The American Military & Men Do Not Mix

Shooting guns, blowing shit up, and working out. Shouldn’t that best way to express masculinity? It’s not, especially since feminism has taken over the military. This is not the military of WWII. Welcome to the feminazi military.


Just a Number

Being masculine has a lot to do with being in control of your life. You make decisions about what you eat, when to sleep, how you make your money, where you go and much more. You have the final say and thus determine where you go in life. The military is not like that at all. A soldier has replaced his parents with the government. Your life is in the hands of incompetent officers, most fresh out of college. They determine your life. They decide whether you party in Japan or spread “freedom” in the Middle East.

The sad truth is: a soldier is a slave. He sold his soul under the illusion of doing something noble and most importantly, for the few thousand dollars in his sign-up bonus. The monetary benefit has since been reduced by Obama through cuts in tuition assistance and a soldier is not even allowed to speak his mind because Article 15 allows punishment by court-martial if he says the wrong thing. He is only allowed to follow orders like the good little dog he was conditioned to be.

You can be the general of the entire Army but you are still the commander-in-chief’s bitch. Hell, you could be the president but you would still be the bottom bitch for those who got you there. No matter what rank you are, you are just a tool. Easily replaced by the next poor minority from the slums.


Statistics more skewed than a feminist’s point of view.

Calling a female a “bitch” is grounds for sexual harassment. I shit you not. Feminism has spread and corrupted everything that was once masculine. Virtually everything is made to accommodate women. As a result of this feminist infection, false rape reports are now increasing in the military.

“From 2009 to 2012, the number of sexual abuse reports rose from 3,244 to 3,374 — a 4 percent increase. During the same period, the number of what the Pentagon calls ‘unfounded allegations’ based on completed investigations of those reports rose from 331 to 444 — a 35 percent increase.

Thirty-five percent! More and more men’s lives are being destroyed by liars! And for what? Removing the opposition for promotion? Attention? Fun?

“Elaine Donnelly, who runs the Center for Military Readiness, said the Pentagon’s Sexual Assault Response and Prevention Office (SAPRO) is ignoring the problem of false reports... ‘Something should be done to reduce the numbers of false accusations, the first step being an admission that the problem exists.’”

Even a female agrees that something is wrong. God forbid a male says it! Regardless which gender points out the obvious injustice, the military is not doing anything to combat false rape reports. Why? Because false rape does not exist according to feminist dogma. At the very most, two percent of claims are false. By hamster logic, the rest of these “victims” and “heroes” for speaking out and the “criminals” should be executed. Inequality? Hell yes! Especially since the military fails to mention anything about women sexual assaulting men (but does include man-on-man).

How are these snakes able to get to these positions to ruin lives? Simple, the military lowers the physical standards for them. The minimum amount of push-ups for males is 35 while females have 13.

They can barely move their own body weight and the military is deciding whether they should be on the front lines with men. Imagine a female, barely weighing a buck ten, trying to carry a wounded man, twice her size, to safety. Not going to happen, feminists.

As you can see, the military today is nothing like the military of our grandfathers. I could go on about how promotions are based on race and gender rather than merit, how the military will squeeze every single last drop of whatever they want from you until you are useless to them, and so on, but the main point is that the American military and men do not mix. If you enjoy being a man, stay as far away from it as you can.

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106 thoughts on “The American Military & Men Do Not Mix”

  1. You write as though the military was at one time noble and something other than a tool help the rich get richer and keep the plebes in line.

    1. Your point is well made, but the military is fuckloads worse now then ever before if you are a male, hetorosxual soldier.

    2. once, serving in the military brought you glory and honor to you and your household, now? psh, it’s a joke.

  2. Hmmm…I always thought that serving in the military was a devotion to someone else’s cause that is not your own. You fight someone else’s wars that is not of your making. You risk limb and life for a measley pay…for some intangible ideal that seemingly would make the world a better place…but doesn’t. Honor, integrity, courage…appeals to your sense of manhood so you can fight for whom? Fight for what? For feminism? For corporations? For foreigners who don’t believe in democracy…and yet you compel democracy down their throats w/ violence?
    Women must complete 13 pushups and men 35? Where’s the equality? Is this an implicit confession that equality does not exist? Damn…the military is highly unattractive in my opinion…and is not worth my life.

    1. Haha yeah. That’s true. I just took my fitness test and banged out 60 push-ups in a minute. My partner (a chick) failed on her portion. She could only do 7.
      I certainly feel safe with her fighting next to me…

    2. The “measely pay” of the military is easily in the top 20% of the population, and when you adjust for age and education it’s probably in the top 5%. The total compensation package is awesome, great insurance, BAH and BAS are even tax-free.

  3. Real men realize that being part of something greater than oneself is a far better thing than the hyper-individualistic drivel you are peddling.

        1. Nonsense, the history of masculinity (read: history) is a lot bigger than the history of warfare…unless you want to denigrate the contributions of countless entrepreneurs, scientists, writers, artists, explorers and other men who’ve made the world a better, richer place.
          Real men don’t reflexively jump into something merely because it’s greater than themselves, they first judge soberly the nature of what that something is. If my country really needs me they have my SS number…until then don’t expect me to join up just so I can get my “Real Man Card”.

    1. LOL, looks like you’ve been nice and brainwashed into the old “sacrifice” dogma.

      1. Do you know that until recent times, being a military man was one of the only ways to become a man? Now Western Civilization languishes because the men are gone and boys like you are all that is left.

    2. that’s right, know your place, serve the greater thing (feminine imperative anyone?) tiny little cog!

    3. Gonna have a hard time getting through life on a tag-line. Talk about what you know about.

    4. Real men are eviscerated by the military, though not perhaps in the way this writer assumes. You should see most of them at their 20 year retirements; fat dumpy wife, cheese-faced kids, fear in their own eyes as they realize they have to take care of themselves for a change, rather than letting the socialist system do everything for them. I know guys who still bitching about having to figure out their own work clothes, years after they got out. The system might not enslave you, but it does institutionalize you, and severely undercuts your ability for self-reliance in the process. (I don’t know a single retired female, so while it may be the same for them, I really don’t have anything there to compare it to)

      1. I was speaking to someone a while back, about weekend prison. I told him: “The thing about prison is that it’s two days a week when you do not worry about anything.” He paused, and said “Yeah, the Navy was like that – you just do as you are told and you’ll be ok.”

  4. The photo of the gal doing a “push-up” is inaccurate. In the military, female pushups include having their knees touching the ground instead of their feet.
    I have said it many times : when an organization becomes feminized, focus shifts from efficient production of goods and services to creation of rules for the comfort and security of women. Ossification and organizational death are inevitable. Recent events, in particular the fabricated Pentagon Sex Assault Report and the resultant stampede to emasculate our military to ensure female careers and work/life balance, prove my observation.

    1. Men understand that they get jobs in the military because the military needs their services. Women think the military exists to provide them with jobs with good benefits. Women are inherently takers (that’s reality, not just me being a dick). Catering to them spells doom for any organization that does so.

    2. False, if I go to my fitness assessment and put my knees on the ground, my push ups are done and its an automatic failure if I do not make the minimum which is not 13. My push ups are also not counted if I do them like that picture. This article is stupid and none of you morons have a clue about anything. You all just want to cry about being victims. What men you are.

      1. its 19 push ups for the youngest age group. wooooooow. do you have any points other then the same tactics feminists use? name calling and saying its stupid? no?

  5. With the exception of the problems caused by feminism all of your gripes about military service have ALWAYS existed. You are always subject to the authority of officers. You are always subject to military law and the Code of Conduct. The American military has always been secondary to civilian authority

  6. 1. I got out at the end of 2011. Twenty women where there when I did, all of them pregnant, unit deployed, and looking to cash in off the schooling and GI Bill and benefits they knew they would receive. First questions out their mouth.
    2. On board ship, I’m a big dude, back then I was in superior shape; not so much now hahaha. Anyways, go out to a bar in Waikiki. Hanging out with civilian friends, when I feel the small of my back and my ass touched at the same time. It was the three sexiest female officers on my ship. They flipped when they saw it was me. Never seen me out of uniform, but for what seemed at first to be an unknown guy they seemed to “admire” the goods. I introduced them when their shock dissipated, and introduced them to a few civilians I knew, and left them alone for the military fraternization policies. So I did not talk to them any further other than saying good bye before I left, and not doing anything seemingly “unprofessional.” The following morning I was told that I was inappropriate and speaking badly around one of the female officers; and I would not be allowed to defend myself if I spoke another word. They felt “uncomfortable” around me and that I should never do it again.
    3. In Greece, at a NATO unit, I was talking Greek to some of the female workers on base. Nothing harmful, definitely did not try to pick any of them up. The young one, maybe a 6 at best if her hair was done up, I guess though she was laughing like the other cleaning ladies, decided to say I sexually harassed her. I did not talk to her directly, I just happened to talk to all of them in a group. I was told not to talk to her anyways, and that I had no recourse but to sign a sheet of paper saying I had been counseled.
    4. Harlem Ambassadors came to Japan while I was there. I asked the guy running the opposing team if I could play. I was the only white guy on either team. I am 6’5, and man I can play dude. Back then though I could dunk with the best of them. The Harlem Ambassador’s noticed. During the game, I went up to take the tip off, and the lady running them grabbed the microphone and asked everyone in the place “What’s the name of that movie?” They all said “WHITE MEN CAN’T JUMP!” They saw me dunking in the lay ups. So they guarded me extra heavy, and chased me down to foul me in a break away. They let the other men, all black, on my team dunk to their hearts content. I guess they would suffer a major embarrassment by being dunked on by a white guy? The refs were black officers from the base. They were laughing their ass off. Imagined if I called them a Ni$$er?
    5. When I went to family court over my son, I was told I could not have Joint Custody because I was on a deploying Unit and the mom did not agree. Several years later, she joined the service, and moved overseas without telling me. I was told she was okay because the military gave her orders and she was not required to produce her copy of when she got them as it had “no bearing” on my case.
    6. In Hawaii, I met this exceptionally beautiful women. 5’11, thick brunette hair, DD tits, awesome ass, face of a model, and a swimmers body. We hung out that weekend, only for her to tell me she is married with three kids. But her husband has been distant the last three years. Awww, poor thing, that justifies getting ass pounded and ruining the lives of your kids.
    These are just 6 random stories from around the World I have experienced personally. I noticed that I was allowed these indignities solely based on my gender and skin color. I had no recourse, or equivalent privileges being male and white. I know that if I said something now, I would have been shit canned even worse. I don’t go out of my way for trouble; but I don’t care about any of them either. When the SHTF, they are on their own. I hope they are as bad ass as they say. Cause I won’t help out, just watch from a safe distance.
    I use to be the guy who would run in and save anyone. Hard to do when people don’t want your help until they discover they have no other options. Then it is too late.
    Does anyone still doubt? I can type more.

    1. I’m still serving now (10 yrs), and I have seen and can sympathize with the situations you describe…and I’m black. Personally, I don’t do team sports anymore because at this undisciplined level there’s no point, and I can play too. Where I do business is the same way, natural male behavior is criminalized and female behavior is rewarded. If, I get mad at work, they’ll call the SP. If a woman gets upset, she leaves and stops working for the entire day where there are whole committees designed to ask her “what’s wrong”. I despise how bad it is now, I know its only a matter of time before I get slapped with a harassment claim. Then here come the no-contact orders, Article 15’s, 92’s, etc…. SMH

      1. Yeah man, I feel ya. If I were you, considering they are doing away with the pension most likely….I would consider getting out while you still have your money, and your life intact.

        1. I’m a military officer currently. I agree with this. They’re actually downsizing and just fired a well-respected officer in my sister unit.
          No more safety net in the military, I’m afraid. I’ll be out when my contract is up in a little over 2 years.

        2. Good luck man, and just keep your mouth shut around the female officers. As men get more silent when they are around, and never help them..perhaps they will learn? Perhaps, they won’t.
          Either way, when they are left on their own, and they fail, eventually they won’t have a man around to blame. That will be funny.
          They can’t keep going this way least I think? I am assuming that technology will not have produced enough for them to be of notable use?
          Either way, it will be tough for more and more men as they are mercilessly attacked by character assassination, their inability to sleep their way to the top (well, maybe not in Obama’s military? Good luck with that), and false accusations.
          Eventually, I hope it brings an all female battalion. I know they will get their own dedicated air wing for support, and probably their own SEAL team to rescue them from their mistakes ever reaching a media camera. Yet I know this will not come to be. What I mean is anything to further guarantee their success and therefore more females joining.
          Eventually, this will get shown to the world. Yet for now, I think they think this is a great time for women as wars are winding down? What happens if another flares up? Are women honestly going to get sent to the forefront? If they think we are going to become a police state they are crazy if they hope to be the ones dishing it out so cameras can watch. A female Olympic Athlete would not fare well against many men who could never make it through the men’s competition to get there.
          Just saying I doubt it.
          Logic, biology, and reason tend to win out over female logic, biology, and reason (emotion).
          Gonna take some time, I hope you make it through.

        3. Female Olympians regularly lose to high school boys athletes. Not even all-stars, just regular varsity.

    2. I was in the U.S. Army from 2003 until 2011, and deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan. Higher percentages of men understood that there is no “I” in “team”. Then we could talk about not only the affirmative action military, but the women who FUCKED their way to promotion by having sex with superior ranks of men was commonplace. The military will do nothing effective about fraternization because that would harm the female imperative even though a few men will be sacrificed.

      1. Yeah bro. Going through it now. My ex left for Europe without telling me, the only questions the courts keep asking me is “How much do you make?”

        1. I’m sorry to hear this. It is sadly too commonplace. The Army and Marine Corps. had a divorce rate of 75% and 70% in 2010 while the Navy and Air Force were around 40% with the overall American civilian average was around 50%. That is why I told men joining the military to not get married and to use condoms and not impregnate women. Most American women regard men as ATMs and this is even more true of veterans like you and me who got out and most true of those men who are currently serving in the military. Bad marriages and divorce rates among veterans have been higher for decades especially if they showed up to wars. We all complain about the no fault divorce laws put in place starting in 1965 in the USA while our American military people were fighting the Vietnam War, and divorce rose to 50% in 1980 where it has remained ever since. We should also complain about how most women, over 90%, got the home and children after a divorce starting in the 1860s in the American Civil War era. Before the 1860s, men usually got the home and children in a divorce and the divorce rate was 1%, but when women could get these things the divorce rate rose to 10% by around 1900 where it more or less remained until the 1960s which was the Spanish-American War and Philipine Insurrection era just before the First World War started and ended between the years 1914 and 1918. Men initiated divorce most of the time up until the 1860s while women have initiated divorce at least two-thirds of the time starting no later than 1900. Fault laws regarding divorce remained in effect until the 1960s and it was painful and took a long time to get a divorce and not everyone was granted one. The divorce laws passed giving women the home and children in the 1860s and the no fault divorce laws of the 1960s basicly encourage women to divorce because they do not suffer as harsh consequences as men do, and women are more happy to destroy a relationship than men on average. Even where there is no marriage, women end the “boyfriend-girlfriend” relationship at least 70% of the time. Female hypergamy cares much less about children than male promiscuity in my opinion.

    3. That’s rough. This is the part where some leftist tells you that bigotry against you has no real consequences and that you should shut up. But God forbid one of their precious victimized groups has their feelings injured.

      1. Hppened to me in college just this semester. I was told by my professor that all these benefits were in response to centuries of oppression.
        When I explained to her about Irish slaves, which I hail partially from, she had a brainwashed look of disbelief. Also, I explained to her how women were not oppressed. She never looked at me the same, but you could tell I got her thinking.
        Who knows, maybe I planted a seed?

        1. I doubt it. Sorry, but I just doubt you planted any kind of a seed that will bear fruit.

    4. A friend of mine encountered some of these things — indirectly, thankfully — when he was on active duty in the Army not so long ago. However, to make things worse, he got some of this from males whom he thought he trusted.
      I’ve heard that things are probably worse in the Navy and the Air Force since these are the least “military” of all of the services.

      1. The Marine Corps. Has the least percentage of females, the Army has a slightly higher percentage while the Navy definitely has more and the Air Force has the highest percentage of females. I’m saying this from memory, the percentages might be wrong, and I might be wrong. The Marine Corp. is 93% male, the Army is 88% male, the Navy is 75% male and the Air Force is 60% male so the females are 7%, 12%, 25% and 40% of each respective branch of service. The military is 14% female overall. This includes Regular Active Duty, Federal Reserve and National Guard, and I believe the numbers are from the year 2010 A.D. I used to say that the Navy and Air Force were less military and sometimes still do, but they are more military in some ways and less so in others. In the past the Navy pulled in on average academicly brighter but less athletic men than the Army and Marine Corps. because they are more technical. Even if you are in a technical job in the Army And Marine Corps. you expected to be a rifleman first and are considered more likely to use small firearms such as handguns, rifles, shotguns, fully automatic machineguns, hand gernades etc. to fight the enemy. However, even the Navy and Air Force people can be told that they are doing this. The real problem is that the military has become overly bueracratized, over feminized and overly homosexualized, and it gets worse if your unit or branch of service has more policies and people who are like this.

        1. I accidently left out that the Air Force in the past brought in academicly brighter but less athletic men on average than the Army and Marine Corps. because the jobs were more technical just like the Navy. I, was in the Army and have been in the Iraq and Afghanistan wars. I do not besmirch the Navy or Air Force. Yes, wars are ultimately won by the combat arms military be they infantry, cavalry scouts, artillery, tankers, special operations etc., but they require a lot of support which is 90% of the military in order to accomplish their mission.

        2. Yeah, I expected that was the case with the Marines. The women that are in there are more mannish and probably less likely to pull the kind of shit that AF and Navy chicks do.
          My friend often heard that AF chicks, though some of the most attractive, were also some of the sluttiest — even to the point where, on post, they were out on the prowl for Army guys when their hubbies were away on deployment.

        3. The number of girls I found going out looking for men to cheat on their husbands with in the military overall was is so small in comparison to the number of men looking to cheat. But apparently its ok for men to cheat right?

        4. Are you a woman? There’s the door. Don’t let it hit you in your cock holster.

    5. Spot on dude. I had the same thing in family court. What happened to me being an American hero and all that? I don’t have PTS-anything….but unemployed mommy says you have an anger problem sooooo maybe its best if she keeps the kids and you just pay her…alot.

    6. Yeah, becoming RedPill definitely cured me of the “saving people” thing. Even if they are family, it depends.

  7. It would have been best if you just focused on the lower entry requirements and false rape allegations, which are outrageous enough, rather than the “you’re being used” part, which is really kind of necessary for the working of a proper military.

  8. That was a gross over simplification and generalization of some policies which are out of date from somebody I assume was never in the military.

  9. Don’t get me started on the women. I’ll just say this, those bitches use their pussy for gaining rank and money. Then they claim PTSD and get at least a 100%. I was at a clinic to see a therapist and one bitch was bragging how she was getting disability for faking being crazy.
    My advice, don’t join. It isn’t worth it in the end. You get messed up and they throw you out. When you return to civilian life, people treat you like a madman, but act like they thank you for the hard work. It’s hard to explain, but their words don’t match with their behavior. So I say fuck it, when SHTF they will all be running around like bitches and screaming for help. But I will not be the one to help them.
    My old friend is still in and I can see how much it changed since Obama became president. Hearing how they have stress cards, easy PT, women claiming more false rape. Even my friend was accused and there was witness that say he left with them and never left their sight.

    1. Its true. “Thank you for your service, you’re my hero! ….could you not stand near me please?”

  10. F**k the USA. Even though my family has been here since the 1700s, I dont identify at all with this feminist, degenerate, politically correct society and curse anyone that proudly fights for it

  11. Don’t write articles about the military life if you haven’t served. No one wants to read about what you “think” active duty is like for a man nowadays.

  12. Doesn’t have to be noble, a job is a job and the military is no different. You report to higher-ups like you do a lot of jobs, so what? You exchange your services and risk for money. Who cares what the ideology is or what they use the military for?
    But I agree with your assessment of feminism corrupting the military.
    There’s some hypocritical notion that women are entitled to define what is a “real man”, while at the same time whining loudly when some guy tells them what a woman should be like.
    Unfortunately, much of society has bought into the feminist definition of masculinity, mostly because they drape it in moral guilt. So when applied to the military the same types expect men to be full of compassion and empathy, when in reality men, military men of all, are supposed to be objective and driven to achieve those objectives regardless of sacrifice, hurt feelings, hatred, bigotry, “meaness” and all the other things feminists use to anchor their world view. This is not to say that guys are 100% assholes, just that results are usually considered first before emotions/ethics etc.

    1. Not true dude. When you leave a job at Starbuck’s, you take off the funny hat and don’t have to say “sir” to every idiot who wants coffee.
      The military is selling your entire life for a shitty paycheck. Get in trouble during your off-hours? You are now in trouble at work. Had your non-pc political opinions overheard in a bar on the other side of town on a Saturday? Guess who might be standing in front of the Man.

      1. I was in the military as well…
        “Get in trouble during your off-hours? You are now in trouble at work.”
        True, but that can be said for any job..especially if you were arrested. Anyway, why get in trouble if you can avoid it. Oftentimes, once people know you serve, and if they are not connected, and the situation is not overly serious,they let you off.
        I have done stuff on off hours that had military higher ups in civ clothes confront me. And the conversation goes something like this:
        Person: What is your command? Who is your Masterchief?
        Me: (gives them the wrong command and or masterchief)
        -And never see or hear from them again.
        “Had your non-pc political opinions overheard in a bar on the other side of town on a Saturday?”
        Know your crowd. Never hang with people who are gung ho pats if you know you are not. I never ventured in PC circles. And if you have to…fake it.
        And to be honest, I have never personally seen people go up for NJP over a comment. UNLESS, it was directed at an officer or senior enlisted that wanted to fuck you over.
        And even then that is a stretch.

        1. Our experiences appear to have differed “shipmate”. I saw plenty of guys go to mast over ARI’s that no one outside their command was even aware of. Hell, I got relieved 2 weeks from finishing my LCPO tour because one of my guys was falsely accused of being drunk and abusive toward a local national hooker…how do i know it was false? …her and her “witnesses” ID’d the NCIS investigator as the perpetrator.
          Personal experiences aside, the fact that you can get jack-hammered via UCMJ just because someone feels like it is reason enough to avoid at all costs.

        2. Interesting. Lol with the shipmate bit. I don’t care for it nor have I ever used it. But it’s all good.
          Well, knowing that our experiences “differed”, you should know full well every individual has a different perspective of the military. So it does not make YOUR experience the only possible outcome if you serve. The same with mines.
          Did I like the military? Nope. Have I benefited from it greatly? Yes. And I still do even now.
          I have had a few close calls as well as a few personal crisis when I was in, and I considered myself lucky that I left unscathed and in good standing. Some of the things I did had anyone knew, I would have been kicked out. And that is the ideal.
          Use them more then they could ever use you. I took advantage of every perk, benefit, off hours breaks, on the clock breaks, I was a recruiter on my last duty before sep. I used to come to work, stay for an hour, and go home or drive around in my assigned personal govt car and shop or hang out places. I did all kinds of shit I should not have been doing. Because, if I have to be stuck in a shitty situation, may as well take advantage of them. They thought I was working hard, even got a big award my next to last year in and I hardly did shit. And that is what I did.
          As far as what happened to you that is the great flaw with the system. You being a leader penalized for something outside of your control. I used to see it often. Its not exclusive to your experience alone. Hell when I was an E-5, I actually yelled and cussed out a few E-7’s during that time. Never saw so much as a disciplinary board.
          I did not join for any since of duty or patriotism.I was young. I needed money, and benefits. Some individuals do not have the means to slum it after they become an adult. Especially when they are not college bound. Nor should they if they don’t want to. If they can avoid it good for them.

        3. WOW, finally a Military man who gets it! Yes I enlisted to serve my country, see the world, and for the benefits. But I also came in “eyes wide open” and had no crazy unfounded ideas about what the military was about. From Day one I sought and took advantage of EVERY loophole, and opportunity i could with regards to time off, long breaks, entitlements and cash bonuses/PCS payouts/duty pay.
          And truth be told, i have made out like a bandit. I also ensured my troops did the same, or were at least made aware of opportunities available to them.
          My attitude has ALWAYS been get yours whenever and how ever you legally can while in the military, because Uncle Sam will ALWAYS get his.
          Like all Enlisted “lifers” i always planned on getting out. But i have been smart and lucky with the jobs i chose in the Airforce and have gotten embarrassingly large re-enlistment bonuses and been sent to more than a few cushy stations and deployments. Over all i would recommend any and all listless young men to join – BUT with one caveat! You must at all times conduct yourself as a fox in the hen house. you are surrounded by an institution that rewards incompetence and idiotcracy. learn the politics of fools (not very different from “game” really) and make sure that everything you do is to your benefit FIRST!

        4. Get in trouble at Starbucks and your employer can fire you. Get in trouble with your command and your employer can imprison you for life. Why can you not grasp the fundamental difference in the two?……….Put your hamster on a leash.

  13. It’s only a matter of time before they make us sit down to pee, or make it a crime to leave the seat up after peeing.

  14. You forgot to mention the female medics (most of which are married) that come back from deployments with an extra $40,000 after serving as FOB hookers.
    I met some tough as nails girls in the Army, but they’re few and far between. My experience with fraternization wasn’t too bad actually (just a “keep it down low” from those in my COC)
    Remember, the infantry fights and wins our wars – as long as blue chords are only given to men, we have nothing to fear.
    – Former 11B

  15. A real military man of day of old could take on 2 or three men for one properly trained and unleashed American.
    Now days, it seems to take a 50 troops to handle one enemy combatant. And those 50 troops needs a logistics group of 500 or more to support them. Then, to add insult to injury, they can’t fight until they receive direct orders form the Lord on high (aka Commander in Chief), making them sitting ducks in many situation — pawns in a game of life and death.
    Women just compound the problem 100 fold. They want what they do not deserve and have not fought for. Just look at how one bimbo eruption can take down a highly decorated and accomplished military man – e.g. Patreaus — in her lust for power and fame that comes not from similar accomplishments, but from just being in the shadow of a accomplished and powerful man.
    When a woman can rip off the head of the enemy and shit down his neck, so to speak, then maybe, perhaps they can be allowed to serve in the military. Until then, the best use of a tampon is to clean a rifle barrel.

  16. 13 pushups? You gotta be shittin me.
    I can do 20 pushups and I don’t even lift.

  17. …stay as far away as you can. Right on the money.
    I did 20 ungodly years in that shit-show before it occurred to me that selfless service really was serving everyone except me.
    There’s really no way to understate the level of bullshit involved in searching under every rock for a minority or woman to promote as soon as possible. That’s not to say that none of those women or minorities are qualified, only that in the military, being “under-represented” is waaaaaay more important than doing your job.
    …and 13 push-ups? That’s just the start. The physical standards for women are lower across the board in every service. That’s slower runs, fewer sit-ups, girl-push-ups. When work time comes, think again if you expect to see women working late shifts or doing the heavy lifting. Especially the few good-looking girls, they’ll be inside where it’s nice. And never mind that she’s only been on the job half as long as you, you’ll be working for her in no time. That’s equality!
    I’d say the author’s slave labor comparison is as close to perfect as you’re likely to see. Still though, at least slaves aren’t getting conned by telling them they’re “modern day patriots” and “America’s best”….surprise, surprise, you’re a sucker and a shovel-monkey for Uncle Barry, get back to work and don’t worry about missing your kid’s birthday (again), you’ll be home by Christmas…next year.

  18. This is a silly article, written by some metsitzo or something, eh, wey? Go back to your home country where these issues don’t exist, and better it. Bingo, problem solved. People should really remove the term “Nazi” from their vocabulary as it has been corrupted to death. However, I see it can be a useful word choice for those who only choose to complain and follow the victim mentality. Did you know the word Aryan is from the Sanskrit “Arya” or “Noble”?
    Yeah, the military.. LOL. ZOG puppets. False patriotism to stifle nationalism.. or any other form of maleness around the world, like that expressed in Arab countries. Like the Aryans of Iran. Can you handle more truth?

  19. I’m active duty Air Force and separating at the end of this month. After 9 years of dealing with incompetence and ass kissers, I’ve finally had enough. I think I’ve been fortunate though in that I was “aircrew”. It’s almost like a separate branch of the Air Force because the poisonous tendrils of feminism haven’t completely penetrated the culture.
    “Aircrew” is kind of like an old boy’s club where women can be a part as long as they understand that dirty jokes and horseplay are the norm. For the most part, women I’ve worked with get it. Don’t get me wrong though, there are incidents of false rape accusations and sexual harassment incidents but I personally haven’t seen that many. Even still, every year I’m forced to click through long monotonous computer-based-training on Sexual Assault Prevention, Rape and Equal Opportunity.
    One thing I’ve noticed is how easy it is for women in the Air Force to slut it up for personal gain and get away with it. For men not so much. I’ve seen numerous adultery cases involving female service members swept under the rug.
    I’m pretty excited to be getting out. I don’t even have a job yet which gets me concerned looks from my coworkers when I tell them that. “What are you gonna do?” My response is anything but this.

    1. Same with aircraft maintenance. Females tend to do flightline work just like the fellas, and I was ok with that.

        1. Recently? I was in 10 years ago. Maybe stuff has changed. Or not maybe. Definitely. Although I do agree with Invictus. Women do tend to get away with anything from faddish haircuts to screwing young male Airmen, and probably women too. And Sexual Assault training. Fuck that. What a waste of time.

        2. @rockorbe:disqus Definitely less than ten years ago—–the guys I spoke with have all left within the past year.
          I even spoke with one female maintainer who just flat-out admitted that most women were not cut-out for that line of work.

  20. Yeah, yeah, yeah i figure why you feel military service is worthless when there is no gain at all being at war with different countries, that changes every ten year or so.
    We used to have an army to defend Sweden that could’ve hold back the best attackers, but nowadays they just seem to focus on immigrants that is a threat to society and women, and the defense will only hold for a week on a certain spot as the highest commander said publicly (and got accused for saying so).
    We just had two russian planes heading into our space and nothing was done, nothing. And we used to be a proud country. (A little rant) Fuck’em, in the past you could at least have the opportunity to get educated and protect your family if necessary, nowadays it’s nothing, nothing left of that and i’m sick of this society.
    Give it 10 years and the one wonderous country of Sweden will be like Russia after the Sovjet-collapse because things are horrible.

  21. This article is stupid…the first bullet that flies by your head makes you a Man for life…fucktard’s think this isn’t true just because of false rape claims…wtf?

  22. You’ve never served in the military and feel like you are a resident expert on the social dynamics of it? Your misguided bro. The sexual assault thing and harassment thing is blown up for the media, and that’s it. We got our mandatory sexual assault/harassment brief, our command checked the block saying it was done, and that was the end of it.
    The people blowing this out of proportion aren’t even in the military.
    The military is doing nothing to combat false reports? Again bro, you need to do some research. Every sexual harassment/assault report is followed by a formal investigation if wanted. If the female opts out of the investigation, nothing can be done to an alleged perpetrator.
    The only valid point you make is that females are expected to do less physically. And guess what? That 110 lb chick isn’t going to rushing into combat to drag a 240 lb bro back to safety. Why? Because they are not allowed in combat roles. Sure, the media tells you they are now, but again you need to research and think for yourself.
    You may get the odd butch chick with a deep voice that makes it through the training, shows tactical combat competency, earns the respect of her peers and superiors, and is actually allowed into a combat role. She will be rare, the great white buffalo. The other ones will be put in non field roles that won’t risk putting them in that scenario. Every infantry company needs a person running the books, planning the training, issuing the supplies, manning the radio, etc. Those are all roles that any a female can perform and roles that require no front line combat. She can call herself an infantrymen all she wants, shes just pushing papers. Simply put, a platoon leader is not going to put a 110 lb female on the front line with the rest of his troops, its fucking dangerous and will get people killed. The feminists can cry about it all they want.
    American military and men don’t mix?
    Poor research, no experience, and posting articles from an authoritative point of view don’t mix. Your better than this bro.

    1. Yeah, OK “Soldier.” Never mind that countless of men who have served or are serving confirm what was said in this article or say it’s even worse. I’ve heard it from countless others as well.
      And I’m not sure if you got the memo but combat roles are going to be opening to women very soon. They say it’s they’re only “considering it” but it will happen. The march of “progress” never stops and they are even talking about opening SOF to women. Standards will be lowered for this as they have been everywhere else. Combat arms will be no exception to the agenda. Give the left an inch and they take a mile.
      If you think the politically correct bureaucrats that run the military care about soldier’s welfare more than they care about their “equality” fantasy you’re under-estimating their insidiousness. They don’t care about combat effectiveness, they care about “celebrating diversity” and “fairness.”

  23. I read these articles and stories and wonder about the readiness of our military for combat. Never having been in the military, I have no way of knowing the reality of these stories. However, I did notice that the Marines did the bulk of the fighting in Iraq (the army seemed to play more of a support role) and Afghanistan has been almost exclusively an arena for special forces. This suggests that the Marines and special forces, which have higher fitness and training standards than the rest of the military, may be the only forces that can engage in actual land combat.
    On the other hand, the military is robotizing (drones, robots, etc.) at a rate that is incomprehensible to many civilians. If autonomous drones and robots do most of the combat, what does that say about a “feminized” military?

    1. It means nothing. Those drones have to be maintained. look at todays news 6 or 7 guys attacked France. The world has spent billions on drones fighter planes ships and bombs and 6 guys are changing history and are defeating Europe. will take masculine minded men and leadership to stop them and always has. That is why the US military is doomed.

  24. My answer? what the hell did these women expect? Being thrown into a male space where testosterone and stress run amok?
    Men have assaulted each other in the military since the creation of such organization and no one gave fuck. Now that it involves women, however, it’s a “big issue.”

  25. As a woman who recently got out, there are indeed a lot of issues. Especially in the Air Force. You haven’t seen depressing until you’ve seen the men in your unit drag back in from this year’s SARC presentation, where they were told that basically evèrything they’ll ever do with a woman is rape. Integrating women required androgenizing the force; making men more feminine, women more masculine, and no, it doesn’t really work.
    The military isn’t just a job, either. It’s your entire life, and it does affect every other aspect of your life, to a terrifying degree.

  26. I’d like to comment on this as I am in the military…I joined the AF 10 years ago thinking I was doing the grand thing following my dad and his dad’s footsteps. The AF has taught me a great deal and I am indeed grateful but the working environment /male brotherhood was long doomed before I even joined. Just like this article points out, women have virtually feminized almost everything. I’ll give one example: Women demand equality and respect but expect to be treated 180 degrees different in many traditional military rituals. While promoting in the military it is customary for that GI to have their new rank tacked on or punched on (sleeves or collar). When men are up on stage, other men will violently hit their new rank on. When a women is on stage, light taps and pussy hits follow as to not damage our little Ms. (liberal term for Miss). I’ve seen some men hit women hard on very very few occasions and to the surprise and gasps of the crowd. I just don’t get it; if women wanted to join a masculine environment and career, then why want to change it? Why are some many men allowing this…just blows my mind. I could go on about countless other instances but then I’d be banging my head into the computer just thinking about it.

    1. As a fellow Airman, I agree. Especially PT standards. How bad was it that I scored 11:20 on my basic training PT test run and I beat everyone in our sister flight?

  27. Of course you have to follow orders dipshit. And yet as one progresses through the ranks, you are expected to take more responsibility, take initiative. Or what, you think the grandpas in WW2 just did what they wanted? But Mr Dantes doesn’t know that. From an Air Force vet, you’re a dumbass.

    1. From a Army vet, you sound like a cuck. I’ll bet you are already jacking off about the new transgender policy. Way to go, Corporal Caitlyn.

  28. Im getting out next year after 12 years of service as a tanker. I knew what I was getting into or so I thought. But now its endless amount of SHARP briefs EO classes all designed to protect woman and their feelings. If words can destroy them the enemy wont need to use bullets. To top this all off is all the “female Soldiers” I have met. I met all the types, the heavily tattooed woman that goes on her “Can do this!” rampages but then cries on Facebook or her friends that her boyfriend “used me” and is worthless while she is in her down in the dumps state, the “Ranger groupie” a female Soldier that tries to fuck her way up turns the unit into her own little cesspool. The heavily tattooed “bad ass butch” spends hours in the gym gets as many tats as allowed wears a butch haircut all to look “Bad Ass” but always finds away to skip out on a combat deployment. The “cry wolf bitch”, a female that was uses SHARP and EO programs as weapons against male superiors, they teach this skill to other cunts too and once they start to do that everyone in the chain of command does everything to make her happy, cry wolf bitches are THE WORST KIND. The Sick Call Cunts. Female soldiers that are always too sick and injured to do anything, if a male tries this shit he will be shunned shamed and sometimes have legal action taken against him, as it should be, however, a female “soldier” can do this all day long because some ranking blue pill southern gentleman will always protect her. The “My Kids Bitch” These are never at work, when they are at work its for a very short time because “i got to pick up my kids” If a male soldier uses family as an excuse as much as these bitches do he will be chartered under the family chapter care plan. Not so with a women, in fact the last time I put our former supply sgt in her place for that reason I was the one getting a talk to from the CO and 1SG. This and “The Black Female “Solder”) I am a black man and I come from a family with a proud military tradition. Black males throughout our history and still continue to this day to be outstanding Soldiers. The same is not true fro black female “Soldiers” The Army does unfortunately have a system based on race and gender in its centralized promotion system. And Black Females are on the top of that list. This as created a lot of black women getting promoted before they are ready. The mouthiest, most untrustworthy, worst attitudes laziest “Soldiers” I have met have all been black women. And not as of Today in this year of 2016 probably the beginning of the Fall of The American Empire, women are allowed into combat arms. I for one will not have a female or two or three on my tank, I dont want to deal with all the stupid shit that comes with it, I defiantly don’t want to die from it.

  29. With the new transgender policy, it’s just another nail in the coffin. With Obama cutting readiness to the bone, plus a force of women, queers, and “others,” no wonder we are being openly challenged by Russia and China.

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