Dr. Drew’s Show On CNN Canceled After He Questions The Narrative On Hillary’s Health

Dr. Drew should consider himself lucky for only having his CNN Headline News show canceled a week after not tip-toeing around Hillary Clinton’s obviously questionable health. Why? Because people have a way of turning up dead when they commit offenses against the Clintons, usually with strange suicides, plane crashes, or car accidents that nobody witnesses.

Only a week before his show’s cancellation, Dr. Drew, along with another medical expert, Dr. Robert Huizenga, said they were “gravely concerned” about Hillary’s health after looking over some of her medical records:

We evaluated the medical record that she had released [and] were gravely concerned not just about her health, but her health care. Both of us concluded that if we were providing the care that she was receiving, we’d be ashamed to show up in a doctor’s lounge. She’s receiving 1950s-level care. She’s been treated for hypothyroidism with something called Armour Thyroid, which is very unconventional and something we used back in the 1960s. Armour Thyroid sometimes has some weird side effects.

Their opinion was based on a convoluted statement released by her doctor, Lisa Bardack, detailing Hillary’s hypothyroidism, allergies, a thrombosis she had in 2012 which resulted in a fall and a concussion, and her use of Fresnel prism glasses. The statement goes on to say Hillary is in good health after detailing a litany of health issues. Drew said on a KABC radio interview:

[The use of Fresnel prism glasses] suggests brain damage. That’s profound.

Interestingly, even though the KABC interview raised legitimate issues and went viral it was pulled off the web site only hours later. The incident has all the markings of a coverup and Pravda-like shoddy journalism.

The Coordinated Response

Unexplained coughing fits have plagued Hillary throughout her campaign

Unexplained coughing fits have plagued Hillary throughout her campaign

What did the mainstream media do in lockstep after Drew and another medical expert expressed concerns about her health? Why, they ran hit pieces, of course. An independent thought alarm sounded as soon as the words came out of Drew’s mouth, and immediately the keyboard brigade went to work to discredit him with smarmy yellow journalism. The Daily Beast turned on him, saying “Dr. Drew Leads the Hillary Clinton Health Truthers.” Yahoo News came out with a damage control article “Fact Checking Dr. Drew on Hillary Clinton’s ‘Medical Records’.” PuffHo said “Speculating About Candidate Health is Mudslinging, Not Medicine.”

The coup de grace in the move to discredit Dr. Drew was his removal from the Clinton News Network a week later, a surprising and sudden cancellation of a show that has been running for five years on the low-rated network. CNN said removing Dr. Drew On Call is part of a so-called “revamping” of its lineup. (Dr. Drew survived the last “revamping” of the lineup). That’s PR speak for we’re firing your ass because you challenged the power structure, Jack. The head cheese of CNN Ken Jautz said:

Dr. Drew and I have mutually agreed to air the final episode of his show on September 22.

Some chick named Ashleigh Banfield will be his likely replacement, posing as a Social Justice Warrior. She promises to deliver her own craptastic blend of CNN-style Communism on a show that will be a “unique brand of social and legal issues.”

CNN has been running regular cover for Clinton, in one case doing a shameless hit piece on the people whose critical thinking skills have not yet been destroyed. They labeled people who have legitimate questions about Hillary’s health as everything from tin-foil hat conspiracy theorists to sexists. Who were their sources for telling them Hillary is in excellent health in the report assailing people wanting to know if Hillary is sick or not? Why Hillary herself, Syphilis Bill, and one of their long-time employees. What journalistic integrity! That report wouldn’t have passed muster in an entry level journalism class, but it was good enough for CNN’s lightweight talking head Randi Kaye to expect you to believe it.

Hillary had to be carried up a flight of stairs as she sports Chairman Mao attire

Hillary had to be carried up a flight of stairs as she sports Chairman Mao attire

We serfs aren’t supposed to notice Hillary’s bizarre coughing incidents, the seizure-like head bobbling, her being carried up a flight of steps, her cover story about her health that’s weak as water, and we are supposed to ignore an increasing chorus line of doctors saying something is wrong with the old harridan. It’s not just Dr. Drew and Dr. Huizenga. Rutgers University Professor of Medicine Bob Lahita came out saying concerns over Hillary’s health are no conspiracy theory. Dr. Jane Orient, executive director of the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons also called into question the mainstream media narratives about Clinton’s health. Are we supposed to believe these medical experts are all crazy conspiracy theorists, too?

Interestingly, Wonder Woman (Clinton) hasn’t held a campaign press conference in over eight months and shuns the spotlight whenever possible, increasingly living the life of a recluse rather than a presidential candidate.

To make matters worse as the left attempts to tighten the noose around the necks of those who don’t follow their dictates, The New York Times is calling for Google to censor search results that call into question the increasingly bizarre narratives that claim Hillary is as healthy as a spring chicken.

What we are witnessing is the internet doing the job journalists won’t do, and as people get closer to the truth of an issue the media’s actions and inactions become increasingly ridiculous. Chalk Dr. Drew’s cancellation up to a desperate move by a desperate Hivemind fighting to stay relevant in an age when they’re increasingly shown to be shameless, lying propagandists.

The closer we get to the truth about any topic on the internet, the more outrageous and shrill the calls will become to censor and silence us. Blood has been drawn when it comes to a sickly Hillary.

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192 thoughts on “Dr. Drew’s Show On CNN Canceled After He Questions The Narrative On Hillary’s Health”

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  2. Drew has a daily podcast with Adam Carolla. He may not be conservative put he’s certainly not very liberal either. When it first started he would not specify but said there had been “repercussions” at CNN for his working with right leaning Carolla. He does go on rants against the establishment though, stating once that there has never been a single death from second hand smoke, it was all made up by do gooders.

      1. Only a few suicides when the prices dropped through the floor on the secondary markets, but those guys were bipolar anyway…

      2. I don’t believe any have been proved, just “assumed” based on…convenience.
        The anti-smoking movement was the first big SJW program to break through the common sense barrier and go full retard.

        1. If you get cancer, and someone in your household smoked, it’s attributable to 2nd hand smoke, apparently.

        2. That’s how they count it I’d assume. Like if your passenger had a beer during dinner and you had none, then you (the driver) got into a wreck, the wreck is attributed to alcohol being a factor.

        3. Many smokers have irritating behaviors which made them easy to attack. Liberty is always eroded through those society won’t defend. So to deal with the problem of irritating smokers private property rights were sacrificed. We see the same principle with leveraging drunk drivers.

        4. Indeed. I’m no fan of smoking but I support people’s right to smoke. The anti smoking brigade are essentially the same people messing with my right to use Kratom.
          No that’s not a silly joke 🙂

        5. I do. I use it for energy, pain relief and focus during Spanish class. Haven’t got any pussy on it yet but I’m sure that will come.
          Jokes aside, if the Government is trying to stop you using it, it’s probably good.

      3. I can imagine some people who worked 8 hours a day for decades in a place without proper ventilation and lots of smokers would suffer some effects of occupational exposure. Just not a non-smoker who went to bar every so often.

    1. Love that podcast. The two of them are basically the only entertainers I can stomach any longer.

    2. I’m sure Dr. Drew may lean a little to the liberal side on some issues. The conflict comes because he is a medical professional (science and facts) and he is dealing with liberals (no facts or science….all feelings). That, I think, is where the rubber meets the road with him.
      All of the signs that someone is ill…and he’s supposed to ignore it (as a medical professional). He supposed to say that Hillary is fine..nothing wrong with her.
      Nope, he couldn’t do it (even though he works for CNN).

    1. Isnt it funny how they try to tale something as objective as the truth and try to demonize it?

      “Its only truth if we say it”

      1. Yep. And insisting on the truth now means you’re a madman. Orwellian doublespeak? Corruption of language?

  3. An Ode to the Crooked One.
    Every time she lies,
    Every time she fails,
    Every time she thinks she’s in the clear,
    There’s a thousand more emails.

    But now she’s sounding worried,
    And she’s looking very ill.
    For power but not for glory
    She covered up for Bill.
    Though our men were fighting bravely,
    National heros one and all,
    When they asked for reinforcements,
    The cunt refused to take their call.
    So when He calls her crooked,
    We know damn well He’s right.
    The only thing that’s left in doubt,
    Is how it sleeps at night?
    And while under no enemies fire,
    She proved that she’s a liar,
    So while it’s true that Bill should hang,
    She, needs hanging higher.

  4. Between CNN’s reprisal against Dr. Drew, the media hit pieces on Trump, and the (pathetically weak) attack by Clinton on the Alternative right from yesterday; I think it’s clear to everyone on here that if she somehow ekes out a narrow win through voter fraud or the nevertrump people… it’ll be open season on all of us.
    I shudder at the thought of Hillary having power over the military, courts, administrative agencies, and federal law enforcement agencies.

    1. ” if she somehow ekes out a narrow win through voter fraud or the nevertrump people… it’ll be open season on all of us”
      Fuck yeah I was thinking the same thing. There is definitely something seriously wrong with that old hag (aside from her being a communist) her health is a major concern. When I first saw her seizure she had it was on youtube and was looped for comedic purposes so I didn’t think much of it. But later on another report I saw the seizure exactly as it was recorded from different perspectives – and one view showed how the female that Clinton was speaking / seizuring out to was getting concerned.

      1. Being ill can cause people to act erratically sometimes.
        Imagine someone like that in a decision making role.

      2. And that SAME reporter claims it was nothing out of the ordinary. Right. Your face during the incident paints a much different picture.

    2. This is why we have a second amendment. If you can’t count on the government to treat you fairly, arm yourself.

    3. I’m armed, I’m trained, I’m fit, I’m ready.
      She wants to wage war on us? Bring it.

      1. Same here, my thought on this is that it wouldn’t be something as blatant as the gov’t coming down on us immediately.
        Maybe more along the lines of BLM or Antifa running wild and LE looking the other way.

      2. I am old. I am crippled up with arthritis. I am unarmed, but thinking about it. If the SHTF I will die quickly. And let me say that it might be worth it. What can’t continue, won’t.

    4. Open season? Let’s get it on. I don’t think it will turn out the way (((they))) think it will.

    5. CNN is applauding her speech. Apparently the Left has been waiting for Hillary Clinton to do nothing more than scream out that everyone who doesn’t vote for me is waycist.

    6. You may see civil war or a revolution at that point.
      She will weaken this country (as Merkel has done in Germany) with many Americans holding onto their guns (while Clinton will open borders, import more terrorists and try to take guns through “gun control”). The day of reckoning will come because Americans won’t stand for that shit.
      D.C. will get a remodel once it happens…because there will be nothing left.

  5. Pretty much confirms that Hitlery’s Health Headaches are exactly the right button to keep pressing.
    Her attacking the Alt-Right/Manosphere says exactly the same…

      1. I think so, but I can’t remember her name.
        It is *so* nice to be almost completely separated from the MSM.

        1. The last time that I came in, after maybe a month I was shocked at how openly violent and hateful the “progressive” movement has become. It’s always a shock but, it is really surprising to have these people apparently willing to confront people to their face and pick fights with people who could with ease grab them by the feet and slap their head off the ground.

        2. I only see television when I go to bars, and there it’s usually just sports stuff. What I’ve noticed from that very small exposure is that ESPN apparently only employs women now, and commercials are nearly celebrating cuckholding men and belittling men. That alone is enough to validate my choice to exit that crap years ago.

        3. Bud Light has doubled down on the Seth Rogen/Amy Schumer combo. More and more feminist bullshit commercials from them. I have now sworn off Budweiser beers for the remainder of my life. If I go to a place that only sells Budweiser products, I’ll have a glass of water instead.

        4. Sound plan. I know most companies deal with the left in order to keep the devil they know in place and not risk a devil that they don’t know. That said, Anheuser Bush is pushing the envelope to extremes. They really don’t deserve my money. I don’t really drink trash beers often, except if there’s nothing left at the bar at bike night, but Anheuser is off the menu.

        5. Funny, I said damn near the same thing when I saw that stupid “gender identity” Bud Light commercial. Fuck Anheuser-Busch.

        6. It’s the complete opposite approach to Dos Equis most interesting man in the world commercials.
          Alpha vs Beta
          Charismatic vs Slob
          Masculine vs Pathetic Pandering
          I don’t see this advertising campaign lasting too long.

        7. Try kraftig if you do like Pilsners. It’s the new Beer from the Busch family that haven’t been bought out by any foreign conglomerate. Might only be available in the St. Louis area right now though.
          Much like a Pilsner but worlds better than any Bud

        8. Indeed. ESPN has gone from replacing the black man “journalist” on those shows to a white women…I guess all in the name of equality, justice, to seem progressive, etc….more of the same bullshit.
          I stopped watching that shit once it jumped the shark and started doing all of the leftist bullshit narratives that we see today in all of TV…and because it stopped doing sports. I don’t care about the feelings or feel good shit…I wanted to see sports, stats,etc….

        9. Those beers sucked anyways so the left can have them.
          Thank god we have many other choices now with smaller, independent breweries opening offering a variety (the free market at work).

        1. Way too young to be Cattrall I think (not saying this chick is young, rather, that Cattrall is ancient).

        2. Pretty sure it’s Chloe Moretz. Pretty face, but a body like a fucking refrigerator.

        3. I’ve just discovered she’s fucking 19 years of age!! If that’s true, she’s going to be a complete bag of shit by the time she’s 30.

      2. She’s an actress that went from little kid to wanna be sex symbol teen practically overnight. She was a kid in Kick Ass, a young teen in that remake of Carrie, then a sorority slut in Neighbors 2 (I only gathered that from the previews). America has a strange obsession with slutifying child actors.

  6. “[The use of Fresnel prism glasses] suggests brain damage.”
    Her policies suggest brain damage, too.

      1. This woman NEVER looks un-evil, at least since 2006 or so. You can literally (Hitler) see the crazy in her eyes.

      2. I can’t remember where I saw it, but it suspected that the big black guy is a doctor and a pretty good one if it’s who the writer thought it was.
        Some time after reaching office HRC will probably get a ‘cold’ like the soviet leaders in the 80s did.

  7. Any man that votes for that snatch welcomes and deserves the castration she will give him.

    1. And those stooges will be the first to screech up a mob against anyone or anything hat suggests an alternative to becoming an asexual consumer bot.

    2. I would agree except for the fact that the castrations will not be limited merely to those males who voted for her.

  8. We can only hope that Hillary dies. Please god, if ever we needed you, now is the time!

  9. Bill Klinton looks like he has AIDS. (Completely serious).
    Hitlerly is not looking well either. I know the campaign trail takes a lot out of people, but she is hardly running. When is the last time she held a press conference? The answer is almost a year ago because she doesn’t have the stamina to do so. No wonder she doesn’t want to debate Trump. She will probably fall over at the podium having to answer questions for 60 minutes.

    1. I agree something’s up. She came back late to the debate in New Hampshire which is really unusual – I’ve never seen it happen un any other presidential debate over the years.

      1. Just don’t type “Clinton Body Count” into a disqus forum on any MSM website. Not only was my latest comment removed I got banned literally within 30 seconds of posting it. I’m not a disqus moderator so maybe they can tag words and do that shit via automation, but even if that is true it is very telling the way we are headed.

        1. No I was merely suggesting that MSM has moderator alerts set for that set of words. I don’t think ROK has very many moderation like tools, automated or not.

    2. She doesn’t need to have any press conferences, as most media outlets already campaign on her behalf.

      1. “She doesn’t need to have any press conferences, as most media outlets already campaign on her behalf ”
        Good point – cnn even admitted this.

    3. There’s a whole lot of speculation that he does have AIDS. Supposedly, he has many of the signs..

      1. It is sad to walk around the gay neighborhood in any major city (although now that it is mainstream to be gay they are turning just into hipster neighborhoods) and see the older gay men ridden with AIDS. They probably won’t die of said disease due to modern drugs, but it still has robbed them of their youth. I met a 40 year old guy with HIV/AIDS at a bar (no nothing sexual) who looked like he was 60. Said he got it from a random hookup after a cocaine filled weekend. I’m sure Billy has taken it up the hind end as many times as he has given it. No wonder he looks like an HIV/AIDS patient.

  10. While this confirms a lot that is pretty obvious even from a casual observer, how is Dr. Drew still a practicing physician. How many lives does he have to ruin? How many deaths does he have to be implicated in before someone stops this man.
    Shit, the only celebrity with a bigger body count than Dr. Drew is fucking Hilary

      1. He did a show called celebrity rehab where, under his care, a few people died. He also is behind 16 and pregnant and teen mom shows which, while hilarious, he goes, under the guise of preventing teenage pregnancy, to sensationalize and give celebrity status to a bunch of trashy whores who get knocked up as teenagers, drug addicts and lunatics. He is basically minting his own money on the backs of people who are totally fucked to death in this world as well as by giving bad and sensational treatment to C list washed out celebrities who have a tendency towards killing themselves after his treatment.

        1. Damn, I never realized he was behind 16 and pregnant. I watched that show once and suddenly found myself feeling a little less pro life.

        2. I like my women like I like my microwaves: hot, fast and ready to kill any baby I put in it

        3. Sounds like he is doing the world a favor ny getting rid of trash. So what of he made some money off it. Tip your cap to him.

        4. That part in fine with. But he is creating role models out of these degenerates

  11. I suppose this beats the “Arkanicide” problem that frequently seems to happen to people get in the Clintons’ way.

      1. Some say that it smells like a can of tuna stuffed into a pair of football boots left in the garden shed for 3 weeks.

        1. The chick’s diet affects her pussy smell. A paleo eating and well hydrated chick has that mellow sweet smell. The stinkiest pussy I’ve ever smelled was on this drifter carny chick. She ate nothing but junk food and fast food, funnel cakes, doritos, pink slime burgers and 7-11 chili cheese whiz dogs. Her farts consistantly smelled like fermenting road kill. She was grossly trans-fat, rotten teeth, smoked menthols, the works. Another guy fucked her, it wasn’t me, and the room had perma foot smell afterwards. Junk food and cigarettes made this white chick smell worse than a sweating Hatian prostitute right off the boat.

        2. I always enjoy your comments Mcgoo. If you’re ever around my parts in Florida, hit me up and I’ll buy you a round.

      2. One night and old man was going down on his wife when suddenly he stopped and said “I don’t know how much longer I can do this, it smells really bad down here.” “I know, I’m sorry, it’s because of my arthritis” replied his wife. “Arthritis makes your pussy smell?” he asks. “No, it’s in my shoulder, I haven’t been able to wipe my ass in weeks.”

  12. How could Dr. Drew be oblivious to the 100% certainty that what he said about HC’s health would have consequences on him? He either was oblivious or he was not. Both possibilities are interesting to consider.

    1. He was oblivious because he was still plugged into the Matrix. Once he noticed a tremor in the force, he stepped out momentarily and his eyes could not unseen what he saw.
      Let’s just say that could be his first dose of the red pill.

    2. He was mostly critical of her doctors. He probably thought that was safe. The problem he likely didn’t think about is what if her released health record is a fabrication showing old-time standard treatments to calm people? By questioning the sort of care it reflects he’s made things uncomfortable.

  13. For the record I’m voting for Trump, even though some of his supporters, with their Pepe the frog memes, hook nosed “merchant” avatars and worship of their hero as “Daddy Trump” are beyond creepy, simply because we can’t have another 4-8 years of the Clintons in the White House. Having said that, this article is a perfect example of post hoc ergo propter hoc logic. CNN HN is shaking up its lineup big time. Maybe Drew just wasn’t cutting it in the ratings. Occam’s razor and all that.

    1. I only nominally know of this man through hearing about him on the Internet. I’d say that your statement would be true if his ratings were faltering or flat, but untrue if he had good ratings. Generally speaking of course.

      1. You never heard him on radio with Adam Carolla back in the 90’s?
        I never cared for Dr. Drew’s advice, (and the obviously fake sexual problems people called in about) but loved hearing Adam Carolla’s stories about being a carpenter.

        1. Adam taught me how to stereotype people accurately. Woman with a little girl voice? Molested. Etc.

    2. If CNN is serious about improving ratings they would have dumped butt boy anderson cooper a long time ago. CNN is agenda driven advocacy journalism.

  14. The evidence is mounting, and it definitely appears that Hillary is not a well woman. In fairness, JFK was not a well man when he assumed office.. he required daily injections of painkillers and “vitamin cocktails” from his personal physician. The difference is, JFK’s infirmity resulted from a severe back injury he sustained defending his country in WW2. Hillary’s infirmity, by contrast, no doubt resulted from excessively snorting coke, knocking her head on her shoulder pads, and grunting “MM-HMMM!” throughout the 1980’s and 90’s.

  15. The chilling effect resulting from the firing of Dr Drew within the established media is very apparent. Clinton isn’t even sitting in the oval office!
    Given that, what will happen to the established media if she manages to win this election? Nobody would dare criticise her lest they risk their jobs, or worse, lives. Public trustworthiness in the media would plummet from the already historic lows.

  16. And right on cue, Glenn Beck is more or less taking Hillary’s talking points and running with them. That loon is doing his best to hand her the election while still pretending to be a conservative. What an absolute schmuck. A schlemiel. A schlamazal. A Hasenpfeffer Incorporated.

      1. I keep 610 WTVN on from 6 am to 4 pm most days, he’s on from 9 to noon. Most of the time I just tune him out of my consciousness, but sometimes he makes good points or observations (less and less as time passes though). Today he’s going full retard to kiss Hillary’s ass and rip down Trump.

      1. It breaks spellchecker either way. Yours sounds more correct. Changed.

    1. Yes, Carmine, that’s true, but National Review treats Trump like toxic waste (I can only imagine what WFB would’ve thought of him) and I think Rush’s support is grudging. Hannity OTOH has a crush on the Donald.

      1. It’s just amazing to me to observe Beck across several elections now. He’ll do his “I’m a libertarian!” thing off election years, but come an election year he picks (whomever) and then literally tries to destroy every other candidate and anybody who even says a nice word about them. He’s a vile, sniveling little puke who excels at ad hominem (I know the irony of me posting this about him, btw). He will openly destroy and mock callers on the air who even breath the words “but, wait…” in regards to his smearing.
        Now he’s going off on the alt-right, which is loosely associated with us (although technically we’re not alt-right, we have a lot of overlap). Smearing Breitbart and Drudge right now. Matt Drudge, a gay Jew, apparently according to Beck, is a Neo-Nazi. Revolting pudgy little worm.

        1. He fails to understand two nasty issues with “libertarianism”
          1. As an ideology, it’s used as a catch all for anyone unwilling to take a side.
          2. As a mindset (one that I prefer at times), it can only function in a society that is strong and steeped in nationalism.
          Some might ask if point #2 is contradictory to the idea of libertarianism: it isn’t. You can’t have a “live and let live policy or mindset if you have to share space with colonists from the 3rd world that are trying to beat, behead, or intimidate others into following sharia on a cultural level.

        2. I’m a nationalist and a libertarian. I reject the big “L” party’s endorsing of open borders entirely. That’s suicide.

        3. Open borders could potentially work if there weren’t an excessively large welfare state. However, at the moment, open borders is fucking suicide. Which is why I don’t understand how any Libertarians support men like Gary Johnson.

        4. That’s one of the few issues where the Marxists and L’s have something in common. They both believe that open borders will maximise social utility.

        5. Open borders are what Roosh used in order to write his books.
          Without open borders, we’d all be reading “Bang Nebraska”, “Bang Rhode Island”, and “Alabanga.”
          Open borders saved my life. I would have never lost my V-card without them.

        6. Yes, Beck is on a smug smear campaign. And he has a permanent smirk coupled with pompous gestures to deliver it with. I have wondered why. Maybe he can’t accept Trump as president because he won’t have enough to complain about to keep his media businesses going 🙃 , and to keep feeling superior. And by the way, folks may want to google & check out an interview or audio, can’t remember which exactedly, because it was a while ago when I found it……it was Andrew Breitbart talking about Glenn Beck. I think he had been hurt by some deception or behavior in reference to Beck.

        7. It’s not about me. I already expatted. But my concern is for all those other western men who haven’t done so yet.
          What will they do when Thailand and the Philippines close their borders?

        8. Open borders could never work. It goes against human nature.
          Would you also suggest that an open door policy to your home would work? Communes dont last.

        9. Of course I wouldn’t suggest an open door policy at my home. That’s a false equivalence and we’re talking about two different things.
          After the turn of the century, there were virtually no border controls or restrictions to mobility across America or Europe. Before World War I, you didn’t need a passport for international travel; People just went wherever the fuck they wanted.
          Let’s be clear: The issue isn’t free movement, it’s offering reprobates from Third World hellholes free shit to move to your country.

        10. There were no border restrictions across Europe before WW1 and people went wherever they want? Would you share where you were provided this information?

        11. The information is readily available to anyone with internet access so why should I bother? Do you have some data that contradicts mine? I have a strong suspicion that you can’t tolerate facts which contradict your emotional beliefs.

        12. My emotional beliefs? You’re barking up the wrong tree son. The facts are that population flow in Europe did not happen as easily you contend and a person in Portugal could not just get up and move to Greece is he so choose. If you can prove otherwise, do so.

        13. Again, in your pursuit to debate straw men you miss the point entirely. This is about border controls, not “population flow.” Secondly, I’m still waiting for you to address my argument. Lastly, “a person in Portugal could not just get up and move to Greece is he so choose” doesn’t address my argument, it’s asserting a new argument. Asserting an argument is not making one.
          You now have two arguments that need to be substantiated and as I said before, the information is readily available to anyone with internet access so why should I bother. I’ll await your response.

    2. She’s a better Republican (in the modern cucked sense) than Trump ever was.
      That’s why so many R establishment types are supporting her.
      This election is globalism (a failed model) vs nationalism.
      I vote America First.

      1. There’s only one party. The two party system has been an illusion for decades if not forever.
        What comes first are the rackets they are all running. Hillary Clinton will protect their rackets, both D and R. She’s crooked and so are the rest of them. Sure her rackets and the rackets of her friends will come first but the republican rackets will still operate and still generate income the way they have for the last eight years. Trump however is a wild card. He doesn’t have political rackets of his own, he’s always paid for influence and protection never offered it for sale. This makes him dangerous. On a whim he could wipe out decades long income streams.
        By supporting Hillary Clinton republicans are protecting their rackets. They are also hedging their bets by slowly shaping Trump into a good republican. Trump is being surrounded by everything from warmongering generals to economic advisors that will protect the status quo.

      2. Gotta love the neocons. Bush was a better liberal than the media gave him credit for.

    3. I used to like him when I was in high school and didn’t know better.
      However, I was in my freshman/sophomore year in 2008. That’s when the left started to go after his family, specifically suggesting that one of his kids (who has down syndrome) should have been exterminated.
      I remember that was when he started his whole pretending to be a preacher and “love everybody” spiel. That was his response to personal attacks.
      I think maybe that’s the moment I woke up, politically, because if that had been me… I would’ve done everything in my power to destroy anyone who had crossed me.
      I’d say that’s the philosophical difference between us (if we call ourselves part of the alternative right), and “mainstream conservatism”. We actually want to win, and will seek to understand leftist strategy and strategic decision making as an art form to win… whereas “mainstream conservatives” would rather parrot talking points and throw out ideological shit tests.

    4. I remember watching his show back in the day and thinking what a weirdo that guy was. He’s gotten worse. Maybe he caught a bit of Hillary’s brain damage.

      1. “Glenn Beck is a bipolar crybaby. The only Beck people should listen to is Jeff”
        You know it, good sir!
        “People Get Ready” – Jeff Beck on the guitar, Rod Stewart on vocals:

        1. One of my favorite Beck albums is “Guitar Shop”, here’s a jam called “Big Block”

        2. Lol. I didn’t even catch the Jeff Beck reference. This is why GoJ is respected in these circles.

    5. The first time i saw him on tv 7 years ago i knew he was a joke of a man. Hes always smiling like a fag, acting very immature for his age, and making weird faces and animal noises to be funny. He gives off a very weird vibe. I think fox gave him way too much tv time and let him just be himself way too much.

      1. Beck used to always rail on his shows about Nazis. I told people that you could listen to any one of his shows (when he was on Fox) and at some point it will all come back to Nazis or the Nazi party.
        Beck is all about promoting Beck…that’s it.

      2. I agree, I always enjoyed his books (at least many of his early works), but watching him on television was torture.

    6. “. That loon is doing his best to hand her the election while still pretending to be a conservative. What an absolute schmuck. A schlemiel. A schlamazal. A Hasenpfeffer Incorporated”
      Strange – a few years back Beck used to be very critical of what was going on in government. He was also one of the first mainstream tv journalist to call out agenda 21. He then started to call into question the FEMA camps – only to shortly back track on them, telling everyone he was “mis informed”. I still have yet to see inside a FEMA facility, nor does anyone know exactly what goes on in those places, and this worries me at times.

    7. Yes, indeed. This guy has become so irrelevant on the right that he’s trying to reinvent himself on the left.
      I tried to explain to a “conservative” friend one time who religiously followed this guy that Beck is all about Beck, first (like Clinton). He is about pushing Beck, first and foremost…and conservatism a far distant second. He is all about the Beck brand.

  17. “Blood has been drawn when it comes to a sickly Hillary.”
    Theranos has no doubt tested it and given Hillary the thumbs up.
    This while Dr Drew thing though has got to be an own goal. How can you effectively fire a journalist for stepping out of line without looking like your muzzling the media. If Trump is canny he will go pitbull on this

    1. If Steve Bannon (head of Breitbart who is running trump’s campaign) is worth his salt, he’s probably been telling trump that for 2 days now.

      1. Makes me wonder if there is room for Trump to hire Dr. Drew. I don’t know much, if anything, about his background, so I’m at a loss to say if it would be a good idea.

        1. I wonder if Corolla’s red pill view wore of on Pinski? What an amazing radio show that was. Listened every night it was on.

  18. Of course his firing in such a timely fashion only creates more confirmation bias to the “conspiracy theorists” even if the charge isn’t true.
    Well done, Clintonites.

  19. I have no doubt that the Clinton’s have the resources and the will to effectively cover up serious health problems Hillary might have.

  20. Why doesn’t hillary release her medical records? What is she hiding?
    Hack the emails.

  21. Google is in on it too. Go to bing.com and type “hillary clinton h” and the first thing that comes up his “health issues”. Do the same thing on google.com and the first thing that comes up is “height”. Even things like ‘hillary clinton pr’ brings up ‘prison’ on bing and ‘primary’ on google. Who the fuck is trying to search her height? Have at it boys, use your imagination! You will not find a suggested search on google that has anything to do with her crimes and overall shadiness, just how fucking great she is.

  22. Banfield does a morning weekday show on CNN. She’s originally from Canada. I see her trying hard to look and sound intelligent. Unlikely to get original thought out of her.

  23. The checkbox voters are going to hope their symbolic victory is an Everlasting Gobstopper when, after “ILL-ary” becomes incapacitated, straight while male Kaine takes over the presidency.

  24. There has even been speculation about Hilary’s seizures and shakes as a result of some demonic possession- no joke. I am skeptical of this (even though I am an extreme believer of the supernatural and spiritual), but in the very least we all can visibly see she is decaying from inside – out.
    Funny how Drew was one of them. But the moment he decides to revert back to using actual facts and scientific analysis, he is castrated and fed to the wolves.

    1. If even half of what is said about Bill and Hillary is true, then maybe they are receiving their just recompense fort the power they have achieved by evil.

  25. she has parkinson’s. its been widely reported if you search the alternative media. this for sure gives that claim some merit

    1. Her voters – women and dark people – simply don’t care. They know it’s all about taking from white men. The details don’t matter to them.

  26. She is an evil bitch and you can look at pictures of her that were taken at just the right moment and you can see the demons inside her. If she wins she’s going to take away our Kratom.

  27. Note to the management:
    There seems to be a malware app ad that keeps appearing on my iPhone when I try to read rok.
    I understand that ads are necessary to keep the site going, but you may want to look into this.

  28. Couldn’t stand Dr. Drew’s smug attitude on the radio; but if he’s willing to defend himself on this issue props to him.

  29. I see this as good news. If she wins the election, her health may necessitate a short time in official ce, either from death or becoming an invalid.

  30. “Dr. Drew’s Show On CNN Canceled After He Questions The Narrative On Hillary’s Health” is a classic example of what happens when you “speak truth to power.”
    Also, that Voltaire quote rings especially true, “to learn who rules you, see who you cannot criticize.”

  31. For a doctor, he’s either not very smart or incredibly brave. He attacked his owner on air from within the gates of her own bought-and-paid-for news network.
    Hopefully Drew survives his inevitable suicide attempt.

    1. Maybe many liberals are so deep in the dragon’s lair of totalitarianism they don’t know the horrible fate that awaits them if they cross the narrative. It’s all smiles and feelings when they’re towing the line.

  32. It appears that Hillary’s physicians are using the same methods that Dr. Theodor Morrell used on Hitler.

  33. Dr Drew is a bit of an idiot. Yeah shes being treated by the former best treatment of hypothyroidism..and hey 100 percent of the studies comparing it with the current treatment of hypothyroidism show it to be superior. 100 percent. But more important to have the newest drug not the best one right?

  34. KARMA! I used to listen to Dr. Drew and Adan Carolla [on Love Line] back in the day and there wasn’t ONE Strong Independent Womyn that he didn’t take the side of.

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