Why Hasn’t Michael Moore Made An Obama Documentary?

I came of age during a time when a massive transition was taking place in how schools were run. I was six years old when the Columbine shooting first rocked the parents of the western world, and eight when 9/11 further eroded any sense of safety parents of the early 2000’s felt. I grew up in the dying age of “kids will be kids,” and experienced firsthand how school changed into a place of thought policing, politically correct indoctrination and mental suppression induced via drugs.

I’m not exactly sure what grade it started in (3 or 4), but every spring until I graduated high school an anti-bullying assembly would be called. The violence amongst children in school which had existed since the dawn of the public school system now suddenly had parents everywhere worried that little Timmy being hit with a snowball today meant bigger Timmy coming back with an Ar-15 tomorrow. Like most awareness attempts aimed at kids and teenagers, these assemblies were always roundly mocked by the actual students themselves.

I myself found them exceptionally repugnant, since I faced a lot of violence from immigrants before my family finally decided to move us to a new city at the end of my grade 9 year. I’ve touched on it lightly before, but I grew up in a city whose council decided to welcome a massive influx of third world immigrants (mostly PTSD Somalis), and within a summer my school went from a fairly safe, first world child dominated place to a racially-fueled war zone.

i was a teenaged nazi

So I found it not so amusingly ironic that we were forced to sit in a gym and listen to the evils of bullying when me and my small Neo Nazi gang (yes, I Was A Teenaged Nazi) were constantly sporting bruises and cuts from our weekly fights with the Aboriginals and Somalis and Sikh kids. I originally fell in with the burgeoning youth Nazi scene because the adults refused to listen to me or my friends when we complained about being jumped after school or having to cluster into groups at recess for fear of being mugged by kids who looked different then us for our lunch money. And yes, I do mean mugged—this was no school yard bullying. If we didn’t hand over our cash when confronted we were hit with weapons, bludgeoned with rocks, you name it.

One day on my way home from school some Aboriginal kids caught me alone while I was playing a Pokemon game on my Game Boy, and when I refused to hand it over I got my lip split open by a sawed off hockey stick. It’s actually a lot funnier in hindsight. Of course, since the elephant in the room was a racial issue, it received no acknowledgement.

When we moved to our new and more peaceful city, I lost most of my white supremacy convictions. I had befriended the Neo Nazis in my school for the same reason a white inmate joins them in prison. During my three years at my new and gloriously safe high school, there were very few incidents that could be called bullying. Still, the anti-bullying seminars continued. My high school even ran them in the spring like they had back in my old school. The main difference was by the this time a very (in)famous documentary about Columbine had been released, and was used to augment the anti-bullying lecture by making us students all sit in the gym and watch it around the end of every April.

The documentary was called Bowling For Columbine [2002], an anti-gun film released by controversial American filmmaker Michael Moore.


I doubt there isn’t a single reader over 24 who hasn’t seen this documentary already, but if you haven’t (or simply feel like watching it again), here is a Youtube link. There’s no need to worry about Copyright yadda yadda, since Michael Moore has stated he doesn’t care about people pirating or watching his movies for free.

The first time I saw the documentary I was more or less unfazed by it. I first saw it with my grade 10 history class, and due to my upbringing I didn’t identify with the murdered teenagers at all. I didn’t identify with the shooters, Eric and Dylan, either (though, through my experiences, I could see where they were coming from). To me, the duo were pussies with a low kill count who couldn’t even man up and charge the police, instead taking the coward’s way out by shooting themselves.

I did not have any choice in watching this documentary come every April. It was a prominent movie in my formative years, and I shudder to think how I might have been affected by it’s skewed message of gun ownership and troubled teenagers had I been more sheltered in regards to both those issues. My dad is a proud gun owner, and I was shooting my own .22 by the time I was 12. And thanks to the violence I had suffered back in Junior High and Elementary school, I knew that kids didn’t need guns to inflect copious amounts of pain on one another.

Yet I have been subliminally affected by Michael Moore’s documentary. I recently heard a Marilyn Manson song I’ve never heard before, and during one part of it my mind suddenly lit up with 911 calls made by the Columbine students during the shooting back in 1999.

Especially around the 2:20 mark. I sat there, thinking about why I was remembering 911 calls and I suddenly realized that the song was from Moore’s movie. I haven’t watched Bowling For Columbine for six years, yet I immediately recalled entire scenes from it simply because of a guitar chord.

By complete coincidence, a few days later I stumbled upon this article. As a film buff I was reading about this year’s Toronto International Film Festival and just happened to see that Michael Moore was talking about his first film, Roger And Me, a scathing documentary about General Motors pulling its factories out of Moore’s home town of Flint, Michigan, and destroying the town’s economy.

Moore appeared Monday night before an appreciative audience at a showing of “Roger & Me,” his 1989 landmark movie that used satire to explore the devastating economic implosion of Flint caused by General Motors cutting 30,000 jobs. The movie has been digitally restored and will be available next month on Blu-ray and DVD and through a limited theatrical release.

Clips in “Roger & Me” of shuttered businesses and abandoned homes seem almost identical to the footage found in contemporary documentaries about Detroit’s financial crisis. The portrayal of corporate downsizing greed still has a ripped-from-2014 headlines feeling as well.

Interesting, Michael Moore has also stirred some controversy amongst his biggest fans, the American left, by half heartedly denouncing the left’s treasured president Obama.

“I think Obama … he’s done many, many good things,” Moore soft-pedaled to Hollywood Reporter, before going off. “But he’s also been a huge disappointment.”

Moore continued: “When the history is written of this era, this is how you’ll be remembered. He was the first black president. OK, not a bad accomplishment. But that’s it. That’s it, Mr. Obama. A hundred years from now, (it’ll be noted that) he was the first black American that got elected president. And that’s it — eight years of your life and that’s what people will remember.”

Obama has long touted his administration’s bailout of the American auto business.

But Michigan native Moore said Obama saved corporate executives — and not the working men and women on the assembly lines.

“You saved GM, you saved Chrysler,” Moore raged. “Detroit, at this point, would stand a better chance if they were an Iraqi or Syrian city in terms of some sort getting help.”

Obama isn’t the first President Moore has criticized. Moore’s follow-up to Bowling For Columbine was a scathing portrait of George W. Bush and the 2003 Iraq War, Fahrenheit 9/11 [2004]. (Youtube link) Even if you’re aware of Moore’s manipulative editing and writing techniques, Fahrenheit 9/11 is a harrowing movie to watch and one of the absolute best examples I’ve ever seen of an attack piece. Many of the techniques Moore uses I am using right now, in order to criticize him: so I guess being indoctrinated by his documentaries as a teenager isn’t a complete negative.


Moore has shown that, when something pisses him off, he can really hurt them. It wouldn’t be outlandish to say that Moore’s documentaries of the 2000’s were highly influential in turning the American public against right wing and Republican politics. His documentaries received standing ovations at prestigious film festivals and were massive blockbusters in theaters. Fahrenheit 9/11 is (currently) the most financially successful documentary ever released, pulling in 119 million dollars. Jackass 3D (117 mil) is second.

Moore won a Best Documentary Oscar for the movie, and earned a lot of cachet amongst a lot of people with myriad beliefs. In fact, as a result of Bowling For Columbine Moore actually shamed the K-Mart mega store chain into publicly saying it will cease selling handgun ammunition.  Moore has proven he has the talent and resources to absolutely tear apart those people and organizations he thinks are grievously harming the American people.

Does the current American, President Obama, not fall into that category? Moore certainly doesn’t seem to think so, judging by his lack of outcry over Obama’s numerous shortcomings, many of which have harmed (and continue to harm) the American people. Under Obama’s Presidency there have been a myriad of scandals. Type in Obama Scandal into the Google search engine and see what comes up. The NSA spying scandal is one of the most disturbing and alarming conspiracies in the history of the United States, and Obama did not disband or limit the NSA in any way.

Edward Snowden, the whistle-blower who revealed the extent of how much the American Government is spying on its own people, is currently in exile, and his treatment by the Obama presidency is one of the most shameful episodes in the history of the United States. And for the last few years Obama has been trying his damndest to get America embroiled in another Middle Eastern war.

Were any of these scandals or policies revealed under President George W. Bush, would Moore have been as quiet about them as he has been with Obama? Why has Michael not made a single major documentary since his 2009’s Capitalism: A Love Story? Interestingly enough, Moore provides one answer himself during an article he wrote about Obamacare when it was unveiled.

TODAY marks the beginning of health care coverage under the Affordable Care Act’s new insurance exchanges, for which two million Americans have signed up. Now that the individual mandate is officially here, let me begin with an admission: Obamacare is awful.

That is the dirty little secret many liberals have avoided saying out loud for fear of aiding the president’s enemies, at a time when the ideal of universal health care needed all the support it could get.

Moore has tried to portray himself not as rigidly left or right in political beliefs, but simply to show himself a man of the people. This had some credibility back in the 2000’s, when he tackled issues he believed were destructive to the average American—guns, an badly handled war, a corrupt healthcare system (Sicko, 2007) and an even more corrupt financial system.

However, his complete silence on Obama’s inept Presidency is showing where Moore’s politics lie. Moore is, first and foremost, a leftist. That is where his loyalty is, and those are the types of people he prefers. After all, Moore backed Obama before the man had even shown what sort of president he would be (as he admits in a 2009 interview with Howard Stern).

[The discussion about Moore and Obama begins at the 3:55 mark]

Obviously, judging by his recent comments and articles, Moore thinks Obama is a failure as a president. Then why has he released no documentary judging Obama? Articles and opinion pieces do not hold the power a well-made, entertaining documentary would have in criticizing the Obama presidency. Why did the junior Bush deserve the most vitriol Moore could summon when Obama’s actions are little different from what one of Moore’s hated Republicans would do?

It’s clear by now that the politicians of both the right and left are utterly corrupt, and both political parties are actively harming the American people. That makes Obama fair game for scathing commentary in my book. Why doesn’t Moore feel the same way? There are five possible explanations for Moore’s actions, the first of which has already been explained.

1. Michael Moore Is A Loyal Leftist

Moore’s comparative silence on the shortcomings of the Democrat party are the result of Moore’s party loyalty. Before anything else, Moore identifies with the left, the Democrats, the liberals: regardless of how much their actions stray from liberalism and how corrupt they are. Moore only sees his world through party labels, and safe guarding the icons of the left is more important to him than helping his fellow Americans see the truth. He has already said he is deeply disappointed with Obama, and Obama has done enough harm to the American people to warrant a Moore documentary. Why hasn’t he made one then? Where does his loyalty lie? To the little guy, or to the party?

2. Michael Moore Doesn’t Actually Care About The American People

Moore doesn’t need to make another documentary. He lives very comfortably, and has more than enough money to spend the rest of his life in leisure and comfort, to say nothing of the fame and kudos he still enjoys from his fans. All his bluster about representing the little guy, the average American, is exactly that: bluster.

3. Michael Moore Is A Racist

Racism isn’t just a negative thing, like calling a person of a different ethnicity a derogatory name. Treating someone different simply because they’re physically different from you is a form of racism. Moore criticized white people for far less than Obama has done because Moore holds white people up to a higher standard than he does black people. For Moore, President Obama is as good an American President as any black man can possible be, and therefore he does not criticize Obama like he did Bush because Moore believes white people could and should deliver better Presidents than Bush.


4. Michael Moore Is A Coward

Moore’s previous targets have all been easy cultural “bogeymen”: gun control, republicans, corporations. Pop culture has been making fun of silly (or scary) god-fearing white rednecks for nigh on 40 years now, and at this point the public has been preprogrammed to approve any bashing of pro gun, pro capitalist or pro conservative peoples (especially white ones) without giving their platform or ideas even a cursory thought.

It’s one thing to make a documentary about how bad guns or corporations are when you don’t even need to win over the viewing public. It’s a whole other to attack a beloved figure, one whom has been portrayed as such a good guy that simply challenging him means you’re evil. Plus, in “post” racial America, any criticism of a black man automatically makes you a racist, so there’s that fun cesspool to wade through as well.

Moore, in making a documentary critical of Obama’s presidency, would be opening himself up to a flurry of attack from all directions. His traditional right-leaning enemies would come down on him, and his left-leaning allies would feel betrayed and also hang him out to dry: add in to that the race war profiteers proclaiming Moore to be this week’s Racist Anti-Christ and Moore would be facing a very cold winter indeed.

5. Michael Moore Is Simply Lazy

This is the most likely explanation of Moore’s silence on the Obama front. After all, look at how big the guy has let himself get before.


As I mentioned above, any documentary on Obama would require a far greater amount of effort and research to present a truly effective portray of how inept the president is. Moore won’t be able to get cheap laughs by showing a redneck militia group patrolling depressing Michigan farmer’s fields for Muslim invaders. The audience would be incredibly uncomfortable the whole time, and it would be up to Moore to win them over with his own wit.

Moore is nearly a senior citizen. He has never been in good shape his whole adult life, and his recent divorce has probably sapped what little mental energy he has left. It’s likely that the man is completely burnt out.

Still: how hard is it to make a scathing documentary about the harm Obama has done the American people?

Not very. I have been writing for Return Of Kings for nearly a year now, and I have much experience with writing attack articles under pressure. My Zoe Quinn article, about the slut who compromised an entire industry’s integrity? I wrote that in seven hours from scratch, start to finish, while I was half drunk in a sleazy hotel room after I had been up for 35 straight hours travelling across Canada.

My non-writing life consists of me working 8-14 hour days as an electrician, going to the gym and lifting heavy stuff every other day, and in between that semi-successfully weaning sex out of the most stuck up, hard to get, and egotistical generation of women that’s ever existed. And yet I still pump out articles with (some) regularity.


Michael Moore hasn’t had to worry about the bills for a long time. If he wanted to make a documentary about Obama’s numerous shortcomings, and the Democrat’s betrayal of the American public’s trust, that’s all he would have to focus on. He doesn’t have kids, his wife is gone, and he obviously doesn’t have any extraneous regimens he needs to stick to. The most time consuming part of the documentary would be travelling to get the token interviews and do the token stunts (trying to get into the White House unannounced for a one-on-one interview with Obama, for example), and the editing process. And since we no longer drive around in covered wagons, and film has become digital, both those activities have become ludicrously easy.

Within an hour I thought of a pretty effective and simple documentary. The theme of it? Obama (and the American Democrat party) is no different than Bush Jr. and the Republican party. Both no longer had the interests of the American people in mind—if they ever did. High concept summary? Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.

Moore has approached his documentaries from an entertainment standpoint, so instead of going essay style (intro, body, conclusion), Moore needs only to have a beginning, middle, and end. Obama’s presidency automatically lends itself to this structure.

Beginning: Change and Hope, the 2008-2011 years, ending on the high point of Bin Laden’s assassination.

Middle: Re-election and the scandals, 2012-2014. The push to more wars in the Middle East, the Snowden affair, the attempts to install a pro-west puppet in the Ukraine and the disastrous after effects.

End: Endgame, 2013-16. The more things change, the more they stay the same. Focus on Obama’s complete failure to live up to his promises, and point out his numerous hypocrisies.

A good ending can make or break a movie, and here’s one I thought up and wrote within a half hour which encapsulates the theme of “All these bastards are the same and are trying to screw you.”

Set up video juxtaposition of George W. and Obama when they talk about the same topics. For example, take snippets from Obama’s words uttered during his declaration of war on Syria, and George W’s taken from his declaration of war on Iraq.

Obama: ‘My fellow Americans, for nearly seven decades, the United States has been the anchor of global security.’

George W: ‘My fellow citizens, at this hour American and coalition forces are in the early stages of military operations to disarm Iraq, to free its people and to defend the world from grave danger.’

O: ‘America is not the world’s policeman. Terrible things happen across the globe, and it is beyond our means to right every wrong. But when, with modest effort and risk, we can stop children from being gassed to death, and thereby make our own children safer over the long run, I believe we should act.’

GW: ‘Our nation enters this conflict reluctantly, yet our purpose is sure. The people of the United States and our friends and allies will not live at the mercy of an outlaw regime that threatens the peace with weapons of mass murder.’

O: ‘Tonight, I give thanks again to our military and their families for their incredible strength and sacrifices.’

GW: ‘For your sacrifice, you have the gratitude and respect of the American people and you can know that our forces will be coming home as soon as their work is done.’

O: ‘Let me make something clear: The United States military doesn’t do pinpricks.’

GW: ‘This will not be a campaign of half measures and we will accept no outcome but victory.’

O: ‘That’s what makes America different. That’s what makes us exceptional. With humility, but with resolve, let us never lose sight of that essential truth.’

GW: ‘The dangers to our country and the world will be overcome. We will pass through this time of peril and carry on the work of peace. We will defend our freedom. We will bring freedom to others. And we will prevail. May God bless our country and all who defend her.’

O: ‘God bless you. And God bless the United States of America.’

the golfers

Then we put video of the Presidents out golfing side by side, taking swings in unison, and quick cut to thermal bombing footage from 2004 and 2014 as their golf balls fly majestically away. Play the YEAHHH scream from The Who’s “Won’t Get Fooled Again” as the explosions occur, and cut to credits as the song’s very relevant lyrics accentuate the point of the documentary:

The change, it had to come
We knew it all along
We were liberated from the fold, that’s all
And the world looks just the same
And history ain’t changed
‘Cause the banners, they are flown in the next war

I’ll tip my hat to the new constitution
Take a bow for the new revolution
Smile and grin at the change all around
Pick up my guitar and play
Just like yesterday
Then I’ll get on my knees and pray
We don’t get fooled again

Boom. Meet the new boss, same as the old boss. There’s Moore’s devastating Obama documentary.

Michael Moore’s documentaries have affected many people in a myriad of ways. I myself have likely been programmed to a degree by Moore’s beliefs, and it’s even more likely that many hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of people who have viewed Moore’s documentaries have been similarly brainwashed to favor Moore’s prejudices.

Michael Moore is at a crossroads. He can prove himself a friend to the small guy, the average American, and release at least one more documentary completely tearing apart the Obama presidency and the American liberals. Or he can rest on his laurels and go down in history as a hypocritical leftist sock puppet who simply talked a good game when the going was easy. The ball is in your court Michael.

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145 thoughts on “Why Hasn’t Michael Moore Made An Obama Documentary?”

  1. I think Michael Moore really hit the spot with his documentaries. As for Obama issue, I’d vouch for 1) he’s a leftist and liberal at heart, and even though Obama is a dissapointment Moore doesn’t want to hurt Democratic Party by making a doc about his failures

    1. It could be that but times have changed since 911 (or maybe I just work up)… I was threaten to have everything taken from me, from my family, from my associates, business partners if I pursuit justice for a client injured by the feds. Scary times they are. I don’t blame anyone for not taking on the powers that be.

  2. I have always considered Michael Moore the Rush Limbaugh of the left, just a different delivery mechanism.

    1. Except Rush is generally accurate, or at least has the best interests of the nation at heart. Key differences.

      1. You can’t give one a pass without the other. Moore looks out for Moore, first, just as Rush looks out for Rush, first.
        This is (the) business, guys. It’s what its all about..gaining attention to (self) promote for more viewers, listeners, etc…

      2. Rush pissed me off so bad in 2008 and 2012 by writing off and mocking Ron Paul. Who wanted to leave Saddam Hussein in power? Who wanted to abolish the IRS? Who wanted to Audit The Fed? Who wanted to refuse corporate welfare bailouts? Who wanted to fix the private healthcare market? Who wanted to disband the Dept of Education? All these are now popular causes that could have been taken care of in 2008 or 2012. Except no. Ron Paul used run-on sentences. Oh noez. Can’t elect him with run-on sentences. Why, look at that! Mitt Romney’s hair! Isn’t it grand?! Let’s shut Ron Paul out of the convention! It could ruin Mitt’s hair!

        1. Any candidate that directly and purposely challenges the imperial ambitions of the United States will never get elected. Domestic issues: you can say anything, but when it comes to grand schemes and Pax Americana, you either contribute or you stay out.

        2. “Who wanted to leave Saddam Hussein in power?” Well, he was keeping Al Qaeda/IS & Iran at bay.
          However, he was ready to get out of the dollar system and Uncle Sam couldn’t tolerate that.
          The same with Qadhafi and other old fashioned dictators

        3. As a Canadian, Ron Paul was the only American politician in a long time that struck me as having guts and integrity.
          If he had the physical stature of Jesse Ventura I think he would have had a better shot. He comes across as a cautious and good natured man… While he had the certainty necessary for leadership, he didn’t necessarily personify raw strength.
          I can’t picture Ron Paul being involved in war…

        4. That’s because this “election” system is only designed to make Sheeplus Americanus think they are free when they are not.

        5. Yeah, Mitt Romney either.
          Eventually the GOP is going to have to realize that if they offer up Democrat Lite that people will stop voting for them.

        6. The elections are rigged.
          Ron Paul wouldn’t get elected because he isn’t sactioned by the powers that be.
          The concept of democracy is the bread that keeps the fools fed while they watch their circus, the media.

        7. Exactly. Democracy is merely a concept that keeps people playing the game.
          Voting is a waste of a time. Both parties are merely two wings of the same controlled political elite.

        8. Where “ballsy” means saying outrageous things to give Rachel Maddow something to bitch about to maintain the false left-right paradigm.

        9. Glad to see someone post about Dr Paul. I helped with the elections in 08 only to see the true political powers destroy him. I didnt bother voting in 2012 after what I’d seen before. Its really all a puppet show now. The massive college turn outs in 2012 only to have the media completely non-existent.
          Americans are effing stupid which doesnt help things. Here in Calif. we have Neel Kashkari running for governor… the same douche that was working for Goldman Sachs and took all the TARP billions slated to help homeowners and gave it to the bankers to bail them out instead.
          Remember that? Kucinich asked Kashkari in congress “we know youre working hard, but who are you working for?”
          And dumb people will have forgotten about all that and vote for the guy just because he is running as a conservative. The same reason why people will vote for Jerry Brown… jus cuz he is a liberal. Nevermind helping the state and picking the person who could actually help. And I have no idea who it might be (im glad to be out of politricks).

        10. Yes, I heard that from my older conservative friends. Here is the thing: The President doesn’t have a battle rifle. The People fight the wars and risk their lives. The People’s Electives are the ones who *vote* for war, make a legal *declaration* and then *conduct* the war. The President merely assumes leadership of the military and conducts the will of the People who voted themselves and their neighbors into war. The President *executes* the war by appointing Staff and Generals. Once the war has met *declared* objectives, it is ended by the President and/or Congress, and the troops are sent home.
          That is the constitutional model of American warfare. Ron Paul is a Constitutionalist. He doesn’t need to be a warrior, and the people should know better than to look for Jesse The Body Ventura to lead them in Foreign Relations.
          Rant OVer

        11. This. People who like beer don’t settle for a Coors Light when they can have a well-regarded craft microbrew instead. Voters are no different.

      3. Rush is generally accurate – yeah ONLY when it fits into the false left-right, liberal-conservative paradigm that both he and Moore are corporate whores for.
        The best interests of the nation at heart…are you serious?
        He is a fake conservative, neo-con, chicken hawk who brainwashes people into thinking Reagan is true conservative.

  3. He quit making movies for the same reason the nation’s political cartoonists and most comedians have become irrelevant- their team won. Their work is finished.
    They’ll all come roaring back if the Republicans retake the House in November.

    1. Just yesterday I was having a laugh about the new lineup on The View. In 2014 they are still talking about GWB. Here is what I wrote on the Breitbart article:
      When was this episode first aired? 2008?!
      Sounds like liberals are going to be forever stuck in 2008.
      What a Glorious time it was for them. They were high on the hog until March
      2010, when Obamacare passed. From then, things weren’t quite as right, somehow.
      They’ve been stuck in 2008 ever since. Their lives have been downhill since
      then. Oh, there was definitely some gloating in 2012, but a lot of wine was
      needed, and perhaps some psych meds helped their little re-election rah rahs.
      Some of them have realized Obama was a mistake. Others realized antagonizing
      small town Americans was a blunder. Some are downright scared to be associated
      with the looney left and their friends with Occupy mentalities. The fashion of
      Obama is going out of style. Only the true believers are left. Even Tingles has
      distanced himself away from the fad.
      No wonder they’re stuck talking about Bush and Cheney and
      Palin and Obama.That was the time of their lives. They had defeated evil and
      ushered in the era of hope and change. It was majestic. Even I, a crusty old
      salty dog, cried a tear for the 1st most historic Presidency evah. And when
      conservatives route them again in the coming elections (but perhaps not the
      Presidential one) they will still more dreamily cling to their distant
      memories, perhaps for another decade or so during the Contract with America 2.0

      1. The Palin kids just got in a brawl at a party and the idiot left is jumping all over it like it is actual news. They are so very desperate for a villainous right winger to attack.

    2. Wrong, sorta.
      More like the media is finished with him. Now that the media and it’s rich YKW paymasters got what they wanted, they don’t need him anymore.
      Has anybody heard from Cindy Sheehan or and of the anti war activists lately?

      1. i think youtube probably waters down the effect of Moore’s kind of documentary…. back in the early 00s you had to shoot and print to film and it cost a FORTUNE… today you could shoot (and probably edit) a Moore type doco on an iphone…. it’s not really that ground breaking as it once was…

      2. I agree with you. Because he sucks so much as a president, they are merely steering clear of adulation and worship, in order to start that for Hillary in less than a year.
        It is not that they are now going to help Republicans, no, they are going to start giving the president hits, in order to prop up their next vagina they love to lick.
        There is not one objective “journalist” in the media. Merely opinion piece writers at the anchor position whose chair they would have to pay to see in a real news station.
        These idiots are garbage.
        I watch only The daily Show with John Stewart, and The O’Reilley Factor. Both are extremely biased in their own ways, but at least they actually interview people they disagree with and let them speak.
        Try watching that on Rachel Maddow.

    3. It would be nice to see the anti war movement come back, especially now with US foreign policy trying to ass-fuck Russia. Russia is alpha-run and has nukes. The Effete Mangina States of America trying to start a war with Russia would be a bad idea.
      Looks like we’ll have to replace the democrat warmongers and neolibs with Republican warmongers and neocons so we can have the anti-war movement back.

      1. the only change you could believe in with obama was the shade of skin color…. everything else was business as usual….. Bush Obama doesn’t matter, the system rolls ever onwards… even the Heralded Obamacare was just a boon for the drug companies…. nothing to do with real health…. Bush backed Big Oil and Military Industrial Complex, Obama backed big legal with endless regulations and big pharma…. next it will be some other industry…. who ever pays the piper the most to play a tune…..

  4. 6. Moore is a Hypocrite – (Kind of required to be a rich loyal leftist)
    While he doesn’t think I should own guns, he hires armed guards for his own protection.

  5. The Obama administration has had the benefit of demonstrating to everyone the utter moral bankruptcy of the Progressive Left. Things that would have gotten Bush hounded out of office are completely overlooked by them when done by the current administration. The takeaway is: completely ignore anything they say.

  6. I read an article of him basically admitting that the Obama admin hasn’t done anything. He’s still a Libtard none the less.

    1. He only means that he’s disappointed that Obama hasn’t pushed his agenda far enough to the left. Remember- Moore is a Castro apologist.
      Besides- he’s in the middle of an embarrassing divorce. In this case I hope ex “spreads the wealth” into her bank account.

  7. In 2009, Mr. Moore is quoted as saying “Democracy is not a spectator sport, it’s a participatory event. If we don’t participate in it, it ceases to be a democracy. So Obama will rise or fall based not so much on what he does but on what we do to support him.”
    Apparently, at that time, President Obama wasn’t accountable to him in the same way that previous presidents have been. Another interesting fact is that it has been five years since his last film, the longest period between films yet made by him. Perhaps he has realized he was wrong in the past and is struggling with what to do next?

  8. The left, like those supporting Mao’s China, are all about the party first. All else takes lesser position. Therefore, even if Obama is in fact the worst president in modern American history (ahem), you’ll never hear word one from a loyal socialist like tubbo here.

    1. Both parties are the same (the two last administrations plus Clinton’s (with a majority GOP Congress) should be seen as proof.
      They us different tactics to “divide and conquer” but it’s all the same in the end.

      1. Aye, the real political debate is between liberty and tyranny. Both major parties pay some lip service to their favorite parts of liberty, but when the paper meets the pencil they both ferociously hate liberty as a concept. Control freaks, the lot of them.

  9. Michael Moore’s lack of productivity is enough to justify a ~4,000 word column?! Wow, who knew. Until this moment I had seriously never thought “I wonder what Mike is up to these days?”

  10. “Why Hasn’t Michael Moore Made An Obama Documentary?”
    To ask the question is to answer it.

      1. 30% of the human brain is dedicated to vision. So of course you understand better with pictures. Maybe you should get some education.

  11. “Europeans think Americans are fat, vulgar, greedy, stupid, ambitious and ignorant and so on, And they’ve taken as their own, as their representative American, someone who actually embodies all of those qualities.”
    Christopher Hitchens

        1. He gleefully welcomed in migrants to the UK in the 1990s then back peddled when 9/11 occurred.
          See the articles his brother Peter Hitchens wrote about their activism. Hitch was an anti-English Trotskyite douche.
          Then he switched ship to Neo-con douchebaggery. Tribal behavior

        2. I believe it shows an evolution of thought when seeing the evidence. It’s only now we can truly see the evidence from mass immigration. Peter hitchens is highly opposed. C. Hitchens speaks strongly of capitalism and admits his fault that was believing in socialism as a result of being a poor easily impressionable student. Like many and most in the western world.

        3. He critiques Chomsky who he at one time looked up to. University academics are now a caricature of left wing ideologues.

  12. I remember seeing bowling for columbine and finding it compelling. Then i looked up statistics about it and it became clear that the movies feel of i just stumbled on these truths was completely manufactured and he was willing to lie or whatever to get the job done.

    1. Indeed, remember that any time you are faced with a charismatic ideologue. The end always justifies the means with these kinds of people, and if truth gets in the way of the agenda, then the truth must go.

  13. It’s all American political pragmatism: the right wing is excelling right now. Fox News has more viewers than almost all the major news outlets in America, something that wasn’t the case before 2008. Not to mention that conservative non-fiction takes up a large amount of spots in the best-seller list. Hating the ruling party is big business.
    That being said, all that changes in America is domestic debates; Imperial America continues to go in the same direction, regardless of who the captain of the ship is.

    1. Next up the culture and we may have disruptive technology as a powerful tailwind. Bottom-line: box office – down, music – down, tv viewership – down. Quality is a big reason and political agendas (left) another, but, the internet is the death knell. You may say, so what, then leftist will just consume and create their stuff over this new medium…no doubt they will. However, this social engineering and the entire progressive agenda is top-down, as you alluded too, right wing is excelling, indeed, 2/3rds of this country is right leaning. That matters because in a top down media environment we have to take what we’re given, if you will, and for too long that’s been the liberal progressive (to include feminist) treatment. Going forward it will be vastly more decentralized, which will destroy the narrow passage that media comes from. Users will have total control. Now is the time for the right to embrace technology…in the future, this decentralized paradigm will open the media to much needed competition and things like locally produced content will be very common. You might see productions with the backdrop being your home town…and why not? Right now it doesn’t take a multimillion dollar studio, all that capability is, largely, accessible to the common play house, individual, church…etc.

  14. He is a Negrophile?
    Here is what we should be doing to Liberia, Congo, Sierra Leone, Cameroon, Nigeria before the Ebola Plague hits us.

    1. Got to agree with that if it mutates it could spell the end for Civilization in the developing world. On 2nd thoughts…

  15. Corpulent Douchebag Michael Moore: “I think these words need to be said somewhere on national TV, and they are: there is no terrorist threat, there is no terrorist threat”
    Cue to footage of the planes striking the WTC.
    À bientôt,

  16. I remember back in Y2K, a leftist breathlessly told me I had to watch Bowling for Columbine. And I did. With an open (but not weak) mind.
    I found it laughable.
    He goes into all the usual leftist rants such as white people are racist, frightened, nasty and angry. They think blacks are violent and that’s why they buy guns. Then… he reveals paradise:
    Filled with white people, Canada, like Europe is paradise and the USA should be more like Canada and Europe. Not, say, Kenya. Or Mexico. Or Cuba.
    Then he drags out (figuratively) a shooting tragedy where a young girl was killed by a young boy. Guess the races of the respective victims and perpetrator. Yep; A white girl was killed by a black boy. Yet, after the sanctimonious lecture about how whites are racist and afraid of assault by blacks, Moore doesn’t see that his own model case validates the beliefs of those he has mocked. In addition, after mocking conservative whites as a bunch of frightened ninnies, he then goes on a fear rant of his own: “Guns are bad! Be afraid! We must have a big brother protect us!!!” Yet, how many conservative whites have ever posed a threat to Moore either collectively or individually walking on the street? Would Moore feel safer walking around in Oakland than in a white trailer park in Tennessee?
    Which got me to thinking: Does Moore not see the moral and intellectual bankruptcy of his positions because he really can’t see his own sublime hypocrisy or does he not see it because he thinks nobody will call him on it?
    I disagree (respectfully) with Billy that Moore’s documentaries were that influential. After all, despite Moore’s whining in Fahrenheit 911, GWB went on to win another election. GWB, like his father, then went on to advocate left-moderate, not conservative, political policies such as amnesty for illegals, bailouts for leftist bankers in NYC, and even tacit support for affirmative action. With his base gone, Obama was a shoe in since 1/3 of the electorate vote for race/gender entitlements.

    1. That’s typically how every administration goes (in the end). We saw it happen with Clinton as well, Bush and it will probably happen with Obama, too.
      They pander to the people during the first term to get re-elected and then they cater to the large donors during the second term (can’t get elected again). We see this same “pattern” from both sides (just look at their policies and the spin).
      Each is a little different in how they go about it or delivering the message…but in the end it’s all the same. Each American is a little of both (liberal and conservative) it just depends on the subject.
      Don’t let anyone or party tell you that you are one thing (that’s just foolish).

      1. I hate this kind of wishy-washy generalization. Each politician has different circumstances, certainly, and this drives their politics somewhat more than ideology. I’ll agree with that.
        Here’s what else I can agree on: They all want power and help out their special interests first and foremost. Getting elected, though, is a matter or luck as much as anything. GWB won because his opponents were awful. One was a global warming nut and the other was a ‘war hero” who spat on his fellow veterans. McCain alienated his base and Romney simply didn’t run an effective campaign.
        I’ll also agree that ideology is less of a factor since race is primarily what drives modern American politics. 1/3’d of the electorate votes for race preferences and couldn’t care if the president promising them entitlements was a Terminator robot.

        1. It is your opinion so no problem. I just believe (like with women) you need to look behind the curtain (a little deeper) to see what’s going on.
          Some of those “interests” – whether GWB or Obama, Clinton, etc…are in fact the same interests (i.e. corporations looking for a favor in writing new policies regarding trade).
          I’m ok with it as long you’re willing to admit you do actually see this going on in our world. If not, then maybe take a second look.

        2. I totally agree with you that both sides are totally in the blueblood country club and behind the scenes could care less about us.

    2. As a long time internetizen and right-winger I agree that Moore is not all that popular. This is the thing: Like the internet, movies are the domain of liberals and shiftless degenerates. I’ve been into politics on the internet since about 2005, and in that time I have seen the participation of conservatives skyrocket. At first they were nowhere to be found, and this gave liberals a sense of superiority. There was no answer to their liberal talking points, no defense of conservatism to be found online. It seemed like conservatives simply didn’t exist or didn’t have ideas/answers.
      The truth is that conservatives are typically rural family folk who have business to do. They don’t have time to argue online with college kids living in dorms. The internet was, for a long time, one big echo chamber of liberal white atheist snarky college kids with nothing better to do after/between class.
      Movies are very popular and sell very well. To those that buy them. It has been proven that family films with less political immoral and pornographic content outsell degenerate films. Yet the industry still churns out garbage that disregards some of the largest demographics in America. The recent Noah movie was a perfect example.

    3. Most people who get to make films stop short at “whites are racist” and fail to honestly examine why whites might range from: nazi to country club repub. Or from a liberal who does practice equality in the breach to a white working class man fed up with blacks ruining his street.

      1. “blacks ruining his street”.
        Are you man enough to express your opinions publicly or are you just another keyboard hero?

        1. No. I live in an exclusive enclave. But plenty of Blue Collar whites in areas like Staten Island, St Louis’s The Hill, Burbank mutter about this process.
          I’m more country club repub. But I do see what the working classes have to swallow from liberal orthodoxy.

        2. It’s not a simple question. For expressing such views, he as a white american man can get arrested.
          The real question is, are you man enough in eastern europe to show racial black pride? I mean the chances are that if you watch the ground, don’t look white men directly in the eyes you will survive… but be Open, Proud Black Man, you will get killed.

        3. I did. In Lithuania In Russia and Lithuania, I was called “nigger” (which is not insulting in russian). I said I did’t like it and people excused themselves.
          FYI, I have a colleague at work who never hid his neo-nazi sympathy and nobody harmed him. I would never befriend him but I respect his sincerity.
          My message to white people: stop prentending you see us as equal. We know you don’t. Let’s have a balanced relationship purely based on mutual interest and nothing else.

  17. You can’t really fault him, he’d be found dead of a heart attack since any documentary would reveal that Obama was born in an Al-Qaeda training camp.

  18. Moore was correct to state that whites are heavily armed because of anxiety about feral blacks.
    However that anxiety is warranted.
    So Moore had half a thought. Then stopped because he is a pussy.

    1. “anxiety about feral blacks”
      Are you man enough to express your opinions publicly or are you just another keyboard hero?
      Whites should focus more on their low fertility rate.

      1. Did you watch the film?
        He essentially blames white paranoia about feral blacks for the gun culture in the US.
        To some extent this is true, only the paranoia is not paranoia. It’s a perfectly rational response to the stratospheric levels of criminality in the black population. Moore also ends up blaming, by sleight of hand, the same whites for the black on black shootings that account for well over half the killings and firearms assisted crimes.
        It’s quite an omission on his part.

        1. I watched it and I think he’d better have talked about the schizophrenic way Whites see Black.
          Most other races don’t really try to hide their racism against us and I’m ok with that because I know I wouldn’t befriend them.
          White people speak about equality while, deep inside, they consider us as inferior.
          Why don’t you guys just say outloud what you think? After a while, we could have a balanced relationship purely based on business just like we have with the chinese and other races.

      2. What we want to be able to educate and feed our children rather than letting the govt handle it. If whites fall from the perch it’s only because we have tried so hard to give every minority group a hand up

        1. You should not ask why I should speak my mind but why you need so many people to protect your infested interests if I do! Do they take you for being weak and not able to emotionally of psychologically cope.

        2. Who told you I needed anyone to protect my interests? Dude go outside and insult some non-white so you’ll better.
          Insulting people behind a screen is the sign of a coward.

        3. Using special interest groups that are aligned to banks,business, media and governemt essentially every major pillar of society to protect your feelings based on facts is a sign of pure weakness. I have no desire to insult people for racial differences. You however seem to bait racial differences. Your display photo demonstrates as much in terms of racial identification and for all you know I’m from the deep Congo.

        4. Of course you are from Congo.
          What’s wrong with displaying who I am?
          I am just a realistic person who knows that, deep inside, white don’t see black as their equal. It’s sad because I have some relatives of european decent.
          It’s time black people learn from other races so maybe some day we will get ahead and THEN we will be respected

        5. There are more who see you as equal than any other culture. I don’t see you as an abject failure. Whites don’t hold you down. In fact whites set up most if not all educational facilities in Africa. I’ve met many intelligent and kind people of African descent. But as soon as you stop blaming the white man for all your individualistic bad life choices whites may reciprocate and even admire your hard work ethos that is evident in other forms of life.

        6. If Africans learnt from other races that have visited Africa over the last 5000 years. I doubt very much we’d be having this conversation. I will view you as equal until you show otherwise. If you stop making cheap shots at the white man like “they can’t jump” then maybe whites will stop taking cheap shots like “they can’t read” neither of which is true! NB I draw inspiration from a black man every day. A poster hanging up in my room. The same ethos that is applied to boxing, sprinting, mma and football can be applied to educational endeavours. Unfortunately for the white man he believes himself to be weak which is of his own making and self indulgence. To have a strong body is as if not more important than having a strong mind!

        7. I never make “cheap shots” at any races and I don’t hang with people who do. Who are you talking about?
          Black and other races – like American Indian and Pacific Islanders – have been drawn to a model of society that just doesn’t fit them. We have no choice but to adjust. For that, we need to make business all major countries. If we have only one partner, we will be dominated until the end of times. If the West is afraid to lose Africa to China, Brazil, India, Russia, Arabia, etc., it will stop its endless lecturing and treat Africans like adults.

        8. I think we have to built ties with other countries (China, India, Brazil, Russia, Arabia, etc.) so you’ll stop patronizing us and we will have a realtionship based on real respect.
          The west is loosing ground to emerging countries.
          Soon, Africans will be your only friends. Keep that in mind.

        9. I thought hat you respected the fact that other races are also racist towards blacks but are open about it ?

        10. Why would I RESPECT racists? That would be crazy.
          I just want non whites to speak their mind so we can stop pretending we are friends. I doesn’t mean I RESPECT racism.

        11. You said that you respect every other race that hates blacks because they were honest about it. What do white people who don’t hate black people say ?

        12. When did I use these specific words exactly? Are you sure you are not interpreting?
          I don’t respect people who hate me, my family or my race. I just want these people to speak so we can stop pretending we are friends.

        13. Sorry but I have a life.
          If you can’t show me where I said that I respect racist, maybe you should find somebody else to talk with.

        14. Right. Take the time that you are using to batter and read what you wrote. Peace out.

        15. I’m not doing your work for you because I know for a fact that you are just a loudmouth idiot.

        16. Well I have a college degree and I speak 5 languages. Most people don’t consider me an idiot. What are YOUR achievements by the way?

  19. Obama…
    Closet homo
    Closet Muslim
    Overt communist dictator
    Real father is Frank Marshall Davis
    Did I miss anything?

    1. I’ve heard that BO maybe on the “down low”. Heard there was a big homo sex club for chicago pols….
      Heard that’s why O went to Rev Wright’s church to “man him up” and “black him up”…

      1. Maybe that’s why Michelle looks angry all the time, shes not getting fucked hard. She wants a manly thug like Ray Rice not some fucking pussy liberal fag like Barack

        1. Michelle is almost 6″ and is quite muscular for a woman. Maybe Barrack prefers to get some other pussy on the side.

  20. Moore is a radical leftist not a blue collar democrat but a far left statist/socialist type.
    He’s always going on about jobs for Americans so he SHOULD be anti illegal immigration but of course he isn’t.

    1. He rolled up in a limousine to the occupy wallstreet protests and all the young liberal retards cheered that their savior was there to help them protest ‘the ‘rich’.
      I understand why opportunists like him shout liberal ideas to sell movies and shit, but the real retards are the young people who believe it.

      1. He most certainly is an old school statist. Can’t handle the capitalist system and is a sycophant to leftist causes. When asked why he doesn’t give to charity, is part of the 1% and about his taxes. He gives the same tired answers of how the American right are afraid of him. Of how there will be a mass uprising and how he knows some secrets or is privy to some knowledge about politics that no one else knows. I see him closer to an Alex Jones of the left than a Rush Limbough. Which shows the sad state of affairs we are currently in and how people on the right understand and have heard this persons ideas.

  21. Wow, the picture under #5 where he is resting his entire arm on his own blubber. What a joke of a human being.

  22. I was surprised at first when I read that they were showing “Bowling For Columbine” in classrooms, but then I was like, “Stands to reason.”
    The move was pure Leftist propoganda. The scene that made that obvious was the collage that Moore edited together of the Budd Dwyer suicide, among other incidents. There was no reason for it, other than to make guns look scary.
    Strangely enough, the best part of the film in my opinion was the interview with Marilyn Manson, who appeared to be well-versed and well-spoken. (Yes, a Christian complimenting a Satanist.) And ambushing a visibly ill Charlton Heston was quite low.

    1. I thought the Heston segment was the best bit.
      Heston defines the historic population of America. He’s fair minded, he’s gifted and yet he couldn’t quite admit that the US fucked up by passing the Civil Rights act in 1964.

      1. Instead of just being a blunt old chap he decided to say America owns guns because of George III and his evil evil British Redcoats. He couldn’t quite admit that America has been an Anarcho-tyranny ruled by sullen Black Greivance Industry since 1964.

    2. The Constitution should have had a “Separation between school and state” clause. Lack of it has turned out to be the screen door on the submarine and why this country is fucked sans lube.

  23. The hypocrisy on display is nothing new, and we’ve seen just how far the media and the professional left will go to protect Obama. They are hypocrites, and, as stated in the article, the people that were wailing about “doing the right thing for America” when Bush was in office are amazingly silent right now. The people who said that “protest is patriotism” now believe “dissent is racism”. The fact that the anti-war left is nowhere to be found these days shows that those movements, like Code Pink, were not anti-war but anti-Bush and anti-Republican. Remember when Cindy Sheehan could fart and it would make national headlines? Now that there’s a Dem in office, she’s irrelevant and has been swept under the rug. She’s been arrested at the White House during Obama’s tenure, yet no there was almost no coverage. Was quite different during the Bush years. Also, the whole “Democrats are anti-war” theme is false as well. They’re just fine with war, but they get upset if they’re not the ones controlling where the bombs get dropped.

  24. 2 things that have always made me scared to live in America, 1. The fact Bush was re-elected. 2. The fact Obama was re-elected. We’re either generally pretty dumb, easily persuaded, or a bit of both.

  25. hmmm, I wonder where my previous comment has gone…
    in any case, once more this was an excellent article, and it is certainly a reminder to keep questioning documentary makers, journalists or other people having a certain influence on the media. Since most of them are not politically neutral, we shouldn’t expect unbiased reporting on the facts…

  26. He quit because he doesn’t want to get Breitbarted. Anyone outside of Congress who openly speaks out against The Obamas or mocks them in any way disappears from mass media or mysteriously has an “accident.” I already mentioned Andrew Breitbart, and Joan Rivers called Barry gay and Michelle a tranny on camera. Whether joking or not, she’s dead after a routine biopsy. She mangled her face with enough plastic surgery that she should be immune to anesthetic by now and came out fine, but kicks the bucket during a routine procedure after making those comments? Sounds legit. The message has been sent: If you’re tired of living, openly criticize The Obamas.

  27. Funny enough, it was “Bowling for Columbine” that convinced this brainwashed-Canadian to revisit his stance on gun control – and it was “An Inconvenient Truth” that made me take a harder look at Global Warming.

  28. What do you want him to do, expose Obama for the cock-sucking coke-snorting ineligible fraud that he is? Moore would get shot for sure. He got in enough trouble with the Jews for Fahrenheit 9/11 (Disney’s Eisner wanted their subsidiary Miramax to drop the film). Maybe he had learned his lesson? Look at all the dead bodies from Obama’s fag days in chi-town.

  29. No one wants to be the first to stop clapping.
    Also, his hooknose kind of gives it away. He sure don’t look like no Irish Catholic.

    1. Gives what away? My father (may the L-rd bless him and keep him) had an eagle’s beak, too, and he was half Irish Catholic and half English.

  30. Jackass is a documentary?!? WTF
    You quote Moore several times making critical statements of O but then later state that “[Moore’s] complete silence on Obama’s inept presidency is showing where Moore’s politics lie”. I don’t understand.
    Second, who cares why Moore doesn’t make a movie about this failed presidency ? Why don’t you do it? Others have, ranging from decent (The Obama Deception) to ridiculously silly (2016: Obama’s America). Maybe Moore is working on some other project. Maybe he just wants to sit at home and munch more French fries and get fatter. The point is he has pointed out some truths about how this is a failed presidency. He has no obligation to make a film about it. And honestly, what would be the point? Fahrenheit 9/11 was made when W had to face reelection. Regardless of what people think of our current president we are stuck with him for 2 more years.
    As to the rest of your points:
    1) “Loyal Leftist”. Stop with the left/right paradigm. If you analyse your own points above, and what Moore is saying about his criticisms of the last 2 presidencies, you will see there is little evidence of real differences between the 2 political parties in America.
    2) MM Doesn’t care — he made a movie defending the working man (I personally thought it was over the top, but it definitely comes from some core truths), our flawed health care system, and the horrible mismanagement of our government over the past 10 years. He offers his movies for free to those who want to pirate them. This is a silly criticism to say he “doesn’t care”. You may disagree with him, but he definitely cares about the issues he has worked so passionately about.
    3) Racist? Come on. Leave the feminist racist garbage to Jezebel. It has no place here.
    4) MM is a coward. He addresses issues that the mainstream media is afraid to touch. So cowardly in relation to whom exactly?
    5) MM is lazy. I agree. He’s fat. He’s probably lazy. Guess what? He’s also rich. And as you point out, almost a senior citizen. At some point doesn’t one earn the right to just do whatever the fuck they want?
    Finally, I agree with most of your article’s points, when they aren’t directed as ad hominem attacks against a movie maker whose films you seem to enjoy. I am pissed at the current presidency. I also hated the last one. Guess what? The next one is going to be awful too. You are young. Maybe still a little idealistic. This country is bought and paid for and the problem isn’t “W” or “O” or whoever the next ‘dear leader’ will be, but the system itself. So making a film about the current head of this evil empire would be missing the bigger point.

  31. Michael Moore is kind of psychologically unhinged though
    He’s like the leftist who’s always bitter at the world just for the sake of being bitter
    People like that only care whether or not their team wins, not whether or not they’re right, or if their ideology is even good for the world. It’s all love and feelings in there and not much else

  32. Michael Moore is not a friend of the little guy.
    Michael Moore has armed guards protecting him and his property while he whines about firearms.
    Michael Moore feels Cuba has better health care than the US. The Petomkin village in his documentary proves it.
    Michael Moore feels Capitalism is awful while making millions with his capitalistic adventures.
    I dont believe a word he says.

  33. I ain’t got no probs with Micheal Moore. I am hard left, yet Red Pill (which is why I now permanently live overseas). If you find that as a contradiction, thats too bad for you. Like spicynujac said: “Enough with the left/right paradign.”

  34. This has to be one of the greatest articles I’ve read on this site! Excellent work Billy. If any of you got some extra time around, bulk-mail some messages to that guy, even if it (likely) won’t do anything. Point out the hypocrisy, explain that this could be his greatest documentary.

    Michael Moore
    Dog Eat Dog Films
    P.O. Box 831
    New York, NY 10101
    Michael Moore
    Endeavor Agency LLC
    9701 Wilshire Blvd Fl 10,
    Beverly Hills, CA 90212
    Michael Moore’s Agent:
    Ariel (Ari) Emanuel
    Endeavor Agency LLC
    9701 Wilshire Blvd Fl 10,
    Beverly Hills, CA 90212
    You can also e-mail him at:
    [email protected]
    regarding ideas for Mike’s Office of Homeland Security
    [email protected]
    if you have an idea or suggestion for the News or Must Read section
    [email protected]
    if you have something you want to tell Michael directly

    1. Lol. His agent is the brother of Obama’s former chief of staff, Rahm Emanuel.
      I wonder how a discussion of an anti-Obama film between the two of them would go…
      MM: I’m thinking about doing a movie about Obama…
      AE: No. You’re not allowed. Don’t mention it again. If you do, you’re dead.

  35. I feel sorry, very sorry for millennials and the children of today. You are going to experience first hand, the chaos and the violence that will be the break up of a once great country. Liberalism has triumphed supreme and this shall be the bitter fruit of their complete and total victory.

    1. Fuck millennials. Im 27, everyone my age was dumb/naïve enough to buy into the bullshit fed to them by teachers/liberals/john stewart. Really any motherfucker with charisma telling them something they will believe it. They deserve their low standard of living. I have no way of verifying this but I also think they’re (we’re) probably the most arrogant generation ever.
      It was assumed going to school and college they would end up like baby boomers with high incomes and assets but the world changed now theyre all fucked.

  36. Any documentary about how disappointing Obama’s presidency is would need to adress just how little power the president actually has. Americans think their presidents are god-kings, with the power to make it rain. The truth is that the nation is run by a hereditary aristocracy (same as Australia), and the US president is a cardboard cutout and has been ever since the military coup of the 70’s and 80’s.
    MM is becoming an old man. If he had the vigor of his youth, his efforts would be best spent describing the system of bribes by which modern western nations are run.

    1. Same with any western nation. Democracy has been undermined by a system that gives power to the rich and wealthy and promotes cronyism.
      It would take the bloody stars aligning to topple the excessive power the “rich elite” have in politics.
      Once the less moral of those among the wealthy get their fingers into the apple pie that is a countries politics regarding economy greed will not let them let go.

  37. The guy wrote a book called “Stupid White Men,” so there’s your answer right there. If MM did a documentary about Obama, it would be how Obama’s failures are somehow the fault of conservative white people.

  38. Were you really expecting integrity, fairness or the truth from Michael Moore, Mr. Chubbs? Such naivete has no business in an otherwise fine essay such as this. Moore is a socialist. Socialists are all about power over others’ lives—how to get it, and how to keep it—and they will do absolutely, positively anything to gain more of it. That’s what “progressive” really means, dummy! David Horowitz wasn’t kidding when he wrote, “inside every liberal is a totalitarian screaming to get out.”

  39. The Left (communists, socialists, liberals, greens, labor, democrats, PETA types, one-worlders, multiculturalists, diversity lovers, immigration reformers, social justice warriors, equality crusaders, feminists, academia, Hollywood, the media, etc.) care about ONLY ONE THING: the advancement of worldwide Leftism. If you understand this, every action taken by the Left makes perfect sense–no hypocrisy or double standard–just a slavish pursuit of Leftism wherever it takes them.

  40. i thought fahrenheit 911 and bowling for columbine were entertaining. not that i agreed with them or anything. but moore’s silence on obama makes it plain and clear that he is a slave to the democratic party and the films he produces are mere propaganda.

  41. Because he’s been busy writing a script about intellectually backward and emotionally handicapped young men in the us since he accidentally came across one of your articles.

  42. Whatever harm Obama has done pales in comparison to the historical level of corrupt, bloodthirsty warmongering engaged by the oil industry-led U.S. government at the expense of the gullible American people.
    What a can of worms they’ve unleashed upon us all.

    1. Which is to mention nothing of the democracy-stamping that largest terrorist organization known to man, the CIA, has engaged these past few decades.
      There’s nothing uglier than corporate politics. Michael Moore should have opened your eyes. It’s a shame you’ve become too willfully blind to see the bigger picture.

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