The 9 Ugliest Feminists In America

1. Lindy West

She’s the fattest feminist in this roundup. Her crusade to eliminate fat shaming (on Jezebel) is designed so that when Skynet becomes self-aware, she’ll be finally seen as culturally attractive.

2. Jessica Valenti

She has achieved mainstream acceptance with her books and articles in the Washington Post and The Atlantic. Surprisingly, she got married, but to a man who was awarded a “beta of the month” prize. She was somewhat attractive for one picture in her life:

But she looks nothing like that now…

3. Amanda Marcotte

The reason that feminists have large jaws is because of testosterone exposure during pre-natal development. In that case, Amanda must have been supplemented with testosterone via direct injection into the womb.


4. Carolyn Hax

I feel like it’s unfair to pick on the elderly, but such is life. She can be found shaming men on her Washington Post advice column.

5. Hanna Rosin

She wrote a book called The End Of Men: And The Rise Of WomenEnough said.

6. Kay Hymowitz

Another senior citizen. She wrote a book called Manning Up: How The Rise Of Women Turned Men Into Boys

7. Sandra Fluke

Obama’s useful idiot for the 2012 presidential campaign. She believes the taxpayer should pay for her birth control.

8. Kate Harding

She believes men’s rights activists should go fuck themselves. She also believes that fat shaming is a serious feminist issue. Of course she’s fat.

9. Jen McCreight

She’s a popular atheist blogger who puts her science views on hold when passionately discussing feminism. I actually got into a blog war with her last year when she hated on my accurate observation that hyper-educated girls are less feminine.

Jen wins our ugliest feminist contest by a wide margin. She’s so ugly that when she looks in the mirror, her reflection looks back and shakes its head. Really though she’s so ugly that when she goes to the therapist, he asks her to lie on the couch face down. No but seriously, no playing around, she’s so ugly that when she wants to practice birth control, all she has to do is turn on the light.

Feminists want to be valued for their brainpower and ideas above all else, but they still engage in professional photoshoots to push the prettiest picture of themselves on their web sites and book jackets. I guess even feminism can’t completely demolish a girl’s desire to be pretty.

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1,076 thoughts on “The 9 Ugliest Feminists In America”

    1. LOL indeed, at the first photo.
      “My body My rules” the chances of those *females* [cough] getting raped or having sex [with a male!] are VERY very small
      And they outlawed euthanasia, should have been aborted, we dont want that filth breeding….

      1. That is a disgusting comment. It is people like you and this article that make me despair for the human race. I am glad there are intelligent, free thinking feminists who are prepared to stand up for equal rights. It is completely irrelevant what they look like. We don’t spend time chatting about whether you would fuck male activists and politicians.
        I can safely say based on this comment most women/men (and I know alot of very attractive people) would not touch you or the writer of this article with a 10 foot barge pole.

      2. Conversations between you must be like listening to old farts whinging about god. From the looks of it Google search engine has got more of a peronality than you do.

      3. Obviously the chances of you having sex with a woman are zero or you wouldn’t say such an ugly thing.

      4. Nice job acting blasé over rape. No seriously, why the fuck do you think that rape is about sex? People aren’t raped because they’re “conventionally attractive” (and those four women in the first photo are actually pretty attractive), they’re raped because rape is about power and control. It’s not about “getting raped”, because no rape victim deserves to be sexually assaulted.
        So yes, “my body, my rules” is an incredibly important message, because people are not entitled to your body. They’re not entitled to supersede your choices about sex, reproductive rights, or anything else that comes under the domain of *your* body. I don’t see how standing up for your right to your body, is in any way wrong.

        1. A woman telling guys why guys rape. Hilarious.
          Hey can you also explain how an ejaculation feels? I need a woman to tell me.

      5. Roosh, the way you said that was scary. Like it’s a male experience. It’s not something that male non-rapists would understand anymore than females.

      6. I like how the feminists seem to think they don’t insult people based on fuckability… then insult them based on fuckability.

      7. Rape has nothing to do with sex.An erect penis going into a vagina until ejaculation occurs has nothing to do with sex?These fuckwit feminazis need a lesson in biology 101 before they open their idiot mouths and prove what fucking imbeciles they are.If nothing else,they show that they are completely devoid of honesty in their insane pronouncements.

      8. Of course rape is about sex, but it’s not JUST about sex. It’s about using sex for power. It’s not about sexual attraction. Plenty of ugly, fat, and old men and women get raped. Do you rape a really hot girl just because she won’t talk to you? Normal men and women have sex without needing to rape someone. Acting like it’s a normal part of the mating process is ridiculous.

      9. Why does 1 out of 5 women orgasm during rape if it’s not normal, bruh?
        And lol @ rape not being about attraction but about power.
        You idiot, rape is about the desperate need to have sex to the point of disregarding societal rules and sticking your penis in the most attractive thing you can get your hands on. This is why men rape other men BUT ONLY IN PRISON.
        Fucking dumbass.

  1. Ahahahaha they’re The ugliest Women I’ve ever seen in my life, so i can understand why they hate menXD

    1. Oh my fucking god you people are so fucking ignorant I want to puke. Do you not understand that these women only want to be treated as freaking equals? Do you not understand how sexist this is? Do you not understand that it is not only one of the dumbest fucking things a person can freaking do but that it’s also against the law to fucking discriminate. You people make me fucking sick, I don’t even care, I just fucking want you people to understand that WOMEN ARE FREAKING PEOPLE. WOMEN DESERVE THE SAME GOD DAMN RESPECT AS EVERY ONE FUCKING ELSE. Why the fuck don’t you people get this? I just want people to not hate others. Because that is fucking dumb and that is what you are fucking doing. People like you just piss me off so bad I can’t even you fucking, god damn, ass holes of bastards.

      1. You have it wrong. They want to be treated as superiors. They don’t give a shit about equality because a womans opinion to them means more than any mans opinion.

      2. The author’s right: They’re ugly. So how much value can they ever have as a woman?

      3. Mike is sooooooo right! Also a lot of the feminists I met think they are superior to men, as well as to the women who are not fighting tooth and nail for equal rights.

      4. “I just want people not to hate others… you fucking, god damn, ass holes of bastards.”
        The lack of self-awareness revealed here is breathtaking. But funny!

      5. “Do you not understand that these women only want to be treated as freaking equals?”
        If you want to be treated like an adult you need to act like an adult. That is, solve your own problems, take responsibility, not believe in silly fantasies, etc.
        But since most women *ask* to be treated like children, that is to be isolated from conflicts, have daddy goverment pay for everything and so on, of course they should be treated exactly as the children they are.

      6. They are so ugly and disgusting the earth would spit them out if they died.
        And that goes for most of the femtards who think their comments here are so intelligent/witty – especially YOU.

  2. what a crap of feminist women! god bless america…haha..will need it if continue in that way

      1. True, and only when you want to actually have sex with said woman.
        Jessica: you’ve greatly harmed America. You’re on my list.

      2. If you want to be #1 among such strong competition, you’ll have to gain a lot of weight. Get back to us when you’re done with that…

    1. jess-v has the hots for R. She wants him to pull her pigtails and stick some badboy inside her.
      Sorry, Buckteef, he has standards; it ain’t gonna happen. Yes, we know that beauty is just a social construct but your social construct is just plain uglaay. You’ll have to return to your ball-less, Beta of the Month, chubby hubby.

      1. I certainly wouldn’t wish to bang Heather – her cunt is probably diseased and mouldy

      1. “Kate Harding (@KateHarding) tweeted at 12:54pm – 15 Jan 13:
        Proud to be named alongside @JessicaValenti, @thelindywest, @AmandaMarcotte, @jennifurret, etc., even if I’m only #8”
        She gives a very fine back-handed compliment to her fellow feminati on her twitter (I’m only 8 on the ugly list. All of you are uglier lol).

    2. Amazing. Manjawmcgraw herself commented on your blog.
      Someone needs to shine a bright beam on this restless, ants in her vagina, culture destroyer.

    3. Isn’t Roosh the cutest thing EVER? And so intelligent and well spoken as well! It is men like him who make me regret that I was created unattractive and intelligent! If only my mother would have had a more attreactive mate I might have had a chance

      1. “Roosh” is a disgrace to the last single drop of Persian blood in his veins. Good for nothing except sex-tourism.

  3. I also think the tax payer should pay for the birth control of all these women, in fact I think hysterectomies & lobotomies are in line for all of them as well, that’s tax payer money well spent for a change. Less feminazis running around trying to legally suppress people that get shit done

  4. All of these women look like dorks. Any man with class, decency, and standards would shun these wildebeests, and rightfully so.

      1. Eh, they’re just imitation-girl. Artificial constructs due to their weak minds. Bull Dykes at worst.

    1. Any man with class wouldn’t do that to a lady, no matter what she fucking looks like. And if you think like that, then you are never going to have a girlfriend. Ever.

      1. Yes, you should never shun a woman because she’s ugly. …… ummmm…
        Take note. This is feminism: men are not permitted to take account of a women’s physical attractiveness in deciding whether to have sex with her.

      2. AnonyMoron wrote: “And if you think like that, then you are never going to have a girlfriend. Ever.”
        That you would write that shows how little you know about women, or what causes gina tingles, or which guys women prefer to hump. Hint: it’s not nice guy internet white knights.
        As a red pill guy, I’ve had more hot, sweet girlfriends than you can imagine, and had sex with more drop dead gorgeous women than you have masturbated to.

  5. There’s an up-and-comer on the scene named Rebecca Rosen, of “The Atlantic”, not to be confused with Hannah Rosin, who thinks it’s an outrage that many technical conferences feature all-male panels, and something must be done! So she’s started a petition/pledge for men to sign on to saying they will not attend technical conferences that don’t feature female panelists. Of course she has no technical background herself so is perfectly qualified to speak about “Women in Tech”, who are the biggest threat to women who actually work in tech. It’s getting to the point where I ignore any technical publications that have women authors, thanks to this incessant whining about “women in tech” and the unfair sexism they must endure to eke out a living. Sad really, as the ones who have technical talent are getting smeared by the non-tech whiners who think there must be “gender equality” in every damn situation and demand that there be 50% females no matter their interest in science and technology. I’ll bet there are no women speakers at plumber’s conferences, but the booth babes are probably hot.
    I would post a disparaging comment but Atlantic banned me a long time ago :

  6. “She believes the taxpayer should pay for her birth control.” – long term that is just flat-out a smart idea.

  7. Ironically it was Jessica Valenti who brought me to the manosphere. I looked her up, and read beta of the month article on her husband at the Chateau. I found Roosh and VK from there.

  8. These womyn are not just unpleasant to look at but their characters and ideology make them twice as ugly.

      1. Feminist tactic #17: Don’t discredit our ideas or we’ll say that you aren’t able to have sex with a womyn!!!!

  9. Hannah Rosin is by far the ugliest feminist on there. Also, she’s had a nose job. Which is just sad. She’s a hideous monster, inside and out.

    1. A nose job? What a traitor to the feminist cause!
      Why can’t we just see these women for who they are inside?

      1. Yes, She also has three kids with her equally hideous husband, David Plotz (btw, the kid’s last names are Rosinplotz or something similarly laughable).
        Typical hypocrite. Encouraging the middle class American masses to self destruct and commit genocide, while doing the exact opposite.
        God, she’s ugly. She is so ugly. It must hurt her deep to even walk down the street.
        No matter the trajectory of America and feminism, she loses. Every beautiful girl that walks by her is another dagger in her heart, another battle loss.
        How sad it must be to be a woman who never had a prime.

      2. “Every beautiful girl that walks by her is another dagger in her heart, another battle loss. ”

  10. Interesting that you mention the struggle between science and feminism. Last weekend, Darwin took on modern Equalism on the opinion pages of the New York Times.
    Guess which side won? James Taranto responded to the piece here:
    One wonders how big the pet hamster is in the office of the NYT Opinion.

  11. If I were to run into that bald guy standing beside Kate Harding I would drop what I was doing in order to have an intervention- nay, a forced depostion.
    I would advise him to forgo the orange kool-aid and to mix himself a nice scotch blend (to ease the tension). I may take the liberty upon myself to unbottom his neck clasp to show a little upper chest; but then button it back up when I discovered it was there for a reason. People tend to think, especially his wife, that his caveman-like hairyness and lack of muscle is appalling.
    After the man flirting that had taken place- I would place my grip on the nape of his neck and continue leading him away from the bison he calls a girlfriend (wife?).
    “Sir- myself, along with biology as a study, would like to know how in Christ’s name you are fucking such an atrocity.”
    He may be taken aback at first. He may mumble a few choice words under his breath. But eventually, with the help of my good ole buddy scotch- he will come clean.
    If I saw him at a roof-top cocktail party, I would indeed do this. Curiously would undoubtedly get the best of me. I can only speculate as to what his answer(s) would be.
    “Well, Chubby, I am sometimes forced, against my will, to faux gleefully insert my flaccid micropenis into her vaginal opening. She tends to be a little crusty down there- especially in the winter. I am forced to get a running start.”
    “I put each theigh underneath a milk crate from the local grocer. I will then use my next door neighbor’s (whose a stud) bicep bands to make the fucking possible. With one end around her neck and the other holding up the belly fat to a respectable level, I will then be able to see a shimmer of poon. Because she produces no moisture of her own (Nature clearly hates her), I must beat off and put my seed in a turkey baster- and then proceed to artificially inseminate her. At that point- she will yell at me for not pulling out. Apparently she just wanted to feel like a real woman.”
    Ahhhh the possibilities.

    1. I can’t believe that you think anyone who regularly reads this page could get through your lengthy comment. Didn’t the article itself clue you in to the level of intelligence you’re dealing with here? Context clues, dude.

  12. have you considered that the reason top feminists are so ugly is because they are mostly jewish?

  13. Is it just me or is there a lot of jews amon feminists ?
    Look at the names

    1. and another false flag attempt at creating a fake appearance of bigotry here
      Go away, feminist

    1. “Ugly feminists” would indeed be redundant. “Ugliest” however implies a competition of the ugly. These women are indeed hideous but the reining queen of ugly feminists has to be that Java the Hutt stunt double Andrea Dworkin:
      …but the perhaps this competition was being limited to feminists who are still living. I believe Dworkin died some years ago while eating a tub of butter.

  14. I’d like to nominate Evangelical feminist Rachel Held Evans. See <a href= Manjaw’s gotta manjaw.

  15. Masc beta bro seeks conflict for personal aggrandizement. Entitled, owns things. Will diss your looks because hims has hurted fee fees.
    Call him, ladies. 😉 😉

    1. Wow, this message thread reads like a PTSD support group for guys whose moms wouldn’t breast-feed them.
      Kudos to Jessica Valenti for wading into this low-IQ fever swamp.

    2. AJ, I just saw that comment you left on Return of Kings. Giggles!
      You are too funny.
      Now go clean your rooom.
      Love, Mom

  16. Funny! And no, it doesn’t make you look misogynist, insecure or sad AT ALL! I’m sure all of these women are secretly devastated that they can’t be with someone as sharp, sensitive and (surely) attractive as you are!

    1. Yeah, everyone who finds these putrid beings disgusting must be a misogynist.
      Sorry, femcuntte shaming tactics fail here.
      Go away, your hamster is showing.

      1. “…and Kane misses the point entirely. Surprise!”
        Then why don’t you explain it or, better yet, STFU.

      2. perictione “…and Kane misses the point entirely. Surprise!”
        So witty! But still, rather than waste all your one line cleverness on us, why don’t you explain it or, better yet, post a pic so we can see where you land on this list? OTOH, thinking about it, nah, don’t bother with that, just STFU.

  17. I’m sorry that you feel so threatened by these women. Maybe past rejection is a factor here, in which case I would suggest trying some therapy. At least try to find another outlet for your aggression. I also want to suggest renumbering your system, here. It’s a little misleading that #9 is deemed the “ugliest feminist by a wide margin.”

    1. Ahh yes, the default side order of shaming languange, he must not be getting pussy/been burned by pussy. Yeah let’s complain about the numbering system, that’ll teach ’em.

  18. “Hannah Rosin is by far the ugliest feminist on there. Also, she’s had a nose job.”
    You can change your nose, you can change your name, but you’re all still Luciferian Khazars. Looks like these ladies will need some Challah and Matzoh Ball Soup for lunch.

  19. Does anyone honestly feel threatened by feminists? Why is this such a common refrain? Normal people are disgusted by them and driven to mock them for amusement. Frustrated, maybe but threatened? Never.

  20. I dare you, Roosh, and all your fans, to post your ugly-ass pictures, just to be democratic. 😉

  21. I hope this is some kind of parody, because this is an incredibly horrible way of depicting women. No matter what they believe, they don’t deserve to be ridiculed because of the way they look. They are human beings, and sure, all humans judge others, but publically bashing them because you don’t like the way that they look is ridiculous and juvenile. These are people, with feelings, and they do not deserve to be subjected to your scorn. This is exactly the thing that they’re fighting against–no human being deserves to be completely discounted because of the way they look. That’s not a “feminatzi” opinion, that’s a human opinion.
    You deserve to have your man card taken away, for crimes against humanity.

    1. You deserve to strap a clit to your butt and take one from the team.
      Everyone knows beauty is just a “social construct.” So, no harm.
      For the blue pill guys meeting the manosphere for the first time, read the archives.

      1. Yes, but not for the reasons you think. I’m not one of those “nice guys”, and no one owes me anything.

      2. @Chris, no one owes you anything because no one likes a do-goodie white knight idiot. You’re being played by feminists, who use you to make themselves feel better about being fat and ugly. And you smile and say “thank you ma’am, may I have another?”. Pathetic.

    2. You idiot.
      (1) What happened to free-speech you frigging white knight?
      (2) you’re dumb beyond imagination. Roosh explained the feminist hypocrisy at the end of his post if you pay attention.
      (3) What the fuck are you doing here if you don’t like what he writes? Go browse Beelzebub.
      (5) What’s wrong with calling a fatty a fatty and a fugly a fugly? They’re grown-up women. They can handle it and reply to this article (isn’t this what feminism is all about? You dumb patronizing retard). Stop licking their twats.

      1. 1. People do have a right to free speech. However, there is a such thing as bullying, and this article is just that. If you get in trouble in other places for bullying, the Internet is no different. I love free speech as much as anyone, but that doesn’t mean I have a right to be a troll.
        2. I cannot stress this enough: IT DOES NOT MATTER WHAT THEY SAY, DO, OR THINK. They are still people. They are still humans. If they were male, would you be writing/defending articles shaming their very names and bodies?
        3. What am I doing here? Trying to be a good person who defends humans. That includes you. What if I was one of those women? Or their husband? I have just as much right to be here. Remember– “free speech”. I can defend humanity and kindness.
        4. ??? You skipped four.
        5. What’s wrong with calling a fatty a fatty? Because it hurts. Because it’s bullying, no matter what. No matter what, it hurts. If someone called you a fatty, it would matter. Especially in this society, where I see women get called out every day. The average woman spends 17 years of her life on diets. We have huge numbers of people with eating disorders. And that is, rather bluntly, because of people like you.
        In conclusion: Bullying is not okay. This is the lesson that even two year-olds are learning. No matter who they are.

      2. @Chris
        People have the right to free speech until someone claims bully. LMAOOO. Whatever happened to sticks and stones? God, we are turning into a nation of pussies and hypocrites.

      3. I’d *maybe* lick that second girl’s twat…seems like just a couple of unflattering pictures. The others are legitimate uggos. Which doesn’t change the fact that they may actually still be marginally less shrill and pathetic than the emotionally disturbed closet cases who populate this site. It’s like the mirror image of feminism but even more retarded.

    3. Chris,
      How much action are you getting from these femcunts you fucking mangina?
      PS my guess is none.

      1. it’s like you completely skipped over everything he just said.
        you do realize that being a good person has nothing to do with wanting sex, right?
        he disagreed with you, that’s all you realized, and so you added an ignorant comment. if you were going to waste your time with something like that, you could’ve at least typed up an argument, but you failed to do that.

    4. Their minds are even uglier. Like abortion clinic photos. Oh, wait, that’s what they already look like.

      1. No, no white knight here. Can someone really just actually care about people and not be labeled as gay or a white knight? What does that make you then?
        I’m not trying to start a fight here. Really. It’s just a matter of common sense.

    5. I hope you wrote the same thing to the man-haters who designed the blog “Nice Guys of OKCupid.”
      Because what they did was a more egregious “crime.” The men on that site had an expectation of privacy. The feminists Roosh has mocked are public figures and have no such expectations. This isn’t just a concept relating to morality. The court agree: public figures can be satirized, private citizens cannot.
      What Roosh did = satire. What the people behind “Nice Guys of OKC” did = libel. Which is probably why the blog is gone now.

      1. Exactly.
        It’s not about gender, and no matter what the people of OK Cupid did, they don’t deserve to be publically called out. In the same way, no matter if this is satire or not (and reading it, I could honestly not tell if it was) the people in the pictures are real. They don’t deserve this just for a quick article, for a satire, or otherwise.

      1. See above.
        No one deserves to be ridiculed. Sure, teased by heir friends, but if you truly think that people deserve humiliation, I feel sorry for you. You must have had a rough childhood.

      2. @Chris…save your touchy-feely garbage for some other place, it won’t get any sympathy here. Why? Because in the manosphere we speak the truth, even (read: especially) when it hurts the feewings of poor feminists. Just because you’re a spineless sycophant doesn’t mean anyone else should be.

      3. @По реке
        You called the one person who actually has morals spineless? *applause* Your logic astounds me. If YOU have a spine, then I don’t even want to know what the world has fallen to…
        😉 Happy trolling!

      4. @Girl, Not Feminist: Of course you’d think a “Male Ally” brainlessly bending over backwards to rationalize women’s self-centered stupidity is “moral”…because by “moral” you mean sycophancy, hence my point. By the way, if you want to see a bunch of trolls I suggest you read the above article.

      5. “Come on guise. No wone daserves 2 be ridaculed k? We just wanna destroy westarn sociatee in peess k?. Thankx”

      6. Another fine example of feminine imperative and their solipsism at work.
        Those who I agree with are moral, because I am woman and I am moral standard.

    6. “This is exactly the thing that they’re fighting against–no human being deserves to be completely discounted because of the way they look. That’s not a “feminatzi” opinion, that’s a human opinion. ”
      Really? Because, if you *look* like a male, your no friend to them. Sure, some of them have a few castrated house boys, but by and large, They are after YOU for no other reason than you being male.

  22. Crimes against humanity ooh so sanctimonious! I almost creamed my pants heh. Grow a pair.

  23. No seriously though, what on earth are you going to accomplish by calling them ugly? I fail to see the reasoning behind this. Are you trying to bring their self esteem down so they don’t call out guys for their bullshit and become meek? Or are you trying to make them feel as bad as you do.
    Did the author of this site not get enough attention as a child and wants to bring other people down with them? You know what they say… “misery loves company”

    1. This article is about ugly on the inside. I don’t think these creatures “feel” in the conventional way of normal human compassion.
      Look at the faces and especially at the eyes, then the mouths. These are not nice people and you do not seem to have a clue as to what they would really like to see the world turn into.

    2. Nah, Jake. See, we (the red pill guys) get waaay more puszy than you. We have been with dozens (or hundreds) of VERY attractive women so we understand women in a way you never will, and we recognize feminist bs when we see it.
      The womyn listed above are destroying America. They, and others like them, are the reason we have the highest divorce rate in the world. They are the reason millions of kids will not grow up in a two-parent household. They are the reason more and more “nice guys” are opting out of marriage and more and more women will NEVER get married.
      These womyn are poison and they should be shunned, and shamed, and ridiculed.
      They celebrate the Eat, Pray, Fcuk; Waiting to Exhale Some Gay Splooge lifestyle.
      Read Dalrock, Rationale Male, The Spearhead…. you’ll learn why these ugly broads deserve all the disgust we can muster. Learn why your wife is probably cheating on you, and why, if you make a big deal about it, you will lose it all (I’m assuming you’re not gay and are dumb enough to get married).
      Welcome to the Manosphere. Now get a clue.

      1. OH MY GOD! you have no life! you have no idea what feminist means and you dont know women at all!! You think you do but u dont. Feminists want equal rights and they dont hate men. You have no reason to justify what you are doing to these women. Another thing, these women arent even ugly! are you blind? Even if they were, who the fuck cares? You do and just about every fuck ass here. Seriously. This belief you have set for yourself, will never get you love, laid, or married. I know this will never get through to your head because i am but a lowly, weak woman only here to do with house work and men’s pleasure. (by the way, if you didnt catch that, that was sarcasm, hun) So go on with your sad pathetic life and die alone or try to understand other peoples opinions and stop streotyping women and just stop bashing. Hope you have a great life!

    3. “No seriously though, what on earth are you going to accomplish by calling them ugly?”
      Stopping their culture destruction. It’s a noble cause.
      These women are truly evil. It’s actually cowardly not to ridicule them.

  24. All the women on this list look like someone’s failed pottery project. They’re either wide, deformed, or just straight up ugly. They need a do-over on life, cause they have no hope in this one.

  25. You forgot to add your mom to this list. She’d be right on top. Weird that she gets around so much!

    1. Ahh, feminism is the philosophy of 5th grade your momma jokes…. thanks, now I understand.

  26. wow ah wow so new so fresh putting women down based on their appearances because brain and opinions oh my god ?!?!/!? wow so innovative u are so special thank

  27. well if she cant afford birth control think thats means she cant have sex since birth control does fail at times…sex is a privlage not a right…if you want it you pay for it.when she gets pregnant garunteed shell go on welfare as a single mom

  28. as for fat acceptance why not goto martania fiji tonga samoa niauu,bangladesh, afghanistan iraq gulf arab nations since being chubby is considered beautiful over there instead of changin veiws here.(barabry coast from egypt to morocco also have many chubby chasers)

    1. It’s true. I knew some Samoan fellows in the Army who had American girlfriends whom they selected for their lovely huge asses.

  29. I’m wondering if the male white knights that are upset by this article are also bothered by the commercials shown on TV all day every day depicting men as pathetic subhuman morons.
    Probably not. Hint as to why: one group has a vagina the other one doesn’t.

    1. You’re serious right? You really think that the people actually sticking up for women are just wipped? Really.
      Because good people just can’t exist, right?
      No, everyone does everything just for sex.
      Go ahead, insult me because I disagree with you.
      Oh wait.
      It doesn’t matter what I say. Even if I agree with you, you’re going to diss me.
      Because I have XX chromosones.
      Is that really the best way to judge character and role in life? I’m not here for your enjoyment. I’m here as a person.

      1. “You’re serious right? You really think that the people actually sticking up for women are just wipped? Really.”
        If he thinks that, it’s because feminist STARTED that idea by redefining socially awkward nice guys as “creeps” who were only out for sex.
        Now you’re dealing with the blowback of your own ideas. Now EVERYONE thinks guys who are nice to you are just out for pussy. Be careful of the memes you put out there — they just may come back to haunt you.

      2. “Even if I agree with you, you’re going to diss me.
        Because I have XX chromosones. ”
        Clever girl, now go make us all some sandwiches

      3. Suck my cock you flapping vag lips.
        Oh and get back to that sandwich making like the other guy said.

      4. @Days of Broken Arrows
        First of all, I want to thank you for actually talking about this, and not just making and obscene joke. Speaking of memes, go make a sandwich jokes are out of style, and they were never funny. To anyone.
        The reason that people think that guys (not all people think this, and not all guys ) are out for sex is because of the way the act. I’m stereotyping here, obviously, but the sex jokes, the “make a sandwich” jokes, the huge number of rapes and sexual abuse of women lately, and this article itself, which just judges women on physical appearance bring about that conclusion. Personally, I think of guys as people, the same as girls, who aren’t out for sex any more than women. But if I was a woman who had many men just out to get me in bed, then I would feel more than a little paranoid and betrayed. It’s a downward cycle. And articles like the above are certainly not helping.

      5. “The reason that people think that guys (not all people think this, and not all guys ) are out for sex is because of the way the act. I’m stereotyping here, obviously, but the sex jokes, the “make a sandwich” jokes, the huge number of rapes and sexual abuse of women lately, and this article itself, which just judges women on physical appearance bring about that conclusion. Personally, I think of guys as people, the same as girls, who aren’t out for sex any more than women. But if I was a woman who had many men just out to get me in bed, then I would feel more than a little paranoid and betrayed. It’s a downward cycle. And articles like the above are certainly not helping.”
        1). Rape numbers have plummeted over the past 30 years. There are many sources for this stat, but one of the best is a WashPost article titled ”
        “Statistics Show Drop In U.S. Rape Cases.”
        2). Feminists behaving like there is a “rape culture” and demonizing all men a big reason for all the hate. If men trumped up stats about women’s behavior, women would be furious too.
        3). If you read between the lines (or step back a bit) this article is not about calling out women who are ugly. Rather, it’s about calling out women whose ideas are suspect and demeaning towards men, and demonizing them back by calling them ugly. Roosh is not picking on the average American woman.
        You seem reasonable. I would suggest you read a bit about what is happening with men: the sky-high suicide rates, the mandatory drugging in schools, the drop out rates, men not going to college anymore, etc. Most of all is the constant male-bashing in the media. “Are men necessary?” “Men are boys” etc.
        What you’re seeing here is blowback. Men did not start this. It wasn’t a man who said men need women like fish need bicycles then re-ordered society to make that point come true.
        If the best you can come up with is guys saying “make me a sandwich,” well, that doesn’t even begin to compete with the barrage of anti-male hatred the media spews forth every day.

  30. wow women have an opinion??!?
    women don’t have rights!!! man feels threatened if women speak!!
    ok seriously though, i understand the extremes some feminists go to- some are even very hypocritical. in no way am i saying i condone that, but calling them names and being disrespectful like that honestly is beyond childish. not to mention very unreasonable.
    i don’t care if you think they are the most hideous things on the face of this earth, what makes you think it is okay to state so? have some decency. yes, you have freedom of speech, i understand that, but so do they. they can say whatever they want, but getting ridiculed for it while you don’t, for treating them as less than people? something’s wrong there.
    people are people and you will (should) treat them as such. grow some tolerance, people like you are why the world can’t evolve from racism and misogyny.
    if anybody is a disgrace to society, it’s the people leaving hateful comments and trying to bring others down. not the people standing for what they believe in, at least they are trying to do what they think is right, while majority of you are saying immature and hurtful things that change nothing, do nothing. it’s quite pathetic.

    1. They don’t listen to reason. Several years of intelligent, reasonable, well-thought responses have fallen on deaf ears.
      Calling them fat works. You can’t bitch about Roosh being immature, he’s forced to communicate on their level. Just as my cat only understands “here kitty kitty”, they only listen to “here fatty fatty”.

    2. “…but calling them names and being disrespectful like that honestly is beyond childish.”
      You mean Roosh doing what Jezebel and Feministing have done every day for a decade to men is “childish?” You mean Roosh doing what Nice Guys of OK Cupid did to men is “childish.”
      Or do only men in this society have a responsibility to be polite?

  31. This list was really needed.
    How is it even allowed to be published such a horrible book “THE END OF MEN”?
    She should be brought in the court of law, for discrimination
    and public displays of hatred based on sex discrimination against men,
    and public pushing of killing men

    1. I have to temporarily disable comments because of server load. I should be able to open them back up on Wednesday.

  32. Ok, for every ( in your opinion) FAT and UGLY feminist here, there are at least, if not more, FAT and UGLY guys. I find the crazy fat guys who paint their giant jiggling bellies and faces in the colors of their favorite sports teams shaking it at the camera even more repulsive and more of a plague then any of these gals.
    Dont like feminists…no one said you had to read what they write or go to their talks. Are you a masochist?
    Because by taking the time to even make this list, you just lost those minutes to do something really fun. Writing it seems like a real GIRLY WHINEY thing to do in my opinion.
    I am NOT a feminist. If this stupid story hadnt hit my facebook page I would never have seen it.
    Thanks for the chuckle.

    1. Yeah but the fat ugly guys aren’t out there bashing women the way the fat ugly feminists are bashing men.

      1. Oh please. Really? Sexism is still around, idiot. Men still do it too! Thats the reason why feminists are still around. Sure, there are some feminists that go over board on that but not ALL of them.

  33. You know, I’m pretty sure all these woman are crying to sleep every night because of this article cause… Oh god I’m in tears myself…. Your opinion matter SO MUCH, man. You are changing their lives by calling them ugly – no, better yet, you are changing the world. Congrats, dude!

      1. Judging by reluctance to show the rest of her cheeks in that avatar, I’d say at least 250lbs.

    1. You know what. They actually are crying to sleep. They might try to laugh about it but their response shows that it’s hurting.

      1. The response of “and that matters why” is hilarious! the only people who respond like that are betas who can’t get laid and try to justify that sex isn’t that important.

      2. Oh yeah. I bet all the most attractive women sleep with him!! …really? WTF what self-respecting woman would ever sleep with this man? I’ve counted zero. If he has been laid at all, its more likely prostitutes and women who are stuck in the 1800s and dont know she has any rights..and really? that comment itself is just idiotic.

      3. Roosh has been with HUNDREDS of HOT women. There are tons of proof if you would just stop being a fucking retard and look around.
        Sex isn’t important = I can’t get sex, therefore sour grape

    1. I actually came to know about Roosh, the writer, around 2004 because during his disc jockey days he dated a woman who *was* in fact hot as fuck. This was one of the hottest women in DC (still is) and it was before he even had his blog. So I wouldn’t exactly deem him “ugly as fuck,” considering.
      (There’s a bit of unknown history for all you manosphere scholars. I go waaaay back.)

    2. Feminism:
      Anyone who writes something we disagree with must be insulted personally — because we’re unable to counter any of the hundreds of articles he’s written on feminism and related topics.

  34. So Roosh, I get it that you’re gay, but I thought that open misogyny went out of fashion a long while ago with the gay male crowd … so is this a subset thing?
    I mean, is it Bear thing or a Leather Daddy thing or something that I missed out on all together.
    At the moment, I’m going with Leather Daddy, because your whole outlook just screams that you’re a bottom with a penchant for ball-gags.

    1. Anti-Male Shaming Cliche #2792 — if you criticize women, you must be a homo.

      1. I mostly think he’s gay because he said that having sex with women is a SMALL step above masturbating.

  35. Yo – some of dem ladies got big titties 🙂 U must be gay boy if you find them all ugly. Must be why u hate all women?

    1. Chubby chaser in the house!!
      Enjoy those D cup titties — and the 42″ waist that dwarfs them!

  36. sigh*
    It’s because of things like this article that feminism still needs to exist.
    So, you think you’re better than them because you call them fat and ugly? Wow, what a decent human being. This is disgusting and I want to throw up on everyone of you.

  37. Can anyone explain to me exactly why it is any woman owes it to you to be pretty?
    This is exactly why feminism needs to exist- you call these women fat and ugly, as if how they look, or how you perceive them to look has anything to do with you. Thankfully, none of them care what you think and not one of them would consider any man that thinks this way a viable partner- hell, you people are lucky anyone talks to you at all.

    1. “This is exactly why feminism needs to exist” What the hell are you even talking about? Feminism was about the right to vote and get a decent paying wage. It was certainly NOT about your right as a woman not to be called fat or ugly. “None of them care” Yeah right, the fact that all of you responded is proof of how much you care.

      1. Why does feminism need to exist?
        Feminism is a movement that says all people, no matter their gender, should be treated equally. There are stastics. Women throughout the world do more work, and are less educated and paid less. This isn’t due to an inherent insuperiority, it’s simply the way society is. Feminism is a movement to change society, and make people understand that all people are inherently equal.
        About a decent paying wage? Sure, if you categorize decent as a wage at all. Do you truly think that women getting paid less for exactly the same job, with the same experience is fair? Or even humane?
        About women being called fat or ugly—see Chris’s arguments above. You wouldn’t bash men this way, so women deserve the same rights. They are held to a higher standard in everything: appearance, weight, sexual purity, attitude… Except, oh wait, intelligence.
        None of them care? The truth is, these women are used to be being bashed because people don’t agree with them. It doesn’t impact them much anymore. That doesn’t make it right. It actually makes it even worse.
        And the fact that the writer of this article decided to that the best way to debunk the views of these women was to bash something as trivial as their appearance shows just how little value he puts on their intelligence. Alternatively, you could see it as how the OP doesn’t have the intelligence to write an articulate response to their assorted books and articles.

      2. @Jordan
        How are these fembots going to change the world when they can’t even change their diet and exercise habits?

      3. @Jordan: “Feminism is a movement to change society, and make people understand that all people are inherently equal.”
        Is that why it’s called Masculinism?
        Modern feminism is a movement to make sure women never have to pay for their mistakes.
        – If Sandra Fluke (aka the Flucker) wants to slut 24/7/365, and she runs out of monies, the gubmint must subsidize her sluttery by paying for her birth control and other tools of the modern sloot.
        – If she gets drunk and sticks her gubmint-provided birth control up the wrong chute and gets pregnant; the baby must be “choiced” to death because Sandra “Not a Bad Person” Fluke need to maintain her girlish figure.
        – When the Flucker gets tired of riding the Cokk Carousel and she cannot find a man who wants her decrepit phussy “for better or worse”, it’s the manboys’ fault, and white knights everywhere demand that American men “man up” and rescue what’s left of the Flucker.
        – After a $30k wedding to her brand new soulmate (ManBeta Niceguy), and delivering seven years of marital hell, Sandra Flucker will discover that, although she loves her ManBeta hubby, she is no longer in love with him because he has failed to discern her “emotional needs” and she feels unhaaaapy. Female unhaaaapiness is always a manbeta’s fault so Flucker asks the gubmint to rustle her up a frivolous divorce (a frivorce) with cash and prizes (vaginamony, house, pets, kids, ring and babymama money). The gubmint reams ManBeta because, as everyone knows, Sandra Flucker deserves to be haaaapy while living the Eat, Pray, Fcuk lifestyle on Manbeta’s dime. ManBeta ends up in the poorhouse and finally realizes what the Manosphere was about.
        – Now, through no fault of hers, Sandra BetaDestroyer Flucker is a Single Mom (TM) who needs special gubmint programs to build her self esteem and her slush fund. The gubmint patriarchy does both because everyone knows “it’s for the chillun.”
        – Three years post-frivorce, ManBeta discovers through DNA tests that his second son is not really his; it’s RockbandDrummer McBadboy’s biological child. See, Sandra Flucker, through no fault of hers, slipped and fell onto (and sucked on) RockbandDrummer’s babymaking parts while still in a “Loveless Marriage” to ManBeta. Thanks to feminist equality, and misandrist laws, it’s all ManBeta’s fault so he must continue to pay babymama money to Flucker (and to RockbandDrummer who has now moved in with SF and beats ManBeta’s first son only on weekends).
        – Sandra Flucker and RockbandDrummer live happily ever after in ManBeta’s house (until SF kicks RM to the curb for not being exciting enough).
        The End.
        PS thank you feminism!
        Brought to you by the Manosphere.

    2. To feminists:
      You can be fat all you want, but don’t try to redefine what beauty is or shame men that find fat women repulsive. Stop trying to normalize female obesity just because you’re too lazy to lose weight or bother with your appearance. Obesity is an unhealthy medical condition.
      Oh and a fucking eye-sore.

      1. if you don’t like, don’t look. If you get personally offended because someone doesn’t look the way you want them too, maybe you should find something worthwhile in your life that can give you something a little more productive or fulfilling to do

      2. If you don’t like, don’t look? I wish there was a way to automatically block fat people out of my field of vision. But that’s quite a challenge because, you know, they’re fat.

      3. @smope
        “you should find something worthwhile in your life that can give you something a little more productive or fulfilling to do”
        Yeah I do. It’s called gym. You should try it sometime.

    3. “This is exactly why feminism needs to exist”…yes, to assuage the oversized egos of oversized and ugly so-called women, to tell them that it’s OK to be self-centered and irresponsible. That’s why feminists need feminism.
      None of them care what we think? Well that’s pretty hard to argue since feminists went crazy over this post as we can all see here. Clearly enough, feminists do care, precisely because the truth hurts.
      Oh, and nice one with the “you say they’re ugly? W-w-w-well they don’t want to go on a date with you! So there!’ hahahahaha feminists are so stupid.

  38. Well done roosh, you are quite correct to point out the awfulness of the snorting megafauna seen above.
    Don’t worry about the criticisms above, the lesser men like mangina PZ Myers have got their halfwit followers to jump up and down about this. Considering their weight that’s quite dangerous.
    Ugly women are awful and useless, like a dong that cannot bark.

    1. There is something seriously wrong with you if you think a person’s only worth is her appearance.

      1. ^ says someone who most likely: wears make up, gets her hair done, shops for the latest fashion according to Cosmos.

      2. You certainly think that “a girl’s only worth is her appearance”. Otherwise you’d have ignored this article.

      3. Only worth?
        No she needs to be able to cook as well, not believe in the murder of children and wish to stay at home and bring the kids up.
        Not being a fat fucking pig is also essential. I mean really have these pigfuckers no shame, don’t they feel any shame knowing their piggy jowls wobble when they speak, that their blubber is offensive, that they smell.
        Question needs to be answered.

  39. I’ve seen the face of this asshole who wrote this. Is disgusting, he has more hair in his face than a feminist vagina… oh wait

  40. After reading the whole shebang, I’m assuming that the Infinite monkey theorem (if you left a hundred monkeys in front of a hundred typewriters for a hundred years eventually you’d manage to get a Shakespearean sonnet) has hit its 50th year with its 50th monkey now writing this. I refuse to believe that a member of my own species intentionally wrote this.

    1. Another boring woman who thinks she is witty. If you’d just shut up you could make use of your actual talents to the satisfaction of others and yourself

    2. Yep, you’re trying too hard to be witty. On top of that, you patronize your readers by explaining to them your wit.
      You know what wit is? Brevity. Brevity is the soul of wit.

  41. All unattractive, but Jen McCreight and Lindy West are absolutely tragic. No idea how Rebecca Watson did not make this list—she’s earned a place with that mug.

  42. You looked a lot cuter when you shaved your head.
    C’mon, admit it. You still dream of my magnificent breasts.

    1. Kate
      Oh heavenly blessed beauty, whose inner beauty is simply diving and everlasting, I would love to be your knight in shining armor. If you want to talk to a good friend, honest, sweet and tender, you can do with me at any moment, I am a good person, kind, loyal and sincere. My friendship that I offer you is clean and transparent. I congratulate to you, because you are very beautiful, your beauty, your charming figure, your pleasant and angelical smile, your personality, your happiness, your charm, your kindness, your beautiful eyes, your lips soft and exquisite, delicate your hands, your legs precious Your beautiful, spectacular and divine body, you have all these qualities and
      more, you are a wonderful and perfect woman, your gaze is tender and sweet, penetrating my soul. The beauty of a rose has no comparison with the sweetness of your face and the beauty of your heart. I am of the people, I like to have a good relationship with all my friends.

  43. Why so many pictures of them holding food? Just a thought: put down the chips and candy ladies…

    1. why do you care??? this is absolutely ridiculous, I’m assuming grown-men (age-wise anyway) harping on the fact that people are eating, why do you care??? what difference do those chips make to you?

  44. the reason why this is necessary is because it is true that these women are ugly beasts. hence, the reason for their radical feminism. they were dealt a shitty genetic hand in life and they refuse to do anything about it. rather than work on themselves to improve these people literally spend their entire lives hating on men, beauty, and society and general. these people are outcasts and instead of trying to join they want the whole world to instead confirm to what they believe and pat them on the back and forever tell them that looks dont matter. they are delusional.
    to all the feminists: you do no woman any service by constantly repeating the mantra that beauty is subjective and its ok to be fat. roosh is doing all you ladies a favour. no matter how hard you try to blind your eyes to reality it will still remain the way it is. LOOKS ARE IMPORTANT TO MEN! if you want one, get your fat ass in shape. this you will not be able to change, no matter how many times you call the SPLC and name us misogynists and evil.
    you can ignore this at your own risk.

    1. looks are important to women, too. looks are important to women because looks are the source of 90 percent of their sexual power.

    2. Feminism is a collection of movements and ideologies aimed at defining, establishing, and defending equal political, economic, and social rights for women.[1][2] This includes seeking to establish equal opportunities for women in education and employment. A feminist is “an advocate or supporter of the rights and equality of women”.[3]
      Feminist theory, which emerged from these feminist movements, aims to understand the nature of gender inequality by examining women’s social roles and lived experience; it has developed theories in a variety of disciplines in order to respond to issues such as the social construction of sex and gender.[4][5] Some of the earlier forms of feminism have been criticized for taking into account only white, middle-class, educated perspectives. This led to the creation of ethnically specific or multiculturalist forms of feminism.[6]
      Feminist activists campaign for women’s rights – such as in contract law, property, and voting – while also promoting bodily integrity, autonomy, and reproductive rights for women. Feminist campaigns have changed societies, particularly in the West, by achieving women’s suffrage, gender neutrality in English, equal pay for women, reproductive rights for women (including access to contraceptives and abortion), and the right to enter into contracts and own property.[7][8] Feminists have worked to protect women and girls from domestic violence, sexual harassment, and sexual assault.[9][10][11] They have also advocated for workplace rights, including maternity leave, and against forms of discrimination against women.[7][8][12] Feminism is mainly focused on women’s issues, but because feminism seeks gender equality, bell hooks, among other feminists, has argued that men’s liberation is a necessary part of feminism, and that men are also harmed by sexism and gender roles.[13]
      Feminists do not fear beauty or men. You are poorly informed.

      1. Oh, look, Wikipedia. The source for infallible facts because, you know, people who edit that site are all respectable academics, not just some retard with a keyboard.

      2. “Fighting for gender neutrality” must make these pigs mighty hungry, given their penchant for stuffing their gobs with processed sugary crap.

  45. Roosh – my book outsold all your books put together. I’m sitting on a big pile of money right now, biut pleased that at least I’ve taught you the power of a provocative title!

    1. Well, 50 shades of grey and Dan Brown’s novels were also best sellers. It says more about your readership and the toilet of a society that you are part of.

    2. Really Miss Rosin? That´s your argument? “I make more money than you do”? What about ideas?

  46. Nearly everyone on here to defend the feminists do so by insulting the writer (or readers) of this blog. Feminist hypocrisy strikes again!

    1. this article is based on insults! your hypocrisy right now is exponentially higher! unbelievable

      1. “We morally-superior feminists object to the use of gender-based insults and shaming language, and by the way, the author is a fucking retarded asshole Neanderthal with mommy issues who can’t get laid!”

  47. There should be a book. We’ll call it, “Stupid petty shit that people do for no reason.” This article and the comment section should be on the first page.
    I’m not perfect by any means, but how shallow can you get?

    1. agreed. i find it unfortunate that your talent as a writer is spent on degrading people and dismissing the intellectual arguments of others. instead of furthering the gap between your respective schools of thought, why not try to understand the other side so you can have a respectful opposition and rapport? hate is never the answer. compassion always.

    2. There should be a book. We’ll call it “Pussy-whipped White Knights”. You should be on the cover. Along with Hugo Schwyzer.

  48. If feminists are so “above” the carnal, profane topic of looks and beauty, why are they getting their panties in a (hefty) bunch here?
    And if their “strong opinions” and “brains” were so threatening and well-developed I guess at least one would have gotten a degree or career in STEM instead of sociology, women’s studies and other pseudo sciences for the intellectually challenged…

  49. Because you must be such a catch right?
    Yeah. I agree some feminist ideals are total bs, women don’t actually have to fight for rights these days… or at least, here in the uk I’ve found feminism is very low key… afterall, outbirth control comes free on perscription.
    but hey. thanks for a little giggle

  50. Buwahaha…! Bravo Roosh, bravo…
    Oh listen how these harpies are wailing and screeching!
    So obvious you’ve stirred their nest.

  51. I fucking love the girl with the white bra in your header. Whooaaaa.
    No doubt someone is pounding her. Who?

  52. The woman at the far left of the first picture… she couldn’t possibly have almost misspelled “SLUT” when writing it in her own body, could she? Bahahahaha.

  53. To the male feminist lapdogs: It’s obvious you wish you were female. May I suggest trans-gender surgery? It’s not perfect, but at least you’ll be one step closer towards possessing a vagina.
    To the fat feminists: Lay off the Lay’s potato chips and corn-coated M&M’s, and eat some broccoli and carrots for god’s sakes. You might actually shed a few pounds.
    To the ugly feminists: Stay indoors, for the rest of humanity’s sakes, because their is no hope for you. Your ugliness is a pollutant, a toxin, poison in the form of human flesh. If that doesn’t convince you, then please, think of the children. Do you really want to ruin their lives with your unsightly, vomit-inducing appearance?

  54. I get why it’s easy for you to insult these women who you don’t know, but I’m curious as to why you want to keep up the idea of only judging women based on their looks, and why you want depression rates to keep rising, and why you want young girls to carry on developing eating disorders because people like you make them believe the only thing they’re good for is trying to attract men.

    1. Female depression has double since the 70s. The feminist movement really took off from the 60s and 70s.

    2. Sarah, roosh is completely right. Depression amongs girls are there because society wants woman to be something they are not: they want them to be men. Woman are happy if they can take care of people. Man and Woman are two completely different genders, made for completely different tasks.
      Eating disorders? Are those fat emasculated dinosaurs in McDonalds happy? I doubt it. Girls like it if they look into a mirror and see something beautiful.

      1. I refuse to be told by someone like you, with no scientific back-up, what I can or should do with my life. I have just as much right as you to do with my time as I please, within the boundaries of laws. Again, if you can point me to a scientific journal that says all women are good for are taking care of others, please do so. I would not be happy spending my life SOLELY taking care of others. You don’t know every woman on Earth.

      2. Look up the number of women in the hospitality industry compared to men. Look up the number of women applying to nursing school compared to men. Google is your friend.

      3. Even if more women than men find taking care of others rewarding, this is no justification to expect all women to enjoy taking care of others. That would be like expecting all students to be right handed just because the majority of kids don’t write well with their left hands.

    3. Sarah, the majority of today’s eating disorders were yesterday’s being in shape.
      just look up the typical physique of the women from the 50s, 60s and 70s and compare it to today.
      most eat a fatload of carbs, processed junk food (which have a ridiculous amount of hormonal effects) and then feel bad because they shouldn’t be doing that. but the food depression cycle is too strong so they repeat it again and again. and then blame men for wanting unrealistic expectations.
      Get with the program. these expectations were completely realistic until about 30 years ago.
      feminism is so messed up, you have cosmo decrying anorexia, while making comments about how the latest celebrity has put on a few pounds.
      there’s a reason we call it hamster ball. because you all fight each other when you’re not busy blaming men for everything and anything.
      Our side is much easier to understand. It’s quite simple really.
      Be accountable to yourself. accept the dynamics of reality, and know that in the eyes of men, a woman’s beauty is most valued, followed by her femininity (but not feminism!)
      In the eyes of women, a man’s character, charm and ability to provide is most sought after.
      The sooner you accept this reality, the sooner you can make something of your life, rather than whining bitching and moaning about hurt ‘feelings’ like it’s supposed to mean something real world

    4. Modern feminist women are so worthless, that their looks are all they have to be judged on. Feministas have such horrible, unlikeable and entitled attitudes, that if their looks start going, they literally have nothing to offer a man, whereas if they were half decent looking feministas, they would at least be useful as semen depositories.

    5. Why do these “feminist” women feel insulted? Beauty is only a social construct and they don’t even believe in it.

  55. I have to agree about Jen. She recently stopped blogging because she couldn’t handle everyone being so mean to her 🙁 Of course this was right after she took shots at other people. What I don’t understand is why the hell Greta Christina isn’t listed here… or is she a man?

  56. I hope you get hit by a bus today. I hope a woman cuts off your dick and force feeds it to you. Please self immolate so the world can be rid of you.

    1. thats harsh… and unlady like. When did women stop being ladies? Suffragettes didnt get the vote because they spoke trash.

    2. let me guess, you’re the kind of fat girl that cuts for bieber too?
      get over yourself.
      or better yet, in some kind of shape.
      you’ll make a loser beta, an excellent breeding pig some day

      1. When did S ever say if they were male or female? Are you so bigoted that you think that everyone who disagrees with this must be “a stupid woman”. And, of course, fat. Because that’s what all feminists are, right?

      2. @jordan
        lol there are only three types of people that stand up for batshit crazy.
        1)batshit crazy feminazi’s
        2)gay BFFs
        3)eunuch style self castrating omega males of the type found in ‘manifesto for conscious men’ and dear woman videos.
        i only address my comments to group 1. group 3 is beneath contempt. they are the sickness that keeps feminist entitlements and backasswards divorce laws in place.
        You picked an excellent username by the way, appearing to be male or female. my best guess is you are an androgynous omega. confusing equal pay for equal merit, with feminist policy bullshit
        go home to your breeding pig. or better yet, since you are almost undoubtedly an hyper emasculated male, go fulfill your cuckhold fantasy.
        your wife’s probably been craving real dick for such a long while now

  57. And yet, Roosh, they are all so beautiful compared to you. And to me. I’m just not very physically beautiful. But you, sir, are an ugly person.

    1. You can get rid of those manboobz by following some of the practical exercise and dieting tips often presented on this blog. Welcome to the brotherhood.

  58. Why on Earth would feminists even care what Roosh or any man wrote?
    I thought fish didn’t need bicycles.

      1. The fish and the bicycle metaphor is not shared by all feminists–it’s a provocative statement that is easy to attack. The reason women care about misogyny is because it affects us greatly–it limits how we are able to live our lives. It’s the same reason why people in developing nations care about how they are viewed in the United States. They don’t have the luxury of not caring about the people in power. And neither, usually, do women.


  59. will you post photos of the returnofkings staff????????? obviously you’re all very sexy- i’ve been a good girl, please let me see

  60. What the ever loving fuck is wrong with you? Most of these women aren’t ugly at all, and you’re fucking idiotic if you think their looks have any goddamned thing to do with their views and social commentary. What a spoiled, self-entitled, misogynist dickwad you are. No one is worth less because of their looks or weight. The fact that you chose their appearances to ridicule proves how shallow, hateful, and uninformed you really are.

    1. Right. Most of them are not ugly at all but Miss Universe winners and lusted after by billions of men.

    2. Of course their looks affect their commentary. Beautiful women would not say, “looks do not matter.” Hint: they do

    3. Looks shouldn’t matter. And Santa Claus should be real. And my house should be Disney World.

  61. roosh – at least i dont have to travel often to impoverished third world countries to save my genitals from permanent loneliness.

    1. It’s not the genitals but the stomach, as seen in “A Man Wants a Wife, Not a Co-Worker”.

    2. I cant believe anyone would fck u. I mean I wouldnt thats for sure. That someone does speaks volumes about the desperation among men in the US. Maybe they should open their eyes and go abroad. I dont think the “oh you just go there cause u cant get laid here” shaming is going to be terrible effective in the long run. People have yes and ears.

  62. Roosh sees ugly, but the real look they posses is evil. Look at the evil in their twisted faces. Since abortion is a feminist sacrament, i wonder how many abortions these 9 witches have had collectively. Feminists hate men and harbor murder fantasies for them, but its still illegal to kill men, not so for a mans baby that she relishes in mangling in her polluted womb.

    1. Indeed.
      These women are disgusting INSIDE and OUT.
      Most serious feminists are dark and twisted…

    2. I think with women…part of the evil deal is to become ugly.
      Pride goeth before a fall…for a man he loses his wealth, a woman loses her looks.

  63. This just shows how immature you guys are to pick on a woman’s appearence. We don’t give a shit what we look like we aren’t trying to please anyone. Please get your heads out of your asses because these women are amazing and doing something with their lives and not low enough to insult someone’s appearance. This is why feminism exists, because of you morons
    Beauty is subjective, what you might find ugly other people might fight beautiful.

    1. Ridiculous. Beauty is not objective. Unless you’re talking average looking people where one might prefer certain features. Everyone knows who is attractive and who isn’t. These ladies are not attractive. That’s why they’re feminists. You never ever hear a stunning woman whining about patriarchy do you?

    2. “Beauty is subjective, what you might find ugly other people might fight beautiful.”
      No, no it’s not: And that’s why people like Roosh mock feminism, because all of these white lies have subtle, macro-level effects on our culture.
      What you guys don’t understand is that people are just going to stop taking you seriously. When all you can muster are childish taunts and cursing people (side note: the consistency of both in the comments is astounding) are just going to bait you into saying stupid things. And that’s exactly what Roosh did here. Look at the front page of his main site.

    3. “We don’t give a shit what we look like we aren’t trying to please anyone.”
      Yes, that explains the epic shitstorm over this post.

    4. “Beauty is subjective, what you might find ugly other people might fight beautiful.”
      I agree. Now just tell that to the 99 percent of women who have height requirements for men in their online dating profiles. Men have no such requirements for women in any form. Women’s obsessions with being judged by “standards” is projection: it’s they who are obsessed with judging men.

      1. U dont get it..women just sees things differently and they are perfectly right to demand rich young handsome men even when they themselves are poor, chubby and ill mannered. But the other way around is misogynistic because well you know, we should all see the incredible beauty that is INSIDE a woman.

    5. “Beauty is subjective, what you might find ugly other people might fight beautiful.”
      that’s darling.
      you must be familiar with the story of the ugly duckling and swan.
      you know why the ugly duckling was made fun of? because it was fucking ugly.
      the moral of the story is that beauty is both part genetic, and partly as a result of lifestyle choices.
      if you are a woman of german brazilian ancestry, you possess a high chance of being highly aesthetically pleasing (i.e. beauty), modelling contracts and victoria secret spots might come you r way.
      but if you, with those God given genetic benefits, piss it away by eating like a pig on greasy foods, not cleaning your face, keeping in shape, wearing makeup or good clothing, guess what?
      you’ll look ugly.
      take responsibility for yourself.
      dont believe any of that happy go lucky bullshit that beauty is subjective.
      at the micro level beauty between average individuals in may be subjective.
      and outliers (chubby chasers etc= hyperemasculated self cuckolding males) are negated
      but don’t for a minute forget that if your hubby or boyfriend, could find a hotter version of you, with the identical personality traits he wouldn’t seriously in his mind think of trading up.
      this is the problem with feminists. they live in a bubble that just is not reality.
      thousands of men and civilisations had to rise and fall, before you got to the comfort level you’re in at the moment.
      and instead of being happy with it, you shit over the very people who brought you all this progress.
      safety and certainty, civility in society can only be guaranteed by man.
      if you keep pestering and whining at them with your bullshit, only two things will happen.
      a) civilisation self cannibalises
      b) men and the few real feminine women left decide to get up and ‘go galt’
      personally i am hoping for the latter

    1. Actually, Grant’s hooker is pretty sexy. Sleazy but sexy. If this is the real Lindy West, posting that was a bad example and shows a profound lack of understanding as to who men will find attractive. She has full lips, a nice face and a kickin’ bod.

    2. soft piggy, warm piggy, little ball of flab
      sassy piggy, gassy piggy, mouth goes flap flap flap.

  64. Actually, some of them aren´t totally repulsive
    1) Mindy West: she was probably borderline bangable at 17, provided she was 40 pounds lighter at the time, which I doubt. Only for tit fetishists and after 10 shots of vodka.
    2) Jessica Valenti: a 7 in her prime. Still doable now. Compared to the rest of course. A bit flat chested, probably.
    3) Amanda Marcotte: barely female. Should be tested.
    4) Carolyn Hax: nice smile. Maybe se was bangable 30 years ago, who knows? Weed probably helped back then.
    5) Hanna Rosin. Very bad vibe. Fugly. Slim but no curves.
    6) Kay Hymowitz: nice smile but formless. Unbangable 30 years ago even on drugs.
    7)Sandra Fluke: I don´t date women whose clits are bigger than my dick
    8) Kate Harding: not the worst of the lot if you are into big breasts (which I´m not). A 6 twenty years ago. Maybe.
    9) Jen McCreight. No way. She probably doesn´t smell right either.
    This is my most charitable take on the “ladies” on display. Valenti and Harding aren´t exactly ugly. The rest are, IMHO. But no uglier than the average feminist, not to mention lesbian activists out there.
    Their minds are uglier than their bodies, and their souls even darker and uglier than their phsical forms. Feminists would still be repulsve as human beings even if they all looked like Scarlett Johanssen, which they definitively don´t. Just for being enemies of the civilization and ultimately of the human species. Feminism is soul destroying and part of that reflects on their faces, being mirrors of the soul.

  65. It’s funny, because their physical appearance is never what I find most striking. It’s their entitled, snobby, upper middle class white attitudes.
    Both hardcore feminists and Manosphere bloggers love to mock the nice guys who feel they are entitled to sex, but when it comes down to it, many of these same feminists feel just as entitled to sex and to being considered attractive as any nice guy. The comments and responses on here, as well as Twitter and Jizzabel, demonstrate that very well.

  66. God, what a fucking train wreck these broads all are. The M&Ms girl especially. They honestly don’t have a leg to stand on, and their shitstorm is both predictable and irrational.

  67. If I was a woman and squandered the two gifts God gave me in order to keep up a lie…beauty and the ability to create a new life with a worthy mate. I’d be pissed too. Being a mother is the greatest honor a woman can have…not the number of degrees, books, or money you have. Artificial birth control was the greatest dishonor ever unleashed upon women.
    But as it is I am a man. I’m not going to squander my gift of a strong heart, a logical mind, and the ability to build an army with my precious seed with women that don’t deserve it. I’m not going to act like a woman…especially since I don’t have a uterus.

  68. Ain’t enough whiskey and viagra in the world to make me get it up for any of these feminist warpigs.

  69. A guy friend passed this website to me as evidence of how bullying shows fear. Frankly, i’m glad i only had to scan the first paragraph before forgetting about this blog/blogger/post entirely. Bullies are incredibly insecure, and this writer is a textbook-case bully.
    Here’s what I read: “insult feminist feminist feminist ‘i can’t think of any other descriptors’ insult fugly(x100) insult fatty(x100) insult drivel insult ‘i’m self important’ insult ‘please support me because i have no self esteem’ insult.” Glad that’s over.

    1. i am glad how you felt you needed to contribute that.
      i also love that you’re constantly refreshing this page just to see if anyone will reply to your comment.
      well here you go, piggy
      oink oink oink

    2. I’ll give you the name of another bullying site. You’ll find that very instructive too. It’s called Jezebel.

  70. This is just comeuppance for the latest feminist screed against men. Which is:
    Girl: I want a guy who is nice and listens to me
    Beta: I do that. Why don’t you like me?
    Payback is a bitch.


  71. The ironic part is that these women would rather just become man haters than get in the proper physical shape to acquire a man. Their hate is because they are dispelled for their repulsiveness so rather than try to become less repulsive they try to logically justify being repulsive. fact being over weight is not healthy, at all.


    1. Who are you kidding? These women are hopeless. Losing weight wont make them attractive. They are mutants pure and simple. Dogs wont even lick their face.

  72. I hope these lovely ladies sue your ignorant ass for slander and unlicensed use of their images. Piss off, twats.

    1. Umm, yeah, a slander suit for expressing a First Amendment protected opinion about others’ appearances.
      This is the reason we should fear radical feminist takeovers.
      Bye, Bye, First Amendment!

    1. At least he’s got a micro penis … which is waaaay more than YOU have, you cock-less, ball-less fat cunt.

  73. These feminists keep on posting with fake man names, that’s so cuuuute…
    I bet they’re even uglier than out top 9 monsters above 🙂
    So now is it illegal to call someone “ugly” ?
    Why we don’t ban some words from the vocabulary ?
    So for example to make it illegal to call any woman “ugly” 🙂

  74. This is really sad actually. All of it I mean… I don’t get why we all have to sit here and belittle each other. Is it really that big of a deal that women want to better their social standings? Does that really harm you? Do you realize how much it hurts to publicly insult people? So excuse me as I take the hippy stance and say, can’t we all just get along man?

    1. You womyn already have higher social standing and if you live in the west, have way more social and legal power then men. What else do you want? To suck our blood dry? no need to answer that…

  75. Feminists don’t get the brunt of my annoyance.
    The manginas that defend them do. Enjoy being hated by all women and real men.

  76. Okay, first.. None of these women are ugly nor fat. They look happy, and that’s what matters.
    Second.. guys always complain if we even try to look good, then we’re suddenly “sluts”. So please, STAHP.
    Third.. WOW appearance says nothing about what’s on the inside! Sweet lord, all these hateful comments make my head hurt.

    1. Erhh yeah they are. Roosh actually did Lindy West a favour and posted her most complimetary photod. Lindy West is hideously obese, she’d havde to weigh at least 280lbs. To get that big is to fail completely at health and nutrition. A wasted, and failed life form

    2. Honestly, how can you even say “none of these women are ugly nor fat”? I mean are you blind or a complete retard or don’t know the meaning of “fat” or “ugly”?
      You can take exception to the fact that they are being called ugly and fat which (in your opinion) is not very nice but how on earth you can deny a photographic proof in front of your eyes? Pathetic

  77. As a straight, white, middle-class American male, I can say with the highest authority:
    Fuck Roosh. Fuck this website.

    1. Piss off, you are a weak merkin… you are afraid to offend women.
      Amongst men in the matter of men, you have the least authority.

    2. “as a self cuckolding omega, i can say with the highest authority, i’ve decided to genetically self eject myself out of the human race”
      fixed that for you

  78. Thank you Colin. I’d like to add:
    Fellas, you know you’re fighting an uphill battle against reason, tolerance and respect, and it’s so terrifying that you will grasp at any straw just to pretend you have something to fight with. I’m sorry the 21st century is such a scary, scary place. Good luck out there.

    1. If the 21st century is full of faces like the ones in the article, then yeah, it is a scary, scary place. But I’ll save reason for those who are worth it, tolerance for those who deserve it and respect for those who earn it. Needless to say, the feminist “being fat and ugly is empowerment!!!!!” brigade doesn’t qualify for any of those. Have fun rationalizing more bad life decisions.

    2. you are fighting against reality.
      the world ain’t sunshine and rainbows, as much as you’ve been led to believe darlin’
      your ability to fight against men, is guaranteed by men.
      if those men did not support you, you would have no leg to stand on.
      safety and security within civilisation are a function of the males ability and willingness to provide that.
      without men, civilisation would crumble and perish

    3. Who’s fighting? This article was put out for shits and giggles and it’s the feminists who are swarming this site to “fight” it. Reality hurts, doesn’t it?

  79. @Chris– Thank you for your thoughtful and well-reasoned comments. Attacks like this are not only hateful but unproductive. I can respect differences of opinion and if Return of Kings really cared about persuading others that these feminists have negatively impacted men with their ideas, they would argue against their ideas and ONLY their ideas. Posts like this completely destroy any credibility that a reasoned post might have. ROF: Your base- those who already agree with you- MAY still find you credible (though some could be turned off) but your chances of persuading those on the fence or those who disagree are pretty much destroyed. If your intention is to bitch and moan (something feminists are often accused of) along with your readers, then bravo! However, if you want to affect change, you have to be taken seriously first. BTW: I’m a feminist and don’t agree with you, but I believe in the importance of constructive dialogue and learning from those with different ideas and opinions. Oh, and one more thing– To the commenters: kudos to those who added value and to those who hurled insults and name called– is that really the best you can do?

    1. Where do you get this shit … “Attacks like this are not only hateful but unproductive”
      Hateful is a human response, and the awareness made by this post, pointing to the ugliness of femanists, and by default feminism, can help American society move away from the gender-hate movement that is feminism.
      Curing western society of one of its major ills, i.e. feminism, is extremely productive.

      1. dude, they equate everything to hateful
        because it’s easy to whine and bitch then for them to take some self responsilibity and stop blaming men for everything.
        it’s easier to moan about unhealthy standards and expectations of beauty from behind a keyboard than it is for them to put down that spoon, stop eating 5 gallons of ice cream, and get their fat ass onto a exercise bike
        it’s easier for them to blame, society, or media, then to actually face up to the fact beauty is an inherently desireable trait.
        it’s easier for them to waste their time on this bullshit and get butthurt about being ugly, than it is for them to actually look at reality.

      2. That’s her point…this doesn’t cure anything. Do you see any of the feminists mentioned changing their style at all?

      3. Also, I completely respect moving away from gender-hate movements of any kind. I am supportive of that on both sides. I have spent hours arguing with man-haters about the errors of their ways. This isn’t the way to do it though, at all. And I don’t think Roosh is your guy.

      4. @ Danielle, men didn’t make feminism the hateful joke it is today…the only thing we can do is respond to it. There’ve been lots of articles about how modern feminism is logically flawed, how it’s socially deleterious, how it makes everyone unhappier…but the hundreds of responses here show that feminist naivete and hypocrisy is exposed the most when they’re mocked in this manner. And let there be no doubt, they deserve to be so mocked.
        Really, men, after appeasing feminist demands for decades, tried to meet feminists half-way…they were branded “misogynists” and “rape supporters” for no reason other than mere disagreement. Trying to reason with them didn’t work and men ran out of patience…so be it.

      5. @Ilo,
        Yep, you’re right, and I’ve said that before. If it weren’t for supportive men, feminism never would have happened. And what do radical feminists do? Resent the men, I guess. I’m going to go off on a side note, but since you brought it up, branding all men as potential rapists is quite possibly the worst thing feminism is doing. It certainly doesn’t help when people like Roosh say that “men can’t stop once they’re aroused” and that he would “never condone rape in a jurisdiction where it is illegal” though.

    2. You think this was “hateful”? Haha no, this was a light chuckle, which became a huge chuckle after feminists took offense to hearing the truth for the first time in their lives. Anyway, the word you’re looking for is “counterproductive”, and it’s a very apt term to describe the white knights who mindlessly heap praise upon “women” who add absolutely nothing to society aside from their own hatred of men.
      The intention was to give an honest opinion…if you find that so difficult to tolerate then it exposes a great deal about your own intentions: namely, that you think the world should revolve around what you like. Sorry to break it to you, but that’s not how things work. Like most feminists you’re incapable of understanding that you can’t wish away the truth merely because you find it uncomfortable. And everyone here finds your discomfort hilarious.
      By the way, this site and others have been putting together thorough, well-founded and reasoned arguments against feminism’s “ideas” for a very, very long time. Feminists ignored it because they don’t deal with reason and logic, they deal exclusively with emotional histrionics…that’s why this got their attention unlike the tomes of lucid and supported argumentation that such sites have produced over the years. Revealing, no?
      And lastly, the feminists who’ve waddled over here to “debate” have done nothing but hurl insults and name-calling at everyone here while feigning a few tired and tattered talking points that only incur laughter from any man with half a brain. Think about the behavior of your own “Sisterhood” the next time you go with the “omg ur insulting pplzzz!” tactic…because as it is, you’re nothing but another in a long line of feminists blind to the hypocrisy of their words. But by all means, keep trying to play the victim, I’ll play violin in the background while everyone laughs.

    3. If you must know I piss with such strength and fortitude that when nature calls I dent walls and break ceramics. Beat that!

  80. PSA to all feminuts and their white knight, mangina lapdogs. You don’t like whats being written here. Fair enough. Go back to your safe place. Go back to Jezehell and feminfisting.
    It is extremely obvious you “ladies” got your panties in a bunch by your comments here so we know this post hit a sore spot.
    Your shaming tactics and sarcasm will not work here. Buh-bye

  81. I don’t get this.
    OK, tastes vary. But most heterosexual chaps would be attracted to at least one or two of the ladies pictured on this page (the shortest of the ladies at the top and Kate Harding I most definitely would. If I weren’t a loving faithful husband, of course).
    So why make the claim that they aren’t just ugly but superlatively so? (If these are the ugliest then you must have some really good looking feminists in the US)
    Three possibilities spring to mind:
    1. Sour grapes. Roosh doesn’t find them unattractive but lies to lash out at the reminder of what he blames for his lack of sex.
    2. Repressed homosexuality. Roosh genuinely does find them unattractive, ‘cos he’s gay. But because he’s repressed he doesn’t react in the normal gay way but lashes out at the reminder of his shameful secret desires.
    3. Attractiveness as status. Roosh doesn’t take the function of attractiveness to be to make you want to do filthy things with the object of your lust but to show off. No matter how much you want to [no, too filthy] with ms. X if ms. X fails to live up to some “standard” you shame yourself.
    Now 2 and 3 are just obviously fucked up. 1, though, just shows confusion. A while ago men prided themselves on being gentlemen and women were not feminist. Now feminism doesn’t stop you porking around like nothing on earth, but not being a gentleman does. And of course this article was not the act of a gentleman. (I use the term “gentleman” in soemthing like the sense of “male person who acts well towards others, particularly female persons” rather than “abstaining from doing [waaay to filthy].)

      1. Sorry, I don’t quite follow you.
        I understand the concept of “beta male”, someone who, somehow, has reduced status. (Of course one surefire way to advertise your “beta status” is to have the handle “alpha”.
        But what do you mean by “barking” (in the UK “barking”, unless applied to dogs is usually an adjective meaning “mad”)

    1. woof woof woof. go back to the self cuckolding omega drovell you call a home and beg your wife to have sex with the next man that passes your doorstep.
      i guarantee her ass ain’t getting sold unless she pays for it

      1. @anon2 haha so now you’re trying to justify a man being cuckolded…how surprising. It was only a matter of time.

      2. I think you have a fetish, dude. No other explanation why you keep using cuckolding on every reply you can. Go back to the porn site you came from.

      3. Too bad that’s the first time I mentioned it. Feminists, as always, brainlessly making stuff up when they have nothing else to say.

    2. I’d do it to each and everyone of them too, right after I finish humping my neighbour’s ewe.

    3. This article is almost a piece of sociology. By analyzing the responses, one can glean the hallmarks of a Typical Feminist Response:
      call author ugly
      call author creepy
      call author gay
      call author a straight white male
      say author has bad breath
      say author has small penis
      say author has no sex life
      tell author to “man up”
      tell author to die
      bring up author’s female relatives
      say author will never find a mate
      threaten author with violence
      report author to the relevant (male-dominated?) authorities

  82. There’s a nearly identical kerfuffle to this one going on at my local middle school over an Instagram account, which called out students for being supposedly ugly. Apparently some people grow up, some don’t.

  83. I challenge any of you misogynistic fucks to show your girlfriends/wives/mothers/daughters/sisters this article, and what you’ve commented herein. This is disgusting and disgraceful, and I’m not even mad so much as really embarrassed for all of you. These are women who are fighting for gender equality. EQUALITY. If you are really still in a headspace that makes you believe that white straight men deserve more power/money/whatever than everyone else… I worry for your futures in this world. Really, I do. Please try and keep up with the rest of us educated, kind, NORMAL human beings on this earth and realize how absolutely ridiculous you look and sound.
    The worst part is that I know this comment is just going to garner the typical “You’re just a fat ugly bitch with a withered vagina who’s never gonna pop her cherry.” Which is yet again a sign of how fucking idiotic each and every one of you are.
    Grow. The. Fuck. Up.

      1. more like oink oink oink.
        feminists are only good for one thing. quick, easy bang.
        that’s it.

      1. Hope you didn’t have to promise to finish your PhD, stop writing “weird stories” and get a real job, find a nice Turkish girlfirend, marry her. and give your Mom grandkids?
        All in 2013?

    1. aaaaand you got exactly what you predicted. I don’t think growing up is possible at a certain stage.

    2. As an outraged human being I can’t help wanting to protect you from these sexist pigs and have a baby with you just so that I can strangle it in front of you and ram its corpse into your gob for typing this tripe.

    3. Oh no! I was waiting for this one!!! The old feminist cliche “would you do that to you MOTHER or SISTER?!”
      If we were to take this to its (il)logical conclusion, no man would ever have sex with a woman…no man would kiss a woman passionately because (drum roll)…WOULD YOU DO THAT TO YOUR MOTHER OR SISTER?!
      This is further proof feminists don’t understand biology or human nature. Reverse this: when you’re dirty-talking a guy would you say that to your dad?
      All that said, I’d have no problem showing my mother a post about bunch of unattractive women with awful attitudes and ideas. I wish my grandmother were around because she’d reallt get a kick out of it.

    4. “I challenge any of you misogynistic fucks to show your girlfriends/wives/mothers/daughters/sisters this article, and what you’ve commented herein.”
      My mother is nearly as critical of feminism as I am. She has no issue with articles like this.
      You really shouldn’t assume that all women the world over are on your side.Some of your most vocal critics are women.

    5. What is it with all the anti white racism with these feminists?
      Oh your mum says you were adopted.

    6. “These women are fighting for gender equality?” LOL.
      So you’re not just a fatty.. you actual got fat by eating too many retard sandwiches. Feminism and equality go hand in hand about just as much as Obama and a Nobel Peace Prize.
      Since we’ve already established your, more than mild, retardation I’ll expand upon that a bit more.
      Obama is a war-monger. Feminists are female chauvinists and supremacists.

    7. Heather
      Disgusting cunttards like you should have been aborted by your cunttard of a mother. Pity she didn’t know better and left you to be a pest to rest of the world.
      Do us a favour and GO DIE.

  84. i only see beautiful women. real women. not fakes with botox, boob jobs, nose jobs, hyper-skinny.
    roosh, you’re a jerk.

    1. i see trees, of green, red roses too, i see them blew, for me and you…
      and i think to myself….
      you’re living in a fantasy land.
      go lick the butt of your feminist master.
      be sure to stick your tongue right in there and suck hard on that storied bullshit they told you.
      eat and feast off of that. because that’s the nearest thing to sustenance you’re going to get from supporting feminist breeding pigs

      1. because i think those women are not ugly and indeed beautiful, i’m being mastered by feminists? and living in a fantasy land? i think you’re the one with the real problem. women come in all shapes and sizes. to sit back and say, like roosh, that some women are not “hot” in the narrowest definition of the word is pretty childish.
        roosh likes to boast about his prowess picking up women. i’m pretty sure i’ve gotten laid more than either of you.

        Ahahahaha, after an article describing in detail how ugly a bunch of women are, I was expecting some Brad Pitt material.
        But no, this guy looks like that drunken hobo from my old neighborhood who has written a book about his imaginary conquests and thoughts on life.

  85. Feminism is spreading what’s truly disturbing isyou typically CDs feminist women walking home on Saturday night after the bars with black men

    1. sorry for the typos I’m typing this from my samsung galaxy phone.
      But you get the point. Feminist are dating negros just to make daddy mad just go to your local universities they are everywhere!

  86. Why are you deleting posts with racist slurs, but you’re letting sexist slurs like “cunt” slide? Hypocrite, much?

  87. Perfect example of ad hominem – you are simply insulting these people because you cannot win against them in a logical, educated discussion. You feel powerful by putting other people under you, it gives you a sense of worth. In truth, you are just a sad, little boy who disparately wants attention.
    Did your mother not taught you better?

    1. Didn’t you hear? His mom helped him write this.
      It’s like she wants to make sure she’ll always be the only woman for him.

    2. Nice ad hominem after decrying ad hominems. But since you couldn’t figure this out on your own, there are literally tomes of logical, thorough articles on this site and all over the manosphere. Feminists ignored them because they only respond to what they feel, not what makes sense, and evidently enough this touched a nerve. In truth, you’re talking about things you don’t understand, so I suggest either sitting down and reading something rational for the first time in your life or running back into those flabby feminist arms you white knights love so much.
      And as for “putting other people under you”…when it comes to fat feminists maybe you’ll finally get the experience.

    3. Why are “these people” feeling insulted if I might ask dear protector of the broken and the damned? They should rejoice in the fact that Roosh can not answer their logic and that’s why he’s carrying-out personal attacks against them. It’s like they’ve won the battle even before reading the article.
      And why are “these people” who maintain their own blogs and websites sending armies of hater white-knights to comment on this article which isn’t even about these white-knights?

  88. hahahahah.. this post is epic roosh. specially after all the hate jeze has had for the manospehere. but roosh, be carefull they be on ur ass now.
    stay safe man


  89. 1) if it wasn’t mentioned that they were feminists, would anyone have even commented on these photos about any of their appearences?
    2) If this article was a bunch of shirtless fat men who believe in more rights for men, would you support them or call them fat, women hating gay bastards who’ll never get laid?
    3) Just because no one knows your identity on the internet doesn’t mean you automatically have to spew vile comments over everything. If you walked past someone on the street, would you heckle them so? No one would know who you are on the street, but just because you can heckle them doesn’t always mean you should.
    4) Don’t give excuses like this is a troll. Ignore the hate and move on to do something useful.

    1. “2) If this article was a bunch of shirtless fat men who believe in more rights for men, would you support them or call them fat, women hating gay bastards who’ll never get laid?”
      You know what? One of the feminists described the MRM exactly like this. Roosh posted her tweet on his other site. You can read it here:
      Read the Amanda Marcotte tweet you imbecile white-knight.

  90. I wonder if the feminists are starting to realise how big the backlash that is coming against them is?
    Maybe Sharia law is the only answer.

  91. Any iota of beauty these woman may have is expunged by the ugliness that comes out of their mouths.

  92. Wow, alright. Because clearly any of this is at all mature – does one really feel so self-conscious about their own appearance and personality that they would actually post something so disgraceful onto the internet, where everyone can see it, just so they can whip out their own opinion so their e-dick can grow beyond comprehension? Why would anybody even remotely support such an article? What if it were you here, getting called an ugly, unapproachable and unlovable person just because you have an opinion that is your own? A personality is genuinely all that matters if you truly want to be loved in this day in age, looks have very little competition in this matter. Clearly the man who wrong this article is fairly shallow and has still gone un-laid and blames ‘ugly feminists’ for his misfortune is the art of sexual contact.

    1. “A personality is genuinely all that matters if you truly want to be loved in this day in age”

    2. “A personality is genuinely all that matters if you truly want to be loved in this day in age”
      Apparently you haven’t got that either.

  93. A woman’s immorality opens the door for mocking her looks (otherwise, it’s just cruel).
    These women are immoral. Checked out Amanjaw Marcotte’s Wikipedia page and saw her evil hate against the Duke Lacrosse victims. So I was free to do this:

    1. Hey! Give us some warning before you go waving an image about like that.
      Some of us may be eating ffs!

      1. Yeah, but a NSFW tag applies to this entire page. Offices the world over are would have sick days from the second picture of #5.
        The sterility and barren wombs of feminists is part and parcel to their manly appearance. The menstruation thing is no joke: most feminists are literally incapable of bearing children – though their strap-on wielding dyke GFs and beta BFs couldn’t provide seed, anyway.

  94. Calling them ugly really is a brilliant stroke. If you notice, one of the most common knee-jerk reactions of your garden variety feminist commenter or blogger first learning about Roosh and his books is to immediately call him ugly and ewwww and therefore declare there’s no way he ever gets laid and thus isn’t qualified to give advice — all based on his looks. But that doesn’t hurt a man nearly as much, especially when that man is in fact getting laid all over. Whereas calling that same feminist ugly truly stings because of the true nature of male-female dynamcis that they won’t ever acknowledge.
    It’s a prime example of insecure ugly women endowed with electronic courage sitting behind a networked computer not being able to get what they give.
    He picked on women who loudly and boastfully say much worse about men, ladies. Most guys here would not make fun of the way any humble, sweet natured woman looks.

  95. Do you guys actually understand the issue at hand? Do you guys understand the meaning of White Male Privilege? Here’s something you guys might have missed form history class but women were not considered people until the 1920′s. Do you guys get that? That was 90 years ago. We were property you guys. Property. And that’s how men still treat us. If we’re not pretty, we’re not good for anything. “you’re only here to please me and me alone and if you go off and please other men then you’re a slut” Do you see how society shames us for just about anything? We women HAVE to fight back. Because this shit is not fair. It’s not fair that we get paid less than a man for the same work. It”s not fair that we’re called sluts for having sex but men are heroes if they get into a 3 way. It’s not fair that we’re the ones who have to look beautiful for you but we have to take you as is because “we won’t find any better” Do you guys see this? Feminism is not a bad thing. 95% of feminists just want to be equal. We don’t want to be fuck toys and just objects. We want to be equal. The other 5% are the radicals and every group has their radicals. But seriously, if you agree that women should be your equals than you’re a feminist too, and that’s not a bad thing you guys.We’re not being mean to men. We’re not trying to be better than you. We’re not trying to fight but because so many men keep knocking us down instead of helping us up to equality we now have to knock YOU down to bring you to our level. We’re not trying to be better just equal, but if you could come off your thrown for 5 minutes maybe you could see that.

    1. Not being able to vote didn’t make women slaves, princess: just 40 years ago men were actually forced into military servitude without that right. And you don’t deserve a man if you are ugly, you don’t deserve a salary for not doing work. Men have carried women on their shoulders for all of history; you can try to knock us down by shifting your weight, but feminism is just going to give you one hell of a fall.
      Feel free to try to be better than us. Work harder, study more, exercise more. Getting more stuff free from us doesn’t make you equal, it makes you bums.

      1. I didn’t say we were slaves, what I said is that we weren’t people. We. Were. Not. People. Until. 1920’s. Get that? But that slave comment you just brought up? Good on you. Have you heard of the sex trade? That’s were people sold women as sex slaves. You know that goes on today over the world? Right? Because it does.
        Don’t deserve a man if you’re ugly? Well sir, I’m ugly and proud and I have a wonderful man who loves me, an ex who’s still in love with me, and a best friend who has not stopped trying to win my affections. If all you look for in a women is looks you’re going to be so disappointed. You will divorce her after a few years when she starts getting ugly and has nothing to offer you. When you fall in love with looks alone you are not going to be happy. You’re just going to be unfulfilled. We’re not trying to better. We’re trying to be equal.

      2. The sex trade is overblown fear mongering. It is almost none-existant when you factor in the percentage of willing participant vs the percentage of unwilling participant.
        To compare it to slavery is to compare a lump of hot coal to the sun.

    2. “you’re only here to please me and me alone and if you go off and please other men then you’re a slut”
      …pretty much
      The other 5% are the radicals and every group has their radicals.
      And all 9 girls are in that 5%, so what’s the problem. You should be happy Roosh made an example of the trouble maker feminists.

      1. What exactly is wrong with these women? Unless they’ve held bra-burning bonfire parties, literally glare at everyone with a penis, and burn down lingerie shops then they’re not radical extremists. They go to rallies and write books, that is not a problem at all. They don’t hate all men, they hate the ones who put women down.
        Not pretty much at all. I’m not here to serve you. I owe you nothing. A woman who is not in a monogamous relationship should not be shamed for sleeping with other men. Why are guys allowed to stick their dick in anything they see? And women get shamed if they have sex with more than 1 man.

      2. Muffins taste awesome. Sesame street is a real street despite what the television series would have you believe. To ask the question is to answer it. Check your privilege. Hegemony.
        Wow. Just wow.

    3. “Do you guys actually understand the issue at hand?”
      “Do you guys understand the meaning of White Male Privilege?”
      As a black male I have become intimately familiar with the subject.
      (Note: Not all of the writers here are white. In fact, I think the slight majority of us aren’t qualified to benefit from the “white male privilege” you’re moaning about).
      “Here’s something you guys might have missed form history class but women were not considered people until the 1920′s.”
      White women were very much considered “people”, certainly more so than the non-white men who suffered at the mere hint/rumor of having caused trouble for a white female.
      “We were property you guys.”
      No, WE were property. The owners of said property more often than not stood by your side.
      “95% of feminists just want to be equal.”
      50% at best.
      Feminism has earned the reputation it has because of poor branding and the presence of many who go far beyond the message of “equality”, diving into political wrangling, lies and outright misandry.
      People are not critiquing feminism unfairly when they act as though there is more than the notion of “equality” at stake here. They’re simply reacting to what they see.
      If “equality” were all there was to it, we’d all be in broad agreement, and nobody would treat feminism like a dirty word.
      This is not the case because there is much more to it than that. People have rational reasons for taking issue with modern feminism, and feminists’ continued condescension in implying that they don’t will not solve the problem.

    4. Women weren’t considered people until 1920’s.
      Well the idiot comment of the thread award is awarded to b.
      And privilege is merely made up.
      And of course women should be judged in the olympics just as men are, so they can all loose. Have a think about the different standards.
      Oh and you are paid what you are worth.

    5. @Adam
      “The sex trade exists but it’s not THAT popular. So it’s not really an issue.”
      Yeah, great logic there.

      1. @Adam
        You just throw “learn logic” out there but you obviously don’t consider any of the responses for more than a second.

    6. “Do you guys actually understand the issue at hand? Do you guys understand the meaning of White Male Privilege?”
      Oh, we’ve know the meaning, we just disagree with the claims. As one woman said, patriarchy is not the same as aristocracy. There are many ways women have it far better than men and you fail to realize that this ‘privilege’ comes with responsibility.
      “Here’s something you guys might have missed form history class but women
      were not considered people until the 1920′s. Do you guys get that? That
      was 90 years ago.”
      Yep, 90 years ago. I don’t know how old you think the readers of this site are, but I’m pretty sure I can safely say most of us don’t fit in that category.
      “And that’s how men still treat us. If we’re not pretty, we’re not good
      for anything. “you’re only here to please me and me alone and if you go
      off and please other men then you’re a slut” Do you see how society
      shames us for just about anything?”
      And likewise, women treat us like walking wallets. If we don’t have money or status, we’re not good for anything. Do you find it odd that in a recent poll, men didn’t care if a potential partner had a job while the overwhelming majority of women did?
      “We women HAVE to fight back. Because this shit is not fair. It’s not fair that we get paid less than a man for the same work.”
      The best study I saw on it was one that compared apples to apples. It was exhaustive and showed that there’s a 2% pay difference for some reason the researchers couldn’t identify. The ‘8 cents to every 5 billion a man makes’ studies carefully ignore things like maternity leave, part time work, and specialization, which men do far more often.
      “It”s not fair that we’re called sluts for having sex but men are heroes
      if they get into a 3 way. It’s not fair that we’re the ones who have to
      look beautiful for you but we have to take you as is because “we won’t
      find any better” Do you guys see this?”
      You pays yer money and you takes yer chances. Sure, guys will be treated better, but not by any any woman that’s looking for a serious relationship. Likewise, you don’t have to take any man that don’t look good and you both take chances there. There are choices to be made, but you have to realize that they do lead to consequences. I believe it was covered by this blog (something about wearing makeup) that far too many feminists seem to believe that any choice they have should be absolutely equal.
      “Feminism is not a bad thing. 95% of feminists just want to be equal. We
      don’t want to be fuck toys and just objects. We want to be equal. The
      other 5% are the radicals and every group has their radicals.”
      Judging from what I’ve seen online, seen in print, and heard from speeches, this is the most vocal minority the world has ever seen. However, going with that thought, where are the feminists telling them to STFU? Where are the mainstream feminist blogs and websites with this point of view? Let’s look at the Duke Lacrosse case for example. I didn’t see any feminist websites anywhere they weren’t totally convinced that the team members were guilty. When I looked at the comments there was not one cry for caution of damning them without evidence, nope, it was ‘she claimed rape, which is terrible, it MUST have happened, let’s hope they get thrown into prison so they can be raped’. In the aftermath, pretty much everyone went silent. When something was said, it was about how terrible it must have been for that woman to have done something like that or people who had a suspicion that ‘white male privilege’ got them out of it. Nothing, and I mean NOTHING about being wrong. No apologies or anything of the sort anywhere. Where were the vast majority of feminists you claim, where were the non-radicals saying, “Y’know what, this was pretty shitty how we reacted and we’re genuinely sorry for saying that sexism is bad and always believing the claims of the woman’?
      “But seriously, if you agree that women should be your equals than you’re
      a feminist too, and that’s not a bad thing you guys.We’re not being
      mean to men. We’re not trying to be better than you. We’re not trying to
      fight but because so many men keep knocking us down instead of helping
      us up to equality we now have to knock YOU down to bring you to our
      level. We’re not trying to be better just equal, but if you could come
      off your thrown for 5 minutes maybe you could see that.”
      We do believe women should be equals, but that doesn’t appear to be the case for feminists. If a man wants a job, he has to earn it. Instead, feminists decide to ask for more women in the STEM fields. No problem there, but women aren’t signing up for those majors. They aren’t signing up in droves for the difficult and dirty work, while being asked to just be placed in those jobs, or better yet, check out ‘equal pay for comparable work’. It’s a 30 year old idea now, but was backed by many in the feminist community. The idea is (for example) that a secretary should make as much as a plumber if the intrinsic value of both jobs is the same, but there’s a huge difference between sitting in a chair in an air conditioned office all day and crawling under a house to fix a line to the toilet that burst in the middle of winter. Do you think the secretary should get paid more? And it’s spelled ‘throne’. By the way, how do you feel men and women aren’t equal, what do you think still needs to be done?

  96. b,
    I don’t wanna hop on your hamster wheel. But I’ll just briefly say that you’ve been taught bullshit by people who are idiots at the bottom and evil at the top. So back out from that alley: you’re going the wrong way.
    Anyway, feminism doesn’t work. Modern American women are ugly and sterile.
    Here is a great three-part series on the true history of feminism by the great, beautiful, Christian lady Harmony Dawes. The article does have some Christian proselytizing, but its historical content is what’s really interesting.

  97. If you ever expand this list, may I nominate myself for inclusion? I’m American, definitely a feminist – I even gave money to Planned Parenthood this year! – and I’ve got some reeeeally unattractive photos of myself from my office holiday party. Prepared to prove my ugly, American, and/or feminist bona fides if required. I’d consider it an honor to be on the same list as women like Lindy, and I promise I will actually put “Return of Kings’ Top 100 Ugliest American Feminists” on my resume, thus driving traffic to your site. Deal? Deal.

    1. Yawn. Lady, feigning honor and posing as amused was a cliche by the fifth response.
      Sure, we know that women can’t create and all the great engineering, art, and construction is created by men (and you femcunts have forsaken your ability to create life, the one great natural act women are capable)….but at least try to create an original reply.

  98. This list/website makes me want to cut my cock off. You men should be ashamed of yourselves.

      1. “Danielle” is what this beta asks his fat girlfriend to call him while whipping him on the blue moon occasion when she puts out.

      2. wow guys stood up for women
        must actually be a girl
        and that’s a jokey insult
        bc women are inferior
        way to show yourselves to be misogynists MRA’s

      3. “Standing up for” implies putting oneself at risk. There is no risk in politically correct, feminist posturing in America. Thus, he was standing up for nothing.
        And he’s gay.

  99. Feminist boilerplate :
    “White male privilege” in the opening sentence; meaningless buzz-phrase to establish moral high-ground.
    “Prior to 1920, women were property”. Translation, “We the white suburban women, the most privileged and spoiled demographic in history, were just like slaves. Like “people of color”!
    Alleges “society” shames her, about everything. Those strong, modern, liberated women, so weak before society’s expectations.
    “not fair…not fair…not fair…not fair…”
    She continues in the next post with a barrage of passive-aggressive questions. For a strong, liberated woman who demands universal gender “equality”, she engages in constant passive-aggressive behavior, a uniquely female talent.
    “I’m ugly and proud and I have a wonderful man who loves me, an ex who’s still in love with me, and a best friend who has not stopped trying to win my affections.”
    No comment necessary.
    Finally, more questions : “Why are guys allowed to stick their dick in anything they see? And women get shamed if they have sex with more than 1 man.”
    Answer : men are not “allowed” to stick their dick in anything they see. If they do it, they take the risks and pay the price. Women also must live with the consequences of their sexual behavior. If a woman has many sex partners, she is damaged by that. Jessica Valenti, one of the gang of 9 above, has been outspoken in devaluing female virtue, and for that, she deserves the moniker “ugly”.

    1. Sex slave trade still goes on. Maybe not in the States, but it goes on.
      Society has always shamed women. 1950’s we were too skinny, 2000’s we’re too fat. It’s just come to the point now were we’re not going to stand it anymore. I like being a size and I’m sick of people looking at me when I eat anything ever.
      “Why are you eating fries? They’re so bad for you!”
      “Why are you eating a salad? You don’t need to be on a diet!”
      “Why is your skirt so short? Why is your skirt so long are you a nun?”
      It’s annoying and as women we are sick of these stupid pressures of looking and being perfect.
      No comment? Exactly, because it’s not looks that matter it’s personality and spirit.
      Pay the price? Sure. Here just take a look at this.
      P.S. I appreciate your debate, at least you’re making an effort to present a proper argument instead of some other comments I’ve read.

      1. lol, nice subtle trolling, had me for a while. Throwing out that rape chart is what gave it away

      2. “P.S. I appreciate your debate, at least you’re making an effort to present a proper argument ”
        You are welcome b. There is hope for you. It’s too easy to adopt the victim mantra which stops your growth as an organism.
        Stop referring to yourself as ugly and that you don’t care about your appearance. Go to your husband. Tell him your realize your preoccupation with “equality” has been detrimental to your marriage, and that you realize that a woman should serve her man. Tell him you want his leadership and that you will treat him like a king. Make yourself attractive for him. Massage tables are abundant and cheap; I bought one for $150 delivered and my wife freakin loves it. Get one and massage him daily. Tell him you want to learn to cook and ask him what are his favorite foods. Then show enthusiasm as you prepare and serve it to him. Tell him you want to make him happy, and that your pussy is only for him. Ask him to boss you something rude in bed.
        I know it sounds crazy and counter to what your feminist icons have deluded you with, but it’s a page right out of a traditional woman’s playbook and exactly how she controls a man. You say women were property in the days of yore but those women ruled their homes and turned men into their willing servants.

      3. Oh I care about my appearance, but I won’t let it define me. Most feminists aren’t as radical as you’d think. We like looking nice, but we don’t want to be defined by it. We don’t want to be pieces of meat, just a pair of tit and ass. Why can’t we be intelligent and also have a nice figure to be proud of? Looks don’t matter in the grand scheme of it, but they’re nice. It’s nice to be pretty and to wear and do things that make you pretty, but it’s better to have a good personality. Would you rather have a hot girlfriend or an ok looking one who can make you laugh and be your best friend?
        I’m not married but my boyfriend isn’t a dick. He treats me like an equal and that’s all that matters. He cooks for me when I’m tired, I cook for him when he’s tired. I don’t want to control a man. Some women do but most don’t. They just want an equal partnership. I have that and it’s amazing. Being a feminist isn’t detrimental to my relationship because he’s a feminist as well and we’re just equal. We don’t go out to rallies and I don’t scream at him if he wants to cover the bill sometimes. We’re totally equal and it’s nice. That just what feminists want. Equality. Not just relationships but in the workforce as well and just to get rid of this social anxiety of not being good enough. Because what they tell us is “A man won’t love you if…” fill in the blank. And it makes us women feel like we have no other purpose than to be a wife and we have more to offer the world than babies. And we have so much potential but all we care about is getting down a size, and having the perfect figure, and being totally hairless below the neck.
        P.S. I like a good debate. I have my views which I am firm on and you have yours, and I like to think I’m a fairly open minded person so I actually want to know why you think this way and are so against it, when you present a proper argument it makes me take you seriously as a person instead of writing you off as an ignorant douche. I disagree with you, but at least you can stand up for yourself.

  100. These women would all be solid 8’s when graded on the curve against the Slutwalk lesbians. The Slutwalk picture at the top here is actually flattering to the horde of hateful hobbits at Slutwalk.

  101. jokes on you… now good luck finding a woman that will actually stand to even look at you
    you’re a dog anyway, so I’m pretty sure no woman really ever touch you in the first place; that’s why you’re so frustrated

  102. This site is absolutely fucking stupid. Short man syndrome mixed with mommy issues. Good luck in the real world sugar.

    1. Good job calling the site stupid, and then proceeding to write a comment that makes no sense.

    2. You realize people use “short man syndrome” as a blanket way to insult short men, right? I thought feminists were about equality for everyone.

    3. Why would you insult short men? I thought feminists were opposed to the idea of people being judged on the basis of their physical appearance.
      If it is wrong to call these women ugly and/or judge them for their weight and appearance, surely it is wrong to denigrate a man’s height, isn’t it?
      I’m confused.

    4. So it’s wrong to insult a woman’s weight, but perfectly fine to insult a man’s height?
      Feminists are so fucking stupid

      1. @nfsjknk
        Get out more. There’s a reason why male midgets have the highest suicide rates in every human group.

    5. And he isn’t short by any standard either. So that puts your sexist faux psychoanalysis to rest. I wish you had taken some STEM major in college instead of Psychology. All the student loan and nothing to show for.

  103. This is disgusting. Not the women on here who are being called ugly, but the fact that someone feels that the have to put someone down for fighting for what they believe in. And what’s worse is the comments, there is NO reason why you should say any of these women are ugly, just because they want something men have had the right to for years. Honestly, the only ugly people here are the ones who are being ruse assholes. Why do you have to say these things about these beautiful women, because each and every one of them is. And to say they are fat and ugly, fyi they aren’t. There are millions of different body types, no two exactly alike, so for you to say that she’s fat, especially when she’s proud of her body, you should respect her as well.

    1. Proud of calling for extermination of men? Proud of a body that is the result of lack of discipline? Do you take pride in being lazy and unaccomplished?

      1. No feminist is calling for the ‘extermination of men.’ Are you, whatever, delusional? Women wanting to be treated equal to men somehow means male extermination??
        What makes you think women’s bodies are any of your fucking business?
        And if you think feminists are unaccomplished you are seriously mistaken.

      2. “There are millions of different body types, no two exactly alike, so for you to say that she’s fat, especially when she’s proud of her body, you should respect her as well.”
        Thanks for pointing that out. We respect the fact that these womyn are of the “Proud, Fat, Ugly, Lesbitch” body types, variants 0001 through 0009.
        Very cute, if you’ve been drinking and smoking crack and snorting gunpowder.

    2. Yeah how dare people put Hitler down for fighting for what he believed!
      No the women are ugly, that’s the reason they are called ugly.

      1. @Andy
        So we should just go out on the street and tell everyone whether they are ugly or not? This makes no sense. Why does anyone need to comment on their attractiveness, really? Fine, if people are ugly, they are just ugly, but that sort of shit should stay in our heads.

      2. @Adam, what a ridiculous conclusion. Freedom of speech doesn’t mean “the right to be a rude and disrespectful human”.

    1. There is this thing in life that sometimes you can’t control, and it’s called genetics, or side effects of mandatory medication. I think you should look it up, you know, read something that might teach you something, and maybe you can think of something intelligent to say.

      1. Thermodynamics… Calories in and calories out is all that matters, dear. Mass does not create itself due to some magical “disease”. The latter might make it harder to stay slim but not impossible… I doubt that is the issue though. Again, you claim that these women are not obese? Are they slim then?

      2. And genetics mean one of two things, you either need medication or just have to work harder to lose weight. How many people do you think are fat due to reasons beyond their control? From all of those defending fat people you’d think that 95% of the obese in the world are like that for reasons not related to their eating habits.

  104. It is ridiculous that you MRA’s keep bringing up Nice Guys of OKCupid as an example of ‘women shaming men.’ The point of nice guys of okc is to showcase that these “nice guys” are actually not nice at all!. If you look at the bits of information on one of their posts you would see one or two answers about how they are ‘nice guys’ and then one or more other answers showing them to be fucking despicable. The irony of the “nice guy” is not that ‘nice guys finish last’, it’s that these ‘nice guys’ AREN’T ACTUALLY NICE!
    And calling men out for their sexist bullshit is not the same thing as insulting a woman’s appearance or saying she’s ‘not a woman.’

      1. I think you’re the kind of rapist that half of these people are talking about. No wonder you’re so hell-bent on your anti-feminism bullshit.

      2. We can tell how seriously you take rape because you glibly call total strangers you’ve never met “rapists” on the internet.
        You’re postures of outrage about rape are as fake as your imagined self-worth.

      3. We can tell how seriously you take appearances because you glibly call total strangers you’ve never met “fuglies” on the internet.
        You’re postures of outrage about appearances are as fake as your imagined self-worth.

      4. You’re projecting your hysteria onto me. I’m not the one with triple exclamation marks and capitalized sentences in all of my posts. Nor am I making bossy declarative statements.
        It’s you who’s outraged. Well, you’re acting outraged, at least. I’m just amused by you.

      5. lol rape
        In India, rape means you are gangbanged on a bus against your will while foreign objects are inserted into you until your intestines fall out.
        In America, rape means you talked to a guy who disagreed with your political view.
        1st world problem.

      6. @ can
        if you disagree with feminist bullshit, you’re deemed a rapist or a racist or everything in between.
        get over yourself luv

    1. “If you look at the bits of information on one of their posts you would see one or two answers about how they are ‘nice guys’ and then one or more other answers showing them to be fucking despicable.”
      I remember some of those tags. One of them showed a guy stating that he believed women should shave their legs if they’re in a relationship with him.
      Another had a guy responding “yes” to a question asking if he believed men should be the head of a household.
      It doesn’t seem to take much to be considered “fucking despicable” in feminist eyes. Want a girl to shave her legs? You’re an asshole.
      Believe in traditional gender roles? You’re an asshole.
      Of course you’ve got “freedom of choice”. If you’re a guy who believes in traditional gender roles and you find a girl who genuinely wants that lifestyle, good for you. BUT YOU’RE AN ASSHOLE.
      Both choices are equal…but one choice is more equal.
      The point of our attack on “Nice Guys of OKCupid” was to show that your line of reasoning here is actually BS. It isn’t that these guys weren’t actually “nice”, or generally ok people overall. It was that they simply disagreed with your very liberal feminist world view. That is all it takes to be labelled an asshole by a feminist.

    2. It is ridiculous that you feminists keep bringing up this article as an example of ‘men shaming women.’ The point of this article is to showcase that these “empowered women” are actually not empowered at all!. If you look at the bits of information on one of their posts you would see one or two answers about how they are ‘empowered’ and then one or more other answers showing them to go apeshit when someone makes fun of their looks. The irony of the “feminists” is not that ‘feminists are empowered’, it’s that these ‘feminists’ AREN’T ACTUALLY EMPOWERED!
      And calling women out for their bullshit is not the same thing as insulting a man’s sexual needs and saying he’s ‘not a nice man’.

      1. I like feminists – I’ve fucked and checked 6 of them this year alone. FEMINISTS = EASY SEX.

      1. First, from an evolutionary standpoint, I don’t think you’re right. Read “Sex at Dawn.”
        Second, even if you’re right, it isn’t like we make decisions based on what we evolved for in any other domain. I don’t think we evolved to type on computers or live in big cities or get heart transplants. Humans are amazingly flexible–why let our past limit us?

    3. You definitely exist for male enjoyment.Fulfilling of the basic instinct of procreation is definitely an enjoyment known in the nature for last 250 mlns years at least.

  105. I’m pretty sure that none of you are any better looking than these women. So what if you think they’re ugly? No one fucking cares about your opinion. If you seriously just spend your time writing an article on ‘ugly’ feminists and writing disgusting things about them in comments, you are a worthless piece of shit and you should probably buy yourself a mirror, because there is nothing uglier than poking fun at someone that you, personally, think is unattractive.
    I’d bet you’re all those “stop internet bullying” people, too. Talk about hypocrisy.

    1. Stop trying to be a man. Stop eating so much. Stop binge drinking. Wear make-up like a lady and not a clown. Stop associating with ugly feminists. Behave like a grown lady and not a slut.
      Take all these steps, and all that anger and hate will magically just melt away.

      1. Apparently for you, I am not a feminist. I just think it’s completely stupid and insensible for a person to spend their time writing articles on ‘ugly’ women. I do wear make up, I do dress up to go out and care about my appearance. Just because I feel like people like you are stupid for judging someone for being whatever they want to be, does not mean that I, myself, am what I am defending.
        People like you do not understand that there will be unattractive people in the world, there will be certain things that make others upset and such. You jusy need to get your head out of your ass and accept it.

      2. WOW. maybe people should look around and see that sexism is a real thing and is still going on to this day. Do you think that women or men will just sit idly and be ridiculed just because of their gender? no. Ever heard of rights? Women can choose to wear make-up or not to wear it. they can choose what to wear. Maybe if you stop criticizing people and stop streotyping people, you would be a better person. Also you are you to judge what they wear or how they wear it. Who are you to tell them what to do or who to associate with? Who are you to judge? They and women arent here for mens approval. Deal with it.

      3. So, because someone is entitled to an opinion that differs your own means that they are ‘fugly’? I guess that means you no better than a file of shit.

      4. You don’t have my approval. But you do have some of my pity.
        Few of the useless “Women’s Studies” and feminists are able to latch onto a stable media or academia gig like these 9 hags. The heavy majority waste away their years of fertility and usefulness in demeaning jobs and desperately trying to leach money from the beta males who tolerate them.
        You close out their lives childless, tattooed, drunk, with your five cats eating your corpse.
        And your best case scenario? Not much better: You cut your losses and forsake the lies, but by this time you’re 35, infertile, and regretting wasting your prime years on this idiocy.
        All the while, the pretty Christian girls you mocked for not owning the ‘Sex & The City’ DVD collection have six beautiful children, a handsome husband, and warm home and hearth.
        So you are victims. Just not in the way you pretend.

  106. Hey, want in on a little secret? You are doing yourselves a great disservice.
    Feminists have heard it all before–that they’re vast, nagging, irredeemable uggos. They’ve experienced precisely this kind of backlash thousands of times until each new insult starts to ring in their ears like a dull pop-song from the eighties. This article isn’t hurtful–it’s silly and, at worst, annoying.
    But the one good thing about it is that it proves the feminists right. You guys actually are hateful bastards that don’t see women as people. You prove that there are people who hate women for being intelligent and outspoken, and not going out of their way to make you feel special (and aroused, let’s not forget that).
    By all means, please continue to sit on your asses and write this slop. It makes for great comedy. 🙂

    1. I honestly hope some of these people actually think about what you said, because it’d be a nice lesson learned for the ignorant mind.

    2. If that’s so, why are they up in arms? Why does simply calling them ugly, something that according to you”[f]eminists have heard [] all before” get so much play?
      There are dozens of articles dissing feminism as a theory, but in total they have not produced 1/10 the effect of merely calling 9 women ugly. Why do you suppose that is? We feminists as people, just bad people.

    3. “You guys actually are hateful bastards that don’t see women as people.”
      No, you got us wrong. There are plenty of women we consider people. In fact, most women fit that bill.
      It is a certain kind of woman (the loud, entitled, white-and-privileged, misandrist, feminist kind) that we tend to end up in conflict with.
      These women all fit at least one of those bills, hence their ending up on this list. They’re ugly inside and out.
      You also display another common trope associated with this kind of woman, and that is a lack of nuance. You extrapolate narrow attacks (ex: this attack on a certain kind of feminist) to apply to all women.
      This is not just wrong, it is stupid-these women do not represent all women. Feminism doesn’t represent all women.
      We don’t hate these women for being intelligent because, frankly, we generally don’t think they are very intelligent.
      We don’t consider being outspoken a fault either unless what you’re speaking is shit (as it often is in the case of these women).
      As men, we’ve all dealt with rejection, and we do not proceed to hate every single woman who has dealt it to us. Therefore, the fact that these women aren’t trying to make us feel special or aroused is also irrelevant. The fact that we don’t find any of these women attractive enhances our apathy here-I really don’t want Lindy West to show concern for my arousal.
      But we will keep writing, especially since you seem so keen on reading. Thanks for commenting!

    4. Intelligent, eh? Your self-congratulatory stance does not exactly smell of intellectual depth and humility. Calling yourself smart does not make you so, quite the opposite…

  107. The hypocrisy on display is astonishing.
    You have these feminist minions chastising the author for harboring these viewpoints, insisting that everyone is beautiful, that we should do our best to respect everyone, and that it’s wrong to call these women ugly or fat. And then with their very next breath, they turn around and insult his manhood, question his sexual orientation, call him short, ugly, hairy, etc., putting him down and shaming him without hesitation. It’s like every feminist in this thread is Guy Pearce from the movie Memento, instantly forgetting what the hell they just said a second earlier.
    I have no problem if you want to fling mud. But you lose all credibility when you tell him that insults serve no purpose while you gleefully participate yourself.
    “Do as I say, and not as I do,” eh, feminists? It’s no wonder people with any sense can’t take you seriously.

    1. Iskander, you are very smart. Thank you for proving that there are good people out there.

    2. Roosh knows perfectly how to make feminists removing their masks and let show the ugly beasts that they really are

    1. Come to think of it, there are lots of fat negro feminists out there. We need a new article for them.

  108. Fatties, faggot betas, feminists, negro-lovers in this entire thread. we need a new Holocaust.

    1. I’m not the kind of person to tell someone to kill themselves, but you’ve got to stop being yourself because you have a terrible personality and a bad view on the world and chances are you’ll end up alone or with a string of ex wives leading an unfulfilled life.
      Grow up.

  109. Its actually really hilarious how threatened you guys are by women. This guy wrote books on how to get laid? Uh huh.

    1. What’s threatening about the women posted above?
      They’re ugly (inside and/or out), this is obvious, and so it was pointed out.
      Does ugly =/= threatening? My thesaurus says not…

    2. Huge rationalization leap here.
      You make fun of someone, therefore you are threatened by them. Stop drinking the Kool Aid. Does the nerd make fun of his bully? Does the gazelle make fun of the lion? Or do they all cower and run away?
      Finding someone ridiculous and laughable =/= Finding someone threatening
      Learn logic and project less, woman.

      1. @Adam
        I’m pretty sure you, and others have made huge leaps of logic as well. “This person disagrees, so he’s gay/a white knight”. And so on.

      2. Then disprove my leap of logic in calling white knights white knights the same way I disproved these women’s leap of logic in misapplying the ‘threatened’ label.

      3. Even if I did, you’d just point out something arbitrary/unrelated, or get stuck on a technicality, and say “Learn logic”.

  110. And people wonder why women have started figuring out ways to make men obsolete.
    I’m sure you’re in a relationship, right? (Just in case you’re that stupid, and I’m sure you are, that was sarcasm.)
    Go shove your chauvinistic, misogynistic bullshit elsewhere.

    1. He has written Dear Abby books for desperate men, so he surely knows what he’s talking about.
      Just like the authoress of “The Secret” has legit has had her every wish come true and GRRM has been in a real battle with swords and direwolves in real life.

    2. “And people wonder why women have started figuring out ways to make men obsolete.”
      Women haven’t started figuring out ways to make men obsolete because that is impossible to do. Their progress (which I assume would have to take place in order for men to somehow become less relevant) is dependent on men setting and maintaining a foundation.

      The Ironies Of Female Empowerment

      Empowered women are a male invention.
      “I’m sure you’re in a relationship, right? ”
      …because a guy has to be in a relationship with a woman to engage in sexual activity.
      I thought you feminists were the ones promoting the idea that people could be intimate outside the constraints of a formal relationships and/or marriage…
      “Go shove your chauvinistic, misogynistic bullshit elsewhere.”
      This is our website. You came here and decided to comment, remember? You don’t really have much ground to tell us to move our posts elsewhere, though the fact that you think you do is yet more evidence of feminist entitlement and arrogance.
      Thanks for visiting!

    3. Obsolete we are..unless you care about trivialities like running water, medicine, the Internet, food… All provided and maintained by – guess who? Strong, independent wymmynz studies majors? Next time my plumbing needs fixing, a burglar swings by or I need some tech support I will be sure to call the tough, independent wymmynz TM…

    4. Obsolete we are.
      Next time your stinking ‘gina starts bawling for a baby, be sure to ask God for an Immaculate Conception. I’m sure He’ll be more than willing to oblige.

    1. God, if this is him, then imagine how his greatest ass-lickers like Solo and that Russian guy must be. I can imagine them typing here with their sausage fingers, after 20 hours on WOW, YouPorn and 4chan, projecting their greatest insecurities all over the place.

  111. These barren, sterile, childless lesbians make only themselves obsolete. Good thing, too. It’s natural selection at work. Of course, this is science, so women have a hard time grasping this.
    Separately, it’s very revealing how you wish the death and extermination of 50% of the species. You have true violence and hatred in you.
    And yeah, the 9 feminists are still ugly, despite all your hatred.


    2. SHOULDN’T THESE SICK PSYCHOPATHIC FEMINIST SWINES BE IN JAIL OR HIGH SECURITY PRISON FOR SPREADING HATE ! sorry about the typos there was a FEMINIST under my table trying to give me a blow job and the typos occurred as i was was kicking and stomping the hell outta her 🙂

  112. Once you get more bandwidth available, you need to do a part 2. The response to this was amusing.

  113. All you feminists out there are just useful idiots. Feminism was never about equal rights, it was funded to get the other half of the population to pay taxes and to destroy western culture and society. Dance along little puppets.
    “We don’t want to exterminate men! Really we don’t!”
    Yeah right. We’ve seen the SCUM manifesto. From that bitch that tried to kill Andy Warhol.

    1. I have tried to reason with MRAs on their websites and they all tell me to fuck off and threaten to rape me. So would it be fair of me to paint every MRA as a rapist? Because honestly I feel bad for them. Valerie Solanas had problems, she was beaten and raped by her father and grandfather and obviously had deep seated hatred for men, but to make the generalization that EVERY feminist is like her is silly. I am no way excusing her actions, what she did was terrible. But no feminist I know look up to her, they all criticize her.

      1. Why is it that I’ve been reading MRA sites for ten years and have yet to see one of these rape threats you and other women speak of?
        Provide some links to comments like that and I’ll revise my opinion.

      2. Maybe because a lot of MRAs have tried to reason with feminists but they get the same echo-chamber and emotional-based responses? There’s barely any evidence or data to back most of feminism up, most of what they do have is heavily skewed (like the 1 in 4 rape data). Feminism is more of a crazy, man-hating cult/religion then anything else.
        Ok maybe not every feminist follows the SCUM manifesto, but the fact it exists in the movement and isn’t rejected is very disturbing. There’s no equivalent to that in the MRM.
        BTW, I’m not an MRA and this isn’t an MRA based site.

        1. Hey woah now, I’m a feminist and I in no way support the SCUM manifesto. And these people may call themselves feminists, but they’re not. They’re sexists that give feminists a bad name, and any woman that is working for gender equality would reject such a manifesto, because it’s essentially a written form of the attitude that real feminists have been trying to remove. It’s hypocritical and contradictory in nature. And Valerie Solanas was crazy. You can be a feminist and be a moderate person. All I’m saying is that I love women. I have no problem with men, I have a problem with any person that forces their will on another, male or female.


      4. I have tried to reason with MRAs on their websites and they all tell me to fuck off and threaten to rape me.
        This is overwhelmingly likely to be a blatant, scurrilous lie.
        On A Voice for Men, to give just one example (since it’s the largest men’s right website at the moment), any commenter who threatened to rape you would be permanently banned.
        So… why are you lying? What do you think it gets you?

  114. You just found bad pictures of average looking women. What does your mom look like? I bet you anything I could find 9 uglier pictures of some dumb-ass slut bitches.
    Also Beyonce is a feminist, and she is the finest piece of ass I have EVER seen.

    1. I could see a guy calling Jessica Valenti or Sandra Fluke “average”, or close to it.
      Jen McCreight, Hanna Rosin, and Lindy West (among others on this list) are clearly well below average.
      And no, not every feminist on the planet is a troll. We agree there.

  115. Oh my god… irony overload… trying to discredit feminists… by publishing super misogynistic article… about the physical attractiveness of said feminists…. *head explodes*
    On a side note, thanks for the fantastic illustration of why we should all be feminists. This article will drive feminism for MONTHS.
    But seriously. Do you just…. do you not see the irony here?
    And oh my gooodddddd the comments. Saying all men are sexist = “woman logic.” Just…. seriously…. cannot take the irony!!!! How do you type such things without having a seizure?

    1. “Oh my god… irony overload… trying to discredit feminists… by publishing super misogynistic article… about the physical attractiveness of said feminists…. ”
      The irony is obvious to the intelligent here.
      Feminists go on and on about how looks don’t matter, as though they are generally inconsequential to the worth of a woman or to any reasonable evaluation of her quality as a human.
      Yet when somebody dares to attack their physical appearance (as has been done here), their reaction is explosive, much more so than it is when we simply attack their ideology. This site has had dozens of tamer posts that have done just that, and none of them generated the reaction that this one has.
      In others words, feminists say that looks don’t matter, but are EXTREMELY defensive about their looks and the comments made about them.
      If looks are as inconsequential as feminists say, then why do they get so bent out of shape when we talk about them? Why is their reaction to discussions about their physical appearance so vastly disproportionate to those about actual ideology (which they claim is more important and unaffected by physical appearance)?
      There is the irony.
      “On a side note, thanks for the fantastic illustration of why we should all be feminists. This article will drive feminism for MONTHS. ”
      You’re proving our point again.
      Feminists say looks don’t matter…yet a simple blog post about the physical appearance of some feminists is supposedly enough to drive the movement for months at a time?
      Looks clearly matter, then. Feminists are wrong.
      “But seriously. Do you just…. do you not see the irony here?”
      We do, you don’t.

  116. This article is a perfect example of why I hate men sometimes. A little bit off topic but when I was in middle school I was chubby and short and all the guys would make fun off me. Not just that but harass me, call me terrible names and said I should just kill myself. I never did anything mean to them nor was a feminist you guys despise so much. But because I wasn’t attractive in their eyes I didn’t deserve respect. It was until my sophomore year in high school when slimmed down into a bikini body and started wearing more flattering clothes I got treated a LITTLE better. All the taunting was replaced with them making sleazy advances towards me, trying to grope me, and spreading rumors that I slept with them (which I didn’t I was a virgin all throughout high school) but that didn’t matter to them.
    You guys may not be misogynist to all women but from searching this you guys seem to have a deep hate for women who don’t fit your “image” on how a women should look. The author seems childish and petty for trying to shame these women because of their looks. Sometimes I think to myself the day men stop treating women like sex objects will only happen In my dreams because I still put up with childish bullshit I experienced in high school with grown men. Seems like men never grow up.

      1. Although they think they are women are not special in any way. I used to be a fat kid and went through hell. Probably the reason why I turned my body into a lean mean athletic machine as an adult. Fat shaming worked on me and I am *grateful* for everyone who participated in it because it caused me to get off my fat ass and change my life. I’m better for it today and had it not been for that experience I would have not gotten half the quality poon I enjoyed later in life.

      1. Yeah, Alexis, provide forever alone losers the fapping material of the weekend. Be charitable.

    1. How does ‘growing up’ exactly equate with being sexually attracted to women? Are men supposed to suppress their natural instincts? Men will always seek out and pursue attractive women. If you’re bothered by that then stop using make-up, drop by Cinnabon twice a day, or buy yourself a burkha.

      1. Feminists don’t believe in “natural instincts,” only culture. They believe evolution stopped at the neck. lol

    2. Alexis:
      Trust me, women do not want men to stop thinking of them as sex objects. If we do not value your sexuality, you will be of little use to us. Any relationship where the man stops valuing the woman’s sexuality is doomed to fail.
      My grandmother once said, the only thing worst than a man treating a woman like a sex object is to not treat her like one (in full disclosure, I translated this saying from my native tongue). Think about that age-old wisdom.

    3. It’s not about shaming or trying to force anyone to fit an image we have. The point is to draw attention to the fact that these women are aggrieved for a reason, and it’s because they probably (like you) didn’t get the male attention they deserved at intellectually formative points of their life. Their feminism isn’t a rational or reasonable intellectual ideology. It’s just a vestigial defense mechanism.

    4. No, you’re wrong. You missed the fact that he didn’t randomly shame fat women here. He shamed women whose ideology is repugnant who happen to be unpleasant to look at. There is a difference.

  117. Oh sorry, my mistake. I assumed you guys knew what irony was, but it appears that I was dead wrong! This is just a troll calling all of his troll friends over to have a big circle jerk. Enjoy your masturbation!
    Everyone else go, leave them alone with their circle jerk. Feeding them just makes them more confused.

  118. Women’s liberation is the freedom from the authority of men.
    Men’s liberation is the freedom from responsibility to women… and that includes their feelings and their safety.
    Both genders have been liberated. Suck it up ladies because this is what you wanted.

      1. Derpitty derp… heaven forbid I must learn to make a sandwich. That doesn’t seem like a huge burden to me… but then perhaps you are a Subway Certified “Sandwich Artist” and know some secret sandwiching making tricks that I don’t know?
        While I can easily learn to make a sandwich, or just buy it from Subway myself you, on other hand, have to go out and get a job. No more sitting your fat ass on a pillow a man paid for, in a house he paid for, using food he bought to make him (and yourself) a sandwich so you could wax poetic about how hard you have it and sing sad songs of your oppression.

  119. So let’s say that your mum was celebrated in society for, I don’t know, writing a book – not necessarily about feminism. One day, she came across an article such as this one telling her that she has no value in society because she is ugly. Can you imagine how mad you would be? Of course you mum isn’t ugly or worthless. An article like this would just be unnecessarily upsetting. You should really think, regardless of your opinions on feminism, about what you say before you type. I may strongly dislike people but I could never sink this low.

  120. Roosh what about a part 2? Something like “the 9 biggest feminist men losers” or some shit, that would draw more attention

      1. How about a nominations post for the Lowest Manginas in America.
        Followed by another on the Most Misandrist Laws in America.

  121. I like how the comments have this pattern
    “These women are all single because who would fuck that amirite guys??”
    “Actually, most of them are married and have boyfriends and…”
    “They are all beta/omega/other outdated pack terms that I’m using to project!!!! They get cuckolded every single day! They are totally miserable and tyrannized by these horrible creatures and are not leading happy and fulfilling lives as a couple! They get femdommed just like in my hentais! Oh god I am alone…”

    1. A man with options wouldnt date these warpigs.
      What? do you think chubby chasers (and worse than that, chubby feminists) are “winners” by any means?

    this is whats really said about the feminist thing that so many otherwise promising young girls get caught up in.
    That’s how God made it.
    Shut the fuck up and make someone happy SO THEY CAN MAKE YOU HAPPY TOO.

  123. jessica valenti looks halfway decent in the first pic because you can’t see her huge schnozz in detail. with a good nose job she could easily be a 6 or a 7.

    1. Look at the lighting. Any graphics pro will confirm it’s Photoshopped.
      Jessica Valenti, the vain feminist.

  124. I’ve never seen a hot feminist before.
    Modern feminism is just ugly women trying to change the world so it’s as ugly as they are.

  125. I love the feminist’s go-to response: “You’re threatened by these women”.
    We’re not threatened, we’re annoyed. You’re like flies buzzing around our heads that we can’t swat.

    1. you can’t ignore them? I tend to ignore people that piss me off, because it’s a massive waste of time. Just a suggestion. You might be happier.

      1. And yet you find the time to come to THIS blog and give unsolicited advice to commentators here…

    2. why would men be threatened by feminist women who survive on the largesse of men and would spend most of their time getting ass raped were it not for the protection provided by men ! feminism survives by being propped up on the crutches of affirmative action and welfare support form the public and feminism derives power from cooking up laws curtailing man rights and providing privileges and free meals to feminists THAT IS AL THAT A FEMINIST IS A PARASITE SURVIVING ON FREE MEALS PROVIDED BY MEN ! but men are waking up to the hideous reality of feminist manipulation and surely the feminists days are numbers ! feminism is going down ! FUCK FEMINISM !!

  126. The ignorance of all of you physically pains me. I’m laughing right now as I repeatedly (literally) smash my head against my desk. Please do the world a favor and grow the fuck up. I try and spread knowledge, but with this much concentrated idiocy, it’s simply not going to make a change. How about logic though? You won’t listen to women. Why should they listen to you? Because God made it so? No, because society made it so. There will never be peace until every side of every argument listens to the others. Females have been listening to males shove their feet down their throats for so long, I wonder how they’ve managed, but males refuse to listen. We can conclude that you asinine misogynists are the problem.

    1. Fuck off jeff, listening to women does not stop them being fat and ugly. Peace? No, just stop eating chips.

      1. I’ll have you know I have better abs than you ever will and a more wonderful, beautiful, FEMINIST girlfriend than you could ever imagine. Have fun dying alone with your dick in your hand. I’m laughing so hard at your reply right now. You people and your stupidity provide me with endless entertainment.

      2. No one gives a fuck about your abs or your girlfriend on this internet forum. Who are you The Situation?

      3. It’s hilarious when girls pretend to be guys on the internet. You can always read between the lines and spot the solipsism.

    2. You’re solution to the West’s sex problems (barren, infertile women, high divorce rates, and mass childlessness except for blacks and Mexicans) is….increase the voltage. The same current as before – “Be beta males!” – just increased power.
      Knock yourself out, chief. That’s your business. But some of us like fucking and so we’ve ditched the bullshit and embraced Game.

  127. Blonde, blue eyes, 5’10, skinny, busty, a “great ass”, and I have men dying at my feet. Men have told me that when my name is said, the first thing they think is “hot,” “sexy,” “fuckable,” etc. They think of me only as a sex object, existing only so they can entertain a fantasy of “getting with” me. But it will never happen, because I am a FEMINIST. I absolute abhor having to list my physical features because I sound conceited as fuck, but you need to understand something. My best friend? The fairest, most beautiful girl I know, and a feminist. My older sister? Gorgeous and a very prominent female rights activist. I have never yet met a feminist who did not simply glow with beauty, inside and out. And here’s a secret: every man who has ever called me a “dirty whore,” “slut,” “stupid feminist,” etc etc, are downright hideous (again, inside and out). Women instinctively avoid them. You get my drift? Seriously, watch this help you get a girlfriend.

    1. You’re hot Amanda. We believe you.
      Enjoy your supposed beta male suitors and your barren wasteland of a womb.

    2. >> I have men dying at my feet.
      Putrefaction? Toe jam? Plz weaponize and sell to the military.
      >> “hot,” “sexy,” “fuckable,” etc. They think of me only as a sex object
      Porno chick with putrid pussy?
      >> I am a FEMINIST. I absolute abhor having to list my physical features because I sound conceited as fuck
      Self-deprecating porno chick with smelly pussy?
      >> My older sister? Gorgeous and a very prominent female rights activist.
      Spinster? Cat herder?
      >> never yet met a feminist who did not simply glow with beauty, inside and out
      Radioactivity? “Beauty”, Lesbo style?
      >> here’s a secret: every man who has ever called me a “dirty whore,” “slut,” “stupid feminist,” etc etc, are downright hideous (again, inside and out)
      Perhaps you need a higher class of customer.
      Your post needs a few clarifications. Anyway, thanks for sharing.

    3. Amanda, does you being hot invalidate that these other women are ugly?
      Also, no one gives a shit that you don’t like being called a bitch or a whore. There are grown males who like to be tied up, handcuffed, whipped and spit on by dominatrices but we call them the exception, not the rule.

    4. Boo hoo, you’ve been called names before. I didn’t know feminism was about keeping grown adult’s feelings from getting hurt.
      And stop acting like men don’t get called names too.

    5. We, the internet, believe you when you say you and everyone you know are beautiful. Just like we believe those feminists up there when they said all the women on this list are beautiful.

      1. Uh fellas, the comment by “Amanda” was obviously a parody written by an old man. Notice the language, “My best friend? The fairest, most beautiful girl I know, and a feminist. ”
        The fairest?
        Most likely an old British man.

  128. When you attack women based on their appearance rather than their opinions, morals, arguments or discourse, you are missing the fucking point, and showing yourself to be incapable of the higher level of thinking required to engage in intelligent discourse.
    Or to put it in language you’ll all understand, grow the fuck up. None of these women give a shit what you think of their appearance; it’s not the point nor will it ever be.

    1. Is it just me or do feminists and their mufflickers have a huge problem articulating anything without using the words “fuck” or “fucking”.

      1. Compensating. The only fucking they do is with plastic cylinders or when their beta males can muster boners twice a year.

      2. Many of the angriest feminists are lesbians.
        Lesbians believe that scowling, cussing, and wearing teenage boy clothes from the clearance rack at Macy’s makes them kinda masculine. See lesbo slut in the first picture above this post.
        Lesbians suffer from serious penis envy, an inferiority complex, and seething anger; and they are desperate to show how “equal” they. They “prove” their equality by _acting_ like ersatz males. Y’know… cussing, and cussing, and cussing some more.

    2. None of these women give a shit what you think of their appearance; it’s not the point nor will it ever be.
      So why, then, do you care? You aren’t very bright, are you?

      1. but feminists arent known to be very bright infact they are known to be retards …femtards to be precise

    3. Grow up you say? Do you recommend growth-hormones? I could do with gaining some mass.
      Anyway… Stop trying to act smart, we’ve tried to rationalise with femcunts many times before, but they’re beyond hope and reason. Emotion is the only thing they respond to. Roosh is a master manipulator of women and you can see by the comment count in this post that he has succeeded.

    4. Dear Alex the Useful Idiot:
      Read through this site and the others that link to/from it. See the many, many articles about noxious feminism.
      Grow some brain cells and realize that an occasional fun article brings out the idiots like you.
      Thanks kindly.

  129. Just look around you what do you see? A man built it and a man is going to replace it, improve it, rebuild it whatever… Point is a man is gonna design it a man is gonna do it

    1. Let’s not forget that men manufactured those M&Ms and the Ben&Jerry’s that these little lardlettes feast upon.

  130. This is… literally the most pathetic article I’ve ever seen. Can you really not think of any other way to denounce feminists without just pointing out they’re not attractive? Fucking really, man?

    1. Openly saying that these women are ugly angers them (and fools like you) because merely making such a statement implicitly assumes that women SHOULD be attractive.
      What you fail to comprehend is that women are socially valuable to the extent they are sexually attractive. It bothers you, but unavoidably true. You’d be better off accepting reality rather than wishing it away.
      Lesser men (like you) believe that women find men sexually attractive to the extent they are (like you) supportive. These men are usually good providers.
      I am sure you find it confusing and incomprehensible when women become insanely attracted to men who are (in your view) wholly inappropriate — jerks, assholes, even criminals.
      Women often find this attraction confusing, too. They tell themselves they OUGHT to find men like you attractive, and the uglier ones are sometimes even genuinely appreciative of the attention that lesser men (any men) give them. But they go into a kind of trance-like, possessed, out-of-control mental state in the presence of dominant men.
      It’s understandable that you resent the men who understand these things. But again, it’s reality.

    2. Hey idiot. This site and the sites it links to have hundreds of articles discussing the idiocies of feminism, in-depth.
      If you’d bother clicking your mouse a few times– no, your real mouse, not your clit — you’d find plenty of reading on it.
      The hilarious part is how an article about beauty (But I thought it was all a myth?) brings idiots like you yapping away.

  131. To think you put so much effort into one measly article. Do you know how ridiculous this is? Imagine someone posting this on you. You probably sit behind your computer thinking how clever, funny you are, but really you just show the world what lurks behind the screen. These women are pretty, who are you to say they’re not? Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. And if you think shes a bigger woman, who the fuck cares besides you? I still think she’s pretty, they all are. And do you think of your consequences? Maybe this is why they’re feminists, because guys and people like you like to push them down. What if they already have negative self body image? What if people reading this are sensitive to their weight? This could have a huge impact on them. Thank you. Thank you so fucking much. How you look and what you weigh do not reflect who you are anyway.

    1. They are all beautiful? So is everyone above average, too then? You are a product of delusional ” yay we can be anything we want, we are all special” education.

    2. To steal a quote from Roissy, “We’re gonna need a bigger hamster!”
      To think you put so much effort into one measly article. Do you know how ridiculous this is?
      Obviously, judging by the many comments here, it was time well spent.
      Imagine someone posting this on you.
      Hmm… see the multiple ad hominem attacks by the grrrlz and manginas throughout this thread.
      You probably sit behind your computer thinking how clever, funny you are, but really you just show the world what lurks behind the screen.
      These women are pretty, who are you to say they’re not? Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
      You just disproved your own point.
      And if you think shes a bigger woman, who the fuck cares besides you? I still think she’s pretty, they all are.
      Which only reinforces the Manosphere’s adage, “Never, ever listen to a woman’s opinion on what men find attractive.”
      And do you think of your consequences? Maybe this is why they’re feminists, because guys and people like you like to push them down. What if they already have negative self body image? What if people reading this are sensitive to their weight? This could have a huge impact on them.
      Hopefully, laying off the Ben and Jerry’s and/or the sack of M&Ms will be one such consequence. Even then, not sure if I’d bang.
      Thank you. Thank you so fucking much. How you look and what you weigh do not reflect who you are anyway.
      Apparently every feminista needs to include the word “fuck” in their post. And I heartily second your thanks to Roosh.


  132. The vast majority of feminists are ugly inside and out. Yet somehow they have convinced millions of American and Canadian men that they are decent, kind, and loving people. Again, and it’s been said many time over and over, it’s not the feminists but their mangina bootlicking lackeys that are, and always will be the problem.

    1. Manginas have been indoctrinated since childhood:
      – When they were boys, they were instructed to “respect women” by the women in their lives.
      – Mandatory sex education in schools is run mostly by the matriarchy with power over grades
      – Mandatory gender education in university is delivered by hardcore feminists with power over grades
      – Femcentric mainstream media provides hourly and daily indoctrination
      Manginas have been immersed in the Matrix for most of their lives. It’s all they know.
      Today, boys who try to opt out are charged with “behavioral problems and drugged out of their minds.

      1. So wait…respecting women is indoctrination? I agree that men are being mentally castrated by feminists and the media, but mothers teaching their boys to respect women is not part of that. Why is it that it must be either raging feminists calling everything sexist, or men behaving like barbarians? Why can’t there be any happy medium at all?

        1. Mothers teach boys to be “nice guys” and sensitive – then lo and behold they are dateless when the girls chase the bad ones that don’t give a rats derriere about them. Funny thing – good moms know the true nature of their own kind and make the son aware of the nature of the beast they face.

  133. Do you actually have to be beautiful to be able to defend your beliefs? In any case, they aren’t even ugly. There is no rule that says that women should be very well looking at every moment. When I wake up my hair is a mess and nobody in my house ever expects it to be fixed up. In any case, you are not being objective with your point. The beauty of a person does not mean that they should stop doing what they want to do. I don’t get the point of putting some of them with pictures of them buying junk food. What’s wrong with that? Also, some of the pictures you are using are the kind of pictures taken in the wrong moment, when a person has is presently presenting the most ridiculous face they can make, but it isn’t actually noticed because this occurs in a matter of milliseconds, and can be only captured with a camera. Everyone has tons of those pictures, so there’s no point on saying someone’s ugly basing yourself in that kind of pictures. You could have made a better point if you actually criticized what the women said, if you were actually fair in judgment, but you just picked some who had somewhat non-presentable pictures and decided to post them.

    1. There’s actually a huge point to this article: feminists claim to be “empowered” but still go apeshit when men tell them they are not sexually attractive. The god of bio-mechanics laughs at their false ideology.

  134. This is one of the most disgusting articles I have ever read. These women don’t need anyone’s approval and have accomplished more positive change in their lifetimes than most of the hateful people on this website. Instead of wasting time creating meaningless and juvenile posts about something as subjective and superficial as beauty, these women go out and try to improve the gender gap and secure the identity of women as completely equal to men.
    This article and some of the subsequent comments are beneath the level of a high school intellect and beyond immature. Do you not have mothers or sisters or wives?
    Are you really this blind and stupid?
    And as a side note, not that these women need my support because I know they know they’re beautiful, but I fully believe that each and every women featured here is stunning by any and all standards of beauty. The fact that they’re on this website means they’re threatening the patriarchy and you’re just shoving your insecurities onto them because you feel your power slipping away.
    More power to them!

    1. “….positive change….”
      “….secure the identity of women….”
      “….improve the gender gap….”
      “….they’re all beautiful….”
      When this ugly hag isn’t encouraging pretty girls to murder their babies, she spews out more feminist cliches than a kitty litter salesman.

    2. Beauty is subjective? Tell that to the Victoria’s Secret models, Miss Universe contestants, 95% of Hollywood actresses, highest paid porn stars, etc.
      Saying beauty is subjective is like saying strength is subjective or wealth is subjective.
      Stop with the pretty lies.

  135. Well I think you’re biased cause you hate what these women represent.. It’s like when we like someone we find them beautiful no matter what they look like, and when we hate someone they seem ugly to us..
    Still I think Roosh is handsome by most standards, even though I disagree with half the things he writes! And I find it ridiculous that he’s called ugly or whatever all the time, because it just proves again how biased our descriptions can be when emotions get in the way! And I’m sure it means nothing to him, he knows if he’s ugly or not, and in any case pretty is not what he’s going for!

  136. Feminists “I DON’T NEED MEN!!!!”
    *continues to live in a society created by men, using inventions created by men, eating food that men grew and harvested*

    1. Didn’t you know that they mine stainless steel refrigerators 6 foot from the surface, and that petrol comes directly from the ground, through the pump, and into your car?

    2. Yes, while these useless feminists and their barren wombs spew vile hatred against men, great ladies like Harmony Dawes – a Christian researcher who chronicled the history of feminism – wrote so beautifully:
      “[Feminism] is particularly obnoxio