies, and lesbian partnerships will take up the slack. Women get married for money and status, which can be got by more direct means

      1. Women will take over society and legislate themselves moar men and if the men won’t come then the men will be put in prison.

        1. I tend to agree. Wait until a hot chick figures out how to game the political system and gets into high public office. Talk about tyranny. Right now it’s only gross old chicks and dykes getting into the political game. Wait until a hot babe tries her hand in it. Nobody will have the balls to say NO to her.

    2. And this is why Marilyn Monroe killed herself, and why the model from those WW2 pinups (“Betty Page”) didn’t want pics of herself later in life.

      1. Yep! no man wants a whore as a wife. A whore as a side piece, sure. but as a wife, never! Men look at whores as all men do, with lust and contempt. We will bang them and enjoy ourselves but they also disgust us with their lack of self respect and worth. Whores get passed around for all men to enjoy. Wives are kept by one man.

        1. Fact is better than fiction, my man. I hope that little tramp is still working at Kokomo’s by the time I get there. It looks like she and her friend work very well together! 😀

        2. so funny that you don’t think whores have superb game. A lot of you are gunna wife up a girl you have no idea is just as slutty as is her right as a woman to be, and you’re going to be kissing her hand thinking you’ve really got something better when you’ve really been played. I’ve seen it happen sweetness.

        3. If you are speaking about beta males, then you are absolutely correct. I wouldn’t argue that point at all. But if you are speaking of Alpha men, you are sorrily mistaken. Why would an Alpha male wife up any woman in America? or better yet for the most part, wife up any woman. Why would he purposely limit his options when he’s not done banging chicks. That is illogical. No…the slut will bang the Alpha male with delusional hopes of becoming his wife. That is actually the norm.

        4. So then your mother was a whore, and any daughters you may have, nieces, female friends (I’m guessing none, as you have no respect for women)?

        5. Go on, come over and try to enjoy me and pass me around. I dare you. I doubledare you motherfucker. I’ll have a clean case of self-defence and there’ll be one less piece of shit out in the world.

        6. A lot of very angry, very bitter misogynistic old men here…carry on deluding yourself.

        7. You are dumb. Western woman hate men who respect them and treat them nice. You know it and everyone knows it. So yea, we treat them with the outmost disrespect in order to bang them. But real ladies we will treat with respect.

      1. Well there is a point. You dont see too many 50 year old super models. Guess why ?

        1. What does anyone being a super model have to do with this pathetic article? Are you trying to make the point that woman’s looks change as they age? Mens looks change as well. And?

        2. U said if we “believe this shit” and i said “yes we do” because women do become invisible.

      2. You can call it shit. but in reality, I just gave you the keys to great relationships and great marriages. The women that follow those guidelines aren’t lonely or whores. How many women that act like or are bitches all the time are happy….none. Thats what the mirror is for, to look at herself cause thats the only person that can stand being around her and the only company she will ever keep. Whores (promiscuous women) are self explanatory. the rest is simple….and logical.

        1. God please stop acting like married women are happy in the long run. Marriage has always been a much better deal for average men than average women. And men don’t make women happy PERIOD. A woman makes herself happy. Single or attached.

        2. Studies have clearly shown that married men live longer lives, and unmarried women live longer lives. Showing that at least in that way, men clearly need women more than women need men.

    3. Ok so let me tell you what i think about this list…
      1. Makes sense, i want my future husband to be attractive, but what do you mean by remain that way? Does that mean you don’t want her to age? The thing is that, women age but it doesn’t make them unattractive, and I hope you don’t think that way. And what if later in life you don’t think she’s as attractive anymore? Would you leave her? That is a stupid reason to leave her, because that should never be the reason why you fell in love with her in the first place(assuming that you marry for love, which is what marriage should be and is primarily for)
      2. ok last time i checked it isn’t the 1950’s…that shouldn’t be a REQUIREMENT(cooking wise) as far as cleaning goes, everyone should and does clean….male or female, she shouldn’t be doing all the cleaning/cooking, it should be a collaborative effort.
      3 Ok, makes sense, i’m a religious person and I have personally chosen to not have sex until marriage but double standards make me sick and I believe that men should follow that rule too 😉
      4. Would you be intimidated by an intelligent woman who is also educated? But yes, this is one point i completely agree with, I guess.
      5. pleasant and kind, sure unless she’s pissed off or on her period then you just have to deal with it…Submissive??? What the hell? Men and women are equal in all aspects of life, that should apply to when they are married as well. I’m definitely not going to be submissive to any “man”…the only “male” figure I will ever be submissive to is God and on earth, I guess my father, maybe…I have definitely not always agreed with him though, so…yeah, maybe not even him. As far as my future husband goes, yeah we are equal in every way, so why would i have to submit to my partner in every and any aspect of the relationship?….”make sure your words carry weight”??? oh my…what do you mean by that? What if something that is important to your wife is not something that you are passionate about? Does that mean that it’s useless? No!! If you’re wife thinks it is important you should support her in whatever that thing is. It’s just how relationships work.
      Oh and as for that little saying….yeah i don’t like it….
      By the way, to give you some background on myself, I am an eighteen year old college student with some feminist tendencies…i wouldn’t consider myself a full-fledged feminist but I’m pretty close to being one.
      oh and another thing…think about this…how would you feel if a 20 year old woman made this list for what she wants in a future husband? Would you agree with it?
      Have you thought about it yet? Yeah, now you know how I felt when I read this backwards and super conservative list of “requirements”
      yeah, do you know why your list is “simple”?? it’s because you sir have a very simple mindset…which you probably have about everything(hint: I’m calling you dumb)
      oh and marriage is about LOVE by the way, remember that.
      I rest my case, thank you.

      1. I could take the time to explain the list even further to you but I would be wasting my time. you would not glean the wisdom that is offered in my earlier statement and here is the reason why.
        1. You are 18…i.e. you have not lived life, nor do you know much of anything about relationships between a man and a woman. you are just beginning.
        2. You are a feminist which makes my earlier statements moot. they cannot help you because you have already been indoctrinated with lies and nonsense. You must first use logic. If you are not prepared to do so, there is nothing that you will read on ROK that can help you. This is a sight for men. You will only find anger and self pity for yourself here from reading these articles because they mostly speak the truth you can’t or are unwilling to accept.
        I don’t know which religion you follow but most agree and state that the wife is submissive and should submit to her husband in all things. He is the final authority in his house under God. period.
        Also….there is no such thing as equality. If men and women were equal, women wouldn’t need men to protect them from other men. Men built everything you see around you…EVERYTHING. Not women. Everything you enjoy today, from the chairs you sit in to the computer you type on was built by men…not women. All of the advances in healthcare and technology..you guess it done by men. Ask yourself this question… Would feminism even exist without men’s permission and support. Who do feminists march and rally against for change…men. Who makes Any changes in society for women….men. Who has the final authority on anything in society that happens….MEN. Where is your equality if you have to have help from men to get anything done. If women were equal to men, they would never have to ask for anything. they would be able to take it by force if necessary. but they can’t. yes, even feminists depend on men for everything they want in society. If women and men were equal….women wouldn’t fear being raped walking to their cars in a dark parking lot at night or walking by a group of men alone at night. Women fear men….and they should. men don’t fear their equals. Lastly, why would men view someone they can physically dominate as their equal. they are not. It would be illogical.

        1. I noticed. Well done indeed. I do the same, I tone things down when I’m talking to someone much younger than I am.

      2. I think Mr. Direct covered this, but I want to address something he didn’t.

        5. pleasant and kind, sure unless she’s pissed off or on her period then you just have to deal with it.

        No. No, no, no. Never, and I mean NEVER use your period as an excuse to be a bitch to a guy who is good to you (I’m not calling you that, I’m saying don’t be one which is different). Look at it this way; I talk to a few girls but there is one girl I have talked to for 4 years. Never once has she ever been short with me. Logic dictates that she has had 48 periods since then and she hasn’t used a single one to be a bitch to me. To me this shows that women don’t have an excuse to be rude and irrational during their periods. They are an inconvenient thing to a woman, which is understandable, but it’s not so understandable when you take it out on men.
        Just a heads up, from somebody that’s not too much older than you are.

      3. > ok last time i checked it isn’t the 1950’s…that shouldn’t be a REQUIREMENT(cooking wise)
        You don’t get it. Men make the rules of marriage. It’s whatever we decide.

      4. don’t talk about love with these guys, they won’t get it. It’s just a waste of time. They don’t understand the concept of love and think that women are just objects meant to be used by men.

    4. It’s funny how the world’s most undesirable males think they have any room to be choosy when it comes to women haha

      1. I agree. Undesirable men have no room to be choosy unless they work at improving themselves into desirable men. They same as no one wants an unattractive woman (bare in mind attractiveness is not just looks, though looks play the major role.

        1. That was never suggested or implied at all.
          The point is: if you’re undesirable to begin with (i.e., you have a repulsive personality, you’re physically unattractive, emotionally unstable, boring, etc.), you’re not really in any position to be picky about anyone. You have zero social value in anyone’s eyes – you are essentially worthless. Since a good chunk of this site is composed of males who fit this exact profile, I figured you probably could use the reality check from a person who regularly goes outside and socializes with others.
          Good luck! 🙂

        2. “Since a good chunk of this site is composed of males who fit this exact profile, I figured you probably could use the reality check from a person who regularly goes outside and socializes with others”
          that’s so cute, but here’s the reality : men on this site are studs who have success with women (I am one and so I think everyone is like me or even better)
          while women commenting on this site are worthless lurker who have no life and find enjoyment only in insulting people here
          Enjoy your “life” 😉

    5. Feminists will hate that list and they’ll probably consider this list as ‘you telling them how to behave or what to do’. In fact, that list is similar to a list that all women have in regards to finding ‘a good man’…they just don’t see it that way (and a woman’s list will shrink with age).
      Equality (in a woman’s mind) is only needed in cases where the woman is being treated unfairly. You’ll never hear a woman cry about how unfair our court system is today (i.e. divorce, family court, etc…) or how women should have to sign up for Selective Services (military draft – all males are required to sign up at age 18 in the US) . I always laugh.

      1. Feminists don’t hate that list. Feminists laugh their ass off just thinking that someone could come up with that list. It’s hilarious!! You guys are priceless.

    6. that’s a decent list for men to go by too. Remember, guys that call women bitches and whores wind up wanking in front of a computer screen while posting on sites like ROK.

  10. As seen in Hollywood, washed up stars like Denise Richards fade from existence as they age. When an actress such as Denise’s beauty fades away, then she has nothing to show. Some stars like Merryl Streep are immortal, but that is because Streep can offer us some wisdom, while Denise can only offer us her body.

  11. want to see what happens once you marry a woman after 30?
    browse Ashley Madison site as a married man and you’ll see…

  12. The right for one night of curiosity. Whaaaat? Since I was 20 I’ve wanted to spend one day with an older woman to see what it was like, but not older than ten years ahead of me. Outside of that one experimental day, chick on the left. No contest.

    1. one such night and you’ll be scared straight, meaning put off by anything older than 25. be careful what you wish for..

  13. This got me thinking – look at Hollywood: the ratio of actors to actresses who are past their 40’s and considered very attractive to their respected sexes is staggering. So many male actors are considered sexy and desireable in their middle-aged years as opposed to actresses of he same age. Plain-jane black and white truth the the SMV of men grows into their older ages as women’s diminish with their youth.

    1. “Plain-jane black and white truth the the SMV of men grows into their older ages as women’s diminish with their youth.”
      Only if you take care of yourself and work to improve. That can’t be emphasized enough.
      Most men turn into fat slobs as they get old and simply exist. Don’t be that guy.

      1. well of course, nobody can get six-pack abs by laying on the couch. the thing is, most of the things that time does to a male body can be corrected within one or two years, whereas what can women do to combat their sagging…well,everything? not much, and don’t mention plastic surgery. too much of that and you’ll look like joan effing rivers.

      2. I’m not talking about being in shape. I’m talking about in general. Women get “old” while men become “distinguished.” Nothing sexy about a broad with gray hair, but women (young ones, too) think gray hair on men is sexy. Men just become more manly. They mature, they grow wise, their faces become more hardened and their wrinkles add character and refinement. Moreover, men generally settle into themselves more as they get older, tend to enjoy more financial comfort, and have definitive taste. These things are all appealing to women – these things are NOT the same when flipped around.
        You can see this plain as day when looking at celebrities. Social Darwinism 101.

        1. Most of the older men I see and work with are complete losers. Very few achieve being an attractive older man simply because they got married, fat and weak.
          SMV will rise for a guy but only if he works and strives towards it. For most it will plummet because the modern American man grows up soft and just gets softer until he is pile of mush.

        2. As long as you don’t get fat or marry, your SMV should rise.
          Of course if you do your best to better yourself, it will rise far more than it normally would have (even better if you make a lot of money).

        3. 45 here. Yep, it gets harder to maintain yourself as you age, and there’s a point at which you have to accept becoming an old man, but it’s not impossible to stay relatively attractive to about 60 or so. I take $200 worth of high quality supplements every month, have quit all my bad habits (quit smoking at 28, quit junk food, quit processed foods, etc.) except the occasional bottle of organic red wine, and eat top quality organic vegetables and free range meats.
          http://www.marksdailyapple.com is one older dude who’s living the dream. And the bastard’s got a full head of hair…fucker.

        4. They got that way because they are in marriages and have kids.
          Most BETA fucking fag thing a guy can do.
          “honey-do lists” and Happy wife, happy life.
          Married guys = Pure Faggotry disasters waiting to happen

        5. rofl, you guys are delusional. not even male models look better or more “distinguished” (LOL!) when they get older. Case in point, Marcus Schenkenberg (not that he was ever my type, just using him to illustrate my point):
          schenkenberg when young and in his prime: http://www.finissage.ee/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2013/06/Marcus_Schenkenberg_0004.jpg
          schenkenberg now (puke): https://fbexternal-a.akamaihd.net/safe_image.php?d=AQD1WcsrNY67oi0G&w=377&h=197&url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.bunte.de%2Fsites%2Fdefault%2Ffiles%2Fstyles%2Fog_image%2Fpublic%2F2014%2F03%2F18%2F217687%2Fkein-problem-mit-dem-altern_217690_960x644.jpg%3Fitok%3DD4jGB8P1&cfs=1&sx=0&sy=1&sw=1200&sh=627
          what a haggard, old, disgusting face. so don’t delude yourself, men…you don’t age like wine at all, not even a supposed male model can pull that off

        6. he still looks like a disgusting old sad sack, the signs of aging show on him despite his workouts, you can clearly tell by the way his skin hangs over his muscles in that one pic where he tries to “young and hip” (rofl) on a surf board. Wouldn’t want him for a million bucks. Head full of hair..yes, gray hair, making him look like an old geezer…pathetic.

        7. wth? Marcus still looks amazing. You’re as delusional as a guy who would claim that Sandra Bullock is “haggard, old, disgusting”.
          The dude was (and is, and forever will be, even when he’s 70) way out of your league. Chillax; there’s no need for your titties to be in such a twist.

    2. Hovewer, these actresses can bag themselves some younger men without facing the same legal consequences and media scandale that male actors would have to deal with.
      How many of them are married, BTW?

  14. Why should we feel guilty about all of these unmarried older women? 90 percent of them CHOSE to be unmarried by divorcing their husbands.
    How fucking evil and sociopathic can women be? They CHOOSE to divorce, and then they try to guilt trip men about being unmarried?
    Fuck women. I can’t wait for artificial wombs and Sex Robots to replace women. Women are absolutely WORTHLESS.

    1. That is a false statement, my friend. Women are still good for a quick fuck. They are completely worthless for pretty much everything else, but not sex.

    2. A lot of women have hurt me, but I found a good one who really gets me and lets me be who I am, so I can’t say that women are worthless. I feel sorry for you, bro.

      1. Jeff, you are proof that the reason most of the guys on here are so bitter and derogatory towards women is that they can’t find a fulfilling relationship to save their lives. I’m glad you’ve split yourself from that herd.

  15. Nice piece, but Sarah Jessica Parker was closer to 36 than 26 when “Sex and the City” first aired. She was born in 1965. Was she playing a character ten years younger? Also, Cynthia Nixon was born in ’66, Kim Cattrall in ’56 (not a typo), and Davis in ’65. This just makes the piece even more relevant, since the women being spoken of here are actually older than anyone may have realized.

    1. You are also being way to nice to cougars. Most are not nearly as good looking as the women in the pictures. I see many 200+ pound fatties, hitting on young 8s. The sad thing is these 8 flirt back with them and probably take them home. It is sick!

  16. Older girls, 26+ get very upset when I inform them of “The Wall.”
    Cant cheat mother nature.

  17. Let the old sluts enjoy spinsterhood.
    CSB: there’s an aging slut living near the park by my house. I took my nieces to the park (4 & 2) when I was watching them one day. 35 year old chubby skank hits on me (I’m 37) and I laughed. ‘You’re very pretty for an older gal, but I don’t date anyone over 28.’
    Holy epic farking shitstorm. Skanky started ranting to me about it and how great she was not realizing she was revealing herself to be a common whore. I mean, you might as well have tattooed ‘used up gutter slut’ on her forehead. She starts ranting about why I would want a young girl when I could have an ‘experienced grown woman.’
    I ended the conversation with: ‘Because the younger lady is tight, wet, and can have babies without heroic medical assistance. Why would I want to date someone that can’t provide me with children?’
    I walked away with her spluttering nonsense.
    End CSB

    1. Funny that you’re aging too – in fact you’re older than her – and you seem to be in denial about that.

        1. I love how ugly old neckbeards like to parrot this, as if they think they’ll magically transform into Daniel Craig once they hit 30. Sorry, but if you’re ugly, you always will be ugly. The receding hairlines and bad skin you will inevitably develop won’t help you either. Just facts

        2. so true! Women hit a wall sooner than men but men hit it, and just because you can still partner with a younger woman despite looking like hag shit, doesn’t mean you can get a younger women to really DESIRE and lust for you. Women are practical you’re forgetting, if you have the right things going for you she can forgive how repulsive you look naked, but don’t fool yourself into thinking she’s turned on by you and not imagining someone else when you guys fuck. Hahaha men can be as deluded as they accuse women of being.

        3. we will look better than daniel craig in our 40s, don’t worry about it. Funny, I already look better than him in my 20s.
          wake up, red pill men are not the old ugly neckbeards you want them to be in the real world.
          I feel sorry kids like you can’t live outside of your fantasies

        4. Not my problem ;). But i understand, bitches alwayst believe what they want to believe, it takes a man to accept reality

        5. No, those are just facts according to your deluded mind. Not actual facts as they pertain to the real world. People who are rational, both male and female, would look down and ridicule a man like this, who would actually see himself as too good for a woman who is a couple of years younger than him. And no normal woman in her twenties would specifically seek out a man his age either.

        6. doesnt matter. Fact is, 45 year old man can have kids, that boat has sailed for 45 year old woman.
          That IS facts What you’re saying, is NOT facts. That’s just your own deluded mind.

        7. Where are you getting that??? My grandmother had her last child without medical assistance at 47 years old. Many women can naturally have kids after 40 years old.

        8. women are children their entire lives… treat them like it and your world will be much easier to understand… they are TOYS, ACCESSORIES…C-H-I-L-D-R-E-N WITH ALL THEIR LITTLE IMMATURE GAMES.

        9. Actually I am one of those ugly old neckbeards 🙂
          And I married a woman 10 years younger than me who wears a UK size 6 (US size 2).
          I also didn’t get any action until I was around 25 and then everything changed.
          Woman like maturity in men since one of the reasons men look wimpy is because they haven’t fully developed. For women they develop much earlier than most men and it’s the men who develop earlier become the players and jocks since they have essentially an age advantage over those that don’t.
          The upside is when I’m with my wife her friends and colleagues etc almost fall over when I say my age.
          While the jocks and the players of my teens now look ancient.
          btw – This article was mostly a tongue in cheek rant and women in their late 20s, early 30s still look good but I was always very wary back in my late tweenties about women my age. Too much baggage and need to get married and have kids.
          When I got with my wife I wasn’t looking for marriage but we got to that position naturally. With an older woman everything is just sped up to the point where you think you are being frogmarched into something you aren’t sure you want. At least not sure you want it with her.
          Plus and I hate to say this but the thought of the amount of partners women have by the time they’re 30 if they have never been married is pretty gross. Not exactly what I would consider wife material. Not all and I agree you can’t necessarily equate age with number but it’s hard to logic your way around that one.

        10. I believe after 35 in the US at least, a pregnancy is classified ‘geriatric’

        11. Sorry to hear about your hairline toots. I am sure your no cow for any older bull to bugle about either.

        12. Here’s reality bitches, a majority of men don’t give a fuck what you dip-shits think about us. You are only good for one thing and one thing only. “Now get in the kitchen, get my beer and scrub the toilet.”

        13. I am too good for my goat, but I still love her and respect her in the morning.

        14. You say sexually active women aged 30 are not wife material but the truth for you – and most men – is that beggars can’t be choosers.

        15. Actually we can and that’s my point. As women age they value commitment over sex which elevates the other men’s position in the
          Marketplace so they can now become more choosy. The same way women when they’re younger when sex and physical attractiveness is more important they can be more choosy. It’s not really a situation that benifits anyone but women in their 30s have low value just like neckbeards in their teens and early 20s

        16. hahahaha bulls eye….now he will be ashamed to “bang” his young “whore” because of what you said…lolz

        17. Alphas Personality….exactly embodied your comment. ….Alpha Males …Be proud.

        18. This is only true in America and only among women who want to stop this because it affects them adversely.

        19. Actually, 45 year old women can and do have children all the time. Women on average hit menopause at 50. It certainly doesn’t come without certain medical risks that their younger counterparts don’t have. However, younger women tend to be more immature and do stupid things like smoke and drink alcohol while pregnant, eat poorly and are just not as good at being a mom do to lack of maturity gained at age 30. They also don’t have the financial resources that older women have. It comes in handy for when your husband cheats because he can’t handle fatherhood at age 30-40 and you decide to jump ship.
          If you are going to try and insult/troll/mock older women, at least you can have your facts straight. It makes the burn sizzle longer and stronger.

        20. Yea they can, but it’s rare..>50, almost impossible. I don’t want to comment on the other stuff because it was not part of the original conversation.
          Just understand that no man likes to be plan B so you must give a man your best years if you want him to be there for your worst. But today I guess no woman needs a man because you have big daddy government.

        21. No my Aunt had her last kid at 46yrs old too naturally, my grandmothers sister. Some women now are having kids at 50yrs.

        22. Its only rare because of the American system of birth control destroys fertility. Women are supposed to naturally have kids until 50 thats when menapause usally starts.

        23. Thats what they tell you. I personally know 4 people that did naturally get pregnant after 45.

        24. Exceptions don’t make the rule. You ladies are funny, fighting so hard against a reality you don’t like. I lived overseas for years and there, women have children early thirties at the latest. It’s common knowledge about the window for having kids. Here it’s not discussed much because women will attack you if you mention it. They just don’t want to know.

        25. A man needs to not be selfish and feel entitled to our best years while you guys party it up, drink crazy, and have wreckless sex. And then after 30 come try to settle down. Your best years were also in YOUR youth. Not after 35!

        26. Many men want to settle down in their twenties. It’s women who today are obsessed with partying, work and education. Last thing on their list is settling down. As if one excludes the other, one can work, party, settle down and have an education simultaneously.
          And realize that there IS a difference between men in their 40ties and women in their 40ties. A huge one at that.
          Women now only want to settle down when they are no longer attractive enough to be party girls. Imagine what signals you are sending your husband. “I’m just marrying you because I’m not attractive enough for partying and the bad boys anymore. But im attractive enough for YOU, and besides, you are handy to have around when bills have to be paid”.

        27. This seems to be the same frustrations expressed by us women, especially nowodays. Men in their 20s just don’t want to settle down. They want to club, sex as many women ( a lot of men have had between 10-50 by 30!) and be wreckless. So from what I’ve witnessed and have seen, a lot of men don’t want to settle down. They think they have forever and feel they can treat girls as crap in the process. I’ve always wanted marriage and had to encounter a lot of boys to find a well-intentioned man. All the boys before him had lots of partners, baggage and low standards–I wasn’t having it. I’ve always held myself to a high standard.
          But I can agree that there are lots of women to that whore around and expect Prince Charming at the end of the tunnel. Men are guilty of this too. The thing is both their expectations are unreasonable.

        28. do you ever get tired of telling men what we should do and what we should be. we dont care what you think anymore. have you not grasped that concept yet. sex is the only thing a woman brings to the table, their only bargaining chip so to speak, and there are now enough of you giving it away for free that men dont have to commit to any one particular woman like we used to have to. its out there for free so why pay through marriage courts etc just to get laid ?

        29. It’s because you hunt the Bad Guys and not the normal men. For sure. And you know it. And wtf is up with that name ?

        30. How do you know I hunt the bad guys? There really is no way to determine if someone is quality or not. In some cases this can take time considering people put on facades. However, I ended up finding a good guy through the process whom I am marrying December 23! (Yup he is the man in my Avatar).
          What kind of women have you chased? The outcome must have been bad because it is expressed in your sentiments. Being introspective will help you improve on yourself and thus make better decisions when dating that’ll result in better success for you. I’m sure of it.
          Ana Love? That’s my name.

        31. You’re views are very jaded and I hope your outlook will improve oneday. I work in a nursing home and all too often do I see depressed older men all alone and withering up without anyone. I often wonder what there story was as some never married. Maybe they’ve adopted a jaded attitude about women too.
          Even though there is a lot more sex, STDs have also increased majorly. People come to my hospital diagnosed with HIV often. So yes, the playing field is wide open, but it’s a dangerous one.
          You men are tired of us women are tired of you guys. So we wage a war the eventually damages us both at the end.
          I’m fortunate to have been spared. Good luck.

        32. no war required. women have told men for 40 years now that you dont need us, so your comments of “Men in their 20s just don’t want to settle down” is about men accepting you dont want us and we are just going to get on with life and have fun along the way. and i can tell you from personal experience, there has never been a better time in history to be a man. its about time women start living the life they have preached for 40 years. alone. with no man paying the bills.

        33. There are more women now having babies in their 40s now than in their 20’s Actually the 20 year olds are not having kids.

        34. There are more women now having babies in their 40s than in their 20’s its in the numbers.

        35. Higher chances of mental retardation. Most women aviod this and are through menopause by mid forties

        36. I “beg” to differ.
          You can choose to nail and bail. Choose to travel. Choose to pay per hour. Choose to expat. Choose to mail order. Or choose to be alone.
          Any of these options are better than a 30+ yr old sex in the city coochie AND better for your wallet and health.

        37. I love how they can always be depended on to throw out the dire exception to the rule as justification ..

        38. No offense but your a black girl with a white beta male cuck. The guy in your photo is a casualty of feminism, exhibit A.

        39. She hunts superior DNA, and she scored with a socially engineered white beta male simp

        40. Nothing in nature functions according to exceptions. Good for grandma, but it is not the way to bet.

        41. Who does? My husband is not a simp. Highly successful and confident. Best decision ever! 🙂

        42. He gave me my dream wedding. We ended up marrying in Banff, Canada on Dec 4 2016. Far from a simp.

        43. That’s the most important feature of humans, our physicality. Both men and women.

        44. He is youthful, fresh skin, strong, has a lucrative business, and is a genuinely good man. He makes me extremely happy. So whether he is a beta, (which I doubt) does not affect my adoration for him. He is everything and I am content. The men who call other men betas, simps, or whatever condescending name, are usually lacking in healthy self-esteem in one way or another. In all consideration, what is wrong with a beta male?

        45. Your photo shows what’s wrong with a white beta male. It’s exhibit A.
          White guys on sale. White nice guys with no game. White nice guys who finish last. White nice guys who pay for other men’s DNA. White cucks.
          These white guys need sex and can’t get it. So they are compelled to use their own white racial status as a trophy to date outside their race.
          They lust after white women. But they succumb to a better looking girl of another race as a second option when 99% never wanted to date outside their race in the first place. They just wanted sex love and companionship from their own race. Which was “denied” due to the current state of white women in Western societies.
          If he was strong like you say, he would have a white women. It’s that simple. That’s how I see it. White guys like this are cucks who are lying to themselves.
          I cannot have respect for an Esau who traded his ancestors DNA for a bowl of soup because he is hungry. Sorry.

        46. That’s how you see it and that is just simply your opinion and nothing more. I remember when black men would criticize me for dating white men. They claimed I had low self esteem and that white people stink, age rapidly and are deceitful people. I am alarmed that people still hold such erroneous and ignorant beliefs about other groups of people.
          People of my generation are much more tolerant. We marry for love and love has no physical restrictions.
          He does not need society’s opinions to dictate his choices on whom he should be with and that’s what makes him strong.

        47. And really, no offense to you..but most men don’t come online forms and dispute with women. It’s just not very masculine.. It’s more of a beta thing in my opinion.

        48. So any objection or “dispute” with someone who happens to be female is “just not not masculine”.
          Got it.

        49. Yes. Of course. Black girls are not trophies to most white men in the dating market. You’re getting the better end of the deal here.
          Women reproduce. You’re choice of mate proves you believe white DNA is “superior” to DNA of your own kinship. Otherwise you would pick a black man. Just like rich black men do by dating white women. Actions speak louder than words. Simple as that.
          Society IS dictating his options because he’s a white beta male cuck and people (men and women) are only as faithful as their options.
          His boner was pointed at white girls when he went through puberty. Not black girls.
          These white guys default to non-white women when they “give up”. That’s a fact!
          Don’t worry. You’re getting the better end of the deal. White guys on sale. He knows it, and you know it. So it’s all good. He’s going to be the white cuck pushing a stroller with a black baby in it.

        50. He did like white women for a while and dated very beautiful ones. But after he got older, he vowed to never marry one because they age so badly. So he feels as if he got a trophy wife. He finds me very attractive and I’m classy, educated, and fit. And as I mentioned time and time again, he’s amazing. So we both got a good deal in the end! 😊

        51. I don’t buy one sentence of that. Not for one second. Not one word of it is true.

          99% chance he’s just another racist weak needy white cuck. He is an Esau and you are his bowl of soup. He knows what he is doing.
          So he deserves to be PUNISHED.
          So after you marry him and push out a mixed black baby.. cheat on him in plain view while denying it .. . Get nailed by black guys with huge dicks when he’s at work .. and have him lick up the sloppy leftovers when he gets home after your all streched out .. ..giggle and laugh while he’s licking the busted out slop .. and lying to himself that you’re not cheating on him because he needs sex… weak white cuck deserves it..
          So make it a weekly thing. He deserves it. It’s justice. For being a weak white cuck. If he ever brings up cheating – just follow these 3 simple rules:
          1) deny
          2) deny
          3) deny
          After all. Denying is what guys like this do best, They deny their own conscious. Captain Picard’s definition of a coward. So he deserves it. Even if there is a videotape … just deny it. And watch him keep lying to himself like the needy weakling he is.
          And after he gets home from work ,, make sure you will be in the living room “hanging out” with your black male “friends”…. Have him make dinner and serve drinks to your male/black friends ….in his own house … like the little white b—-ch…. simp weakling cuck he is…. .
          Use all his money/ credit up… Make him pay all the bills… while you drive him into debt .. and save up your money. Make him take care of all the hard parenting work … while you get the kids during the best times (vacations, games, etc) … so the kids associate YOU as the provider and better parent. This is great insurance for you .. because .. if you decide to divorce later.. the kids will pick you for custody. … while he is cucked by the courts to pay 100% of the child support…. and if that ever happens… make sure you flagrantly show him how his child support money (after your kids are paid for of course) is being spent on fun things with other guys… let him know he is paying for all this. So he simmers … like the used trapped white cuck b—ch he is.
          I have no pity for him. He is just another racist sex-needy weak white beta male simp cuck marrying outside his race as a FALLBACK SECOND CHOICE OPTION … while he denies his own conscience… for sex . . so he deserves it.. ha ha ha

        52. I have read your comment a few times before responding. At first I hesitated to respond because your reasoning is erroneous and irrational, so it led me to assume that either you have deep rooted prejudices that influence your ignorance, or that you have low emotional intelligence. Whichever one you identify with, I felt compelled to respond to dispel your assumptions for the sake of your sanity.
          My husband and I have been victims of infidelity and the pain that results from that is very intense. The emotions can be compared to a death. It is one of the worst feelings imaginable and NO one should have to endure that agony. It is insensitive and heartless to wish that upon anybody, which calls into question your values and morals. Maybe cheating is acceptable to you, but it is not practiced or accepted in emotionally healthy relationships. Cheating is wrong and cannot be justified nor minimized. My husband deserves my full loyalty and devotion and that’s what he’ll receive from me. My mother left a fine example for me as she was a respectful and loyal wife to my father for 33 years and going.
          Children are not in our equation. We are career focused at the moment. My husband is expanding his business and I am focused on progressing my career in healthcare. Our priorities at the moment are to increase our wealth, continuous education, and investing in properties. With our busy lives we will not have the time necessary to raise emotionally healthy children.
          You can resist it all you want, but it won’t change the fact that we are a happy and affluent couple. After reading this comment, you’ll become more infuriated and produce more vacuous assumptions, which does nothing but reveals how vapid your intelligence level is. Furthermore, you just continue to prove my point that you are a beta male as you continue to engage me in an argument with your catty baseless attacks. My husband would never argue with a woman behind a keyboard and do you know why? Because it’s punk behavior to the fullest and there is no denying it. Any true man would agree.
          I’ll excuse myself from responding to you at all and let you curse the Universe in your own misery and frustration . It is a disservice for me to continue engaging a weak man who possesses a low level of intellect. Good Luck! 😉

      1. No denial about it at all.
        A 40-50 yo man can easily father kids. A touch of grey hair on a man is a social advantage, and not a detriment to his sexual market value.
        Just the way it is, cupcake.

        1. yes but a touch of grey hair does nothing to make up for it when even your NECK has a beer belly. What are men not understanding? You absolutely get gross past a certain age and it’s success alone that makes you worth anything to attractive women, but that still doesn’t make you sexy or hot, it just makes you useful.

        2. A 40-50 year old man CAN have kids – doesn’t mean he should. Older fathers cause just as many problems in kids as older mothers.
          And on what planet is a touch of gray hair a “social advantage” for anyone? Grey hair is literally your body failing to produce the melanin needed for a healthy hair color. Handsome older men are handsome IN SPITE OF their aging faces and grey hair, not because of it. Brad Pitt today looks good, but he’s nothing compared to Brad Pitt at 25.

        3. Is every middle age man fat. Nope… but notice that it doesn’t matter cause we still get laid.
          Middle age women is fat and wondering y she is single. She doesn’t realize that she is the Vienna sausage at the bottom shelf of the 99 cent store, only good for college students with no money.

        4. Lol… so y is it that when he was young and new in Hollywood he couldn’t get a date. However now he has one of the hottest actress in a damn near open relationship.
          STFU and use some of the reason lacking in the middle aged never married women to try to prove a point. To a man, being young is a grind, the fact that older men can compete in the club with young men and old bitches can only be used because our arms are cramping should prove something to you.

        5. Sounds like you associate with lazy out of shape people. I just turned 50 and train Brazilian jiu jitsu and workout as much as possible and I look better than most 30 year olds. Not everyone ages gracefully but I work at it. And I could care less about being “hot” I’m not trying to hook up with little teeny boopers. I’m a successful professional. The stock goes UP with some men, it goes DOWN with nearly ALL women after 35.

        6. The only way a fat middle aged man is getting the type of young pussy he wants is if he PAYS for it. Don’t fool yourself. If not cold hard cash then success and status could get him laid . Otherwise he’s fucking women who are his equal in looks.

        7. You always pay for it whether she’s 40 or 25, so why have a bologna sandwich when you can have a steak?

        8. lol. and they’re the ones complaining about how american women are a bunch of fatties. 74% of men are overweight or obese (NIH statistics). guess the guys that post here are all in the other 26% and haven’t noticed how the rest of their gender is fat as hell too.

        9. WELL WOMAN, WHAT IS A REAL MAN? cant hold chair or open doors? men cook better than women, show love better than women..gifts,hugs,putting our selves in harms way..see the batman shooting,no woman tried to save 1 man.Men on our worst day will try to save even strangers..see 9/11, What does a woman 25-55 bring to a relationship?..oh yes sex..can you say cheaper to just get a whore…love? we as men are made to pay for your time,sex, and every slight you have ever had.
          What is a real woman? tell me you arrogant….what do you as a woman bring to a man that needs wants or needs, besides being able to bear kids….because no white woman knows what self sacrifice is, or love making…the lie women need foreplay and men dont or wouldn’t love to feel loved, but your mommy taught you well..showing a man you respect his maleness is a weakness, so enjoy your 30’s,40’s,50’s you dont need men, die alone secure in your female power, while i die busting my hump for my immigrant wife trying to make her smile and make my kids happy with the biggest grin on my face….i get to be a man for my family, even for year, it is more than i would get from a female like you. Men like being a hero in there own life story, western women have forgotten that you just want us to settle for your grey soulless “i dont hate you”.

        10. Same is true with men. I am 40 and I can get young guys. Why would I WANT bologna when I CAN have steak. And you better believe I can and I will.


        12. Actually, the fact that a man is older does significantly decrease his value when you take into consideration the fact that he will be elderly before his partner. And we know how old men have shriveled penises with erectile dysfunction. Under a presumed majority of circumstances, it’s not the gray in his hair that adds to his market value; it’s the amount of money in his bank.
          You really can’t blame women for wanting money out of older men. If you accept an inferior, older, used up product, especially when you’re hot and young and perfect, and could get much better, you should get something in return for your sacrifice.
          Eventually a woman (who chooses an older man) may find herself caring for an ailing, non-functional elderly man in his last years rather than enjoying her companionship with an equal partner. To her horror, she may find herself one day rolling him over in his bed while he drools on his pillow, pees on himself and babbles, rather than going out to a romantic dinner with him, all because she didn’t mind that streak of gray in his hair when they first met. And this, after he cheated on her! Because all men cheat. There has to be something in it for her, don’t you think, if she’s going to be stuck with that? For example, money. Inheritance. Cabana boys.
          When you sign up for a relationship with an older man with whom you are dependent, you are essentially screwing yourself over in your elderly years. Plus your kids would presumably lose their father at an earlier age and the father wouldn’t be as active with them. Without compensation of some sort, choosing an older man (when you’re a beautiful, young woman), for no other reason than random selection, generally sounds like a raw deal, even if he still has wiggly down-syndrome saturated seed in his wrinkled nutsack.

        13. that’s your response when you’re out of reasons? lol…Alphas…really are funny .

        14. wow..all caps…how do you know the reason why women post here? are you a women?… im not sure with that…
          you’re TOO DUMB…now,that’s for sure.

        15. Haha you are kidding yourself. The good thing about being a man is that as you get older, you come to look more and more like Sean Connery. The bad thing about getting older as a woman, is that you’ll look more and more like Sean Connery.
          Get the point ? Your sexual market value is directly tied to your youth. OR should I say, exclusively tied to your youth.
          It’s not the same for men. We dont’ care about your status or money or any of that. Looks and youth. That’s it. Personality helps too.

        16. I would rather die than fuck woman my own age. I will not, and I never will. Sorry to say it.

        17. Not men on this site. We know how to watch out for ourselves. But in general, you’re right.

        18. Are you delusional? Of course he was able to be more successful with dating as an older man–his pockets and fame grew! If it wasn’t for that he would be a washed up old man with rapidly (if not already in my opinion) fading looks. Grey hair is not sexy. Grey hair is not sexy. Grey hair is not sexy.

        19. I hope that’s not you in that photo…you’re ugly as FUCK. I don’t know how you get laid.

      2. Funny how you keep equating men’s aging with women’s aging, isn’t it? Denial is definitely a river in Egypt.

    2. Any woman who would touch you would have to have extremely low self esteem and be a complete moron, so you’re likely to have idiot children, anyway. Why bother?

        1. Intelligent, kind, creative, sexy guys who respect women have been the men that have touched me. My boyfriend has healthy self esteem and is so far from being a moron. I’m not an ignorant asshole idiot, like many here, so I don’t attract that.

        2. okay so you can read like one(an ignorant asshole idiot,because no one called you that but you felt the need to hit first..hmmm..white much feminist), and guys? you have a boyfriend(we call them fem-men?)..not married awww sad, because you sound like a keeper, and your boyfriend sounds like a white wimp(so many men have fallen ill to the wimp plague..slowly grinding you down till you say “yes dear” to afraid to eat a bullet), you keep up that male friendly attitude girlfriend sooner or later, he(your current victim) will just hang himself to be free.

        3. wow you sound VERY jealous of her boyfriend 😉 You can go work out and shape up, read a book and maybe get a decent job so you’d somehow compete with hot men..but I don’t know about the ugliness..sorry no solution

      1. I think Alex is right, why would any man want some old used up cumbucket used by ghetto thugs when you can have a beautiful younger woman who can still have kids.

    3. ROTFFL. Dude, are you a comedian? because you my friend have a talent. Record the next old slut encounter for the ROK community to enjoy.

      1. yes, please, i wish someone would record some of these so called encounters. i think most of you are full of shit.

    4. Funny, you actually just gave her a preference (your choice) in a woman. I though feminists where all about equality, choices, etc….right?
      And yes, you probably struck a nerve (the truth) with her (lol). The music has stopped…time to get off of the carousel.
      She was probably looking for a good husband (to pick the tab – maybe a few kids) and you didn’t bite. Oh well, at least she has her equality, today (lol).

    5. wow. you really think 35 year olds can’t have kids without assistance? talk to an ob/gyn. what do you want kids for anyway? 90% of the guys on here do nothing but complain about how hard it is to avoid impregnating conniving women who want nothing more than to collect child support from them.

      1. Don’t bother, even showing these idiots peer-reviewed studies that prove women are able to have children past the age of 40 and not have issues if they stay healthy and do regular checkups wouldn’t help anything. 30 year olds are so gross and old and should have died already anyway! After having given birth to legions of cute girls they can call sluts and fuck once or twice, before picking their youngest to be their wife, so she can have their babies and die at 30. So they can pick a new girl.

    6. I am thinking you would probably drool on yourself if any woman looked at you, CSB. You are 37, hanging out at a park with a 2 and 4 year old you probably claim are yours, have never been married, probably make a blue-collar wage–YOU ARE NOBODY, dude, nobody! I am 52 and there are plenty of men out there with the self-confidence to date women their age or older–the doctors, lawyers, business men, hipsters, urban professionals, and men with something else you aint got: self-love. Because they know who they are. And they don’t need to bash women their age because they are scared, desperate, sad little bitches who know they are NOTHING—like you. You have nothing to offer a woman. And I feel sorry for your nieces to think that someone who should be a role model to them has such a bad attitude about women. Have you shared with them your attitudes toward their gender? I wouldn’t let a guy like you babysit my pets, much less my kids. Because it is men like you who are the pedophiles and the creeps and want to take it out on girls and women and often resort to fucking their pets because they can’t get a girl. Go fuck yourself, loser.

    7. When you are 45-50 you will notice how those older women fuck younger guys than you or they get none. Once women is past 40 she becomes disgusting.

  18. Sitting in the dentist a few months ago, I noticed an older photo-shopped to hell woman on the front cover, with the Tag Line ’50 is the new 30!’ Somehow her legs were razor-sharp, despite straight lines not existing in nature. Inside was an article with a woman saying “Well, everyone’s having babies in their 50’s nowdays, so it’s time for children’.
    It was a mainstream magazine aimed at women in their 20’s and 30’s, not seniors. Women actually believe this shit, and luckily we’re all here to pay for their autistic children.

  19. There’s no way to describe my joy at watching modern feminism and its 200km/hr collision with reality.

  20. The real Invisible women chick, Marie Claude Bourbonnais? After the short hair article a few days ago I thought of her as an example of a women looking good with short hair. Then I looked her up with long hair, and god damn she’s hot with long hair. http://imgur.com/YNueHCu

    1. I’ll use Canada as an example.
      100,000 abortions a year. We immigrate 250,000, mostly from third world hell-holes. So the math in this case works out. We need to go to these third world hell holes and find roughly one man and one woman to come here and have the children we won’t have.
      This same pattern exists in much of the developed world, and as a result the future of the ‘west’ will be a far darker place with regards to women’s rights than the so-called dark days of the 1950s.

  21. The amount of rationalization in your metafilter link is incredible ! Every comment is saying “the world has changed, not you”, god..

  22. My kid’s mother told me that as comparatively difficult in regards to lifestyle as it was having a child at 23 versus later in life, with all those problems in her rearview, she’s glad it happened then. Almost 8 years later she’s watching her friends just starting to have kids, destroying their bodies, and facing serious complications with fertility and childbirth. In her case, the kid came out healthy even a month early, and it took all of two months to totally erase any signs that she had just ejected a human being from her body. Makes me smirk every time I heard a land-whale excuse her bulk with pregnancy years after the fact.
    The days I pick junior up from elementary school, I see such a drastic disparity between the the looks and shape of the younger moms who clearly had their kids in their 20’s and the ones who obviously put it off way past a point of what should be applauded. Even still, there are women picking up their children who look old enough to be my mom, often times hauling even younger kids around.
    Even genetics and medicine can’t compensate for rotten eggs. What are the odds that naturally occurring physical specimens in regards to overall size are born to younger moms in much greater numbers than those born to chicks in their 30’s?

    1. We had out last kid at 33, I can’t imagine doing it much later. I need my sleep now. I look at my neighbor who is 50 and has a 4 year old. He is going to be collecting social security by the time he gets his youngest kid out of the house. Hell as a guy there is a very real chance he might not meet his grandkids. That is kind of f’d up I think

    2. Destroying their bodies? It is more of an excuse for letting themselves go.
      Le Malade Imaginaire by Molière, 1763.
      If the land-whales blamed pregnancy to me, I would tell them that such excuses are just as bad as being big boned or glandes.
      I would shame them for lying, I would shame them for being fat, I would shame them for eating too much and not eating healthy.
      Oh and I would smile doing so, because it would be an irresistible pleasure.

        1. You are the loathesome one, fatass!
          And guess what, being loathsome, eating like swines, is the reason you are fatties in the first place.

    3. “The days I pick junior up from elementary school, I see such a drastic disparity between the the looks and shape of the younger moms who clearly had their kids in their 20’s and the ones who obviously put it off way past a point of what should be applauded. Even still, there are women picking up their children who look old enough to be my mom, often times hauling even younger kids around.”
      Obviously if they are older, they will look younger than the younger moms. They all have kids the same age, and they are all different ages, so it’s not like you are are comparing a 40 year old woman with a 20 year old kid to one with a 5 year old kid. You’re comparing moms in their 20s to moms in their 30s and 40s – obviously the older women are going to look different regardless of when they had their kids. You’re not very bright, are you? Too bad you reproduced and passed on your stupidity.

  23. My wife’s kid sister (she is 25) dumped her LTR bf who was going to marry her as soon as he finished up his dentistry intern/residency whatever they call it. My wife was not on her side, I told her sister “look if he isn’t the guy, he isn’t the guy. But its not find yourself time, its go time. You have about 3 years to find the guy, and 2 years to convince him you are the girl because after that your pickings get slim”

    1. That’s only true if a woman wants a shallow man who views women as commodities. Mature, intelligent men in their 30s who are not obsessed with fertility but actually care about finding a PARTNER will not have a problem dating women their own age.
      I’ve heard many people advise girls to not even think about marriage until 30 for this reason – it will weed out many of the PUAs and MRAs.

      1. What hateful, destructive advice. Hope these credulous girls are down with the Down’s… assuming they’re even capable of conceiving and carrying a geriatric pregnancy.
        On that note, I suggest you not even THINK of chaning your oil until 120k mi. Did I mention I’m running a special this week on engine overhauls? Sincerenly, Your Mechanic.

        1. Women are not cars.
          And older fathers are responsible for all sorts of birth defects as well. So by your logic, men need to be having babies before 25 as well.
          Even though anyone with legit medical knowledge knows that while the risk increases with a mother’s age, the increase is marginal until about 35. At age 20, 2 out of every 3000 babies will have Down’s, and at 30, 3 out of every 3000 will. Yeah, that’s HUGE – certainly a reason for young women to have babies before they’re ready and damage their unwanted kids for life. *eyeroll*

        2. are you retarded? you must have had an old geriatric dad judging by your moronic posts. women have ALWAYS; even in the “glorious past” that you guys romanticize so much, had children in their late 30s and 40s, the so called youngest of the bunch. so wtf are you even talking about, you must have suffered some serious brain damage due to your father’s old immobile swimmers

      2. Give men the options, and 99% will always chose youth. I dont buy into all this maturity bs. Women are already fully matured at 18 and after that they dont get any wiser.

      3. So if its of any priority to you, find a man that you like while you’re young. If not, no problem just as long as you know the game.

        1. But I don’t want to marry a PUA or MRA. I would rather drown in battery acid than be married to a man like this – it would probably be more enjoyable.
          I’ll choose an educated, intelligent, evolved, kind, caring beta over an uneducated, shallow alpha with a bad attitude and a superiority complex any day of the week. What so many men on here don’t seem to understand are that the betas are the real alphas.

        2. im sure you preferred alphas in your youth. The drummers, the dope dealers etc. When they dont look your way no more you suddenly find love for betas. Thats how life is, so strange I’ve never heard a women admit it, when I’ve seen it a billion times.

        3. They do understand that. And you should understand that more and more “betas” (as you call them) are awakening to the fact that marrying the “girl that waited” is a bad choice. 25 year-olds can be PhD students also, you know?

        4. oh yeah, as if men aren’t doing the same when banging the tuesday night’s leftovers just because they cant get the hot chicks they really pine for, or settling for some plain jane to string along for years until they can get the “gorgeous 10”! rofl, the lack of introspection and self-reflection of men never ceases to amaze me.

        5. LOL so I guess you’ve never heard any stories where high school “sweethearts” got married at 18, and a few years later either the woman feels like she’s been “missing out”, or the man feels like he needs to “sample more p*****s”. rofl, young age is no insurance either. are you men all fucking delusional? you claim men get wiser and maturer as you get older (even if true, what a sad testament would that be about your human evolvement if you only get to full maturity when 30 or 40, rofl), yet I don’t see much proof around here.
          Ask your grandfather if he was still immature at 20 – I bet not – at that age he already had a family to provide for, and adult responsibilities. All this blabber of “men get wiser and more mature in their 30s” is just a concealed pathetic attempt at hiding the very same thing you accuse women of: that men nowadays are eternal Peter Pans who do not want to settle down in their 20s EITHER.

        6. Difference is we admit we love hot 18-23 years old. You cant admit it.

        7. Im sure of that.Im also sure that you wouldnt mind have the alphas child and make the beta bring him/her up. Or fuck the alpha on the side. Oh yea

      4. Any man who wants kids cares about fertility. All women over 35 are consider geriatric for procreation purposes, and your risk factors steadily increase starting around 30. The only thing a woman does by waiting until after 30 to start her family is sacrifice her kids health for her own selfish desires. Not exactly good partner material.

        1. Narrow-minded, ignorant thinking.
          First of all, you act like women always have a choice in the matter. Some women don’t meet the right guy until they’re in their 30s, and don’t want to have kids without the right guy. Second, having kids when you don’t WANT them is much more selfish than waiting until you’re ready – it’s sad that on this site, that actually has to be explained. Third, men who care more about their wives’ fertility than about their wives are not going to show their kids a good model of what a loving relationship between a man and a woman should be.
          And last, even if the chances of risk factors go up with age, they’re still very low when you look at percentages, even in the late 30s. Not to mention that men’s sperm deteriorates in quality with age JUST AS MUCH as women’s eggs, so by your logic, men who wait until their 30s to get married are selfish as well.

        2. Your first point is clearly incorrect. A woman in her 30’s has had at a min. 12 years to find a good man. If she can’t do it in that time she has made the CHOICE (her fault) not to be available to such men.
          Second, you apparently don’t know what the word selfish means. I suggest a dictionary.
          Third, you cannot assert your conclusion based on the evidence you present. I suggest taking 3 introductory courses to philosophy.
          Lastly, you have an excellent point. Women should probably stop getting to 32 realizing all the right men their age are married and going after the 38-40 year olds if they cared about the health of their children.

        3. It is ridiculous to say it’s a woman’s fault if she hasn’t found the right guy by the time she’s in her 30s. You don’t know people’s circumstances. Not every woman is willing to settle down and spend the rest of their lives with the first guy they meet. For women who have standards, it’s actually pretty hard to find the one, and that can mean sometimes it takes a little bit longer.
          And there are women also who have too much on their plate to even think about a relationship until a certain point. For me, not finding the one early was not a choice, it was the result of factors that were genuinely out of my control. I couldn’t even talk to guys until I was 25, due to severe social anxiety disorder and depression. Then, after I had overcome this, I developed severe agoraphobia, and I couldn’t leave the house for nearly 2 years. Forget dating – I couldn’t even walk out the damn front door. All of this put together meant that I didn’t even go on my first DATE until I was 28 years old. I don’t consider this my fault, or anyone’s fault. In fact, I don’t consider it a negative at all – simply the way things happened for me. All the time I spent alone, I was able to become a much stronger person, and better myself in many, many other ways that I would not have been able to had I been in a relationship or married. With everything that I have been through in my life, *finding a man* was just not a top priority until recently. Dating and relationships were actually trifling bullshit compared to the very real stuff that I actually had to deal with. So NO, I haven’t had 12+ years to find a guy, because it literally was not possible to even date until my late 20s.
          I’m guessing the people who would fault women for not finding a man by 30, or who say that there is no excuse for not being partnered up by a certain age, are privileged, spoiled people who never encountered real problems in their lives and can’t conceive of anyone who is just not able to make dating a priority because they have more important things to focus on.
          And it’s funny how people here are saying that women are past their prime at 25. At 29, I look exactly like I did 10 years ago, except I’m more physically fit. Guys pay much more attention to me now than they did when I was 22 – these guys are younger, older, and the same age. I could easily pass for 16 to 17 any day of the week, and what’s more I’m now actually READY for a relationship. But considering that I am turning 30 in 10 months, I very well might not find the guy before I turn 30. I always wanted to get married before I turned 30, but that becomes less and less likely with every passing day. According to this article, if I’m not married within the next 10 months, I should then just completely disappear from society, right? Because 30+ women have no right to even try to find love without being ridiculed and shamed.
          And it IS SELFISH to have children when a woman is not ready for them. It’s one of the worst things a woman can do – let society’s ignorance, rather than her own sense of reason, dictate her choice to bring a child into this world. That is just going to lead to an abused, neglected, or otherwise unloved child. Not to mention that young people, both men and women, often just don’t have it together yet. People need to get their shit together before having kids, otherwise it is nothing but absolutely irresponsible and selfish to have those kids. With everything I was going through in my early 20s, bringing a child into that equation would’ve been one of the worst things that I could’ve done. The idea of having sex was too much for me to deal with until very recently too, and I still don’t believe in premarital sex. I would never consider sleeping with someone I didn’t love, and even though growing up I was told that this was the kind of girl guys would want, the opposite has been true in my experience. A lot of guys have actually lost interest just because of this – they assume that I have a low sex drive or hang ups. So no, it is not *easy* for a woman to find the right guy if she’s really looking for someone who respects her for everything she is, shares the same values, and wants the same things.

        4. Cassie – to be fair, this article was addressing the modern career woman, not all women. And it’s kind of irrational for you to be offended, considering that it seems in many ways, you are an exception to many rules. For example, most women really have declined looks-wise by the time they’re your age – if all 29 year olds could pass for teenagers, there would be no such thing as looking 30 and looking 16, as all of these women would look the same age. Your experiences are also very atypical – I feel for you that you had to go through all that, but it doesn’t change biology. Considering that you look so young, you’re not too old yet, but you will be if you let it go for a few more years – you may have the outward appearance of a teenager, but you have the fertility of a woman your age.
          I would advise you to really try to find someone before you turn 30. You have 10 months, so it very well could happen. Even if you’re not married by then, at least try to find the guy you’re going to marry. If you’re as attractive and young-looking as you say you are, it’s not impossible at all.
          You do have some things going for you that most girls your age don’t, if you’re telling the truth about yourself – you look younger than you are, and you haven’t ridden the cock carousel, both huge advantages if you want a masculine man. Masculine men will appreciate a virgin and are more likely to see her as wife material – it seems that you’re hanging out with the wrong guys if that hasn’t been your experience.
          The only real problem here – wanting to wait for marriage. If they find you attractive, guys will love that you’re a virgin, but most will not be willing to wait until marriage to have sex. Sex is important to guys, and we don’t know if the woman’s a keeper until after we’ve had sex. When I first met my wife, it was the first time we had sex that made me realize I wanted to marry her.
          So you’re not that bad off, but just make sure you’re willing to compromise where it’s necessary.

        5. Your personal experiences and beliefs are irrelevant to this discussion. Neither I nor anybody else really cares what you personally do nor are we going to validate you.
          As a species a certain level of sub optimal relationships are expected and tolerated. Otherwise the species would go extinct. You want to be one of those, that is your business.
          The problem is that we have hit a critical mass of idiotic behavior on the part of women where the fertility rates are now below replacement levels. And that is a cause for concern.
          Now if you are a conservative christian (or muslim) the fault lies with the men for not bringing their wives and daughters into submission, but if you subscribe to any other belief system then you have no choice but to lay the blame at the feet of womankind

        6. I wouldn’t say her personal experiences are irrelevant – you said that any woman who’s single in her 30s is to blame for the situation, insinuating that she made bad choices or did something wrong. She was describing herself as an example of how that’s not always true.
          “The problem is that we have hit a critical mass of idiotic behavior on the part of women where the fertility rates are now below replacement levels. And that is a cause for concern.”
          I really had to laugh at this. Where are you getting your information? There is NO danger of human beings becoming extinct. The population was 2 billion in 1927, 6 billion in 1999, and is expected to hit 9 million just a little after 2030. There are WAY too many people here, and it is really taking a toll on our planet. If people would stop being selfish and reproducing at excessive rates, we might be able to get the earth to an acceptable condition again.
          As it is now, it’s dubious whether there even will be a world for your great-grandchildren to grow up in. It would be even worse if each woman was having babies starting in her early 20s and having more than 2 kids. People slam on women for choosing not to have kids or not starting to have them until their 30s, when given the current overpopulation problem, this is actually a GOOD thing.
          It’s selfish to have more than 2 kids, considering that the world is overpopulated – each couple should only be having as many as will replace the two of them. I don’t know if I want kids, but if I do I only want 1 or 2 – if I end up wanting more, I will adopt. Which really is what more people should be doing – there are so many abandoned and orphaned children who need loving homes, and instead people are popping out too many of their own babies because of some narcissistic need to pass on their own stinking DNA.

        7. Your understanding of the world and demographics is lacking. It would take too much effort on my part, but I will point you in the right direction
          Which population groups are shrinking and which population groups are growing?
          Now which population groups have contributed the entirety of scientific advancements in the last 3000 years?

        8. same argument can be made for men, if they can’t attract a woman in the 10 to 15 years until they are 30 or 35, then they are pathetic losers who have made their own bed and now need to lay in it.

        9. rofl, so men want a woman who is chaste and a virgin and waited and saved themsherself for them, yet they cant even wait themselves until the wedding and expect the woman to give up the very same thing she was supposed to hold onto until HE came along. LOL! I swear you men are all retarded

        10. “A woman in her 30’s has had at a min. 12 years to find a good man. If she can’t do it in that time she has made the CHOICE (her fault) not to be available to such men.”
          Ignorant and pathetic. First of all, not all women are ready to date at 18. Some (like me) are shy and couldn’t even talk to guys until our mid-20s. Some are wallflowers and ignored by guys. And being single at 30 is not necessarily either a fault or a choice. It’s just what it is sometimes. And as you sociopaths demonstrate, there are VERY few good men around for women to choose from, so assuming she wanted to be married by 30, it’s not necessarily her fault that she hasn’t found one by then to marry. I hope you do not have daughters. Shaming women for being single at 30 is the act of someone who just doesn’t get it and should not be molding young female minds.

        11. Ummm…when did I say I needed your validation? And no, my personal experiences aren’t irrelevant – you were saying a woman over 30 who is single has failed in some way and that it was her fault. And I addressed your ignorance and shortsightedness with my own anecdote. I’m not expecting any of the men on this site (who have no morals and thus have no opinions that would actually matter to me) to understand or validate me. But there is more to women than the ability to get married and have children. Sad that some men don’t and probably will never get that.

        12. The problem is you believe (apparently like the author above) that a woman’s sole purpose and worth is to pop out children? WTH? It’s not 1920. There are women out there [gasp] that want more out of life than squeezing out the larvae of assholes like you…despite their age. The human species is at no risk what-so-ever of becoming extinct – in fact, the human species has grossly overpopulated the earth and is at fault for draining all the nutrients and resources this earth contains. I hope people that believe all a woman is worth is breeding actually don’t have the opportunity to do so.

        13. You are wrong, wrong, wrong. There are plenty of women who just didn’t have any prospects (or no good ones) in their 20s, for whatever reason, and as a result they are still single at 30. You have no idea what it is like to be a woman with values in America’s dating scene. I will not have sex until I’m married, for example, and this has made it impossible for me to find a man thus far. Guys say they’re okay with it, but they always turn out to show their true colors eventually. The only men who would probably be willing to wait are super-religious ones, and they would not be compatible with me. It’s not a “fault” of mine that I refuse to compromise on my values – I consider it a strength, in fact. So many relationships, even those that lead to marriage, these days, begin with hookups between two strangers who just met at a bar or club, and I refuse to be a part of that. I think it is ridiculous and wrong to browbeat someone because he or she is still single, when you have no idea of his/her circumstances.
          I have not made “finding a man” a full time job, because I have my own life to focus on as well, but I haven’t been unavailable to them. And even if a woman has been unavailable to these men, for whatever reason, it’s still not necessarily her fault.

        14. And I think she knows just fine what the word “selfish” means, it’s you who needs an explanation. Selfish is a woman who makes it her mission to get married and have kids young just to satisfy societal standards. If a woman truly wants these things and would be a good young mother, fair enough, but the truth of the matter is that MOST women will be better mothers to their children in their 30s than in their 20s. My mother even admitted this, that she was more mature in her 30s to be a better mother to my brother than she was to me. And a woman can’t force herself to be ready for marriage and children when she just ISN’T. That is exactly the kind of thing that leads to divorce.
          Waiting to have children, when you don’t know if you’re ready for them and are perhaps not even sure if you want them at all, is not selfish. Only a foolish person would call that selfish. It’s RESPONSIBLE. By waiting, she may realize that she doesn’t even want children at all, and what a mistake it would have been to have them in her 20s in that case! I think it’s sad that you men on this site have the concept twisted so that a woman who waits until she’s actually ready for children is seen as selfish because of an almost negligible increase in birth defects. And that a woman who has children young, with no resources or maturity, is selfless and doing the right thing. It’s a shame if anyone actually takes your words to heart.

        15. Is it really idiotic behavior on the part of women? Is the fact that the quality of men out there is abysmal actually completely irrelevant here? A lot of women who marry later would have married earlier if they had met the right guy, but a good man is hard to find. And even if a woman doesn’t want to marry until later, how is it for YOU to judge? It’s none of your business – yours or any of the other men on Return of Cavemen. You should mind your own business and focus on your own problems, which if you are on this site I guarantee you have plenty of!
          And LMAO at the idea of fertility rates being below replacement levels. The population is growing exponentially and the world is becoming more and more overpopulated every day, and THIS is the true cause for concern. Good for women that they are having less children, rather than having 8 kids per family and SELFISHLY taking more than their share of what the planet has to offer.

        16. Wow. In this world, a woman is actually selfish if she makes a responsible choice to wait until she actually find the right guy and is fully ready to become a mother. Somehow, it is actually preferable, and unselfish, to have kids at a very young age before she even knows what the hell she’s doing or if she even wants children at all. You people have no grasp on reality.

        17. She does not have to rush to find a male in 10 months. At 30 her options will be the same. I am marrying a high quality male at 31. I suggest you go on a dating site and plug in males from 30-45 years old. More than 90% include 30 year old women into their dating selection. ChristianMingles, Eharmony, ect. This is the reality of it whether you like it or not.

      5. obsessed w/ fertility LOL
        yeah i’m obsessed with getting an ROI out of that sahara snatch of yours if i’m leveraging my life on the bet

      6. “Mature, intelligent men in their 30s who are not obsessed with fertility but actually care about finding a PARTNER will not have a problem dating women their own age.”
        ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhaah, hilarious.

        1. Stupid old slag. Why are you here? You obviously disagree with all the ideas expressed here. What are you looking for on this site – that we men agree that old, dried up cunts like you are attractive? Dream on. You are a bad and damaged person – peddling your lies and desperately seeking men to validate your stupid life choices. I think that you’ve never been quite pretty enough, never able to get the guys you crave, left behind on the shelf, condemned to an oblivion of invisibility, and so desperately seeking the validation of men, in whatever form, to provide some salve on your twisted soul. I’m calling you out on the stage of men for what you really are – pathetic and diseased. We mock you and laugh at you. You should be asking yourself why you are here and what are you seeking through your vapid comments ? In that, perhaps you can do an honest self-assessment of your real situation instead of living in your fantasy world. Hit a little too close to home? It should.

        2. No, it doesn’t hit close to home at all. What it does is say a LOT about you, that you’re so determined to lash out to make yourself feel better for one minute in your miserable life that you’re just willing to make a total fool of yourself with all those ridiculous assumptions.
          Therapy’s expensive, but for you it’d probably be worth it. Not even for your sake – I just don’t want to hear about another guy losing it and killing a bunch of innocent people in the process.

        3. Yet it’s YOU that keeps coming back to THIS site just to throw a tantrum. Your words don’t mean shit.

        4. rofl no, us women just enjoy seeing all the pathetic losers on this page making fools out of themselves. you know you guys hold on to that one belief that women despise “betas” – if it’s true, you have your answer as to why women are on this site. it’s enjoyable to watch your pathetic attempts of getting laid because in reality you’re not “controlling the frame” or whatever pathetic bs you tell yourselves…women have always controlled men by virtue of being women, and you men being so pathetically addicted to our superior anatomy and what’s between our legs …most men don’t like to admit it because they know it makes them look like pathetic losers, but any women knows that all she has to do is get a man’s dick hard to have him at her mercy, so we laugh openly in your face while dangling the carrot in front of you and making you jump through hoops

        5. There are a tremendous number of incredibly mediocre loser women at all ages, and let’s be clear: they love sex and crave dick, even if they have absolutely nothing going for them.
          I was recently asked out to dinner by some mediocre female with “superior anatomy”: I was too kind to reject her outright (I didn’t want to embarrass the poor dear in public!); she paid; I endured her sad, pathetic flirting and her tedious conversation; we parted ways and I have since ignored her followup messages. Perhaps she’ll have some success in the future by applying techniques from a “How to Attract Men” guide in Cosmo. Maybe she’ll author a Thought Catalog “thinkpiece” on how bad she feels about being the “overlooked friend”.
          Remember men: you owe them nothing! Go and enjoy life.
          Always judge women by the value they can add to your lives, ruthlessly cull the inadequate ones, and strive to improve your own value to the best of your ability.

      7. Don’t worry, no one views you as a commodity!
        The thing is, you don´t want men older than their 30s.

      8. So Babe, are you saying that men do not want a family? Because that is what fertility means, having a family.

    2. Why do men in the manosphere always mock women’s need to find themselves? Many of you admit that you are not ready for marriage until your 30s, so why can’t you understand that women are human beings too and often have a similar human need to develop themselves as human beings? And I’m not talking about riding the “cock carousel” (what a nasty term by the way) – I’m talking about figuring themselves out and realizing what they want in a relationship.
      What a lot of you seem to think is a recipe for marriage – well-off guy in his 30s with a young, pretty girl who is ready to pop out his babies – seems like a recipe for disaster and divorce.

      1. Because when a man says he needs to find himself it usually involves relocating to another state or profession. When a woman says it, it usually means she is going to tread water for an unspecified period of time.
        Also right up there in mockery is when a woman says she needs to find work-life balance. Which didn’t exist as a concept before women started trying to have it all and realized what men have known for centuries, That isn’t possible.
        Men that aren’t ready for marriage until their 30’s either
        1) can still get young ladies; 2) are dating somebody they enjoy getting sex from but know aren’t the best long term prospects. Its one of those lies they tell women to let them down easy, or to deflect women who might be looking at them as a marriage candidate.
        As for why women get the short end of the stick. Your prime biological reproductive window is 16-30. Yes the increase from 30-35 is relatively minor but we have made things that are less harmful to children illegal, so clearly this level of risk is not tolerable if we were to actually weigh it again whatever risk assessment formula we use for things like car seats, toy design and production, etc.
        As for an arrangement where a man marries a woman of several years younger being less than optimal in your mind, it is pretty much the norm throughout history and is true for large chunks of the world population today.
        Personally, I don’t have a problem with women marrying men their own age, they should just do it by 24.

      2. Because lots of us wanted to find love in our 20s. We are not the choosers, women are. Women say “yes” or “no”. What we want in a relationship is… well… a relationship. Love. Company. Family.

  24. OT.
    Stefan Molyneux is getting repeated red pills shoved down his throat by all the MAN-HATERS…this is GREAT…please pass it along to all the lads.

      1. I would not argue he is the worlds brightest philosopher…..he isn’t…What I have found interesting over the last 12 months is that he is having a few red-pill moments.
        I criticised him heavily for his father bashing christmas 12 month ago….and this year he has really opened his eyes about what women are really up to…..he is quite staggered at what he is seeing.
        And with 100,000+ subs? It is good he is making videos like this…..lots of guys in his audience getting a red pill or two for the first time.

  25. How many women have you heard over the last 10 years talking about their “sex and the city lifestyle”. I remember the first time I heard it, 10 years ago, and I thought it was such a bullshit statement then and even more so now. Women have been sold a crock for years. My ex was 12 years younger than I and lapped up this shite. I remember going to these movies with her. It was all shoes, clothes and utter garbage plots, etc. I cannot express my utter hatred of this TV show and the movies. Needless to say the wishful thinking of a homosexual man brought to the screen. It has ruined a generation of women. The men were also feminised, Mr. Big, give me a break. He was the biggest pussy mangina in the whole thing. Men should show any woman that uses this “sex and the city lifestyle” phrase the door. Get out and don’t come back!

    1. Spot on – pure female/gay male fantasy trash. The real Mr. Big’s of the world never settle for used up sluts – they know women and they don’t settle for skanks (except for a quick fuck on the down low). Stupid girls – herd animals sold a bill of goods and now awakening to the sucker’s payoff of a wasted youth that will never return.

    2. You do realize that the original script/concept was for an all gay male cast and storyline. Only after presenting the script did it get changed (ever so slightly) to be a female storyline. So, yes it was always a gay male fantasy.

  26. Oh man, this is hilarious.
    When I was in my 20’s, for a short time (while I was licking some wounds over getting dumped by a hot chick – who is a old hag now) I banged a woman in her late 30’s. Childless, divorced, from California so ahead of her time in a sense. A “health nut” ahead of her time, so good body and a face that didn’t make me puke.
    It was fun to be able to just walk to her place, bang her, and leave. It replace masturbating for a while.
    But the first thing I noticed about her when I first banged her was that her twat stank. There was no way I could go down there, even though she kept begging me too. And it stank so bad that it turned me off even while I was a half body length away while banging her in missionary.
    While her vagina might have stank a bit more than average for a late 30’s woman, I came to realize that Stinky Twat Syndrome is simply a symptom – of overuse, too much variety in penises (and associated bacterias), and simply age. That cocktail (sorry for the pun) of different penis bacterias gets in there and permanently colonizes into a stinking, festering swamp.
    After that, I never again dated a woman older than me. And as I got older, the age gap grew. Never again will I smell that stench.

    1. I did the same thing in my 20s too. She was hot as hell when we met, and we were together for a couple of years, but during those two years she felt she had it made, having caught a hot youngin’, and she just let herself go. The cellulite and vericose veins emerged surprisingly quickly, and man, I just couldn’t get hard at the sight of that grossness. When I started refusing her sexual advances, she whined, “What’s wrong, maybe you’re gay?” Ha ha, just because I was disgusted by her once-tight thighs, I had to be gay? Talk about fucking delusional.
      Let this be a lesson to any young man seeing a woman in her 30s. They can go from hot to disgusting surprisingly quickly. Be prepared to hit the ‘eject’ button! 😀

        1. From experience I can tell you that women in their 40s do not date similar aged men with children. They will accept if you have minimal interaction with your children. But I was a widower with full time custody of multiple children. Women want men to focus solely on them and theirs. They are the most selfish creatures on the face of the earth. It is part of their evolution.

    2. Wow, Roosh readers always know so much about science, biology, and anatomy. You really are in a class of your own.

    3. I would like to point that out sometimes “health nuts,” as you described this woman, take a lot of supplements, which can definitely make a person’s fluids smell funny. I think that is probably a more likely explanation than the one you made up.

  27. Another funny observation – Check out the Seattle dating scene.
    It is pathetic. Seattle is the epicenter of contemporary feminism. Almost all women over the age of 35 are pursuing younger men. Don’t believe me? Go onto match.com and do a search of women aged 38-44. All of them have desired age ranges of men that are younger than they are.
    Another phenomenon about Seattle is that loads of single 35+ year old women move there. They are reading somewhere that Seattle is the place for them – a place that “appreciates them,” and where beta men that work at Microsoft or Amazon.com might date them.
    They truly believe they will get younger men. Normal younger men. But such a thing hardly exists in Seattle. You get “hipster” dweebs who are not even very good at being hipster. You look around town and you NEVER see women with younger men. Not even with the pseudo hipster dweebs.
    These Seattle women are, of course, dreaming. 1 out of 100 might get that younger man. The rest will continue to be bitter whores.
    Seattle is truly a funny place. Some day, there will be numerous history books written about the epic societal dysfunction of Seattle between 1990 and 2020.

    1. LOLOLOLOLOL at your post. You go on and on about these women and fail to realize that men who exclusively pursue much younger women are seen as just as pathetic.

        1. They are. And I can tell you by what a great majority of what young women I know think. Old men pursuing young women is just creepy. He’s dabetable, not dateable.

  28. Do not denigrate sex and the city too much , it revealed truths for those keen enough to catch them. It provided a window into the soul of women.
    First off, the show was just a Disney Princess fantasy for grown women. This fantasy doesn’t end with their childhoods, it just morphs slightly.
    The characters claim they are all strong independent women, but look who the main character pursues: a man who is wealthier, more powerful and higher status than she is.
    Finally, the show provided an excellent case study of hypergamy. The main character had a perfectly nice and reliable boyfriend, all ready to man up and treat her like a princess, even going so far as a Paris marriage proposal. But gosh, that would be boring. So she ditches the nice guy beta for a rich Alpha who does as he pleases and comes and goes from her life as he pleases – who she can’t stop obsessing over.
    The show revealed red pill truth, the truths we all know, and women loved that show, they didn’t disagree or launch protests or rant about how misogynist it was. Which confirms for me that women understood it to be the truth as well.
    As I’ve said here before, there are many illusions in this world, learn to see through them.

    1. I kind of want to watch that show now to see what can be seen through the facade of alcohol and dripping vaginas, but I also value my sanity.
      I do remember one episode (not sure why I was watching it in the first place) where the oldest one couldn’t get any men to come help fix some stuff in her apartment, or take care of her when she was sick. That is the one thing I remember from the episode, and I think of it whenever I see old women in the club.

      1. I wouldn’t waste my time. If you were around women during its run it was unavoidable, you catch enough of the key moments to piece it together. You can get the fist from reading and synopsis on line if you’re really interested.

  29. I agree mostly, but:
    1. Some women just genuinely do not want to marry, just like some men don’t. I’m not going to look down on them unless they are raising the spawn of thug baby daddies or something.
    2. Some women don’t realize they want to be married until later in life. As long as they are realistic about their options (I realize many aren’t) I’m not going to fault them for changing life priorities.
    3. I’m surprised you don’t mention that many post-wall women have equally high, or higher, expectations now than when they were younger and hotter. Or maybe you did mention that and I’m just hallucinating.

    1. The thing with #2 is that it kind of falls in line with the idea that pretty girls don’t really understand how the world works until they start to lose their looks. I’ll explain:
      The reason they don’t feel the need to be married is that society as a whole, not just men they’re dating, are giving them extra attention because of their looks. They’re never lonely for too long at a time, be it a new guy or girlfriends to go out with. As they get older, less attention from guys and girls (in the form of friendship) occurs, they’re no longer getting the extra benefits from someone who was “just being nice” and now they’re use to an amount of companionship that they could only get at this point by shacking up. They don’t realize they want to be married b/c until later because that’s a.) when the extra attention dries up and as a result b.) they’re now confronted with a brave new world known as not being a pretty chick (a.k.a. being a guy just about).

  30. Not sure who this new writer is, but this is manosphere brilliance at it’s very best. The truth hurts. This article is pretty crude and harsh, but then again, so are the women it’s referring to. I know this particular subject has been done to death, particularly on ROK….but god damn its sweet justice for men to hear this, and women too.

  31. “If ever questioned about why they think their male peers, men in their 30s or 40s, are choosing foreign women over them”
    One of my tenants, a man of about 30 who looks like Ryan Reynolds, was standing outside his flat desperately smoking a cigarette while a baby and a toddler cried inside (his woman was out somewhere for the evening).
    He yelled over to me, “Does this get any better, man?!”
    I assured him that it did, and then he asked me how I handled it.
    “I didn’t. I married Russian and she handled it. I’ve never changed a diaper in my life!”
    “You’re kidding me!” he yelled, apparently astounded that a father had never touched diapers.
    “Didn’t last forever though, as she eventually made Canadian girlfriends and then it all went to hell, but then so did she!”
    I smiled, said goodnight and good luck, went home, uncorked a bottle of Spanish red, and felt quite happy with myself. 😀

  32. I’ve been directly hit on in bars by at least 3 cougars the past few months. I mean I was minding my own business completely, just like your anecdote. One bought me a Scotch so I admit, I chatted her up. Payback time for all the free drinks she got when she was 22. What’s amazing is they think a guy is so pussy-starved that it’s an automatic lay for them. Negative, Ghostrider – but thanks for the drink.

    1. The reason they try in the first place is precisely because such guys does indeed exist and not just fat ones.

    2. make no mistake….that’s exactly what girls thought about your pathetic younger self when you bought them a drink in hopes of getting laid….LOL. your glee comes across as pathetic and is very easy to see through when it’s been YOU who’s been the thirsty pathetic beta your whole life. and your beta and gamma “Bros” will still continue to wine and dine us women until our old age, because guess what, men are pathetic slaves to their dicks and would do anything for p*****y. we’ll never run out of thirsty betas, don’t worry about us and good luck trying to get laid with younger chicks, you’ll need it

  33. I was with some 28 year old damaged bitch(I was 20- for a cum and run) who said she never feels the spark of love as a reason she couldn’t get married her 1 desire in life.(She knew the wall was coming whether she liked it or not).She was a psychologist and I was going all Freud on her ass. The sex and the city plot is damaging because if a deeper internal message that you need to wait to find mr. Perfect and anything short of that is life ending. Some alumni mum at Princeton got hounded by the media for telling girls to settle at college. That’s the truth learn to love a guy for his faults and life will be much better than the utopia playground you built in your rattled head.N.B same for guys look long term qualities for long term girls and short term qualities for short term girls.

    1. “That’s the truth learn to love a guy for his faults and life will be much better than the utopia playground you built in your rattled head.”
      Dumb girls listen to everyone but themselves…

      1. c’mon guys what’s the difference between “her” and a sex doll?
        c’mon now, let’s be real.

  34. 30+ girls only get squeezed by the desperate or the inexperienced.
    Love their two-face “young boys should get with older women” and “old men with young sluts are creepy” message.
    Catdom is too good for them.

    1. Just like Rudyard Kipling wrote in “Gods of the Copybook Headings”:
      On the first Feminian Sandstones we were promised the Fuller Life
      (Which started by loving our neighbour and ended by loving his wife)
      Till our women had no more children and the men lost reason and faith,
      And the Gods of the Copybook Headings said: “The Wages of Sin is Death.”
      Wikipedia entry for the rest…

    2. And people laugh at me and call me a “conspiracy nutter” when I say there is a depopulation program running.
      Try checking the birth rates for Germany, Italy and Japan…..where the depopulation program started in earnest after the war.

      1. When you(or your daughters) are railing against groveling to the east to pray and being truly oppressed by Sharia law, you may not think that anymore. Those really mysoginistic societies/cultures and groups are NOT having the reproduction issues the West is having.

  35. You are perpetuating a silly myth that unmarried women 30+ are “sluts”, while unmarried women in their early 20s are “innocent.” I am in my 30s, and I’m pretty sure I’ve had fewer sexual partners (by choice) than the average 22 year old college grad. Sexual proclivity has more to do with one’s religion, cultural environment, personal values, and personality than age.
    It’s also a myth that all single women who are in their 30s were hard partiers, apparently turned down a bunch of proposals (really people?), and chose to sleep with “bad boys” when they were in their early 20s.
    I don’t know who came up with these stupid ideas, but it’s sad to see them propagated word-for-word all over sites like this as if they were reality. I ask any of you reading this to think critically; most of these assumptions about older women and younger women are a bunch of nonsense.

    1. You may not be a slut, but it’s quite evident you’re a selfish, self-entitled, self-aggrandizing heap of wrinkled old estrogen-deficient guts no man with options wants to have anything to do with.
      The only thing that is “bunch of nonsense” is old hamsters like you coming to sites like this to give everyone a piece of your delusional mind. The clock is ticking away lady, hope you’re saving up for that face lift. 40 hits real hard and fast and you’ll soon wish you were dead.

      1. So this is how a “feminine woman” talks? What a loving, caring, delicate flower you are darling.

        1. Better than being a lonely, saggy tube sock tit wearing old hag like you, TYVM. I got a man, you got your boss’ butt to kiss.
          Keep rationalizing and hamstering. Your time is almost up. Then you can spend your remaining days on social security cooking your TV dinners and sharing them with your cats.

        2. PFW, why are you on a Manosphere site attention whoring from men you don’t know when you are supposedly “married”?!

        3. I’m guessing you’re a man pretending to be a woman. You actually sound remarkably similar to T Rex in the way you talk. Pathetic.

      1. I’m not saying not all women are like that; I’m saying the vast majority of women are not like that – which makes this article more fiction than reality.
        I’m an actually, real single woman in her 30s, unlike the fake ones you imagine in your mind. And I’m telling you I’m not a “slut,” avoided jerks when I was younger, was a moderate partier, and did not get married in my 20s for a complex set of reasons (including that the one guy I was engaged to backed out.) I’m the norm for 30+ women, not the exception. I exist; for the most part, the stereotype in this article does not.

        1. PFW, Why the hell on you on a Manosphere site fishing for banter with strange men you don’t know if you are married?

        2. Men do not have a monopoly on the understanding of fact vs. opinion. Unless you show me a scientifically conducted study concluding that 999 out of 1000 women is “evil”, what you are saying is indeed your OPINION and not a FACT. Much like this article is just a (flawed) opinion and not factual.
          British and Australian men are the worst and most bitter on these websites. What is up with you guys? It makes me glad I live in America.

        3. Our women are terrible, that’s what is ‘up’. American women aren’t much better though. They are easy to fuck if you have an accent though, i cleaned up over there 😉

        4. “Unless you show me a scientifically conducted study concluding that 999 out of 1000 women is “evil”, what you are saying is indeed your OPINION and not a FACT. ”
          Hysterical….facts do not exist unless you are presented with some study! LOL!!
          Do you have any idea how stupid you look right now? And you WERE presented with the PROOF OF THIS FACT in these two books.
          And you wonder why us men call you EVIL PEOPLE? You wonder why we have claimed into existence a WAR OF RETURN to deal with your WAR OF AGGRESSION.
          You women are so stupid as to be unbelievable. You really are.

        5. Try this…
          “Unless you show me a scientifically conducted study concluding that women are my equal the idea that women are equal to men is an opinion and not a fact.”
          Did you know that no woman has yet published a study proving women to be equal to men?
          Did you know that no woman has yet published a study proving that women have EVER been oppressed more than men in any society……EVER?

    2. Western women are EVIL PEOPLE in the 99.9%+ majority. Looking for 1 in 1000 is not worth it when the other 999 are pathological liars and we can not see through their lies.
      You women only have yourselves to blame for allowing TENS OF MILLIONS of your older sisters to ruin mens lives. The lads are being told not to marry you for very good reason. See what we are telling them in my books. Indeed, get all your girlie friends to BUY copies of The Truth Be Told so you know what we are telling the lads.

    3. Lady, lady, lady.
      You sound butthurt. I can see where that comes from.
      The best girls (read 9s and 10s) find their partner before age 22.
      They have choice. By the time they are 18 they have had 100s of men offer them their …attention and cocks. By the age of 18 they know men very well and choose wisely. Mostly.
      The next best girls (read 6s, 7s and 8s) find their parnter before age 28.
      They have a little less choice than the best. They can STILL choose from a vast pool of cock and men but they can not get the best men to marry them. The realise by age ~25 that they will have to settle not with what they can fuck but with what they can marry; aka aim for lower grade males.
      The low value females (read 5s, 4s, 3s) will have to take whatever male beta loosers they can get. Best one of these unlucky ugly girls can do is to catch one looser in high shool and hope he will improve to an average joe later. He might even have a kid or two with her and sit it out. Ugly women have no choice.
      Well the unspeakable rest of 1s and 2s are just ugly/fat monsters who will have to settle with a lot of cats and a collection of overseized dildos.
      So you see as 30+ single woman you have made a few mistakes at some point in your life. From what you write I would place you as 5 or 6 when you were 20 who did not realize that you can sleep with quality men but you are not quite good enough to bind them. You should have settled for a lesser male when you had the chance. Nowadays the “lesser male” from 10 years ago would today be a “lucky jackpot”.

      1. Again, most of this is just fiction. Many supermodels and playboy playmates don’t get married before the age of 22, and I’m assuming they are 9s and 10s. They’re probably LESS likely to find a partner by 22 because know they have far more options and will for a longer period of time.
        As for me personally, I’m much happier with my dating life than I was in my early 20s – when men are all just attempting to use you for short-term sex. The quantity of men that pay me attention has declined (mostly because I don’t have significantly older losers hitting on me all the time anymore,) but the quality has gone up.

        1. As a woman you can get sex easily – we are talking about a lasting relationship.
          You said you are 30+ and single so you have failed the relationship part when it did matter.
          If you want a relationship now in your 30s you will not be able to get the same quality men you could get in your early 20s.
          Moreover you will not be able to get many children because you are soon too old. Maybe 1 or 2 is possible (depending where in 3x world you are), but be aware that most of your good eggs are down the toilet already.
          Welcome to the real world!

        2. My Grandmother got married and had six healthy kids after the age of 38. My mother got married in her 30s and had me at 38…and my dad is an attractive, stable man with a good job from a wealthy family. All with no fertility treatments.
          Are you aware that male fertility and sperm quality also decline rapidly after 35? I know it’s shocking to you fools, but men age and get ugly too.

        3. “You said you are 30+ and single so you have failed the relationship part when it did matter.”
          Pathetic, assuming that a woman has failed in some way because she’s still single at 30. When really she’s much smarter than most of her friends who got married younger and are now either divorced or in unhappy marriages, because they married when they were too young to know who they were.

      2. There is an exception to your rules, and it’s women who look much younger than they are. I know a woman who’s 32 and can pass for 18, and she has no problem attracting men at all. Too bad that only maybe 1 out of every 10000 30+ women fit this description. And maybe 1 out of 10000 of THESE women has refrained from riding the cock carousel, making a staggeringly tiny percentage of these women dateable.
        It’s usually the darker women who can pass for younger girls too – black, Latina, Asian, etc. White women generally do not age nearly as well.

      3. Your post is ignorant and ridiculous. You paint things in such black and white terms, and you assume that all men think the way that you do and that all women think as you believe they do.
        There are plenty of not-very-attractive women who are married young, and plenty of beautiful women who are still single at 30. It’s not all about looks – again, just because it is FOR YOU, does not mean it is for other men.
        Not to mention that some women just stay away from relationships at young ages, due to focusing on getting an education, shyness, multiple other factors.
        And I may have mentioned this before, but I think it is so hilarious that you think of the guys that marry women over 22 as “beta” or lesser males. Maybe they’re not lesser, maybe they’re actually capable of caring about a woman for who she is and how good of a partner she is rather than looks, that ever occur to you?

  36. LOVE IT
    I got married a very long time ago and we’re still going strong. Women my age are supposed to be settled down with their families, baking, cooking and knitting and being proud doting housewives making beautiful clean cozy homes for our hardworking husbands. That’s what we do best. I wouldn’t trade my life for anything in the world.
    For all the “independent” feminist slags out there punching a clock going home to an assortment of dildos and a cold empty apartment, your hair dye, bolt-ons and concealers aren’t fooling anybody. You’re old, lonely and pathetic. Bwahahahaha sucks to be you!

  37. I’d like to point out that it’s also a myth that men do not age equally as badly. You age at exactly the same rate, only you also go bald and have to live with grey hair…all over your body. Sexy, right? Between a 40 year old man and a 25 year old man, the 25 year old is almost ALWAYS physically hotter.

    1. Listen, it’s not a ‘myth’, it’s reality. A woman’s beauty is far more dependent on having soft skin and appearing youthful than it is for a woman’s. Does that mean that some men also don’t age badly? No. But what it means is that they can get away with more as they age.
      Of course most 25 year old men are hotter physically than your average 40 year old, but a 25 year old man generally has no status.

    2. Physically yes, but it’s the whole point that physics really don’t matter so much for men. When you’re older, you can be more mature, more wealthy, more experienced and more dominant – traits that woman often find more important than looks.

    3. SMV (sexual market value) for men and women.
      90% looks
      10% feminine traits
      15% looks
      85% male traits
      (= be Alpha, have money, have status etc)

      1. Yeah, that’s what you think…keep living in that fool’s paradise buddy.

  38. “Sex and the City’s début was in 1998 and aired its last episode
    in 2004. The show was a life affirming series about four mid-30’s sluts
    with no worries or responsibilities banging their way across New York
    City. It portrayed women as being able to screw around, be callous to
    men, show no respect for society and still have it all in the end –
    marriage, family, riches, the whole happy sunset”
    Not exactly.
    First, they had jobs that they were beholden to and bills they were responsible for paying. Second, the show did a good job of showing the pit falls and heartbreaks of their lifestyles.
    Charlotte was consistently upset about not being married with kids, like yesterday already. Then, once she was married her husband suffered from some weird sexual disease/psychosis and she couldn’t get pregnant. Then again when she was trying to get preggers by her 2nd husband she was again unable to so they adopted (she finally did manage to get pregnant – years later when she stopped trying.
    Miranda also wanted a long term relationship (but not necessarily kids, though she was the first to have one.)
    Carrie suffered several heartbreaks and much confusion. Being both cheater and cheated upon.
    Even Samantha, the most non-traditional of the bunch, casual sex promoting cougar, managed to fall head over heels and actually desire a committed relationship from a man who was unwilling to give her that.
    So the show did not at all present these women as “having it all” whenever they wanted and from whomever they pleased, in terms of love and relationships.

    1. Thanks for the recap. The few times I watched a few minutes of the gay-ass piece of TV shit show I will never get back.
      Sorry for all the time you wasted on it.

      1. I didn’t waste much time on it. I don’t even have a TV but I watched maybe 2 dozen episodes randomly over the years here and there at other peoples houses.
        The writers were witty, I have to give them that.
        Supposedly there’s some show that shows the lead character “Carrie” as a high school/college student. A “prequel” I guess. I’ve not seen it but heard it doesn’t hold a candle to SATC which was acclaimed for its witty writing.
        Then there’s some show called “Girls” which HUS blogger Susan Walsh LOVES. People say its a SATC for the financially struggling/starving artist college set. No hi-falutin careers, expensive shoes or anything like that. Just thrift stores sweaters, cramped apartments on the wrong side of the Hudson and out of shape naked bodies.
        Its supposedly “grittier” “edgier” and “more realistic” than SATC.
        I checked out one episode on youtube and that was all I could take. Very nihilistic. At least the women in SATC were upbeat.

  39. quote: “Oh, and to all you cougars out there – stay out of the clubs. You’re embarrassing everyone in there, especially yourself.”
    It would be very cool to take up a collection and make a full sized billboard with only these words on it.

    1. Cougars only prowl where they know they can get fresh meat. So if young men weren’t taking the bait in clubs, they wouldn’t be going there.

      1. unfortunately you are correct. For every guy in a club put off by a milf, there are a handful of desperate slobs who will fuck anything.

  40. I had a much older very strict father, who never let my sisters do much beyond go to school/college and have a few outings with girlfriends, he had to approve first. not only did they ALL marry high value men, they all have stable long marriages and very well adjusted children. They were all married by 26. I wonder if having an older tough male figure for a father influenced the outcome of their happy fulfilled lives and marriages.

    1. Thats the Evil Patriarchy at work. Theres probably many a Feminist who would feel sorry for your sisters.

  41. Sluts hate consequences, any consequences. Pregnancy, settling, spinsterhood. All consequences. Their actions are flawless don’t cha know?
    This applies more to America. Over here in the UK, everyone is getting married less/later. Including men. But they’re taking less time to consider it when/if they find a good one.
    There is a notable reduction in quality in young men, they’ve swallowed the beta BS we grew up with and women their own age (such as moi) would rather someone at least 5 years older who doesn’t, you know, have Mummy do their laundry. That’s why they might be tempted to date upward in age, we won’t have them.

    1. As you date upwards men date downwards, and eventually you will have no hope with any men if you aren’t lucky enough to trick some poor bastard.

    2. I am not even of Angle/British stock, and looks like this man/woman divide is a direct consequence of Victorianism in England/Anglosphere.
      You sound like a living example of that.

      1. There is definitely a cultural component.
        But which woman worth her salt would want a man who acts and thinks like a woman? (exception: lesbians)

  42. Also: if RoK could talk in more detail about preservation, that’d be great. Women get nothing from magazines telling us BS about being forever young and you can’t start too early.

    1. I am planning to write an article on this.
      I have found some women who would be good role model to follow.

    2. Fairly easy:
      Wear modest clothing that a covers you below the knees and to the elbow without going into a deep V on your breasts.
      Stay a virgin and if you lose it know that your value of 100 goes down to 10 and be ready to live with it.
      Don’t use vulgar language to an extremity
      Don’t get tattoos
      Don’t cut your hair short, unless expressed to as something the man would want and like better and you so wish to do it then.
      DO NOT BE A FEMINIST OR MENTION IT – Nothing more of a boner killer than starting a conversation with the mental equivalent of “Hey you know if you do anything wrong and make me feel like a slut I will say you raped me”.
      With the virgin thing above, an added bonus is if you haven’t Sucked dick, given hand jobs, taken it in the ass, and been kisses.
      Learn how to cook like the average Japanese Housewife, thats 210 + dishes known how to make well and not one of those include a take out menu.
      Wear a corset and maintain a proper diet/workout schedule, since the above is all fantastic if you are ugly the odds of anyone ever getting to see these fantastic qualities are zero.

      1. Uhm yeah having a virgin fetish is so passé. If the girl is a prude she is not of high value. It’s about finding a happy medium.

        1. Rather a prude than a whore, and since I only date <20 women the virgins you find aren’t prudes yet 🙂

      2. Wow, thank you so much for taking the time to type that list. I meet at least most of it already (so I’m very happy) and I’m learning to cook (it takes years) and meet the rest.
        One theoretical question: so does a man interested in LTR/marriage presume he will train a woman up on the sex front? And how does he know that is what he wants from her if she holds out on doing anything? How long should a good woman hold out in return? I’ve always thought the virgin thing scared men away (or aren’t those ‘men’ worth it?)

        1. Your welcome 🙂 and I understand learning to cook takes years so try to have fun while doing it!
          Now onto the question, I want to state before hand that this is my personal preference and that the typical guy won’t mind a partner count of around 1 or 2 but for me I really value virginity. On the sex front it is a trade off, some like to train and some want them to know what to do from the get go but in almost all cases a guy would rather train than wonder how much she fucked around to get to her current level. A woman should hold out until she feels she is ready and that the relationship is going to be very long… At least 6 months, but if she has ever had even one partner (I know you won’t like this but even if it was rape), then she needs to explain and set a time table if she is going to hold out of up to 3 dates MAX. Now the only men that virgins scare away are BETAS who have been led to believe false things about virgin women and men who just want sex… But even then it is only men who just want sex that are nice enough to not take your virginity, the reason for such is every man wants a virgin so anyone who says they don’t is either really nice knowing they won’t ever commit anyway or were convinced somehow that he himself is not worth a virgin. Now for men wanting virgins well if you don’t look like a slut we will still assume slut, given that is the norm. you will just need be upfront about it saying you are a virgin and want to wait.

        2. No, that seems like a logical explanation. Thanks. I know personal preferences do factor in, but in person men tend to lie for obvious reasons, it’s good to ask around and even other women lie. Yes, that seems to square exactly with what I’ve seen.
          Picking up various health routines is making other women fume, they don’t like standards, it’s odd. Learning the varying cultures with each recipe is good conversation fodder 🙂

        3. Virgin is not good if over 22.
          It would make me think she has a low sex drive and I do want women with healthy sex drive.
          I dont care who she had sex earlier as long as i can count the number with my fingers and toes.

        4. So up to 20? God no! But I have only been dating women around 16-24 these days, so with a virgin you may risk a low sex drive if you get an older girl but if you date young like me then you are fine.

        5. The fact that you would assume a virgin over 22 has a low sex drive is ignorant and stupid, really. I’m in my late 20s and still a virgin – not because of a low sex drive because of PRINCIPLES. I have a really high sex drive, not that men will understand the concept of a virgin with a high sex drive who is WAITING FOR MARRIAGE to express it because of MORALITY. I find it funny that having spread her legs for other guys in the past means a “healthy sex drive.”

    3. preservation? 5 easy steps for you lady:
      When you are ~20 – look in the mirror and make notes.
      a) Your weight – keep it at the same level
      b) Your cloth, skirts, heels – use the same style and same seize
      c) Your make-up – improve it over time but do not use too many petroleum based shit on a daily base or your skin will suffer.
      d) Pick up a women sports like pilates, yoga or even tantra and master it with at least 3 session/week for the rest of your life.
      e) Get used to having sex no less than 3 times a week on average.
      Keep it like that as long as you possibly can and you will have a decent partner even post menopause.

  43. Older women can date younger men, but what i have noticed is that most of them get men that are very low value. The kind of men most women their age avoid. Or they get decent looking men that have emotional issues, like an old friend of mine who is handsome but mentally fried after having a nervous breakdown 3 years ago. He is 33 and dating a woman in her 50’s that looks every bit her age. I’d say he is a 7.5-8 going by looks. She wouldn’t have been an 8 even in her prime many moons ago.
    It is true that when they are older women tend to initiate conversations. In my mid 30’s i have noticed when i go out that more women talk to me, even though i am less attractive than i was in my early to mid 20’s, mostly due to hair loss. But when i was younger i had to make all the effort otherwise i would get nothing in return, with few exceptions.
    I don’t feel the least bit sorry for these so called ‘invisible women’. Now they are just beginning to realise what it’s like to be an average man. and the fact is that most of these women are not truly ‘invisible’ anyway, they just don’t like their options.
    And guys, trust me, women in their 50’s are just as nasty about men, if not more. I hear older women talk about ‘wrinkly’ and ‘saggy’ and ‘fat’ older men all the time. Most of them don’t look much better, however, at least not without all the botox injections anyway. The joke is that most of them are still expecting high value men to marry them when they can get much younger women. Hell, they even started laughing at a 50 year old man worth 30 million dollars with a 30 year old Asian wife for having a ‘small penis’ and being ‘bitter’ that he wasn’t popular with women when he was younger. These ‘ladies’ have no idea whether he has a small penis or not but figured he must if he was dating an Asian woman. Hilarious no? They are racist bitches on top of it.

        1. Just keep letting that male hamster in your mind tell you that it’s “not about the age” for men and that men get better looking when they’re old…

        2. EXACTLY. They’re so deluded it’s sad. They use extreme examples like the pictures above to make their points. I could also point out Gabrielle Union or Jennifer Aniston (40s) versus Rebel Wilson (20s) and say that proves that older women are more attractive, but that would be just as stupid.
          They’re in complete denial about the fact that men are not immune to aging and deterioration, and neither is their sperm. Probably because they would have breakdowns if they finally accepted it.

    1. Excellent example!
      The “small penis” bomb came from a hurting butt m8.
      This 50yo man with 30m$ was EXACTLY what they wanted for themselfs. They expected no less.
      And now he is seen with a YOUNG ASIAN. She took the prize. The old haggs get nothing. Fear makes them bitter, fear of the truth.

    2. I think it is more than youth that this dude want.
      I think that even if they had been 25 years younger and relatively good looking, they still wouldn´t stand a chance on account of being bitter, nasty, petty and disgusting swines!

  44. If men opt out on American women, then they got world wide taxes to keep you supporting the socialist state so cracked out heroin heads like Jenelle on teen mom 2 can get abortions under Obama care on your dime. The women will use big daddy government to chase down men and beat them senseless with taxes, even men who stay single and earn tax money are punished endlessly with the single taxes. American women will not let Ameican men opt out of supporting them.

  45. That icky feeling you get when being hit on by Cougars? That pretty much sums up my teens and twenties when men 5+ years older constantly tried to hit on me. Gross. I know exactly how you feel. Not so great, is it?

    1. Lol you must like younger guys since women are dating usually 5 years older than them…

      1. I like men my own age. Where I live, women usually do not date men five years older than them…the average age gap between married couples in the united states is man 2 to 3 years older. The idea that women like older men is really exaggerated.

        1. Not my experience. I’m 40 in three weeks and I’m currently dating two 23 year olds, a 25 year old and a 27 year old. In the last six months of 2012 I had sex with ten new girls, all in their early twenties, one 19. I’ve never dated anyone over thirty and nor do I intend to.

        2. Good for the women over 30 who will be spared the misery of your skanky, nasty company.

    2. Not too long ago women would pick men on average 15 years older.
      Why? Because back then, daddy had to give his ok and he would not give his daughters hand to a guy who was not established.
      It is marxism (for you: socialism/Obamacare style) who made same age pairs the norm. Wellfare state 4thewin.

      1. What happened then? Guy lose the right to see his own children and also his money.
        Good thing that feminism gives the high-paying jobs to women on account of their gender, it has already saved a lot of males from much distress, having become all but invisible to the fiends that would have financially and emotionally raped them with familly court orders.

        1. Eh, that’s because you conveniently neglected the insanely higher rate of non-marriage cohabitation in couples that occurs nowadays. Certainly for marriage, there’s a (relatively) stable age gap (it’s up to 5 years now, so it indeed is higher than years past). But for cohabiting couples, the age gap is FAR larger:
          In other words, quite a few women apparently are ok with sexual relations with far older men without even a state codified guarantee of resource delivery from them. So, uh, It appears they DO find far older men more sexually attractive, at least empirically when you look at ALL couples. My apologies if that doesn’t jive with your worldview.

        2. The other guy said that the age gap used to be bigger, and you are now saying that the age gap used to be smaller. Maybe you should fight it between each other.
          And no, that doesn’t jive with my worldview. I socialize in the real world, and almost all couples I know have an age gap of < 5 years. I’m guessing it’s bottom of the barrel women or poor and vulnerable women who can’t get a man to put a ring on it and end up cohabitating with significantly older men. Dating older men has little to do with sexual attraction and a lot to do with desperation.

        3. I’m chuckling about the line “makes women pick men”. It implied that women did the picking in the old days.
          One of the funny rationalizations for feminism is that women don’t HAVE to marry or “settle” for a guy she’s not attracted to. In the old days, women _settled_ either in arranged marriages (or strongly encouraged to find someone fast) or culturally the women were more reasonable (when the alpha male didn’t ask them to dance, they danced with a beta male which by today’s standards would be an alpha.)
          If you asked an average 20 year old middle class woman today if she’d settle for marrying a normal looking guy working at a box factory, she’d say no. But those guys more often than not turned out to be great husbands and in the end, most aging career women today wind up marrying that same guy if she’s lucky (maybe he has a job as associate manager of the box factory.)
          Choice is an illusion. Not all women can “have it all”. Most can’t.
          But sure, marrying a 15 year older guy who was well established back then was considered winning the lottery and they knew it.

        4. Fair enough. Your worldview (which apparently uniquely is in the “real world”) doesn’t jive with “real world” data either. Take up your misandric arms against Princeton social scientists if you must. But empirical evidence DOES suggest that women not only find older men sexually attractive, but that they’re willing to forgo state enforced commitment of resources to bang them.
          And considering the cohabitation rate is increasing rapidly in DEVELOPED countries (read the article), many of which are wealthy from top to bottom and have far less of the wealth inequality we see in the US (in which the cohabitation rate is also increasing), you characterizing those women as “desperate” or “bottom of the barrel” is as misogynistic and non-“real world” as you could get.

        5. Desperate women marry older men because they need resources and social acceptance, not because that is who they are sexually attracted to. There is a reason women in richer countries marry men close to our own age…because we can.

        6. Independent of my argument, you’re committing the common feminist fallacy that resources and power don’t confer sexual attractiveness to men.
          But to my point, there’s also a reason that women in richer countries cohabit and bang men far older than them WITHOUT state obligated resource extraction from said men. It’s because, uh, they like to have sex with them. Which by definition means they find said men sexually attractive. And, the data agrees with me.
          By the way — one could use your ridiculous, non-empirical speculative analysis in a different way — the reason why women bang but don’t marry resource-filled sexual options heavy older men? Because they CAN’T.

        7. and then maybe they started getting the shit kicked out of them by men they couldn’t leave because they needed that “ticket” to survive. There is a telling lack of acknowledgement on blogs like of the horrific domestic abuse that the traditional marriage model imprisoned many women to. For this reason alone I favor the decline of traditional marriage despite the legit downside of what life can become for women who never marry.

        8. When I grew up, women who advocated chivalry told me that they regarded it as a right for women to hit men and to not get hit back. Later, and this is a true story, I sat on a jury in a DV case between an unmarried Hispanic woman and her baby daddy and a woman juror said, in open court, that a woman had a right to hit a man but not get hit back.
          Today, if you open a telephone book, there are pages upon pages of blue pages dedicated to abuse against women and turn on the TV and various celebrities are raising funds for shelters for abused women which begs the question:
          Why are there so many abused women around despite all these choices? If women continue to do so poorly despite all trillions spent on welfare and chivalry programs, imagine if the government money ever runs out…
          Michelle, yes, abuse of women is wrong but abuse against women isn’t the ONLY wrong. Feminists liked to joke that feminism was the radical notion that women are people. Anti-feminists observe that the unthinkable notion is that men are people too.

        9. I’m a feminist and I believe men are people too. You see how those things are not mutually exclusive. I think if a woman wants to fight a man, then she should be prepared to be fought like a man. That’s not to say that if she slaps a guy that it’s fair for him to crack her skull with a crowbar. That’s excessive. If you’re a strong guy you don’t need to use excessive force to get a violent women off of you, but you’re allowed to use some force.
          And I’ve never heard of a chivalry program. Abused women’s shelters wouldn’t exist if there weren’t a need. When droves of bloody battered men start filling police stations and hospitals then I’m sure policy will change to provide special places for them to go, but as it stands, it’s women mostly who end up doing that.

        10. As usual, Michelle, when a feminist tries to claim she’s not a man hater there’s always backpedaling (Basically, “Abuse of men isn’t a big deal. I don’t see it so no big deal.”)
          An ex-girlfriend’s ex-boyfriend was attacked by his crazy girlfriend in their hotel room (they weren’t exactly A-list material). He had his daughter with him. When the police were called to the scene due to the noise, they asked the woman if she was ok. It was clear that he was the victim of an attack. The police kicked him out of his own hotel room ALONG WITH THE CHILD. They slept in his car. The police had plenty of women’s shelters info to give the girlfriend.
          So chivalrous policies that discriminate against men hide the number of abused or needy men so why bother helping them?
          Feminism is about goodies for women and then rationalizing away any discrimination against men. It’s always been that way. First worlder white women feminism is now increasingly irrelevant as the primary political issues in the states appears to be race bashing whites, Islamic Sharia law, and crony capitalism. In the end, middle class white women will be pushed under the bus just like working class white men. Your turn will come.

        11. What the police did was WRONG. If that was my brother or my son who had been scratched up and hurt by a woman, I’d want justice. I don’t support injustice against men. Understand? Feminism has already won the big fights, and doesn’t mean the same thing it did in the beginning, that’s the only thing that allows you to consider it irrelevant. All women have to do now is coast and build on what has been laid out for them. I couldn’t be happier to be a modern women, and please understand my feelings have nothing to do with enjoying unfairness to men, I’m just happy I have a chance to make a life of my choosing and not one that was forced on me. That’s all.

        12. Here’s the thing: You claimed you’re “sure” policy would change if men wound up getting attacked but it didn’t. Feminism is, literally, a movement about stuff for women.
          ALL movements are about equality, if you think about it, when it suits their special interest groups. They all proclaim that they are happy when their group is treated fairly and equally and when their group is doing well at someone else’s expense, well, then it’s not so much of a priority.
          Regarding making a life of your choosing: Most women I’ve talked to tell me they want to “choose” a life of getting married to a man who lives up to 1950’s traditional values as a breadwinner and protector. When feminism strips men of their rights or for stuff for women that these women want from men, it undermines their choices also. Whenever women complain about men, about anything about men really, I say “Thank feminists. It’s THEIR fault!”

        13. Yes, feminism is a movement about stuff for women. What’s your point? Isn’t that the reason there is now a MEN’S rights movement centered on getting stuff for men? This is America hun, whoever feels disenfranchised gets to start a movement, but benefiting from one movement as a woman doesn’t mean you can’t support whats fair in regards to the mens movement.
          It’a funny that you tell a woman to blame feminism for men’s failures. Isn’t that a contradiction of everything men claim to be? If man is the so called stronger sex then how can ANYTHING a woman does keep him from his power? It’s pathetic to insist it does. The men who are worthy of power and success have it no matter what women do. Don’t blame grown women not wanting to be trapped, economic subordinates to another adult as the reason so many men refuse to stop playing Xbox for an hour so they can go get themselves a grown up life.
          Now, women who want the traditional arrangement are allowed to want it. Many find, but if they don’t that’s life. Just like a woman doesn’t always get to have both a career and a family if she misses the boat, that’s life.

        14. I think I had this discussion before with another feminist (Men can’t blame feminism for men’s failures since that’s not being manly). Indeed, I agree with you: Man-hating feminism HAS made men less manly just as feminism has made women less feminine. In a way, that was feminism’s goal (to make women more like men and therefore equal) but aside from some preferential treatment for goodies, most women are not like men in a good way (responsible, capable of supporting families, truly independent, etc. They just have government as a substitute husband.)
          In addition, there’s a balance between the genders or at least an arrangement that men acted like men as women acted like women. Men who were not good providers and protectors didn’t get virtuous, feminine women and vice-versa. If a man is lazy and plays video games all day, should he get a pretty girlfriend who cooks and cleans up after him? The same also applies for career women who want men to be protectors and providers but feminism has undermined men in that role.
          I like the question you ask as to whether men should basically be supermen and ANYTHING should not keep him down. Indeed, this seems to be what happened with a lot of career women I met who think that men should now be super successful, handsome, etc. because that’s what “real” men should be like even as they created a world where most men don’t want to bother being other than Clark Kent playing videogames.
          Regarding the women wanting a backup plan or independence. It sounds like a self-fulfilling prophesy: Women supposedly want equality and go for a goodie grab, men have or are less willing to work for stuff to give women, the women complain that men aren’t supporting them. It’s like a man refusing to work and play video games all day because it seems like girls don’t like him.
          Aside from the blame (and I would say that feminism is nothing but a product of hyper chivalry from western white men towards white women), what has not resulted is actual equality in a good way. Women are equal to the worst of men and many men are now equal to the worst of women, but this isn’t something I think people look at in terms of equality in goodies. While the government has money for goodies (mostly to rich white guy oligarchs), it works but when it doesn’t… that’s that.
          Regarding saying “that’s life”. That can be said of any arrangement whether women have legal or economic equality or not. Women and men in every society or culture want things and do or don’t get them. What makes feminism so wrong is that it undermines the desire of most heterosexual women for a breadwinning protector man. Many men are not interested in or able to be a superman to support and protect goodie-grabbing feminists. Feminism in the long run hasn’t made most women equal (quota handouts are not equality) or even happy.
          Which ironically means that (most) women like men and children have been hurt by feminism. Granted, man hating lesbians or women liking to pretend they’re equal via quotas have made out, but they are a minority.

        15. What can make a real man less manly aside from his unwillingness to just BE manly? What can take away a woman’s ability to be feminine aside from disinterest in traditional femininity? Women aren’t responsible? You think the women graduating with standard and advanced degrees (at rates higher than men) are getting that degree handed to them? They’re WORKING for it babe.
          And what woman making a great professional salary is using the gov as a substitute husband? Women in NEED use gov assistance, but plenty of women don’t need that. Plenty of women are left raising families after husbands ABANDON them, to have the gall to suggest that there aren’t women who raise successful families despite that is ludicrous and down right false.
          What else is false is your idea of what femininity is supposed to be. I define what my femininity is just as you define your masculinity is. What feminism has done is help erase this binary, it’ll never go away completely because there ARE real differences between men and women, but not to the extent that we’re socialized to embrace.
          The things men like you want to take away from women by claiming them as masculine are nothing more than things that every COMPETENT ADULT has the right to. The only reason you THINK those rights belong to men is because women have been forcibly denied them historically.
          You can’t chalk up human rights violations to “that’s just life”, defeated expectations, yes, denying rights? Absolutely not.

        16. I really do wish men well in their efforts to correct the burdens in their lives, I just wish more of you would realize who your real enemies are. If you can’t support a traditional family it’s not because women want to go to college and have a life outside of wifedom and motherhood. It’s because of OTHER MEN, specifically the ones who run the corporations that have outsourced all men’s jobs to china/india. Direct your anger there buddy.

        17. Until women compete without affirmative action, you can’t claim they’re outcompeting men. It’s like Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize: They give them away like crackerjack prizes. (Sadly, the peace prize is now a bit of a joke. But the science prizes are still based upon merit.)
          In answer to your question, no, women are not being responsible even with the higher degrees however they got them. I laughed when a woman told me that women are “too busy saving the world” to play video games. I chuckled in that she probably didn’t know how to pay for her own dinner much less save the world. What a pretentious disconnect from reality she lived in. Support a two parent family and then you’ll be walking in men’s shoes (no, winding up as a single mother because a 1950’s breadwinner didn’t show up doesn’t count.)
          But yes, there are a few women who support successful families. And there were women who felt they were equals 300 years ago too (ever hear of Queen Elizabeth?) But in general, most women today are little different than 100 years ago. I don’t buy into the “women have only had “equality” for a few generations so they shouldn’t be held to it yet” excuse. Men are told quite simply: “Don’t like earning a living? Tough. Who cares if you come from a family that didn’t prepare you. Welcome to the real world!” So we have to judge women’s ability to be equal to men based upon what they choose NOW. And most crave traditional sexist patronage from men (Note not all in case you want to mention that again. Feminists (almost) always love to say that a few women not being man-hating victims means that not all women are so I want to make that clear that not ALL women are like that. OK?)
          Regarding competent adults: I agree with you. It’s ironic that feminism outsprang of chivalrous patronage and in reality such women in the states are largely still helpless damsels in distress. But that being said, women crave men as providers and undermining men as providers, especially via artificial quotas, is self-defeating in that such women are neither happy nor equal.
          Regarding the boo-hoo women being denied rights historically. Men were denied them too. I don’t recall Queen Elizabeth freeing all the male serfs but not the women. That being said, as tough as things are, men have to live with them. I think becoming a slacker and playing video games is a copout, I agree with you. I didn’t make it. I went out and grew myself and made myself a decent mate and then… came up with demands of my own. But I can understand why some boys don’t grow up to be men. After all, they were raised effectively by a matriarchy. Right?
          Finally, denying “human” rights. Such hyperbole. I wanted to work in Switzerland (didn’t work out) but if I had gotten the job, I wouldn’t have been allowed to vote. I wouldn’t have considered myself lacking “human rights” and living in a concentration camp (Geneva is such an awful place for those who can’t vote! 🙂 That’s what’s funny about feminism: Most of the goodies it grabbed were superfluous. Men shared their income with women anyway hence equal pay was irrelevant. Oh, except now we all earn less due to welfare mothers unable to find a provider living off the taxpayer and producing criminal kids. Thanks feminism! Oh, and career women needing all kinds of government programs to be “equal”. So now all of us earn less for this so-called equality. When someone points out how times are tough I say: Thank feminism. Love double the cars on the road and traffic congestion? Thank feminism and all those career women dropping off kids at daycare and going to work for a salary that’s now half of what it used to be. Good going!

        18. Where is there evidence of affirmative action in there being a larger number of women than men pursuing higher education PERIOD?
          And since a degree is one of the first milestones in becoming a responsible adult, wouldn’t you say this indicates a higher degree of general adult responsibility amongst women?
          You conveniently averted and twisted my statement about single motherhood. It’s not just women who never had a partner who end up on welfare. Many…MANY “properly married” women have found themselves DUPED by the traditional gender arrangement only to find themselves abandoned by their husbands and with no other financial recourse. Yet men are inherently more responsible?
          You’re running like a predictable fool with your pitchfork in the wrong direction if you think that stagnant American wages are somehow the fault of women as opposed to THE MEN who run not just our financial system, but CONGRESS as well who has yet to support increased minimum wage.
          I guess I have to give it to men for fooling other men into thinking the problem is with women as opposed to the collective actions of their own gender.

        19. Michelle, you’re using the deny-the-nose-on-your-face defense. Affirmative action is obvious along with quotas that define progress on women’s hiring and degree attainment. You can’t hand out success to women and then claim they’re being responsible. Nobody, even The Wise Latina, behind closed doors seriously thinks such women or Obama’s Nobel Prize are based upon the same merit as the Dali Lama or Einstein getting such prizes.
          Yes, there are married women who crossed their T’s and dotted their I’s who got dumped and this is awful but I also know men who were abandoned as well by their wives when they needed them. Many people, men or women, get laid off and wind up on the street too even in modern times. Wait until the government runs out of money like it is is Greece to see how this “equality” lasts. But overall, the Patriarchy did a far better job than feminism did. Working class men (and women) back then had 30 year long jobs, with pensions, and paid off their homes in 15 years (a 20 year mortgage was considered long but now it’s often 30 years.) Good going!
          And THE MEN who run the system were put there by women who comprise a majority of the vote. If you gals choose to chase after bad boys who then leave you, don’t blame men in general.
          But yeah, you have a point that it’s men who always are to blame and need to fix things. Don’t expect affirmative action recipients to be up to the challenge (or the affirmative action recipients women vote for.)

        20. I don’t think you get what I’m saying about women and college admissions. There are more women than men APPLYING in general, which means that before even being admitted to college, women are showing more responsibility for taking their economic futures seriously. If we run out of money like greece, just as many men as women will be shit out of luck, and EVERYONE will be desperate. Male success isn’t possible unless there is a successful system enabling it. So you’ll be laughing at struggling women while you starve as well? You really savoring that fate? There are currently many women SUPPORTING MEN in this economy because the female dominated industries (like nursing) are thriving more so than traditionally male dominated ones, so cut this naive idea that the traditional male dominated model is the only one that works. Patriarchy isn’t the reason people had more job security 50 years ago, A BETTER ECONOMY is the reason, a congress that wasn’t owned by corporate interests is the reason. We currently have a VARIETY of marriage models that are working for the variety of REAL WORLD life experiences people find themselves in. You don’t seem to live in the real world.

        21. Let’s try this thought experiment: Would you say women were less responsible a hundred years ago because few of them applied to university? Or would you note that the women didn’t bother because social mores and institutional discrimination discouraged it?
          Google the term “women encouraged to apply” and it’s no surprise why more women apply: Because they’re “encouraged” to. Then google “men encouraged to apply” and you’ll find a few anti-affrmative action websites but no institutions actually encouraging men to apply. Even universities claiming to seek men in the name of diversity will only reach out somewhat to men but still not take down the “women encouraged to apply” tags on their websites and materials.
          Regarding impact of a failing economy: It stinks for everyone, of course, but for women with kids it’s tough. Women disproportionately need more money to get by. One reason why men have traditionally been providers is simply because men produce more than they need. Having babies costs money.
          We don’t have evidence yet that this so-called equality works since it’s a debt based system that spends more money than it takes in to allow women to pretend to earn the same. Until the affirmative action and welfare ends, both of us know this is artificial.
          But sure, there are other factors driving the economy to hell in a handbasket but false equality for women isn’t helping. The few marriages that supposedly work better due to equality or feminism are dwarfed by the vast numbers of welfare mothers breeding criminals produced by the matriarchal state and the women winding up alone rather than settling for a man who earns less than they do. What’s the point of equality when most women dream of marrying up?

        22. While I do think more women should reconsider whether or not it’s really necessary to marry up (It’s not!!!) I don’t think we should throw out higher education and self sufficiency efforts for women just because it means that low earning men have a harder time finding a woman to lock up at home to cook and clean and fuck when he wants. That trade off is useless to women. We only settled for that arrangement when there was no other option for survival. Modern men should be happy they don’t have the same burdens their grandfathers did. Can you imagine the pressure on ONE person to provide for another adult and however many kids were birthed? More freedom for women equals more freedom for men to live their lives without that pressure, and to define their masculinity for themselves as opposed to having it circumscribed by a gender role that many men just won’t fit in to.

        23. It’s amusing that you regard men who are only useful for cook and clean and boink “when he wants”. What about women? Do they want sex as much as men? Oh, wait, of course not! I’m going to go on a fun tangent for a minute.
          Men like sex. We can enjoy it without guilt. Heck, we can enjoy it even when conditions for it otherwise stink. Let’s ask why is that. I know some alpha dogs who are handsome: tall and well built, and they are treated sort of like women. Women throw themselves (and perks and gifts) at them and they get nookie, and could even be a househusband if they wanted. But it appears that women simply have higher standards in this boinkability without guilt standard than men do. Women need men who are 9’s for this level of guiltless pleasure while men are willing to settle for 6’s (and even 5’s).
          Just a fun thought.
          The claim that more freedom for women means more freedom for men has already been debunked. I’ll do so again: Wages have been lowered and demands from women have been raised (in that they don’t want to marry down) and divorce rates soared. So many divorced men never see their kids at all. Women in the past worked part time and even full time after the children were in school. Ever hear of textile mills?
          For the vast majority of men, the personal obligation to have a decent paying job hasn’t changed since the 1950’s. In the long run, things haven’t changed much for the better for women either. So-called feminist equality hasn’t empowered men as promised (and you can stop fibbing and pretending you don’t know this) but what you don’t realize is that women largely haven’t gained much either. So now they have to work for white male capitalist cronies. Welcome to the drone workcamp, Comrade.

    3. Yep. But then why are articles written in the mainstream media lamenting the plight of older women? They’re simply experiencing what every man has gone through since forever.
      I don’t see you all being asked to feel compassion for the hordes of men who tried to hit on you.

  46. “They moaned about how older women are invisible to society nowadays. Apparently men ignore them and the older women like them; ”
    And put that next to
    “that man wolf whistled me, I hate that”
    “he raped me with his eyes”
    “men should not approach women in the street”
    “men who approach you and talk to you are creeps”
    Yeah…right….lets just leave them western women alone. Then they will have NOTHING to complain about.

  47. Yep…women become invisible as they get older….And they remember what they threw away too.
    Short story. When I was 14 we were on holiday in a caravan park and one of the other families had a girl who was 12. She wanted to hang around and she was a bit of a tomboy so that was fine. We stayed in touch and saw one another on another holiday once.
    Anyway….when I was 18 I moved to Wollongong (in Australia) and she lived only 90 kms away….so I decided to go visit. She was 16 and very pretty. Her family was a really good family and we hit it off….laughing about meeting as kids.Obviosuly her parents knew my mother well.
    Anyway….I REALLY liked her and thought that this might have legs. I knew her since she was 12 and knew that she had never had a boyfriend this seemed a good idea to me. Young love….and we started out.
    One day, about three months in, she calls and tells me she wants to dump me. I explain to her that it is not acceptable to dump me over the phone and I ask if it is ok for me to come see her and we can talk. If she still wants to dump me, so be it. Short story, she did. I was 18 and heart broken.
    Fast forward 27 years. My personal web site has my resume on it. I get an email from her “you seem to have lived an interesting life”. Sure, working in more than 20 countries, travelling the world, advising some of the worlds largest companies, it’s not a bad gig. She confesses she dumped me for a “jock” and they married…have two boys 16 and 18 and a little girl 3. She tells me she “gave up my career selling dresses at the local mall to be a stay at home mother. But hubby is in the armed services and so we travelled a lot around Australia too.”
    You read that right…”my career selling dresses at a dress shop”. While my career was doing things like designing the source code control system for the international space station development team when I was 26.
    Let me tell you…a LOT of places where armed services guys get posted to in Australia are not that great…talk about low rent districts.
    And now she is “bored” and my life looks so exciting blah, blah, blah….and she comes out with “You know, over all these years, I often thought about you and what might have been if we didn’t break up.”
    I replied. “Well, #1, we didn’t break up. I loved you. You dumped me. Now you tell me you dumped me for a jock. That is not “we broke up”, that is “you dumped me for someone you liked more at the time” and that’s ok. And by the way? My mum and dad live in the same house. Same address. Same phone number. You never wrote. You never called. Period.”
    But she kept trying…”How is your family etc?” So I told her I was divorced, very happily so, I disowned my children, and was now based out of Europe advising my clients. Footloose and fancy free. I explained I could go where I wanted, when I wanted, how I wanted, whenever I wanted and I loved that very much.
    So she keeps trying…Oh, that would be such a wonder life for xyz (her little 3 year old girl) she would see so much and have such a great time, so much better for her than suburban Australia….blah, blah, blah…of course never once thinking it would be better for HER, right?
    And I explained that yes, my former children went to the best schools in Ireland, had gotten Irish citizenship on my dime and effort whereas I did not, and now had far better chances in life than I had at the same age….the age that she knew me at….so giving my former children a much better launching pad than my dad could give me was good….
    And she kept pushing and pushing and “talking nostalgically about our childish friendship when we were kids etc”.
    Finally I couldn’t stop my laughter any more and told her “Sweetie, now I only date women under 35 who look like supermodels….sorry…I am not interested.”
    And her next letter is “Well, we should stop talking because I would hate my husband to thing I would talk to an old boyfriend behind his back.” I kid you not.
    Of ALL the women who dumped me when I was a kid. NONE of them is particularly happy……NONE of them had the life that Jennifer had….NONE of them….and THREE of them flirted around me taking them back….even Jennifer and she would be #4.
    Of ALL the women I was ever interested in the gf I had when I was 16-17 was the one I forced the break up with and she is happy. I broke it up (badly) because I loved her and I knew that we wanted different lives. I wanted to travel the world. She wanted to be near her mum and she was a single child. As far as I know? She is as happy as a clam. The rest? They are mostly not that happy a bunch of campers. Of course…they are all around 50 now too.
    To see how the women who so commanded my attention when I was young are almost ALL not very happy with how things turned out for them as compared to how things turned out for me? Well? It gives me a great deal of very smug satisfaction.
    I can advise all you younger men that revenge for being dumped as a teen is sweet revenge indeed. Very, very, VERY sweet.
    I was sporty as a kid but not a “jock”. And when I was at Uni I was to poor that only someone like Jennifer (single mother on a pension) would look at me and think I might be a “catch”. Well, she fished well and went a long way in her 23 years with me….but it is looking very bad for her now…as is evidenced by the endless ASIO trolls who follow me around everywhere I go online slandering me at her behest via her ASIO agent brother Michael Toal.

  48. Earlier today, I was on a message board. A woman was talking about how she’s 27 and still a virgin, and guys ignore her. She asked if there’s any chance that she’ll find someone.
    I answered as honestly as I could. I said probably not. I wasn’t trying to be harsh, but I was blunt and honest. I told her that men are all about the visual. At 27, she wasn’t going to get any prettier. In fact, her looks had probably already started to decline. So if men hadn’t been interested in her when she was college age, they probably were going to be even less interested now. It is not as if she was 15 and an ugly duckling who could still potentially become a beautiful swan. Her time to be a swan (up to age 25 in most women) had already come and gone.
    I said she probably has lots of other things going for her, but as for romantic love that ship has pretty much sailed if no one has been interested up to now. So she should forget about the conventional happy ending and instead focus on career and being successful in other areas, develop new great dreams, and not focus on dreams that at this point will probably never come true. I got RAILED for saying this by other people on the site, mostly women.
    Why do people get so angry when I just speak my opinion? I honestly wasn’t trying to be hurtful or harsh, just honest. I don’t want to encourage someone to hope for something that is very unlikely to happen and set them up for disappointment. I think I was pretty nice about it too – but again, I’m not going to lie. I feel for the woman, really – but realistically, this is a woman who was ignored by men even at the age where women look their best. Does she really have that great of a chance at hooking one now that she is PAST her prime?

    1. She can still get a man. She just have to settle for a lower value man.
      If she is virgin with 27 it is not because she was too ugly (even 1s get fucked if they are slutty enough), it is because she was too picky, waiting for the “right man” while ignoring the lesser betas all around her.

      1. I think it’s hilarious that you call “beta” men lower value men when most intelligent women prefer “beta” men. The betas are the real alphas – they are intelligent, educated, and don’t need to assert dominance over women to feel like real men. Alpha men typically need serious attitude adjustments – they are uneducated, unintelligent, insecure, and need to tear others down to pick themselves up. They are arrogant without having any real reason to be. I know a few women who married alpha men and got divorced because the man was so controlling and abusive – any woman who wants a happy life will marry what you consider to be a beta man.

        1. Why are you here, Babe? Just your presence here skulking around a men’s website trolling for validation says volumes about you as a person. Do you think a pretty girl would spend two seconds doing what you are doing? No way – they are living lives you can only dream about – managing their social calendar, dating hot guys, taking care of their beautiful children, spending time with their accomplished husband, checking out shoes. Yes, they are living lives you can only dream of and which you are sorely envious.
          I ask again, why are you here? It’s because this is the only male attention you ever get in your pathetic spinster existence. Surrounded by your money, accomplishments, worthless degree, security, furniture, etc, but never quite whole – wishing the world was more favorable to you and your sad existence. How you wish to the bottom of your soul it was different, but it’s not.
          Tragically, your bloated ego is too invested at this point to change. So, you’ll patter about your hollow life, wondering what went wrong and why things just haven’t worked out for you, blaming men for your tragi-comic existence. Or maybe you can go over to Jezebel for some quick ego strokes – You Go, Girl! – but it won’t ever be from men who hold you in pity and contempt.
          Again, what are you doing here? Wasting your ever eroding years debating some pathetic guy by the name of T Rex on a website entitled Return of Kings. No pretty girl or one in the top social sphere ever does that.
          My advice – stop projecting your dumb shit girl ideas on people who do not care, try to salvage what is left of your dignity before it’s too late, and quit being envious of those who are prettier than you, that have accomplished more than you in every aspect of their lives, and that don’t lurk around websites they find objectionable tossing their smarmy turd bombs looking for someone to give them even a shred of acknowledgement.

        2. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA how long did it take you to write that comment? All it shows is that I clearly hit a nerve. What’s the matter, you know that you’re one of those uneducated, HUR DUR beer bellies who likes to consider yourself an alpha male, and can’t stand the idea that the betas are really better than you?
          I think it’s hilarious that you would spend so much time writing a bullshit comment like that, when you know nothing about my life. It’s full of mindless browbeating and says MUCH more about you than it does about me. Three times you insulted my appearance, when obviously you have no clue how I look. Very telling.
          Pretty girls don’t use the Internet? Hmmm…that’s not consistent with everything I know, but I guess if you say so it must be true.
          Sorry, but your post didn’t do what you clearly intended – which was hurt me. Because I’m not hurt by things that couldn’t be further from the truth, spoken by people who are clearly just lashing out as a result of knowing that their lives are meaningless and pathetic. Your insults are grounded in ignorance rather than any facts whatsoever, and all that does is expose you for the LOSER you are. You are a stain on humanity. You are a nothing, and you always will be unless you see the light.
          See, my insults have nothing to do with your appearance, or anything else that I have no knowledge about. They come completely from what I know about you, which I came to know because of your venom towards a complete stranger. Try it sometime – your arguments will be much more powerful that way.

        3. Run the fuck home and bite your pillow, little girl. Think about how life is so unfair to you and all the other girls who just aren’t pretty enough, just aren’t popular enough, just can’t resist stroking their keyboard and their ego desperately shilling for men’s approval. It’s all so unjust, isn’t it?
          Maybe you can comfort your unattractiveness through your work, subconsciously aware that only ugly girls have to travel that path. The pretty ones are well taken care of, loved, and happy to be living their lives. For them, life is more than just.
          Meanwhile, here you are on a men’s website spewing your vitriol all in a lather as whatever time you have left evaporates away.
          Tick, tock, the clock moves a few clicks closer to your approaching (or deteriorating) expiration date. Stick a fork in it – you’re done.
          Ugly on the outside, but even uglier on the inside.
          Run the fuck home and complain to your cats, little girl.

        4. The men you call “alphas” have a bad attitude towards women because they have an endless stream of them throwing themselves at said men. The men you call ‘beta’ receive next to no attention until some female gets baby rabies and even then, its to be a utility, a tool to USE to have children. Men are not valued by women for who they are, only what they can do for women.

        5. What a pathetic post, clearly written by someone who has NO ONE in the real world who gives two shits about him.

    2. Older women have sex and get married all the time, just not to men who look like Zac Efron. You went pretty hard on this girl for no reason, you should have just let her be and find her own way, because a lot of women have and do. My mother got remarried at 65 to a good man, and she’s really happy. Maybe you wouldn’t date this girl, but that doesn’t mean other men won’t.

    3. I agree with Jeff. You really should have kept your opinion to yourself. Believe it or not, not all men would prefer a 22 year old to a 27 year old, and there are 27 year olds who look much younger than they are – not all 27 year olds are starting to decline.
      Lots of people get married later in life – and 27 is hardly “later in life.” Not to mention, unless I’m missing something, you don’t know what she looks like. She could simply *think* men have ignored her because of low self-esteem and just be unaware of guys who have liked her, she could be one of those girls who is ignored because she doesn’t put any effort into her appearance, etc. In which cases all she would really need is more confidence and possibly a few lifestyle changes. I hope she doesn’t read what you read, because you’ve done more harm than good – all you would have done is shatter her confidence. You should either delete that comment or go back and apologize, saying that you didn’t know what the hell you were talking about.
      You seriously think that 27 year old virgins don’t get married? That’s actually just about the average female age for first marriage in the US, and I would think that on a site like this, being a virgin would be even MORE in her favor.
      Seriously, who do you think you are to make all those assumptions about a stranger and use them as a basis for talking to someone like that?

    4. Only on Return of Kings would this post get so many upvotes. The rest of the world would see how ignorant and ridiculous it is to pigeonhole someone and predict that person’s entire life course when ALL YOU HAVE SEEN OF THEM IS SOMETHING THEY POSTED ONLINE.

  49. Great. Fucking. Post! Bookmarked and saved for when my young sons start to come of age…!

  50. The older I get, the more my personal experience proves to me that men are indeed able to date younger for far longer than women. I’m 40 in three weeks and I’m currently dating two 23 year olds, a 25 year old and a 27 year old. In the last six months of 2012 I had sex with ten new girls, all in their early twenties, one 19. I’ve never dated anyone over thirty and nor do I intend to. I’m 5′ 10″, not rich and of average looks, but I do keep myself in shape and I’m a cocky, funny SOB, and that helps. My batting average now is significantly higher than in my twenties and early thirties. To all young guys reading this – don’t settle early – you don’t need to. I wish this site had been around to guide me when I was younger, but as things have turned out, I’ve been luckier than most.

    1. ok, so men are told “not to settle early” while women are chased with pitchforks if they don’t settle down in their early 20s. but let me ask you, you “distinguished old gentleman” (rofl), who exactly are those 20 year old hotties supposed to settle down with if even 40 year old geezers like you are still spinning plates and don’t even want to settle down?
      yeah, I figured you men have no answer to your own hypocrisy and crude theories….

    2. “I’m 40 in three weeks and I’m currently dating two 23 year olds, a 25 year old and a 27 year old. In the last six months of 2012 I had sex with ten new girls, all in their early twenties, one 19.”
      Ewwww…you’re yucky and a manwhore. ICK. Older women are lucky not to have you interested. I feel bad for these young girls you’re defiling with your old saggy balls.

      1. Lololol! What a downgrade for these women. But more likely these women may have esteem issues.

    3. 5’10? Most women prefer tall men. And I am sure the women you are banging average women. Try to aim for a gorgeous high quality woman. I bet she wouldn’t you the time or day. 40+ men: your days are over.

  51. “how unappealing and repulsive they are to any man with any option.”
    Key beeing: “any man with any options”. Are you aware how many men have no, or very limited options?
    If we take 15% are alpha and another 10% are greater beta that leaves 75% of men who would fuck the woman pictured to the right at some point in their lives.

  52. I find this hilarious- with the amount of schooling some of us women are doing, we aren’t looking to settle until 30 as well. Not because we are out having ten years of slutty sex, but because we want to be equal contributing partners in a relationship.

    1. See thats the problem Madeline.
      Beta men will tell you how much they like an “equal” in their lifes.
      Why? Because they have no options. So they lie to you.
      Men with options – these are the ones women want – will never accept an equal in their bed.
      The man is the captain, the leader of his clan. The woman is pleasing to his eyes and keeps the house and the kids (plural) in order. She will support *his* career and be proud of her man.
      Everything else you were told your entire life (feminism etc) are decadent lies to cloud your mind and make you a better worker-bee. Remember: Housewifes pay no taxes.

      1. No I’m sorry I find this incorrect- I have a phd/md, make 6 figures and somehow still have time to be a competent partner to my boyfriend, cooking , keeping our home, finding time to exercise and take care of myself. As I turn 30 this year ( which people tell me I still look 22) we have an incredibly bright future that two can plan for rather than 1. I know many wan friends just entering their 30’s this year who are single not because no one wanted them but because the were becoming- drs, lawyers and starting a practice or scientists who will change the face of medicine. Life is about sharing pressures and responsibilities. This is not 1955. Why should he have to provide that extra Chanel bag I want? I can buy it myself. This day and age the economy is ever changing. How is your ” housewife” who has no salary the luxury of what you spoke,going to pay your bills if you get laid off or your company downsized. I can cook and clean and if something were to ever happen, thankfully I could easily support us as well. Open your eyes men of 2014- there are woman who are beautiful,educated,and independent that are capable of being part of healthy relationships wether they are 24 or 30. Ever heard the saying, two is better than one?

        1. Not to mention I do share a bed with a man that has many options- attractive also a dr- so that part of your argument is also non valid.

        2. Madeline. puppy. I fully understood where you come from the first time.
          You on the other hand are the one with limited understanding.
          A man who is worthy does not need nor WANT your extra income. A ship does not have 2 captains, that does not work. You have 1 person in charge and 1 first officer – that DOES work.
          If both man and woman do work, the goverment gets more taxes. Your family does suffer.
          Children (plural!) need a lot of time, energy and effort. If you put them into public shool and do not guide them 24/7 you will not get the best results.
          How can you be in your office and take care of your family at the same time?
          Time is running short for you and children is all that matters for a woman – you may not realize this until you are 40 and can no longer have them.
          If you wanted to start with children NOW you will be lucky to have 3. If you wait say 3 or 4 year you will be lucky to have 2 or even 1. Watch the movie “idiocracy” and think hard about it.
          I kinda like you and your style, so took the time to explain the obvious. My wife too got a PhD with a very well payed job too you know. Nevertheless she did stop working with baby #1 and has not returned to workforce since. She is know 44 and we have 3 children. The one thing she would make different is start with children earlier so she could have 4 or 5. She once thought like you and if she hadn’t had the smarts to keep me around, she would be a very unhappy person with a career instead of a family now. (her words btw, not mine)
          Conclusion (my words): You can not have the best of two worlds. If you try you may end up with nothing. Dont be stupid.

        3. I think our two year old son would disagree with the type of parent you think I am,from my above expressed opinions,but thank you for trying to explain.
          Thanks to my education I work mostly from a home office, my son attends a wonderful Montessori school, and I make breakfast lunch and dinner for my family- who knew it was possible right.
          Thanks to my additional income he attends an amazing school now and will have many options in the future as well. I don’t believe you have to have one over the other and neither does my spouse. I had a child and a career on my time.
          My age is a number- I do not fear 30 this year nor should men who are looking for wonderful women. In fact from a medical standpoint if you take care of yourself the risks going into your 30s for children don’t really pose heavy threats until 36 and after. So I fear not for my as you said above ( plural) children. But please if you think you know more about the science of that, us medical professionals always love a second option. When it has facts that can actually be proven.

        4. Your 2 year old son doesn’t have any set of comparison. He is also old enough that he will seek your approval, even if you are a bad parent.
          Its also demonstrably false that health risks between 30 and 35 are negligible. Your two year old is in fact safer in the back seat of your car with a normal lap belt (vs car seat) than a child is being conceived at 35 (vs 30). And yet we have state laws mandating the use of car seats.

        5. You boasted about a lot of things that the average man doesn’t care about.
          I don’t care if you have a PHD, 6-figure income, or if you put on a cape and fight the forces of evil as a part-time superheroine.
          Given the opportunity to be with a younger, finer looking woman, I’d choose her instead. College degree or not.
          That’s life, sugar.

        6. You know it all. Time will teach you. Lets talk in 10 years and let me know how it worked for you.
          May you avoid the “clean and sexless household” that is the typical outcome of a partnership of equals.

        7. The fact that because I’m smart you assume I’m not ” a finer looking woman” is sad.
          What’s life ,is a bunch of men harping on smart , successful women , who are also beautiful because those women aren’t interested in them.
          And no I’m not bitter- I’m in a happy relationship, with a family and have personal and professional success. The day that women and young men alike stop wanting that and think hey ” some older guy/gal will take me college degree or not” is the day we have failed the generation of people behind us.
          The fact that you actually want to berate woman who are educated is terribly sad, I hope if you have daughters men don’t think that of them. Are you getting them facials, and hair treatments? Did you buy them a total gym? Lets not forget manicures and pedicures because hey you said it yourself ~ younger finer woman right. So are you telling them not to apply and go to college. I wonder if you’ll tell them at 29 that they just have no hope- that’s what this article is about.
          Please continue to write on, I e wasted enough if my cape wearing time.

        8. No, I am sorry.
          This is the internet. We do not know if you have a PHD or if you even are female at all, we have only your word for your story, it is not impossible but we simply do not know.
          Bright future? If it is true you make a 6 figures job, you should make sure you have plans when SHTF.
          But you are right, a male who find it uncomfortable to live off a female should not be uncomfortable with a female not living off him.
          There is already feminism for that.
          Some people viewing this website find that to be a good thing, yes, you should buy your things with your own earned money!
          Indeed, why choose between 24 yo and 30 yo? Better pick both!

        9. If you are indeed working and pay taxes, worry not, you are a provider to tens of millions of females and tens of millions of children.
          You do much more in that regard than 1950s working males.
          And you know that “positive” discrimination exist, yes? The near future of the anglosphere is that females gets an increasing priority to jobs, especially well-paid ones.
          This as feminism accumulates more and more power and economic conditionss worsening will give them more support from females in need of work.
          Here is the thing, the life as you know is already gone for most younger people and things will change even more in the near future.
          But science can allow your wife, if she does indeed exist, to have a few children more.

        10. Uh, what? You’re an MD/PhD who works from your home office and make six figures? As a Doctor myself, I’m calling you on your complete BS.
          And from a medical standpoint, there certainly are risks to unborn children at 35 — as a man, if you start a relationship with a woman in her 30’s, you’re effectively forced to have children almost immediately. Whereas if you’re interacting with a woman 5 to 7 years younger, you get to spend time with a more physically attractive individual while being able to foster a relationship more conducive to having children.
          In other words, it’s really easy to understand the article, and it totally jives with accepted medical science.

        11. “Why should he have to provide that extra Chanel bag I want” and “drs,lawyers and scientists who will change the face of medicine.”
          Indeed, that’s what career women consider as “contributions”: Buying expensive designer bags rather than telling men to buy them for her. How enlightened! What a first-worlder perspective of the world: That money is to blow at the salon or to impress other women. For men, it’s about paying the mortgage and saving for a rainy day.
          And innovations in science. Yeah, like healthcare.gov. Or green energy. Aside from inflationary paychecks in an era when unemployment is skyrocketing, affirmative action has produced a generation of highly educated women (and those men who compete) who can’t find work. It would be great if the biggest concern was how to go Prada bag shopping after dumping off the kid at daycare.
          Independent women? Yeah, sure. Perhaps the elite doctors which you might be one of but the rest? They hav 6 figure credit card bills and student loans. Good luck with them sending their kid to an ivy league school with that!

        12. Lucky to have 3??
          You really think 3 children is a small number to have? Given that the world is overpopulated, it is SELFISH for a couple to have more than 2 children. I don’t even know if I want children, but if I do, I only want 1 or 2.
          And who are you to say what works or will not work for another family? The fact that you are speaking for all men shows your arrogance and ignorance.

        13. And a smart 30 year old woman would have no interest in you anyway, so she’d be glad you’d choose the younger woman and spare her the misery of your company.

        14. Who says any random woman in her 20s is more attractive than any random woman in her 30s? There are plenty of haggard looking 25 year olds and fresh-faced 30-somethings who could pass for high schoolers. And a real man falls in love with a woman for who she is, not what she can give him. What you are describing is very selfish and any woman would be lucky for a man like that to shy away from her – she deserves better.

        15. Virtually all sociological studies on the matter suggest it. So does OkCupid data.
          Reality conflicts with your definition of “real”, especially as it relates to men.

      2. It is pointless. They will never ever realise we are right. They have crash hard before they can wake up.
        I am not going to write to any female post now on. Just a waste of time, like talking to a cat.
        They are like parrots, just yepping the same bullshit again and again. They are like fucking clones.

    2. What makes you think you aren’t an equal contributing partner in a relationship if you have kids, care for the home, and provide maternal love and guidance. Any man can bring home a paycheck. No man can grow children and provide them with maternal love. Just like now woman can provide paternal guidance. Hence the reason children of single mom turn out so crappy on average.
      Separate but equal is a real thing.

      1. Maybe you should read below- I have a child that I provide all those things for as well- this isn’t a post about working mothers vs non working mothers this is a ludicrous post about woman over 30
        and their worth.

        1. I guess education is low on your totem pole- maybe you should do some research to the type of environments children should be engaged in for part of their daily lives.I hardly think 4 hours of learning in a social environment is ” dumping” my child but please. Preach on.

        2. It is a farce to state that you can provide paternal guidance.
          A women simply CANNOT act as a father. There is no substitute.

        3. I think you are part of a total different conversation. He has a a mother and a father. You must be confused.

        4. Well its allowing you to spend your morning arguing on behalf of all women when you have created a profile for yourself that clearly places you in the 1 in 10,000 category. Rather than accept that people shouldn’t waste their time on the long odds and find a more fruitful playing field you are arguing to the death. Which basically proves you aren’t who you claim to be.

        5. Ah, the mommy wars. The paradigm that family courts use to justify alimony and childsupport from men that when a woman is a SAH mother then men should pay for that choice for the child’s interests can be used against career women who farm these tasks out to daycare. If a career woman can drop off the kids at daycare, why shouldn’t men do the same and tell their ex-wives to go out and get a job? If a woman goes to work, is she neglecting her children?
          I personally don’t think daycare is a big deal. Probably it’s best to not smother the kids. I find it amazing though at how less independent kids are than when I grew up. When I was 4 or so, I was expected to go out and play on my own usually at friends’ houses or in the park. Today, whether it’s at daycare or a parent watching them, they’ll get abducted if they walk to school or home from soccer. At least the parents I know seem to think that.

      2. I’m a living example of “children of single mom turn out so crappy on average”, much to my own chagrin.
        Heh, single white female feminists should experience firsthand on seeing men, acting like scorned women.

      3. “What makes you think you aren’t an equal contributing partner in a relationship if you have kids, care for the home, and provide maternal love and guidance.”
        That’s not a fulfilling life for many women. Women want to be able to have lives of their own and contribute to the outside world as well, rather than existing for the sole purpose of raising children.
        Stay at home moms are more likely to be clinically depressed, because their lives revolve around their kids with nothing for themselves. This is horrible for the kids.

        1. Is the man “negatively impacting the home” by working? Why is it the woman by default who is expected to give up her entire life, education, etc. to stay at home? If a father loves his kids, he could do a good job staying at home and raising them.

    3. That’s the problem, quit trying to contribute so much financially and offer what we don’t have instead : feminine qualities. We will be quite happy to have a wife who is a good mother and takes care of the kids, working part time only when she wants it.

      1. A lot of men want a woman who will contribute financially but don’t want baggage or negative attitudes (she has money so she doesn’t need men). If she doesn’t need men, then a good looking and/or financially successful man won’t bother wooing her.

    4. Madeline, I laughed my head off at that claim. I agree that a lot of young women were NOT sluts and were just in school or starting up their career but really, because they _wanted_ to be “equal contributing partners?”
      Of all the dates I have gone on with such women, NONE of them looked favorably upon a suggestion from me to split the check. Now THAT’S equal contributing partners, right? Ok, sure you know a few women who aren’t like that but we rarely hear women complain: “Why don’t men like splitting the check?” because income generating women are not presenting that as an asset to attract a mate. At best, she’ll carry her own weight financially later but present that as an “F-you” option if he gets out of line (develops a spine.) More on this later.
      But sure, such women turned their “looking” engine on at full blast as soon as they realized their fertile years were drawing to a close but even for professional men such as myself who were open to the idea, it was a lot to consider going from bachelor to baby in 60 seconds (And I could actually see it in their eyes in that period of time on the date.) With her having her own income and an independent attitude built from a decade of living alone, it’s a huge risk to have a child with someone who could take the kid and bill you child-support.
      It was funny in a way how these women’s expectations became so unrealistic. It’s like a horny, ugly guy at last call at a bar making ridiculous pickup lines at the prettiest girl at the bar. So these ladies in a panic would say that the guy should present his qualifications to be a breadwinner (nevermind her income, that’s for her independence), and compact a years worth of dating into a night to charm her otherwise she should take off for the next “speed” date and try again.
      Hollywood and trashTV is even picking up the trend and showing women with “backup plans” just going out and buying sperm and then hoping a guy will be turned on by some strangers’ kid. Yeah, good luck with that. But the one thing they didn’t consider was truly living up to equality as feminists liked to say and being responsible for finding a mate and using your income to contribute to a relationship rather than as a backdoor.

    5. LMFAO!!!! how can a woman with dry or drying ovaries be an equal contributor to a relationship…? no children = not really needing two incomes unless both partners are uneducated and on minimum wage. so without them fucking seeds, what does the average woman REALLY bring that’s necessary or equal?

      1. 30 year old women don’t have dry ovaries. And she was talking about being able to contribute to the actual relationship and what it takes to live together, not children. Women have more to offer than the ability to have children, not that you are remotely capable of understanding that.

        1. no, they really don’t. most things a woman brings to a partnership can be brought by a girlfriend or fuck buddy, and it is mutually supplied by both man and woman. my life won’t be boring and lonely if i stay single. marriage and women are for raising a family together, most women are unfit for it these days and certainly women over 30.

  53. Really, it’s not a matter of being “invisible”–it’s that older women are simply not women in the romantic/sexual sense. They’re neuter.
    Consider the random bank teller or grocery cashier you interact with. Unless it’s a young and hot female, does their gender even matter? Do you even SEE them as male or female? No. They are ‘Teller’ or ‘Cashier’ or “Driver” or some other genderless being.
    I work in an office with both male and female colleagues; as it happens, none of the females are young/attractive, so to me they HAVE no gender. They are simply “Co-Worker A,” “Co-Worker B,” and so on. I interact with them as colleagues only, with no sexual overtones. We’re cordial; we do our jobs well; we get the work done. But that’s it. If one vanished and were replaced overnight with a male, nothing would change. Because these women aren’t ‘women’ at all; they’re genderless work units.
    Now, that’s not to say that older women aren’t human beings. They are. Nobody’s saying they should be run down in traffic, or denied the vote, or even yelled at in the supermarket checkout lane. But they AREN’T entitled to sexual attention simply because they want it; after all, isn’t that what feminists have been telling men for many decades now?

    1. Secondary point: When older women complain about being “invisible,” they’re really experiencing what it’s like to be a man. Their sexual value has vanished, so they’re now treated the same as any other random humanoid, i.e., essentially ignored until someone needs to interact with them for business purposes.

      1. This comment is spot on — in general, the dearth of sexual attention without any work that older women experience is effectively the same as what men face at all ages. Except it’s a travesty worth reporting on when it’s women who deal with it.

  54. Billy chubbs… Is this article serious? Are you actually a writer? Do people actually read this and for some sickening reason find you to be agreeable and even valuable? I sincerely hope not..because how depressing would that be? What a piece of shit. Although I’m not sure what I was expecting I heard about this website and you in joking..people claimed that there was this website that had stories from sad insecure little man who are in fact so insecure in their masculinity and history with women that they wrote the most ridiculous stories any intelligent normal and respectable person has ever heard. How depressing they were right and such a website does exist. All this article did was make it clear you have had a painful past with the women or absence of women in your life leaving you with such an unfortunate disturbed and twisted view of reality.

    1. Ohmygod, you are totes right!! He probably has a tiny penis and lives in his mom’s basement. You go grrrrl!
      Or you can shut your pie hole and go play with your cats. If you want to be really useful, you could make me a sandwich.
      Because one thing I know you can’t do is logically refute a single point he brought up.

      1. And a you did was exemplify my point. Why don’t you make me a sandwich you sad little piece Of shit? And I can actually prove the point that the men who actually write this and take this seriously are pathetic because I mean just look at what’s being said..so you actually believe the mean who actually
        GeT the girls say shit like this? Of course the don’t. They have attractive nice girlfriends and therefore love women and don’t need to whine lie and complain like this. It’s a complete joke. Although I’m only 20 I seriously hope I can snag intelligent valuable guys like you and billy chubbs before I’m 30!! LOL.

        1. Nope. Try again.
          It’s ok, most women can’t do logic.
          And, yes, you can hope. But it mostly has to do with taking care of yourself and trying to make yourself interesting by learning an instrument or something.

        2. “Although I’m only 20 I seriously hope I can snag intelligent valuable guys like you and billy chubbs before I’m 30!!”
          I sure hope so too, because then in the future you won’t be at the club harassing 22 year old’s like me. BTW I need to test my ban button, can you tell me if it’s working plzkthxbbbi

  55. Whoa denise richards way past prime same with diaz as well as aniston a good future post could show before and after the carousel ride if I were matthew boderick id chew off my leg to get as far from that seahag he is chained to

  56. Dear god, you are talking about human beings like they are pawns that should bend to your every whim. It’s creepy.

    1. Were you referring to feminism? Because that’s pretty much the crux of it if you’re a man.

  57. You know, it’s funny…I wanted to have a family and maybe get married in my 20s–but none of the men my age had JOBS or SKILLS, or gave a shit about getting any any time soon. I realized early that if I wanted children I would have to support and pay for them myself–because men are inherently uninterested. So I pretty much had to get an educaiton and a high-paying job on the assumption that I would have to be able to support a family on my own. Are women supposed to wait for one of the handdful of young men who isn’t just waiting for their “dream” career to try to make anything of themselves, or waiting for a mommy/wife to take care of them just like their own mothers did? If so we could wait forever. Or should we marry young, have kids, have no skills, and then when men leave us at age 30 (as you suggest is only natrual) then we have no way to support ourselves or our children. If women are working and waiting to get into long-term relationships then it is also because today’s young men don’t care about being providers, not just because women are “partying”. I always assumed I would have to take care of any partner I get. Now I am better off on my own, I don’t need to pay for a boy and his toys and get nothing. Paying/supporting you to fuck me? No thanks. Whores fare better than that, at least they are the ones getting paid. I wonder how many of the commenters on this site could even support a woman if they wanted to.

    1. This sounds like a combination of a self-fulfilling prophesy, sour grapes and projection. The author didn’t state the men would abandon their wives at the age of 30 but rather it was foolish to START the relationship at that point when he can get someone younger. You, on the other hand, sum up your position that you see no reason to get involved with a “boy” after you have your own money and regard sex and his companionship as effectively worthless on it’s own merits. This explains why few men were motivated to chase after you either in youth or in old age. That’s why it’s a self-fulfilling prophesy. You know the grapes will taste sour so why bother reaching for them? This is a perfect excuse for someone who doesn’t want to take a risk.
      Certainly, there are options for young women whether they are seeking a career or not: Don’t wait. The notion of waiting for a rich, handsome breadwinner fish to jump in her bucket is an American woman entitlement myth that hot men are that easy to find. They obviously aren’t. But American women are so dumb in that they think that complaining that hot young successful men aren’t chasing them doesn’t mean that they should stop expecting it.
      Bottom line is that if a woman has an attitude that a relationship with me isn’t worth her time, I have to agree with her UNLESS she really did bring a lot to the table. But by the time I was able to warm up these ice princesses, I had other options. I didn’t need to wait in line for frozen when fresh was available.
      And yes, I and many men have the ability to support a family. It’s not impossible really. I don’t buy too many Gucci or LV bags or expensive shoes or buy a new car instead of fixing an old one. I dated a lot of successful career women with money problems because like celebrities, they couldn’t figure out how to save money. If you think men are a hassle, try paying for and dealing with raising a child. Especially a girl. A guy sitting in front of a TV and dumping his socks on the floor is low maintenance by comparison.

    2. Marry older men. In the old days it was common for a woman to marry a man 15 years older.
      Why? Because he had to convince her father(!) that he was able to take care of his wife and future children. It takes time for a man to build something. Mid 30s if you are good.

    3. Of course you couldn’t find what you were looking for. Women are most fertile in their early twenties while men are most productive in their thirties. Because of this men used to marry considerably younger women. – You’re free to do anything you want, but if you wanted a provider you should have included those who can.

  58. As a great man once told me and a group of young men while attending his poetry
    class “We men age like fine wine, we become richer and deeper and wiser with
    age. While women age like French Bread only suitable to drown in the sorrows of
    an onion soup ”

  59. Bill Burr sums why marriage is fraud.
    “I’ve worked 20 years to get where the f*ck I’m at and I could lose it all if the person I’m with, which I have no control over, decided ‘ah, I’m going to bang the guy across the street and you will pay for it for the rest of your life’, and it’s totally legal.”
    This sums it ALL UP MEN, NEVER MARRY.

  60. I’m not an “old hag” and would just like to clarify something for you guys. Young girls don’t really want to date old men either. When you’re old enough to be our dads and start hitting us up, it’s creepy. I’m not saying that girls won’t overlook age because of of other good qualities, but we certainly aren’t interested if you’re fifteen years older than us and think you’re doing us a favor because your such a hot number. Be an adult and date other adult women. If you only want to sleep with young girls, who are your younger counterparts going to sleep with? These “old hoe bags” who apparently should disappear from the face of the Earth. You both have miles on you so get over it and stop pretending that you’re above aging or above older women your own age. Did you ever think that maybe the fact that your sperm is getting defective and now produces a high probability for down syndrome and autistic offspring might be a factor for us too? Grow up already? You all probably weren’t that hot when you were twenty either. Start valuing people for who they are, not your sexist, bigoted preliminary judgement of what you assume them to be.

    1. These guys are not going to listen to you – they’re just going to call you “grandma,” etc. It’s really like talking to a brick wall – you can say you’re young, etc. but it won’t go through their heads.
      But you’re right – I’m always creeped out when much older men hit on me, and so are all of my friends. Like you said, it’s different if you just meet, start talking, and have a genuine connection, but these guys (on this site) don’t seem to have any interest in a girl’s personality – it’s all about the superficial for them.
      You’re right about sperm becoming defective with age too – these guys conveniently ignore that. Recent research has shown that older fathers cause just as many problems in offspring as older mothers, if not more. 30+ guys who use “birth defects” as an excuse for only wanting girls under 25 need to be put in their place with the truth.

      1. Babe – sperm quality? excuses?
        I say bullshit squared lady.
        With a 22 year old wife a 52 yo man can have lots of children.
        Say 24/28/32/36 -> thats 4 kids quite easily.
        With a 32 yo wife the same man can have about 2. Maybe just one. If not so lucky none.
        With a 42 yo wife the same man can have….no children. Maybe one with doctors help and a lot of shit and costs.
        With a 52 yo wife the same man will never have children. If i had to make a qualified guess I would also say the sex will be less in quantity (how many 52yo women have at least 3/week sex? hm?) and terrible in quality. Remember a womans looks is about 50% of the pleasure men get from having sex with her.
        If you cant accept these basics you Babe, hopefully are young, blonde and hot so your low IQ does not matter that much.

        1. It seems that you’re the one with the low IQ.
          Did you not read the article I linked to? Older men can have children, but the declining quality of their sperm can increase the risk of birth defects. Why should a 22 year old woman want to marry a 52 year old man, with his low-quality sperm, when she could marry someone her own age?
          And in this already overpopulated world, it is nothing less than incredibly SELFISH to have four children. Couples should be having no more than 2 children.

        2. It is not what we do not know what brings us into trouble, it is what we think we know but isnt.
          Idiocracy the movie – watch it and learn.
          We have too many people on earth, but it is not the educated, white, innovative, successful who can use a keyboard who are the problem. Us are in fact fewer and fewer in number each year.
          It is the barely human masses from the 3rd and 4th world who have their first child by the age of 11 and are grand mothers by the age of 25. These are the source of our overpopulation. If the highest developed humans decide to have fewer children, it will not stop overpopulation – it will just make the average IQ go down.
          There are plenty of studies in the internet regarding the effects of IQ 80 people immigration in several european countries.
          Oh and one last word regarding sperm quality: If our sperm is bad we have one more reason to pick a fresh mother. Raises our odds.
          And yes the alpha male is selfish and proud of it.

        3. A man who intentionally waits until 52 to have children because his priority was chasing young tail the previous twenty years isn’t fit to be a father anyway.

        4. It’s kind of disturbing that you used the word “white” to describe the people who should be reproducing. Just like saying I’d better be blonde. Again, are you a Nazi?
          “Oh and one last word regarding sperm quality: If our sperm is bad we have one more reason to pick a fresh mother. Raises our odds.”
          And the young girl has every right to reject you for someone her own age. Also, if men here want to call women selfish for trying to have kids at older ages, they are equally selfish for wanting to do so themselves if they know their age will increase the likelihood of birth defects.

        5. People from the 3rd world are “barely human.”? No wonder you have trouble respecting women as human beings…you can’t even seem to respect the humanity of men who are not like you.

        6. Child – hey dad?
          57 yo dad – yes son
          Child – why are all my friends dads younger? My friends make fun of me that I have such an old dad.
          57 yo dad – well son I needed to ride motorcycles and sow my wild oats you see.
          Child – thanks for being so thoughtful dad. Now I’m the kid with the old man father who’s too tired all the time!

    2. We value woman for what they are:
      Young, slender with an nice hourglass figure, nice non-sagggggggin boobs, a firm ass, firm thighs and a healthy dose of sex drive.
      That is what men want. If we have the means to get that at age 20 – fine.
      If we have the means to get that age 40 – fine. Age 60 – fine. Age 80 – fine.
      We do not change, nor does our taste. As men we have the means to get these nice girls at any age, as long as we get enough status, wealth and power.
      We kill for these things. We do that for a reason.

      1. One of the biggest flaws of men who post on this site is that they think they speak for every man in the world. Not every man cares about looks and youth more than anything else. And not every man likes the same type of woman you do. Some men like heavier women, some don’t care about looks at all. And it’s very rare for a young woman to want to have anything to do with a man 10-15 years older. I would rather date a broke guy my own age that I had a lot in common with than some rich slimy guy who was 20 years older.

        1. not every man has the balls and the options to TELL you how much he cares about your looks. we DON’T ONLY care for looks, but it’s important. for initial proceedings with any man, your beauty is a huge factor as you old women soon learn.

    3. Hitting on girls your own age is creepy also when you’re a teenager. It’s creepy in exactly those circumstances where you can’t show value. When you’re rich, famous or powerful enough, you can be attractive into very old age. It’s only when you have nothing to show for yourself when looks count for a man.

  61. This article is bound to become a classic.
    The “Invisible Woman” is mostly a white-collar phenomenon.
    Empowered aging women trying to conciliate their access to resources and political power with their decaying health and beauty.
    Billy Chubbs, I raise the sign of the horns and salute you.

  62. Babe ” any woman who wants a happy life will marry what you consider to be a beta man.”
    Attraction is not a choice.
    You can rationalize all day and night. When all is said and done you might marry your beta worker bee who is happy to clean your toilet but you will be reading “50shades” have your day-dreams regarding good sex with a strong man while find more and more creative ways to avoid sex with Mr beta hubby.
    Attraction is not a choice.

  63. F = (M/2) + 7
    An equation that has served men well for many many years, and will continue to do so for the rest of our lives.
    It worked when you were in grade school, when your little sister’s best friend was sending you love letters, and it will work when you are buying your first winnebago (Just look at Rupert Murdoch).
    The downside is that mathematics is a cruel ironic bitch, and a simple rearrangement yields an unhappy outcome that every 30-something female knows.
    The only man you can get => (your age – 7) * 2.
    So, you are Carrie Bradshaw, and you just hit your late 30’s… and absent some mentally unstable dude with a granny fetish (like Ashton Kutcher), then you are only gonna score guys in their 60’s.
    And that’s assuming you have a great body, no kids, and an intact career.
    Not exactly the Mr Big you were dreaming of, right girls.

    1. Then how do you explain all the same-age couples who are getting married, in their 20s, 30s, and 40s?

      1. Its easy to explain….. There are many men who sell themselves short, for all the reasons that have been talked about on this website. Instead of working for what they want, they just take what they can get.
        Instead of staying single into their 40’s like I have, and dating 20-somethings, they allow themselves to be taken hostage by their peers, their family pleas of “I think its time for you to settle down”, their fear of not being part of the herd, and the societal mindset that tells you that if you are alone, you will be lonely.
        So, they partner up, and give their little snowflake what she wants. A nice big diamond ring.
        This is their choice. But there is a better world out there.
        There is a world of 45kg Asian girls who still know what it means to be feminine…. rather than a ball busting feminist white girl.
        There is a world of Ferrari’s, Bentleys and Lotuses to be invested in, rather than blowing tens of thousands of dollars on braces and private schools.
        There are beaches at the Maldives, Mountains in Yosemite and girlie-bars in Thailand to be enjoyed. Rather than the “family-friendly” theme parks where you spend an hour waiting for a 2 minute ride with your screaming brats.
        And most importantly, there is the comfort of knowing that you can be alone. And that there is nobody nagging you, or relying on you, or busting your chops 24/7 because of something you don’t understand.
        And given the current divorce rates, I would suggest most of these same-age couples you refer to, will not be couples in the future. At which point, the equation will still be valid.
        There are many many men who allow themselves to be defined not by themselves, but by the expectations of the group. Just because something is common practice, doesn’t mean it is best practice.

        1. Hey, more power to you. No one said that anyone has to get married or have kids. But you should understand that there are some women who feel the same way and don’t want to get married at a young age, or at all, and have no desire to have children.
          But men who marry young, men who marry women their own age, etc. are not necessarily settling. I would say very few of them actually see it that way. There is such a thing as falling in love and wanting to spend the rest of one’s life with a person, which seems to be a foreign concept in the manosphere.
          Taken from the link below – “the greater the difference in age, the more likely the marriage will end in separation or divorce”

        2. Well, I think no man should get married, regardless of the age difference.
          Marriage is a suckers game.
          And to address your comments above – Generalization of the age of women to which men should seek, is exactly what you have done by holding up “same age couples” as a sign of something positive in relationships.
          You are just using a different equation; M=F.

        3. Not really. I don’t think that age should matter that much at all – it’s compatibility and love that make a relationship. If one partner is significantly older than the other and they are compatible, more power to them. But as a whole it’s just going to be less likely if they’re too far apart in age, because they’ll just have less in common and are likely to be in different places in life.

        4. If you don’t want kids, your way of life might work out for you awhile longer. However, most of the men on here are claiming that men want to marry a young women bc they want multiple kids…so this wouldn’t apply to them.

        5. I’m amused when someone makes the appeal to authority claim: “No one said that” when there have been plenty of people who HAVE said such a thing (and it was and even still is conventional wisdom in many places.)
          Simply because YOU wouldn’t say such a thing doesn’t mean that NOBODY would ANYWHERE EVER.
          You’re right though in that just as the manosphere is often encouraging men to avoid marriage at all costs that feminism has long ago stated that marriage is a concentration camp. It’s worth pondering that many men are coming to the seemingly same conclusion, albeit in a different way, as radical feminists.
          However/but, while there are women who have no desire to have children, they are the minority. On the other hand, many men are willing to accept not having children. It’s a “woman” thing to want children far more than men do on average. Men may want children, but they want them as part of a relationship. They wouldn’t consider becoming a single parent not only because of the emotional challenge but financial as well.
          So even after the 1950’s are long over, women want to have children and it’s still difficult for most of them to get by without a breadwinning man.

        6. “Men may want children, but they want them as part of a relationship. They wouldn’t consider becoming a single parent not only because of the emotional challenge but financial as well.”
          Sir you hit the nail on the head! I couldn’t have said it better. Men think logically about life and relationships. Women mostly, do not. thats why you see a lot of single mothers and divorced women.

        7. Men aren’t perfectly logical. Look at the crap men have been putting up with and how it’s resulted in the mess we have now. Most men are not prepared to take the red pill and that means going the whole way: Reconsidering whether women’s equality was a good idea. It’s not working out. Yes, women are more slutty than they were 50 years ago, but long term relationships between men and women have suffered.
          If a parent lets a child run around with scissors, we blame the parent. We’re the parent in this case. We need to start saying no.

        8. Great point – That men are coming to the same view as the feminists… that marriage is to be avoided at all costs.

        9. Thanks. I try my best to understand those with whom I disagree. Sometimes its a struggle.

        10. Except that the feminists, at least heterosexual spoiled
          bourgeoise ones, were just bluffing. They took marriage for granted so they thought they could make an empty gesture of rebellion. In the 80’s when I went to university, women friends told me that they said they weren’t interested in marriage but this was just as “play hard to get” game they didn’t think they’d be held to. The late 80’s was like Caligula for spoiled women and feminists: Plenty of men were still getting good jobs, lots of women voluntarily dropped out of the workforce to be housewives, and the USA wasn’t yet struggling to support a third world immigrant welfare state.
          In the 90’s, as the supply of professional men started to wane, career women briefly flirted with, get this, buying their own diamonds. But then it became a joke. A woman buying her own diamond ring was like a man bragging about masturbation. I coined the term “shopping masturbation.” Many women wound up childless. At around this time, the trickster was born: Women who weren’t planning or able to get married but hoping to trick a one night stand into getting stuck with a child-support bill for her single motherhood aims.
          And that is why “game” is amazingly dangerous. The bars and nightclubs are full of women LOOKING to get pregnant. They’ll lie about taking the pill or they may even try to give oral sex and steal the sperm.
          Anyways, I’m married and my wife is a sensible foreign woman but she’s highly unPC. Nearly all of our friends speak English as a second language and I feel like an immigrant at this point (in a good way). It helps me avoid being trapped by American culture by being kind of apart from it.

        11. “stuck with a child-support bill for her single motherhood aims.”
          Works with goverment enslaved worker drones only. Sadly thats 99.9% of men.

    2. Think about the couples you know in person, over and under 30. Are the majority of the women in these couples dating or married to men nearly twice their age? I doubt it. Outside of the messed up world of Hollywood and the imaginary world of the “manosphere” I only know of ONE couple to whom this rule would apply.

      1. Right – it’s amazing how men in the manosphere think their views and formulaic thinking about women’s ages can be generalized to all men, when the truth is that they’re not even living in the real world, and in fact the real world is laughing at people who are ignorant enough to think like them.

        1. Someone is always laughing at someone….. such is the nature of the world.
          I usually laugh at feminists, psychologists, politicians… usually because they talk total bullshit.