Is Washington Post Writer Adam Taylor A Shill Or Part Of Something Larger?

While reading  Roosh’s article about Adam Taylor and the Washington Post, I noticed quite a few things I would like to share with people here. The direct link between Adam Taylor and the Radio Free excerpt is an anomaly. Such blatant copying is a very rare thing to occur because it gives away a possible collusion between entities.

Looking for these open relationships is long and hard. The better way to analyze  the relations and motivations of certain publishers, policy makers and other manipulators  is to study the various themes they put out and where these themes repeat. While Roosh  might assume that Adam Taylor is the paid shill by himself, I’ve noticed that his writing changes to whoever publishes it. Therefore the Washington Post Worldviews section may be the one that is parroting US State Department themes not just Adam Taylor.

As is shown in Roosh’s article, the similarities between Adam Taylor’s piece and Radio Free Europe are quite telling. It is a possibility that it is a coincidence but a small one. People that try to influence public opinion go to great lengths to ensure things like this do not happen which is why I’m assuming that Adam Taylor is  part of larger machine and not a shill by himself.


Looking back at Adam Taylor’s writing for the Huffington Post, he wrote fluff pieces about gay dogs and other mass consumption items for that audience. His writing about geopolitical intrigue only takes the current form when he begins writing for the Washington Post. All his articles are the Who’s Who of what the US State Department doesn’t like. The roster includes Russia, China, Venezuela, Syria, and Zimbabwe. He writes nothing critical of any American allies.


Could this mean that his change in format indicate that someone turned him? I doubt it. Compare his work at the Washington Post to the rest of the “world views” section there, his writing is merely a contribution to a giant echo chamber and not unique to him.


As I said earlier, it’s very rare for open evidence of collusion such as the similar quotations to present themselves. A better technique to discern propaganda and collusion is to analyze trends and themes.You should look for such things as what the work attempts to convey, does it try to get you to think or act in a certain way, and does it try to get you to disregard other things.

In the Adam Taylor case, the pattern changes significantly from the Huffington Post to the Washington Post. You can also apply this trend analysis to pretty much any author. You can even apply to the contributors here at  Return of Kings and see what you get. Do the trends indicate that the publisher may dictate what the writers write about? Do the trends indicate whether or not the writers have freedom to write about whatever they want? To help you readers out on this exercise I’ll inform you there were two articles I did at the direction of the publisher. They were my article for fat shaming week and my article for #backtothekitchen.  Feel free to comment on any other trends you might notice and if they do not line up with the “about” page.

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28 thoughts on “Is Washington Post Writer Adam Taylor A Shill Or Part Of Something Larger?”

  1. Echo chambers are not unique. They are a natural result of people (with like minds) repeating what they agree with. The right and left wings have their respective echo chambers, as evidenced by the blog-tv opinion-blog-tv news-blog cycle. Feminists, game adherents, and MRA’s have echo chambers as well.
    Only when you venture outside the chamber you’re in, can you see other opinion and make critical analysis. You can also see their critical analysis of your chamber and form cogent arguments for or against what they say.
    There’s an old joke: it’s always been a crime to be unlike your neighbors. This is a joke that holds true today, especially in a 24/7 digital world. The only difference is the context of the word ‘neighbor’.
    As much as I may disagree with Feminists (in particular the RadFems) I still venture out to view their opinions. While I glean very little that I consider valid, I can at least see what passes through their heads unfiltered as opposed to reading about it in my own echo chamber.

    1. the rad fem sites are often very well informed. Since they’re often linked into the lobby groups they can often give advanced notice of what the mainstream press will be saying with regard to gender a few weeks down the line

  2. Americas fourth estate has been an echo chamber ever since the pentagon papers, the powers that be will never let a mistake like that occur again ever.

  3. All the news comes from Reuters and Associated Press…. after that the rest are mainly parroting…… it’s amazing to see on google hundreds of news papers from india to new zealand to argentina all reporting the exact same Reuters story, even if it’s something minor like Michelle Obama’s love of pink shoes (and strap on dildos). God forbid they have to actually fill their pages with real news, they investigate themselves.
    It’s well known that Murdoch has influenced elections with his papers and it’s well known that he actively talks with his editors almost daily to make sure the stories he wants go out…. obviously a shark like this is only a phone call away from any president….
    There are a few like the Guardian that did the wikileaks and Snowden releases, but they are few and far between, and at the end of the day, a quiet chat with the editor behind closed doors, to make him aware that secret service can easily dispose of his wife and kids, after ass raping and mutilating them in Guantanamo or where ever…. jolly soon puts the gag on pretty much anyone….
    There is absolutely an agenda, to the point that social distractions are used both opportunistically and actively invented…. the death of michael jackson was jolly convenient for anyone who didn’t want to report on the near state of revolution in iran…. they were on the verge of throwing out the ayatollah until the papers switched subject to jacko.
    No co-incidence the revolution in Ukraine goes down right as the olympics are going on…. and the loser is Russia…. since the west is angling in there for the EU connection and pushing Russia out…. sure Putin you schmuck, spend 50 billion on some snowboarders… Russia is great, but we’ll pinch the Ukraine for the EU while you (and the global media) is looking at ice skaters waving their sexy asses at you.

    1. “Murdoch has influenced elections with his papers and it’s well known
      that he actively talks with his editors almost daily to make sure the
      stories he wants go out”
      Reminds me of the plot of “Tomorrow never dies”: “James Bond heads to stop a media mogul’s plan to induce war between China and the UK in order to obtain exclusive global media coverage.”

      1. best way to hide the truth is to stick it right out in the open….. I think it was Hitler that said it….

      2. on thatcher’s third re-election The Sun, printed VOTE MAGGIE across the entire front page with no writing or photo and this paper is read mainly by working class, truck drivers etc…. who usually don’t vote for right wing and at the time it had a circulation that amounted to about 10% of the UK population.

        1. If the lower clasees can’t be trusted to vote thoughtfully, why should the be allowed to?

  4. “Is Washington Post Writer Adam Taylor A Shill Or Part Of Something Larger?”
    “Do the trends indicate whether or not the writers have freedom to write about whatever they want?”
    Except for a very small number of novelists nobody writes what they want (many novelists didn’t even write their own novel, their name is just a “brand” used by the publishing house which contracts out the actual writing) It’s a commercial market and if you want to make a living at writing you write what the market wants. I have no idea where you may have gotten the idea that commercial writers can simply write what they want. Perhaps because you think of it as being similar to writing for the Internet.
    Writers may write, but they don’t publish. Publishers publish.
    And publishers of periodicals publish for their own market, what they are actually selling: advertising.
    The most useful idiots aren’t the ones you tell what to do (although most writing is done by assignment). The most useful idiots are the ones you manipulate into thinking it was their own idea. Simply let it be known what sort of content you are buying and the content will arrive unbidden, because a writer doesn’t make his living by writting; he makes it by selling.
    And the customer is always right.
    Now if you want to see propaganda in its rawest form, read several small, independent dailies. These outfits don’t have the resources to do much of their own writing and so they “pull and print” what is fed to them. You’ll see the same stories, nearly word for word, appearing under several different bylines.
    Most of these are just the usual space filling “news” stories, but sometimes the hard stuff goes through as well.

  5. Roosh’s piece had a title that did not identify the plagiarizing writer, for Search Engines to pick up on. I am glad that this has been fixed. I approve.

  6. Glenn: “….. tactics: (1) to inject all sorts of false material onto the internet in order to destroy the reputation of its targets; and (2) to use social sciences and other techniques to manipulate online discourse and activism to generate outcomes it considers desirable.”
    Reddit mods are censoring it….

    1. moderation is a serious problem. It hides behind consensual notions of what acceptable speech should be. In reality it is often used to ruthlessly enforce political censorship with zero accountability.

    2. Firstlook did an interesting job on making me more paranoid. Got that link from zerohedge where I go to get frightened. Greenbatworld is a guardian man. Is it chase my tail or go get a pint and play I see you hot girl and I know you see me, how do we meet in that corner of the bar so your escort cant see you. Fuck it, I’ll get another pint and hope for the best.

  7. Jesus – guys! Are you kidding me? You should go ahead and look exactly at the bigger picture. Part of something else? Our whole system is one giant scam. Go and read some works by Alan Watt or listen to his free podcasts at and then go read Carroll Quigleys’ books – historian of the CFR. I recommend the site American deception – – currently all data available for free download. Especially go ahead and take a good hard look at the information there – compiled by whistleblowers, official papers, government commission reports, UN reports etc. You don’t have to go into the usual “conspiracy” lunacy stuff about Reptilians and crap like that. Just read their own papers! Is it so impossible to imagine that after having been in charge of the money creation scam (with interest) for generations it is absolutely impossible to manipulate economics, politics, media, academia and even science and technology?
    The manosphere has correctly assessed (probably by sheer collective intuition) that feminism is in the interest of the Eyes-Wide-Shut-Apex-Alphas of our society! The manosphere is a true grassroots movement – feminism is and was financed by the top from the beginning. A mountain of shit can only be supported by a huge load of money. Media and politics are bitches of the world’s Apex-Alphas and more people should wake up to the fact that the REAL Ueber-Apex-Alphas are not the PR-representatives like Obama or Bush.

  8. Global chess game. Adam is just another pawn, Ukraine is just another square on the board. The game continues…
    The US isn’t you friend or your ally, Russia isn’t your friend or your ally.

    1. That peaceful demonstrator is just trying to put a peace-bullet into the cop’s head while the other one is waiting for a chance to show his message of pumpgun-peace 🙂
      It would be funny if it were not so sad – Ukraine is set to go to the EUSSR!

  9. The media is the sole reason that people don’t involve themselves in the process of democracy. People would rather react with their instinct or from the opinions of friends than seeking informed opinions of media-types.

  10. Hi Douglas,
    I have been telling people that the committee of 300 has been working hard on getting WW III launched into a much bigger war for 6 years now. Sadly, most men would rather talk about women and getting sex than stopping a major global conflict in which tens of millions or perhaps even more will die.
    I anyone calling me a “crazy conspiracy nutter” today? I don’t think so. No one with a brain in any case.

  11. “It is a possibility that it is a coincidence …”
    Ever read through the horrors that are the “Chicago Manual of Style”, the “AP Style Guide”, and so forth?
    Large media organisations typically have their own internal style guides that spell out more than how to spell words — they’re often full of the organisation’s biases. They are interesting to read from a semiotic perspective because they tell you what the organisation’s editors believe is important, rather than what may be more important.
    I bring this up for a useful and necessary reason.
    When you see convergence between multiple media organisations, it’s more likely that what you’re seeing is indicative of institutional thinking, rather than anything covert or even overt.
    There is no conspiracy theory to be had here, only the fact that these media organisations have accepted mutually compatible levels of mediocrity. The result, of course, is that they tend to sound the same.
    In other news, “journo” can be made to rhyme with urinal, and often serves the same purpose. The true professionals are known as “investigative reporters”, and function in a way consistent with both words of that appellation.
    Why are you wasting this much effort with focusing sunlight on a hack?

  12. He’s a mangina.
    Does that make him part of something larger? I don’t know.

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