PODCAST: How To Become More Resilient

In my second podcast, I describe the most common ways men get attacked by women, coworkers, strangers in public, or by an anonymous internet mob, along with tactics to defend against attacks. Next, I explain the differences between the strategies of anti-fragility and resiliency before recommending that you shoot for long-term resiliency as your personal goal. I then give a formula to increase your resiliency when it comes to your finances, physical safety, and mental strength. I also talk about the importance of creating a local self-defense network.

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41 thoughts on “PODCAST: How To Become More Resilient”

  1. This podcast is focused on lone wolf mentality. What we need is Wolf Pack mentality to build a political movement before it is too late.

      1. I see your point, but logically, no one survives entirely on his own. Unless we are talking about some self-sufficient farmer in some faraway forest.

        1. Yep, still would not team up with people that work in the corporate world. Still would not work with husbands that “have no time” well you know what I mean. One can abuse them for votes or something tho.

        2. By the way I answered your comment on valorforfreedom.com, No comments are ignored.

        3. This brings up an interesting point: what exactly constitutes a “lone wolf”
          I mean is it the remote self sufficient farmer living in a jungle entirely on their own? Well yes, you might definitely say they are a lone wolf.
          What about someone who doesn’t live in society but lives a hermetic life. Quietly goes to work and returns home, has no social interaction, has saved money from being this way his whole life. I mean, surely he relies on the entire nation not being conquered by mongol invaders but he seems to me to be both an intellectual as well as societal lone wolf. Barring any highly unlikely doomsday scenario he will live a life in total anonymity.
          What about a guy like uninbomber Ted Kazinsky? He was certainly a lone wolf. However, I don’t see him able to withstand, say, a Chinese land invasion that happened upon his shack in the woods.
          Finally, what about me? I am an emotional lone wolf for sure. I have no emotional contacts. I have people I know and people I admire and women I like to fuck but all of them get a version of me…while I keep myself in reserve. I’ve often referred to it as the difference between lolknee and the lolknee show. That said, I rely on even more than those other guys. I need a police force to safeguard me from the savages in the ghettos, I need good waiters and Bartenders and piano players. I need bad fathers fucking up their daughters and cab drivers and sanitation people and running water and grocery stores and blah blah blah.
          So when we say “lone wolf” what are we really talking about? It would seem to me that there are many wolves or many different pelt colors and all of them can be lone in their own way

        4. Yup, you brought it nicely to the point. It’s like the question about freedom. What do we mean when we say ‘freedom’. Free from what exactly? Free from the need to eat? Free from the need to not be raped, killed, abducted? Free from the need to fuck? Free from an oppressive government? But how oppressive must the government be to guarantee the other kinds of freedoms. Etc etc.

        5. Right–you can follow freedom pretty far down the worm hole. Foucault said true freedom exists in the penal colony. You could, even easier, say it only exists in death which is what Socrates hints to on his deathbed when he tells Crito (I think) to give a cock to Asclepius

        6. Death – or maybe a metaphorical death like the ‘death of the ego’. Once you stop being attached to anything, you are free from suffering. In principle, you don’t need anything else. That’s what we all want in the end, no?

        7. Of course you could accurately say that. Like I said it is a deep worm hole. After the death of the ego tell your bowels how totally free you are after a bad batch of shell fish. All roads lead to death being ultimate freedom. Everything else is degrees of the same i would say

        8. Well, from what I read, enlightenment does not stop pain per se. It just stops suffering. In other words, you still feel your bowels. But you no longer give a fuck, because you’re detached. You observe the painful bowels and feel neverending love and all that.
          That said, death in itself is probably not freedom. There are many people who believe we actually live in a form of matrix. I read a very interesting website that questions the ‘tunnel of light’ that many report seeing in NDEs. That guy theorized that this tunnel of light is really a manipulatory trick by entities that want us here on earth (their slave colony). They appear to us after death like Jesus or people we love and appeal to our narcissism and say stuff like ‘You need to go back to earth. You are needed there. You have a mission.’ And they have devices that emit a form of energy that makes us feel overwhelming love in that moment, and then we are lured to a base on the back of the moon, where our memories are erased and we begin a new life as slaves.

        9. This may be correct tom…of course, in the end, we all will find out one way or another and probably not be able to let any one know. I will say this however, regardless of whether it is good or bad, if death isn’t the total obliteration of the self I am going to be sorely aggrieved.

        10. You ever read the sci fi writer named Stanislaw Lem? He wrote the The Cyberiad. Great stuff. In it he tells a short story of Mymosh the Self Begotten. It is in this short tale that I feel very great truth has been struck upon.
          Here is the short section about Mymosh. Enjoy

        11. Tom, you are definitely one of the more interesting cats around…I will give you that.

    1. People that are being divided and conquered don’t seem to notice that they’re atomized. You practically have to cold slap people to shake them out of their trance. Try talking to folks. Walk around your hood and try to rally folks to action and THE HOUSE BITCHES that boss their whip men start cackling to call them in. The turmoil AND VICTORY that awaits man over the horizon will start in the home and on a ‘lone wolf’ or ‘one-on-one’ level with men siezing dominion over their chromosomal accessory WOMAN. Feminism must die first and it will quickly. The real challenge will be the growth spurt as the human species navigates the conquering of THE REAL BITCH Mother Earth, as we ascend to the next level and become UNIVERSAL MAN.

  2. Kinda slow in here lately. I was watching the comment sections, and next thing you know, I had cobwebs on my eyelids…

  3. Two blondes are on opposite sides of a lake. The first blonde yells, “How do I get to the other side of the lake?” And the second blonde yells back, “You ARE on the other side of the lake…”

    1. A blonde is overweight, so her doctor puts her on a diet. “I want you to eat regularly for two days, then skip a day, and repeat the procedure for two weeks. The next time I see you, you’ll have lost at least five pounds.” When the blonde returns, she’s lost nearly 20 pounds. “Wow, that’s amazing!” the doctor says. “Did you follow my instructions?” The blonde nods… “I’ll tell you, though, I thought I was going to drop dead that third day.” “From hunger, you mean?” said the doctor. “No, from skipping,” replied the blonde.

    2. A Mexican guy, White guy and Chinese guy are working at a construction site. The supervisor begins explaining the responsibilities to the men, “White guy, you will be responsible for lumber, Mexican guy, you will be in charge of gravel and Chinese guy, you will be in charge of supplies.” All men nod in agreement. “I’ll see you guys tomorrow at 6am.” Tomorrow comes around and the supervisor pulls up in his truck. The white guy is standing next to the lumber pile and the Mexican guy is standing next to the gravel pile. They all look around, supervisor says, “Where’s the Chinese guy?” Out of no where, Chinese guy jumps out from behind the gravel pile and yells, “SUPPLIES!!!”

  4. Roosh you should meet with a psychiatrist ,you most likely have a personality disorder.May be you can get some therapy to alleviate some of the symptoms
    Yes there are men who are psychologists and therapists if you have any concern that an inferior woman might think she could give you a diagnosis.
    They might run a VDRL and find the actual cause of all these symptoms(neurosyphilis).

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